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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 146727004862.png - (88.22KB , 800x600 , HQ126.png )
732752 No. 732752 ID: d2ab81

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No. 732756 ID: d2ab81
File 146727031088.png - (7.36KB , 800x600 , HQ127.png )

Countless hours have passed. Our feet have gone sore from all the walking. I'm not even sure where we are on these stairs.

After another few hours, we finally see light. "Maybe we can finally rest!" that's a thought I imagine crossed both of our minds. We pushed ourselves to make it down the remaining thousand steps... and we entered the HALL once more. Welcome back... audience, don't mind us, we're just a little... exhausted. I think that was a whole week of walking? So it's only to be expected... ha... ha...- oh my feet...- that we'd be a little on the weak side.
No. 732760 ID: 398fe1

A keyhole on a door? I suspect this is going to be a stable section of the HALL.

Check behind door number one!
No. 732762 ID: 91ee5f

Uh, do you guys need a sec to catch your breath or something? We're willing to wait until you guys rest up.
No. 732781 ID: 3e182c

Good Fucking Evening Andrew, You wonderful little cunt, you!
Do you goddamn mother-fucking know what the hell time it is?
It's time for a cum-stuffed cock-twitching word dicking is what time it is, you little Shit stain!
I'm going to burn the bitch out of your big pussy shit ears until your moaning like a whore, begging me to stop.

I Wanna hear you fucking cursing like a sailor boy.

I Wanna hear you fucking curse, And Like It.

It is time. Let the fuckery begin!
No. 732782 ID: f0e552

ho-ho-hold on there old sport. We can't let Andrew hear such things, please censor all swearing!
No. 732784 ID: 3e182c

Lol, good one.
I always knew Santa was a Pimp.
No. 732793 ID: 2f42da

>>732781 Oh my god.
No. 732801 ID: 2ec50f

Begin to crawl from on on so that your feet may rest. Wiggle over to the closest door like the worm that you are. Open that door and let whatever lies beyond witness your worminess, even if they may not deserve such a splendorous sight.
No. 732827 ID: 8a39dc

Well, take some time and catch your breath, with a total of Three doors to open, I suspect there is a lot more of walking ahead us.
No. 732834 ID: a78a0a

An entire WEEK of walking down those stairs? I'm usually winded after walking for just an HOUR. Take some rest, like was suggested earlier, and then you might wanna poke through that first door to your immediate left.
No. 732929 ID: 15a025

Wew... a whole week? Best take a rest.
No. 732930 ID: 7d01b5

Yes, please take a break. I go on walks somewhat regularly but I still get pretty tired after about 3 hours of walk!

A week sounds like torture, could you not stop? A "I must rest but I cannot stop" kind of deal?
No. 734197 ID: 694798
File 146787380052.png - (7.66KB , 800x600 , HQ128.png )

[Andrew ignores this "suggestion"]

(Your numbers seem to fluctuate from time to time, it seems. Usually, there's only one or two of you.)
Cinnamon and I stop and rest. Tell you what, walking for so long you kind of feel like your own bones have started to break. It almost feels as though I've become more fragile. But, as a great man once said, "Don't give up, Skeleton!" ... at least, I believe that's what they said. The look Cinnamon is giving me right now doesn't make me feel so sure of it anymore.

Yup, a week. Any moment we stopped we'd hear some sort of heavy breathing behind us. Whatever it was coming from was probably twice the size of us. Needless to say, we seriously pushed ourselves to get down the stairs (though at one point we just started to roll down the stairs instead... probably should've done that first). Gotta say, though, I'm both thirsty and hungry after all that...

I position myself in front of the first door and twist the knob. Nothing. Seems to be locked... I can tell where this is going...
No. 734207 ID: 91ee5f

If you guys rolled in the first place, you would've broken something on the way down! Maybe even snapped your necks!

But if you guys are hungry and thirsty, I think one of you has food and water in your inventory. You might want to check, just to be sure.
No. 734216 ID: 3e182c

Yo' bitch asses must be exhausted. That's that fragile feelin'. If ya' bones was breakin' you'd fuckin' KNOW that shit. Prop's on bein' that in shape tho' to be able to run like a motha'fucker so much, yo.

But... Speakin of asses tho', were yall some dumbasses and like, not even look back n' shit?

Seriously. Whats Darth Vader's Bastard Child look like? I Got'sta know.
No. 734221 ID: f0e552

Whoever made this room is totally redundant, look at that big lock on the far door! If all these regular doors are locked, then that big door is just rubbing it in our faces.

Regardless, should probably try all the doors eh?
No. 734260 ID: 398fe1

How about... door number two!
No. 734342 ID: 7b174a

Dude, We are trying to make a high score run here...

You Aren't hearing that heavy breathing anymore Right?
Anyway... Do you still have some food to eat? If not, perhaps we should buy a lot more next time we see a merchant.
No. 734542 ID: df7ad9

Andrew, I may be a weird floating doll with no tangible currency, but how much are you willing to bet that only that last door with the giant "lock" will be accessible?

Also, do you not need sleep? This is usually the part where you die from the deprivation, but you seem to be just as fine as ever.
Does this have something to do with the bags that are always under your eyes?
No. 735824 ID: 5be230
File 146853690553.png - (16.82KB , 800x600 , HQ129.png )

[Andrew continues to ignore you, however, you got Cinnamon to chuckle a bit. She seems to be enjoying your work.]

Hmm... that's true, I suppose. Wouldn't want to break anything for sure.

Unfortunately, we do not have food. We had forgotten to buy extras for the journey forwards (then again, who could've expected to go through such a long staircase?)

We stopped hearing the breathing since we first saw light, but we continued moving just in case. Here's hoping that pays off.

Yeah, probably going to buy some non-perishables when we get the chance. Food seems to be a bit of an issue right now.

That sounds likely. Predictable set-up for a mini fetch-quest.

As for sleep... sleep is a weird thing in this place; you don't need it as much as you do food and water. Sometimes I wonder if time is frozen here because I never really get hungry unless I move around a lot.

