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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 150960709127.png - (140.49KB , 1000x1000 , 1.png )
841837 No. 841837 ID: a8be48

Probably NSFW

>You awake screaming
>Fur wet, and in a white void
>Your surprisingly more naked then you usually are when out...side?
>What do?
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No. 841838 ID: a8be48

Also first of anything plz don't kill me
No. 841839 ID: 129f2e

Okay, first of all, you gotta kill yourself. Now there's not much to work with, so I'm afraid you'll have to choke yourself with your underwear. It's the only way. Just jam it in real deep so you don't spit it out again.
No. 841841 ID: 129f2e

If you can't manage that though, look around I guess.
No. 841842 ID: 66a4ca

Take off your underwear. That's how every story begins.

Then look around.
No. 841843 ID: ae9b99

call out into the void, see if there is a response or an echo.
No. 841845 ID: 94bef7

Identify thyself. You're most probably Dennis.
No. 841876 ID: be0718

Sink into the ground to cover your nakedness.
No. 841894 ID: 056beb

Freak out at the gravity of the situation.
No. 841898 ID: a8be48
File 150963719483.png - (144.98KB , 1000x1000 , 2.png )

>Your name is now Dennis, Your not a menace tho it seems
>Before you can appreciate your new name, a new urge emerges
>You promptly take off your panties to find that you have a vagina, you then stick them onto your head to be used as protection
>Looking around you see nothing but white void, then you look down again,some sort of albino midget holding a scythe has poofed into existence. He has no name?
No. 841899 ID: 2fe26a

Eat midget.
No. 841903 ID: 39bb16

Steal midgets scythe
No. 841905 ID: 13fded

It's the reaper! Run!
No. 841908 ID: 66a4ca

Talk to the funny midget with black robe. Ask him where you are and how do you get out.
No. 841915 ID: a8be48
File 150964038074.png - (209.89KB , 1000x1000 , 3.png )

>For a moment you think about eating the midget, its tempting but you doubt you could actually eat them
>The midget puts down their scythe and holds out their hands, 2 carrots appear floating above them, offering them to you, you also notice that you could possibly take his scythe now but thats probably a bad idea since they are staring right at you
>You ask the midget what the carrots are and if they will allow you to leave the void, the respond
T͢h́ę ̴Bl̢ue Ça̛r̕r͢o͘t w̢ill t҉ak̵e͟ ҉y̢o͜u ̵to ͟á p҉lac͘e ́b͏ey͟ond ̛y͝ou͢r ̸w͏i̸ldes͝t́ ̡drèąm͝s̢,̷ w̡here͢ n̢ig̴h͢t ̧n͢eve҉r e͡n̶d͏s̷ and̨ t̛h͏e ͜sḱy̡ g̵lǫẃs ̶b͞lue̷ w̵i̕th҉ fire͟f̡lys ̵a͢nd͟ stár҉s,́ ma̡ny͜ ̧ḿons̷t͢ers ̸aw͏a̧it҉ y͞o͏u̸ i̕n t̀he̡ f͘o̡re͢s̛t͝

̶T͡h̴e P̨in͜k̡ C̨a̶rr͜o͝t͢ ̸wi͢ll ͘t͏a̢k̛e͠ you to a ̡d͝es͘ola͡t̵e͏ an͘d̢ em̧ṕty ̛pla͝c͢ȩ, r̸èména̡n͏ts ͟o̵f̕ ẃh͟ąt o̡nce w҉as͞ a͏ gr͟e҉at͏ s̢o͘ciet̴y̡ ̷n̶o͞w d̴ųs͏t a͜nd t̀hos̀e͡ ͠who ͠l͏i̵v̶ed̕ ̴to s͘e̕e t̴ḩe nex͠t d͞a͏y t͡urne̛d sa͏vàge̕ a̛nd a̡re͠ c͢o̷nst͟a̶nt҉ly o͝n̴ t͟h͝e̡ h͡unt͝ ̡f̢o͞r̵ new̴ ̕m͞e͠a̶t

No. 841916 ID: d0bba6

Cool, take them both and only take one nibble of each at a time, when needed.
No. 841917 ID: c31aac

Gee buddy do you think you could make my options any more dismal?
No. 841922 ID: 66a4ca

Both options seem great! But I'd go with the Pink Carrot, because we wouldn't be able to see anything at night in a forest with the other option.

