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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 157929654665.jpg - (2.61MB , 4032x3024 , 2F39982B-F987-4CB7-AF62-BDF6D1DBF4CA.jpg )
953727 No. 953727 ID: 3b394b

Continuation of fractured minds
Still following Broken but you have the ability to switch to known characters last time was left off when Broken was flying around in a space vessel
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No. 953728 ID: 3b394b

Quest discussion https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/131456.html
No. 953729 ID: 3b394b

unfortunately forgot how to reference
Referencing post 953683
The vessel already has these commands just a task of connecting them
No. 953733 ID: 3ce8ff

Is how you reference other threads (replacing "quest" with whichever board it is on, be it questdis, quest, general, draw, moo, or whatever and the number with the post number.)
I suppose TL;DR might have given the wrong impression on how big it was supposed to be. looking at other quests is a solid way to judge roughly how big yours should probably be, what it should contain, etcetera.
Lets connect them then
No. 953740 ID: b0bb46

Connecting them is rather easy though there are a lot of notes on the camera one... something about losing connections and many failed tests trying to fix this... though it is there...
No. 953741 ID: b0bb46

Broken tests this mechanic on a new dimension and he sees the problem doesn’t know how to fix it but as soon as the camera passes the portal he loses connect moving into the portal allows him to see it
The dimension he is in now is
Soul Anarchy
Realm of power: soul and mind
No. 953748 ID: 3ce8ff

danger seems to live here, lets leave with our ship immediately.
No. 953812 ID: b0bb46

Broken hesitates this place feels familiar...
Searching the ship he finds a perimeter scanner and wires it to his eye [he has a robotic right eye remember] there is nothing here but it does seem there was something here recently he turns on some spotlights to see a message sprawled across the ground
‘I have been reborn I have become one with my foe his memories tainting my mind I wish to be free of this torment if YOU read this know I hunt you... you cannot escape me one of us or both must die so I can be free... free of you.... i have once been great but now it am FALLEN’
No. 953816 ID: 3ce8ff

Rip too late
No. 953818 ID: b0bb46

what do you mean by that?.. Fallen isn’t there of more accurately he isn’t in this dimension he was not too long ago but he isn’t now that’s the purpose of the message Plus Fallen is considered a living thing he would’ve been picked up by the perimeter scan...
Broken feels eyes watching him as he walks down the streets of this abandoned dimension but no life is around... just in case he turns on soul sight... only to be immediately blinded and turning it off... the souls have all become one pulsating white light with little fragments of color here and there but other than that it is white the culmination of all the souls of this dimension squeezed together into one keeping this world alive... Broken begins to see people strange people missing bits and pieces they watch from afar staying a certain distance away but always watching they have surrounded the vehicle and any portal made gets quickly swarmed they seem IT seems to want him to stay perhaps there is something for him or there is something he must know
No. 953825 ID: 3ce8ff

matters little at this point. He, for sure, knows we exist and that we would arrive here.
That message means what I hoped to delay has already happened, from here on out we should probably consider that a similarly powerful antagonistic entity could be in any dimension we visit. May as well explore here, see whatever we are supposed to see here.
Begin Project: Dimensional Teleport Detection (including the past up to last we teleported into the dimension)
No. 953828 ID: 2e73f0

The figures move allowing a pathway to where Broken assumes that they want him to go following this path leads him to a castle of metal and technology inside lays a throne which is surrounded by other seats the throne interestingly is the lowest seat usually kings like to be seen as higher than others and the throne seems to be the least comfortable... on the throne lays a crown, a bracelet, and an ice short sword... they seem vaguely familiar in a way...
No. 953837 ID: 3ce8ff

well that may make sense, Fallen seems to kinda be you but blended with and with extra hatred.
But honestly it is best to have the king position NOT be cushy, and the literally low position can remind that you should be serving the people
No. 953860 ID: 2e73f0