We entered the middle door (assuming that's "number two"). The room we entered is rather small. There's some graffiti on the walls, a mannequin, some garbage, and a good ol' letter. I park myself near the letter and open it up.

"I lost something. I don't know what it is, but I lost something.
I felt lighter when I crossed that door. But what did I lose? -Ultra Love (5-49-8652441-6ha5yal6goen7mipec8ho)"

After that, the writing becomes a scrambled mess, with droplets of drool covering the lower right corner.
No. 735828 ID: 15a025

Grab the key by the butterfly drawing and then rummage through the trash.
No. 735842 ID: 398fe1

Could you tell us what's written on the bottom of the wall? Can't quite make it all out.
No. 735985 ID: bc5552

Check the trash, we may find something to eat there, for when you really need it.

Also, maybe you could use the Telescope now and see if there is anything strange? That mannequin unsettles me... It's the only thing that has a shadow.
No. 735986 ID: f37553

Both of you, make out with the mannequin. See who does it better.
No. 736140 ID: af6e04

Throw the trash in the little trash bin. We can't leave this place so untidy.
No. 736310 ID: 2f42da

The most obvious course of action would be to take that key... but carefully inspect the dummy next, we don't want another Metal Glen.
No. 736362 ID: b83032

then make out with eachother.

Either way, go check the trash bins and the mannequin.
No. 737723 ID: 44d947
File 146916392892.png - (15.62KB , 800x600 , HQ130.png )

I've taken the key, and the mannequin doesn't react. It simply stays still.

The trash doesn't hold anything too interesting. There's a rotting apple, crumpled paper (all blank), and a small paper with a bit of writing on it. "Three locks? Two locks? No no, there's only one, I think. But... where's the big key if there's only one? Hmm... hm...."

There's nothing of interest to see from the telescope.

"Sometimes I wonder if we can even die here" the handwriting isn't great, so I understand how you could've missed that.

No thank you.
[With that, Andrew begins to frown at you and Cinnamon awkwardly backs away]
No. 737734 ID: 398fe1

I think we're done here. Try the key on door 1.
No. 739871 ID: f77d62
File 147001012907.png - (21.68KB , 800x600 , HQ131.png )

The door was unlocked by the key! Cinnamon and I enter the door and look around. This place has seen better days for sure, huge chunks of the floor are missing! As we're doing some quick scout-work, a metal gate slams in front of the door we came from... Well, no going back, I guess.
No. 740014 ID: 6a9883

Oh look! Another note on the wall, at least I think it is a note? And what appears to be some sort of bloodstains are there too, although it could just be ink, you never know.
No. 740030 ID: 2ec50f

What's in the gaps? And can one of you jump over there, who is the better jumper?
No. 740055 ID: a22e05


Any design or pattern in that which I can only assume to be blood, or does it just look like a gross splatter to you?
Also, as much as this sucks, I'm willing to bet the only way to get out is for one of you to pull that lever. However that's gonna work is totally up to someone else to figure out, though.
No. 741691 ID: 635457
File 147097913227.png - (21.41KB , 800x600 , HQ132.png )

The note reads "Two solutions. Outcomes unknown."

There is definitely a bloodstain here. Someone's handprint from the looks of things.


I could most likely make the jump, but I'm acrophobic. Cinnamon says that she isn't really afraid of heights but probably couldn't make the jump. Should... I jump across then?
No. 741698 ID: 0e5f86

Well, if you're confident enough to make that leap of faith go for it, man.

Might I suggest having her kneel in front of the gap facing away from it and putting her hands in a step? Then, once she's assumed the position, could you run at her and onto her cupped hands while she throws you over her head across the gap?
Because while that sounds risky and complex I presume that it would be more likely to succeed than just a simple, non-assisted jump.
No. 741701 ID: 91ee5f

Don't you have a rope in your bag? Can't you just make a lasso and try to rope the lever?
No. 742452 ID: a829d5

I would guess that those pits only lead to a seemingly endless black void. Is the ceiling a black void too?
No. 744024 ID: 2f42da

Before you do, it may be wise to check the walls and pit for booby traps. That bloodstain didn't make itself.
No. 744104 ID: f0e552

surely there must be a better way. You say you could probably jump it but that's really really far. Try it if you really have no other choice, but there's gotta be something we can use to bridge the gap.
No. 744592 ID: 8a47bf
File 147225357767.png - (21.76KB , 800x600 , HQ133.png )

Hm? No. Never had a rope in my bag, though I cut a couple ropes a while back.

No no, it's a normal ceiling. Perhaps you just have a weird perspective. And I would hope it isn't *endless*... that would be hell.

There... really isn't anything I can see that's out of the ordinary. It looks like a standard room, so it might've been a conflict between two or more people.

At the moment, I don't think there's much we can do aside from jumping over the gap. Unless you see something, I'll be... crossing this... using "0e5f86"'s idea. ( >>741698 )

Erm... hm... none of you have anything to say that could... help out with the idea of vaulting over a pit like this, would you?
No. 744596 ID: f0e552

Last resort, check in the backpack. I have completely forgotten what's in there, but if there's nothing in there that could help us, take solace in the fact that there seem to be two solutions. Considering that getting across seems to be one, and falling the other. Good luck!
No. 744600 ID: 91ee5f

I really don't think this is a good idea! Neither of you have done this before and there are plenty of things that can happen badly if you try to vault it like this!

1. You could trip during your approach and end up tackling Cinnamon, which will send both of you into the pit.

2. You might not jump hard enough or she might not throw you hard enough and you'll not make it to the other side and fall in the pit.

3. She might throw you too hard and it'll get you over to the other side, but she'll lose her balance and she'll fall in the pit.

And in case you haven't noticed, even if you do make it to the other side and neither of you fall in the pit, there's still one big problem. You'll be stuck on the other side. Think about it, you need help just to get to the other side, what makes you think you can make it back without help?

