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File 147624618189.jpg - (50.07KB , 640x448 , Exorcism Quest Image.jpg )
752572 No. 752572 ID: ea2bfa

"WELCOME TO DAWNSBURY, USA!" The sign in front of you reads. The "POPULATION" counter below it has been crossed out in what was once fresh blood but is now a black, coagulated mess. Below that, more blood has been used to spell out "DOOMED".

At your feet, a Behemoth lies dead at your feet. A reeking mass of rotting flesh vaguely shaped into some four-legged beast. You grabbed it by the head and squeezed until it stopped moving.

You stub out your cigarette in the creature's squishy hide and light another. Tonight's gonna be a long night.

Your name is Carson Whitetooth. You're 20 years old, a shark-folk and a professional Exorcist. Your job is to hunt down Spirits and Undead, and make them regret ever crawling out of the ground.

Spirits like the ones that have overtaken this town.

You stare down at the Behemoth. It had gotten out one howl and bounded forward two steps before you'd killed it. It was probably meant to ward off intruders.

They hadn't been planning for someone like you.

You take a drag off your cigarette and exhale through your nose as you step into town, smoke billowing from your nostrils. You've got one stop to make before you begin clearing out the Undead around town. The local Temple of Famine. If the clergy around here aren't complete chucklefucks, it should be one of the few safe places left in town. You'll talk to them, see if there are any survivors, and then get to work.

But as you walk down the darkened streets, streetlights flickering and exposing dead bodies and streaks of gore, you realize something. It's too quiet. You continue down the streets, expecting an ambush at any moment, but it never comes. Eventually, you see the Temple in the distance. The doors are open, and the lights are on. As you approach the door, you become acutely aware of how cold it is inside of the building.

You step into the front room, and call out. Nobody comes to greet you.

Ahead of you, the double-doors that lead into the main chamber lie closed. Another door, beside you, is also closed.

You feel like you should investigate...

>What do you do?
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No. 752577 ID: 0b4dd7

make sure the front doors didn't read
"dead don't"
"inside open"
No. 752578 ID: c441c1

Check the side room if nothing is there search main hall.
No. 752579 ID: ea2bfa

You check the side room, and are immediately confronted by what seems to be the Temple's High Priest, dead and flopping to the ground in front of you. His throat is torn open, and he seems to be completely terrified. Or at least, he was, before he died.

Other than that, though, there's nothing. It seems to have been a supply closet, though you also notice what looks like a half-empty box of snack cakes.

You decide to head into the main chamber, throwing open the doors. Inside, you discover multiple dead bodies filling the aisle, along with the pews. In the center of it all, holding a severed arm and gnawing away at it, is an emaciated figure. Basically every identifying feature you could have used is gone, withered away along with all of its fur. It is completely naked, and as you open the doors it looks up at you and hisses.

"You are what you eat..."

The creature hisses and crawls backwards, towards the front of the room. It holds the arm it's gnawing on like it's afraid you'll steal it.

You scowl at the figure. Ghouls aren't really aggressive unless you attack them, and it obviously knows it can't beat you...

But you're not one to suffer an undead to live. You stalk towards it, and it apparently realizes a fight is coming. It stands up and bares its sharp, needle-like teeth.

You punch it in the side of the head so hard it goes sprawling, then stomp its head into a paste before it can get back up.

Ugh. Good thing you didn't really like those shoes anyways...

You check the rest of the building, including the Priest's quarters and the office. Aside from a few more dead bodies, you don't find anything else of value.

Well, you guess you've got absolutely no direction to work off of. You prepare to head out and just see what you can accomplish, but as you step into the main room the entire building turns freezing cold. You shiver slightly, even though you're clad in a jacket, and turn to the altar. The candles around it, normally burning steadily, begin to gutter.

The entire room goes dark, and you hear something let out an ear-piercing screech. The lights flick back on, and a creature stands before you, tall enough that its head scrapes the ceiling.

Four arms press against the walls, tipped with hands with long, spindly fingers. The digits are caked with gore, bits of flesh caught underneath long, dirty fingernails. It's covered in coarse, scraggly black fur, and judging from the horns on its head it might have once been a goat-folk before its death. Two thin, knobbly legs hold the whole creature up, almost too thin to support its weight.

"Bad children go to hell."

The Boogeyman smiles at you with teeth as big as you are, and one of its hands reaches towards you.

>What do you do?
No. 752648 ID: 37f049

Point out you are not a child and thus exempt.

Then punch it.
No. 752651 ID: ea2bfa

You point out to The Boogeyman that you are a grown-ass man, and far too old to be afraid of it. This doesn't seem to deter it, and you dodge its grasping hand.

So, you do the next best thing. You leap up several feet and punch this giant hairy fucker in his ugly face. You feel bones give way as your fist makes contact with lips, and the creature screams out as shattered fragments of tooth fall to the floor.

However, despite this, it doesn't seem to be too deterred. In fact, it seems even more desperate to kill you dead, as more hands reach forward to grab at you!

>What do you do?
No. 752655 ID: c441c1

Bite its hands off.
No. 752693 ID: 665ed8

So...Do we have weapons for such things other than punching? I mean I'm sure we could beat it with that but it is a waste of time to do so
No. 752717 ID: 213ff6

tear off arm, use arm as weapon.
No. 752802 ID: ea2bfa

Huh? No, you're a Starving Exorcist ! Your entire deal is the use of your fists and improvised weapons in combat! It's not as skillful, but definitely more powerful!

Speaking of improvised weapons...

You dodge the other arms, and grab hold of the creature's wrist. The arm is thin and gangly, and with another pressure you tear it entirely free of its socket, the creature letting out another pained screech. Black Plasm gushes from the wound, splattering the floor before disappearing entirely.

Steadying yourself, you swing hard and smash the creature's leg with its own arm, resulting in a crack of bone as both the arm and leg break, sending The Boogeyman sprawling to the ground.

