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File 148211270576.png - (206.03KB , 317x200 , title.png )
766743 No. 766743 ID: c9ecde

Tri-lateral Megacorporation (™) is in the brave new venture of interstellar travel. It has a monopoly in hyperspace traveling. The megacorporation consists of three parties each of which can be recognised as an independent interstellar species with equal rights to the profits brought about by the age of space mining. There are many problems in conducting these expensive, but lucrative operations, that require intelligent supervision.

The new frontier beyond the mapped hyperspace lanes provides proving grounds for the adventurous mind ready to grab big bucks with rich exploration data. For some of these explorers the mere opportunity to escape the turmoil of society brings its own reward.

Which trade is of your liking?
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No. 766745 ID: c9ecde
File 148211279545.png - (1.66MB , 950x600 , Medium_class.png )

Officially “Medium”, better known as Drenian Transport, usually refered to as “Triton”. Has a fusion reactor and uses hydrogen fuel.
No. 766746 ID: c9ecde
File 148211282948.png - (1.88MB , 950x600 , Needle_class.png )

“Needle” Multi-purpose craft, Razien architecture. serves best as a light explorer. Has a fission-water turbine reactor and uses thorium, water and hydrogen fuel.
No. 766747 ID: c9ecde
File 148211288735.png - (429.13KB , 475x300 , Dool_Voo_class.png )

“Dool Voo” A space-capable plant organism. Requires starlight and carbohydrate molecules - Excuse me. The Dool Voo are NOT a spacecraft and are NOT able to physically survive the vacuum and extreme conditions of interstellar void. Instead, their plantoid minds have developed ways to communicate and probe space with ease from ground or perhaps even aboard a foreign spacecraft..
No. 766748 ID: c9ecde
File 148211293655.png - (834.66KB , 950x600 , RACE.png )

Drenians are a reptilian race. They are drawn towards technology and engineering and withstand immense durations of monotonous and repetitive tasks on computers.

Dool Voo can do what physicists describe as “spooky action at a distance”. Not much is generally known about this race and their behavior keeps people in wonder.

Razien are strong leaders and natural-born fighters. They can enforce stubborn minds to accept both facts or feelings, which is helpful in negotiating deals.

Choose either Drenian or Razien as a captain, and two other crew members of any of the three races. Appoint the crew members a task, for example: a science officer, spaceship engineer, chef etc. Request more information on ships, races or background if need be.
No. 766749 ID: 9145ba

Drenian captain. Crew: A Razien science officer and a Dool Voo engineer.
No. 766753 ID: ba506f

> Needle

> Drenian
> Female
-reason for doing this
wants to explore and catalog as much of unknown space as possible and discover all their is to know about the galaxy at large. Also tends to sell off any information she finds to other explores for profit.

> Dool Voo
> Unknown (female?)
-reason for doing this
not really sure, when the captain found this ship the guy just kinda wondered in one day and said that they were the ship's navigator. Turned out to be pretty good at it so people just went with it.

> Razien
> Male
-reason for doing this
A young trouble maker that got in over his head. Got into a bit of trouble and hopped on the first space worthy vessel that would take him. Has sticked with them since he has no where else to go.
No. 766826 ID: c9ecde
File 148214955228.png - (844.61KB , 950x600 , hangar_view.png )

"So this is the ship and the captain? Security Officer Fuso Guiro at your service."

"Yup... You're the Razien I contacted. Just a moment, I'm in the middle of something here."
No. 766827 ID: c9ecde
File 148214973715.gif - (11.20MB , 950x600 , anim_modules.gif )

"Let's see what we have here... What's available?"

No. 766830 ID: ba506f

start from the top and work our way down.
No. 766835 ID: c9ecde
File 148216054110.gif - (303.93KB , 320x600 , modules_anim3.gif )

"Expand all... Hmm... That's interesting. Nothing particular here... (Wait - let me go back up a bit. Work my way down again...)"

