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File 159487603347.png - (141.35KB , 450x450 , wiztow00.png )
972449 No. 972449 ID: e7c7d3

You are a full blown wizard now! You've got your magic staff, you've got your wizard robe, your wizard hat, and most importantly you have your wizard beard. You have to have a wizard beard if you want to be a wizard. It's in the rules! It doesn't matter what race, sex, gender, or other state of being. You have to have a wizard beard if you want to be a wizard.

That all said, there is one thing missing in your wizard life: a wizard tower! A place to call home. A place to protect your arcane secrets. A place to conduct experiments. To commit crimes against nature. To repel those who think it's wrong to commit crimes against nature. A place to grow some tasty potatoes. In short, a place to be a wizard!

Now that we've said "wizard" so much to render it meaningless, time to wizard up this wizard tower!

Expand all images
No. 972450 ID: e7c7d3
File 159487606142.png - (73.77KB , 450x450 , wiztow01.png )

Now creating a tower takes some tremendous power and tends to be an ongoing project. One cannot properly summon a structure of such magnitude as a tower. So of course, being a wizard, you bend the rules and channel the forces of the arcane to build it in bits of pieces. With some practice and time, you'll be able to do some real crazy magic building!

To start, you've, ahem, acquired a Power Scroll to help build some solid beginnings to your tower. Normal the wills of the aether will add some unpredictability to things, but with this you should be able to channel strong, cyclopian stone to work as a foundation. Let's see what we can manage!

:wt2: - :wtfound: :cfqconvostart: Foundation stone: one block must be placed on the ground. Supports blocks on top of it. :cfqconvoend:

:wt3l: - :wtfound: :cfqconvostart: Foundation stone: one block must be placed on the ground. Supports blocks on top of it. :cfqconvoend:

:wt4r: - :wtfound: :cfqconvostart: Foundation stone: one block must be placed on the ground. Supports blocks on top of it. :cfqconvoend:

:wt2: - :wtfound: :cfqconvostart: Foundation stone: one block must be placed on the ground. Supports blocks on top of it. :cfqconvoend:

:wt4t: - :wtfound: :cfqconvostart: Foundation stone: one block must be placed on the ground. Supports blocks on top of it. :cfqconvoend:

AAH! Repeating text boxes! Hopefully that won't happen again in the future. Don't worry to much about what support specifically refers to. It should hopefully become more clear once we get this wizarding ball a-rolling. Thanks to the Power Scroll, it seems like you can channel all of these pieces. These things are great! To bad there's so many in the world, and if that lich finds out you stole it you're a dead wizard.

Probably will have to prepare for that in the future...

Anyways! Where should these pieces be placed? Legal spots are noted with squares and pieces may be rotated.
No. 972452 ID: 094652
File 159487759518.png - (112.00KB , 450x450 , Towerquest Foundation.png )

No. 972453 ID: e7c7d3

Oh boy! Clarifications already! That's why you're the wizard and I'm just a lowly quest master.

>Why is this 2D?
Unfortunately, even as a wizard good graphics cards are super expensive. Maybe the sequel will be 3D!

>We can use more than one block, right?
Yes, but you can only use one of each.

>What about the bottom?
Heresy! This is a wizard tower, not a wizard dungeon! That comes later once you figure out how to move beyond mortality and become a lich.

Some other stuff:
A piece and a block are different. A piece is made of blocks. As it'll come up quite a bit, pieces can be place beyond the black boxes. In this case, at least one block of a piece has to be in a box to be legal though. While pieces can be rotated, than cannot be flipped. So there is two orientations to the L pieces and we currently only have access to one.

Hopefully that clears some stuff up. Was hoping to avoid rule dumping, but oh well. On to wizarding!
No. 972454 ID: b1b4f3
File 159488007658.png - (77.48KB , 450x450 , wizard.png )

This seems optimal. Can't avoid that one tile gap, but it's better to have that on the top layer than in the bottom, right?
No. 972455 ID: b1b4f3
File 159488319750.png - (77.55KB , 450x450 , bowl.png )

Or maybe something a little different?
No. 972462 ID: 4286b4
File 159490728728.png - (86.51KB , 450x450 , masterpiece.png )

All the stones are placed on the ground. None are floating in the air.
The legal spots are logically the highest available spots. So once you place a stone on top of another, the legal spot becomes a spot above it.
No. 972463 ID: adb916

I can't argue with this logic. It is the most tower (of the wizard variety).
No. 972470 ID: e7c7d3
File 159493030076.png - (78.76KB , 450x450 , wiztow02.png )

Woah there! You're putting the cart before the wizard horse a bit. But that sort of attitude is the wizard way! An excellent extrapolation of how Support is going to work. Unfortunately, four of those pieces don't have a block touching the ground. Don't worry though, there will be opportunities to pull that sort of shenanigans in the future!

Let's go with this one for now. Is a good foundation to work on and is close to what this >>972452 wizard was thinking.

And WHAZAM! Foundation built! The Power Scroll burns away as the magical stones fall into place. Even added a little front door and a cute mailbox cause you're just that awesome of a wizard. One problem with large, foundational stones is you can't really turn them into rooms with out removing the whole "large, foundational stone" aspect. Maybe once concrete gets invented.

But you know what can be turned into rooms? More pieces! Yes, without a moment to even contemplate the ramifications of our actions, we can start pulling more tower out of the aether! Without the Power Scroll, however, things will be a bit more random and we won't be able to summon all the pieces. We still have options to choose from though, as we manipulate the very structure of the universe and channel through our wizard soul.

Looks like we're dealing with wood and stone. Some weirder stuff will appear in the future, but for now we'll work with some basic material. Even for a powerful wizard as yourself, the fates of story progress is out of your hands.....

