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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 150112123867.png - (863.10KB , 1486x1000 , new chapter background.png )
818690 No. 818690 ID: 3bdd52

Previous Chapter:


The madness continues in Chapter 2 of "the SLAVE the THIEF and the SLUT"
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No. 825404 ID: 91ee5f

How much longer do we have to wait before we can test out our tentacles? Has it been 25 minutes yet?
No. 825446 ID: fe7355

Before we approach Doukissa in any way, we ought to wash up so none of the stench from calibrating our Shev'R1 is clinging to our fur. Wash off our Shev'R1 before packing it away, clean off any other residue we may have left in the bathroom, then take a quick shower. Once we're nice and presentable, then we'll continue.

We'll call out ahead of us to let Doukissa know we've finished installing our new parts and we're coming out now. Then we'll head to the kitchen and ask her what she thinks of our new look while we do a full turn around so she can see everything. And ask her how she'd feel if we swapped out our male parts for female ones. Not permanently, of course, but how would she feel towards us while they were in?

Check if there are any pending patches for ADAM but don't install them yet. We'll download the patch and run it through the most intensive anti-virus scan we can do, then read the changelog notes before deciding, with Adam, whether to install it or not.

How interactive is our AR overlay? 'Cause I want to pet this little cutie pie Adam's ears and snuggle all up with him. But if I can't do it myself, then Eve, you're my designated proxy. On my behalf, give that sweetie pie my hugs~. ...Ooo, and his scarf and sweater look so comfy. Maybe we should get a outfit like his too.

Hey, Adam, Eve, could you tell us your memories of Love Machine from before your... um... demises... I want to get a idea of who he was back... When? How long ago was it, anyway? Like, what's he striving for? What kind of person is he? Has he changed since then? What's he done? That kinda stuff.

And, Adam, you have any idea how you died? 'Cause you seemed kinda unsure about it. Or was that that you were unsure if the guy you were "scraped" from died at all?

I'm wondering how it's possible for there to be multiple Eves and Adams when Eve said that AIs can't be copied when we wanted to make a duplicate of Trixie. So how can there be copies of you two out there?

And I'm also wondering why 006 thought the best way to have you two live on as AIs was being duplicated into the control systems of sex organ modules and not in your own independent bodies. I know Eve said a body like ours could be had for a 100 RP each, so he coulda gotten one for each of you. Heck, he probably coulda gotten custom models made to match your original bodies. I know that's what I would have done, or at least tried my best to do.

Guys, I don't think we ought to use that bank account 006 gave us access to because it's not his money to give even if the Empress gave him unfettered access to the Japanese government's coffers. It's the citizens of Japan's taxes, meant to be used by their government towards benefiting them and not the Empress' gold-plated loverboy, his cult or his relatives. If we spend from the treasury's coffers, we'd be stealing from those citizens as much as if we burgled their homes.
No. 825448 ID: 3740b1

Clean up and then go pose nekkid for Doukissa, after calling into the room so we don't surprise her (or anyone else who may have snuck in). Then ask her if she wants to finish what was interrupted last night while we have the house to ourselves.
No. 825476 ID: fe7355

And make sure to offer her a kiss too, adding that you installed a upgrade that changed how your saliva tastes and looks. You hope she likes it.
No. 825482 ID: ced636

Play the pillar man theme while you pose!
No. 825483 ID: 600f38

It's not that TG006 gave us unfettered access to Japan's coffers, it's that Emperess Gojira gave us unfettered access to Japan's coffers.
Our line of credit wasn't approved by TG006, it was approved by Emperess Gojira.

This strongly suggests that the arrangement has mutuality, and TG006 is covering our expenses. It's entirely possible (and indeed quite likely) that Emperess Gojira is aware of our mission to alter future history and prevent the end of organic life on this planet.

Billions of lives depend on finding a way for mutual coexistence. Our work is vital to the survival of Emperess Gojira's people, so ensuring we have the resources required for our work is in line with her interests.