It glares at you and sends its remaining arms grasping for you.

>What do you do?
No. 752803 ID: 398fe1

Chuck arm at head while kickflipping backwards to evade its attacks.
No. 753019 ID: ea2bfa

You leap backwards, away from the hands, giving the most anime possible flip in the air as you go. You throw the hand at The Boogeyman's head as you go, and the severed limb smashes into the skull of the creature!

Unfortunately, it also grabs you by the ankle, causing you to flop comically. Fortunately, it also dies a few seconds after grabbing you.

Also unfortunately, this causes you to fall several feet to the ground, resulting in a decent amount of pain as you smack the ground in all your ragdoll-esque glory.

As you stumble to your feet, The Boogeyman's form begins to shimmer and fade in the way that you've come to expect from dead ghosts. As the shadow fades, you see a form huddled up in the creature's chest. As The Boogeyman dissipates entirely, you see the Spirit that was powering him.

A small goat-folk child looks up at you, tears streaming from his eyes. "I'm s-sorry... I was s-so scared!" he tells you, choking back tears. "P-please don't send me to hell..."

Before you can say anything, you hear a voice behind you, a young woman who sounds more than a little exasperated. "Hold on, Carson, I'll take it from here."

You turn around, and see a young rabbit-folk woman standing at the door, a crossbow slung over her back and her arms crossed. "Nice job taking that thing out, by the way. Almost thought I'd need to pitch in for a moment."

She steps past you, and kneels beside the child. You can't hear what she says, but the kid stops crying, and after a moment the spirit disappears in a flash of golden light. The woman stands up and dusts her hands off.

"Poor kid. Apparently the little guy grew up with some real "fire and brimstone" type parents. You can imagine how something like that would sufficiently fuck up a spirit's Memory, huh?"

She turns to you and extends a hand. "Anyways, nice to meetcha, Carson. I have a lot of names, but you'd probably know me as Conquest."

Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

>What do you do?
No. 753043 ID: 3e79eb

Uh...shake hands, I guess, unless you know a reason not to. I'd say introduce yourself, but she already knows who you are.
No. 753046 ID: ea2bfa
File 147648002665.png - (28.48KB , 1024x1024 , downloadfile.png )

You reach forward and shake Conquest's hand. She nods at you, and then puts the hand you just shook in the pocket of her jacket. "Alright, neat. Listen, I dunno how you intended to do this shit, but, uh... it's a lot more delicate and complex than you could imagine."

You apparently looked confused, because she closes her eyes and sighs, then yanks your backpack from your shoulder and begins rifling through it, pulling out the map you brought and spreading it open.

"So, basically, this is not your average Spirit Invasion. See, basically, this entire town is sitting right on top of a Hellgate. And it opened." She says, pointing to a seemingly innocuous area of the "Samael Memorial Park". "Right here, to be precise."

You feel yourself go a bit pale. That's... extraordinarily bad. Like, worse than you could even begin to imagine.

"Now, listen." She says, apparently detecting your nerves and just heading you off at the pass. "You're not doomed or anything. We've just gotta approach this carefully, okay?"

She gives you back your map and backpack, then claps her hands together. "See, we're gonna be meeting my Sisters. And we're all gonna figure out what needs to get done where. Fighting Spirits, saving survivors, all that jazz. And then we're gonna send you down to do the dirty work, alright? But we're gonna be helping you."

She pauses, apparently considering something, then frowns. "And, uh, Famine has just informed me that as a mortal, you cannot, in fact, go for over 72 hours of combat straight, so we'll probably let you rest between missions."

She shakes her head, then looks at you again. "So, uh, any questions?"

>What do you do?

((Author's Note: Thanks to the wonderful k0bold, who has offered to provide the occasional art piece for this Quest! To start off, this art of Conquest!))
No. 753051 ID: e3a526

"Just a couple: what's the plan, is there anything special about this hellgate stuff I need to know and what's this help I'd be getting? other than that, just let me know what I need to do."
No. 753087 ID: c441c1

So out of all your sisters who do you think is hottest?
No. 753098 ID: ea2bfa
File 147654971762.png - (30.75KB , 1024x1024 , exorcist-2-2.png )

"So, the plan is bringing you to Heaven, just for a bit, long enough that you won't get your ass destroyed by Spirits and my sisters and I can discuss a plan of operations. The Hellgate shouldn't pose much of a problem as long as you don't get too close, everyone who would've escaped at this point already has. The Hell Spirits are probably not much stronger than your average Ghoul, but we'll let you know if there are any stronger ones running around. And the backup you can expect, well, we'll provide you guidance and info, among other things. We can't help you directly, thanks to some non-interference stuff with deities and mortals and yadda yadda yadda it's complicated, but we can offer advice."

She opens up a portal and shoves you through, then follows you in. Three women who you recognize from art as the other three Horsemen look you over.

"So this is the one?" One of them asks, a stern-looking horse-folk in full plate who seems to only barely be hiding her disdain for you. Judging from the red tone of her hair and the claymore by her side, she is War.

"Seems like it!" Another replies, obviously Death. Even disregarding the skull-like markings on the Raccoon-folk's face, she's clad in a black robe and holding a scythe.

"Oh gosh! He's great!" The last one chimes in, a dalmation-folk who seems barely able to conceal her excitement, her tail a blur behind her and her eyes bright. "I bet he's gonna do just fine!" The necklace she wears has a pair of scales dangling from it, so you can only assume she's Famine.

The horse-folk, War, scowls. "Whatever. If you're so confident in him, Famine, why don't you bring him to the training grounds? Show him some of the ropes with fighting Hell Spirits? We'll discuss the next move."
Famine hops up, her tail somehow wagging even faster. "Sure thing! Cmon, Carson, we're gonna make sure you're up for this! I bet you are, though, we make our Starving Exorcists tough, right?"