:wt4t: - :wtstone: :cfqconvostart: Stone blocks: All blocks in a piece must be supported. Provides support above it's blocks and support to the side of it's blocks. :cfqconvoend:

:wt3l: - :wtwood: :cfqconvostart: Wooden blocks: At least half, rounding up, of the blocks in a piece must be supported. Supports blocks above it. :cfqconvoend:

:wt4i: - :wtstone: :cfqconvostart: Stone blocks: All blocks in a piece must be supported. Provides support above it's blocks and support to the side of it's blocks. :cfqconvoend:

:wt4l: - :wtstone: :cfqconvostart: Stone blocks: All blocks in a piece must be supported. Provides support above it's blocks and support to the side of it's blocks. :cfqconvoend:

:wt1: - :wtstone: :cfqconvostart: Stone blocks: All blocks in a piece must be supported. Provides support above it's blocks and support to the side of it's blocks. :cfqconvoend:

That's a lot of stone! And some familiar shapes too. Unfortunately, since we don't have the Power Scroll we can only channel three of the five pieces into this world. Someday though, someday you will be an awesome enough wizard to channel more!

But yes! Support! Depending on the material, some pieces require a certain amount of support, but being building materials they also offer support to other pieces and blocks. Currently, all spots that offer support are highlighted with the black boxes. As we place pieces down, more and more places can support more and more pieces! A bit of rule defining, but if the support requirement for a piece is fulfilled, you don't have to worry about the support requirements for the individual blocks in said piece. Clear as a wizard's beard? Good!

Now which three pieces and where to stick them do you choose?
No. 972473 ID: ae9bd9

We should name the tower The Spire of Ta'triss
No. 972476 ID: 094652
File 159493097508.png - (91.33KB , 450x450 , Towerquest Floor 2-3.png )

Flatten the space out
No. 972477 ID: e78a3b
File 159493193341.png - (93.41KB , 450x450 , masterpiece2.png )

Well, your definition and my definition of "ground" clearly differ then!
No. 972478 ID: b1b4f3
File 159493225508.png - (84.87KB , 450x450 , tower.png )

I suspect building materials will determine what kinds of rooms we can place on those tiles, so let's mix things up a bit.
No. 972535 ID: 977456

Well that does seem to present the best access to cloud seeding.
No. 972537 ID: b1b4f3

You know what, if this is legal let's go ahead and see what happens. WIZARD.
No. 972539 ID: e7c7d3
File 159499284508.png - (92.00KB , 450x450 , wiztow03.png )

It certainly is legal. Not by any government or safety code, of course. Or even by nature really. Unfortunately, you still have to follow the rules of magic. You're not that powerful of a wizard, yet.

Still, with a little KADABRA! you channel forth a needle of a tower. It truly is a wizardly way of doing things. Doing things that may seem crazy or nonsensical to the mundane mind, but makes perfect sense to you. Oh, they may call you a foll now, but just wait and see. They'll all see! That this was all part of your plan and you're actually a genius. A wizard genius! Which is like genius squared.

Sounds good, if your wizardy selves approve. Has a nice... constructive air to it. Of course, you can change the name up later if you so wish. Who's going to tell you otherwise? Non-wizards? Ha!

Now for rooms. Thankfully, interior decorating has a lot less restriction on how a room comes about. Or more restrictions if you care about fashion, you guess. Though, you should probably keep your more explosive endeavours in rooms built from solid materials.

About the only things to keep in mind are: Pieces can be combined to make a single room, but only if they're the same material, and pieces cannot be divided up to make multiple rooms. Otherwise, just about anything that tickles your wizard fancy works.

What sort of rooms should go where?
No. 972540 ID: adb916
File 159499419480.png - (64.86KB , 325x473 , Tower layout v2.png )

red box should be a automatic elevator (yellow can be a machine room or something if needed, otherwise a little experimentation/yell at on comers room) in the unfortunate event our wizarding power is too low to do a automatic elevator, spiral staircase. With yellow being a little window room to yell at people from.Green box can be a well windowed bedroom type area.
No. 972546 ID: 44b1b5

I approve of this plan, if not for the rule that pieces can't be divided into multiple rooms, though if we went with the spiral staircase and made that nub a landing, I could see the "window from which to yell" plan working as part of the same "room."
No. 972567 ID: b1b4f3

T block should be a kitchen/dining room. L block can be a workshop, with multiple levels for different disciplines. Wooden corner piece can be a bedroom/study with some storage space for books and such.
No. 972605 ID: 62e4df

Throwing my support behind making the stone room whatever happens to be fashionable for getting wizards upstairs, with the bit off to the side as a little alcove/landing off of that with a window. Abstaining from vote on the wooden room.
No. 972613 ID: 0d245d

Why are we talking about boring mechanical elevators? This is a wizard tower. It should be some manner of magical levitation shaft!
No. 972617 ID: b1b4f3

Do we even need a stairwell? Teleport between locations!
No. 972647 ID: adb916

Hey I only specified automatic, not mechanical, I just want effortless vertical transport, be it mechanical or magical.
No. 972690 ID: e78a3b

What kind of a tower has a roof >_>

Some room ideas:
Strong Seal Room
Bungee Jumping Room
Swimming Room
Bubble Room
Bridge To The Rocket Room
Cloud Transport Room
Getting High Room
Patreon-Supported Room
Sacrifice Room
Cinema Room
Chicken Farm Room
Room of Randomness
No. 972796 ID: d186fc

Patreon-supported room is an absolute must.