(Character Trait - Meticulous)
No. 766836 ID: c9ecde
File 148216092833.gif - (600.51KB , 320x600 , modules_anim4.gif )

No. 766914 ID: ba506f

so these are things our ship is equipped with right? Or things that we need to add to our ship?
No. 767132 ID: c9ecde

These are modules sold by Slitus Com at this station.
No. 767138 ID: ba506f

alright what are prices and how much money do we have to spend?
No. 770742 ID: c9ecde
File 148365393965.png - (257.65KB , 400x800 , list.png )


910cc Telescope-X
210cc S2 Scanner
920cc Athmospheric Probe
790cc Solar Scanner Professional Edition
970cc Multi-Scan Sensor set
5 910cc Interstellar Maximum Fidelity
(0cc) Tachyon Scanner

5 090cc Optical-U (Needle-class)
(0cc) Electronic

Kinetic (Hardpoints)
9 100cc Railgun
100cc Orbital Racks

5 190cc Analyzer
200cc Sample Freezer
810cc Chemistry Bench
100cc Chemistry Materials

900cc Mining Laser
8 100cc High-Intensity Laser
110cc Signal Laser

Life Support
(0cc) Standard

800cc Deep Space Hydroponic Garden
1 200cc Meal Replicator
200cc Nutrient Paste Machine

5 000cc? Standard Cabin

9 000cc Crew Quarters (Needle-class)
(0cc) Crew Pods

Rad. Shields
1590cc Standard Radiation Shield
(0cc) Hull Radiation Sheltering

5 900cc Automated Interior Turret
2 790cc Blast Doors (Needle-class)
9 990cc Defence Droid
29 900cc Emergency Radiation Counter-measures

900cc Automated Docking Procedures
10 000cc Interstellar Ship A.I.
700cc Tachyon Communications
No. 770744 ID: c9ecde
File 148365413551.png - (363.28KB , 950x600 , balance.png )

No. 770881 ID: ba506f

well since the ship's (from what I understand) purpose is to gather information and then sell it to someone else who is either better equip to deal with whatever we found or just simply interested and assuming we can only get one upgrade to each slot then get the Multi-scan upgrade, the Analyzer, the signal laser, the Deep Space Hydroponic Garden, the Standard Radiation Shield, and Tachyon Communications. that should come up to 9,250 cc. So assuming that we don't need to buy anything else that should do well in getting us started.
No. 774370 ID: c9ecde
File 148526994864.png - (1.34MB , 950x600 , cabin_v3.png )

It’s the stardate the ship refit is completed.

You wake up in your cabin. The station doesn’t sleep. Should you head for your last meal on the station or maybe gather your crew and waste no more time?
No. 774421 ID: ba506f

grab a meal here on the station. You may have a garden on your ship but I'm sure the station has a better verity of food. Also you might be able to over hear something that we can check out in the frontier.
No. 774474 ID: c9ecde
File 148529933069.png - (1.32MB , 950x600 , corridor.png )


"Nope... Variety, blah, nothing beats the basic veggie soup. Might as well throw away some bucks from the chip. Won't need those in deep space anyways."

The corridor outside is pretty silent. You don't run into other people than Guiro.

"You did not buy hand weapons yet, did you? We'll sure as hell need those if we find aliens." Security Officer Guiro inquires.
No. 774485 ID: ba506f

finish your meal and then ask if he has any recommendations. I mean we only have 750cc left but then again personal weapons can't be nearly as expensive as ship parts and systems right?
No. 778565 ID: c9ecde
File 148677342584.png - (1.48MB , 950x600 , weaponmerchnat.png )


"The heavier the better..." SO Guiro recommends.

We've got 750cc, looking through the weapon specifications on the right monitor I can quickly come to the conclusion that we can afford either

A +3 of the light weapons,
B +2 of the heavy weapons - either +2 assault weapons or +1 sniper cannon and +1 assault weapon
C +1 sniper cannon and +1 light weapons
D +1 assault weapon and +2 light weapons

Looking through the prices I come to conclude that choice

A leaves on our account about 105cc
B leaves 110cc or 20cc with sniper cannon
C leaves 125cc
D leaves 0cc

light weapon price: 215cc
heavy weapon price: 320cc and 410cc

"Sniper railgun is field-tested in the harshest conditions proving its value to the soldier once and again. This vacuum design is an enhancement to the classic ground version and has a higher muzzle speed, a greater destructive potential with wolfram coated ammunition and thus improves in every condition critical to success in space combat, ground fight or in lunarscape. Although the space sniper railgun has been used to penetrate armored ground targets, it can also be armed with expendable heavy metal fragment ammunition to conjure up ancient artillery-like AOE in fast succession."