How about this? Get on your hands and knees and slowly reach your hand over the pit and try to feel around for an invisible floor. If that doesn't work, then you can try the crazy suicidal jump over the pit.
No. 744601 ID: ca0e20
File 147226044236.png - (5.18KB , 250x250 , Hidden Button.png )

BUTTON! HIDDEN BUTTON! I think this might be a hidden button. On the wall.
No. 744602 ID: 595d54

I don't get it, are you saying something about the little off-white blob?
No. 744603 ID: f0e552
File 147226117029.png - (8.88KB , 372x310 , ss+(2016-08-27+at+11_22_55).png )

well shit, what IS that, Andrew?
No. 744604 ID: 398fe1

Man I cannot even see that without fucking with the contrast..
No. 744613 ID: ca0e20

I loaded the pic in an art program and changed the levels to see that it's actually an outline circle. GoldeKlovr likes to hide stuff and that last line in the update made me want to check if anything was hidden in this room.
No. 744615 ID: ca0e20
File 147226302535.png - (3.64KB , 250x250 , Button.png )

Probably should have just posted this version first. I'll know next time, haha.
No. 744616 ID: de3d33


What the HH...Hall?! How you did you see that?!
No. 744643 ID: d92f0c

Well it's a good thing someone noticed that button because I had /serious/ doubts about mine own awful idea and was praying that someone would find a better solution.
thanks, dino
No. 744654 ID: 91ee5f

Cool, a muffin button! Press it to get muffins!
No. 744705 ID: ca0e20

Assuming it's not a button that makes bad things happen, like electrocute the floor or something.

Haha... ha...
No. 746018 ID: 504847
File 147299708140.png - (21.35KB , 800x600 , HQ134.png )

I have a Knife, some Books, the Telescope, a Garnet Stone, the Trash Lid, and some Matches.

Hm? A hidden button? ...So it is. I press the button and hope for the best.

The gate has been lifted and I can hear the sound of something unlocking.
Cinnamon exits the room first, seeming to feel some kind of panic.
No. 746019 ID: 504847
File 147299716913.png - (22.55KB , 800x600 , HQ135.png )

And the gate closes again... the room begins to shake. I can't help but feel... I did something stupid.

A-any ideas?
No. 746022 ID: 7b0c21

Leap on to the other side and quickly pull yourself over?
No. 746023 ID: ca0e20

Well I would point out that there was another hidden thing through the door as Cinnamon was walking out, but apparently interacting with hidden stuff is a bad idea so. I guess jump it?

There's blood down there, but whatever!

Or quickly check the room with the telescope first, then do a running jump.
No. 746505 ID: dee2d9

Well, if there is no hidden thing with the telescope and you don't wish to make the leap, you can always hold onto the bars for dear life until Cinnamon figures something out
No. 747739 ID: 8ecc1b
File 147371114520.png - (36.88KB , 800x600 , HQ136.png )

I try to pull out the telescope as the room crumbles around me... and the ground gives.

I definitely screwed up.

[Eventually, everything is drowned out by Andrew's screaming...]
No. 747745 ID: ca0e20

No idea if this means that he's done for. But if it does, at least Cinnamon will survive a tad longer.

I dunno if we tiny ghosts can touch stuff but can we all get under him and make him float? Maybe also grab the bag and stone if it works.
No. 747757 ID: 79a07e

I'd assist with that!
No. 747758 ID: 91ee5f

T-t-that's a good idea! Quickly! Everyone grab Andrew and all of his items! Handkerchief Doll Ghosts to the rescue!
No. 747772 ID: 3e182c

Aw Hell. Boy's tryin to get his ass all splattered 'n shit. Fuck it, I'll help too.
No. 747781 ID: 398fe1

No. 747782 ID: 1fbb52

Get LIFTED, son!
No. 747791 ID: 8ecc1b
File 147373479089.png - (75.23KB , 800x600 , HQ137.png )

[You cannot change fate...]
No. 747793 ID: 9f3729

Hey cool, now you can stick food that tastes bad right into your stomache.
Upside to everything!
No. 747794 ID: 7b0c21

Random pipe has stabbed once more.
Let's see, I may not be a doctor but that looks like it went through your spine. Along with everything else in that particular area.
No. 747798 ID: 91ee5f

>[You cannot change fate...]
That's what you think random narrator voice!

Andrew! Disbelieve the illusion!

And if that doesn't work, wake up! This is just a bad dream!
No. 747799 ID: 398fe1

Eh, you're made of paper anyways.
No. 747800 ID: 1fbb52

Well, we'll lift you to the afterlife, then.
No. 747810 ID: 3e182c

Yo. Drew. The tip of that thing didn't collect any gore. And here I was almost concerned. Wake up, yo!
No. 747813 ID: 8ecc1b
File 147374429459.png - (17.34KB , 800x600 , HQ138.png )

No. 747815 ID: 398fe1

Get on with it!
No. 747820 ID: 91ee5f

I cast Magic Missile and attack the darkness!

(I couldn't resist! XD)
No. 747844 ID: d3768b

No. 747846 ID: 3e182c

Welp. I guess we all got squashed by Drew's skinny paper ass for nothing.

What's Cinnamon Doing?
No. 747854 ID: 7222ca

Hello Darkness, my old friend.
I've come to talk with you again.
No. 748107 ID: 8ecc1b
File 147398553552.png - (101.64KB , 800x600 , HQ139.png )

I've awoken in a strange place. Something is happening in front of me, but I'm still groggy so it's hard to make out. Whatever it is, it's all making a familiar sound.
No. 748109 ID: f0e552

check for injuries on your chest, weren't you impaled?

Also, check the markings on the floor next to you, does it say 止まれ? I think I know where we might be.
No. 748114 ID: 398fe1

Hmm, are you no longer perfectly flat? You were flat the entire time you were on floor 2, if you hadn't noticed. Maybe you just dreamed that, and this is the real floor 2? Hmm, no, you're missing your bag.

Looks more like you're not in the Hall at all anymore. Check yourself for injuries then try to shake off the fog so that you can see what's going on. Check your inventory while you're at it- you have pockets. Also I suspect that "street" behind you is fake, and is actually a wall.
No. 748120 ID: 91ee5f

Holy shit! Everything's in color now!
No. 748131 ID: 804ba1

You are colored now! Aside from checking for injuries and your surroundings, can you remember anything?