I would also like to suggest

juggalo room
two cow rooms
The Room (plus TR 2, TR 3, TR Origins, and TR A Dark Matter)
Strong Seal room (muscular mammals)
4D room (tesseract)
Cat room
No. 972803 ID: e7c7d3
File 159522052628.png - (90.33KB , 450x450 , wiztow04.png )


It seems we have a bit of a consensus on what to do with the vertical piece: elevation! While you're not entirely sure what automation is, you certainly know about golemation! A bit of mud, a ton of clay, some magic words, and a bit of misinterpretation of jewish folklore. Viola! A golem to do all sorts of manual labour for you. This staunch fellow is set to man a wheel, allowing you to be lifted, elevated, descended, and moved at your command. It's by no means the most efficient or quickest way to travel about the tower, but it certainly feeds into your megalomania to have a lesser being do manual labour for you.

You're a wizard, of course you have megalomania.

At the top, a bedroom does seem like a fine choice. It's a bit sparse for now, but at least you once again have a nice, comfy bed to rest in when you're not doing an all-nighter on your latest experiment. You'll have to track down all your decorations and miscellany that your ex gave away, but all in do time.

So many room ideas! Just need to get the tower built up to match it. So let's channel in some more pieces to do just that!

Er, hold on. It seems a woodland creature that is a wolf is approaching your abode.

:wtwolf: :cfqconvostart: Awoooo! Woof! Worf! Borf Bark! Waff wuff wuff! :cfqconvoend:

Thanks to your magnificent brain, you know that this doggo isn't just making random barks but is speaking in the not-so-ancient language of caninese. Thank goodness every wizard knows comprehend languages as a spell. With a few mutterances, you begin speaking with the flea factory.

:wtwolf: :cfqconvostart: So, like, hey man/dude/dudette/person. I came by to like, warn you and stuff. There's these real tripping pack of wolves out there that are, like, not being cool? And they're probably seriously thinking of doing you a bad. Cause like, that's what rebellious critters do, ya know? :cfqconvoend:

Interesting. And why is this boofer telling you this?

:wtwolf: :cfqconvostart: Cause like, you house living people, like really don't like it when wolves attack you. Which I totally get. I wouldn't want someone kicking in my den, duder. But like also? You people tend to over react and like, go butt itchy crazy and kill all wolves, and not just the ones who did you, like, the opposite of a solid? Anyways, I pretty sure at the end of like, two more turns? They'll get all their jam together and attack you. :cfqconvoend:

Forewarnings are always good. By a turn one can presume that the wolfo means channelling pieces and then creating rooms. Though how does this wild barker know so much about this?

:wtwolf: :cfqconvostart: I like to watch, okay? Don't, like, kink shame me. :cfqconvoend:
No. 972804 ID: e7c7d3
File 159522054753.png - (94.49KB , 450x450 , wiztow05.png )

And with that the weird canine wanders off. Hmm, so we will be able to channel two more times, (including this channelling,) and also decide on rooms two more times before the attack happens. So we'll probably will want to designate some rooms towards defence before then. Not all of them though. Your comfort and convenience are the #1 priority. Defence rooms come in to flavours, the first are trap rooms. Trap rooms help repel, maim, kill, or irritate invaders that enter your tower. They must start at the bottom, since it doesn't make sense to trap things after all of the rooms with your wizard secrets in them. They then should be attached to each other when creating more for maximum effectiveness. The next defensive rooms are ranged attack rooms. They may shoot arrows, cannon balls, ice shards, whatever, at any incoming enemies who are just too jealous of your wizardness. Just so that you're not shooting at yourself, they need to be placed on the outside spaces of the tower.

Either way, let's see what sort of pieces we can channel this time!

:wt4s: - :wtglass: :cfqconvostart: Glass blocks: At least half, rounding up, of the blocks in a piece must be supported. Can be supported by blocks above regardless of that block's usual support rules. Does not offer any support. :cfqconvoend:

:wt4s: - :wtstone: :cfqconvostart: Stone blocks: All blocks in a piece must be supported. Provides support above it's blocks and support to the side of it's blocks. :cfqconvoend:

:wt1: - :wtwood: :cfqconvostart: Wooden blocks: At least half, rounding up, of the blocks in a piece must be supported. Supports blocks above it. :cfqconvoend:

:wt3l: - :wtwood: :cfqconvostart: Wooden blocks: At least half, rounding up, of the blocks in a piece must be supported. Supports blocks above it. :cfqconvoend:

:wt4l: - :wtwood: :cfqconvostart: Wooden blocks: At least half, rounding up, of the blocks in a piece must be supported. Supports blocks above it. :cfqconvoend:

My oh my, we certainly are getting a lot of left-handed pieces. We also got a glass piece this time around! Fairly lousy for actually building, but they certainly make for pretty rooms.

Now, which piece should go where? Oh, and roof tiles can be built over.
No. 972806 ID: bb3a12

I'd like to begin construction on a greenhouse with our glass blocks so we can start growing fat wizard weeds for use in our dank magicks. As for defenses I think we should make a false entrance with a spike trap. Nice and classic.
No. 972808 ID: b1b4f3
File 159522265509.png - (99.30KB , 450x450 , tower.png )

Three pieces again, right?
Stone piece should be a trap room, wooden one is a ranged room.
No. 972809 ID: b1b4f3

Oh and the glass one is a greenhouse obviously.
No. 972812 ID: bb3a12

I say place the glass on the far right side of the tower base so it's apart of the main tower structure but we can add onto it to make our greenhouse for our wizard weed
No. 972818 ID: adb916
File 159525494241.png - (96.91KB , 450x450 , Tower layout v3.png )

