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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 146898276451.png - (16.55KB , 500x500 , 1.png )
737105 No. 737105 ID: 32d627

Your name is SUPLEX, and you aren't really sure what you are.
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No. 928492 ID: 53b212
File 155426375051.png - (46.00KB , 550x550 , 265.png )

MAY: ...okay.
HARVEY: How’s it feel, May?

You smile, just a little.

MAY: It’s nice. I think I like it.
HARVEY: Remember- you don’t have to tell anyone you don’t want to.
HARVEY: Sometimes it’s safer like that, but it’s always up to you, no matter what.
MAY: What if people find out?

She glances away.

HARVEY: There’s always the risk of that, with secrets.
HARVEY: But if it’s something you believe in, you’ll find a way to keep it safe.
No. 928493 ID: 53b212
File 155426376337.png - (62.54KB , 550x550 , 266.png )

She looks back, her face troubled.

HARVEY: You’ll keep my secret, won’t you?
HARVEY: I’m not supposed to be here, or talking to anybody…
HARVEY: And...you can’t exactly count on me being here again.
HARVEY: It’s honestly a bit cruel of me, haha…
HARVEY: Chelsea means well, but she still…

She trails off, shaking her head.

HARVEY: It doesn’t matter much, I guess!
HARVEY: I’m glad I got to meet you!
HARVEY: I don't regret it.
HARVEY: Not one bit.
No. 928494 ID: 7e9c89

"i'm glad i got to meet you too."
No. 928495 ID: ab0e27

we've seen that face before. we'll probably see them again.
No. 928500 ID: b1b4f3

Y...you too
No. 928507 ID: e7848c

Are hugs okay?
No. 928512 ID: c8452a

"I'll keep your secret, promise. Even if we don't meet again, this was nice! It's kinda weird how not cruel you are, actually..."
No. 928532 ID: 8eaf98

I can't resist. "I'll remember you" cause we are, right now
No. 928542 ID: e8db6b

This is a must
No. 928562 ID: 2fb5cd

nice one
No. 928573 ID: 2202fb

We need to continue to keep this a secret till we escape completely or we are going to be jinxing ourselves to shit. unless we already fucked up somewhere along the line and will have a memory of getting horribly tortured and end up spilling everything and betraying them, followed by suffering the consequences of keeping it a secret anyway just to spite us and show us how insignificant and powerless we are.
No. 928622 ID: 8eaf98

See? This is why there is little point in worrying about such things. Hell, this could even not be our memory somehow.
No. 930139 ID: 53b212
File 155548462069.png - (89.65KB , 550x550 , 267.png )

You’ve seen this face before, and you get the feeling you’ll see it again... even if it won't be quite the same.

MAY: I’m glad I got to meet you, too.
MAY: And...I’ll remember you, and...your secret's safe with me.
MAY: I promise.
HARVEY: Thank you, May.

A raspy, cackling voice calls out from down the hall, Harvey flinching at the sound.

????: CHELSEA!
HARVEY: I have to go.
????: MAKE MY DAY!

Harvey shudders, straightening out her back and giving you a nervous smile.

HARVEY: You’ll do good out there, okay?
HARVEY: I know you will.

You nod, watching as she runs off, the world peeling back to reality with every step.

Something’s tugging on your sleeve.
No. 930140 ID: 53b212
File 155548465058.png - (26.64KB , 550x550 , 268.png )

You shake your head, snapping out of it as best as you can. You feel a lot more well-rested now, and make a mental note to thank Vivi later- but for now, looks like there’s more to deal with.

Nelson’s pulling at your coat, a panicked look on his face that only lets up when he sees you refocus. There’s another cat here in a doctor getup, brandishing a pair of scissors and snarling.

????: I won’t do it.
CHANCE: Please, we have to get out of here-
????: You’re...this is ludicrous, you’re going to get us all killed.
CHANCE: Doc, there’s kids!
FULLER: No. Absolutely not.
No. 930141 ID: 53b212
File 155548466905.png - (28.40KB , 550x550 , 269.png )

DWAYNE: So what do we do now? We’ve come all this way, only for you to tell us to fuck off.
FULLER: Y-you’ve made your bed.
FULLER: Don’t drag me into it!
FULLER: I can tell you’re all bad news, and I’ll have no part of this!
FULLER: I rather like being alive, thank you!
No. 930144 ID: b1b4f3

What's the point of being alive if you still feel dead inside?
Tell her about the test subject you helped. You had to do something that you were forced to do so many times, but this time it actually helped someone. It felt right for once. How many times has she told one of these children that everything's going to be okay, when it absolutely wasn't? Wouldn't it feel right to say it and mean it?

