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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 148512602507.png - (125.12KB , 756x768 , 22.png )
774012 No. 774012 ID: ca6f74

Last time on Saiyans: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/graveyard/res/738167.html

Karavi was placed on an alien world as an infant in order to conquer the unsuspecting world, but the inhabitants are hiding a power much greater than expected. After facing the fearsome power of a simple villager, could a stronger opponent appear to stop her reign of terror before it begins?
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No. 774013 ID: ca6f74
File 148512603645.png - (95.73KB , 907x721 , 23.png )

No. 774014 ID: d79f26

good job. take this victory to heart to motivate you to train even harder. carry bigger rocks while running!
No. 774017 ID: 3abd97

Take that, you stupid blockhead!
No. 774022 ID: 143250

Kick him while he's down. Do a victory lap beating.
No. 774025 ID: ba506f

huh, we're going to need to train more it seems. I think we should find bigger rocks while training, bigger creatures in the wild to take down (and eat), and maybe travel to other villages and see if we can't fight other villagers to see just how strong we're getting, to get stronger in general, and by attacking around different villages if anyone comes after you they'll have a harder time tracking you down. Not that I don't think you couldn't beat them but I feel it would be better to fight them when YOU want to fight them.
No. 774040 ID: 0d1514

Kidnap him and make him your new training partner. You can beat him, but with difficulty, making him perfect for the job.
No. 774045 ID: da1652

Find out where this guy learned how to fight. Go there, pick more fights.
No. 774086 ID: ca6f74
File 148514319371.png - (140.69KB , 718x679 , 24.png )

Karavi leaps down and interrogates the alien.
"Where'd you learn to fight like that? I'm going to go beat down your world's strongest fighters and you're gonna tell me where they are."
"Wha- You can talk!?"

A smaller thing interrupts, running toward Karavi and the big one.
"Father! What's happening?"
"Renchu, stay back! This monster came out of the woods and it's more dangerous than it looks!"
No. 774087 ID: d79f26

"monster? wow, racist. i want to fight strong things, you looked strong, so i fought you. tell me where to find someone else that is strong so i can fight them. or is the concept of fighting things for fun too complex for you?"
No. 774089 ID: 143250

After interrogation, kill the alien in front of his child. That way, when he grows up, he'll want revenge, and will give you a worthy fight after all his years of training when you are both adults.
No. 774091 ID: 398fe1

Well you gonna answer my question or what?
No. 774094 ID: 81fa27

Ask if the kid knows how to fight. If so get interested in the kid, if not ignore it completely. We need strong opinions to get stronger, not weaklings
No. 774096 ID: 094652

Want to crush his spirit? Break his limbs, rape the child.
No. 774142 ID: 3abd97

You gonna answer my question or what? I got no interest in fighting your runt unless they're stronger than you.
No. 774205 ID: 49f18e

kill burly yet weak thing
No. 774208 ID: ca6f74
File 148520048729.png - (196.15KB , 1024x703 , 25.png )

If she finishes off the big one, the little one will grow up to be a better challenge? That sounds perfect. Lights out for you, big guy.

Suddenly she gets lariated off the big one by the smaller one, who is still actually pretty big.
No. 774209 ID: 2120ee

No. 774210 ID: 398fe1

Beat his kid into submission to force him to fess up about how they got so strong.
No. 774214 ID: b15da4

Throw them into the sun.
No. 774215 ID: ba506f

quick, use the little big guy's momentum against him and flip him while still in the air so when the two of you land you'll be on top. remember to laugh while doing so since we're getting what we wanted, a good fight.
No. 774279 ID: 3abd97

All right! They're giving you a fight. Let's see if they're any good.

No. 774288 ID: ae95c0

Roll with it
Laughing as you do so
Because this is fun
No. 774295 ID: 9bbf7c

Better yet, restrain the father and force the little one to murder his father. Make sure the memory of his father's cowardly dying screams is burned into his mind.

That will guarantee a stronger opponent later.
No. 774325 ID: ca6f74
File 148523703539.png - (198.96KB , 861x660 , 26.png )

Karavi can't suplex anyone because her feet don't touch the ground and she ends up knocked down on her back.

"Renchu! Stay away! That thing is far more dangerous than it looks. It only appears sickly and weak!"
"You're far too young to face this beast!"