"Assault railgun bears recognition from military establishments of the near-past. A functional and effective method to accelerate fist-sized explosive shots in recoilless bursts. With this weapon you can interchange the single muzzle barrel to multi-muzzled tube. By then clicking the weapon mode to 'Minigun' you can stop and cessate multiple targets either with a characteristic 'Minigun' cartridge belt or incidental long clips. Although designed to work optimally in a habitable athmosphere, it theoretically serves well in eg. exploration purposes."

"Light weapons are commonly known as microwave pistons, a laser pistols and a hand-fit coilguns. All three of these types have been selected to this gunstore from the bestseller personal weapons. Microwave piston is the best way to mingle, paralyze or if neccessary, pop targets in close quarters. The standard model laser pistol is sometimes blamed to be the main cause of increased burglaries in high density settlements as its beam easily cuts through steel with little noise emitted. In space, this ability is invaluable for emergency situations. A low objective mass of these guns is very suitable for gravitational conditions and doesn’t require support when aiming. Make up in accuracy and handling what you lose in firepower and rate of fire.”
No. 778569 ID: ba506f

do we need to buy anything else after this and how self sufficient are we?

Because if we can go awhile without needing to buy anything I think option D would be the best as it would let us arm everyone but if we want to have a few bucks left in our pockets I'm going to have to go with A

if we do go with D go with the laser pistol and the microwave pistol for the light weapons and 1 of each kind of light weapon for option A if we go with that instead.

But yeah again, if we can go a bit without needing to buy anything option D does sound like the better deal. We just need to go out their and make some money quick.
No. 778576 ID: c9ecde
File 148677753399.png - (587.19KB , 950x600 , neccessities.png )


You go through a mental list of neccessities currently fulfilled. You have fuel, food and weapons (assuming it's D)

When thinking further down the list you have life support, clothing, bedrooms and lighting. What you do think you're short of is explorer class star maps. Alas, you speculate that they're not bought under 500cc and better, more recent star maps not under 1000cc.
No. 778577 ID: ba506f

greeaat, so we can either get 1 light weapon and an old map or just say fuck it, go with option D and hope our navigator can figure shit out on her(?) own.

So what kind of freaky things can Dool Vol do again? Because if they can navigate space without a map that would be wonderful but if not... sorry but I think we're going to have to grab the cheap map and one light gun (laser) because what's the good of having a bunch of guns if we just get lost in space?
No. 778585 ID: c9ecde
File 148677986540.png - (746.30KB , 950x600 , guiro_gesture.png )

When you remember about the star map issue and begin to signal that you're not interested in buying heavy weapons Security Officer Guiro becomes reluctant and assures you that Dool Voo have "well-fermented crowns" and they "suck through space like a bottle of brandy sucks time into night." and that "those suckers really deserve mention" "would only get distracted from star maps" and finishes with "better buy guns". You detect a common gesture.
No. 778590 ID: ba506f

can we call up our third crew mate and see if they would rather have a map or guns?

If not... Guns it is. We'll just have to make our own map as we go.
No. 778600 ID: c9ecde
File 148678215839.png - (369.99KB , 800x600 , dool_voo_navigator.png )


You introduce yourself and Guiro to the Dool Voo, that is floating up and descending along every breath in her cabin. Might be that she holds some sort of light gas inside her instead of normal blood and bones. She looks really fragile.

"Would you prefer guns or starmaps?" You finally inquire.

"Hurtssss..." She says.

"Guns hurt yes, do you need a star map?"
No. 778604 ID: ba506f

...getting the feeling a map probably wouldn't help her much anyways. Fuck it, get guns, make our own map as we go. We might be able to sell a copy of that too eventually down the road.
No. 778614 ID: c9ecde
File 148678652687.png - (877.25KB , 950x600 , dool_voo_close.png )


"Thank you Dear." You don't know what else to call her for now.

"What is your name Sweetie?"


"Yes, I can call you that?"



"Name Yu-Yu-Yup"

"I'll call you Yup."

"Star maps hurrt, give coooordinatess. Go soon?"

You realise you can't get coordinates, but kind of wish to have Guiro well armed at the same time. Maybe you could... you know, get a couple of coordinates to start with from the station visitors. After buying 3 light weapons you can still afford a couple of rumors and more by serving everyone a drink at the local cantina, or maybe a lot of drinks and more to a select few.

