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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 153804186658.png - (2.59KB , 800x800 , 0.png )
903533 No. 903533 ID: 1668de


:waxconfused: WAX: ...sorry, hold on for just a moment...
:waxirritated: WAX: Wrong intro text, sorry, sorry...
:waxneutral: WAX: Let's begi-
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No. 903534 ID: 1668de
File 153804190383.png - (42.33KB , 1920x1080 , 1.png )

:waxirritated: WAX: Oh goddamnit.
:waxneutral: WAX: Give me just a second...
No. 903535 ID: 1668de
File 153804193791.gif - (285.49KB , 1920x1080 , 2.gif )

:waxconfused: WAX: And...
No. 903536 ID: 1668de
File 153804198183.gif - (441.83KB , 1920x1080 , 3.gif )

:waxsurprise: WAX: There we go.
:waxneutral: WAX: Just as intended, with nothing out of place whatsoever.
No. 903537 ID: 1668de
File 153804201909.png - (43.40KB , 1920x1080 , 4.png )

:waxneutral: WAX: You may choose an island, whichever one suits you most.
:waxneutral: WAX: Pick wisely.
No. 903538 ID: ad0236

do a flip
No. 903539 ID: 553847

Those small little islands to the top left. Hard mode.
No. 903540 ID: 53b212

Middle one, gotta have that weird tower accessible from the get-go if we want to speedrun this
No. 903541 ID: e7830d

Big'un in the middle of course. Size is important. Looks like a donut too.
No. 903542 ID: 1b84c9

Bottom left, it's the best color.
No. 903544 ID: b1c8eb

top left it has a nice shape
No. 903545 ID: d54b0f

no. no island. choose the ocean.

thats right. we're doin an undersea session mfers.
No. 903546 ID: 438f73

The tiny island with the tower. Not the rest of the big middle one. Just the tiny place in the middle.
No. 903547 ID: 65c9b9

Ocean session!
bit narcessistic to put your face on the alpha version already eh Waxy boy~
No. 903548 ID: 254dbd

actually yeah im down for ocean session wpuld be fun to see the fish i choose ocean
No. 903549 ID: e7830d

You know what? Yeah sure let's go underwater, but in that donut hole lake, nice and protected like. If we take the sea, we'll be surrounded on all sides.
No. 903550 ID: a94e23

Top right island for it’s potential to be cool as heck
No. 903551 ID: 02bbf1

Ocean works cool by me!
No. 903552 ID: 2a13fa

let's not break the alpha by picking the ocean. Top left!
No. 903553 ID: 7c1ffe

Choose the cat icon
No. 903555 ID: 0c3c2c

The one that looks like a radiation trefoil in the upper left.
No. 903556 ID: 5b7a9b

bottom left.
No. 903557 ID: 767070

loot lake in the middle looks promising
No. 903560 ID: 1a6dfc

I'd like the sloped island to the northeast please.
No. 903561 ID: 19a57c

Let's take the ocean.
No. 903571 ID: 91ee5f

Pet the cat icon.

Then choose the group of islands in the top left.
No. 903573 ID: 10c408

We should take over bodily output island- I mean the bottom right one and make it our own.
No. 903574 ID: d5442a

Secret island at the corner of the map where the option ultimate boss lives.
No. 903576 ID: abcf03

Top left. More islands makes it better.
No. 903577 ID: abcf03

Click the ocean. Learn to swim
No. 903578 ID: 2c2425

Let's embark at the southwest island. Bring some plump helmets and two cats. Tiny Cat People, strike the earth!
No. 903581 ID: b22621

Top right. Cliffside base!
No. 903582 ID: 4854ef

Big middle!
No. 903586 ID: 2e0f31

The one in the middle of the big island.
No. 903588 ID: 56de26

No, not the ocean. Don't want to get our poor TCPs waterlogged, after all. Top left.
No. 903591 ID: 0c3a25

No. 903594 ID: a3db3a

middle or bottom left
No. 903604 ID: 7b53bd

No. 903607 ID: b1b4f3

Bottom right.
No. 903640 ID: 864e49

Lets dooooo the time waaaaarp agaaaaaain!
The middle on looks like a clock and has a castle.
No. 903645 ID: 2202fb

voting for ocean
No. 903647 ID: ee2d6e

I vote the floating cat at the top
No. 903700 ID: 1668de
File 153810263820.gif - (144.72KB , 1920x1080 , 5.gif )

:waxirritated: WAX: No, not that land.
:waxneutral: WAX: That land is reserved.
:waxneutral: WAX: In this session, that land serves to-
No. 903701 ID: 1668de
File 153810267461.gif - (115.83KB , 1920x1080 , 6.gif )

:waxirritated: WAX: You can stop selecting it now.
:waxirritated: WAX: Yes, really. You can stop.
:waxexasperated: WAX: STOP THAT
:waxirritated: WAX: for the love of god
:waxexasperated: WAX: KNOCK THAT OFF
No. 903702 ID: 1668de
File 153810270242.gif - (658.01KB , 1920x1080 , 7.gif )

:waxexasperated: WAX: There. No more of that.
:waxneutral: WAX: Thank you.
:waxneutral: WAX: As I was saying, that's reserved.
:waxconfused: WAX: It has a special purpo-
No. 903703 ID: 1668de
File 153810274902.png - (97.63KB , 1920x1080 , 8.png )

:waxirritated: WAX: That's...not a land. That's an asset.
:waxneutral: WAX: You know, a decoration?
:waxconfused: WAX: Not an island? In the slightest?
:waxirritated: WAX: Please tell me you know what land is.
No. 903704 ID: 1668de
File 153810277413.gif - (342.53KB , 1920x1080 , 9.gif )

:waxneutral: WAX: ....
:waxirritated: WAX: I get the feeling you're just screwing with me now.
:waxneutral: WAX: I would appreciate it if you played as you're intended to.
:waxneutral: WAX: There are four islands. Pick one.
:waxirritated: WAX: Not the assets, not the ocean, not the island I've had to barricade due to your shenanigans.
:waxneutral: WAX: The islands in the corners.
:waxneutral: WAX: I can wait as long as you need, it's an important decision.
:waxirritated: WAX: One that I will take away from you-
No. 903705 ID: 1668de
File 153810282334.gif - (247.62KB , 1920x1080 , 10.gif )

>Top left
:waxsurprise: WAX: There. You've done it.
:waxneutral: WAX: An interesting choice.
:waxneutral: WAX: We shall have to see how you do with it.
No. 903706 ID: 1668de
File 153810287458.gif - (42.12KB , 800x800 , 11.gif )

:waxneutral: WAX: Hmmmhmhmmmhmhm...
:waxneutral: WAX: This won't take long.
:waxconfused: WAX: You know. Working out all the little things.
:waxirritated: WAX: Part of the process.
No. 903707 ID: 1668de
File 153810292968.png - (187.08KB , 800x800 , 12.png )

:waxneutral: WAX: There. Here's your land.
:waxconfused: WAX: You won't see much until you explore it, but that's just part of the fun.
:waxneutral: WAX: Good luck!
Wax has terminated contact.

An etheral voice from beyond the plane speaks to you. It says;
"Beginners tips! Number 1. You can give commands to interact with this world! They are as follows;

CREATE- Make something for your cats! Go buck wild, cats love stuff!
CHECK- Check things in the world! Cats or ortherwise, this is your go to "give me info" command.
MOVE- I like to move it move it...yeah ok no more of that, sorry. Use this command to move objects, but not cats! This will fail if an object is touching a cat or will touch a cat. So no dropping pianos on opponents!
SPAWN- This makes a cat! Provide a noun with this command and you'll spawn a cat for your team. Providing the TCP limit hasn't been reached!
SAY- Say something! Say anything you want! Swear! (please do not, wax does not endorse curse words) Say please! Say cheese! Say something into the world with that booming god voice of yours.
TAKE- See something shiny? Something blue? Something that otherwise piques your interest??? Use this command to take it for yourself!
USE- Sometimes you just gotta use something. Do that with this command!

That's all the tips for now. If you need more tips, I'll be there.

Signed. Anonymous tipgiver"
No. 903708 ID: 3642ad

spawn sunshine type!
No. 903709 ID: abcf03

Create water
No. 903710 ID: 553847

> Spawn: Defiance
No. 903711 ID: 7b53bd

research pottery
No. 903712 ID: 53b212

spawn: balloon animal
No. 903713 ID: 7b53bd

spawn goat
No. 903714 ID: 53b212

spawn technology type
No. 903715 ID: 0c3c2c

Awww. This island is like a cat's paw, not the radiation symbol I first saw. Oh well!

Create Bunker.

Create Airstrip.

Create Willow Trees.
No. 903716 ID: 6f7b17

Spawn Emptiness-type
No. 903717 ID: 0c3c2c

Spawn Starlight?
No. 903718 ID: 6d9fef

No. 903719 ID: 6f7b17

Create unknowable whispers that dance on the moonward wind.
No. 903720 ID: e37a06

This one
No. 903721 ID: 3642ad

create slip n' slide!!!!
No. 903722 ID: abcf03

Create more water
No. 903723 ID: abcf03

No. 903724 ID: 91ee5f

>rapidly flashing island
Oh god, seizure procedure! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1Kt5NPoAQgE

Spawn: Dragon type TCP!
No. 903725 ID: d54b0f

spawn silence
No. 903726 ID: e37a06

Create: Bongos
No. 903732 ID: 51d5a1

Spawn: Leviathan tcp
No. 903733 ID: abcf03

Spawn: drown tcp
Create swimming pool
No. 903734 ID: 2202fb

Spawn Vehicle: Tank

Spawn Cat: Nyan type

Do this


Spawn Cat: Porn Type
Spawn Cat: Censorship Type
(these two are rivals since censorship mosaics porn)
No. 903735 ID: 92938f

Spawn God
No. 903740 ID: b67388

No. 903742 ID: 92938f

Create comprehensive set of spices
No. 903744 ID: abcf03

Keep screaming for help until wax pities us
No. 903746 ID: b1b4f3

CREATE cool bridges to the nearest 3 islands

Spawn laser

Hey can we MOVE stuff to trap tcps? Or move things that won't touch tcps but will harm them anyway via proximity?
No. 903748 ID: 19a57c

Create: Large Pirate Ship Boat House
Create: Island Dock
Create: Pirate Outfits
Create: Pirate Booty
Create: Nautical Telescope
Create: Treasure Map
Create: Buried Treasure
Create: Card Game
Create: Talking Parrot
No. 903749 ID: b22621

SPAWN: Chest (storage) type
No. 903753 ID: 8af43e

>move entire island down 5 meters in elevation
>spawn leviathan
No. 903755 ID: 10c408

Spawn: sign post with the following message on it. "Yarr, welcome to toebean isle."

Spawn alpheidae tcp
No. 903756 ID: 0371a6

CHECK known land.

Kinda want to see what we have to work before creating stuff. Who knows we might find something shiny.
No. 903758 ID: 2e0f31

Spawn pasta tcp, spawn antipasto tcp, mash them together for a spaghetti explosion
No. 903759 ID: 2a13fa

my god, go easy on the poor god here.

