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File 153588375181.png - (30.86KB , 500x500 , Opening.png )
900061 No. 900061 ID: f7b510

The sun burns high in the sky. Cracking the land with it's blistering heat. The way is vast and unchanging. Seemingly never ending in almost all directions.

Why would you be here? What drives someone to a place like this? Madness? Insanity? Who are you?
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No. 900063 ID: 33cbe7

You're a water elemental and you might be more than a little lost after the party last night.
No. 900065 ID: ff82d2

You're a 20 year old human male. Your class is NEET.

The last thing you remember was walking to a shop to buy some drinks when suddenly you were attacked by a thug. You also remember him shooting you in the head. But then, why is it that you're not dead, instead of waking up here in this world?
No. 900066 ID: c23250

You are as the title implies, a wanderer. A rat of this wasteland. To be more specific, you are a driver. A skilled survivalist and warrior. With skills in mechanics and knowledge of the time before. You seek what anyone would seek in a land like this. Water.
No. 900067 ID: 1bf2e8

You are a survivor. Something has prolonged your life to the point where your history blends together in an unreadable mess. You seek guzzolene, and water, and weapons. For what? You don't know. Only a feeling that life is going to suddenly get harder than you can imagine.

also maybe you are secretly cute
No. 900070 ID: dbf422

Obviously madness. No one would come here if they were perfectly sane. Not with what is promised at the end. Salvation.
No. 900078 ID: 5fc773

>what drove us here

A car obviously
No. 900080 ID: b61eb0

You are Kiyoshi Tsumori and were once a depressed officeworker who found new purpose in a broken world
No. 900081 ID: ad51b8

are we picking races here as well? If so I vote for a girtablilu, or scorpion person.

either way as for why we're here... I'm actually kinda divided between a simple runaway outlaw or a mad profit following visions in their dreams in a journey they hope will end with them finding the physical avatar of their god... eh why not combine the two. Run away outlaw searching for their god.
No. 900083 ID: 556258

You're a lizardperson named Nate. You're a pretty hardy one, hardier than the already hardy race of yours. Your shirt and pants are the only possessions you have right now.

You're here in this inhospitable desert because you were exiled from your country. They weren't too clear why.
No. 900091 ID: 4f1cbc

This sounds fun
No. 900098 ID: 094652

Your name is Sarai Jiu-Liang. You're a former cybernetics engineer stuck in a desert after civilization collapsed. Your memories are corrupted between the point when everything was on fire and three months ago. You have supplies, a degree, and no idea what to do. You're screwed.
No. 900136 ID: 704031

Combine these!

I think a little bit of all these suggestions would be great. A desert rat.

You seek to cross the great salt sea to find... something. Your purpose is survival, but you know beyond lies your salvation. How will you do it? You are unsure.

Also maybe you ARE secretly cute
No. 900194 ID: f7b510
File 153594459157.png - (35.79KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_1.png )

This sun baked hell is your world. You weren't born into it, you don't think. It was born around you. Forced to live. Stripped of all that you had known once a time long, long ago. A crazy-eyed warrior. One who stops for nothing. Lest the demons of your past catch up with you. An outlaw in a land without order.

Your quest... Salvation? Yes. That sounds familiar.
No. 900195 ID: f7b510
File 153594498538.png - (116.80KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_2.png )

Your memories have suffered in the time that has passed. How many years has it been since... Anything... One? Ten? A hundred? You don't know.

You are a remnant, stripped down to one core instinct.


It is only through your dreams that you glimpse the life you had before. The skills you have. Mechanics, electronics, your degree? They are a horrible mish-mash of sights and feelings that draw you forwards. You don't know where you are going, and you don't know how to get there, but you do know what lies at the end of your road. Salvation.

What do you need to reach it?
No. 900196 ID: 33cbe7

Your pilot's license. And your passport!
No. 900197 ID: 9a9227

I like this so far. I'm sure wanderer will let us know more details about the choices soon, but as for the question.

You need parts and wheels. Fast ones. The fastest ones possible, and to do that you need eight cylinders. No less.

You need to find people. To corpse? Or maybe to trade for necessities. The heat must drain our water supplies greatly.
No. 900199 ID: 3a3544

You need to follow the smoke! Over there in the distance! What is it?
No. 900206 ID: dbf422

Gas. Or that's what it's called, since actual gasoline is worthless these days. Whatever that liquid you shove into your car is, you need a lot of it. You need to find someone who has some, and get it from them. How you get it depends on the person who has it.
No. 900218 ID: f7b510
File 153595509423.png - (80.09KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_3.png )

You need equipment.

Parts to beef up your car, fuel for the journey, and for yourself. Food and water are valuable and tough to come across, and you don't have enough for more than a couple days.

In the distance you spy smoke. A telltale sign of danger, but it's something you have to risk.

Your tires kick up salt and grime as you near the source of the smoke. You see enormous rigs of steel atop rails. A train? Nearby it seems like some sort of camp with several vehicles nearby.
No. 900220 ID: 3a3544

Proceed to the train engine. You can probably find someone in charge there.
No. 900235 ID: dbf422

Make sure you have an idea for a getaway before you park. And don't leave the car until you know you aren't dealing with bandits.
No. 900240 ID: 094652

Remember, your car is both fragile and a powerful battle armor. You must decide if you wish to use it in combat as a battering ram or leave it behind so it doesn't get shot up.
No. 900285 ID: ff82d2

Park your car where it won't be noticed and then walk/sneak towards the objective.
No. 900355 ID: 6eea28

Stay in the car, head for the train engine and try to find someone who looks important. If there is a sign of danger, put the petal to the metal and flee
No. 900414 ID: f7b510
File 153605343288.png - (76.59KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_4.png )

You decide your safest place is your car, and that the quickest way to see what goes on is to head to the front of the train.

As you near it, a truck and a man on a motorcycle pull up along side you somewhat, as if to guide you along a path. You were already heading in this direction anyway.

Ahead of you begins a large work camp. Dozens, if not hundreds of men working. Welding, hammering, lifting. All around hastily built tents.
No. 900416 ID: f7b510
File 153605369949.png - (39.29KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_5.png )

As you near the lead train car, you notice the sheer size and scale of it. It's guns, as large as any you have any seen. All of it's cars are armored to high hell. Weapons of all sorts decorate the sides. If this thing laid full broadside, you don't expect the damage to be anything less than apocalyptic.

That's when you notice other vehicles have pulled from some of the tents you passed. Real wasteland speedsters and cars armed with harpoons and ballista mounted on their roofs or flatbeds. Tandem bikers with explosive spears. They form a wide V around you. Like a funnel, guiding you forwards, threatening to grind your sides if you near one of the edges.
No. 900420 ID: f7b510
File 153605491591.png - (131.19KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_6.png )

That is when you reach the front most car. The engine.

A humongous monster of dark steel, smoke stacks pouring pitch black fumes, steam and smoke into the air, fire belching from the exhausts and the many 'eyes' of the front ram. The atomic train seems to be being fitted with more parts and guns as workers hammer new rails into place at it's front. Only now can you see most of these workers are slaves, bound and branded with hideous markings and scars. The largest gun you have ever seen sits on a nearby train car, being put together by workers.

If this is the unfinished train, you can't imagine what it will look like once completed.

Finally, Atop a throne of car parts and blades at the top of the train sits a monster of a man, though you can only see the faintest form through the glimmer of the sun and reflection across all the steel and chrome.

Suddenly, you hear a voice amplified through the air. You know it must be the monster atop the train speaking.



Ahead of you, you spy barrels of guzzolene being filled from an enormous tank near the base of a stony cliff face. Warriors pulling their machines to block you. That was your goal, but is the danger worth it now? What do you do?

You have three shots with your pistol, and a quarter tank of gas.
No. 900424 ID: ff82d2

Pass the barrels and shoot them to take out your pursuers. While they're stunned from the explosion, see if you can grab a barrel or two that didn't explode.

Alternatively, shot the barrels in a way that the explosion sends one of the barrels flying towards the monster train. Once the flying barrel is right next to the Engine Head, shoot the barrel to take out the boss. Declare yourself as the new warlord.
No. 900450 ID: 0e2ebe

I agree with plan number one. Just don't spend much time looking for an unexploded barrel.
No. 900458 ID: edee3d

If you think you have a good way to ignite the explosives then do it without leaving your car. Maybe the explosion is large enough to cause a rockslide. If that’s the case, hit your hand break so that your pursuers end up smashed or way forwards from you. Then speed back off towards the distance. You might be able to outrun any pursuers that follow you.
No. 900463 ID: 094652

Brakes. Turn. Gun. Opposite Direction. Gas. Now.

Engine head might be the worshiped overlord of this army, but he's still a mortal. He can direct the horde to glory, oblivion, or some mix of the two, but he cannot physically grab this train by the balls and turn it around 180 degrees.

If he can do even a tenth of such an impossible feat, you're screwed and should probably surrender right now. So let's assume he can't just multiply the velocity of this train by -1 within the next fifteen seconds. That's fifteen whole seconds for the slaves and the soldiers to realize their "Savior of the Supersonic and Paragon of Propulsion" is flawed, that those who flee in the opposite direction of the will of the train can make it out alive.

If there is any suspicion, any possibility, any speculative thought of imperfection in the horde, it will cause a fracture. It doesn't matter how small, or how easily fixed the fracture is, that's your window of opportunity to raid and retreat.

Besides, if you keep moving in this direction, all it would take to bring you down is a single order from Engine Head to "Go to Glory" and the whole gang will kamikaze-dogpile your car, killing you instantly. He only needs the engine after all.
No. 900469 ID: 69d4b9

Join the Road-Dogs. Bring your V8 to the Monster Shouter as an offering, a bribe, a bride-price all in one.
No. 900478 ID: 7a9d9c

If I am not mistaken, pretty sure it was implied the train and the parts were not completed yet. Instead they were being added on to while the track is built in front of it.

In any case, you should try to escape. Use your skills as a driver, maybe you can cause some kind of distraction. Leaving with a quarter tank is better than leaving with no car, or not leaving at all.

Maybe stalling their progress with kabooms is enough to stunt any pursuit. So I am siding with

Except maybe dont even try to grab any fuel at all, just get out. We can worry about guzzolene later.
No. 900488 ID: 33cbe7

Look at the size of that damn thing! This was a suicide mission. Blow up their gas and run.
No. 900518 ID: f7b510
File 153613871620.png - (76.54KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_7.png )

You pick your final gear and see in the distance an enormous tank of fuel, with pipes lined all across the cliff face and in towards the camp. Immediately you see what must be done.
No. 900519 ID: f7b510
File 153613879929.png - (64.64KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_8.png )

A single shot rings out over the wasteland
No. 900520 ID: f7b510
File 153613912341.png - (77.91KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_9.png )

A fire ignites the fuel, and a moment later you witness a fire show to rival The Bombs.


The occupants of the trucks that pulled in front of you to lay fire are incinerated in a flaming burst of ignited guzzolene, the following explosion shakes the earth as the fuel lines, pumps, tanks, and gas pockets all ignite at once.
No. 900521 ID: f7b510
File 153613933975.png - (59.89KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_10.png )

With your split second timing, you crank the handbreak and slam your clutch as your wheels scream, trying to find purchase to bring your car to a halt.
No. 900522 ID: f7b510
File 153613949750.png - (127.50KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_11.png )

As if caught by surprise, dozens of cars careening onto their sides to avoid the ball of fire, or smashing into each other as they attempt to avoid the explosions.

All for naught, as the majority have traveled too far when the rock slide caught them.

Numerous boulders and stones slide from the cliff face, smashing and crushing cars, workers, and warriors alike. Coming down onto the train with enough force to shatter steel.
No. 900523 ID: f7b510
File 153613972572.png - (25.06KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_12.png )

An enormous booming voice yells a bloodcurdling warcry. Demanding his soldiers to fly into battle after you.

You've already begun your escape when you notice a single truck in pursuit. It's mounted great crossbow, it's single driver and gunner ready for war. You watch through the rearview as the gunner loads a jag tipped harpoon with metallic coils. They seek to drag you down.
No. 900524 ID: f7b510
File 153614007316.png - (25.46KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_13.png )

You've got to lose your pursuit.

Ahead of you, you spy the great salty expanse. In one direction, a rusted hull of an oceanliner lays against a mountain of dead coral and stone.

To your right you spy a craggy canyon passage with a maze of steel and iron shipping containers, shielding from storms and intruders alike.

Straight ahead, you see the empty, from which you came.

Your quarter tank should be plenty to arrive at either locations but may leave you stranded should you go straight.

Through your rear view mirror you catch a glint. A pair of binoculars or long lookers, or what you suspect, a sniper scope.

Avoiding both may be a challenge.
No. 900526 ID: 33cbe7

Left to the boat. The sights with the gun attached are more important to dodge!
No. 900528 ID: ff82d2

Go right. The maze is great for evading and hard for the truck to maneuver.
No. 900530 ID: dbf422

Agreed. That spear is way more dangerous.
No. 900656 ID: f7b510
File 153622637366.png - (139.13KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_14.png )

You focus your attention to pressing matters.

The truck begins to pick up pace, so you begin maneuvers, hoping to throw dust up into the warrior's eyes, and trick him into an early fire.

You hear him shout.

Gunner: "You FOOL! You came ALL this way to get CORPSED! The Tycoon of Torque SHALL HAVE YOUR FLATTY AND WE SHALL CHOP THE REST!"
No. 900657 ID: f7b510
File 153622658108.png - (83.87KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_15.png )

You managed to dodge his coiled shot. The harpoon lodges itself deep into the earth and the coils fall weakly to the ground. You see the gunner pull a latch and the tied down end falls as well.

They begin to gain on you, if only just. Your evasive maneuvers costing you some speed. He seems to be loading a single regular bolt and prepare to fire.
No. 900658 ID: f7b510
File 153622714579.png - (131.97KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_16.png )

Suddenly you hear a sniper shot ring out over the sand, reverberating like a drum. It surprises you just enough for the gunner to launch the crossbow, embedding itself deep into your car.
He shouts once more.

Gunner: "GLORY! YOUR GUZZOLENE SEEPS! Stop this fool's game and surrender for your bashing! The SULTAN OF SPEED demands your tribute!"

He is right. Your fuel is leaking. At this rate you might only barely make it to the maze, and it's too late to try and speed for the ocean liner. The driver laughs maniacally from behind his truck's armored shades.
No. 900659 ID: 094652

>Gas Trail
Only one hope left... straight line, wait for the suckers to line up behind you, and SHOOT YOUR OWN GAS TRAIL. Let them burn on your afterburn.
No. 900662 ID: 2099fb

Try to shoot the gunner! It might be hard with the crossbow in the way, but you don't have much choice. You'll have to try to go in a straight line to use as little fuel as possible to make it to the containers. If you don't then you might as well be a sitting duck. Not to mention you dont want to get shot or bolted.
No. 900728 ID: ff82d2

We can't get away now, which means that we'll need to defeat these fools. Continue to the maze until you're dry, then stop your car where the sniper can't hit. Exit your car and use it as a cover against the crossbow while using the remaining gunshots to take out the drivers. We need the truck intact for repairs and salvage.
No. 900791 ID: dbf422

Dodge to their side and brake suddenly to get right alongside them. If you have a clear shot on the driver, take it, if not, try to hit the crossbow guy.
No. 900811 ID: f7b510
File 153631930076.png - (108.65KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_17.png )

You make a sudden left and brake enough to speed alongside the truck. You aim for the driver, but he swerves to hit you, so as you dodge to avoid the ram, your shot instead strikes the crossbow, causing the limb and string to become inoperable.

The gunner hoists a spear and readies himself as you try to line up your final shot at him.
No. 900812 ID: f7b510
File 153631933555.png - (64.09KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_18.png )

Suddenly you hear a loud bang come from your forward right wheel. The sniper placed another shot, but this time after finding his mark, he managed to pop your tire.

To avoid skidding or some kind of failure, you slow down.
No. 900813 ID: f7b510
File 153631945720.png - (83.38KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_19.png )

Your pursuit takes advantage of your speed and the gunner jumps, landing atop your car.

No. 900815 ID: f7b510
File 153631985533.png - (85.70KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_20.png )

Gunner: "Stop your ride and MAYBE we kill you QUICK!"

You level your pistol, and quickly dispatch him, and feel as he rolls under the rear wheels. Now that you are nearing the canyon crevice you spy many shipping containers ahead of you, along with ditches and car hulls.

Your last pursuit is the driver and his truck. You are nearly out of fuel, but you think you'll make it on fumes.

((By the way, this quest might become NSFW due to gore or violence or other situations due to the themes that are being suggested))

No. 900830 ID: 094652

Since your car is on the verge of uselessness, utilize the last of your momentum. Aim for the doors of a random container and jump out at the last second. See if you opened the right loot crate.

Takedown the other driver and steal his truck, use it to distract the remaining enemies. Move any gas tanks in hidden stashes for later.
No. 900831 ID: ff82d2

Try to survive and continue until there's a safe stopping place. Perhaps inside one of the containers where you can neither get shot by the sniper, no rammed by the truck. I assume you have some weapons other than the gun you can fight the truck driver with.
No. 900911 ID: 3dc840

You've got to speed for the container yard. If you can, use the ditches and car hulls as barriers or obstacles for the truck driver.

As far as you know, he hasn't a way of attack besides ramming now, and is probably going to try and run you down. So arriving at a place that is kind of fortified will be good, especially if you can manage to get on top of a shipping container or onto a rock face. At this distance the sniper should have trouble firing on you as well once you arrive.

You might have to figure out a way to patch the damage to your car. The fuel leak and the tire. Best case scenario is we can just take what we need off the pursuit truck.
No. 900955 ID: f7b510
File 153640145584.png - (82.26KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_21.png )

You race as hard as you can for the containers. The truck surprisingly nimble as you dodge and weave around ditches and hulls of rusted out cars.

You check around for any open containers to hide in and spy one dead ahead.
No. 900956 ID: f7b510
File 153640169554.png - (58.21KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_22.png )

As you near your destination, you see many more ditches and remains, Many of the containers lie open and bare, ancient holes of rust and sheets torn from them.

Rusty jagged pieces of metal lie half buried in the ground, and you notice your engine die as you run out of fuel.

You shift to neutral as your momentum carries you forwards. You await your ramming, which doesn't seem to come. You glance back, and see that the truck pulled away and is seen driving back towards it's home. A sudden feeling of relief washes over you.
No. 900957 ID: f7b510
File 153640180079.png - (85.25KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_23.png )

Suddenly you hear a loud click

Then ringing in your ears

Then darkness.

What do you dream of?
No. 900963 ID: dbf422

For once, it wasn't the past. But a race. A grand race and a prize greater than imagining. It's a close call and you're not alone, somehow. You're pulling ahead when your tire blows out. But maybe if you...
No. 900966 ID: ff82d2

You dream of a lush green land with plenty of food and water everywhere you look.
No. 900996 ID: 094652

You dream of the previous Age. Plenty of food. Plenty of water. Plenty of gas. And it still wasn't enough to convince everyone to lay down their weapons and live in peace. Some said it was because the high rulers intentionally kept the plenty from the poor, to leave them sick and weak and unable to take over, but those sick and weak subverted the rulers in all the worst ways. Some said it was because the warhounds believed everyone became corrupt and decadent and they needed to make everyone starve to redeem themselves, and one day they did. Some said it was not an age of plenty and our harvest of the earth was doomed, and now that doom is here.

Whatever the case, you lived your life with a dull fear. Now that fear is here, and strangely enough it is a muscle that replaces what is lost in your mind.

Alright, enough soliloquy, you're in a minefield and if you don't wake up, the bandits will get a dinki-di and sniff their way to your car.
No. 901051 ID: 6a4d3c

You dream of your past, but it comes back in flashes. You remember the life you had before. Before all of this. You had a goal, a drive, and then things started to become bleak. War, famine, depleting resources lead to the downfall, but what really sealed the deal was the big boom. Nuclear war. You've survived by the skin of your teeth, ruthless, cunning, always on the move, this is just another day in the life for you. Even if that life has been extended by some force beyond knowing.

Suddenly, your dream has become a nightmare. Another one of those visions of the promise of 'salvation' whatever that is. At the end of this long road, and a finish line. Whatever it is, you have to take it to reach your salvation.
No. 901052 ID: 8c402d

You dream of the horrors you have seen, lifetimes ago it feels. They aren't connected. just flashes here and there. Bombs, death, war. Something you had was taken away from you. And made you something different. You are angry. Furious, and mad in all senses of the word. You have to avoid dreaming too long. The temptation of the past is alluring, but you can't slip into the long sleep yet.

Not when there are other cars out there, and your salvation lies at the end of a very, very long road.
No. 901058 ID: f7b510
File 153649004318.png - (75.74KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_24.png )

You dream of the past. Your memories haunt you, and only vague pieces are clear enough to be understood. You Remember the time before. When industry and production ruled. Fueled by combustion. Engines of the past that rumbled and churned out products and devices for that modern era.

Resources ran low and wars were fought to divide what remained. Society was at it's bring when the atom was harvested for it's full potential. Limitless, clean energy for all was the idea. But in the decades that followed, even this wasn't enough to repair the damage the first fall had done.
No. 901059 ID: f7b510
File 153649014745.png - (133.30KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_26.png )

War. The war to end all wars. Or so we thought.
The truth lies somewhere beyond your senses. Your loss before the bombs was magnified, all that you had learned, all that you had accomplished in the time before was meaningless. Like your life now. Without purpose.
No. 901060 ID: f7b510
File 153649031633.png - (28.81KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_25.png )

You dream

A dangerous race. More challenging, more deadly, than anything you had experienced. It's legend will echo in the foreverdreams of this world and the others. From it's victory, you will pull what you need to find it.

No. 901061 ID: f7b510
File 153649040756.png - (52.75KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_27.png )

But you can't keep dreaming

You awake with a start. A burning sensation and pain all over.

You pull from yourself your simmered robes and torn mask.
No. 901062 ID: f7b510
File 153649050478.png - (78.78KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_28.png )

It is clear. You had driven over a landmine and took a tumble. Your car is totaled and in your haze you clambered from the wreck before passing out under the wasteland sun.
No. 901063 ID: f7b510
File 153649106435.png - (105.12KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_29.png )

You are battered and bruised and burnt, but alive. Your car had saved you on many occasions, but it looks like you won't be returning the favor this time. It's integrity is gone. The explosion forced a hole through the block and blew out your transmission. Your supplies likely lay burnt from the leaking fuel from your shattered tank.

Another day in the life of you. A rat of this wasteland.

You could try to scavenge from the wreck. Take what you can, but it still seems unstable.


Burnt Cloak and Robe
Shansei .45 Pistol
Torn Clothing

What do you do now?
No. 901064 ID: ff82d2

You should definitely scavenge and try to find a backpack or something to carry stuff. You also need to get your wounds fixed up, so any cloth that you can scavenge can be used for bandages. Lastly, see if there's anything in the containers nearby.
No. 901066 ID: 33cbe7

Head for shelter. Try not to trip over any more mines!
No. 901067 ID: 094652

Calm down. This is a vehicle minefield; these mines are rigged for maximized damage at the cost of coverage. Too dense a minefield, and the whole thing will blow when one idiot snowboards his way in. So while the mines are lethal to armored targets, they need to be spaced out VERY carefully. You can walk your way through, easy. Just don't tap the mines until you have bomb tools.

For now: the V8. Once those bandits walk their way in, they'll take the V8 with them if they can find it. Instead, take any broken pieces out of the V8, scatter them around, and bury the V8 in sand. Come back for it later.
No. 901077 ID: ae9b99

try not to get your clothing any more damaged than it already is...

(...and fail to do so)
No. 901080 ID: dbf422

If you had a pack, get it. Otherwise you need to move. You can't risk the car going up in flames or rolling onto another mine while you're near it. The V8 is done, so no worries about that besides the obvious. And your wounds will wait until you're safe, and you have your burnt robes as makeshift bandages.

Okay, now you just need to leave. Get low to the ground, maybe there's visible bumps where mines are. Or maybe they make a noise. Use any signs you can to plot a course out in the direction you had been going.
No. 901174 ID: 0a0507

Try to take some stuff from the car if you can. Even if it may catch fire soon, you've got to risk pulling some food or water or other supplies out if you can do it fast enough.

Your car is toast, but you should bring something if you can. The shift knob. The lucky 8 will bring you good fortune. Then seek shelter to bandage your wounds and count anything you could pull from the wreck.

As for the engine? If any part of it survives the oncoming fire, you should take it apart and bury the pieces, or hide them. That way you can come back for it later on.
No. 901176 ID: f7b510
File 153657385603.png - (77.10KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_30.png )

You decide that most of your stuff is forfeit, but you can't let it all go up in flames. You quickly leap for the car window to pull what you can from the wreckage that you can reach.

You grab a satchel and a tank of fuel
No. 901177 ID: f7b510
File 153657466121.png - (104.23KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_31.png )

The task is a lot more difficult than you expected. The explosion and crash dinged everything up pretty bad. You come out with a few more extra scratches and tears than you would have hoped for.

You don't even watch as you hear your car go up in flames.

Now you carry your things, stuffing your cloak and robes into your satchel. You look around for the nearest container and begin on your way. Stopping only to make sure you don't spy any more vehicular mines.

It seems like they will be relatively easy to spot on foot, being spaced apart as they are, but while moving in a vehicle they are almost impossible to avoid.

You find the container as you expected. Almost entirely empty. Filled with dust and salt, and the few scattered rusty tin cans and pieces of metal. You find yourself a soft pile of dust and settle in to view your things.


Shansei .45 Pistol
Burnt Cloak and Robe
Torn(er) Clothing
Plastic Bottle: Half Full of Water
2 Shotgun Shells
A foot of wiring
A spanner
Small Battery
Canister of guzzolene: About two cups worth
Short Spare pipes
Lucky 8 ball Knob

Could have sworn you had some food in this bag...

You decide you will assess the engine damage when the flames die down. See if anything else has survived.
No. 901186 ID: ae9b99

Nothing much to do now except probably examine the rusty tin cans and pieces of metal. Sadly the food in the tin cans are most likely spoiled, but it never hurts to check anyway. It might not even be food.

Also, when you are done going through this container, check the other containers in the area for any useful prizes.
No. 901194 ID: ff82d2

Does the pistol have any ammo?
Well, your top doesn't seem to serve much purpose anymore, being torn as it is. I suggest tearing it into strips of cloth and using the strips to bandage your wounds.
Yeah, nothing much to do while you wait for the fire to die out other than checking our a few other containers.
No. 901197 ID: ae9b99

It does say we have 2 shotgun shells, though I wonder if they're compatible with the pistol
No. 901215 ID: dbf422

Well, instead of your top, you could use your cloak for bandages while you wait. And then looking at the probably worthless cans is better than looking at nothing.
No. 901225 ID: 2755f5

bandaging up does seem like a good idea
No. 901233 ID: 5847f8

Consider that this place isn't as abandoned as you think. There could be people here hiding out around these containers considering there are mines around and your pursuers stopped chasing you for some reason. Stay on your guard when you investigate the other containers

But that goes without saying.
No. 901267 ID: 6a4d3c

We had three shots for the pistol before while fighting the raiders, but we used three shots. One for the barrels, one while trying to shoot the driver, and one while dispatching the boarder.

But you bring up a good point. If we can find a spring, we might be able to fashion a jury rigged shotgun. We will need a weapon, and even a piece of junk shotgun sounds better than just using the pipes to bash whatever might dwell in the minefield or deeper into the canyon. There has to be a reason that the road raiders stopped chasing us even after the mines.

Plus, who is to say that they won't regroup with the survivors to try and take our scrap? As soon as the flames die down we have to get working on taking anything usable out of the engine and hiding it before anyone notices you didn't actually die to the vehicular mine.

Use your robes to bandage yourself, then keep your cloak to drape over yourself and obscure that you are carrying a satchel or weapons. Try to look through the containers or scrapped cars for anything that could have been glossed over.(and a spring) We need something to eat, and that much water wont go far.
No. 901310 ID: 72a86c

Recon after you bandage yourself up and take a sip of water. After what you've been through you must be parched and hungry. During your search of the area for scavenging, take note if you find any trails or anything that could mean lizards or bugs or something. With all this scrap metal and containers and refuse, it could make homes for small things you might be able to kill.

Otherwise maybe you get lucky and find some canned food you can still eat. But a weapon should be a top priority. If you can get a spring to try and fashion a shotgun, great. Otherwise you might have to use your piping as a cudgel
No. 901420 ID: f7b510
File 153675060451.png - (40.18KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_32.png )

You take a short rest to treat your wounds. You can't clean them too well without water, but you use your robes as makeshift bandages, and are able to half to bleeding on some of the smaller cuts while bandaging the larger burns and slices.