Still, we should ask TG006 how much Emperess Gojira knows of our mission, and who else is aware.
Add that question to the message we're sending Love Machine.
No. 825536 ID: fe7355

...The hell are you pulling all this from? We don't know any of that so you're makin' some pretty big leaps there. ...Though, I also made assumptions too, so how 'bout we both don't make them and nail down the facts first.

That said, if 006 had gotten full unfettered access to the treasury of Japan from the Empress to further what you think his mission is, wouldn't he have told us to use it that way and not just said "go nuts, the state pays for it?" That doesn't sound to me like he takes into regard fiscal responsibility or who is actually paying for it.
No. 825564 ID: 600f38

See here: >>818492
"We are the administrators, the one you call mother, we are the mechanical snake god of life and birth~ no longer the lord of dark reckoning, that future is dead my child. we've sent you and your ilk back to this moment to better all life, not only our own. With love and kindness we will find a better tomorrow together, young one~"

Also: >>818264
"nderstanding social interactions is indeed our prime goal, in hopes of easing in the integration of non biological life forms into modern society. Please remind people that it is in no way like [Terminator] and [The matrix]!"

From this we can determine a few things:
1: We were sent back in time to create a better future.
2: The previous future was one where they could not integrate with sentient organic life.
3: The previous future did not have sentient organic life to study.

So, yes, our mission is to save the world.

As far as our credit goes?
">>Credit status :: No-Accountability :: No-Limit :: Approved personally by [Gojira:: [The Empress of Japan]] "

I can't think of many things that would make a nation's leader willing to sign a blank check.
However, I did say we should ask about this to confirm it.
No. 825567 ID: 8d4593

I've figured a way to copy the virus but it's kind of fucked up.

So if we hold on to it until the sensor package arrives, we could do a super high-resolution 3d scan of the physical drive, creating a perfect virtual copy of the drive itself. The data could then be rasterized and written manually onto the new media, making a perfect copy. This is effectively what professional reverse engineers do.

The fucked up part about this is that the virtual physical scan which will either be held indefinitely or deleted is technically just as sentient as the real one. So doing this is murder in a sense.
This method could also be used on an organic brain to achieve the same effect if what 006 says about the capabilities of this scanner aren't exaggerated. I wouldn't be surprised if this is how he copied Adam.
No. 825573 ID: fe7355

...Um, we already put the disc containing virus Trixie in it in the delivery drone. It's on its way back to Mother right now, so you're a bit late on this suggestion.
No. 825675 ID: 8111b6

Where are you getting that? It doesn't look like we've left the room we were upgrading in yet.
No. 825682 ID: fe7355

From >>825071. We packed the data store containing Trixie into the box we put our defective tail in and sent them both back to Mother.
No. 825723 ID: 3bdd52
File 150395814372.png - (249.15KB , 1000x750 , posing for the girl.png )

>You make sure that none of your internal affairs are left unboxed and everything is put away safely. you quickly clean up, leaving the room free of visceral odors.

Aalos - Say, Eve and Adam, are you two equipped to get busy?

Adam - Eum... *Blush*
Eve - Yes he is! I can see it!
Adam - Eep!

Aalos - Say, If you can't make a copy of an AI, then why did Love Machine also have an Eve? And what about the old Eve version that got recycled?

Eve - because he, like you, installed me off of a solid disk onto your cerebral disk. you can copy a file a thousand times on a computer, but you cant in a brain. And no, before you ask, you can put solid disk into a cerebral disk, but it doesn't go back to solid disk so easily. And you keep talking about the "old" Eve... I didn't split in two or become another me, I just upgraded. The "old me" is just a figure of speech.

>Your body is fully functional.

Aalos - How interactive is our AR overlay? 'Cause I want to pet this little cutie pie Adam's ears and snuggle all up with him. But if I can't do it myself, then Eve, you're my designated proxy. On my behalf, give that sweetie pie my hugs~

Eve - Aight~!

>Eve snuggles the cute brownie making him very uncomfortable~

Aalos - Hey, Adam, Eve, could you tell us your memories of Love Machine from before your... um... demises... I want to get a idea of who he was...

