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File 146898276451.png - (16.55KB , 500x500 , 1.png )
737105 No. 737105 ID: 32d627

Your name is SUPLEX, and you aren't really sure what you are.
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No. 737106 ID: 32d627
File 146898278076.png - (20.86KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

But today, you would really like to try escaping your cell.
No. 737107 ID: 15a025

Check inventory.
No. 737109 ID: f15c78

So, first things first. Is this your blood or somebody else's blood.
No. 737111 ID: d530a4

Consider your situation and/or the meaning of your name.
No. 737112 ID: 3663d3

clearly, follow your name and suplex the door open
No. 737116 ID: 32d627
File 146898376063.png - (14.24KB , 500x500 , 3.png )

>Check Inventory
You don't have anything except your collar and your underwear. THE INTERNS took away everything else.

>Why are you named Suplex?
>Whose blood is that?
THE INTERNS named you SUPLEX because that's what you did to the last two cellmates they gave you, as well as any intern that came too close. The blood is from you doing just that (and then some) earlier today, and you're getting bored of it.

>What's the situation?
You were born here, and you've seen your siblings die here. Quite a few of those deaths were your fault, and only a handful of your own free will. You don't want to go like they did. It's time to get out of here.
No. 737117 ID: 15a025

check surroundings.
No. 737118 ID: c441c1

well then suplex the door out of the way.
No. 737126 ID: 32d627
File 146898470175.png - (9.79KB , 500x500 , 4.png )

You live in a CELL, and not a very big one either. It sure felt a lot smaller back when you had cellmates, though.

There isn't anything in the cell aside from YOURSELF and a DOOR. You have a COLLAR and UNDERWEAR, as well as TEETH and your ABNORMAL STRENGTH. The door is HARD TO BREAK, but not impossible. You've seen people do it before. It also has a TINY SLOT up top where THEY peek in on you periodically.
No. 737127 ID: 15a025

Doors are bad. They prevent our escape and keep us in here. Therefore, the door must go down and be suplexed to rubble.
No. 737129 ID: 4e9864

Is there anything special about the collar? Does it do anything? Does it appear to have anything electronic in it?
No. 737133 ID: d035ee

Firstly, peek through the TINY SLOT to make sure no one is watching.

Then, if the cell is small enough, brace yourself against the opposite wall and force the door down. If not, just drop-kick it or something.

Also, does your collar do anything? Any kind of safety features we might need to know about, like zapping you or something?
No. 737137 ID: 398fe1

Is the wall next to the door as hard to break as the door itself?
No. 737138 ID: c76196

Such a teeny tiny mouth, that could possibly be the equivalent of a scaled up snake jaw.
No. 737147 ID: f65280

Remove collar, throw it at the door
No. 737150 ID: 3e182c

I feel like THE FLOOR MUST DIE for you to escape.
No. 737170 ID: af6e04

I assume you've already tried suplexing the door. We'll have to be a bit more creative.

Maybe if you don't immediately attack the next intern that comes in, they'll be lured into a false sense of security and you can SUPLEX them before they get the chance to lock it.
No. 737181 ID: 9f3729

consider embracing pacifism since clearly violence isn't working to your favor
No. 737189 ID: db0da2

Ah yes, the incompetently run illegal biological experimentation facility. We know all about these. Don't you worry son, we'll get you out in a jiffy.

Check every floor tile for removability, there may be SECRETS. See which of; the floor, the walls, the ceiling, or the door, is most fragile, then start breaking it.
No. 737237 ID: 9266ce

Suplex the floor to get out
No. 737245 ID: 6e773d

Suplex yourself then play dead, and then when whatever retrieves the corpses arrives, suplex it and use its entrance as your exit.
No. 737268 ID: ca0e9e

How durable are you? What kind of weapons do the guards have here? Do you think they would rather try to capture you alive if you escape or kill you?
No. 737288 ID: 068d17

try to look through the TINY SLOT, If you can't see anything, you could stare at it until someone tries to take a peek, and scare them.
No. 737289 ID: ad6ef3

hmm, not much to work with.
are you resilient enough to use that abnormal strength on stone or metal without needing tools?
also aside from the cell itself what are you up against?
No. 737300 ID: 32d627
File 146905023836.png - (21.04KB , 500x500 , 5.png )

>how durable are you
You are decently durable, moreso than some of your siblings. Your bones don't break at the touch- and having bones already puts you ahead of the pack.

>what kind of weapons do they have
Guns, knives, themselves- it varies. The interns are pretty harmless. That said, they'd be more likely to kill you if you give them enough trouble. You kind of have a lot of strikes against you.

>what are you up against
You're going up against the bitch that made you, that's for sure- and everybody who works for her. The only ones you don't want to hurt are THE KIDS.
They didn't do anything to you, not like everybody else.

>embrace pacifism
No. 737302 ID: 32d627
File 146905025868.png - (4.97KB , 500x500 , 6.png )

>check slot
Nobody out there right now.
No. 737303 ID: 32d627
File 146905027581.png - (17.22KB , 500x500 , 7.png )

>examine collar
It's just a hunk of metal around your neck with identification info. No electronics as far as you know, and no way to take it off without heavy tools.
No. 737304 ID: 32d627
File 146905029773.png - (15.15KB , 500x500 , 8.png )

>check wall
Pretty strong.
No. 737306 ID: 32d627
File 146905032697.png - (9.19KB , 500x500 , 9.png )

>check floor
Gross tile. Nothing to see here.
No. 737307 ID: 32d627
File 146905036327.png - (8.24KB , 500x500 , 10.png )

>check ceiling
Too high to reach.
No. 737308 ID: 32d627
File 146905038311.png - (15.00KB , 500x500 , 11.png )

>break door
You're able to put a dent in it, but not much else. Another kick might do it, but you're definitely going to attract someone to your position. Shit isn't quiet.
No. 737309 ID: 3e182c

What is under the tile?
No. 737310 ID: 3f8abc

Kick through ceiling?
No. 737312 ID: ad6ef3

that door doesn't seem to have hinges, does it slide into the wall/roof/floor or is everything just on the other side so you can't tamper with it?
cause if it slides into the wall maybe you could use the slot as a handhold to shove it wherever it goes.
Failing that, smash that shit and see if there's any useful implements around.
No. 737313 ID: db0da2

You could reach the ceiling by using the door slot as a foothold.
No. 737314 ID: 0fe0c8

>Kicking the door.
>Your name is SUPLEX

Found the problem.
No. 737317 ID: 90f3c0

Kick down the door, suplex any guards that respond.
No. 737319 ID: d035ee

Do you know which way the door opens? You could try to break the lock by shoving it in that direction, using the slot as a handle if you need to. The door was designed to move in some direction, locked or not, it'd be easier and hopefully quieter to follow the path of the door.
No. 737327 ID: e4f856

:o >>737313
No. 737328 ID: 3e182c

No. 737329 ID: 4b991a

Put hand through slot, grab onto door, and begin pulling the door inwards. That way the door will make less noise by being forced into your cell, and be less obvious to staff
No. 737333 ID: 068d17

Looks like there is another Cell in front of yours. Do you know if there is another one like you in there? Maybe it could help you.
No. 737434 ID: 4e9864

Go with this; figure out what the ceiling is made of. If it's just like the walls, you're no worse off than you were before. But if it's not, you might have a way to escape that's less noisy than the door.

If that doesn't work, the slot in the door looks smaller than your arm; can you reach anything interesting through the slot? You've seen the door open; does it open inward or outward? (Probably outward, so that the hinges can be on the outside.) Can you reach the handle from the slot? (It probably needs a key, but you might be able to break the lock with leverage.)
No. 737796 ID: a107fd

Grab the slot and see if you can take advantage of the dent to bend it with sustained rather than sudden force. Particularly try to bend the lower edge of the slot inward. Then, reach through it and down to the locking mechanism.
No. 737825 ID: c5207e

Stand beside the door with your back against the wall, wait for the next person to try checking you, and pull them forcefully by the collar into the door. Then force your newly acquired hostage to open the door all proper and quiet like.
No. 737858 ID: d2398d

I second this
No. 738035 ID: 3e182c

technically Doable but it's much easier to speak than it is to breath. They could call out for help unless you both have the perfect angle and are damn near breaking their neck, in which case you could either succeed(oops) or make thm pass out by cutting blood flow to the brain. (also oops)
Also why would Guards have collars? If your talking about normal clothes... Those are typically easy to rip through.
No. 738039 ID: 8bc9e4

Who are THE KIDS and what are they doing here?
No. 738052 ID: a8d153

Yes, I meant the collar of the shirt and how strong do you think the staff or flimsy their clothing is to have to pull hard enough to slam them hard enough to daze them without ripping the shirt completely we only need the shirt really to last long enough to slam them into the door. As for screaming a hand over the mouth along with some light, for us, squeezing of the jaw if they try biting can go a long way to keeping them from calling out for help. We've tried killing people and roughing up the door it's time we tried something a little different, especially if we want to be stealthy about it.
No. 738134 ID: 4e9864

We've tried violence before, and the guards would have to be quite stupid to not work in pairs with us.
No. 738221 ID: 91ee5f

From what we've heard, they'd be stupid to not work in more than just pairs.
No. 738273 ID: 3e182c

I still think you're seriously overestimating the strength of typical clothing.
And good luck being able to cover their mouth in time from this side too.
Not to mention that if they are the least bit competent at their job, they'll know that even in our grasp they are still safer if we remain on the opposite side of the door.
No. 738409 ID: ccbcd2

Fuck stealth. it's clearly not an option. Kick down the door and suplex anyone who gets between you and the exit!
No. 757339 ID: dd7b30
File 147857432257.png - (21.86KB , 500x500 , 12.png )

>who are the kids?
They're your siblings too, but they don't have to live in cells. THE KIDS are apparantly what you should have ended up as- they're the successes, and you and every other prisoner down here are the failures.

You can't hold it against them too much, though. They didn't choose to be brought into this world, and considering they have to deal with HER on a daily basis, you can only imagine the hells they must go through on their own.

>what are they doing here?
THE DIRECTOR of this facility created them all. She has many names, often referred to simply as SHE, or HER- though you've heard her referred to as DR. ANYA, or even MOTHER. You refuse to address her as such. To you, she's just the bitch that keeps you alive to poke at your guts for fun.
No. 757340 ID: dd7b30
File 147857433741.png - (7.25KB , 500x500 , 13.png )

>who's in the other cell?
Somebody you don't know and probably don't care to. The whole hallway, and probably a couple more parallel to it, are all full of prisoners like yourself- your siblings. You were all born here, and you will most likely die here if you don't escape. No one's ever made it out of this hellhole before.
No. 757341 ID: dd7b30
File 147857435612.png - (12.03KB , 500x500 , 14.png )

>what's the ceiling made of?
Same as the floor. Shitty-looking tile that's more durable than it should be.

>kick through ceiling
>try reaching the ceiling using the door slot
You're pretty sure both of those options will leave you falling on your ass and breaking something.

>how does the doorhinge work?
Opens outward- there's always a dude holding it when they come to check on you, just to make sure you don't start using it as a weapon. Again.

>put your hand in the slot
The last time you did that, your hand almost got eaten by a passing prisoner. No thank you.

>kick down the door
>smash open the door
>bend the door
Are you sure you want to break open the door? It's doable, but it won't be quiet. You're growing tired of your own imprisonment, but taking a risky move so early could jeopardize the whole thing. Even if you do it so gently as to bend it, the sirens will most definitely go off, and you'd be very likely to get caught...unless you keep on your toes and don't stop moving.

>wait for someone to come to the door
Your other option is to wait for someone to come to the door, and in some ways that's both easier and harder. On the one hand, you'd have an open door and a potential hostage...on the other, the staff here tends to be a bit...expendable. The life of one intern isn't going to matter much to HER. That said, having the door unlocked would be a pretty good start...

How do you want to proceed?
No. 757346 ID: 339cf2

Kick down the door and make a break for it.
No. 757347 ID: af6e04

Wait for somebody to come unlock the door. Not so much a hostage as somebody you can threaten into unlocking doors/helping you find your way out. Kill them if they seem unwilling to cooperate.
No. 757351 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, this is how we should approach things. Can't use them as a hostage, but we can still bully them into doing things.
No. 757386 ID: 0543a8

kick down the door yolo
No. 757423 ID: ccbcd2

Well we dont really have a whole lot of other options at the moment. We can make a break for it now or just wait around for someone to pass by or open the door.
We have little evidence that the door to your cell is opened by any one person at a time.
No. 757464 ID: 079f3a

wait for unlocked door and hostage/meatshield, use time to think over obstacles you know about beyond this room
No. 757465 ID: a107fd

If the alarm doesn't go off when the door is unlocked properly, the door opens outward, and your true captor has little regard for the lives of those sent in to check on you, seems like the efficient solution is to lay down and pretend to be asleep. When you hear the door unlock, kick it, so it slams open and hits a guard. That'll create a tactical opportunity without immediately setting off the alarm.
No. 757469 ID: ba506f

I say just force your way out. I mean without more information on this building's layout and no tools or friends on the outside we really don't have any real options other then for someone to hold the door open for us or just to say fuck it and knock the door down.
No. 757740 ID: 3abd97

What if you waited for someone to come by, and then stole the key off of them.

If you can reach the lock from the door-slit, then you could make a break for it later, when no one was around.
No. 757768 ID: db0da2

How high tech is this facility? If they have electronic locks on everything then there isn't much point in kidnapping an intern, because they can just change all the codes. An intern might still be useful for directions though. How well do you know the facility's layout? Are you literate? How much signage is there in this facility, and how much of it is pictographic vs written?

If not having an intern would significantly hinder your ability to find your way around, then kidnap one, otherwise don't.

Is your goal to kill HER or just to escape? Would you be satisfied with indirectly causing HER death, rather than doing it with your own hands? It might make sense to escape and then alert the government to this facility's existence, or to alert this government's enemies to its existence if it's a government funded project.
No. 757782 ID: 67d5dc

You could just damage the door. They'd have to move you when they replace it.
No. 757950 ID: dd7b30
File 147892653099.png - (13.58KB , 500x500 , 15.png )

You decide to wait for some interns to bring your food. It shouldn't be too long now, and knocking one out would be easy if you used the unlocked door as a weapon. The other one could help you get around, just so long as you intimidate the shit out of him and take his weapon. Most of them scare real easy.

>how high tech is the facility?
You don't really "get" technology. You know what electronics look like, and you know the interns work with things called computers, and walkie talkies.

>how well do you know the facility's layout
You've only seen this part of the facility, but you're pretty sure it's bigger than the few hallways and exam rooms you've been in.

>are you literate
Nope. They don't teach failures like you shit like that.

>how much signage can you understand
There's some images you know the meaning of, such as those for exits and the surgical wards and testing rooms.

>is your goal to kill HER or just to escape?
You aren't gonna make it a priority, but you sure wouldn't mind kicking HER around a bit, given the chance.

>can you alert the government?
You don't know what a government is, exactly. You hear people talk about it sometimes but it always goes right over your head, kinda like technology. Deities this, hoax that. Something something sacrifices. It doesn't involve you.
No. 757952 ID: 15a025

Have you been in the testing room before? What goes on in there?
No. 757995 ID: 8cc446

try to seduce the next guard that comes through?
No. 758013 ID: 18de5c

is there anyone you've encountered that would be able/willing to help? fellow prisoner, sympathetic intern ect.
just in the offchance you run into them on your way out.
No. 758016 ID: db0da2

>Deities this, hoax that. Something something sacrifices.
You should try to pay attention this sort of stuff from now on. Understanding the actual purpose of this facility will likely be helpful for your escape, and having at least a basic understanding of what the outside world will be extremely important once you have to try to survive out there. By the way, what do you eat?

Well, time to play the waiting game.
No. 758075 ID: 85cc2c
File 147900017023.png - (11.37KB , 500x500 , 16.png )

>what happens in the testing rooms?
You don't want to think about that right now, or ideally ever again.

>is there anyone willing to help you?
THE KIDS seem to like you and your siblings just fine, until SHE orders them to kill one of you. SHE likes to test them like that. That said, you doubt they'll be much help, being as small as they are.
THE INTERNS are terrified of HER, but your hostage may be willing to help if you offer him a way out as well. Cowardly little things.

>pay more attention to things
Yeah, not a bad idea. You make a note to watch out for passing conversations- you might be able to ask an intern something as well.

>what do you eat?
Your siblings. You stopped feeling any remorse about it a long time ago.

You're pretty good at waiting, considering there's nothing else to do here.

>seduce intern
Eh, why not. If it helps, you can do your best to make it worth their while. It wouldn't be the first time you got an intern to do what you want.
No. 758079 ID: db0da2

>It wouldn't be the first time you got an intern to do what you want.
Do tell.
No. 758193 ID: 3abd97

>Your siblings. You stopped feeling any remorse about it a long time ago.
That doesn't sound sustainable. It costs food to make you guys- there's no way a population can be self sustaining on cannibalism alone.
No. 758196 ID: 34c437

Maybe they are made in large scale and at some point are subject to a process with high enough mortality to sustain the failures. Presumable the successful and the unevaluated receive a more appropriate food.
No. 758282 ID: 85cc2c
File 147908234733.png - (15.40KB , 500x500 , 17.png )

>do tell
Most of the interns are dudes raised up from kids- they only let the grown up ones handle your cell block, the young ones handle the kittens. You've seen a handful of girls in your lifetime, but not that many. You can't tell if that's just HER preference, or random chance- that said, the majority of you and your siblings are labelled as female.

Point is, they don't exactly get out much and if there's anything you know now, it's that the intern dudes aren't picky. Combine the fact that lots of your siblings got all fucked up in the business areas, lots of interns go looking for thrills with whatever siblings of yours are willing. You don't mind helpin' em out a bit. Fuckers must get pretty lonely, being raised in a place like this.
No. 758283 ID: 85cc2c
File 147908236798.png - (13.35KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

Not that you don't get lonely, yourself. It's a mutual deal.

>unsustainable food source
You would think the same, but you've seen how many siblings you have. There's plenty, and you're pretty sure SHE wants to mow down your numbers, now that she has her successes.
No. 758285 ID: 85cc2c
File 147908244712.png - (11.05KB , 500x500 , 19.png )

"Bringing in your food now, Suplex. Get in the corner."
A familiar voice echoes outside the door, and you can't help but feel hopeful. You know this one.
No. 758292 ID: 398fe1

Maybe you can seduce him and then catch him with his pants down. Literally.
No. 758300 ID: 3abd97

>You know this one.
Is he one of the good ones?

>Get in the corner
He's not gonna open the door until he seems you where you're supposed to be, unless he's completely careless.
No. 758333 ID: 91ee5f

Well, since there's plenty of food, you might want to consider cutting back on how much you eat. Cause you're looking pretty chunky.
No. 758341 ID: db0da2

Good as in seduceable? In that case, roll to seduce then kidnap him. Otherwise, jump him at the door.
No. 758492 ID: a107fd

Say "I'll let you in if you promise to be gentle." Once he's figured out what you mean, ask him to have any guards look the other way, for privacy.

Then pull his shirt up over his head as a blindfold, pants down around his ankles, and use the belt to tie his elbows together behind his back. With enough finesse, intern might not even realize he's not actually going to get any sex until you've been gone for several minutes.
No. 759069 ID: 28d689

Take him with you, hes gotta be useful to some degree
No. 760671 ID: 85cc2c
File 147980362890.png - (13.92KB , 500x500 , 20.png )

Hey, you look great. The extra weight helps a ton when they decide to starve you as punishment, too. It's practical and lots of interns find it pretty damn hot.

>is he good?
Oh yeah. He's your favorite. You scoot into the corner and pose.

"Come on in." You do your best to make your voice sound inviting, but it's kind of hard to do when you have a permanent snarl.
No. 760672 ID: 85cc2c
File 147980365505.png - (16.62KB , 500x500 , 21.png )

He's here with another intern, stationed at the door. Your favorite guy may look pretty harmless, being one of those softbodies and all, but you've seen the guy move. He's got plenty of strength hidden behind a soft exterior, and unlike most of the other softbodies in this hellhole, he's well equipped. Your dinner lays lifeless in the crook of his arm, still fresh by the look of it.

"I heard you gave the last bunch a hell of a time, Suplex. You gonna be gentle with me?"
"Only if you return the favor. Can we score a bit of time today, or is he-" You gesture to the intern at the door, who looks away immediately. Dude must be new here. "-gonna be a pain?"

"I'm already running late, Sup, they got me booked for the whole week..."

You slide your underwear down real slow, and he gives in.
No. 760674 ID: 85cc2c
File 147980373943.png - (14.36KB , 500x500 , 22.png )

His buddy closes the door and waits outside, and it doesn't take long before he drops your dinner and gets his hands all over you. You love this guy, you really do.

Softbodies don't usually have shit down there, but this guy got some deal with somebody in high places and got a proper cock slapped on. And fuck, he is pent up today. He grinds his hips on yours and you almost forget the whole purpose of this, thinking about how good it'd feel for him to strip and take you right then and there.

"H-hey...you know what I really, really want?"
"All yours, Sup...just say the word."

No. 760675 ID: 85cc2c
File 147980375948.png - (12.26KB , 500x500 , 23.png )

"Let's get out of here. You and me. Together."

No. 760688 ID: ba506f

"Oh come on, you can't honestly look me in the eyes and tell me that you want to stay here in this place for the rest of your life? Their has to be more to life then this room, then this facility. Is it so wrong to actually want to go out their and see it for myself? Or better yet go out and see it with someone by my side? Surely you've had a similar thought once or twice before?"
No. 760763 ID: 398fe1

Tempt him. Tell him he'll get to have sex with you every single day.

Also make sure he can't run off. Though it looks like you're already pinning him with your legs. If he outright refuses and tries to get away, tell him it's an offer he can't refuse. Then I guess you get to beat him into submission and bust open the door.
No. 760820 ID: 85cc2c
File 147987225106.png - (14.26KB , 500x500 , 24.png )

"Let's get out of here. You and me. Together."


"Sex every day. Fresh air, no more hallways. No more death."

"I don't need to screw around that much, Suplex. Plus, they told me it's just more death outside-"

"Bullshit. You know we're disposable, you've had to have thought about this before."

"I mean, everyone has, but we just can't..."

"Says who?"
No. 760821 ID: 85cc2c
File 147987227323.png - (14.46KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

"The director, Dr. Anya. I've seen what she does to people who try."
No. 760822 ID: c57f6b

"If it's so dangerous outside, why do they use force to keep us inside?"
No. 760823 ID: 398fe1

Then let's kill her. Heck, if everyone wants out why don't we start a riot?
No. 760827 ID: 3e182c

There are only two options. You can spend every day waiting to die, or you can risk meeting death early for your one shot at true happiness.
I've already made my choice. I'm going with or without you. Please don't make me do this alone.
No. 760834 ID: 85cc2c
File 147987726807.png - (11.95KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

"Okay, so why do they use force to keep us in? If it's really hellish outside like people say, what's the deal?"