Removed: Burnt Robe

You then spend a while searching some of the nearby car ruins and find what you are searching for. A spring that must have fallen off one of the valves of a blown engine.

With some patience and elbow grease you are able to cobble together a makeshift shotgun. In order to fire it, you have to unscrew the pipes, load a shell, screw it back together, aim, then use your other hand to pull the screw back and release to fire.

You don't think this one is a work of art, even as far as pipe guns go. Even with scarce firearm ammunition; there's a reason crossbows, zipguns, peashooters, and air rifles are common. They tend to fail catastrophically much less than makeshift firearms. This one in particular is pretty trash. There's a chance it may not work at all, or worse.
No. 901421 ID: f7b510
File 153675112875.png - (85.64KB , 500x500 , wasteland_33.png )

You gather your things and begin a look around the area. In particular for useful things. Taking care to avoid any tell-tale signs of landmines, you take a look around.

The sun is an absolute pain. Reflecting on the great whiteness of the ancient seabed, making it difficult to see.

Almost everything in plain sight is absolute garbage. Rusted out hulls and ruined vehicles not even suitable for scrap. You note the entrance to the canyon looms eerily overhead, like some kind of ancient archway. The passage is shaded, but not shrouded in darkness until the sun gets lower.

You glance outwards to the salty dunes and cliffs of the construction camp. Squinting at the bright light. Beyond which lies the doom train, and the warlord Enginehead. He who has caused quite a bit of a block on your road.

In the other direction you spy the enormous oceanliner. A massive rusted monolith to a time long ago that sits crooked against ancient seastone and coral. To walk to either destination would take you easily a day, but the sun might kill you before then, or if any other raiders search for you, they will easily spot and run you down.
No. 901422 ID: f7b510
File 153675137330.png - (41.22KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_34.png )

As you search through the maze of shipping containers and piles of ruin, you find yourself in a clearing. Three containers lay in front of you.

One is laid on one end, standing to meet the sun. You can't get a good view, but you suspect its closed.

Another battered container that seems to have an enormous lock and chain.

And a third container with doors still attached. It is closed, but in front of it, you see faint tracks. You follow them to the door where they become deeper. Unlike any you've seen before.

If that is a foot, it's enormous.
No. 901427 ID: 38a9e3

Well, you know what they say about big feet...

Any way we can take a peek inside the container without making a sound?
No. 901449 ID: dbf422

I'd leave the third alone. Clearly, someone's living there and they might not appreciate company. Though unfortunately, I don't know how you'd get into the standing container without a big friend, or into the locked one without alerting anyone nearby.

Maybe you could get into the locked one if the third is empty. You'll have to check.
No. 901452 ID: ff82d2

Lock and chain? Are you any good with picking locks? Could perhaps use the wiring you have to unlock that one. This would be my first choice.

The standing container... that also seems promising. Getting inside can be as simple as finding something to use as a ladder. Whatever long piece of scrap would do. Similarly, if we jump inside, then we'd need a metal shaft or something to climb to be able to get back outside. This would be my third choice tho.

As a second choice, I'd try to enter the container with the large tracks in front of it.
No. 901578 ID: e176c9

Put your ear to the third container, see who's home.
No. 901658 ID: 5755d0

Maybe peak in. Just a crack? Even if it's something dangerous, you've still got your shotgun
No. 901793 ID: 7bfe9d

You've got your shotgun! If all else fails with either the lock or the thing inside the container, you can always shoot your way out of a problem.

I can't think of a more effective thing than bullets.

Plus since this is pretty early in the quest, what we choose now will probably influence how we handle things in the future.
No. 901802 ID: d49498

Maybe consider keeping that shotgun stowed out of sight before peeking into the unlocked container. Keep your hand on it under the cloak or something, someone living out here on their own may not respond to well to a shotgun barrel peeking through the door. Keep it as a surprise?
No. 901829 ID: 2a7417

Tracks that big mean you'd better let the shotgun take point.
No. 902958 ID: f7b510
File 153776397602.png - (55.86KB , 500x500 , Wasteland_35.png )

You put your ear up to the third container, but don't hear a single sound. You catch a whiff of a foul smell of decay and take a step back to compose yourself.

You make your way to the chained up container. It lies in the shadow of the cliff face beyond. Soon the shadow will extend and darkness will consume the wastes, but with it brings the threat of cold. You were mostly protected in your car and robes. Always on the move, but now the biting cold of night can come swift and deadly without shelter or a fire. You have quite some time until then. You estimate it to be about three in the afternoon.

You kneel down to the lock and try to use whatever you have to pick it.

Sadly, it seems like without any proper tools like lockpipcks, this task might require a prybar or something similar. Anything like that would easily be noisy and alert the inhabitant of the other container. But if you don't care for sounds, you think you can spend some time to find something to use.

You bet your shotgun could handle it as well.
No. 902959 ID: f7b510
File 153776427235.png - (74.14KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_36.png )

You return to the previous unlocked container and test it for sounds once more. After, you decide to take a peek inside.

You keep your shotgun prepped under your cloak and pull the container door back just a crack to see inside.
No. 902960 ID: f7b510
File 153776454824.png - (148.82KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_37.png )

You see deep scratching gouges and dents along the sides of the container as the light begins to pour through the slit.

Suddenly, your eyes are drawn to the darkness at the far end. Bones line the ground, and you hear nothing but a burning scent suddenly rises up, as a set of bright blue eyes peer straight at you.

An enormous mutant beast seems to be occupying this container. Pitch black ichor or smoke wafts from it. It sees you, and it feels angry. Very angry.
No. 902961 ID: 094652

Shut the door and make it look like you went in there. Let the bandits deal with it. Or vice versa.
No. 902962 ID: c9afbd

Is there smoke coming off that paw there? Maybe better shut that door and try knocking on the side of the container to see if it's sentient, though it looks unlikely. I think the sun is hurting it. You could be about to make an enemy.
No. 902965 ID: dbf422

No need to waste ammo if you can just close the door and leave it there. If the light hurts it worse than you angered it, you should be fine if you close the door.

Do that and go back to the locked container. The ammo would be better served there.
No. 902966 ID: b1b4f3

Don't just close the door. Close the door and run the fuck away.
No. 902974 ID: 915f16

Oh that’s going to be fun to deal with when night comes around. Half tempted just to swing the doors wide open and let the sunlight finish it of so you don’t have to waste the ammo.
No. 902981 ID: 93f082

Hmm, with all those bones on the ground, I think it's likely that it's a carnivore, so entering doesn't seem like it would be a good idea.

There is some merit in trying to use the sunlight to kill it. But even if the sunlight hurts it, there's very little guarantee that it would stop it from killing us first.

Well, better just close the door and leave it be. Then go check out the standing container. I'm not sure, is the door to that one on top or on the bottom? If it's on top, then see if you can climb in.
Considering we already alerted the beast to our presence, there doesn't seem to be much use trying to sneak around much anymore. So try finding something that can open those locks.
No. 902983 ID: 2e0f31

Close it and go to another container for now. Later, we'll rig the doors on this one to be opened from very far away. Look for some very long cable.
No. 916854 ID: 15c57b
File 154701026947.png - (59.61KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_38.png )

You retreat, shutting the door back up. Readying your shotgun. You wait, expecting the beast within to charge through the doors of the container, but it never happens. You let your shotgun rest at your side as you plot your next course of action.

Opening the locked container.
No. 916855 ID: 15c57b
File 154701039996.png - (115.83KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_39.png )

You grasp a rusted iron bar that seems sturdy enough. Slipping it between the lock and chain, you twist them until its taut.

It takes much of your strength, but suddenly the chains fall away and you're able to see within.
No. 916857 ID: 15c57b
File 154701074926.png - (113.80KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_40.png )

The doors swing open, letting loose a cloud of dust. Within, beams of light shine through bullet holes over the desiccated skeleton of an ancient rider. In his hand he clutches a small metallic object, and in the other, an ancient blade. A saddlebag rests at his feet. A pair of crates stand stacked at the far end of the container.

Whoever this was, died a long time ago, though strangely his hair is mostly intact.
No. 916860 ID: c7f906

Check behind those boxes before you loot that body. Then check the inside of the boxes as well.
No. 916861 ID: b1b4f3

No. 916863 ID: 094652

Oh no. Ryu.

Well, nothing you can do for a corpse except loot it until there's nothing left. Use the bones to check for any tripwires.
No. 916867 ID: e15a6d

Hey, clothes! And other supplies.
No. 916868 ID: 859a9d

Sweet, new clothes and a wig
No. 916879 ID: 91ee5f

>Whoever this was, died a long time ago, though strangely his hair is mostly intact.
Wouldn’t that mean he died recently and something came by and picked his bones clean when it decided to eat him?
No. 916892 ID: 158da5

No. 916901 ID: 080aaf

Small wonder, that hairdo's more hairgel than hair.
Check out the held object first. Might be a grenade, primed or not.
No. 916908 ID: 83e8f8

Inspect everything in this container and see what's useful. Wear the wig and obtain massive charisma bonus that we'll be able to use to charm the beast.
No. 916909 ID: f37295

What if that isnt hair or a wig, but a creature?
No. 916913 ID: bddb0f

Don the hair.

Inherit the hair.
No. 916920 ID: e51896

Be the hair.
No. 916959 ID: 15c57b
File 154708931969.png - (144.22KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_41.png )

You sidestep the body and saddlebags to get around to the crates. You find them cracked open already, and nothing inside but some more boxes. You check them over carefully, and when satisfied you pull a box out to check over it's contents. Nothing but tins of... pomade? Nothing edible here...
No. 916961 ID: 15c57b
File 154709021317.png - (139.07KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_42.png )

You move your attention to the body of the ancient rider. Old and desiccated, his clothing is filled with gravedust and sand. The leather of his jacket, ancient and worn, and sleeves torn in many places.

Your eyes catch what seems to be the glint of metal in his hands, and upon closer inspection it's true. There is a mysterious key, held between his fingers; but using your instincts you check for traps.

You see the key is attached to a grenade partially concealed by his hand. The pin barely held in at all. If you had not noticed it, and moved the key or his hand, it would have pulled the pin.

You carefully disarm it, and push the pin back in.

His pants and hair nearly turn to dust as you touch him, and his leather is spattered with ancient dried blood. On the crate closest to him, seven tallies.
No. 916966 ID: 15c57b
File 154709195078.png - (196.09KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_43.png )

You grab his ancient switchblade, and check through his saddlebags to find a number of different things. You add them to the list.


2 Crates of Pomade
Ancient Switchblade
Strange Key
Frag Grenade

Stielhand Grenade
A Screwdriver
Mysterious Can
Tin of Anchovies
Bottle of Soda
Sunglasses Missing a Lens
Empty Ballpoint Pen
Box of Cigarettes (3)

Brittle Pants
Torn ancient leather

You take a seat, looking over the bags and your equipment, and the body of the rider in front of you. You can likely carry everything except the crates of pomade if you stack the saddlebags onto your shoulder, and your satchel onto the other one.

You remember you haven't eaten in a while. It is still the afternoon, and you don't think the beast in the container will come out until darkness falls... Three, four hours tops.
No. 916967 ID: e51896

Ah, so this guy was locked in here for 7 days before he died. Most likely someone locked him in here. If that is the case, that tin of anchovies is most likely empty as he would of eaten them all already... But then again, there is dried blood on him, so maybe he was murdered before he had a chance to eat. Maybe carefully open the anchovies and see if any food is inside.

If no anchovies are inside the tin, try using the screwdriver or switchblade with the mysterious can to open it. there could be food inside that.

One thing to note: The coat and pants will come in useful during the night to keep you warm when the desert gets cold, but there is no need to wear a jacket in this heat.
No. 916973 ID: c7f906

Be careful with that potato masher, there's a way to booby-trap them by removing the fuse so it explodes the instant you pull the pull cord.

Alright, you could kill the beast with one of those grenades, or improvise something lethal with all that probably flamable pomade & maybe the Bepsi bottle once you've drunk the probably entirely flat & lukewarm contents. I'd suggest the latter, no sense wasting a good grenade or making that much noise. Or, you can lock the thing in its crate with what's left of the lock and chain or by baring the door with that rusty iron bar you grabbed if you feel like keeping it alive for some reason. Maybe to sic it on somebody who comes snooping around? Maybe you're fucking nuts and planning to tame it?

Is it wise to start a fire to heat up food? I'd suggest waiting until it's closer to dark to do that, You only have two crates to burn. Maybe investigate the last container first?
No. 916974 ID: 094652

... Wanna groom the monster?
It's basically grease. You now have lots of literal grease.

... Try the key on the lock you broke open.
No. 916983 ID: 158da5

How flammable is this pomade? I don't think you have anything to light it with, but flammable goop would be good trading material.

Either way, eat, drink, then grab what you can and start walking. No need to confront the beast when you have hours to get away from it.
No. 916994 ID: 91ee5f

>If that is the case, that tin of anchovies is most likely empty as he would of eaten them all already...
The can is unopened, he didn’t eat them.
No. 917006 ID: 57d656

Hmmn. Maybe when he got shot he was paralyzed and couldn't move. Someone must have locked him in there. The jacket is old, but maybe its still usable? You seem like you have a pretty small frame but maybe you can use the switchblade to cut off the torn sleeves and turn it into some kind of roadleather vest. It could come useful for when the cold arrives(And check the inside pockets for any extra clues). As for the grenades? Don't mess with them right now. Who knows how old they are, and they might come in handy in a pinch.

I vote you try opening the mysterious can. At least we know what is inside the anchovy tin, so thats a safe bet for when its needed. Drink some water but try to preserve one last good gulp for if you get desperate, but honestly we need to find a way to stop lugging around the gas canister.

Use the chains to wrap around the handles on the door to the beast's container, and use the iron bar to barricade and hold the chains together. It should buy you some extra time when it finally decides to leave when night falls.

I am kind of torn on the subject of the pomade. It seems like having this quantity of it could make it a useful trade good for you, but how are you supposed to carry around two crates of it without a car? I guess if you are so inclined you could try using your 'new' cloak as a sled. The ground outside is mostly hard dry seabed right? You should be able to drag it. Otherwise, try to remember where it is, and grab a box of pomade. If you find people willing to trade, you might be able to work a deal together and come back to grab the rest another time, or sell them the location so THEY could come get it instead. As much as I would like to see you become a pomade sales-rat.

We have a few hours, but that might not actually be a lot. The only safe place I can imagine right now is the top of the canyon. Especially if there are more than one of those mutant creatures.

I think the standing container is a writeoff until we get a rope and can fashion something, or a vehicle to pull it down. Especially if the door is faced down.

Eat, lock the beast, leave. Dont drink the bepsi. I bet it could be valuable even if it has gone flat, I bet there are a lot of wasters who would just want to taste something other than dirt and might pay you for it.
No. 917096 ID: 080aaf

Eat, drink and be slick. Bring the key back to the locked container.
No. 917099 ID: c7f906

Almost forgot, you could go and see what's left of your car while there's still daylight.
No. 917735 ID: fc458a

Eat the anchovies and drink the soda. Assuming they didn't go bad yet. Check the boxes if it's written anywhere what exactly the pomade is made of. If it's made of fat or lard, then it's edible heh.
No. 918297 ID: 15c57b
File 154790080646.png - (127.77KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_44.png )

You begin to devise ways to handle your situation... But quickly you are distracted by the sound of your stomach. Since you already know what is inside the unopened tin of anchovies, you resign to opening the mystery can.

You give it a tentative shake or two, and don't feel the contents shift much if at all. That's a good sign, right?

You use your new screwdriver and cut into the top of the tin to open it up. The contents is dark, and doesn't produce a scent your rat-nose can pick up.

...You give it a little lick

It doesn't make you hurl, so it must be edible you hope.
No. 918298 ID: 15c57b
File 154790132435.png - (149.22KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_45.png )

You eat it up without much of a second thought. Turns out it was a can of chili. You thank your luck for a moment before looking to the rest of your possessions. You wipe the can clean and toss it in the sack, along with filling one entire saddle bag with the box of pomade you pulled from the crate. You saw the ingredients on the pomade, and yes it is flammable. You suspect this could have many uses besides styling your hair.

There is no way you are going to be carrying those crates out. You can't even lift one by yourself onto the floor.

You decide to hold off on drinking the sweet, sweet Bepsi. The simple sugars and sweetness of the drink would give you a well needed boost if you really needed it, or might come in useful later. So you drink your water, leaving the last gulp for emergencies.

You figure you have to keep carrying around the jerrycan. Your water bottle wouldn't be able to hold all the gas even if it was empty anyway, and you don't suspect anything else you have of carrying it.

Your attention is drawn back to the clothes of the rider.
No. 918299 ID: 15c57b
File 154790223845.png - (109.95KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_46.png )

You shake the bones and dust from the jacket before pulling it free. The leather seems sturdy enough, even if creaky and ancient. It is surprisingly un-cracked.

But the sleeves are way too long for you, and quite ruined. You use the switchblade and slice the sleeves off as best you can.

As you adjust the fitment with the belts, you notice the internal pockets. Pulling forth, an old lighter, and a folded up message.

It reads;

If you are reading this, I bit it, and you can read.

And hopefully, since you ARE reading this, you must be smarter than the trogs that did me in and found my trap! Hey! Great job! Now pat yourself on the back, because I wont do it for you.

Wasteland rules states finder's keepers, so you are entitled to all my earthly possessions. Including my jacket(what's left of it), my title, switchblade, and my lighter, and not to mention my ride.

Yeah that little key you finagled off my(Read: Your) grenade? The key to my chopper. You'll find it north east of Pitstop in the tomb of The Rider. Don't worry about why when or how. Find the bike? It's yours. I won't be riding it anymore.

Maybe in the next life I'll buy a Cadillac.

-The Rider

No. 918300 ID: 15c57b
File 154790245193.png - (158.55KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_47.png )

Well, the lighter works at least. You've never heard of those landmarks. They might as well be gibberish to you.

You collect yourself and don your cloak. You keep your shotgun in the jacket belt, and pile on all the sacks of equipment. Carrying everything together is quite cumbersome, but you manage. You head out into the sun again.
No. 918301 ID: 15c57b
File 154790313278.png - (94.96KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_48.png )

You make your way, carrying the iron bar and chains. You decide that the beast inside seems dangerous, but you while the grenades might be able to do it in, you don't want to risk it charging for you in it's dying rage. Mutated beasts are unnatural. You never know what they might do. Especially in their death throes.

You pass your car. It is a smoldering wreck, and still hot. You will need ages to sort through it, and if you wanted to try and scavenge for engine or car parts, you'd be there even longer, and time isn't exactly something you have a premium of, now that you noticed just how fast the sun is sinking.

You use the chains, wrap them around the handles, and shove the iron bar in a way to hold it all together in a sturdy way. It should hold it, and even a creature like that will spend some effort trying to get out.

You reason to yourself.

You honestly don't know if this was more of a precaution against it, or to make yourself feel better.

>Wanna groom the monster?
What do you take me for? Crazy? I should be asking you that. Getting close to that thing is probably a quick, but horrible death. One to avoid.

You head off in the direction of the canyon. You see the way begins to change quickly as you move, do you take the low ground and stick to the canyon floor? You spy rubble and debris down that path.

Or do you take the high ground? There seems to be a perfectly hikeable track alongside the inner walls of the canyon. It seems to scale it pretty far up out of sight. You might stay in the sun longer if you go high.
No. 918302 ID: ad51b8

go high I guess
No. 918303 ID: 158da5

A motorcycle sure would be nice, a good step to getting four wheels again. Maybe if we ever get the lay of the land.

I'd say go high. Canton interiors are notorious for ambushes.
No. 918304 ID: 158da5

Canyon* for that matter.
No. 918348 ID: e51896

high ground.
No. 918351 ID: ebd50b

Stick to the canyon floor. We're not gonna find anything up there and would only waste energy.
No. 918439 ID: 080aaf

...Wouldn't this be the Rider's tomb? I guess they made a decoy tomb. It didn't work.
Go up, see the sights before you die.
No. 919593 ID: c1212a

Bring at least a few cans of pomade. If our lone rider was a member of a gang we'd better have something to offer or trade. Or put in our hair to get our rep up.

Try and remember things from before everything went to shit as you take the high road.
No. 919617 ID: 2fe26a

Take the canyon floor. At least you'll be expecting the ambush.
No. 920260 ID: 15c57b
File 154945299466.png - (158.10KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_49.png )

You decide to yourself to take the trail up into the craggy canyon mouth. As you walk up the slowly ascending trail, your mind wanders to the time past.

You hate doing that.

All it does is bring up bad feelings of regret and loss, but its only generic feelings. Things from your past show up in short bursts, soon to be forgotten again. Though you remember vaguely key parts of your life. Only when it matters.

... You got your first car at sixteen.

You glance around. The canyon floor is cluttered with fallen stones, debris, and ruins. Ancient hulls of sailships and other maritime things are intermixed with the ruins of shipping containers, cars, and other boats. Who knows what could be hiding down there, ready to eat you.

The trail inclines sharply in some places. The can of chili you ate earlier is powering you, but you are pretty small framed, and all this weight is tiring you out fast.

The sun is sinking quick. Shadows are spreading across the wasteland behind you, seemingly faster every moment.

... It was an old busted up muscle car. Pontiac.
No. 920261 ID: 15c57b
File 154945359862.png - (114.56KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_50.png )

Ahead of you even the path begins to become littered with debris. This trail leads under unstable looking overhangs of piled stones and scrap that almost looks set up as a clever defense. Though every detail begins to become exaggerated to you as you notice the light creeping away. If you had left earlier, you feel like you could have made it to the top before the sunset, but now...

... So much for all that book learning.

You feel like you've made great time, but you aren't even half way up the canyon yet.

You don't know if you will be able to see the sun one last time. Whatever that creature was, it probably will find you and eat you.

As you make your way past the debris and stacked stone piles, you notice caves and holes in the sides of the cliff along the trail. Some of them seem pretty deep. Deep enough to hide in, but they are dark. You might also be able to outrun the shadows if you do something to pick up the pace.

Then again, you do have a shotgun... Some grenades too...

You remember your first drive in date. At least, you think it was a date...
No. 920263 ID: ad51b8

think you could knock over some of those overhangs to buy you more time or do you think that would just waste more time then it would grant you?

Either way I say double time it or find a good defendable location and set up a kill zone for anything trying to follow you.
No. 920265 ID: 6f7479

Knocking them down by hand would probably take too long. I think a good idea MIGHT be to try and set up some kind of tripwire, or maybe just throw the grenade to try and take down one of the overhangs. Then duck into a cave, the deepest you can find. Maybe, just maybe. We can hide out and avoid getting vored
No. 920266 ID: 080aaf

It wasn't with some weirdo who ran around dressed like a samurai, was it?
Might be best to pick an unused hole, rig a present at the door, and hunker down. Consider your options for carrying this crud. A wagon? A bicycle? You just need something vaguely wheel-shaped.
No. 920313 ID: c1212a

Option one- stash crap you don't need in a hole, mark it out so you can return for it later, make better time. Alternatively, take some of that debris & block off one of the entrances to a hole to sleep for the night. Turning an overhang to a booby trap would also work, as suggested- if it isn't set off you can just disarm it and reclaim the materials. Take the timer out of the potato masher and use that so it'll go off instantly if tripped.

Do you remember any specific years at all? Even a decade?
No. 920514 ID: 834378

Choose a cave (preferably empty) that you can block off with rocks and stuff.
No. 922469 ID: 15c57b
File 155064788140.png - (233.59KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_51.png )

Your mind quickly fills with options and possibilities for how you might be able to get to safety... All the caves and holes would take too long to squeeze into, and leaving anything at the entrance would surely alert them to you if they passed by while you were trying to get in.

You run as fast as you can up the path, until right at the next turn you spot it. The marked mouth of a spraypainted cave entrance you won't have to squeeze to fit inside.

But... Neither would they, if they found you out. You resolve to give it a try anyway.

Without much time to wait or think, you skid to a stop and rush inside the painted cavern. There, you find barrels and detritus to barricade the entrance, and make it appear you were never there.

>Do you remember any specific years or even a decade?

Something... About all this brings back a familiar feeling. You can't exactly scratch it.
No. 922470 ID: 15c57b
File 155064824064.png - (197.27KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_52.png )

After barricading yourself in as well as you could, you turn around to glance about the cavern proper.

Your first sight was the enormous pool of briny smelling water. This place must have been here since shortly after the waters receded.


That's right... You remember that now. The last thing anyone could have expected were the seas to drain. Where did all the water go? The Ocean, as far as you know. Is gone.

There seems to be a small cache of maritime items and boxes lay here among the fish bones and shells. An ancient boat lay on the stone shore, and light reflecting on pieces of glass seems to dance on the surface of the water.
No. 922471 ID: e51896

inspect the boxes
No. 922473 ID: b1b4f3

>tomb of the xxxxx
You found the tomb probably.
Inspect the goods, check if the boat is seaworthy.
No. 922474 ID: 094652

>Oceans are gone
That doesn't sound normal. At all.
Even if the planet itself was cracked open, the magma supercore at the center would evaporate the oceans with enough heat to fuse the rocks back together.

... You don't think... well, there's a lake here. That's something.

Mark this location for later; if you can find a water purifier, this swamp cave could become a water mine.
No. 922475 ID: 158da5

You found a tomb at least. Anyway, don't know how useful a fishing rod is, but that tackle box is sure to have useful stuff. Hooks and fishing line would be great for a lot of things.
No. 922476 ID: 080aaf

This sounds like the tomb of the sailor instead. Maybe they're following a trend.
Nice fishing rod, maybe you can use what's left to make a bindle.

Hey, water is water. Collect some, purify it later. Take the boat deeper into the cave.
No. 922477 ID: c1212a

Water? Water! Try not to drink it without boiling it first. May want to go as far as set up a distiller or filter if it's really gross.

It's a tomb, but it doesn't look like it's of any rider- Neither the sign out front nor the character of the place. Look through the tackle box and the boat, being mindful of more traps. That cavern on the other end of the cave might keep the beast at bay, but you'll need a light source to navigate the boat by. If you need rope or a bouey there's some out front you could snatch.

...those bent things jutting from the water don't look like stalagmites.
No. 922492 ID: ad51b8

well if the boat is sea worthy it might be a good last ditch option to sail deeper into the cave if that thing find's it's way in here.
No. 922500 ID: 834378

Take the boat and venture into the darkness.
No. 928044 ID: 15c57b
File 155401821388.png - (228.65KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_54.png )

The traps are cruel and dangerous. Rusty hooks, cutting lines, and tripwires lined to pull apart rubble to topple over. You spy iconography of all sorts of nautical things. Hula girls, tiki mugs, plastic leis and old seafood signs.

You finally reach the tacklebox, and find a plethora of random tools and angler equipment that aught to have more than a couple uses, even if you aren't trying to go fishing.

You set it in the old boat. It is of metal construction and seems seaworthy. No spots of rust have eaten enough to seem risky, so you place the heavy bags and cumbersome items down into it. You note it has an paddle inside, but the engine is remarkably fine. It is ancient. Burns guz. You pull the cord once, and it still draws life.

You finagle with it for a moment, and then tap the tank. It yet contains some fuel.

A couple more cranks, more than you would have liked, and suddenly the engine cranks up. You push the boat the rest of the way back into the water just as the rubble at the door is smashed apart, shining sunrays inside for but a moment, before the thick ichor of the beast choke them out.

You look up and are enthralled by the tales of some ancient battle, and the repercussions of it. An ancient myth of some forgotten water god.

You look to your left and to your right, and see floating in the water, rusty cans and barrels and pieces of metal and bone jutting from the depths. All surfaces of the stone itself are covered in a myriad of images at all sizes.

As you near the back of the cave, the creatures grow stranger and stranger. Scenes darker and harder to look at. Not to mention the pitch darkness of the sunless tunnel beyond.
No. 928045 ID: ad51b8

well unless that thing can't swim it's starting to look like you might have to go for the tunnel and hope for the best. Also don't like how we found a working engine. I mean yeah, it's for a boat and it's not like that's going to be helpful anywhere but in this cave but I still would have though that someone would have tried to scavenge it for parts or at the very least siphon the gas out of it.
No. 928049 ID: 834378

Into the cave! Do we have something to lighten our way? Don't want to hit something in the dark and sink our boat.
No. 928050 ID: c1212a

You can admire the murals later, you've got company. Even if it can't swim, you want to get out of sight so it'll lose interest.
No. 928056 ID: f2320a

No. 928085 ID: 080aaf

I hope that thing can't swim. Get deeper into the cave and cut the motor, hopefully it will give up.
No. 937705 ID: 28c1e4
File 156188446246.png - (1.21MB , 2048x2048 , Untitled_Artwork 3.png )

The only path ahead is certain for you. You make your way forwards into the bleak darkness. You fashion a torch by covering a piece of your cloak with a tin of pomade and setting it alight. Your journey through the tunnel is quiet save for the rumble of the boat motor. The creatures on the wall grow stranger and more alien as they are drawn deeper into the cave.

