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File 151789497063.png - (83.78KB , 1032x1663 , Crawl To Me.png )
864966 No. 864966 ID: a3aa10

There are two kinds of people stupid enough to range the Craglands of Cradoom.
The lost and the ones desperate to find them.

That's you and me, baby.
And here I am.
And there you are. Marching up to my front gate. Looking good enough to just eat.

I know what you're here for. I'm waiting for you. You're just gonna have to meet my other guests first. Give a girl time to get her earrings on.
It'll be worth it, baby. I promise. You're so close.

And I see you've brought your little friends. That crew you've fallen in with. Well. Who am I to judge, if we're going to be honest with ourselves?
And we are tonight, baby. That's what we owe each other. We're going to be honest.
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No. 864967 ID: a3aa10
File 151789499161.png - (30.79KB , 1016x648 , 3.png )

I see you've brought the rat. You know how I feel about this particular shithead.

I don't have to imagine how you talked him into it. Just rub two coins together and he comes skittering. When you find me, baby boy, we're gonna have to have a long talk about these bad influences on you.
>AC 15 HP 16
>Knife +1 or Bow +3; 1d6 damage
>Has a 4 in 6 chance to dismantle a trap or unlock a door. Capable climber.
>Double attack and double damage against the unprepared.
>Stiletto. A bow with 15 arrows. A lantern. Oil. Thieves' tools. A Garotte. Chalk. A day's food.
No. 864968 ID: a3aa10
File 151789500794.png - (26.08KB , 1016x648 , 4.png )

The girl is new. And she's a magic user. You certainly do have a type, baby. You're gonna get predictable if you aren't careful.

Does she know why you're here? I wonder. The way she looks at you sometimes, I bet you haven't told her. Oh, my mean little man. You've been getting so nasty without me.
>AC 14 HP 10
>Staff +0 or Ray +2; 1d4 damage.
> 2 1st level spells, 1 2nd level spell; regains slots after an hour's meditation.
>1st level spells: Mage Hand, Flashbang, Magic Missile (3d4), Enlarge person/object
>2nd level spells: Invisibility, Blink, Phantom Clone
No. 864970 ID: a3aa10
File 151789503558.png - (27.38KB , 1016x648 , 2.png )

And here you are.
Is that maille new? You cut such a figure in it, baby. You remember what a man in shining armor does to me.
You know what? Forget about the earrings. My hands are shaking so much I can't get them on anyway. I'm excited. You're good at hiding it from everyone else; but I know you are, too.
>AC 17 HP 20
>Longsword, +5: 1d8 damage
>Stance: option for -3 to AC, +2 to ATK; or -3 to ATK, +2 AC.
>Sword. Shield. 3 torches. Rope. An iron spike. A dagger. A day's food. A tinderbox.
No. 864971 ID: a3aa10
File 151789505051.png - (244.91KB , 1000x797 , 5.png )

You've been looking a long time, kiddo. I can tell. I've been dreaming about you, almost every night. You've been dreaming about me too, haven't you?
You're not gonna have to dream for long. Come on up. Introduce me to the survivors, if there's survivors.

Hold tight to your blade, baby. Keep your shield up. Enter my fortress...
No. 864972 ID: a3aa10
File 151789505763.png - (14.72KB , 1308x462 , 6.png )

No. 864973 ID: a3aa10
File 151789508195.png - (46.71KB , 1338x760 , 1.png )

The door's unlocked. Come on in. You don't even need to knock.

Not that you're the kind of boy who knocks.

>Roughly carved blocks of stone on the walls, plastered with lime.
>Seven foot high wooden door, with beaten brass ornaments across it. The left door is slightly ajar, looking in.
>Two pillars along the jambs, ending in two dragon faces, at head hight. Above the door: the sun with an eye in its center. The sign of the Enchantress.
>A brass knocker.