You're not asking her to come with you. You just need to know how to get out of here.
No. 930146 ID: c8452a

Bullshit. Anyone that lives like that isn't happy about it. They don't like it. You would know. You could spout off about friendship and family and making the hard choice but none of that's going to work until the threat is resolved and Fuller is calmed down.

Ask Dwayne about what you need from them and figure out the best way to get it. I think maybe we need to disarm and restrain Fuller before we try to convince them.
No. 930150 ID: 10c408

"Doctor, we've dragged our bed to your proverbial doorstep. We can leave but are you absolutely sure that you'll be spared by those who're chasing us if you DON'T get involved?"
No. 930154 ID: 2a13fa

Doc, we're not about to give up and go home at any point, and you're the piece of the puzzle we're still fixing to fit in. Do you really think we're going to just leave you? Do you think we CAN? Think about this.
No. 930164 ID: 2202fb

You didnt kill us on sight so you are already dead in her eyes. I am truly sorry doc. We have damned you, and that us unforgivable, but we had no choice. I wish there was another way, but your only choice is to help us and have a chance at surviving.
No. 930174 ID: 3ed3c3

Oh, for fuck's sake.
Doc, start being helpful or else Suplex will take those scissors, cram them up your tight ass, and start biting off your fingers until you get with the program.
No. 930201 ID: a9af05

Tell her that if she enjoys being alive so much, then she shouldn't have given herself a reputation of helping others escape. You're only here because she's helped others escape. Meaning it's her own fault that you're here now, asking her for the same help she's given to everyone that's come before you.
No. 930403 ID: a627e3

Let's put as bluntly as possible doc, you can either help us out of here and get a chance for a better life, or you can DIE in here. this place is death trap and you know it. there's already rumors that you know a way out of this place, it's only a matter of time before the Director finds out. so do you want to stay here and die, or try to get out with your life?
No. 933660 ID: 53b212
File 155849062977.png - (22.10KB , 550x550 , 270.png )

MAY: We’ve dragged our bed right to you, Doc.
MAY: How many times did you tell kids like these that things were gonna be okay?
MAY: How many did you hurt?

They don’t respond, squinting at you.

MAY: Don’t you want to tell ‘em that it’s alright and have it actually mean something?

Nothing. You keep going.
No. 933661 ID: 53b212
File 155849064040.png - (29.30KB , 550x550 , 271.png )

MAY: Plus, you really think they’ll just leave you alone if we bail?
MAY: You didn’t kill us on sight-
FULLER: Yet! I...I can still do it! Don't test me!

You slap the scissors out of their hands, the doctor scooting against the wall and hissing.

MAY: Yesterday, I probably would have let you try.
MAY: But today, I got a chance of surviving, and I’m done with this.
MAY: What’s the point of living like this, Doc?
MAY: We’re all fucked if we stay in this death trap, and you’re the only person who knows the way out.
MAY: You don’t gotta come with us, but we need you.
MAY: Don’t bullshit us.
No. 933662 ID: 53b212
File 155849065361.png - (22.33KB , 550x550 , 272.png )

They look like they want to spit in your face.

FULLER: But you have to listen to me, you understand?
FULLER: If you want to get out of here alive, you can’t boss me around!
FULLER: And I'll need you to answer some questions first. Things you probably don't want to hear.
FULLER: If you can’t deal with that, you’re out of luck!
No. 933667 ID: 3ed3c3

"I got plenty of shit on my plate. You're just another turd on the pile. Ask your questions already."
No. 933672 ID: e7848c

We're waiting.
No. 933673 ID: b1b4f3

I agree to these terms.
No. 933681 ID: ea82cb

It's not bossing you around to get you to hold you to your word, but okay. Don't fuck us and we don't try to fuck you, and that'll include being bossy.

And now you have questions? Time is something in short supply, but you know that. With that in mind, we can do some answers for you. Considering your end, that's fair, hopefully.
No. 933684 ID: a9af05

"In case you haven't noticed, we don't exactly have a lot of time. So whatever questions you've gotta ask, ask them quickly."
No. 934402 ID: a627e3

ask away, but be quick about it. the more time we spend here the more likely we'll be found.
how bout we walk and talk? if not, fine. just know you're risking your ass as well.
No. 941049 ID: 53b212
File 156454912499.png - (21.85KB , 550x550 , 273.png )

MAY: We have plenty of shit on our plate and not enough time to deal with it all, Doc.
MAY: Fair to ask questions, but do it quick.
FULLER: I can buy us time, if it helps, but they're getting answered if you want out.
CHANCE: Any time is good time. Go for it.