Your mind wanders to the subject at hand. Why has no one removed this engine yet? Could you be the first one to get here? No that is foolish. It even had fuel. Does someone call this cave home? You grow uneasy in your seat, gripping your shotgun. The sound and light are obvious, and echo throughout the cave.
No. 937706 ID: 28c1e4
File 156188484546.png - (1.37MB , 2048x2048 , Untitled_Artwork 2.png )

You feel you have successfully evaded the monster on your tail. You don’t think it can swim, or would want to considering the oily chemical-ridden state of the water, and to be frank neither would you.

The scenes on the wall change. Monstrous fish of all sorts, baring fangs and spikes and teeth line the walls of the darkness deep in the cave. You are unsure what the story tells anymore, as black tentacles reach up from the waterline, painted to the walls in a way that inspires the dark horrors in the back of your mind.

You worry there is no end to the darkness.
No. 937708 ID: 28c1e4
File 156188502982.png - (517.30KB , 2048x2048 , Untitled_Artwork 4.png )

When the engine finally sputters into lifelessness you feel as though hope had finally run out. But the momentum of the craft in the slick water carries you around a bend and into an open cavern. A single whale and a rider decorate the wall. Across from it? ...
No. 937709 ID: 28c1e4
File 156188526273.png - (1.03MB , 2048x2048 , Untitled_Artwork.png )

A unnatural green light dimly glows from within a diver’s mask. His throne sits atop a rocky hill above a stone shore. Treasures and trophies decorate the land and cave walls below him. Fetishes hang from the roof, and another cave continues forwards past this chamber.

You sweat
No. 937713 ID: ad51b8

stand next to the other tunnel and find something to toss at the glowing scuba suit. If it doesn't react move and closer and see if their is anything good. If it does start to move or something book it down the tunnel.
No. 937735 ID: c49ece

Good news! There's a paddle right there you can use to keep going. Bad news! you need to take it from a scorned deep sea god.

Maybe pray for guidance or something, or leave an offering of a fishing pole to abate it's anger.
No. 937812 ID: f2136e

Look inside the diver's helm.

Also, that harpoon looks handy.
No. 937813 ID: b1b4f3

The Rider. This is his Tomb.
Pay respects, do not attempt to steal anything. Yet.
No. 937817 ID: 0fae41

What could be causing that glow? Take a look inside.
No. 937918 ID: 6bcdd8

This must be the tomb of the diver. Some old god of the water world. Looking back to the murals, it feels like he was a survivor of the catastrophe and people might have looked to him for his power over the creatures of the deep? Everything here is maritime. We could probably use the gas in the canister to power the boat, but do we really want to give up our gas? Maybe we can use the paddle there, but we'd have to pay respect and offer something in return. Probably something suitably maritime like the anchovies.

We could also scrap the torch and improvise an oar with the other stuff we've got
No. 938117 ID: 45b80a

Somehow I doubt that this is actually the tomb of The Rider. It looks more like the tomb of a forgotten Watergod. I vote we use half of our fuel to get out of this place. No mortals should be here.
No. 938364 ID: e51896

I'd be careful with that glow. Something radioactive might be inside. I don't want cancer or something
No. 938366 ID: 9876c4

While reverence is always an option, we HAVE TO survive.

He's dead, we're alive, and that's it.
No. 944495 ID: 28c1e4
File 156782692045.png - (138.51KB , 800x800 , wasteland_59.png )

You approach the mound of burial goods. You need to get out of here, and using your own paddle as a torch brings the need for the oar by the throne.

The suit's glow shifts as though something is moving within. Your mind races to fill the gaps. You spy the forms of eels that swim within the suit. Your heartbeat races as you grip the oar, but you have to offer the diver one last look...
No. 944496 ID: 28c1e4
File 156782710122.gif - (61.23KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_60.gif )

The shape of a skull is visible briefly, when suddenly the eels swim away from the helmet, as if to clear the wearer's vision. Your mind cracks, if just for a moment.
No. 944497 ID: 28c1e4
File 156782727012.png - (123.90KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_61.png )

Your mind is intruded with visions of the sea, of the life within, and of sinister beings that shouldn't dwell within, but still do. A force wants to fill your brain with more and more, but your tempered resolve pulls you forth just long enough to bring yourself back to reality. You rush back to your boat and launch as quick as you could.
No. 944498 ID: 28c1e4
File 156782755133.png - (43.24KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_62.png )

The world seems dull as it clashes with the images shown to you, as though your mind struggles to replace the world around you with that of the visions. In your haste your torch falls into the greasy water and falls extinguished. You manage to navigate to the far cave by light of the helmet, but the smoothness of the walls seems not normal

You can't even make out the ancient frescoes that you were certain marked the walls of the cave.

Soon your boat comes to a stop. Not for want of your paddling, but because of a surface you've arrived to. Land? Fresh air? Before you were lost entirely into your mind, you notice the faint light above, and scramble to gather your things, and make up the shallow rocky shore's hill, to a small exit, barely large enough for you and your things to exit into the night.
No. 944499 ID: 28c1e4
File 156782771320.png - (154.14KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_63.png )

You've come onto a rocky outcropping, somewhere high in the cliff face opposite the entrance of the canyon.

It is the dead of night, yet lit well by the stars and full moon. You tighten your cloak around you as you examine your surroundings.

An ancient combi lay turned into a shelter. Bottles and charms lay throughout the area, or hung from strings. You hear nothing but the faint whisper of a desert breeze.
No. 944501 ID: 094652

Equip your gun, then check inside.
No. 944502 ID: 0fae41

Knock first against the van window.
No. 944504 ID: b1b4f3

Okay first, is this place accessible from any other direction? Will you have to go back through the Tomb? If so, you should make note of a possible replacement oar so you can return the one you borrowed next time.

From the look of things I'd wager this is that dead guy's home. Investigate, check to see if anyone's been here recently.
No. 944512 ID: b3c4cf

Sneak into the van
No. 944690 ID: 28c1e4
File 156807796075.png - (170.22KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_65.png )

For the most part, the outcropping is isolated. There is a thin path that leads up the cliff in a precarious fashion. Pictographs are placed atop the stonefaces and rock walls around, and a myriad of simple things such as barrels and boxes and piles of nonsense scrap lay about, alongside the small rocks and fishbones are small shards of glass, oily stains and the like. The place looks simple, and seems as though no one has been here for a while. There is a fine layer of dirt across everything outside, as though blown in on the wind. Typical for the wasteland however.

Several tarps seem rolled up on the rockfaces by the bus. Large stonecolored pieces of cloth that when unfurled and propped up would shade the spots nearest to the bus to make it at least livable during the day.

You test the firepit, and note it does not seem to have had any life recently either.
No. 944691 ID: 28c1e4
File 156807848353.png - (189.69KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_64.png )

You rub your eyes, and slowly ready your shotgun. You don't want to take any chances and use it to pull open the bead curtain that blocks view into the camper.

The bus and it's surroundings are covered in little knicknacks. From bottles to bones, to spent bullet casings and shards of glass creating a simple windchime. Inside, most things seem packed into bags or shelves along the walls to save on space. Simple living accommodations for a simple life, but more than most people you've seen have.

A shelf contains several bobbles and devices from a time before, all in several pieces. A watch, a music box, a small electric device of unknown use.

You ponder on your lonesome.
No. 944703 ID: e7c7d3

Any stashes of food or water to be found?
No. 944704 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah this was that skeleton's home alright. See if anything's around that's of use. I suppose it's possible there's some food...
You can at least spend the night here in safety if nothing else.
No. 944888 ID: b3c4cf

It's getting late and this place seems safe to sleep in. Try to set up a few traps around just in case tho.
No. 944929 ID: 28c1e4
File 156835425835.png - (169.66KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_66.png )

You are still full of fuel from that can of chili. That meal alone is often more than what you would need for a few days, thanks to your small frame.

With a string from the bead curtain you rig up your shotgun to fire at knee-height on the average person. It is difficult but it offers you some protection and at least a warning.

The night passes quickly, and you find you are awakened, not by a gruesome death, but by the sun slipping through the curtains. You've survived another day.

These are the struggles of someone without a ride. You used your car as a mobile home, every time you felt too vulnerable to sleep, you would carry on. Mobility and safety you don't have as a pedestrian.

You lie in the bed in thought. It isn't often you sleep on a spring mattress instead of the cardboard lined rear of your car, or the dusty ground of a desert camp.

What is your plan now? Sleeping in someone's combi? You are pretty sure you've evaded the ichor beasts, but now this place is unfamiliar. You are no longer on the salty dead seabed, and instead in the high rocks of some cliff. The tomb of an ancient hero close enough to smell the strange brackish scents of what could very well be the last beach, of the last sea.

What is there to even do?
No. 944932 ID: ead869

Well, you are alone, and you had a very stressful day yesterday so... maybe masturbate for relief?

Main goal for now, We should probably try to find that bike. Check to see if it is safe outside by peeking out the window, then, look off into the horizon from the cliff. Maybe you might find the bike?

But first, anything hidden under the bed and mattress?
No. 944933 ID: b1b4f3

Thoroughly search for supplies.
Then look around the edge of camp. Perhaps the bike is parked nearby?
No. 944943 ID: 094652

Do the thing.

Leave some vendor trash behind and a note saying you needed shelter for a day.
No. 944948 ID: 9876c4

I'd like to vote for the non-lewd option.
No. 944955 ID: b3c4cf

> >>918299 >You'll find it north east of Pitstop in the tomb of The Rider
I'm not sure in which direction we were going but, we could assume that the cave was the tomb of The Rider and that this combi is the "Pitstop". In that case, the ride should be somewhere north-east of here.

I suppose we should first search this place for anything useful (assuming we haven't already done so) and then see if we can head north-east. Since we can always come back, we could leave our stuff here for the time being to make scouting easier.
No. 944964 ID: e51896

the sun always rises in the east. use that logic to figure out where north-east is
No. 944993 ID: ad51b8

maybe give this place another once over to see if you missed anything and then we can figure out where to head next. I mean their's nothing but sand as far as the.eye can see so just wondering the desert with no idea where to go doesn't sound like the best idea to me.
No. 945201 ID: 28c1e4
File 156869925148.png - (159.99KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_67.png )

You consider shacking up here. After all, it seems safe enough. High up in the cliffs above the seabed, and the desert as well, but quickly push the thought from your head.

You look about the place, to try and find more that could help you out. There are a lot of useful things. Screws, bolts, fasteners, and much more all sorted into plastic containers.

Small carvings of stone or sticks, little pieces of artwork, and various creations are scattered about the place. Your eye keeps getting drawn to the artwork on the stone walls above the camp.

The art depicts machine cults and various tribals and symbols. If there is a running story, you can't extract it.
No. 945202 ID: 28c1e4
File 156869963648.png - (136.19KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_68.png )

You find yourself looking further, outside of the combi looking for further supplies. There appears to be several barrels full of different liquids of unknown purpose, some old tyres off the bus, different pieces of metal and bones being shaped or scrimshawed into other small things.

You climb up to peek in the crate that is stacked above, since they are too large and heavy to move on your own.

Within you spy ropes, cloths, zipped bags of heavy smelling plants. But it is hard to reach the bottom.


A long, large caliber gun barrel rests, pointed at some tail.
No. 945203 ID: 28c1e4
File 156870013558.png - (193.96KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_69.png )

The ancient damascus gun belongs to a weathered wastelander. Patient and cunning. He lives alone, but has had his fair share of unwanted visitors in his time as caretaker here, but none so brazen as this.

You KNEW that skink that took your boat was resting in your bed! Cost you a whole bungle of hours... Doesn't have much meat on her bones.

>>Until the next update you can suggest for both characters
No. 945205 ID: 91ee5f

>But it is hard to reach the bottom.
Keep trying to reach the bottom. Lose balance and fall in.

Keep staring at that ass and consider tapping it. Laugh your head off when you see her fall in the box.
No. 945206 ID: 9876c4

>Scavenge all the food
>Throw it in the pot
>She is right out in the open
>Jimmy, take the shot
No. 945211 ID: b1b4f3

At least try to get an explanation out of her. How long have you been away from camp?
No. 945214 ID: e98d61

Snipin's a good job mate.

So, tap or double-tap?
No. 945215 ID: 9876c4

Double tapping a Jezail generally ends in dissatisfaction.
No. 945224 ID: 864e49

Do this. No try killy yet.
No. 945225 ID: b3c4cf

While ending her would be pretty easy, you gotta admit that she's cute. Take some binoculars out of your pack and get a zoom in on dat ass.

And then quietly approach her. You'll have to be pointing your rifle at her at a point-blank range if you want to capture her alive.
No. 945227 ID: 094652

Work on collecting the necessary parts to build a proto-vehicle.

... She's desperate and quite possibly the only sane being you've seen in the past ten years with all their body parts damaged but still intact.

No. 945229 ID: a9af05

No. 945262 ID: 0fae41

Mouseketeer: You're exposed while you scrounge, in more ways than one. Enter the box fort!
Bushman: Set better booby traps, not welcome mats, ya bloody bogan!
No. 945298 ID: e51896

mousey: accidentally fall in crate trying to reach the items deep inside (be unaware that you almost got shot)

Snipey: shoot at mousey, but miss when she unexpectedly falls in crate.
No. 945312 ID: 28c1e4
File 156878637688.png - (219.83KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_70.png )

You see some interesting things at the bottom of the crate. Pieces of glass, various tubes and ropes, and more zipped baggies of foul buds.

You reach for what looks like a set of bulbs but reach too far and slip right in!

At least you landed in the rope and bolts of cloth.
No. 945313 ID: 28c1e4
File 156878695184.png - (173.41KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_71.png )

Though you could end her from your spot up in the cliffs beyond her view, she isn't even aware of you.

You pull your longlookers and cast your gaze. Looks like she's rooting through your grass box. You wonder what she expects to find.

You've been gone for a bit more than two weeks. Your life hasn't been as quiet as you'd like it to be with all the commotion lately, but you still have to leave sometimes to gather the few things you can't make for yourself up in these cliffs.

You can't help but bust a lung when you catch the poor puny thing take a tumble into your crate. How's she made it so long?
No. 945314 ID: b1b4f3

Huh, the wastelander must've just missed the ichor beast, having arrived after it dug into the cave past the improvised barrier we made...
wastelander: well you can tell she's unarmed, just walk down there and ask her what she thinks she's doing rooting around your camp.

wanderer: rope's useful. Get some of that. Might be able to fashion some spare clothes out of the cloth, too...
No. 945323 ID: ad51b8

Sniper, got anything of good value down there? If not I'm wondering if you should take the shoot or not. I mean if she's got nothing on her then I'm wondering if she's worth the bullet. Also have to worry about the noise of the shot attracting any unwanted attention. If you're bored I guess you could follow her awhile to see if she's actually going to leave you alone or not and if she looks like she's going to stick around then figure out what you want to do with her.

Wanderer, alright you're off to a bad start today but hey better to get all the bad luck out of the way now when you're not in danger and no one is around to laugh at your clumsy ass. I say take the rope if you think it's still of good quality and be careful getting out of the dumpster. Last thing you need to do is break something and get all cut up. Not sure how good that thing that chased you yesterday sense of smell is but I rather not leave it an easy trail to follow Plus whatever else might be out there. Also you got a distention in mind or you just going to pick a direction and go and hope for the best?
No. 945331 ID: 8d4593

Welp Sniper bro, Now's your chance to confront your hot would be burglar.
She won't be able to see your approach, and she won't have anywhere to run since that box is out in the open.
No. 945337 ID: a13082

Rat: Altho you're in a compromising position, there doesn't seem to be any need to worry for now. If anyone lived here, what's the chance they'd be coming back right now? Still, if there's nothing in that crate, you should climb out and move to the rest of them.

Kangaroo: Approach the trapped prey.
No. 945577 ID: e51896

Mousey: well, at least now you can reach those items. Go and grab them

Snipey: alright, shooting her while in the box will probably damage the box which we don't want. So it is probably best to get down off that cliff and approach and question her before she escapes that unintentional trap she got stuck in. She might even have some stuff for you to steal. Go there while keeping you gun pointed at her.
No. 946767 ID: 28c1e4
File 157056332558.png - (213.55KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_72.png )

You sigh. At least not having broken any of the glass and bulbs inside the crate. You begin to look around through the stuff within.

A wonder someone would just leave this stuff here in boxes. As if they aren't expecting visitors.

Whoever lived here, sure had a collection of some rare stuff...

You are stunned when suddenly the light is cut out, as the lid is placed back onto the crate and nailed in place.

You squeak
No. 946769 ID: 28c1e4
File 157056411546.png - (172.94KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_73.png )

He raps on the crate with his closed fist.

Kangaroo: "Hah! Captured! You clumsy dag!"

Kangaroo: "Bet ye thought you could swipe a freebie from the Angler, while he's gone bush, eh? How'd that work out for you! Bloody Drongo!"
No. 946770 ID: 9876c4

Even if you can't speak his ghastly vegimite tongue, he seems to be telling you ya fluffed up.
No. 946773 ID: c2f1f6

..Can I get that in the queens' English, you backwards provincial?

Act surprised at the sound of your own voice, it's been a while since you've heard it, huh. Keep him talking, and your shotgun pointed at his voice. A wood box won't stop bullets, but that goes both ways, so be careful. Talk like your hiding something and knock around some of the junk that's in here like you're hiding something, maybe he'll get curious and crack the box open to peek. Then you can have a nice talk face-to-shotgun.
No. 946774 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him you thought this place belonged to a dead guy, since you found it by following directions on a skeleton's note.
No. 946775 ID: ad51b8

I got like, one and ten words there. Think he might have suffered a jaw injury at some point hard to tell without seeing him. What do you have on you to protect yourself again?
No. 946855 ID: 8b7c8a

Speak, say you can't hardly catch his lingo and tell him the other things too. That you thought this place belonged to a skeleton.

But say it while stringing it together in an odd way, since you've grown disused to talking to others
No. 946860 ID: 1f2742

I mean, he's calling you names and said you stole something, that's good enough to pretend to be fluent.

You assumed it was loot! Like, from a dead guy. It happens! Probably. Glad he's not shooting you for it.
No. 946872 ID: 8b7c8a

What a good idea! Pretend to be fluent. Maybe just try mimmicing him since you don't remember your old accent anyway
No. 946948 ID: 28c1e4
File 157086719352.png - (151.13KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_74.png )

You consider laying into him. Some cliffdwelling roughneck living out in the boonies talking to you like you should know what's going on? But you pause a minute to unravel his words. If you stay in his good graces, this can be resolved as a misunderstanding, and no need to sling hot lead.

You: "... No freebie! Thought this was loot! A dead guy said to follow the note, I hit the landmines, and got passed this mutant beast, and wound up here!"

You can tell he is trying to hold back a chuckle.

Angler: "Can yeh...*Snicker* repeat that, mate? I can barely understand yer accent!"
No. 946950 ID: 28c1e4
File 157086806023.png - (120.83KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_75.png )

Grr... You grind your teeth, this blowhard!

"I said! I hit the kabooms with my ride! The damn muties chased me into the cliffs! I only barely found the Rider's Tomb! How was I supposed to know a damned bogan lived here!"

Angler: "Do yeh even HEAR yerself mate! You're bein' bonco!"

This is getting on your nerves.

You do have your satchel with you, which includes your full range of explosive ordinance, including your grenades, your pipe shotgun, and your ancient switchblade.
No. 946951 ID: 28c1e4
File 157086878878.png - (155.73KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_76.png )

But you stop and really listen to yourself. Damn is that what you sound like? It's almost embarrassing. This has been the longest conversation you've had in ages.

You: "Listen. I found you here at the Rider's Tomb, and I thought it was deserted. There's even a dead man in the cave, I thought it all was his."

Angler: "So you were the Hoon that blew it to the ground boomies, aye? That was Gnarly! I thought you were defo maggotchow!"

Finally, you might be getting somewhere.

Angler: "But ye got it wrong mate. This aint the tomb of a rider. This is the Tomb of The Ocean Man!"

The name causes a chill to run up your spine.
No. 946953 ID: 28c1e4
File 157087008151.png - (126.32KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_77.png )

So you did fluff it then... You should have known it wasn't pitstop. Nothing around here looks like it anyway. You collect yourself further.

You: "Well... You gotta see the possibility of mistake, right?"

Angler: "Eh... More like an excuse to me... Nanny wuckas though, I'm just out here tryna have a good time, not hear some fuphy from no sunbaked sheila!"

You: "Uh... huh... Well, I ain't a bother. Let me out, and I'll be on my way."

Angler: "Crikey! With them muties out? Tell yeh what, I've been flat-out trudgin' fer days. Hard yakka, bein' caretaker fer this place. I crack you out, we dig some seatucka, and ye can lay it on me insteado talkin' through me grass box. But yeh can't tryta blast me. Fair dinkum?"

Well, he might let you free, you think. Maybe we can get somewhere with him after all. You're pretty lost now, especially since this is no Rider's tomb.

Easy mistake. What kind of stuff should we try to do or discover, should we accept his offers?
No. 946955 ID: 094652

>Fair dinkum?
"Fine... but you'd better have condoms."
No. 946956 ID: 1f2742

You only blast what tries to blast you, so fair dinkum. When it's safe enough you'll head out and try to find anything actually related to riders. Maybe bogan knows a thing or two that he'd be willing to part with.
No. 946965 ID: ad51b8

> I crack you out, we dig some seatucka, and ye can lay it on me insteado talkin' through me grass box. But yeh can't tryta blast me. Fair dinkum?"
Ok so what I can make out is, he'll let you out, ????, talk to him outside of the box?, but only if you don't shoot him, asking if it sounds fair?

that's all I've been able to get out of that so I... I guess he's willing to let you out if you don't shoot him? So I guess agree? I honestly have no clue what the hell a seatucka is.
No. 946970 ID: 9876c4

I think there's an idle promise of eating fish together.

Sounds like a good deal to me.
No. 946981 ID: 015bf2

"Fair as can be."

You want to know where that friggin' pitstop and the Tomb of the Rider is from here. You got the need for speed and figure it's an auspicious place to go now that your last ride's been wrecked.

See if you can trade some stuff too; .45s bullets, additional rations, water for your journey. He any use for cans of Pomade? That's a potential score, long as he keeps out of view of the monster nearby. Or, hell, maybe he wants to catch the damn thing.

Shake a pack of cigs at him, ask if a few luxury goods can help make up for the fuckin' fuel you spent using his boat. Then dig out the tin of anchovies and ask if the Angler's at all interested in tiny dead fishies, or if he only goes for the biggest catches.

Heh. Maybe they can be used as bait, even so.
No. 946996 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds fair. If he can tell you where the Tomb of the Rider is, you could try to find the bike mentioned in the note.
No. 947148 ID: 28c1e4
File 157112173087.png - (624.20KB , 2048x2048 , Wasteland_78.png )

You mull it over in your head for a moment. Is he propositioning you?! No... Though, If he wanted to do you in, he's had plenty of chance. He might be genuine.

You: "...Fair dinkum."

A moment later he prys the crate back open and you find yourself on your way out. He is about what you expected, to say the most.

Angler: "G'day mate! Welcome to me home! Bonza innit?"
You: "Seems secret... Do you... Trade?"
Angler: "I used to be Fisho for the shaman!"
You: "Fisho? You mean like this?"

You pull forth your tin of anchovies and lift it up to show him. He just laughs.

Angler: "Pfft! That's nothin'! Let me show ya!"
No. 947149 ID: 28c1e4
File 157112501364.png - (132.62KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_79.png )

He leads you back to the fire pit, and brings forth his pack. With a burning ember from a firekeeper he relights it. You pull up an old tyre to sit on.

He returns a moment later with a... Fish?? You think that's what it is. It's got more eyes than you care for, but he seems proud of it. A moment later and it's entrails are removed and put into a pot of water, while the fish is placed on a spit over the fire. You notice that there are two rugby ball sized clams, or some kind of shelled mollusk in the pot.

You actually can't remember the last time you had seafood.

A little bit on the cautious side you ask about the water.

You: "Those are... Food right? The water isn't from the cave is it?"

Angler: "Nah! Theresa rock I can move and I get a clean drip! Enough to drink! Perks o' bein' caretaker!"

He sets the pot next to the flame. "These cunts are nasty. The biggos will eat a man given the chance!"


You ask him a few more questions, trying to see if you could stock up on ammunition. He tells you that your shooter will have to stay dry. He hasn't bothered stockpiling actual bullets in years, he makes his own powder and shot, just enough to keep his jezail fed.

You pull forth your cigarettes as the food cooks, and give it a shake when he returns from setting up some tarps for shade.

You: "Sorry for using all your fuel. I was getting away from a monster, and didn't think it could have belonged to anyone but a dead man."

Angler: "No wuckas! Don't mind ya used me tinny, n' splittin' tea with someone whos not gonzo, tryna eat my face or steal me stuff is enough! Keep yer durrys. I'll take a pash if yer so inclined. Though, I'd watch me mouth talkin' like that about him. He is a god and saint to the tribals around here."

You don't mention that you would have made off with as much as you could carry if he had not showed up. But other people? That's interesting.

The grease from the fish sends flames licking up at it, causing him to give it a spin on the spit.

Angler: "So... The Rider eh? Pitstop is a long way from here. Way past the lip o' salt. You coulda made it in a day or two with yer wheels. Not that you could. The Shogun's lads don't let strangers enter... But who knows. Im no clotto. I ain't gon' abandon my post to check, what with tell of Roadwar."

He hands you a tin mug of water, which you drink.

You: "Well these tribals. Do they trade? I don't have much on me, but I've got goodies tucked away."

Angler: "Rightio. They're a band of nomad tribes. They wander to and fro their sacred sites, and stay in semi-permanent villages. It's how I met the Shay-man. They found me, fried, way out bush. They're two days trudge. If ya keep it safe and travel light anyways..."

You sigh. Desert nomads? You need power and combustion to get where you need to go. But maybe it's a start.

You: "Nothing seems to be going my way... These past couple days I feel I've been driving through the devil's front yard." You put one of your cigarettes in your mouth, but before you light it he speaks up.

Angler: "Sounds rough, sheila. I'm still learnin' it all, but yer rooted, n' sounds like I know what's got yer bloody billy. I prescribe ya a good long Changa sesh!" He says, taking a greasy bite from the fish. "Ya innit?"

You're left with an expression on your face half way between 'what' and 'huh?'
No. 947151 ID: b1b4f3

What is Changa?
Also you took an oar from the Ocean Man to finish the trip through the cave... should probably return that.
No. 947156 ID: ad51b8

so how good are you at riding a beast? I mean it sounds unlikely that you'll find a working set of wheels out here but if the nomads have pack animals you might not be stuck hoofen it on foot all the way.
No. 947171 ID: e7c7d3

Kind of sounds like he wants you to participate in some sort of ceremony. Maybe for the Ocean Man? Hallucinogenics could be involved so that could be fun.
No. 947176 ID: 8d4593

I dunno what that is. But it sounds like Drugs.
Mmmm. Drugs.
Yeah sure that sounds great.
No. 947214 ID: c2f1f6

I'm fried enough already, thanks.
No. 947404 ID: 8b7c8a

If you accept his offer, maybe start questioning him a bit. Are there other local customs to watch for? Maybe he knows a way we could get some wheels? Another contact with the nomads could be ideal.

Maybe you can see if he's help fashion you a cart or wheelbarrow. There's a spare nearby after all.
No. 947427 ID: 28c1e4
File 157152268627.png - (265.16KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_81.png )

-"An' their legends say, that along a certain stretch-o road, a black car haunts. To take hitchhikers to hell!"

The kangaroo led you up the hill a few meters to a draped cave entrance after returning the oar to him. Inside, an array of old carpets and pillows drape the dusty floor.

The two of you have been enjoying his grass for what feels like a while. Honestly, it is hitting you hard, but he seems to enjoy the company, so you mostly just let him bather on.
No. 947429 ID: 28c1e4
File 157152344185.png - (178.79KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_80.png )

You catch your mind starting to wander. So you try to interact a bit more and ask a couple questions.

"Hey man, Do you know where I could get some wheels? Those nomads must have something if they travel around right?"