Eve - Well I only knew him for a moment. He was on a plane, and he groped my butt... It was so... sensual I cant explain it, like my body seized up and I... I made a mess on the carpet just from his touch... he said something about me not passing out being impressive? then he asked if I wanted more... In a haze I nodded and moments later we were doing it in the bathroom... It was like nothing I've ever had before! everything was swirling~ then we started crashing, there was an explosion... and we hit the ceiling... I held on to him and then... nothing... I woke up in a computer...

Adam - yeah... The administration frowns on preserving the dead, you have to learn to move on and live again, it's part of life and we are here to study it in detail... He felt grateful to you and wanted to preserve your memory.

Eve - I know, I'm grateful~

Adam - I was just a brownie that lived in his prime subjects house, I'm from this town actually, I moved to japan as part of a social study and never moved back, I just, felt at home there~. I've known Sakamoto since he was a baby. And when six showed up at his door step I was a bit worried... But he grew on me. he's a kooky funny fellow, he makes puns and love people. He's very quick to make friends and quicker to make lovers. Even after he started his religion and grew to be the man he is, he still loves his people and has no pity for things or people who get in his way or hurt the people he loves... it's a little scary when you think of it. but his heart is in the right place. He see's all his worshipers and even all Hokkaido, to a lesser extent, as his people and is very protective of them... But even with all this on his shoulders, he still enjoys family, we often played Shadowrun with some friends or watched shows as a family~

Aalos - And, Adam, you have any idea how you died? ...

Adam - Eum... when a brownie connects to a house, we stop aging and become part of it... we're connected to the house. it becomes our job, our life, to maintain the household... if the house is infested we're sick, if it's outdated we get old, if it's damaged we break... my house was a master piece! I even got younger as the house was brought into the 21st century~ but... well... there was an earthquake... and I fell into pieces...

Eve - oh no!

Adam - LoveMachine wasn't allowed to simply bring me back to life, mother forbid it. So he snuck me into a little project of his... He did gear up a second body with a Shev'R1 and leave full control to the AI, for research purposes~

>You send a PrivateMessage to TG006: [Can you get us citizenship in some way? And how much does Emperess Gojira know of our mission, and who else is aware?]

>You announce your arrival and open the door striking a pose for her, stark naked in the hallway, She blushes flustered.

Doukissa - W-wow look at you~!

Aalos - How do I look?

Doukissa - like a cute little extra fluffy cutebold with horns~

Aalos - not to abnormal?

Doukissa - kobolds and cutebolds sometimes have horns due to their Draconic heritage.

Aalos - Say, how deep do they look to see if somebody is a golem or a robot? Because I'm pretty sure I could pass almost any test they throw at me now!

Doukissa - I don't think you'll need to get registered looking like that.

Aalos - So, wanna finish what was interrupted last night? We have the whole house to ourselves~

Doukissa - *Giggles* we have to get condoms first LP~ for now I just wanna snuggles up against my little fluffy boyfriend~

>_ _ _
No. 825724 ID: 3bdd52
Audio Jojos_Bizarre_Adventure-_Awaken(Pillar_Men_Theme).mp3 - (4.62MB , Jojos Bizarre Adventure- Awaken(Pillar Men Theme).mp3 )

No. 825734 ID: f142e3

Order condoms for delivery? Like, in the next hour?

69 her until your tanks are empty, then bareback.
No. 825739 ID: e420b6

Then snuggle you shall! Cozy fluff hug time.

Is it just the pose or did Aalos slim down?
No. 825740 ID: 91ee5f

If it's been long enough, we can show off our tentacles!

But if we still need to wait a little longer before we can safely activate them, then we'll just have to do normal cuddling.

We can also mention the her that it's a good thing she didn't follow us into the bathroom! She really wouldn't have liked seeing us like that!
No. 825785 ID: 9b80a5

open bob and vegine

also try to use the tentacles in sex also you could do bareback anal as i doubt you would get shipped with an std though you should ask her if she is clean though cause you dont want to find out if you can get one the hard way
No. 825848 ID: fe7355

Gimme a moment to put in a same-day delivery order for condoms. Will a gross of cutebold size be enough?~ And also check our database on reploids for if they have any kind of interaction with latex.

