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File 126119929060.png - (8.47KB , 800x600 , 181.png )
94220 No. 94220 ID: 9e9b47

It's early in the morning as Steve waits outside of the Cerulean City Gym, waiting for Mewtwo to show up. He got off lucky, waking up before Misty and her sister, whose name he can't quite recall. He's got to make a move on towards his next goal, and girls always wanted to do stuff like eat breakfast together and hold hands and shit in Steve's experience.

Damn pokemon. Steve can't wait forever.
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No. 94230 ID: f4963f

You don't have a way to call the stupid shit back? Perhaps with the ball or something?

If you don't, I suggest you get a move on. He's all psychic and stuff, he should be back before too long.
No. 94233 ID: bebdd2

Comb your hair dude, you can't be having bedhead.
No. 94246 ID: 9e9b47
File 126120091767.png - (8.73KB , 800x600 , 182.png )


Steve smooths his hair out. No need in looking like a guy who had sex with some chicks and didn't shower.


Steve doesn't know how the hell the ball stuff works, but he figures Mewtwo will just catch up eventually. Alright, it looks as if Steve can go one of two ways. He can go south out of town, towards Vermillion City and the next badge, or he can go east, towards Lavender Town. Steve heard that there used to be ghosts there, before they tore down the ancient graveyard to put in a radio tower.
No. 94248 ID: 930195

No. 94249 ID: d1dbf3

fuck naw, lets head back up route 24 and catch an abra
the we can abuse the fuck outa teleport
No. 94258 ID: f4963f

Supporting this. We need an ESCAPE PLAN. But, um... where are we gonna find room on our team? D:
No. 94271 ID: d1dbf3

speaking of our team could you post it green? i dont really want to go diggin through the old thread
No. 94308 ID: 01f92a

vermillion city. take mewtwo on a cruise on the st. anne and get him to chill some more. or use him to put the bad memories of the war in lt. surge's head and give him post-traumatic stress disorder. that'd be fun.
No. 94436 ID: 90a4f8

I say go down to vermillion city.
No. 94452 ID: 7d87d9

Also Abras are cute and become backup to Mewtwo. Since two psychics are better than one!
No. 95214 ID: 5a9e00

Steve, you moron. Don't just leave without a word. Drop a ransom note so that they think you've been kidnapped. That way you can roll into town any time you please and amaze all the bitches with your harrowing tale of escape.
No. 95246 ID: c2c011


We toss out that stupid shitty slowpoke.

And Steve, don't forget that we still have a postponed date with Tesse. Take her with you or something.
No. 95433 ID: f4963f

>hatin' on Slowpoke
No. 95435 ID: 5d5878

Steve already breaks rules, what's to stop him from carrying 7 pokeballs?
No. 95446 ID: 511fe7

Apparently this universe's weird-ass laws of physics do.
No. 95448 ID: f4963f

To be honest, I'm a bit RAEGin that Mewtwo consumes one of our perfectly usable team slots. I want Magnethearst on our team, goddamnit.

We need to find a way around this restriction.

Oh Steeeve~ ... care to tell us how the Pokeball system works?
No. 95608 ID: 9e9b47
File 126136245547.png - (16.73KB , 800x600 , 183.png )


Here's the pokemon Steve has in his party at the moment. According to Steve's pokedex, he has MAGNETHEARST, Magikarp, Grimer, Clefairy and Clefable in the PC.

>>94308 >>94436 >>94248 >>94249 >>94258 >>94452

Steve's torn which way to go. Does he really need an Abra? Steve doesn't know a whole ton about pokemon, but he's sure you don't want too many of the same type or something, right? He's already got Slowpoke and Mewtwo.


Steve told Misty last night that he's a lone warrior, and if he woke up before her he'd see her next time he came by town. She seemed to understand. So did her sister.


Hmm, it may not be a bad idea to make a team change. The only pokemon Steve really wants to keep are Fluffy-Looking-Thing, Spike and Mewtwo. He's fine with cycling the others out if need be.

>>95435 >>95446 >>95448

Steve doesn't know a ton about this, but from what he can gather the pokedex has something to do with it. It registers whenever you capture another pokemon, and if it registers a 7th pokeball in your possession with a pokemon inside it transports it to your PC. As for HOW it does all this, Steve has no goddamn idea.

As for Tessa, she should be good and done for. Mewtwo said he'd talk with her, right?

For some reason, Steve suddenly wants a drink real bad.
No. 95610 ID: c91ae3

first things first, lets acquire some booze
i vote we go catch an abra
No. 95611 ID: 744624

New sidequest: Find some engineering nerd, get him to rewire our pokedex so that it doesn't teleport our pokeballs away, and then get him hammered as thanks.
No. 95614 ID: f4963f

Hammered AND laid. Make it a double-date.

Hey, wait. Didn't Bill make the Pokédex system?

Bill, the fucker who's not two miles away?

GO NORTH STEVE. We need to give Bill a little chat.

(Plus we totally need an Eevee)
No. 95622 ID: 7d87d9

Well Abra does everything slowpoke does but better. Also you can get away with a Abra/Kadabra backing up mother fucking Mewtwo. Also mewtwo will be a great tutor!
No. 95625 ID: c91ae3

Abra is on the way to bill!
this is turning out quite perfectly
No. 95626 ID: 5d5878

Eevee, fuck yes. As for the team, we need an Abra to replace Slowpoke. Lord knows the little guy tries, but he's just too retarded.
No. 95628 ID: 7d87d9

Until we can find a place where there are Sheldar so we can have the lovable oaf evolve. Also keep an eye out for more magnemites steve... MAGNETHEARST needs two more to evolve.
No. 95629 ID: 5d5878

You're crazy. That's not how pokephysics work!
No. 95679 ID: 7d87d9

But the fluff!
No. 95708 ID: 41f88d

It's probably already been asked, but, can Mewtwo carry pokeballs?
No. 95749 ID: 9e9b47
File 126137081641.png - (141.33KB , 800x600 , 184.png )


Steve finds that he has a bottle of whiskey left in his back pocket. He drinks generously out of it before doing anything else.

>>95611 >>95614 >>95622 >>95625 >>95626 >>95628

Steve decides to head north of town, to see if he can find some new psychic pokemon, or some guy that'll magically give him a rare Eevee apparently. He puts Slowpoke back in the PC before leaving. He's just too damn stupid.


Steve will be on the lookout for a Shelder, he guesses. It may make Slowpoke useful.


He may be able to. Most trainers pointedly do not give their pokemon further dominion over other pokemon, as far as Steve knows. Especially with Mewtwo, that could set quite the precedent.

Hmm. Along the road heading north from town, Steve sees some guy. Dude's just standing there.
No. 95751 ID: c91ae3

whats that blue crap in the grass?
if it isnt a pokemon try to bum a smoke off that guy
No. 95752 ID: 744624

Punch dude in the snout to establish dominance.
No. 95756 ID: f4963f

This dude's looking pretty chill, eh?

No. 95811 ID: 9e9b47
File 126138067519.png - (27.20KB , 800x600 , 185.png )

>>95752 >>95756

Yeah Steve's about to roll over there and rock that guy's world! That'll teach him to mind his own business. The guy DOES seem to be watching Steve as he walks down the path.


Before the guy, Steve goes to check a glint of blue in the grass. TWO glints of blue, as it turns out. Steve has no idea what the fuck these pokemon are, but he is disappointed to find he only has ONE pokeball left! Dear me! The last time he went to the pokemon mart he was too interested in getting alcohol and cigars. It looks as if Steve will have to choose which one to capture then.
No. 95812 ID: fe8130

6 Ludicolo, PARTY DOWN.
No. 95813 ID: 131526


We need to get it to turn into Mexican Pineapple Duck post haste.
No. 95814 ID: 51d0f5

The not-mudkip.

Friggin' mudkips. Think they're so great.
No. 95815 ID: c91ae3

i liek mudkipz
Haters. All of you.
No. 95829 ID: 6834bc

This one votes Mudkip as well. Yes, yes, Mexican Pineapple Duck is cool, but Water/Ground RAPE MACHINE is better. Not to mention that he's a little deceptive if you catch an electric opponent unawares, as electricity does fuck-all to Ground!

Also, Spike and Mudkip could totally get along and be bros despite the type differential. Totally.
No. 95860 ID: 744624

Mudkip. Fuck that eventual mexican cactus frog.
No. 95875 ID: f4963f

No. 95880 ID: 96dac0

Dude. It's a fucking frog... with a fucking lily pad on it. That's like, upside-down of the natural order. How could you possibly pass that up?
No. 95881 ID: 5d5878

No. 95887 ID: 7d87d9

Pineapple duck is water+grass that means it only takes 1x from electricty and gets rid of the weakness to grass types. Also it probably could be taught to steal crap
No. 95890 ID: 15f6d6

Are you guys retarded? MUDKIP, DAMMIT.
No. 95912 ID: 5ba271

No. 95996 ID: 9891a9

Mudkip, entirely because I want to see >>95829 's bros plan come to fruition.
No. 96000 ID: fed73b
Audio Miror_B_'s_Theme.mp3 - (3.67MB , Miror B_\'s Theme.mp3 )

No. 96078 ID: 6faa8c

Lotad, because I'm not a memefag.
No. 96080 ID: 632862

Lotad. Because Ludicolo > Swampert.
No. 96163 ID: fed73b
File 126144621347.jpg - (168.09KB , 806x614 , 1258821581973.jpg )

additional propaganda
No. 96198 ID: 20c9a5

¡Yo voto por el pato mexicano de piña!
No. 96217 ID: b8a238

Screw you for making me laugh.
No. 96530 ID: c246c1

Mudkip. It's a better pokemon.
No. 96553 ID: 96dac0

Well after this, we can't have anything else.
No. 96555 ID: 5d5878

Steve ain't mexican. Swampert is a better pokeman than that pineappleduck anyway!
No. 96568 ID: 739167

Swampert is a whole lot better than Ludicolo.

Pick Mudkip.
No. 96659 ID: 6faa8c



No. 96665 ID: 5d5878

No. 96666 ID: bf87b9

enjoy losing

ludicolo is a big gay mexican duck
if you like ludicolo you are mexican
no one likes mexicans
No. 96667 ID: f4963f




Just think about that, will you? O:)
No. 96672 ID: 31fa25

Totally the Mudkip. Ludicolo is fucking stupid.
No. 96676 ID: 31fa25


>not a memefag

>looks at name

*head explodes*
No. 96685 ID: 6834bc

Not a memefag nor a tourneyfag.
I just like Mudkip, Marshtomp, and Swampert.
No. 96697 ID: 5d5878

I think making us decide between a mexican pineapple duck and Swampert wasn't a very good idea. Steve should capture one and knock the other out, having his pokemon carry it around unconscious until he gets another pokeball.
No. 96701 ID: dda6d9

No. 96705 ID: 3086f2

Is that Silver in the picture?
No. 96729 ID: cd1ae7

This. We're already a rules-breaker - why the hell do we need a pokeball, anyway?