Is the sentient population of this entire planet hulking muscle beasts? Is this good or bad? She also has to deal with Muscle Mountain and son at the same time now.
No. 774326 ID: 2120ee

Kick/punch them in the dicks.
No. 774327 ID: d79f26

get mad about them repeatedly calling you a beast, fight harder. "WHY, THE HELL, DO YOU KEEP CALLING ME A BEAST?!" then punch his face in.
No. 774329 ID: 094652

Retort back: "I'M the beast?! You're the ones who use armpit hair as a fashion statement!"
No. 774331 ID: ae95c0

Don't kill anyone
If you do they will send actual warriors, to put you down like an animal.
This is just a villager and his kid, real fighters would have no problem with you.
No. 774332 ID: ae95c0

Flirt with the son to lower his guard
Compliment his eagerness for battle
No. 774334 ID: ae95c0

Why are you complaining? You get to fight two people now.
No. 774387 ID: ca6f74
File 148527773364.png - (207.31KB , 939x675 , 27.png )

Karavi immediately kicks the tiny child one and sends him flying. They're all way stronger than the scouter showed.
The big one has to have a power level almost as high as hers and now there's two of them.
All this time fighting huge monsters hasn't actually prepared her for fighting multiple opponents.
No. 774389 ID: d79f26

gotta roll with the punches. true in life and fighting. so learn how to deal with two opponents right here with these two.
No. 774413 ID: db0da2

Keep them apart. Avoid the large one, and kick around the small one so that he moves away from his father. Once the younger muscleman is incapacitated we can slay the larger one to activate the "starting a lifelong vendetta" plan.
No. 774414 ID: 49f18e

focus on one attack wise and try dodging the other, big one will be slower and easier to avoid since he's tired out
No. 774422 ID: ba506f

grab the rock and throw it at dad's face to distract him and while he's distracted kick him away as well. Well fighting more then one opponent try and keep the separate from each other so they can't overwhelm you. By that I mean keep knocking them away form each other so you only need to focus on one at a time.
No. 774452 ID: 23d3c5

Oh God is this going to be one of those convoluted anime rom-coms where he beats us and then nurses us back to health or we have to team up with him to stop something from destroying the world or the fight is a draw and we develop a begrudging respect for him and over time we end up having feelings for him and then in the future we marry this shit?
No, HELL FUCK NO, kill them both right now!
No. 774518 ID: ca6f74
File 148531085172.png - (105.17KB , 585x674 , 28.png )

The big one is slow and easy to dodge, so the smaller one will be faster and harder to dodge.
Oh crud!

Karavi is also ill-prepared for fighting anything even remotely close to her size or speed. What a day for lessons.
No. 774524 ID: d79f26

grab arm. hit big one WITH little one.
No. 774529 ID: 3abd97

Yes. This is the way you deal with multiple opponents. You use one as a bludgeon against the other.
No. 774557 ID: 81fa27

Might as well since you proved you could throw the dad around pretty well before.
No. 774567 ID: 0d1514

Run away and find a good time to ambush the child later. He is your new rival.
No. 774568 ID: 1fd49c

Grab him by the tail.
living flail get.
show them all how badass you are.
beat a mother fucker with another mother fucker.
No. 774573 ID: 3343bd

A true saiyan warrior is never beaten in battle! This is a draw! Withdraw so you can train to become stronger.
No. 774633 ID: ca6f74
File 148537056057.png - (240.78KB , 682x758 , 29.png )

Karavi sends the small one careening into the big one and knocks them both off balance with the impact.
This entire confrontation is just a bunch of absurdly durable people knocking each other into mountains and screaming. It will probably take something drastic to actually win.
No. 774634 ID: d79f26

is the moon up? if yes then turn into an ozaru and stomp them.

if no then use your secret technique/energy beam.
No. 774636 ID: 0555b9

Something drastic? No.

