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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 149551258280.jpg - (293.65KB , 640x720 , BlindDateEp4.jpg )
803765 No. 803765 ID: e136ae

Previous Threads:

Thread 1: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/778045.html
Thread 2: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/798380.html
Thread 3: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/799612.html

Welcome back to BLIND DATE QUEST with your hostess, Nemaaaaaaaaain Moooooooorigaaaan!

Our show has some NEW RULES to go along with our New Johnnys!

Johnny now has the following attributes:
- Skill: Refers to Action (combat) Skill.
- Charisma: How good Johnny is in social situations.
- Ardor: How good Johnny is in romantic situations.
- Luck: Allows him to amplify good situations, minimize bad situaitons, or just be lucky when he needs to be.
- Stamina: How much endurance Johnny has. Stamina is drained through exertion (sex included); Johnny does not die at 0 Stamina but he is defeated. As long as Johnny is not caught unaware, damage comes off Stamina first. At 0 Stamina he is vulnerable to a fatal blow. The same applies to central characters.

As usual, one of our lovely ladies is a KILLER and her target is YOU.

But now, the possible Johnnys you can roll are influenced by our ladies!
You will be able to pick your type.

Johnnys still begin with a randomized TRAIT and 3 Interests, but now these interests are rolled based on the dates -- meaning that your interests will always match at least one date's.

However because the Johnnys are now rolled based on their dates you must first choose your 3 possible dates! You may only reroll them 3 times, and these re-rolls will come out of your total pool (Generic Johnny has 5 in total; other Johnnys have 4 -- this includes the one you earned in Date 3)

As with Date 3, you may optionally re-roll their TYPE, which can break the usual combination limits.

There are now 4 types of Dates:
KILLERS - Their goal is to kill you from the start.
MONSTERS - Disguised as regular civillians, they are not initially dangerous.
CAPES - Larger than life individuals who are dangerous but not to you initially.
CIVILLIANS - Not dangerous themselves.

1 KILLER and 2 Random Types are now selected, but there are normally no duplicate types unless you choose to reroll a potential date's type.
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No. 803782 ID: e136ae
File 149551509340.jpg - (176.77KB , 640x720 , DateEp4_DateChoice1a.jpg )

Nem smiles and steps onto the stage. She's much less plastic and seems to be genuinely starting to enjoy herself now as hostess.

Nem: Thanks, Narrator! Hi, my name's Nem, and I'm the hostess of TGChan's Blind Date. I'm also an apex predator of immortal beings otherwise known as the Black Wolf or the Avatar of Change, and lately I've also been tasked with occasionally altering the time stream of this show and providing helpful hints to try to keep Johnny alive. Apparently the Show knew all about my meddling in Date 3 and it really doesn't care. So lately, I'm having a hard time giving a fuck. How's you're night?

>Just fine Nem! Glad to see you taking this insanity in stride!

Nem: Well, if Johnny succeeds I get to watch some live hard core pornography, so I've got that going for me. But enough about me, let's get to our FIRST POSSIBLE DATE!

She's a civic servant from the land of LIME BREAKER who's loves dancing, sports and in her own words, "cute widdle puppies as well as hot nerds with great big dicks". Macho-men stay away, this is a lady needs a guy whose brains are as well-endowed as the rest of him! When asked her best attribute, she replied "I have huge fucking tits, what more is anyone gonna care about?"

TGChan, do you wish to KEEP or RE-ROLL SARAH SHARRON?

What do you say?

2. Re-roll
3. Re-roll type as well.
No. 803786 ID: 54691e

Lock in, huge tits are a plus
No. 803787 ID: e136ae

Just a side-note, you can still vote to gender-flip everything, but I'd like to get an idea of the potential dates first.
No. 803788 ID: 0d1514

Johnny can have glasses
No. 803789 ID: 094652

Oh yeah, lock her in. For a second, I thought she was the Johnny, that would have been awesome...
No. 803790 ID: 3abd97

I say we do a gal Johnny chasing dudes this time. Which means... sorry Sarah?
No. 803791 ID: 3abd97

...actually using her as the base for the Johnny would be pretty great.
No. 803793 ID: e136ae

If you gender-flip, I'll just give Sarah a male name and he'll have a huge dick. Still very much in line with Limebreaker's style.
No. 803798 ID: 5792da

>LimeBreaker style
>not futa

who do you even think I am.
No. 803799 ID: e136ae
File 149551706334.jpg - (175.30KB , 640x720 , DateEp4_DateChoice2a.jpg )

Nem shrugs. TGChan's decision of gender identities has little consequence and she assumes that Sarah is a go for now.

Nem: Our second potential date is pretty much well the opposite. Hailing in the style of IDIOM ALPHA, Nerds leave this date cold, preferring MANLY SMELLS (if you gender flip the love of musk remains) and STRENGTH. She (or he, I don't care guys) loves fine dining, the arts and the art of the deal.

When asked why she'd be a great date, she replied "Precision perfection my dear, I am punctual, powerful, potent and have impeccable taste".

TGChan, what do you say?

1. Keep Date #2, whom we will name once you've figured out Johnny's gender identity.
2. Re-roll Date #2
3. Re-roll Date #2 and the type.
No. 803800 ID: 0d1514

2. No stinky
No. 803821 ID: 54691e

Keeo johnny male and reroll that.
No. 803822 ID: 094652

Eh, keep the thug, save the re-roll. Honestly, let's just go with date #1 if date #3 isn't a fetish venn-diagram center.
No. 803825 ID: e136ae
File 149552167349.jpg - (182.91KB , 640x720 , DateEp4_DateChoice2b.jpg )

Nem: Date 2B is from the land of LAWYERDOG and works at the local animal shelter. She loves cute things, cute animals, and her soap operas. Her ideal mate is strong, fatherly and feminine -- aggressive suitors are not her thing. TGChan, are you willing to give Gally a try?

What do you decide?

1. Keep Gally
2. Re-roll Gally (2 rerolls remain for dates)
3. Type Re-roll Gally.
No. 803833 ID: 094652

If her tongue is longer than her hand, then yes, yes, and yes.

If not, then maybe.
No. 803838 ID: fc33ea

>fatherly and feminine
... Look, I don't want to be the guy to complain about impossible standards, but, what? Could you maybe run that by me again?
No. 803843 ID: ca661e

1. Keep Gally
No. 803869 ID: b412df

Keep Gally.
No. 803909 ID: ca661e

Re roll this one
No. 803910 ID: f08985

Yeah, if she has a long enough tongue then definitely keep her. Although some clarification on "fatherly and feminine" would be nice. Do you just mean motherly, or a feminine man who also makes bad puns, is good with children, and whatever?
No. 803927 ID: e136ae

Feminine refers to either the physique or personality. In other words, Gally likes Betas over Alphas. Since Johnnys are now rolled based on the potential dates, you could have a less broad Johnny as a result.

Fatherly is referring to the parental kind of personality type -- good with children, someone you can talk to, isn't very cool, and a bit of a homebody. I originally drafted the term with Johnny in mind.
No. 803928 ID: e136ae

While we're hammering out the dates, let's also figure out Johnny's gender for sure for this date. I'm not getting a real strong feel on the final decision.

You have until the end of our character generation phase to vote.

No. 803931 ID: e136ae
File 149556940528.jpg - (172.14KB , 640x720 , DateEp4_DateChoice.jpg )

Nem: Our third choice hails from JUKASHI. She likes a smart, manly man who keeps his ego in check and enjoys nature, fitness and good home cooking. When asked about why she was an excellent date, she replied "I'm a great cook and can endure many sessions of extremely rough sex without serious injury, plus my ears are excellent grips."