As a Starving Exorcist, you are technically a holy man of Famine. Though standing in front of her, looking roughly your age and clad in a mid-riff baring tank-top, you can't help but feel a little weird about that.

She takes you by the hand and leads you through a series of winding hallways at a dizzying speed, though with your physical training you easily keep pace with her. Eventually, she opens a large set of double doors and you step into what seems to be a rectangular court. Several weapon racks are set up in between sets of training dummies. Famine goes up to one of the dummies and focuses, and the stuffed construct glows a bright white.

"Alright! Before we get into the meat of this, I wanna see what you can do with just your fists! Hit this dummy as hard as you can! Just... destroy it! Gimme your biggest, flashiest move!"

>What do you do?
No. 753099 ID: c441c1

Roundhouse kick it in the head.
No. 753109 ID: 398fe1

No. 753130 ID: 5f6b29

Talk shit about its momma.
No. 753145 ID: 0b4dd7

tear it in half like a phonebook, say an awful one liner
No. 753148 ID: c441c1

continue forward with the FALCON PUNCH and brush Famines boob.
No. 753157 ID: c2552b

Bite the thing's head off as a finisher.
No. 753189 ID: ea2bfa
File 147662796523.png - (65.64KB , 1024x1024 , exorcist-3.png )

You take a stance, spreading your legs slightly apart, and steady yourself. You take a deep breath, and using all your strength, send your fist flying at the dummy's torso! Unfortunately, you suddenly realize that Famine is standing way too close to the dummy!

You realize this because, as your fist travels through the air, it brushes by and makes direct contact with Famine's chest. Her soft, warm, rather large chest. You blush with her in perfect synchronicity as your fist sinks into the wood of the target, bashing a hole through the torso and splitting the upper torso in half, sending the head spiraling into the air.


In some attempt to salvage the situation, you grab the head in your teeth and bite it into splinters.

Famine, though embarrassed by the boob touch, seems impressed! She steps back and clears her throat. “Uh, wow, uh... g-good shot.” She's blushing, and she begins fiddling with her skirt, apparently making sure the front is down all the way. “No, seriously! B-barely anyone's ever actually gotten their hand there... uh, through the dummy, I mean! Nobody's ever done... what you've done.”

She shakes her head and clears her throat, though she's still visibly blushing. “But, uh, being physical isn't all there is to it. Uh, fighting Spirits, that is. With the Hellgate open, they're going to be a lot more durable.” She adjusts her skirt again and looks to the side. “There are these things called Memories we have to discuss.”

“Basically, every Spirit has some bit of their past life that they cling to heavily. That's the Memory. If you want to make the Spirit weaker, you have to take advantage of its Memory. A Spirit with a memory of Faith might be deeply religious. You'd have to use that somehow, say, lying that its existence is sinful, or convincing it to move on to heaven.”

She clears her throat again, and turns away from you, waving her hands and apparently using magic to reassemble the dummy. Maybe it's just because you accidentally touched her boob, but you're suddenly noticing her ass. And how nice it is. “Uh, my sisters haven't finished deliberating yet. So if you want, we could practice using Memories in combat. But if you think you're done, then I can just... show you where you'll be staying, while we get this whole Dawnsbury Incident under control?”

>What do you do?
No. 753190 ID: c441c1

practice using memories.
No. 754683 ID: ea2bfa
File 147716624347.png - (25.08KB , 1024x1024 , WHAT TIME IS IT.png )

You decide it's better to be safe than sorry, and learn about MEMORIES from Famine!

Famine nods. “Alright, perfect. Lemme just set up the Live Fire Exercise and we'll start.” Wait, live fire exercise? You ask if that'll be dangerous. “Nah, not at all!” Famine replies. “Death... well, the concept of death... is a little wobbly right now, with all the hellgate bullshit. You'll be fine!”

She approaches one of the walls of the training grounds, and taps a single brick. A rectangular portion of the wall disappears, replaced with a swirling portal of blue light. Something begins to step through.

“Carson, meet Cerberus.” She says, as a three-headed wolf-folk steps out from the portal. He stares into your eyes, then tips the stetson he's wearing on his center head.

“Charmed to meetcha, Mr. Whitetooth.” He says, adjusting his leather vest. “Guess we're doing the ol' Memory Training, Famine?” He asks her, the left head shooting a glance in her direction.

Famine nods. “That's right! Alright, so, normally you can't see the Memory of a Spirit or Undead yourself, being just a Mortal and all. But that's what we're for! My sisters and I are gonna play Mission Control for you, and tell you all about the various undead you'll be fighting! So, Cerberus here has a Memory of Servitude, because he's been raised to serve us! You'll have to use that against him! Either through convincing him we want him to do something, or that we wouldn't want him to do something, or something like that!”

Cerberus' middle head frowns as the other two begin growling. “Uh, for reference, Whitetooth, I'm not actually a Spirit. But I do play the part when one of the Horsemen ask me to. I'm damn good at playing parts.”
She smiles. “And of course, lying to a Spirit is totally something you can do! We're here to Exorcise them, not win the moral victory. Now, let's see if...”

Suddenly, there's a ringing noise from the side of her skirt. She reaches into the fabric and pulls out a phone, answering the call. “What? You're telling me who's here? ...fuck, it's that bad? Alright, I'll be right there.”

She hangs up, and turns to you and Cerberus. “I've got some business to attend to real quick, but I'll be back! Just beat Cerberus and I'll come get you! Cerberus, play nice!”

And with that, she disappears. You stare at where she was, then look over at Cerberus, who is reaching for a gun worn at his belt. A rather large, shiny gun. He grins at you with all three heads. “I believe the term we're lookin' for is 'draw, pilgrim'?”
No. 754685 ID: c441c1

you should totally roll over and act super cute for when famine gets back and sees you I bet she would give you belly rubs.
No. 756176 ID: 2169b1
File 147786559672.png - (26.67KB , 1024x1024 , exorcist-5.png )

Cerberus scowls at you, then raises his gun. Unfortunately, in his blatant frustration his aim is off, and the bullet he fires for your head whizzes past your ear.