Or maybe wait a bit more until you are not groggy anymore to do the thinking.
No. 748132 ID: 3e182c

Woah. Dude. You like have color and depth and shit. Also it looks like your... Outside?
I mean maybe its just a change in our perspective? You did fall on us... Among other things. When was the last time you were outside?
No. 748520 ID: 596ef4

Good taste in groceries, Andrew
>when he fell down to floor three he gained the third dimension
Hey bud, you alright? That looked pretty f-
frickin' painful.
Although, I suppose you walked down a flight of stairs for what you have assumed to be a week, so I can only assume that you may be well adapted for handling pain.
No. 750920 ID: 3e3c26

Are you alright, Andrew? That was a brutal fall you took!

Is there any immediate danger around you? If not, try to compose yourself.
No. 756275 ID: 047a7b
File 147793503399.png - (184.42KB , 800x600 , HQ140.png )

Unfortunately, my body refuses to move the way I want it to. It's shaking uncontrollably as my eyes begin to adjust.
In front of me is a group of people, beating someone senseless. The victim is covered in cuts and bruises, choking out
its pleads, and shaking as well. Every strike on the victim leaves a nasty mark and brings up a howl of laughter from the
attackers, not to mention the person they're hitting is moving less and less as they strike them. As I stare at the scene
in front of me, I begin to recollect what's happening. The one who is being beaten... they are... a friend? A relative?
Someone important. I forget who the attackers are, their faces are nothing like a person. Regardless, I know what's going
to happen. That's why I was shaking.

I'm afraid of what happens next.
No. 756277 ID: 1c1cd6

Well at least attempt to intervene! Do you have anything to defend yourself with once the battle starts?
No. 756279 ID: 047a7b
File 147793796161.png - (81.04KB , 800x600 , HQ141.png )

Despite my efforts, my body still refuses to move the way I want it to. Even if I could move... I don't know if I could take these three on. I'm simply forced to watch as this person is brutally beaten to death. Every time something crashes into them I wince, and their movement slows. This goes on for what feels like hours, until finally, one of the attackers kills the victim. A fatal blow to the head, ending in a chilling crack. Whoever that was, they're gone now. Satisfied with their recent murder, the three begin to laugh maniacally, swinging their weapons around like flags.
No. 756292 ID: 047a7b
File 147794240861.png - (74.34KB , 800x600 , HQ142.png )

Eventually the humour they found in their recent kill faded. They then turned to me. Their hateful gaze paralyzing me as they moved in closer. I do remember this...
I remember all of this...
No. 756293 ID: 047a7b
File 147794274917.png - (17.69KB , 800x600 , HQ143.png )

"So are ya' dead or are you going to wake the fuck up?"

My eyes snapped open. Apparently, that was a nightmare. Odd, I don't recall nightmares presenting themselves like painful memories. But that's a matter for another time, there's a poodle with a gun up to my head. What do I do?
No. 756298 ID: b412df

Try not to panic.

Where am I? What happened? And why are you pointing a gun at me?
No. 756304 ID: db0da2

"Yo, what up?" Excessive casualness is the best way to deal with these kinds of situations.
No. 756311 ID: 3abd97

Calmly explain to your interrogator that yes, in fact, you are dead.
No. 756322 ID: 3e182c

Woulda sworn I was.
uh. Where am I?
No. 756323 ID: 114c80

"... only 5 minutes more..."

Also, as long as that guy is pointing a gun at you, It's hard to say if you are alive or dead.

Once that's settled, introduce yourself. And if you can, introduce us too.
No. 756324 ID: 15a025

Sure as hell feels like I'm dead. What's up?
No. 756556 ID: 2f42da

Ask them what they want. Cooperation in this situation will improve your odds of leaving with your life... which, you're probably alive... somehow.
No. 756577 ID: 91ee5f

Scream like a little girl.
No. 757731 ID: a16e1b
File 147881715718.png - (13.44KB , 800x600 , HQ144.png )

Already said and done...

"So you *ARE* a Discordant!" She pressed the gun to my head even harder-- I'm not a discor-whatever- I'm pretty sure I'm a person like you!
She squints at me, lowering her eyebrows and curling her lips as she looks me over. The pressure from my forehead is released as she holsters her gun. "... I could've sworn you were..."
She shoots a glare at me, typical poodle flare and everything, "I swear to god if you end up being a Discordant, I'll make sure to bust a cap in that head of yours."
Confused, I ask her what a Discordant is, "I'm not entirely sure, but what I do know is that they kill people. That, and they usually drop some goodies like food when killed." The poodle brushes her hair out of her eyes and tilts her head to the side. With a raise of an eyebrow, she asks "What's your name anyways?" Andrew. "Andrew? Who names their kid *Andrew*?" An obnoxious smirk quickly crept onto her face, "Name's Konoe."
No. 757732 ID: 398fe1

Alright then. So where are we now? This a new part of the Hall?
No. 757736 ID: 15a025

Slowly get up.
No. 757755 ID: 3abd97

Unless you consider corpses candy, I don't think any is gonna drop if you shoot me.
No. 758737 ID: f1999c

Ok... Check yourself, and make sure you aren't badly wounded... You don't seem to be bleeding, but just to be sure, let's see if your wound is still there. That of course, if you can do it without any trouble or the posibility of fainting.
No. 763067 ID: 516b7d
File 148064979093.png - (13.89KB , 800x600 , HQ145.png )

Konoe... I recognize that name. Cinnamon told me about her.

No doubt in my mind that this is still a part of the HALL. It takes some doing to get out of it...

While I lift myself from the rubble, I check myself for wounds. Oddly enough, there's nothing. No bruise, no cut, no gaping hole in my chest. The only thing left of my fall is the blood that dried on my shirt. However, I *do* feel quite a bit of pain on my rear end. Weird.