Otherwise you don't see any reason to stay in the starport.
No. 778616 ID: ba506f

yeah sure that works, 3 light weapons, then see if you can't make friends and get a good starting point. Or hell if we get real lucky find someone who's drunk or close to it and see if we can't get them to give us one of their star maps.
No. 778636 ID: 67d5dc

I'd rather buy a sniper and an assault. She doesn't seem to be the sort of person to use a gun well.
No. 778641 ID: ba506f

it would still leave us 20cc to buy someone a drink. A little tight but depending who we find we could probably make it work... or maybe even work out some kind of deal with someone. But the one thing I do have with the sniper is how good will it be inside of our ship if we need to repeal invaders?
No. 780050 ID: c9ecde
File 148727256917.png - (1.37MB , 950x600 , cheap_bar.png )

You buy the assault and sniper.

You find a cheap bar in hopes of finding someone with a history in the uncharted space.

So far the bar seems quite empty.
No. 780052 ID: c9ecde
File 148727275002.png - (511.98KB , 475x300 , gang.png )

You only find a small gang playing a dice game in one corner of the pub.
No. 780055 ID: c9ecde
File 148727334668.png - (1.22MB , 950x600 , starport.png )

Then suddenly a person who has a wide smile on her face appears to the pub. She's looking through the beverage list when you take the chance and offer a drink to her. She gladly accepts the offer. You head to a bar cabinet and close the slide door behind you.

She begins to boast a wide smile on her face,
"About to make my first million, pretty sure about it. I brought back a new alien species. Found it orbiting a frozen planet just outside the explored rim. They're evaluating my findings at this very moment. The specimen was intact in a cryogenic capsule. Cheers!"
No. 780058 ID: 094652

Deal yourself in with chump change. Start asking around for daredevils and marauders, no wimps allowed.

Then shoot the dumb ones and hire the smart ones. Blame them for starting it.
No. 780075 ID: ba506f

"cheers. So you've been to the rim? You must have some stories to tell, think you can share a few?"

Try and get her talking and actually pay attention. Whenever she starts telling you about places ask where they are, see if you can't get her to pull out a map and point them out to you. If you can get her to do that find some way to discreetly take a picture of the map or at the very least memorize it so we can pick a starting point to launch ourselves to.
No. 780227 ID: d340c5

Is that Beta Ray Bill?
No. 781200 ID: c9ecde
File 148753180685.png - (98.13KB , 300x334 , explorer.png )

Can't conceal our weapons in this place.

"cheers. So you've been to the rim? You must have some stories to tell, think you can share a few?"

"Oh yes, *gulp* beyond drilling systems and RFC 7667 fucking rich with friendly kinetic factions. Errmm... Nevermind that *gulp* I never said that."

Guiro pulls my sleeve and whispers that the explorer has been too long without alcohol and she's having a spacer's high from even terrific small amounts of it, she just might have revealed she had an intimate intercourse with an alien specimen on her travels in the RFC Sector.

No. It's kinda the terrible colors the architect of this place chose. They are meant to promote the corporation.
No. 781234 ID: ba506f

buy her another drink if she runs low and ask if she could show you where exactly RFC 7667 is. You're curious to know just how far off the map she had to go to find this place.
No. 781497 ID: c9ecde
File 148761928185.png - (154.88KB , 799x599 , location.png )


You buy her a drink, but she is agreeing to draw a map before she has finished her first beer.

Unlocked: RFC Sector Exploration
No. 781548 ID: ba506f

sweet we have somewhere to go. Let her finish her story, thank her for her time, then tell her you need to take off before you grow roots to the seat. Grab map if you can or just take a picture of it. Now lets go make some money.
No. 781605 ID: ca661e

No. 782910 ID: c9ecde
File 148805138694.png - (211.45KB , 500x334 , boarding.png )

You hastily get suited up and board your Needle-Explorer. If there was a place for speech now would be the good time to give a carrying line or a couple to your space odyssey.
No. 782919 ID: c9ecde
File 148805294609.png - (603.53KB , 668x1108 , navigator.png )

Chief Navigator Yup appears to be ready to travel.
No. 782924 ID: c9ecde
File 148805390742.jpg - (53.44KB , 799x334 , hyperdrive.jpg )

With little ritual I give Chief Navigator Yup the sign to engage RFC Sector coordinates. She nods and her space exo-skeleton suit gives out an agreeing grunt.