Fuller points to a bookcase by the far wall.

FULLER: Help me move this.

Dwayne and Nelson step forward with a bit of hesitance, helping Fuller push the bookcase aside- revealing a mostly painted over door.

FULLER: This leads to an abandoned maintenance hallway.
FULLER: No idea why it got left behind, but it goes all over the complex.
No. 941050 ID: 53b212
File 156454914002.png - (14.25KB , 550x550 , 274.png )

Doc Fuller fumbles with a ring of keys from their pocket, unlocking the door with trembling hands. The hallway ahead is pitch black and dusty, cobwebs everywhere.

FULLER: Including up top.
MAY: So...we can walk and talk then.
FULLER: Yes, and you better answer my questions.
FULLER: These tunnels are even more of a labyrinth than out here. I know the way, you don't.
FULLER: You don't answer me, you're not finding your way out.
DWAYNE: How do we know you won’t just double-cross us once we’re in there?
FULLER: You don’t.
FULLER: But I don't know you won't do the same to me, and you took the only weapon I had!
FULLER: ...not that it would have done me any good, if I’m honest.

They let out a deep sigh, gesturing to the darkness ahead.

FULLER: Are you coming, or are you just going to stay here and die?
MAY: We’re coming.
MAY: Anything to get out of this hellhole.
No. 941051 ID: 53b212
File 156454915702.png - (35.05KB , 550x550 , 275.png )

Your party steps inside, Chance holding Melanie and Maes’ hands. Mason stays close to you. You can see alright in the dark, but it’s still scary for the kids, and you can’t help but be relieved once Fuller takes out a flashlight.

FULLER: I’ve been through this hall plenty, taking people through…
FULLER: And I always ask the same questions.

FULLER: First question.
FULLER: Where do you wanna end up? Your best bet is the city, but what kind of place are you really after?
FULLER: You don’t have to know specifics, but you need more than just “out”.

FULLER: Second question.
FULLER: What are you gonna do once you’re out? You’re not going to be able to scrape by without some sort of plan.
FULLER: You might be able to survive on the streets just on your own, but those kids won’t make it.

FULLER: Third question.
FULLER: Are you prepared to die? Honestly, truly, prepared to die?
FULLER: Not many people I take out of here make it out for good.
FULLER: Even if they get to the city, they can’t hack it because this place doesn’t teach you much in the way of social skills, life skills, how to interact with the world.
FULLER: So they end up killing someone, and get killed themselves, and then it’s done with.
FULLER: Are you ready for that?
FULLER: And if not, what are you gonna do to prevent it?
FULLER: What are you going to do to keep yourselves- and those kids- safe?

FULLER: I’m not risking my life for people who don’t want to commit.
FULLER: We have time. Answer the questions.
No. 941052 ID: 648a08

Okay, first thing you should do is try to call out for Vivi, say that you've found a way out but it needs a guide and you may end up out of range. Your current guide is asking questions as insurance against bad things happening so if they have a way to track you they might be able to make it out unassisted.

As for the first question... all of us are going to need to find a medical place that isn't connected with the Menagerie, this may be difficult so firstly, halfway places for travelers looking to move between cities.

For surviving... everyone here is fairly physically able. Physical work would be ideal, but the main issue I can see is that you've been mostly eating meat. I'm not sure how to keep that unnoticeable.

And the last, nope! It's going to suck but you are trying to get out of here to avoid that, as well as being stuck with all your worst fears. There's many people that deserve a better life than you had, though.
No. 941053 ID: e7848c

Jesus doc, just hit us with a battery of questions.
No. 941056 ID: 3ed3c3

>Where do you wanna end up? Your best bet is the city, but what kind of place are you really after?
We'd discussed this within our group already, actually. The plan is a bit loose, but it boils down to getting to the city, disappearing into the crowd, ducking down in a homeless shelter or halfway house, then working on carving out a life. Looking for jobs, making money, leaving the old life behind. As it was said: a loose plan, but a plan all the same.

>What are you gonna do once you’re out?
I could point back to the first answer, but to be more in-depth, our little crew here has some decent and marketable skills. We're all smart and quick, and some of us are deceptively strong and tough. It shouldn't be impossible for us to find a means of keeping our group alive outside. It has to be easier than trying to survive in here.

