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File 149168254571.png - (888.46KB , 1200x1200 , hs.png )
794392 No. 794392 ID: 8613f6

I'm walking through the brightened hallways of my high school on a bright Spring morning in Timberland High. Did I say walking? More like running to make it to my first class in time before the bell rang. It's a lousy way to start the morning. My bus had arrived just a tad late that morning as traffic in my area was a tad bit more busy than usual that day. What's my area you ask? All you have to know is it's the one with humans in it.

Oh crap, I forgot to mention, I'm the only human in an all-anthro high school. You could imagine how much hard fitting in was. I see the door to my class getting closer. I decide to walk the rest of the way there. I didn't want my teacher to see or hear me running down the halls with a jingly backpack like some dufus. Within literally a 5 foot distance the bell rings with my teacher walking out to close the door, but not before catching me and giving me a slight sigh. I now stand before my teacher, ___________.

1.)Ms. Barnfield, my bovine American and World Literature teacher

2.)Ms. Eagleheart, my avian US History teacher


Make choice here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12704371
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No. 794404 ID: e12db1

I vote for.. ms. Eagleheart! Because history > literature.

I wonder, why are we the only human in this school? What strange circumstances could have led to this setting?
No. 794410 ID: 9876c4

>Wingless bird with heavyweight bone structure

Nope, I can't go for that.
No. 794411 ID: 91ee5f

Ms. Eagleheart
No. 794413 ID: 3abd97

Geeze, teachers sure are stacked at your school. And necklines that plunge that far don't violate the dress code?

History. Ironically better at teaching you how to write than a literature class.
No. 794415 ID: 70983e

Seconded. That doesn't fly with me.
No. 794416 ID: 20f33b

Mrs. Barnsfield for me
No. 794418 ID: 8613f6
File 149168596244.png - (250.39KB , 600x800 , hs2.png )

"You said this wouldn't happen...?"
"I know... I know..., but the bus-" I try to explain
"Ah-ah, this is your third tardy, meaning you'll me seeing me after class. Whether it's during your lunch period or Phys Ed is up to you"

I sigh "I'll come during ____________."

1.) Lunch period
2.) Phys Ed


Make choice here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12704818
No. 794419 ID: 70983e

>Teacher letting you skip gym
Ooh, tough choice there.
No. 794429 ID: 91ee5f

Come during Phys Ed.
No. 794434 ID: 3abd97

>miss your lunch or have a teacher approved excuse to skip gym
Wow, such a hard choice.
No. 794440 ID: e12db1

But PE is the best school time. When you can see girls in tight uniforms have their boobs bounce. I'd rather have no lunch ;)
No. 794453 ID: 2130c3

Lunch period. We'll be eating something, anyway.
No. 794454 ID: 8613f6
File 149169087906.png - (456.39KB , 1000x1000 , hs3.png )

"I'll come during Phys Ed" I tell her
I was relieved I didn't have to miss out on my next class; American and World Lit with Ms. Barnfield. Phys Ed was a decent compromise I suppose. I took my seat at the front of the class. Ms. Eagleheart shuts the door and gets the class started "Alright, class, I said that on Friday we'd do something new and decide which symbol of American ideals would be the subject of that day's class. Friday is here and I have a pot full of names. Whoever's name gets chosen decides today's subject" she saunters to her desk and takes the pot, reaching through it before pulling out a piece of paper. She smirks upon seeing the name and looks to me "Well seems like you're luck is looking a bit up today. It's your choice which subject we'll cover today; Columbiana or ol' Lady Liberty"

I hesitate a bit, giving it some thought, my dumbass was never good at making descisions. Ms. Eagleheart sees this and walks towards me

She perches herself onto my desk, leans in towards me and looks at me "Think of it this way, whose dress do you think looks prettier?" She asks softly

1.)Lady Liberty's


Make choice here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12705385
No. 794456 ID: 595d54

>strawpoll links

Tell her that her outfit is the best.
No. 794458 ID: 2130c3

Columbine Massacre.
No. 794463 ID: 20f33b

Oohh smooth operator...
No. 794476 ID: 91ee5f

No. 794478 ID: 9876c4

A ladysuit is not better than an outfit with one tit exposed.