Knock one of the little fuckers out and carry it with us until we can get another pokeball. If it wakes up, knock its ass out again.
No. 96733 ID: 6faa8c

Knock one out, put the other in a pokeball. Keep the KO'ed one around until you manage to purchase another.
No. 97527 ID: 69a5a4

No. 102921 ID: e0aea5
File 126236868534.png - (31.17KB , 800x600 , 186.png )

>>95812 >>95813 >>95814 >>95815 >>95875 >>95829 >>95860 >>95880 >>95881 >>95887 >>95890 >>95912 >>95996 >>96000 >>96078 >>96080 >>96163 >>96198 >>96530 >>96553 >>96555 >>96568 >>96659 >>96665 >>96666 >>96667 >>96672 >>96685 >>96701 >>97527

AHHHH! Steve can't decide! He has a sneaking suspicion one is better, but the other one looks so fucking stupid! WHICH ONE WILL H-

>>96697 >>96729 >>96733

Oh right, violence. Steve throws a pokeball at the one further away, and boots the other one in the face as hard as he can. Hell yeah! Take that, tough decision! Steve picks up the unconscious lily-headed pokemon. Hmm. What now?
No. 102923 ID: 930195

That little bitch ain't gonna stay KO'd forever. Go see if you can mooch a ball off another trainer.
No. 102931 ID: c2c011

Go get a ball for the stupid thing. And get out Spike for some friendly drinking and maybe a deep conversation about the nature of the universe and the value of free will.
No. 102963 ID: b082e5

Get one of your other pokemon to carry it to the pokecenter or store so you can get an empty ball to put it in.
No. 103030 ID: bf8e75

rush to pokecenter. get pair of balls. ask joy to joyously care for our balls.
No. 108804 ID: d9faf1

And be sure to phrase it exactly this way.
Watch for her reaction.
No. 109612 ID: 9e9b47
File 12632844848.png - (254.49KB , 800x600 , 187.png )

>>103030 >>108804

Oh fuck yes. This is such an awesome idea. Steve would like to have Nurse Joy have sex with him, if you catch his drift. Plus, it's funny as hell.

>>102923 >>102931 >>102963

Steve decides to get a pokeball for his plant thing first though. Nurse Joys probably get touchy if you show up with a pokemon you kicked in the face. Steve looks over towards the other trainer, who hasn't moved yet. He walks right up to the guy. "Hey buddy, you got a spare pokeball to spare?"

The guy is quiet, eyes never leaving Steve. He's starting to feel kind of uncomfortable. Right when Steve's about to speak, the guy talks. "You know, you could really get into trouble doing that kind of stuff. You must be Steve Steveson. You've got quite the reputation ahead of you. Do you mind if we talk for a few minutes?"

Steve doesn't know who this douche is, but he's got a nagging feeling he's seen the dude's face before.
No. 109613 ID: c0f3bf

Ask if he frequently wears a creepy triangle mask.
No. 109619 ID: 54943d

its silver
from gold/silver/crystal. hes 3 years younger than red blue and green
hes also giovannis son
talk to him, see what he has to say
No. 109634 ID: 8ecfd4

Say "Sure, but only if I can bum a fag." let's british this motherfucker up.

Also Steve, be prepared to smash his face in and steal a pokeball if he refuses to give you one. And maybe teabag him when he's down, dude looks to feminine for his own good.
No. 109671 ID: 5a9e00

Punch him out, steal all his clothes, leave him sore and smelling like booze in a dress at the side of the road.
No. 111498 ID: 9e9b47
File 126361627075.png - (127.67KB , 800x600 , 188.png )

>>109634 >>109671

Steve doesn't like this kid's attitude. He gets ready to knock him flat. "Sure, just give me a cigarette first kid."

The kid looks over Steve for a moment, as if considering something. "You know, you're not really good at hiding your feelings. I'm not sure it'd be very smart to get into a fight with me. I really do just want to talk." He fishes out a pokeball, and releases a huge pokemon. "A little insurance to make sure you don't do something stupid."

>>109613 >>109619

Steve looks at the kid for a few minutes while he considers pulling out another pokemon. He really DOES look familiar. "You... aren't... Zealot, are you?" he asks cautiously.

The kid shakes his head, looking amused. "No, but I'm glad you brought that up. It's about him that..."

"Nah, I remember, you're Giovanni's kid! Silver!" Steve says, happy to finally placed the face.

The kid looks taken aback. "I... how did you know that?"

"You tried to battle the Elite Four, and you're the son of a really famous ex-leader of a criminal organization kid. I don't watch a lot of shit about pokemon, but I've heard you mentioned before." Steve says. He doesn't mention that he only watched the news when it was a choice between that and pokemon. Pokemon are totally boring.

The kid seems to be taken aback quite a bit. He clears his throat. "Well. Yes. Um, it's true. Anyhow, about Zealot. I was sent here partially to ask for your help. It seems you're one of the only people he's... acted the way he has around. It's cause for concern. We were wondering if you'd like to do a little bit of information gathering for us."
No. 111503 ID: c0f3bf

money=cigars, alcohol, and women

SAY YES. But make sure it IS paying work first.
No. 111513 ID: 6834bc

Totally accept his offer if it's paying work, Steve. Maybe even if it isn't.

Besides, Silver should be a cool guy now that he's met with Gold and gotten his ass handed to him a few times in the past.
No. 111525 ID: 51d0f5

"Whass innit for me?"
No. 111542 ID: f377d7

It'll cost you.
No. 111623 ID: 648286

Don't answer. Instead, pour margarine all over him and dance around, calling him "Butterfree! Butterfree! You're a butterfree!"
No. 111749 ID: 8ecfd4

Now I really don't like that little shit. Bring out Spike and tell him he's gonna get all the pokemon porn he could want if he beats the everloving shit out of that large thing. And if Spike isn't enough by himself you can always cheat.
No. 111791 ID: e2020c

No. 111896 ID: 69a5a4

aww yeah, you get to work with silver.
No. 111899 ID: f4963f

Steve, marry Silver
No. 111904 ID: 9e9b47
File 126368446660.png - (150.88KB , 800x600 , 189.png )



>>111503 >>111513 >>111525 >>111542 >>111749 >>111896

Steve decides to hear the guy out for now. There's a chance for money at the very least. "What's in it for me? It's gonna cost you, I'm not gonna do this for free."

"Yes, I expect you wouldn't." Silver says, and Steve can detect a hint of disapproval in his voice. "We'll pay you for any of the information you bring to us. We'll make it worth your while."

Steve accepts that. Seems like a fair deal. "How do I get in touch with you?"

"I'll give you a number you can leave a message at. I'll meet you at a place near town that you tell me about." He responds, and gives Steve a number that he enters into his pokedex. "I think it's best we be seen together as little as possible. I have reason to believe that Team Rocket knows who I work for. If you have no more questions, I'll be off."
No. 111905 ID: 69a5a4

Teaming up with Silver is gonna be awesome.
No. 111908 ID: 15f6d6

Check out his package. See if you can tell how big his dick is. It could be important later.
No. 111923 ID: 69a5a4

Time to dick around in the city until Silver actually needs your help.
No. 111926 ID: 5aa60d

"1 more question.
can we pawn a pokeball off you?"

afterwards lets head on to bill's place
No. 112022 ID: 8ecfd4

What the FUCK!!! Get payment up front from that dick. Anyone can claim they will pay you after the work is done. Get some cash up front or tell that fucking queermoo to fuck off.
No. 112117 ID: 009604

You know... Silver's pretty cool for a girl who's dressing up as a guy to make it in a man's pokeworld. You should still totally flirt with 'him' though, just in case you can get some pussy out of it. Bet she fucks like a ocelot too.
No. 112202 ID: 9e9b47
File 126370435810.png - (122.22KB , 800x600 , 190.png )

>>111905 >>111923

Steve thinks you don't get the terms of the arrangement.

>>111908 >>112117


Wait, is Silver a girl? Steve isn't... ENTIRELY sure... uh... Steve feels weird all of a sudden.

>>112022 >>111926

"Yeah there's one thing. Can I have a pokeball? and some payment up front? I am kinda risking my life talking to a psychotic killer."

Silver tosses Steve a pokeball. "I'll see about transferring some money into your account. Put that little guy in a pokeball. He looks real unconscious. Remember, only give me a call when you have some good info."

"Oh you bet I'll call you." Steve says. Wait, did that sound sexual? Fuck, isn't this girl like 14? FUCK Steve doesn't even know if it's a girl! Steve needs to get away from this guy and go drink.

"Um... ok. Well, good luck." Silver says. He begins to leave with his huge blue pokemon.

So, on to this weird guy who supposedly lives north of town and gives out rare pokemon to random people?
No. 112211 ID: 009604

Dude. Silver is totally a chick. Trust me.
No. 112221 ID: 4ce1b0

Silver is a girl, look at that long flowing hair.
She's just acting tough to make you take her seriously. Isn't she cute though?
No. 112254 ID: 15f6d6

I guess let's go on. Looks like we're done talking to this fuckhead.
No. 112379 ID: 5aa60d

yes on to bills lab
interesting fact
he made the pc storage shit
No. 112618 ID: 9e9b47
File 126371323245.png - (223.38KB , 800x600 , 191 copy.png )

Hmm. that's weird. Steve suddenly feels like there's a lot more people around.

>>112211 >>112221

Steve... still isn't sure. He drinks a little more, and resolves that if he assures himself of Silver's girlness he might go for it. Even though she's underage by a lot and it's kinda creepy.

>>112254 >>112379

Fuck yeah, Steve's ready to head on out! He puts the pokemon he's carrying in the new convenient pokebal and watches it dissapear in a flash of green light. This guy he's visiting made the pokemon system? That's cool. Steve always wondered where the hell they went.

Um, so, should Steve just show up and demand a pokemon or something? Is this guy going to even be home? Guys don't tend to like douchebags showing up and demanding pokemon.
No. 112625 ID: 5aa60d

before asking the guy for a rare pokemon just say hi and introduce yourself
see if he can increase the number of pokemon you can carry around while your there
No. 112640 ID: 6834bc

Okay, Steve, this shit I'm about to tell you is important so listen up brother.
Bill's a scatterbrain. Way back when Red and Blue started their adventure, he managed to get himself stuck in a Pokemon's body. Red helped him out, and all he got was a fucking picture of a Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon.

Then, when Gold was doing his crap, Bill was trying to date Misty. Obviously shit didn't work out, but he might still be sore about that so don't mention her while you see him.

Other than that, I really doubt he's going to give you a rare Pokemon, but there's a good chance he'll have something worthwhile for you.
No. 112786 ID: 9e9b47
File 126371751439.png - (7.98KB , 800x600 , 192.png )

>>112625 >>112640

Steve thinks he can remember some stuff about Bill. It doesn't matter much though, because when Steve gets to the guys front door, there's no answer even when Steve rings the doorbell multiple times. GODDAMMIT! Of course the guy wouldn't be home when Steve wants to get it. Oh well, what to do now then?
No. 112792 ID: 445c48

Look through window, try to see if back door is locked.
No. 112803 ID: 5aa60d

if all else fail break a window
No. 112834 ID: 5aa60d

No. 112840 ID: 6f5d85

Kick in the fucking door.

You know the pansy-ass residents of this world don't reinforce for shit - it's probably not even locked.
No. 112841 ID: a117e3

Head for the beach; capture young lovers.
No. 112876 ID: 9e9b47
File 126372278180.png - (12.29KB , 800x600 , 193.png )

>>112792 >>112803 >>112840

RAAAAA! Steve is getting fucking pissed as he tries the door a few more times! He's just gonna go ahead and bash...


Huh? Blob? Before Steve can start kicking at the door, he glances up just as Mewtwo floats down from the sky. There's a moment of silence between the two. "Uh... you're back late." Steve says simply, not knowing what else to say.

"Yes, I do apologize. I was thinking about... my situation. I thought you would be asleep longer, I anticipated an eight hour sleep schedule for you." Mewtwo replies calmly. Steve thinks there's something different about how he's acting. He's not so angry anymore. "May we speak? I have a matter I wish to discuss."

"Uh... sure." Steve says offhandedly. Steve was not expecting this attitude at all. He's a bit thrown. Steve starts to take the master ball out of a pocket, to return Mewtwo once he's done talking.

"I wish to be kept out of the pokeball, quite frankly." Mewtwo says quickly, glancing down at the ball for a moment. His hands tremble. "Please. I know I wronged you when we first met, but I cannot stand it in there. It grates on my mind, and... I just feel less alive when I'm in there. I... leave it to your decision of course, but I think it could work out well for the both of us." Mewtwo finishes with a neutral expression on his face, watching Steve's face closely as he waits for a response.