Also, Dennis is a sucky name for a girl! Change your name to Dani.
No. 841923 ID: a8be48

Theres always a twist, he's an albino midget, everything is too good to be true
No. 841924 ID: a363ac

take scythe
No. 841932 ID: 968d3b

Shove one in your ass and one in your vag
No. 841934 ID: a8be48
File 150964318174.png - (172.44KB , 1000x1000 , 4.png )

>You take one carrot, stick it in your mouth, then QUICKLY GRAB THE SCYTHE AND OTHER CARROT BEFORE CHOMPING DOWN
No. 841935 ID: 968d3b

Test if the second carrot works if used anally
No. 841938 ID: ae9b99

put the blue carrot in your mouth and eat them at the same time.
No. 841940 ID: a8be48
File 150964508171.png - (181.06KB , 1000x1000 , 5.png )

>After biting the carrot you blink to find that your suddenly elsewhere
>Your a little soggy now but otherwise fine
>In your rush to escape the albino midget death you bit a lot off the carrot
>You take a moment to look around to see your in a field, the...moon? is spewing what looks to be flames or something and theres a city in the distance
>Tech half buried in the ground is scattered about and you remembered what the midget said
>"Savages hang around here looking for meat", better find a place to hide
No. 841942 ID: 137d7e


Avoid the city for now. Look around for anything usefull.
No. 841943 ID: 33d4be

Looks like it could get cold out here. Better find some shelter. And clothes.
No. 841944 ID: 968d3b

You don't want to lose that blue carrot in case you need it later. Putt it in your but for safe keeping
No. 841945 ID: 66a4ca

Whoa. You're in color now! Walk to the city. You ain't afraid of no savages!
No. 841950 ID: 2fe26a

Find the shiniest bit of tekkyology and claim it as your own.
No. 841952 ID: a8be48
File 150964890045.png - (175.78KB , 1000x1000 , 6.png )

>Your not too excited about such an idea, but your also not gonna turn it down
>You stuff the carrot in your pussy and pull your panties up, you then stick the half-eaten carrot in your panties as well for safe keeping, kinda awkward feeling
>You pick up the scythe and plan out a direction to go, maybe you'll find a nice hole in the ground to stay in
No. 841955 ID: 66a4ca

Go towards the city. Lots of places to hide there.
No. 841978 ID: a8be48
File 150965713893.png - (145.67KB , 1000x1000 , 7.png )

>Sounds good to me!
No. 841979 ID: a8be48
File 150965715457.png - (142.88KB , 1000x1000 , 8.png )

No. 841986 ID: 27448b

Quick, catch the scythe. With your face.
No. 841987 ID: 66a4ca

Stay calm and use the force of gravity to your advantage by tumbling down the hill in an elaborate manner.

(try not to land on your crotch too much)
No. 841988 ID: be0718

Don't land on the carrot.
No. 841993 ID: 3abd97

Duck and roll.

And don't land on the scythe.
No. 842002 ID: 9c28e5

Don't fall on the one sharp object in miles. That would be a highly embarrassing way to die.
No. 842005 ID: a8be48
File 150966307867.png - (123.88KB , 1000x1000 , 9.png )

>Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow
No. 842006 ID: a8be48
File 150966318961.png - (234.23KB , 1000x1000 , 10.png )

>Ow, after finally stopping you regain yourself and find you've landed in the middle of some camp
>Theres a fire burning and an unhappy fox who looks more than happy to beat the hell out of you for whatever you have
No. 842007 ID: 3abd97

Grab scythe, get up, prepare to defend self.
No. 842008 ID: 137d7e

Pick the Scythe, show that you can defend yourself.
No. 842009 ID: 27600a

pick up the scythe and reveal your incredible hidden fighting style: 'swing the sharp thing like a lunatic' as an intimidation tactic.
No. 842020 ID: f96d3f

Offer favors and/or a pussy carrot for your life
No. 842037 ID: be0718

Wave around that scythe and he may believe you can actually inflict harm with it.
No. 842076 ID: 6352b3

Yell 'it's all I have' and throw the blue carrot at him. With any luck he'll be hungry enough to eat it and be teleported away leaving you all his stuff.
No. 842116 ID: 9c28e5

No. 842130 ID: a8be48
File 150968231721.png - (154.96KB , 1000x1000 , 11.png )

>Oh shit oh shit oh shit
>You have no idea how to fight against someone twice your size
No. 842131 ID: be0718