That is wholesale deception.
No. 794493 ID: 398fe1

The statue of liberty doesn't have any tits exposed. It's a full body robe all the way to the neck.
No. 794527 ID: 8613f6
File 149170316559.png - (422.79KB , 1000x1000 , hs4.png )

"Lady Liberty" I tell her. She blinks at me and walks back to her desk. "Alright then. Lady Liberty it is. Now before we begin can anyone tell me who the sculptor was for Lady Liberty...?" And from then on she gave us an engaging lecture about the conceptualization and creation of the Statue of Liberty. The bell rings right before the end of her lecture. As I'm leaving the class into the hall Ms. Eagleheart tells me "Don't forget to come here..." I nod and walk into the hallway. It was second period now, I'm supposed to be attending American and World Lit however I had to take a leak. I decide to head to the restroom, but on the way there I spot Melanie, the drowsy raccoon tying her shoe. She was in her gym clothes. "What's up? You looking forward to scrapin' those fuckboys during dodgeball?" she asks
"Nah, I can't. I was tardy again so now I have to spend Phys Ed with Ms.Eagleheart." I tell her
"Ugh, does she not care that your bus sometimes comes in late considering the traffic in your area? What a bitch" Melanie scoffs. "So what're you doing now? I did all my practice last period so I'm basically free this period" She tells me. Melanie was the captain of the volleyball team and star athlete of Timberland High. Although she always appeared sleepy throughout the day she had a ferocity on the court like no other. She calls second period a free period even though in reality it isn't. Her second period consists of assisting lower classmen of other gym classes to 'boost team spirit' or some shit, at least it was supposed to. Point is is that the staff are so lenient with her it might as well be a free period for her.
"I have American and World Lit now..." I tell her
"So? Skip it. C'mon, it's not like they're doing any work this Friday, they're watching aren't they watching a movie today" she replies
We were in fact supposed to be watching a movie during class today, 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' to be exact. I could just cut class and chill out with Melanie with no issue as Melanie could just claim I was 'assisting her' however Ms. Barnfield seemed to be looking forward to me coming to class as we were going to watch the movie I picked out.
"So what are you gonna do?" Melanie asks

1.) Skip class with her
2.) Go to class


Make choice here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12706422
No. 794531 ID: 70983e

Wouldn't want to miss such a classic of modern cinema!
No. 794532 ID: 3abd97

>One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The original, or the anthro remake?

And why are all your teachers letting you choose the lessons, anyways.
No. 794534 ID: 9876c4

People who have Raccoon genes, or names, never have bad ideas.

I can't help it, it's just science.
No. 794542 ID: 91ee5f

Go to class.
No. 794554 ID: 0d1514

Tell her that you picked out the movie so it'd be too obvious and rude to skip it. Then pat her on the butt.
No. 794594 ID: 8613f6
File 149171934171.png - (547.57KB , 1000x1000 , hlh5.png )

"I think I'm gonna attend class" I tell her.
She gives her tail a flick "Alright then" and walks into the girl's locker room.
I walk into the bathroom and smell something... dank. Yea I'm not gonna bullshit anyone here and say the bathroom fucking reaked of weed, somebody was hot boxing in there for sure. I take a nice relieving leak in the urinal first before walking up and knocking on the stall door. "Yo, you smokin' dank in there?" I ask through the stall
"Hehe, hell yea" a relaxed voice responds.
I open the stall door and see Lars exhaling smoke with a joint in his fingers
"What's good, man?" He greets me
"Nothin' much, about to see 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' in Lit today" I tell him
"Word? That's nice. Yo, you wanna take a couple hits of this shit, trust me bro, watching films while high is awesome" he offers as he hands the joint to me

1.) Take a couple hits
2.) Say no


Make choice here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12707455
No. 794596 ID: 3abd97

The last delinquent made a stronger sell, but we turned her down.
No. 794597 ID: 7b7ab3

Are we holding out for Ms. Eagleheart?
Because if not, then why did we turn down thick raccoon butt?
No. 794599 ID: e12db1

Getting stoned right here right now isn't going to help us in any way. Maybe if it was after classes, or with a girl.
No. 794600 ID: 91ee5f

>strawpoll link
I ain't touching that. I'm gonna vote here, like I always do.

>What do?
We're not doing drugs.