"I don't know. I just know it's bad out there, and at least we get fed in here. We have a roof over our heads."

"Let's just kill her, shit, you know we have numbers."

"We may have people, but she's got divine wrath on her side. Suplex, I want out as much as you do...but that's not something I want to tempt."
No. 760835 ID: 398fe1

Uh, divine wrath? What's that?
No. 760836 ID: 13d7b7

We are beyond fear. What can she possibly do to us that's worse than our current fate? Life in a sealed box is not a life worth living.
No. 760864 ID: 85cc2c
File 147988333143.png - (12.83KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

"The hell are you on about? Don't tell me you believe that shit-"

"Sup, I've seen it." He starts to shake a little, and if he wasn't a softbody, he'd be sweating. "I saw whatever it is, whatever she's got on her side, and it's not right. I don't know if it's a god like everybody says, but it's stronger than all of us, even if we worked together."

"I don't care if it is a god. I don't believe in that shit and I'm tired of living in a stupid fucking box."

He presses his paws to his forehead and takes a deep breath. "Alright. If I don't come with you, you're bound to get yourself killed. You'll need a guide."
No. 760872 ID: 13d7b7

Guide recruited! Let's roll.

Keep an eye on him though. He might just be planning on turning you in.
No. 760873 ID: 398fe1

Aww, he's sweet. Helping you without even hoping to escape himself. Give him a kiss.
No. 760881 ID: 91ee5f

Wait. First, finish getting each other off. Second, eat the meal he brought for you. Finally, exit your cell.
No. 760898 ID: 17e567

>Wrath of God
Bullshit this is a place of science not magic and religion. Any superpowers she has are from a device or weapon, we just need to figure out what it is and take control of it.

Anyway now that recruitment's settled, SEX, see if the other guy wants to come in and make it a threesome.
No. 760900 ID: c90231

Also, check to make sure that the assistant isnt eavesdropping
No. 760903 ID: 13d7b7

Also it might be useful to know the guide's name.
No. 761036 ID: 85cc2c
File 147996261101.png - (17.17KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

Sex seems like a good idea as any, considering that you might not get a chance to later- especially if one of you ends up dying.

For someone so soft on the outside, the guy is packing some serious heat- at least, compared to most of the other interns. He gets right to work as soon as he can get his jumpsuit off, peeling it away from his plush skin in a way that gets your heart racing. You can't deny that there's a bit of a thrill doing it with someone so...artificial. You know softbodies don't usually bother with this thing, either. He's an outlier, and you wouldn't have it any other way as he starts going at it.

Maybe it's the excitement over finally getting out of here, but today is good, really good. You can tell it's different for him too, the intern finally letting some of his controlled exterior go and start moaning, burying his head in your neck. It may be a quickie, but it's the best quickie you've ever had in a long time. You stop keeping track of how many times he gets you off, begging him to keep going harder with every time.

By the time he pulls out, exhausted, you're dripping with his cum and feeling a distinct warm, full sensation. He licks you clean, and you do the same- it was a tradition of yours.

No. 761037 ID: 85cc2c
File 147996266853.png - (19.80KB , 500x500 , 29.png )

You both lay there on the tile for a while, caught in the afterglow. It's a good few minutes of nobody talking, made bearable by the sound of eachother catching your breaths.

"Hey...you got a name?"

"None of us do, Suplex. Just numbers." He closed his eyes, having accepted this fact long ago. "You're MC-122, and I'm IT-573. You got named because you actually...I don't know, people give a shit about you. People just see me as another construct doing its duty."

"Well, shit. If we're gonna be doing this together, you need a name. I'm not calling out numbers if I need your help."
No. 761038 ID: b01ef8

If she's Suplex, then how about something like Nelson or the like? Get a theme going.
No. 761040 ID: 44359f

Well, let's see, what's his most distinctive characteristic?


We could call him Richard. Or William.
No. 761042 ID: 13d7b7

+1 for Dick
No. 761045 ID: 750f88

Richard please
No. 761047 ID: 9876c4

He looks like a Nelson.
No. 761053 ID: 7d8168

I also approve of Nelson.

Peterson, Granby, Lincoln and Sullivan are available options down the line if we acquire more unnamed friends and associates.
No. 761080 ID: a4fa70


Sharp/Sharpie for short.
No. 761082 ID: 9f3729

Dicksnatch rumbletrousers

Dick rum for short
No. 761091 ID: 17e567

Richard Nixon please
No. 761095 ID: 6612fa

Benedict Cumbersnatch
No. 761099 ID: 7585fc

It's a neat idea, Nelson has my vote
No. 761111 ID: db0da2

Richard is alright. I don't like Nelson. We earned the name Suplex, I doubt he's ever wrestled anyone seriously in his life.
No. 761185 ID: 15a025

My votes for Nelson
No. 761186 ID: 73551b

No. 761187 ID: 71d443

Monty. The full Monty.
No. 761402 ID: 3e182c

Full Nelson gets my vote.
No. 761552 ID: 0198a0

Fine but only if it's deadly.
No. 761797 ID: 85cc2c
File 148023611734.png - (13.11KB , 500x500 , 30.png )

"You're Nelson now."

"Nelson...okay. I can try to get used to that. Nelson." He sits up, trying the name out under his breath, testing it. You watch him before crawling over to his side.
No. 761798 ID: 85cc2c
File 148023613944.png - (15.74KB , 500x500 , 31.png )

"We need to handle your friend out there."

"We should kill him, honestly. I hate to do it to one of my own, but...I can't see it going well otherwise."

"I'll handle it, Nelson. Don't get your soft little paws dirty unless I say so."
No. 761799 ID: 85cc2c
File 148023617434.png - (17.61KB , 500x500 , 32.png )

You wolf down your dinner as he gets dressed, crunching everything down with your teeth, bones and all. You kind of hate it when they give you the little ones. There's something innately fucked up about eating the other failures, but these ones especially so. They never even had a chance.

You guess you never had much of a chance either, thinking about it. No thumbs, an intern told you when you asked. No thumbs, nose, excess breasts. Eyes were way too big, the whole face was all wrong.

You shake the thoughts of imperfection off. It didn't matter now, anyway. You were done being their little toy, and you had work to do.
No. 761800 ID: 85cc2c
File 148023620308.png - (17.25KB , 500x500 , 33.png )

No. 761801 ID: 85cc2c
File 148023622684.png - (17.42KB , 500x500 , 34.png )

It doesn't take long. Skulls aren't meant to hold up to your teeth.
No. 761802 ID: 85cc2c
File 148023625722.png - (11.27KB , 500x500 , 35.png )

Nelson tries not to vomit, swallowing it down and getting back to business. You consider taking the intern's bloodstained jumpsuit- it'd smell and be too tight on you, but it'd be clothing.

"Down that way is cells up until you hit residential corridors." Nelson points to your left. "The other way leads to the surgical wards. The whole complex loops around, so we can go either way and find elevators."
No. 761810 ID: af6e04

I see no pressing reason to put on clothes. Proceed through the residential quarters. Immediately dismantle anybody who sees you.
No. 761850 ID: 3e182c

Lets see... loads of potential unarmed enemies with shitty to loot...
Or Fewer enemies with a armed with potential One hit KO needles... but potential weapons abound... And neat lab coats!

Lets go through surgery. More Chances of picking up surprises there. This place is undoubtedly equipped to handle us as is, so the more surprises we have the better.
No. 761853 ID: a107fd

Wear the jumpsuit if it seems like it might be sturdy enough to provide some degree of armor protection. Otherwise, don't bother.

Head for surgery. Some scalpels, or a bonesaw or something, might make Nelson significantly more useful in the all-too-likely event of further violence.
No. 761866 ID: db0da2

I don't trust the jumpsuit, in fact it'd probably be for the best if Nelson took his off, they could be tracked, or bugged, or rigged with something nasty. If you have the keys to the other cells then unlock as many as you can. After that, head to the surgical ward, there might be useful supplies there. Who lives in the residential wing?
No. 761932 ID: 8ede22

Seconding having Nelson take off the jump suit. The added psychological effect of guards seeing two naked blood covered killers would be a nice bonus.
No. 761963 ID: 9876c4

Let's not go full psychokiller yet.

We should bluff, misdirect, and kill sparingly and see if we can avoid a full lockdown before we hit the elevators.

I don't think Suplex would disguise easily, though.
No. 761971 ID: 3e182c

Doctors uniform on Nelson, Suplex on stretcher cart covered with a sheet. Just hauling a corpse. Nothing to see here.
No. 761975 ID: 9876c4

Love it.
No. 762129 ID: c0097f
File 148038343768.png - (11.58KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

You keep your voices low so as not to attract attention from any other cells.
"You wanna ditch the jumpsuit? Could be trackers or whatever. Gotta get this collar off too, actually..."
"We can prioritize that, but I'm not going to run around naked and neither should you."
"Okay, how about this..."
No. 762130 ID: c0097f
File 148038345511.png - (14.39KB , 500x500 , 37.png )

You shove the body into your cell and close it, Nelson locking it tight. There's still a lot of blood, but that's not exactly abnormal for this hallway.
"We get some doctor guy, off 'em. You take the gear, we get a gurney or something similar, and you pretend I'm a corpse. Nobody will even bat an eye."
"...that might actually work, if we can kill a doctor."
No. 762135 ID: 15a025

"if we can kill a doctor."
You make it sound like that's going to be a hard thing to accomplish.
No. 762137 ID: 9876c4

What would warrant a doctor's attention?

Presumably not a dead/wounded intern, but what if Suplex was hurt/sick? The tricky part is killing him cleanly enough for the clothes to be useful.
No. 762142 ID: af6e04

I assume we'll run into a doctor in the surgical area. We'll need to go there to get a gurney anyway.
No. 762457 ID: b9aa79

I doubt they care much about us being hurt or sick, unless we're more special than I think. But Nelson at least has a chance of knowing more about their routines and whereabouts than you do. I think our best bet is make a beeline as low profile as we can hiding anyone we have to kill so they hopefully don't notice someones out and about right away. Based on where nelson thinks is a safe bet to find them, nap the first doctor you see and execute your plan, as well as the doctor.
No. 763738 ID: c0097f
File 148097540362.png - (14.11KB , 500x500 , 38.png )

"You make that sound hard."

"The doctors aren't just trained in medicine. I've seen them wrestle down maybecats far bigger than you."

"A what now?"

"A maybecat. That's what they call you and the others."


You aren't sure what to make of this news, Sure, you technically know what you are now, but just in name. It doesn't feel...nearly as meaningful as you had hoped.

You walk for some time without any trouble, narrowly dodging some encounters with other interns. Nelson waves them by with a smile, grabbing at your collar just in time. "Just taking her back to surgical. Doctor's orders." They don't seem to care regardless, grunting and carrying on their way.
No. 763740 ID: c0097f
File 148097542313.png - (16.95KB , 500x500 , 39.png )

Nelson finds a map of where you're at.

"This portion of the underground is where maybecat experiments go down, so our doctor scheme is most likely to work- having a corpse down here is super reasonable. There's four different areas here we can try- Medical, Harvest, Birth, and Containment. MEDICAL is what it says on the tin- that's where they patch you up or put your organs back in place...if they like you. HARVEST is where you go to get slaughtered...sorry." He winces. "It's the truth of it. BIRTH is...I've never been inside. Some people say it's where maybecats come from, like the name implies. It's extremely hard to get inside without clearance. CONTAINMENT is where they put maybecats that aren't being experimented on, or are still being worked on, in either a form of stasis or just a cage. No matter which one we go to, there will be doctors, interns, other maybecats and guards. On either end of this sector, there are elevators going up towards the surface; our end goal."
No. 763742 ID: 15a025

Let's hit up medical. Seems like the safest.
No. 763814 ID: 398fe1

If doctors are so hard to take down, and there are even stronger foes here probably, maybe we can get an ally from Containment? Or lots of allies. Hah.

Head to Medical or Harvest then sneak into Containment from there. Actually, I wonder if Harvest would be the safest place to say we're heading towards. Corpses go there, right?
No. 763846 ID: 383927

You guys live off killing eachother so I thinks it's safe to say other "maybecats" aren't necessarily friendly; if they think it's better to do what a doctor or whomever says, it's very likely we could be in serious trouble. On that note, I think we need to stay hidden and try containment. It's going to be a mixed bag- some of them may want out but would be willing to stab us in the back, some of them may be willing to work together and some of them might be in their because all they want to do is kill and maim anything they can get their teeth in, so we still need to exercise caution. But if we can get a friend or two on our side, bust them out of containment and work together, then we can fake a break out or fight or some such, kill a doctor and then play dead as if we mauled eachother or got taken out by security or some such. Doctor Nelson wheels us off to dispose of us or patch us up or whatever cover makes the most sense in the moment, and we make our daring escape
No. 763864 ID: af6e04

Medical is right next to Birth, which seems to be very high security. Harvest seems like the path of least resistance. Once we've got the tools for our disguise we head directly to the elevator.
No. 764170 ID: c0097f
File 148110477988.png - (11.69KB , 500x500 , 40.png )

You decide to go through HARVEST towards CONTAINMENT, in search of some new muscle. Nelson manages to clear you past guards between entry and exit points- looks like the higher ups haven't figured out you're gone yet. All it takes is for him to drag you by the collar and explain he's taking you down to Harvest, and they wave him on.

He whispers under his breath to you when he gets a chance.
"This is going to get hard when they find the body, Suplex. Don't get comfortable."

You nod and continue to look as dead as possible.
No. 764171 ID: c0097f
File 148110481432.png - (10.50KB , 500x500 , 41.png )


This place reeks of death the second you step into the first hallway. You have to hold back from puking your guts out. It's clean, sterilized everywhere, and not a drop of blood to be seen- but something feels innately haunting and wrong about this place. You hate it immediately, and hope to get the fuck out as soon as possible.
No. 764172 ID: c0097f
File 148110486364.png - (12.65KB , 500x500 , 42.png )

Nelson seems equally uneasy, loosening his grip on your collar to collapse and heave. You twist out of the way as he pukes, disgusted. The least he could do was drop you down gently- but seeing his face stops you mid thought. Nelson looks scared shitless.

"S-sorry...I hate this place. I don't get assigned here often, but when I do, I always have to check out early."

"What, the smell?"

"No...it's like we're being watched, no matter where we go in this awful place."
No. 764173 ID: c0097f
File 148110490033.png - (9.36KB , 500x500 , 43.png )

You find the next map before Nelson does. He wipes his mouth and gets to reading.

"INTAKE is where maybecats are slaughtered and drained. I don't know about you, but unless we absolutely have to go there, I don't want to touch the place. It'd be the least populated place and hypothetically safest to run through, but we have to, well...run through it. There's a lot of bodies, Suplex. More than I think either of us are ready to see."

"PROCESSING is where maybecats are stripped down and seperated into meat, organs, and bones. From there, they're put through an assembly line to ensure they're up to Morbitian meat standard. It's grisly, but I'd prefer it to seeing corpses. This is where the majority of people will be, guards and doctors alike- it'll be high risk, but our reward may be a flawless disguise."

"STORAGE is where the meat is kept. There's a lot of traffic in and out of here, mainly workers. Less so than processing, but they have to take meat in and out pretty much constantly. It's really cold in there, but if we wanted to single somebody out, it's the place to go."
No. 764179 ID: af6e04

Storage seems like the way to go. A flawless disguise won't be much help if there's half a dozen witnesses. Let's hope that fur of yours is thick and warm!
No. 764251 ID: 3e182c

Distasteful as it is lack of enemy numbers, high chance of finding a weapon, and possibility to find another maybecat willing to escape with you, or at least make a distraction with their own escape attempt make intake rather attractive.
No. 764379 ID: 15a025

Go for storage.
No. 764383 ID: 20ec9e

Lets go to intake gang!
No. 764394 ID: 9876c4

Well, Why not both? Storage to kill a dood and take his mittens, then then intake through the side door to cause a commotion, and loot/escape through the rear hatch.
No. 764395 ID: 9876c4
File 148116409788.png - (10.51KB , 500x500 , Suplan.png )

To put it another way...
No. 764487 ID: 188451

If the plan was to go through harvest to get to containment, we kinda have to go through intake at least a bit. It would be useful to stop over in storage to grab some rations or whatever for after you get out though. No telling what the outside world will be like and it's better to have a bit of food to fall back on.

So if we can do it, I'd vote for this.>>764395
No. 764512 ID: 398fe1

If we're going into Intake, Nelson can ride on your back while keeping his eyes closed and you can just sortof stare at the ground to keep from looking at too many corpses at once.
No. 764726 ID: 383927

I'm voting against intake, for storage. We said unless we absolutely HAVE TO we didn't want to go near it, and I really don't fancy what would happen if an escaped maybecat and her helper were found passed in somewhere they definitely aren't meant to be. If we're puking out here and it's not bad compared to intake, I really don't wanna experience it.
No. 768277 ID: 85cc2c
File 148275223575.png - (30.16KB , 500x500 , 44.png )

You both decide on going through STORAGE first, and then INTAKE.

First thing you make note of- storage is cold. You've never felt this cold in your whole life, and you regret taking that jumpsuit now more than ever. Nelson's teeth are chattering and you can see your own breath.

The second thing you make note of is the containment chambers. Tightly packed freezers full of it-
No. 768278 ID: 85cc2c
File 148275227239.png - (21.31KB , 500x500 , 45.png )

"Like a capsule hotel, but for meat." Nelson whispers, failing to keep the horror out of his voice. You can't blame the guy. You've eaten maybecats alive and dead alike, and plenty of the processed meat, but it's different here.

"Capsule hotel?"

"Heard it from another intern- little windowed spaces people live in sometimes in the big cities. I always pictured them just like this..."

"Sounds worse than my cell. Least that's got more space to it."
No. 768279 ID: 85cc2c
File 148275232663.png - (26.28KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

You keep to the walls.

"I want to get some fucking clothes." You cling to Nelson's back a bit, fully intent on stealing his body heat.

"I thought you didn't want clothes."

"I didn't want THOSE clothes, could have tracky things. I need escape clothes."

There are a few workers carrying meat from place to place, well bundled up and from the look of it, well armed. The meat capsules go on for aisles and aisles.

A) Go for one of the guards
B) Climb the capsules
C) Get Nelson to distract a guard
D) Sneak around the capsule aisles
E) >____
No. 768281 ID: d79f26

some of them are black. and this is the worst way to store things for volume. they must want to keep the meats separated for some reason.
No. 768282 ID: 9876c4

C, A, D in whatever order seems appropriate. we want to make as silent a kill as possible, and then get dressed.
No. 768285 ID: 64c8e8

Let's just hope your hard nipples poking into Nelson's back isn't distracting him too much - after all, i'd assume they're pretty stiff right now with how cold it is. I'd definitely say sneak around, though, don't kill unless you need to. Don't want to raise an alarm or anything.
No. 768288 ID: 77f1b6

>some of them are black

I think that's just a hole without meat stored in it ATM

>we want to make as silent a kill as possible, and then get dressed.

If we're afraid the jump suits would have trackers or monitoring devices, taking any other uniforms could be risky, and we can't wear them while we play dead.

Do your best to tough out the cold, and just stealth your way through here doing your best to keep eachothers hands and feet warm. If you make it through here just know warming up is gonna hurt, so be prepared to grit your teeth and try to bear the temperatures without marking and noises.
No. 786136 ID: 85cc2c
File 148901478969.png - (18.38KB , 500x500 , 47.png )

Nelson steps out and waves to the guard, striking up conversation. You sneak through the nearby aisles, waiting for Nelson to lure the guard over.

You can't quite make out what they're saying, but you don't really care. He drapes his arm over the guard's shoulder and gives you a signal.
No. 786137 ID: 85cc2c
File 148901481258.png - (13.41KB , 500x500 , 48.png )

You make quick work of him. One neck twist, and he's done. You'd have loved to eat him, but bloodstains would draw too much trouble.

You pat around the coat, not finding any sort of tracky things. "All clear."
No. 786138 ID: 85cc2c
File 148901483297.png - (8.74KB , 500x500 , 49.png )

Much better. It's a little small, but it's got pockets and a big fur hood. The best part of course is his weapon- all you know (first hand) is that it shocks people real good. Knocks 'em right out.
No. 786139 ID: 85cc2c
File 148901485928.png - (11.21KB , 500x500 , 50.png )

You keep moving. It's a bit hard to hold your new weapon without dropping it, but if you grip tight enough, it works out.

Looks like the two of you will have some time to whisper. Guess you should actually try to get to know the guy, or something.
No. 786141 ID: b412df

Try holding it two handed, should be easier to keep a solid grip that way.
No. 786163 ID: 398fe1

Ask him if he's friends with any of the other guards. Or maybecats.

What does he do on his breaks?
No. 786178 ID: 4b991a

Idea: get into one of the storage container and move the meat around so that you can either hide the body, or eat the body so that the blood stains just get onto the meat and nobody will notice them
Alternatively you could dismember the corpse and hide it between multiple storage containers

But before you go down that fucked up route ask him how he got the dick
No. 786261 ID: 9876c4

Considering you're in cold storage with a hard time limit, the time for talk may be later.

Also, if you're built to rip and tear, let Nelson have the weapon.
No. 786448 ID: 85cc2c
File 148913223797.png - (12.40KB , 500x500 , 51.png )

You hand the shocker over to Nelson.
"Figure this is better for you. I got my teeth."
"Thanks." He takes it and holds it carefully. "I haven't used one this big before, this one's heavy duty."
"As opposed to the ones that can knock you on your ass?"
"Yeah. This would probably kill both of us, and knock out a bigger one."
"Yeah. We got lucky there."

The aisles seem to go on forever, but it's a hell of a lot more tolerable with a proper coat- even if it is chilly on your legs.
"You uh, got any friends?"
"No. Not worth making friends with people who are likely to get eaten anyway."
"What about the other uh, maybecats?"
"Nope. It's not really worth making friends with the people likely to eat you either."
"I mean, you're my friend."
"Am I?"
"Sure. Wouldn't have asked you to come along if we weren't."
"Not just fuck buddies?"
"Nope, congrats. You've gone and graduated."
No. 786449 ID: 85cc2c
File 148913226076.png - (11.67KB , 500x500 , 52.png )

"How'd you get the cock, anyway?"
"Excuse me?"
"Your dick. Most softbodies don't have those."
"Paid good money for it. Fully functional, and I don't regret it for a second. Makes me feel more like me."
"Yeah. My boss found out and kind of a jerk about it, though. That was a hell of a thing to explain."
No. 786450 ID: 85cc2c
File 148913227749.png - (15.75KB , 500x500 , 53.png )

You're gonna ask him something else, but you stop dead in your tracks and drag Nelson back. A whole patrol of guards is coming through, more than you've ever seen in one place. They start talking in hushed but urgent voices, and look scared shitless.

