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Quests are interactive stories in which one person posts pictures and events, and the other posts decide how to behave. This produces a collaborative story.

Quests are run on Questden's /quest/ board.

Currently, all Quest articles on the wiki are gathered together under the Quests category. For a list of currently active quests, see Running Quests.

Completed quests are gathered in the Completed Quests category; this is for quests with multiple threads and moderate- to long- running times that have reached a conclusion. Shorter quests are often referred to as "one-shot" quests, and are set aside from the rest of the quests in their own category.

There also exists a formal page for assembling a list of all the major quests, but it tends to be less up to date than the category indexes. For that page, see: Running Quests

For a separate listing of completed and one-shot quests, see Completed Quests. If you want to try running your own quest, see Advice for Running a Quest.

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