I have discovered the forbidden knowledge: We can go sideways.
supported blocks (from my understanding) are outlined. Teal is glass, Orange is wood, and Blue is stone.
Glass is weird cause despite not supporting, any block above is considered supporting, presumably including glass. Additionally, existing placements have shown blocks within a piece can support other blocks within that piece. (see our bedroom) So I think that glass piece is 'valid' despite the jank rules abuse. (Please let it be valid. I want this.)
The wood is positioned to be able to hit attackers below us that are right up against the foundations (and aim out a bit too)
The stone can be a trap room.
The glass can be an attack room that uses lasers. (because lasers are cool/hot, also positioned to be able to hit things right up against the foundations)
No. 972829 ID: ce39da

Do we want our golem to be standing in our path to the greenhouse, though? I propose we shift it up one and over to the right by one if only to avoid having to pass directly by that lowly creature on our way in; we can have that be our first proper stop aside from "the bottom," "the top," and "checking up on the golem."
No. 972852 ID: b1b4f3
File 159528490287.png - (98.86KB , 450x450 , Tower.png )

Oh crap, I just realized the wooden piece I placed isn't supported enough. Also I rotated the glass piece improperly! What was I thinking?
This should work, and satisfies the general thinking of putting the glass piece on the left side of the tower.
No. 972933 ID: adb916

I mean I was thinking it would be more of a battle station. I just wanted jank placement.
No. 972977 ID: 4b420a

Jank placement is obviously the optimal placement. Shove all the pieces onto the left side.
No. 973033 ID: 977456
File 159555117701.png - (108.61KB , 450x450 , JankenMatches.png )

Am I doing this right?
No. 973034 ID: ce39da

Roof tiles are just for show, pretty sure - they don't provide support, and I'm pretty sure you can build over them and make the offending block wear the new roof.
No. 973035 ID: b1b4f3

Also, I don't think glass blocks can support other blocks in the same piece. If they could... then you could place that piece in midair. Same with many wooden blocks. Stone blocks could float if placed horizontally, since they support in both directions that way.
No. 973337 ID: e7c7d3
File 159588134331.png - (99.00KB , 450x450 , wiztow06.png )


Yes. YES! This is what wizarding is about! Screw you nature, and your gravities! Screw you architecture, and your rules of stability! Screw you society, and your narrow definitions of what a tower is! We go by wizard rules now. And wizard rules are-

Hold on, being handed a note here.

"Dear wizard(s),

We of the "Academy and Council of We Do What We Want, We're Wizards" (The 7W,) come bearing grave news. Though it gives me the vapours to say it, and no doubt will chill you to the bones, but there are some changes happening to the aether that we must abide by. Alas and alack, the universe or perhaps some powerful being has decided to throw ruin upon our sweet, precious towers. I suspect that they are a spoilsport, and probably need to get a haircut. Either way, our augers, mystics, diviners, and charlatans are working around the wizard clock, (which is currently operating in a 18 hour cycle at 0.73 Standard Speed,) to figure out what these changes are and just how much of a bummer they're going to be. We shall notify you as soon as we come to a conclusion. And then to the actual answer once it turns out that we were to hasty in coming into our conclusion. For now, build conservitavely. (Oh my, there are the vapours.) Oh, and say hi to your mother for me.

M. Thrub Wigglestaff
Doctorate of Wizarding and Cool Stuff

Well, don't that just suck a big magic wand.
Very well, we'll just go with this one for now. We can plot crimes against the universe a bit later.

There's definitely been a bit of a push for a greenhouse. We are very much in need of some dank wizard weeds. The likes of Moist Clover and Sopping Poppy make for excellent potion reagents. However, that does leave out what exactly the attack room and the trap room are. Lasers are indeed cool and therefor an excellent idea, but unfortunately the greenhouse has taken priority right now. Let's just pocket that idea for now and use it when it'd be most inconvenient to the local populace. Now we do have a suggestion of a spike pit for the trap room, so let's keep that in mind.

What should the attack room and trap room be?
No. 973339 ID: f56a2b

The trap room should have many traps that only trigger sometimes, so as to foul attempts to find them and trigger them prematurely.
No. 973343 ID: b1b4f3

Attack room has to be the wooden room since it's on the outside of the tower. Trap room could be the stone room there but it's not in the way... we'll need to put more blocks down to make it useful.
No. 973348 ID: ce39da

Wait, are wolves just gonna... what, bust down our front door to attack us? Will they try to tear down the foundation itself? Either way, those are some hardcore wolves...

Make the wooden room into a turret parapet - big fuck-off mounted crossbows, cannons, maybe a trebuchet... ooh, no, scratch the trebuchet; hwacha! All automatic, of course - we may be going medieval on these hounds' heinies, but we are still a wizard; a wizard with only two hands.

Have the entrance seem to lead only into the stone trap room, and hide your private passage into the elevator shaft behind a secret door. The trap room should have lots of one-way "push" doors, each with a nastier trap than the last.
No. 973356 ID: 62e4df

For the stone room, a siren trap gallery. It lures people in then tries to trap them in pieces of artwork (paintings, statues, etc.).

The wooden room will be, ironically, a flame weapon. It will project walls of fire around the tower. Housing a magical flame weapon in a wooden room may sound dangerous, but we're a wizard, so we'll do it anyway. Besides, it's magic, so there'll be no actual fire in the room itself.
No. 973368 ID: e7c7d3

For clarity, invaders will always start in the trap room touching the foundation. If there are multiple trap rooms touching the foundation, then invaders will enter through the one closest to the door. If they get past, then they will travel to the next nearest trap room by the shortest route. (Invaders will choose to go horizontally before going vertically) They will ransack any non-trap rooms that they travel through
No. 973376 ID: b1b4f3

Oh alright. Also I misread the prompt, I'm supposed to suggest a theme for each room...

ranged room: I'll support magically-operated ballistas/crossbows.
trap room: spikes and fireballs.
No. 973431 ID: 977456

Attack room: Nothing says "get off of my lawn" like carnivorous plants! Try to get in some toxic-spore sprayers and seed/thorn/stamen shooters.