Nem pauses and sighs.

Nem: I guess whoever picked these dates was strolling through the red light district. Well, TGCha, are you interested in POKO?

What do you say?

1. Select POKO for the 3rd date.
2. Re-roll POKO (2 re-rolls remain)
3. Type Re-Roll POKO.
No. 803935 ID: b412df

I'm gonna say select.
No. 803936 ID: 8d4593

Oh dear god discount Polokoa?

All my 1's.
No. 803938 ID: 75918f

1 for edible ear nibbles
No. 803940 ID: 31b528

1, definitely.
No. 803943 ID: e136ae
File 149557298752.jpg - (109.80KB , 640x720 , JohnnyGenerator.jpg )

>And now to introduce our JOHNNY!

Nem: Huh. I would have thought there was more to Johnny than a pair of sunglasses and some big hair.

>That's what we start with, Nem.

NEW to this date is the JOHNNY GENERATOR!

Based on our potential date's tastes, we can generate up to 10 different kinds of Johnnys!

1. Shadow Soldier
2. Show Fighter
3. Civ Fighter
4. Paranormal Investigator
5. Monster Hunter
6. Gentleman Thief
7. FBI Agent
8. Rock Star
9. Celebrity
10. Generic

Nem: Interesting. So are you going to have me explain it or are you going to fill us in, Mr. Narrator?

>I'll fill things in since the specifics are still based off the selected generation.
>NOTE: Non-Generic Johnnys get 1 less Re-Roll and is the only one who can use 2 Re-Rolls to dictate the outcome of a roll.

1. Shadow Soldier
Shadow Soldier Johnny works outside the law. He could be a mercenary, a mob hitman, or a night time vigilante crime-fighter, but he must keep his true nature secret. Shadow Soldier Johnny has weapons training and access to the ARSENAL.

2. Show Fighter
Show Fighter Johnny is a bare-fisted fighter who could be an MMA Fighter, boxer or professional wrestler. While he has no weapons training, he has mic skills and a charisma bonus.

3. Civ Fighter
Civ Fighter Johnny is legally trained to fight. He could be a cop, heavy security or a soldier, but the government has OK'd his ability to be trained to use his fighting abilities.
While the Civ Fighter doesn't start out armed because he is lawful, he can use weapons well. Civ Fighter Johnny can call on help if he needs to (but this being Date Quest, expect them to be Red Shirts).

4. Paranormal Investigator
Paranormal Investigator Johnny researches and analyzes the supernatural world on a regular basis. He has a LORE skill and knows how to use magic items, as well as access to THE LAB. He begins with lower potential combat ability.

5. Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter Johnny works with paranormal investigators but deals more with the disposal of hostile supernatural threats. He has minor LORE skills and weapons training.

6. Gentleman Thief
Gentleman Thief Johnny must keep a low profile, and has the ROGUE skill as well as minor Lore, although weaker combat potential. He cannot call on help and needs to keep his true identity a secret. The Gentleman Thief will always have a concealed ROGUE'S TOOLKIT on him.

7. The Agent
Agent Johnny has weapons training and DETECTIVE skills as well as minor lore abilities, but must uphold the law and the agency's regulations. Access to THE LAB and has a side arm, and can call on help like the Civ Fighter. Threats will be more dangerous.

8. Rock Star
Rock Star Johnny has weaker combat abilities but higher ARDOR and CHARISMA and a BARD skill. Being High Profile it means that threats have to be more careful about messing with you and you can receive help much faster.

9. Celebrity
Celebrity Johnny has WEAK combat skills but higher CHARISMA, is rich, very high profile and has a BODY GUARD. You and your body guard can call on help and it arrives quickly (even if it is Red Shirt). Your body guard has a Skill of 8 and Stamina of 20.

10. Generic
The Johnny everyone knows and loves from Dates 1-3. Johnny can use simple weapons (clubs, guns) and starts with the full re-roll amount and is the only Johnny capable of using 2 re-rolls to dictate the outcome of a roll. Known on the Show as "Mystery Johnny" because he has the most mutable background.

Please select your Johnny Type and we will begin to roll stats.
1. Shadow Soldier
2. Show Fighter
3. Civ Fighter
4. Paranormal Investigator
5. Monster Hunter
6. Gentleman Thief
7. FBI Agent
8. Rock Star
9. Celebrity
10. Generic
No. 803948 ID: a363ac

7. secret Johny FBI agent Bert Macklemort (to avoid copyright infringement.)
No. 803950 ID: 3abd97

Totally go with the FBI.
No. 803952 ID: 75918f

Gentleman Thief (because apparently tgchan's definition of a good date is to steal panties and penetrate tight walls with large pistons)
No. 803953 ID: fa8f9d

7. Preferably similar to agent York in terms of build. Maybe a bald black dude? Can johnnys be bald?
No. 803956 ID: caa53e

I like Monster Hunter
No. 803960 ID: caa53e

...Although date 2 Johnny after ninja training would be a pretty awesome Shadow Soldier.
No. 803969 ID: c40988

#7 all the way
No. 804019 ID: e136ae

Those wanting a male Johnny for this date should vote now; girl Johnny is leading 5 to 1
No. 804025 ID: e136ae
File 149559077222.jpg - (201.70KB , 640x720 , Ep4JohnnyReroll1.jpg )

Agent Johnny

Skill: 6+1D6 = 9
Lore: 1D6 = 5
Ardor: 6+1D6 = 10
Stamina: 12+2D6 = 22
Luck: 6+1D6 = 10
Detective: 6+1D6 = 12
Charisma: 2D6 = 11

Special: Weapons training, weapon available, Lab access. Can call for help. Threats have a higher danger rating.

Keep this Johnny or Reroll? 3 total re-rolls remaining.
No. 804030 ID: b2bf87

>near maximum charisma
We've got a keeper.
No. 804031 ID: a363ac

I like her keep
No. 804032 ID: 3abd97

And near max stamina.

Definitely the right candidate for the red light district dates, as Nem put it.

No reroll.
No. 804034 ID: 6dc8e5

Damn. I don't think we are gonna get better dice than that.
3 5 4 5 5 4 6 5 6
No. 804038 ID: e136ae

Please vote for Girl Johnny's orientation: https://strawpoll.com/w95z5g6

Alternatively, you can vote here too:
1. Straight - all dates genders will be flipped.
2. Lesbian - date genders remain the same.
3. Bisexual - date genders will change based on author, futa allowed.
4. Straight, Futa Allowed
5. Lesbian, Futa Allowed
6. Slut
No. 804039 ID: 3abd97

I think the one thing we can agree on is if you gender swap the lime girl, she goes futa. There is no male option from that universe.
No. 804084 ID: 094652

Good stats, keep!

Now for gender and sizes.
No. 804089 ID: 7b95d9

...Okay, so what's the difference between Bisex+Futa and Slut?
No. 804098 ID: e136ae

Bisexual + Futa is OK with any gender, but may have doubts when it comes to personality or anything really alien.

Slut is down to do whatever with whatever; if the person is interested, so is the slut.
No. 804168 ID: e136ae

Currently hashing out girl Johnny styles at https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/111378.html#111899. Could use some feedback.
No. 804300 ID: e136ae
File 149569469647.jpg - (96.58KB , 600x800 , Ep4BangJohnny.jpg )

Nem: Now let's welcome our contestant, Betty "Johnny" Johnson! She's a special agent who likes animals, nature and good home cooking!

Johnny: And fantastic tits!