"No no, nothing like that." Konoe shakes her head, "Have you ever played a video game? Killing the enemy can drop items, though in this fucked up maze the drops can range from a speck of dust to a handgun." I'm rubbing my rear in hopes that the pain will go away as Konoe holsters her gun. She looks back up and lifts an eyebrow, a quick shift of the hips and she's back to speaking, "It's honestly rather odd, earlier you were most definitely a Discordant. Weird glowing patterns and everything. You were actually much larger than any of the others I had encountered until then, and when you 'died' you came back as a person. You sure didn't drop anything special after I bust a cap in your ass. Just a tear." That explains why my rear is sore...

What's confusing me is why you asked if I was "dead" instead of if I was a Discordant first. "Dead, Discordant, same thing really. The dead turn into Discordants, or at least that's what Beryl told me." Beryl sounds like a Merchant name. Perhaps I can get more answers as to of what a Discordant is if I meet them.
No. 763092 ID: 398fe1

Oh, sounds like you died, turned into a Discordant, but the thing the Discordant dropped as loot was you. The HALL wants to keep you alive, I think. Good news? Or maybe powerful people turn into huge Discordants and then come back after the Discordant is defeated. Like, maybe you're immortal because you're awesome. Good news? I wouldn't count on being immortal, either way. Let's try not to get you killed again.

Check out that poster on the wall. Then the envelope. Then ask to meet Beryl.

As for Konoe, Cinnamon said she was part of the Sugar Dusters, and she was chasing him. Maybe you should avoid mentioning Cinnamon until you're sure Konoe won't turn on you.
No. 763107 ID: 3e182c

Tell her about the hall. And being made of paper.
No. 763189 ID: 180f83

"you said Discordants drop goodies when dead. Maybe I'm that? a prize?"
No. 763208 ID: a70f10

... Does that mean we have to find a way to get a bullet out of your butt?

also, that envelope on the table, is it hers?
No. 764915 ID: 516b7d
File 148135577927.png - (13.05KB , 800x600 , HQ146.png )

"Sorry, but you're no prize to me." Did it for the reaction, was only mildly disappointed.

"I already know about the HALL. It's some dimensional-hopping thing that's full of deadly junk. It's all rather simple, what more could even be behind all this?"

As for the paper part... I don't understand what you're talking about.


I *hope* that doesn't mean I need to take a bullet out of my rear...

As for the Discordant thing, I'm not entirely sure how it works. It's best to hold in the assumptions until we get a proper answer, for now, I should probably look around. From what Konoe has told me, I feel as though I may need to arm myself. It sounds like these Discordants can be "killed" at the very least, so we won't be up against impossible odds. I start by examining the poster. It shows a large, muscular man with several symbols flowing out from behind him. Aside from being the remains of what might've been an interesting poster, it's not exactly useful. I turn my attention to the envelope. Another one, huh? I swear these things are shockingly common in this place...

Say, Konoe, is that yours? "The envelope? No. I just haven't touched it because I don't like fiddling with stuff here" Gotcha. I open the envelope and am greeted with something different. A coin. Looks to be made of copper and it bears the insignia of a religious figure. I remember seeing this insignia a lot on churches.

No. 764916 ID: 180f83

"heads or tails?"

speaking of which, what is on the other side of the coin?
No. 764920 ID: 398fe1

Flip it!
No. 764946 ID: 3e182c

>As for the paper part... I don't understand what you're talking about.
We see you (and everything else) differently now. You seem more full of life than before. Your world, you, and your companion have clear depth. You are three dimensional not only in your own perception, but in ours as well.

If you remember... >>/questarch/658190
Before, to us you were like a paper cutout.
You said we looked like handkerchief dolls.

What are we to you now?
No. 766200 ID: 516b7d
File 148186103232.png - (11.77KB , 800x600 , HQ147.png )

I flip it for the heck of it. It lands on... honestly, I can't tell. It's the same on both sides. Certainly an odd coin. "Those kinds of coins are rather interesting, I've found a few here and there, but I never found out what they did."

Interesting that I'd look like I was made of paper; especially since you guys look the same to me. I wonder what that means...
No. 766206 ID: 180f83

The coins probably did nothing for you, but for us audiences, it for some reason seemed to have somehow and mysteriously given us a picture of Konoe in a ragged dress out of nowhere in the Hall discussion thread. Dunno how to give it to her though.

Anyway, we got a hall to clean, Andrew. Onward.
No. 766316 ID: 5c205c

I guess we will have to move forward, ask Konoe for indications, as right now we are somewhat lost.

Konoe, do you mind if we and Andrew tag along for now? ... you don't feel uncomfortable around us right...?

You should check your inventory, just to check if we still have everything you had before.
No. 766392 ID: 180f83

agreed, at least until we get a weapon of our own for protection.

psst, Andrew, if you team up with Konoe be careful around her. Cinnamon said she was being chased by her and her gang, the Sugar Dusters.
No. 768413 ID: eeeba7
File 148281623575.png - (12.84KB , 800x600 , HQ148.png )

You're right, but I'm not entirely sure where to start with this segment. It looks like it has multiple doors here, and looking over the railing I can see that we're on the second floor.

Konoe glances at me before quickly turning towards a wall, "You're asking if you can tag along?" Well, yes, it can be- "I suppose it'd be nice to go through this hellhole without having to chat with myself for another minute." Konoe swiftly turns back towards me, sticking her hand out in a friendly manner. "I'll let you join my party, but don't expect me to know where the hell anything is here. After I took you out of your Discordant form the room changed; I'm about as lost as you are, bud."

This might be risky, tagging along with her, but I feel that it may be better than going in alone. I shake her hand, and "join her party". Here's hoping this doesn't go sour.

[Previous party abandoned]
[Joined Konoe's party]
No. 768419 ID: 180f83

Andrew, besides the bloodstain, I don't remember there being letters, or symbols on your shirt before. May we get a closer look?
No. 768422 ID: 398fe1

How about the first door to the right?
No. 768911 ID: dedc6b
File 148306330934.png - (16.55KB , 800x600 , HQ149.png )

Hm... yeah, those do seem to be new. You guys can take a look, just don't do anything weird.

Looks like there's only one door to the right, it's the one next to where I woke up. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's going to budge. I've rammed into it a couple of times and it hasn't really moved at all. I wonder if there's something around here we can use to break this door down, maybe?