A) Get closer and listen in.
B) Scoot by while they're distracted.
C) Stay put and wait for them to pass.
D) >____
No. 786452 ID: 553847

A) Slide close to listen, of course. (Even if curiosity might kill the maybecat...)
No. 786453 ID: 398fe1

A. Gotta find out if they know you've escaped. It's weird, though. They shouldn't be that scared of a single escapee. If something else is happening you really need to know.
No. 786475 ID: 15a025

No. 786483 ID: 4b991a

>A, but try and keep out of sight. They seem afraid of something and you need to make sure if it's you or not.
No. 786592 ID: 85cc2c
File 148921086379.png - (12.53KB , 500x500 , 54.png )

You scoot in.

"She's on the warpath, I'm telling you. I've never seen her like this."
"The Director's always calmed down after an hour or two, but it's been a week.."
"You think it's one of the kids?"
"Has to be."
"Must be Mason. Heard he's falling behind."
"Either way, she's already taken out a few doctors."
"Yeah. If she's going after doctors, we're in trouble."
No. 786595 ID: 4b991a

Casually suggest escape method
Hey so you're doctors, and we need doctor uniforms for our plan to escape.
In theory you could use the exact same plan, or just swap a uniform with one of us and fake being something other than a doctor until it's safe to be a doctor again.
No. 786601 ID: 659bad

Keep staying hidden until they leave. Not worth risking it.
No. 786603 ID: 398fe1

Yeah let's not expose ourselves until we have a good reason to believe they'll rebel or try to escape. These are just some random guards who're worried about the Director, they might consider it too much of a risk to do anything but their jobs. It might be possible to convince folks like these once we have more pull, more people in the group that's trying to escape. It's easier to go along with an escape attempt if it's likely to succeed, after all.
No. 795131 ID: 95c606

Might be best to just walk away from these folks for now.
No. 798539 ID: 8a251a
File 149340441416.png - (11.93KB , 500x500 , 55.png )

"Are they okay, so far? Do we know they're safe?"
"Don't go soft-"
"I can't help it, they're just kids..."
"All these things were kids, Chance. Every last monster in this building was, once."
"I didn't sign up for this, man."
"Yeah, you did."

They're quiet for a long while, but don't move.

"Word has that Doc Fuller's got a way out-"
"Stop. Even saying that could get us all fucked!"
"They do-"
More firmly now, almost threatening. "Stop."
"For Grind's sake, let the man talk."
"....Am I good now?"
"Yeah, go ahead."
"They've got a way out of working here, I know ol' Jim from the birth sector slipped away last week, and they haven't found him. There's a way out."
No. 798545 ID: e12db1

Pick the right moment and present yourself. Ask them if they want to get out too. They look like a bunch of wussies, but if they have your help, they might go through with this escape of theirs, taking you with them.

Of course, this might be a terrible idea, so if you think otherwise, just stay quiet and wait for them to pass. Or sneak past them if they don't move.
No. 798555 ID: ca7e3d

if we wanna try and recruit, wait till they separate, and try to talk to them individually. Less risky that way.
No. 798566 ID: af3241

i'm still hungry. wait until they split up and hunt them down.
No. 798567 ID: 15a025

It might be easy to convince one of them to join our escape group. Ask Nelson how they'd feel about adding another member to the escape group?
No. 798592 ID: 8a251a
File 149342545875.png - (11.63KB , 500x500 , 56.png )

You decide to wait until they separate to make your next move. You could definitely go for a guard or two, but you ignore your stomach in favor of playing it safe. Nelson’s close behind you, and you can practically feel him shake in anxiety. Taking a careful step back, you crouch to his height and drop your voice to little more than a breath.

“We could get one of them to take us out.”
“They’re all armed, Sup.”
“They’re scared too. Scared is what we need. We’ll wait til they split up.”
“Fine. Be careful.”

They keep talking, and you size up your candidates.
No. 798593 ID: 8a251a
File 149342548596.png - (10.01KB , 500x500 , 57.png )

The dog seems to be the most uneasy about the kids- you make a mental note that his name is Chance- and he’d be an ideal target if you could sway his heart. Maybe a bit weak in the emotional department- you could see this guy crying over anything- but passion gets you far. So you’ve been told.
No. 798594 ID: 8a251a
File 149342552519.png - (11.53KB , 500x500 , 58.png )

The cat’s even more rattled up than the dog, but for different reasons. He just wants to save his own hide, but it looks like he wants to do that very badly. Wouldn’t take much to bring him over to your side, especially if you threatened to get rough. You swear he’s shaking in his boots. Both him and the dog look just fine strength-wise- you could take both of em at once, but they’d be stronger than Nelson. You nickname him Kitty.
No. 798595 ID: 8a251a
File 149342556004.png - (11.70KB , 500x500 , 59.png )

The biggest one is another softbody. He isn’t nearly as good looking as Nelson, and Nelson wasn’t exactly a prize catch. He doesn’t want to hear any of this shit, either, shutting down the little one at any turn. He’s definitely the strongest of the bunch from the look of him, but that seems more threatening than helpful right now. You nickname him Hardass.
No. 798596 ID: 8a251a
File 149342558782.png - (7.94KB , 500x500 , 60.png )

The small one, the one who talks about some fuck named Doc Fuller, looks determined, and does his best to talk over the softbody’s complaints. He wouldn’t last a second in a fight, and a small part of yourself wonders what it’d be like to break his legs. He’s got the knowledge, even if you want to eat him. Very badly. You nickname him Morsel.

There was just something about pockitts. Tasty fuckers.

Kitty’s a practical thinker. “Leaving this place isn’t going to help. Just desert out there for miles, Mockery’s too far to walk…”
“Can’t get a car, either. Shit.”
“You’re wasting your time-”
“Rather do that than waste away.”
“How far’s Mockery?”
“Like I said, too far.”
“You think Grind’ll bless us?” Morsel tries to smile, failing.
“Ain’t no gods here.” Hardass growls. “If there were, they would have wiped this place off the map by now.”

There’s no more talk after that, awkward silence filling up the space between em, and the guards drift away. Time to choose.
No. 798598 ID: 553847

> Go for the dog! Sympathetic is good. A willing accomplice is much easier than an unwilling one, no? Better than one who's only in it for themself, too...
No. 798601 ID: 3ce125

Go for Chance. Your morals and objectives might not align perfectly with his but he might consider your relationship with Nelson to be something worth protecting.

Morsel is too smart and weak. He'll want to get away from you as soon as he doesn't need your help. Also you'd get distracted thinking about eating him. If he catches you staring at him too often he might think you're planning on it, even. My impression of Kitty is that he's likely to betray you if it'll save his hide.

Chance and Morsel together might work too. Chance would likely keep Morsel from running off, and would give Morsel some assurance you won't devour him at the first opportunity.

...huh, they're all male? Is that coincidence or are there no female doctors?
No. 798689 ID: cbb6df

Chance and Kitty. Maaaaybe Morsel, at the very least we could use his knowledge now and eat him later.

And why does everyone have such FABULOUS hair.
No. 798706 ID: e12db1

Chance and Morsel, in this order.
Chance would be most loyal. No loss in taking him.
Morsel, we need him to get out. Eat him when we don't need him anymore.
Kitty would betray us in one way or another and Hardass would probably not even join us.
No. 798760 ID: 8111b6

Morsel sounds like they might have a plan. Chance and Kitty also want to get out.

Hardass needs to be killed before he can be a narc.

Kitty might help us do so to save his own hide. Chance seems too softhearted to do so.

If you can take down Hardass, do so.
If you don't think so, recruit Kitty, then Chance.
Kitty, work the angle of saving his own hide.
Chance, work the 'children' angle.

When it's time for Morsel, a larger group might help with recruitment and planning.

With more people, we could pull off more complex tasks needed for escape.
No. 798789 ID: 9876c4

Get one ally. One. Any more and you'll be betrayed. Maybe not so much betrayed as neutralized, as you're a threat and it's their job.

Suplex may not be a reliable narrator. So if she thinks that Hardass sounds tough, he's probably even tougher.
No. 798809 ID: 8a251a
File 149350034020.png - (12.85KB , 500x500 , 61.png )

Chance and Morsel look like good picks. You split up, you going after Chance and Nelson going after Morsel- it'd be a better idea for you not to be alone with a guy you want to eat.

He startles hard when you tap his shoulder, and you clap a paw over his mouth, dragging him aside. You can feel tears falling onto your hand and his breath coming out in hard gasps, but when you let him free, he doesn't yell.

"I'm Suplex. You wanna get outta here?"
"I'm...Chance. Are you gonna kill me?"
No. 798810 ID: 70983e

Yeah, but you get to choose if it's now or later. Do you wanna die now?
No. 798811 ID: 3667ec

tell the new friend that you're actually considering taking up pottery, instead of murder.
No. 798816 ID: 9876c4

We're considering it.
But if he thinks he can be useful, now's the time to say.

Exits? Guards? Keycards?
No. 798817 ID: 8d4593

Im here for my freedom not your life but try anything and I wont think twice.
No. 798820 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, that really depends on you, friend.
Help us get out of here and we'll treat you like family.
Try and stop us or rat us out and we'll open your veins with our teeth.
So what do you say? Friends?
No. 798826 ID: 8cb228

I've been known to do a spot of cold-hearted, premeditated murder in my time. That said, it's terrible! Blood gets absolutely everywhere, and is very difficult to get out of fur! So I'd prefer you be as helpful as possible, and we can all get out of here together, with our blood on the inside, like friends. How about it?
No. 798828 ID: ffb773

Seconding the motion to kiss
No. 798829 ID: b412df

Only if you rat us out. (Not sure if we should use us or me here, since us implies more than one, could be good / bad to imply that).

Say you overheard their conversation, then suggest that if someone people managed to escape they could tell people about this place, let the world know what's happening in here, what's happening to kids in here; and maybe they could get some of those kids out at the same time, and maybe also do some damage on their way out too.

(Basically try to link escaping with helping the kids)
No. 798873 ID: 15a025

You wanna get out of this dump?
No. 798887 ID: 3ce125

Tell him if he helps you escape then you won't kill him.

Don't kiss him, why would you even do that?
No. 798941 ID: 3ce125

But she has no urge or need to kiss him? She doesn't know him. It would just be weird.
No. 798948 ID: 8111b6

That depends on you. We could blow this joint, part ways, and never have to see each other again, or... you could do something that makes me feel hungry.

... You think that stick in the mud softbody back there might rat you guys out for that chat back there?

(I'd go with just leaning on him a bit. Not overtly hostile, but could go that way if needed. Can also be interpreted as sociability.)
No. 798977 ID: 987bda

"You'd be far from the first, but if I wanted you dead you would be dead.
See, I want to live somewhere that I don't have to murder people until my own inevitable murder, and I'm inviting you to help me get from rampant-murderville to scenic not-killingtons.
If you're up for helping me, and ideally the kids, escape, then I'd be happy to live and let live.
Otherwise, well, I'm still stuck in rampant-murderville, and there's no room free between 'with me' and 'against me' to fit an intact body.

Is that clear enough?"
No. 798980 ID: db0da2

Not if I don't have to. This isn't how I'd normally choose to make friends, but you know how it is. Way I see it, we're either buddies or one of us dies, and I really really wouldn't bet on it being me. Honestly though, we should be friends; we share so many interests, like getting the fuck out of here, and not dying.

Don't come on to him overtly unless he shows some kind of interest first, there's a lot of backfire potential there.
No. 798987 ID: 8a251a
File 149358063199.png - (10.98KB , 500x500 , 62.png )

You consider kissing him, but you don't think that'd help much right now. You only go for dudes who creep on you first, and Chance here is ready to piss himself.

“Yeah, maybe. If you cooperate, it won’t be now instead of later, maybe even never. You help us get out of here and we’ll treat you like family- if you try and stop us or get away, you might make me feel very hungry.”

“I’ll cooperate, I’ll c-cooperate! Just don’t kill any kids on your way out!”

“We don’t wanna do that, no- we heard your chat back there and if anything, we could go and help those kids, tell people outside about them.”

He calms down a little at that, and an almost determined look settles on his face. “We’ll save them?”

“We’ll do our best. We got common interests here, bud- we both want to get out of here and not die.”

“Right. Okay….I’ll do it.” He still looks a bit hesitant, but you’re pretty sure he doesn’t want to run out on you. Death’s a powerful motivator.

Looks like he’s set. Do you want to talk to him some more, or head back to Nelson?
No. 798989 ID: 3667ec

inform him that he made the right choice

cement this statement with a friendly pat on the back
No. 798990 ID: db0da2

Shake on it and get going. We don't need to try to be intimidating here, he's already afraid of us. What we need now is to come off as stable. If we're a known quantity, if he can be confident that we won't kill him if he doesn't cross us and that we will if he does, then that fear will become respect, and possibly even loyalty. Once we have the morsel with us we can work on a plan and hash out specifics to this deal of ours.
No. 798992 ID: e12db1

Don't say another word to him. We already said too much.

Head back to Nelson. If he knows or wants to know something, he'll speak to us.
No. 798996 ID: 901d83

give him a hug, comment on fabylous hair, tell him he's cute even if he's not your type.
No. 798997 ID: 70983e

Head back. Time is of the essence.
No. 799348 ID: 8a251a
File 149375211552.png - (10.27KB , 500x500 , 63.png )

"You made the right choice."
You hold out your paw for him to shake, and he does so very carefully.
You let him walk in front of you, keeping to the aisles until Nelson and Morsel are in sight. Morsel waves at you and Chance, an odd smile on his face.

"I'm Dwayne." He says to you, with an affirmative nod. For such a small and delicious looking person, he had this strong gaze, one that made you feel a little respect towards him. "Glad to be serving you on this little adventure. She wrangle you into this, Chance?"

"No, sir. She's going to help us save the children."

"Glad to hear it. Y'all ready to meet Doc Fuller?"
No. 799349 ID: 3583d1

Damn straight!
No. 799350 ID: db0da2

No. 799351 ID: e12db1

It's the one thing he's gonna be glad about when we're munching on his bones.

Tell him that we're ready but ask if the doc is ready to meet us.
No. 799363 ID: 3b797e

Compliment him by saying how delicious he looks. or ... maybe not.
No. 799420 ID: 350a50

Never underestimate manlets. They have the most to prove.
No. 799428 ID: 3ce125

I wonder what Dwayne and Nelson talked about?
No. 799518 ID: 8a251a
File 149384054297.png - (15.05KB , 500x500 , 64.png )

"Are they ready to meet us?"
"Maybe. Only way to find out is ask. She's pretty busy, but I'm sure she'll make time to talk to us."

You leave it at that and the group gets moving, letting you and Nelson have some time to talk.
"What did you two talk about?"
"I told him straight- we want out, and we'll take him with us if he helps. He thinks there's strength in numbers, and doesn't seem to worry about dying. Weird guy, but he doesn't feel like a liar."
No. 799519 ID: 3ce125

Ask Dwayne what makes him so confident.
No. 799521 ID: 3a9b77

This all seems too easy.
Expect the worst.
No. 799530 ID: e12db1

Before asking Dwayne why he's so confident, I'd ask him why he's so yumm.. I mean, why the smirk on his face?
No. 799733 ID: 8a251a
File 149394173587.png - (9.72KB , 500x500 , 65.png )

You proceed with caution. Something's wrong about this.

"What's with the smirk?" You growl lightly. "I wouldn't be so confident if I were you."

"Just thinking. I never thought to recruit a maybecat to help, but here we are. I could have gotten out long ago if I had, seeing as you're all stronger than I could ever be. Maybe you're the missing piece of the puzzle."
No. 799734 ID: b412df

"Fair enough." I'd still keep a bit of a eye out, just in case, but otherwise let's go see Doc Fuller. I think he is fine but something about him rubs me the wrong way.

Keep in mind that you still need to avoid other guards since you're not supposed to be out of your cell.
No. 799737 ID: 3ce125

Let him know if he betrays you, or you think he's going to betray you, you're gonna eat him slowly.
No. 799744 ID: db0da2

Think it, don't say it. It's better if he thinks we aren't that suspicious of him, that way he'll be more likely to slip up if he really is plotting something.
No. 799747 ID: 350a50

No. 799799 ID: e12db1

Ask what is "warpath".
Ask why do they call you "maybecats".
Ask why does he require physical strength to escape.
No. 799997 ID: 8a251a
File 149409712342.png - (11.67KB , 500x500 , 66.png )

"Fair enough. Why did you say She's on the warpath?"
"The Director is a stern woman, to say the least. Got a god in her pocket, and she's using it well."
"That's a rumor."
"No, I've seen it too." Nelson pipes up, voice a bit shaky.
"I just...can't believe it."
"Even if you don't Chance, I do, and even without the god, she can kill a man with her bare hands easy. Have to be at least five staff members found slaughtered in their beds. Gruesome shit."

"What's with the maybecat name? I don't get it."
"Well, we got a saying around here about you people. Maybe they're cats, maybe they aren't. You sure started out as them, but you aren't quite that anymore."
"Be nice, Dwayne!" Chance makes a little protesting whine. "What he means to say is that you're mutated karacels, technically speaking. It's not a nice term, I think. I rather call you by name...or number, I guess. Maybecat's dehumanizing."
"Whatever you say, Chance."

"Why do we need to strength our way out of this?"
"Even if we get Doc Fuller's help, she warned me it's gonna be tough either way. If we get caught, we're gonna get straight up murdered, no hesitation. Having a little bit of muscle helps our chances."
No. 800000 ID: e12db1

Explain "god".
Explain "karacel".
Tell us about Dr. Fuller and ask if there's anything we should worry about when in her presence.
No. 800003 ID: 9876c4

The ideology isn't really important now.

Seconds are ticking by. What needs doing, and how?
No. 800149 ID: 83b227

From what you hear about the Director, you guys are dead already if she even thinks you've thought about escaping. Which means there's really no choice but to escape now, is there?
No. 800169 ID: db0da2

How can you tell it's a god? Which god is it?
No. 800336 ID: 8a251a
File 149419924546.png - (23.29KB , 500x500 , 67.png )

"We're dead if she even thinks about us escaping from the sound of it." You growl. "More reason to get the hell out."
"Exactly. Doc Fuller's been able to stay under the radar for a long while, but we still have to be careful."

"I still got some questions, 'bout her and other stuff-"
There's guards, distantly approaching from what looks like the exit of this storage warehouse.

A) Pretend to be dead
B) Pretend to be kidnapped
C) Rush down the guards
D) _____
No. 800337 ID: 9876c4

We are 3/4 licensed personnel.

A) Pretend to be dead
Nelson and chance can carry you
No. 800338 ID: 9690f3

Play tell. Get 'em to tell the guards we're not fit for reprocessing.
No. 800341 ID: e12db1

Maybecats don't wear guard clothes, so pretending to be dead or anything else would alert them the moment they'd see our face.

Basically, we'd have to take our clothes off first, and I don't think we have time for that.

I think our best options would be:

D) Take a side route and bypass the guards while our team distracts them.
E) Stay low behind Nelson/Chance so they can't see your face. And if they notice you, your team should take them out with the shocking rods.
No. 800344 ID: 350a50

This, favoring option D. Bonus points if you can sneak around behind and take them out; more weapons for our crew.
No. 800349 ID: adbbb5

D seems like the best option.
No. 800360 ID: 3befdd

F) Seduce them.
No. 800377 ID: 987bda

F: Act like you're not doing anything wrong. The others should greet the guards as you walk past.
If they ask what's going on, the answer is that Doc Fuller had you test some drug to pacify maybecats, and wanted to see the results.

It's not crime that gets people caught, it's the appearance of guilt or a coverup. Guards are trained to spot the signs of people hiding something. Your group is going to look nervous no matter what, but if they're with a maybecat on an experimental drug that makes perfect sense. However, they wouldn't be nervous about hauling around a dead maybecat since they do that all the time.
Further, the fact that you're not even bothering to try to hide what your doing tells people that what you're doing is exactly what you're supposed to be doing.
No. 800689 ID: 36b2d3

This is good too.
No. 800767 ID: ba56e6

Hm, the logic in this stands. Perhaps refuge in audacity is a better bet; if we can see them, they could see someone break off of the group.

Changing my vote to this. Pretend to be pacified.
No. 800843 ID: 393ae0

>Doc Fuller had you test some drug to pacify maybecats
That's bs which no one would fall for. If such an experiment was done, then all guards would've been informed about it beforehand. Especially an experiment as dangerous as this. Also, there is no logical reason to dress up a maybecat in guard clothes, even if pacified. I can spot a bunch of other logical fallacies in this suggestion, but let's just say it's really bad. Even worse than the original choices.
No. 800855 ID: db0da2

I like E, every other suggestion serms like it would draw attention from a distance, but they probably won't notice E until it's too late.
No. 800933 ID: 82118d

Subduce them all
they may be good allies
No. 801144 ID: 15a025

D. Find a hiding spot and see if they move on to somewhere else.
No. 801149 ID: 91ee5f

I agree, there's no way that's going to work.
No. 801809 ID: 8a251a
File 149480083656.png - (17.98KB , 500x500 , 68.png )

You duck down behind Nelson and Chance, praying your movement didn't look too suspiscious and you went undetected. Maybe they'll just pass by...

"Where are y'all going? Need a hand?"

Well, fuck.
No. 801811 ID: 6f97db

Let Dwayne do the talking while you look away.