Steve hesitates. He doesn't quite know what to say. Steve doesn't always care about what other people are feeling, but he gets the impression that it took a lot for Mewtwo to say what he just did.
No. 112878 ID: 9891a9

If being in there is has such a huge effect on him like this then what kind of a bro would you be to put him back? Don't do it, bro. Just don't.
No. 112879 ID: 4a7f32

Why have a psychic if it's just gonna be stuffed in a ball most of the time? Keep the guy out, and see if he can help you with that door.
No. 112882 ID: 5aa60d

agree to let him stay out of his ball i guess
its not like hes going to kill everyone or something and hes been a total bro recently
ask him if theres anything else hed like to discuss while were at it
No. 112883 ID: 6834bc

He's certainly a lot less angry and bloodthirsty.
And Steve, could you imagine being locked in a tiny room for hours at a time until some jerk opens the door just to have you fight someone, before shoving you back in there? Sure, some of your others might not mind it so much, but Mewtwo's frankly a lot smarter than them.

I vote you let him stay out of the ball and only recall him in emergencies where he would be in direct danger and unable to protect himself. Plus it would go a long way to gaining some trust from him, too.
No. 112897 ID: 5ba271

"Sure, why not?"
No. 112914 ID: 6f5d85

Be a bro, Steve - keep Mewtwo out of the ball.
You wanna be a bro, don't you, Steve?
No. 112951 ID: 8ecfd4

Agree to keep him out and bring out Spike as well. We need to get him up to Charizard so that we can burn down some shit from above!
No. 113062 ID: 445c48

"Yeah, sure bro. Can you tell if anyone's inside?"

Also, have you caught any pokemon recently, like say a krabby or rattata?
No. 113065 ID: 71cb95

Sure, let him stay out. Tell him that if he fucks up he goes back in.
No. 113165 ID: a6a1c4

Ask him what's in it for you.
No. 113401 ID: 5a9e00

Of course. But you'll have to help out with shit, right? Maybe help deal with all the potentially-ladies that keep throwing themselves at me. Bit of bodyguard action, bit of being a bro. That kind of stuff, you know?

and like... no blowing up research labs or anything. Unless I say otherwise... I guess.
No. 114468 ID: 9e9b47
File 126388092322.png - (10.75KB , 800x600 , 194.png )

>>112878 >>112879 >>112882 >>112883 >>112897 >>112914

"Sure, why not?" Steve asks, shrugging his shoulders.

Mewtwo visibly relaxes. "Ah. Thank you. I had my doubts..."

>>113065 >>113165 >>113401

"Just a second." Steve says, cutting off Mewtwo. "There's gonna be some ground rules. For one, if things get hairy I might have to return you at some point. I can't promise I'll ALWAYS leave you out. I'll try to make it as little as possible. I didn't know it sucked so much in there."

Mewtwo nods. "It isn't pleasant. On the subject of pokemon on your person and returning me to the ball, I have thought of a simple solution for us both. Your pokedex has a system for dealing with pokemon that have run away or gotten stolen. After a period of time outside of a certain radius, they cease to be pinged by the system. I simply waited for you to capture a sixth pokemon before I came back. Now, I'm relatively certain that the next time you return me, that Mudkip you captured will revert back to the PC. However, with this little glitch I do believe you can keep me and six other pokemon."

Steve nods. He doesn't even know what else to add to that. "Good job. Um, keep up the good work."


What? Steve hasn't caught a Rattata. Those things are stupid.

"Hey, I kinda wanna get inside this place. Can you tell if there's any people inside?" he asks Mewtwo, turning towards the door.

"Hmm. I don't believe there are. None I can detect upon first glance. Do you intend to break in here, Steve? That's a bit brazen, isn't it?"
No. 114478 ID: 85d9a9

Break in. Who knows, Bill might have accidentally transfer minds with a Rattata. Now, due to his current shape, he is not only unable to answer the doorbell, but be unable to revert to his human form as well, while his body with mind of a Rattata noms on a box of cereal.

This is unlikely and probably never happened nor will happen, but you can't rule that possibility out.
No. 114480 ID: 445c48

>What? Steve hasn't caught a Rattata. Those things are stupid.

Then someone's been going around wearing your clothes!

Also ask if there are any pokemon inside.
No. 114483 ID: ec4966

Naw. We came here to talk to him. Breaking in is kinda pointless, right? We're not just gonna break in and steal the guy's shit. That ain't cool.

Go find that crazy masked sibling dude we're supposed to go bother. Follow the given directions. Tell Mewtwo about him, tell him to be on the lookout, and ask him if he can fuck that guy up if shit gets real. Cuz right now all you've got is some crazy person's word that he's not gonna pin you to a tree with knives the next time he sees you. That shit ain't reliable.
No. 114511 ID: 632862

Ask if there's a pokemon inside.
No. 114523 ID: 35f4de

Well he is pretty damn stylish. A copycat wouldn't be too far fetched.
No. 114525 ID: ec4966


No. 114541 ID: 8ecfd4

Break into that shit. And bring out spike.
No. 114656 ID: cc321d

Um, let's NOT break in. Nobody's gonna leave their house completely unguarded. There's probably an alarm.
No. 114686 ID: db2fc7

Not breaking in seems the best plan. You already have a lot of good pokemon, Steve.
No. 114687 ID: 8ecfd4

Yeah, but he needs more money for booze and smokes.
No. 114694 ID: fa7b85

SCIENCE could be in there. And Mewtwo was made with SCIENCE.

I mean you could have TWO Mewtwos!
No. 114759 ID: 45b3e0

this seems perfectly logical.
No. 114904 ID: 5d8a2b

Fuck breaking into this place. Why don't we focus on actually getting the next badge?
No. 115157 ID: 9e9b47
File 12639730201.png - (15.24KB , 800x600 , 195.png )

>>114478 >>114541 >>114694 >>114759
>>114904 >>114686 >>114656 >>114483

Steve's having a tough time deciding what to do. Grudgingly, he does admit that this seems a bad idea, breaking into some dude's house. He doesn't know what the fuck could be in there.


"Can you tell if there's any pokemon inside?" Steve asks hopefully.

"I'm afraid not. But pokemon in pokeballs tend to be hard to hear for me." Mewtwo admits. "I know it must be tempting to smash something, but right here and now may not be the best time."

Steve shrugs and turns away from the door. "Fine. I guess we'd better get a move on the next badge anyhow, huh?"

>>114480 >>114523 >>114525

Steve thinks that it would be hard to mistake another person for himself. For one, nobody else in the world (except for his mom) has snow-white skin.

Alright, while heading away from Bill's, Steve runs across a break in the path. Looks like the sign pointing left says "Rock Tunnel and Lavender Town," while the right one leads back to Cerulean City, and on to Vermilion City. Where should Steve head?
No. 115162 ID: 85d9a9

Go to Vermilion, easier gym and stuff.
No. 115164 ID: c0f3bf

Vermilion. Blue can suck it.
No. 115176 ID: 5a9e00

that a pokeball in the bushes?
No. 115183 ID: 8ecfd4

Examine the strange thing in the forest. And take a swig from your flask and let Spike out so he can take one as well.
No. 115239 ID: 0f4cff

Haha, I just noticed the favicon for this thread. Nice.
No. 115255 ID: 2cbe3e
File 126402326284.png - (22.91KB , 800x600 , 196.png )

>>115162 >>115164

Steve gets ready to head back the way he came! No need to...

>>115176 >>115183

Hang on a second, Steve sees something right at the edge of the forested area. He goes up to it, releasing Spike as he does so. Steve tops off the pokemon's flask, and leaves him to it as Steve checks out the object.

It looks to be a pamphlet. It's still glossy, like it was dropped here not long ago. It seems to be for a place called Verdant Tranquility. 'A relaxing spa, far from the beaten path of the world. Come and enjoy a time of leisure and relaxation as you bathe in our celebrated hot springs, and dine on the cuisine provided by our culinary experts. Bring this pamphlet with you for a 50% discount on your first visit.'

"Wow, this sounds pretty cool." Steve says, looking over the pamphlet. "Hey Mewtwo, wanna go to this hot springs?"

Mewtwo looks annoyed for some reason. "Hot springs? That sounds like nothing but s distraction. Do we need to go to such a place?"

"Well. Maybe not so much NEED, but don't be such a faggot, Mewtwo. We can relax for a bit, and there's probably hot bitches there." Steve responds a bit reproachfully.

"Nevertheless." Mewtwo responds, his eyes narrowing at the verbal jab.
No. 115266 ID: c16184

Tell Mewtwo you just want to see him all hot and wet, no homo.
No. 115269 ID: af3e6d

A Hot Springs Episode works best when you bring your own bitches, you know.
No. 115277 ID: 4d15ea


No way! These places are usually staffed by hot bitches! We'll be just fine.
No. 115291 ID: da8055

Tell Mewtwo that you can return him if he's uncomfortable.
No. 115312 ID: 08e905

Do we have to stop here? Maybe we should just head for the next badge.
No. 115341 ID: b1fb61

If we need hot bitches, let's call Amber or Misty.

Hell, maybe even Tessa~
No. 115565 ID: 5a9e00

fuck yeah. lets get some harem up in this bitch.
No. 115906 ID: 13698b

Tell mewtwo you will need a wingman you can trust but he'll need to wear a suit and a top hat and take all the fat chicks.
No. 116043 ID: 31fa25

Actually that's not a bad idea. Tell Mewtwo if he's staying out the ball, he's gotta put clothes on. Also, if he sees a chick coming to stop you getting sex from another chick, he has to try keeping her busy until you slip away.

Are those wisps deeper in the forest from the hot springs?
No. 116560 ID: 9e9b47
File 126415084162.png - (58.50KB , 800x600 , 197.png )

>>115269 >>115277 >>115341 >>115565

Hmm. This isn't a bad idea. Should Steve call one of the other girls? He could give Misty a call, and probably get some free sex. It's hard to tell with some girls. On the other hand, he could call Amber, and maybe get some free sex. He could even call both, and maybe possibly get double free sex! On the other other hand, there could just be girls here already and Steve could just try his luck. He ponders the situation as he heads deeper into the woods, towards the hot springs. Fuck, Steve doesn't know what he should do!

>>115906 >>116043

Steve finally sees the hot springs in sight before he stops. there's one thing that must be settled before anything else. He puts an arm around Mewtwo's shoulder. "Hey, I wanna discuss something with you."

Mewtwo still looks annoyed for some reason. "Yes?"

"Look, first things first, if you're staying out of the ball then you've got to wear some kind of clothes. I don't think we need to advertise that you're a giant pokemon."

"Clothes crush the soul." Mewtwo responds sourly.

"Well, they're gonna cover your theoretical shame. There's one more thing. If I'm chatting up some nice piece of ass, and you see some other girl coming over to the two of us with intent of stopping said chat, could you do me a favor and talk to the other girl?"

Mewtwo looks puzzled, and appears to forget his anger for a minute. "But... if there is another girl coming towards you, don't you want both girls?"

"Nah nah, see, some girls usually go out with another chick. If that other chick can tell she isn't getting boned that night, then she's usually in a mood to make sure her girlfriends don't get boned either. You simply have to run that interference so I can skedaddle if need be."

Mewtwo looks uncomfortable with the idea, but he nods slowly. "You're not actually asking me to do anything unreasonable. I suppose... I'll acquiesce to your request" he says with a sigh.

So, anything Steve should do before heading inside?
No. 116563 ID: 5a9e00

seach the area for traps, treasures and secret doors.
No. 116564 ID: c0f3bf

Brofist mewtwo.
No. 116579 ID: ec4966

Say "Thanks, dude. Next time we can do something you want to do. Y'know, on the way to this whole good-of-the-nation mission crap. What DO you like to do, anyway?"

Short of some kind of giant everything-concealing robe, there is no fucking way you are disguising mewtwo as anything but a different pokemon.

Just head inside. Be on the lookout for goddamn critters working everything.
No. 116615 ID: 8ecfd4

Brofists all around. Let's head into the hot springs bar. Some nice heated sake and a nice long soak in warm water should cheer up that surly bastard Mewtwo.
No. 116617 ID: 9e9b47
File 126415948610.png - (17.44KB , 800x600 , 198.png )


The place is strangely devoid of removable knots in trees, sliding stone walls, or chests that make a neat little noise when you open them.