Regardless, there's another door further down the second floor to the left. That one might have something in it. "So, tell me... is there any reason you keep talking to yourself like that? I mean, I had to talk to myself just to keep myself calm, but I don't think I ever pretended like there's someone else there." Konoe leans against the wall, "Should I be concerned? I feel like it might've been a bad idea to let you tag along."

... She doesn't know about the audience...? "No, I don't know about this 'audience'. But given the place we're in, I'd believe anything supernatural."

Should I explain it to her? Or save it for when we find Beryl?
No. 768919 ID: b744c5

Save it. Or just call us your friends on the other side.
No. 768923 ID: 398fe1

I meant our right, not your right, but you could use the vase to ram the door, if it's made out of metal.

As for us you can tell her we're a bunch of spooky ghosts that give advice.
No. 768946 ID: 180f83

Have Konoe lead the way, she is the leader after all.

Tell her about us. In exchange, ask her what brings her to the hall. We'll probably get info as to why she is chasing Cinnamon
No. 768949 ID: 91ee5f

>just don't do anything weird.
I'm gonna draw 2 dots above the U to make it a smiley face!
No. 768950 ID: 15a025

You've got some marks on the back of your head.
No. 769149 ID: 3e182c

He Andrew, the Omega symbol in you Delta Iota Omega Tee is upside down. Any reason to that? Were your college frat brothers drunk when they made it? Do you even know where you got that shirt from?

Anyway, if that final symbol is indeed an Omega, phonetically the letters pronounce "Thee-ah"

As for her questions about us, go ahead and tell her about us. The lecherous ghosts of the hall which follow the current center of the universe are here to help.
No. 769154 ID: ab6ccb

Hi Konoe! Can you hear us...? I hope she can...

Anyway, please introduce us, I'm really exited to make a new friend...

check inside the flower pod, thete may me somethign in there, if not just smell the sunflower, you may like it.

What broguht Konoe into the hall?
No. 771190 ID: 959a5d
File 148384289244.png - (46.51KB , 800x600 , HQ150.png )

You might just be seeing fur markings. Not unusual for a tabby like myself.

Konoe, the Audience is an entity tasked with solving situations. Some people are aware of them, though, they're usually mistaken for voices that play in your head. The Audience isn't able to directly affect the world they're in, but they can mark someone as the protagonist and lead them towards the right path. "So they know the way out of here is what you're saying?" ...Not... quite. They're about as blind as we are, but as a collective, they've got more brains than we do. Konoe cocks her head and lets out a whistle. "That's interesting. So you got like several minds working with you." Pretty much.

The shirt seems a little on the random side for sure. I suppose we can ask Beryl about it when we get to them.

Konoe seems pleased to be leading. She's probably the type to enjoy basking in power. She brings me to the door to *your* right. "This place is likely to have a Discordant in it. Do you see the edges of the door?" The door has a dark red gas hovering around the edges; a feeling of dread falls on my back. "We're going in here, hoping to god this thing drops a weapon." She tenses up and slowly opens the door with her back to it, aiming her gun inside the room. Seconds pass, she leans in and scans the rest of the room. "It's clear... odd." She motions me to come inside. The room looks like a locker room, but the lockers in question are filled with guns. Shotguns, assault rifle, and what looks like a sniper rifle. Even with weapons in sight, I can't help but feel it wouldn't be enough... the HALL didn't exactly play fair last time something dangerous happened.
No. 771196 ID: 180f83

Sniper takes a lot of skill to use, Konoe can have that one if she wants it.

Shotgun might give off a little too much recoil for you. How strong are you btw?

your best bet might be the assault rifle, Andrew. Unless Konoe wants that weapon.

hm, a shirt with scratch marks on it, but no blood. Odd.
No. 771217 ID: 398fe1

Yeah those are fur markings.

...one of the lockers has an opaque door. I'm betting the Discordant is hiding in there, waiting for someone to try to grab a gun from the lockers. Get the pistol off the table instead, and then... I'm thinking you and her should be able to just shoot through the door of that locker.

Just announce that if anyone alive is hiding in there they better come out. Wouldn't want to kill an innocent.
No. 771219 ID: 180f83

What if there is an important item in there that we might shoot and break and become unusable to us?

Maybe us audiences can peek through the locker door holes?
No. 771220 ID: 398fe1

Oh, it occurs to me the vent might be where the Discordant is, too. So watch out for that.
No. 771270 ID: 3e182c

We see a red door-frame, but no red gas. Our ability to warn you may be limited here.

Ok so guns. You are probably going to want the shotgun. Unlike what video games suggest it actually has decent range. On top of that you need no special training to hit a target. Just point it in the general direction of what you want dead and fire.

Without training the assault rifle won't be suited for this close quarters internal/urban environment. You'll wast ammo and be a hazard to your allies.

The sniper is practically worthless if you don't know how to use it, aside from the scope being used as a monocular. In fact if neither of you take it, you should take it's scope off and bring it with you.
No. 771273 ID: 398fe1

I don't see a red door frame. I see a brown door frame. Also just white void beyond it.
No. 771283 ID: 3e182c

Huh. Then that shade of brown must be the same shade my color blind ass interprets red to be.

Please ignore my previous Red Door-Frame remark, Andrew.
No. 771325 ID: 434fd9

Not sure who should get what weapon, but Andrew should certainly pick that pistol in the table.

Its not a hard weapon to use plus its easy to carry, so its a good thing to have handy.
No. 773672 ID: 21153e
File 148496231103.gif - (575.30KB , 800x600 , HQ151.gif )

(Gif has some flashing lights)

Konoe swiftly checks out the lockers, gun readied. "You pick up that handgun for now. I'll make sure there's nothing in here." She makes an attempt to open each locker, but they're locked. "Dammit. Looks like we won't be taking any of these along." Konoe peers inside each locker with a longing gaze, "and just when I got excited too..."
I've got myself a weapon at least.