If they touch you, turn to them and bite their face off.
No. 801814 ID: db0da2

Are they within leaping distance? If so, pounce on them and hold their jaws shut, and get help pinning them if you need it. If any of the others can vouch for them they get to join us, otherwise we eat them.
No. 801819 ID: f0e552

pretty sure the one on the right saw you, watch for any suspicious movement from him.
No. 801823 ID: adbbb5

Keep calm, don't mess this up! If you have to, kill them, otherwise try to remain undetected. Remember, if you off them, the blood will draw attention to you later on.
No. 801825 ID: db0da2

We could break their necks.
No. 801826 ID: 987bda

"Going to see Doc Fuller to give him an update on one of his tests. We're good, but thanks for the offer.
No. 801827 ID: adbbb5

That's easy when it's just one guy, but since they're two, it'll be pretty hard to pull it off without making noise.
No. 801832 ID: db0da2

They're within arm's reach of each other, so we could stop both of them from tslking at once. There'd definitely still be a chance of causing a ruckus, but I think it's better than hoping they somehow just don't notice us standing right there. We have the element of surprise, we should use it while we can.
No. 803988 ID: 8a251a
File 149558512225.png - (18.88KB , 500x500 , 69.png )

You do your best to stay as still as possible as Dwayne starts talking.
“We’re fine, thank you. We were just on our way to intake.”
“Doing our patrol shift.” Nelson chimes in, keeping his voice even.
“Thank you for offering to help!” Chance does his best to keep his voice steady.
No. 803989 ID: 8a251a
File 149558513803.png - (15.76KB , 500x500 , 70.png )

“Just the four of you?” The left dog starts to smile, and you swear the entire party breaks into a cold sweat.
“There are three of us, with all due respect.”
No. 803990 ID: 8a251a
File 149558516334.png - (16.49KB , 500x500 , 71.png )

“Pretty sure I saw another one of you in this group, unless my counting’s wrong…”
Their smile widens and they elbow their partner, who startles a bit.
“No, I saw them too. P-pretty sure.”
No. 803991 ID: 8a251a
File 149558519059.png - (17.36KB , 500x500 , 72.png )

The left dog shoves Dwayne aside, grabbing you by the ears and grinning. You grit your teeth and try not to yell from having your ears yanked on so hard, but they only squeeze their hands harder.
“Nope, looks like I caught myself a runaway.”
No. 803993 ID: 8a251a
File 149558524705.png - (12.95KB , 500x500 , 73.png )

Their partner extends his weapon- one of the shock sticks, a deadly one. He looks nervous around you, but his grip on the weapon looks tight and determined. He will absolutely try to kill you, and his partner’s face has spread into a nasty sneer. Everyone else has backed up significantly, waiting for your direction.

Nelson, Chance and Dwayne are all armed with deadly shock sticks, as are the two fucks harassing you. You can move the rest of your body just fine, but the grip on your ears isn’t coming loose easy and you risk hurting yourself if you move too quickly or too dramatically. The one holding your ears can’t get their shock stick without letting you loose, but also seems to be using you as a meat shield. Fantastic.

pick as many or as you like, in any order. elaborating on how you’d like to carry out your choices is a very, very smart idea.

A) Break their necks.
B) Devour them.
C) Bash their heads in.
D) Get the hell out of here and run.
E) Pin down and restrain them.
F) Shock them.
G) ________
No. 803996 ID: 3ce125

C, grab their hands and KICK THEM IN THE JIMMY OR WHATEVER'S DOWN THERE (it'll hurt either way)
You want to get this one to let go so you can try to B, Bite out their throat or at least get them and you out of the way of your friends double-teaming their partner by F, using the shock sticks against him.

Might be able to get their partner to accidentally use his shock stick against them.
No. 804004 ID: af3241

B) i wanna MUNCH
No. 804007 ID: 6e7cc1

"Looks like you caught your chance at being free, or butchered and stored here. Offer expires as soon as your buddy takes another step closer."

>Suplex: if the grip loosens as if they're gonna go for the stick try and grab it first, and push them off onto their buddy
>Nelson, Chance, Dwayne: vouch for the escape offer being a team effort, and if it goes south the strongest take on the backup guard, and the leftover tries to take advantage of even a brief moment to take the other guard out.
>Any casualties will be disposed of by removing the clothing and hiding the bodies under meat, dismemberment and putting the parts in different areas is optional.
No. 804008 ID: 91ee5f

What was that you were saying about having the element of surprise? Because they knew we were there the whole time.

G) Live up to your name and suplex the one grabbing you!
No. 804010 ID: 5ea504

Devour the fucker and have your buddies blitzkrieg the other guard.
No. 804021 ID: 600f38

And if we hadn't bothered to hide, they wouldn't have been suspicious.
They're unsure what to do, but once you start moving they'll respond.
"Ow! Lay off the ears, you fucks!
Ok, you caught us! We're breaking out! Even the doctors are panicking since SHE has started killing them. You think you've got better odds than them?
Here's how this goes down. If you fight us you might be able to kill one or two of us before you die. If you help us then nobody dies, and you can stay here or come with us - I don't care which.
So what's it going to be?"

If at any time the one with a shock rod makes a sudden move, punch the one holding you in the chest and fling him at his partner.
No. 804075 ID: ba56e6

Use the one grabbing you as YOUR meatshield.
No. 804124 ID: 393ae0

B (devour) won't work because our ears are being held.
C (bash head in) won't work because I think we're not strong enough. With our teeth sure, but not with our hands.
D (run) might or might not work. There's no guarantee that we can escape the grip, that we run faster, or that we wouldn't get shocked trying to get away. And even if we do, it would leave our team in a dangerous situation.
E (pin down) is also sketchy at best. Either the left dog would shock us, or we would give the right one enough time to do so.

I would go with A (break neck). To be precise, Suplex should position herself in a way the right dog can't shock her and order our team to surround and shock the right dog. It should be easy to do 3 on 1. Then Suplex should break the neck of the left dog with her hands, of course, while being careful the dog can't draw the rod.
No. 804126 ID: 393ae0

I like this too but, you're assuming everyone knows what's going on with the Director. I'd sooner assume that most employees don't know anything or don't care. Also I think bringing even more people with us isn't a good idea.
No. 804150 ID: 8111b6

A suplex is in order, and you don't even have to worry about if they bleed when you grab 'em. That guy dies for hurting your ears. Follow up after to make sure of it.

"Couldn't have played along, and now you've both died for it."
No. 804157 ID: da72f1

You are in a near perfect position for bear hug and suplex.
No. 804162 ID: dbf8a5

Crush the one in front of you's windpipe and take his stick. Shove him into his buddy's stick, then use the shock stick on the latter. Eat the bodies.
No. 804163 ID: 15a025

G. Suplex the ear grabber
B. Devour them!
No. 804282 ID: 7b3f54

Your ears are too weak. You need to train your ears to be strong. Then you can suplex the Director with your strong ears. She'll never see it coming.
No. 832622 ID: 8a251a
File 150631853219.png - (139.24KB , 1500x1552 , 74done.png )

You start pushing the dog away with a hand and slug the them in the face, more than a little pleased to see a tooth go flying. They lose their grip on your ears and that’s all you need.

You’ve been waiting too long to do this.
No. 832623 ID: 8a251a
File 150631855173.png - (44.15KB , 1267x521 , 75.png )

You twist slightly and land on your side, avoiding the fate of your victim. It still hurts, but it’s better than slamming your back onto hard concrete. They’re not dead, but they sure as hell aren’t getting up anytime soon.
No. 832624 ID: 8a251a
File 150631857155.png - (31.66KB , 650x529 , 76.png )

Your entourage is facing off against the other guy, who looks carefully between the three of them, choosing his target.
No. 832625 ID: 8a251a
File 150631859578.png - (74.57KB , 1029x1104 , 77.png )

Unfortunately, he picks Chance- who panics immediately. He does his best to block the dog’s blows, narrowly avoiding fatal shocks.
No. 832626 ID: 8a251a
File 150631861842.png - (112.36KB , 1000x1600 , 78.png )

The dog keeps up his brutal barrage of strikes, Chance just barely able to keep the stick away from him. Terrified, he risks a strike…

And it lands.

The room goes dead silent.
No. 832627 ID: 8a251a
File 150631864673.png - (27.18KB , 441x882 , 79.png )

“....I-I got him.”
No. 832629 ID: 3ce125

If there's any information we need, we can interrogate now. Otherwise it might be best to either finish them off or stow them somewhere they won't be found for a while. Gagged, of course.
No. 832630 ID: 91ee5f

Looks like Chance isn't completely useless after all! Nice work!

All right, both of the guards are down. So now what do we do with them? We obviously can't let them go because they'll sound an alarm when they wake up.

Maybe we should tell your group of buddies to give you a little privacy so that you can devour "dispose" of the guards' bodies behind one of the shelves in here?

Make sure you take their stuff from them first!
No. 832634 ID: 91ee5f

Also, if either of them have a bigger jacket than the one you're currently wearing, then go ahead and take it from them.
No. 832635 ID: eda54c

console him
No. 832636 ID: eda54c

and give positive reinforcement for his actions
No. 832692 ID: b7d9a2

I think eating them might upset your entourage. They aren't used to violence.

Can you interrogate them, then tie them up and throw them in a crate or something? That would probably be best for morale.
No. 832711 ID: 0d45a9

Are you doing this on purpose? It's blindingly obvious why he teared up, he just killed one of his coworkers for goodness sake. And I'm guessing he's smiling because the fight ended in a success?

Take what you need from the bodies then hide them, gag and bind the unconscious one. Chance will probably need consoling or at least talking to when the adrenaline wears off.
No. 832716 ID: 91ee5f

Then they're going to have to get used to it because there's going to be more violence if we're ever going to get outta here alive!
No. 832724 ID: 3667ec

Give him a pat on the back, or something.
No. 832750 ID: 9876c4

I feel like the escaped cannibal bioweapon is a poor choice to play team psychologist.

But hey, if no one else is gonna step up...
No. 832758 ID: 41c9bc

"Guess that guy shouldn't have chanced it."
No. 832759 ID: 4ceb21

"Sick. Good job."

Make sure they're dead. Eat as much of them as you can now, and hide what you don't eat.
No. 832923 ID: 8a251a
File 150640543981.png - (20.10KB , 550x550 , 80.png )

You excuse yourself and drag the living guard behind one of the huge storage units and get to work, taking his head off first. No point in making the guy suffer after that suplex. Your jaw unhinges and it’s all over from there, full for the first time in god knows how long. You haven’t been fed well in ages, but you know with the way you get hungry, you’re only going to be good for a couple hours.

Better than being hungry.
No. 832924 ID: 8a251a
File 150640546052.png - (18.72KB , 550x550 , 81.png )

You come back and see Nelson patting Chance on the back, and go over to join him. You pat him on the shoulder and do your best to give an approving grin, hoping it doesn’t look too much like a snarl.

“Sick. Guess that guy shouldn’t have chanced it.”

He laughs and sniffles, wiping his nose a bit. “Th-thanks. Sorry, I just...I don’t like killing things. I’m in charge of the little ones, and death never gets easier...or having to put anyone down.”

You’re a little taken aback by this, but it makes a lot of sense- back when you were small, your siblings would get taken away pretty regularly as soon as they showed weakness, sometimes made to fight and kill each other for both the Director’s amusement and testing for strength and skills.

“You did good. If you’ve got that kind of strength, we’ll get those kids out of here for sure.”

He smiles wide now, proud of himself. He wipes his eyes and stands tall, and you get the feeling you were right to pick him up.
No. 832925 ID: 8a251a
File 150640549189.png - (20.92KB , 550x550 , 82.png )

Your group starts getting to work, stashing the dead body in a meat capsule- but not before taking his coat and shock stick- even if you couldn’t use it well thanks to having no thumbs, it was better than nothing at all. You pull two pieces of plastic out of their pockets, handing them to Nelson.

“Clearance cards….sweet. These’ll get us into anywhere in the Maybecat sector. Shit, that’s good.”
No. 832927 ID: 7b53bd

lets keep on movin!
No. 832929 ID: 173012

Maybe consider stealth plans? Or a way to create an ambush the next time a confrontation happens?

But yeah let's make sure maybecats don't have to keep living like this.
No. 832934 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, so, we're still in STORAGE, right? Weren't we planning to go from here and then go through INTAKE to get to the exit?

That was our plan according to this: >>768277 , right?

And the door those guards came from leads to INTAKE, right? So let's get going to there!

Just be prepared because like Nelson said, "There's a lot of bodies in INTAKE. More than I think either of us are ready to see."
No. 832935 ID: 3ce125

It occurs to me our new allies may object to going through INTAKE, and may be able to help us continue on a different route.
No. 832937 ID: 91ee5f

If they know of a different route, then yeah, let's go for that!

But if they don't.....then hopefully we won't run into anything that'll make us stay in there longer than necessary!
No. 832948 ID: 41c9bc

This. Consult the others first. If there are no better ideas, we can stick with the plan.
No. 833025 ID: 8a251a
File 150647612880.png - (20.28KB , 550x550 , 83.png )

It’s time to keep moving- and debrief the rest of your team.

“Our plan is to go to INTAKE, and get the hell out from there.”

Chance’s face turns pale, and you even catch Dwayne swallowing hard. Dwayne is the first to speak, keeping his voice as calm as possible.

“Me and Chance, we’re just here to fill in for some workers that got sick- they can’t have people infecting the meat here. We handle small maybecats, like the newborns and kids, and the ones that just never grew. I’ve never been in there.”

Chance nods, doing his best to look brave. “I have, and it’s a really bad place...They don’t always bring them in dead, and-” He shudders. “I’ve had to deliver a few injured ones before, and I couldn’t watch.”
No. 833027 ID: 8a251a
File 150647615045.png - (13.16KB , 550x550 , 84.png )

“It’s the clearest route.” Nelson pipes up. “We’re right here at the door for it, and it’s easier than going through the halls with maximum security. I don’t want to go in there anymore than you do, but it’s our best shot.”
No. 833028 ID: 8a251a
File 150647616811.png - (17.08KB , 550x550 , 85.png )

Everyone gets quiet again. No one wants to do this, and you’re starting to get the feeling that it may be too much for even you.

“We have no choice.” You settle on. “We have no better ideas, and we should stick with the plan. I want to know what we’re going into, and be honest.”

“I’ll answer your questions as best I can- about anything. I’m not very good around the bigger cats, but I know a lot from watching and having to go between sectors.” Chance offers. “We can walk and talk.”
No. 833029 ID: 600f38

"Live ones slated for death? You mean more recruits?"
No. 833030 ID: 3ce125

Intake... it's a killing room, as well as corpse storage? Can we just... look at our feet?
No. 833033 ID: 91ee5f

>“I’ll answer your questions as best I can- about anything. I’m not very good around the bigger cats, but I know a lot from watching and having to go between sectors.” Chance offers. “We can walk and talk.”
"Is there anything in there that we should avoid? Besides any guards that are in there."

That's a good way to bump into something that you really don't want to bump into!

Plus, if we can't see where we're going, then how are we going to find the door to get out?
No. 833101 ID: 9876c4

Probably not. If someone upstairs locks down the elevators, we all die. Best to go quick and quiet, whatever horrors are going on.
No. 833105 ID: 91ee5f

No. 833136 ID: 41c9bc


If we escape, if we get somewhere safe, if we find allies, THAT'S when we start planning revenge/rescue operations.
No. 833185 ID: 6d9fef

Have you considered growing a mustache?
No. 835971 ID: 8a251a
File 150776817235.png - (18.18KB , 550x550 , 86.png )

"Live ones slated for death? You mean more recruits?"

“I mean, it’d be risky...Everybody brought in is sedated and restrained, and while they’d probably be willing to go with us…” It looks like it pains him to say it. “The larger our numbers get, the more obvious we are. I want to rescue as many as we can, but this part of the facility is really dangerous.”

“What should we be on the lookout for?”

“Guards and workers...and all of the gore is really terrible, it’s hard to stomach. There aren’t many workers, seeing as it’s the least populated place in Harvest, but we won’t be alone.

“Have you considered growing a mustache? Might look good on you.”

“Oh, sometimes! I’ve always been on the fence, but if you think it’d really look nice, I might just consider it if we get out of here!”
No. 835986 ID: 7b53bd

what kinda mustache? handlebar? curly? 70's porno?
No. 836004 ID: 600f38

"Yeah, if we stick as one group we'd get spotted, but they don't need to come with us to help.
We tell them to hide for an hour so we can get a path to the exit, then start freeing prisoners and killing or recruiting all the guards, and follow our path.

If we get sloppy and leave a path, they'll be the cavalry. If we don't, the prison riot will be a distraction while we make a break for it.
Shitty, but they're still better off."
No. 836242 ID: 41c9bc

I think he could pull off one of those thin, curly ones.

He's got a point. Let's keep it quick and quiet, sedated prisoners will just slow us down.
No. 836259 ID: 9876c4

A Tom Selleck, for sure.
No. 839536 ID: e54266

Solid plan.
No. 843118 ID: 8a251a
File 151004286808.png - (22.60KB , 550x550 , 87.png )

“What kinda stache, though? How do you dogs grow those, anyway.”

Chance seems to be relaxing a bit more as you walk and talk.

“Well, only some of us can grow some extra fluff, but I’ve got a good shot, I think. I wouldn’t want it too long, otherwise it looks too threatening-”

Dwayne clears his throat.
“Chance’s good looks aside, we need to focus on strategy.”
Chance looks embarrassed, but it seems like he appreciated the break from the doom and gloom. “R-right! Right.”
No. 843120 ID: 8a251a
File 151004289847.png - (20.57KB , 550x550 , 88.png )

You take the opportunity to bring up an idea.
“With my siblings...who says they gotta come with us. Hear me out- we break some out, maybe a lot, and we get em to hide. We make a path to the exit, they start coming our way and free more people, kill more guards on the way. Either way-” A grin spreads across your face. “We save a lot of people or we raise a hell of a distraction.”

“That sounds reckless-”
“But it could work.” Nelson cuts Chance off. “How many maybecats are in Intake?”

“Well, they have two days a week set aside for culling- today included. There’s anywhere from ten to fifty karacels in there, but the facility’s meant for a lot more than what comes through these days. There’ll be a lot of machinery, and a lot of ground to cover if we go out of our way to save people. They’ll probably be in different groups and separated by size. If you want to try this….we run a huge risk, but it might work!”
No. 843121 ID: 094652

Solid plan; this place is a meat grinder, so anyone left behind is marked for death. Get as many prisoners on their feet as you can, worry about casualties when they're no longer dead children walking.
No. 843241 ID: 91ee5f

So I guess we're doing this? Unless someone else has a better plan?
No. 843311 ID: 9876c4

My "better" plan was not to do this. So yeah. I guess.
No. 844366 ID: 8a251a
File 151045170480.png - (53.03KB , 1050x800 , 89.png )

“We’ll get as many prisoners out of this meat grinder and we can and worry about casualties later-” You freeze, Chance pushing open the doors to Intake. The space is absolutely massive, mostly open space between blood splattered kill floors. You try not to focus on the tubes coming off of each structure, chunks of what you assume were your siblings shooting through into the unknown.

“Okay.” Chance inhales sharply, and you see Nelson start to gag again at the smell. “This is it. Down the middle there is management and worker buildings, we don’t want to go there unless you absolutely want to get caught. There’s four different sizes of kill floor here, based on karacel size- small, medium, large, and that.”

He points all the way to the very, very far right corner. You can barely make out an absolutely massive wall, with equally large tubes. “There’s only one titan class kill floor- that’s where the really big ones go. They don’t have much coming through there, usually, but I’ve heard of twenty foot tall behemoths getting sent in.”
No. 844367 ID: 8a251a
File 151045173932.png - (39.39KB , 800x800 , 90.png )

“To our right, we have the control room- we don’t want to go in there either, honestly...there’ll be a high concentration of workers and no way we won’t get spotted. But...the tricky part is going to be sneaking around with people able to see most of the floor from up there...so I don’t know. If you have any ideas there, I’m drawing a blank.

Further to the right, we have the medium kill floors,, small kill floors, and a single large killfloor….the exit’s also that way. The titan floor’s way over in the corner, too.”
No. 844368 ID: 8a251a
File 151045178637.png - (159.82KB , 800x800 , 91.png )

“To our left, we have the rest of the large kill floors...there should be three of them, I think. Not all of these are operational, but I can see a few workers at the closest one. The pens are kept towards the wall, so if we wanted to sneak in there first, we’d have a good shot. That’s about all I know...I hope you’ve got a plan."
No. 844369 ID: 3ce125

This is a lot more sterile than I was expecting.
Sneak towards the pens, just to recon the place and come up with a plan once we see how it's structured.

...how the heck do they corral the titans? Are there similarly large guards?
No. 844377 ID: 91ee5f


>...how the heck do they corral the titans? Are there similarly large guards?
I hope it's not large guards! That would be terrible to run into!

I think maybe the titans are just drugged to the point where they'll do what the guards tell them to do.
No. 844420 ID: 9876c4

ten to one the control room is where an alert gets sent out from.

So we neutralize that first (somehow) then hit one killing floor, maybe 2 on our way out.

Our only chance might be for one of our party to locate the alert button and guard it, while the rest attack. Unless there's a circuit breaker or wire we could cut?
No. 844838 ID: 0d45a9

Getting spotted seems like a matter of when, not if, here, so we need to find a way to stop any alerts from spreading to the rest of the facility. (Circuit breakers maybe? Or find and kill anyone near where the alerts are sent out from.)

We may also need a distraction / going loud option, so I wonder if there's anyone in the titan floor, the area with the three large floors, or anyone of a similar size in the pens, that'd make a right mess of this place.

As for where to first, IDK. We don't know where the alerts / alarms might get sent from, killing the power will probably catch all of them, but that might set all hell loose. Could try to sneak around first, tell all the maybecats what's up, then kill the power / release people?
No. 847888 ID: b96d5e
File 151159498547.png - (27.75KB , 550x550 , 93.png )

You decide to go for the large kill floor, staying as close to the wall and out of sight of the control room as possible- from the look of it, they’ve only got windows facing straight out.

Everyone is visibly nervous, and even you feel a bit on edge as you keep your heads low and movements quiet. The kill floor has two active workers, and you try not to flinch as you watch a freshly stunned maybecat get hung up on a hook, restraints removed and throat cut with a frightening efficiency. They don’t even so much as look your way, completely invested in the slaughter.

“They’re taking their time today.” Chance whispers. “They used to get a lot more at once than this.”
“What happened?” You keep your voice equally low.
“They’re running out, I think...I don’t see many new small ones.”
“She’s killing whatever’s left.” Dwayne says, and your group slows as you make out the pens.
No. 847890 ID: b96d5e
File 151159509263.png - (20.11KB , 550x550 , 94.png )

There’s a whole bunch of maybecats in there, more than you can count from this far away. None of them are moving much, but you’re pretty sure they’re still alive.
No. 847904 ID: 094652

My question is, why do they need so much experiment meat? Can't they just mass-order pink slime from various produce industries? Maybe they need the hormones from dead subjects...