Something pointy.
No. 774657 ID: ba506f

quick while they're still knocked together. Kick both of them away to gain a moment to come up with a plan to end this... or conveniently learn how to use ki and finish them off with a ki blast of some sort.
No. 774666 ID: cdddb5

We're all tougher than the amount of damage we can put out? Well, with Ki or MOONTIMES out of the picture, I suppose there's trying to drop a literal mountain on somebody, and weight-pinning them, and taking that as a victory.
No. 774688 ID: 5b93d3

>This entire confrontation is just a bunch of absurdly durable people knocking each other into mountains and screaming. It will probably take something drastic to actually win.
Knock a mountain into them instead then.
No. 774698 ID: b7883c

If slamming someone into a mountain with great force doesn't work, then it is clear that both you and your target are much tougher than the mountain. When you live in a world of cardboard, slamming your enemy into rocks is (relative to their super toughness) like slamming them into a pillow, and like a pillow disperses the force of the impact. Throwing them into each other is useful for disorienting them but less so for damage as both can just be thrown back and land on more of those relatively soft rocks.
Since you are strong enough to throw them into the mountain, however, you do have something less yielding than stone to slam them against: your own grasp. Examples of this principle include grabbing a limb with one hand while punching its joint with the other, or holding with both hands and slamming your knee into them.
No. 774699 ID: 3343bd

Well, they're in the same spot now so maybe drop a big rock on them?
No. 774749 ID: ca6f74
File 148540781008.png - (79.22KB , 706x603 , 30.png )

Screw it. Turning into a rampaging giant ape seems the most effective and might actually work, so let's go with that.
No. 774750 ID: ca6f74
File 148540808301.png - (77.24KB , 818x768 , 31.png )

The Attack Pod emits the moon hologram into the sky.
"That's it? I guess it looks nice, but how is that going to help any... thing..."
No. 774751 ID: ca6f74
File 148540814266.png - (289.27KB , 766x587 , 32.png )

No. 774752 ID: 81fa27

Whelp time for our next phase of training, learning to control our great ape form
No. 774754 ID: 0d1514

This is a terrible idea. I'm happy for you!
No. 774755 ID: a8bc5c

Succumb to your baser urges and kidnap one or all of the women.

Then go looking for some barrels....
No. 774764 ID: d79f26

destroy fucking everything.
No. 774765 ID: 143250

Man, it would be hilarious if we jump cut to her waking up after the ape destruction since she lost her mind during ozaru form.
No. 774771 ID: f65b48

Do you think those guys are smart enough to knock you out while your transforming?
No. 774856 ID: ca6f74
File 148546827436.png - (234.15KB , 1024x768 , 33.png )


> lea.....ont...l...ur...eat...ape...for...
No. 774858 ID: fd5137

something something look who's huge and muscular now
No. 774859 ID: ba506f

show them the meaning of "going ape shit"
No. 774865 ID: 804a8c

Well, that's two random villagers down. Wonder if ozaru is going to do anything productive with the laser breath.
No. 774866 ID: 094652

I'm going to ask why this didn't enhance knockers. I mean, this is a giant gorilla, not a dragon.

No. 774896 ID: 696fed

why are you wanting to enhance the knockers of a little girl
No. 775043 ID: 1fd49c

Must. Destroy. EVERYTHING!
No. 775045 ID: 094652

Oh right.

I just figured prepubescent Saiyans temporarily aged to young adult levels when they transformed so that the resulting giant ape form would maximize pressure resistance and bone density, resulting in the maximized ape size.

I mean, why wasn't Goku "just" the size of a large house when he transformed as a little kid? Compared to Vegeta's transformation they were about the same size in Giant Ape form at different ages.
No. 775062 ID: ca6f74
File 148553048656.png - (310.68KB , 1024x768 , 34.png )

No. 775094 ID: d79f26

stomp little fuzzy people.
No. 775095 ID: ba506f

nice light show... that was aimed at the two brutes right? You're not just blowing up random rocks and boulders and wasting time and giving them a chance to run away right?
No. 775139 ID: 3abd97

So... you shot one of them, right? You're not just blowing up rocks at random?
No. 775269 ID: ca6f74
File 148562837142.png - (167.58KB , 837x768 , 35.png )

No. 775270 ID: d79f26

crush puny!
No. 775272 ID: ba506f

you missed.

Try again, but this time hit your target.
No. 775274 ID: fd5137

eat him!
No. 775298 ID: 804a8c

Remember to not let them get behind you. Protect your tail.
No. 775366 ID: ca6f74
File 148565874853.png - (86.42KB , 830x768 , 36.png )

No. 775367 ID: ca6f74
File 148565886024.png - (159.65KB , 634x563 , 37.png )

Karavi wakes up in the woods with a fuzzy memory of something exploding and some loud noises.