>>116564 >>116615 >>116579

Steve brofists Mewtwo. "Thanks dude, next time we'll totally do something you wanna do. For now, I think a nice soak will do you good."

Mewtwo frowns hard, but Steve notices his mouth barely twitch in the corner. The pokemon looks away. "Let's just go" he says gruffly.

Steve enters the hot springs, and immediately sees a young lady, who makes a short bow towards him. "Greetings, honored guest. I am Satoka, and I welcome you to our humble spring. How can I assist you today?"
No. 116618 ID: 8ecfd4

You want some heated saké to drink while you soak. Then a massage would be nice to finish it off.
No. 116628 ID: c16184

No. 116632 ID: 4ce1b0

Do this
No. 116643 ID: 9936f8

Ask her if she wouldn't mind joining you for a drink when she gets off work.
No. 116664 ID: cf9604

also inform her of the pamphlet in our possession.
No. 116667 ID: f68a75

Can't Mewtwo just use his psychic power to make an illusion of clothes in the weak minds of people around him? It worked on the Rocket Chick.
No. 116737 ID: aa9ba2

Yes, and I'm sure it'll probably just be easier to do that then find actual clothes for him. How about we just ask him to project himself as a human? would save us a ton of trouble.
No. 116781 ID: fa7b85

Also it gives us the option of scaring the fuck out of people by flickering between disguise and not disguised.

I mean it won't work against psychic trainers but they'd realize that Mewtwo was in a trenchcoat anyhow.
No. 116966 ID: 03ceba

Ask the girl where you go and pay at. Smile at the girl.
No. 116993 ID: 0f6356

First pay, then go scope the place out. Don't give this girl a lot of time, she's probably just a greeter. There's probably plenty of women, and maybe even a place for you to drop off your pokemon so they can get some time in a hot tub.
No. 117036 ID: 13698b

Agreed. Show your pamphlet and scout the place out.
No. 117107 ID: 9e9b47
File 126424303177.png - (22.69KB , 800x600 , 199.png )

>>116667 >>116737

What do you mean it worked on the Rocket chick? Making people think he has clothes? Steve will be sure to ask Mewtwo if there's some way he can work around the clothing problem.

>>116628 >>116632 >>116643 >>116966 >>116993

Steve is torn on what to do with this chick! Eventually, he decides that perhaps he should hold off on trying to have sex with her right here in the hallway. That sort of thing causes comments. Instead, Steve smiles at her and offers the pamphlet he found. "Um, I found this... where do I pay, anyhow?"

"Right here! Could I please see your pokedex, honored guest?" The girl takes Steve's pokedex, runs a plastic card through a reader, pauses, and then smiles and hands it back. "Everything seems to be in order. You will be staying the night in room 7."

Steve's funds have gone from [/b]ROLLIN' IN DOUGH to WELL THAT'S NOT NEARLY AS MUCH MONEY AS YESTERDAY BUT I SUPPOSE ITS STILL A LOT. "Thank you... do I also talk to you if I'd like to get a drink? Preferably sake?" He asks as he takes the key.

"Of course, honored guest. As soon as I have a moment I will fetch some directly. Some basic rules. The large pool out that door over there is the warming pool. It's large, and a public area, so please maintain an absence of nudity." Steve looks out the slightly open door. He can see the pool of course, but that person by the edge looks real famili... "There are smaller and hotter springs, but these are divided into male and female of course. Clothing is optional. If there's no more questions honored guest, I will leave you to retrieve your alcohol. your room should be down the corridor to your right." The girl says crisply and evenly, as if she's said this a number of times before.

>>116993 >>117036

Alright. Should Steve head down to the right, in the direction of his room, or left? Also, should he ask this check for anything else?
No. 117140 ID: f677e5

Take key. Go down to your room, but I guess you should first go and see why that dude over there is familiar.
No. 117146 ID: c2c011

Get changed and start soaking. Soon you will have some warmed rice wine to warm you up within and some nice hot springs to warm the outside. Life sure can be good sometimes.
No. 117163 ID: 69a5a4

awwww sheeit. nah man, you're set. get drunk with this chick and let the booze do the talking. you'll know what to do then. :D
No. 117185 ID: 4b53ae

Oh hey it's that kid with the Bulbasaur!
No. 117390 ID: 9e9b47
File 126429725747.png - (30.60KB , 800x600 , 200.png )

>>117140 >>117185 >>117146

Steve decides to go and see why this kid is familiar before heading off to his room. Mewtwo stays behind, watching with a bored expression in the doorway. Once he get close, and the kid looks up at him, Steve realizes that it's the kid from Pallet Town! "Hey, you're.... um..."

Both stand there in silence before the kid finally supplies, "Cory. Hello, Steve. How has your adventure been so far?"

Steve sits down next to Cory. Steam is all around here, filling the air with wisps that make the air heavy. The kid seems completely nonplussed. "Pretty good... what are you doing here, anyhow?"

"Oh, I'm just here for the afternoon. The gentleman I'm traveling with had to do some errands, so he paid for me to relax here a bit." He replies politely.

Steve smiles awkwardly at the kid. Cory has always unnerved him just a little bit. The kid would probably just shrug if he saw a comet heading towards the planet.
No. 117391 ID: bb1955

Ask him who he's traveling with.
No. 117402 ID: ec15aa

Steve! Now's your chance! Find out what room he's in and jack all his money and pokemon to sell!!
No. 117542 ID: 5a9e00

You know... I'm pretty sure Cory is also a chick... Flatchested though she may be.

Could be wrong though.
No. 117749 ID: 9e9b47
File 126432699085.png - (30.10KB , 800x600 , 201.png )


Yeah, fuck this kid! Steve's always wanted a Bulbasaur anyhow. "So, how has your pokemon training been going? What room are you staying in?"

"My training has been going very well recently. I feel like I'm achieving more of my true potential. And, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable giving you my room number, Steve" Cory says bluntly.


"So... who's this guy you're traveling with anyhow?" Steve asks awkwardly in the silence that follows.

Cory looks away. "This really experienced pokemon trainer. He's been teaching me a lot about pokemon."

"That's nice." Steve says. A silence falls between the two.


Look Steve's the first to admit he ain't too sharp but c'mon.
No. 117802 ID: 15f6d6

Ask him what kind of cool stuff he's been learning about Pokemon.
No. 117818 ID: 4d25dd

Maybe you should get away from Mr. Depressing and go get drunk.
No. 117851 ID: 5aa60d

"His name wouldn't happen to be zealot would it?"
No. 117933 ID: 13698b

Don't pud out now. If you really really want that bulbasaur, have mewtwo just brain snap the guy. Like, an illusion of some chick needing his room number, or Cory all of a sudden developing a fetish for giving his crap to other people.

You know what, f it - too much work. Leave that downer. Find a better hottub.
No. 117982 ID: 997ccd

Stand up and shake his hand. Tell him he's welcome to come and have a drink with you next time he sees ya.
No. 118362 ID: c42be6

Ask him what happened to his arm. It looks burnt, or something.
No. 118589 ID: 13698b

I agree, what's with the arm?
No. 119413 ID: c16184

hey bro that kid reminds me
do you have a brother or sister
why dont you hang out with em if yes
No. 119446 ID: 5a9e00

Yeah, don't you have a brother or something? Isn't it about time he lives up to his name and faces full pokeconsequences?
No. 119642 ID: f2f427

Call your sister, and see what she's up to.
No. 119750 ID: 9e9b47
File 126464793175.png - (18.18KB , 800x600 , 202.png )

>>117851 >>117802

"What sorta stuff does he teach you, anyhow?" Steve asks casually.

"Just battle tactics. He's got quite the mind for war." Cory answers evenly.

"That's nice. His name wouldn't happen to be Zealot, would it?" Steve asks, not sure why he's asking.

Cory looks down at his feet. "No. His name is Henry Sharp."

>>118362 >>118589

"Well... what the fuck's up with your arm then?" Steve asks, realizing he's starting to interrogate the kid a bit.

"Oh, that." Cory looks back up at Steve. "Yeah I caught a Magby, but it burned my arm a bit the other day when I tried to use it. It's gotten a lot more well behaved since."

>>117818 >>117933 >>117982

Steve gets up and stretches, then reaches out for Cory's hand. Cory hesitates, but shakes hands after a moment. "Whenever we meet again, I'll buy ya a drink kid. If you don't completely suck as a pokemon trainer that is."

Cory nods. "Thank you, Steve. Goodbye."

>>119413 >>119446 >>119642

God dammit, Steve's brother. Why'd you have to go and remind Steve of his brother at a time like this. What a fucking idiot. You kind of wonder if Clive is even gonna be able to take care of himself, but honestly you could fucking care less. He's dumber than a sack of hammers. The average IQ of Pallet Town could only improve if his brother choked on his bacon or whatever.

Steve's sister isn't nearly as dumb, but BOY is she a bitch. Always on with the nagging and lectures. She's younger than Steve but he swears she acts like his mom sometimes. Thank god he left that house.

Mewtwo's been saying something or whatever, but now Steve really wants a goddamn drink. He wonders if that sake's in the room yet.
No. 119757 ID: 69a5a4

Mewtwo is a pretty smart guy. You should probably see what he has to say about this whole situation. Also, I don't know man. I got a bad feeling about that kid. We should pummel him now before he has time to become a better Pokemon trainer and kick, your ass. Just in case.
No. 119759 ID: 51d0f5

Say "Uhh, sorry, could you repeat that? I was distracted thinking about how much I hate people. You can relate."
No. 119760 ID: 9e1b01

Can mewtwo here like... turn on the part of Cory's brain that makes him a tactical genious or something? It's the least we can do, really.
No. 119771 ID: 62489a

"Hey mewtwo, that's interesting and all but I have a better thing to talk about. Would you rather do, your mom or your own clone? If you had to. Let's say that they're both going to die unless you fuck one of them and you only have time to properly fuck one of them and so you have to save that one."
No. 119933 ID: fa7b85

He got no mom.... he was grown in a TANK.

That might make him VERY ANGRY and he could take revenge by stealing our wallet or destroying all out booze.
No. 120423 ID: 9e9b47
File 126473768826.png - (26.70KB , 800x600 , 203.png )

>>119757 >>119759

"Sorry man, could you repeat that? I was thinking about how much I hate people. You can relate."

"Very droll, master. I just wanted to tell you about that child you were talking to. I can't see very well into his mind." Mewtwo admits.

"So?" Steve asks.

"That's not supposed to happen."

>>119771 >>119933

Hmm, Steve actually knows nothing at all about Mewtwo. He decides to ease in slow, with a tasteful question about Mewtwo's mother. Steve slips an arm around Mewtwo's shoulders. "Hey Mewtwo, that's interesting and all but I have a better thing to talk about. Would you rather do, your mom or your own clone? If you had to. Let's say that they're both going to die unless you fuck one of them and you only have time to properly fuck one of them and so you have to save that one."

Mewtwo looks completely shocked, and slightly annoyed. "I... master... I... Have..." He stops and takes a breath. "Master. I was made from DNA of Mew they found. I was grown in a tube. I have no mother. So, if you wanted a literal answer to your question, I would choose a clone."


Steve's not sure that's how brains work, and anyhow fuck that guy. So, should Steve go get ready for the hot baths?
No. 120429 ID: b6a47e

Get ready for the hot tubs Mr. Bill- I mean Steve.
No. 120430 ID: 69a5a4

hahaha. That was quite amusing. Go get ready for the hot baths big boy.
No. 120434 ID: 6834bc

Wait... wouldn't that make the Mew or the tube his mom, then?
No. 120438 ID: 1afd58

No. 120442 ID: b6a47e

No. 120521 ID: 9e9b47
File 126474217422.png - (16.81KB , 800x600 , 204.png )

>>120429 >>120430

Steve finally gets to his room, and there's a warm bottle of sake sitting there on the table. He strips down and gets a towel so he doesn't scare sensitive ladies with his trouser snake.

Mewtwo excuses himself to the bathroom.