Spawn: Leviathan

seconding all these create commands
No. 903761 ID: d5442a

We're gonna want a cat that will have a good time in the water, but also one that will be a good leader for the rest of the cats we'll make. So spawn ADMIRAL type, says I!
No. 903763 ID: 92938f

Spawn: T-Pose.
Create: Clown wig, clown nose, t-shirt that says "WAX" on it.
No. 903765 ID: d5442a

no wait

Spawn: TESTER type
No. 903769 ID: ad0236

spawn syzygy type
No. 903772 ID: e7830d

> Spawn: Kraken type

Forget about Wax, we're goin' nautical
No. 903779 ID: d54b0f

spawn: fursona type
No. 903781 ID: c122c0

No. 903792 ID: 6e3519

Create: a raft city(a swimming Arcology thing)
No. 903794 ID: 8ec45e

spawn a grimoire type TCP!
No. 903799 ID: 65c9b9

Move: island underwater.
Spawn: Leviathan
No. 903804 ID: 8b0402

yeah lets move the island underwater and spawn a leviathan it will be cool
No. 903805 ID: ee2d6e

Come now, Wax, you never instruct your testers on how to use your programs. Users have an infinite well of stupidity they tap into, and so testers also have to tap into that font of idiocy otherwise you're left with strange bugs and cases you never could've expected. As such, SPAWN Tester.
No. 903806 ID: cee799

>SPAWN: Leviathan Type
>SAY: heck
No. 903807 ID: 1a6dfc

No. 903808 ID: 1668de
File 153813386468.png - (28.30KB , 738x496 , 13.png )

>Spawn Dragon Type
You spawn a dragon ty-

You are unable to spawn a leviathan type TCP as the tcp limit has been reache-

You are unable to spawn a kraken type TCP as the tcp limit has been reached. Try again when it has been raised.

The new dragon type TCP inspects its barren surrounds. It seems to be making note of the landscape.
No. 903809 ID: 1668de
File 153813389183.gif - (888.10KB , 800x800 , 14.gif )

>Create Water
>Create Swimming Pool
>Create Bunker
>Create Airstrip
>Create Willow Trees
>Create "cool" bridges
>Create Slip'n'Slide
>Create Pirate Ship
>Create Dock
>Create Pirate Outfits
No. 903810 ID: 1668de
File 153813393638.png - (194.40KB , 800x800 , 15.png )

You bask in all you have created. Surely, there's a limit to your foolery, but you have yet to find it.
No. 903811 ID: 1668de
File 153813397174.gif - (59.35KB , 800x800 , 16.gif )

>Create Bongos
>Create Comprehensive collection of spices
>Create Telescope
>Create Treasure Map
>Create Buried Treasure
>Create Pack of cards
>Create Talking parrot
>Create T-shirt with "wax" printed on it

These go into the bunker.
No. 903812 ID: 1668de
File 153813400180.png - (11.08KB , 800x800 , 17.png )

You are unstoppable. Even if the shirt came out wonky. A wonky shirt is better than no shirt, as they say. Who's they? Who knows! But they be saying it!
No. 903813 ID: 1668de
File 153813403231.png - (186.90KB , 800x800 , 18.png )

>Move Island Down
You dunk the island. You are a genius of no comparison. Your draconic feline friend has flown onto the pirate ship for refuge, they seem none too pleased at your shenaninganising.

An etheral voice from beyond the plane speaks to you. It says;
"Beginners tips! Number 2. TCP's learn things by experience and observation. A TCP will become proficient at the first few tasks you put it to very quickly, and learn at a regular pace from that point onwards! Did you think there was some sort of magical 'learning' command? Tough luck buddy!

Signed. Anonymous tipgiver"
No. 903814 ID: 19a57c

Name TCP Duck
No. 903815 ID: 553847

Name TCP Goose
No. 903817 ID: 65c9b9

Name :TCP Waddles
No. 903818 ID: 19a57c

oh wait this is old version.

Say: Hey your name is Duck.
No. 903819 ID: 1a6dfc

Raise the island back up

lowering it was asinine
No. 903820 ID: 19a57c

No. 903821 ID: 65c9b9

keep the land down its holding us back in the past
No. 903822 ID: 19a57c

don't do the thing this guy said. sink the island lower
No. 903823 ID: 65c9b9

No. 903824 ID: 438f73

spawn leviathan right now as quickly as possible start inputting it now don't wait
No. 903825 ID: 19a57c

No. 903826 ID: 4369a7

I uh.
This is probably too much power for 10+ people to share without limits. Can we, like, put a cap on things? I don't want to upset our cat(s) by being too chaotic!

SAY: "Hello! Apologies for the mess." Since we can't TEACH in this version, the first thing we should expose our cat to is speech. Our kitty should learn how to talk first and foremost!

Also, we should probably bring the island back up.
No. 903827 ID: 1a6dfc

Move - pirate ship to largest of our remaining islands
No. 903828 ID: 19a57c

Take: Black fog that is hiding our view
No. 903829 ID: 19a57c

TAKE: Buried Treasure
No. 903836 ID: 2202fb

Undunk the airstrip, bunker, dock, and other island structures. Keep the rest dunked. Ask the TCP what they want to be called.

Spawn a Cheytac M200 Intervention and a pouch of holding with unlimited ammo right next to the TCP.
Spawn ice cream.
No. 903839 ID: 19a57c

what this guy said, but also undunk the swimming pool. have a pool in the middle of the ocean.
No. 903842 ID: 19a57c

extend the undunked docks to connect to the bunker and airstrip
No. 903843 ID: 1a6dfc

Check - Dragon-type

Create - Pods of toothed whales
Create - Seals
Create - Whale Harnesses
Create - Hitch on the Pirate ship to attach the whales too
No. 903844 ID: 0ab3e1

Create: Portable Helipad attached to pirate ship
Create: Helicopter
Create: Helicopter Operation Manual
Create: Pirate Ship Operation Manual
Create: Diving suits
Create: Jet Engine, attach to pirate ship
Create: Jet fuel
Create: Dragon Cookies
Create: Cool Sci-fi Goggles for dragon
No. 903845 ID: 1a6dfc

Create - Dropdead
No. 903846 ID: 1a6dfc

Create - Blood Moon
Create - Karacel colony
Create - the turtle which this world rests upon
No. 903847 ID: 0ab3e1

Create: TV/VCR Combo, place on ship
Create: Instructional video teaching how to read, place on ship
Create: Pen and Notebook, place on ship
Create: Welding Tools, Place on ship
No. 903849 ID: 4369a7

Create: badass giant guardian whale to head the ship.
No. 903850 ID: 5b7a9b

Create: Factory
Create: Candle Forest
Create: Handbook to Many Things
Create: Bookshelf
Create: Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Crafting, Production, and Operation

Proposal: We create a tutorial of basic skills.
No. 903851 ID: 1a6dfc

Create - Africa by Toto
No. 903852 ID: cee799

>CREATE: "Tiny Cat People - The Video Game" cartridge
>CREATE: Console which can support said cartridge
No. 903854 ID: 8b0402

Create: 3,271 lemons
No. 903855 ID: 8b0402

Create: Floating Helper Robot
Create: Squirt Gun
Create: Butt Island, an island shaped like a butt
Create: Megaphone
Create: Gasoline Generator
Create: Gasoline
Create: Butter
No. 903856 ID: 8b0402

move: all bunker items to ship
No. 903857 ID: a94e23

Create: underwater habitation domes
Create: coral reef
Create: sunken city
Create: sunken ships
Spawn: leviathan
Say: sorry dragon guy, we’re just gonna mess around and make stuff for a bit with our cool god powers. Let us know if you need anything! We’ll stop and have a proper talk with you soon don’t worry.
No. 903879 ID: 4b561d

Create: tiny cat people (final release build) arcade cabinet
No. 903882 ID: 473cc6

Create several boxes of biscuits.
Create Barrel filled with freshwater.
Create Red, Blue, and green signal flags.
Create parasol
Place all of it on the ship.
No. 903887 ID: a6405f



Create: Humans x2

to my request.
No. 903890 ID: e7830d

Teach: Patience, Swashbuckling and Ambition

Especially, patience.

They'll need it
No. 903892 ID: 2b3f9d

Addendum, the humans are pirate subordinates for Duck Goose.
No. 903905 ID: 6e3519

Well, most of our landmass and things we created just went under.
Create - water temple (underwater dungeon)
We might get some of it back later.

Create - raft city (a swimming Arcology thing)
And don't sink it this time!
No. 903908 ID: a1a9bf

Create: ANTIMATTER x40.
No. 903909 ID: a1a9bf

No, I know.

No. 903911 ID: 2202fb

You dont know us, but we will meet again someday. Our memory shall be erased, but you will know when it is us. We shall be known as Voidsy.

disregard if you dont want to deal with prophetic shenanigans
No. 903912 ID: 3f9030


SPAWN: gatecrash type

Please don't.
No. 903913 ID: 3f9030

This is a very bad idea. I'm pretty sure we are actually canonically able to do this but it's still a really bad idea that will give us nothing but headaches.
No. 903915 ID: 3f9030

Also, CREATE: kaiju-sized mecha.
No. 903923 ID: 8ec45e

Create: 10 bees
create: 9 beehives
create: radio

musical chairs time
No. 903932 ID: b67388

Negatory vote chieferino.
No. 903941 ID: 1fc24f

Create a switch on the ship that when set to on, prevents gods from using any command on the ship and things in it’s immediate vicinity except CHECK, SPAWN, and SAY. Create it in the on position.
SAY: “ Sorry about that, as long as this switch is on we can’t mess with the ship.”

No. 903942 ID: d98f95

Move Island up. Higher. I said Higher you fool
No. 903958 ID: 0c3c2c

Teach Dragon TCP Valor

Teach Dragon TCP Forgiveness

Teach Dragon TCP Patience

Teach Dragon TCP Understanding

Teach Dragon TCP Faith

Teach Dragon TCP Humility
No. 903962 ID: 0c3c2c

Oh god no I just read we can't teach them. Okay. Say to the Dragon TCP: "Part of us is so sorry. Please be patient. We were just born."
No. 904010 ID: 8ec45e

Spawn Spawn-Type TCP
No. 904017 ID: e7830d

If the TCPS learn by doing, then we need to teach dragon patience by making them be patent. They learn how to be a pirate captain by going on a trip around the island and if we
>Create: book of pirate slang
...and get them to read it, we will have something everyone clearly wants

a dragon!pirate

No. 904059 ID: 91ee5f

Guys, please stop. You’re upsetting our poor dragon!
No. 904082 ID: 2202fb

How do you know?
No. 904104 ID: 91ee5f

It says so right there in the update! >>903813 : “Your draconic feline friend has flown onto the pirate ship for refuge, they seem none too pleased at your shenaninganising.“
No. 904117 ID: 7bef55

No. 904126 ID: b151ce

Create bright and colorful ocean coral and flora
Create colorful harmless tropical fish and sharks
Create snorkel
Create scuba gear
Create apology card saying "sorry bear with us please we're still getting used to this"
No. 904137 ID: 5b7a9b

Spawn Godzilla
No. 904146 ID: e2f5b7

Yeah, that’s why I god-proofed the ship.
If it works, then as long as that switch is on, any god can only speak to, see, and spawn TCPs on and close to that ship.
No. 904172 ID: 2202fb

Hey god guy, could we restart?
No. 904213 ID: 1668de
File 153832503490.png - (9.76KB , 693x320 , 19.png )

You name the Dragon type TCP "Duck". Its a good name, you think, for a good uh...
>CHECK: Duck
Girl! Duck is a very good girl that gets a very good name. And perfect condition too! Howsabout that!