"I don't even remember if I won. This sucks."
No. 775370 ID: d79f26

well you still have your tail, meaning you rampaged until you passed out. meaning at worst it was a draw instead of a loss.
No. 775371 ID: 3abd97

Get up and check the carnage. Maybe that will tell you.

Also look for your clothes, or something you can rip apart to make clothes.
No. 775372 ID: ba506f

yeah, we need to add controlling monkey mode to out todo list. Whelp, look around and see if you're alone, then find something to kill and turn into clothes and we can figure out what to do next.
No. 775407 ID: 2ae7d5

You're also buck naked so don't sit up yet, this is a good christian site.
But still first time going on ape rampage WOO! If we could remember anything it would probably be awesome.
No. 775460 ID: 143250

Wrap yourself in one of those large leafs like a towel for temporary covering until you find new clothing.
No. 775533 ID: ca6f74
File 148573584387.png - (124.91KB , 678x570 , 38.png )

Karavi needs to get strong enough to remember beating her opponents, one way or the other...

And to get new clothing.
No. 775534 ID: ba506f

use leaves around you to create clothing. (like a hula dancer garb and now I don't know what those things are actually called. should be fine as long as the leaves aren't like poison ivy or something.)
No. 775582 ID: ca6f74
File 148574206445.png - (105.55KB , 878x768 , 39.png )

Karavi tries to make clothes out of leaves, but they fall apart and are awful.
No. 775585 ID: 3abd97

Go find someone to beat up so you can take their clothes.
No. 775590 ID: 0d1514

Hunt animals to make new primitive hide clothing. You did it once already!
No. 775592 ID: ba506f

get good

also find some real clothes then.
No. 775631 ID: 804a8c

There's always the Jaeger method. Find someone with good clothes, beat them up, take their stuff.

And hey, you did just flatten a village or something. Tons of loot.
No. 777187 ID: ca6f74
File 148625772918.png - (179.96KB , 1277x1075 , 40.png )

Karavi loots the ruins for clothing and takes some scraps to make clothes.
Standing in the ruins makes her realize how robbed she feels using Oozaru form to win that fight.

Also, there are no bodies, so she didn't actually beat anyone after all that.
No. 777188 ID: 3abd97

>Also, there are no bodies, so she didn't actually beat anyone after all that.
Maybe you ate them while you were still giant?
No. 777190 ID: 973861

yeah, should save the monkey for when things get dire. Or try it out once in a while just to get better control of it. I mean I bet it wouldn't suck so much if you could control it.
No. 777191 ID: 7f79ef

Someone could have carried the casualties off. I guess you might have a nemesis now. That's good for your training.

Loot the ruins of the town for supplies and technology, you'll need scrap to trade and build a settlement of slaves. Having your own city means less time scavenging and more time training, with technology assisting in places that your current martial arts can't.

Like suffocating or drowning.
No. 777197 ID: 0d1514

You didn't win the fight. You ran from the fight. Make a decision to never use your oozaru form unless you are on the edge of death.
No. 777207 ID: d79f26

use this as motivation to train harder.
No. 777276 ID: ca6f74
File 148627609645.png - (217.94KB , 1024x768 , 41.png )

Karavi steps up her efforts in murdering more giant monsters in progressively brutal ways. It turns out her ships computer had data on flying and shooting energy blasts. That would have been useful to know earlier.
No. 777277 ID: dd5b4d

Find an impressive monster and make better clothes from its pelt.
No. 777280 ID: 3abd97

Ask the computer what other useful things has it not been telling you.
No. 777291 ID: ba506f

develop your own fighting style. Prioritize using kicks and your legs in general to keep your hands free so you can effortlessly combo energy and physical attacks. use your arms only for blocks, grabs, counters, and energy attacks. Legs for beating the shit out of whatever gets in your way. Get to the point where you can charge an energy attack while still kicking the living crap out of anything that's dumb enough to fight you so you're not just floating in the air with a giant glowing ball of pain basically screaming "HIT ME, HIT ME" and instead forcing your opponent to block or dodge so you can release the attack whenever you want to, letting you control the fight.
No. 777309 ID: 2120ee

Doesn't shooting energy blasts make you tired?
No. 777316 ID: 804a8c

Check for a better way of sensing power levels. Obviously the scouter is malfunctioning.
No. 777334 ID: ca6f74
File 148630575938.png - (143.08KB , 852x707 , 42.png )

Karavi check the ship computer for anything that might be useful. There's a blinking light that wasn't there before, so she presses it and a message plays back.