Thief: right gov well looks like im such a fuckin hell of a thief i already unlocked the door for you fore we even turned up
Thief: yur welcome

Mage: Shut up
No. 864976 ID: 33cbe7

Always good to have an Enlarge spell handy.
Have the rogue check for traps every three feet. The key word is 'crawling'.
Is the other door missing its knocker?
No. 864980 ID: a3aa10
File 151789618878.png - (86.99KB , 1000x720 , 7.png )

>Enlarge spell useful
Oh, I'll just bet it is.

Can she cast it like I could?
I'll get my mind out of the gutter. I promise. I'm just feeling like a teenager up here right now.

>knocker missing
It is. I've only got the one, I'm afraid.

Maybe if there were enough man-killer jobs to go around we could ALL afford two doorknobs.
But you were always better at that than I was.

>trap check
Thief: you can rely on me gov
Thief: aint let you down yet, have i
No. 864982 ID: fda98a

Should we try to check for any traps this soon, or should we just get on with it?
No. 864986 ID: 33cbe7

Just double checking this is an Enchantress' tower and not an Enchanter's.
No. 865008 ID: 13fded

Don't make her wait more than needed.
If we are guided by keen eyes and a good lantern no perils shall be insurmountably. Let's go in!
No. 865060 ID: 094652

Open from a distance using mage hand, or some other decoy. Expect the front gate to have an ambush, so if you can't find an alternate route don't give them the satisfaction of an entire bar's worth of cheap shots.
No. 865175 ID: 2fe26a

Good, because we'll be relying on you heavily. If we can't handle whatever's behind/on top of/inside the front door, we shouldn't really be going any further in.
No. 865188 ID: f28b2f
File 151794525261.png - (198.29KB , 900x623 , 8.png )

The Thief checks the door thoroughly, and creaks it softly open.
You enter behind him. The Mage holds back.

It's drafty in here, I know. That's on me. I don't notice this kind of thing like you people do.
Be a dear and wipe your feet.

The Thief will constantly be checking for traps. As long as he lives, any trap or mechanism will be spotted and called out, as long as it is in his sight.

You have 5 careful and meticulous actions per crawling turn.
These include things like:

Opening doors
Moving more than 1 room at a time
Climbing a wall
Taking aim and firing a bow
Closely examining an object for traps or clues

At the end of the turn, I'll roll a d6. On a 1 or 2, a wandering encounter will occur. On a 5 or 6, your torch will burn out. On a 6, your lantern will lose a third of its oil charge.

>The room is drafty and chill. It's lit by the open sky flooding in through the front door. It contains:

>A thick carpet stretched across the floor to the Southern door
>Two chest-height raised platforms on either side of the southern door, with two black iron candelabras atop them. These are unlit.
>A balcony, fifteen feet in the air, on the Northeastern wall
>A thick wooden door, with fine brass reinforcements, on the Northwestern wall.
>A narrow, plain wooden door, on the Eastern wall.
>A grand set of lacquered double doors on the south wall.
No. 865189 ID: b15da4

Can the candelabras be lit by conventional means? Try that.
No. 865194 ID: 89d7f8

Open the northwest door.
No. 865196 ID: fda98a

No. 865215 ID: f28b2f
File 151795548481.png - (26.15KB , 802x642 , 9.png )

>Light the candelabra
Thief: righto
Thief: you know i was a lamplighter fore i was a cutpurse boss? this comes natural like

>The Thief scrambles up the chest high wall. He lights a torch for a moment, setting the candelabra to burning.
Thief: presto chief

>The mage passes behind you, a little closer than is necessary.
Mage: Inordinately proud of himself for turning the lights on, isn't he
No. 865216 ID: f28b2f
File 151795550538.png - (221.12KB , 900x623 , 10.png )

>You open the Northwest door.
>The room beyond is close flagstone and cluttered floor. There are:

>Several barrels, nailed shut
>A withered skeleton wrapped around one of these, curled on its side.
>Nestled between its long toebones, something shines:
No. 865217 ID: f28b2f
File 151795552406.png - (2.29KB , 172x160 , 11.png )

>A ring, glinting in the candelabra glow.