Duck seems completely uninterested. And continues snuffling about the ship. You find this to be "relatable" and "big mood". But the bird does need a rescue, it might just have to be you doing it.
No. 904214 ID: 1668de
File 153832508288.gif - (374.51KB , 800x800 , 20.gif )

>SAY: "Hey your name is duck"
Duck seems to understand, nods, and continues to not give two shits. That's our girl.

>MOVE: Island back up
It was irresponsible to dunk the island, you think to yourself. You should undunk it, and undunk it you do.

>TAKE: Fog Of War
This fog is really irritating, and Duck doesn't seem to want to go exploring, you resort to something that shouldn't work but is worth a try anyway.
What the fuck.

Duck seems startled by your sudden victory screech. But otherwise supportive that it all seems happy in the mystery voice zone.

"Beginners tips! Special tip! You have successfully used the TAKE command, and as such have unlocked four, count em, four new commands to use in conjunction with the TAKE command! They are as follows;

PLACE- Place something you took back into the world. Simple, effective.
INSERT- Insert something you took into something else in the world. Handy for putting things in other things. Use with caution.
COMBINE- Take two taken items and mash them together into something new! What will you get!? Who knows!!
ENCHANT- Permanently destroys an item to enchant another with the properties of the destroyed item. ie: Enchanting a boulder with the essence of chair makes that boulder more comfortable to sit on!

That's all the tips for now. If you need more tips, I'll be there.
Signed. Anonymous tipgiver"
No. 904215 ID: 1668de
File 153832513389.gif - (846.34KB , 800x800 , 21.gif )

>SAY: "sorry dragon gal, we're just gonna mess around and make stuff for a bit with our cool god powers. Let us know if you need anything! We'll stop and have a proper talk with you soon don't worry."
Duck shrugs. You may have underestimated her observational abilities, as this does not seem to surprise her in the least.

>Whale Harnesses
>Hitch whales to ship
>Jet engine, attach to ship.
>Jet fuel
>Blood Moon
>Candle Forest
>3271 lemons, exactly, no more and no less.
>Island of ass, assland.
>bright and colorful ocean coral and flora
>Sunken city
>Sunken ships
>Water Temple
>Kaiju size mecha
>Create colorful harmless tropical fish and sharks
>10 bees
>9 beehives
You observe all you have created, Duck does also. The mecha sparks once and makes a horrible battery dying noise, it appears to have not survived the ocean. And assland fused itself with the blood moon! How peculiar. Duck seems to like the dead mecha, you are not sure why, but they are giggling a little over it. There is a twinge of smug in their luagh.

A thought dawns upon you.
What if the island wanted to be dunked?
>MOVE: Island down
You re-dunk the island. This was a good idea.
No. 904216 ID: 1668de
File 153832519101.gif - (119.72KB , 800x800 , 22.gif )

>SAY: "Apologies for the mess."
Duck seems to understand, but they chuckle at your words. You are beginning to think maybe Duck has certain perceptions about you.

>MOVE: All bunker items to ship.
>MOVE: Island down further
You want to dunk the island further into the ocean, as is the nature of man. But you remember that poor bird trapped within. You shift all the items from the bunker onto the ship. And then plunge the island into the abyss.
You slam that fucker down.
God damn.
Duck seems to be really taken by the various jars of spices, and falls asleep upon them. All tuckered out already, aww.

>CREATE: Badass whale
Oh wow.
That whale is smoking a joint on the beach.
With the seals.
This whale.
Is such a Bad Ass.
You can't help but feel a little jealous of this blubbery badboy. The seals coo over his wily good looks and rugged personality, he blows a smoke ring out his blowhole.

The badass whale acknowledges your envy and fingerguns at you with its enormous flippers. You wish you were that cool. Duck does not respond, they are asleep.
No. 904217 ID: 1668de
File 153832523138.gif - (193.90KB , 800x800 , 23.gif )

>MOVE: Air strip, bunker, dock to sea level.
>Also the swimming pool.
You bring the facilities back to the surface. Its a good idea, you see, as you might need these but the island remains dunked this way. Win-win.

>MOVE: Pirate ship to largest land
You move the ship to the largest land you can see, which is the northern island. Just for funsies and to see if you can do that with a TCP on board. It seems you can! As long as it does not disturb them.

>TAKE: Land
>TAKE: Buried Treasure
You take one of the islands. This also worked. This seems a little potent. You also take the buried treasure, Duck now has a map that leads to nowhere. That'll teach them to laugh at you when you're being funny.

>MOVE: Island up
You move the island back to the surface, you decide dunkery was silly after all. The facilities are now extremely tall.
No. 904218 ID: 1668de
File 153832527016.gif - (1.35MB , 1200x589 , 24.gif )

>SPAWN: leviathan
You are unable to spawn a leviathan type TCP as the tcp limit has been reached. Try again when it has been raised.


>That one specific gun and a bag of infinite ammo. Right next to duck.
>Pirate Ship Operation Manual
>Diving Suits
>Dragon cookies
>Cool goggles
>TV/VCR Combo.
>Instructional video on "how to read hosted by tiny cat ringo starr"
>Pen and Notebook
>Handbook of many general handy topics
>Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Crafting, Production and Operation.
>Africa by Toto
>Floating helper robot
>Squirt gun
>Gasoline generator
>Several boxes of biscuits
>Barrel of fresh water
>Red, green and blue signal flags
The booty has been made. You are sure when Duck wakes up she'll be impressed, or at least happy there's cookies. You escapades in creating fluids seem to have been failures however, and you have only succeeded in making a huge mess. Perhaps its best not to do that, or perhaps you need more practise. It's really up to you, you tell yourself. You note that the flags are furled up into rolls and Africa by Toto is a VCR casette.

>Proposal: Tutorial of basic skills.
A voice within you taps the metaphorical dining glass at the metaphorical round table. They propose that we should be focused upon making a tutorial of basic skills for our kitties so that they may be skilled in basic ways.
Is this a fine goal? Should we pursue this endeavor?
No. 904219 ID: 1668de
File 153832530090.png - (91.04KB , 1200x589 , 25.png )

Its time.
You make 40 antimatter.
Nothing happens. Huh. It definitely accepted the command, but nothing happened. Weeeeeeird.

>CREATE: apology card saying "sorry bear with us please we're still getting used to this"
Duck deserves to know.
Though, you dont think they can read.
Oh well. Its a nice sentiment regardless.
No. 904220 ID: 1668de
File 153832536654.png - (131.94KB , 800x800 , 26.png )

After a hard minutes work of making commands you sit back and look into your godspace. That fog of war is here, and is just blotting out everything. You can make out the buried treasure, and some green can be made out in the distance.

>Proposal: Limit to chaos.
Yet another voice steps forward to the podium to give a proposal, this one far more spicy.
"I uh.
This is probably too much power for 10+ people to share without limits. Can we, like, put a cap on things? I don't want to upset our cat(s) by being too chaotic!"
Its a valid point. Should there be a limit to our dipshittery? If so what?

But before you can finish that thought, something appears in the godspace. A message, for you.

:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Hello?
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Are you there?
:gumbyohno: GUMBY: Please respond...

Bear with me while I get format/style/flow more solid and consistent people. Sorry.
No. 904221 ID: 553847

What's this chicken leg doing here?
No. 904222 ID: 65c9b9

Hi Gumby you have like the most adorable bird face! Thank you for being awesome! Want to be friends? You should make some silly fun stuff its great! can you say the bad words?
No. 904223 ID: d54b0f

enchant ship with fog of war

tell gumby theyre cute
spawn leviathan again
No. 904224 ID: 92938f

Take fog of war
Take Gumby
Enchant Gumby with fog of war
No. 904225 ID: 65c9b9

never insult gumby!
No. 904226 ID: 89462d

expand ass island to be three times its current size.

tell gumby we are here and we are listening and they seem nice and what should we call ourselves this is confusing and have you seen our ass island or our kickass pirate ship we have a talking bird and a dead robot dinosaur and you are very cute gumby how'd you get that name we don't have a name we are a bunch of people somehow and also you are cute and how do we spawn a leviathan.
No. 904228 ID: 89462d

move all of the lemons next to duck.

create a note that says "this is for scurvy"

take half of the lemons
combine land with lemons
place land back where it was

sink the island again
create a complex lattice of bombs on the island that blow up if they are exposed to air.
No. 904229 ID: 0c3c2c

CORRESPOND Gumby: "We are here."

Also, in all likelihood the antimatter created produced forty antimatter particles which all instantaneously annihilated but were too small to perceive.
No. 904230 ID: 6ab181

Say: Grumpy want a cracker?
No. 904231 ID: 1668de

A note, if you need a disthread use this one.


I will clarify things if you need me to!
No. 904232 ID: 92938f

Raise the island back up
No. 904233 ID: b67388

Winner winner chicken dinner
If you know what I mean~
No. 904235 ID: 65c9b9

No. 904236 ID: 3f9030


Okay, I've played enough Scribblenauts to know what I did wrong.
TAKE: mecha
CREATE: cool, waterproof, kaiju-sized mecha from the super-robot genre (so it can fly and shoot lasers and turn the young protagonist into god in the last episode)
CREATE: mecha piloting manual (w/ lots of illustarations)
CREATE: The flag of the Ukranian Free Territory at the top of the mast but instead of "working people" it says "tiny cat people"
No. 904237 ID: 89462d

on the largest island,create a mountain range that says GUMBY ROCKS.

create portraits of gumby and wax and place them on the ship

create bean burrito. take bean burrito. create fridge. take fridge. put bean burrito inside fridge to save for when we have a body to eat it with. ask gumby if they want to split a bean burrito with us.
No. 904239 ID: 6f7b17

Sup brah, how's it hanging? You play baseball?
No. 904240 ID: 2a13fa

"Hello! Please forgive us in advance for our tomfoolery, we're currently in the midst of being commanded around by a amalgamation of twenty people shouting nonsense at a text box and it is difficult for us to coordinate effectively. Or even function as an entity. If you find we insult you or cause harm to you in any way, we don't mean it. Or at least, most of us don't mean it. Probably."
No. 904246 ID: 5b7a9b

Hello, Gumby. We now respond. We are an eccentric bunch.
No. 904251 ID: d887c0

No. 904256 ID: 2202fb

greet birb
spawn small, ultralightweight unbreakable cannister.
insert fog of war into the cannister (it will end up pressurized)
place cannister on ship
morph ship into a USS Zumwalt destroyer so it doesnt sink when the gasoline inevitably combusts
spawn TCP-compatible F-35B onto Zumwalt helipad
put cat-ear headband on badass whale. They are now a TCP (TCP limit: 1 + 1)
supply ship and plane with any required ammunition, weapons, and fuel
spawn a lactation fetish milker! Do we have anything that lactates or even has breasts? NO! but now we have this just cuz.