"All saiyans are to abandon their current missions and return to planet Vegeta immediately. This is a top priority order from Lord Friiiiiigeta... I mean, King Vegeta. Lord King Vegeta. Phew... I almost bl-"

Then it cuts off. She should probably get going if King Vegeta wants everyone to go home suddenly and without reason.
No. 777336 ID: 60203e

I dunno, seems weird. Why did they call him Lord Frigeta?
No. 777340 ID: 696fed

No. 777343 ID: 3abd97

That message sounds fake. That guy almost got the names wrong! Who even is he, is he authorized to give you orders?

How old is this message? If you ignored it accidentally for years, you can ignore it a little longer.
No. 777352 ID: 19e865

He wasn't even a proper saiyan! Ask the computer what species that was.
No. 777356 ID: 57f342

Seem legit.
No. 777371 ID: 60700b

Check when that message was received.
No. 777372 ID: ca6f74
File 148632580282.png - (108.33KB , 795x731 , 43.png )

"HEY! Why'd you call him 'Lord Frigeta'?"

After a few moments, the weird-headed guy appears on the screen.
"Oh, no reason. Lord Frieza had me relay the message for King Vegeta and I got tongue tied is all. So, just go back to Planet Vegeta now. It's some kind of serious... monkey business."
No. 777373 ID: 017042

A likely story. NOT. Who is this alien asshole anyway.

There's really no point in returning if you can't conquer this planet anyway. Nothing to go back to and even if you did you'd just be a weakling among giants. Is there anything like a locator beacon on your pod that you could sabotage and maybe some (repaireable) way to break the pod propulsion system so you can stay on the planet, train and claim innocence if anyone DOES turn up? Like cut a single wire or two, then say "oh I had no idea it was so easy to fix I'm a fighter, not a mechanic"
No. 777379 ID: 398fe1

Who the fuck is Freiza?
No. 777388 ID: 3abd97

Who the heck are you anyways, you jerk. You don't look like any saiyan I've ever seen.
No. 777389 ID: 65ec8d

Say "wow racis" and hang up. Then engage the proud saiyan childhood tradition of not obeying orders so that the adults beat the shit out of you, thereby increasing your power level. Being a saiyan is mostly about finding excuses to get your ass kicked.

Besides, think how robbed you felt just from not being sure you managed to kill two chumps. Logically, how much more robbed would you feel if you didn't manage to kill a whole planet full of chumps? That's basic fightonomics, and fightonomics is the only form of math saiyans learn.
No. 777393 ID: ba506f

ask who's Frieza. Say you'll get back as soon as you can. Then ignore him and stay here to get stronger. How can we go back to Vegeta if we can't even control our monkey form yet. It would be embarrassing. Although this means we probably do need to accelerate our training as to not keep the king waiting to long.
No. 777464 ID: d79f26

well fuck that. say "okay got it" and then hang up, and then disobey the order. maybe turn off your communicator.
No. 777647 ID: ca6f74
File 148641339280.png - (77.40KB , 461x469 , 44.png )

Karavi doesn't need to ask who Frieza is. Frieza is the boss. She doesn't know much else about him though.

But that pointy-headed guy isn't going to let her just ignore him, is he? She might have to beat him up if she doesn't do as she's told.
How strong are pointy-headed guys?
No. 777650 ID: d79f26

pointed headed guys are chumps. this one could be above average though, due to being given the responsibility of making the call. basically just keep training. what you really need is someone strong enough to kick your ass but wont kill you because they thinking killing is bad.
No. 777652 ID: 3d2d5f

Pull out your ship's tracker and go back to training.
No. 777655 ID: ba506f

can't be that strong. I mean Vagata is the strongest saiyan around and the only guy we know that's stronger is frieza. Pointy head is probably like frieza's version of a low class saiyan. You know a chump.

But yeah, do we really have to leave? This place is doing wonders for our training? Plus do you even know how to get back?
No. 778230 ID: 0d1514

Send the ship back alone
No. 778240 ID: 0d1514

No, stick some random animal in it first.
No. 778242 ID: 804a8c

So like whatever this planet's equivalent to a super hero is? I think that'd require finding a city first, those types like the limelight.
No. 782168 ID: ca6f74
File 148781211388.png - (102.07KB , 983x715 , 45.png )

Karavi has no idea how to remove a tracking device or if her attack ball has one in the first place, so she keeps smashing up the planet without any regard for the message.