First priority, save the maybecats! Every maybecat saved is a maybecat between you and your jailers! And their bullets. Myes.
No. 848038 ID: 91ee5f

Time to sneak over and see if there's a way to open those cages.
No. 848119 ID: 512d84

Is it possible just to waltz on through and pretend your guards on guard bissness?
I don't want to leave any of those maybecats to their (horrible) fait, but:
A) a breakout of that size would have every guard in the facility descend on our position
B) there is a high probability that a good chunk of them will attack us and our newfound allies. No offense, Suplex, but you maybecats don't seem to have the best track record.
No. 848704 ID: 8a251a
File 151200900058.png - (25.61KB , 550x550 , 95.png )

You sneak over and look into the cages. There’s a latch on the outside that looks pretty easy to open- stupidly easy, honestly. You give it a quick test and sure enough, it opens right up. You quickly put the gate back in place, not sure if freeing your siblings is a good idea until you size up the situation.

They’re a lot bigger than you, and there’s more than you can make out from where you’re standing. A few of them look curiously at you, but there’s something wrong about their eyes, the way they’re all sitting silently, not even fighting their restraints.

“They’re drugged to hell.” Dwayne whispers. “Some of them barely look conscious.”

“Great, how are we gonna get them out of here if they can barely think?” You growl, trying to get more of them to turn around. “They’re practically dead already.”

No, just sleepy.

You nearly jump out of your skin, fur on end. One of the maybecats is looking directly at you, head tilted. She’s got no fur and something’s definitely up with her face- heavily restrained on top of that. You have the horrible feeling that somehow, this is her voice in your head, and the thought that it was even possible fills you with dread.

I can wake them up, but I don’t know who you are. Are you going to save us?
No. 848710 ID: 15a025

Try and see if you can communicate back to it telepathically. Tell it yes, and ask if there's a way you can wake them up a bit?
No. 848711 ID: 173012

>'Yeah, we're gonna save anyone we can'
>'we need to stop the workers from setting off alarms or shit'
>have everyone ready to get the drop on the workers. There's only two at this killfloor, meaning we can get this over with fast

used 's because those are thoughts, rather than verbal communication if this is telepathy. Could be very good for the team.
No. 848712 ID: 8cb228

"First of all, your telepathy is freaky as hell. And, my only promise is to help us put our fates in our own hands. We're going up against overwhelming opposition, and survival or safety isn't guaranteed or even likely. The only thing I think is likely at this point is the slimmest chance to get away from, or get vengeance on, those who keep murdering us. And I'll only free you all if I have a believable assurance that you all won't immediately attack me."
No. 848723 ID: 3ce125

Freaky yes, but... useful if she can read minds and not just speak to them. Or... control minds? It sounds like she can at least influence minds somewhat.

Tell her you were planning to stage a break-out but if your group gets too much bigger it'll be hard to sneak around and get things done. You were planning on getting them to hide so that you can clear a path up until you can't get past the guards, then give them the signal to move out in force. If they can fight their way to you, then they can escape with you. If not, then you'll be able to escape since the guards will be out of the way. It's their best chance, and yours.
No. 848771 ID: 094652

"No. I am going to free you.

Free as many subjects as you can, every meatshield counts when the bullet hail inevitably comes snowing in. Can you take out the guards without sounding an alarm?"
No. 848787 ID: 91ee5f

Tell her that you're gonna save as many as possible, but you can't guarantee that all of them will live. There's a good chance that some of them are gonna die.
No. 848907 ID: 8a251a
File 151208092861.png - (24.52KB , 550x550 , 96.png )

Are you doing this? With your mind?


That’s freaky as hell, how do you do that?

They changed me differently from the others. I can speak like this, I know things, things I shouldn’t. I can tell you more, but I need to know- will you save us?

We can’t promise anything, but that’s the plan...kind of. We want to bust outta here and get as many siblings out as we can, but if we add too many more people to our group we’re gonna have a rough time sneaking around the place.

A smart decision. There’s strength in numbers, but not stealth.

Right. Shitty to put it like this, but every person we free’s a meat shield between us, bullets, and whatever else they throw at us. We’re taking our fates into our own hands for once, and the slimmest chance at freedom or vengeance is worth it. Lots of people are gonna die, and some of them are gonna be us-

As you said, our alternative is to sit here and die at their hands, instead of our own. I am with your cause, as long as you have a plan.

The plan is to get you out of here, have y’all hide, and we’ll make a path to the exit. We’ll give you some kind of signal-

I can help with that.

Great. If you can fight your way through the path, you’ll get a shot at getting out of here. If you don’t, we’ll get out while the guards handle your mess. It’s all we can offer, but it’s something.

Your plan is as sound as an operation to get out of this nightmare can be, and I doubt anyone here will object to a second chance at life. My question is, what can I do to help? I can wake up our siblings present here and break our restraints with ease, but we can’t rush into this blindly.

No. 848914 ID: 3ce125

Hmm... if she can monitor guard patrols she could give us a better idea of how to sneak around.
No. 848936 ID: 600f38

"Can you tell if somebody is lying?
What you could do is have everybody in this entire area join or die, then go dark - no communication, people enter but don't leave. The guards are driven by fear. If you can detect lies then you can get some of the guards to join up, then you have some options.
You could send any guards and workers you can trust into nearby areas to cut them off, then swarm in and suppress the areas. Take over the plant zone by zone and start cutting off routes of access. The longer you can go without anybody noticing the less forces they'll be able to muster to fight back, and when we give the signal you'd be able to steamroll your way to the exit in a tsunami of flesh.
Or you can break the cages and restraints, take this section, and then have everybody act like nothing is wrong. Fewer people, but low chance of detection.

Or you could combine the two. Take sections, demand allegiance, and have everybody act like nothing is going wrong.

It's up to you, really."
No. 849045 ID: 6d8f79

Keep the siblings up to speed, keep them calm.

When you're not busy you can help us know when guards or anyone is looking, and when they're not.

The big goal for now is to take out the ones operating this station without them so much as alerting their higher ups. Don't give a damn how we handle them, but it has to be quick and silent.
No. 849096 ID: 8a251a
File 151216072629.png - (17.32KB , 550x550 , 97.png )

Can you monitor guard patrols?

I think so. As long as you keep yourself receptive to me, I should be able to keep in touch within a short distance.

Can you tell if someone is lying?

Sometimes, but not always. I’ve kept this skill hidden from most, so I doubt anyone will try to block me out unless I get sloppy. There are some I need to watch out for, but I know how to keep myself safe. What would you like me to do aside from that?

You could have everybody in the area choose to join or die, keep people from leaving, lock down the area. Once shit’s yours you can block it off and keep moving, taking this place back bit by bit. By the time anybody can get to you, you’ll have numbers and a wall of flesh on your side.

I like it. I have never gotten the chance to lead people, but I think I’ll be good at it. I do love our siblings, but you know how it is here. If I need to kill, I will.

Yeah, but keep our siblings as safe and calm as you can. Lots of us are going to eat shit, but we want to avoid it if we can.

Of course.

As long as you can take out the big guys silently, we don’t care how you do it.


No. 849098 ID: 8a251a
File 151216076321.png - (111.70KB , 1036x1000 , 98.png )

She snaps her restraints as if they were nothing, your party jumping away from the pen. You think you hear Dwayne try not to scream.

I have never been so hungry.
No. 849099 ID: 3ce125

Well, good luck sister. Give us a few minutes to get clear before the fighting starts.

Unlock the cage then get moving.
No. 849102 ID: 4ceb21

Oh hell yes.

Wrap things up and get moving. Check your group members' emotional states, they're probably fine for now, but we should keep an eye out to avoid any inopportune panic attacks down the line.
No. 849103 ID: 600f38

"Lotta corpses around here already. Eat up first so it won't distract you."
No. 849122 ID: b4f880

Well hello beautiful!
Now we're cooking, what do we call you? I'm Suplex by the way.
No. 849139 ID: 0d45a9

Sweeeeet. Well, let's let our new friend out, hopefully she recognises that Change, Dwayne, and Nelson are our friends.

What's her name?
No. 849158 ID: 0f434d

Give her a salute (Or whatever hand motion you want) and wish her luck.
No. 849372 ID: 8a251a
File 151225825251.png - (31.55KB , 550x550 , 99.png )

You unlock the cage and your party starts freaking out, a bunch of the other maybecats inside perking up at the noise. You shoot your team a glare and let your sister walk out. “She’s with us, show some respect.”
No. 849376 ID: 8a251a
File 151225845450.png - (31.46KB , 700x700 , 100.png )

Nelson is the first to step forward, giving her a wave. “It’s uh...nice to meet you.” His look of shock immediately after tells you he just found out about her special talent, but he rolls with it as best he can. “Right. She’s got mind powers. At this point, I shouldn’t be surprised, but...whoof.”

“Mind powers? The hell are you-” Dwayne almost raises his voice before it’s his turn to be introduced, swallowing his words. “Alright, cool. Sure. Mind powers.”

Chance watches carefully, forcing a smile out as the maybecat turns to him. His expression turns sincere as she talks to him, and he even reaches out to give her a pat. “Thank you for your help.”

Everyone seems pretty okay with this, even Dwayne. Their initial fear’s gone and replaced with what you guess is awe.
No. 849377 ID: 8a251a
File 151225849118.png - (21.30KB , 550x550 , 101.png )

We may meet with you again, maybe not. I will keep in touch -please, talk to me when you can. I can help you, and...it’s been a very lonely life. I could use the company during what might be my last day.

Sure thing. Can you give us a few minutes to get out of here before hell breaks loose?

Your sister nods and turns back to the pens, poking at the other maybecats with her tendril arms.

There are fifteen of us here, by my count. Sixteen until earlier, so I have to move fast. Waking them up is easy-

A maybecat jolts in her arms, looking around wildly.

Keeping them calm while I break their restraints is another story.

She turns to the now wide awake maybecat, too scared to speak. He visibly calms with a few gentle head pats and what you hope is mental encouragement, and not some kind of fucked up mind control.

Good luck sis. I’m Suplex...you got a name?

I was never given one. I always wanted a name, but I don’t know what would suit me.

Well, shit. Looks like you’re handing out names today.
No. 849379 ID: 7759c3

vivi! as in vivisection
No. 849381 ID: 600f38

Vivi works.
No. 849385 ID: 19dd52

How bout Zipper?
No. 849413 ID: 15a025


How about Snoozer?
No. 849416 ID: 91ee5f

Vivi sounds good.
No. 849446 ID: de6d84

Supporting Vivi, looks definitely like one
No. 849450 ID: 2a13fa

I'll go with Vivi over here too. even though primus is perfect
No. 849598 ID: 8a251a
File 151234183279.png - (31.35KB , 550x550 , 102.png )

“You’re Vivi now.” You say it aloud so your party can hear it. “That sound good?”

I like it. Vivi.

More maybecats stir and start whispering for Vivi to let them out, others keeping their eyes on you. It’s the first time you’ve ever felt...you can’t pin it down.

They’re grateful...me too.

You jump, and she looks a little guilty for the mental intrusion.

I was ready to die today, but you gave me a chance. Thank you.
No. 849601 ID: 4ceb21

>It’s the first time you’ve ever felt...you can’t pin it down.
Fulfillment from helping others? Social discomfort? Guilt? Hope? Is it a good feeling?

I believe the correct thing to say here is something like: "You're welcome. Let's try to make that chance a success."
No. 849603 ID: b4f880

Well shit, let's make this count then!
Sort out the complicated new feelings when you're safely out of there.
No. 849615 ID: 3ce125

What's going on back there with the "!!"?
No. 849710 ID: 173012


>agreed, it wasn't that long ago we felt the same thing, regarding "having a chance at freedom"
No. 849770 ID: 54d2f9

Please tell me we can take a moment to talk to the watery-eyed cat. Their adorableness is killing me.
No. 849833 ID: 8a251a
File 151243384498.png - (35.44KB , 800x550 , 103.png )

You’ll get all these feelings handled when you’re out of the corpse factory.

You’re welcome. Hasn’t been long since I felt the same way. Let’s make it count.

You focus on two of the other siblings behind Vivi.

One of them has the biggest eyes you’ve ever seen, and you realize two things: she isn’t blinking, and she wasn’t crying so much as melting. She smiles warmly at you as Vivi breaks her shackles, stretching out and sighing in relief.

The other is restrained even more than Vivi was, leaning on the bigger maybecat’s tail just to stay upright.

What’s up with that one?

I’m not sure I want to remove their restraints. I’ve never seen a sibling so heavily bound. They seem cooperative, but…

No. 849836 ID: d887c0

"Hey, you in all the hardware. We let you out, you gonna play nice?"
No. 849837 ID: 3ce125

Okay, let's be careful. Break him out of the restraints when the fighting starts.
No. 849838 ID: 116b05

Release them last. Take them with us and if we need them just let them off their leash, so to speak.

Preferably in the direction of guards.
No. 849839 ID: 4ceb21

Up to you, really. Why don't you try to figure out why they're restrained with your telepathy?
No. 849845 ID: 600f38

"Can you ask them why they're tied up like that?"
No. 849980 ID: 8a251a
File 151251051581.png - (23.01KB , 550x550 , 104.png )

Can you ask ‘em why they’re chained up like that?

I can try.

The maybecat grows excited upon her approach, nearly thrashing. She takes her time before turning back to you.

They said that the guards didn’t like them and that they bit off a few hands being taken in. I don’t sense much malice in this one, or dishonesty.
No. 849981 ID: 3ce125

Excitable can be dangerous though. Ask if they can control themselves and avoid biting the other maybecats.
No. 849986 ID: 0d45a9

If we can calm them down, sure. I'm afraid they'll make a bit of noise cause of their excitement if we don't get them to chill first.

Even so, be ready to put your hand over their mouth (Be wary of biting), just in case they try to shout (I don't think they would, but gut feeling says that it's a possibility).
No. 850019 ID: 00db72

Hey they're like you! after all that's how you got your name. Is it a he or a she?
No. 850022 ID: 3ce125

Oh also they need to be relatively quiet, it kindof looks like they won't be if we let them out...
No. 850023 ID: 91ee5f

If they can be quiet, then let them out. If they can't be quiet, then wait until we don't need to be quiet anymore.
No. 850084 ID: af982d

Definitely not someone we want to add to the core party. Even if they don't mean to harm us, they will probably prove a liability to stealth.
No. 850137 ID: 8a251a
File 151260510635.png - (23.82KB , 550x550 , 105.png )

“Can you control yourself round out siblings? I really don’t need anybody getting bit.”

They nod feverishly, and you gesture for Vivi to take their cuffs off. You stop her before the mouth restraint.

“And are you gonna stay quiet?”

More nodding. Vivi continues, and the maybecat is freed.
No. 850138 ID: 8a251a
File 151260513258.png - (26.11KB , 550x550 , 106.png )

No. 850139 ID: 8a251a
File 151260515092.png - (20.31KB , 550x550 , 107.png )

No. 850141 ID: 3583d1


Alright Jabbers, glad to have you on board. But lets keep it on the down-low for right now okay?
No. 850142 ID: 4ceb21

"Welp, I'll leave you to it." Not our problem. I don't think there's anything left to do here, and we are on a bit of a time limit, so let's get going.
No. 850226 ID: c8da98

Welp, are we going to make our escape now or are we going to do this again in another slaughter area. Or are we leaving that job to these guys?
No. 850233 ID: 13fded

I would prefer Hyper. Got a feeling words aren't the only actions she will manifest as an uninterrupted anxious sequences.
Pretty cute though.
No. 850280 ID: 094652

No. 850297 ID: 35089a

the hype cat has no breaks
No. 850456 ID: 8a251a
File 151277989571.png - (20.68KB , 550x550 , 108.png )

“Okay Jabbers, glad to have you on board. Keep it chill and don’t cause a scene. Vivi, you got everything handled here?”

I think so. Do you want to handle the other pens, or should I?
No. 850459 ID: 4ceb21

It'll be faster if we get to work finding that exit while you work on the pens. You're better equipped for crowd control than we are anyway.
No. 850463 ID: 91ee5f

No. 850658 ID: 15a025

Yeah, have Vivi start working on the other pens. You and the others should go around and see what else is going on here and look for the exit.
No. 851309 ID: e6994f

This, explore around while Vivi handles the pens.
No. 852508 ID: de6d84

Let Vivi handle the other pens.
No. 852586 ID: ba56e6

No. 858448 ID: fb45d4
File 151598324618.png - (17.72KB , 550x550 , 109.png )

“Yeah, you got this. We’re gonna get moving.”

Understood. As long as you’re not too far away, I can keep in touch.

How uh...how far’s this go?

I’m not sure. Far enough, if we move fast enough behind you.

You gonna be reading my thoughts or some shit?

I’ll just keep an ear out for you, call for me and I should be able to respond.

Sounds good.

You go to turn back to your team and she gives you a pat on the back, nearly startling you out of your skin. When you realize you’re not going to die, you give her tentacle a pat back, not sure how to feel about it- but it isn’t bad. Maybe having a sister you could trust would be a refreshing change of pace.
No. 858449 ID: fb45d4
File 151598328262.png - (15.94KB , 550x550 , 110.png )

“Alright Chance, what’s the game plan.”

“Exit’s over on the other side of Intake. We still have to get by the control room to get over there- it’s a straight shot from here, unless we take any detours. Vivi’s going to handle the pens, but I doubt that she’s going to be able to take on the titan floor. There’s not much chance there’ll be anything there to begin with, and we’re not equipped to get anything of that size out….I don’t think it’d be worth it, but it’s an option.”
No. 858452 ID: 91ee5f

Nah, we've taken long enough, it's time to get moving!
No. 858457 ID: 92cd99

As cool as that sounds, it's probably best not to. No point risking the plan for potentially no reward, or worse, creating additional danger.
No. 858466 ID: 7ed2dd

This, time is against us and speed is our best hope
No. 858473 ID: 3ce125

Sounds like too much risk for too little reward. Let's avoid the titan pens.
No. 863080 ID: fb45d4
File 151726873601.png - (21.01KB , 550x550 , 111.png )

“Enough screwing around, we gotta move. Time’s against us, and as cool as those titan pens sound, we can’t waste time on shit with high risk and little reward.”

Dwayne clears his throat. “I completely agree that we gotta get out of here as soon as possible, but what are we gonna do about that control room? There’s probably a lot of guys in there and a lot of ways to set off alarms. We can make a run for it, but…”

“There’s pretty much no cover from here to the other end of the facility, even if it is a...relatively, straight shot up until the other pens.” Chance shuffles, peeking around the kill floor’s back wall and pointing towards the other side of the room. He squints for a moment before fumbling for something in his pocket, grabbing a pen and a scrap of paper.
No. 863081 ID: fb45d4
File 151726875249.png - (17.21KB , 550x550 , 112.png )

“We need to go straight ahead, past the control room, and past the medium pens...from there, we can hook around the small pens, pass the other large pen, and we’re out. All of these kill floors still have workers, and that control room sees everything. Dwayne is right in that we can probably just...run? But I don’t know how far we’d get, and there’s no way we’ll get out of here undetected.”
No. 863083 ID: 8031fe

- we can either attempt to evade detection
- or we can take out the control room covertly
If we take out the control room we can take out the large killfloor next to the small ones, work on both the medium and small kill floors, and if everything goes perfectly we could take over all of processing.

Our goal is to reduce risks we take to get to an even amount, and to constantly increase our odds of survival.
>Vivi, I want to arrange an ambush. Is there a way to incapacitate the control room long enough for us to take them out in a fell swoop?
If we can manage that we can assure an easy escape from processing. Depending on how quickly they shift personnel, we could clear out the control room, some other killfloors, and get out with minimal losses or risks.
If we don't try to save every killfloor we'll likely have a less noticeable riot, and might even remain undetected for a bit.

It's near impossible to clear out the entirety of processing before we run into serious problems, but if we do this right enough we can get out of processing with a sizable force, and remain just under the radar.
We don't have time to hesitate, so
>Dwayne, Chance, who among us is most likely to be able to cause a distraction for the control room? I'm thinking that if we can draw their attention with someone trustworthy not only will the psychic stun be more easy (I assume), and with the back part of the group hanging just out of sight we'll be able to take down anyone before they can set off an alarm.
>And those that don't resist are welcome to try and join
That sound like a plan?
No. 863470 ID: 91ee5f

So what’s the plan?
No. 863479 ID: 3ce125

Can we just hug the wall clockwise around the facility, past the large pens then the back of the worker facility and then around the titan den?
No. 865274 ID: fb45d4
File 151796549860.png - (15.20KB , 550x550 , 113.png )

You think for a few minutes, pacing. “Way I see it, we can take out the control room, but even that might bring too much attention. Doing that’d get us a much easier escape, but...with Vivi handling the other pens, I don’t think she can take out the guards from here, even with those cool mind powers.”

Correct. You jump a foot, Vivi’s voice intruding on your brain, albeit politely. I would be able to do it at close range, but not from here, and not without catching attention. When I pass by to get to the other pens, I’ll do what I can, but you’re better off not waiting on that. If you’ve come all the way from the cell blocks, people are going to notice soon. You can’t waste much time.

You swallow and relay this information, continuing your pacing.

“Right, so that’s out...what if we just...go around?”

“Go around?” Nelson’s ears perk up a bit.

“Yeah, we go around the back.” You take the map from Chance and point. “We take the long way around, but we hurry. There’s plenty of cover and we’d be able to run through without having to stealth it out as much.”

“Could work.” Dwayne thinks about it. “Yeah, could work. You’re right in that we’ll have to book it to make it worth it, but it’s safer than cutting directly across the floor, especially if Vivi takes out the control room on her own way out.”

“I’m for it.” Chance nods, reaching out for his map. You pass it back and he pockets it, making sure it’s safe. “There’s no way people will be able to see us behind the worker’s facilities, but we will have to watch out for workers around the pens.”

“We doing this?” Nelson puts a hand on your shoulder, gentle enough that it doesn’t startle you this time.

You’re not gonna lie, you’re nervous as hell. This is a scary fucking situation, but you’ve been in scary fucking situations your entire life, and you’d rather go out trying than spend the rest of your life at the mercy of this nightmare factory. You glance at your party and the realization that other people are counting on you too, bringing with it an uncomfortable feeling that you can’t quite place. It was like Nelson said, people give a shit about you. And maybe, just maybe, you were starting to give a shit about other people.

Are you ready to run?
No. 865280 ID: 13fded

Run like the wind.
No. 865285 ID: 082b86

Make sure to have proper spacing! Don't all clump together! You don't want the lot of you crashing into each other if something goes down. Now leg it!
No. 865325 ID: 2c2f98

Gotta go Fast
No. 865347 ID: d887c0

Ready and willing.
Check your corners, watch your six, and may the gods be with you.
No. 865385 ID: fb45d4
File 151797619757.png - (16.45KB , 550x550 , 114.png )

“Make sure to space out.” You stretch, exhaling hard. “We can’t afford to crash into each other if shit gets rough.”