I should point out Fallen had no idea whether or not Broken would have come he doesn’t know the position of broken he assumed he would come because this was Broken’s home but he didn’t know broken lost his memories also even if didn’t come here Fallen would have already left and hunting broken not coming here would have been worse because then you wouldn’t have known
Broken approaches the throne he notices a mirror in the back but ignores it for now picking up the crown... on closer inspection it is made of scrap and junk... and yet it has been handled with care it hasn’t been polished but it has been cleaned... Broken has received the crown of the masses... a crown that belongs to the rebel who opposed the oppress of the masses and created a government and army to combat them... a crown made by his people... it can be equipped...
inspecting the sword it is made of ice but now he notices more about the sword in the center of the blade is more ice but it is in the shape of green flames that give off a warmth... it is strange but Broken puts it away with the crown... picking up the bracelet next...
the bracelet is different than the rest but still familiar it gives off an unpleasant aura a threatening aura... an aura of death... it contrasts with the other items as this seems more regal as it is a bracelet made of platinum with a crimson red gemstone on it, vines with thorns are carved leading towards or away from this bloody gem... this can be equipped. Broken still puts it away... then he finally acknowledges the mirror...
The mirror is strange For when he walks towards it he notices it gives off no reflection he stands before the strange mirror then he touches it... revealing a man who looks similar but different... he holds a broken sword a hilt that is missing a center stone it seems and yet it still feels threatening upon his back are wings made of fire and he wears a bronze gear track on his hat... his eyes are dark and threatening yet almost seems to promise kindness and warmth if you mean no harm... he has seen battle and yet feels inexperienced... but he is similar but not Broken... no he is someone else... perhaps another of the alternate selves...

Skill acquired
Cause: interaction with mysterious objects
Detect as of now can only detect enchantments due to the nature of the mysterious objects interacted with but further options can be acquired later on
To activate detect skill think or say detect and the option you wish to detect [ie detect enchantment]

No. 953920 ID: 3ce8ff

Start Project: Detect Expansion (gain more Detect functionality or reveal, more specifically, how to)
I assume we already got all the info Detect will give us on the crown, sword, and bracelet. If not use it to gain more info. (do NOT equip bracelet)
Greet Mirror Man
No. 953921 ID: b0bb46

you haven’t and I’m assuming you would want to
Using detect on the crown reveals nothing perhaps using a different type of detect might work...
Using detect in the ice sword reveals that it shall never melt and it gives the wielder the ability to use ice magic
Using detect enchantment on the bracelet reveals why it has a deadly threatening aura... it is enchanted to kill the wearer if they break an oath this effect surrounds all oaths the wearer has ever officially made... it is however forgiving as it will allow thoughts of breaking an oath or thoughts that break the oath as long as the wearer doesn’t act on them
Using detect enchantment on the mirror reveals that to whoever touches it shall be shown the one they are bound to the most
No. 953977 ID: 3ce8ff

>you haven’t and I’m assuming you would want to
I directly stated that I did want to (on the condition I had not, no need to be redundant)

Can we make another dimension thing like our base is in but just for random shit we find? We can't be sure our antagonist has no way to track these items, so best that they do not lead to our base or leave them in a dimension they could be happened upon by locals

check status of Project: Detect Expansion
No. 953980 ID: b0bb46

[spoiler]Yes I noticed that after I was being an idiot...[/spoiler
okay so here’s how the detect expansion will work
It’s going to give you hints on how to unlock different types of detect is that agreeable?
As for another void I mean broken put the stuff in a pocket dimension so Fallen can’t really track them...
No. 953987 ID: 3ce8ff

Check Project: Dimensional Teleport Detection
>Is that agreeable?
My disagreements stem from inaccurate scientific and narrative inconsistencies. (with a bias against those that hurt my goals)
If you want to say this does nothing; you can't do that. I will probably insist it tries anyway, but this is your world to define.
Basically if I see BS I'll call it. However, as I have said earlier this does not mean you can't be like 'my world this is how it happened.'
> so Fallen can’t really track them...
Alright better safe than sorry.
Have the souls shown us all they want to?
Did the mirror man reply to our greeting?
No. 954015 ID: 12aa0c