Besides, the teacher is gonna be pissed at us for smelling like weed, so we're better off not actually being high when we explain that we didn't actually do it.
No. 794601 ID: 70983e

He doesn't even have moobs, why would we say yes?

Because we're holding out for Ms. Barnfield.
No. 794623 ID: 8111b6

Already caught shit once today because of a slow-ass bus driver. Can't afford to risk it now. Maybe later.
No. 794667 ID: 8613f6
File 149176326527.png - (375.98KB , 1000x1100 , tlh6a.png )

"Nah man I think I'm gonna just watch the film" I tell him
"Aight, that's cool. Say if you ever wanna get sparked up just lemme know. I'm cheifin' all day 'erryday." He tells me as he throws me a deuce. I head onto my next class where Ms. Barnfield gives me a soft smile from her desk as she sees me walk in. I walk over to my seat, after sitting down Ms. Barnfield throws me a wink while she gets up from off her chair. After sliding in the disc into the projector she claps her hands together once and says "How about it you creeps?" to the class with the class giving a hearty laugh. Ha, a quote straight from the film. Ms.Barnfield was always known to be a fun teacher and moments like these remind me why I've never been tardy to her class. I sit down at my desk and proceed to watch one of my favorite films, but while doing so I occassionally catch Ms. Barnfield blinking at me. Is... is she fucking flirting with me? Before the movie can end the bell rings. I put on my backpack, but before I get up Ms. Barnfield tells me "I was hoping I could keep you after class for somethin', you got a minute, hun?"
"Uh, okay" I tell her.
She saunters her way towards me and takes off her jacket, the blouse beneath revealing even more of the soft, pink cleavage of her mammaries. From literally fucking no where she takes my head and stuffs it into her large, bovine bosom, smothering me. I had no idea how things got like this but this was awesome. I take my hands and begin to caress her breasts before she tells me "Ah-ah lil' cowboy. This is a lesson first and foremost." She hands me a marker. "Write one of your favorite female novelists of the 19th century here..." She tells me, pointing to her sternum. I do just that, my hands feeling the marker stroke across the soft flesh over her sternum as I write Jane Austin.
"And another one here..." She tells me as she points over her cleavage. I write Mary Shelly.
"Alright, now here's what you're gon' do. I want you to pick which of the two is your favorite and kiss it. Kiss it passionately and give it some sugar. And don't stop till I tell you..." She tells me

1.) Jane Austin
2.) Mary Shelly


Make choice here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12710980
No. 794668 ID: 70983e

Quickly change that I to an E. Your English teacher's going to be so pissed if she finds out you wrote a typo on her.
No. 794670 ID: 595d54

Fix your typo and/or wake up from yer dream.
No. 794687 ID: 91ee5f

Fix that typo! It's spell Jane Austen!
No. 794705 ID: 7b7ab3

What a cruel choice!
>bury ourselves in that heavenly bosom to choose Jane
>give a deep, passionate kiss directly to those divine mammaries
Why must we choose just one?!
No. 794722 ID: d9d165

Back away slowly. This is still a public area, do not risk getting yourself recorded.

If you REALLY want the cow tits, just put your hands up and act like Frankenstein's monster until you leave the room. If Barnfield follows you, find someplace REALLY private. Make sure you ask her about getting tested before you bang.
No. 794729 ID: 8613f6
File 149178057785.png - (437.52KB , 1000x1000 , tlh7.png )

I waste no time and bury my face into those heavenly, soft, fucking cow tits. I kiss into her cleavage, nestling my head so I can get a sweet smack on each of her pearl smooth tits. She lowers herself onto me, my hands reaching down to grab the soft ass that was plopped against my knee. She was wearing a skirt, but no panties so I fully felt her sizzling hot, wet pussy beneath. It was as if a small radiator was on my leg, like if she were a pheromone factory or something. She trails her fingers through my hair while her tail strokes the back of my neck
"Y'know, workin' the dairy farm so many years back has made me... take a likin' to human hands. Think you got farmhands, cowboy?~" She says sweetly

1.) Grope her ass
2.) Grope her tits
3.) Grope an ass-cheek and a boob :V


Make choice here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12713143
No. 794730 ID: a363ac

this is getting to close to a crime run away!
No. 794731 ID: 3abd97

4. Nope the fuck out of there.
No. 794732 ID: eb8a16

No. 794737 ID: fa8f9d

Grope her ass, the other options are to obvious.
No. 794739 ID: 51649e

Obviously she needs a massage to cope with the stress of caring for the education of tender young minds.