"I reckon I don't like your attitude, Whitetooth. May wanna pick your next words real careful like."

They say real heroes live forever...

Your eyes immediately begin flicking around the battlefield for something you could use as an improvised weapon. Unfortunately, these training grounds don't offer an awful ton. A few benches, weapon racks, training dummies and punching bags. Your [i]Starving Exorcist[i] abilities mean they'll still be powerful, but you don't have an awful lot to work with...
No. 756191 ID: c441c1

duck and weave past his next shot then round-house swing the loose punching-bag on the floor into all three of his heads while talking about how even with 6 eyes he couldn't hit the broad side of a gluttony demon with his aim.
No. 756375 ID: 3abd97

Dual-wield training dummies. It's what they're there for.

"Better pull your shots, servant. You know your masters have a use for me, and it'll put them out if they have to patch me up."
No. 756378 ID: beb1d8

this seems like a job for the legendary punching-bag-flail
No. 758596 ID: 2169b1
File 147916563181.png - (34.05KB , 1024x1024 , exorcist-6.png )

You grab one of the punching bags from the ceiling, yanking it down and breaking the chain. You dodge to the side when he fires another shot and dash forward, swinging it by the chain and smashing it directly into Cerberus' three heads.

The impact knocks him onto his side, though he compensates with a roll and a crouch. You can tell he's about to go for another shot... or, judging from the way his other hand goes to the hammer of his revolver, a few shots.

You grab two training dummies and position them to absorb the shots as Cerberus fans the hammer and fires the rest of his bullets. As he reloads, you throw out an attempt to appeal to that whole "Memory" thing, informing him that the Horsemen would probably be pretty pissed if he injured or killed you.

Cerberus' two heads growl, especially the one you hit first. "God damnit. You're right." He holsters his gun and stands. "Fine. I guess you win. Don't think it'll be this easy with actual Spirits, mind you, but I can't exactly kill you, can I?"

He raises a hand to his left head, rubbing a rapidly-swelling black eye you caused. "I ain't happy 'bout this. But you put up a damn good fight." He extends his other hand. "You can probably head back to the Horsemen. Betcha they'll have something lined up by now."
No. 758602 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, good match. Guns are kind of hard to use in a friendly spar- you hard the shorter end of the stick here.

Time to check in on the riders.
No. 760850 ID: 2169b1

((Author's Note: Due to life things, k0bold is taking a short break from doing art for Exorcist Quest. The next few updates will be text only!))

You tell him he did well, for someone restricted to lethal weapons in a friendly spar. When you shake his hand, he pulls you in and promptly punches you in the gut.

"I'm not a fuckin' puppy, Whitetooth. Any more comments 'bout belly rubs and yer dead." He says, letting you writhe in pain for a bit before helping you up. You inform him it's duly noted.

You navigate back the way you came, and arrive back at the room you entered through Conquest's portal. The only person in the room is Famine, standing by the portal and checking her phone. You're not sure what she's looking at, but she's got an... interesting look on her face.

You greet her, and she lets out an “Eep!” and quickly pockets her phone. “Carson, hey!” She says, attempting to play it cool. “We've got your first assignment! See, obviously, in a situation like this we're gonna be calling in multiple Exorcists, right? Well, turns out, there's one already there! She's retired, but she used to work for Death and she's been keeping the peace where she is, so we're sending you to her so she can let you know how to help!”

She taps the ornate arch on the side, and you are immediately assaulted by the scent of saltwater and the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

Oh no. You'd heard Dawnsbury was a seaside town, but you hadn't expected to actually have to deal with...

The Ocean.

The portal is open to Dawnsbury's Boardwalk. Supposedly one of the best in the country, it boasts rides, gift shops, an arcade, games of skill and chance, various restaurants...

And it's right next to that damnable watery abyss known as The Ocean.

Famine doesn't seem to notice your discomfort at the idea of going anywhere near that cold, salty expanse of doom, smiling and wagging her tail. “I know it's kinda a ghost apocalypse right now, but I figured you'd enjoy this! Everyone loves going to the boardwalk, and some of it's still safe!”
No. 760999 ID: 3abd97

A shark who has a problem with the ocean? For shame.

>Inviting you to take a walk on the boardwalk
...is this a date?
No. 761000 ID: c441c1

Scream in terror at your debilitating fear of the ocean and run into the nearest building.
No. 761578 ID: 2169b1
File 148016828203.png - (25.48KB , 1000x1000 , Aaahhh.png )

Hey, look, you don't get it, okay? It's not that it's water, it's that there's just SO MUCH OF IT. If it were just a barren, completely dry wasteland you'd be scared shitless of it too, but then you add in the water and suddenly it's a deep, dark abyssal hellhole! And the things that swim around in it... ugh...

To get your mind off of it, you decide to have a bit of fun with Famine and ask her if it's a date. She blushes, but apparently seems to be considering your words.

"N-no, not really. For one thing, there are still hostile undead running around..." She pauses. "B-but, if you'd like me to come with you, at least to meet the other Exorcist... I guess that's okay?"

She extends a hand, which you gladly take. Her hand is warm, and despite her general appearance you feel callouses roughly similar to those you'd expect from someone who spends a lot of time using their hands.

...not like that, you sicko, you mean physical labor.

The both of you step through the portal, and you try to swallow your fear as you hear the sounds of waves and watch them crash against the nearby shore. The sun is just beginning to rise, though the lights of the boardwalk remain on, combining bright, neon colors with the softer light of the coming morning.

She seems to notice your nerves as your grip on her hand grows tighter, and she frowns. "Listen, I know it's probably a bit nerve-wracking, all of this... not really what most Exorcists sign up for..."