Nem sighs.

Johnny has the special trait of EMPATHY. Also according to the choices made, the following changes have been made to the potential dates:

SARAH is now FUTA.
Gally is now MALE.
POKO is still FEMALE.

We now enter our question and answer period! Please feel free to ask whatever questions you like to your potential dates!
No. 804302 ID: 094652

What do you like to do when you're forced outdoors?

What's your favorite type of hot dog?

What is your weirdest skill?
No. 804304 ID: 0d1514

WHAT is your favorite animal?
WHO is your role-model?
What kinda food you like?
No. 804343 ID: 3d2d5f

So long as there are still shades under those bangs. Eyes need layers of protection.

Nobody here's on a most wanted list or anything, are they?

Just how fantastic are tits?
No. 804395 ID: f08985

We're after fantastic tits, right? No question about it, we're going with Limebreaker's Sarah.
No. 804415 ID: e136ae
File 149574675838.jpg - (199.03KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions1.jpg )

>What do you like to do when you're forced outdoors?

Sarah: You wouldn't think it, but I do love jogging and running! Of course, I have to strap into this contraption so I don't kill myself with my own tits in the process.

>What's your favorite type of hot dog?
Sarah: Ew.

>What is your weirdest skill?
Sarah: I can see things from three perspectives. Most people barely manage one.

>WHAT is your favorite animal?
Sarah: Canines of all sorts -- dogs, wolves, even the littlest of breeds are adorable!

>WHO is your role-model?
Sarah: Akela, Hades and Hercules. Well, less role models and more people I greatly admire for various reasons.

>What kinda food you like?
Sarah: Steak.

>Nobody here's on a most wanted list or anything, are they?
Sarah: Pft, of course not.

Just how fantastic are tits?
Sarah: My tits defy physics. Also I guess I should tell you that I also have a massive dick when I want to. You do stretches right?
No. 804419 ID: e136ae
File 149574821957.jpg - (182.89KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions2.jpg )

>What do you like to do when you're forced outdoors?
Gally: I like to walk. Actually are you talking business or pleasure? I spend a lot of times outdoors on business.

>What's your favorite type of hot dog?
Gally: Chicago style. Too bad it's hard to get here.

>What is your weirdest skill?
Gally: I can untie a cherry stem with my tongue, which I previous tied in a knot also with my tongue.

>WHAT is your favorite animal?
Gally: Dog person, all the way.

>WHO is your role-model?
Gally: Have to admit, I liked Al Capone as a kid. He was the coolest of the gangsters. Grew out of that of course. Now I don't really have one, seen too much of the world to stay that idealistic.

>What kinda food you like?
Gally: Chicago style hotdogs.

>Nobody here's on a most wanted list or anything, are they?
Gally: Kind of a stupid question, isn't it you being an agent and all? Nobody's gonna tell you if you don't know.

Just how fantastic are tits?
Gally: Your tits are AMAZING. I've seen them on the Internet. Yes, they're on the Internet. You'd think as an Agent you'd be more careful about that. Then again, I can't blame anyone wanting to keep a memento of them either. Some of the people you've put away think it was worth it.
No. 804422 ID: e136ae
File 149574906556.jpg - (172.88KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions3.jpg )

>What do you like to do when you're forced outdoors?
Poko: I love to hike in new areas.

>What's your favorite type of hot dog?
Poko: Ugh, I don't eat those things unless I don't have a choice.

>What is your weirdest skill?
Poko: I can do a number of rope tricks.

>WHAT is your favorite animal?
Poko: Bunnies.

>WHO is your role-model?
Poko: Polo and Rokoa, obviously.

>What kinda food you like?
Poko: You might better ask what kind of food I DON'T like. I have shelves and shelves of cook books, and the only thing I don't really like are those 'delecacies' involving rotting things.

>Nobody here's on a most wanted list or anything, are they?
Poko: You'd know, wouldn't you agent? Also I too have seen your tits on the Internet.

Just how fantastic are tits?
Poko: You know as well as I do that tits are amazing.
No. 804430 ID: f08985

Damn, son, all these are so thirsty we might as well just arrange a foursome. Gives the assassin more work to do with witnesses and whatnot.

...actually, you know what, why not.

Oi, you lot, how about a foursome with a bunch of strangers if you like casual sex that much? Looks like everyone's got some pretty damn great tits.
No. 804433 ID: e136ae

>That's never possible initially.
No. 804434 ID: 3abd97

>Kind of a stupid question, isn't it you being an agent and all? Nobody's gonna tell you if you don't know.
It's like yelling "police" before kicking the door down. Fair warning if you weren't paying attention.

>More questions
Ideal location for a date? (Besides "the bedroom" before any of you horn dogs jumps at the obvious).
No. 804435 ID: f08985

Ah, sorry if I missed it earlier but if you're quoting something I can't find any mention of it in the earlier rules. But in that case, change the question to asking how they feel about group sex.
No. 804443 ID: e136ae

It's not an established rule but the design of the dates are such that you always have to pick one and go from there. Calling in others early would add a layer of complexity I'm not feeling like dealing with right now.
No. 804445 ID: e136ae
File 149575696130.jpg - (204.59KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions4.jpg )

>Ideal location for a date?

Sarah: Actually my bedroom isn't a great location for a date, just a nice one to finish at if I like your style.

For a civil servant, my job gets plenty noisy and I have to deal with the most irritable members of the public, so I actually prefer places like a quiet café or a picnic park in the evening -- especially in the falls where I can watch the squirrels. They're so cute!
No. 804447 ID: e136ae
File 149575715896.jpg - (182.73KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions5.jpg )

>Ideal location for a date? (Besides "the bedroom" before any of you horn dogs jumps at the obvious).

Gally: Frankly I'm a little insulted at the insinuation. My job tends to go from real quiet to crazy noisy when the animals get excited, so I like a nice restaurant where the food is good instead of fancy.
No. 804450 ID: e136ae
File 149575757742.jpg - (172.76KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions6.jpg )

>Ideal location for a date? (Besides "the bedroom" before any of you horn dogs jumps at the obvious).

Poko: Have you ever eaten in one of rotating those needle-top restaurants? Amazing. Not so much the food, but I love the view. When those aren't available, I actually enjoy dining deep in the middle of nowhere. Obviously picnic. Bit of a pain for clean-up of course since you don't want to ruin your isolated little spot by leaving traces of civilization... although I am fond of making little inukshuks to mark the occasion. If you don't know, inukshuks are an Inuit sculpture made by stacking natural rocks on top of each other, used for various landmarking purposes. You sometimes see them along Canadian highways.
No. 804460 ID: 0d1514

What is your opinion on threesomes?
No. 804463 ID: 094652

What's your favorite video game?
No. 804465 ID: e136ae
File 149576183490.jpg - (170.81KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions7.jpg )

>What is your opinion on threesomes?
Poko: If you get the right people together they're AMAZING.

>What's your favorite video game?
Poko: I don't do that nerd shit.
No. 804467 ID: e136ae
File 149576208641.jpg - (178.51KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions8.jpg )

>What is your opinion on threesomes?
Gally: Not my thing. Not judging, but... no.

>What's your favorite video game?
Gally: I used to like the Mafia series until that terrible 3rd one with all the bugs. I do still like the series.
No. 804469 ID: e136ae
File 149576236940.jpg - (196.07KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions9.jpg )

>What is your opinion on threesomes?
Sarah: I LOVE threesomes. Girl-girl-guy, guy-guy-girl, you name it and I'm already equipped to handle it. Are you into threesomes? I... could arrange something.