Two more actions, baby love.
Then it's my turn to play.
Tick tock.
No. 865240 ID: 13fded

What do you see in the top left corner of the map? Those seem like barrels, and something else... an enemy? Should you attack?
No. 865276 ID: fda98a

The Thief should check that room to. Does the Mage sense anything from that ring? Magic perhaps? Try to stay together, don't separate.
No. 865278 ID: b1b4f3

Open the northeast door.
No. 865284 ID: 33cbe7

It's a withered skeleton.
Open the eastern door and claim the Ring of Barrel Hugging.
No. 865296 ID: c8da98

The thief is in a good position from up there, He can shoot down at anything that enters.

The fighter should check the other northward door.

Mage should check out that ring, hoping that the skeleton doesnt get up or a bunch of enemies pop out of the barrels.
No. 865314 ID: a3aa10
File 151796956784.png - (29.49KB , 660x779 , 12.png )

The mage carefully extracts the ring from the skeleton's toe, holding it up to her dark eye.

Mage: Power there is in this ring. Oh yes
Mage: I can taste it, milord... a subtle acridity
Mage: Its manifestation less so, milord
Mage: If I had a moment with my books and ministrations... next time I meditate, I'll have an identification for you

The mage's meditation takes ten actions, guaranteeing two rolls on the encounter table. Any damage will negate its effects. Finding a place of relative security and safety is advisable.

Thief: aww whassamatter kitty you stumped
Thief: cat got yure tongue
Mage: Careful she doesn't get yours, burglar
Mage: The pickled tongue of a dishonest man is a powerful illusionary unguent when properly pestled

You have one action remaining before the encounter table is rolled. Pick carefully.
No. 865321 ID: b1b4f3

Time to get into a tactical formation. Brace for combat.
No. 865323 ID: 33cbe7

Open a barrel. Perhaps that will be a secure enough place for meditation.
No. 865330 ID: 2c2f98

Make your way yo the center of the room, as getting cornerd in a storage closet dosnt sound like a fun time.
No. 865339 ID: 094652

Out of the castle, NOW! Your [...] um, what? Well she's going to flank and ambush you! Best way to do this is to lock the entrance and summon the biggest dragon she's got! So get out in the open where you can retreat if necessary, back to a choke point or all the way to a secure base!
No. 865340 ID: c8da98

Fighter facing south, Mage facing west, and thief facing East? I see no reason for them to come northward, and south screams grand entrance.
No. 865360 ID: fda98a

Heads in the game people, we can chat latter.
Should we turn our backs on the entrance to see where the attack is coming from? After all, we already know that there is nothing outside. Maybe.
No. 865366 ID: a3aa10
File 151797454284.png - (135.29KB , 605x561 , 14a.png )

You marshall your forces, and take the final action to wait. Roll result: 2. Encounter.

Did you hear that?
That thudding sound?
I'm guessing you did.
You gesture Little Miss Mage-tits behind you, and point the thief onto the Western ledge.

Look at you all in formation. Such gallantry. It's like an old song you forget your love for, until you hear it again.

That thudding sound.
No. 865367 ID: a3aa10
File 151797458110.png - (145.38KB , 1093x872 , 13.png )

and i say to the lad ah ick me joints oh to the mud with them how they pain me when the rains roll in and when he laughs i say listen you me young so-and-so i say to this you too shall come. time is a bastard i say and there but for his grace go you sprat huh huh i don't think. unless you just hold still now lad and hold still. and let aunty Miltrud take care of it. let aunty Miltrud take care of it.