She begins guiding you down the boardwalk. You pass by a series of shops, most of them either closed or busted up. Ahead of you, you see the arcade, which actually appears to be... populated? You can see figures milling around within.

"We really do appreciate you going to all this trouble. I know War and Conquest can seem a bit distant, but I think they respect you most of all. They appreciate strength."

You pass by the Funhouse. Several lights are still on, and as you pass by the entrance you could almost swear you feel something watching you...

"It's gonna be hard. I'm not gonna lie to you. But I'm confident you can do this. You're one of my Exorcists, and I know you're the sort who won't give up for anything."

Finally, you reach the arcade. You can definitely see people inside of it, and one of them glances over at you and begins walking towards the door.

Famine turns you to face her and smiles. "You can do it. I believe in you. Start here, and we'll see what happens." Her smile gets a bit more devious. "And if you do well here... well, I'm sure we can arrange some sort of reward, right?"

She leans up and pecks you on the cheek, and when you blink in surprise she's gone. The person approaching you opens the door to the arcade and steps out. She's a somewhat elderly mouse-folk, clad in what seems to be stereotypical "fortune-teller" clothing and holding a Crystal Ball.

"You must be the Exorcist. Carson, right? I'm Maria. Welcome to the Dawnsbury Boardwalk, happiest place on the coast until the hell portal opened up." She sighs. "So, let's not have any bullshit. There are three Major Spirits here that I need you to Exorcise, and a bunch of minor ones that'll probably get the hell out when you exorcise the Major Ones. There's one in The Funhouse, one on The Ferris Wheel, and one hanging around the Rides."

She looks you in the eyes. "I figure that's all you'll really need to know. Anything else you feel is important, or can we just get to work?"

>About Maria
>About Funhouse Spirit
>About Ferris Wheel Spirit
>About Rides Spirit
No. 761588 ID: 56ffef

sounds like the fun-house will be the easiest to take care of with improvised weapons so ask about that one and then get to work.
No. 761628 ID: 3abd97

Can she tell us anything useful about these spirits? Knowing what one is up against tends to improve odds over charging in blindly.

She coming with us, or she just here to point you in the right direction?
No. 762037 ID: 2169b1
File 148033626726.png - (21.36KB , 1000x1000 , Hall Of Mirrors.png )

"Okay, you wanna know about the spirits?" Marie asks. She sighs and places one hand over her crystal ball, and with a sudden flash of light the orb begins floating between her hands. "Okay, look into the crystal ball, if you'd please."

You do, and the center of the orb fills with gray clouds before several images flash through your head.

A fox-folk woman staring into a mirror, blood streaking her white fur.

An elderly man sitting in the top cart of the ferris wheel, watching the carnage unfold below him.

A mechanical creature seemingly created from twisted steel and wire prowling between still-running rides, moving far faster than anything like it should be able to...

A golden gate emblazoned with sigils, the sounds of distant song emanating from behind it...

The images fade, and Marie lowers the crystal ball. "Okay. The Funhouse spirit currently inhabits the Hall of Mirrors. Might be capable of travelling through them. The spirit in the Ferris Wheel is the park's old owner. Might get aggressive if you don't talk to him just right. You'll need to enter the ferris wheel to meet him. The ride spirit, I actually know him. His name was Percy, and he used to operate the roller coaster until... yknow, he got murdered. I'd suggest using the rides against him."

You hear a voice in your head, suddenly, that you recognize as Death. "Yo, Carson! It's me, Death! I'm here to help you out! I'm gonna be giving you advice on Spirits and stuff! So, yeah, hope you're cool with having me in your head!" You hear her take a sip of something. "Also, I've got coffee. We've really gotta introduce you to Heaven coffee when you get back."

You decide to head straight for the Fun House to start things off. The building is still running, oddly enough, and as you navigate the empty building you're disoriented by the bright lights and various distractions. Eventually, you reach the Hall of Mirrors.

Several mirrors are currently shattered, and blood covers the ground. You immediately notice that several of these shards could make for good improvised daggers, your Exorcist abilities should protect you from being cut by them.

Nobody is in the Hall. The only thing you can hear is muffled calliope music from the next room, your own breathing, and the gritty sound of broken glass beneath your shoes.

You're gonna have to draw the spirit out somehow...
No. 762106 ID: c441c1

So death do you know any tricks to draw out foxes? If not we could always try the route of insulting the spirit I hear fox pee has a very pungent ouder that you could say something like "oh Famine what the hell smells like fox piss."
No. 766377 ID: 2169b1
File 148194478145.png - (9.46KB , 1000x1000 , Bloody Mary.png )

You don't think insulting the spirit is gonna work. Generally speaking they're too far gone to notice that sort of thing. You inquire as to whether Death knows any trick to lure it out.

"This one? Uh, let me do some digging through the archives. I can figure something out."

You look into the various non-shattered mirrors, seeing various distorted reflections of yourself.

Eventually, one particular battered mirror displays something strange. You are seemingly entire in silhouette. Your eyes bleed, and somehow, you can tell that this is the Spirit.

"Cross your heart and hope to die, stick a needle in your eye..."

As you stand, gazing at your own Spirit-produced reflection, you realize nothing seems to be happening. She just watches...

"Yo, Carson! I figured out more about the Spirit! Their memory is "Shattering". I, uh, don't think this one's gonna be rocket science."

There are 10 MIRRORS remaining in the Hall. Bloody Mary stares at you, unmoving.
No. 766381 ID: 398fe1

No. 766384 ID: 595d54

Apply fist. Start punching.
No. 766398 ID: 2169b1
File 148194812717.png - (11.64KB , 1000x1000 , Diamond Dust.png )

You swing your fist for the mirror, flesh hardened by Exorcist training and faith easily smashing the glass apart...

Your reflection gains a white, sharp-toothed smile, and you realize you've fucked up.

As the glass shatters under your fist, the rest of the mirror explodes in a maelstrom of shards, bursting outwards and beginning to slash at your flesh.