A few weeks later, a pair of ships crash down near her position. What could this mean?
No. 782172 ID: ba506f

It means something new to test our strength on. LETS GO BEFORE IT RUNS AWAY!
No. 782173 ID: d79f26

were they pods? if so then they sent other saiyans to pick you up. pretty sure a bigger saiyan beats a smaller one.
No. 782174 ID: acaa4f

It means a fight!
No. 782206 ID: 3abd97

P much.

Go spy, and see comes out of the crash.
No. 782286 ID: 0d1514

Stalk whoever comes out and wait for them to harass one of those stupid powerful villagers, then ambush them
No. 783816 ID: ca6f74
File 148839324335.png - (140.84KB , 820x615 , 46.png )

Karavi decides to spy on the new arrivals.
It looks like the pointy head from before, but there's two of them now.
"This planet is more backwater than I expected. Does it really matter if some shitty monkey kid wants to swing around in the jungle in the middle of nowhere?" says one.
"I tried to make it go back to Vegeta on its own, but the stupid brat didn't listen, so now we have to find it, unless you want to tell Lord Frieza you didn't think it was important to do the thing he specifically said to do," replies the other, checking his scouter.
"I'd rather not. It sounds like it would involve unhealthy levels of exploding violently."
The other one ignores him, fiddling with his scouter.
"This is going to be a pain. There's all kinds of power levels way over what we initially registered all over this place. I'm going to beat that crap out of the guy responsible for the long range scans in this sector," he grumbles angrily.
"I'm pretty sure that was you, Elmon."

These guys don't seem to bright.
No. 783817 ID: b15da4

You should trash their pods when they're not looking. Nobody deserves a sweeter ride than you.
No. 783822 ID: 3d2d5f

Wait until they get into a fight with the locals then ambush them.
No. 783870 ID: ba506f

hmm, any idea what their power levels are?
No. 783871 ID: 6d1052

Okay, first order of business is destroying their scouters and their ships, in that order. Ideally these two didn't report anything on the matter in order to cover their asses, and without their scouters or ships they won't be able to call for backup. Not to mention that without their Scouters they won't be able to track you.
No. 784229 ID: ca6f74
File 148848834058.png - (102.71KB , 574x546 , 47.png )

Karavi discreetly disables Elmon's scouter by leaping out and brutally kicking him in the head.

"Elmon! Look out, the saiyan is here!"
No. 784239 ID: 0d1514

Being discreet is awesome. Can you kick off Elmon's head to attack the other one? Focusing on the scouter of course.
No. 784245 ID: 9145ba

The enemy cannot scout if you disable his eye! Try to take it along with the other one's scouter.
No. 784261 ID: 0b99d7

there's no way his buddy is stupid enough to shoot his friend if you use him as a meatshie- no way
No. 784264 ID: d79f26

go for the other guy, but knock the scouter away without destroying you, you can then use it to find strong people to fight after you get rid of these clowns.
No. 784266 ID: ba506f

quick shoot an energy beam at the other guy's scouter.
No. 784320 ID: 3abd97

Grapple his head and do a headbutt.
No. 784420 ID: 8e2be8

Quickly confuse them by proclaiming how excited you are that they are here.
No. 784437 ID: 2120ee

Blow up their ships and run away.
No. 785361 ID: ca6f74
File 148877888042.png - (152.85KB , 702x576 , 48.png )

Karavi uses an energy blast to remove the scouter from the other guy's head, with gusto.

"Imel, grab her while she's distracted by giving me this serious concussiooooon~"
No. 785363 ID: 3abd97

Hey, stop looking up our loincloth, you concussed pervert.
No. 785365 ID: a8bc5c

These guys were CLEARLY not ready to face our wrath.

Rip and tear. Kali-ma!
No. 785370 ID: 2120ee

Grab the concussion guy and ask him what the deal is while implying you'll let him live if he spills the beans. Then don't let him live.
No. 785371 ID: 9145ba

Crush his head between your thighs!
No. 785389 ID: b9f243

Loot their ships
No. 785438 ID: ca6f74
File 148882721352.png - (165.06KB , 953x700 , 49.png )

The ships have nothing in them, but there is a suit of armor on the headless guy. It's too big.