You remember my aunt, don't you? All the guff Miltud used to give you. It wasn't your fault.
That's just how she is. And she did miss you.
No. 865369 ID: a3aa10
File 151797460014.png - (135.44KB , 605x561 , 14.png )

Initiative results:
Party 6
Enemy 3

She stuttersteps into the room from the Eastern door and then just kind of-- stands there, staring at our unexpected guests, her little Miltrud rant dying on her lips.
Sorry, Baby. She seems to have forgotten how she's supposed to properly welcome guests.
No. 865371 ID: 33cbe7

Give Aunty a big hug! (Grapple)
Is there a neutral stance? If not, go for bonus AC.
No. 865372 ID: a3aa10

Stances are optional; you can forego either and just attack normally if you want.
No. 865376 ID: fda98a

Do we have to respect a certain order when attacking with our characters?
Like, is someone faster so he attacks first or something?
No. 865378 ID: a3aa10

Any order you want. This is side-based initiative.
No. 865379 ID: 094652

1st Circle: Flashbang
Melee: Grapple / Longsword: Pin
Bow: Target R. Arm
No. 865459 ID: acc8c5

Our first round of combat and we're already resorting to the black sheep of D&d rules?
Grappling a woman with a sword for an arm and like a bad idea.
Defensive attack, arrow, magic missile
No. 865472 ID: 13fded

It's important to keep aunty Miltrud engaged with our warrior and not the support. Grapple sound like a good move, just make sure to position our gallant fighter in a way he isn't between his allies and the enemy.
No. 865476 ID: f28b2f

Rules of grappling:

Grappling is an opposed roll modified by attack bonus. You require at least one hand free to initiate, so will have to drop either your sword or shield.

The winner of the opposed roll can decide whether to strike with a small weapon/fists, disarm their foe, hold the enemy in place, or knock them prone in the direction of your choice. Three successful hold attempts will pin an enemy completely, leaving them helpless.

Any ranged attack fired into a grapple has an equal chance of hitting either of its participants. Taking a round to aim at a Target raises this chance to 75:25.

No. 865478 ID: b15da4

Rat: Shoot them. Does she count as unprepared?
Cat: pew pew. (ray)
Fighter: Assume the (offensive) position and prepare to counter.
No. 865525 ID: 202f5b
File 151802946404.png - (134.73KB , 605x561 , 15.png )

The thief lets fly with an arrow.
Roll 5+3(+3 vs. unprepared)=11. Miss.
The arrow sticks in the door behind Miltrud, unbroken.
Thief: bugger bugger bugger

The Mage fires her ray. The air shimmers.
Roll 14+2=16. Hit! for 3 damage.
Mage: X'folszj Vrtjyx Xza

Miltrud takes a quaking step backward. A bolus of fizzling flesh burns at her midsection.
ohhh cant have any of that now can we youll do old aunty miltruds head in you will come here bad girl. naughty girl. come to miltrud.

Miltrud staggers forward. You lunge.
Roll 9+5(+2 stance)=16. Hit! for 2 damage.
Miltrud's left arm falls away at the forearm. The bone was the only thing that kept you from unseaming her.

naughty. naughty. naughty. naughty.
This Miltrud jibbers as her cleaver-arm scrapes against your maille. I hope that scratch buffs out.
Roll 2+?. Miss.

Her legs are quaking now. She's letting out little half-laugh rasps of pain with every breath.
Poor Aunt Miltrud's almost through, I'm afraid.
No. 865531 ID: b15da4

She scratched our suit! Cleave her in twain.
Perhaps the rogue should take a turn to aim.
Cat, stand by to finish off the nag.
No. 865556 ID: b1b4f3

Another full round of attacks should finish it off.

Here's a clever idea though: what if we used the final round of combat to perform some non-combat actions? The Mage can go check out the unexplored room in here while the other two finish off the enemy.
No. 865619 ID: f6785d

I second this notion. Slash her leg off, break her balance.
No. 865652 ID: 33cbe7

What if that uncovers more enemies and gives them a free turn? No thanks.
Go for a disarming grapple. All hail the mighty grapple!
No. 865743 ID: 4fa22b

well? finish her. just regular attacks from all will do at this point. no stances or grapples.
No. 865854 ID: 202f5b
File 151811421142.png - (59.60KB , 1168x771 , 16.png )

The thief's hands are quivering as he nocks his next arrow. Perhaps you should tell him it's only going to get worse from here.

Thief: bugger bugger bugger
Roll 10+3=13. Hit! For 5 damage.
His arrow hits her just under the left eyesocket and crumbles bone as it pins her brains to the wall behind her.