You do your best to cover yourself, but dozens of shards cut through you, leaving you covered in painful, stinging cuts that ooze blood. You're alive... but it hurts a lot, and you're rapidly losing blood.

There are 9 MIRRORS left in the Hall of Mirrors. Bloody Mary gazes at you from a separate mirror, the smile still on her face.
No. 766399 ID: 595d54

Well, that probably was too easy. Try the opposite of shattering and... hmm. Place the mirrors so they face each other?
No. 766400 ID: c441c1

well do some first aid, then move the mirrors together and try hitting it from behind.
No. 766410 ID: 398fe1

Ah. Well. Forget breaking the mirrors like that, then. Can't you summon her by saying "bloody mary" three times?
No. 766543 ID: 2169b1
File 148202915973.png - (9.61KB , 1000x1000 , Bloody Bloody Mary Mary.png )

You manage to pull one of the non bloody mary mirrors from the wall and place it in front of hers. The infinite Maries tilt their heads at each other, but nothing seems to happen.

Death chimes in. "Yup! You can bring her out of the mirror through the old tried-n-true method. But... I have a feeling there's a way to solve this without drawing her out. You can, and just beat her senseless, but there might be an easier way to do this."

You consider. There must be something you're missing. You could summon her if you want... just make sure you're not missing anything or making any mistakes by doing so.
No. 766544 ID: 398fe1

You could break the ones she's NOT in, avoiding retaliation and leaving her in the final mirror...

I wonder if she would be aggravated by smashing the shards lying about?
No. 766546 ID: c441c1

it is very likely that using the old tried and true method would give her some advantage over us in the fight so while we are thinking we should consolidate our options into one area so lets move all the mirrors together.
No. 766557 ID: 2169b1
File 148203030622.png - (8.36KB , 1000x1000 , Bloody Mary's Pissed.png )

This is an idea you can work with. Carefully, you approach one of the mirrors she's not in and sink your fist into it. It shatters into pieces... which fall to the floor harmlessly. Mary frowns at you.


You smash another. Mary's frown deepens.


As you go to swing for another, she bursts from the mirror and lunges at you! You dodge to the side, and rather than impact the mirror she disappears into it! Looks like you've got your way to do things, but Mary seems PISSED. She looks ready to lunge out of yet another!
No. 766558 ID: 91cfcf

Go behind the mirror she's in and use it to smash the other mirrors.
No. 766559 ID: d79f26

make a mirror sandwich
No. 766646 ID: 398fe1

Use a mirror as a shield so she can't lunge at you like that-- she'd just wind up swooping into your shield. You could also try swiping at her mid-lunge, either with a mirror shard or your fists.
No. 766833 ID: 2169b1
File 148215498994.png - (13.32KB , 1000x1000 , Shattered Mirrors.png )

You slam another mirror into the one Bloody Mary is currently in, forcing her to stay trapped between the two of them. You hear her shriek in rage as you set about smashing the other mirrors until there are only two left. When it's over, you split apart the mirrors and shatter the one she's not in.

She glares at you from the final mirror, hatred in her eyes. You grin toothily at her, and shatter the final mirror, Bloody Mary's death scream echoing through the room as the glass shatters underneath your fist.

Behind you, there is a thud and the tinkling of shattered glass as a silhouette drops to the ground and shatters to pieces, before sinking into the ground.

Achievment Unlocked: Shattered Hopes! Defeat Bloody Mary without drawing her out of the mirror!

You hear Death chime into your head again. "Oh, shit... we've been looking for this one for a while. Yeah, this is Bloody Mary. Former serial killer that got out of Hell when the Gate opened. Nice job, man."

The fun house is now empty. And definitely safer, besides the shattered glass on the ground. You have two more places to go now, The Ferris Wheel and The Rides...
No. 766939 ID: 398fe1

Ferris wheel!
No. 766942 ID: 595d54

Ferris Wheel. And bring Famine with you.
No. 766944 ID: 595d54

On a date, if that wasn't clear.
No. 766968 ID: 2169b1

You begin heading for the Ferris Wheel, and ask Death to get Famine on the metaphorical line. You can practically hear Death perk up.

"Oh, you want Famine as mission control? Sure! Gimme a second!"

Everything goes quiet, and then you hear Famine's voice. "Uh, Carson? What do you need? I m-mean, it's nice to talk to you and all, I'm just wondering..."

You inquire as to whether she's up for a romantic ferris wheel ride, and you can practically feel her blushing.

"Oh, gosh! Uh... I'd love to! B-but, there's... kind of a Spirit haunting it, remember? One that's killed people?"

You feel a little silly for forgetting that.

"M-maybe when you clear out the Boardwalk. You'll have some free time then, right? Then we can do that. Okay?"

An awkward pause ensues. Eventually, Famine speaks up again. "Well, I see smoke coming from under her door, so I don't Death's coming back, War's playing video games, and Conquest is talking to Hades... so I guess it's just you and me! That's... nice."

Eventually, you reach the ferris wheel. It remains still, and several broken bodies lie at the bottom of it. The car that sits at the bottom lies open, ready for you to enter.

"Listen, Carson? I need you to enter that car." Famine says. "If you do this right, everything will be okay. Please be careful..."

You step inside, and the door slams closed and the Ferris Wheel rumbles to life. The ride moves slowly, taking you to the very top... and then stops. Slowly, a shadowy figure forms next to you on the seat.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" He asks.
No. 766970 ID: 595d54

"I'm on a date, what do you think?"
No. 766971 ID: c441c1

got any info on this Famine?
No. 766973 ID: 398fe1

Introduce yourself and tell him you're helping make his park safe again.
No. 766976 ID: 595d54

Be sure to link your arm with his and call him senpai.
No. 767008 ID: 2169b1
File 148220068354.png - (12.77KB , 1000x1000 , Old Man Witherspoon.png )

Absolutely not. As much as you think it'd be hilarious, the fact is fucking with Spirits is almost always a bad idea if you don't know what they're capable of.