The vessel departs from the hangar and ouside no-jump zone charges the hyperdrive
No. 782925 ID: c9ecde
File 148805397395.png - (2.05MB , 1599x668 , hyperspace2.png )

And Jumps.
No. 782930 ID: c9ecde
File 148805413760.png - (933.82KB , 799x334 , hyperspace1.png )

Yup explains, "Some vortex"

"What are these bright pulsating stars you said vortex?"

"Ya! They make difficult."

"What are those caverns in the fabric of this hyperspace?"

"Star gravity hoooles"

"And these wiggly balls?"

"Time eruption. Time here fast."
No. 782934 ID: c9ecde
File 148805516661.png - (627.31KB , 500x334 , hyperspace3.png )

What feels like five minutes passes in hyperspace, but Yup made you feel like Time thinks you're fools here. The Needle Explorer approaches the destination, a small-sized hole in the hyperspace weave. The ship dives into a sea of flames.
No. 782938 ID: c9ecde
File 148805599083.png - (638.72KB , 900x440 , system.png )

Security Office Guiro: "Multiple contacts in radar. Some of them are smaller celestial bodies... Should we perform scans?"
No. 783078 ID: ba506f

it's why we bought the scanners. Now lets see what their is to see.
No. 784786 ID: ca661e

Scans are for wusses, go strait for the nearest system!
No. 788108 ID: c9ecde
File 148976328237.png - (108.83KB , 799x334 , contact.png )


Security Officer Guiro: "Scanning nearest system, a jovian planet with... there's an unidentified space station orbiting it! This is historical! They're sending a convoy of possibly armed vessels towards us! Never seen such ships"
No. 788116 ID: c9ecde
File 148976479241.png - (263.01KB , 799x334 , unconscious.png )

"Also, our navigator is unconscious from the jump it seems."
No. 788208 ID: ba506f

so they see us, any chance we can open up communications and see if that goes anyways then? Also keep the engines ready and get ready to run should things turn south.
No. 790330 ID: c9ecde
File 149045831789.png - (1.22MB , 1599x668 , comms_litus.png )

"Open up comms channel with the approaching spacecrafts and keep our sublight engines choked and set to throttle up. If things go suddenly south, act on it."

The dazed Dool Voo whimpers. "What is south?"

"Yup, you up?"

"No, back to sleep..." Yup says and begins to drool noisily...
No. 790331 ID: c9ecde
File 149045837546.png - (534.52KB , 695x334 , comms_SCREEN.png )

Chief Security Officer Guiro: "Opened up comms channel, but it's showing static and... what the hell? Some weird ass interference on top of that. They should be feeding in visual from their cockpit or the command bridge."

"Are you saying they're jamming our communications?"

Chief Securit Officer Guiro: "That's not impossible. But why here?"

"How close are they?"

- Guiro: "At us in 10 seconds."
No. 790334 ID: ba506f

Well that one bar chick said the races out her were friendly... but she did also say she had one in cryo... Ah hell let them in close, they fire we run, they board and attack we bought those guns for a reason.
No. 790346 ID: c9ecde
File 149046142322.png - (2.04MB , 1599x1000 , dool_voo_comms.png )


Guiro: "Navigator, are you ok?"


Guiro: "Wow, this is creepy as it's cool unless Navigator Yup is..."



Guiro: "I think they wish us to move into the airlock of our ship to meet them there... I think we should take weapons with us. But..."


"If they board, we run."


Guiro: "I'm quite sure that they are trying to reverse board us. They don't have the same pressure and athmosphere as we do..!"

No. 790374 ID: c9ecde
File 149046605393.png - (814.52KB , 799x334 , guns.png )

"We brought weapons for a reason, now let's gear up and hold that airlock until we figure out a better plan."
No. 790391 ID: c9ecde
File 149047164810.png - (741.66KB , 668x668 , guiro_got_it_wrong.png )

At this point you realise that Chief Security Officer Guiro has it wrong.

There's close to NO atmosphere in the ship currently at all, and only minor pressure, thus it's only logical that most reptiloid species would not survive there without a space suit, which leads you to speculate whether these more advanced aliens fly their ships without space suits by default.