Trap: What says "trap" better than trapdoors? Have some nice pratfalls into some venus flytrap stomachs, with other trapdoors having spiders under them! Spiders and flytraps: for the wizard that doesn't get bothered by mosquitoes.
No. 973703 ID: e7c7d3
File 159640189827.png - (97.51KB , 450x450 , wiztow07.png )

One can't say no to the classic spike trap! Simple, effective, and requires very little effort on your part. The particular shape of the the room does make it a bit awkward though. Under each door is a trap that leads to a pit cored into the foundation. Otherwise... Hmm.... Aha! How about a spike anti-pit? Just lay down a glyph that switches around gravity and have the hapless invaders fall up into a trap door and towards spikes on the ceiling. Sometimes, you've just got to think like a wizard. Would be nice to use such gravity magic while building, but that would require more research and enough room to experiment.

Hwachas sound really cool, if a little difficult to represent in little pixels to an armature artist. Still, no wizard can resist utilizing big booms! Does need a bit of flair though, basic rockets just don't say "wizards" enough.
Oh, we do have access to many dangerous plants now, so how about we utilize that into the rockets? They could use explosive dehiscence, (there's a word worthy of a wizard,) with flechette like seeds to eviscerate your enemies! Something like the fruit and seeds of the sandbox tree. Plus, instead of having to make ammunition for the hwachas, you can just grow them!

>Wait, are wolves just gonna... what, bust down our front door to attack us? Will they try to tear down the foundation itself? Either way, those are some hardcore wolves...

Well, they're not going to politely knock and cordially introduce themselves. No, these are [i]rabid[/] wolves! They'll probably pick the lock with their sharp fangs and proceed not to wipe their feet on the welcome mat. Nasty, nasty creatures!

Hmm, this is probably enough defence to repel the incoming assault. You do have your awesome self to ward of invaders as well. Perhaps another attack room on the other side, but that is up to the whimsy of the wizard.
No. 973704 ID: e7c7d3
File 159640193803.png - (101.59KB , 450x450 , wiztow08.png )

Thinking more on the plants, this greenhouse is giving you plenty of ideas.... Hmmmmm....

New block unlocked: :wtplant: Plant

Ooh, new possibilities! Let's see how we can completely jank it up this time!

There is a new message from the 7W:

[i]"Dear wizard(s),

We have come to an agreement that the new changes to the aether are just terrible. Through many experiments and the sacrifice of others, our conclusion is thus: blocks within a piece will not follow their normal support rules and only support blocks above them, in regards to fulfilling a piece's support requirements. Blocks will support other pieces as per their normal rules. We of the Council offer our sincerest condolences as this news does indeed suck a big one. Which reminds me, say hello to your father for me.

Best regards,
M. Thrub Wigglestaff
Doctorate of Wizarding and Cool Stuff

Hmm, well let's see what we can channel this time around before seeing how this news will ruin our fun.

:wt3l: - :wtstone: :cfqconvostart: Stone blocks: All blocks in a piece must be supported. Provides support above it's blocks and support to the side of it's blocks. :cfqconvoend:

:wt4q: - :wtstone: :cfqconvostart: Stone blocks: All blocks in a piece must be supported. Provides support above it's blocks and support to the side of it's blocks. :cfqconvoend:

:wt3l: - :wtplant: :cfqconvostart: Plant blocks: At least half of, rounding up, of the blocks in a piece must be supported. Provides support above it's blocks and support to the side of it's blocks. Piece cannot be turned into a room. :cfqconvoend:

:wt4i: - :wtstone: :cfqconvostart: Stone blocks: All blocks in a piece must be supported. Provides support above it's blocks and support to the side of it's blocks. :cfqconvoend:

:wt3i: - :wtglass: :cfqconvostart: Glass blocks: At least half, rounding up, of the blocks in a piece must be supported. Can be supported by blocks above regardless of that block's usual support rules. Does not offer any support. :cfqconvoend:

Channel was a bit exhausting this time around, because that's a lot of stone! But look at that! The new block type. Your genius has no bounds.

Which three pieces will you use and where?
No. 973707 ID: b1b4f3
File 159640447981.png - (107.68KB , 450x450 , tower.png )

Plant block gives no rooms? :( Well at least it's good for support.
Three pieces huh? Hmmm....

How about this. Use the plant piece to support the square stone block to get another room up near our study, and start expanding upwards over on the right side of the base.
For the rooms, let's go with an alchemy laboratory on the left, and a gravity manipulation experiment room on the right. It will double as an easy elevator.
No. 973712 ID: 62e4df
File 159641716020.png - (97.08KB , 450x450 , tower.png )

Stone makes great construction material, as long as you can use it, you should.
No. 973717 ID: 977456
File 159642313261.png - (116.13KB , 450x450 , lower.png )

>blocks within a piece will not follow their normal support rules and only support blocks above them
>At least half of, rounding up, of the blocks in a piece must be supported.
Am I doing this sufficiently wrong?
Although with the battle coming up, there could be some dramatically inclement weather. Maybe even enough to blow that glass tower a couple of tiles to the left.
Or maybe we live in bizarro world where blocks can only support if they themselves are supported.
No. 973970 ID: e7c7d3
File 159673293538.png - (101.96KB , 450x450 , wiztow09.png )


>Or maybe we live in bizarro world where blocks can only support if they themselves are supported.
Oh hey, that's a really good addendum to the rules! Oh! Errr... I mean... Oh nooooo... The aether is... something something and such...