>Are you prepared to die? Honestly, truly, prepared to die?
If this place has taught us anything, it's that there are fates so much worse than death. If it comes down to a choice between death and being thrown back into this damn nightmare machine, then it's death. No contest.
No. 941058 ID: b1b4f3

>what kind of place?
Homeless shelter should work fine, at first. Maybe an orphanage for the kids, once they've grown to trust the citizens of the city, but I'm not sure they'd want to be separated from the group, not for a long time.
>What are you gonna do once you’re out?
First, go to the police and explain what happened here. They may be able to direct us towards resources that can help. Then find a job. Any job, so long as it's legal. Everyone's gonna be flat broke, which means any amount of income is critical. Begging should work during the job hunt if we can't get government assistance.
>Are you prepared to die?
The plan is to live, but dying free is better than staying in this hellhole.
>What are you going to do to keep yourselves- and those kids- safe?
Not murder anyone, first off. You can fight and even kill to defend yourself, but you don't want to kill anymore if you can avoid it, and in the city you'll want to avoid it even more. Secondly, you're gonna need some help with... uh, some personal issues, and socializing will be important so you'll want to make friends. The former-employee allies we have are more socially inclined so they can help with socializing. It's easier to contribute in a group conversation, after all, and they can do most of the talking.

Since you're supposed to be earning her trust maybe you should tell her about Vivi, and the hunter-killer Vivi warned you about. On the other hand she might just outright refuse to help any further...
No. 941554 ID: b5bc34

First answer, if you're asking where we want to end up, it's our own place, something permanent. But if you're asking where we want to go once we get out, some place with free food or a way to earn it for simple work, and somewhere with a roof.

Second answer, I don't know what's out there, but you do right? You probably know how hard is it to find a place that'll hire me, or the other adults here. Something like those is what I want, so if you have a suggestion, be useful and tell me. Otherwise the plan is to use what Chance and Dwayne know about the outside to get an idea of how to do all that on my own.

And slow down, your third question had like, three questions in it. Yeah, I'm prepared to die. But not for nothing. I'm not planning to die because I can't help but to kill people. I've been working on that. I've had good reason to work on that.

So I'll do what it takes to keep them safe. I can't keep protecting them if I'm dead though, so that better not be whatever your plan A is. I'm going to try to keep a low profile, and do things like working with morally bankrupt doctors despite wanting to get revenge for years of torture.
No. 941749 ID: a627e3

question 1. get to a homeless shelter or a halfway house, get a job, and once everything's settled, LIVE.

2.Like i said we're gonna get a job, and once we get a roof over our heads we're gonna live a free life with our allies. We're gonna stick together as long as possible. we'll go into something physical, it's what we're good at.

as for question 3, we'll do whatever it takes to get everyone out of this hellhole. And if that "everyone" doesn't include us, then what's the damn point? we might as well have just stayed in our cell. but if we half to chose dying in here or be traped and torcherd for the rest of our lives, we would chose death. less painful.
No. 941912 ID: 53b212
File 156533908671.png - (36.92KB , 550x550 , 276.png )

MAY: Yeesh, just hit us with a battery of questions.

Fuller just glares.
MAY: Fine. First, though…
MAY: We’ve got contact with another maybecat who's running around busting people out.
FULLER: You won’t be able to see them from here on out, I can tell you that much.
MAY: Don’t need to. She can like...talk in peoples’ heads.
FULLER: Hm. A telepath, then.
FULLER: Can she be trusted?
MAY: We think so.
MAY: We’re going to tell her the situation, if that’s cool.
FULLER: Go ahead.

You reach out for Vivi, getting a strained connection after a few moments of mental static.
VIVI: Oh! H-h-hello, May!
MAY: Hey...sounds like it’s getting hard to hear each other.
VIVI: Only a little...is everything alright?
MAY: Yeah. We found a guide, and we might end up out of range. They’re asking a lot of questions, but they seem alright.
VIVI: Good luck! We have things under control here!
VIVI: The hunter has gone completely off my radar, and I suspect she may have retreated for now.
VIVI: It’s p-p-possible she’s just waiting for a sign of where to look next, versus an all-out rampage...Be careful out th-there.
MAY: Thanks, Vivi. We will.

You focus back on the world around you, Fuller watching you with a curious expression.