What you realise you yourself got wrong, was that these aliens don't probably need an airlock to transport themselves aboard your spaceship, unless they lied. That means...

Six minutes have passed. You're all geared up, you don't have your standard space jetpacks on you and can withstand void for only 20 minutes. You're guarding the airlock leading to the cockpit from the left beam of the ship. Chief Navigator Yup is unconscious again.
No. 790581 ID: ba506f

so can we seal off part of our ship so we only have to vent a single hallway then meet them half way. As in we stand in our airlock, they stand in theirs and we start talks their, then we can decide what to do next. and since our security has the sniper rifle he can hang way back and lessen in on our coms.
No. 790587 ID: c9ecde
File 149053425103.png - (481.47KB , 950x600 , Needle_class_bp.png )

We could void the whole cockpit. Guiro could stand and support his sniper in the doorframe of supplies corridor while staying in considerable cover himself. We could also vent both the cockipit and the supplies hallway and meet them there. Yup could be placed in her cabin.

There is another airlock, but its solely designed for repairs and maintenance and is located in the bottom back of the ship.
No. 790652 ID: ba506f

void the cockpit and supplies hallway. This way if things do get hairy you can fall back to the hallway and use it as a chock point. Just make sure you actually do lock Yup in her room incase they try to mind control her again or something. Don't like how cramped you'd be in the engine room if you needed to make a run for it. Well other then that let's hope these talks go well so we can feel silly later for over reacting.
No. 793356 ID: c9ecde
File 149132611406.png - (324.72KB , 600x334 , airlock_illumination.png )

No. 793358 ID: c9ecde
File 149132671203.jpg - (64.69KB , 334x600 , taurperson600.jpg )

"Abur noth nara narou bel menus ha temo tavul"
"I GREET YOU IN GOOD WILL I'M FRIENDLY" her translator cackles in imperfect Trilateran as she climbs up a bit towards the cockpit. You're waiting for her in the supply corridor.
"Nael ek kama ur novat ha"
"PLEASE NO WEAPONS", She braves to make her way to the cockpit level from the airlock.
No. 793362 ID: c9ecde
File 149132888906.jpg - (35.63KB , 300x125 , draft.jpg )

Guiro: "Should we remote void the airlock? She's in there now? I think she pressurized that part of the ship when she entered. Also, it might be hard to communicate in null athmosphere, Capn."
No. 793413 ID: ba506f

wouldn't voiding the airlock fling her into space? Because if so that would probably be a bad idea. Also probably a good idea to leave a slight presents of atmosphere in there just so our words can reach each other.

Anyways as for what to do give Guiro you weapon since he probably knows how to use it better then you anyways and go greet that alien. If things go well we work it out from their. If things go poorly we can ping Guiro for support and fall back.
No. 793433 ID: c9ecde
File 149134762372.png - (531.48KB , 600x334 , taur_walks_in.png )

You give your weapon to Guiro.
The suits have internal microphone and speakers so it's possible to communicate between crew members or ship AI. The computer directs visual and audio feeds to the suit intelligently. Restrictions on AI have been imposed in corporate directives and the role of AI other than independently facilitating rudimentary functions and commands is pretty passive.

"Ak va ha mu hoo ell eta mahuta."

"En ellima nei gat marah ta lemo nits abai tarum tes hau nael noth geu salai aka ve de ek sa na tou elu da meia vir na vabo sematis ek.”

“Taa keu veta na ma teru men na va bako hai sel ta le sat se me to”

"Deha ele kili e na sa na de yvak"

Guiro looks like he wants to say something, but shuts his mouth and instead just stares at the alien ready to shoot.
No. 793468 ID: ba506f

not return home... yeah no. But anyways ask why you couldn't return home. Also ask why they would want someone who can't even breath the same atmosphere as they do.
No. 793555 ID: 9d9749

"How is it a 'visit' if I can't return home?"
No. 818318 ID: c9ecde
File 150100726802.png - (792.88KB , 600x700 , Face.png )


The alien speaks and explains she'll be able to adjust to any athmosphere that's inhaled with large modifications to her body at a medical center. She also expresses her sorry for not being able to visit back home until your will is assimilated to her cultural demands of no direct contact with other species.
No. 818320 ID: e50815

These terms are absolutely unacceptable.
No. 818572 ID: c9ecde
File 150108912162.png - (861.16KB , 800x545 , beam in.png )

"Ver Ma..."