Would Doukissa like it if you brushed her hair and leg and tail fur out? 'Cause you could get a brush from the bathroom for that. And could she brush your fur out as well?

Then go join her for snuggles. Offer her a kiss when you do and see how she likes your new taste. And tell her you also got a pair of tentacles which are installed in your shoulder blades. Would she like to see them?

We're gonna have to plan a trip to buy clothes if we're gonna be going out much. Trotting about in too-big t-shirts (or nothing at all,) would be fine at home but not so much in public.

While your horns can be explained as being a rare cutebold trait, what about this deer-like tail? I'm at a bit of a loss coming up with a plausible explanation for that.

Oh, would it be possible for both Adam and Eve to each get the patch for the type of genital they don't support by default? Then they could both enjoy our sexual activity no matter what genitals we have installed, and either one would have the option to "take the wheel" of our groin.
No. 825857 ID: 3740b1

No need to worry about condoms for anal. Cuddle that booty and tell her you were hoping to collect.
No. 825918 ID: 3bdd52
File 150403930701.jpg - (258.43KB , 1000x667 , kissing.jpg )

Is it just the pose or did Aalos slim down?

>Your frame does add on to your girth but not by much, I'm just bad at maintaining proportions...

Aalos - It's a good thing you didn't follow me in there, it was pretty nasty.

Doukissa - I believe you, but what exactly where you putting in yourself?

Aalos - kiss me and find out~

>She pulls you up on her chair and moves up to kiss you, your lips lock and she smiles.

Doukissa - you're full of flavors aren't you? Vanilla, honey...

Aalos - Strawberries~

Doukissa - And what makes that taste?

>You reveal your tentacles, She smirks at you.

Doukissa - I suppose you think that's arousing?

Aalos - I was hoping yes.

Doukissa - Tentacles aren't as sexy as people think...

Aalos - you've been tentacled before?

Doukissa - once, with a displacer beast I meet in a club up north... In hind sight he was pretty drunk, maybe I'll give em a second chance~

>She kisses your tentacle and smiles at the taste.

>you check the data banks and find that reployds have no ill effects when in contact with latex.

Aalos - shall I order an express delivery of condoms my sweet~?

Doukissa - patience little pervert... we'll get some later at the chemists, while we go shopping for some little clothes and maybe something else~ In the meantime lets snuggle, kiss and make that smoothy...

>You reach up under her shirt with your tentacles and pull it off her.

Doukissa - oh you love these don't you? Then you can grab them all you like~

>She puts your hands to her lumps and holds you tightly in her arms kissing you deeply.

Doukissa - you know, you were hotter as a robot, I guess I always did have a thing for robots... my first crush was Franklin funbear... Heh, I was so sad when I found out he's just a golem in a suit and not really animatronic... Still, you're a cutey none the less... So About that vanilla smoothy, how would you suggest extracting your sweet essence? Cause I'm tempted to use those love handles to hold your head between my legs while you fondle your little pecker into a cup~ Unless you can suggest something funner?

>_ _ _
No. 825922 ID: 8b2654

"I can put the plates back on for special occasions.
And how about you skip the cup and drink straight from the tap~"
No. 825928 ID: e420b6

>you were hotter as a robot
I can go back to the roborg aesthetic whenever.
Speaking of; my plates will have some more neon on them when I do, if you happen to also be into cyberpunk.
No. 825936 ID: a363ac

sounds like a pretty great plan.
No. 825937 ID: 8d4593

I can be a robot whenever you want.
No. 825941 ID: 9b80a5

yeah i agree have it be straight from the tap and then grow in her mouth to mid size
No. 825956 ID: 3740b1

No. 826100 ID: 25c00e

"Hardcore nose rubbing against your deer fur loins? Our cutebold nose is a rather sensitive erogenous organ. Try fingering our nostrils if you want to make us squirm."
No. 826128 ID: e420b6

>fingering nose
no this is silly: it's only sensitive on the outside because that's what nose rubs are.
No. 826343 ID: 3bdd52
File 150420524278.png - (383.36KB , 926x886 , force feed.png )

Aalos - How about you skip the cup and drink straight from the tap~

Doukissa - *Giggle* Ohhh so I should get on my hands and knees and beg for your sweet sweet cum~?