>>120438 >>120442



"I guess that Mew would be your mom then, right? Or the tube at least?" Steve asks as he starts in on the sake.

There's a long pause from the bathroom. "Yes. I suppose. I don't think I'm ever going to see a Mew though."

Well, whatever. Steve's ready to go look around. Should he head to the warming pools, or to the guys-only steam bath for some relaxation?
No. 120560 ID: 62489a

Fuck that sausage soup, go to the warming pools and request a female attendant.
No. 120607 ID: 1afd58

Drop the towel and let little Steve flop on out.
No. 120624 ID: 498c52

Yeah the sauna is kinda fuckin gay if you aren't from godforsaken frozen wasteland.
No. 120722 ID: 6c28cf

Mewtwo has no gender. Thus, it isn't gay.

Fuck you, Saunas are nice.
No. 121094 ID: 9e9b47
File 126481204518.png - (32.38KB , 800x600 , 205.png )


Hey there's a time and a place man.

>>120560 >>120624 >>120722

Steve decides to head for the warming pool. Guys only sounds like there's a chance there'll be no girls. Once Steve gets out and situated by the pool, he looks around. Steam is drifting up all over the place, and it's sort of hard to see the other people. Everyone's pretty calm, though there's some whispered conversations that Steve catches parts of. "Want any sake?" Steve asks, pouring himself a cup.

"No, master." Mewtwo says coldly. He's got his arms crossed across his chest, and is glaring around the pool.

Steve shrugs, and takes two drinks to make up for Mewtwo. He looks around the pool at the other people sitting at the edges.
No. 121111 ID: 6c28cf

Get in the water.

If you're feeling awkward, challenge Mewtwo to a rousing game of "Who can look like the biggest tool". It'll be fun.
No. 121128 ID: 69a5a4

You could go swimming or try and socialize with the other people there.
No. 121164 ID: 8e2e01

looks like theres a couple chicks on the other side of the hot springs.
they look like those two girls whos names conveniently escape us at the moment
the angry little brat and the chick with the nice rack
i dont think they would appreciate seein ur dick hang out, make sure you have something on if you go other there
No. 121194 ID: 15f6d6

Ask Mewtwo why he's got a bug up his ass. Put your arm around his shoulder so he thinks you give a shit.
No. 121471 ID: 9e9b47
File 126483016558.png - (30.15KB , 800x600 , 206.png )

>>121111 >>121128

Steve hops into the water. He's about to challenge Mewtwo to "let's splash each other and probably everyone else around us too" (a game Steve made up) but he thinks he spots something.


Steve motions across the pool and lays an arm across Mewtwo's shoulders. "Hey, chicks over there. Look alive. Let's go say hello. What's wrong with you, by the way?"

"I just wish I didn't have to be here. I admit the water's relaxing, but there's so many people. I've got to concentrate on my disguise all the time." Mewtwo responds, brow still creased.

"Well, let's go finish this up then. Sooner we say hi the sooner we'll be done. Buck up, bitch." Steve says happily, heading across the pool with his alcohol. Mewtwo follows reluctantly.


As Steve gets nearer to the female figures, he begins to recognize them. "Hey, Amber! And... uh..."

"Judy!" The red-headed little bitch snarls.

"Hello, Steve." Amber says shyly, waving and blushing.

"What are you two lovely ladies doing here anyhow?" Steve asks, smiling happily as Judy turns red with anger.

"Oh, we're here to meet our mother. She's stopping by for the night before she goes to Hoenn. How have you been, Steve?" Amber asks politely.

"Fine. Better now, of course." Steve says smoothly. Amber blushes deeper.

Mewtwo is sitting in the water nearby, watching the exchange warily.
No. 121473 ID: c0f3bf

Sit down before your towel comes off.
No. 121480 ID: 69a5a4

I love mewtwo and all. but a guy has got to have a wingman. Get mewtwo to distract Judy and hit on Amber.
No. 121663 ID: 028a14

Once Mewtwo picks up the slack, ask Amber how many badges she has now. Pretend to be interested in the answer.
No. 121739 ID: 5a9e00

After this you should totally have mewtwo project the illusion of being a chick over you so you can get to the woman's side and see some tits and lesbian orgies.
No. 121752 ID: 13698b

Share your sake with them and have mewtwo take the ginger.
No. 121795 ID: c2c011

Nono. That's the opposite of what Steve should do. A little accidental trouser snake revealing might just be the thing needed to win over Amber.
No. 122276 ID: 9e9b47
File 126490933551.png - (16.27KB , 800x600 , 207.png )

>>121473 >>121795

Steve thinks it'll be better to let his cock accidentally slip out later when him and Amber are alone.

>>121480 >>121663 >>121752

Steve shoots a meaningful look at Mewtwo, and gestures nonchalantly towards Judy. The pokemon sighs, but turns to face the girl. "Excuse me. My name is... Marvin. To whom may I ask am I speaking?"

Judy looks taken aback, and actually looks away from Steve and Amber a moment. "Um, what? Oh... hello. Are you a friend of Steve? ...and I guess my name is Judy." She says reluctantly.

"Judy. Tell me, have you gotten any badges yet?" Mewtwo asks politely. Steve tunes out at this moment as Judy drones on and on about stupid shit.


This seems needlessly complicated.

Steve smiles at Amber, who smiles back. "Your friend seems nice" she says with a smile. That blush just won't go away.

"Thanks. I met him in Mt. Moon. Now, tell me. How was your trip here? Would you like some sake?" Steve asks with a grin.

Amber shakes her head after a moment of consideration. "I'd better not... I've gotta go and meet my mom in an hour or so..." she says hesitantly. "But, something interesting happened on the way through Mt. Moon! See we..." Amber begins to talk about something boring that happened to her. Steve pretends to be interested as he sneaks glances at her tits.
No. 122278 ID: 15f6d6

After she stops talking, tell her you'll totally go talk to her mom with her. Her mom would probably appreciate a nice young gentleman such as yourself.
No. 122283 ID: 69a5a4

Godamn it. Bitches always be talking and shit. Flirt with her or whatever. Personally, I'd go out looking for rare pokeymans and stuff.
No. 122307 ID: fa7b85

If 'Marvin' scores Judy's address or phone number without going and reading her mind you might wanta take lesson in the entire "getting girls" part since you got him beat in the "banging girls" part!
No. 122310 ID: 6c28cf

>I've gotta go and meet my mom in an hour or so...
Well, no luck here. May as well move on as soon as it becomes politely possible.
No. 122397 ID: 5a9e00

Too needlessly complicated for a lesbian orgy? Gaaaaaay.
No. 122398 ID: b7f31e

You should probably pay a 'little' attention to what she's saying, in case it's something interesting. Also, you should be a super cool dude and let some of your other pokemon out. Would make them happy, and make mewtwo and some other parties think you actually care about them. Also, you might start a trend, and the other trainers might release their pokemon. This serves two purposes: checking the other trainer's, mainly Judy's, progress, and also scouting out some pokemon to possibly steal. If anyone objects to pokemon in the pool, tell them to fuck off.
No. 122432 ID: 9e9b47
File 126492849761.png - (28.23KB , 800x600 , 208.png )

>>122278 >>122310

Steve cringes at the mention of a mom once he comes to think of it. There's no damn chance for any sort of fooolin' around tonight. He waits for an opportunity to speak again and goes for it. "Hey... I guess I'd better head out soon then if you've gotta meet your mom. I mean I'd love to meet her, but if you're gonna spend all..."

"Oh, no!" Amber says quickly. She touches Steve's arm to stop him talking, but pulls back in embarrassment. "Um, I'm only going to be talking with my mom for a little bit. Dinner, actually. I'd... really like it if you'd come. It won't be long. The bar here mostly serves sandwiches. We could... hang out afterwords?"

"Yeah, sure." Steve says. He's hoping he can get a free meal out of this as Amber tells him where to meet them and when.


Steve considers releasing his pokemon, but he left all their balls back in the room. He's not wearing anything under this towel after all. Plus, Judy's yelling for Amber to come along so they can get ready anyhow.

"Well... see you at dinner. It's ok if you show up a little bit late." Amber says, with a smile as she gets up to leave.


Why work hard for a lesbian orgy when Steve can just stick his dick in a chick?


Steve would much rather be having sex than getting pokemon. He's sorry you don't agree with his chosen agenda.


Fuck yeah! Steve would totally give you a high five if you weren't a manner in which he breaks the fourth wall.
No. 122435 ID: 6c28cf

No. 122437 ID: 5a9e00

whats that shit going on in the background?
No. 122576 ID: 61f43b

Looks like the setting sun in the background.

Get real drunk before dinner. Awkwardly hit on Amber's mom.
No. 122635 ID: 498c52

No. 122832 ID: 13698b

I don't think that's the sun, also, Mewtwo is a beast at winging.
No. 125572 ID: 9e9b47
File 126534799894.png - (14.55KB , 800x600 , 209.png )


That's the sun setting. The ar... landscape in this place is just spotty for some reason. Probably something to do with pokemon that alter space and time or some shit.

>>122576 >>122635 >>122435

Steve gets really fucking drunk.
No. 125635 ID: 0796cd

Go on to dinner. Put on a shirt or something. Get ready to see if the woman is a milf.
No. 125638 ID: c7a462

Try not to throw up, or at least throw up before you leave for dinner.
No. 125641 ID: fddf25

Fap before you leave. Get the easy one out.
No. 125644 ID: 8ecfd4

This is a plan that cannot fail. You don't wanna go out there with a loaded gun do you Steve?

Btw, you should really write an email to your brother and tell him not to burn down the house. The little dipshit needs to be reminded of such basic things.
No. 126782 ID: 9e9b47
File 126550968522.png - (9.05KB , 800x600 , 211.png )


Steve's got no need to throw up. He's feeling great!

>>125641 >>125644

Steve's careful to shoot his load into the bowl, because that's hygienic.


Goddammit give Steve just a minute here.
No. 126857 ID: 1afd58

You're going to drink it after right?

I mean waste not want not
No. 126910 ID: 15f6d6

Okay, now it's go time.
No. 127252 ID: 8ecfd4

Well finish up man. And don't forget to write your brother an email telling him not to burn down the house and not to touch any of your shit.
No. 128286 ID: 2895ae

Arrive at dinner with the girls and midway through the meal, yell "SWORDFISH!" At which point mewtwo bursts in through the wall and compliments the sizes of the womens breasts.
No. 134121 ID: 9e9b47
File 126647948496.png - (27.11KB , 800x600 , 212-B&W.png )


Steve totally sends a drunken email to his pissant little brother telling him not to fuck up and not to touch his shit. Steve doesn't really pay a lot of attention.



>>126910 >>128286

Hell yeah Steve is ready to rock! He heads out of the room and down to the restaurant. There's nobody else here at the moment, and it's easy to see Amber and them in the corner. Hot damn, her mom's got some nice tits. Like, Steve can see them from here. Hmm. How should Steve approach the table? He's pretty drunk right now. He'll save the swordfish thing for later. It could buy him some time in a sticky situation.

Speaking of Mewtwo, here he is. Steve wonders how long he's been there. It's getting hard to think straight.
No. 134124 ID: c0f3bf

Let them come to you.
No. 134165 ID: 8ecfd4

Go over there and make a smooth introduction. Tell Mewtwo to occupy the annoying little girl while you work your world renowned charm on the other lovely ladies.
No. 135980 ID: a9290d

This sounds like a good plan.
No. 145257 ID: 9e9b47
File 126827534050.png - (19.33KB , 800x600 , 213.png )


Steve stands there for what feels like five minutes. None of them notice him. Steve decides to stop doing this plan.


Steve wanders right up to the table. He notices all three of the women turn to look at him, almost at once. "Hello, ladiesh! I'm Steve. It's great to meet you." Steve plops into a chair.

"Oh, great to meet you, Steve!" Says the woman who must be Amber's mom. The woman is swaying a bit, Steve notices. "My, he's handsome. Steve, Amber has been telling me all about you. It's good to finally meet you."