MAY: Checked in.
MAY: One other thing worth bringing up…
MAY: The Director’s got some kind of hunter after us, but Vivi says that she might've gone away for now
FULLER: A hunter? Hm...good to know.
FULLER: Thank you for telling me. I don’t like it one bit, but I’m not surprised that they’d pull this!
FULLER: Busting out the big guns, they must really hate you.
MAY: Yeah. I'm aware.
No. 941913 ID: 53b212
File 156533910673.png - (35.86KB , 550x550 , 277.png )

MAY: Now, for our questions...
MAY: I guess we should probably see like...a doctor or some shit?
FULLER: I’m a doctor.
MAY: No offense, but you’re part of this nightmare just like us.
MAY: Are there any doctors that aren’t tied to here?
FULLER: Of course there are!
FULLER: You’re going to need to expand your worldview if you want to survive out there.
DWAYNE: You talk like you’ve been out there yourself.
FULLER: Well...no.
FULLER: I was born here just the same as any of the other experiments.
SUPLEX: The f- heck are you doing as a doctor, if you’re one of us?
FULLER: They found out that I’m completely immune to horror!
FULLER: Nothing goes wasted in this lab though. You either get used as meat, an experiment for their projects, or...in my case, spared.
FULLER: I showed prowess in my studies and they kept me.
FULLER: I’d say I’m grateful, but-
DWAYNE: For someone who asked us so many questions, you sure like to talk.
FULLER: Hmph. Fine.
FULLER: Go on.

MAY: Right... So, we’ll need some place to stay, even if it’s just for a little while.
CHANCE: A halfway house or a homeless shelter is our best bet.
MAY: Halfway to what?
CHANCE: It’s just what it's called...they’re places where people who need some extra help can go to get back on their feet.
CHANCE: There's also places called food banks which distribute food for free in kind of the same way.
NELSON: Would we qualify for those?
CHANCE: Definitely. They help people like us out all the time, including monsters.
CHANCE: I used to volunteer at some, even! If they’re still a thing, I bet I can find them…
FULLER: Well, that’s convenient. Don’t take that as sarcasm- convenience is rare here, and a good sign.
FULLER: What about money?
No. 941914 ID: 53b212
File 156533913837.png - (31.66KB , 550x550 , 278.png )

FULLER: Right. Shouldn’t expect an experiment to understand the concept of money.
FULLER: You three. You work here.
FULLER: Explain money.
NELSON: Right, so....uh...we get paid money here, but we’re only allowed to spend it on specific things in the lab-
FULLER: Real world money, not the play cash they toss around here.
NELSON: Uh... well...
CHANCE: It’s okay, Nelson.
CHANCE: Money is what you use to buy whatever you need outside- food, more permanent shelter, clothes- anything like that.
CHANCE: It comes in little paper bills or metal coins that represent different amounts.
CHANCE: And you typically get it by working a job- money you get from jobs is called "income."
CHANCE: You need money to make it outside. Usually you only stay in a shelter long enough to get a job so you pay for your own place, and your own food.
MAY: So we need jobs, to get money, to get a place to live and things to eat.
CHANCE: Right.
MAY: Easy enough- ...wait.
MAY: Does this mean I have to become a doctor?
MAY: Or some kind of guard?
CHANCE: Nah, there’s a lot of different kinds of job! They almost never involve hurting people at all, either.
CHANCE: We’re going to find work that lets us leave our old lives behind. Completely.
MAY: ...I’m really behind on things, aren’t I?
DWAYNE: Only a bit.
DWAYNE: I’m not much better, haha…
NELSON: Same here.
FULLER: You’re all going to have to pick up on all this quickly.
NELSON: It’s a loose plan, but we can figure it out.
FULLER: Acceptable answers.
FULLER: You have work to do, but it looks like you at least know how to talk to each other. Communication’s important here.
No. 941915 ID: 53b212
File 156533915748.png - (35.49KB , 550x550 , 279.png )

MAY: As for what we do once we’re outta here…
MAY: Everybody here’s pretty tough. If we gotta get jobs, uh…
MAY: Are there ones where we can do stuff with our strength?
CHANCE: Yeah! Physical labor’s always in high demand- building stuff, and things along those lines- and there’s usually with jobs like that people are even more willing to hire monsters due to their strength!
CHANCE: It’d be a really good option, honestly, if not our best bet.
CHANCE: Good thinking, Suplex.

You want to correct him on your name, but you decide to save it for later. You still need to sort through that whole mess yourself- it was a lot to get just dropped on you out of nowhere.