By which I mean option 2.

Could you use the spoiler image function and tags for particularly explicit pictures and/or sections of the text, please? There are certainly plenty of people here happy to see that sort of thing (including me), but there are others who won't want to be slapped in the face with the heavy stuff just for scrolling down the front page of the /quest/ board.
No. 794797 ID: e12db1

There's something not right here. This seems way too easy. Why are these ladies so horny for us? What if this is all a hoax to try to get us expelled? Is this what happened to the rest of humans in this school?

That said, go for the boobs.
No. 794921 ID: 8613f6
File 149187344114.png - (364.41KB , 1000x950 , tlh8.png )

After she asks me that, I lean in towards Ms. Barnfield to show her, burying my face even deeper into her pink, bovine mammaries. I grab a firm hold of her milkers and begin to caress them, Ms. Barnfield letting out a pleasured coo as I did so. I pressed myself against the cow's curvaceous mass. She begins to roll her hips against me "Nnngh~ That's it, hun~ Now let's get to business, we gotta wrap this up soon. How you gonna plow this pasture~?" She asks me seductively.

1.) Titfuck + Blowjob (She has a long tongue)
2.) Missionary


Make choice here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12721265
No. 794922 ID: 3abd97

Get out of there, because fucking a teacher (in a classroom, in the middle of the schoolday) is a terrible, terrible idea.
No. 794925 ID: 094652

Abort now, meet her after school. Preferably on a Saturday. In the park. Bathroom. Any more and you risk scandal; anything so far can be written off as an accidental trip into Barnfield's bra when she dropped a rusty tack into her boobs and you needed to get it out fast.

She can't be dumb enough to be this slutty without an agenda, she's a teacher!
No. 794930 ID: 2120ee

Missionary, of course. Missionary sex between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation is the only pure sexual act. Wouldn't want to be a sinner, now would we?
No. 794933 ID: f97b68

let's just fucking go for it. We're already in too deep. Let's officially make it our end goal to get intimate with all the girls (and maybe boys) that we come across.

Also, as hot as the titfuck + blowjob would be, let's be giver as well and go for missionary.
No. 794968 ID: 9876c4

I am proud to be in such robust company.
No. 795012 ID: 8111b6

It's obviously a porn universe. Normal logic need not apply.

Get in there and pound that pussy into hamburger.
No. 795233 ID: 329552
File 149197780385.png - (590.93KB , 1000x1000 , tlh9.png )

I unzip my jeans and let my swollen cock free. I decide that it only makes sense to just fuck her against her desk. Her dress is zipped in fastened on the side, so I undo it. After doing so nothing is obscuring her hot, needy sex. Her moist pussy is radiating with warth that can be felt by the puffy head of my length "So I heard you just turned 18 couple weeks ago, let's see if you can fuck me like a big boy~" Ms. Barnfield tells me. I waste no time and thrust my member against her soft excited slit. My member slides past her lips, the walls of her pussy wrapping around my length. I begin to steadily fuck her, the ol' cow wanting more "Yes~ Yes~ That's it~ Fuck me harder~" she encourages. I continue, her moist walls massaging my shaft, conjuring a thick load of seed that was to erupt from my loins, she then takes her tail and wraps it around the shaft of my cock "C'mon let's wrap this up, hun~" she tells me sweetly.
"I'm... cumming~" I call out. Ms. Barnfield then continues to massage my shaft with her tail as I pull out and cum on her thighs. "Oh my~ You did even better than I expected, cowboy~" Ms. Barnfield tells me in my ear panting softly. I put my shriveling member back in my drawers and zip up my pants. Ms. Barnfield walks out the room giving me a wink, leaving me in there, panting, catching my breath. I mean did that really fucking happen, I think to myself. It's like, holy shit, I just fucked Ms.Barnfield, but who'd believe me? I get my backpack and head to the hallway for my next class, but after walking a bit, I see Lars in the hallway. "Hey Lars, you... won't believe what just happened to me..."
"What happened? Come with me and tell me bro! Are you down for gettin blazed a bit before you head to your next class? I'm about to go smoke with Liz"
"Liz?" I inquire, my interested piqued. Liz was a pretty, slim snake and straight up stoner girl, I was familiar with her from friends and coincidental interactions. "Yea man, she said she'd love to finally smoke with you some day, she says you're a chill dude" Lars responds. "So what's your move, bro?" He asks me

