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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 148513568479.png - (87.49KB , 700x700 , Saiyan70.png )
774050 No. 774050 ID: 49f18e


Rubabu and her superior Karavi arrived on the planet Voitamo . . .
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No. 781171 ID: d1d42a
File 148752377807.png - (184.29KB , 700x700 , Saiyan92.png )

Whatever, the attack's still to slow to ever hit me in a million-
No. 781172 ID: d1d42a
File 148752384140.png - (203.13KB , 700x700 , Saiyan93.png )

Wan:"GO FETCH!!!!"
Rubabu: GYEEEAAA!!
No. 781173 ID: d1d42a
File 148752387788.png - (127.59KB , 700x700 , Saiyan94.png )

No. 781175 ID: d1d42a
File 148752391177.png - (279.04KB , 700x700 , Saiyan95.png )

No. 781176 ID: d1d42a
File 148752395368.png - (112.49KB , 700x700 , Saiyan96.png )

. . .
No. 781177 ID: d1d42a
File 148752397899.png - (333.88KB , 700x700 , Saiyan97.png )

Rubabu: " ...grrkk ...urgh ...d-damnit"
No. 781179 ID: 4854ef

It seems it's time to kick up your ultimate power if you want to beat this worthless mutt.
No. 781185 ID: 1374cd

Zwee the fuck outta there and regroup for a bit.

Think: What are a dog's weaknesses?
No. 781202 ID: ca6f74

Oo- Oo- Oozaru your way to victory.
No. 781211 ID: a3f486

It's the only way!
No. 781214 ID: d79f26

are you almost dead? if not then go ape. if yes then call pod and evac.
No. 781233 ID: ba506f

that bitch broke our damn scouter.

Well okay then, she's not the only one who can get a sudden power boast from no where. While I do think it's a shame that we have to resort to this so quick I do believe it's time to show this fools the power of a great ape!
No. 781238 ID: a2f231

Well at least our hair is spiky now, kinda.
Lets try get out of here for now, see where Karavi went to, and they won't let you leave then you may have no choice but to go Great Ape.
No. 782046 ID: d1d42a
File 148775397321.png - (239.16KB , 700x700 , Saiyan98.png )

>It seems it's time to kick up your ultimate power if you want to beat this worthless mutt.
I used my best attack, I put everything I have in it,
I've got nothing left short of transforming into the mighty Oozaru

>Oo- Oo- Oozaru your way to victory.
it isn't night yet, I could activate the moon projector in my pod,
but Karavi is my superior and it's her call when to reveal our secret power.

even if I did and assuming Karavi doesn't kill me for insubordination, my power is spent I should be able to take out the dog but if there's any more surprises I'd be in big trouble

>Zwee the fuck outta there and regroup for a bit.
My power is too weak to move that fast now . . .

I could bring my pod to me, but unless I leave the planet these people will probably be able find me.

I could go back to one of the frieza bases to heal, we're not on mission so we can't exactly be killed for failure . . .

I hope.

Argh! how could I let myself get into this awful situation!
No. 782047 ID: dd5b4d

You sure you don't have a weighted hairpin or something you can take off in reserve?

Get your pod in and get out of there. You obviously need to train to get more trump cards so you can get revenge on that damn mutt.
No. 782057 ID: d79f26

this is why you are in teams of two, you are the trainee, your job is to do your best and if that isn't good enough then to learn from your superior. anyway, play up a 'helpless opponent' shtick, and the fact that you never even killed any of their friends, killing you for what amounts to just assault would make them worse then you, could they live with themselves if they did that? (this is called "playing a sap like a fiddle")
No. 782062 ID: ba506f

is your eye gone or can it still be saved?

anyways look around and hope the dog has given you up for dead. If so try to find some cover to block line of sight and hobble out of here. While I do agree we need to get the hell out of here I'm afraid the dog will just shoot down your pod if they see it coming or you trying to get in it. Also don't worry about leaving Karavi behind. She ditched you so I have no problem ditching her.
No. 782169 ID: 2c27e8

See, this is why Frieza just lets you and the other Saiyan punks roam around the galaxy without backup or a general invasion plan.

Because you and your lack of intelligence are not worth the effort.

Prove him wrong.

Be smart about this. They're stronger, but if they had aerodynamics tech beyond chi casting, they would have launched a salvo against you by now. Back to the ship. Force their moon out of orbit. Laugh.
No. 782471 ID: ac0e8d

Allow yourself to be taken prisoner. I promise it will end with you stronger than you are now.
No. 783768 ID: d1d42a
File 148835093733.png - (232.50KB , 700x700 , Saiyan99.png )

I think it's time for a tactical retreat, I'll just get in my Saiyan pod and

Yan: "not so fast! you have a lot of crimes to answer for!"

Rubabu: "Really? was it beating the crap out of you?"