Everyone gets ready to move, waiting for your signal. You’re trying to ignore the sweat rolling down your forehead, and pray no one notices. The last thing you need right now is anyone asking questions and slowing you down.
No. 865386 ID: fb45d4
File 151797621692.png - (22.92KB , 550x550 , 115.png )

You haven’t run in a long time.
No. 865387 ID: fb45d4
File 151797625123.png - (31.09KB , 550x550 , 116.png )

You’re stumbling, slipping on tile, heart pounding in your chest. Your breath’s wheezy and hitched, no time to wipe tears away.

She’s coming.

No. 865388 ID: b1b4f3

Not a good time for a flashback! Focus! Remember where you are!
No. 865389 ID: d887c0

Get your feet under you and keep moving no matter what. You just got put on a damn thin time limit.
No. 865394 ID: 91ee5f

>You’re trying to ignore the sweat rolling down your forehead, and pray no one notices. The last thing you need right now is anyone asking questions and slowing you down.
What are you afraid everyone is going to notice that you’re out of shape?

Oh, never mind!

Stay focused! She’s not here!
No. 865398 ID: b1b4f3

...can you run on all fours for better stability?
No. 865417 ID: 8031fe

>Breath calmly, hyperventilating or fucking up your breathing will only slow you down
No. 865468 ID: 0d45a9

Maybe they know running is something that causes bad memories to surface, e.g. what's happening right now?

Focus, just keep moving. If you're having trouble keeping your breathing measured, count: In, 1, 2, Out, 1, 2, In, etc. Time it to your steps.
No. 865621 ID: fb45d4
File 151804948966.png - (53.72KB , 550x550 , 117.png )

“Where’d you go, kitty kitty?” Her voice echoes loudly behind you, gleeful. “Don’t tell me you’re still trying to run!”

You hear her slam into the corridor you ran through, and you see the smoke billowing your way in the corners of your eyes. You have to keep moving, faster now. If you could make it to the final door, you’d be safe. You shake your tears away and try to keep your breath steady. In, one, two, out, one two….
No. 865623 ID: fb45d4
File 151804953275.png - (52.06KB , 550x550 , 118.png )

You’re barely able to think of anything but running, but something in the back of your head screams. You have to focus, you have to wake up, this isn’t real- you’re not supposed to be here, you’re supposed to be in Intake, with Nelson, and Chance, and-

All there is is this maze of hallways, and her horrible, cackling laughter. Wherever you were before, whoever was with you, they’re just out of reach. Close enough to know it’s not right, but not enough to remember.

Please. You need something, anything, to bring you out of this and away from her.

You need something to hold onto.
No. 865632 ID: 35055d

Is Suplex having a panic attack?

Loosen your coat and take deeper breaths.
No. 865634 ID: b0f04f

Did Nelso ever cuddle with you? There’s something to hold on to, think of that. That feeling of safety, even though it didn’t last for long, it did provide a modicum of happiness.
No. 865635 ID: d887c0

>You need something to hold onto.
Nelson's dick.
Freedom on the outside.
A world away from here and her.
The other maybecats and all the things you'd like to do and say.
Food and water that didn't pass through the nightmare bowels of this damn place.
No. 865643 ID: 082b86

It's different this time, isn't it? You're not running blind. You've assembled a team of.. associates? friends? ones you love? perhaps just a band of merry bastards. You're not in a maze. You're not trapped. You're leaving. What more, your companions are leaving with you and this is all because of your efforts. You're not lost; you're leading the way. You're a damn hero!
No. 865669 ID: 2a13fa

Focus on your surroundings and your goal. Ground yourself in what is real and what matters.
No. 865678 ID: af6e04

>You need something to hold onto.
You are named Suplex. You kill things by suplexing them. You are awesome.
No. 865702 ID: 173012

>You survived her then, you got pas that day and lived all the way to today
>And you're sure as hell going to march the fuck out of here, and even if you have to stare her down yourself, you'll make it
No. 865715 ID: 56de11

Chances eventual mustache?
or the fact that you have sisters?
No. 866034 ID: fb45d4
File 151815667282.png - (24.32KB , 550x550 , 119.png )

You try to focus on what’s real and ground yourself. Your name is Suplex, and you’re a maybecat, but you’re not alone anymore.
No. 866035 ID: fb45d4
File 151815669057.png - (36.24KB , 550x550 , 120.png )

You can escape this nightmare, no, not just you. You have people counting on you, siblings, allies.
No. 866036 ID: fb45d4
File 151815673159.png - (63.71KB , 550x550 , 121.png )

You have a chance at a future. Your tears stop, and any fear is replaced with raw determination. You can get out of this.
No. 866037 ID: fb45d4
File 151815675613.png - (36.48KB , 550x550 , 122.png )

The final door is ahead of you, and maybe, just maybe, it’ll all be over when you go through it. You think about seeing Nelson again, and hope swells in your chest.

You slam into the door, begging, please, no more, let this be enough-
No. 866038 ID: fb45d4
File 151815679436.png - (3.34KB , 550x550 , 123.png )

But it doesn’t end.
No. 866039 ID: fb45d4
File 151815682467.png - (31.68KB , 550x550 , 124.png )

You’re still a kid, and you can still feel the smoke in your lungs, and a newly sprained foot from your tumble inside. You know this isn’t real now, but it was once, and it isn’t going to let you go until it’s good and ready to. You squeeze your eyes shut and only open them when you hear an approaching click, click, click on tile.
No. 866040 ID: fb45d4
File 151815685042.png - (110.89KB , 800x800 , 125.png )

You may have escaped her monster, but your mother is still here.
No. 866041 ID: b1b4f3

Oh! Can you call out to Vivi? Maybe she can help you wake up.
No. 866042 ID: d887c0

Only her memory.
Ony her shadow.
You have a chance to finally be rid of her.
Push her away. Make this memory a dream and let it pass into the long night.
She doesn't own you. She has never owned you. She's hurt you, caged you, starved you, but she has never broken you, and that is why you will win.
No. 866135 ID: f18e26

Ignore her, she aint real
No. 866303 ID: 2a13fa

she might not be real, but something tells me this isn't just going to just go away.
No. 866326 ID: fb45d4
File 151826234621.png - (35.73KB , 550x550 , 126.png )

Vivi, if you can hear me, I need your help- I need it now
There’s no response, but you keep listening and reaching out, ready to mentally scream if you need to.

The Director kneels in front of you, the interns behind her avoiding eye contact.

“You made it to the finish line.”
No. 866327 ID: fb45d4
File 151826238628.png - (32.42KB , 550x550 , 127.png )

Her hand cups your face and yanks it upwards, not letting you turn away. Your mother’s voice has no pride in it, only malice.

“But do you know why I’m upset, instead of proud?”

You don’t say a word. She’s not real. She’s not here, this is just a memory. If you ignore her she’ll just go away-
No. 866329 ID: fb45d4
File 151826243859.png - (40.11KB , 550x550 , 128.png )

“Answer me when I talk to you.” Her voice distorts slightly and your blood runs cold. “Do you know why I’m upset, 122?”
No. 866330 ID: 8031fe

>You'd rather watch me bleed out than see me draw another breath
No. 866331 ID: 689e8d

Is that fucking Spit!?

Cause I'm not one of your "special" children?
No. 866336 ID: be0b68

nope, never will
No. 866342 ID: 701b87

Throw a curveball.
"Because I am you."
No. 866351 ID: ba8710

Shit, she could be her twin.
No. 866352 ID: 4ceb21

Continue to not say anything, she won't be happy with any answer you give. She isn't real, but the people you're with are. You're their leader, they need you to put up a strong front. The less you interact with this worthless phantom, the easier it will be to play this moment off.
No. 866353 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t attack her! Even though she isn’t real, that could actually be Nelson or someone else that’s trying to see what’s wrong with you!
No. 866369 ID: b1b4f3

Because she wanted you to fail.
No. 866375 ID: d887c0

"Cuz you got that ugly ass face."
No. 866384 ID: 600f38

"Because I couldn't kill you and leave this miserable place."
No. 866409 ID: b27006

Don’t acknowledge her at all just to spite her.
No. 866435 ID: 2a13fa

"because you got a wicked case of bad breath?"
No. 866468 ID: 0d45a9

"Because I'm not perfect."

I don't know what's the best option here, but assuming this lines up with stuff that's actually happening we're gonna want this flashback to end as soon as we can so we're seeing reality again. I'm hoping playing along with the flashback will do that, but I have no clue.
No. 866479 ID: 15a025

Continue silence and try to keep ignoring it.
No. 866512 ID: 3036fe

no we want this to be as tramatic as possible, to redeem the characters perspective and actions
this trama must be relived to be purged.
I second
this post
No. 866564 ID: 082b86

"Because I'm a reflection of your own shitty failures, you cunt."

Or yeah, remain silent. (Maybe giver her the finger.)
No. 866730 ID: fb45d4
File 151840383506.png - (46.55KB , 550x550 , 129.png )

You stay silent and she hits you hard across the face, dropping your head from her grip before standing and slamming it into the tile with her heel.

“I said speak.”
No. 866731 ID: fb45d4
File 151840386510.png - (44.83KB , 550x550 , 130.png )

“I’m not perfect,” You choke out, unable to keep angry tears from flowing. “I’m not perfect, and you’d rather watch me bleed out than take one more breath. That good enough?”

“Correct. But, do you know what’s worse, 122?”

She lifts her heel off your head and drives it hard into your calf, and you hear something snap. Her voice distorts further with every word, becoming something unholy.
No. 866733 ID: fb45d4
File 151840389177.png - (62.72KB , 550x550 , 131.png )

”You are lazy. Lazy, selfish, and unworthy of even my evaluation here today. You back talk and have the nerve to underperform on tests even when I have done so much for you. I give you the chance to succeed despite your inherent imperfections and you disappoint me, every time.”

She digs her foot into the break and you scream. Any attempt to plea with the interns, or your mother, is ignored.

Do you have anything to say for yourself?
No. 866734 ID: 4ceb21

There's no right answer here. Her hatred for you is completely irrational, so there's nothing to say.

That pain isn't real, or at least we better hope it isn't. This isn't what's happening right now. You should still be running, have you tripped? Focus on your proprioception, are you actually on the ground? Try standing up. How's your foot?
No. 866735 ID: 7962a4

"Go fuck yourself, you old cow!"
No. 866737 ID: b1b4f3

No. 866738 ID: 785862

“You always said actions speak louder than words, so-“

Supplex this bitch.
No. 866739 ID: cb585b

Put on the smuggest face you can and reply with "Checkmate."
No. 866742 ID: 91ee5f

No, because this is all an illusion and we might end up suplexing one of our teammates!
No. 866764 ID: 600f38

"You're just pissed you're too much of a coward to kill yourself, and are an abject failure at creating something that can do it for you. You've got a city sized plant devoted just to disposing of the evidence of your own incompetence, and the backlog says they can't even keep up.
You're taking it out on your kids because you're also a terrible parent, and figure since you're gonna die unloved then you might as well be hated and feared, since more than anything you're afraid of being forgotten."
No. 866772 ID: 8f6b0e

"Because I don't want to end up like you!"
Bam pow, right in the feelings if she had any!
No. 866775 ID: 8031fe

>Every second I defy you like this is worth so much more than any second where I've made you happy, and someday you'll be the one bleeding our mother dearest
No. 866776 ID: 3036fe

THIS it will be a critical of she IS progecting right now
No. 866841 ID: 555f33

"Lazy, selfish, unworthy... You still couldn't stop me."
No. 866853 ID: 082b86

"I never asked to be made."

Go with a classic.
No. 866946 ID: 7e9c89

hate to say this, but breakdown apologizing is pretty typical for this type of thing if we're going for realism. any sass might just get suplex hurt more;;
No. 866950 ID: 3036fe

not all lifetimes are worth living, sometimes it's better for the candle to burn past what it's capabal of, burn up to burn away.
I vote for
No. 866953 ID: 641dcb

"Get the fuck out of my head already!"
No. 866969 ID: 0d45a9

I never asked for this, and whatever I do it's never enough for you. How I am supposed to reach your "standards" when they move further and further away?
No. 867081 ID: 3f3499

I am the single greatest thing you will ever make.
No. 867716 ID: fb45d4
File 151869115387.png - (57.71KB , 550x550 , 132.png )

“I never asked you to make me.” You spit at her feet. “No matter what I do, it’s never enough for you. And you know what?”

You grin, covered in tears and vision blurring. “At least I’ll never end up like you.”

She slams her heel into your leg again, and you just keep going, your voice cracking and sobs sneaking in.

“Go fuck yourself, mom. Your standards are bullshit-”

Another stomp, the pain almost overtaking you.

“And so are you!”
No. 867717 ID: fb45d4
File 151869119026.png - (71.28KB , 550x550 , 133.png )

She howls in rage and kicks you hard in the stomach, once, and then twice. You’re an absolute mess and can barely hear her voice, but it’s there. “Go to your room.
No. 867718 ID: fb45d4
File 151869122178.png - (59.45KB , 550x550 , 134.png )

Your mother turns and walks away as quickly as she came, the anger in her voice cutting like a knife. “I’m sure you can make it there on your own.”

The interns linger for a moment and run off with her, having taken notes on the entire affair. This was not the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. But for now, you’re able to breathe.
No. 867719 ID: fb45d4
File 151869125345.png - (49.15KB , 550x550 , 135.png )

You are alone.

You lay there for what seems like forever, senses flickering in and out. Are you bleeding? There’s no way you aren’t after that… but your leg would be fine. She’d put you back together after a week, just to break you again. She’d do it until she was tired of you, and then you’d be just like the rest of your siblings. No more second chances- one strike and you’re out.

It hurts.

It hurts so much.
No. 867720 ID: fb45d4
File 151869127322.png - (66.54KB , 550x550 , 136.png )

And, then, it doesn’t.

There’s a sensation of something touching your back, barely detectable through the agony. You try to glance behind you and there’s nothing there, but it’s warm. Familiar.

Plush, even.
No. 867723 ID: 499d93

Remember where you are and who you’re with. Your allies are here for you, remember them? Those guys who are risking there lives alongside you to escape? They’re still here so calm down, rationalise what’s going on, dry your tears and get back up.
No. 867734 ID: ab9337

Observe warm, familiar touch.
No. 867739 ID: 4854ef

She's a Ruffneck, a species that was created by Spit which is why it seems very similar.

You need to come to, that touch is from the real world. You need to focus on that plushy warmth.
No. 867745 ID: d64c16

Nelson's trying to wake you up. Oblige.
No. 867746 ID: 8031fe

>It's Nelson
No. 867747 ID: 91ee5f

>it’s warm. Familiar.
>Plush, even.
You mean like one of those softbodies? That’s means it’s gotta be Nelson! He’s here to help!
No. 867779 ID: 318377

Hug Nelson
No. 867796 ID: 810a1a

Hug the plush.

Thank the plush for hug.
No. 867803 ID: 56e50f

Turn around. What do you see?
No. 868300 ID: 15a025

Nelson's here to help pick us up!
No. 869147 ID: fb45d4
File 151919571687.png - (117.98KB , 550x550 , 137.png )

Nelson? Was Nelson there? You hold onto the feeling, and the world seems to distort around you, fading around the edges in ever sense- the hallway dissolves, and the feeling of tiles under your body is replaced with something living.
No. 869148 ID: fb45d4
File 151919574795.png - (21.29KB , 550x550 , 138.png )

Someone’s arms are wrapped tightly around you, soft and warm. You can hear panicked whispers, the exact words hard to make out at first.

“...Sup?! Sup, you gotta wake up, we have to keep moving-”
“Try shaking her a bit.”
“Dwayne! She fell and hit her head, we can’t just do that…”
“I’m not going to shake her, goddamnit! She’ll come to, just...Sup, you there?”
No. 869149 ID: 8031fe

>Breathing, breathing and try to stand
>"fucking flashback, ok what just happened"
No. 869150 ID: b1b4f3

Whisper yes and get up and get moving!
No. 869153 ID: 91ee5f

Whisper to them, “Why are we whispering? And what the fuck happened? Why does my head feel like shit?”
No. 869169 ID: 2a13fa

"I don't know what the fuck just happened, so just shut up and run"
No. 869179 ID: 555f33

"Some fucking lucid flashback thing. How much time did we lose?"
No. 869229 ID: e1c8f7

"How long was I out?"
No. 869775 ID: fb45d4
File 151944697754.png - (28.57KB , 760x750 , 139.png )

reformatting text to make updates easier to read!

You breathe in and out until your vision returns, Nelson breaking out into a weary smile as he sees you come to. You go to speak and he gives you a tighter squeeze than you even thought he was capable of, and it takes you wheezing and patting his back for him to realize he’s squishing you.

SUPLEX: I’m alright, lemme go. Gonna squeeze the life out of me…
NELSON: What happened?
No. 869776 ID: fb45d4
File 151944703231.png - (15.94KB , 550x550 , 140.png )

You’re not sure how to respond- it was just a dream. It wasn’t real, and they don’t need to know about shit that wasn’t real. Shit that’s all in your head wasn’t worth bringing up, not to them, and not to anyone.

You swallow, and bullshit.
No. 869777 ID: fb45d4
File 151944707944.png - (17.13KB , 550x550 , 141.png )

SUPLEX: I don’t know, all that matters is I woke up on the fucking ground. What did you see happen?
DWAYNE: You ate shit.
CHANCE: Dwayne!!!
DWAYNE: She did, though. We got as far as the titan pens, but you collapsed pretty soon after.
SUPLEX: That’d explain why my head feels like shit...How long was I out?
CHANCE: Hard to say, no clocks down here…
NELSON: At least ten minutes, probably more. I was worrie-
DWAYNE: Can we can save the sappy stuff for later? I was sweating bullets just as much as any of y’all, but we really have to get moving.
DWAYNE: We’re close to the exit and we can talk when we’re not in a slaughterhouse.

Nelson growls under his breath at Dwayne’s tone, inaudible to anyone else but you. You don’t think you’ve ever seen him do that, and you can’t tell whether it freaks you out or…something else. Now is not the fucking time to be thinking about this.
No. 869778 ID: fb45d4
File 151944712901.png - (18.39KB , 550x550 , 142.png )

Nelson helps you to your feet, and you linger to lean on him a bit.

NELSON: You ready to go?

He lowers his voice down even softer, just so you can hear.
NELSON: You don’t have to run, if it helps. We can just, speed walk, or something.
NELSON: And if it happens again, I’m here.
NELSON: Just...talk to me, Sup.
NELSON: Tell me what you need right now to be okay.
No. 869791 ID: 10c408

"I need to get the fuck out of here."
No. 869799 ID: 555f33

He cares. You care that he cares. But now's not the time. So what you need is to get moving, full speed. And for him to catch you if it happens again.
No. 869801 ID: e1c8f7

"Don't stop. Don't let me stop. Don't.. worry about me so much."
No. 869900 ID: 15a025

We need to be out of here to be okay. Tell Nelson you're ready to powerwalk outta here.
No. 869902 ID: b1b4f3

How about a kiss for starters?
No. 871140 ID: e54266

To get out of this place for starters. After that, anything is good.
No. 871271 ID: fb45d4
File 152004938764.png - (15.58KB , 550x550 , 143.png )

SUPLEX: Stop worrying about me so much, man. I’m still here.

You try to look more annoyed than you feel, but his concern doesn’t fade.

SUPLEX: I just want to get the fuck out, so don’t let me slow down. If it happens again, you can freak out over me then, alright?
NELSON: You sure?

You roll your eyes and try to manage a smile.

SUPLEX: Would a kiss convince you?
No. 871272 ID: fb45d4
File 152004942123.png - (13.46KB , 550x550 , 144.png )

He perks up a bit, but shakes his head.

NELSON: Maybe, but I’ll feel better about cashing that offer in when we’re safe.
SUPLEX: Let’s get out of here.

You start moving, Nelson supporting you as best he can with your weight and matching your walking speed. Chance and Dwayne have already gone ahead, Chance glancing back every so often to make sure you’re alright.
No. 871273 ID: fb45d4
File 152004945880.png - (107.59KB , 800x800 , 145.png )

The titan pens loom above menacingly, but thankfully, there isn’t much left to walk. You’re thankful that your party dragged you into cover, and that there’s only one worker running around- it could have been a very, very close call.

You’ve only seen a titan class once, but in the cell blocks they’re just known as “the big guys” on a good day, and “fuck this” on a bad one. Thankfully, you weren’t one of the maybecats- that’s still such a weird term to get used to- sent in to fight it, and you doubt anyone made it out alive.
No. 871274 ID: fb45d4
File 152004949255.png - (16.20KB , 550x550 , 146.png )

You wonder if this one had a name.
No. 871275 ID: fb45d4
File 152004952986.png - (13.04KB , 550x550 , 147.png )

As you turn the corner, the door’s in sight- and thanks to the titan pen’s massive size, it looks like you can make it with full cover-
No. 871276 ID: fb45d4
File 152004955368.png - (17.04KB , 550x550 , 148.png )

Of course.
No. 871277 ID: d887c0

Shit! What just happened?!
No. 871278 ID: cb585b

I believe they just realize Suplex escaped...
No. 871281 ID: 763aed

run like hell
No. 871288 ID: e1c8f7

Let's get a move on, people!
No. 871294 ID: 91ee5f

Contact Vivi and ask if she knows what’s going on.

And it doesn’t matter if she does or if she doesn’t know what’s going on, tell her that now that the alarms are going off she doesn’t have to be quiet anymore and it’s time for her and the other large maybecats to start fighting their way out!

Make sure you wish her luck.

As for your group, don’t just stand there, get going!

I think the guards might’ve noticed that Vivi and her group were freeing other maybecats over at the large maybecat pens.
No. 871324 ID: 555f33

No real plans except to run for it, right? So run for it.
No. 871325 ID: b1b4f3

The plan is to secure an escape route so that if Vivi makes it there she can outrun her pursuers. So get to the door, make sure it's open, and see if you can get it closed fast after Vivi gets through it. Or just leave it open and continue forwards.
No. 871337 ID: 555f33

Oh right, whoops. Keep to the plan.
No. 871464 ID: 15a025

Try and get a hold of Vivi while you brace yourselves for running hell.
No. 873689 ID: fb45d4
File 152107836085.png - (16.96KB , 550x550 , 149.png )

You book it, slamming through the door and out into the hallway. For now at least, stealth is over.

Her voice booms over the loudspeaker,loud even over the sirens, harsh yet mildly amused. Even with just going through that...dream...you’re taken aback with hearing her voice, your skin crawling with every syllable.