Thief: HA

She giggles once, like you've just told her a scandalous secret, then crumples to the floor.
Unlucky auntie. She's going to need quite a bit of needlework before I can get her back on her feet again. If we weren't so close I might be upset with you, baby.
No. 865855 ID: 202f5b
File 151811423974.png - (136.14KB , 605x561 , 17.png )

The thief's arrow has snapped on the wall behind Miltrud. Down to 14 now.

Thief: bollocks there goes dizzy
Thief: she was one of my sharpest
Mage: Did you name your arrow for Dizzy Delicious
Thief: yup out of scarsmouth
Mage: Do you name all your arrows after prostitutes
Thief, digging Bess out of the Eastern door: helps em fly straighter

The door Miltrud took hangs now ajar. It's quite dark beyond. Hardly anything can be seen.

We're back down to 0 actions, baby. Your turn.
No. 865862 ID: 13fded

No loot? Guess aunt isn't the kind to wear extravagant jewelry.
Let's see where this side door lead. Since Miltrud came from there alone there shouldn't be anyone else waiting for us.
No. 865863 ID: 2fe26a

Pop open a barrel from the closet, then enter Aunty's entrance.
No. 865872 ID: 094652

Grab Miltrud and throw her off a cliff, or use her as an undead torch.

Proceed through the door Miltrud opened, continue onwards.
No. 865878 ID: 7ab1fe

pry open the barrel the skeleton hugged.
light up and have a look at the eastern room.
No. 865952 ID: f6785d

Tell the thief that he did a good job. Gotta keep that moral high.
No. 865994 ID: e17e39

Advance into the room that thing just came from
No. 866003 ID: 33cbe7

How would the two of them rate Dizzy, for comparison?
No. 866008 ID: a3aa10
File 151815119734.png - (233.51KB , 1197x577 , 18.png )

The Thief gets to work ransacking my possessions while you light a torch and lead the way into the hallway Miltrud introduced herself from.

The room beyond contains:
>Slick stone-tile floor, ancient but scrubbed obsessively clean
>A door leading south, plain and severe, with a too-far-to-glean symbol carved into its keystone
>A sheer pit about five feet wide, all up and down the hallway like an earthquake's fissure and stretching downwards
>On the far wall, a portrait

Hello again, baby.
No. 866009 ID: a3aa10
File 151815122130.png - (304.55KB , 950x620 , 19.png )

It's been a while since you've seen me. I thought I might leave this here for you.

The mage averts her eyes. Good to see that pale pussycat can get some color to her cheeks.

The thief stands in the doorway behind you.
Thief: opened one of them barrels, boss
Thief: wine, i reckon from the sight and smell, though i aint tried to drink it yet
Thief: cor who's the tart

Mage: That "tart" is--or was-- the Enchantress of Cradoom, and were she still alive she could vaporize us all with a syllable
Thief: thats the stiff who owned this place yeah
Mage: Correct
Thief: i didnt know she was thick
Thief: rest in peace
No. 866010 ID: b1b4f3

Let them think she is dead. It will only cause them panic at this point.
Sounds like the door in the hall is locked. Time to check out the remaining smaller room back there.
No. 866011 ID: 3abd97

Probably safer not to have drunk the wine, we don't know if we can trust things in this place not to be untainted.

>were she still alive she could vaporize us all with a syllable
And if she were dead, would that make her any less of a threat?
No. 866012 ID: 33cbe7

Lich might be a better term nowadays.
Aggressively ignore balcony until we reach the second floor. Investigate keystone symbol first.
No. 866014 ID: 094652

Warn the others that you've been here before, back when this place was sane. The layout is completely different, but it's made up of its former components, this painting included.

(BTW cut the painting from the frame and keep it to resell)

And that old undead hag who Thief just killed was a particularly memorable spinster - the enchantress experimented on her for kicks to "always speak her mind". Even her freshly murdered corpse wouldn't shut up.