1.) Smoke with him and Liz
2.) Go to class


Make choice here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12729352
No. 795239 ID: 91ee5f

>Liz was a pretty, slim snake and straight up stoner girl
What kinda snake we talking here? A naga, with no legs and only slithers around on a huge tail or a humanoid snake with legs?
No. 795241 ID: 188451

Yeah sure. A smoke after (and possibly before) "business" is pretty nice.
No. 795245 ID: 094652

(Pretend to) Smoke with him and Liz, then screw Liz because you've gone too far so might as well go the whole hog and @#$% half the school
No. 795248 ID: 393ae0

That was fast. I'd be worried if all the girls in this school are this easy. But then, I'd also be worried if we didn't knock up another one in the next 10 updates. Let's go see if the snek Liz is a good venture.
No. 795251 ID: 9876c4

>splatter damage
Minimally Acceptable. No way to cause maternity leave/10
No. 795263 ID: 8111b6

Fuck, screw, bang, plow, shag. You're posting in an adult themed quest. Grow up.
No. 795265 ID: f86f5f

You know what? Why the hell not? Let's get blazed. And "say hi" to Liz.
No. 795541 ID: bc8e48

Get blazed unless next class is PE.we got detention thing at PE.

Also cow tail ain't really dexterous, but k
No. 795895 ID: c46e5c
File 149219603201.png - (568.15KB , 1000x1000 , tlh10.png )

I decide, fuck it, I can be tardy for one more class today. "I'll follow you, man" I tell him
"Alrighty" he responds. We walk through the hallways and manage to sneak into the girl's locker room. There's an abandoned stall in the showers that's the perfect place to smoke. We comb the area and sneak into the showers. We see the abandoned stall that out of no where busts open. "SSSSSSSSSsssssss~!" a snake hisses, barging from the door and scaring the shit out of Lars. "Holy fuck, Liz! You scared the shit out of me."
"Haha you big, goofus!" Liz laughs. "Hey~" she says after seeing me. We all enter the stall with Liz shutting the door "Ready to get blazed, boys?" she says. "Alright guys, I just rolled two blunts here. Us three will face the first one, but I'm sharing the second with Melanie later on. We'll still share it with you guys."
"Melanie?" I inquire "Never knew she smoked weed"
"She just started doing it, first time was with me~" Liz responds
"Guess I'm buying lunch for all of us" I decide realizing it was the least I could do to pitch in. "You know the drill, the one who rolls gets the first hit" she says. I pull out my metallic cap lighter and spark the blunt that rested on Liz's lips. She takes a pull before taking two more to get it started, "Hey, you know that's a sssick lighter" she says, exhaling the smoke. She passes me the blunt.
"Yeah, I got it when I went to the carnival last week" I tell her
"Carnival? That's pretty cool bro" Lars chimes in as I pass it to him after taking two puffs
We then hear a ringing through the halls "Holy shit! What was that?" Lars whispers
"Relax, doofus, it's just the bell, this period has just begun" Liz giggles
I was supposed to be in the computer lab this period, in fact a cute mouse girl by the name of Raechel was looking forward to being my partner for the school project we were working on. Such decisions I thought, should I just show up tardy and meet with Raechel, or cut with Liz and Lars? Or do a bit of both?

1.) Go to class and meet up with Raechel
2.) Cut class with Lars, Liz, and Melanie
3.) Chill with Lars and Liz a bit more, then attend class and try to get Raechel to cut the rest of the period with me and the others.


Make choice here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12746701
No. 796535 ID: c1ba17

No. 796613 ID: 3735cb

Tell them you'll chill with them and Melanie later cause right now you have to go be responsible, tell them you don't want someone else getting into shit or getting bad marks because of you.
No. 796677 ID: ff04c9

Aw geez, I didn't even think about that.
Yeah, we gotta go fet shit done. Don't want nobody getting screwed over cuz of our lazy ass. We're not like that.
Let's be a responsible dude.
Just say that you remembered that someone's counting on you showing up and you don't want to look like a dick.
No. 796679 ID: f66698

Fuck that, stoner snake chick wants some you time and you guys wanna go to class? You can make it up after school if you have to, it's time for some of that sweet snake tang.
No. 796684 ID: 4854ef

cut the classs
No. 796690 ID: 14e4c5

No no! Don't skip class! You skip class you're gonna end up in the fucking gutter!