>What's your favorite video game?
Sarah: Dwarf Fortress. It's got a serious learning curve but damn it's truly amazing. I only do PC gaming, and my rig is set up with VR and three monitors. I've been banned on Twitch twice for nip slips, but I know people and now I gotta special pass. I do try to keep the girls more secure now though, just for their sake.
No. 804475 ID: 0d1514

Good cuz I was thinking of you two
No. 804479 ID: 3abd97

Hmm so we could maybe arrange a threesome if we snuck one of them in after but not a foursome.

What’s on your bucket list?

Weapon of choice? (If any).
No. 804493 ID: e136ae
File 149576849403.jpg - (82.04KB , 640x720 , Ep4Decision.jpg )

Nem: I'm not even sure it's worth asking, but have you decided on your date, Johnny?
No. 804495 ID: e136ae
File 149576874603.jpg - (192.00KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions10.jpg )

>What’s on your bucket list?
Sarah: I want children. I know you might not think it what with my active sex life and all, but I do want children. I just have to find the RIGHT person.

>Weapon of choice? (If any).
Sarah: I don't care for weapons.
No. 804496 ID: e136ae
File 149576889211.jpg - (176.28KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions11.jpg )

>What’s on your bucket list?
Gally: Funny enough, I want kids myself. Same deal, too... gotta find Ms. Right. I've not had a lot of luck.

>Weapon of choice? (If any).
Gally: I work in an animal shelter. I have some tools to wrangle upset large dogs but that's about it.
No. 804497 ID: e136ae
File 149576927742.jpg - (165.91KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions12.jpg )

>What’s on your bucket list?
Poko: Travel. Just a matter of getting the funds saved up to do it.

>Weapon of choice? (If any).
Poko: Remington model 783 for deer.
No. 804498 ID: a363ac

Poko but get sharah's number just in case.
No. 804500 ID: 5792da

Sarah. Or both Sarah and Poko, if it can be wrangled.
No. 804503 ID: 0d1514

No. 804504 ID: f08985

Poko, get Sharah's contact details.
No. 804506 ID: e136ae
File 149577240077.jpg - (201.79KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions_x.jpg )

Sarah: POKO? Hell NO.
Poko: SARAH? That nerd loving loser?
Sarah: Oh shut, up you coddled twat. You wouldn't know a good lay from your asshole.
Poko: Fuck you and your limp freak dick and fucking balloon titties!
Sarah: YOU are a Mary-Sue in a bunny suit!

There is a pause.

Sarah: We tried dating once.
Poko: 0/10 would not date again.
No. 804508 ID: f08985

Well, now this is awkward. Still Poko, I guess. Do we ask them if they think the other is a murderer or something?
No. 804509 ID: 5792da

Sarah it is, then.
No. 804515 ID: 8d4593

Pocky Poko.
No. 804516 ID: 0d1514

Poko has not-nice insults. Johnny is also a skank-ass hoe! Sarah it is!
No. 804517 ID: d0a9a0


No. 804518 ID: f08985

>voting for your own character
what a surprise
No. 804519 ID: 90f3c0

No. 804520 ID: f08985

oh yeah and just to be clear I've got no problems with that I just think it's funny.
No. 804521 ID: 04f19e

Sarah, hands down.
No. 804522 ID: e136ae
File 149577774471.jpg - (204.36KB , 640x720 , Ep4AskQuestions_x2.jpg )

>Do we ask them if they think the other is a murderer or something?

Sarah: Heh.
Poko: Heh heh.
Gally: What?

Sarah: We're all killers.
Gally: WHAT?
Poko: It's true. Well, we're all CAPABLE of killing.
Gally: Well, technically aren't we all? I mean, Johnny's an Agent. She's fully trained to kill if she has to.
Poko: But that's what she's also worried about. I mean it's natural, she's got enemies.
Sarah: And more to the point, any one of us could take her out.
Gally: This is news to me.
Poko: You're adorable. I think whoever Johnny doesn't date should date you.
Gally: I am incredibly uncomfortable about the idea of dating either of you now.

Nem: You chose the life of an Agent, Johnny. You knew the job would mean danger.

VOTE for your Date Here:

You can still vote in thread but it's getting messy.
No. 804523 ID: 04f19e

Okay I voted on the stawpoll are you counting previous post votes or just starting from scratch?
No. 804529 ID: e136ae
File 149578468756.jpg - (105.83KB , 640x720 , DateEp4_Sarah.jpg )

SARAH SHARRON has won by an incredibly SLIM margin.

Sarah: All right Agent Johnny Sexy, are you ready to date the big guns? Because that's all I'm rock'n! Hope your brains are as big as my tits too because smart girls are what turn me on!

Sarah flexes. Nem visibly can't take her eyes off her and watches her walk away. You sense Nem is greatly conflicted by Sarah.

Nem: ... I am really not sure what to make of her. Good luck, Johnny!

The first thing you need to decide is where your date will take place. The Show has provided a few possible locations given Sarah's preferences; she has a taste for Greek Food and the Show will be delivering you to ATHENS, GREECE.

Please select a location:

1. A small hole-in-the-wall establishment where the food is excellent. It sets the scene for a CASUAL first date.
2. A classy 5-star restaurant. You'll need to decide to wear a SUIT or an EVENING GOWN.
3. A picnic by the Temple of Zeus. Your date will be CASUAL.
4. The excellent restaurant that is part of your hotel. You will need to dress nicely but not as elegantly as location 2.
No. 804530 ID: d79f26

No. 804531 ID: 8d4593

No. 804532 ID: 0d1514

If 3 has squirrel, then 3, otherwise 1.
No. 804533 ID: 04f19e

3) Temples are quiet, parks are even quieter. You can save on food costs and buy an expensive gift.
No. 804534 ID: 5792da

1. fooooood.
No. 804538 ID: fa8f9d

1. I wanna wear a nice dress. Not overly sexy or complicated, just nice.
No. 804547 ID: 6dc8e5

I mean the full secret agent treatment requires a fancy suit at all times, even while scuba diving, right?
No. 804556 ID: 5b93d3

1 would have good food, but no hole-in-the-wall is ever going to be described as 'quiet'.
No. 804609 ID: a363ac

1. but still wear a suit.
No. 804629 ID: 3abd97

I like this logic. Show up overdressed.
No. 804660 ID: e136ae
File 149587054753.jpg - (118.59KB , 640x720 , DateEp4TheLab.jpg )

You put on your shirt and tie, leaving your jacket off given the warm weather. But before you go to meet Sarah, you should visit THE LAB and obtain some special dating equipment. (Gift decision to follow)

Aside from your SIDE ARM (the Agent Special) you can take ONE of the following items with you:

* MENTATS: Replenishes Skill to full and grants +1 skill for the next 15 minutes.

* MENTITS: +2 Ardor for the next sexual encounter. Impacts sexual pleasure intensity.

* STIMPACK: Replenishes Stamina to full.

* BUFFOUT: Allow you to last longer than your partner automatically. Note this does not impact the intensity of you or your partner's pleasure.

* MYSTERIOUS PILL: Increases maximum luck by 1, replenishes luck to full.

* THE BLUE V-PILL: Allow you to test your luck and if successful grants you the LOVER ability for the next lay, no penalty on failure.
No. 804662 ID: 1e7aa8

stimpack. Good all rounder for either a combat scenario or just keeping up with our partner.
No. 804666 ID: 270a5c

I was going to say Mentats or Mentits, but Stamina is Johnny's best stat. Stimpak it is.
No. 804671 ID: b7627b

Ah yes. Good old MENTITS.