No. 818591 ID: c9ecde
File 150109286395.png - (840.04KB , 800x545 , kneeled.png )

"Psst, clear shot, they're distracted and poorly, prepared for this Captain... Unlike me." Guiro whispers.

"Eee! Ha Va Skee E Uv!"

No. 818650 ID: c520b7

No. Fall back. We don't need this escalating into an intergalactic incident.
No. 820776 ID: c9ecde
File 150204210815.png - (895.27KB , 600x545 , engineroom.png )


"We don't want this escalate into an intergalactic incident, fall back officer." You command.

With slow and careful movements you fall back to the tight engine room. The aliens seem puzzled over how to approach you now. The negotiator no longer has her translating speaker on. There's an utter silence and peace in place of abrupt and invasive tension.

"I have never told you about my..."

"Shh, I need to hear my own thoughts."

The engineroom is tightly set with a miniaturized hot fission reactor, hyperdrive and cold-fusion supercruise engines, a couple of emergency power sources and fuel cells in the aft. Artificial gravity field manipulator and oxygen/life support systems are located between the aft and the crew quarters integrated into the wall panels. There are many automatic fire extinguishers and an emergency manual extinguisher, but the main thing in case of fire is to space the whole room and lock down the whole aft of the vessel. It stands that the interiors are already spaced void of O2, this plays little key to the situation. However you could still destabilise the supercruise engines creating massive drift inside the vessel with that and the manual switch-off of the gravity field manipulator. You have hands to manually override all the engineroom systems.
No. 820788 ID: f0a3f1

Don't escalate yet. Contact the bridge and hail these people. Maybe they can explain this unwarranted aggression.
No. 820963 ID: c9ecde
File 150214079675.png - (443.14KB , 1200x1090 , negotiate2.png )

"Hello. Before we burst into a headless conflict I would gladly be informed of the interstellar reason behind this aggressive first-contact protocol."

The councellor replies "The galaxy is a dangerous place. There are factions within this sector of the galaxy that only have bad intentions. We don't desire to get involved in any of it."

"Factions such as? We would like to know about the dangers too!"

Councellor, "Few thousand parsecs to the center of the galaxy roams a colony of exterminating synthetics. We don't want our location revealed to them in any form, not rumor, not signiture."

"Few hundred parsecs to the galactic rim, an ancient ill-meaning civilization is waking up from a cryostasis. We've studied them while they were asleep and I believe some of their coffins have been stolen by some factions less than hundred parsecs from this system. Maybe even your Megacorporation."
No. 821006 ID: 7b7ab3

"Maybe you should have opened with that. Your actions are understandable given your situation. However, you put me and my crew in a predicament. We can't leave without running the risk of endangering your people, but we cannot remain marooned here indefinitely. Perhaps we can come to some form of arrangement?"
No. 822485 ID: c9ecde
File 150267426919.png - (373.01KB , 600x545 , opportunity.png )


Upbeat by the sudden flush of good information, you figure out something new, yet familiar about xeno social mechanics. You decide to exploit this weakness and play in some cold-blood guilt mixed with reason.

"Maybe you should have opened with that. Your actions are understandable given your situation. However, you put me and my crew in a predicament. We can't leave without running the risk of endangering your people, but we cannot remain marooned here indefinitely. Perhaps we can come to some form of arrangement?"

They immideately seem more co-operative again. "We could of course donate a modulated jump drive to you and you could go to directions you see more fit. It won't let you return to space you came from, but enhance your exploration capability ten-fold. Other choice I can quickly come up with is that you surrender your weapons and land in our spaceport for memory erasure."

You suddenly seem willing to take up the challenge. Who knows how soon you'll figure out how to reverse the modulator or find someone in this unexplored space to do the job for you for something reasonable in return? How valuable would a piece of alien technology be to the megacorporation?
No. 822493 ID: 3d94c3

It's entirely possible that the jump drive is rigged to blow, but it's a better shot than total surrender. Accept the donation, but be prepared to run a full analysis of it once it's secured.
No. 822615 ID: c9ecde
File 150270961465.png - (281.80KB , 600x545 , engine_refit.png )


"Our best engineers will refit your ship into our jump capability. We will send in coordinates to a few potential survey systems with habitable planets to explore."
No. 822618 ID: c9ecde
File 150271025182.png - (1.13MB , 600x545 , galactic_spur.png )

Please select destination.
No. 822635 ID: c9ecde
File 150271889552.png - (193.72KB , 600x545 , _reverse_engineer.png )

You begin the process of reverse modifying the hyperdrive.