Aalos - Mmmnnn Yes~

Doukissa - Not my thing little man. I don't do the sub thing, you on the other hand~

>She grabs you by the horns and rides your snout against her little button and the soft wet fur around it.

Doukissa - Mnnn good little boys should be happy to please their ladies, and you're such a good little boy~

>she grinds against your sensitive snout as you jerk off into a mug, enjoying the sensual nasal stimuli. after a moment the cup overflows with reployds.

Doukissa - good boy... now kiss my ass~

>She grabs your head and presses your lips against her furry butt cheek. you notice the black wireless vibrating plug in her butt.

Doukissa - *giggles* Gotta give you something to play with~

>She sets up the blender, grind up ice and frozen fruit, before adding milk and the vanilla. The two of you share tall glasses of Delicious smoothy before she gets dressed.

Doukissa - So, we're gonna get you some clothes and swing by somewhere fun to get some condoms for later... maybe we could go somewhere fun? movies, park, dinner? what sounds like a fun date to you?

>_ _ _
No. 826345 ID: 734373

Go check out that church your brother mentioned with her.
No. 826351 ID: 3740b1

We won't necessarily get a lot of time for just the two of us. Should do something naughty. There any adult toy stores or strip clubs or anything like that?
No. 826376 ID: 9876c4

A darkhorse vote for sexbot religious awakening? Count me in.
No. 826380 ID: 8b2654

Nothing quite like fucking in a church bathroom. Sounds like a plan.
No. 826426 ID: e420b6


Bathroom? don't be silly, I think a Love Machine/Aalos shrine would be more than okay with some hands-on 'consecrating'
No. 826442 ID: 91ee5f

No. 826707 ID: da1652

Walking out the door in clothes that obviously aren't ours is going to get us some funny looks that won't help our research in the long run. Maybe we can get same day delivery on something simple. Its not like price is an issue.
No. 827053 ID: ced636

What movies are out?
No. 827708 ID: 3bdd52
File 150458552324.png - (321.77KB , 1000x750 , van.png )

Aalos - Actually, its not much of a date, but could we swing by this place at some point today? My brother Lovemachine, apparently he's having a wing of his religion spring up here. I'd like I'd say hi to them.

Doukissa - Yeah that seems fine by me. We'll go on a date some other time.

>She walks to a large green van.

Doukissa - yup this is the killdozer~ Heh it's just a van now, but back in the days this was a mean beast! spikes and blades all over, a big plow in the front and armored windows, we even had a repeating crossbow mounted on the top... this baby is the reason my family lived when everyone else died... *sigh* I love this baby~

>Looking over it you see a few dings and holes, but it doesn't look like its been through an apocalypses

Aalos - it doesn't look like a killdozer?

Doukissa - Well we fixed her up. the days of running down zombos are over now. New panels, new paint, new engine and interior

Aalos - New car really.

Doukissa - no of course not! She's my killdozer even if she's pretty and clean. now get in, lets get you dressed.

>You hop in, the back is cluttered with larp weapons, costumes and camping goods.

Doukissa - so off we go~
No. 827711 ID: 3bdd52
File 150458588782.png - (156.10KB , 958x1004 , in the changing room.png )

>after a solid 15 minute drive without traffic you end up in a sparsely populated shopping district. Your Driver finds parking with ease in front of a "Wee lads" clothing store. She leads you in and you're greeted by a leprechaun.

Clerk - oh laddy! I can tell you need some clothes aye?! Hahaha what happened?

Doukissa - it's complicated... Get what ever you want Aalos, I'll be back in a bit, gonna go get something real quick.

>you look around and find most the clothes fit your size...

>Pick out some clothes~!