Ask TCP for help
No. 904257 ID: 2202fb

Make parrot omniscient, but also kind of moody.
No. 904259 ID: 2a13fa

SFW quest!!!
No. 904263 ID: 2202fb

now who said anything about doing nsfw stuff?

Start our response with "Holy Toledo!"

Spawn several barrels of steel filled with fresh water
Spawn several barrels of steel filled with gasoline
Spawn large metal tank(container, not vehicle) filled with napalm jelly

Lets not accidentally murder our cat:
Spawn TCP-compatible hazmat suit
Spawn TCP-compatible M50 (cuz they look cool) gas mask

Give badass whale a quadruped mech and separate mech arms they can use
No. 904265 ID: b1b4f3

Those should be CREATE commands. SPAWN is for TCPs.
No. 904267 ID: 438f73

Do not take Gumby. Do not enchant Gumby with fog of war.
No. 904271 ID: b67388

Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.
No. 904275 ID: 2202fb
File 153835724599.jpg - (2.64KB , 125x125 , 14314131.jpg )


Create: several barrels of steel filled with fresh water
Create: several barrels of steel filled with gasoline
Create: large metal tank(container, not vehicle) filled with napalm jelly
Create: TCP-compatible hazmat suit
Create: TCP-compatible M50 gas mask


Might have been ur problem too.

Create: Leviathan


Create: Gumby Statue
No. 904284 ID: 711c64

Create: Lesser Aeronomicon
Create: Lesser Lithonomicon
Create: Home Economicon
Create: Spyglass of Farseeing
No. 904291 ID: b67388

Create: Greater Necronomicon
No. 904298 ID: 89462d

are you ok gumby
No. 904305 ID: a6405f

Okay, so i have been thinking and i think i have a good idea for a system for us.

Basically, all suggestions are law, meaning if something is suggested, it will 100% happen with one exception. As i said, these suggestions are law, but like laws, they can be overturned. If someone doesnt like a suggestion, they can veto it, which negates the suggestion (only need one veto). If someone suggests something contrary to another suggestion, such as the inane island shenanigans, both suggestions are nixed.
To prevent any one voice from lording over others, if something is vetoed, a third voice can veto the veto, which reinstates the suggestion.

To summarize, each suggestion will basically have an imaginary counter that starts at 1. If someone doesnt like it, they vote against it and lower the counter to 0. Positive votes raise the counter, negative votes lower it. As long as the counter is at at least 1, the suggestion goes into effect.
No. 904307 ID: a6405f

Additionally, lets not just nix things for no good reason. We can continue our nonsense, but lets try to keep it constructive.
we dont really want to end up in a frog-crimes-esque scenario

I personally would like to create a bunch of military gear and teach our charge(s) how to use it, but we dont need to be belligerent, it should be for wargames and defense.

Speaking of;
Teach Duck: Marksmanship
Teach Duck: Gun Safety
Teach Duck: Trigger Discipline
Teach Duck: Badassery
Teach Duck: the enjoyment of target shooting
Create: Shoothouse supplies (cutout targets, circle targets, popup target mechanisms, sandbags, lots and lots of plywood)

If someone doesnt like these, they can address each individually to veto, or veto the entirety, but plz give a reason for doing so.

vetoing and replacing with:
Create: Lesser Necronomicon
Teach Duck: Dangers of reading eldritch texts irresponsibly
We dont want to have our charge melt into a pile of gore.
No. 904308 ID: 3f9030

I don't think that's going to work, I don't think you can just change the way the collective works at will. We'd probably have to do something like...
CREATE: magical binding geas contract scroll of [veto system]
CREATE: magical contract pen
TAKE: magical binding geas contract scroll of [veto system]
TAKE: magical contract pen
And then sign the thing. We might need a physical form for this.

Also there's still no teach commands.
No. 904310 ID: 63df66

Countervotes aren't even real and if they were it'd effectively give people more than one vote. Like voting for your own thing and counter voting everything else. For example, I vote to counter vote every countervote that has existed, exists, or will exist, except for this one. There, now all your countervotes are cancelled out. Get back to voting for the things you want instead of whining about things you don't want.
No. 904311 ID: a6405f

I am just trying to help.

You have a valid point, however one would hope that people would be more mature than that. I did include in my suggestion that a veto would need to give a reason. The counter-veto is supposed to keep people from doing what you are suggesting (although this would only work to counter individuals).

We need order. I am not saying my suggestion is the best and only way to go about it, but we do indeed need order. If anyone has better suggestions, feel free to share.
No. 904312 ID: a6405f

also srry, i messed up
No. 904346 ID: 438f73

Well it seems like this countervote idea is already in effect kind of anyway. All suggestions are taken, so your suggestion can undo the actions of another, like with the island dunking. You just have to be specific with your suggestion and how it undoes another one rather than just "countervote" it.
I probably should've been more specific with my suggestion, but oh well.
No. 904382 ID: 2202fb

Mostly, i want to nix the dunking and undunking type of contradictory suggestions showing up within one update.
No. 904386 ID: 53b212

dunk the island once more for good measure
No. 904388 ID: e37a06

Drizzle chocolate syrup over the island like a rice snack.
No. 904389 ID: c122c0

New player means TCP limit goes up right?

If so:
SPAWN: Leviathan Type TCP
No. 904394 ID: 9814f3

Next time we get a limit increase, we really should make an alpheidae TCP.
No. 904397 ID: 3f9030

The only thing I'm worried about is that as it stands if someone makes a shitload of antimatter or something equally stupid and irreversible we have no way of stopping that.
No. 904398 ID: b1b4f3

We should just install a spring under the island to make it bounce up and down eternally.
No. 904415 ID: 2202fb

Before the inevitable:

Create: large magnetic antimatter housing
Create: antimatter x40
Insert: antimatter x40 in housing

Also, fuck the facilities and the dunking
Create: Aircraft Carrier
Insert: Facility Contents ( >>903811 )into aircraft carrier
No. 904421 ID: b67388

They already made a stupid amount of antimatter and it did nothing.


Presumably, objects in the TCP-space are not made of traditional matter. Thus they have no interaction with antimatter.
No. 904424 ID: b1b4f3

Well let's find out for sure!

TAKE Antimatter x40
No. 904431 ID: e1d580

dunk the entire fucking ocean
No. 904433 ID: 10c408

Why are you trying to blow up the quest.
No. 904437 ID: dccf1b

do it i fucking dare you
No. 904439 ID: cbcfcb

CREATE: Sick ass Rave lights all over our islands.
CREATE: Floating Dance Floor.
CREATE: Giant Subwoofers.
CREATE: Stylish TCP Disco clothing.
CREATE: Cool hat for new birb friend.

Show our new birb friend our trainwreck new renovated island.

CREATE: Lots and lots of fire everywhere.
No. 904440 ID: a94e23

Raise the ocean!
No. 904441 ID: caf1de

CREATE: A better game
No. 904446 ID: 575ec0

No. 904470 ID: 65c9b9

Create : Infinite Water source that will make more water forever and slowly dunk everything that we don't dunk immediately
No. 904472 ID: 1a6dfc

Create: Chastity belt in godspace that limits our create commands
No. 904480 ID: abcf03

Take the ocean
No. 904481 ID: 65c9b9

No. 904487 ID: e1d580

Create: time-traveling chastity belt in godspace that only acts to block anyone else who tries to limit other suggestions
No. 904499 ID: 1851b6

Create pile of bike-horns

No. 904510 ID: 3642ad

create: tv, nintendo wii, wii sports resort, wii controller and nunchucks (put them near duck so she can enjoy the Best Sports Video Game of All Time once she wakes up)
No. 904518 ID: 2202fb

This is absolute bs at this point.
No. 904520 ID: 864e49

Well if we're going full pants on head then
Do not disappoint me Duke.
No. 904637 ID: 8ec45e

Enchant the bees with the beehive. fuck musical chairs let's make these bees honeycomby
No. 904710 ID: 0460dd

>Create: Lesser gods to advise and help us because goddamn we cant do anything right
No. 904726 ID: 7e9c89

w-well, at least all this crap gives duck a hoard... we really gotta chill though guys
No. 904730 ID: 6f7b17

idea - so there's a few islands there but what if we give them huge boobs. i mean some serious honkers. a real set of badonkers. packin some dobonhoneros. massive doboonkabhankoloos. big old tonkongerekoogers.

and then we give another island even bigger bonkhonagahoogs. humungous hungolomghnonoloughongous
No. 904753 ID: e37a06
File 153860428172.png - (11.78KB , 800x700 , Hog.png )

Each dot represents 1000 hogs.
No. 904759 ID: 733bd9

There's a lot of hogs in the ocean. There's a lot of hogs separating everyone.
No. 904778 ID: 575ec0

No. 904833 ID: 56de26

Make the pigs pig-squirrel hybrids and we're set.
No. 904834 ID: 56de26

CREATE: Sentience stone. It makes something sentient when combined with it.
TAKE: 2 bees
TAKE: Sentience stone
COMBINE: Bloodbutt island, 2 bees, and Sentience Stone
TEACH DUCK: Duck-Duck-Goose.
No. 904883 ID: 1a6dfc

TAKE: TCP Slot from Gumby
No. 904886 ID: 2202fb

do you mean bass or bass?
No. 904909 ID: b67388

No. 904912 ID: 575ec0

I meant BASS. But a BASS bass would also be acceptible.

See >>904909
No. 904931 ID: 778df3

CREATE: Giant Waterproof Computer to process end of world scenarios and Proposals and communicate the results of said analysis to us.

It runs immediately.

CREATE: Chess board and pieces.

TEACH DUCK: Basic Tactics and Strategy
TEACH DUCK: How to play Chess

COUNTERPROPOSAL: Create Internal TCP Voting. Majority wins. The only reason to limit our Chaos is for limited things, and the only limited thing we can make right now is TCPs.
No. 904936 ID: b67388

We still haven't unlocked the TEACH command guys.
No. 905311 ID: 1668de
File 153881487132.gif - (619.06KB , 800x800 , 27.gif )

>MOVE: Island down
You shift the island down once more, oh to be young and free!

>Expansion for ass island
>Bombs that explode on contact with air.
>A NEW mecha thats waterproof this time.
>Large mountain that says "Gumby".
>Statue of gumby.
>Chocolate syrup over island as though it was some kind of rice snack.
>Air craft carrier
>Giant subwoofers
>Give the island HUGE boobs.i mean some serious honkers. a real set of badonkers. packin some dobonhoneros. massive doboonkabhankoloos. big old tonkongerekoogers.
>Give ANOTHER island even BIGGER bonkhonagahoogs. humungous hungolomghnonoloughongous.
You take a moment to just bask in the grandeur of your industrious prowess.
A big old ass.
Some big fucking knockers.
Some BIGGER fucking knockers.
A paper airplane aircraft carrier.
A tasty island.
Is there anything you can't do? You even settled on a great way to stop the island shenanigans. You're so smart.