Surely it has no side effects.
No. 804672 ID: 5b93d3

Top Mentats. TOP MENtats.

Sarah likes the brainy ones.
No. 804677 ID: 8d4593

Stimpack. We can get our beatdown on all day.
No. 804685 ID: 3abd97

Mentats, I think. Makes sense we might need to burn some skill.
No. 804721 ID: a363ac

blue v-pill if we are lucky that can be amazing for us.
No. 804808 ID: 0d1514

No. 806195 ID: e136ae
File 149671749889.jpg - (103.98KB , 640x720 , DateEp4Chemistry.jpg )

Being utterly unable to make up your mind you decide to use the lab's equipment to mix all the pills you thought up together.

Clearly nothing at all could possibly go wrong.
No. 806711 ID: 0d1514

No. 806734 ID: 840ea2

Just watch the Mentats and Mentits mostly neutralize each other when mixed and just result in a minty flavor. Acquire Mentos
No. 807052 ID: 72ed6b

Mentits: the Fleshmaker
No. 807060 ID: 1e7aa8

This is either gonna kill us, send us to the hospital or turn us into an aggressive drug sex goddess.
No. 807061 ID: e136ae
File 149703940669.jpg - (140.41KB , 640x720 , DateEp4FirstMeeting.jpg )

You arrive at the small restaurant. The Show has reserved the entire place for you and your date.

Sarah is already there, and she waves you over. Not only are her tits massive but her hands are too; this seems to be part of her whole theme. Which reminds you that you might need to pick up lube if you decide to put out.

Given the unique gender circumstances, how would you like to play this date?

1. Play dominant, formal - speak first and introduce yourself, shake her hand to keep it friendly until you've decided you like her.

2. Play dominant, friendly - speak first and ask how she's been, and give her a friendly hug to set a warm tone.

3. Play dominant, sexy - speak first and tell her she looks lovely, but get in close and brush your fingertips against the skin of her arm and her hand as you sit down while maintaining eye contact.

4. Play submissive, formal - wait for her to speak and set the tone, but make sure she knows that things are to be kept proper until you've decided you like her.

5. Play submissive, friendly - wait for her to speak and set the tone, but if she doesn't hug you make sure you hug her unless her body language dictates otherwise.

6. Play submissive, sexy - wait for her to speak and set the tone, then either play it teasingly coy or if she seems a little shy check her out and make sure she knows you're checking her out before sitting down.
No. 807063 ID: 72ed6b

Definitely sexy, as in 3, but play equals. If she goes for dominant, match her toe-to-toe (and other-parts-to-other-parts), but keep things a game of equals, not trying to force the other into submission. Revel in both being skilled players of the game.
No. 807066 ID: e136ae

We're not taking the dominant/submissive roles to an extreme here -- but the key factor is with a tomboy and a futa there is no clear traditional established role either.

And the fact of the matter is that if you want to play, or even offer to play the dominant role you have to assert yourself.

There are basically one of two outcomes here: either Sarah will non-verbally agree to the role OR you will learn what role she wants to play which should give you clues on how to behave for the rest of the date.

For example, if you start to speak and then she suddenly speaks up first -- especially if she speaks slightly louder or more firmly -- then you will know she will want to play the dominant role. Or if you're both quiet, then there's going to be an awkward pause and you'll know she originally intended to play the submissive one.

It will then be up to you to decide if you want to press your role or not. You can either change your posture to match, or you can try to push her to play the role you want.

Note that this is not a meaningless choice -- this sets your first impression even if you change your posture later.

Starting out dominant then switching to submissive if she demonstrates she wants to take charge creates an entirely different impression than if you challenge her instead, and again if you put up a fight.

A contest of submission tends to just be a matter of piling on awkward silence and body language on the other hand until one of you breaks the silence.

While most pairings involve a dominant and submissive partner, it doesn't mean one person is locked in the role constantly... but it will set the tone and first impression. Your reactionary move will be just as important as this one.
No. 807071 ID: f08985

No. 807103 ID: 0d1514

No. 807104 ID: fa8f9d

No. 807129 ID: 844e25

No. 807147 ID: 72ed6b

Makes sense. Then, 3, establish dominance as an opening stance, but don't hold onto it if things can slide into more balanced territory.
No. 807564 ID: e136ae

rolled 3, 2 = 5

>You attempt your most sultry voice to compliment her and try to brush against her as you move to sit down...

This roll goes against CHARISMA and ARDOR. If you succeed against either, your first impression will succeed in how you intended. If you manage to make both rolls, you'll make a favourable impression even if this normally wasn't the best opener.
No. 807578 ID: 72ed6b

(Is the dice system a simple roll-under-the-stat?)
No. 807579 ID: e136ae
File 149732831457.jpg - (143.83KB , 640x720 , D4Smooth1.jpg )

Sarah is impressed by your smooth nature and turned on by your caressing of her hand while sitting down and by the forward way one of your boobs bounces off of one of hers. She seems to be OK with you taking the lead on this date.

You have gained a heart! Due to EMPATHY you know it is genuine.

So, how will you open conversation?

1. Ask what kind of food she's interested in, pick a wine based on her answer.
2. Ask her what kind of wine she'd like, pick food based on her answer.
3. Ask her about her favourite sports teams are doing.
4. Talk about the weather, ask her how her trip was.
5. Ask if you will need condoms for this date.
6. ?
No. 807580 ID: 636dcb

No. 807643 ID: 638191

No. 807651 ID: b4793d

6. Ask her if she plays Warhammer miniatures.
No. 807653 ID: b4793d

Tell her all about your Magic: the Gathering card collection
No. 807662 ID: 58ac34

Apples I know you didn't get to be in the last one but WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
No. 807678 ID: e136ae
File 149737486873.jpg - (63.50KB , 640x720 , d4decide1.jpg )

>Apples I know you didn't get to be in the last one but WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

APPLES is trying to play off the fact that Sarah likes NERDS.

Sadly, Johnny does not have any special interests in WARHAMMER or MAGIC THE GATHERING.

You can attempt to use your CHARISMA to FAKE IT; you will be rolling vs SARAH'S CHARISMA of 6. Reminder that in VS tests, you each roll 2D6 and add it to your Charisma stat.

Refine Your Decision:
1. Ask her what kind of wine she'd like, pick food based on her answer.
2. Ask if you will need condoms for this date.
3. Bluff Nerdom.
No. 807679 ID: be0718

Diversify your decision. All of the above.
No. 807680 ID: d1e462

Don't try and fake shit you don't know, just try and showoff what yer good at.
And if you're not good at picking wines just go with a Cabernet Sauvignon if she gets beef or chicken.
If it's fish go with a Chardonnay.
If it's none of the above, leave.
No. 807684 ID: e136ae

No. 807685 ID: e136ae

This Johnny has an interest in cuisine and thus knows how to pair wines with food.
No. 807687 ID: 0d1514

1 food. We don't know her specific brand of nerd yet and you can't bluff nerd with fake nerdery.
No. 807722 ID: f08985

No. 807752 ID: e136ae
File 149739654921.jpg - (100.96KB , 640x720 , D4Wine.jpg )

Sarah: I've already started without you on the wine front. But hey, if you wanna pick out something different other than the house red that's fine with me as long as we can get LOTS of it. I'm not even buzzed.

Her lack of interest in the cuisine is somewhat disappointing; you will clearly be ordering a pairing for your own pleasure as she doesn't seem like she will care one way or the other.

You ask if she likes lamb, and Sarah heartily agrees -- she loves lamb and it will pair well with the red wines available.