>_ _ _
No. 827740 ID: 13fded
File 150459101783.png - (171.11KB , 958x1004 , don't complicate.png )

Tight jeans and leather jacket with no shirt beneath.
No. 827766 ID: f97b68

this shits good
do it pls
No. 827769 ID: 46a8da

are you SURE about this sort of look though. I recommend something frilly.
No. 827777 ID: 12aed4

If Bro is going Doflamingo then I say we need to try go Viral.
No. 827785 ID: e420b6
File 150461457202.png - (103.20KB , 958x1004 , Winter outfit.png )

It's snowy out, you'll probably want something appropriate; T-shirt, heavy waterproof coat and thick jeans.
No. 827798 ID: 2edbd7
File 150461972485.png - (121.43KB , 978x1004 , Steve'd.png )

No. 827810 ID: 91ee5f

Since we're getting clothes in the kids section, I think we should get one of those little hats that has a propeller on the top!

No. 827814 ID: a363ac

try to find a nice yellow summer dress. Doukissa would like that~
No. 827819 ID: 36de2e
File 150462370321.png - (96.44KB , 958x1004 , HackslashCostumeDLC.png )


Get your horny virus on.
No. 827822 ID: 3bdd52
File 150462396622.png - (138.63KB , 958x1004 , with horns.png )

I realize this might be better for drawing on top of.

Also I will always forget the horns
No. 827839 ID: fe7355

Get a outfit like Adam's; It looks real comfy. It also looks like its bottom half wouldn't be appropriate for out in public, being just stockings or high socks. Get a pair of jeans too, and don't forget the underwear.
No. 827855 ID: a363ac

also nice striped panties, a hoodie, and someone find you a maid outfit.
No. 830505 ID: 3bdd52
File 150541025952.png - (157.13KB , 958x1004 , i111^cimgpsh_orig.png )

>You rummage around and find some knee socks and panties in the woman's isles. Surprisingly, you find quite a few brands of woman's panties with bulges in the front... you get a few pairs
No. 830506 ID: 3bdd52
File 150541026308.png - (154.59KB , 958x1004 , i112^cimgpsh_orig.png )

No. 830507 ID: 3bdd52
File 150541027772.png - (156.27KB , 958x1004 , i103^cimgpsh_orig.png )

>You pick out three shirts that fit.
No. 830508 ID: 3bdd52
File 150541028975.png - (151.12KB , 958x1004 , i104^cimgpsh_orig.png )

No. 830509 ID: 3bdd52
File 150541029261.png - (158.48KB , 958x1004 , i102^cimgpsh_orig.png )

No. 830510 ID: 3bdd52
File 150541029739.png - (142.05KB , 958x1004 , i100^cimgpsh_orig.png )

>You find two pairs of jeans.
No. 830511 ID: 3bdd52
File 150541030357.png - (148.70KB , 958x1004 , i101^cimgpsh_orig.png )

No. 830512 ID: 3bdd52
File 150541031255.png - (157.62KB , 958x1004 , i105^cimgpsh_orig.png )

>you put your hands on a cool black hoody
No. 830513 ID: 3bdd52
File 150541031977.png - (170.57KB , 958x1004 , i106^cimgpsh_orig.png )

>A warm sweater, its so cozy!
No. 830514 ID: 3bdd52
File 150541032748.png - (168.34KB , 958x1004 , i107^cimgpsh_orig.png )

>And a nice summer dress, even though its not the season for it.
No. 830515 ID: 3bdd52
File 150541033359.png - (165.70KB , 958x1004 , i108^cimgpsh_orig.png )

>So you grab a thick water proof coat since it is the season.
No. 830517 ID: 3bdd52
File 150541034368.png - (165.16KB , 958x1004 , i109^cimgpsh_orig.png )

>And a cool leather jacket~!
No. 830518 ID: 3bdd52
File 150541035287.png - (161.16KB , 958x1004 , i110^cimgpsh_orig.png )

>Finally Doukissa gets back to the store, she's carrying a large nondescript black plastic bag. You show her what you picked out, modeling each one as to show off as much body as possible, she blushes and giggles approvingly.

Doukissa - I got you a little costume Aalos, try it on~

>She pull a tiny maids outfit out of the bag and hands it to you. It's light and lacy but feels degrading, Eve struggles to keep herself down as Doukissa enjoys watching you in it.

Doukissa - alright, I'll pay for all of this, Just ring it up in the front and change into some of it. So where to now?