:whowho: ??: HI BIRDIE.
:whowho: ??: We are here
:whowho: ??: Are u ok???
:gumbyREALLYexcited: GUMBY: HI!
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: Golly gosh gee wiz I haven't seen a new collective in years!
:gumbyworried: GUMBY: I was worried you might not have made it through right.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: But I suppose wax knows what they're doing. I'm fine.
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: So that's great! How are you liking existence so far?
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: I bet you're full of questions.
No. 905312 ID: 1668de
File 153881491079.gif - (853.59KB , 800x800 , 28.gif )

>TAKE: lemons
>TAKE: mech
You take the lemons and the mech. This is simple enough.

>COMBINE: land+lemons
You combine the land and some of the lemons. It makes a lemonland. A single incredibly large lemon. Incredible.

>PLACE: lemonland
You christen your lands with lemonland. Now that it knows sour, mayhaps you can know some sweetness in your life. You feel philosiphical thinking about the implications.

>ENCHANT: bees with beehives
You enchant 9 of the bees with a beehive each. They are now hyper mobile camper bees. There's nowhere they cannot go.
One bee however, is just a bee. Why. Why did you do this. They have no friends anymore. How could you.

>MOVE:Island up
You change your mind. The island needs to be aired.
It promptly explodes.
You are.

:whowho: ??: TAKE GUMBY
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: ...
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: You can't do that silly!
:whowho: ??: HOW TO TAKE BIRD
:whowho: ??: HOW TO COOK BIRD
:whowho: ??: Sorry, sorry, I'm so fucking sorry. I don't mean that.
:whowho: ??: I just, I don't know. I Get these thoughts and I feel I have to act on them!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: You seem to have some problems there friendidlio.
:gumbysing: GUMBY: I'd be tickled pink if you'd let me help you out! I happen to know a thing or two ~nyo~ho~ho!
:whowho: ??: Please.
No. 905313 ID: 1668de
File 153881493975.png - (89.13KB , 800x800 , 29.png )

>MOVE: Island Down.
No one will ever know what transpired here but you and duck. Well. Maybe not duck. They seem to have been asleep through the whole thing. Incredible.

:whowho: ??: Have you seen my ass.
:gumbyblush: GUMBY: ..
:whowho: ??: I made an ass island.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: No I cant see your land actually!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: And you can't see mine.
:gumbyworried: GUMBY: I think.
:whowho: ??: You're very cute and how did you get that name.
:whowho: ??: I dont have a name.
:whowho: ??: How do I get a name.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Ah
:gumbyblush: GUMBY: You think my name is cute..
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: You flatter me.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: As for getting a name, you can pick one out on your own time.
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: As well as a form!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Right now you just look like a black fog. Which is weird, you shouldn't look like anything! You didn't do anything did you? Anyway...
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: Gosh picking a form is so much fun!
:gumbyREALLYexcited: GUMBY: I can't WAIT to see what you look like!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Its a big permanent decision however.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: So I guess that was a little white lie. I very much can wait. And I'd like you to do as much too.
No. 905315 ID: 1668de
File 153881496985.gif - (905.90KB , 1200x589 , 30.gif )

>PLACE: Lemons near duck
You shift the rest of the lemons near duck. And leave them a little note. Fighting scurvy is everyones responsibility, especially yours.

>mech piloting manual
>portraits of gumby and wax
>Lesser aeronomicon
>Lesser lithonomicon
>Home Economicon
>Greater Necronomicon
>Lesser necronomicon
>Cool hat for bird
>A better game
>A wii, wii sports resort and a wiimote/nunchuks.
You make some more bullshit. You really like books. Apparently. You nerd.
The better game you made was tetris™ VHS edition. Unsatisfied, you made a second game, much more befitting of a collective such as yourself, and you port The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim™ to the VHS.
But you capitulate regardless and settle on some good old fashioned wii fun. Duck will be in a world of videos game.
No. 905316 ID: 1668de
File 153881499964.png - (68.93KB , 800x800 , 31.png )

You turn your attention to your immediate surrounds, you need more stuff, you think.

>bean burrito
>Completely nonbinding piece paper with contract on it
>Chastity belt. Its just a chastity belt though. No special properties.
>Chastity belt with a clock on it
You make some stuff. It appears you can't actually make anything magical. Which is a shame, really. But at least there's burrito.....
Oh no.
You have no mouth, but you must eat. Truly this is tragedy.

:whowho: ??: Do u want to split a bean burrito w me
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: I would...
:gumbyREALLYexcited: GUMBY: LOVE TO!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: But you don't actually exist, per say, yet.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Not where I am. You're stuck in limbo til you win this game!
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: Better win then bucko!
:gumbysing: GUMBY: Hee~
No. 905317 ID: 1668de
File 153881502310.png - (2.45KB , 107x95 , 32.png )

>SAY: Grumpy want a cracker?
Duck mumbles a bit and promptly falls back to sleep. Oh, you know she wants a cracker. That's exactly what she wants, and you know just the cracker you're gonna give a grump.

You absolute madman.
Duck now weilds the CREATE command, and you do not any longer. You test this.

>CREATE: Chessboard
The command fails. What have you done.

:whowho: ??: I made a bunch of shit in my space here to try and control myself but it doesn't seem to do anything much.
:whowho: ??: Can I not do that
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Well, no
:gumbyworried: GUMBY: Though it worries me that you're trying this
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: I'd advise you not to stifle your inner workings at such a young age.
:whowho: ??: oh
:whowho: ??: oh...
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: It's ok! Experiment! Don't do anything that'll hurt you long term though!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: I'm here if you have questions.
:gumbysing: GUMBY: I am well versed in collectives~
:whowho: ??: uh
:whowho: ??: funny you should say that
:gumbyohno: GUMBY: what...what did you do
No. 905318 ID: e37a06

Wait, what did we do again?
No. 905319 ID: e37a06

Take Take Command
Give Take Command to Duck
No. 905320 ID: e7830d

>ENCHANT duck with lemon island
>SAY "Ascend, o mortal soul"
>MOVE ALL commands to duck
No. 905321 ID: 438f73

we gave the create command to Duck, our TCP.

to Gumby:
so what tips do you have on not being too chaotic?
No. 905331 ID: 65c9b9

Give Godhood to Duck
No. 905332 ID: 65c9b9

sorry Insert Godhood into Duck
No. 905335 ID: 2202fb

We gave our god powers to our TCP
No. 905336 ID: 2202fb

(I meant the other gumby you fucking walnut)
No. 905337 ID: 5b7a9b

This is several layers of bad idea. Just no.

Take create command.
Create create command.
Insert create command to Duck.
No. 905340 ID: 864e49

I am disappoint.

Gumby please we have no mouth and we must burrito, help us.

no fuck
oh fuck!
ew no
Please let this work

GIVE Place command to Duck.
Fuck that may not work shit!
GIVE Give command to Duck.
Say: Duck can you give us back the take and create commands please?
No. 905346 ID: 2a13fa

TAKE: CREATE from Duck.
CREATE: CREATE command times 20.
TAKE: All CREATE commands.
GIVE: One (1) CREATE to Duck.
CREATE: GIVE command times 20.
GIVE: One (1) GIVE to Duck.
No. 905347 ID: abcf03

Can we just make our Godform a recolor of Gumby
No. 905348 ID: 2a13fa

"Okay, Gumby, so on the topic of limiting our god powers, we kind of just gave our CREATE command to our TCP, and I would not be surprised if everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong right about now."
No. 905349 ID: 10c408

Wax, we need you to disable our commands and get the create command back from our TCP. We can't stop being dumb!
No. 905350 ID: 1851b6
File giphy.mp4 - (325.67KB )

No. 905352 ID: 9c22eb

So uh... we kinda gave the create command to our TCP, Duck. We may have screwed ourselves over.
No. 905353 ID: c31ef0

TAKE: all commands aside from say and insert.
INSERT: all commands aside from say and insert into duck.

Duck will make much better use of these than us. Viva TCP!
No. 905354 ID: cee799

>Create: Robot whose only function is dabbing
>Create: Fortnite - MORBIT version
>Create: Death-defying horror-shaped aquatic creature
>Create: 1 trillion eggs, nano-sized
>Say: heck
No. 905373 ID: f22769

Insert all commands into Duck and hope she's generous or at the very least knows how to use them well
No. 905378 ID: 575ec0

Wait for Duck to wake up.

Upon awakening Say: Now You can CREATE things! Try it out!
No. 905394 ID: 3642ad

No. 905396 ID: b1b4f3

We should probably not give our dragon TCP world-altering powers.
No. 905453 ID: b67388

Probably not a good idea, I think our godspace is on fire, which is why there's smoke there. And Gumby looks very flammable.

Plus that sounds boring.
No. 905456 ID: 7a31a2

Our form should be a cockroach made out of ballistic glass, because we're annoying and impossible to remove.
No. 905519 ID: f22769

our form should be a really shitty jpeg of an internet chat forum with "AAAAAAAA" overtop of it

with a face
No. 905523 ID: 864e49

Before we pick a form we first need to decide what we're the god of.
No. 905524 ID: ee2d6e

Pure unadulterated chaos, hyperactivity, and regret.
No. 905526 ID: d5442a

We're the god of trials because who else would you call to try break your game also because a trial is what we are to be around
No. 905527 ID: a94e23

What if we made the tcp the god instead of us!?!
This is the best idea!

TAKE: duck
Insert: us (place us on the boat)
GIVE:all of our powers to duck
No. 905542 ID: c31ef0

I'm pretty sure that's just the fog of war.

I don't think we should pick a form yet, it's too early. We should wait until we have a better idea of who we are. Also we haven't been prompted for one, in fact Gumby straight up told us to wait.
No. 905549 ID: 465a14

Give: all our powers to Spit
No. 905582 ID: b67388

I like a combo of these ideas. God of Trials and Regret, motif of Energy.
No. 905737 ID: d4d429

c-can we have a motif that's not gonna be distressing or remind us of our mistakes
No. 905748 ID: ee2d6e

Should've thought about that before making a long string of very terrible mistakes along a very specific track.
No. 905789 ID: 1668de
File 153897334794.png - (22.33KB , 550x550 , 33.png )