Angler: "Eh they might... I live out woop woop n' don' see them all much these days. Me cobber, a hauler. Bringin' loot to and fro the set up villages. Lives uptha seacliff. I knows deals with combustion. Y'might have luck there."

You pass him peace pipe and he takes a hefty drag before returning it.

You: "They... Are pretty friendly?"

Angler: "Defo! Their villages round these parts are protected, so they host fer races. Some o' the only times outsiders trade with 'em."

He brings out a small brown pouch, which contains something unlike the dank grass the two of you are sharing.

Angler: "Hope yeh aint too zombie off rope to enjoy me Changa!" He says, preparing you a cigarette with the blend of herbs.
No. 947431 ID: 28c1e4
File 157152386544.png - (253.45KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_82.png )

As soon as you hit the biz, your mind fills with strange fumes and images.

Races eh? Maybe they do have wheels you can pinch. Otherwise, you'll have to make do with packy animals.

How do you imagine the nomads you will meet will be like?

Angler: "Oi mate... I didn' end ya, did I, Sheila?"

You hadn't noticed you slunk down onto the rug. Your jacket fell undone while you were too busy counting all the little fishies and imagining your future ride.
No. 947432 ID: 9876c4

Every end is a new beginning, mate.
No. 947439 ID: 13065c

Well, you can tell him he has good shit
No. 947441 ID: 8d4593

You know, you're pretty alright.

Wanna make out?
No. 947515 ID: 05adc7

Maybe this is the chance to think unconventionally. There's a working boat engine. That could lead to a land vehicle given the right parts.

I imagine the tribal nomads could be descendants from hang loose sort of beach people and fishermen. Hippies if you will.

Get more comfortable. It seems safe here, we are always so tense.
No. 947517 ID: c2f1f6

No, you didn't. That was pretty alright of you.
No. 947537 ID: c9c450

Just thinking about the future, mate. It's looking brighter than it did just a couple hours ago. Thanks.
No. 947539 ID: cdabe3

These two options are good
No. 947548 ID: 8313b0

We are so filled with existential dread. I'm glad we had this opportunity to change our perspective.

The nomads will be accommodating and will be reasonable to deal with. Their hauler might be able to help with our stashes of trade goods.

Maybe this is the time to give the angler his pash. Don't mind the fumes in your head
No. 947550 ID: ce39da

"Oh, oh! Maaaaaan, I forgot to mention what I was hoofing it from... You mentioned roadwar or somethin', I did like... a little drive-by on this big-ass doom-train - looks like it could level a city. This big monster dude was sitting on top of the engine in this stupid looking throne, called himself Engine Head. Anyway, I kinda blew up their fuel salvos, should set them back, but they're still coming. Where was I goin' with this?"
No. 947665 ID: 28c1e4
File 157180737542.png - (225.26KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_83.png )

"Every end is a new beginning, mate."

Angler: "Aces, mate! Cheers!" He says, loading another bowl full of that mull rope.

Angler: "Whatcha noddin' 'bout?

You: "Just... Thinkin' of the future, mate. It's looking brighter than it did a couple hours ago. Thanks."

Angler: "I knew a bevan like you woulda need Changa. It steams ya head up realgood. What brings a Hoon this far back of bourke anyhowsitz? You'd have to be mad as a cut snake to be burnin' guz out here."

You take a long continuous drag.

Angler: "Er... Sheila?"
No. 947668 ID: 28c1e4
File 157180823710.png - (245.27KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_84.png )

Exhale, but you can't remember sitting up again. Was everything always so spinny?

Anyway you were talking about stuff you think.

You: "Oh, oh! Maaaan... You mentioned Roadwar, right?.. I did a drive by on this big-ass doom-train! Something like that coulda leveled a city! A monster of a man, Engine head, at the helm. *Puff puff* I blew up their fuel salvos. Crushed a lot of people and smashed up a chunk of train with an cliff face... Where was I goin' with this?"

Angler: "Haha! You're a true blue legend! You can hold yer herb right?"

You: "Of course mate, and you? You got the good shit."

Angler: "Thank ye! Y'know, I grew it meself! It's what I get up to besides reducin' oils n' chems... The water's good fer-"

You: "You know, you're pretty alright."

You: "Wanna make out?"

Angler: "Err... Come again?"
No. 947670 ID: 28c1e4
File 157180850966.png - (206.21KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_85.png )

With another deep puff, you pull the roach of his strange herbal durry from your mouth.

"Wanna make out?"

You straddle him. Getting awful close.
No. 947679 ID: cdabe3

you both definitely want to make out
No. 947690 ID: ce39da

The angler's experienced with blazing; he knows it ain't right to bed someone when they're under the influence harder than he is; gotta have that sober consent. I'm thinking he'll try to talk her out of it at least, but if she really pushes herself onto him, he'd probably be willing to shift gears so as to not foul the whole session up.

As for whether she'll do that or back off, I honestly have no idea, but I want to lean towards the latter.
No. 947694 ID: 9876c4

I'm just sayin'
No. 947696 ID: 8d4593

Hmm... Decisions decisions...
I mean she's askin'...
But on the other hand she prolly cant hold 'er herb...

She might not appreciate you putting a bone in her when she regains herself...
But making out is harmless enough...
Then again one thing tends to lead to another...

Though I guess you could stop yourself short of bonin her... There are other things yall could do...
That's probably still a bad idea...
But there have been worse ideas...
You know what, this is going to be a mistake but fuck it.
Make out
No. 947697 ID: 5f80fc

I'm with >>947690, I feel the angler would not find it right to have sex with someone under the influence. He'd probably try to get her to reconsider, but maybe if he is pushed hard enough, he would come up with a compromise that the farthest they would go in making out is mutual masturbation or something, but not full on sex. She is a stranger we just met after all, but also, These are tough times as well all.

As for the wanderer, she'd probably push for it, she was considering rubbing one off when she woke up after all...
No. 947702 ID: c9c450

Angler pulls away gently, probably with a simple switcheroo. Just gotta get her to focus on something else, like food or smoking again. She'll be embarrassed later but it's a lot better.

Driver should definitely pull away when prompted.
No. 947706 ID: 33056f

Get those roaches out of your mouth long enough to make out. A friendly face is rarer than water out here, and let's face it - you get thirsty out in the desert!
No. 947720 ID: 43b17e

There’s nothin wrong with some smoochin
No. 947755 ID: 28c1e4
File 157190255998.png - (147.00KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_86.png )

Holy dooly, she's serious.

The Angler was only (mostly) joking about that pash, but he knows he can't let her first Changa sesh be a Fizzer. She obviously doesn't hold 'er herb. Nor would she, she's smol, and he hasn't perfected his Changa blend yet. Damn.

As much as she might be after a bonk buddy, She might definitely be liable to blast him for putting a bone in her. So he has to devise a plan. A major distraction to not ruin the sesh.

Angler: "...Sure Sheila, let cast a drag 'em peacepipe first."

He says, inhaling the smoke as she breathes a real warmly against his snout.
No. 947756 ID: 28c1e4
File 157190303966.png - (277.00KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_87.png )

Mere moments later, she interrupts him. Tugging him close as she pushes herself up to his snout on the ends of her toes.

The embrace is warm and she takes to it like a fish to water

Ow the teeth

She seems lost for a moment and puts the roach out against him. Did she just undo her button?

But the Angler was a bit too wiley for her today. That makes twice.
No. 947757 ID: 28c1e4
File 157190482420.png - (179.06KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_88.png )

The Angler, being experienced in the ways of the blaze has pushed the heavy pull he had taken into her mouth.

He looks himself over, besides the thing she was trying to do to herself with his knee, he seems alright

Angler: "Crikey, you never said yous was such a root rat!"

You were overloaded a bit, just taking a short tumble and coughing up the devil.

You: "Did *cough*I mention you've got *cough* good shit?" you manage to squeak out, as his smoke leaves you.

He starts to giggle which makes you giggle.

Angler: "Easy sheila, you got yer pink bits showin'!"


It seems as though you've made a trustworthy friend. And payed him back his pash. The sesh ends shortly after the effects of his mysterious durry runs out. The two of you head back outside and you notice the sun was setting. He tosses the contents of the two enormous; now boiled mollusks onto the barbee to fry.

He says that he's been working for a while on a replacement for the boat motor to his tinny. In exchange for some work, he'd be willing to just give you the old one.

He points to the two barrels.

Angler: "I render meself some chems here from tha water, n' one o' them's top grade fish oil! I can't leave me post, because I aint no clotto, but if you can find a buyer in the village, ye can get me a list o' thingamabobs I need."

You: "Fish oil, huh? What's the other one?"

Angler: "LSD!" He gives it a swift kick.
No. 947763 ID: ce39da

"First things first; let's label these bad boys. I am NOT going to be responsible for any mixups. It doesn't have to even confess the contents of the LSD barrel: The fish oil can read 'FISH OIL!' in one color, while the LSD can be 'FESH OYL?' in another."
No. 947767 ID: 4fa0d3

What a smooth way to ease the situation. Try not to be too embarrassed. I know I would be if I was grinding on someone like that during a chill sesh. Accept his proposal and ask if he can leave you with some food and drink to get you through the trip to the nomads.

Maybe turn the samba into the snugglebus. It gets cold during the night.
No. 947824 ID: e7c7d3

Just how easily can you move a barrel across the desert?

Stay a bit more and relax. This is probably be the safest place to be at night.
No. 947830 ID: 6c011b

Hmmn you might just have to sell them on the idea of the products unless the two of you can forge a wheelbarrow
No. 947942 ID: 5e6c54

What are the uses of the products? I'm assuming they must have some reasonable value if he's got two barrels full. Speaking of which, a barrel is very heavy. You'd need some greased up wheels on a hand cart to carry two of them plus your stuff. After all, you're smol. But join him in the cuddlebus
No. 948016 ID: 8b7c8a

Enjoy a dinner of mollusks with the kangaroo. While they're cooking, maybe the two of you can pull together a hand cart to carry the stuff?

I hope you disarmed the shotgun trap in the bus. What can we talk about over some fried giant clam?
No. 948135 ID: 8313b0

Are either of the products combustible enough to use as fuel? As well, do you think your friendly host would be willing to set you up with some water for the trip? I heard long journeys through the desert can leave you rife for plundering if you don't have a safe path to take

Listen to his tales about yhe wall of paintings overhead
No. 948171 ID: 68f9ae

There was a distinct lack of rat licks in the smoke cave. Have him Serenade you and then snuggle. We should leave in the morning.
No. 948348 ID: 28c1e4
File 157241477925.png - (243.40KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_89.png )

You: "First things first; let's label these bad boys. Which one is which?"

Angler: "Hmmn..." He dips his finger in one and gives it a taste.

Angler: "Yeup, thassa fesh oyle alright!" He slaps his knee. He paints the words onto the drums.

You: "What kind of use do these things have?"

Angler: "Well, me premium grade fish-oil is all purpose! As a dipping sauce fer yer nibblies! To lube up yer hinges, n' anythin' else! Use it insteado kero to light yer way! Insulation! Honestly, sheila, the possibilities are endless. As fer the other barrel? It's me special concoction. Brewed up n' me lab n' the caves. Diluted in water so asta not kill-o man, but she's plenty strong. Just keep from the light."

You convince him that you are probably cant carry them across the desert on your own, so making quick work, the two of you cobble together a pull cart. It is large enough to carry a barrel, and then you can strap all your things to it! Handy!

You: "So... What exactly is the deal with all the paintings? Is it some kind of history?"

Angler: "Eh, sort of, mate. The scribbos in the cave tell the tale of the Ocean Man. Though most know it. Out here it's a record of tales n' troubles of the time past. Shay-man keeps'em."

You point to some nearest to the ground, and he speaks of them. You sit as he talks, poking at the meat on the flame until its done enough to eat.

"Tha expanse were controlled by bands-o warring warriors. Much time has passed tho, n' now they tells o' the biggest gang of these parts. They held this stretch, n' always saw their numbers swell full-o tribals n' wanderers lookin' fer strength. They raided n' built, n' held all; Til come the beast o' the east, n' the swarms of roadkill follow. All that remains of the warrior gang, is their control n' protection over these last few villages."

He points to a few different scattered drawings of armored figures on motorback, riding their two wheelers or warriors wielding sharp objects and clubs and the symbols and fetishes of their heroes and gods they erected.

"When come the barbarians. The drongos brought war, n' up'n took all the control. Leaving the gangas with pain. n' weakness. The beast's hunger sated, they say the days o' the riders', n' theys two wheeled fury, comin' to a close."

He tells the tale. The warrior tribe reduced to a fragment of their ancient power.

You eat fried mollusk in silence. Juicy.


After the tell, the Angler sits with you to enjoy dinner. He tells you that if you wanted, he would be more than happy to trade your remaining guz, and fill your canister full of drinking water, and some food for your journey there and then some. He can prepare the list of stuff he needs you to get in exchange for the engine in the morning.

You think you might need to pick only one of the two barrels to take with you. Whichever you think you might be able to hawk to nomads and their trading visitors from far and wide.

But you yawn as the night fills with stars.

Angler: "Yeh can 'ave me cot fer tonight again ifn' you don't mind it, Sheila."

You: "It's alright. It gets cold, let's share warmth."
No. 948353 ID: 28c1e4
File 157241540785.png - (207.11KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_90.png )


Angler: "Well, not like yer gonna take up all me space. Ye wanted a seat on' me knee again?"

You: "Are you going to make this weird"
No. 948355 ID: b1b4f3

Thank him for not taking advantage of you when you were high. He's nice and nice lookin' but you just met, you can stick to cuddling for tonight. Maybe something more tomorrow night, eh?
No. 948396 ID: 8d4593

Giggle at the fact that he just accidently (yet somehow appropriately) asked if you wanted to call him Daddy.
No. 948450 ID: 8bb7f1

Turn away and say you don't mind weird
No. 948476 ID: 864e49

His face.

His face and her face.

"You wanna taking advantage of me now instead?"
No. 948508 ID: 8b7c8a

Rat: be as a stuffed animal

Kangaroo: accept her proposal and squeeze til sleep takes you
No. 948534 ID: 88ca63

I'm requesting midnight snugglefuck. There are too many pants being worn right now when the heat of your loins should be enough to warm the samba
No. 948535 ID: cdabe3

No. 948617 ID: 35c8ec

I mean to be fair you made it weird first
No. 948707 ID: 28c1e4
File 157284968637.png - (133.30KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_91.png )

Kangaroo: "Oi, bein' fair, yeh made it weird first."

You: "Yeah, yeah..."
You turn over on your side, your feelings a bit warm.
You: "I don't mind weird" you mutter softly under your breath. A simple exhale escaping your mouth.
No. 948709 ID: 28c1e4
File 157285036184.png - (169.26KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_92.png )

Soon after, as your mind starts to wander to the same dark paths it does as sleep creeps in, the kangaroo turns and wraps his arm around you. pulling the torn blanket up to help warm the two of you up.

It isn't often you are comforted by the warmth of another, especially not in such safe conditions. Your heart beats, but somehow that only makes him hold you closer. The heat of your body increased by his warmth.

Soon, sleep takes him. The night isn't so cold and lonely as you once thought.

No. 948710 ID: b1b4f3

Cute. Get your sleep.
No. 948722 ID: a593c5

Slumber and rest. Tomorrow will be the next step of your ordeal. You have to decide which barrel to take, and say farewell to the Angler.

I recommend the fish oil. I don't know how valuable it will be, but it only seems slightly easier to pawn than the other barrel
No. 948726 ID: e7c7d3

Well, as you continue your journey you can at least keep in mind that there is one place you'll be welcomed back with a smile
No. 948729 ID: 2e9721

I'm in the boat for taking the fish oil. As fun as illicit drug peddler would be, maybe being a legitimate salesrat would do more for your image, and get you to your wheels faster. I vote Fish Oil! over Fesh Oyle?
No. 948733 ID: 28c1e4
File 157292236366.png - (155.75KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_93.png )

Dawn Breaks, and the heat of the morning stirs you from your sleep.

You gaze around, and notice the angler still holds you close. You wait until he awakens to begin your day.

Angler: "So, ye were up to tha' task, ey sheila?"

You nod, as the two of you enjoy a breakfast of leftover mollusk and fish soup.

You: "Yup. I think it's about time..."

You make your final preparations for the trip. He says maybe one to one and a half day's travel, then you will come across sign to point you to the village.

The path he describes winds around a distant crest on the seabed. You curse that you will have to brave the salt on foot. Even with the shade of the crest and coral outcroppings, it will likely be very hot, and tiring, as you have to pull no small weight.


Removed: Can o' Guz

Added: Fish Oil Cart Storage
Shansei .45 Pistol
Burnt Cloak
Torn(er) Clothing
Plastic Bottle: Full of Water
2 Shotgun Shells
A foot of wiring
A spanner
Small Battery
Canister of Water: Full
Seatucka: Five days worth
Short Spare pipes
Lucky 8 ball Knob
Stielhand Grenade
A Screwdriver
Empty Tin Can
Tin of Anchovies
Bottle of Soda
Sunglasses Missing a Lens
Empty Ballpoint Pen
Box of Cigarettes (3)
Well Used Switchblade
Strange Key
Frag Grenade

Ancient leather Vest
No. 948734 ID: 28c1e4
File 157292286702.png - (204.39KB , 800x800 , Dressup.png )

After the two of you load up the cart with the drum, and tie down your excess gear, he stretches and speaks up.

Angler: "As much as I dig ye look, ye come across as a bituva dag. They's ain't liable to be lettin' ya through if yous look like ya look like a filthy grimy bushrat."

In exchange for a cigarette, he offers you to take from his spare cloths and nonsense scraps to pull together a compliment for your outfit (Or devise accessories that might better suit your survival without a vehicle)

The more likely a former busher black powder wielding tinkering fisherman lorekeeper's apprentice would have lying around, the more likely you'll get to wear it
No. 948739 ID: 9876c4
File 157293079133.png - (159.41KB , 800x800 , Improved rat.png )

Soft leather enough to patch and pin the vest,
Drab pinstriped knickers
An olive drab t-shirt one size too big
and a vaporwave-themed party poncho.

Stretch goals (not drawn) are hand and footwraps, neckerchief, and a pair of raybans or dollar store shades.
No. 948740 ID: e7c7d3
File 157293339076.png - (242.59KB , 800x800 , ratsubmit.png )

I should be getting ready for a flight, but then a rat paper doll appeared. Remember, it's not beach wear if the entire land is nothing but sand.
No. 948745 ID: ce39da

Ooh, can we get ^this^ outfit

With this one's hat and scarf?

Honestly, we don't want a cloak that stands out too much; we want to blend into the sand with it.
No. 948751 ID: c553cc
File 157296914475.png - (176.91KB , 800x800 , Untitled.png )

Use the bottoms of old beer bottles to make tinted goggles, and use your battery and a miscellaneous device to put together a little fan you can hang off your cart to help the airflow.

go full nomad samurai
No. 948755 ID: a0dfd2
File 157297580464.png - (193.75KB , 800x800 , steved.png )


The only thing that matters.
No. 948779 ID: 8b7c8a

I kind of like the kenshi plastic sieve headed road warrior turn merchant. I say combine that with the beach towel toga and the vest outfit to be worn in the early day or night time maybe get some pouches
No. 948788 ID: 8d726a

Your outfit right now is pretty cute. We should try to make something to keep cool In the desert. Maybe drape some mesh over a coliander and cut a slit to see through, that's pretty komuso.
No. 948822 ID: ca2950

Dress as a ninja so you can Naruto run at 30 miles per hour and dab away with someone's breadbaskets.
No. 948882 ID: b03c7d
File 157307649249.png - (166.85KB , 800x800 , Twistedgypsy.png )

Since there's a bit of Oceanside psychadelic gypsy vibe going on, I recommend the classic harem shirts. I liked the beach towel idea too, alternatively maybe bellbottoms too. A way to keep the sun from your face is a good investment too.
No. 949124 ID: ea22eb

This one for when it gets colder,

And use this for travel and day. Combine with other as needed
No. 949226 ID: 9876c4

I confess, I wasn't really thinking about colder weather with a t-shirt and shorts. But, sure.
No. 949251 ID: 8d4593

I mean.
This is a desert.
Where the ground is covered in salt.

Loose fitting robes that are insulative to both heat and cold, shoes/boots/sandals, a wide brimmed hat, and something to cover the eyes.
No. 949324 ID: 28c1e4
File 157353894314.png - (209.60KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_94.png )

The two of you put together an outfit, and though it makes you look totally insane, you feel at least a bit less sweaty in the long thin cloth of this purple-dyed wanderer's garb.

With a colander and some more cloth, you fashion a fair hat to keep the sun from your face, and act as a mount for a small fan you devised to run off the battery you have. It tastes as though it has full charge, and you can disconnect it any time.

He insists you take a spare for when it gets more chilly out, so you take a pair of knickers that almost fit you, and his smallest shirt and handkerchief.


The pair when prepared take a strange path that leads up through the rocky cliffs before descending in a strange fashion made only possible by the Angler's superb knowledge of this area.

Angler: "So yah remember what I need roight?"

You: "Twenty gallons o' Goon, Welding wire, Hoses, and as many glass bottles as I can get my hands on. Will this barrel be enough to get you all you need?" You say, helping guide the cart down the cliff with him.

Angler: "Maybe, just make sure to use yer charm, eh Sheila?" He chortles as though he said something funny. Bloody bogun.
No. 949325 ID: 28c1e4
File 157353924092.png - (187.23KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_95.png )

As you reach the bottom, goodbyes are exchanged, and the Angler leans down to give you a small hug goodbye.

It feels so soon that you're already back in the desert. The salt dries the skin on your feet, and the heat reflects from the ground right back up your beach towel. It is bearable and you can travel easier than you could before with this getup.

As you silently start to wheel the cart away, he shouts at you. "Take it easy, Sheila! Ya still got yer best days-aheada ya!"

That sounds ominous. You think he means well. He begins to ascend, while you are left to ponder as you walk.
No. 949326 ID: 28c1e4
File 157353971351.png - (164.57KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_96.png )

THe Angler had given you directions, but with his ghastly tongue, he had only been somewhat clear.

Travel alongside the cliff opposite the pillar of steel, and follow in the shades of the rocks until you come to;

The tower ruin. What remains of a defensible structure used long ago for protection. Follow along the cliff there and you are going to reach;

The Shattered Dome. A large archlike formation of seastone and cliff-face. He says the shade can protect you from prying eyes.

Finally, continue along the stones and canyons until you reach the edge of a cliff and the village lay bare before you.

He said that if you made good time you could reach it in a day or two. You don't know what kind of pace he makes on foot with a heavy load, but it is probably more than yours.
No. 949327 ID: 28c1e4
File 157354010165.png - (147.00KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_97.png )

In any case, you've walked for a while, and made it out of the higher clifflands and back into the sandbowl of the great expanse below.

You've arrived as dark approaches. The cart proves a rough drag, but you are itching to continue, full of so much food and water. The layers along with your cloak can protect you from the ravages of most of the cold. You suspect.

You pull on the roadleather vest you had fixed up a bit, but what is your course of action? The pillar is still far away, and the empty ahead looks awfully... Well... empty. You would be traveling in a straight line way past dark.
No. 949329 ID: 9876c4

24 hours without sleep is feasible, especially if well fed.
Even in the dark you can see if your tracks are straight.

No. 949332 ID: d3cb99

I'd say seek shelter for the night, if you fear there may be none forward.
No. 949342 ID: ce39da

"Arriving after dark" doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world, assuming there's at least some slight shelter at the pillar itself. Get over there; your pace is dilly-dallying as is. Oh, and throw on your layers now; yeah, it might get a bit toasty in the meantime, but that will become a boon after dark.
No. 949347 ID: c571e8

Are these the same shipping containers as before? You never did look at that one that was upended, and there is still the matter of that giant glowing mutant beast that comes out at night.
No. 949349 ID: 8b7c8a

Are we worried about the ichor beast? I don't know if continuing on is the best bet. Maybe we should take shelter without fire inside a container on the edge of the salt.

If we continue straight into the dust, we will be really visible, but the benefit is that anything after you will be visible too. Then again, would we be able to step to a creature? Or maybe banditos?

We are currently coming down from a different side of the Angler's cliff, the unopened one was by the minefield. I still don't think we could access it right now though. We'd need torque.
No. 949503 ID: a117ed

Keep your eyes out for any lights in the distance while you cross the dry bay. It might be much easier to spot lights from the center of such a large clearing. If you spot anything, ready your weapon just in case.
No. 949876 ID: 9e04c9

Avoid the emptiness and follow his directions, which were to keep to the rocks. Also, it might be a good idea to wait until it's after dusk. Not that it's pitch black, that only happens during the new moon, but the darker it is, the safer you should be around here.
No. 950425 ID: 28c1e4
File 157479534163.png - (45.52KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_98.png )

You think as you begin to move forwards. From this point you can survey the land well enough.

The area in your vicinity is divided between the minefield, maze of containers, the canyon and cliff, and the stony rock faces that make up the edges of this ancient seabed.

If you were to follow all the way around, it would more than certainly double or nearly triple the time spent on the trip across the bay. So you resolve to take the shortest path to the first landmark, a straight line.
No. 950426 ID: 28c1e4
File 157479588146.png - (66.45KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_99.png )

The heat quickly fades as the evening grows more manageable, but you know that this pleasant warmth will drain from the air as soon as the sun falls below the crests of the ridges and canyons beyond.

Though you pull your cart along the salty earth, vermiculated with cracks by the heat of the sun, and dryness of the environ, but otherwise solid and easy to traverse terrain.

Though the air in your tyres is lacking, you still make fine pace, as you leave the great mountainous canyon of the Ocean Man behind you.
No. 950427 ID: 28c1e4
File 157479635807.gif - (250.39KB , 800x950 , Wasteland_100_1.gif )

Night falls like a net, entrapping you in it's embrace. Though it is not freezing as it is sometimes, the still warm air stands your fur on edge, as it's heat is sapped away in the passage of time.

The sky swims with stars as you near the landmark, nearly mid way across the bay you can still spot it against the starry backdrop.

The light of the moon is illuminating, and offers you respite from the drying light of the sun, all the light reflecting off the salty earth and your own self makes you plainly visible to all who look from miles on.

The night is still, and not even a breeze blows, but suddenly your instincts kick in. An ancient feeling, honed by too much experience puts you on edge.

The ground rumbles as a soundless shape begins to rise from the earth only a dozen meters from you.

The night grows darker
No. 950428 ID: e7c7d3

Ooooooh no...

Arm thyself?
No. 950431 ID: 210821

Try and get behind it to hide? However, we don't know what kind of nasty tail could be there...
No. 950435 ID: b1b4f3

Oh god it's one of those things again.
There's nowhere to run, and it's probably too big to kill with your gun.
Hide behind the cart and hope it's not interested in you?
No. 950438 ID: 8d4593

That looks like a giant horrifying.
Screw the Shotgun. Lob a grenade directly under it.

...Unless you think it would appreciate a fine can of anchovies.
No. 950494 ID: 9876c4

I would certainly rather use up the anchovies than the grenade.
No. 950506 ID: 0159f4

Don't we have like 5 days worth of seafood? Certainly thats more appealing than a can of anchovies. My recommendation is to try and fight your instincts of flight, and remain calm. Maybe you can offer it a fish or something while you ready your shotgun. If it makes a sudden move, blast it. Even though it's big, a shotgun blast still causes a lot of damage.
No. 950530 ID: 0fae41

I reckon those things aren't very big fans of you right now. Be very, very still.
No. 950532 ID: 8d4593

Oh that's right. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the smell of that is what awakened this beast. Could just put that down and back away.
No. 950580 ID: 9e04c9

Arm the grenade and wait to see how the creature reacts.
No. 951048 ID: 28c1e4
File 157567232303.png - (228.87KB , 800x950 , Wasteland_102.png )

>Lob a grenade!
>Try to hide!
>Offer it some food!

Your mind races, as it always does, and you hold yourself from doing something hasty. Your steeled nerves keeping you collected. You reach into your sack of food, past the bag of herb that the Angler snuck you, and you grip some of your seafood ration.

With a quick lob, you crouch and ready your shotgun.

*Splat* The fish lands on the ground, and though you cannot imagine what the ichor beast may do, you can let your breath out for a moment as it pauses to soundlessly snuffle and slurp up the fish.

It still seems hungry, and as it emerges from it's sandy tunnel, it clambers forth, clouds of black smoke and fluid that will not stay sloshed upon the ground in its wake, as though it seeks to seep up to the sky and surround it's form in this strange hazy mist. The drops of darkness evaporating before they hit the ground, only adding to it.