Goddamnit you will NOT end up flipping burgers for a living because you were too lazy to go to fucking class!
No. 796709 ID: f66698

it's not about what comes after school, it's about hot snake ass right now. I mean, she clearly wants it, right?
No. 796715 ID: 70983e

Odds are she'd say yes. Everyone in this school seems to have an insatiable human fetish.
No. 796731 ID: b71ad6

It's not about our after school career! It's about somebody else getting in the shitter cause of us and we get a reputation as an asshole, that can potentially limit our poon factor.
Plus there are chicks that dig responsibility. I'm not sure we what any of those chicks but still the door will be open.
No. 796732 ID: fa8f9d

Jesus Christ guys we smell like weed. Use your damn heads, if we say we were feeling sick and went to the nurses office he won't punish her for us not being able to come to class.
No. 796739 ID: 393ae0

Why are you guys bickering as if this was real life? Think more about what you really want to do and less about consequences.

That said, I would go with 50-50 here, that is the 3rd option.
No. 796806 ID: eb8a16

Is there just something about anthro women that gifts them with amazing asses?
No. 796807 ID: befd98
File 149261905850.png - (678.11KB , 1200x1000 , tlh11.png )

"I'm gonna head to class guys, thanks for the hits on the blunt, guys" I tell them
"No prob, sssee you later~" Liz says sweetly
"Say Lars, could I get some of your eye drops and spray?" I ask
Lars passes me the eye drops while pulling from the blunt he had in his lips. I drop two drops in each and eye, spray some of the bodyspray on my body, and give both back before I head off to my next class
"Take it easy, bro" Lars says as I leave
I make it to my next class tardy where Raechel smiles at me as she sees me come in
"Thought you were just gonna bail on me" Raechel says
"I was about to honestly, but I'm not looking to get another cut" I reply
She gives me a pouty look
"Well of course I also came because of you too" I assure "You're the second reason.." I kid
Raechel giggles at my quip, before she can say anything to me the teacher, Mr. Faux begins explaining our current assignment as well as tips for the format of our science project presentations.
"You are free to use the library for this assignment if you have any questions..." Mr. Faux continues. Just then, my phone beeps after receiving a text message, I look to Raechel and she smiles. I then check my phone to see the message and I'm greeted to a steamy nude of her. The caption reads:
'locker room or hot coffee room??'
For those of you not in the know, the Hot Coffee Room is a rundown teacher's lounge in the library that's in need of maintenence. It's been rumored to be the goto spot for in-school fucking...


Make choice here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12781142
No. 796822 ID: bc8e48

... we should probably start figuring out what's different between today and yesterday.
I propose that people we're not the friends of are really horny around us today.

Liz and Melanie aren't coming on to us aggressively. Let's try and hash out what's going on.

Also possibly get some snek fun, cuz we missed out on Banfield mouth action
No. 796833 ID: b2a936

What anthro species are humans not fertile with? Non-mammals? Could you safely cum in a snake, or tortoise, or avian morph? Can you look it up real quick?
No. 796863 ID: 9876c4

Trial and error, mah boy!

Let's drill and fill a poutmouse.
No. 796875 ID: 91ee5f

>my phone beeps
You dumbass! Are you trying to get caught by the teacher?! Everyone knows that you're supposed to put your phone on vibrate so that you don't get caught! Now put your phone on vibrate and put it away before the teacher makes you read the text out loud in front of the whole class!
No. 796879 ID: 8cb228

He could have the beeps and alerts set to the mosquitone. Presumably even older anthros wouldn't be able to hear it, hopefully!
No. 797459 ID: befd98
File 149288514426.png - (507.60KB , 1500x1000 , tlh12b.png )