I don't think they're buying it...

Aw heck, wizards will find a loophole with the rules no matter what. Hopefully this will be the last change. That floaty glass spire, however, definitely wouldn't work due to reality. Reality isn't a judge, it's a dictator. And wizards are the cool, badass rebels fighting against The Man with shredded fashion and even more shredded abs! We might be able to make things float with some sort of levitation magics. Which are different from gravity magics. That sort of arbitrary pedantry is important to many wizards and wizarding.

Seriously, don't mix up a fruitomancy and bananamancy. Just... just take my word for it.

Still, let's round out the base of the tower like in this suggestion. That's probably not what this wizard was going for, but it'll help things look nicer. And there is an agreement of the round stone piece be supported by the plants next to the bedroom.

Now for rooms. Only have the two blocks this time around that can be renovated. What should they be?

Also keep in mind that the wolves will attack after this decision.
No. 973973 ID: 19da02

We definitely need a trap as close to the entrance as possible where they walls squish together.
No. 973979 ID: b1b4f3

It makes the most sense for the bottom block to be a trap room. Poison gas?
To make the poison let's make an alchemy lab up top.
No. 974161 ID: adb916

For the bottom room a new trap, since we can just use gravity just don't let them touch walls, becomes quite hard to move that way, when all gravity is away from walls. Then because starvation (dehydration has no 'starve' equivalent. Quite frustrating as it kills you first) is rather slow, add a nice death lazer pointed at the middle, you know what, while they are stuck here might as well add a paralytic poison to the air too for that extra bit of difficulty.
No. 974569 ID: f56a2b

Laboratory up top.
Heavily booby trapped magic vault below.
No. 974599 ID: d63ea8
File 159762469334.png - (110.06KB , 450x450 , Room Suggestions.png )

I agree that a lab up top would probably be really good, since it might let us made more elaborate poison traps with the herbs from our greenhouse.

I'd actually recommend that we go for a foyer with a golem defender of some kind. Help stop those pesky wolves (and door-to-door salesmen.)
No. 979546 ID: e7c7d3
File 160366971861.png - (105.29KB , 450x450 , wiztow10.png )

Seems Like there's pretty solid support for an alchemy lab. Potions and cauldrons are usually considered to be witch's territory, but the only difference between a witch and a wizard is a beard. So witches are clearly inferior! There's a lot of stuff one can do with an alchemy lab: make poisons, try to transmute lead, summon poison clouds, create powerful potions, concoct powerful poisons, make neat special effects, and create poison clouds!

Actually, a poison potion may be handy for when those wolves attack. Let's unlock that.

New spell unlocked: Poison potion.

As for a trap room, there's some neat ideas going around. Going to have to keep them in mind for next time.
Oh yes! Let's implement a laser since we couldn't do it with the glass room before. Of course, you can't normal see a laser unless there's particles in the air, like a mist or a fog. So let's set up a fog machine. A fog machine that spews out poisonous clouds!

Though we do need to be careful not to stuff too many traps into a single room. Condensing traps together is very efficient, but can cause traps to start interfering with each other. There's only so much space one can use! Of course, we're correcting that little problem slowly but surely by adding more rooms. So far, we've sort of been doing about two features per a trap room, so let's stick with that as the max.
No. 979547 ID: e7c7d3
File 160366975257.png - (107.68KB , 450x450 , wiztow11.png )

Oh no! The wolves are about to attack!

:wtwolf: "Awwooooooo!"

See? I told you they were attacking.

:wtwolf: "Growff, bark bark!"

What!? Hey! My mother picked that out for me, I'll have you know! Okay, we need to kill these mongrels, so let's go over some combat basics. Things pretty much go by the standard round to round basis. Each round invaders try enter and move throughout your tower. Of course, we've set up some defences to keep them from doing just that! Attack rooms will kill invaders on their side at the start of the invasion. Usually, attack rooms can only get one salvo off on a wave before they make it to your tower door. Once inside, the invaders have to go through your trap rooms, starting with the one closest to the door. Trap rooms generally only kill one invader a round, as they take time to reset. After the survivors step over the bloody mess that was their comrade, they travel to the next nearest trap room to meet their fate. If they somehow make it past all your traps then the invaders will loot and damage your awesome wizard stuff!

Of course, you don't have to be idle while ruffians are causing a ruckus. Each round you can cast a spell to repel the ne'er-do-wells! Or you can be idle if you wish, no one is going to tell a wizard how they should fight their battles. If you're confident that you're traps and attack rooms can handle things, you can begin channelling and renovating rooms instead. Be warned though, the channelling process does take a lot out of a wizard, so you can't rejoin the battle until you're done renovating your new rooms.

Of course, there's still a lot of specifics out there that you won't find out about until the action starts, so let's get to it!

-Arcane bolt: Kill an invader, regardless of location.
-Poison potion: Target a side or room. Potions affect 1-3 creatures in the area where they're tossed. Trap rooms do an additional damage if their are poisoned creatures present.