You stand, hand at the ready to release the springloaded mechanism of your pipegun. Ready to lay lead.
No. 951049 ID: 28c1e4
File 157567256299.png - (191.59KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_101.png )

If only you knew more of these beings, the fish did but only slow it, and now it bring's its six eyed gaze towards you. It's glowing oculars piercing you in a way you do not find in the least pleasant, but unchanging. It obviously is a predator. A very efficient one at that, and it was laying in wait for it's prey, or for night. The ichor beast's cloud seems to cause the surrounding night to grow darker, while it's piercing vision cuts a line through the smoke.

It takes a step forward and your mind cracks as it fills with the memory of the creeping tentacles of the place of the Oceanman. You squeak.
No. 951050 ID: 28c1e4
File 157567268315.png - (96.61KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_103.png )

Suddenly, and without warning, the beast halts it's silent approach. As though something had cut through the creeping smoke and halted it.

It spits a few drops of it's gaseous fluid, pitch as night, and then it tumbles to the ground. As silent as it rose.
No. 951055 ID: 8d4593

Well Then.
I guess we give it a wide berth and KEEP ON TRUCKIN
No. 951057 ID: e7c7d3

Was the fish that bad?

Perhaps a sniper? Check around to see where it might of come from.
No. 951058 ID: 0efe8e

we should try to tame this thing, get ourselves a shadow-blob-dog
No. 951061 ID: 0fae41

Get as much distance as you can from the beast and the sniper.
No. 951072 ID: b1b4f3

Alright maybe you should turn around and make camp somewhere that doesn't have ichor beasts.
No. 951141 ID: 9e04c9

If it could eat you, it would already have done so.

If a sniper shot it, we would've heard the shot and the impact. There was neither of that.

My guess is that this one is sick. How do we heal a sick ichor beast?
No. 951143 ID: 07a6af

Unless we were at a long distance, and it almost seems like it could have come from behind us maybe the Angler's work? I'm not sure on the range of a jezail but maybe he's particularly good.

Either way, we fed it seafood so I would like to get some return on our investment. If it's dead, I'd leave, but if it's still breathing maybe give it something else? Otherwise I would leave a wide birth around it and continue on.
No. 951431 ID: 58dc55

perhaps its been pacified by something in your memory of the ocean monument?
No. 951458 ID: c2f1f6

Perhaps the fish is very, VERY poisonous. Or maybe ocean man is on your side. go up to it and poke it with a stick- naw i'm just kidding, throw rocks from a distance first.
No. 951461 ID: b1b4f3

I mean, I figure it just got shot by our friend back at the cliff. He is carrying a scoped rifle.
No. 951541 ID: 28c1e4
File 157625772307.png - (210.45KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_104.png )

What the hell happened?! You look over your shoulder to the great canyon cliff, where the Angler dwells. If he had seen what had happened through his longlookers, he might have intervened. In any case, the Ichor beast seems particularly vulnerable now. It would be a simple flick of the wrist to dispatch the fallen creature...

But maybe it was some stroke of pity or something else that brought you to crack the head off your clawfish and leave it for the thing.

Your mind swims with memories of that hidden place. Somewhere amidst all those twisting canyon trails and cliffside grottos lies the tomb of some hero. A god of the sea, and what he had shown you deep in the recesses of your mind was that of the wet. You are still trying to make sense of it, but you feel these creatures are connected in some way. Thinking about it makes you feel slimy and eelish. Not in a bad way.

You give the Ichor beast a wide berth and continue on your path.
No. 951542 ID: 28c1e4
File 157625834687.png - (82.87KB , 800x800 , Wasteland_105.png )

Your path takes you between the rockface and the spire of steel of the age before. It seems as though it was once a place travelers would pass through, you can tell by the non-maritime refuse that can be spotted. Crushed bottles and bones of stuff not entirely sunbleached. There are occasional crevices and stacked stones where people have taken shelter in the past, but most avoid the spire itself.

Looking past, in the distance beyond you can spy the edge of the cliff, and maybe your next landmark? It is hard to tell at this distance, even with the light of the moon reflecting on the surfaces beyond.

The time is a few hours past darkness. Maybe near midnight, give or take. You no longer have the digital clock of your car keeping time. Not that that ever was accurate with how much you traveled.

You pause a moment to drink some water from your bottle.

Half Bottle of Water Remaining
No. 951543 ID: e7c7d3

Keep on truckin'

Maybe stay by the cliffs. Keep an eye out to see if there's anything useful among the refuse of other travelers.
No. 951547 ID: 33056f

Keep your eyes open for anything neat tossed among the debris.
No. 951551 ID: 9e04c9

If you're tired, use one of those crevices to rest. If not, then carry on.
No. 951557 ID: d63ea8

Honestly if we only have a half-bottle of water left, we might want to stick with travelling at night. The sun will dehydrate us real quick.
No. 953189 ID: 28c1e4
File 157872292557.png - (368.06KB , 1600x1200 , Wasteland_106.png )

>>Only have half a bottle left

Whaddya take me for? Some kind of rat-shaped sponge? I still have half this, plus the whole canister of Aqua Pura.

In any case, you decide your time is best spent traveling while you can, so you do so.

The wall of the cliff besides you is tall and imposing and stretches on for miles. Your feet dry as they beat against the salted ground, but you make good time.

The temperature sure is dropping, so you bundle yourself a bit tighter. Ahead must be the next landmark. An enormous formation of sealstone reaching up towards the cliff, it looks like some kind of shattered dome, or a cracked bone of some massive thing.

There seems to be the light of a campfire at it's base. You don't seem to see any shadows dancing in the light at this angle.
No. 953190 ID: e7c7d3

Being by a fire would be nice. Just be aware that if you approach you'll be considered the threat. Hopefully, since you're carrying goods you'll come off as a trader rather than a raider.

On the other hand, be prepared to defend yourself should they try anything funny.
No. 953191 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, this is bad actually. We're carrying valuable goods, which means it's very likely for whoever's at that campsite to doublecross us if we try to share camp, and if we don't and just pass by, they could try to ambush us later. It might maybe be possible to pass by without being noticed, since it's nighttime and thus they're likely sleeping...
Alternatively we could turn around and set up camp somewhere earlier in the route, then try to wake up and start traveling before dawn in case they're going in the opposite direction we are. Also obviously make camp out of sight. This is rockier terrain so that should be possible.
No. 953197 ID: 404f0f

This is more or less what I was thinking.
No. 953206 ID: 9876c4

Stuff like this is why the value of an unused grenade are greater than the value of the grenade itself.

Harm to our person and the shipment goes kablooey.
No. 953233 ID: d63ea8

Sorry, didn't mean any offence. You're the expert on this matter.
I agree. We'd look to be an easy target, especially if it is a group of people.
I'd say that we double back a bit and find a nice concealed position to rest. If the people at the camp wake up and see wagon tracks passing them they might be inclined to follow.
No. 953394 ID: eae5e0

If you don't want to try to share the fire, which is understandable, then let's find some other place til Dawn breaks. We don't have any wood to burn, so let's just find a crevice to hide in and earnest. It's probably not too many hours till morning.
No. 953775 ID: 28c1e4
File 157932503505.png - (381.17KB , 1600x1200 , Wasteland_107.png )

You weigh your options. Though you don't know what lie ahead, you bet you could pass for a simple trader in your current getup.

That usually isn't a good thing outside of a town with some kind of law or warlord. In the wasteland where anyone will kill you for a perceived easy mealticket. Only traders with a following or defenses make it riskier for enemigos to take the hits for your goods. The main equalizer you have is your grenades which could be a useful tool. But you wouldn't want anyone to call you on your bluff unless it is life or death. Your shotgun will make short work of a single target but might leave you lacking with it's sorry reload time and poor construction.


None taken. At least one of the voices in my head has some manners.

But whatever, i-if they want to be g-greedy with their f-f-fire, who needs them. Rubs hands for warmth

You'll just make like a rat and take shelter in a crevice a bit back along the path. Luckily, you can find one just your size. So you unload your bags off the cart, and stash it in another hole right next to yours, and bundle up for the night. Like most of these crevices, it's been used by travelers before. But the warmth of the fire is still something that beckons you to think back to the light by the dome.

It doesn't take long before a scream echoes across the desert night. The howl of death of some unlucky fool.

Then, shortly after a steady rhythm begins to emerge from somewhere behind the cracked dome. Music of a most ancient kind. The sort that echoes the primal nature of being. You can't make many details at this distance, but the fact it plays on makes your sleep uneasy.
No. 953777 ID: 28c1e4
File 157932564573.png - (219.62KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_108.png )

Well as it turns out, the music does end up keeping you up all night.

You barely slept at all, but you did catch a few winks before the heat of the morning turns your comfy rat nest from freezing to melting.

First thing is first, you relieve yourself and drink the remainder of your bottle of water. Gotta stay hydrated while you've got the sip.

Empty Bottle

The music is still playing. Whoever is doing it must not need a break. You feel pretty secure here, maybe you could wait until they move on?

Or walk all the way around the shattered dome, It's rocky but maybe possible? Honestly the oyster is your world, and if you're feeling brazen, you can come up with whatever. Not being able to sleep kind of puts a hamper in your 'rest for at least a few hours' plan. That makes you grumpy.
No. 953778 ID: b1b4f3

I am intensely curious. You should try to sneak over the top of the dome and peek in without being noticed.
No. 953781 ID: e51896

Music still going all through the night? maybe somebody is playing recorded music? no way anyone could be playing music for that long. Be careful just in case though, there are weirdos in this apocalyptic world after all.
No. 953797 ID: d63ea8

I'm curious to see if it's something more mechanical in nature, like some sort of industrial process.

I agree that this warrants investigation. I'd say that we stash the cart here for now and try to survey the dome (and possibly whatever is making the music) at a distance. If we come across anything hostile we'll have the option to run and circle back here to get the cart.
No. 953824 ID: 404f0f

If the music is coming from somewhere on your way, then you should check it out. In a relatively safe manner.
However, if it's too far, or out of your way, then you should skip it.
In either case, you need to move on and you can't afford to wait for it to stop.
No. 953826 ID: cf0372

I'm kind of interested in hearing the call of the jungle drums. I say leave the cart and goods here, and try to approach in secret. If it seems handleable then we can do it that way.
No. 953938 ID: 28c1e4
File 157955865489.png - (315.22KB , 1200x1400 , Wasteland_109.png )

You decide that you cannot be daunted by a mere sound. You've got places to be, things to do.

Though you still have your signature caution. You decide to leave your cart and goods stashed in secret. You just bring with you your shotgun and a grenade so you can defend yourself if need be.

You feel like you might be a little too cautious. All this skulking around.

I mean, what kind of damage could a single tireless musician do?

>>You sweat

The grounds beyond are stained with the rigors of battle. Blood lay splattered across the stone walls and well trod earth. Bones stripped of flesh lay besides the fireplace, and several stone cairns are in different stages of being built. Several instruments lay battered and destroyed. The blood seems only recent. The melodies erupting from the musician growl lowly from an electric amplifier speaker wired to their instrument. They seem to be in a trance, staring from the crevice to the rising sun.
No. 953939 ID: e7c7d3

Pretty sure bloody splatters are a big "NOPE" sign. But at least they're polite enough to make some graves. If you do approach, pretty sure the proper protocol is to toss a small token into the open instrument case.
No. 953969 ID: d63ea8

My gut says that this person probably isn't the aggressor (otherwise why would they bury the bodies) but if the area shows signs of combat that danger could still be present. Judging from the scraps of instruments around, this might've been the rest of their band.

Best case scenario this person is in mourning and deserves privacy. Worse case scenario he's deranged and might attack you.

I would lean on the side of caution and give this place a wide berth, but if you think you can help/comfort the lone musician I'd say go for it.
No. 953972 ID: 9876c4

I'm not saying we should murder him, but if things go south we might find some valuable loot.

Let's try to solve things peacefully, and let nature take it's course.
No. 954012 ID: b1b4f3

My best guess is killer robot. Why don't you just leave and go around?
No. 954039 ID: cf0372

Logic dictates we take the long way, but kangabf said we should stick to the cliff walls. I think we should just give it a shot and walk through.

Offer the rocker a token. If he didn't kill those people, they might have been his mates.

I think a chunk of herb or a durry should suffice. Like what >>953939 suggested
No. 954084 ID: 404f0f

Give them applause, then leave.
No. 955292 ID: 28c1e4
File 158068664966.png - (467.73KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_111.png )

You step into the shadow of the Shattered Dome. Reaching within your bag of goodies to pull forth what you think would be a nice offering to the musician. It's been a while since you've heard the music. You are fairly sure this is what was done for performers in the before.

The rat emerges from her place behind the rock. Though she is wary, she is overwhelmed by the chorus. The ancient sounds bring forth something that stirs within her. Something beneath the colourless empty of life. Some kind of underlying force that speaks to the experiences of her life. As though she has been here at least once before. What harm could come from offering a token of appreciation?

>Strange feelings overwhelm the driver. Should you like to influence her in a deeper way, this is a time that affect her.
No. 955293 ID: 28c1e4
File 158068719803.png - (273.88KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_110.png )

Before you stands, deep in a trance, a strange being. A bird wearing upon itself the robes of ancient bards, Draped in bones and beads, and modified with patches and pins denoting their would-be forgotten influence, skills, and revelations. This person is clearly a warrior poet. As the music they conjure seems to ebb and wane, as though telling a long drawn out journey of discovery through some kind of burning hell.

Only few times before have you heard music of this skill. They play upon their masterwork instrument until the tips of the fingers are bleeding, and dry blood clings to the fretboard.

Though standing directly in front of them is not enough to summon their gaze from deep within the spirit-world of their suntrance.
No. 955296 ID: 28c1e4
File 158069318232.gif - (2.26MB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_112_1.gif )

The journey continues. A vision of the longest desert road, where bones scorched by the sands lay without rest. These are the feelings elicited from the bard's song. The song of your life.

Only one thing seems to put any halt upon their headbobbing and rock and roll. As you reach out a tear covered fist to deposit the goods upon the cloth wrapping that must be their instrument case, you note the only thing on it is a single guitar pick.

They stop for a moment. The fuzz of their pedal continuing on with reverberations from the final strum echoing through the place. They notice your hand.

The Skald: "Lo... A knower of the tradition... Not many in the wastes still remember this rite..." They crow through a weakened, tired throat.

They look you up and down. Removing their hat to catch your payment instead of letting it fall.

You: "W-where did you learn such songs?"

The Skald: "I am borne. 'Lectrics in my blood. Then, from a far off tribe in a frozen place. They taught to me the songs of the ancient times."

The Skald: "You are the first of many in a long time who has offered upon me such gifts. For such humble skill."

You: "Humble skill?... Where did you unearth such an instrument?"

The Skald: "That answer is simple for someone with such a skill like you, Driver, and you should know the answer. You seek something."

You: "What do you mean? How did you know who I am?"

The Skald: "Your feet. They are several shades pinker than your hands. A sign that you sit upon the seat of your automobile as ruler of the road."

You: "T-that could be anything. What if I had worn boots before now?"

The Skald: "'Tis truth that most can smell the burn of octane upon your fur, Though I have met you before. In my dreams."

You take a step back
No. 955299 ID: e7c7d3

Be skeptical about what they say about meeting you in their dreams. They're already proven that they have good induction skills and may just try to cold read you. Ask what they mean, but be careful not to fill in the blanks for them when they ask questions back.
No. 955300 ID: d63ea8


Music moves mountains.
Perhaps you were once a dancer, or could've been one if the world was different.

This Skald seems more like a contemplative than a charlatan, but there's no reason not to be guarded as well.
No. 955306 ID: c2f1f6

Have you got any answers? Which way is the tomb of the rider?
No. 955316 ID: e51896

>Your feet. They are several shades pinker than your hands.

Looks white to me (I'm joking)

Yeah, ask if this person knows where the tomb of the rider is.
No. 955321 ID: 404f0f

Ask him about the dreams. Then tell him that you are out of your way and that even with assistance, it may take a while before you can drive again.
No. 956636 ID: 1391ab
File 158203102710.png - (326.46KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_113.png )

This being is more than Ominous...

You: "What do you mean?"

Skald: "Simple... In our journey, our paths have crossed. The forever-dreams of man echo with the thunder of our legend. Even if this is the first time in this realm, Driver, It is not the only."

You: "What of these cairns? Victims?"

The poet leans down and lifts the playing pick. Gazing at it wistfully.

Skald: "Those who will go forgotten. I have heard their deathsongs, tho' and shalt carry them. It is tradition for those who follow this path to do battle. The one who lives can carry on the legends of their people, and their journeys. This place is a dueling ground for us. They challenged me, and I remain undefeated, as is my curse. Only through death or ancient rites can we be released from our oaths. Your offering? Havth released me."

They stare at the pick a moment more. Your gaze upon it arise some kind of feeling deep within you. A vague familiarity. Then they drop it into a pocket on their garb.

You look at them in silence for a while.

"What will you do now?"

You ask plainly.
No. 956638 ID: 1391ab
File 158203314594.png - (337.35KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_114.png )

Skald: "Simple, Driver. I continue my quest. As should you."

They reach towards, and pick up large dusty sack, hefting it over a shoulder.

You: "It may be hard... I need wheels. Even with help, it is going to be a while until I can use my 'skills.'"

Skald: "You've gazed upon my tool. A wielder of otherworldly skills needs an otherworldly instrument. Your wheels shall return."

They crow out before turning towards the sun, heading in the direction of your goal. The village of desert nomads.

You: "How? I own another vehicle, but..."

You: "Do you know of the Tomb of The Rider?"

The skald pauses in stride.

Skald: "What... Did you say..."

You: "I said th-"

They turn around, some kind of seriousness washing over their still stoic form.

Skald: "I know what you said, Driver. 'Hasth you any idea of to which you wish? That place lays beyond The Dune. No normal being can make such a journey. Even those with wheels have difficulty."

You: "Didn't you just say we were different? Whatever-dreams?"

Skald: "I know what I say. If you seek such a thing, it is your own choice. If it is your destiny, you will find it. Otherwise, you will number amongst the countless who have fed The Dune."

Skald: "Very few people know the secrets of The Dune. That is why it is such a dangerous place. It serves as an impenetrable wall for the people who live in it's shade. Is it truly your goal? Will you truly continue to such a fate?"

Uh oh
No. 956640 ID: 094652

"Every legend points towards the mountains of technology buried with the Tomb's pharaoh. Not just guns and gas, but instructions on how to rebuild the small towns with food and medicine. I refuse to live like this forever, without the promise of a better existence."
No. 956641 ID: 6e6f32

It seems I have been chosen.
The only way is forward.
No. 956647 ID: e7c7d3

Pfft, this bird doesn't get to decide what you can and can't do. Still, if they're currently heading in the same direction, two eyes are better than one, yes?
No. 956657 ID: b1b4f3

The guy you got the key from managed to get past the Dunes to die in a cargo container. There must be a way.
No. 956681 ID: c2f1f6

That's the definition of fate, you really don't have a choice. What else is there for me to do, die somewhere else? I have nothing more to lose there than I do here.

Consider you may still be on drugs.
No. 956688 ID: d63ea8

As it stands, we still have a job to do right now. But we will reach that tomb, despite the odds.
No. 956703 ID: 908ca0
File 158209760152.png - (352.05KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_115.png )

Your journey has always been one of guns and gas, but now you are in a position unique to you. As a pedestrian your eyes are a bit more open to the struggles of this class.

You typically wouldn't have given such a journey much thought, riding within your steel wagon, even great distances are only a matter of guz in the tank. If you are to reach the hidden treasures of the Tomb of The Rider, you might even need to become roadworthy before then.

Skald: "The spirit road is long and deadly. Some say without end... To head out beyond The Dune is to add a length unknown to your journey."

You: "I've lived this far by instinct, guns, and combustion, mate. I can't go on as a pedestrian forever. If diving a pharaohs tomb for lost treasure is the best way to get some solid wheels, I have to take it. My salvation lies at the end of that so called 'spirit road.'"

You: "But first. I have a job to do, and an engine to earn."

Skald: "Suit yourself, hoonigan. I shall sing your war ballad."

You return to your last nest and gather your goods and cart before returning. During the wait, the musician prepared a brown roll of the desert weed, to which you add some from your bulging stash.

The two of you set on your path

Skald: "-Some say receiving the curses of the land is a bad thing. Though, making bargains is part of life. What little we truly have." *Puff puff*

You: "It wasn't a bargain. It was a deal. I sell the fish oil, I get the engine, and I go."

Skald: "Do you truly think that is all this cliff dweller wanted?"

You: ...

Skald: "They do have the good stuff tho'"

The two of you share the smoke as the journey continues on. Only a twitch in your tail alerts you to what is next.
No. 956704 ID: 908ca0
File 158209783461.png - (221.34KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_116.png )

Two dusty natives emerge from the rocks ahead of you and intercept your path. Banditos?

"Oim gonna haft ask ya ladies ta halt. Theresa toll on this road"

The larger of the two, a lizard carrying a dock tool says.

"Thasright! Theresa roadway acumin! So its toll season." His seal companion horks out.
No. 956705 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah? How much?
No. 956716 ID: e51896

give an annoyed sigh and flash them as toll payment, then continue on your way.
No. 956723 ID: e7c7d3

Is there something shining on top of the cliff, middle-left of the last panel?

Is it ever not toll season?
No. 956745 ID: d63ea8

I'd say that act like we're willing to pay. If we can get their guard down we'll be able to draw first and shoot the seal.

How does the Skald look? Does he seem willing to put up a fight?
No. 956758 ID: 9876c4

Spend our last round on a rifle and a melee weapon? Maybe, but only if we have help. We couldn't beat either one in a fair fight.
No. 956759 ID: c2f1f6

Howabout legs that still work, would you like some of those?
No. 956791 ID: b07f1c

So now we're at the Shattered Dome.

There's no ammo in that rifle of theirs. If there was, they wouldn't need the melee weapon. Pull out your own shotgun, aim at them and ask them how much they want to carry to their graves.

After they become cooperative, you can also ask them if there's any notable dangers on the way ahead to the village.
No. 956813 ID: c8b64e

This for sure

Looks like mirror signals up to the ruins of that light house

I don't think we've used both our shotgun shells, but maybe if it comes down to it we can wing both of them in one shot. No way we can reload before one of them gets us. The skald seems like a capable warrior so maybe we would stand a chance. I say use the gun to intimidate them if plan A doesn't work!!
No. 957297 ID: 4a283c
File 158263337086.png - (432.88KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_117.png )

You sigh. Typical.

"Oh yeah? Is it ever not toll season?" You squeak, visibly annoyed.
"What do you want?"

The crow stands stoic besides you.

The lizard hisses out a few words. "That roight, squeaka. lay flat yer goods, n' be on yer way!"

You clench your fist. To give up any of your trade goods is flat out of the question.

You: "My... Goods?" You begin to undo your beach-toga.

You: "My GOODS?" You raise your voice which echoes along the cliffside.

"I got my goods RIGHT HERE, MATE!!" You shout, raising your voice as you tug up your gypsycloth, flashing your bare chest. The pair of them seem stunned enough, and before you notice it, the skald is already walking.

You hold your finger aloft for a few moments as you begin to follow. When suddenly from behind you hear a slobbery hoark.

"Aii tink, I loik that one. 'er goods... 'oi tink I'd take 'em!"

The lizard speaks up.
"Drop da cart, rat! Ifn' you wanna leave wit yer dignity!"
No. 957298 ID: 4a283c
File 158263385040.png - (205.70KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_118.png )

"Toll's jus been raised!" You just know he is smirking. Cheeky cunts.

You spin around, tugging your shotgun from your sack.

You squeak at them "Yeah?! How much ya wanna carry to your graves!? How about legs that still work?! Want those?!"

You hold the pin of your mechanism. Ready to fire.

"Drop yer shooter, and your tool! I know you're empty, but I'm not!"

The two freeze in their tracks before they manage to lay hands upon your oil cart. Your wild eyes frightened them.
No. 957299 ID: 4a283c
File 158263410589.png - (305.84KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_119.png )

"She's joshin! That pipe's empty!" The larger of the two dusty bandits speaks.

The other resumes his drooling, eyeing you up and down.

Just as you're about to release hot death upon those two, the skald steps up. Steel clear from scabbard.

"Careful there, Driver. I know yer cocked, but there's more that meets the eye..."
They crow softly. You squint.
No. 957300 ID: 4a283c
File 158263477072.png - (231.97KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_120.png )

Skald: "...'Lo... Up yonder sun bleached rocks... A figure with a bow."

Lizard: "Tha'as what we're saying'! Lay yer arms... Don't get corpsed er-"

The bird completely ignores them. Staring up upon the figure beyond. They seem familiar to the skald...

Who are they?

What do the two of you do?

|Inventory Check|

Combat Gear Includes:

(2) Shotgun shells
Makeshift Pipegun (Loaded)
Ancient Switchblade
Frag Grenade
Stahlhelm Grenade
Shansei .45 Pistol (Empty)
Plastic Bottle (Empty)

Rest of gear available as well
No. 957303 ID: b07f1c

I dunno what the Skald is communicating to the bowperson, but let's assume the worse.

No. 957311 ID: e7c7d3

If the skald wanted to rob us, they had just as good opportunities before even without the numbers. They do seem to be signalling with whoever is up there though...

For now, just lower your gun, not drop it.
No. 957328 ID: 6c227a

Driver, that bow shot is too far to be terribly accurate, and at this distance, easy enough to dodge now that you can see it coming. One of these fucks will definitely die if they make a move at this range though. So you've still got the upper hand, and you're just gonna take your stuff and back away now. Ain't nobody needs to die today. Right boys?

Skald, do you make out the profile of that spikey-haired figjam with the safety pins what calls himself Ramone over there, or what?
No. 957331 ID: b1b4f3

Alright here's the plan. You go take out the archer while the skald deals with these idiots in front of you. Feel free to shoot the one with a gun in case he's got any bullets in it.
Also don't forget there's one more bandit behind the rock that was signaling to the archer.

Alternatively you could ignore the archer since he's waaaaaay the fuck over there and accuracy with a bow is shit at that range, but I get the feeling this setting ignores weapon types and goes for cool factor over anything else.
No. 957334 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, taking a grenade out might scare them off, if we're going that route.
No. 957679 ID: c6be62
File 158305756157.png - (262.87KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_121.png )

>>Surrender, the skald might be in on it
Hardly! If so, you don't think they would have warned you about the archer. With their reflexes, you suspect you wouldn't even notice your head severed from your shoulders should they be trying to.

>>You've still got the upper hand at this range
Damn right

You lower your gun... Trying to make like you are playing nice.

You: "Fine! You two made your point!"

You reach into your sack, as if to pull out an offering. The two stand triumphant whilst the skald rubs their chin, still looking up at the archer who yet aims at you two.

Lizard: "Heh, thas whot we liketa hear!"

Seal: "huuhuu,,, Drop ya s-shorties t-too..." The lard spills.

You feel around and find what you need, pulling it forth above your head. Raising your gun again.

"THATS it. I am TIRED here! No sleep, and a harshed mellow makes me mad!"
No. 957680 ID: c6be62
File 158305819211.png - (261.43KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_122.png )

"One of you makes a move, I blast that one. Two of you make a move, I blast everyone! Don't think I won't! My gun's loaded, and I ain't afraid!" You squeak.

Lizard: "Now now!! Less not be too hasty 'ere!"

The two are visibly frightened now. Sweating on the edge of their pants. The archer has lowered their bow, and Skald makes ready to go.

You grumble out some more words.

"I'm gonna lay it on you... I'm gonna pick up my cart, and walk away. Neither of you has to die... Then when we leave you tell your friend I said fuck you, alright?" You feign a calmness that makes everyone uneasy.

Lizard: "A-alroight Crazy-eyes... We 'ere ya..."

The seal is fuming and disappointed and only groans in frustration.

Issue demands? You think you had seen what might be the village itself at the end of the cliff walk. Several hours in the distance.
No. 957689 ID: 13059a

Kneecap them with the gun for even trying to toll the shit out of you, and tell them to consider it a idiot tax for trying to rob travelers just trying to make do.
No. 957695 ID: ca4acd

Nah, that's unnecessarily assholish. "tolls" are the way of the land here.
No. 957696 ID: bef60d

Tell 'em not to let us see thier ugly mugs again, if they value thier lives.
No. 957698 ID: b1b4f3

Tell them not to bother you again.

...tempting to tell them to drop their trousers. You showed them your goods, they show you theirs.
No. 957700 ID: c09fb4

Tell the lizard to chuck his spear as far as he can to his right, then start walking back the way you came, not looking back, and don't stop 'till he's out of your sight.