Once I finished loading my weapon a quiet hissing noise crept into the room. Spilling all over the walls, the sound echoed back and forth. Konoe slams the barrel of her gun onto a locker as the lights begin to flicker. Before I know it, the whole room is enveloped in darkness. The hissing had stopped as well, only to be replaced with a ringing noise.
No. 773674 ID: 21153e
File 148496256132.gif - (218.07KB , 800x600 , HQ152.gif )

The lights come back on. Large tarred veins sway along the ever-changing walls. What is this?
No. 773678 ID: 398fe1

The hissing makes me think the monster just emitted some hallucinogenic gas into the room. I say get out immediately. You should be able to make it to the door, it was behind you when the lights went out. Once you're out, the effect might fade enough that you can see clearly and tell friend from foe.
No. 773682 ID: 143250

I have no idea where you are.

did you notice the symbols on your shirt is gone? Is Konoe anywhere? do you still have your weapon, or any item in your inventory? are you in the same weapons room? Am I asking too many questions? Sorry.
No. 773916 ID: 3e182c

You appear younger.
To your feet Andrew! Stand ready! Danger is afoot!
No. 773925 ID: 398fe1

Well, he does have some fluff on his cheeks now.
No. 774508 ID: 97007d

It was a trap and Konoe hasn't encountered this kind before!
No. 774515 ID: 91ee5f

Andrew, I'm scared! Hold me! DX
No. 788176 ID: e3f730
File 148978115189.png - (457.41KB , 1710x865 , HQ153.png )

Sure enough, the door is in the same place. So this is the same room as before, but it's been changed somehow. I didn't even grab hold of the door knob before I heard someone crying. I looked towards the sound, and it was the rabbit from when I died. Maybe it was me wanting to redeem myself after the last time, but I found myself wandering closer to the rabbit. My hand slowly went to it's shoulder as I called out to it.
No. 788178 ID: e3f730
File 148978141781.gif - (299.75KB , 800x600 , HQ154.gif )

My hand gently tapped them. It tensed up as if I had startled them. I back up as it turns towards me, tarred veins quickly consuming its body turned red. It wasn't who I thought it'd be; there was no meek smile, rather, I was greeted by a ghoulish grin. The hissing surrounded me as I stared into this creature's eyes. This was no rabbit.
No. 788181 ID: e3f730
File 148978165793.png - (65.69KB , 800x600 , HQ155.png )

The room shifts and turns back to normal. Konoe's voice rings out from the side, "Get away from that thing, cat!" she fumbles with her gun. The creature slithers its way closer to me. So this is a Discordant?
No. 788188 ID: 398fe1

Seems like it. Dodge off to the side then shoot it. Uh, make sure your firing angle doesn't include Konoe when you shoot.
No. 788191 ID: 8d4593

Tell it you're sorry...
And fire.
No. 788194 ID: 143250

First, Get away from it, and dodge to the side. Then, please try talking to it. Apologize to it for not being able to save it from it's 3 attackers that day. See if it responds to your words. Only shoot it in self defense if it starts attacking you. You're not a senseless murderer.
No. 789703 ID: a78a0a

I'm almost CERTAIN that's a Discordant. Try to move yourself closer to Konoe; keep her to your side, rather than evade the other way. Once you're done soiling your pants, bring your pistol to bear, but don't open fire yet! Try to get it to talk to you first. If it attacks, pop as many slugs in the thing's face until it stops moving!
No. 790152 ID: 792835
File 149040164474.png - (173.21KB , 800x600 , HQ156.png )

Communication with the creature appears to be useless as it lurches forward, bearing its teeth towards me. "Don't just stand there, cat boy, fucking shoot it!" Konoe shouted to me, scrambling around for a full clip. It opens its maw and speeds towards me. I hesitate a bit---
No. 790156 ID: 792835
File 149040181347.png - (163.20KB , 800x600 , HQ157.png )

A shot rings through the room. Konoe managed to load her gun. "Jesus christ, you're gonna be a liability for me, aren't you?" She grasps her chest, hoping to calm herself down. "These Discordants won't ask you out for a tea party, dumbass. Next time, shoot first, ask later." She shoots an agitated glance towards me. The Discordant fades away like smoke. I feel a bit useless...
No. 790164 ID: 8d4593

Sorry it's just...
I recognized her. She was killed just before I was.
I guess most of us don't come back.

If that red sludge is still on the door, shoot it, Andrew.
No. 790167 ID: 143250

Let Konoe complain all she wants. You've never killed before, and You aren't going to start killing without a reason to. Besides, you knew this person before it became a discordant. It was difficult to murder someone you knew, especially if it was going to be your first kill.
No. 790390 ID: 672649

Well you can still carry stuff, if she is interested in item hoarding.

Also, I think we kind of forgot to take off the safety switch... My/our bad?
No. 792878 ID: 792835
File 149117538830.png - (78.81KB , 800x600 , HQ158.png )

I recognized the person in question, doesn't make it easy to shoot someone. Konoe takes a deep breath, "That's common. These freaks take the forms of people they recently offed. So that friend of yours is probably around here; just hope they're the same kind of discordant you were." She brushes her ears back and looks me in the eyes, "But whether they are like that or not, I need you to shoot any discordants you see from now on. I don't care if they look cute or familiar, blast them until they smoke up." I nod gently, she seems to know this place a little better than me, it might be best to stay on her good side.

If need-be, I can carry stuff if necessary. "More storage space is always nice, but firepower is what you really need in this part of hell. If we find any locker combos, we should return here." Konoe stares longingly at the weapon lockers.

I aim at the door and squeeze the trigger until my gun fires. Whatever was blocking the door turns to smoke, rising to the ceiling. Our exit is open again; I turn back to Konoe, "Look, I'm sorry I snapped at you, but it gets frustrating to see people get into near-death situations like that." She turns away from me and sighs. The way Cinnamon put it, Konoe sounded like a bad person, but right now I'm not sure...
No. 792880 ID: 398fe1

What's with the shirt? It wasn't bloody when you came in.
No. 794774 ID: 66f00d
File 149179308461.png - (86.72KB , 800x600 , HQ159.png )

That is definitely strange. The blood on the shirt looks like it's been there for some time. Getting the blood out would prove difficult if anyone wanted to clean this shirt up.