You find some hidden panels that can be opened in the drive. "Oh my, they didn't put anything interesting behind this panel. No wait... There"
No. 822637 ID: c9ecde
File 150271990371.png - (419.52KB , 600x545 , recharge_override.png )

Looks like they've attached something here... that blue chip seems out of place. Non-integrated. Doesn't belong here. I suspect that while it's in the jump-prep section of the hyperdrive, it has to be a recharge or energy circulation, not coordinate casting. This is something not part of the deal. I suspect it overrides recharge sequence, so the drive wouldn't be able to jump twice! Tricksters.
No. 822669 ID: 600f38

Remove the chip.
Before you jump, to a quick survey for pulsars. Each pulsar has a unique and invariant signature, which allows for them to be identified at a distance. You can use their position and distance to triangulate your own position.

One pulsar will reduce your search space from infinite to simply the surface of a very large sphere. Two will reduce it to a smaller torus. Three will reduce it to two point-areas. Four will reduce it to a single point area. Any further points will reduce the size of that point area and increase the likelihood of spotting one of the detected pulsars.

Good thing you sprung for the enhanced scanner package, isn't it?
No. 822966 ID: c9ecde
File 150281885768.png - (184.71KB , 300x273 , remove_chip.png )

Difficulty for clean removal: 16
Difficulty for dirty removal: 8
Difficulty for utter failure: 4 (removed)

Engineering Roll: dice 1d20+5
No. 823395 ID: 600f38

rolled 1 + 5 = 6

Use the proper tool for the job. Grab a mounting armature to hold the tools steady and do it right.
No. 823397 ID: 7fad5d

rolled 5 + 5 = 10

Let's try that again.
No. 823440 ID: c9ecde
File 150296570923.png - (26.01KB , 300x273 , dirty_removal_save.png )


You begin removing the override chip with a wrong tool given that it's alien technology, something weird happens as it always does when everything only seems to go like a dream. The ship suddenly enters hyperspace, but you switch quickly to a more correct tool and manage to avoid damage to the ship or to the drive and yet remove the chip. With null navigation you're lost in the interstellar void and with this new hyperdrive you have no idea how far it managed to jump. You make your way to the bridge to get on top of things to give proper instructions.
No. 823442 ID: c9ecde
File 150296596998.png - (1.16MB , 600x545 , controls.png )

Going through systems you collect that it in fact was a clean jump. All systems are unscatched. The hyperdrive is behaving in a dreamlike-state, but it's still recharging for at least two hours. Not believing your eyes, you've jumped to a whole new sector which is ten times further than you originally would have imagined in such time frame. The hyperdrive performed a full jump with its maximum capacity.
No. 823444 ID: c9ecde
File 150296641344.png - (892.76KB , 600x545 , NWW_spur.png )

Please select destination.
No. 823449 ID: c9ecde
File 150296717676.png - (2.74MB , 900x818 , greenhouse.png )

Guiro responds that he is ok and wants an update on the hyperspace jump, but also requires at least 2 hours of rest for the aggressive encounter took its toll on his nerves.

Chief Navigator is still slowly recovering from mind control, but responds to speech with a delay. She however refuses to leave her bunk on which she clutches her feet, her suit lying on the cabin floor.

You decide to have a meal and further analyze the new hyperdrive through captain's cabin console. The hyperdrive uses an unknown power circuit architecture, but you manage to further its research about 5% in a matter of just hours. It's still mysterious how it crosses the fabric of hyperspace in such efficiency and speed. You notice the first intriguing feature about the drive. It supercedes a lower dimension of hyperspace by initiating multiple overlapping jump procedures at once and ascends to a superposition, that the old drive couldn't reach. This of course has a higher power circulation requirement, which the alien architecture somehow generates out of seemingly thin air.
No. 837165 ID: c9ecde
File 150817147151.png - (636.79KB , 960x545 , around_the_fabric.png )

There be asteroids captain, we arrived in a G-type solar system.
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