Mirror man isn’t an entity it is a reflection
Detect expansion wouldn’t work in the way I would think you’d want it to but it can work in another way by giving you hints or telling you what must be done to unlock one of the detect options
Dimensional teleportation detection has been completed and broken turns it off because turns out small things and dust particles travel dimensions causing almost constant beeping...
No. 954053 ID: 3ce8ff

>Dimensional teleportation detection has been completed and broken turns it off because turns out small things and dust particles travel dimensions causing almost constant beeping...
Ok then... -_- then we start a project to filter out anything below a certain volume in a single event (and what about the detection of past events detection)
>Detect expansion wouldn’t work in the way I would think you’d want it to but it can work in another way by giving you hints or telling you what must be done to unlock one of the detect options
well yes I want it to just max the ability out, but will take what I can get.
reiterating "Have the souls shown us all they want to?"
No. 954057 ID: b0bb46

The souls... which Broken decides to call the Lost are looking at the crown or were the crown is... inside a pouch carried by broken...

Hints for detect skill
Buy/sell things
Research symbolism
Learn about multiple religions

No. 954060 ID: 3ce8ff

lets see if we can't give the Lost a voice
Start Project: Soul Mouthpiece
No. 954077 ID: 12aa0c

We can already speak using other means such as this we have no need for your assistance

No. 954091 ID: 3ce8ff

oh ok, why not open with that instead of being all mysterious and silent?
No. 954093 ID: 0cdcfd
File 157972095323.jpg - (2.47MB , 4032x3024 , BD007D5E-0FC5-435D-8725-548B29BDF265.jpg )

[spoiler] for future reference you can’t effect someone else using the projects you are unable to physically change anything that doesn’t involve Broken’s left arm or right eye as those using the upgrades are what you change...
And here is what the Lost look like...

We didn’t need to speak until now... as you asked of something that would effect us which you did without asking us... which at least for us is considered rude...

No. 954171 ID: 3ce8ff

the intent was to create a method you could use to speak not force it upon you, think translation device not implant
an ai to process problems is good. also we can project things to interact with other shit
No. 954191 ID: b0bb46

The Lost cock their heads before sighing

The crown, the sword, and the bracelet, they rightfully belong to you as you were the lord of the masses before you left to try and save existence...

No. 954313 ID: 3ce8ff

we are no longer the same person, donning these now feels wrong till we earn being the lord of the masses again. Though we can keep them safe until then.
No. 954419 ID: b0bb46

The lost nod

That is fine though you do still have similarities to before as that is the thought process you would have had he would wish to prove himself once more... but know this once you wear that crown once more we shall come to your aid when you call for us... when you leave you cannot return as this place is only here because of the message we must tell you and the objects that you left behind it is an illusion we have created now go... you have learned what you needed Fractured mind...

No. 954450 ID: 3ce8ff

i guess we leave then...
No. 954456 ID: b0bb46

Broken goes back to the ship and leaves the dimension
He lands in his ‘base’ for the first time
No. 954495 ID: 3ce8ff

>>Dimensional teleportation detection has been completed and broken turns it off because turns out small things and dust particles travel dimensions causing almost constant beeping...
>Ok then... -_- then we start a project to filter out anything below a certain volume in a single event (and what about the detection of past events)
Can I get an update on this deal?
Let's go say hi to our little plant friend.
No. 954507 ID: b0bb46

The location of your base is in the void the padding between dimensions here there isn’t constant beeping there are so many objects {the dimensional teleportation detection system has changed to the size of a dog mind you} teleporting everywhere that it’s just a single sound broken gets the feeling that if he leaves the detector on for to long his eye might explode from being overloaded with information/data Broken says hello to Azalea who promptly curls up and falls asleep in Broken’s hood...
No. 954529 ID: 3ce8ff

alternatively don't have it beep... you could instead just have it save events to a list and organize it by size. (the past part is important, to know if something other than us arrived and stuck around since we were last in a given dimension. Or do we need to make a little detector device to leave behind in each dimension or something for that functionality)
I assume anything less than a dog is currently being discarded as random noise rather than analyzed for specifics, found to be small, then discarded. As that would be the smart thing to do resources wise.
We have established we have real-time data, all I am trying to do now is refine/process that data into a useful output. The AI cearly has tremendous processing power, with how fast it can science out arbitrary problems and simply being able to take in the data of a dimension wide scan, not to mention that it also processes it in real time.
the goal is to know if anything uncommon happened since last we were in a dimension for example: someone/thing other than us traveled to since we last did.
No. 954530 ID: b0bb46