ANYA: We appear to have some people trying to leave the facility, despite our care and attention. You are to use any force necessary to bring them back to me, as long as they’re still alive. I have guests over today, and time is of the essence.
No. 873690 ID: fb45d4
File 152107838790.png - (23.74KB , 550x550 , 150.png )

ANYA: Disrespectful children deserve severe punishment, as does anyone encouraging their bad behavior. This is for their own good, just as much as the health of the facility. Successful captors will be awarded significant amounts of outside time, as well as monetary reward.

ANYA: Thank you for your constant cooperation. Let’s all work together to keep our home, and our family, safe!
No. 873691 ID: fb45d4
File 152107844604.png - (15.00KB , 550x550 , 151.png )

It’s a lot more sterile here, but just as unnerving as the slaughterhouse you just ran through. Thankfully, there’s few staff running around, mostly interns ducking out of the way- but you need to move.

Chance runs towards the map on the wall, panting and practically collapsing. Even still, he reads off your options as best he can.
No. 873692 ID: fb45d4
File 152107847217.png - (11.86KB , 550x550 , 152.png )

CHANCE: RESEARCH is where they study both the staff and the experiments- sorry, I don’t know what else to call it- and run tests. You’ve probably been in there before, all of the living ones have...

CHANCE: STASIS is where they hold anyone doing tests or going under development, it’s kind of like the cell blocks, but a lot more monitored. We’re definitely going to get spotted in there, but there might be more people who could help us.

CHANCE: DEVELOPMENT is where karacels like you are further modified, especially if they don’t get the initial results...I pick up kids and bring them back to the cell blocks a lot, but that’s the only place I really know. They have records there, and that could maybe get us an advantage, or information on how to get out of here...It’s hard to say.

CHANCE: Fuller should be in the Research sector, but it’s the most heavily populated, and from the sounds of it, a lot of staff are going to be looking for us...I don’t know. We can go through them all, take the long route and stealth it out, maybe get some resources...but we can also just zip through to Fuller. I hope she’s willing to help after that reward…

NELSON: Sup also needs to rest.
He shuts you up with a glare, and you know he’s right.
SUPLEX: Yeah. We have to rest.
DWAYNE: Seconding that.
CHANCE: Well...I’m not sure what sector would be best for that.
CHANCE: Any ideas?
No. 873702 ID: 56e50f

Cut through development and then to Research through the back end so we can look for Fuller.
No. 873703 ID: 555f33

I'm all for getting help in Stasis but Sup needs to rest before they get spotted. Go to Development first. Eventually we'll try Fuller.
No. 873722 ID: 10c408

Development. Shouldn't be too hard to find a spot to hide and rest at in there, and it's not on the opposite side of research.
No. 873739 ID: 173012

No. 874195 ID: 15a025

No. 874981 ID: fb45d4
File 152176233088.png - (15.57KB , 550x550 , 153.png )

SUPLEX: We go through Development for sure, rest up, grab whatever info we can. Fuller can wait until we’re not gonna eat shit.

You lean on Nelson again and you all start walking, the exhaustion starting to visibly wear you down. An intern almost goes to sound an alarm, but a quick shock stick threat by Dwayne makes him run and hide. You can’t help but smile- you knew most of them were damn cowards, but this may make shit a lot easier.
No. 874982 ID: fb45d4
File 152176234978.png - (17.93KB , 550x550 , 154.png )

You duck into the closest lab that looks empty, Chance and Dwayne immediately barricading the door making sure it can’t be opened- at the very least, not easily. It’ll give you time to get ready to run.
No. 874984 ID: fb45d4
File 152176236926.png - (9.44KB , 550x550 , 155.png )

You hear a noise from the other side of the room and everyone almost panics.

Something’s in here with you.
No. 874985 ID: 173012

>Headcount, perimeter, and alarm. These are the things we need to handle.
>Restrain and suppress anything hostile, but only quiet non-hostiles.
No. 874986 ID: 7e9c89

Turn around!!!! Be ready for a fight just in case, too.
No. 875072 ID: fb45d4
File 152178521998.png - (17.07KB , 550x550 , 156.png )

You all tense up and prepare for a fight just in case, your fears not soothed at all when the footsteps that follow are small, barely audible.

A small child wanders over, wiping sleep out of her eyes. You’d recognize that dress anywhere- a special privilege given to the Director’s special successes. She doesn’t seem scared of you at all, her voice sweet and curious.

???: Are you here to give me my check up?

Today is not your day.
No. 875073 ID: 8031fe

>Keep the kid calm. They never asked for this life, and they don't deserve whatever they'll get from the Director if you're caught.
>Gently tell them they'll need to keep quiet, and ask if they want to get away from the Director
No. 875075 ID: 7e9c89

We can't just. Not save the kid - she might be scared or think the Director is still good but she won't be safe here.. gotta make sure not to scare her though.
No. 875077 ID: 094652

Well, this day got worse.

You don't know if the Successes are indoctrinated to backstab you when you've got your muzzle snuggling into their soft fur. What you DO know is that the Successes are highly valued. They'll make good hostages.

Capture her. Put her in a well-guarded playpen or something. Bring her with you. If she's friendly, her skills will increase your survival rate. If not, you can take her out before she can equip herself with real pain-dishing torture tools.
No. 875078 ID: 91ee5f

“W-Well.....uhhh.....could you excuse us for a moment?”

Then gather your team into a huddle and whisper, ”What do we do?!?!”
No. 875082 ID: b1b4f3

Does everyone shelter the kids from the harsh realities of the world? Maybe you could just carry her around in plain view to keep anyone from messing with you. Some might even consider it an implied threat.
Problem is convincing her to go along with you.
No. 875083 ID: 10c408

Tell the kid that no, you aren't here for her check up. You and your friends (gesture at them) are playing hide and go seek and are all hiding from the seeker.

Ask her that if she plays along and doesn't mention you, you'll give her a reward later.

After that, find some place to, you know, actually hide in the room so you can rest. Give the kid a hug on the way out.
No. 875085 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, it might be best to not bring the kid along and traumatize them from all the violence that’ll end up happening.
No. 875114 ID: 555f33

Um, confer with your teammates first, but this seems like a solid plan. Temporary, maybe, but she's just a kid. The less involved she is, the better. I'd feel bad about leaving her, but that's a decision you can put off for now.
No. 875118 ID: 10c408

Seems like the successful karcels, like the kid here, do get sheltered.

The others... Well, it's been established what happens to the ones that AREN'T as lucky
No. 875123 ID: 1a6dfc

A kid in a nice dress and a bow doesn't mean that they haven't been abused. We've already seen that the rejects are tested and abused. The same would have to go for the successes. The director couldn't know if they kids were successes unless she put them through a battery of tests, as Suplex was once put through in the flashback we witnessed.

This kid has likely been through tests for physical and mental prowess with circumstances similar to what Suplex went through. So it's best to assume the successes haven't had the sheltered life that we think they have. They simply have to deal with different expectations, likely more intense than Suplex ever dealt with.
No. 875132 ID: 10c408

We don't actually know that. In fact, we know very little about how the successful half of the maybecat turnout is on a day-to-day basis in this fucked up facility.

Unless they're being abused on a daily basis, it's probably not going to be enough to overcome the mountain of shit weighing down the scale in favor of the unsuccessful ones anyway.
No. 875167 ID: e1c8f7

"No sweety. You're in the next room over. We're going to do repairs in this room so you gotta hurry along now. We won't tell anyone you went into the wrong room if you don't tell anyone we're here!"
No. 875188 ID: 10c408

We barricaded the door when we came in, that's not going to work.

Plus, she's seen us. We can't have her telling someone about the group of exhausted people until AFTER we're gone.
No. 875189 ID: 555f33

Wait if she's expecting a check up, doesn't that mean scientists are on their way to this room? I think we have to convince her to keep us a secret or take her with us to an actually empty room.
No. 875214 ID: 20c046

Didn't Suplex promise early on we would save every kid could? Pretty sure we don't have a choice but to take her along.
No. 875231 ID: fb45d4
File 152188253785.png - (15.58KB , 550x550 , 157.png )

SUPLEX: Well...You’re in the wrong room, supposed to be the next one over! Yeah!
SUPLEX: We’re here to do repairs. You better hurry on off before you get in trouble.
????: Oh, I won’t! This is the right room. I know, because the doctors always use this one!

She points to a the door.
????: Number zero five two, that’s the room! I know the numbers really well, I’m in here so much…
Her expression turns worried, but just for a second- it goes right back to friendly excitement before you can process it.

????: And I know you’re not the repair people! They don’t wear the big fluffy coats, those are for the meat people, because it’s so cold over in the fridges.
She looks immensely proud of her deduction.

????: You put stuff in front of the door, too!
????: It woke me up and everything. You’re very noisy!
SUPLEX: U-uh...can I talk to my friends for a second?
????: Sure!
She sits and waits, politely looking at your back as your party huddles up.
No. 875232 ID: fb45d4
File 152188257111.png - (18.58KB , 550x550 , 158.png )

SUPLEX: What the fuck it’s one of the kids we are so fucked
NELSON: Fuck, this wasn’t in the plan at all-
DWAYNE: No SHIT it wasn’t in the plan, why would we include meeting one of the hellspawn in our plan-
CHANCE: Dwayne! She’s not hellspawn, be nice…
DWAYNE: Chance, we both work with the small class maybecats, we’ve seen a lot of kids, but these ones definitely aren’t as innocent as they look if they’re the Director’s favorites.
CHANCE: I’ve worked with her and her siblings before- they’re good kids, in a really, really bad situation.
SUPLEX: Sure dressed up nice for that…
CHANCE: Can you take a peek behind you for a second, Suplex?
No. 875233 ID: fb45d4
File 152188261425.png - (15.25KB , 550x550 , 159.png )

You glance back, seeing the kid stare blankly into space, but not without a really weird look of contentment.

CHANCE: Take a close look at her arms, as close as you can.

You do, and you choke a bit as you notice the scars breaking up her fur, clean rings going up and down.

CHANCE: Melanie is...the Director’s absolute favorite.
CHANCE: She’s treated the best out of all three of them, and she’s still got a lot of hurt going on.

He swallows, the next few words just as hard for him as it is for you to keep looking.

CHANCE: I’ve picked her up after the Director’s tests.
CHANCE: This is the cleanest and most well patched up I’ve ever seen her.
CHANCE: Let me talk to her. She knows me better than she knows any of you-
SUPLEX: That’d be for the best, I’m fucking awful with kids…
NELSON: You did alright, Sup. I wouldn’t have done any better.
DWAYNE: I work with these kids and it’s hard. Chance knows what he’s doing better than any of us.
DWAYNE: ...I hope.
No. 875234 ID: fb45d4
File 152188265672.png - (15.48KB , 550x550 , 160.png )

Chance steps forward, keeping his ears perked and tail wagging in a friendly gesture as he sits down to talk to her.
CHANCE: Hi, Melanie, right? Do you remember me?

She nods excitedly, smiling wider as he gives her a gentle pat on the head.
MELANIE: Yep! You gave me my shots...a while ago?
CHANCE: That’s right. You were really good, and sat still for me the whole time.
MELANIE: You also brought me and Mason and Maes treats, I think…
No. 875235 ID: fb45d4
File 152188269754.png - (15.92KB , 550x550 , 161.png )

She struggles for a second, frowning, as if she can’t put the right pieces together.
MELANIE: I think...right? I can’t remember what it was, I’m sorry…

Chance’s smile twitches a bit, and you think he might tear up any second now.
CHANCE: Right again on that one, Mel. You got it right.

Melanie perks up again easily after that, and your own throat catches. Why is being around this kid affecting you so bad?

How can she still smile?
No. 875236 ID: 8031fe

>She has to smile. When they don't is why they need patching up.
>Be gentle. The kids are still kids.
No. 875237 ID: 094652

Give her hope. That's what the little brats are for.

Ask her if she's willing to help on your adventure. Mostly it involves going outside for funsies.
No. 875238 ID: d55249

Wait till chance is done talking to melanie and offer to take her with you. It would piss the director off to no end to rescue her favourite child and if smug satisfaction from annoying her isn’t selling you on this then what is even the point of escaping.
Should try to rescue the other kids too but don’t bother going too far out of your way for them.
Careful though, it might cause the director to actually start trying to kill you.
No. 875241 ID: 555f33

Damn, we did promise to rescue everyone we could didn't we. We need Chance to make an opening where we can try to convince her that leaving is not only the right choice but a possible one. Someone who hides their pain is probably going to find it hard to believe though.
No. 875254 ID: f0e552

She's just a kid, it's only natural that she has enough hope to overcome despair. Or perhaps she's just been groomed into a bad spot. Just remember that for now our perception of this person is that it's just a kid. Don't let it get to you.
No. 875256 ID: 10c408

Probably because she's still innocent enough to not realize how fucked this place is.

You can't honestly tell us you weren't the same way before you became desensitized.

Let Chance do his thing and just take a seat somewhere so you can rest before you actually collapse.
No. 875259 ID: b1b4f3

Children have a tendency to do this sort of thing. To pretend everything is fine with their living situation when it absolutely isn't.

We're gonna break this kid out of here. Just in case it comes to it, you should first off tell her that you will keep her safe until we get out and would never hurt her intentionally, but you might wind up telling the other guards that she's a hostage. You might have to threaten to hurt her if they don't do what you say. How good is she at acting like she's scared? You could come up with a codephrase to cue her into acting like she's in trouble.
No. 875263 ID: cb585b

Idea, what about if we take her with us? It'd piss the Director off if you escape with her favorite, and you save somebody else from this place as well...

The downside obviously being she wont be able to fight, and she'd need to be protected.
No. 875285 ID: 56e50f

Well, see if the little tyke wants to go on an adventure. You should warn her though, that adventuring can be dangerous and people may get hurt. At the very end of it all, they get to see the outside.
No. 876355 ID: fb45d4
File 152257341584.png - (18.73KB , 550x550 , 162.png )

You scoot close to the kid again, trying to figure out words.

SUPLEX: Uh...Melanie, right? Mel?
MELANIE: Mhm! That’s me!
SUPLEX: Do you want to come on an adventure with us?
DWAYNE: What are you doi-
Nelson shuts Dwayne up with a glare. Melanie’s eyes grow wide and she smiles big.

MELANIE: What kind of adventure?
CHANCE: One where you don’t have to be hurt anymore.
MELANIE: ...hurt?

Her face darkens, and she looks down at the scars on her arms.
MELANIE: Am I hurt?
MELANIE: I don’t remember…
MELANIE: Did.... I do something wrong again? Am I in trouble?
SUPLEX: No, no- you’re okay, you didn’t do sh- anything wrong. You’re good.
CHANCE: Very good.
No. 876356 ID: fb45d4
File 152257344467.png - (17.00KB , 550x550 , 163.png )

She looks back up at you, confused.
MELANIE: I don’t know…
SUPLEX: We could get you and your siblings out of here...uh..Maes? Mason?
SUPLEX: All of you, and then you’d be safe.
MELANIE: Away from Mom?
SUPLEX..y-yeah. Away from Mom.

MELANIE: I love my mom... I don't want to make her sad.
MELANIE: If she cries, I'll cry too.
MELANIE: She always says I'm good, Maes does good too sometimes.
MELANIE: But....

She sniffles.

MELANIE: I don't think she likes Mason.
No. 876357 ID: e1c8f7

And that's why we want to get you and the others to the outside. If Mom can't be nice to all of you, then she needs some time away to think about how she's hurt others. It's just not fair to them. Don't you think things should be fair for everyone?
No. 876362 ID: d55249

If you’re mum hurts you like this then wouldn’t you want to get to a place where she can’t hurt you?

Look, if we find mason or maes then we’ll ask them to play our game too, but if they play then your mum’s just gonna hurt whoever’s left more. It’s not going to be as good if we cant help all of you go to a place where you can’t get hurt.
If you want to try to make things better for you, maes and mason then come with us. We won’t hurt you but if you stay can you promise not to tell your mum about our game just yet?
No. 876379 ID: b1b4f3

Alright. Where's Mason?
No. 876560 ID: d0ac55

"If you go on adventure with us, we can make a stop at Hug Flags Mountain and get an autograph with Alison!"

"Don't you mean 'get a hug with Alison'?"

"That too, duh. Are you going to tell me we should get buns with every burger?"
No. 876672 ID: 555f33

Making sure everyone in Mason's situation is safe is something we want. And so is making sure you don't have to worry if you've gotten hurt and made to forget. You just won't ever be hurt again, no forgetting needed.
No. 885194 ID: 71e795
File 152678687308.png - (18.73KB , 550x550 , 164.png )

SUPLEX: That’s why we gotta get you outside, all of you.
SUPLEX: Your mom’s a bi-
You’re promptly glared down by Chance.
SUPLEX: She doesn’t treat you fairly. She hurts you guys. Why don’t you want to get away from that?
MELANIE: I don’t think…

She’s back to looking at those scars on her arms, and the look on Chance’s face makes your stomach turn with unease.
MELANIE: I don’t know, I don’t remember…I’m sorry…
CHANCE: Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to remember anything, we just...want to help.

He kneels next to Melanie, and places a hand gently on her arm.
CHANCE: I know you don’t want to go, and I know your mom would be upset.
CHANCE: But we want to take you somewhere safer. If your mom really wants you to be safe, she’d do the same.

Melanie goes quiet, fighting back tears.
MELANIE: I won’t tell on you, but…
MELANIE: I can’t go away from Mom.
MELANIE: Maes can’t either… Mom says that we’re really, really important, and that we have a lot to do, but...
MELANIE: She yells at Mason a lot, even when he cries.
MELANIE: I think he should go, and we can stay, to keep Mom happy!
MELANIE: That way, she isn’t sad when he goes!
MELANIE: That way... he won't be yelled at anymore.
No. 885195 ID: 7e9c89

I don't know that I'm comfortable leaving her here. We can't force her but.. is it really okay to leave her to get hurt?
No. 885197 ID: 2b163c

No. 885207 ID: 094652

"Then that's an even more important reason for you to tag along. If you're close to Maes, Anya won't try to really hurt him, not if her assets risk damaging you. We'll go to the border between here and outside, and if you still want to stay, we'll find you a safe spot to relax and tell Anya where you are so she can pick you up. Deal?"
No. 885212 ID: dbf422

She'll never be happy, you know. She'll always want more, always be angry. If she can't be angry at Mason, she might be angry at you instead. She already hurts you, and I don't want to make things worse and then leave you here.

We won't make you come with us, but you should know how dangerous staying is. We owe you that much, for agreeing to keep quiet.
No. 885239 ID: e1c8f7

Everyone is coming. Eventually. Mom.. needs a time out. Time to herself. She'll be so much happier when she see all her kids safe and happy. She won't get any happier when we leave.. We don't want to make you face her by yourself. It's better if you come with us now and we come back later for more people.
No. 885451 ID: b1b4f3

Ask if she knows where Mason is. Is he likely to agree to go with you, or will he ask for the other kids to come with him?
No. 887875 ID: 21ea40

Ask the kid if she knows were he is. We gotta protect the little ones.
No. 888860 ID: 53b212
File 152896130373.png - (27.81KB , 550x550 , 165.png )

SUPLEX: Look...we can’t force you to come, but it feels wrong to leave you here.
SUPLEX: We’re getting out to get a chance at a better life, and we’re gonna save all the people we can.
SUPLEX: And you kids, like...
SUPLEX: ....

It’s hard to choke out the words out, but you can’t just lie to her. You can’t just….tell her that the Director’s going to get better, or that she’ll stop, because you know better.

SUPLEX: She’s my mom too, kid.
SUPLEX: She’s never going to be happy, no matter how much you try.
SUPLEX: When I was your age, I tried to think the same thing.
SUPLEX: If she can’t get angry at Mason, she might get mad at you or Maes.
SUPLEX: If you want to stay, you can stay, but….
SUPLEX: You can come with us. All three of you.
No. 888861 ID: 53b212
File 152896132017.png - (28.53KB , 550x550 , 166.png )

Melanie doesn’t speak for what feels like ages, the only sound in the room her holding back sniffles.

MELANIE: And we’ll be safe?
MELANIE: You promise?
No. 888868 ID: ff0134

Once we get out we will be safe, but it’s going to be a while before we make it there so we’re all going to have to be strong until we do.
No. 888879 ID: 094652

Hey, has anyone noticed her scars are growing wider? Also, she looks fat now. But you already knew that.

... Right, she's getting closer to berserk mode, don't upset her any further. "We'll do our best to keep you alive if you do the same in turn. I know you can."
No. 888880 ID: 11a1bf

We're going to try our best.
No. 888893 ID: dbf422

... I'll promise you this: if things go bad and we don't make it out, I'll make sure that she doesn't even think about punishing you kids for this. And if we do get out, you will be safe.

That's the best I've got. Sorry.
No. 888896 ID: 8031fe

>Be honest that until we are free there are risks
>But once we're free the Director can't do shit no matter how mad she is. We'll all be safer out there than we ever were in here
No. 888911 ID: 53b212

dude, i haven't updated this quest in a month due to health reasons and i'm a bit off my consistency game. you were on thin ice after your april fool's "prank" but coming here just to give me shit for not drawing it good enough is not something i need to deal with. you're banned from posting in my threads now.
No. 888933 ID: 06b384

"I'm going to level with. You're too young to have to deal with adult decisions like this, but since you do I'm going to be completely honest.
We will do everything we possibly can to keep you as safe as we can, but no it's not safe.
The difficult part, the part they haven't been telling you, is that staying here is less safe.

When mom is unhappy with somebody she just gets meaner and meaner to them, even if they aren't doing anything wrong, until she decides to get rid of them. She will punish people she doesn't like just because somebody else made a mistake. Has she ever punished Mason because she didn't like something you did?
From what you said, if Mason stays here then she is going to be meaner and meaner to him, until one day she decides to kill him.

I don't know how things would go for you if you stayed. You may be ok, or she may blame you for Mason leaving and start doing the same.
But you can never make her happy. She will never BE happy. Not ever. Happy isn't an emotion she has.

As far as love?
Love is wanting what's best for somebody else, even if that's bad for you.
You want Mason to leave because it's best for him, even though you'll miss him. That means you love Mason.
You love Mom, because you don't want her to feel bad.
What has Mom done to make things better for you or Mason? What has she sacrificed? Because I know those scars. I've felt those scars. Those are what's left behind when she decides she wants something, and that didn't feel like love.