You mentally ask Famine if there's anything she knows about this Spirit.

"Not a ton... he used to own the park, apparently his soul got bound to the Ferris Wheel. I'd be careful, I have no idea what he's capable of, and it's too cramped to fight effectively..."

You introduce yourself to him.

"Carson? You sound like a nice boy, Carson... we haven't had many visitors, lately, riding the rides and enjoying themselves... they're all cooped up in that arcade they built a while ago! I told 'em video games would distract the kids, but they didn't listen..."

You tell him that you're here to make his park safer.

"What? No, no, my park's plenty safe! We keep everything up to the latest safety standards! We just haven't had many visitors lately is all! You don't need to worry, Carson, m'boy, everything's fine!"

He doesn't seem aware of the carnage that's unfolded below him... not even the broken bodies littering the base of the ferris wheel.

"So many people have been telling me I don't have what it takes anymore... but they're wrong! I've been keeping this place safe and fun for everyone! I still have it!"

He puts his head in his hands, seeming depressed. Carefully, you put a comforting arm around him. He is cold, and his form shudders under your touch.

"You agree with me, don't you, Carson?"
No. 767011 ID: 595d54

Of course you do. Why, as soon as you have some free time you're hoping to bring a lovely lady along to enjoy his park.
No. 767031 ID: 398fe1

Tell him it's not his rides you're worried about. More that there's some bad folks hanging around. You already took care of one of them, and there's another you need to deal with, but you decided to come talk to him first. Ask if he remembers the last time the park was full.

...I'm not sure if we need to beat this guy up. We might just have to gradually get him to remember what happened.
No. 767051 ID: 2169b1
File 148220487097.png - (7.32KB , 1000x1000 , Hardly Working.png )

He seems amused when you bring this up. "Young love. Always nice to see. I know my old flames used to appreciate a trip to the fair..."


You inform him that you're not worried about the safety of the rides, but that there are some... you hold back from mentioning Spirits, instead referring to some troublesome guests causing problems.

"Really? I knew some of the teenagers could get rowdy this time of year, but... did you get hired on? I don't remember seeing you around before..."

You ask him when's the last time he remembers the boardwalk being full.

"Well... it was a few days ago, wasn't it? Why, it was the busiest day we'd had all year! There were so many people, and then... there were a lot less..." He frowns. "Was there some sort of event? I thought I would've heard about something like that..."

He seems troubled. "And it's been quiet ever since... and it's still the middle of July..." He looks over at you. "I hope you've still been working hard, though! Low traffic is no excuse to slack off, especially for security like yourself, young man!"
No. 767052 ID: 595d54

"Of course. Just cleared up a spot of trouble in the mirror hall. Although after that punk, things need cleaning up, so I thought you would be the best one to go to about that."
No. 767053 ID: c441c1

"okay let me get back to work." Punch him out the god-dame window
No. 767055 ID: 398fe1

There was an event, yes. Can he remember? Urge him to think.
No. 767069 ID: 2169b1
File 148220664784.png - (8.57KB , 1000x1000 , Minotaur.png )

He frowns at you, and you can tell he's thinking about something. "An event... what was it... I... I don't remember. I've just been up here in the ferris wheel..."

An expression of shock crosses his face. "Ever since I died..."

He seems to practically go limp in the seat, shock evident on his face. "My god... I remember it now. The Spirits, the death... they killed us all..." He looks at you. "You're not security at all, are you? You're an Exorcist. Like Marie..."

He tries to stand, but seems to be incapable of leaving the seat he's in. "I... I need to get out here, I need to help! I need to..."

Suddenly, a hand sets on both yours and the old man's shoulders. You look up, and into the eyes of Famine. She nods to you, then turns to him.

"Sir... I'm sorry, but there's nothing more you can do here. My friend is going to help out here. We'll fix this, I promise."

Suddenly, neither of you are sitting in the ferris wheel. You're standing in what you recognize as the Palace of the Horsemen. Apparently you're in a waiting room, judging by the individuals sitting in chairs and reading assorted magazines.

Famine takes him by the hand and begins leading him away. "Right this way, sir, we've got a good place lined up for you."

You watch them go... well, okay, fine, you're staring at Famine's ass. But same difference, right? She turns back and winks at you, and suddenly you're standing at the foot of the Ferris Wheel again. The bodies surrounding it are gone, and the wheel spins gently. You feel safe here.

Major Spirit Assisted

There's only one place left for you to go, now. The rides. You're... not looking forward to this, you think, as you make the trek to the rides. You can hear the rides running in the distance, and the sound just increases as you get closer.

When you get near, Famine chimes in. "Hey, Carson... great job with the park owner. You're... pretty sensitive, actually. It's kinda nice..." She clears her throat, and you can practically sense her trying to clear her head. "Uh, listen, this guy, according to Marie his name was Percy. He was a ride operator before he died, and from what I can understand, he's become a Spirit with the Memory of Momentum. I'm not sure how you can use that, but I'm sure you'll come up with something! Stay safe, please."

As you approach the ride area, you're nearly run down by what seems to be a small train, probably meant for riding small children around. As you watch, it finally skids off the track and crashes headlong into a ticket booth.

The spirit hasn't arrived yet, so you take a moment to take stock of your surroundings. There doesn't look like there's an awful lot you can use. A few benches are bolted to the ground, but with your enhanced strength that poses no problem. A railroad sign sits near the track of the recently-derailed train, which could probably make a good bludgeon.

Every ride seems to be running at once, and at speeds far outweighing their normal safety procedures. You step forward, and hear something akin to metal clunking against the ground.

You see the Spirit before it sees you, a 12 foot tall abomination of twisted metal, clutching a flail seemingly crafted from a swing and a hunk of metal.

"A body in motion stays in motion..."