"Mother!" Amber complains, turning pink.

Mewtwo is quiet until Steve nudges him a bit. The pokemon starts, and then frowns a bit. "Hello there. My name is... Marvin. How are you, Judy?"

Judy blushes and looks away, not making eye contact. "Hi, Marvin."

"Well, Steve. Tell us a little about yourself." Amber's mom is smiling at Steve. Wow, she has nice tits. Steve wonders how much one one boob he could fit in one hand idly.
No. 145424 ID: 5a9e00

you'll have to find out later tonight... if you know what i mean.
No. 145429 ID: c0f3bf

Tell her you enjoy a nice beer.

Order alcohol.
No. 145572 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell her that you're an up and coming pokemon trainer with radical new ideas for how to bond with your pokemon. Non sexual radical new ideas, we don't want the ladies to get the wrong impression here. And tell them a bit of your varied pokemon battles.
No. 145670 ID: 15f6d6

No. 145733 ID: 717301

Both of these, let's go straight for some o' the source.
No. 145906 ID: 13698b

make sure to compliment her...uh...hair and outfit and stuff.
No. 146178 ID: 5a9e00

don't say tits. whatever you do. just focus really hard on not titting tits.
No. 156217 ID: a9290d

haha I love where this is going.
No. 170056 ID: f82d85
File 127224360184.png - (15.06KB , 615x473 , 214.png )

Before Steve can say anything, Judy speaks up. "Um, can Marvin and I go for a walk, mom? This looks like it's gonna be boring."

"Sure honey. Knock yourself out." Amber's mom says with a smile.

Mewtwo looks at Steve, who waves the pokemon away. He's busy with something far more important than the fate of his incredibly powerful pokemon.

>>145429 >>145572 >>145424

"Well, the first thing you should know is that I like a good beer." Steve manages, looking towards a waiter as he says it. The restaurant is practically empty, and the waiter bustles off at once. "If you want to know more, you'll have to wait until later tonight, ma'am." Steve wonders if he might have overstepped his boundaries.

Amber's mom doesn't seem to be put off nearly as much as Steve imagined she would. "Oh Steve. Keep talking like that and I might just try to find out. I've always appreciated a man who can hold his alcohol though."

Amber looks like she didn't quite catch something. "Wait, what?"

Steve decides to tell the ladies a little about his pokemon journey so far (leaving out parts about rape and murder and stuff). This has the twofold advantage of shutting Amber up, while apparently keeping her mother interested. When Steve takes a break to drink his beer, the woman encourages him to continue.

As Steve finishes his story, Amber looks worried. "Wow Steve, I didn't know you fought so many Team Rocket members!"

"Yes, you're quite the hero." Amber's mom says with a smile.

>>145906 >>146178

"Thank you. Your dress is very lovely as well." Steve says, feeling very pleasantly drunk as another beer is placed in front of him.

"Well, thank you. I thought it fit my form rather well."

"Yeah, your tits look great in it." Steve blurts out, and almost immediately regrets it.

"Steve!" Amber gasps, looking shocked.

Amber's mom keeps smiling as she holds her drink. "Really? And here I thought nobody was going to compliment those again."

Steve can tell she's obviously a little drunk too, but right now he can't really stop staring at Amber's mom's face or tits. Amber looks stunned and confused, and is just looking back and forth from Steve to her mom in puzzlement.
No. 170061 ID: 797482

Tipsy, eh?

Well, theres only one gentlemanly thing to do; drink enough so you can pretend to be drunk without actually get drunk, then escort this wonderful lady to her room. And possibly spend the night with her.

Amber? Who? Well, screwing her mom WOULD kind of keep you from ever getting her... but do you care?
No. 170080 ID: b656e7

Ask Amber's mom if she'd like to see some of your pokemon... In private.
No. 170338 ID: 86bece

Drink some more of your beer. And order something in for Amber as well, a couple of white russians or fidel castros should ease her up, poor girl looks like she could use a drink or two.
No. 192599 ID: f82d85
File 12763662876.png - (13.90KB , 800x600 , 214.png )

>>170061 >>170338

Steve looks up and orders another round from the bartender. He hasn't been drinking much at all tonight. He orders "something fruity" for Amber, and surprisingly the guy brings her a drink as well. Steve's doing surprisingly well on drinks. He can't even remember how many he's had! Amber's mother looks way drunker than he is though, and keeps smiling at Steve. Amber looks confused, and is drinking her drink to fill the awkward silence.


"Well, I guess I'd better head to bed soon... ma'am, did you want to... see my pokemon collection? You seemed interested earlier." Steve asks, leaning towards her a bit.

Amber's mom puts her hand on Steve's shoulder. "I'd love to. Your pokemon sound so... fascinating. Perhaps you could also help me over to my room?" She asks innocently.

Before Steve can say anything Amber pipes up. "You... Are you trying to...? You're trying to have sex with my mother!"

"Stepmother." Amber's mom whispers to Steve. She puts her other hand on Amber's shoulder. "?Honey, that's not true. I'm just a bit drunk and I'd like this young man to bring me back to my room."

Steve shifts and tries to ignore his erection for now. He tries to reach across the table to pat Amber's shoulder, but Amber grabs his hand. Steve decides to just speak anyhow. "Amber, that's not what I'm gonna go do. Even if it was, I'd be thinking about you the whole time."

Amber doesn't seem to know what to say about that. Amber's mom moves her grip down from Steve's shoulder to grasp Steve's hand.

Steve wonders briefly if he should do anything before this whole MILF banging operation. He's really not thinking about much else, but it's good to check for proverbial landmines before sprinting for the sex, as Steve's dad used to say.
No. 192621 ID: 8e18cd

If Amber's going to be a faggoty baby about this, then she can find penis on her own. You have a mature, older lady to take care of.
No. 192628 ID: e3f578

You should totally offer a chance with your mother to her.
No. 192665 ID: 1ac39d

ask if amber might want to... join you.
No. 192677 ID: 2565ab

Stepmom, eh? So... Amber and her mom here aren't blood related? C:

Move in and tell Amber she doesn't have to be jealous. You have enough love and semen for both.
No. 192709 ID: c71597

You want to be smooth here Steve. If you're too crass and forward you might scare away her stepmom as well. Tell Amber that it's going to be fine and nothing will happen, you're just gonna escort her mom to her room, and maybe take a detour along the way to see the sights (which means your penis, but don't tell her that).
No. 192711 ID: 6a5a08

Kill them, eat their souls, and gain unfathomable powers!
No. 193087 ID: f82d85
File 127644880277.png - (31.88KB , 800x600 , 215.png )

>>192677 >>192665

"Um... if you wanted, you could come us to bring your mom to her room and stuff..." Steve begins, glancing briefly at Amber's stepmom to see if she freaks out or anything. The woman's thankfully downing her last drink at that moment and doesn't hear anything.

"No, Steve." Amber says as she gets up, fists clenched. Her face is an angry red. "I'm going to leave.


Geez, this voice in Steve's head pops up every now and then. Thank god for the medication.


Steve is sure his dad would be down for this idea, not so sure about his mom.

>>192709 >>192621

You know what, Steve's not gonna try for Amber anymore. Maybe later when she's mildly forgotten about this whole 'plowin' her stepmom' thing. "Amber, we're just gonna go right back to your mom's room. Maybe stop for the sights along the way." Steve says halfheartedly, already paying more attention to the woman hanging off his shoulder than Amber.

"Steve... you bastard." Amber says, tears streaming down her face.

"Have a good night, honey!" Amber's mom says, obviously not paying much attention as Amber runs off down the corridor.

Hell yeah Steve's totally gonna nail this chick.

Fuck, what's her name
No. 193088 ID: f82d85
File 127644894582.png - (96.55KB , 800x600 , 216.png )

Choose your next Intermission character!
No. 193090 ID: 1ac39d

jeez, is every voice in here an asshole? look at yourself steve, you are turning into triangle face, doing only what is fun for you without care of who it hurts. you just hurt amber, a lot. and you don't care. if triangle man could see you he would smile because you are turning into him.
No. 193092 ID: 1ac39d

oh, i guess amber.
No. 193097 ID: 702e70

No. 193118 ID: 45be60

With any luck, Mom will pass out from drink momentarily, and Steve will lose interest and can find Amber and be all "What? I TOLD you I was just taking her back to her room."

You can only plow visiting MILF once or twice. You will see Amber all the time. Think with your dick, sure. But think with your dick LONG TERM.

Anyway, its a tossup between Amber and Tessa.
No. 193120 ID: ea1361

No. 193122 ID: 620bfb

We are dicks. Amber.
No. 193144 ID: 8b65c8

Tessa. Maybe we can hook up Steve and her. They'd be q cute couple~
No. 193192 ID: c2c011

No. 193201 ID: 8c0848

No. 193204 ID: 8e18cd

No. 193293 ID: d3dfb8

Tessa up in dis hoe.
No. 193345 ID: f31e33

Go for Tessa
No. 193355 ID: 1e89ae

No. 193620 ID: c2d971

No. 193637 ID: e4e9c3

Tessa. Later: Zealot.
No. 193794 ID: f95872

No. 193901 ID: aeade0

No. 194603 ID: affb82

Mewtwo! Mewtwo!
...Oh wait...Yeah, Amber.
No. 195125 ID: f82d85
File 127683652235.png - (12.57KB , 800x600 , 217.png )

Ah... you know, there's so many small things in life you don't realize until you take time to notice them. Like waking up in a bed alone. As I put off the moment of getting up, I think again to the source for my deep contentment.

I'm loved. Someone loves me.
No. 195129 ID: d3dfb8

then go do rocket stuff
or quit team rocket and marry steve
No. 195145 ID: 8c0848

Think of Steve penetrating you, then try not to do anything explicit. That would be inappropriate.
No. 195151 ID: f95872

Naw. Nobody actually loves you.
No. 195163 ID: 445c48

Damn right. Now be a little less crazy and he'll love you more.
No. 195266 ID: f82d85
File 127685092752.png - (13.90KB , 800x600 , 218.png )


I'm not gonna masturbate in front of you! I don't do that kind of stuff anymore. For just anyone.

Leaving Team Rocket... I dunno. The idea makes me afraid. This is where I've been for a year now. It feels like home way more than the hospital did. I do think it's gonna interfere with my future with Steve. I need to think about how to start down that path. Zealot's not gonna be happy. He gets real personal with people who wanna leave.


Oh hush. You're one of those old voices.


Huh? What do I do that's crazy? I'm spontaneous.


Right, nothing explicit. That was the old me. I won't think of Steve... penetrating me at all. There's too much to -oh- occupy my mind with. I don't know. What's the first step then? I wanna be with him. This time apart's killing me.
No. 195279 ID: c2c011

Well first of all you need to track him down. You can't be with him if you don't know where he's at.
No. 195301 ID: 1e89ae

Think back to what exactly happened that night.
No. 195315 ID: 5c49ed

Dammit, I feel sorry for her
No. 195325 ID: a83ce3

I've heard that a Tessa/Ditto DoubleTeam attack would be Super Effective against a Steve.

You should consider it.
No. 195329 ID: 8b4ace

Make your Ditto turn into weird things to entertain yourself.
No. 195430 ID: 72cd24

Tell Ditto to transform into you. Hmm, maybe we can escape with it pretending to be you.
No. 195741 ID: 1e89ae


that sounds like a waste of a perfectly good ditto.
No. 195789 ID: f82d85
File 127696483572.png - (9.91KB , 800x600 , 219.png )


Right! That's the first step, obviously! I need to go and find Steve, and then together we can do anything. Love will find a way.


That night... It makes me smile to just think about it. Steve and I went to a movie, and there we made passionate love for nearly a half hour. Then, afterwards, he told me he loved me and wanted to be with me forever. I started to cry a little, I'm not going to lie. He held me, and I think we had sex one more time. I'm not honestly very sure, I was kind of emotionally spent by that time. I think he told me that we couldn't be together at the moment though, because I'm in Team Rocket and he's not. I've... never had anyone told me they love me before.