What the hell is making every chick throw themselves at me today? Maybe I'm so high I fell asleep and I'm dreaming, but before I smoked any weed today I had already fucked my American and World Lit teacher, so if this isn't a dream just what the hell is happening? It sure wasn't like I was complaining, not in the slightest, but I was confused as to what's causing this increased horniness in the females at this school, over me no less. I look to Raechel and fuddly pantomine somone drinking a cup of joe. Raechel giggles again, batting her eyes at me. After Mr. Faux finishes addressing the class, all the students move in droves to the computer lab with only a couple going to the Library. Raechel walks ahead of me, giving that extra 'pep' in her step to make that fat ass of hers jiggle and bounce all the more enticingly. Nothing much is said during the walk to the library, rather there are many gazes to places upon me, playfully trotting and giggling each time she looks back, her oh so lovely ass jiggling in the yoga pants she wore. Once we make it to the library, we noticed there wasn't much people there at all. "Well aren't we lucky~" she says to me "Know where the Hot Coffee room is?" she asks me. "You'll have to lead the way, maybe swing your tail each time you wanna signal a turn" I respond, my stupid quip getting another chuckle out of the mouse. The library was quite expansive, the many rows of book shelves leaving enough hiding spots and covers for all breeds of teenage debauchery. After wandering through what seems like maze of book shelves we find the window to an unlit and empty room. Inside is a rusty coffee pot on a table. Luckily the door is unlocked and we make our way into the desolate and abandoned room. She scurries inside while I follow suit. We make it to a part of the room that was completely hidden from the window and the door. We were completely alone. Without saying anything she wiggles out of her clothing and slams her hands on the counter and bends over, sticking that sweet ass out, her excited sex in plain view. "Come on and fuck me raw already, I've been wondering what human cock's like~" She pleads. I quickly undress and come behind her. I give that sweet ass a slap causing the mouse to let out a pleasered squeek. I slide into her humming snatch and begin to fuck her raw. It's even better that I thought, her plush ass bouncing against me with each thrust. She then presses her ass against me, my cock now balls-deep inside of her "Are you a predator or a prey?" she asks in a sultry, squeaky tone.

1.) Predator (Grab hold of that tail and dick her down)
2.) Prey (Let the mouse pounce you and ride you)


Make choice here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12802700
No. 797463 ID: 70983e

I'll answer that question with another question: Are you a man, or a mouse?
No. 797469 ID: 9876c4

We must assert the natural order of things, or we'll get carnivorous, predatory mice.
No. 797491 ID: 0d1514

Go for anal
No. 797497 ID: 8cb228

1.) Predator
No. 797498 ID: 3cccd9

No. 797499 ID: 3abd97

>Are you a predator or a prey?
Totally irrelevant, unless this is turning into vore.

The correct answer.
No. 798150 ID: befd98
File 149323811771.png - (363.35KB , 1000x1000 , tlh13.png )

I grab a hold of her tail and yank it, the mouse girl letting out another squeak as I begin to roll my hips faster, fucking her tight snatch with more vigor, her ass cheeks plopping and bouncing against me more violently. "Hnnnnnh~" Raechel moans as I pound her. I continue and feel my loins beginning to erupt "I... I'm cumming!" I groan. "Nnnnnnh~ cum inside me~" Raechel beckons. The heat of the moment made her request enticing and I wasn't even considering whether or not she took any birth control, or if humans and anthros can even procreate. What was I to do?

1.) Cum inside that tight snatch
2.) Blow your load on those big ass cheeks


Make choice here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12832773
No. 798166 ID: c8b031

Well now, why come to a school library if you don't want to learn something?
No. 798170 ID: 3abd97

Clearly you gotta put it all inside. You didn't bring anything to clean up with if you got it all in her fur.
No. 798174 ID: 589ff1

3. Blow your load INSIDE those big ass cheeks.
No. 798177 ID: 9876c4

For once, the mouse will engulf the spitting cobra.
No. 798179 ID: 45048c

Outside! Outside! What if she's one of those crazy chicks that wants to get pregnant so you'll marry her?!?! DANGER! DANGER!
No. 798183 ID: 32d29a

Blow it on her rear. Then shes stuck with sticky fur for the rest of the day.
No. 798184 ID: 9876c4

You monster.
No. 798190 ID: 3740b1

Agreed. Surprise anal is the best way to finish.
No. 819285 ID: ec33ed

obviously we need to figure out if antrhos can get knocked up by humans. FOR SCIENCE!
No. 819335 ID: df00b4

Yup yup true statement there.
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