So no, I can't promise you would be safe, but I can promise I will never hurt you or Mason, and that I will do everything it takes to keep you from harm. Even if it kills me."
No. 889449 ID: 4a9772

Promise her they'll all be safe when we get out of here.
She's used to everything being uncertain. We need to give her something to have faith in, even if we might have our doubts.
No. 890991 ID: 53b212
File 153061286462.png - (18.71KB , 550x550 , 167.png )

SUPLEX: I know you love Mason, and I know you love Mom too. Our mom.
SUPLEX: But she gets mean, and punishes people because they make mistakes.
SUPLEX: Has she ever hurt Mason because of anything you or Maes did?
Melanie startles at the question, holding her own body tighter.
MELANIE: I can’t...I can’t remember, I’m sorry…
CHANCE: It’s okay, Mel. Don’t push yourself too much, okay?
CHANCE: You’re not in trouble for not remembering, and none of us are mad at you.
SUPLEX: And Mom shouldn’t be either.
SUPLEX: You can’t make her happy, kid. I don’t think anyone can.
No. 890992 ID: 53b212
File 153061289113.png - (15.40KB , 550x550 , 168.png )

SUPLEX: I’m gonna be honest with you...this isn’t a safe thing, but you’re even less safe here.
SUPLEX: You’re just a kid, and you shouldn’t have to live like this. You shouldn’t have to deal with this at all. None of us do, but especially not you and your siblings.
SUPLEX: If we get out of here, we’re gonna have a new life, and nobody has to hurt like this again.
SUPLEX: I’m sorry we can’t give you a proper promise, but that’s the best I got.
SUPLEX: What we can promise is that we’re going to try, and that we’re not gonna hurt you either.
SUPLEX: No matter what it takes, we’ll do our best.
SUPLEX: Does that sound okay to you?
No. 890993 ID: 53b212
File 153061293847.png - (15.70KB , 550x550 , 169.png )

Melanie shuffles her feet, wiping some tears off her face.

MELANIE: I have to tell Maes and Mason first...but I want to try.
MELANIE: I’ll be good...promise.

She smiles a little, and you feel a tightening in your chest.
No. 890994 ID: 53b212
File 153061296315.png - (13.67KB , 550x550 , 170.png )

You’ve never held something so delicately in your life.
No. 890995 ID: 53b212
File 153061297992.png - (17.78KB , 550x550 , 171.png )

It hurts.
No. 891020 ID: dbf422

You're going to be better than your mom. You're going to save these kids not because it's convenient or because it's easy, but because you think they deserve it. And now they're your responsibility and anything that happens to them is because you involved them. That hurts. Caring hurts. But that comes with being a good person, and it's kinda looking like you might be one. Let's make that pay off.

Okay, time to go. Can't stay in one place for this long. But we need to figure out how to deal with freeing the kids. Do we go straight for them, let Melanie prime the other two without us and meet them later, or something else?
No. 891027 ID: d887c0

I'm afraid to say that the pain only gets worse. It is, however, a pain worth enduring.
Now, we have to move on. Does anyone know where the other children might be?
No. 891029 ID: 732079

You're doing great, Sup. Ask her if she'd be willing to make it a race. Run as quick as she can to get her friends and siblings.
No. 891033 ID: 91ee5f

Since you’re the only adult female in this group, you have effectively made yourself this group’s mother.

Are you prepared for the responsibility of motherhood?
No. 891759 ID: 53b212
File 153109783547.png - (14.98KB , 550x550 , 172.png )

You consider motherhood.

Yeah, nope, nothing more awful than that. You’ll take being some kind of sister figure, thanks. Plus, you’re going to be better than your mother ever was.

For the kids.

Maybe even for yourself. Someday.
No. 891760 ID: 53b212
File 153109786428.png - (19.86KB , 550x550 , 173.png )

CHANCE: Do you know where the other kids are, Mel?
MELANIE: Oh! They’re having check ups, but different from mine! They’re in the other place!
DWAYNE: Other place?
MELANIE: Maes and Mason needed to do something, I think...I can’t remember.
MELANIE: My mom said that they need to stay there for a little until they get better.
MELANIE: But she said if my checkup was good today, I could visit for a little!!
CHANCE: Looks like that visit’s going to be earlier than you thought! We’ll get you there in no time.

Melanie beams, all of her fear seemingly forgotten. You take her hand, ready to head out-
DWAYNE: Hold up.

He pats a filing cabinet in the back corner, having wandered off while you were busy having a sentimental moment.

DWAYNE: Y’all forgot about records- y’know, the whole reason we came here for?
DWAYNE: Locks are shit, already got it open.
DWAYNE: Why don’t we have a look?
DWAYNE: Gimme something to look for. Keywords, ID numbers, whatever. Looks like it’s sorted, but it’s hard to say what’s what if I don’t have something to start from.
No. 891763 ID: 8031fe

Tram system, surface.
Check employee ID numbers too, see what dirt they have on us and how we can turn that around.

Hell we can just look up where the other kids are located can't we?
No. 891775 ID: 4c908d

"Need to stay there for a little while until they get better."

Oh jeebus what does that even MEAN?
No. 891782 ID: dbf422

This plus things like entrance, Mom, security, and Maes and Mason specifically.
No. 891791 ID: 91ee5f

>Plus, you’re going to be better than your mother ever was.
Wanting to be better than your mother is pretty much you saying that you’ll be a better mother to these kids than she ever was. It’s good to know that you’ll be looking out for them!

>What to look for?
Do you think they’ve got info on everyone that’s currently in our group? It might be interesting to see what they have written down on everyone one. There might even be something on you, Suplex!
No. 891806 ID: b38f01

Door codes, exits, ID numbers and.. MC-122
No. 891808 ID: dbf422

You can be better than your mom without becoming a mom. And you can look after kids without being a mom. Let Sup decide her own labels.
No. 891820 ID: 91ee5f

I know, but did you see the face she made? It was hilarious! I just wanted to see if I could get another funny reaction face from her! XD
No. 891924 ID: 53b212
File 153120100810.png - (15.23KB , 550x550 , 174.png )

SUPLEX: Anything on the surface? Getting out of here? The lab itself?
DWAYNE: Gimme a sec….

He sifts through a drawer, checking the other one before pulling out a thin folder.
DWAYNE: The Menagerie is the largest biotech facility in Taverne, and is recognized as the top hospital in all of Precipice…etc, etc…
DWAYNE: Ugh, this is all just the propaganda papers they hand out to staff.
DWAYNE: Figures they wouldn’t keep fucking-

Chance gives him a death glare and gestures to Melanie.

DWAYNE: Sorry, freaking escape plans. Us guards are just as much prisoners as you.

SUPLEX: What about us? I got my ID number, uh….
NELSON: MC-122. I’m IT-573.
CHANCE: Here, I know the ones for the kids…

Your party gets to sifting through drawers while you sit on the sidelines, unable to help much. Mel’s happy for the company, at least.

CHANCE: Got docs on us, and a few docs on the kids...let’s see what’s inside ours.
No. 891925 ID: 53b212
File 153120103378.png - (19.84KB , 600x600 , 175.png )

He keeps his voice clear as he reads the documents, making sure to clarify who’s who amidst all the ID numbers.

ID: MC-122
SPECIES: Karacel
ORIGIN: Donated egg.
AGE: 25 years
LIFESPAN: 35 years
MUTATIONS: Enhanced strength and durability. Larger size than intended. Extremely high pain tolerance. Deformed muzzle, has breathing issues as a result. No thumbs. Multiple breasts. Rows of teeth, long tongue.
NOTES: Ineffective for Devil’s Advocacy, despite showing initial promise. Volatile, to be handled with caution.

ID: IT-573
SPECIES: Snuglin
ORIGIN: Purchased from the Snuglin Corporation at age 13. trained in the facility.
AGE: 26 years
NOTES: None.

ID: IT-966
SPECIES: Ruffneck
ORIGIN: Hired at 18 as a caretaker, quickly moved to the Devil’s Advocacy project after showing competence in all areas.
AGE: 27 years
NOTES: None.

ID: IT-394
SPECIES: Pockitt
ORIGIN: Acquired at age 3, trained in the facility.
AGE: 23 years
LIFESPAN: Unknown.
NOTES: None.

No one’s sure what to say, and Chance takes it as a cue to move as quickly as possible to avoid further awkwardness.
No. 891926 ID: 53b212
File 153120108031.png - (18.25KB , 550x550 , 176.png )

CHANCE: O-okay, time for the kids...

ID: MC-001
SPECIES: Karacel
ORIGIN: Heavily modified donated egg. Exposed to max radiation with great success.
AGE: 5 years
LIFESPAN: 40 years
MUTATIONS: Enhanced strength and durability. Teeth modification manifests as rows of teeth- they fall out often, and regrow quickly. Unhingeable jaw. Organ systems similar to that of a horror. High metabolism and extreme hunger cravings. Can digest most materials, including bone, metal, and toxic substances.
NOTES: Quick thinking, picks up academic concepts with ease. Makes mistakes often, but responds well to discipline. Requires more training, but has potential for great success.

CHANCE: Melanie’s here…
He frowns as he reads down the page, voice wavering slightly with each line. Melanie doesn’t seem to react to any of it, too busy playing with your coat.

ID: MC-002
SPECIES: Karacel
ORIGIN: Heavily modified donated egg. Exposed to max radiation with great success.
AGE: 5 years
LIFESPAN: Unknown. Expected to in the 35-40 range, though tests have proved inconclusive.
MUTATIONS: Enhanced strength and durability, teeth modification manifests as rows capable of rotating and grinding prey into easily swallowable pieces. Organ systems similar to that of a horror. High metabolism. Regenerative qualities.
NOTES: Has successfully regenerated limbs in all tests, no matter the length. Limbs regenerate with scars left on previous iterations. Very agreeable and curious, diligent in her studies. The current most likely candidate for Devil’s Advocacy.

It takes Chance a minute, swallowing hard as he reaches Mason’s file. His voice grows even shakier, ears flattening against his hair.

ID: MC-003
SPECIES: Karacel
ORIGIN: Heavily modified donated egg. Exposed to max radiation with moderate success, despite being modified to react perfectly to horror.
AGE: 5 years
LIFESPAN: 35 years
MUTATIONS: Enhanced strength and durability, teeth modification manifests as unwieldy tusks. Larger size than intended. Organ systems similar to that of a horror. High metabolism. Cannot form “blood” clots properly, though his internal sludge regenerates fast enough to avoid long term detriment. Will bleed excessively without outside intervention.
NOTES: Struggles with academics, especially in reading, and responds to discipline poorly. Success highly unlikely.

No one says a word after Chance finishes, quietly shuffling the folders into a little pile.

What is there to say?
No. 891932 ID: b1b4f3

What the hell is Devil's Advocacy? We need to know what the purpose of this project is, now.
I wonder. Can Melanie tell us what her studies consist of? Is she just learning academics, or is she learning how to fight too?

At least now we know what a Maybecat is. A horror-mutated karacel. Mason seems to be the least successful one in the modified-egg group, which is why "Mom" doesn't like him.
No. 891937 ID: f3ba9e

Let's not look into the Devil's Advocacy project. It won't help the group escape, and might make everyone feel worse. It's at best a red herring, and at worst Pandora's Box.
No. 891945 ID: b38f01

We'll save them. That's all we need to say.
No. 891946 ID: 166e1c

They cut Melanie's limbs? Seriously?
And her theeth can rotate? How does that works?
What even is an horror?

Chance, you came here willing? Why?
No. 891947 ID: b1b4f3

Man I don't want to know how they knew they could cut off Melanie's limbs but not anyone else's.
No. 891956 ID: 5de987

Chance looks so nervous and so adorab
>Acquired at age 3
The FUCK?!

Check more files on Karacel and see if they all have enhanced strength and durability and teeth mutations.
No. 891957 ID: dbf422

We don't live long, huh. Wonder if that's a modification thing or a "karacell" thing. Oh, and thanks, Nelson. Always looking out for us.

Chance what do you know? What's Devil's advocacy? Why did you work on it?
No. 891962 ID: 8031fe

>Devil's Advocacy, so what is it.
>Any idea if we can find out about those we freed earlier? maybe keyword psychic?
No. 892004 ID: d887c0

We obviously need to know what Devil’s Advocacy is, but we also need to know where they're keeping Maes and Mason.
No. 892009 ID: 614e35

Something tells me Maes is going to be harder to convince than Mason. Also, is there a particular reason the kids all have similar names?
No. 892085 ID: 53b212
File 153128897659.png - (18.36KB , 550x550 , 177.png )

SUPLEX: What the hell is Devil’s Advocacy?!
SUPLEX: What’s a horror... why use us? Why is any of this happening?

You turn to Chance, unable to keep an edge of anger out of your voice. You can feel Melanie hanging onto your coat, but you’re two steps away from seeing red.

SUPLEX: Why are you here, why do you help them?
SUPLEX: You...you signed up for this!
CHANCE: I, no, I didn’t…

Chance swallows, avoiding eye contact. You get the feeling he’s trying not to cry, but at the moment, you could care less.

CHANCE: I just wanted to help kids, I swear!
CHANCE: I came in for an interview and they told me I'd be taking care of children; teaching them, helping out with medical treatments!
CHANCE: I told them I was capable of all that and they just... I woke up down here and they put me to work.

CHANCE: That is all I know! I don't want to be here either! I... I need to get back to the surface, too, I need to go home, but I can't leave the kids here, either; not after everything I've seen! Everything I had to do!
CHANCE: And if I die then they won't have anyone to look after them! No one else here cares, nobody else does anything...it's not okay, and I can't handle it, but I have to. For them.

He pauses to wipe away his tears, though it doesn't do much as they keep coming. He looks up from the floor, glaring straight at you.

CHANCE: ...Do you think I enjoy this? Do you really think I enjoy being part of a... meat grinder for chil--

Realizing Melanie is listening, he quickly drops the last word of the sentence and moves on.

CHANCE: Do you think I can sleep at night? Knowing that I'm a part of this? Knowing that I'm an asset to these... these...

His chest heaves as he barely holds back his voice, raising it as loud as he can without potentially attracting attention from outside.

CHANCE: I didn't choose to be here, but I can still make up for it. One way or another...
CHANCE: I'll pay for what I've done, but I hope it'll save lives. I'll do everything in my power, even if all it amounts to is giving a kid a happier day in hell.
No. 892086 ID: 53b212
File 153128900649.png - (30.22KB , 550x550 , 178.png )

You can’t say you were expecting that kind of reaction, and you shut the hell up quick. Nelson’s the first to speak up again, placing a hand on Chance’s shoulder as he trembles.

NELSON: We’ll get out of here, Chance.
NELSON: Please, if either of you know about Devil’s Advocacy- this is the first time I’ve even heard of it.
DWAYNE: I’m in the same boat, but…

He gets to digging around in the filing cabinet again, and Chance takes a deep breath, collecting himself.
He looks to Melanie, noticing her concern, and bends down to meet her eye level.

CHANCE: Hey, Mel. Sorry for getting loud. I got upset, but I shouldn't have raised my voice like that. I hope it didn't scare you.
MELANIE: You didn't scare me, but... are you okay? You were crying...
CHANCE: I'm okay. Are you okay?

She nods back to him.

CHANCE: Now can you cover your ears for me really quick?
MELANIE: Close my eyes, too?
CHANCE: No, that's okay, just your ears. I'll give you a thumbs up when you can uncover 'em. Okay?
MELANIE: Okay...

She follows instructions immediately, and Chance gives her a warm smile before continuing.

CHANCE: I don't know a lot of the details, but I picked up some things just from my job and eavesdropping.
CHANCE: It involves the mass creation and harvest of mutated karacels... some from eggs, some from... "acquisitions" is how they word it.
CHANCE: My best guess is, like Dwayne, they got picked up from orphanages, even bought from shady sources.
CHANCE: They forcibly expose the karacels to horror and get rid of the ones that don't match whatever standards they're looking for; either immediately or whenever their number comes up, which could be years later.
CHANCE: I don't know why the Director does it. I've never known. I don't know if I want to.
CHANCE: It's not like it matters, anyways. Nothing could justify this.

Dwayne finally fishes out another folder, flicking through the pages within.

DWAYNE: This is the best I could find.
DWAYNE: It’s not much, but...I guess it backs up what Chance says well enough.
No. 892087 ID: 53b212
File 153128904034.png - (25.71KB , 550x550 , 179.png )

Welcome to the Devil’s Advocacy project! Working to create our new heir is an honor and a privilege, and you’ll gain the experience of a lifetime.

With free room and board, on the job training, and our state of the art facilities, you’ll be well prepared for the job ahead! The mark you make on the world will be remembered for decades to come, and you’ll go down in history for your diligent work.

Horror mutation is a risky business, but with your help, we can keep the process safe and regulated. You have been chosen for this position due to your successes in the fields of mutation, modification, and surgical care. In this position you will induce and encounter a myriad of mutations never seen before, and cultivate ideal traits for our heir.

When working with maximum mutation thresholds, mutations are extremely varied- thankfully, due to our advances in horror-based technology, we have a degree of control over what mutations we can induce! Please look out for:

-high metabolism
-carnivorous diet
-teeth mutations
-minimal size mutations
-enhanced strength
-sapience- our heir cannot reach terror levels!
-heightened senses and well above average intelligence
-concealed mutations- most must not be visible!
-horror-based biology
-any mutation that could be an asset to our heir- please file Form A-846 to see if one or more of your results qualifies!

Once a specimen has been mutated and developed into an infantile stage, they will be directed to the Birth sector for initial examination and evaluation. If a specimen meets our standards, they will be selected to go forward through training and further testing. Specimens will be brought to Stasis in the Containment sector for these tests, and will be returned to their cell blocks by guards once completed. Tests will be unique to the specimen, and instructions will be given prior to the examination.

We welcome you to our project, and look forward to your contributions!
No. 892089 ID: 7b53bd

so whatever heir they're looking for needs to be very heavily mutated but appear to not be mutated at all. i'd imagine this would be some kind of stealth operative but then why use the word 'heir'?
No. 892090 ID: 10c408

"So that's it. We're all just a bunch of attempts at successfully making someone else's puppet."

deep breaths, count to ten or a hundred.

"if everyone is rested, we should get back to escaping."
No. 892100 ID: d887c0

I'd call this some sort of super soldier program, but they only seem interested in making one, distinct individual for some unknown purpose. Whatever it is, it can't be good for anyone.

I say we pack up and get a move on before the heat comes down.
No. 892102 ID: dbf422

Still don't know what A horror is, but... It's almost like they're trying to, what, find away to be immune to these horrors? Except they just want one. And they aren't saying why. Whatever the fu- the fudge they want isn't worth it. They could be saving the world and it wouldn't be worth it. Not with all the extra torture, not with the emotional abuse, and not with all the murder. And NOT with a madwoman in charge.
No. 892108 ID: b1b4f3

>create an heir
Heir for what? For who?
No. 892137 ID: 173012


>So, Suplex went through these tests if correct, and the goal they want is to create the ideal heir (to what, this facility, The Director?)

>Look up information on where we can go next, as we have some options on what facility to pick.
>Look up Terrors
No. 892148 ID: b38f01

Sounds like the director is looking for a replacement. that's concerning. If she finds them, this place will go on for a long time. Do we really want that?
No. 892913 ID: 15a025

A strange question but possibly related to the whole "new heir". Ask about what kind religion is practiced down here?
No. 893006 ID: e3e99e

Does the director have a file?
No. 893476 ID: 53b212
File 153188765358.png - (14.28KB , 550x550 , 180.png )

SUPLEX: So...we’re just...we’re just screwed up attempts at making somebody else’s puppet.
SUPLEX: We’re table scraps.

You breathe in deep through your mouth, trying to ignore the raw panic and anger stewing in your stomach. You knew you meant nothing to these bastards a long time ago, but to know that everyone in this hell was less than meat was getting to you more than you’d ever admit.

It was different, when it was just you, or when your siblings didn’t have names to their faces.

It was different before you actually felt like you could fight back, and even win.
No. 893477 ID: 53b212
File 153188767317.png - (17.72KB , 550x550 , 181.png )

SUPLEX: Try terrors, horror, whatever the hell those are.


To avoid mutation on the job, handle horror with care! While many mutations are beneficial, the seemingly random nature of horror can lead to casualties and significant damage to the lab itself. Employees found mutating themselves without higher approval will be terminated. This privilege cannot be applied for, and must be awarded.

Our horror reserves are safely contained as long as procedure is followed. Extract the exact amount of horror necessary and combine with the listed materials included on your specimen’s chart. Using incorrect amounts of any substance can lead to catastrophic failure and death to both specimens and staff.

Always wear the provided safety gear, and keep your exposure sessions to the corresponding labs in the Birth sector.

Failure to comply with these rules will lead to immediate termination.
No. 893478 ID: 53b212
File 153188770467.png - (18.46KB , 550x550 , 182.png )


Mutation thresholds are a crucial part of the mutation process. Failure to observe and note a specimen’s threshold will result in them becoming a terror, which nullifies any potential it may have as an heir. Terrors are harder to handle and the number one cause of on the job casualties, and those not cleared for further experimentation will be culled.

To observe a specimen’s mutation threshold, expose your specimen to horror over time, and take notes on the rate mutations appear. While donated eggs are the most receptive to horror, the effects cannot be fully observed until the specimen has reached an infantile state. Once mutations slow down, stop the exposure and submit your report to be evaluated. Your goal is to approx maximum exposure as much as possible, but too far will waste your work entirely.

Signs of approaching terror status include outright violent behavior, lack of intelligent response, animalistic body language, and insatiable hunger. A terror will attack regardless of its own safety, and attempts to fight against them will be met with more violence. Cull an enraged terror quickly, and keep your mutations to infantile specimens whenever possible to avoid potential destruction to lab property.

Our ideal heir’s maximum threshold is a complete immunity to turning terror, which requires extremely careful work. Finding a terror-proof specimen will reward you highly, so do your best!
No. 893479 ID: 53b212
File 153188773079.png - (17.29KB , 550x550 , 184.png )

SUPLEX: Anything on the Director?

Dwayne goes through more files, getting more frustrated with every drawer.
DWAYNE: Nothing obvious.
DWAYNE: I guess that kind of thing wouldn’t be accessible here.

SUPLEX: Where do we even go from here?
CHANCE: Well, the Devil’s Advocacy file says that the kids get taken to Stasis for tests...I’d say that’s our best guess.
CHANCE: It’s close-
DWAYNE: But we’ll have to double back over to Research to talk to Doc Fuller.
Chance nods.
CHANCE: Grabbing the kids takes priority. Fuller can wait, and who knows what could happen the longer we lag behind.
SUPLEX: Let’s get the hell out, then.
SUPLEX: I’m sick of reading about this sh--

Chance gently nudges your side.

SUPLEX: ...This... place.
SUPLEX: C'mon, let's go.
No. 893480 ID: 53b212
File 153188776602.png - (16.76KB , 550x550 , 185.png )

Melanie looks up and you fake a smile, the kid returning the look with a genuine one back at you. You have no idea how she stays this calm, but you can’t help but feel strangel