>>195329 >>195430 >>195741

Hmm. Using Ditto to fool Team Rocket in some way isn't a terrible idea. Ditto is very good at mimicking me. I just don't know how I would get it back. Ditto's my favorite pokemon. It looks like it's sleeping right now. Unless you guys can think of a clever way to use it I don't think I'm comfortable leaving it here. I also can't think of anything in particular I want it to transform into, sorry.


Hehe... I don't think there's any way he won't like that. Ditto plays a very convincing me.

Alright I'm gonna start to get dressed. So, should I head to Saffron City or something? Maybe Lavender Town. Should I just... leave here, do you think? Team Rocket probably won't look for me for a bit, but they will come eventually.
No. 195794 ID: 45be60

Use ditto to fake your own death. He can practice his transformations by making some gore.
No. 195840 ID: 0b4efd

Yeah that's a good idea. Fake your death, dye your hair and go to Steve. The only question is how to fake a good death.
No. 195881 ID: c2c011

Just go find Steve. Once your together with him Team Rocket won't be able to touch you. He will be able to keep you safe. And bring your Ditto along.

And if your team mates ask you where you're going then tell them you're going to find Steve to pay him back. He did kind of defeat you after all and I'm sure they will buy the whole revenge angle.
No. 195923 ID: d3dfb8

Rub your bare naked breasts all over ditto
tease that little fucker until he's all hard and stiff.
Then use him like you would Steve's dick.
No. 196479 ID: affb82

Wake ditto up, make it turn into a hot woman and lez out with it.
No. 204378 ID: affb82

Make a Voltorb or an Elecrobe use Self-destruct on Ditto disguised as you in your house in the middle of the night, then escape without anyone noticing, you can take them both to the Pokemon Center later, so it's almost no harm done.
No. 222555 ID: f82d85
File 128288478811.png - (9.35KB , 800x600 , 220.png )

>>195794 >>204378 >>195840

Faking my death could work. The only problem is thinking up a good plan. The only big deal with the voltorb plan is that Ditto blood doesn't stay around like human blood. I was thinking faking my death in a river, where the remains would logically wash away. Maybe blow up a ship out in the ocean.

>>195923 >>196479

Not... I'm in the middle of something! Later.


That could work. The others are pretty passionate, they might believe that of me as well. I'll say I'm looking for more info for now, and if they press I'll admit to wanting revenge. Seems the safest way.

Now, I have two basic ways to leave this place. There's the top exit. That's easier to get to but harder to crawl out of. It comes out into an inactive volcano, but I'd have to climb out. I doubt I'd run into many Team Rocket Members.

There's also the main entrance, but I'd certainly run into someone that way.... maybe ever HER.
No. 222567 ID: 732129


If you're going to use the revenge excuse, you need to act normally. Which means that you should use the front door.
No. 222590 ID: 45be60

That's a fair point actually. You aren't a prisoner or organized military or anything are you? You should be able to come and go without too much question being asked.
No. 222933 ID: 3e8d47

The front door is a lot less suspicious as long as you can play it cool. Who is SHE?
No. 223603 ID: c71597

Lets go with the front door. I'm sure you could handle any bitch standing in your way.
No. 224967 ID: f82d85
File 128344883889.png - (11.25KB , 800x600 , 221.png )


Alright, let's take the front door then. good idea.


The problem is that depending who I run into, I could get detained. I'm one of the higher ups in Team Rocket, so my lack of presence probably wouldn't even be questioned for a bit. Depending on who finds me now, however, things could get tricky. If I just say that I'm out for revenge to the wrong person, they'll look for something for me to do. If SHE finds me then she'll have found something to do.

As for being a prisoner... no? Sort of. Zealot expects total loyalty. I'm one of his trusted troops, and can basically do what I want. Everyone can certainly move around and do things, they're not forced into cages, but I'd be lying if I said it was 100% free will here. Zealot hates defectors.


SHE is Bernice. Bernice... well, I don't know a good way of saying violent lesbian, so there.


I certainly can handle any bitch in my way. I got past the break hall no problem, but it looks like there's one guy ahead. Probably Lenny, judging from the nose. Lenny might be a problem. He tends to snitch to Zealot a lot.

How do you think I should approach this?
No. 224994 ID: c71597

Have Ditto turn into a naked woman and run down the hallway in the opposite direction you're going in. Then sneak past him. Ditto should be able to make its way back to you later.
No. 225043 ID: 28379c

What pokemon do you have besides Ditto?
No. 231304 ID: d7a1fc

Start the fire alarm. That will quickly clear everyone out and you can sneak away at the same time. Better yet, actually set the base on fire!
No. 231350 ID: f35afd

First of all, just walk straight out like you own the place. That faggot isn't your boss and you don't answer to him. The idea about going out of the front door is to avoid suspicion for as long as possible, so any sort of distraction that is either tied to you or during which time you disappeared will lead to immediate pursuit.

If he stops you and asks you what you're doing, just say it's none of his business. If he has some sort of authority to ask you about what you're up to, then say you're looking into some Team Galactic remainders that you've heard about who might be potential allies/trouble. (Unless that makes, like, NO sense).
No. 243701 ID: f82d85
File 128711638798.png - (13.79KB , 800x600 , 222.png )


Like I said, I don't know how comfortable I am separating if we don't have to. Ditto's my favoriteist pokemon ever.


Let's see. I have Muk, Magcargo, Sneasel, Murkrow and Voltorb. Muk's probably the most powerful, honestly.


I LOVE pulling fire alarms! Yay! Reminds me of being a kid. I shouldn't start a fire though. Don't wanna go down that road again.

The water starts gushing as I pull the lever! The alarms will start in a second. I can already hear people starting to move.


Gotcha. Let me give this a try.

I walk up, as Lenny turns his hat around. He hasn't moved, not that I'm surprised. He was always like this, all unflappable.

I give him the finger. "Go fuck yourself. I'm heading out."

"Whatever. I really hope the annoying slut comes back. Knock yourself out." Lenny doesn't even turn to watch me as I head out.

Looks like I'm gonna be the first out of the base. Alright, I can get Murkrow to fly me somewhere.

Let's see. He was in Cerulean City. He could have headed down to Vermilion City, or up and over to Lavender Town. He might have gone to the rock tunnel, but I wonder if Steve could have gone by that Hot Springs... what do you think?
No. 243717 ID: c71597

Seems like it would have been a logical thing to do. He likes to relax and drink after all, and there's usually some pretty hot chicks at a hot spring.
No. 243833 ID: a1c38e

Go to the hot springs. He's probably there, looking up and thinking about you.
No. 243857 ID: 24a9bd

Get thee to a hotspringery
No. 244204 ID: f82d85
File 128725170979.png - (50.24KB , 800x600 , 223.png )


Ok. Here we are. Wow I'm nervous, but I've got to focus. Now, what's the best plan for getting inside this place, you think? And what should I do about clothes? Damn, if I'm seen in these someone's bound to call the police. I don't wanna run away from Steve.
No. 244205 ID: 8c0848

The obvious answer is to strip naked and put on a towel. This is a hot spring, after all.
No. 244209 ID: 10965e

You could use ditto to mask your identity and put on a bathrobe.
No. 244210 ID: d3dfb8

No. 244453 ID: 701a19

Wear ditto as a towel.
No. 244577 ID: f82d85
File 128729493617.png - (14.81KB , 800x600 , 224.png )

>>244453 >>244210 >>244209 >>244205

Great idea! I take all my clothes off except for my shoes. Those're just black, so we're ok.

Alright, we're in. The place is pretty quiet. I'm torn on the best way to track Steve down. There's the search everything method, but this place is a hotel too. Could be tricky. I could find the front desk and just use their computer. I could just wait until the morning, but I'd rather not wait that long. I could also try going to find some clothes to steal. What should be the first priority here?

Ohhhh, I'm so nervous. I don't know what I'm gonna say at all when we meet. Butterflies in my stomach. Please please please don't throw up.
No. 244622 ID: e31d52

>I could also try going to find some clothes to steal

>Member of team rocket

Man steve would love it if you just stole all the lady's clothes.

Not even kidding.
No. 244810 ID: c71597

Ask at the counter. Tell them something about a date and stuff. They shouldn't have any reason not to tell you if he's there or not.

Then go to the bath area for the females, get a nice calming drink and see if there are any clothes in the locker room that fit you and then nab a few from several different lockers. Probably no need for any underclothes.
No. 245405 ID: f82d85
File 128737774312.png - (11.69KB , 800x600 , 225.png )


It's much easier than expected to get Steve's room number. I just explain I'm his date and that we got separated, and sure enough he's here!

It's easy enough to find a locker with some clothes, not as easy to find something in my size. Luckily there's some jeans and a hooded sweatshirt here. Now, should I just go break into his room and wait for him there? Maybe I should bring something! No, I'm just getting nervous again. I should just go there and we can talk, right?
No. 245416 ID: 701a19

Go to his room. Strip naked. Wait on his bed in a seductive pose.
No. 245563 ID: c71597

Go find some nice drinks (and maybe a nice pill or two that would make things easier) and then go wait in his room. He might take some time getting there, so you might have to order some roomservice.
No. 245583 ID: a1c38e

Find some rope. I'm sure he'd appreciate getting tied up and fucked.
No. 245603 ID: fd5f36

Gonna second the drinks and pills, if you can get them.
No. 256191 ID: f82d85
File 128971962493.png - (32.93KB , 800x600 , 226.png )

>>245563 >>245603

I don't know where I'd be able to find any sort of fun pills, but they've got a bar here. This late at night, there's nobody around. It's easy to find alcohol in this place, it's a damn spa with wetbars fifty feet. They're closed this time of night, but it's not hard to jimmy a lock and lift a bottle.


I can find rope, but not exactly the right kind for that sort of thing. Plus, bedsheets work just fine for that.


This is a good plan! I find his room... wait. There's someone talking inside. What's going on?

"Look, you PROMISED to show me, Marvin. Please? I promise I won't tell anyone!" Sounds like some little girl.

"...Fine. But you have to promise never to tell anyone about this, alright?" And that sounds like some little boy. His voice is familiar though. Hmm. Where have I heard that?

Well, this is something. What should I do now?
No. 256230 ID: c71597

Peek in and see what's going on.
No. 256263 ID: 8c0848

Sneak that shit. Something is happening and you need to find out what.
No. 257315 ID: f82d85
File 128997386231.png - (43.70KB , 800x600 , 227.png )

>>256230 >>256263

Alright then. As quietly as I can, I open the door and look in.

"Wow, Marvin. That's... incredible!" the girl on the bed says, watching this kid across the room.

Holy shit, that kid is lifting a pokeball with his mind! Why's he in Steve's room?

Wait a second. I'd have known if Steve was traveling with some psychic kid, right? Oh man, that's his pokemon! Zealot told us he might be able to look human. That's crazy though. Why's he doing this?

He's got his eyes shut. He's not looking over here yet. "It takes a lot of concentration to use these powers. But, can you see why I don't need pokemon?"

The girl giggles. "Yeah, if I had superpowers I wouldn't need to train pokemon either! That's so cool!"

This is all sorts of weird. Hmm. This is... a unique situation. I'm unsure of what to do here. Is he hitting on that little girl?
No. 257324 ID: a4b4e3

no i am sure what they are doing is entirely platetechtonics

you should ask him if he knows steves favorite sexy things for girls to do to him like maybe touch him with yor tits or maybe your other parts (if u know what i mean ;))
No. 257359 ID: c71597

Hmm, he might recognise you, which would give you away before you had a chance to strike at Steve. Better to just wait nearby for Steve to return to his room.
No. 257428 ID: e9e1df

Just go in and talk to him. Make sure you make it clear you're not here to do anything bad to Steve.

Also, assure him you won't tell Steve about his little girlfriend. :3
No. 257459 ID: 41ac19

Close the door, then knock on the door so it doesn't look like you were snooping. Maybe we can find out what's going on.
No. 257472 ID: 1854db

Talk to the weird pokeymans!
No. 257760 ID: f82d85
File 129010393761.png - (44.21KB , 800x600 , 228.png )


Alright. I'll close the door and knock. Let's see what's going on here.