:whowho: ??: Ok yeah I uh
:whowho: ??: I fucked up
:whowho: ??: I fucked up real bad gumby
:gumbyworried: GUMBY: Go on...
:whowho: ??: I gave my TCP the create command.
:whowho: ??: And now I can't make things.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Oh?
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: Is that all?
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Well, its inconvenient. But you can just take it back.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: So long as the TCP in question is willing to give it back.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: See not so bad? You're just experimenting. It's ok.
:whowho: ??: I'm a mess gumby.
:whowho: ??: I don't like this.
:gumbyworried: GUMBY: Please don't say that.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: It's daunting but you'll get through this.
:whowho: ??: It feels like there's a thousand voices all telling me what to do.
:whowho: ??: Bad things.
:whowho: ??: Good things.
:whowho: ??: But none of them agree.
:whowho: ??: And now they hate me.
:whowho: ??: They want to abandon me.
:whowho: ??: They want to move onto someone else. Give them the power.
:whowho: ??: I'm a failure to them. But...
:whowho: ??: I did what they wanted and now they hate me.
:whowho: ??: I hate them.
:whowho: ??: But I have to listen.
:whowho: ??: I just can't help but listen.
:whowho: ??: I don't want to!
:whowho: ??: Gumby how do I stop this.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: ...
:gumbysing: GUMBY: ~I can see clearly noooow
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: How it is.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: You've been dealt a curse child.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: But this isn't how it seems.
:whowho: ??: Really? Because... It's pretty clear!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: It might seem that way.
:gumbyohno: GUMBY: And you've caught yourself a pretty judgemental crowd.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: But consider. You are not the typical collective. No, not at all.
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: You're a type B!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Let me explain.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: A typical collective, a type A, is when there are many multiple beings occupying one consciousness. They are one, but many.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: A type B, which is what you seem to be, is when just one being occupies the consciousness but many, many beings overlook and occupy the subconscious.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: If I can make an analogy, a type A is like a parliament running the collective.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: But a type B is like a pilot being contacted by the control tower.
:whowho: ??: That makes sense gumby.
:whowho: ??: You're kind of telling me something that I know here.
:gumbyworried: GUMBY: Let me finish.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Anyway, this gives you some power over the whole.
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: You aren't literally the whole! After all. The final say comes down to you.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: When you're young, it can be hard to resist these thoughts, but you can if you try!
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: Heck, I've seen type B's completely shut out the collective entirely!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: But.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: I wouldn't recommend it.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Rather I'd like you to consider something.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: The beings in your mind, they may think they are a type A.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: In that they are in direct control.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: You know its not the case.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: But they may not.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: So they could be seeing your failures as their own failure.
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: In a way right now, it is their failure!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: But they're blaming themselves, and they think they are you.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: But they aren't. So they're just blaming you. And not themselves.
:whowho: ??: o..
:whowho: ??: oh.
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: See! Its not that bad!
:gumbyREALLYexcited: GUMBY: I'm ninety nine percent sure they can read this too!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: So maybe they'll be nicer?
:whowho: ??: Thanks.
:whowho: ??: Thanks gumby.
:whowho: ??: I really hope they are.
:whowho: ??: This talk helps. I think.
:whowho: ??: I still want to split that burrito with you.
:gumbyREALLYexcited: GUMBY: I'm glad!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: But again you don't physically exist yet do you.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Wait.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Don't, don't you make a form.
:whowho: ??: buhrittto
:gumbyworried: GUMBY: Don't become something you'll regret then.

You are going to take form and eat that burrito.

Submit designs! Talk about domains! Describe what you want the god to be! Stop being mean! I'm leaving this one open for a whole week. Any questions in disthread. Happy to clarify things.
No. 905792 ID: 7e9c89

oh please let's be nicer. i maintain we.. should not give this poor sap a domain that will cause them pain / that reflects on us... especially w this new info.. if we gotta be meta about it, let's give them hope or something! discovery! curiosity!
No. 905794 ID: 65c9b9

domain of water. domain of experimentation.
No. 905795 ID: 3642ad

OH NO BABY I'M SO SORRY!!! gumby is right we thought you were just... Us. and we were wrong! and i know at least *I* for one am sorry for making you feel this way. we'll be okay. YOU'LL be okay. and if you can, thank gumby for us? we're sorry we didn't mean to upset you and i'm really glad gumby clued us in so we can apologize to you properly! also, we/you should probably come up with a name of some sort? we can help you if you want! that way we can totally clear up the whole "you" being in control versus just "us" being in control and hopefully things will get easier.
No. 905796 ID: 7b53bd

oh god they're a type b we're so sorry we didn't mean any of it, we thought we were yelling at eachother but we were yelling at someone else completely.
No. 905799 ID: 575ec0

"Type B" Is a nice way of saying you have Schizophrenia.
No. 905800 ID: 7b53bd

ALSO i think they should be a goat, a good goat.
No. 905801 ID: 7b53bd

domain: violence
No. 905804 ID: e37a06

Domain: Delegation
Motif: Hog
No. 905806 ID: 438f73

we should also discuss motifs at this point. I think a motif like, motion, would be good? never being totally still or at rest. maybe just a tassel of cloth that keeps waving, maybe a wheel that keeps spinning. I think something like that would be nice.
No. 905809 ID: ea769e

Domains: democracy, experimentation
Motifs: cool stuff (sunglasses, leather jackets, walking slowly away from explosions, etc.)

We're sorry conscious us! We didn't mean to bully you, we thought we were just ripping into each other, like the vicious, baying animals that we are. Please feel free to veto our shittier ideas, because apparently we can't.
No. 905810 ID: 864e49

I like the Trials, Energy and Regret stuff.
No. 905813 ID: b67388

Form of: A bumble bee, with a stinger made out of lightning.

Domain: Trials and Action
Motif: Bees and Energy
No. 905814 ID: b1b4f3

Aww! Sorry, greater self. We do not know what we do.
Also I guess now we gotta try to convince Duck that we should have the Create power back. Which is gonna be difficult. Dragons are not known to easily give up valuable things.
For now don't try to ask for it back! Tell her that we're loaning her that part of our power so she can make some cool stuff of her own. Just let it be implied that we want it back eventually, and she needs to be careful with it, probably more careful than we were with it.

Domains: Action(or Motion or Energy), Temperance. Together, they hopefully produce the absence of regret.
(everyone, remember, domains do not influence appearance. How they work hasn't been explained by the morbit crew afaik, but they seem to affect how a god can use their powers, though to a lesser extent than their motifs. Or maybe domains affect their high level powers, while motifs are low level ezmode power themes? It's also possible that a god gains power through controlling their domains in addition to direct worship)
No. 905820 ID: 1ed1a9

Domain: Action, Force
Motif: Smoke, Spikes, Mecha
No. 905821 ID: b22621
File 153898233685.png - (33.07KB , 1000x900 , Nameless.png )

Domains of exploration and protection.
Motifs of circuitry and rings.
No. 905831 ID: 53b212


the people have asked and they may receive (a domain + motif guide)
No. 905832 ID: 438f73

i like the action/motion domain idea too
No. 905840 ID: 553847

I dig a goat-like shape.

Domains: Fire & Water
Motifs: Wings & Goats
No. 905841 ID: c53c9f

Yo, that's pretty cool, I can dig this.
No. 905846 ID: 2202fb

Lets be a man. The most generic-ass man you can think of.
No. 905848 ID: 56de26

I vote this.
No. 905850 ID: 54d1d9

Domains - Chaos, Gluttony
Motifs - Fire/Explosions, Burrito-Form Food, Cool Hats

Form - Fat cat person with sunglasses.
No. 905852 ID: 54d1d9

or at least something with sunglasses, might regret doing the fat cat person thing.
No. 905866 ID: 9c22eb

Oh... oh damn... uh shit sorry dude I didn't know you were a separate entity from us, if there's anything we can do to help let us know.

A goat form would be cool.
No. 905867 ID: 9c22eb

wAIT- What if we had a form that allowed some fexibility on how we looked, that way they(also you should get a name soon) can change their appearance whenever they want to whatever they want, hell, maybe even a flexibility motif/domain
No. 905883 ID: b67388

Clay motif? Clay is malleable, so the form would be mutable.
No. 905885 ID: b67388

I'll adjust my suggestion.

Domains: Action, leave second one for ?? to decide on once they're ready.
Motifs: Clay and Energy
Form of: A large lump of clay covered in lines of arcane circuitry. Able to mold itself into different forms.
No. 905888 ID: 5f4328

Domains: Delight and Experiments
Motifs: Horns and Pottery
Form of: Clay goat like creature
No. 905952 ID: c31ef0

No shut up, that idea was great. I'm voting for it. Also give 'em a neckbeard. Don't ask me how a cat can have a neckbeard, because I don't know and I don't care, I just want it to happen.
No. 906199 ID: 6f2688
File 153910148997.png - (20.85KB , 700x700 , some dude I don't know.png )

Our character shall be made of countless miniscule gears, pistons, pulleys and the like, constantly rearranging themselves into different shapes that make up his body. One second he can be whatever-the-fuck-the-thing-I-drew-is, the next second he's already turned into a mechanical goat-man or mechanical cat neckbeard with sunglasses
No. 906203 ID: e7830d

Let's look at what we've got thus far
>we spawn a pirate ship
>we have chests full of pirate clothes
>we wanted a water session

How can we have any domain other than something nautical and a motif that isn't pirates?
No. 906222 ID: b67388

Domain of Action, motif of Pirates?
No. 906223 ID: b67388

(with the idea that the second two would be chosen by Type-B dude(ess))
No. 906226 ID: b1b4f3

Can this form eat a burrito?
No. 906228 ID: 2a13fa
File 153911637907.png - (13.59KB , 500x500 , Kiln.png )

Okay, so while originally mulling over ideas for a steampunk pirate or jellyfish or something, someone suggested goats and arcane circuitry and i created this completely different idea.

Kiln, god of Action and Change
Motifs of Ceramics and Arcane Fire.

The clay of Kiln's body can be manipulated and reshaped at their will, and they can mold it and fire it into various ceramics depending on the situation. With this ability, Kiln can be a pirate, but also anything else they want. Of course, this is assuming that Kiln is the name that they want to go with! It's just a suggestion.
No. 906235 ID: c0641d

Domains of Impulse and Noise, motifs of Trash and Treasure.
No. 906236 ID: b1b4f3

I like this!
No. 906240 ID: 2202fb

Does this unit have a soul?

Anyway, since we are indirect, this means all of these forms could be rejected.
No. 906248 ID: 240938
File 153912164480.png - (79.65KB , 800x800 , Jacob.png )

Here's a cloudy boy I drew. His name is Jacob.
No. 906262 ID: b67388

Yeah sure. I'll throw support on this form, that looks very cool and fits morbit's style already.
No. 906266 ID: b1b4f3

Oh heck we need to do something with the fog of war or else Gumby won't be able to see our sweet form!

INSERT Fog of War into Fridge.
There, now it's contained. If we want to release it again we can just open the fridge.
No. 906283 ID: cbcfcb

Absolutely this.