You order some appetizers, and they vanish down Sarah's gullet almost as quickly as they're set down. It dawns on her that perhaps you'd like more than a few morsels and she orders a second plate and waits for you to have your fill first before destroying what's left.

Something of note is the fact that it seems you won't be able to get in any conversation as long as there is food on the table - Sarah seems to have a voracious appetite and lacks table manners. Nothing too terrible, but it's a good thing you're not at a fancy restaurant.

How do you feel about Sarah so far?

1. You don't care about her lack of refinement, she has inhuman tits and a big package.
2. Her lack of refinement is a bit of a turn-off, and you're disappointed you can't really discuss cuisine.
3. You regret your decision.

Regardless of your feelings, you clearly need to change the date's direction. What do you do?

A. You're a slut, and she's pretty proud of her assets. Start talking sex -- find out what she is and isn't into.
B. You like animals, she's at least partially feral; start talking about animals.
C. Find out exactly how much she can pack away; the Show's paying for it after all. It could be entertaining and you can just get little samples of everything.
D. Finish up dinner and see if she'd like to go exploring. You really love a good nature walk and there's lots of sights to see here.
No. 807770 ID: 8d4593


A. Segue to D saucily if you get a good response.
No. 807772 ID: fa8f9d

2. If this was reversed she would've lost half a star in my opinion.

C. Oh well... let's see some weird shit
No. 807777 ID: f08985

2C. It's nice to have things in common, but let's find out what else there is to discuss outside the bedroom.
No. 807785 ID: de04d8

1, A then D.
No. 807793 ID: 638191

1 and C
No. 807834 ID: e136ae
File 149741629147.jpg - (152.99KB , 640x720 , D4SarahEatsTooMuch.jpg )

Sarah can pack QUITE A LOT away. She literally eats and entire lamb.

Not a rack of lamb.

And entire lamb. You're pretty sure she's just short the skull.

As she's finishing off a number of skewers, she notices that you've eaten only a small portion of all the various meals you've ordered and have maybe drank half a bottle of wine.

Sarah: Johnny, are you feeling well?

You explain you are.

Sarah: You're not anorexic or anything, are you? I mean you've barely touched anything.

You lift your bangs so she can see you're raising an eyebrow at her. She stares at your innocently. She keeps eye contact, chewing self-consciously. She swallows and then asks:

Sarah: Emay do'n something wrong?

You don't need your agent experience to tell that Sarah cannot physically pack away that much food. But aside from the fact that she's obviously not human you really don't know anything else.

She seems satisfied after that last round of kebabs, but still asks if you want dessert or if you're going to finish what's on your plate. The food is really excellent but you have to wonder how much of it Sarah actually tasted.

She also doesn't seem to be affected that much from the three bottles of wine she's polished off.

While waiting for dessert, you approach the subject of sex. Sarah is cracking a bone open with that one tooth of hers as you ask, but the question catches her attention and she refrains from going after the marrow.

Sarah: Well... I guess the first thing I need to ask is how strong you are.

You cock your head to one side.

Sarah: I like to be choked. Dominated. Hit with whips and chains across my back and bottom -- but not my tits. I also love going down on someone. I might have scared you with how I clear a table but I'm not going to make you bleed if I kiss you. Well, unless you're INTO that and even then I won't do anything more than you can handle.

That said... you need to have some muscle if you're going to hit me hard enough for me to really FEEL it.

The BEST thing for me is to go down on someone while someone else has their way with me. That gets me so HOT I don't even CARE what the other person does to my other end. But I like it ROUGH. I mean... If we were to get together, I'd have you sit on my face and use my tits for grips and you wouldn't need to ride me until you were good and OH HALVA!

The presentation of dessert has rather effectively derailed Sarah's erotic train of thought.

The ball's in your court while Sarah makes short work of dessert.

1. Suggest the nature walk as originally planned.
2. Inquire about threesomes.
3. Talk about animals.
No. 807839 ID: 094652

>Super Masochist
... Talk about animals. Specifically, the kind you put in a torture room. For sex purposes.
No. 807841 ID: e136ae

>... Talk about animals. Specifically, the kind you put in a torture room. For sex purposes.

Good gravy, learn the difference between masochism and sadism. Plus she's not a super-masochist, she's just tough to the point where that's the level of force required for it to register.

And just because she loves animals it doesn't mean she wants to have sex with them.
No. 807846 ID: 91ee5f

Really? I thought the only animals she loved are the ones that end up on her plate! XD
No. 807892 ID: e136ae

Lots of people love to eat and cuddle animals, sometimes even the same species.
No. 807901 ID: 0d1514

Nature walk!
No. 808092 ID: fa8f9d

Walk with nature
No. 808276 ID: b4793d

Ask her which animal she thinks is strongest
No. 808278 ID: b4793d

Talk to her about ligers. You have a poster of a liger in your room. Shoe her the sketch you did of your ligersona and ask if she wants a ligersona.
No. 808409 ID: b4793d

I imagine Smik is hard at work on some pretty baller pictures of our ligersona.
No. 809129 ID: e136ae
File 149791144829.jpg - (163.23KB , 640x720 , DateEp4Coach.jpg )

You suggest a nature walk and Sarah is delighted by the idea. The Show arranges for a coach to take you out to one of two locations: you may go to the TEMPLE OF ZEUS or the CAVES OF CAPE MATAPAN.

You find the choice... unusual. You know that they are both tourist attractions, but logistically they're not exactly close to each other. Your detective skills and intuition tells you that SOMETHING is up and that it has to do with Sarah, but you've no idea what. She's supposed to be a civil servant -- board of tourism? She never specified.

As the coach waits for your instructions, Sarah plunks her arm behind you and gives you a big smile. Something... else is up.

You are missing a "heart" with Sarah and you do not know why. You don't detect any hostility, all you know is something has changed.

Sarah does seem to be jockeying to change her position to the aggressor of the date.

What do you do now?

1. Tell the coach to go to the Temple of Zeus.
2. Tell the coach to take you to the caves of Cape Matapan.
3. Ask Sarah some more questions about herself first. You sense that this might not go over well until after the coach is in motion.
4. Tell Sarah that she can choose the location; adopt a more passive stance to match.
No. 809132 ID: f08985

5. Have her pick and then go to the other one.
No. 809135 ID: 0d1514

3! Ask about her parents (maybe you are a demigod??) cuz we can pick the temple of zeus or the entrance to hades so... Find a way to work the word knot into the conversation. Perhaps how her parents tied the knot

and by that I mean is her dad cerebus and she's a half-divine dog knot on her cock
No. 809138 ID: 0d1514

And by civil servant she probably means 'guards the entrance to the underworld' and by 'most irritable members of the public' she may mean 'the newly dead'
No. 809158 ID: 0d1514

Or maybe her penis is a snake. Cerebus has snake bits.
No. 809211 ID: e136ae
File 149792124920.jpg - (166.90KB , 640x720 , DateEp4Coach2.jpg )

Your instinct tells you that if Sarah actually is related to Cerebus and she hasn't come forward to tell you this she might not react too well to implicating this information.

At least, not this early in the date. Right now she has very little emotional investment. Once she likes you more and she has something to lose emotionally you could start probing in that direction.