There's a moment of silence, and then the door opens. The Mewtwo-kid looks at me for a second, and then tries to slam the door. Fortunately, I'm ready to catch the door. "What the hell are you DOING here? Go away!" He says to me in a kind of loud whisper.

"Marvin? Who is it, Steve?" The girl asks.

"Um, nobody important! One second!" He calls back, then glares back at me. "What the hell are you doing here? Didn't Steve tell you that you guys couldn't be together?"

"I came here because I quit Team Rocket, if you must know. Also, why are you trying to impress that little girl? You don't have the hots for her, do you?" I ask, teasing him a little.

He doesn't look happy at all. "I... of course not! Don't be stupid!" He looks like he doesn't really know what to say. "You... quit Team Rocket? Why did you do that?"

I can feel myself starting to blush. "Well, that's sort of private. But, I know he has feelings for me, and I think I've got feelings for him too. I want to make him happy like he made me happy."

The Mewtwo-kid sits there quietly for another minute. The girl speaks up again, sounding a little annoyed. "Marvin, what's going on?!"

"Coming, sorry!" He calls back, then looks to me and lowers his voice again. "Look, I think we need to talk about this. there's some things you need to know. Could you come back in about ten minutes? I promise, I'll try to help you out with Steve. But you also have to promise NOT to tell Steve about what you saw here. Deal?"

Hmm. Stuff I need to know? The pokemon sounds pretty serious... should I accept?
No. 257761 ID: d3dfb8

Why the hell not, it's not like we'd gain anything from fucking with him. After all he IS mewtwo, and he could fuck us up pretty hard.
No. 257769 ID: 632591

Take him up on it.
No. 257793 ID: 6f6fd6

Have your pokemon ready in case it's a trap.
No. 257804 ID: c71597

Yeah sure, just be ready for anything weird. Also. write this down so you can use it as potential blackmailing material in the future.
No. 257827 ID: 71034e


This seems like a good plan. Maybe leave Sneasel out of his pokeball as well.
No. 257994 ID: f82d85
File 129015304932.png - (79.18KB , 800x600 , 229.png )

>>257761 >>257769

I tell him "Alright" and leave without another word. I'll let him have his privacy.

>>257793 >>257827

It might not be a good idea to release Sneasel. Hot springs and all. I'll release Ditto when I'm in the room. That'll feel less suspicious. Hopefully.


I quickly scrawl a note on the situation and slip it into a pouch on my pokeball belt. If he wipes my memory or something I want to remind myself of the facts.

When I get back to the room, I don't even have to knock. The pokemon opens the door, ushers me inside and closes it. I go ahead and take the opportunity to get out of that sweatshirt and jeans getup and release Ditto. "So, where's Steve, what do you have to tell me and what were you doing with that little girl?"

Mewtwo looks stoic, not angry or even bothered. "I will answer your third question first. I was... indulging her. Quite frankly, I've never had anyone admire me before. I kind of liked her thinking I was this neat person. Make fun of me if you'd like I suppose."

I smile at him. "No, we all like to be liked. I can sympathize with that."

He seems a bit taken aback, but continues on. "Yes, well. Anyhow. Steve is... there's no easy way to put this. Steve had me wipe his memory of that night with you."

I feel like someone just punched me in the gut. "What?!"

"Not for the reasons you're thinking. You see, Steve was extremely depressed after that night. He was convinced that you would never leave Team Rocket, and he didn't want the pain to go on any longer."

I feel like crying. I did this to him. I made him wipe his own memory.

"Look, this isn't terrible. Like I said, I'll help with with Steve. I'll even go talk to him before he shows up. But you have to understand that it might take a little bit of time for the two of you to get exactly back to that level. Alright?"

Why's he being so nice to me? I guess he feels responsible for doing this to Steve... what should I do?
No. 258016 ID: c71597

Tell him you can handle it yourself. You just need a sock filled with sand that has been put in a freezer for some time. Oh, and no interuptions to the room for the next ... 12 to 14 hours and preferably sound proofing.

Get stuff set up for a time that Steve will never be able to forget.
No. 258027 ID: 1578e2

Well Steve does enjoy banging women. I suggest waiting around naked and letting nature take its course.

Angst isn't nearly as strong as the sight of a naked woman.
No. 258032 ID: 9b7e5c

Just.. lets just let the pokemon do his thing. And no wet frozen socks, that might kill the poor guy.
No. 258062 ID: fb8baa

Tell Mewtwo you trust him, and thank him.
No. 258063 ID: c71597

Only if we hit him too hard. Just need to give him a hit on the right spot on the back of his head and he will be out for some time, so we can set everything up to be perfect when he wakes up.
No. 258071 ID: 701a19

"Can you... un-wipe it?"
No. 258182 ID: f82d85
File 129022625377.png - (62.90KB , 800x600 , 230.png )

>>258016 >>258063

What?! I don't wanna hurt him badly like that! Head wounds can be hard to control. If I wanted to knock him out I'd just use chloroform or just use a hold to just gently coax him there.


"Um, Mewtwo? Is it possible to just unwipe his memory? Like, just put his mind back together?" It's probably a long shot, but it can't hurt to ask.

Mewtwo shakes his head slowly. "No. I'm sorry. There's a good chance they'll never return either."

>>258032 >>258062

I guess... the best option is to trust him. I guess he's really looking out for his master. "Alright. I'll do it. I'll try to be brave for him. Thank you, Mewtwo. I never thought you'd be so understanding."

He heads towards the door and opens it up, looking back at me for a moment. "You're welcome. Goodnight."

I wave at him as he shuts the door.


Hey, good idea! I guess I'll make myself comfortable. I'll go and take a shower as long as I have few minutes free.
No. 258186 ID: f82d85
File 12902265154.png - (37.67KB , 800x600 , 231.png )

(Control has switched from Tessa to Mewtwo.)

Alright. One thing at a time. I've got to convince Steve that keeping this girl around is a good idea. I imagine he'll come stumbling home sometime soon, so if I just wait in the halls he'll show up eventually. The real issue is what to tell him.

This would be so much easier if I could just access Steve's mind.
No. 258187 ID: d3dfb8

Damn him and his being to stupid to form coherent thoughts.
No. 258211 ID: fb8baa

Look, we just need to explain to him how beneficial Tessa can be as an ally. More pokemon, free sex.

Why exactly are you trying to get them together though?
No. 258212 ID: fb8baa

Look, we just need to explain to him how beneficial Tessa can be as an ally. More pokemon, free sex.

Why exactly are you trying to get them together though?
No. 258369 ID: 701a19

"Hey, Steve, I thought you might like to know that you had me wipe some of your memories the other day.
See, you hooked up with this Team Rocket girl you apparently thought was incredibly hot and then had some amazing sex, but you were convinced she would never leave Team Rocket so you asked me to make you forget because you would never be able to be happy again without her.
Well, funny story, see, it turns out she felt the same way and left Team Rocket for you and is in your room right now."
Too bad you can't just copy her memories, tweak them, and shove them in Steve's skull.
No. 258380 ID: c71597

There is the chance that he's so drunk he won't notice it's Tessa until it's too late. Just tell him there is some hot chick in there waiting to slobber all over his knob and then let nature take its intended course. You can calm him down and argue about stuff in the morning after he wakes up next to her.
No. 258614 ID: f82d85
File 129032971074.png - (69.69KB , 800x600 , 232.png )


It's not that. I just... can't do whatever I want. He's my master. I don't have the ability to just alter his kind how I please. It's something to do with being captured by him, I know it.


I'll use this approach as a backup plan. If ordered to tell the truth I might have to obey. I don't know how that works yet, but I'd rather not find out. Being called on a lie could ruin this all.


This seems logical. Steve does seem to react well to straightforward benefits.

As for getting them together, please, don't get me wrong here. I'm not trying to get these humans together because they'll make a cute couple. I'm hoping she'll satisfy his lustful urges while we're on this trip. The thought of stopping by every stupid city in this land and trying to get some 'chick to bone' every night with me having to play a role as his... his... assistant man whore fills my stomach with bile. Not only that, but she does have some relatively powerful pokemon. It would be good for Steve to have someone to back him up besides me. The boy makes enemies rather fast.

I just wait quietly in the halls outside the woman's room. After a bit, there's some raised voices, and then Steve comes out the door in a hurry, closing the door behind him. He stands there for a moment, not noticing me at all as he gets his bearings.

"Master, are you alright? You seem to be... not in the best of states."

Steve looks up at me. His voice is slow and tired. "Mewtwo? Hey buddy. I'm fine. It's not a big deal. I was with this chick, and it was cool for a while. Then it wasn't cool. She started all gettin' angry... I'm gonna go back to the room."

I take a deep breath. Let's just get this over with. "Listen, Steve. I came to you because there's an issue. That Team Rocket girl is back. She's fallen in love with you, and she's quit Team Rocket to join you on your pokemon journey. I don't sense that she's doing anything underhanded or malicious either. Not, before you turn me down listen to the possible advantages of letting this girl stay. She has good pokemon, and from what I gather she's an attractive girl by your standards."

"Uh..." Steve sways gently as he takes this all in . "Alright then. Where's the girl at?"

"Tessa. Her name's Tessa. She's in your room."

He doesn't move. "Didn't I ask you to like, take care of her the other day?"


"Look, master. I did what I could. I made her think she had a good night with you and then sent her on her way. Now, she likes you enough to to want to have intercourse with you, and stop being evil. Isn't that at least good enough for the moment? We can argue about this in the morning more, after all."

Steve perks up at 'intercourse' and again at the mention of sleep. "Well, you got a good point Mewtwo. Tessa. Yeah, she had some nice tits. I suppose I'm cool with it for the night."

Hmm, are there any other preparations I should make, or you think I can just leave him to it?
No. 258626 ID: 9b7e5c

Tell him about the mindwipe story, maybe? Gotta get up to speed with all lies...
No. 258641 ID: c71597

Tell him that she thinks he doesn't know they did the nasty because you told her a story about some mind wipe thingie. Oh, and that maybe he should take a shower before getting it on with her, she might flip or something silly like that if she smells another woman on him.
No. 259006 ID: fb8baa

I think we've pretty much done what we can for now.

Stay nearby and make sure Steve's not accidentally killed by Tessa though.
No. 259007 ID: fb8baa

I think we've pretty much done what we can for now.

Stay nearby and make sure Steve's not accidentally killed by Tessa though.
No. 292376 ID: f82d85
File 130162549519.png - (9.86KB , 800x600 , 233.png )

(Control has switched back to Steve.)

>>258626 >>258641

Mewtwo just keeps fucking talking and talking to Steve. Something about showering and his memories being altered. Steve decides it'd just be best to act completely normal in every way, and go to sleep.

Once in the room, Steve makes sure to firmly lock the door behind him. No need to have ANOTHER crazy chick open his door in the middle of the night. Sure enough, there's that crazy chick in his bed. Neat.

"I've been keeping the bed warm for you." Crazy Girl says, not looking at Steve. She's blushing and crap.

Fuck. Steve has to do something before he goes to bed, right? Is she naked?
No. 292385 ID: 8c0848

Fuck her. What the fuck do you care? Get some.
No. 292426 ID: 383006

Fuck that. Steve is a man who knows how to be tired. Just go to sleep. Women is nothing but trouble.
No. 292456 ID: 60477c

punch her in the tit and shout "tunnel snakes rule"
No. 292463 ID: 081e71

Steve this is important Steve get mewtoo to give you a permanent erection and do her until your dick falls off
No. 292492 ID: 40c013

Before you do anyway, give the appropriate reaction of finding a random person in your bed.

Then stare blankly. If youre tired, say so. If not, let her make the first move.
No. 292504 ID: c71597

Do what you would normally do. Fuck her silly.
No. 292648 ID: 332134

Just go to sleep. Now you have some sex that you can save till morning.
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