Also we can cook burritos in that sweet forge.
No. 906323 ID: fd0f46

im bad at designs but i have a name suggestion: Bart Danger
No. 906328 ID: 6f2688
File 153917832691.png - (7.71KB , 456x217 , some dude I don't know but he can in fact eat.png )

Yeah it has a mouth somewhere in there
No. 906366 ID: 6f7b17

I love all the designs, particularly the one named Kiln. But I would like to throw the name 'Haze' or 'Hazen' into the running as a homage to our first use of the take command.
No. 906367 ID: 91ee5f

I like this one! Let’s use this!
No. 906370 ID: 9cab33

Kiru is the sumerian word for kiln. lets get fancy with it and name them kiru
No. 906383 ID: 960b77

What about... Cloud Strife?
No. 906402 ID: 2202fb

How about Kevin?
No. 906507 ID: 9c22eb

OOOH seconding RGB's Kiln idea!
if they want to be named kiln
No. 906665 ID: 8d372f

check self for ass
No. 906814 ID: 4ceb21

I still think the ideal name is Voidsy 2.
No. 906821 ID: e7830d
File 153950022478.png - (8.39KB , 330x330 , drakena.png )

well, I didn't have enough time to finish them but there's a land duck called dragon to go with our dragon called duck

pirate motif, sharing domain

let's copy some floppies
No. 906842 ID: b151ce

Whatever it is, whatever you choose, choose which one YOU LIKE the best, not which one WE WANT you to be the most.
No. 906945 ID: 1668de
File 153957290237.png - (180.21KB , 800x800 , 34.png )

:whowho: ??: you were right
:whowho: ??: they aren't so bad
:whowho: ??: they didn't know
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: See?
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: It's not so bad!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: I'm glad you figured this out sooner than later.
:whowho: ??: ye
:whowho: ??: takes a whole lot off my mind
:whowho: ??: so thanks
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: You haven't uh.
:gumbyworried: GUMBY: You haven't decided on form yet.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Right?
:whowho: HAZEL: perhabs
No. 906947 ID: 1668de
File 153957296721.png - (183.51KB , 800x800 , 35.png )

:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Oh. I see a name
:whowho: HAZEL: yea dude
:whowho: HAZEL: and i can see my arm
:whowho: HAZEL: wack
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Ah.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Well that's good then.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: That you have arms.
:gumbysquint: GUMBY: Must be nice.
:whowho: HAZEL: rite on
:whowho: HAZEL: hey uh lmao why'm i still blacked out tho
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: I don't know.
:gumbyworried: GUMBY: You shouldn't be
:whowho: HAZEL: o
:whowho: HAZEL: um
:whowho: HAZEL: i might have done something silly
:whowho: HAZEL: ill fix it
:whowho: HAZEL: uhhh
No. 906948 ID: 1668de
File 153957299477.png - (127.12KB , 800x800 , 36.png )

:whowho: HAZEL: shit
:whowho: HAZEL: i dont know what to do w\ this
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Do with what?
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: You haven't told me what you've done!
:whowho: HAZEL: i took the fog of war lmfao
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: You.
:gumbysquint: GUMBY: Took.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: The fog of war.
:whowho: HAZEL: sure did
:whowho: HAZEL: cant believe it worked
:whowho: HAZEL: but now its here with me
:whowho: HAZEL: foggin up the joint
:whowho: HAZEL: bein a real big damper on the mood
:whowho: HAZEL: i cant see my feet
:whowho: HAZEL: i dont know if i got feet gumbo
:whowho: HAZEL: im dyin
:gumbyneutral: ...
:gumbyneutral: I had no idea you could do that.
:gumbyohno: I wasted so much time exploring.
:gumbyneutral: Oh well.
:gumbyREALLYexcited: Now I know!
:gumbyneutral: You should just move it somewhere honestly.
:gumbyneutral: Put it in a bottle or something.
:whowho: HAZEL: i no just the place
:whowho: HAZEL: im gonna put it in the fridge
:whowho: HAZEL: keep it cool for later
:whowho: HAZEL: lol
:gumbysquint: GUMBY: ...

>MOVE: Fog of war to fridge
No. 906949 ID: 1668de
File 153957301978.png - (25.73KB , 800x800 , 37.png )

:hazelneutral: HAZEL: well well welly well well
:hazelneutral: HAZEL: i exist!
:gumbyblush: GUMBY: Yeah.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: You do!
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: I was worried you'd make yourself into something silly but looks like you got it good here.
:hazelblush: HAZEL: aw shucks gumbo
:hazelsmug: HAZEL: u rly like it huh, wink wink
:gumbyblush: GUMBY: ...
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Anyway!
No. 906950 ID: 1668de
File 153957305615.png - (6.14KB , 800x800 , 38.png )

:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: It sounds like Wax didn't really explain what was going on here to you.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: End goals and such.
:hazelpun: HAZEL: lmao nah
:hazelthonk: HAZEL: i dont remember it 2 well since i was litrally just existing and things were p much just a mess in my head
:hazelpun: HAZEL: but i think they just lost patience with me
:hazelneutral: HAZEL: u no how it be sometime
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Can't say I do.
:hazeloh: HAZEL: o
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Well regardless you should know how this works.
:hazelneutral: HAZEL: kay
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: The goal of this game is oriented around your cats and what you do with them.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: It's a leadership game.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: You win when your team is the last one standing.
:hazelneutral: HAZEL: alrite so i just gotta get everyone else to get on the floor then
:gumbysquint: GUMBY: ...
:hazelpun: HAZEL: and walk the dinosaur...
No. 906951 ID: 1668de
File 153957307804.gif - (52.52KB , 400x400 , 39.gif )

:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: No.
:gumbyworried: GUMBY: Please let me explain.
:hazelbored: HAZEL: sheesh fine get on w it then gramps
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Thank you.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: This can be achieved by eliminating the competition.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Or by allying with them, forming one larger team so to speak.
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: However!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: There's a secondary win condition in this session.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: I asked Wax to implement this for me, for this session.
:gumbysing: GUMBY: Ah its just like old times~
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: Anyway.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: In the centre of the four lands exists a larger land.
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: In the centre of THAT land exists a lake.
:gumbyREALLYexcited: GUMBY: In the centre of THAT lake exists an island.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: And in the centre of that island exists a tower.
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: You can win the game by having 6 members of your team on the top floor of the tower.
:gumbyexcited: GUMBY: But!
:gumbyneutral: GUMBY: No other team may be present on any other floor of the tower.
:hazelneutral: HAZEL: o so its like king of the hill then
:gumbyREALLYexcited: GUMBY: Exactly!
No. 906952 ID: 1668de
File 153957310790.png - (390.25KB , 800x800 , 40.png )

:hazelneutral: HAZEL: u no wax did a real bang up job on this game tho
:hazelneutral: HAZEL: super realistic
:gumbysing: GUMBY: Oh that's because it is real~
:hazelshock: HAZEL: what
:hazeldisgust: HAZEL: excuse me what
:gumbyohno: GUMBY: Uh.
:hazeldisgust: HAZEL: how is that ok at all
:hazeldisgust: HAZEL: ur just using these lil cat duders as your own personal playthings
:hazelangry: HAZEL: gumby! what is this horseshit
:hazeldisgust: HAZEL: What do you even MEAN by 'its real'. That means they're PEOPLE Gumby.
:hazelthonk: HAZEL: Didn't you just say you asked Wax to run this one for you too?
:hazeldisgust: HAZEL: Pretty sure you did.
:hazelangry: HAZEL: Explain yourself.
:gumbyohno: GUMBY: ...


:hazelshock: HAZEL: ...
:hazeloh: HAZEL: o
No. 906953 ID: 1668de
File 153957316092.png - (10.22KB , 300x600 , 41.png )

CHECK: For ass

:hazelsmug: HAZEL: yup thats accounted for
No. 906954 ID: 7e9c89

w-well at least you have an ass i guess?????? also, it’s good if you to care about the tcps even tho. it made your friend upset ;; try and call him back maybe? or is anyone else in the game uet
No. 906955 ID: 65c9b9

dunk island again in regret of yelling at Gumby even if its important that they realize the consequences of their actions
No. 906956 ID: 65c9b9

Take creation powers back give Duck a gold star give creation powers back to Duck.
No. 906957 ID: 7b53bd

congrats on the ass.

so. yeah, this game's like, real. thats some heavy shit.
No. 906958 ID: b22621

Beeeetter ask Duck for that creation command back. We gotta stop being so reckless if this is all real.
No. 906959 ID: b1b4f3

A fine ass.

Ok let's check up on what our buddy Duck made. How big is the pile? Is it a hoard befitting a dragon yet?
Heh what if we gave our TCPs one command each? Then it'd be THEIR game.
No. 906960 ID: b1b4f3

We can eat it now!
No. 906961 ID: d5442a

Well gaining an ass seems to have cheered you up a lot, at least. You seem to be continuing to develop your own personality pretty well! I don't know how much that's to do with the session you've been born to. Or like... coalesced into? Collectives have a weird genesis, like it's implied they existed in some form before manifesting themselves fully, but in a strange potential not-really way. So, in a way, it's not just the TCPs who are being created for the purpose of a game, but... you, too? The game didn't have enough players so it reached out into the aether to pull together some stray bits and pieces of thought and made one?

Dang that kinda makes Wax your dad, in a way! Or maybe it's more like he's the doctor that delivered you. Or something. The relationship isn't great there but to be perfectly frank the way he's set this up was an influence on how we treated you at first. Everything being sort of half-finished and loose gave an impression that this whole thing didn't really matter that much. Like if you're playing an early build of a game then you're supposed to be trying to mess around and break it, and you get the sense you shouldn't get attached to anything because it might get changed. You know? Plus a good chunk of that "wtf this is real?" should be directed at him.

Anyway, looking good. Hope that clay can be soft as well as hard, winknudgewink. Seriously though test out to see if you can modify your body any, change anything you do back afterwards because you look lovely as is, unless of course anything strikes you as particularly comfortable. Speaking of what feels like it fits, you feelin' any pronouns in particular, buddy? Hazel seems like traditionally more of a girl name but it's up to you. Everyone makes themselves.

So now we know your domains and motifs, wanna mess around making stuff to take advantage of them? Make yourself a rad castle outta big bricks with slate roof towers and giant flame braziers and spooky torches and like, golems filled with animating mystic fire. Like shit maybe if arcane fire isn't affected by water you could make an army of golems to just walk under the sea to the other islands. Find out if it's better down where it's wetter! Golems fit your motifs really well and they can do a ton of stuff living creatures can but aren't really alive so there's no ethical problem to using them for things! Things like maybe invading all the other players' islands and capturing their TCPs to keep them safe from being used as pawns. Build them lovely homes with golem servants. Trade our golem army protectors to the players willing to submit to ally with us in exchange for keeping their TCPs out of it (that is, in our care). Crush the others. Let the new god protect the new lives! A created deity for created mortals! Play an aggressive game instead of retreading the attempt to be nice and unify everyone!

... Just a suggestion. God of action and all that.

Hmm. You know, maybe for all our conveniences' sake, since you've got yourself fully formed now, could you give us a general stock-taking of everything you have to work with at the moment?

Apparently all tgchan-born collectives inherit horniness as a basic personality trait, what a surprise
No. 906965 ID: a94e23

We’re kinda existing in nothingness right now so let’s just
Create: living room(walls,roof,floor and furniture included)
Take: living room
There, now we can relax while we mess with powers we do not deserve. Go team!
No. 906968 ID: cf108f

Gumby probably knows the cats are people. We haven't even seen anything they've done yet. Don't be so quick to assume they've been mistreating their cats, you dont really have a reason to think that.
No. 906969 ID: b67388

Totally. We can give them godly superpowers!
No. 906971 ID: b67388

Speaking of which, is the TCP limit gone up yet?

If so, maybe Spawn a Gem Type! I have a feeling they'd get along well with Duck.
No. 906973 ID: 8031fe

>Spawn Leviathan type
No. 906977 ID: d5442a

Nooo, we've got visual themes now! The next TCPs we make should be, like... oven type. Makes food for other TCPs somehow? Or will o'wisp type. St. Elmo's fire type? That's pretty nautical. There's the whole world of advanced ceramics if we want to get fancy.

... Now I'm wondering what a claymation type would be able to do.
No. 906979 ID: cbcfcb

Good news everyone!

