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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 158831313024.png - (921.83KB , 980x1479 , Outissa3Page01websizeanimated.png )
964508 No. 964508 ID: ee7136

Hello! This is part of a comic/quest hybrid that I'm working on, so please be gentle to anyone who's new here. <3
If you're unfamiliar with the quest format, please check out https://questden.org/wiki/Quests for some general information!

Please note that this is a WEEKLY updated quest, due to being tied into my comic. <3

Speaking of which, you can check my comic out at https://outissa.com :D

Please keep suggestions worksafe! This is a SAFE FOR WORK quest.
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No. 964509 ID: ee7136
File 158831317775.png - (296.60KB , 980x1479 , Outissa3Page02websize.png )

What is your name and gender?
No. 964511 ID: e7c7d3

The name is Gribbles. You're feeling female today.
No. 964516 ID: 08e322

I feel like I was called Scav-ster alot. being female is like full of eggs yeah!
No. 964517 ID: fa2754

But you always thought that was pretentious So it's always been "Cy" and you never really cared what pronouns people threw your way. You were you.
No. 964518 ID: b1b4f3

Karbel. You're male, no big deal.
No. 964519 ID: e51896

Flux, male.
No. 964522 ID: 9c48ac

I like Halcyon.

And we have no gender, ONLY RAGE!
No. 964524 ID: 977456

Name: Artificial Biological Construct: Designation Error!
Gender: Installation error!
No. 964526 ID: cdabe3

No. 964530 ID: 094652


Your name is Jimjom Jimmily Jip Joley, and you're a MAN!

... Regardless of what your gynecologist says. Seriously, keep ignoring that state-sponsored bigot, you only go there because it's the law.
No. 964536 ID: 12b116

Tellerie and ur female
No. 964541 ID: be9b9d

We dont remember our name, nor do we truly understand the need for one, and we have no genitalia or secondary sex characteristics, thus we neither have a sex nor real gender. We are just us. (but we refer to ourselves as a We/Us and thus use the majestic plural format)
No. 964551 ID: 12b116

Your name is Gronklit, you're a girl!
No. 964554 ID: dbf437

No. 964572 ID: 5877dc

Sounds good.
No. 965777 ID: 7c9c7e

I was gonna go for Tara, the effeminate girl, but...
Fine, it shall be Flux, the male's male.
No. 965794 ID: ee7136

Alright! Responses all closed, working on next page. <3
No. 966275 ID: ee7136
File 158925223076.png - (506.52KB , 980x1479 , Outissa03Page03websize.png )

Which of the five bowls will you choose?
A. The one full of a clear liquid.
B. The one with blue liquid and lots of clouds pouring out.
C. The one that's all glowy and full of something that looks very warm!
D. The one full of shiny metal bits.
E. The one full of pretty, fuzzy-looking leaves.

(Note - a tied vote will result in both bowls being chosen!)
No. 966278 ID: e7848c

A. You can actually see your face in that one that makes it the best
No. 966280 ID: c4809e

E. looks like friendly leaves to have
No. 966282 ID: cdabe3

fuck da police, dump them all in!!!!
No. 966285 ID: b1b4f3

Hot liquid, cold liquid, razorblades, leaves, clear liquid.
Considering how the SCP Foundation works I'm guessing all options are painful in some way, which means the leaves have some natural neurotoxin on them (there are multiple plant species that do this) and the clear liquid is acid.

Hmmm... how about B+C?
No. 966288 ID: 12b116

pour the hot stuff into the cold stuff and make it explode dangerously, pour out the clear liquid onto something to see what it does, then steal one of the bowls and put it in your pouch.
No. 966293 ID: e51896

E, the plant life.

"I... I want to protect this living plant life, even if it might be poisonous... i-it deserves to live."
No. 966299 ID: 28734d

The word noxious sounds familiar, and unpleasant. The green thing looks deceptive, the others smell dangerous. Does the shiny smell dangerous? Is it sharp? If not sharp, take.
No. 966303 ID: 094652

Screw the bowls, tip all of them off the table!
No. 966308 ID: 89ae2b

Sounds more like elemental stuff to me: Water, Air, Fire, Metal, Wood.

Let's go with the firey one.
No. 966309 ID: 4854ef

B: The cold one feels the best.
No. 966310 ID: b1b4f3

Haha YESSSS! Take an empty bowl instead of the weird stuff.
No. 966325 ID: 0dc42f

B: He's a cool fella
No. 966330 ID: 124fab

Put the table in your pouch. You know you want to. Believe that you can.

Believe in the you that wants a table in their pouch
No. 966375 ID: 977456

B+C Spooky auras are always a good thing.
No. 966445 ID: 9c48ac

Yess, pour some bowls into each other and fill your pouch with empty bowls.
No. 966487 ID: e9fdc8

Flux is male but Flux has a pouch? Is Flux a seahorse?
No. 966931 ID: ee7136

Suggestions are going to be closing at 11:59 P.M. PDT tonight, so make sure to get them in!
No. 966932 ID: 5877dc

It would be loss not to dump the cloudy liquid (B) in there.

I'd rather eat the leaves with our mouth.
No. 966958 ID: 86794b

Yeah, empty the shinies into the glowy bowl.
If one bowl is enough, put the empty shinies bowl in your pouch.
Otherwise, empty the leaves pouch onto the table, put the shinies bowl in the leaves bowl, then put them in your pouch.
No. 966973 ID: 470289

No. 966979 ID: d63ea8

A seems like the safest choice.
No. 967010 ID: 465a14

E. Worst case... you can make like a tree and leaf, right?
No. 967999 ID: 73300b

Looking forward to seeing where this is going.
No. 968617 ID: ee7136
File 159096852362.png - (496.03KB , 980x1479 , Outissa03Page04websize.png )

Taking a mini-hiatus for a bit. Details are on my website here: https://outissa.com/2020/05/22/news-and-semi-hiatus-and-future-plans/
No. 968638 ID: d63ea8

((Take whatever time you need, I hope your commissions go well.))
No. 969112 ID: 059ded

Sorry to hear your burden is still so great. It had been hoped the global pandemic would shut down enough of the world to reduce the burden on you to a level that did not require such a drastic response from you as a hiatus. But it seems our efforts were less effective then had been projected. Still, we hope that our efforts in creating and disseminating this plague has managed to ease the many demands on your time and efforts and lightened your burden somewhat. We will continue to look forward to when you will once more be able to continue your efforts with the comic.

While we realize that this is past the deadline and can not be considered, in a show of solidarity we would like to offer the suggestion for the pouch of the still beating hearts of those who would attempt to capture, contain or control those of us who are, gifted.

Sincerely, -REDACTED-. Prime -REDACTED- of -REDACTED-.

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