Wave: 1/2
Wave 1
-Rightside: 3 rabid wolves
-Leftside: 2 rabid wolves

Thus begins the first round! Decide on a spell you want to cast.
No. 979550 ID: cdabe3

arcane bolt

wait, these are just... wolves, right? can't we just, like, not open the door? and pelt them with spells?
No. 979552 ID: b1b4f3

Arcane bolt on the uh... side that doesn't have an attack room on it. I'm guessing rightside/leftside are from the wizard's perspective, not the camera's, since it looks like we've got 3 wolves on the attack room side.
No. 979678 ID: 83ff48

dump some poison at the entrance to hold them back while the attack room does its thing.
No. 979692 ID: d63ea8

I'd say Poison Potion the right side, try and effect as many wolves as possible before they get into the trap room.
No. 979710 ID: f8fa51

If poison works like I think it does, poisoning two wolves and killing one (presumably the weapon tower will manage at least that) will grant us victory (this wave at least), so absolutely use the poison on the right. We'll get to find out how it works and still have plenty of backup time to confirm if it doesn't work how I think.
No. 979776 ID: 5cb1b2

good enough for me
No. 979838 ID: f57349

No, it'd be better to throw poison at the left side, make sure poisoned wolves don't get killed off by artillery before reaching any actual traps.
No. 979870 ID: e7c7d3
File 160390257854.png - (111.03KB , 450x450 , wiztow12.png )

Spells act first, cause you're just that cool of a wizard. You summon forth a mighty bottle full of potent, putrescent brew and toss it on the....
Oh dear, something got a bit muddle there. The two directions got- oh! Er, I mean! You solved the riddle! The right side was in fact not about the direction but rather that it was the correct choice. Such wizards of your intellect were not fool. As the old wizard saying goes, "these things will be revealed in due time," and they were!


So I'll just go ahead and correct that silly mistake and blame my horrible homunculus assistant for it. Left and right are to be based on the camera's perspective.

A fantastic roll on the potion, anyways! The three rabid wolves on the Left side of the tower have been thoroughly poisoned. The hwatchas let loose some Fresh and Organic rockets, which properly explode one of the rabid wolves but shrapnel from the blast fails to wound any others. Effects from attack and trap rooms are less reliably to trigger than from your spells. (Yes, somehow you, as a wizard, are the more reliable one. At least, in this one case.)

The two rabid wolves on the right side of the tower approach unmolested.
It would be unwise to underestimate your adversaries, even if they are vastly inferior to you by simple virtue of not being wizards. Plus, it seems some of them have multiclassed into rogue and have successfully lock-picked the front door. They will experience the ingenuity of your traps next round!

But alas, another wave of woofers approaches.

Wave: 2/2
Wave 1
-Frontdoor: 2 rabid wolves, 2 poisoned rabid wolves
Wave 2
-Leftside: 1 rabid wolf
-Rightside: 4 rabid wolves

What is your next act as wizard?
No. 979873 ID: b1b4f3

That's a lot of wolves. Poison on the right side.
No. 979887 ID: f8fa51

Agreed. Poison right, then we'll have to use some magic missiles next round.
No. 979888 ID: f8fa51

Actually, maybe not. I think we'll be done once we've poisoned the right side, but we'll need to watch to make sure the poison works as I think it does and correct if there's a mistake.
No. 979892 ID: d63ea8

Poison on the right seems like the best call.
No. 980399 ID: e7c7d3
File 160459659115.png - (107.95KB , 450x450 , wiztow13.png )

A poison potion to the right it is! With a mighty lob you toss the bottle at the pack and it shatters, poisoning 2 of the rabid wolves. Otherwise they approach your tower unimpeded.

On the leftside, the lone wolf learns why it would've stayed with the group and is deftly destroyed by rocket fire.

Inside, four rabid wolves attempt to navigate your first trap room. A wolf is almost immediately sliced by your kick-awesome laser! Fortunately for the wolf, the laser burns and cauterizes the wound. Unfortunately for the wolf, said wound is it being cut in half and now it's certifiably dead. Another wolf, while trying it's best to dodge the lasers and endure the poison gases, also falls do to it's weakened constitution. This trap room managed to kill two of the wolves thanks to the poisoned status affect.

But alas, the room fails to poison an additional wolf and two of the critters will move on to the next trap room.

Cast another spell? Or do you feel confident in your machinations to go back to channeling up some more wizardly rooms?
No. 980400 ID: d63ea8

Arcane Bolt one of the un-poisoned wolves, just to be on the safe side.
No. 980402 ID: b1b4f3

I like how the route through our tower wraps around, defying the laws of physics.

It looks like we're done. Poisoned wolves allow trap rooms to kill an extra wolf each turn, so wave 1 is already dead, they just don't know it yet. Wave 2 is 4 wolves and half are poisoned so the same will happen to them.

Time to rest on our laurels and start building again!
No. 980429 ID: f8fa51

If we understand how this works, we're done here. There's always the risk we misunderstood, but second-guessing ourselves wouldn't be very wizardly.

So in the interest of being wizardly, let's assume we know how this works perfectly well and go back to conjuring. Either we get to show how little threat they are to us or we get to be punished for our hubris, and both are very wizardly.
No. 980439 ID: e7c7d3
File 160468834202.png - (109.98KB , 450x450 , wiztow14.png )

Some impeccable wizard logic there! You straighten you wizard hat, (I presume,) and get back to channeling. But first, a sports update with the wolves.

In the pit trap room, a poisoned rabid wolf immediately falls in the pit trap right outside the door. The healthier, but equally doomed, rabid wolf is killed by the reverse gravity trap. Back to the laser room, two wolves once again meet their ends. But oh hey! One of the surviving wolves gets poisoned by the lingering gases in the room, and so two poisoned rabid wolves will move on to the pit trap room next round.

Now, let's summon forth some shapes!

:wt4i: - :wtwood: Wooden blocks: At least half, rounding up, of the blocks in a piece must be supported. Supports blocks above it.

:wt4q: - :wtplant: Plant blocks: At least half of, rounding up, of the blocks in a piece must be supported. Provides support above it's blocks and support to the side of it's blocks. Piece cannot be turned into a room.