Yan: "You killed several people! They'll be avenged!"
No. 783770 ID: 094652


Threaten to waste the surrounding area with a radioactive hurricane from your pod's self-destruct mechanism unless she lets you go.
No. 783772 ID: 398fe1

Yeah well they tried to kill you first.
No. 783787 ID: 094652

No. 783797 ID: ba506f

>"You killed several people! They'll be avenged!"
"HA, if you get upset over a simple greeting then I can't wait to see your face when you meet the PTO"

See what you want to do here is get her interested in something other then you while you work your way to your pod. Hopefully she'll take the bait and ask about Freeza and his army. We can then drop some basic information and then take off while they digest that.
No. 783809 ID: 398fe1

Yes, they did. The two guards went "you must die" and charged her with swords, which she took and gave back to them pointy end first.
No. 783828 ID: b15da4

Destroy the sword!
No. 783829 ID: b15da4

We used the blunt face of the blades, but they died anyway.
No. 783879 ID: d79f26

"you mean the guards who attacked me first?"
then while they are confused use SOLAR FLARE(an extreme burst of light, no damage but blinds everyone that sees it.) then bail.
No. 783892 ID: e1be6f

Maybe mention something about the guards attacking you first and that it's not your fault they couldn't take a hit, then say something like:
"Should you really be focusing on me right now? Who knows where my friend went or what she's up to right now and trust me when I say you're gonna need everyone of you and your friends and all the power you can muster to take her on. So do you really want to be wasting your time here?"
No. 783951 ID: 987bda

"I barely even tapped them! Is it my fault you let people remain as weak as pudding?"
No. 784763 ID: d1d42a
File 148861674763.png - (188.79KB , 700x700 , Saiyan100.png )

Rubabu: "I barely even tapped them, Is it my fault the people on this planet are as weak as pudding? also they totally attacked me, I was just floating around sight seeing."

Yan: "Yeah right! say your prayers-"

Wan: "She's has a point, the swordsman did strike first."

Yan: "So what?! she's still a menace"

Wan: "Rubabu acted in self defence, she's in the right."

Yan: "that's bullshit! she would have attacked anyways"

Wan: "We don't know that. If she wants to go, we have to let her."

Yan: "Damnit, you can't be serious . . ."

Wan: "Saiyan, you are free to leave."
No. 784767 ID: ba506f

...wait, really?

uh, huh... uh... should we... should we give them something in return?

I mean Karavi did kinda ditch you, maybe we could give them something on her as... thanks/revenge?

Nothing major, just tell them she's almost 3x as strong as you and nether of you are anywhere near your full strength. You got knocked down before you could reach it but let them know (if they ask) that when Karavi reaches her full strength, they'll know. Also run, they should really just run should she go ape shit.

whelp time to get the fuck out of here. Once we're healed we seriously need to train more.
No. 784768 ID: 9145ba

Just what you needed: a beating and a free pass to do it all again later. Heroes are such fools!
As are you if you say that out loud. Peace out now! (rude gestures optional)

Oh. You don't have anywhere to go, do you? Guess you could meditate in orbit a few cycles...
No. 784769 ID: 9f3729

"Beat me within an inch of my life first at least, asshole."
No. 784773 ID: ba506f

I'm pretty sure we're at that point already.
No. 784787 ID: 3abd97

Right. Smell yah later, dogbutt.

Let's make like a leaf and get the hell out of here before we're gruesomely murdered.
No. 784796 ID: 987bda

"If you know Sayjins, then you know I'll be back for a rematch. Pick a good spot without pudding-people for next time, and we can have some fun."
No. 784810 ID: d79f26

No. 786926 ID: d1d42a
File 148936505421.png - (131.86KB , 700x700 , Saiyan101.png )

Rubabu: "So long suckers!"


I'll be back . . . . and I'll get my revenge!
No. 786928 ID: d1d42a
File 148936530848.png - (98.74KB , 700x700 , Saiyan102.png )

over with Karavi

Rubabu is fleeing? what a traitorous weakling.
I'll have to make a note to kill her later.

her cowardice won't interfere with my revenge . . .
No. 786930 ID: d1d42a
File 148936553260.png - (218.28KB , 700x700 , Saiyan103.png )

Soon Zarbon will pay for making a fool of me all those years ago!

With this sixth dragonball I'm only one ball away from getting my wish!
No. 786935 ID: ba506f

so we're Karavi now or is this just a cut scene?

If we are Karavi quickly give us an internal monolog about what your goals are here since you never bothered telling Rubabu what you were doing here. Also what are some of your fighting moves so we can actually know what you can do in a fight so we can give real suggestions instead of just yelling dodge all the time, or to grab someone with a full nelson, or just say hit it till it dies.

If we still are Rubabu, reflect on the fight and go over what you could have done differently to win and in the process tell us what moves you actually knew and what your strength and weaknesses were (like are you better at energy beams or punching stuff) so we can have a complete list after you last the fight. Also plan a training regiment for yourself to get even stronger and learn even more moves so you can get your revenge.
No. 786937 ID: d9d492

What are you going to wish for? Bigger hair? Comfy pants? A Ginyu Force to call your own?
No. 790508 ID: d1d42a
File 149050004020.png - (115.65KB , 700x700 , Saiyan104.png )

I Karavi, greatest of Saiyans will make a wish so obviously genius that I don't even need to think about it ahead of time!

I'm sure it will be so great that Zarbon will regret ever allowing me to live.

probably immortality, or my own force of super warriors or something cool like that . . . yeah.

. . .

so far every Dragonball was defended by a strong power level . . . well relatively strong.
and there's only one power level left

. . . A mere 769, oh well not nearly a challenge, but if they want to make collecting the balls this easy who am I to argue?
No. 790512 ID: 70983e

Is it in the same direction Rubabu is fleeing from? Good, she might have softened them up a little before chickening out.
No. 790553 ID: 90050a

Well enough dilly-dallying, lets go kill it and make our wish already.
No. 790579 ID: d79f26

press your foot down and pop this guy's head like a delicious grape.
No. 790583 ID: bb78f2

You could even wish all the Saiyan's and Planet Vegeta back
No. 790603 ID: 213ff6

No. 790913 ID: 094652

How about the ability to survive and adapt to EVERY battle you ever face? No matter how thoroughly your enemies roast you with Ki attacks, you'll always come back even "from a single cell" and develop new powers to murder them on the next round.
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