"What are you chasing me around for?"

"We have to round up all the mo- Saiyans that were scattered around. That's all I've been told to do."
No. 785439 ID: 3d2d5f

Well I'm not listening to chumps who are weaker then me. Go away, bald head chumps. I have a planet to conquer.
No. 785440 ID: aebfae

"I'll go back when I've got this planet by the balls and licking my boots!"
No. 785449 ID: b15da4

"You've got two choices: Die, or go home."

Act surprised when he chooses Die.
No. 785462 ID: d79f26

let that armor soak in hot water for a while, should shrink it right up.
No. 785468 ID: 804a8c

This is perhaps the most Saiyan thing to say. +1
No. 785501 ID: ba506f

>We have to round up all the mo- Saiyans that were scattered around. That's all I've been told to do.
I can't go back yet, I'm not strong enough yet!
No. 785680 ID: cee89f

If they bring up that the order comes from King Vegeta/Freeza, respond "You're not [whichever one they say]."

They're probably lying about the source of the order. If not?

King Vegeta/Freeza might be annoyed you didn't immediately return at first, but a new planet'll help smooth things over. Speaking of which, do you prefer to glass the planet or just set it on fire?
No. 785871 ID: 5762f4

Go find some dragonballs or some cute guys or something.

Also tasty food.
No. 785984 ID: 60203e

I thought those armors were suppose to be one size fits all and elastic.
No. 786003 ID: cee89f

If you'll recall, the armor could stretch to fit someone bigger, but Vegeta still had to find some "miniature ones made for the people of the planet Lilliput"

Is Karavi even old enough to care about cute guys? Saiyans are initially sent out as infants/toddlers, right?

Boys are still icky.
No. 786004 ID: 67d5dc

I'm not a Mosaiyan! I'm a Saiyan!
No. 786484 ID: 0d1514

Squish his heaaaadddd
No. 786948 ID: 669253
File 148937218008.png - (227.41KB , 706x543 , 50.png )

Karavi is about to squish Elmon's head when another figure emerges from the treeline.

"I'm surprised you found the saiyan so quickly, now if only I could have been surprised by you being competent enough to actually capture it once you found it."

Elmon sputters.
"Zarbon! Have you been their the whole time? Why didn't you help us?"

"Because," Zarbon replies. "If I let it kill you, I don't have to look at your ugly little faces anymore. Rounding up these brats is unpleasant enough, but now that I have two less warty little heads sullying my vision, it might make things more tolerable."

"Y-You bastard!"

Karavi has no idea what is going on. The blue guy hates the yellow guy, apparently.
No. 786949 ID: 3abd97

"Killing these losers is doing a favor for you? Come on, you just took all the fun out of this."
No. 786950 ID: 2120ee

Pick up Elmon with one hand and then shoot an energy blast through his chest and hopefully at Zarbon's scouter. Then run awaaaaaay.
No. 786951 ID: 628fd5

Whoa whoa whoa.

If we know anything about Zarbon it'd probably be that he serves as one of Freeza's personal attendants... meaning he's *way* above us in the pecking order.

In which case: "Sorry boss, planet's not done yet. You're a bit ahead of schedule."
No. 786969 ID: 094652

Focus on the boss, it's clear that he is the real threat. You can snap the necks of these two mooks if you feel they might sound an alarm though.
No. 786978 ID: 9f3729

ye this
No. 787048 ID: ba506f

why does everyone want me to come back already. I haven't taken this planet yet and I still need to get stronger. Can't this wait a bit?
No. 788019 ID: 669253
File 148972050287.png - (244.03KB , 1024x768 , 51.png )

Karavi tells Zarbon she's not done conquering the planet.

"It doesn't matter to me what you think you need to do. Lord Frieza has us rounding up the saiyans and I'm very anal about following orders. I'll plunge long and hard into the depths of space to spank every one of you monkeys."
No. 788020 ID: c31aac

"dude I'm like 9, keep it in your pants"
No. 788021 ID: d79f26

"i need an adult?"
No. 788022 ID: 3abd97

Geeze, you're a pervert, I get it. You don't need to lay it on so thick.
No. 788032 ID: a8bc5c

This, then freaking book it in a random direction away from your pod to get away from the incredibly creepy freaking alien genotype
No. 788037 ID: 9876c4

Try to get a candlelight dinner out of the deal, and then butter your salad.
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