Do you wish to press the issue?
No. 809212 ID: be0718

Press the issue. Rub firmly against the issue. Flick the tip of the issue.
No. 809226 ID: 0d1514

Okay then, temple of Zeus!
No. 809233 ID: f08985

Ask where she wants to go and go to the other one, in case I need to restate my vote.
No. 809235 ID: 783ddb

Show her your beyblades.
No. 809248 ID: 636dcb

Show her your pog collection.
No. 809275 ID: 0d1514

Ask her what her favorite dragon dildo is
No. 809280 ID: e136ae
File 149794455751.jpg - (172.90KB , 640x720 , DateEp4CoachShowYourNerds.jpg )


You ask Sarah if she'd like to see your pog collection or your beyblades. You are positive at least one of your impulses was actually a euphemism. You suspect the pogs were the euphemism, but better safe than sorry.

Sarah is visibly impressed. Your breasts are not as large as hers but they're perkier.

You: So Sarah, what's your favourite Dragon Dildo?

Sarah: Oh! Well, it's hard to decide. You see...

Sarah inadvertently reveals she has enough disposable income to afford a great many dragon dildos. As your sexual disposition is "slut", this makes a favourable impression on you. She also has several onaholes.

Sarah: Honestly Johnny, I was gonna say you hadn't earned a look at them but then you went and showed me your tits. Not that showing me your tits automatically grants you a look at my dildos but HEY, it's worth something, m'I right?

You ask Sarah where she'd rather go but Sarah is indifferent to either location.

What do you do now?

1. Tell the coach to take you to the Temple of Zeus.
2. Tell the coach to take you to the caves of Cape Matapan.
3. Ask to see Sarah's pog collection.
4. Ask to see Sarah's beyblades.
No. 809291 ID: 174b3e

Take her to Boobsters. The wings there are terrible but everyone pretends they're great so they have an excuse to ogle the waitresses.
No. 809311 ID: 0d1514

1. No beyblades involved
No. 809377 ID: 9c2d0c

don't you talk shit about boobster's wings.
No. 809379 ID: e136ae

Boobsters is not a possible location. You are in Athens, Greece.
No. 809458 ID: b4793d

Actually, Boobsters has locations all over the world!
No. 809576 ID: e136ae

Boobsters is not in THIS world however; none of the participants are from the Applesverse and thus Boobsters is not an option.

You may wish to refer to Razzay's Quest at https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/807980.html, which does have Boobsters (due to the particular Johnny) and is in fact currently taking place in a copy of the Applesverse right now (due to a magic book), the very same Applesverse with a Horny Futa.
No. 811606 ID: e136ae

You can't go to Boobsters.

1. Tell the coach to take you to the Temple of Zeus.
2. Tell the coach to take you to the caves of Cape Matapan.
3. Ask to see Sarah's pog collection.
4. Ask to see Sarah's beyblades.
No. 811614 ID: 8d4593

I feel like...
Someone should open up a Boobsters.
So we can go there.
No. 811615 ID: e136ae

You're not going to boobsters.
No. 813115 ID: 7fad5d

No. 813116 ID: be0718

Open a Boobsters, hire yourselves as strippers, start selling franchises, and then go to one of those Boobsters.
No. 813127 ID: 9c2d0c

Good lord people, it was slightly funny very briefly. move on.
Cape Matapan I guess, lets advance the scenario.
No. 813271 ID: e136ae
File 149931653838.jpg - (150.28KB , 640x720 , DateEp4Caves.jpg )

>Cape Matapan

Cape Matapan is a beautiful location with a great deal of history. There are several ruins to visit here as well as a Christian church that still sees use and an abandoned light house. It's also a bird migration route.

Your LORE skill allows to know that it is also said that there is a cave that leads to the Underworld here. Either Cerebus guards it, or Hercules pulled him out through this exit.

Sarah: Interesting place to take us to. Any particular reason you've decided to visit the most Southern point of Greece's mainlands? I mean I know it's the only places The Show was offering, but I'm curious as to why you chose it.

Open answer.
No. 813273 ID: 7fad5d

"I heard birds migrate through here, and what do you know, there's already four great tits here. In other words, no special reason, it sounded more interesting than a temple. Why, does the place mean something special to you?"
No. 819574 ID: e136ae
File 150145703389.jpg - (163.77KB , 640x720 , DateEp4Caves2.jpg )

>"I heard birds migrate through here, and what do you know, there's already four great tits here. In other words, no special reason, it sounded more interesting than a temple. Why, does the place mean something special to you?"
Author Note: Critical failure on Charisma
You must have said something wrong. You can tell immediately, even before Sarah begins to study your features closer. She is suspicious, and that makes her dangerous.

Sarah: I don't buy that, Special Agent Beatrice "Johnny" Johnson. Not for a second.

Her tone is different. Not "different" in the fact that it's a little colder, but even the way she pronounces things. It's subtle, but it's there. She sniffs the air.

Sarah: Tell me, Ms. Johnson. What do you think I am?

You suspect -- no, you KNOW that bluffing won't work now. You've dealt with feral-types in the past, and when they sniff the air like that they're looking to pick up any form of deception. You're charismatic but the odds aren't with you to lie now.

What do you say or do? Please note that unless you state you're willing to take a rather risky chance on bluffing, whatever you say will be considered the truth and incorporated in Johnny's character.
No. 819580 ID: 7fad5d

At this point, probably some descendant of a mythological figure related to the Greek underworld given how suspiciously you're acting about the topic. But none of that was mentioned before the date and there's still no reason I can think of that it'd be relevant now.
No. 819587 ID: e136ae
File 150146009151.jpg - (142.68KB , 640x720 , DateEp4Caves2b.jpg )

She considers your answer.
No. 819590 ID: e136ae
File 150146113980.jpg - (144.62KB , 640x720 , DateEp4Caves2c.jpg )

Sarah: Well... you're right. It IS kind of relevant though. Do you know what happens when someone in my position RETIRES?

You have absolutely no idea and she reads it in your face.

She hesitates on revealing why.

Sarah: I'd tell you more Ms. Johnson, but I'm afraid it's sensitive information. Very sensitive, doubly so given your position in life. Do you understand?

Would you like to take a guess and what happens to someone in Sarah's position retires?

Regardless, you nod that you understand -- being a special agent and all you understand the need to keep secrets.

Sarah: If I'd hazard a guess I'd say whoever's running the SHOW seemed to want to push the situation. I'm not happy about the forced disclosure but I can sort of understand the reason. It's not fair to you, after all. Look, I'm not really comfortable being here just yet, Johnny. Would you mind if we went somewhere else? It's not like there's much to do here, unless you really just want to look at the ruins.

What do you suggest?

1. Get back in the coach, head to the Temple of Zeus.
2. Insist on exploring the ruins.
3. Ask Sarah to show you her pogs or beyblades or... something.
4. Show her your tits again.
5. Something else?
No. 819593 ID: 7fad5d

You can't ever go back or look back on pain of some grisly punishment like turning to salt or losing your wife or getting your liver eaten?

1 sounds fine.
No. 819597 ID: 91ee5f

Not really sure if Temple of Zeus would be any better than where we are now.

Why don't we ask if there's somewhere else we can go? Maybe even somewhere she wants to go?
No. 819602 ID: 8cb228

"Alright. I completely understand need-to-know work-related reasons to not go somewhere. Would the Temple be safe, or should we go somewhere more modern? Do you have any suggestions for where you want to go?"
No. 819848 ID: e136ae
File 150157733083.jpg - (114.86KB , 640x720 , DateEP4Caves3.jpg )

>You can't ever go back or look back on pain of some grisly punishment like turning to salt or losing your wife or getting your liver eaten?