Use Tackle!
No. 842132 ID: a8be48
File 150968244868.png - (175.82KB , 1000x1000 , 12.png )

>In your panic you actually throw the scythe at him, I don't think he was ready for it
No. 842140 ID: a8be48

Odd dubs decides if he blocks
Even dubs decides if he doesn't block and gets hit
No. 842141 ID: 66a4ca

Throw your panties at him also as a combo.
No. 842142 ID: 3ce125

...are you asking us to roll dice? Tgchan doesn't move fast enough for post numbers to be anywhere close to random.
No. 842143 ID: a8be48

Oh alright, i'll just use random number generator until I get dubs
No. 842144 ID: be0718

rolled 1 = 1

Yeah, either we get even dubs now or it takes a day to have a go at odd dubs. How about a nice game of dice instead?
No. 842150 ID: a8be48
File 150968774606.png - (140.51KB , 1000x1000 , 13.png )

>Oh shit he "blocked" it
>You did 1 damage
>You're in a complete state of shock and can't move
>His turn
No. 842152 ID: ae9b99

No. 842153 ID: f13ef7

Remove your panties and use them to block his attack
No. 842154 ID: be0718

Grab his weapon by your weapon's handle.
No. 842159 ID: 66a4ca

Be in a state of shock.
No. 842161 ID: 94bef7

Use Cowertech Beginner Player Trick: Run like you've seen a ghost.
No. 842227 ID: a8be48
File 150973065729.png - (141.86KB , 1000x1000 , 14.png )

>You physically can't run away due to the rules of battle
>Its his turn, not yours
No. 842228 ID: a8be48
File 150973080517.png - (137.85KB , 1000x1000 , 15.png )

>You duck quickly
>Your turn now!
No. 842231 ID: 66a4ca

Pull down his pants and try to push him!
No. 842232 ID: 2c8807

Before he gets back to his space, kick to the taint!
No. 842256 ID: be0718

Use the deadly double nipple twister attack!
No. 842277 ID: c31aac

Pull down his pants and push him over!!
No. 842292 ID: 94bef7

Crotch bash!
No. 842307 ID: 9c28e5

No. 842314 ID: a8be48
File 150975432678.gif - (277.15KB , 1000x1000 , 16.gif )

>You slide your way over to him nervously
>You pull down his pants
>You stare intently at his sheat and balls
>You then bash his nuts in with your foot
>He's out for the count, time to run
No. 842316 ID: be0718

Your weapon leveled up! Take SCYTHECLUB with you.
No. 842317 ID: ae9b99

Take his pants with you, and wear them. It may not fit, but it will have to do for now.
No. 842322 ID: 3b90e4

Give him a hand job. It's the least you can do after crushing his balls.
No. 842326 ID: 7152b7

No. 842335 ID: 91ee5f

Take his weapon and your weapon and his pants!

And also take one of his tents!
No. 842337 ID: 9c28e5

Its only fair at this point. See if you can take Sytheclub as it will probably be very heavy. See if the pants will fit, if not then roll up the pants legs and prepare to hold em up.
No. 842344 ID: 3abd97

Wear pants as a cape.

Proudly equip your new Scythe-club and pose as you reach level 2.
No. 842345 ID: 2c8807

yes, be sure to loot your downed foe
No. 842347 ID: 9b80a5

kick him in the nuts again just to be sure he wont follow us (though really a nuke from orbit is the only true wat to be sure we don't have the resources to do that, and even then he could be superman you never know)
No. 842348 ID: c31aac
File 150975929954.png - (227.51KB , 483x463 , z8eexhgztzsz.png )

His pants are now your backpack! GRAB EVERYTHING AND BOOK IT!
No. 842375 ID: 94bef7

Use Craftytech Noob Player Trick: Loot and Run
No. 842382 ID: a363ac

assert dominance through terror/pain by grinding your foot of his pelvis.
No. 842442 ID: 66a4ca

Grab his balls- I mean, pants. Grab his pants and use them as a cape and run.
No. 842475 ID: a8be48

Gonna bump the thread for now cause i'll be out most of the day
No. 842631 ID: a8be48
File 150985814895.png - (218.20KB , 1000x1000 , 17.png )

>YES! LEVEL 2!!!!
>You feel literally no different than before
>But your only level 2 so lets keep leveling up!
No. 842633 ID: a8be48
File 150985830062.png - (257.70KB , 1000x1000 , 18.png )