MAY: Another thing that’s bothering me is how much I gotta eat.
MAY: I get hungry a lot and it’s all gotta be meat.
MAY: Some guard fed me something green for a prank, made me sick as hell.
FULLER: Most experiments can eat other material as long as there’s meat as the primary diet source...I’ll have to check up on that with you later.
DWAYNE: Do we really have time for that?
FULLER: You’ll see.
CHANCE: Since the monster population in Mockery is as big as it is, meat shouldn’t be a problem.
CHANCE: The money to get a lot of it might be, since they don't usually give much meat out at food banks... but there’s places we can try.
CHANCE: We’ll look for someone who can direct us to resources, and go from there.
MAY: You know what’s out there?
CHANCE: Like I said, I know some things.
MAY: How hard is it gonna be?
CHANCE: Well... Being in Mockery, we have a better shot than anywhere else I can think of. It’s a good city.
CHANCE: If we can’t find something we need directly, we’ll be able to find someone who can help us get it.
CHANCE: People help each other there. It’s the kind of thing that Grind really promotes, and anybody who goes against that faces a lot of criticism.

You half expect Dwayne to scoff at the mention of Grind, but he keeps quiet.
No. 941916 ID: 53b212
File 156533917464.png - (35.53KB , 550x550 , 280.png )

MAY: Well, if we don't make it, it sure isn’t going to be for nothing.
MAY: Dying free is better than staying here, and if I have to choose between getting killed and being thrown back into this hellhole- I'd rather be dead.
MAY: ...But I'd really rather we all make it out alive.
FULLER: And what about the lives of others? Are you going to keep taking those?
MAY: …I’m trying not to.
MAY: I’ll do what I have to to keep us safe, but…
MAY: I have good reason not to hurt people now.
MAY: So, I’ll lay low, do what I need to and not uh, lash out or whatever.
MAY: I’m doing whatever it takes to make this work.
MAY: That includes working with you.

Fuller takes in your answers, nodding to themself.
FULLER: You check out better than I expected you to. I’ll help.
FULLER: You have to keep to your word.
FULLER: ...and you have to take me with you.
NELSON: What?!
CHANCE: We need a doctor, for the kids especially.
CHANCE: We’ll try to get somebody out there who isn’t associated with the lab for our healthcare stuff, but…
CHANCE: It wouldn’t hurt to have someone who knows what’s been done to us.
CHANCE: I think so, at least. Suplex, what do you think?
MAY: ...I need to mull it over.
MAY: They can tag along for now. If they get us out, I’ll think about it.

FULLER: There’s a safe room that I keep stocked with medical equipment and supplies a bit further on.
FULLER: We can stop there.
FULLER: I want to do a full examination of each of you, and get a feeling for what strengths and weaknesses this group has.
FULLER: If we’re lucky, the Director will assume we’re all dead by the time we’re ready to move on, and just give up on the whole chase.

They look a lot less certain than they’d like to be.

FULLER: Hopefully.
FULLER: Now, do you have any other questions for me?
No. 941917 ID: 83bf07

Can you fight? If you have your back to the wall, can you protect the kids?
No. 941924 ID: b5bc34

Uh, what do you do exactly? Like, medical stuff, but what have you really practiced and what aren't you so sure about? It'd help to know what we can rely on you for.
Then, how do you know so much about money if you were stuck here too?
And why do you now want to get out if you could have probably left whenever?

And Chance. It's come up a little before but I'm really glad we took a... That we gave you a shot. It wasn't for the best reason but you're a big part of why this is working and why I've worked to be better. Thanks.
No. 942614 ID: a627e3

other then how to dismantle this place brick by brick so no one has to go through this crap ever again? other then how we can get the other Maybe-cats out of here? not really. what about Chance and the others?
No. 945382 ID: 473826

I think we should keep going by Suplex for now. We'll go by May once we've escaped, and, preferably, wiped the tiniest fragment of this Silent Hill Otherworld nightmare from all planes of existence. Suplex is who we are and were. When we escape, no longer her shall we be. Our name, and who we are, when we've freed ourselves of this place - it's gonna be May.

Anyway, as for questions,
-How long is the trek to Mockery?
-Got anything we could hide under/wear that matches the scenery for camouflage? Could be useful if we need to hunt for food or in case they've got scouts or drones that survey the land.
-Got any ranged weapons, or are we stuck with a couple of shock sticks and my teeth?
-Can I make this "money" using horniness, too?

Just a mild question - why'd Suplex's appearance change from "weird tooth goblin" at the beginning to "weird cat-dog" about halfway through?
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