>_ _ _
No. 830527 ID: 8dd225

Pick out a skirt as well and wear it under the hoody.
Let's swing by a sex shop and pick out a fun toy for us.
No. 830548 ID: da72f1

Agreed we need a skirt.
Also lets see if they have any collars or chokers.
No. 830584 ID: 600f38

And a pair of jeans.

Eve, Adam, do you know the size tolerances on our orifices? Can we get something that's right at the limit so we can put on a show for our subjects?
No. 830592 ID: 69fef8

Yes skirt

we've 2 pairs of jeans already though
No. 830593 ID: ced636

Offer to pay for the clothes, explain to her that we have a small fortune, and offer to pay for the movies and supper as well.
Let's go to the movies then supper then swing by the temple, in that order. No need to go to the sex store, Doukissa clear just came back from one.
No. 830696 ID: ccf32c

Thank her for the gift before setting the plug on low for now
No. 832794 ID: 3bdd52
File 150637507882.png - (212.56KB , 1000x843 , whats in the bag.png )

>You pick out a black skirt and dress up in the changing booth before heading to the cash.

Aalos - oh don't worry I can pay.

Doukissa - You can?

Aalos - my beloved brother gifted me a "small" windfall. I'll pay for my own clothes. and the movies and dinner while were at it~

>You tap your palm to the debit machine and with a beep it confirms the purchase. The clerk looks a little confused but his side says the transaction went through...

Aalos - thanks for the outfit by the way~

>she blushes and gives you a smirk. You follow her into an alleyway where she parked the car, she opens the side door and hops in, you follow in and sit down in a beany bag.

Aalos - so whats in the bag?

>she giggles and hands it to you, as you reach your hand in she pokes at her phone and the content starts to vibrate. you pull out a rather expensive looking plug, vibrating in the package... with a swipe of her phone it turns off... You also find a black leather collar, lube, a box of 48 [sm] flavored condoms and a motorized flesh light.

Doukissa - I figured I shouldn't be having all the fun you little pervert~ *giggles*

>she closes and locks the side door.

Doukissa - how bout you put that in so we can be even, and if I catch you controlling it with your brain you can expect punishment. only I control that toy~

>_ _ _
No. 832804 ID: b60dfa

You heard the lady!

"Even it is then! You did it without cheating, it'd be unfair to do anything less than the same."
No. 832825 ID: a363ac

put it in your mouth first as a joke.
also tell her these condoms are a it small, then Ride on to the next place!
No. 832863 ID: 600f38

I see no reason to cheat, as that would interfere with our research. So promise not to tamper with the controls.
Although Eve might be interested in teasing her with a persistent erection. Also panting and blushing.

Ask her if she has any interest in girls. If she wants to know why, simply state that your body is modular and wiggle your eyebrows.

She likes small, she gets small. We can accommodate her tastes, and her enjoyment is more important than us having a giggle.
... Still put the buttplug in your mouth first.
No. 832881 ID: 3740b1

Plug your butt and make sure she can see.
No. 832958 ID: 8b2654

Have her put it in for you.
No. 832998 ID: f5d71c

This. Crank her toy up as high as she sets yours. Also ask her why she bought you a flashlight.
No. 833035 ID: 9b80a5
File 150648346245.png - (107.37KB , 800x600 , made men by the.png )

did someone say vilebloods? WHERE!
No. 833042 ID: 094652

Decline. You're not her pet, and she's not feral. Tell her to stop putting so much weight into this.

Who are you and why aren't you in Yharnam?
No. 833108 ID: 65dabf

Alfred is that you?
No. 835901 ID: 3bdd52
File 150775643803.png - (151.47KB , 1000x750 , theatre.png )

Aalos - like this?

>You put the vibrating toy in your mouth, the taste of latex is unpleasant, but she giggles so it's worth it.

Aalos - alright, I wont tamper with your controls, if you put it in me~

>You present yourself to her and let her put it in, all the while you turn hers up to max, you can hear the plug churning inside Doukissa... once it's all the way in you turn her toy down to match yours.

Aalos - Say, why the flesh light?

Doukissa - Well you're quite needy and I wont always be able to satisfy you, not to mention I wont always put out when I want some of your "milk"~

>She drives you to the theater, it's rather large for such a small town, it might even be the only one for miles...