It notices you, and stares down at you for a moment, almost ponderously, before its yellow light eyes turn a bright red and it bellows in rage, charging forward at you!
No. 767071 ID: 595d54

If you know judo, use it. Otherwise dodge and let it run into the trains.
No. 767072 ID: 398fe1

Dodge. Try to get him to run into one of the high-speed rides.
No. 767188 ID: 696fed

No. 767189 ID: 595d54

sharah we're not voting for Lucifer yet she isn't even appearing at this point in the story
No. 767190 ID: 2169b1

You immediately bolt to the side, the Minotaur's momentum sending him charging past you... though unfortunately, his flail smashes into your arm as he passes, causing incredible pain to shoot through the limb. It doesn't seem to be broken, you notice.

He skids to a halt and turns to you, roaring before charging again! It continues like this for a bit, you practically dancing around the bull-like construct and carefully guiding it towards a nearby rollercoaster.

As it charges onto the track, you let out a cheer as the rollercoaster slams directly into the Minotaur's legs, hitting with enough impact to send the Spirit rolling through the rides for several feet, eventually skidding to a halt. Its legs are completely shattered to bits... and then the scrap metal that makes up the rest of its body begins shifting.

After a bit, two new legs have formed from the scrap, and the Minotaur is now several feet smaller, only standing slightly taller than you.

It begins spinning its flail, and at this point doesn't seem like it's going to be charging you again.
No. 767191 ID: 398fe1

Time to use those improvised weapons. You knocked it down to size, time to take it out.

Try to avoid getting hit directly with the flail, it sounds like it's an instrument of pain rather than destruction.
No. 767807 ID: 2169b1
File 148252348421.png - (25.02KB , 1024x1024 , exorcist-7.png )

You dash for the railroad sign before The Minotaur can attack, picking up the heavy metal pole and wielding it like a club. The Minotaur snorts at you, and swings his flail directly for your head, necessitating a quick slide underneath it before you bring the club up and directly into its chin, knocking the head clean off!

For a moment, you're convinced you've won... but its scrap metal body shifts again, and now you're dealing with a Minotaur slightly shorter than you, but fully repaired. Before you can react, the chain of its flail wraps around your ankle!
No. 767814 ID: b1b4f3

No problem. Now take your fists to his face, you're bigger than him!
No. 767819 ID: 595d54

Give the chain some slack and close in. Start beating pieces off of him. Maybe the horns, if they're not too sharp.
No. 768819 ID: 81395e
File 148303643998.png - (29.28KB , 1024x1024 , exocist-8.png )

You dash forward rather than give him the chance to start dragging you, which he apparently didn't expect based on its grunt of confusion.

This grunt of confusion transforms into a bellow of pain as you punch a hole straight through his poorly-crafted torso. You're absolutely done with this hunk of metal and bullshit, and promptly begin smashing him to pieces with your bare hands.

He gets a few blows on you, but his fists are small enough and you're angry enough that you barely feel it, smashing the Minotaur to little bits of metal and cable in no time flat.

When The Minotaur is completely destroyed, you flop onto the ground, breathing heavily and now with a few bruises to go with your glass cuts.

Achievement Unlocked! "Cow On The Tracks". Guide the Minotaur in the path of a ride!

For a moment, you're convinced that you're finished... but then Famine's voice fills your head.

"Uh, Carson? I know the Spirits are dead, but... something's happening. At the entrance to the Boardwalk..."

You let out a sigh, ignoring how sore you are, and head for the entrance... and are rather shocked at the ornate, golden, shining gate that wasn't there before.

"Listen, Carson?" Famine says, sounding rather nervous. "This... this isn't something we should be messing with. It won't cause any trouble for now, I think you should just come back for now. We'll figure this out later..."

Before you can reply, you feel a weightless sensation, and you're standing in front of Famine, who seems visibly worried. "Uh, hi. Welcome back." She says, frowning at your various wounds. "Are... are you okay?"
No. 768822 ID: c441c1

lightly punch her chest and say "Yeah BRAH if I wasn't I would be dead" then laugh.
No. 768823 ID: 595d54

Try to say something about how you're feeling much better with her around real smooth like and flub it halfway through.
No. 768869 ID: 398fe1

No. 772091 ID: 67456a
File 148431847239.png - (39.98KB , 1024x1024 , exorcist-9.png )

You inform her that now that she's here, you almost don't feel the... the glass cuts and stuff... you promptly "ugh" and inform her that yes, you're fine, and you're happy to see her.

She giggles a bit, and wraps you in a hug. "I'm glad you're okay, Carson." She tells you. "I... I guess we need to delay that carnival date, huh?"

She squeezes you a bit tighter, and you feel your wounds begin disappearing. "It's alright. You and I need to talk to Death anyways."

She takes you by the hand and leads you to Death's room, then knocks on the door. Death opens it and oh wow she is visibly stoned out of her gourd.

Death rubs a bloodshot eye and frowns. "Ah, shit..." she takes a deep breath. "Right, we were gonna... do the thing." She sighs. "So, Carson, you and I are gonna be going to Hell. There's a few people we need you to talk to, okay? And there are some arrangements... with paperwork and shit..."

She presses the flat of her hand against an eye, gritting her teeth. "But that's not for a few hours. I need to just... get some coffee." She says. "So if you wanna just hang out a bit, that's fine. Shoot the breeze with someone. All that. Anyways, that's all, get the fuck out." She says, closing the door in your face.

You now have a few hours of free time before you have to go to Hell! You currently have three choices of people to hang out with, as War is currently locking herself in her room. You're not entirely sure what she's doing, but at one point you hear her shout something about "Dwarf assholes" and "molten cores".

>Famine (in her room)
>Death (in the kitchen)
>Conquest (in the library)
No. 772241 ID: c441c1

Kick in Wars door and shout "I heard there was some Dwarf assholes that need a Molten core shoved up them!"
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