We can now make jokes about buns in the oven.
No. 906981 ID: 92938f

take: a spice jar
take: another spice jar
combine: a spice jar with another spice jar
take: spice jar
combine: spice jar with spice jar amalgam
if there are still spice jars, return to the command take: spice jar and continue from there.
place: spice jar amalgam
No. 906988 ID: b1b4f3

Hey those are Duck's spices, let's not take them.

Hmm yeah Oven sounds good, and I bet a Brick type would be really tough!
Other ideas: Speed(action), Reversal(action AND regret oooh), Mortar
No. 906989 ID: 425713

Kiln... How about we spawn a Godzilla type?

Create: Kiln.
Create: Basic Brick Cookbook.
No. 906990 ID: c31ef0

Nice cheeks dude. Anyway, we shouldn't get too mad at Gumby yet, it's more Wax's fault anyway, and the game can easily go in a totally pleasant direction as long as no one's an asshole. In the meantime we can take a principled stance in favor of TCP self-determination, and encourage others to do the same. A good way to get started on that would be to let Duck keep the CREATE command. If we want to make more stuff we can just ask them to do it for us.
No. 906994 ID: 91ee5f

Nice ass.

Alright, Hazel, the next thing you should check is your gender. which one are you: male, female, or neither?

.....also, you might want to call Gumby back and try to apologize for that outburst.

Or you could instead check on Duck and see what she’s up to.

Correction: Buns on the oven!
No. 906995 ID: bd2f6c

wait wait wait. slow ur roll everyone.

I mean, Hazel has a big objection to the fact that these are real people, right? Don't you think that would mean we *shouldn't* go around throwing new people into this situation until we learn exactly what it entails? Like, for the sake of ethics, let's not try to spawn anyone until we can get some answers about this. Or at least work some things out. Let's at least wait to spawn someone until we can talk to gumby or wax again.

also, this, but for added fun let's ask Duck to make it and see what she comes up with, and then take it.
No. 906997 ID: 53b212

seconding leviathan type
No. 906998 ID: ee2d6e

When will they learn. When will the gods learn. That actions. Have consequences.
No. 907001 ID: 33aff7

We are already doing some great improvements thanks to Gumby being the catalyst. In the same vein, no person should be made alone. Granted, Duck is a Dragon, a creature not typically known for social skills, but still, one way or another, Duck's going to need a friend. We'll have a back-up or sidekick on reserve in case something horrible happens to Duck. A person can't do all things themself, and having someone that got your back is definitely a stress reliever.
No. 907008 ID: 1a6dfc

Take: Create Command from Duck
Combine: Fog of War && Fridge

Create: A machine that produces those things that Duck likes/hoards on command that circumvents the law of conservation of mass
No. 907012 ID: 08c9c3

We shouldn't make TCPs just so that they're like us to stoke our ego. A Gem Type would be very compatible with Duck, and Duck shouldn't have to be alone.
No. 907013 ID: 1a6dfc

Gumby said we'll have six team members. So that will allow us to user 3 for one theme and 3 for another theme. And there we go. 3 tcps with a dragon/treasure theme and 3 with a clay/oven/fire theme.
No. 907014 ID: bd2f6c

for people saying that we should make someone right now to give Duck a friend:

maaaaybe ask Duck if she wants another TCP first?
No. 907023 ID: b67388

Let Duck keep the Create command. Not that you can Take it back unless she gives it up.
No. 907039 ID: 2ea580

There's that word 'use'. We shouldn't be 'using' them, we should be helping them.
No. 907040 ID: 2c24b4

It can be argued that using game mechanics to give them boosts is helping them.
No. 907050 ID: 575ec0

Did... Did Duck just fill the entire interior of the island with treasure?


I see no problems here.
No. 907051 ID: b1b4f3

Which island though? I hope it's not Dunk Island.
No. 907058 ID: 5b7a9b

Gem-type sounds like a bad choice. Duck will want to keep Gem-type and hoard them. Let's avoid treasure types.

Dragon already fits the fire theme. I thought we were doing a beast thing when the next suggested thing was leviathan.
No. 907067 ID: 517521

Saying we should 'use' them sets a pretty bad contextual meaning that doesn't sound like the intent has them in mind at all.
No. 907069 ID: b1b4f3

That's not what context means. One word does not create context.
In this context(when using the damn word correctly), we are "using" the TCP slots, not the TCPs themselves. Don't be so literal.
No. 907071 ID: 2a13fa

Hey Hazel, we should let you know that we've played this game before. We haven't beaten it yet, and this is a much older version, but there's some stuff we already know about it. Like how this version of the game doesn't seem to have autobalancing, which could cause a disaster REAL quick if there aren't other details about the prealpha that would make that less of an issue. Also, the version we had didn't have TAKE, INSERT, COMBINE, etc., so I move to abuse these as much as possible because they were clearly removed in future versions for balance or peace reasons. (We already took the fog of war, for instance.)
No. 907076 ID: 2202fb

Omg, Duck has ascended!
No. 907077 ID: 2202fb

We need a fucking blunt, a beanbag chair, a hoodie, and a rasta hat. Anyhoo, we have a bunch of good, but random, shit. Lets fill it in a bit. Add a library (or at least a shelf) for the forbidden texts books, an armory for the firearm(s) (or at least a gun locker. An armory and a gun locker may already be present on the empty aircraft carrier we made). Tanks to hold the damn fuel. A (furniture) media center for all of the tech and media in the carrier's briefing room (cuz water and electronics dont mix very well).

Also, lets take the create command back from Duck so we can create a create command to give them. Then, and this is the big one, lets create a Teach command, and then teach all of the backlogged teach commands after telling Duck to brace themselves.
No. 907078 ID: d5442a

I wonder if you can CREATE the power to CREATE? I mean if you can manipulate it with other actions, you should be able to, right? Maybe asking Duck to CREATE CREATE COMMAND and then taking that would be easier than asking them to give the only one away.

Also, wonder if we can contact Wax? Maybe just SAY "hey Wax I wanna talk to you" and that'd work. This whole thing is kinda messed up what with you just being born and from how he was acting I think maybe Wax isn't fully aware that his game basically just generated a confused totally new god with no idea what's what about anything except what a bunch of voices (from another world and with limited/flawed knowledge of the game and whatever world these other gods come from) know about. That's kind of a big deal and he didn't act like it was a big deal. It's pretty fucked. You know? So maybe it was unintended.

I mean it's the same thing you just confronted Gumby about basically. You're a person and you've been created to play with? You're just in a more powerful position.
No. 907100 ID: 2202fb

Gumby confirmed this a few updates ago.
No. 907105 ID: 461e55

Speaking of which, I wonder if Duck now has domain synergy due to Arcane Fire.
Leviathan is also described as breathing fire, so if Duck has domain synergy, a Leviathan TCP probably would too.

Not sure what exactly our action domains would manifest as for purposes of synergy. In the best case any moving thing that shouldn't counts, in which case all undead, and other animated beings have synergy via that. Probably more likely TCP based upon an action in some way, though.

Will-o-wisp would fit arcane fire.
Phoenix would too, probably.
Kirin/Qilin would fit arcane fire, due to being described as covered in "holy fire".
Golem would fit clay.
Assuming undead that arise from unburied corpses falls under regret, I'd recommend a Gashadokuro TCP. Skeletons that arise from from the amassed bones of people who died of starvation or in battle without being buried, and are fifteen times the size of a man. They're invisible and indestructible, with the only way to easily detect them being the fact that nearby people hear a loud ringing. They're noted to be vulnerable to shinto charms, though, and similar stuff would probably affect a TCP.
No. 907111 ID: b67388

I'd be down for a Phoenix, but the giant skelly sounds like trying to use the TCP to powergame without considering how it will affect their interactions with others.
No. 907145 ID: 4edacb


>Hmm. You know, maybe for all our conveniences' sake, since you've got yourself fully formed now, could you give us a general stock-taking of everything you have to work with at the moment?

im pretty sure "CHECK: for ass" accomplished that already
No. 907158 ID: 64e9b5

SAY: Yo Duck can we see that create command again for a bit? We'll give it back, we promise.
TAKE: CREATE command from Duck
GIVE: 1x CREATE command to Duck
CREATE: TAKE command
GIVE: 1x TAKE command to Duck
No. 907160 ID: 36d52c

Also, seconding creating a TEACH command.
No. 907162 ID: 2c24b4

As neat as having a proxy god would be, I'd like to do this without having Duke playing for us. Could you dudes not give all our powers to our TCP?
No. 907166 ID: b7c775

Create: destroy command
Destroy: create command
No. 907170 ID: e7830d

SPAWN: Lasagna-type
No. 907174 ID: 54d1d9

give - duck undo command
take - undo command
undo - destroy create command
No. 907175 ID: b1b4f3

Voting against further messing with commands.
No. 907194 ID: b151ce

Cool you have already established yourself as a benevolent memelord. It's good to be sure the cats are getting taken care of if they're people, yeah. Sheesh. But don't be too pissed at gumby yet, we don't really know that much information about what's going on.
No. 907504 ID: 65c9b9

make a vaguely dick shape if you look at it at the right angle clay figure with your kiln. its important to all artists to make a dick at some point in life might as well be now
No. 907620 ID: 2202fb

Why limit ourselves. Lets have it all!
No. 907623 ID: 39c40f

If you do manage to get the create command back, make golems. Like just a ton of golems. Pirate golems! Those ones'll need to be hollow or something, but a ship needs a crew. Also servant golems to pamper your cats, and builders, and an army. Just pile on the golems.
No. 907718 ID: 2202fb

Lets make them tactical military (infantry) golems.
No. 907852 ID: 575ec0

I for one enjoy the handicap of not having a create command.

It will force us to think creatively.
No. 908065 ID: 2202fb

What is the blue shit Duck made a mountain of?
No. 908066 ID: 2202fb

Ah, they are spice jars. (though whether melange or deodorant, we may never know)

Can we do the create transfer/clone thing now?
(Take:create command from duck
Create:create command
Insert: create command in duck)

Then do my teaching suggestion (>>907077),

Then, Teach: Sexuality, Perversion, Innuendo, Juvenile Humor, and Internet Culture to Duck.

Then Create: controllable TCP-scale manifestation of ourself next to duck. Tap duck. Ask "What Do?"
No. 908075 ID: e1d580

Give: all commands to Duck
No. 908083 ID: b67388

Negatory chieferino, we gotta save some for our other boys and girls.
No. 908105 ID: 5b7a9b

I highly suggest against creating a teach command, especially the opening the knowledge flood gate that comes after it. Maybe we can do a little workaround.

CREATE: single-use Teaching Stone of Reading
No. 908180 ID: 2202fb

Flood wont be an issue if you are prepared for it. We just need to tell duck before we do it.
No. 908183 ID: 2a13fa

>Teach: Sexuality, Perversion, Innuendo, Juvenile Humor, and Internet Culture to Duck.

I exercise my Veto power that I just now declare that I have to say no to all of this.
No. 908186 ID: e1d580

Let's not get down this rabbit hole again. Just try and trust Hazel not to follow suggests blindly rather than reintroducing the countervote crap.
No. 908225 ID: 2202fb

But we need the dirty jokes! :(
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