Tell the walrus to set the safety on his rifle on, hold it vertical and pull back the bolt so you can see what ammo is in there. If there is, tell him to dump it out on the ground; You'll collect it before you go. That done, he's to chuck the rifle as far as he can to his right and start walking after the lizard, not looking back, 'till he's outta your sight.

Once those two are well out of blast range, stow the 'nade but keep the shotty out and start pushing the cart forward. Ask the skald to walk backwards behind you so he can keep his eyes on those two, the archer and any other of their buddies that may pop 'till they're outta sight. Keep scanning the terrain ahead of you for trouble and keep your ears perked up.

These idiots aren't worth wasting a shell on, (especially if it's our only shell,) or risking our improvised shotgun exploding in our hands upon firing. Shooting also increases the risk of the archer shooting at us once we're out of the 'nade blast radius of these two, since the archer may feel they have to shoot since we hurt one of their's.
No. 957782 ID: b07f1c

They could still aim and shoot at you once they're out of the grenade blast radius. Just to be safe, you should show them some of your shotgun shells, so that they understand your own gun is for real.

I don't really think you can make demands here, that is, I don't think they'll surrender just coz you're holding a grenade. So, just be on your merry way, of course, with your gun pointed at them for a sufficient amount of time.
No. 957851 ID: 9876c4

I think we're done here.
No. 958487 ID: 7a49cd
File 158365258046.png - (180.63KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_123.png )

You command them to drop their weapons and unload, which they hesitantly do, now noticing the archer has disappeared from view.

You join the skald back down the path. Relighting the stubby.

"H-HOW did she guess w-we didn't have bullets!" The seal erupts in tears at his missed opportunity.

"Ehs-a getting' tougher n' tougher ta makea liven' these days..." The lizard says
No. 958492 ID: 7a49cd
File 158365380952.png - (204.48KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_124.png )

The two of you walk along the cliffside. Hanging to the shelter of the shadows to keep out of view of others and the sun. The skald recites seaside poetry that feels like it has lost it's meaning.

No ships travel on waves of blue, or others take joy among the surf. You think the skald knows this, and in uttering, brings up vast feelings of regret. Feelings you rather leave behind buried in the sands of a past long gone.

As the hours pass, the cliff path gives way to the open of the village which lay sprawled before you.

A multitude of ships of various sizes, all obviously inhabited or in use. Few figures and beasts make their way between them and to an enormous walled tent which must be the village proper. The outlying places seem to serve as homes and dual purpose as guard towers as they are the only things that really stand above the blasted salt flat of the seabed.

In the greater distance you see a ship that casts its shadow upon the village below, it lay beached upon enormous sand dunes, but at an even greater distance, nearly hidden by the sky you see they continue. Where the cliff becomes level with the salty earth you suspect is a way to reach the higher lands above.

The two of you pass by a boat where at least half a dozen figures move around within. The two on the roof give you two only a second glance. It seems that your guise is not out of place to these people. If what the Angler said is true, they must often see traders and visitors from all around, and that the locals venerate old water-gods, but other faiths must be present as well. That much is clear through those who have done battle with the Skald in the shade of the Shattered Dome.

What is your first course of business?
No. 958496 ID: b07f1c

Ask around if anyone knows the Angler to find out if he had any regular customers.
No. 958532 ID: e7c7d3

Find out who this fish oil goes to. The sooner we lose all this weight, the better
No. 958671 ID: e51896

lets ask around.
No. 958979 ID: 8e3f44
File 158418263267.png - (315.48KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_125.png )

You decide the best way is to look for established customers. He must come here once in a while to trade, right? The two of you head towards a nearby gathering a while closer to the main entrance. There sits a couple stands of tribesmen hawking their wares and servers cooking small things for trade with travelers. The Skald takes their time and picks out a stand that looks to serve some kind of shawarma.

Meanwhile, you look up to a stopped tribesman atop a particularly large toothy emu. He wears a metallic pack and wears finecrafted goggles made from the bottoms of stained bottles. As a native he may be more familiar with those who pass through than simple travelers. To your surprise he addresses you before you can ask your query. However, you cannot understand his language.

Seeing your cluelessness, he corrects himself.

Acolyte: "Mistake. I smell something. Within your bag? What do you want for it, trader-gypsy? What flavour does it hold?"

You tilt your head but continue.

You: "I've got a barrel of fish oil. Know who uses such a thing?"

Acolyte: "Fish... Oil... Fisho? Are you- Fish-o? What is in your bag for trade?"
No. 958987 ID: b07f1c

I guess he's interested in the smokes? If not, we can show him our whole inventory (>>948733). There's nothing, other than our weapons, that we wouldn't care about missing much. So depending on what he's willing to offer us in return, anything goes.

And yes, we are a Fish-o then.
No. 959026 ID: e7c7d3

I get the feeling that they're mistaking use for something else, still, they seem interested in the oil.
No. 959259 ID: a6b9f6
File 158461136845.png - (393.31KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_126.png )

You reach down to open your bag and reveal your trade-goods

Trade Inventory

Plastic Bottle: Empty
A spanner
Canister of Water: Mostly Full
Seatucka: Three and a half Days Worth
Lucky 8 ball Knob
A Screwdriver
Empty Tin Can
Tin of Anchovies
Bottle of Soda
Sunglasses Missing a Lens
Empty Ballpoint Pen
Box of Cigarettes (1)
Well Used Switchblade
Strange Key
Box of Pomade Tins
Bag o' Green: Bulging

He looks through the goods that are now laid out.

Acolyte: "What do you want for the greenfish, Fish-o?"

You: "Right now I am looking for goon, glass vessels, hoses, and welding wire."

As the two of you discuss, you see others take interest. 'Fish-o's in town?' some say. 'Fish? In this season?'

The acolyte takes from his pack, a length of rubber hoses. He offers you two different sizes, and three meters of each in exchange for the fish. Feels like a lot for a fish, so you try to squeeze more out of him.

You: "Are you sure that's the best you can do? This is fresh fish. Barely caught two days ago!"

He glances at you through his tinted goggles before removing them and adding it to his trade-stack.
Acolyte: "This too, but add a cutchie of... Your green..." You think that might have been what he was after when he noticed your sack in the first place.

You remove a sample from your bulging stash to show to him. He accepts it and you hand him the fish. A slot opens from his metallic pack to which he introduces the ganj. A process begins when the slot retracts. He says something about seeing you elsewhere when he begins to ride off. Smoke pouring from his pack.

Added: Two sizes of hose totalling 6 meters
Added: Finecrafted Tinted Goggles
Removed: 1 day of Seatucka

Meanwhile, a panting one-eyed man on a bike rides up. "Fish-o? Do you 'ave oil this time?" He says, looking over your goods with his one beady eye.

You: "I do... But I need glass vials or bottles, welding wire or goon..."

Shorthair Dog: "Hmmmn... I 'ave me glass vessel... But it's how I store me water 'n oil..."

You think for a moment. A plastic bottle isn't too much to part with, so you tell him you can fill that with oil in exchange for his vessel.

Shorthair Dog: "What a deal! Tell ya what. I'll tossa leather cord if ya lemme take these too!" He holds the sunglasses missing a lens...

Shorthair Dog: "Perfect fit!" He smiles amidst his panting, his one good eye fitting under the lens.

You: "I'm not sure... I'm really looking for glass, goon, and wire."


As you are thinking, a cat with prosthetic limbs who is wrapped in bandages that cover her scars and burns, approaches. She doesn't look like she has any trade goods on her. She speaks in a soft voice.

Cat: "Give to me a fish. I will find you customer for your oil."

You squint at her skeptically. She might just be a cripple beggar looking for an easy meal.
No. 959260 ID: 094652

Eh, give her the fish. You can claim her augmentations if she bolts; after all, what is the traditional penalty for petty theft.
No. 959264 ID: dbd72b

Eh, the plastic bottle's likely to get damaged if you keep it, and you aren't finding a better deal on the glasses. Take the doggo deal.

For the cat lady, 1 day = 1 fish, it seems. So counter offer the half day bit (unless it's your leftovers, let's not directly insult them), and in any case, see if you can get her to elaborate on this "customer"
Most importantly, no pay until you see the customer, and no dark alleys or secluded spaces. You don't need an ambush from people who might shoot first this time.
No. 959265 ID: b07f1c

Ask her if there's any other... services that she offers. Because a fish for doing something that you can easily do yourself doesn't sound like the best deal.

But if she added her bottom underwear to the deal, it would be fine! Well, even if she refuses, I'd ultimately accept her offer.
No. 959270 ID: 6f7a5a

I agree, ask for her underwear.

see if you cant get the dog's shorts as well
No. 959297 ID: 015bf2

Cripples don't get prosthetics that easily. She either fought hard for those, or someone's taken good care of her. Either way, she should be good to her word.

If you're feeling leery still, you can state that if her promise isn't solid, you'll let other tradesfolk 'round these parts know. She can scam for a fish for a day, but she won't be able to scam for a fish tomorrow.
No. 959353 ID: 9876c4

I don't think asking these struggling villagers for their last vestiges of dignity aligns with our long-term plans.

Tell the dawg to sweeten the deal. Tell the cat she'll get half the fish now, and half when you meet the buyer.
No. 960500 ID: b323f1
File 158581184356.png - (343.91KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_127.png )

You accept the deal from the dog, leaving you with his leather cord.

Added: Leather cordage

Shorthair Dog: "If you wanna offload some stuff, ya should set up shop inside! Lotsa business with the races soon after all!" He says as he pedals off with a wave.

Meanwhile, you think over her proposition for only a second.

You: "Seems awful expensive for something I can do on my own... What other services can you offer for the fish?"

Cat: "You won't be able to sell it whole without parting it away... That will take time." She says silently.

That is a good point. Maybe a local can find a buyer much easier than you could. She seems to have dodged your question though.

You: "Oh yeah? Throw in your underwear and you can have a fish. Can't go wrong with a length of cloth!"

Cat: "Yes... There is much utility..."

Without much of a delay she sets her walking staff down, and as she comes up, her metal claw undoes the knots keeping her under-rig together. Her tail swishes as she pulls the length of cloth free. She holds it forwards.

Cat: "Here. I can make another."
No. 960502 ID: b323f1
File 158581203430.png - (319.79KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_128.png )

You sweat as you take it in your hand. The voices in your head made you think it, so you were only half serious.

Skald: "Good trade." The rocker returns. A bite taken from their strange roasted shwarma. Smells good.

Skald: "I am heading to 'The Mississippi Queen'. A ship-tavern to ply my skills. The merchant said they have drink and room. You may as of yet find someone who needs the skills of a driver."

You: "Huh... I am still looking to trade for the things on my list. More glass, and all that goon and wire."

Cat: "The Tyresmith has much wire."

The beggar has been looking over some of your goods, eyes drawn to your remaing seatucka. Her tail swishing in the air.
No. 960504 ID: b323f1
File 158581308390.png - (327.64KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_129.png )

You hand her a toothy Greenfish. Leaving you with half your clawfish, and another longfish.

One and a half rations of Seatucka Remaining

She must have caught your gaze upon your fish as you hand it over.

Cat: "The seapriests gather today. They bring word of the watergods."

You look at her questioningly

Cat: "They can offer vision at the brinepool to find your desires. For a sacrifice."

She says nothing else as she takes her fish into her mouth to hold as she bends to grab her walking staff.

There it is again. The strange seeping feeling from the grotto of the Oceanman.

Skald: "Be wary of deals with desert gods. Their bargains come with high prices."

You: "Maybe I don't mind paying the price? What do you know? I have things to find, mate. Stuff to get done."

Skald: "Your choices are your own, Driver. Even I feel the call of the sea, but I have much I quest for as well... Your wheels won't come to you for nothing."

Skald: "Arest thou to follow to the Queen, or how to you plan to less your load?"
No. 960516 ID: b07f1c

I doubt the Tyresmith would be interested in the fish oil, so we'd probably need to sell our oil and other stuff first. However, we don't know what the Tyresmith wants, so either we'd need to sell the oil for what the smith needs, or something that we can use as a currency. Ask the cat to take you to the Tyresmith and on the way ask her what people use as a currency around here. Or what would be valuable to trade the oil for that we could then use to buy the stuff we need.
No. 960517 ID: ba56e6

Go along with the cat. You paid for her help after all. Ask what title she goes by.
No. 960643 ID: e7c7d3

Go get your fortune told at the brinepool
No. 966903 ID: a66a83
File 158972649339.png - (421.15KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_130.png )

You: “Look. We might be traveling together, but we aren’t traveling together, mate. I’ll keep in mind you’ll be at the Mississippi Queen. If we meet back up, I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve got some Aqueous Divination to get done.”

You say, easing your cart around towards the village proper.

Skald: “Driver… Always so stubborn… Always stuck in the old ways. As if gods and bargains ever works out.” *Chew Chew*

You pick your tail up so it doesn’t slip under a wheel as you try to catch up to the cat. She was at a slower pace. Still quicker than you expected by the state of her condition.

You: “What do I call you?”

Cat: “Kitten.”

You: “Oh.”

As you pass through the large packed earth walls, and metal gates of the village you can see the place before you. Shrouded in shade given by the vast cloths and tents that surround it, giving a fine respite from the scorching sun.

The buildings are ramshackle scrap and built of tin one room construction, ancient boats, or made of earth and crafted well. Some even have lighting. People you pass by seem to be desert nomads. Wearing clothes and goods they have crafted, or traded and scavenged from far away on their long voyages across deep sand-sea. Even street-side merchants ply their trade. Offering baubles of glass and strings intermixed with fine desert-dweller crafts, such as kopeshes and knives made by hand. Strange aromas fill the air as you pass by tent covered bazaars.

You: “Are you leading me to the Tyresmith?”

Kitten: “No. The seapriests gather.”
No. 966906 ID: a66a83
File 158972713885.png - (817.36KB , 1200x1500 , Wasteland_131.png )

You breach the outer ring of small shops and homes, and before you, you can see a large crowd has gathered. It must be nearly everyone in the village right now, save for the few strange wanderers you had passed on your way here. Above the crowd you can see an pier high above. On that upper level you can make out the metal workings of an old rollercoaster and whatever buildings are up there are obscured from view from below.

Kitten: “Follow close. I know the way to the front.”

A foul stench clings to the air. That of salt and brine. So thick and fetid. You try to stick close behind her. The people here are not just nomads or desert voyagers. They are scrappers and scavengers. Travelers from places elsewhere. They mix here with strange sea-people who must be those religious water-cultists who live in the village year-round while not in use by the nomads.

“Do you think you’ll see it?”

“I wonder if the time is soon.” A raspy bat says

“The Sea Shall Provide…” A man wearing a crabtrap on his head

“This all seems bogus.” Some wandering catman

All mutterings of the people gathered here.

You brush past several desert-dwellers carrying large handmade Amphorae, and bump elbows with wastelanders and desertrippers holding their bottles and jars, and offerings of vege and foods.

You wait patiently. The crowd chatters amongst everyone else. Mostly keeping to their spots so as to not upset their neighbors in waiting. Kitten manages to bring you to the front, where you have view of what lays below. The source of the smell.

The brinepool. Eerily similar to the sea you found within the mountain, you think… In the Tomb of The Oceanman.

A blaring horn of conch blows, as if on cue.
No. 966908 ID: a66a83
File 158972760088.png - (410.96KB , 1200x1200 , OceanInOurBones.png )

They arrive in procession.

The seapriests number three. Dressed in great robes and regalia. Bones and shells and artefacts of the time past drape their forms. Doing much to hide their being, but as they near the pier’s end, you can see their true forms.

One carries their banner and water tank. This one, draped in robe and net is long and serpentine, wearing a breathing apparatus turned reverse to suit their needs, as if in some holy ritual of meaning.

The conchbearer wears a regal robe of shells and seaglass. A blindfold inscribed with a familiar sigil of the Eye. She has a glowing lure which dimly illuminates the frightening teeth behind the shadow of her hood.

Finally, the head priest raises a clawed, webbed hand. As if to silence an already quiet crowd. His voice booms.

”Another cycle has passed. The… Ocean quakes once more. Mothersea SHUDDERS with anticipation. Those of you who have arrived, come at a momentous time! A time of binding, a time of PEACE and PLENTY. The BOUNTY of the SEA is ENDLESS. She will RETURN, and with the GREAT INUNDATION, THE WORLD WILL LIVE. COME. OFFER SACRIFICE. GIVE TO THE SEA. FEED HER CREATURES, AND SHE WILL GIVE BACK. FIND YOUR FORTUNE IN THE BRINEPOOL. The Oracle has seen it’s depths, and the Eel cometh, bringing your greatest desire. It precedes the Geyser. As is the cycle. Offer your prayers to the gods and heroes of the sea-past, and may they find Poseidon's ear. Then you may fill your vessels with the fluid of life. The gift of the once-sea. The Ocean in Our Bones.”

With that, the offerings are tossed. Pieces of valuable bread and hardtack. Vegetables, and even meat. A half eaten fish. The meal given to Kitten by you lands placidly in the water with a sploosh. A great token of faith amongst the faithful.
No. 966912 ID: a66a83
File 158972851312.png - (181.46KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_132.png )

You catch yourself gazing into the pool… A simple crag between stones, where no other who is gathered here bothers check. There, through its murky salty algal depths do you see a flash of gold. Eelflesh. You have found it. Or has it found you?

"Hey there dreamer"
“Planeswalker? What is it your greatest wish, Driver?”
“I sense The One Who Saved within you"

The eel speaks into the depths of your mind.
No. 966922 ID: d63ea8

No. 966926 ID: e51896

Is the eel speaking to your mind, or are you hallucinating?

regardless, your greatest wish is a never-ending one: survive.
No. 966929 ID: 5877dc

Tell it you need a bitchin' ride. Say that the Oceanman didn't tell you shit so it better start talkin'. Or would it be better if you asked the priests? A Cadillac made for the desert would be nice. And if it doesn't know of any usable cars nearby, then you at least want to know the way to the Tomb of The Rider.
No. 966930 ID: 6f7a5a

if she ask the priests anything talk to the serpent, she looks the most friendly
No. 966942 ID: ba56e6

My core. Survive.
My quest. Salvation.
The Driver drives. To outrun the end, the Driver needs a road, the road to a future.
No. 966951 ID: 094652

Do not answer.
No. 966967 ID: 9876c4

We seek to craft the ultimate sandwich, that heralds the end of all things. Might need a few trial runs, though.
No. 966975 ID: 5b93d3

>What is it your greatest wish, Driver?
To drive.
No. 967796 ID: 681fd6
File 159040223738.png - (134.87KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_133.png )

The thought that immediately comes up is often the truth. You seek salvation. Whatever lies at the end of this road, you know it will save you

"You seek salvation, but what does it entail, drifter?"
"Are you hoping that whatever is at the end of the path will harry you to a land of plenty? Will they absolve you? Save your soul, warrior?"

>>Is the Eel speaking in your mind, or are you hallucinating?
You ask yourself, but before your brain is able to form a solution or idea, its presence slips in between the folds of your mind. It's there.

>>Say nothing

"Your mind is open to me. As clear as a moonlit night. Not as placid. You can understand what I say as simply and easily as the voices in your head. Do not fear me, traveler."[s]

You see only the eel. Turning in on itself in strange knots and coiling into impossible slippery angles. It probes your mind as you don't respond.

[s]"I know you hunger. You, like all, seek food that will not only sustain you, but nourish body and soul. You will find your meal. sandwich? Hero?"

"You met him. The Oceanman in his watery grave. All beings of the sea owe their lives to him. He was judging, nomad. To deem you worthy of the water's grace.

You may wish to speak with the priests. They carry much power, much sway, but beware. They never grant anything for free, acolyte."

"Speak your mind, I already know what you want. Say it. Your desires must be yours to make known."

The Eel reads you like a book. You resign yourself to communicate with it.

>>My greatest desire?

>>My core. Survive.
>>My quest. Salvation.
>>My greatest desire. To Drive.

"Yes. The Driver drives. To outrun the end, the Driver needs a road, the road to a future. A road to salvation. Only you can find that road, hitchhiker."

>>I know. Everyone says the same thing. I need a ride. A bitchin' ride. One to take me where I need to go

"I know. I know. You seek a treasure. One that does not come easy. The driver has driven many rides throughout all ages. Always you find yourself your wheels. You are already on the right path, you know. The heart of your ride must be firm. You could build a body, sure. You could trade for one. Ply your skills, and work for one. Even the priests could bestow one to you, should you find yourself in their graces. Even win one in the races, speeder."

Though, Kitten knows more than she lets on. She can lead you to the Hauler. The Hauler can show you to a bitchin' ride. Perhaps in this case, the quickest solution is the best. The tomb of the rider is far, road warrior. You will do well with a ride, and a guide. One or the other?"

"Will you listen to my words?"

No. 967798 ID: 015bf2

>Will you listen?
You might be hard headed but not hard of hearing, you've been listening. Asking Kitten about Hauler sounds good. Ocean priests is the second time you've been warned of... and while a shortcut's tempting, you'd rather keep all your limbs inside the vehicle.

Unless... what, you have a request, o' golden Eel?

You'll listen. There's a time for pit stops and there's a time for side-quests.
No. 967824 ID: e7c7d3

>You will find your meal. Sandwich? Hero?
I always suspected our protagonist was a sub.

Speak with the priests and see what they can offer. But the Kitten is probably our best bet for a ride.
No. 967841 ID: 422cea

I wish to pet the eel.
No. 967930 ID: ba56e6

The driver always listens to her passengers. Say your piece, eel.

And a good turn deserves another in kind. Have you a desire, eel?
No. 968069 ID: 5877dc

Why are we being called a hero? We've done nothing yet. And at this point we'll take all we can get. Sure, we'll listen.

If we need to make a choice, then I suppose we should turn to the Kitten for now. And the Hauler.
No. 968142 ID: e51896

Nah, it's talking about a hero sandwich, as in a sub sandwich. There's no heroes or villains in this wasteland, just crazy people trying to get by... lets stop thinking about food though, ok?
No. 968145 ID: b1b4f3

Sure let's talk to Kitten.
No. 969544 ID: f89f75
File 159192527328.png - (268.10KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_135.png )

Racking my mind

”You seem concerned, Driver; But I know you to listen. If you seek the Tomb of The Rider, you will do fine with getting a ride there.”

>A… Shortcut? That sounds fine to me… though; This is the second time I have been warned about the Seapriests. Do They hide something?



You wonder to yourself what that could be. Or what they could want for that shortcut of theirs...

”I hide much as well. though, I can tell you about their desire… They seek an artifact. Hidden in a temple to the old gods of surface science. Deep on the ocean floor. Beyond the Oceanman’s fortress. The one he rose from in the new-times. The price of bargaining with the powers of the sea-gods. The priests fear it, but I love it.

>What? The oceanliner wrecked on that mountain on the other side of the salt flat? There’s a temple past there?

”Yes, you saw the vessel. Sailor. Beyond that in the deepest of depths, where only the ocean’s bleached bones lie will you find what they seek. It is the goal of the race after all, scavenger. It’s always the goal every year, and they choose a winner out of pity. Even though none understand what they truly seek.

You think for a moment. To think of the skald’s suggestion. Build your ride the honest way, take jobs with those looking for skills? How long would that take? Surely, if there is a shorter way you must pursue it. Bah with the worry of deals with desert-powers.

”Beware of promises of shortcuts, vagabond. Tripper. Your mind can lead you into dangerous water where there is much bait to take, fisher. Be wary of even the tastiest of morsels."

You wish to reach out. To pet the Eel. But it already beat you to it. You feel the Eel’s embrace. Relaxing in the water at last. Floating. Embraced. Naked. Why is this familiar?

”I cannot offer much more, as I am but only an Eel.

>What of you? What is it you seek, o’ Golden Eel?

”Only The ocean. Where did the water go?”
No. 969545 ID: f89f75
File 159192549018.gif - (8.84MB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_134.gif )

“… The Oracle Foretold! The stars have aligned! The moon ripens, and the sea stirs! The tribes have gathered, the trade is rich, and the ocean’s bounty still provides!”

The Eel filled your mind with too many thoughts to properly understand, but you did manage to make something of it. You have a lot of options now… You cry in your mind’s eye over the loss to the world. Though you aren’t sure just how much of those feelings are yours, or the Eel’s.

You could only barely catch what the priests speak of now. The golden creature’s dancing… It’s mourning… What did it say about shortcuts? What was the advice offered?

“…And so the races Will be starting at the end of the moon! Anyone may enter, and the quickest will win!” The serpent priestess says in a chirpy slippery tone which came out a little warbled as her mouth emptied of water.

That word pulls you out. Pushing some primal button in your brain. A race? That’s it! Then you can be the champion of this seacult? The Tomb of the Rider is as good as yours.

Now you just need a ride… Almost any will do. You’ve already seen several candidates. Though would taking a bike or ostrich mean your victory? Don’t think like a pedestrian. You know what you need. Wheels. Combustion. You turn to Kitten and tug on her sleeve. As you suspected, it’s empty.

You: “Do you know the Hauler?”

Kitten: “…Yes.”

You: “I need a ride. I heard they can bag me some wheels.”

She thinks for a moment before responding as the crowd chatters amongst themselves, waiting for what happens next.

Kitten: “I can take you there, but if I do, the debt is paid. I will not find you a buyer for your oil.” She casts her glance down at you. Tapping your barrel with her staff and curling her fluffy tail around behind her.

Do you accept Kitten’s offer? It might make fulfilling your deal with the Angler a little more difficult, but it could be an opportunity? You WOULD like to get your hands on a bitchin’ ride. As quickly as possible, but you do have all this oil to move. Then there’s always whatever nonsense the Skald had in mind.

Alternatively, the races welcome anyone who think’s they’ve got their hands on a mount or vehicle that could win.

The world is your oyster
No. 969551 ID: d61bff

We should probably take care of the oil first; the eel did warn us about shortcuts, after all
No. 969552 ID: f56a2b

Go with the oil. Settle the account.
No. 969553 ID: b1b4f3


We can find the Hauler a different way.
No. 969556 ID: ba56e6

The Driver does not forget a fare, hers' or another's. The oil to repay the Angler must be settled first.

Remember to always lend an ear to passengers. Gather your Skald and hear his words.
No. 969561 ID: e7c7d3

Take up the Kitten's offer. The oil can't be that hard to sell, but getting a guide to the Hauler might be a one time thing.
No. 969570 ID: 9876c4

The cat's favor only go so far. Let's sell the oil, then do the rest on our own power.
No. 969572 ID: dbc0ce

Oil is important right now.
No. 969621 ID: 12b116

oil is top priority
No. 969651 ID: 5877dc

Getting a ride has priority over selling the oil. We have plenty of stuff to trade so in the worst case, we simply do another trade to get another favor from the Kitten. We have plenty of time to trade the oil, but only so much before the races start.
No. 969656 ID: e51896

I realize something,

Should we warn these people about how we spotted a group of weirdo warriors lead by someone named Enginehead and how they are gojng to ride their doom-train to destroy and steal everything in their path? Seems like kind of a huge deal
No. 969869 ID: 5b93d3

Beware the dangled bait. Pay your debt first.
No. 970053 ID: e9da1f

Getting the boat motor from the Anglerbf is a solid plan. Let's try not to stir up too much worry about Enginehead until after we get our sick new ride put together. Even if it means collecting parts individually
No. 970218 ID: ea1fff

Get the Hauler involved after selling the oil. We need to get the resources for the boat engine from angler. If we need to we can just use our rewards from winning the races to pay back the angler
No. 971664 ID: cf6ac3
File 159414468905.png - (541.58KB , 1200x1500 , Wasteland_138.png )

>>Should you mention the weird warriors and possible doom at the hands of the Enginehead's barbaric hoard and impending roadwar?
The answer is maybe... You know it's coming. There's probably no stopping it. The setback with the landslide will leave them scrambling for a while. Maybe long enough to get your car and go out past The Dune, like what the Skald mentioned. If you stir up worries, will it affect your ability to land a set of wheels?

Kitten calms you after a moment, as you still have yet to witness the miracle.

A few more minutes pass as chanting begins to erupt from the crowd, and suddenly what the seapriest said was true. The earth shakes as an eruption of water from a pipe below the dock issues forth it's rapture. Carrying along denizens of the deep.

[b]"At last! The ocean's bounty! Rejoice as a new set of the mothersea's chosen joins us, from within her watery-womb! Dip your buckets, children. Drink deep of her love."

The chanting continues well after the seapriests announce open season. Those with vessels of clay or glass or metal scoop their full from the brinepool. Avoidant of the critters that make it their home.