:wt1: - :wtstone: Stone blocks: All blocks in a piece must be supported. Provides support above it's blocks and support to the side of it's blocks.

:wt4z: - :wtglass: Glass blocks: At least half, rounding up, of the blocks in a piece must be supported. Can be supported by blocks above regardless of that block's usual support rules. Does not offer any support.

:wt4z: - :wtwood: Wooden blocks: At least half, rounding up, of the blocks in a piece must be supported. Supports blocks above it.

Spots currently supported are once again noted with black squares. I feel I should also remind our wizard folks that the two roof spots do not impede placement of new, cooler rooms.

So once again, which three pieces do you bring into reality and where on your tower will you stick them?
No. 980440 ID: d63ea8
File 160469981688.png - (120.75KB , 450x450 , Block Suggestions.png )

Alright, I think I have some ideas.

We use that single stone block to plug up that little divot. We could potentially set it with arrow slits later so someone can fire into either trap room.

We grow out the plant blocks a little further so they can properly support the upper level of our tower.

We expand the upper level with some more wooden blocks in order to make more supportive rooms.
No. 980443 ID: b1b4f3
File 160470485133.png - (119.32KB , 450x450 , tower.png )

The wooden blocks can combine into a big-ass dedicated library, like how the stone blocks below combined into an elevator. The 1-tile stone block can be a meditation room or a storage closet.

Do single-tile rooms have any disadvantages? Like, do they work as trap rooms despite only having room for one door? Do they do just as much damage if used for an attack room?
No. 980445 ID: f57349

Filling in the divot in the center would be a complete waste of that stone block. Let's place the straight-line wooden block hanging out over the right side, plant block on top of the protruding section, and either glass underneath the new wooden hallway or stone off to the side of the plants. That'll give us both maximum horizontal space for future development and convenient mounting points for additional turrets on that approach.
No. 980618 ID: ecb3d0
File 160485444829.png - (112.72KB , 450x450 , Tower layout v4.png )

I demand Arch!
Provides good building space for later.
(wish the S was mirrored)
No. 980619 ID: d63ea8

No wait I change my vote this! THIS!

All self-respecting wizards need an arch!
No. 980743 ID: c299ac

I vote for becoming an archwizard.
No. 980827 ID: f2320a

No. 980840 ID: f57349

I also would like to change my vote to supporting the arch.
No. 980886 ID: e7c7d3
File 160520602955.png - (112.30KB , 450x450 , wiztow15.png )

With a weak howl, the remaining rabid wolves fall to your brilliant traps. It's going to be a bit of a pain to clean up, not that you're going to do it yourself. But hey, you defeated the invasion! Wizard fireworks and sparkles for all! Once again you have presented empirical proof that wizards are the superior being. After all this channeling, perhaps a wizard iced-tea by an illusory beach is in order.

Oh wow! That's quite the concordance of agreement there! Usually when this many wizards are in agreement an end-times event is just around the corner. Still, can you imagine it? The title of Arch-wizard. It feels so good even to just say it. Sure, other wizards might get a bit uppity that it's not the actual title of Archwizard, but they won't be able to deny that arches are super cool and that you're a cool wizard for having one and they'll be super jealous until they make their own wizard arch.

And just like that, an arch is summoned. Your tower is definitely more wizardly! Now to figure out what rooms to renovate into these new blocks.

We now have a vote for one of the rooms to become a library, because what self-respecting wizard doesn't have a sage and erudite library? The size of the rooms technically has no effect on it's mechanics. Though it definitely effects how much furniture you can stick in the room and the prestige and ego it provides.

So what sort of rooms should go where?
No. 980887 ID: b1b4f3

Adjusting my vote:
Straight wood block library, stone block tinkering workshop, angled wood block attack room (straightforward magic missile stuff?)

Hmm, how much does a block need to be on the "outside" of the tower to work as an attack block? Do all tiles need to face open air, or can one part be blocked? Like, if we put another room attached to that empty tile there, would the wooden room still work as an attack room?
No. 980900 ID: f8fa51

Supporting library and tinkering room. Voting for a flaming wooden attack room (again).
No. 980908 ID: 5f8e56

The Single Stone Block should be a Machicolation, so that we can drop VARIOUS THINGS onto would be Fools! That is what anybody who would attack us would be.

As for the Wooden Z Block, perhaps a Semi-Winding Stairs? With a Trap that Makes the Stairs Flatten into a Smooth Ramp, So that Attackers will be slid to previous Rooms or out of the Tower?

As for the Long Wooden Block, A Simple Library. As a Wizard, we must be Humble from time to time, and In future we may expand to have a GRAND LIBRARY! But for today, Simple is enough.
No. 980916 ID: ecb3d0

Lets go Long Library.
The stone can be a Machicolation with a boiling poison cauldron (and some rocks and/or explosive seeds for good measure)
For the vertical part, some stairs that eject intruders out of the tower does sound quite nice.(Then they would have to go through the traps again, though after the first wave they will probably get wise to it, so it might be better to save the idea for higher up on the tower so they have to go through more traps and have a larger fall. I am voting against that idea here)
How about instead the steps are all separate little conveyors that all go random directions+change direction sporadically and under each step is a little stabby foot trap. (For when you don't lift your foot in time and the conveyor is moving your foot toward the next step up. The other killing method being they lose their balance and fall down the stairs and break bones and such)
No. 981042 ID: f57349

Trap room that dumps intruders back outside the tower with minimal harm could be useful both tactically (in that it splits up a wave and forces them to go through the previous trap rooms again) and politically (in case we're ever faced with someone we want to expel but not obliterate). Apart from quibbles about how grand the library should be, I support this plan.

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