Almost everyone in this castle died, and you don't want to talk about it. One of them came back. You're almost certain everyone else is going to come back.
No. 866018 ID: f6785d

Hmmm, Ovbiuslly you have been here before. Guess we are going to find out sooner or latter why at some point. Let them in the dark, it will make things more interesting.

Enter the first door to your right, let's see what is inside, leave the barrels alone.
No. 866127 ID: f18e26

I think it wouls be beast if we left out the fact that shes still alive
No. 866149 ID: 202f5b
File 151820301850.png - (167.53KB , 667x423 , 20.png )

You investigate the keystone.
Carved into it is a fish.

No. 866150 ID: 202f5b
File 151820308560.png - (311.38KB , 1197x866 , 21.png )

A wall of warm, humid air as you enter the southern room.

It contains:
>A small, ornamental table, with a black square box about the size of a shoebox on top, inlaid with silver
>A carved ashwood stool before the table
>A miniature pond, neatly walled off by a two-foot high stone wall, with an estuary trailing into a low tunnel in the wall
>On the west end of the room, a rough-cut wooden table, flanked by two clay pots holding brambled flowers
>On the table, a meat cleaver, sitting in a brown splotch of dried blood
>A simple and severe door to the South, in appearance similar to your entrance
>A sturdy door to the West, jambed in brass

My pond catches your torchlight and throws it in a reflected tangle onto the ceiling.
I used to sit at that little table for hours and watch the fish swim around in there, just letting the ink bleed off my quill and ruin my treatises.
The fish are all gone now. But we've still plenty of ink.
No. 866169 ID: f6785d

Do you think there would be something interesting in the tunnel? If not, let's see if the west door is connected with the other part of the building, or if it just ends in a dead end.
No. 866230 ID: 33cbe7

Box box box, what's in the box?
No. 866252 ID: a039ca
File 151823143119.png - (24.60KB , 726x475 , 22.png )

You reach for the box. Your mousey friend steps in front of you.
Thief: hold on there boss
Thief: lemme earn my cut eh
He hunkers down nearly underneath the table and flicks the box's release with the tip of his stiletto, then raises it with a slender telescopic pole from his thieves' kit.

A puff of white powder spits into the air as he does so, falling like snow onto the dungeon floor.
Just a little surprise for you and your friends, baby. To keep things interesting.

Thief: reckon we ought not touch that stuff boss

Within the box, atop the Enchantress' stitched sigil:
>A quill with a reservoir of ink above the tip
>A small iron key

No. 866253 ID: a039ca
File 151823145547.png - (301.50KB , 1197x866 , 23.png )

Thief: no gold????
Mage: Quiet
Thief: what a rook
Mage: Shhhh shut up
Thief: scuse me
Mage: Do you hear that

From the antumbra of the pond tunnel: a soft, churning splash.
Something's moving in there.

No. 866254 ID: 33cbe7

The fish have returned! Quickly store the contents of the box somewhere the powder won't come into contact with your stuff.
No. 866259 ID: f6785d

Fish are not noisy,especially if they don't want to be seen. Something is in there, and its coming. Try the key in the west door. If it doesn't fit, try the other one, but be quick.
No. 866323 ID: 094652

We could prepare a grease fire, if we had the materials. Whatever's using the aqueduct won't expect flames icing the water.
No. 866362 ID: a039ca

All materials you had on hand entering the dungeon are listed in the beginning posts. Beyond those you have the clothes on your back and whatever you can find in the dungeon.
No. 867135 ID: f300bd

Try to go through the south door
No. 867139 ID: 2fe26a

Hum the Jaws theme as you hug the wall.
No. 869111 ID: a039ca
File 151919013623.png - (313.53KB , 1197x866 , 24.png )

Picking the discretion part of valor, are we?

It's just as well. I keep forgetting to feed that thing.

There was a time, baby, that you would have dove into that pool with a dagger between your teeth to face whatever was sloshing around in there.
But the years lay change upon us all like snow or dust or a particularly assertive gravedigger. Yes, even me.
Come and see.

You skirt along the wall to the Western door.
It's unlocked. The key is for something else.