It astounds you. Free water?! Even salty muck can be purposed to something drinkable with a bit of effort, and these priests re just giving it away. No matter, as at the moment you have a canister of clean aqua-pura ready to drink. As much as you are into free things you don't really have much space to spare for additional water just yet.

You follow kitten after her praises to the ceremony begin to settle. As the crowd begins to disperse save for the most devout, you follow her through cramped village streets, stepping over drunks and cripples as you make your way to her destination.

You pass by several buildings of note on your way. Namely the Tyresmith, a Hookah lounge, and a Grill. In each of those locations you can see work or business being carried out as a fit worker stacks tyres, and the smith works on wheels for wagons or bikes. Fitting them with repurposed or patched tyres at an electro-powered machine, and smoke-addled people partake in drink in a nondescript longhut of earthen construction.

Kitten: "Our ancestors in their wisdom left us these artefacts so we could survive. Find new meaning in the vastness of our timescapes. The Seaking hid them well."

You: "..."

Kitten: "It is true. Through them, we are granted the gifts of the once-sea. The words of the Oceanman still ring true. The water is safe if our hearts remain pure."

You approach a clearing in the village in which a tent-bazaar is quickly filling with folks going about their business. Scents from the Hookahbar mingle with that of animals and exotic goods. A robed man offers trade of beasts out in front of a large covered wagon, and a watertower stands beyond the bazaar. A smoke stack pours charcoal fumes out the top.

You yawn and rub your eyes, but you continue forth. Following her into the crowded place. Ever-mindful of quickfingered urchins.
No. 971665 ID: cf6ac3
File 159414852847.png - (437.28KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_137.png )

Dodging around shouting traders and their haggling merchants, you make your way into the depths of the bazaar. Where you find scavenger merchants hawking their wares from a before-time, and nomad tradesmen sell their handmade or exotic goods. Weaponsellers trade around knives, swords, and crossbows to wastelanders. Even small bits of technology looks to be traded here, though much of their purposes are lost on you, being cobbled together from ancient parts and detritus.

Kitten leads you before a large successful-looking merchant. His tired eyes betray a past of success and wealth. He stands behind a counter bareing valuable spices. A rare commodity in the wasteland indeed. How long ago has it been since you had food spiced with more than just seasalt?

Nomad Merchant: "Ah. Kitten. Your debt I presume?"

Kitten: "This traderat. She has goods for sale. High quality Fish-oil. She is looking to make deal."

He peeks down over you and your pullcart.

Nomad Merchant: "I see. What is it you are looking for, Fish-o? Have a target price?"

Glancing around his stall, you can see it has many plastic containers of clean water. Barrels containing it are sorted all throughout.

You: "I do. I am looking for glass vessels. Phials, bottles, jars, anything. I also need welding wire and goon. Twenty gallons of the stuff."

Nomad Merchant: "Is that so?..." He slowly pulls from his headdress with his trunk, an inkpen, which he uses to scribble notes in a paper journal. This man must be pretty well-off.

Nomad Merchant: "Our glassblowers can make bottles to your specifications. I will charge you a quarter-gallon per piece. Five gallons for a spool of welding wire, and for your 'Goon' I can source you some of our wine. Price for that is a gallon-to-gallon basis.

You think for a moment. This seems like it was a pretty good call on Kitten's part. It sounds like this merchant is ready to purchase your full stock. You estimate you have around a 50-55 gallon drum of high octane fishoil. Is it worth that much?

You: "What else ya got? Car parts?"

Nomad Merchant: "Hmmn... We do have some... Boat parts mostly, but we do have this." He points to a large rusty muffler pinned on a wall behind him.

Nomad Merchant: "Two gallons. If you throw in two gallons more of water to sweeten the deal, then I have more. Trade the drum, Fish-o, and I'll give to you some choice parts. Any dune-eater would be jealous."

You squint a moment.

Nomad Merchant: "Shop around if you choose. Djinn, even sell it yourself if you can, but This is a fine deal I am offering. Even with those priests ruining the market, I can still offer you these excellent prices."

Kitten mostly stands there silently, trying to avoid everyone's gaze.

If you so chose, you could check out any of the other buildings, or maybe try to trade by hand. Parting it out. You yawn, as your day is catching up to you. Seems like they have a lot of goods for sale. A high variety if you are looking for something. Alternatively, you could try to seek out people who might be interested. The Angler did say it was good for nibbles. Maybe the hookah bar or grill might be interested? You do also have a bag of green you could trade, and all your other trade-goods. Though he DID say to trade the oil for as much as you could. This could be it. You want to find a way to win that first race, So hell, maybe you could even score yourself a mount here.
No. 971668 ID: e7c7d3

We might be able to get goon elsewhere for cheaper. This doesn't seem like a merchant who sells the cheapest consumables. Still, with just ten gallons we can get the spool of wire and 20 glass bottles.

Though it sounds like if we just deal through him,(and go back to grab some water from the priests,) then we can get some good car parts too. I say agree to the whole shebang, even the wine, and try to barter for a mount as well.
No. 971675 ID: 6e6f32

Let's Disect what just went down.

The trader preempted Kitten, recognizing her and mentioning "Her Debt", without being told why it was she was here. She either works for him and does this regularly, or is indebted to him.

The trader then asked questions find out what the oil was worth To you instead of letting you know what it's actually worth.

He then offered Custom Made Glass when you literally just asked for Any old glass vessel.
Let us also realize that he offered Custom Blown Glass of Any specification for One quarter the price of fucking hooch.
Blowing glass take special skills, equipment, but most importantly Fuel. Lot's of it.
I don't see an industrial glass blowing facility behind him. So either he possesses a lost tech power source, or he's lying. Considering that he is a merchant and not a king, It's probably the latter.
Also considering that pre-fall glass was cheap, common, and doesn't decay, it's almost a certainty that some Scaver around here is drowning in bottles.

He did not specify the size of the welding wire spool. You should deffo inspect it first and shop around.

Wine's quality and price varies wildly. Just ask random people on the street what they drink and who they get it from. Don't trust the word of anyone selling it. You'll find the right guy eventually.

Aaaaand a muffler. A shitty, rusty muffler. Not only do you personally have no need for it, as you need all the horsepower you can get out of your future ride, but in that condition it probably wont improve fuel efficiency anyway. It's trash. Literal Trash.

This is insulting. Move on. Don't blow up on him, even if he deserves it. The welding wire could be a specialty item, and if he's the only one who has it, better not get on his bad side.

Kitten got a free fish out of you, it seems. It may be worth pulling her aside privatly and asking why she's working with this guy, though.
No. 971678 ID: ba56e6

Agreed, get the wire and 20 glass bottles. We could look for cheaper booze, maybe a mount for the races, from other vendors. If nothing else comes up trade this guy for the goon.

If we get goon from him that leaves us about 20 gallons to work with finding a mount. Maybe more if we find cheeper goon.
No. 971720 ID: 9876c4

Maybe we could race for this guy, and split the take in exchange for a better deal. Lots of money to be made...
No. 971721 ID: 4286b4

You need to remember that Kitten gave us a choice to take us to the Hauler instead. So while she may have a debt with this merchant, I don't think she's getting any favors for taking us here. However, I do think you're right in terms that this deal being somewhat unfavorable to us. As was written, this merchant seems to be well-off, and this would only be the case if the merchant often made good deals. Good deals for him, not for his customers.

Anyway, I'd first ask this merchant what sort of debt this cat holds with him. And then tell him that the deal doesn't sound great. The wine specifically, unless it was a really high quality wine, I don't think it would trade at 1:1 to the fish oil.

But, eh, I don't wanna get too greedy here. Tell the merchant that your offer is all your fish oil for the welding wire, 20 gallons of wine, 80 glass bottles, the muffler, a choice part, and forgiving the Kitten's debt.
No. 971742 ID: d63ea8

I spy an adjustable wrench as well, how much does it cost?

I'd say that we should probably sell as much as we can today so long as we can get a decent price.
No. 971743 ID: 16fd81

That she would take us to the hauler doesn't mean much. She may have stuck around and offered to bring us here for another fish for all we know. Maybe she works with or owes a lot of people. Who knows? We sure don't. We barely just met her.
No. 972541 ID: f005d3
File 159499466254.png - (631.91KB , 1200x1500 , Wasteland_140.png )


You take a moment to look over your trade-goods and think. It might not be as good a deal as you initially thought. What exactly is the oil worth to him that he offers you these prices?

You: "I gotta lotta good Oil here. Let me see what kind of wine you've got on offer."

He nods slowly

Nomad Merchant: "A sample? Of course..."

He stands up so you can get a good look at his size Seems like he is crosslegged behind the stand there. He heads behind a tent to fetch a bottle.

In the mean-time you can get a word with Kitten.

You: "Debt? What kind of debt?"
Kitten: "I owe the sandsmen life. Without his resources, I would be without leg and arm. Now I can feed myself. Someday I get new arm." She says, motioning her empty sleeve.

Seems like it is an arm and a leg in debt. Might take a lot to repay them.

She sees you thinking

Kitten: "Worry not for my sake. I am crafty. I repay." You don't think you were too keen on paying someone else's debt in most cases. Especially with another person's goods anyway.

The elephant returns baring a clay jug, and a spool of welding wire. Looks complete and of fair enough quality that you'd probably use it for autobody work if you had it.

He begins to pour you a small sample of the wine. To which you scent and taste. Though your tastebuds are weathered and blunted, you taste hints of wood and fruit. This wine is of exceptional quality for the wasteland, like most of the goods created by these crafty people. This is a far cry from anything you'd come close to calling "Goon".

After you taste it he looks at you expectantly. You begin to turn and walk away.

Kitten: "You are going to let her walk? I saw the oil. Is good."

Nomad Merchant: "Hush Kitten. You know the deal gypsy. I'll have my boy dig up those Choice Parts for when you return. Then you make up your mind."


You set your pace throughout the bazaar. Looking through people's stalls and letting others merchants know what you're selling. Your first destination is the desert cultist who has been shouting about her beasts for sale.

Bug Acolyte: "Behold. Beasts of burden, beasts of speed! Wanna-be racers, workers, travelers? Come trade! Limited time offers! We are practically giving them away! Ride one off the lot today!"

You: "I have fish oil. How much?"

Bug Acolyte: "I have Camels! Cadillacs of the desert! Light on your money pouch for refueling, with no emission control! Ride through eternal sand-sea in style! Efficient, stable, with a medium payload! Comes in one or two hump trim levels! I offer... for thirty gallons of your oil... Thirty five for two hump.

For mutant Emu? What a deal! A real sandspeeder! With your frame, and a light payload? You'd be leaving your pursuits in the dust in no time! Live fast, eat fast, die quick with these 'beauts! Twenty gallons. For... Erm... a less mutant Emu, I offer Twenty five. This one produces eggs!

Burdenbeasts are valuable. They are mighty, strong, and have oodles of torque. Carry all your goods with ease! Also thirty gallons."

*Sniff* "I-I'll trade for half that stash you got..."

The bug is chipper and ready to sell.

You nod, and continue on. Sounds expensive, but you never expected a mount to be cheap.


Some Scavver: "Oh yeah. I'm just drownin' in bottles. Gottem outda' whazwoo. Ifya need bottles, I'm yer man."

"Gimme yer bottle'o pop'n five gallon's o' yer oil, n' Ill setcha up with..."

You tap your foot impatiently.


You: "With no cracks?"

Some Scavver: "Ya drive-a hard bargain ya tradergypsy-types..."

You: "I'll think about it."


Finally, a short trudge brings you back to a drunk you saw before. An old vet of some water war.

You: "Where can I get some cheap drink?"

Drunk: "Jus n' thar, lass..."

You thank him and pull open the curtain to reveal the hookah lounge. A hyena sits at a bar, and the sounds of a simple two stringed twang ring out. The voices of a few patrons enjoying their smoke and drinks in discussion of some description. the bartender waves you over.

Bartender: "Ah! What'll I getya! here fer drink or smoke?"

You: "I'm here for goon. Heard you can get me some of the cheap stuff."

Bartender: "You heard right. Good deals. Whatya got to trade? I'm low on sweets."

You: "I need twenty gallons of goon. I'll pay you two gallons of fish oil for twenty gallons of goon."

Bartender: "Hmmn... Buying for a party? I can do that..."

You: "I'll be back."
No. 972548 ID: f005d3
File 159499587357.png - (238.19KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_141.png )

You begin your return back to the Nomad Merchant.

You've done some investigating of your own, and you think you could score pretty good deals on your missing supplies. All that is left is the welding wire, which you can trade for there.

You are doing the math of how much oil all of those deals would cost you before you come upon the merchant's stall ahead. Looks like he has new things set upon his counter. A young catboy is unpacking a box.

Nomad Merchant: "Ah, hello there. You've returned at a good moment. I have here some choice goods."

Choice indeed. There is lengths of electric wire in good condition here, fuses, a couple spark plugs that don't look overused. A couple boat parts including a length of rope, and a ship's wheel. An oil lantern, While they are unpacking you place that huge adjustable monkey wrench you saw near a pile onto the counter as well.

Nomad Merchant: "And the main event..."

The catboy struggles to put a huge turbo-charger onto the table here. You sweat.

Nomad Merchant: "The muffler did not impress you, but maybe this? This power-snail is fine and strong. Largest we've seen. Out of a powerful truck. With this, no matter your ride, any Dune-eater would go green."

Looks like some huge diesel truck is missing it's turbo. You reckon you could pull some serious boost from a thing like that. With the proper set-up.

Nomad Merchant: "Do all your oil deal through me, and you can have everything here."

Seems like he wants you to trade your oil for his wine, wire, and glass, and he would throw all this in as a bonus.
No. 972553 ID: ba56e6

Hm. That mutant emu sounds like it would be just the ticket for the races if you were a more experienced beast rider instead of a driver. How good are you at steering animals?

Do you happen to know what they're a cultist to?
No. 972615 ID: e7c7d3

So we've got better deals of goon and bottles outside of the merchant. The wire though we'd have to get from him.

If we go purely through the merchant, we can get 20 galleons of wine, the wire, and a whopping 100 bottles. Plus the turbo, fuse, spark plugs, lantern, monkey wrench, and ship wheel

Outside the merchant, we would still need to grab the wire from him, the 20 gallons of goon, 40 bottles,, a less mutant emu, and still have 8 gallons for other things.
(If I did all my math right.)

The bottle guy technically has a better deal, but if we really can get 100 bottles from the merchant, then that's a better goal. Plus we get a lot of goods for fixing up a car.

I say we take the merchants deal
No. 972616 ID: 9876c4

Ultimately we're in a race against time, and we need all the contacts we can get, so I agree.

I'm not saying this is a trustworthy fellow, but his influence could probably prove useful.
No. 972619 ID: ba56e6

You've convinced me. I am in agreement.
No. 972717 ID: ff6f52

I'm convinced as well. It's obviously not a great deal, but we can get these parts too? Hopefully the Angler wouldn't be too cross that we weren't able to get absolutely the best deal we could. Maybe he'd think we are doing this for ourself? Guess all we need is a car to put the engine he promised us into
No. 972746 ID: 5b93d3

>Do all your oil deal through me, and you can have everything here
He wants us to trade through him, not just with him. He may take a cut, be we can let him handle haggling for the bottles and Goon while we just offload all our oil easy-peasey.
No. 972926 ID: 4286b4

Yes, I think this would be the smartest thing to do.

Basically, we tell him about the other merchants selling the mounts, the goon and the bottles. Then we tell him that, if he went there and haggled with them for us, he could take the difference he makes with haggling as his own profit.

So like >>972615 said, we'd be getting a mount, 20 gallons of goon, around 40 bottles and the wire. But because we would be doing the deal through him, we'd still get all of these bonus parts. Who knows, maybe he'd even haggle us a better mount.
No. 973058 ID: 83c82f
File 159558124382.png - (186.04KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_142.png )

You: “I can do my business elsewhere. There are traders who can get me better deals on the goods I am looking for.”

Nomad Merchant: “That is true. My goods are better quality. Top glass, top wine… Top parts…”

You have to agree, it is pretty tempting. That settles it.

You: “I’ll do my business through you. If you can get me a better deal on the bottles. There’s those smoke acolytes who are selling mounts. I want to get one of those Emus.”

Nomad Merchant: “That isn’t part of our deal, gypsy… If you want to purchase one of those creatures, we would need to adjust our negotiation.”

You: “See what you can do. I need as many bottles as I can get, all the wine, the wire… Everything I said. I’m against the clock here. If you can get me a quick mount, I’ll race for you.”

He tilts his head. Placing weights on a scale, measuring some bright red spice.

You: “Split the take. Lots of money to be made. Lots of trade.”

Nomad Merchant: “Eh? You don’t strike me as much of a rider… Besides. We already have a racer. Born to a tribe of beastmasters. Last year’s runner-up. You think you could do better than a natural-born cavalier on a sandstreaker?”

You: “If I beat this Beastmaster, you sponsor me. I need parts. Good ones, mate.”

He strokes his trunk in thought

Nomad Merchant: “I see… You have plans, yes? To build a ride? Become the priest’s champion?”

You: “If their reward will help me reach my goal.”

Right around now the silent cat begins to speak. Tying herself new underwear from a length of spare cloth.

Kitten: ”That beastmaster is just the runner-up… The current champions are a team… Never been beat.”

You tilt your ears at that. Whiskers twitch.

Nomad Merchant: “No one said we needed to beat them. Not that it’s an option. Runner-up gets a fine reward every year. Along with our wagers? More than worth the investment to even come to this desolate place.

Kitten: The first race of the series begins the end of next week. I seen. Many new contestants this geyser-cycle. Warriors, scavengers. Dangerous. Some with combustion. Beastmaster is not sure thing.”

She obviously has her nose to the ground with workings of the town. Looks like Kitten has this merchant’s ear in these matters.

Kitten: ”Perhaps a new driver is good investment. A crazy-eyed warrior who can do what is needed to get what she wants” She glances at you from under her hat’s brim.

You wait for his response. Obviously, he is thinking of how to best protect his investments. Racers mounted on the backs of beasts, even on mutant creatures would have a hard time competing against combustion vehicles.

Nomad Merchant: “These times are changing… I will offer you a chance, Fisho. Beat the Beastmaster in the first race in the series, and we can sponsor you. We split the keep of these races. I cannot offer you anything else until you can prove you can beat our racer. I will haggle with the Acolytes for a mount. Though I am unsure how many bottles I will be able to provide afterwards.”

The conversation pauses for a moment. The sounds of the bazaar echo around you. Only one thing is on your mind.

You: “Who are these champions?”

Kitten: ”They are Dune-eaters. Technowarriors from beyond the sandsea. Drive their ride. The Doom Buggy. An all-terrain vehicle powered by artefact of the lost age. A nuclear engine. Even the seaking could not hide it’s awesome power. Like a dragon it flies over the salt.

That is a tough one… That would normally be in a category all to it’s self, but they race it alongside tribals on bird-back?

Nomad Merchant: “Don’t worry about them. If you even beat the Beastmaster, we will make profit.”

Nomad Merchant: “Meanwhile, our deal is at hand. I will need time to have all the goods prepared and consolidated. You should find yourself bedding here in the village. I will leave you two gallons of oil for such a thing. You have water too, right? Should be more than enough to find lodging. That Tavern-ship always has space. Even at this time of year. Or stay with Kitten.”

She shifts a bit on her robotic leg.

You do feel tired… It’s been a long few days. Maybe something to eat and drink, and a safe place to sleep might do you well. You could probably find lodging anywhere you want with your oil and water. At least you’ve finally lightened your load.

Removed: Drum of Fish Oil

Added: Jug of Fish Oil (2 Gallons)
Box of Choice Parts and welding wire

No. 973079 ID: 6931f1

The vehicles do have a weakness tho. Sabotage~
But how could we get to the Doom Buggy unnoticed? Hmm.

I'm pretty sure staying with Kitten would be cheaper than the Tavern-ship, so that should be a good choice. Assuming she's fine with it heh. What's the bird up to tho?
No. 973085 ID: df76b1

We don't need the best accommodations. Something flat and warm would do nicely. I'd rather spend most of that remaining fuel on rations for the trip there and back again.
No. 973101 ID: 6e6f32

Hmm... I wonder if we could take or break a critical part of The Doom Buggy.
Messing with the nuclear core is a fools errand, but... It probably has special parts to make the core useful for a racing vehicle, though without knowing the individual nature of the core it's impossible to speculate.

One thing is certain though: It's gonna have a super high quality custom transmission.
The core will behave differently than and likely operate outside of the normal ranges typical of a combustion engine. Stock part's likely won't be able to efficiently transmit that power to the ground. I bet our trader friend here could get us a pretty penny for it though.
No. 973188 ID: ba56e6

True. Any part we break besides the nuclear core would be almost impossible to replace.

Ask if Kitten would be fine with you staying with her. And make sure to check what the Skald is up to.
No. 973309 ID: 389f51

I'd like to see what the SKALD is up to before making a decision. Staying with kitten sounds cute, I wonder what her home is like
No. 976435 ID: 764f9e
File 160017931008.png - (486.09KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_143.png )

>>Vehicles do have a weakness, sabotage
>>Taking or breaking a critical part of The Doom Buggy

You might not be entirely above sabotage if it means you can win, but if these guys are serious racers with a ride like that, they probably take precautions. You yourself aren’t averse from boobytrapping your own ride to protect it from others, but in turn you’re pretty good about spotting security systems.

You: “Is The Doom Buggy in the village? Can I see it?”

Kitten: ”They are not. The technowarriors arrive the day of the events and only stay long enough to claim their prizes. It feels as though the races are just a formality to collect the treasures of the sea and add them to their swag bag.

You think for a moment. They obviously have some way to tell when the races start, but arriving the day of? Maybe it could give you a chance to scout the competition

You: “How about the beastmaster? Is he in town?”

Kitten: ”Yes, but the visiting tribes follow tradition. They stay on the outskirts or in the outquarters where they are amongst those of their ilk. Away from the eyes of the sea.”

You expected about as much. Its harder to sabotage a creature anyway, but you’ve got time to prepare for the race… Maybe it’s about time to hunker down. You’ve been standing about the bazaar for some time now, and many of the visitors seem to be finishing up their transactions and heading out.

You: “You don’t mind if I bunk with you?”


She nods her head softly

You: “… I think I’d like to visit The Mississippi Queen. Maybe grab some grub. See how someone’s doing.”

Kitten: ”I can accompany”
No. 976439 ID: 764f9e
File 160017979064.png - (668.16KB , 1800x1200 , Wasteland_144.png )

You go for a walk across the village. Mind filled with thoughts of that nuclear vehicle, and it's mysterious core... The packed salty earth soft against your feet, padding through the well-trod village streets. You see many people returning from the brine pool with their vessels full of the salty water. It seems like the ritual had been successful, as the boardwalk above the village seems to be lit by electric lights in celebration.

You near the large steamship. The Mississippi Queen. There are several armed guards keeping out riffraff, but they look you up and down, and allow you through with little hassle. You climb the creaky wooden stairs to it’s deck. There you can clearly hear the turning of the massive engines within. That must be what is providing power for the few electrics and machines you have spotted in several places around judging by the multitude of wires exiting the ship.

When you enter in through the heavy door, the room is bathed in the soft glow of ‘lectrics, and oil lamps. The warmth of steam and the various heat sources help make this place part sweat lounge, by the feel of things. The tavern itself isn’t as busy as you expected. Likely everyone is still counting their gains from tonight’s ceremony. Wires are fed through cracks or holes in the various decks, and there are still some figures around the bar.

A drunken possum, obviously a seacultist by the smell of brine and the fishhook piercings,

Some mercenary-looking wastelander types, a frustratingly tall rabbit server-girl who dresses like the nomads from before, and a few simply dressed tribals who look to be of different groups. They speak amongst themselves at a table in the corner.

You note there doesn’t seem to be a barman present right now, but there is a ladder that is leaned against the smokestack of the ship that leads to the decks below and above.

Finally, the Skald seems to be playing a set on a slightly raised stage. The thunder of their music seemingly lessened by the chatter of the various people here. They don’t even look up to you. Likely in their songtrance.

Before you make your way inside, the rabbit shouts down the ladder. “I need another round of seascum and a pickled nipper!” That’s when you hear a rougher voice return from below “Aye! On it!” They say, ascending the ladder.

You suppose this place is manned after all. Kitten stands patiently besides you near the entrance.

There are people coming and going. Most everyone must have wealth of one form or another, or else they wouldn’t be coming to an establishment like this.
No. 976444 ID: ba56e6

Servers hear a lot of things, and the view is nice. Find a table and see if you can chat her up until Skald is finished.
No. 976499 ID: 4286b4

Talk to the bunny and order some food.
No. 976500 ID: e7c7d3

No. 976549 ID: 2be85e

Perhaps offer to buy kitten a drink. There help was appreciated.
No. 977270 ID: fe18e3
File 160113145155.png - (433.31KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_145.png )

Scanning the room, you feel a bit of a rumble in your stomach. It’s been since your time with the Angler that you last ate so you take some steps towards the bar. Kitten follows behind. Damn you could go for some seafood.

That what ascends is a wet and steaming exotic form. Hottub down in the bilge? At first you mistook her for a serpent like the priestess. Obviously with a good look at her, that was a mistaken assumption. Fish don’t have jugs like those… But you think she might have caught you staring.

Dragoness: “‘Ello… See something you like? When did we start serving teens?”

You: “What! I’m older than you!” you feel

Dragoness: “O-oh! Welcome to the Queen… My mistake…” She stretches her neck to examine you. “Lass? I’m Maurea. Call me Leah. Proprietor.”

You cross your arms. Hopefully not pouting. She looks at Kitten who nods in greeting. They’re probably familiar.

Maurea: “What’ll I get you two today?” She says, scooping a frothy beverage from a blue barrel using a ladle. It glows with seaweed pods.

With a sigh you pull out your remaining clawfish

You: “Cook this for me. I’ll pay.” Her eyes light up and she licks her lip with a long wet tongue.

Maurea: “The… fishos in town?”

You: … “Just been doing some trading.”

Maurea: “Hmmn. Those seapriests must be happy. Everyone loves somethin’a lil fishy.” She says with a little (long) smile. Spearing a miniature nipper for the next strong drink she fixes.

Maurea: “That all?”

You: “…Two grogs”
No. 977271 ID: fe18e3
File 160113158386.png - (328.82KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_146.png )

You leave your clawfish with her. She begins stepping down into the sauna of the engine room. Likely to go sit in some boiling water with your clawfish.

Taking kitten and your two drinks, you find an open booth. Not as good a view of the whole room as you would have liked, but you take what you can get.

Kitten: ”The madam is very influential. She has elevated position because her origin.”

You: “So. You know her?” You say, taking a sip of grog. It’s bitter and weak, but it will get you good.

Kitten: ”Yes. Though, she is well known around town. Most desired bachelorette. Pearl of the sea. In fact, she has the most pearls of anyone.”

Kitten: ”She is known for teaching many of the sandsmen the tongue, and her serving girls are top picks.”

The two of you sit and listen, trying to exchange words over the Skald’s thunderous riffs, but mostly resign to a quiet drink. Don’t think Kitten is much of a talker any way. She has a small voice.

Soon, the server wench arrives. The rabbit is staring at the large clawfish, watching her footing so as not to spill such a meal. When she deposits it, you take the opportunity to strike up a conversation. Maybe squeeze some info you’re after.

You: “How long have you been working here?”

Rabbit: “I’m sorry. Every water season we come. I take work here. Maybe, ten years? Since I was small, I have worked for Missus Maurea-Leah. Learned very much from her!”

You: “You must hear a lot then. Know a lot of people.” You say, pulling your screwdriver out of your sack. Cracking off a claw to set for Kitten who sweats at the sight.

You: “Know anywhere I can score some wheels?”

Rabbit: “Wheels?” She tilts her head, almost drooling at the sight of you dipping a fork into the succulent flesh of the crawfish.

Rabbit: “The tyresmith? Some of the traders have bye-cycles and carts they make.”

You: “I mean a car, longlegs. You gotta know some people who’ve got combustion.” Cracking the shell.

Rabbit: “N-no.. S-sorry I mean, there’s the Dune eaters, and the the shogun’s tribe… sometimes a wastelander signs up to the races with a mobile. Every driver who comes to The Queen pays for much; and sometimes the other clans have motorbikes and trucks they maintain, but every year theres less.”

Kitten: ”There’s also the Hauler.” She interjects, knocking back a quick gulp of grog.

Rabbit: “Yes… Former loyal customer. The Hauler hasn’t paid tab in a while, I don’t think business is good. Madam Maurea-Leah said the hauler still owes her ten sessions of our special massages.” she says blushing, wiping down your greasy table with a cloth to appear busy in front of the dragoness.