>You would loot your stuff back but now its too heavy and the pants won't fit
>He does have a book on him tho? You could fit it in the backside of your panties for safe keeping
No. 842635 ID: c88e6d

Tie the pants around your neck. Pull the Scythe out of the club. You threw it overhand WITH ENOUGH FORCE TO PUNCH THROUGH IT, you're clearly strong as fuck.
No. 842636 ID: 94bef7

Separate club and scythe. Take book. Seriously. Books are always more valuable than they appear around here.
No. 842637 ID: 91ee5f

Separate the club and scythe. Carry the scythe in your hand.
No. 842655 ID: d79f26

equip pants and scytheclub, store book in new pants slot.
No. 842670 ID: 7152b7

Is that his wallet? take that wallet.
as for the scythe, You'll have to wiggle and work it out of the club slowly. If he starts to wake up in the middle of the process, just kick him in the head a few times.

Also your level up seems to have given you extremely firm nipples.
No. 842685 ID: be0718

Did that level-up enhance knockers? Take wallet, equip scytheclub so it isn't taking inventory space.
No. 842687 ID: 3abd97

Why aren't your hands equipment slots.

You could use the scythe to cut up the pant if they won't fit. Make yourself a belt, or a sash or something you can hang stuff on.
No. 842725 ID: 66a4ca

Take the book and continue towards the city. Read the book while walking. Surely that wouldn't cause you to trip the second time, would it?
No. 842734 ID: c41a08

Do this
then duel wield club and scythe.

Or you could wait for the Asshole to come to and ask him to join your party, you could offer him loot and sex as payment.
No. 842909 ID: f13ef7

When was the last time you ate besides the magic carrot? Cut off his dick balls and eat them for protein
No. 842920 ID: a8be48
File 150999109045.gif - (353.39KB , 1000x1000 , 19.gif )

>You put the book in the back of your panties, your panties are gonna start sagging from all this shit you keep putting in them
>You drag the scythebat out in the open and begin trying to pry the scythe from the bat
>The handle of the scythe snaps and you fall over
>Well fuck
>You think of a new plan that might involve the asshole you just nut-kicked but he's out for the count and probably doesn't like you at all for that
>You might as well read the book to see what it is
No. 842921 ID: 66a4ca

Read book.
No. 842923 ID: 3abd97

Take off the asshole's pants, and use them to tie him up in case he wakes up.
No. 842951 ID: 64dbb8

Put either the scythe club or the former scythe handle in your butt slot. You need a weapon for later. (Handle side end of the club obviously, safety first)
Put the other in the asshole's asshole.
No. 842952 ID: ae9b99

throw pants in campfire to be sure it doesn't go out, then read the book.
No. 842977 ID: 71e8e3

No. 843363 ID: 64dbb8

Throw the asshole on the fire, then pee on him to put it out
No. 843500 ID: d36af7

You can read the book later, once you've found a place to hide. For now I think the priority is expanding your inventory space. If this >>842348 won't work, search the camp for a proper backpack or some other purpose-built container. Failing anything else, fold up the tent into a big bag and drag it behind you.
No. 843501 ID: a8be48
File 151016939593.png - (211.78KB , 1000x1000 , 20.png )

>You open the book, and its uhhh?
>You look back at the pants and start to think of making a nice backpack
>You also think of shoving the bat or scythe handle up your butt but they are both too big and would probably hurt a lot so you don't
No. 843508 ID: 66a4ca

What a useless book! Throw it away. Leave the pants behind also because we don't have a rope to tie them into a backpack like on the picture. Then continue on your journey!
No. 843512 ID: a915e4

Then shove scythe handle up Assholes asshole!
Make pantspack.
Take new spiky club.
Search area for food.
No. 843586 ID: 64dbb8

Use the scythe blade to reduce the scythe handle's size. Insert into butt slot. Shove scytheclub into asshole's asshole.

Search his tent for rope
No. 843616 ID: 830fb7

Make the backpack and put everything you can't carry in it plus the book so your panties don't get damaged.
No. 843746 ID: 35089a

ride his dick and then dismantle his tent for supplies
No. 844524 ID: 64dbb8

Do something
No. 844585 ID: 33cbe7

Cover his modesty with the tent so he isn't set upon by the first scavenger that sees him, unlike you were.
No. 844611 ID: 0d1514

toss him on the fire and consume his flesh
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