You enter into an uncomfortably small antechamber. On its north wall, a curious instrument made of copper and glass, with an eyepiece sticking out of its front. It is attached to a squat brass cylinder, from within which you can hear something gurgling.

There are two torches in sconces on the south wall, emitting a flickering light. There is a curtain to the west; it billows gently at the base, suggesting a room beyond it.

No. 869113 ID: b1b4f3

Go west. Let's start the encounter in a brand new room!
No. 869155 ID: 54a422

This, the current room is FAR to small to fight anything in
No. 869158 ID: 094652

Back then, she was sexy and you were stupid. And then you both @#$%ed up. And now you're either going to live or you're going to @#$% up and die.

Peek west, this place is small but should act as a good chokepoint.
No. 869216 ID: 33cbe7

I'd rather roll for an encounter in the known quantity of the last room than the one beyond.
No. 869341 ID: ddb02c

I have a feeling that the west is gonna connect to the main room we entered at the beginning. I vote we go there for the encounter.

(Loving this art and writing style btw)
No. 869611 ID: a039ca
File 151936135789.png - (296.00KB , 1197x866 , 25.png )

On your final action you step toward the curtain. Roll result: 4.

As you quietly approach, voices from the other side of the mildewed curtain pin you in place. Two. You listen.

this hand is new. it's shaking. whose hand was this?

Some Cradoomish drifter's. A hhhuntsman before a delver, i think.

who told you that? valentin? its tendons dont know how to draw a bowstring. look. i'm shaking.

Are you sure it's the hhhand? Are you scared, sweetling?

i'm not scared.

I am. A little. Getting stabbed hhhurts, you know.

maybe me too a little. what if i don't shoot straight?

We don't hhhave to kill them, sweetling. Only start to.

but what if this is the last time? what if they reach her?

They won't.

i love her.

I know. I do too.

Thief, whispering: what in fuck are they gabbin on about
No. 869633 ID: 094652

*whisper* "About how they're going to utterly fail to protect their mistress because of us. At least one of them's an archer. Get ready..."
No. 869674 ID: f6785d

Raise your shield, try to block their attacks and protect your allies. The other two should focus on the offense.
No. 869893 ID: ddb02c

Bust in there. Shield up with the thief covering and moving to either the right or the left side of the door depending on where the foes are.
No. 870281 ID: 5ad0eb
File 151967080417.png - (174.38KB , 1000x621 , 26.png )

You move through the curtain.

In the room beyond:
>Four high pillars, connected to a vaulted ceiling thirty feet up
>Two quadrupedal beast statues, flanking:
>A grand staircase upward onto a balcony
>Two armed figures

I don't believe you've met my two newest retainers. I love doing introductions.
This is Niclas. That is Tanja. They've heard so much about you.
No. 870282 ID: 5ad0eb
File 151967081889.png - (237.85KB , 1200x720 , 27.png )

Initiative results:
Party 4
Enemy 2

Turn around, Niclas says. He sounds rather gallant, doesn't he, when he avoids that H of his. Walk away.
No. 870283 ID: 75c814

Charge the nearest one and keep him ocupied while your thief and mage focus down the archer
No. 870289 ID: 33cbe7

What, no "Hello?" No "How are you?" Not even a "Have at thee?" How haughty.
Keep a defensive position and countersnipe. Tanja should have a hearty supply of arrows to reclaim afterward - and you might find some in her quiver too.
No. 870290 ID: f6785d

The archer lacks will, they are nervous. Strike them without fear. The warrior though, that one is ready.
No. 870294 ID: 33cbe7

Actually, the archer lacks sightlines from here, doesn't she? Thus, so do we. Everybody focus the tower shield. Magic Missile!
No. 870420 ID: 094652

"Counter-Offer: Flee or Suffer."

Shield bash the warrior. Mage uses a flashbang, Rouge dashes in to backstab while the archer's distracted.
No. 870441 ID: 0c324b

"You know we cannot, just as you cannot. Prepare yourselves."
No. 870488 ID: 2fe26a

Less talk, more battering ram. Chaaaarge!
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