Rabbit: “They say The Hauler drinks on the other side of town now.”

You: “Come on, you don’t know any other racers? Surely someone owns that bug I saw outside.” You say, mouth full of clawfish. Using some fishoil as a dipping sauce. He was right. Good for the nibbles!

Rabbit: “Yes… Actually, warrior braves from the mountain tribes arrived in the village a day ago. They sold several vehicles around, but I don’t think most of them are in town anymore. Nomad clans took them apart for spare parts, the bug was among those sold.”

Bull: “Cottontail! Bring me and my comrade here another scum!” says a raucous mercenary type from the booth behind you. Probably watching her tail twitching from the scent and sight of your meal

Rabbit: “B-back to work…”
No. 977272 ID: fe18e3
File 160113163926.png - (522.57KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_147.png )

Almost in a flash, the set ends when a fresh bottle of drink is placed on the skald’s instrumentwrap. They hop off the stage, and nearly down it all in one single pull. Suddenly, their vision is fixed upon you. Uh oh.

Skald: “Oh-ho-ho. ‘Lo! Driver! I knew you’d arrive!” They say, coming upon your table in what feels like only one stride. Taking a seat besides Kitten who is caught by surprise “We’ll take three sea scum, and a bottle of goon!” they say, holding aloft The Sign to the server.

Kitten: “Driver? Do you know this skald?”

Skald: “Of course she does. She and I are fate bound. Destinies intersect in many different consciousness.” They say, emptying their bottle.

Wait a second… Something is strange. You know something is missing…

You: “Skald… Where is your sword?”

Skald: “I pawned it.”

They say, having pulled a mug of drink off a passing serving platter.

You: “Pawned it?! Have you fried your dome?”

Skald: “Of course not. I heard there was races. I’ve wagered the funds from my Oathblade on you.”

You: “How could you be so sure? What makes you think I’m going to try to race?”

They only look at you, bemused. Grrr, this idiot. A wanderer needs their weapon. Just giving it away like that? Risking it? It’s not your problem, but it kind of ticks you off for some reason.

Skald: “Come on Driver. In what realm do you avoid such a tantalizing drive. A roadwarrior like yourself cannot hope to fail at smoking these flotsam riffraff.”

Skald: “Besides. I know groups looking for drivers! This is the place to find work, There’s many!” Says the skald, and almost on cue, a group has formed by your table.

An eagle tribesman, a dreadhead dog, and a wild eyes badger.

Badger: “Ahhh!! Would you look at lil-miss psychagypsy ‘ere!” He says, picking up one of the legs of your lobster and sucking it dry.

Badger: “Gonna buy us a round too?” your eyebrow twitches.

Badger: “What was it this greasy bard said?” He leans to the birdman

Bird: “She fancies herself a racer.”

Badger: “Just ‘cuz ya got some money you think you got what it takes to win the races eh merchant?! Better drop out before ya began, rat. We’ve got Emu, and racers, and gas; and now a buggy?! No chance you’ll beat us! Hahaha!”

What the hell?!
No. 977284 ID: 864e49

"First; touch my food again and we're gonna have trouble. Second; what you got is shit, do you even have anyone that can drive that buggy? And how well?"
No. 977307 ID: ba56e6

Seems cocky. Wonder if you can win that buggy in a wager.
No. 977322 ID: df76b1

Hard to keep up a decent speed, with your gums flapping that much.

Keep your hand off my plate or I'll chop it off and have it grilled.
No. 977324 ID: 6e6f32

The eagle in the back shares your eyes. Speak to them instead.
You keep her out of trouble until the race, ya'hear?
No. 977438 ID: 1e01b2

Easy. We dealt with those kinds of braggarts in the past. Point your shotgun at him And tell him to shove off. You don't have Nothing worth a buggy to wager but maybe he'd might. don't tell him you plan on building a car to race, it's better if they think they've got the advantage.

In either case intimidation is a good way to get what you want. Maybe during the race we can claim that buggy or it's parts
No. 977440 ID: 4286b4

He who laughs last, laughs best. But yeah, see if you can find out where their confidences comes from.
No. 977863 ID: 4e85d4

Block his hand with your trusty flathead. You're not looking to get in a fight with braggers showing off their wealth. Rich boy racing teams only get so far. Try and see if their bravado is warranted. I don't think we should do any asskicking just yet though.
No. 978003 ID: 260849
File 160198475720.png - (276.47KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_148.png )

Badger: "Best stay in your lane... Don't wanna end up hur-"

You slam your screwdriver into the table before his grabby hand got any closer.

You: "Call yourself a racer? Hard to keep up a decent speed, with your gums flapping that much." You shoot him a piercing glare.

You: "Keep your hand off my plate! or I'll chop it off and have it grilled."

Dreadhead Dog: "Feisty... Wanna hang out?"

The badger just laughs

Badger: "I call myself whatever I wanna! You might have good taste, but from the looksa things, thats all ya got!"

You: "Oh yeah? So you think having some wheels is all you need to win?" You ask. The skald drinks quite loudly at this.

Badger: "Pretty damn close!!"
No. 978004 ID: 260849
File 160198542892.png - (272.96KB , 1350x1400 , Wasteland_149.png )

Eagle: "What he means. We traded for the only working 'wheels' suitable for racing in this village. The wasters and sandsmen on backs of beast stand only a slim chance on their very best day."

Badger: "Yeah! See? Whaddaya got? Camel? Emu? Crossbow? You're gonna get blasted outta the water, chump. Give up!"

He looks to his companions

Badger: "In fact! I'd bet every bullet in my belt she doesn't even make it to the starting line."

You: "What the hell is giving you so much confidence! You think your shitty beetle is that hot? Who's driving it? You?!" You stand up, squeaking a protest.

Badger: "Haha yeah! I'm the driver! I kill too! You're so outmatched you don't even believe. So I think we'll see what happens then!"

You: "I bet you a lobster dinner I wipe the sand with your mug and strip your bug for parts."

Badger: "Now THAT'S the spirit! I'll take that bet! I'll be aiming' for ya come race day! Toodles!"

Dreadhead dog: "Bro..."

You're a little heated and it looks like they've done what they wanted to you, and might be leaving.

What next? Anything even worth it?
No. 978009 ID: ce39da

While they're still in earshot: "They can't be that tough if they're scared enough to try and actually talk down their competition!"
No. 978010 ID: 4286b4

Hmm. If the Hauler owes the owner of this place a lot of money, then perhaps we could make some sort of a deal with Maurea. To pay the Hauler a visit and obtain "collateral", until the Hauler pays his tab. The collateral would, of course, have wheels, which we could use in the race.
No. 978452 ID: 260849
File 160260601867.png - (443.80KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_150.png )

You sigh with an audible groan. Those guys pissed you off. No wonder you never try to relate to civilization...

Not that you knew it still existed.

You: "What blowhards... They can't be that tough if they try and actually talk down their competition!"

You see the badger and dreadhead look back at you with some kind of sly grin. Like they expect nothing from you at all. You're plenty tuckered out that you just dig back into your clawfish. Enjoying the meaty tail while passersby watch on drooling.

The voices in your head are mostly silent now, so you take it mostly into your own hands. Not like anyone cares if you live or die anyway.

You: "You know what? To hell with it. I'll try this race. Whatever it actually means. Shouldn't be too hard... No scum sucking would-be pedestrian wasteland roadkill matters to me. Not that I stand much to lose, unlike you, Skald. Right cunts those wasters are. Can't wait to see them struggle for grip out on the salt." You say, lifting up your mug of seascum. Not sure if your choice of words are your own or just parroted from staying that time with the Angler. Either case you knock back that mug of seascum that the long legged hare wench finally brought to your table.

Skald: "Hark... The Driver finally sparks a taste for the races, ey? Nay, a taste for dishing punishment? Lay the heat on thick, She may."

Kitten: "Did you really bet your sword on her? Before even signing up? Is the road warrior that good?"

Skald: "In the sagas 'tis told. High octane crazy eyes. Blood and guts? Thats what she spills on the pave', and on the reg. Only she and the devil knows her skill. For she races him. Even to this day."

You try to glug the salty drink down as best you can. Its viscous. Strands of seaweed and kelp stop it from sliding easily down your throat but it gives you something interesting to chew on.

Kitten: "Then... She needs a car... But to get one in a week? One ready for the salt? Unheard of... Buying that Emu is quite a purchase.. She may have wealth, but that would be mad. Even those wastelanders paid a warlord's ransom to net their rides."

Skald: "Ohoho... Just witness, dear kitten... Somehow? She gets it done. Matters not whenst. That Driver finds her wheels. No matter the Devil's bargain she takes."

You slam the mug on the table. A bit of a woozy feeling setting in. Even if it was barely stronger than a grog, your frame is small, and working overtime with such a rich meal and drink.

You know what you can do to get some funds here in this barter town.

You scamper over to the bar, where Leah is fanning herself with one hand, counting a pile a glittering pearls in another. Depositing them into a flask at her side.

You: "Maurea? I have a proposition."

Maurea: "Call me Leah!" She says, corking her flask of pearls. Dipping her finger into a vat of tar-like soup to taste. "What kind of deal do you have for me today, acting Fisho?"

You: "I know of the Hauler's debt. I can pay them a visit and get you some collateral until they satisfy you."

Maurea: "Hmph! Sounds ideal for me... What will you be getting out of it?"

You: "Does it matter?" you say. Offering your payment for the drinks and the meal in the form of a tall cup or two of fish oil. She eyeballs you with a pearl-like glittering view.

Maurea: "I suppose it doesn't... They are said to be preparing for a big haul tomorrow. Something like that could readily pay back the funds owed. If you wish to help me? Make sure the payment for the haul is directed towards me. I will lead you a favour." She says whipping her tail around behind her in such a way that it cracks at the air.

You: "What's the catch?"

Maurea: "You can't let the Hauler know you are under my employ until after all the deals are done and they are coming back with payment. Do everything you can! Play up the helpless hitch-hiker role if you need. If the Hauler knows you are working for me, so help me Poseidon, I won't see a single doubloon of this haul. Do this? I'll pay you the difference~"

She runs her long wet tongue between her many needle-like teeth.

Might be worth it. Accept? Any caveats or should we get a place to stay? Or else where, and what?
No. 978453 ID: e51896

Remember what the eel said, "beware of promises of shortcuts"

Decline the offer.
No. 978508 ID: 845d55

I think we skipped the easy route of just straight up trading the oil for the car. Instead I think we should take her up on that.

We have a good in to get with the Hauler without having to worry about if we can race at all since I think we might have secured at least an Emu. Might as well see what's up there with this next haul. If we don't manage to get Maurea her payment we can just say we couldn't do it.

Tell her you accept. Let's join the haul, but tonight let's get another quick round and head to Kitten's place. I think we have more buying power than we think. The Skald is staying here right?
No. 978509 ID: 6c227a

nothing about that task sounds like a shortcut. It sounds pretty complicated actually.

Let me get this straight. We need to get the returning payment from whatever shipment is going out tomorrow to show up at Leah's place, and we shouldn't let anyone know that we are working for her until after the trade is complete. So what, hijack the returning payment and forcing them at gunpoint to pay off their tab?
No. 978525 ID: d909cb

Hmm, this complicates things. If we need to steal stuff in our own name, it means that after the job is done, the Hauler's gonna be mad at us instead of Leah heh. Assuming there is someone to blame. Actually I don't know what this whole hauling business is about. What is being hauled and how we could easily redirect it. Some more info on the time and place would be useful to know. Also, I thought this would be a way to obtain means of racing, but if it's only money, I'm not sure if we need it.

That's some fancy clothes that the dragoness is wearing... Accept. I know what I'm gonna be asking as a reward hehe.

As far as the place to stay goes, I don't really care. We were gonna stay with Kitten, but perhaps Leah can offer something fancier in return for us doing this job.
No. 978528 ID: ba56e6

Let's do it. Might only be step one, but one step before the other.

I think the shortcut was blowing our fish oil on getting a vehicle, and not paying back the Angler with what he asked for.
No. 978535 ID: 364bad

It seems like climbing our way to 8 cylinders might be tough. Let's tell Leah we can try to pull it off. But that doesn't mean it's a promise, it doesn't seem like she's strapped for cash either.

I think we should pay the hauler a visit tomorrow, Kitten might be a bit more receptive to taking us there after her quick chat with the Skald too

Get your compatriots some more beer and stumble home with kitten.

Are you sure... The driver never struck me as gay
No. 978543 ID: d909cb

Nah, I just want Leah's clothes. After all, there is much utility to fishnets... 😏 Could bring them back as a gift for the Angler if nothing else.
No. 978845 ID: 7dbd5b

Snuggle up with kitten as long asher sounds don't hurt that bad. Then in the morning have her take us to the hauler to see what we're dealing with. Playing the hitchhiker role might be easier if we can learn where they're going. Are we any good at acting? It's about the same as being good at lying
No. 979254 ID: 260849
File 160337257504.png - (558.92KB , 1200x1600 , Wasteland_151.png )

You eyeball Maurea, thinking about possible rewards. This dragoness is pitching a tall order. If this job doesn't go right, it might end up with you coachjacking someone well known in this village at gunpoint.

You: "I'll take you up on the offer, but can't offer promises."

Maurea: "Great! I am glad to hear it-"

You: "If I can manage it, I'll deliver it. Just make sure you have your payments ready."

Looking back at the table, you can see the Skald and Kitten looking back towards you.

You: ... "I'll take another round of sea scum for the table."

She grins. Needle teeth on display again.

The three of you enjoy your last drinks. The clawfish gone by now. As you stand up to stumble with kitten to her home, the skald pipes up.

Skald: "Driver... I know you take not to my advice easily. Thou, I havth felt your desperation. The call of the road is heavy. Should you need, I'vth sojourned myself quarters here. There may yet be those in need of drivers."

You: "Yeahnah. Like I said mate. I'm gonna get my ride one way or another. The Rider can wait, and I've got a lead now. If it doesn't work out, maybe we'll see each other here."

Skald: "Until the races then... Or misfortune?" They hold up the sign of rock before climbing the ladder to their quarters.

You are lead by kitten out of The Mississippi Queen. Luckily she has her walking staff, because carrying this cart and your goods makes it hard to keep her on balance. You think one of her legs is likely shorter than the other with her long drunken steps.

She leads you down a filthy but quiet street somewhere near a wall of the village. You pass by few other seafolk, but notice the state of many homes and buildings. Even to the standards of the wasteland these days, it doesn't seem quite nice here.

Kitten: "Apologies. My home is modest. I rent my heater from the sandsmen, and have no lantern oil."

Eh, it can't be that bad. It seems like most buildings are constructed of mud brick or ancient boats and their parts, or shipping containers.

Until you head down an alley behind a small store and domicile and see it. partially hidden in plain sight, a wooden dinghy with a piece of metal laid on it as it's door. You try not to pay attention to the strangers smoking in another alley.

You: "It looks... Cozy."

She doesn't say anything
No. 979257 ID: 260849
File 160337552882.png - (496.89KB , 1200x1750 , Wasteland_152.png )

You: "Does the Skald seem clingy to you? It's like they don't know the way of things."

Kitten: "Skald seems mysterious. Trusting of you."

You twist a couple loose screws, trying to fix the timing in Kitten's gear access.

Her home is modest. She owns an empty oil lamp from the nomads she is indebted to. You poured a bit of oil in it (to see what you were working on), and lit it with your mysterious lighter that still somehow, despite the years, contains fuel. The cat winces when you probe too deeply with your tool.

Kitten: "Driving? Mechanics? Cybernetics? Your skills are esoteric... Those skills are nearly lost this age as you know. Maybe that is why The Skald trusts you."

You: "I'm not so sure... They have a strange way of talking. The music from that devilish instrument rubs me wrong."

Kitten: "I find the stories of the ancients fulfilling. They almost fill a void I feel I am missing, and fill it with tales of bloodshed and woe, but also of life and action. Times before mine. They bet their oathblade on you..."

shrugging, you use some of your fish oil to dab a few drops on her gear and actuator joints.

Kitten: "It has been two cycles since I had maintenance done... The mekanican charges much for service."

You: "No problem. It's a piece, alright, but she's solid."

She winces again when you close the access port at her shoulder connection.

Kitten "It's true then... You wish to race those wastelanders? Word is the badger killed the men ahead of him in line to purchase that buggy from the mountainkin. That after the race they seek to become Duneeaters. Search for treasures hidden by the Seaking. Past the Dune, and maybe even sandsea."

You: ...

Kitten: "The Hauler is said to have a ride you know... That might be what they're planning to haul. That, or crude water, past the lip of salt. To trade with the mountain people, or the witch in her scrap-palace. It is said the sea priests granted that privilege. I cannot imagine what else they can afford to haul. No one hires haulers anymore. Too expensive. No use. Traders and nomads use caravans. Strapping to backs of beasts, and men. More efficient. Cheaper. They don't burn fuel."

You: "No one tries to jack them? What if someone pulled a drive-by? No emu can keep up with a high revving car, or bike. There's no raiders?"

Kitten: "Of course there are bandits and raiders, but after the waterwars, almost none have that kind of power. Now it is mostly raids on backs of beasts, or on foot. There are sharpshooters every now, and then... But Kamikrazies on motorback? Riding in steel cars? That's myth. The roadwars ended. This is why the Hauler lacks work. There is no need for gearjammers or their rigs strong enough to pull tonnage, able to knock others to the deep. The time of road warriors is past.


You sit in silence a moment. Kitten lives in ditch under a dinghy, but even without the heat on it is not freezing cold. You consider cooking something using her hat as a wok, but you think against it. You've already eaten an enormous meal, and shared with her. Best not over-do it. You're going to be doing some travel soon after all.

You yawn with a stretch. Kitten takes that as a sign, and uses her claw to reach up and pinch out the flame of the oil lamp.

You: "Do you ever take that off? Can't be comfortable"

Kitten: "Just the leg... It is hard to sleep with it on, and the joints pinch my fur at night."

You: "What about the arm? I imagine it's the same."

Kitten: "I am not sure if I take it off that someone would put it back on for me, or be off with it for themselves."

You: "... I'll put it back on for you in the morning."

Kitten: "... Very well..."

She unlatches her leg and sets it to the side. You grip the cold steel of her arm and give it a twist. Freeing it, and setting it there as well. The ground of her home is canvas and a rough rug, but you share what remains of your cape as a pillow, and use your towel toga as a blanket.

It's a tight fit, but you don't take up much space. The two of you drift off into a sleep. She doesn't seem to mind the sting of her wounds and burns so much when you brush them, on accident or not. Maybe the warmth you share makes up for it.


How do we sleep? Or how should you prepare for the morning? You think you have the plan for the Hauler mostly worked out, but sometime tomorrow you also have to pick up your goods for the Angler. Maybe they could hold them for you until your return?

If you need anything as well, you still have the majority of your oil and water to trade for should this hitchhiker plot call for anything you lack.
No. 979259 ID: 6e6f32

Sleep comes easily, but is perhaps not as restful as one would like.
Troubled dreams fueled by the days events and shaped by bedtime conversation.

The Skald trusts us because he recognizes that we are not like anyone else. Our speech, our mannerisms, our knowledge. They are ancient. Just like us.
Flashes of the past haunt us this night. Immortality... or something akin to it. Many would think it a gift. In truth, it was a curse. To live is to suffer. To be able to forget the greatest gift the gods bestowed upon us. Yet, sometimes the gods are cruel. Sometimes, we still remember that fateful day; the day the world ended.
No. 979261 ID: ba56e6

Start to feel some curiosity in this Hauler. He is like you, one of the old roads, of wheels and fire. Maybe you will find a kindred spirit.
No. 979324 ID: 0fb221

Cuddle the cat and comfort each other. In the morning after your disturbed dreams, ask kitten to take you there to the hauler. We know a rough direction they're going so we can use that to act our hitchhiker role. Ask her to tell the elephant to hold onto your goods until you return from the trip, that you still plan on racing for the reward come the next race
No. 979334 ID: 0fb221

The myth of the roadwarriors can't be over yet... You just fought a warlord and his enormous doomtrain!!! Maybe this village hasn't know struggle in a long time. Let's fix that. See if we can convince the hauler we are the same. Earn their trust. Tell kitten to teach us more of their ride
No. 979341 ID: d909cb

Sleep in an impossible position.

Don't have any ideas about other stuff.
No. 979381 ID: f2320a

Hmm we need to fatten up we will starve fast if we stay this skinny
No. 980734 ID: 3d5218
File 160502944354.png - (417.40KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_153.png )

Sleep is easy for you. It has been a long day, but you accomplished much. You lie besides the kitten, wishing more of your nights can be shared warm like this. You drift away, but alas. It is not as restful as you would have liked.

Troubled dreams. Fueled by the day’s events and shaped by the night’s conversations. That Skald. They trust you. Why? Why us?

>> They recognize that we are not like anyone else. Our speech, our mannerisms, our knowledge and skills. They are ancient. Just like us

It is not often you speak to others, to be sure. You don’t try to mask anything. It’s just that it never comes up. Why spend time talking about pointless things. Surely though someone as perceptive as Kitten must have picked up that we aren’t common.

This night, like many, flashes of the past haunt your dreams. They have become more frequent with the loss of your car. Without wheels to harry you ever-forward, you feel it catching back up to you.

Immortality? or something akin to it. No. That can’t be it you don’t think. It’s no gift. A curse that far few deserve. Because only the waking nightmare of reality can give you something to pull you away. From your thoughts, your feelings… Sometimes, you still remember. The day your world ended.

You awake with a start

Food. You have food. You should eat while you still have it.

Your mind calms as you start the furnace and begin to fry up the last of your Seatucka. The longfish fried in the Angler’s oil. Only a light layer is enough.

Kitten: ”I take it you didn’t sleep well.”

You: …

Kitten: ”I did. That arm is heavy and makes my back sore.”

You give the sizzling fish a turn.

Kitten: ”I heard your whimpering. You talk in your sleep.”

You: “…This is a fine furnace.”

Kitten: “Thank you. I am renting it from the sandsmen.”

You grab your tin can and serve yourself some chunks of longfish. Then you grab a the bowl next to the drinking jar and offer Kitten a helping.

You: “I’ll need your help. I will go check on the goods this morning at the bazaar, but I will need you to have them hold them there until I return.”

you say, holding out the bowl.

Kitten: ”Maurea’s bargain? I can show you the Hauler’s lot in the after.” She looks at the bowl and gulps.

Kitten: “... Please would you reattach my arm before we go...”
No. 980735 ID: 3d5218
File 160502949449.png - (480.54KB , 1700x1700 , Wasteland_154.png )

The two of you return to the Bazaar where currently it has already begun to fill for the morning’s trade. You note the elephantine merchant is not at his stall. Instead, his boy helper is there looking after it.

Boy: “Ah! There you are fisho! The boss said to show you these when you got here. He’s out negotiating with the oil drum. We should have your glass by the day’s end!”

He leads you behind the stand a short ways past a couple screens where you see a pair of large amphora. Uncorking it confirms it as the wine the two of you negotiated before. You sneak a cup.

Then the boy returns leading a large but lean Emu mount. It looks angry and fierce, but it doesn’t seem much trouble as it is pulled by him. Maybe they managed a good deal.

Boy: “She’s an egg layer for sure. The Acolytes mentioned she’s fast, but they will say anything to make a sale. They’re having a saddle brought over this evening.”

A fine bird, but she’s menacing. It would take you a while to get used to such an abrasive personality. Maybe a bit like your own.

Kitten says she will watch your investments for you. Somehow that gives you a bit of relief.

You leave the village. Heading out beyond it’s earthen metal walls to a lot shown to you by Kitten. It lies behind one of the old ship hulls, and nestled between ancient buoys. An ancient heavy snub-nosed truck. It looks old and rusty, but well looked after. It rides high, and it is attached to a covered wagon rear end crafted by natives. Smaller than what you would normally see for a truck that size. Seems like it is nearly finished being loaded up. You hear a swift curse from the front end. An open toolbox sits on the ground next to a broad figure.
No. 980736 ID: 3d5218
File 160502957662.png - (275.45KB , 600x1200 , Wasteland_155.png )

You approach. You smell the scent of cigarette smoke and crude ale. They seem elbow deep in the engine bay.

Hauler: “Damned piece…”

You: “She’s solid. What are you running? Diesel?”

Hauler: “Yeeeeup. Just replaced a glow plug, and fuel filter… I can burn whatever I want in this mother-sucker! Diesel, Crude, Coal powder? Easy. I don’t dare run gas anyhow.” Said before taking a drag from a dart.

You: “Yeah, why’s that? Hard to find these days?”

You pass up a spanner. They receive it.

After a couple turns of an unseen bolt, she looks down at you and you look back a bit nervously. Hand on the bonnet.

Hauler: “You know what they say. Six in a row, you’re ready to tow. Eight in a V? You sit to pee.”

She grins and shuts the bonnet.
No. 980737 ID: 3d5218
File 160502975295.png - (465.23KB , 1550x2200 , Wasteland_156.png )

She looks familiar. You think you might have seen her before in the old longhouse by the bazaar where you were looking for goon prices. She wears a greasy shirt stained from working on this truck, and her arm has a deep scar. Hair covers her eyes and it’s tough to tell what she’s really feeling behind that big black-lipped Hyena smile.

Her debt must be because she must be used to a certain lifestyle. It’s not often you see people who have eaten this well these days. Or those who can afford to feed a smoke habit.

Hauler: “See anything you like?” She smirks

You: “Yeah, your truck looks good. Is there room for another? Heard you were heading up for mountain country, and I need to get out of town.”

Hauler: “You’ve got good taste! Her name’s Betty. Been keepin’er goin’ fer a long time! Don’t mind her state… A bit down on her luck, but as strong as ever.”

She thinks a moment

Hauler: “I’ve been known… To take hitch-hikers once in a while… You look like a pretty sorry excuse, but I’m a lil’ old fashioned. Do you know the "Rules of The Road?" No one rides for free!” She laughs hard. The kind of laugh only a hyena could have.
No. 980738 ID: 3d5218
File 160502982957.png - (138.83KB , 1200x1200 , Wasteland_157.png )

Uh oh… You're deeply familiar with this tradition… You don’t really want to have ton give up any of these resources, they’re pretty precious to you after all.

Hauler: “So what’ll it be!”

>Or ass

You sweat
No. 980739 ID: cdabe3

No. 980740 ID: df76b1

Do we still have Grass? That'd be easiest.
No. 980741 ID: 322af8

As long as we have grass that might be the best option.
No. 980742 ID: 6f7a5a

give grass
No. 980744 ID: 11f77a

Grassy grass grass
No. 980752 ID: 6e6f32

Eh. You could do worse.
Ass could be fun.
No. 980756 ID: b1b4f3

No. 980758 ID: e2f5cc

She has a christmas tree for pubes. How could you possibly say no to that.
No. 980761 ID: 2a15f0

trade your clothing for a ride
No. 980770 ID: 598c94


Because we're a stingy ass. And because, hot damn, this woman is probably one of the few that loves her ride as you do yours, so it's not that bad. You can tell her that, while you do have some grass, the smell that Betty's giving off is making you greasier than the hyena after hugging the engine.
No. 980772 ID: 094652

Try the ass first. If it don't work go for grass.
No. 980776 ID: d5786c

Have some adventure and gain some new experiences, go ass.
No. 980781 ID: ba56e6

If you still have some grass, you could spare. Maybe the ass can come later.
No. 980789 ID: 1ec87e

Ass. Time to see if Hyenas live up to their reputation.
No. 980826 ID: f2320a

Would prefer actual dick
No. 980842 ID: f505e7

ass i have to know now
No. 980844 ID: 8b253a

Gotta be grass. Can't let our tight rat butt get got by a hyena girl unless it's by force
No. 980848 ID: 2c115a

Step on the grass.
No. 980849 ID: 864e49

The Grass is a limited resource, ass is not.
Also could possibly make her more comfortable around us if we share some grass afterwards. Or during!
No. 980880 ID: 9867c7

You're one to talk ASS of hat.

I think we should offer grass or maybe a gallon of our gas. If she pushes maybe we can give her a driving handy. We got some wheels to get so some sacrifices can be made.
No. 980889 ID: 864e49

No. 981106 ID: 586e0a

I want to trade grass. Maybe after she finds out our ass is too small for her anyway. We can play it off as 'here take my grass' and see if she takes the deal
No. 983477 ID: 15a025

I say offer up some grass.
No. 983488 ID: 7ccd0c

What if we offered a little ass and a little grass?
Wouldn't that make things more enjoyable for everyone?
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