Broken has an idea...
Size is now any but instead the detection system searches for electric pulses
{ie brain waves and or robotics this can locate entities}
As well as searching for mana sources/ aura and souls
This makes it so it beeps less and Broken then changes it into a notification that appears at the edge of his vision for his right eye interestingly Azalea has gained a considerable amount of mana that seems to be Broken’s excess mana that has bound itself to her... he intrudes her to the void entity but makes sure she doesn’t go in...
No. 954572 ID: 3ce8ff

nice. That can also handle regression back to last known state (last time we were there) yes? Other (sentient) things don't tend to do dimensional travel yes?
No. 954600 ID: b0bb46

Yes but it still can’t handle it here as the void is essentially the padding between dimensions as such when hopping dimensions you technically go in the void as well...
No. 954612 ID: b0bb46

I added a hypothetical way of killing broken if you’re interested going to be mighty hard for someone to do though but better safe than sorry
No. 954626 ID: 3ce8ff

replied in the dis thread
the fact that stuff is just kinda passing through here all the time is worrying on a base safety level.
No. 954707 ID: b0bb46

You can’t really see the void as when you hop dimensions it sort of creates a tube that passes through the void, the space-time continuum likes to stick into these tunes creating a barrier so they can’t see the void this barrier is there so they don’t fall into the void by accident though it is possible to do so if one really tries to
No. 954719 ID: b0bb46

For better imagery the barrier created by space-time sort of looks like you are being surrounded by a nebula whereas the void is a bright infinite darkness
No. 954736 ID: b0bb46

responded to the response which makes me feel that i need to point out BROKEN CAN NOT ENTER THE DREAM WORLD not on his own and no one he knows as of yet can either
No. 954737 ID: b0bb46

probably will give more information about the void in discussion thread
No. 954802 ID: 3ce8ff

Ideally we want to avoid Fallen, as I think he is currently stronger than we are.But I am at a loss for what to do next.
No. 954831 ID: b0bb46

Fallen is always stronger and he is always the counter to broken as the world demanded balance broken never beat fallen through strength as that is not his advantage his advantage was speed and tactics... he was a creative genius creating solutions to his problems....
No. 954832 ID: b0bb46

As for what you can do you could ty to unlock more detect options try to explore the upper layers of the void get the lay of the land and/or go dimension hopping
No. 955077 ID: b0bb46

[spoiler] it seems you are assuming a bit out of fallen there should be old files on him of which Prototype is fixing before he hands them to broken if you wish to see them but is isn’t all powerful though I will not fault you for doing so as that’s smart assume your unknown enemy is better than they are you are always prepared... but fallen just has strength, endurance, charisma, mana power and intelligence where as broken has strength, endurance, intelligence, agility, and mana power
No. 955090 ID: 3ce8ff

choosing a path is meh for me. helping something on that path is where I enjoy being, so I'm leaving this choice up to Broken
No. 955123 ID: b0bb46

Broken chooses to explore the void as it would be best to know his surroundings better
No. 955817 ID: b0bb46

pretty sure I messed up so I’m changing it a bit
After a bit of investigation broken was able to figure out he was in the first layer of the void
He has come to this conclusion as the first layer is used as a barrier between dimensions as such because he sees tubes of space time crossing he figures that this is the first layer...
No. 955819 ID: 3ce8ff

I'll be honest I have kinda lost interest and you should not expect many further responses from me
No. 955919 ID: b0bb46

[/spoiler] I figured but I didn’t like how I did the post before as I felt like it was too pushy and gave too much information [/spoiler]
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