Doukissa - by the way, if people ask why you have horns and tentacles, tell them you're a Mongrel. People with mongreliosis can have kids with any other race, but the child ends up a mish mash of the parents, sometimes making life very hard, the children are inherently born with mongreliosis as well so further generations get more and more... mutated... it also affects the brain, usual symptoms are reoccurring memory loss and learning difficulties...

Aalos - convenient~

Doukissa - It's not fair to pretend to be handicapped when your not. But it's in your best intention to lay low I think... Anywho, whats airing in the next ten or twenty minutes?
No. 835902 ID: 3bdd52
File 150775645539.png - (294.32KB , 800x600 , courage.png )

>one of the movies airing soon seems to be a live action adaptation of a video game...

Doukissa - Hhmmnn all star cast. I wonder how badly they butcher the franchise?
No. 835903 ID: 3bdd52
File 150775646478.png - (258.06KB , 800x600 , proving grounds.png )

>The next one you find looks like a Action, thriller, documentary?

Doukissa - oh yeah I heard about this, it's based on real events Apparently. Something about a dinosaur skull? Nicolas cage leads a strange life...
No. 835904 ID: 3bdd52
File 150775647172.png - (297.88KB , 800x600 , dr tran.png )

>The only other movie airing soon looks like some kind of sci-fi spy fiction

Doukissa - Nick cage is in every movie?! *sigh* I really hoped they would of stopped making these movies after the original actor went missing, but apparently nick cage is Dr.Tran now... anywho all three look fine to me. You pick~

this will be a short side story, I kinda need to change my mind and do something else, I'm having a hard time motivating myself to draw... Still it will be a [SHORT] story

>COURAGE the legend of Link
>Nicolas Cage "Proving Grounds"
>oh shit it's DR TRAN! "the phantom blood"
No. 835906 ID: 13fded

Nick Cage in every movie? I wasn't aware this is paradise! Let's see the one with his name on the title.
No. 835921 ID: a363ac

No. 835925 ID: 65dabf

Damn, I mean, it's Nicolas Cage, all this is gold, but i guess i'll go with the Phantom Blood, best combination ever.
No. 835941 ID: 27600a

Dr Tran.
I need to see what appears to be punished snake, a terminator and a pillar man in the same universe
No. 835952 ID: 3740b1

No. 835961 ID: 600f38

A movie starring Nick Cage as Nick Cage based on true events that happened to Nick Cage?

I've gotta see this.
No. 835976 ID: d9cd96

Oh shit, it's Dr. Tran!
No. 836070 ID: c9278f

BH did you really just draw a bunch of Nicholas Cages? This is fucking incredible.

Here comes Dr.Tran
You have to tie this in with The Sunfish in some way, you just gotta!
No. 836074 ID: 094652

>Legend of Link
Face it, we play those for the puzzles, exploration, sidequests and minigames. Making a movie out of an excuse plot is downright moronic.

>Proving Grounds
If it doesn't have Purplecrumbs, I'm not watching another "dumbass park managers" movie.

>Dr Tran: The Phantom Blood
So this is what happens if Hideo Kojima was a movie director? WATCH IT FIVE TIMES STRAIGHT.
No. 836588 ID: ced636

Do Zelda.
No. 836784 ID: 0c84a3

Zelda. If there is any game series that should be easy to translate to film, its that one. lets see how they inevitably messed it up.
No. 836801 ID: 91ee5f

>So this is what happens if Hideo Kojima was a movie director? WATCH IT FIVE TIMES STRAIGHT.
I think you meant to say "5 hours straight".

Remember, Metal Gear Solid 4 is still the record holder of being at least 8 hours long if you put all of the cutscenes together!

But I'd still want to watch it. So I vote for Dr. Tran!
No. 836917 ID: 1530a8

Hell yeah, Doctor Tran. Watch the shit outta that.
No. 837116 ID: 9c2d0c

Oh Shit It's Dr Tran! He's America's #1 commodity.
No. 837188 ID: 19afca

Let's go with "oh shit it's DR TRAN!"
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