Sarah: No no, nothing like that although the retirement IS permanent. Surely you know what I'm talking about as a special agent though -- it's impossible not to make enemies in your line of work, yes? So it's in one's own best interests to keep one's enemies ignorant -- and the best way to keep secrets is to make sure they never get told. So the fact that you SUSPECT my background means I need to make sure you never quite KNOW for sure unless things between us might get serious. You understand, correct?

You nod; of COURSE you understand.


The nagging sensation in the back of your head suddenly resolves itself. Sarah isn't just talking differently, you've noticed subtle differences in her body language too. Putting that together with the loss of a 'heart' and you realize that she might actually have a Dissociative Identity Disorder. Or... given the fact that she might be supernatural, perhaps it's not exactly a disorder.

You are not sure if you should ask her about this or not. When you inquire about the Temple, Sarah says that it would be fine -- but so would asking the coach if you can go somewhere more modern too.

Sarah: It's pretty clear -- at least to me -- that the Show didn't want you to be completely in the dark about me. I will admit that it's fair. Perhaps we CAN go someplace a little more modern.

The coach driver -- a short man in sunglasses, cap, heavy coat and a thick beard -- says that alternative locations can be considered but will have to be cleared by The Show.

What do you do now?

1. Inquire about Sarah's possible Dissociative Identity.
2. Suggest a modern location and see if the coach will agree.
3. Go to the Temple of Zeus.
No. 819852 ID: 7fad5d

Most of the sightseeing I can find in Athens is historical or museums or whatever. There's the neighborhoods of Plaka and Anafiotika, but they're mostly residental, you pretty much just walk around. Nothing there sounds too satisfying, so 2 seems a bust.

3. Temple of Zeus.
No. 823813 ID: e136ae
File 150317550686.jpg - (117.47KB , 640x720 , DateEp4_ZeusTemple1.jpg )

The coach picks you up shortly. The ride is awkward and quiet; you have a feeling that Sarah isn't quite happy about having a few hints dropped about her past. It's perfectly understandable; as an agent you'd feel the same way. Still, you hope it doesn't get in the way of the date. Or at least casual sex. Since you're a slut. (>>804038)

When you disembark, Sarah starts to lead the way up the path towards the ruins of the temple. As you follow, you hear a raspy old voice ask if you "could spare a bit of charity for an old man".

You turn -- Sarah doesn't seem to hear the voice -- and see a peculiar looking beggar.

The Beggar glances over at Sarah: Could make it worth your while, miss. Seeing just who you keep company with and all.
No. 823814 ID: e136ae

Addition: If you need options, they are:

1. Ignore beggar, follow Sarah.
2. Pass the beggar some cash and see what he has to say.
3. Ask Sarah if she knows the beggar.
No. 823815 ID: 7fad5d

Oh gee, a mysterious beggar while we're visiting something to do with Hellenic mythology? Yeah, better shell out.

2. Pass the beggar some cash and see what he has to say.
No. 823824 ID: 600f38

We're in a greek mythos here.
Give him a bunch of cash and let him talk. Anything else is suicide.
No. 823825 ID: be0718

Scoff and dismiss him for an oddly specific reason, like not having a hat.
No. 823873 ID: e136ae
File 150319370427.jpg - (122.80KB , 640x720 , DateEp4_ZeusTemple2.jpg )


The old beggar is amused by your genre-savvy.

Old Beggar: I'm surprised there's any of you who even remember anymore. I'd say you must not be an ordinary person, but given who you're with I guess that would go without saying.

He motions for you to lean in close.

Old Beggar: You're not walking with a mortal, Miss. What's your business with her? I'm not trying to pry, it's your welfare at stake.

What do you tell him?
No. 823875 ID: 7fad5d

Romance, wooing, you know how it is.
No. 823877 ID: 91ee5f

>You're not walking with a mortal, Miss.
"Duh, I knew that."

>What's your business with her?
This: >>823875 .
No. 823880 ID: 600f38

"Romance, and she has an old pain of loneliness that I hope to help."
No. 823884 ID: be0718

The dick.
No. 823894 ID: 094652

"I have cancer. Not terminal. Yet. I want to get knocked up by a sex goddess before I die."
No. 823896 ID: b4793d

Tell the old beggar you're looking for some hot swan-on-girl action and you were wondering if there was anywhere around here you could get something like that.
No. 824492 ID: e136ae
File 150346868215.jpg - (71.27KB , 640x720 , DateEp4_ZeusTemple3.jpg )

The beggar smirks.

Beggar: All I can say is that if you're looking for romance, be careful what you wish for.

What now?

1. Catch up to Sarah.
2. Offer the Beggar more money.
3. Something else?
No. 824494 ID: 91ee5f

That sounds like judging a book by its cover instead of its contents.

>What now?
1. Catch up to Sarah.
No. 824636 ID: c2051e

No, it sounds like good advice for a mortal dealing with Greek mythology. Especially given how their breakups tend to go.

1. Catch up to Sarah.
No. 826689 ID: 2474dd
File 150429353094.jpg - (102.37KB , 640x720 , DateEp4_ZeusTemple4.jpg )

As you catch up to Sarah, she is speaking into some sort of device.

Sarah: Are you FUCKING kidding me? I'm on a date! THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY DAY OFF, you PROMISED!!

One of her ears twitch as you enter into earshot.

Sarah: GOD DAMMIT, HHhhhhaarrry you were supposed to be ON TOP OF THIS!
No, I don't really care, I'm close to retirement!
Fucking... PARTY FAVOUR.

She snaps the device shut and stuffs it down her ample cleavage and turns to you apologetically.

Sarah: I'm sorry sweetie, but I've got a work emergency. Gonna have to call this early, sorry!

Sarah gives you a peck on the cheek and then dashes off on foot. She moves at quite a clip.

What do you do?
1. Return to hotel room and end the date.
2. Try to chase after Sarah; she moves really fast and you're not sure you can keep up.
3. Hail the Coach and see if you can predict where she's going. You'll have to name the destination spot.
No. 826695 ID: c2051e

Hmm. You know, normally I'm sure we would be supposed to chase after her and whatever, but getting involved in that business seems like a predictably bad idea and I'm curious what happens if we sit this out for once. In-character, it's not like they can't just go on another date later.

1. Return to hotel room and end the date.
No. 826699 ID: 1e1629

If that's his real name, I'll lick my computer screen.

1) She'll just have to make it up to you on the next date.
No. 826712 ID: 3abd97

I feel like if there's anyone who should understand not being able to tell a romantic partner everything that's going on, and that sometimes work is gonna butt into private life, it's an FBI agent.

I mean, we've probably done the same thing to someone else.

Leave her a text or a email to hook up later when her schedule is being more forgiving. (Or that you can just hook up tonight if her business concludes soon enough).
No. 826909 ID: 9c2d0c

Well I think she is headed back to the gates of Tartarus because some nert is trying to bust his girlfriend out of the joint again. If there is interest in doing that, I guess.
No. 826965 ID: 2474dd
File 150433150819.jpg - (112.96KB , 640x720 , DateEp4End.jpg )

You decide to call it a day and return to your hotel.

Shortly afterwards, The Show informs you that Sarah has declined a second date due to the fact she's met some guy named Hank Quentin Leese and really likes him.

You shrug. There's more fish in the sea.

Date Over
You earn 25 EXP for surviving the date.

This Johnny is both alive, single, and available so may be used again or a new Johnny can be used instead.

Got Date 4 Questions? Post to QuestDis: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/111378.html
No. 826983 ID: 7fad5d

Keep going with this Johnny until we get le petit mort. Or le gros mort, I guess.
No. 827096 ID: b4793d

Keep this Johnny, but enhance knockers.
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