Whatever the case may be, the owner was into sports, particularly baseball. I turn towards Konoe to ask her about it, but she simply shrugs after I open my mouth.
No. 794789 ID: 143250

hm, Just a hunch, both of you try the locker combo "67, 2, 3" or "67, 3, 2" or "3, 2, 67", or "2, 3, 67" or "3, 67, 2" or "2, 67, 3" On each locker. There are only six possibilities, and two of you to work on each of the 4 lockers, so it shouldn't take too long.

It's probably a stupid idea, but I'm going with the number 67 on the shirt, and the number of claw marks on each scratch.

If those don't work, keep the number 67 in mind.
No. 794792 ID: d86ba0

Hmmm... before anything, turn the shirt over and see if the jacket has anything in the pockets... if it has any pockets.
No. 794819 ID: 4be0ea

That end table seems extremely out of place in this room. Give it a thorough inspection.
No. 794857 ID: d89381

You can't shoot the locks off, can you?
No. 796382 ID: a78a0a

While locks could probably be shot off, I'm not sure spending your ammo on locks when you might get combinations later would be so prudent. I suggest you save your ammo for future Discordants, but keep your eyes out for any numbers that might come your way, along with directions if those are standard dial locks on those lockers.
No. 797013 ID: 66f00d
File 149266917990.png - (71.40KB , 800x600 , HQ160.png )

Shooting the locks off might be a bad idea. There's a possibility it'd just make it impossible to open the lockers, therefore wasting ammo, and if what Konoe's said so far is true... we may need all the bullets we can get.

There's some pocket sand in one pocket and a wallet in the other pocket, but it's empty. I put the wallet back and Konoe sets the coat back to how it used to be. "Perhaps it was left like that for a reason" she shrugs and walks to the middle of the room.

As out of place as it is, it's just a regular table with chewed gum on the underside. Nothing special.

An interesting solution to the locks! However, the dials go up to 30. So either the jacket is completely unrelated, or this lock requires four digits.
No. 797014 ID: 398fe1

Instead of 67 it could be 6,7.
No. 797023 ID: 91ee5f

Don't you think it's weird that you woke up to clean the hall of your grandparent's experimental house and now you're trapped in that hall? Isn't it also weird how random strangers like Konoe keep getting into the house somehow?

How do you think Konoe will react to you telling her that this entire place everyone is trapped in is actually an experimental house your grandparents made?
No. 797080 ID: d86ba0

Huh, the lockers look a bit odd... those weird shapes on the lockers just normal locker flair, or something special? Also, a quick check of the single vent in the room could lead to something, maybe...
No. 797831 ID: 4d579a
File 149308610035.png - (61.49KB , 800x600 , HQ161.png )

It hasn't really crossed my mind. Though, I imagine the people here have found other entrances, like Cinnamon who had supposedly fallen in a well to enter this place. Despite that... it's still strange, yes.

The lockers are pretty normal. As for the vent; it's just an ordinary vent. A nice cold breeze is coming from it.

That opened one of the lockers. Inside are a couple knives and some magazines for a handgun. Not quite what I wanted, but they could prove useful nonetheless. "You got that open? Hm, what'd you do to get that open?" I explain "143250"'s method of unlocking the locker, "Hm... that's an... unusual way to find a passcode. Almost like a game." She closes her eyes and mutters to herself. After she's finished, she lifts her head and turns towards me, "Well, in any case, we best get moving. Pick up what's in that locker and we'll make our way towards Beryl."
No. 797838 ID: 398fe1

Alright, loot. Let's go.

I wonder if you should ask her what she thinks about the merchants you've encountered. People wearing masks?
No. 797856 ID: 143250

See Konoe, we're not useless after all... Oh right, she can't hear us. uhh, take what you can, Give her the items since she is the leader, and follow her to Beryl.
No. 797858 ID: 398fe1

What? No, don't just give her your loot. It's yours and she didn't demand it or anything.
No. 800369 ID: 4d579a
File 149421161990.png - (10.53KB , 800x600 , HQ162.png )

"Merchants, in general, are kind of weird." Konoe answers, "They've all get these masks on, some have a sort of breathing problem, and they all love eating rocks. If I didn't know any better, I'd expect them to be a part of some bizarre cult or maybe an alien species."

I pocket the loot hesitantly, in case Konoe might tell me to hand some over. She doesn't seem to mind too much at all. "Going to be the pack mule then, huh? I suppose *that* could be useful at least." From there, we exit the room and return to the previous segment. There are stairs to my left and the unmoving door to the right. Konoe is looking at me like I should decide the path. "Anything you'd like to check out?"
No. 800373 ID: 086081

The vase the sunflower is in also appears to be a flower.
No. 800392 ID: 143250

Ask When you were a Discordant, where did you attack her from? perhaps you can retrace your steps and see something you recognize. the last thing you remember was being impaled by a spike after falling

Or ask if she knows where she met Beryl last. Perhaps we can find Beryl there. We got questions.
No. 801385 ID: c1f99d

Are the trash bags still there? And have we checked what's below the corridor?

Also, how are we in terms of weaponry? I think you both should have at least one knife each, just in case.
No. 805463 ID: bc6bbb
File 149635310945.png - (32.75KB , 800x600 , HQ163.png )

It's just a fancy-looking vase. More or less there to look artsy.

"In another room. We seem to be in a completely different part of this god-forsaken place than when I first found you. The arena I met you in was mostly destroyed by your attacks." Konoe looks off into the distance, "It's honestly a terrifying experience to be up against something so massive. By this point, I know what a bug feels like."

Trash bags? There was some debris from my fall, but no trash bags to my knowledge. Are you seeing things?

The lower portion of the corridor appears to be missing. The stairs crumbled and the lower portion appears to be far below. Jumping down would probably be fatal, best to avoid it. Aside from that, there's graffiti to the left. It looks like a face of some sort.
No. 805464 ID: 3ce125

Those are two doors, bro. It's saying the key is in the room on the left, or to use a key on the door. It's the only way to go, now, so you may as well.
No. 805466 ID: 8d4593

How the fuck did they get that key stuck on the rail like that?

Or is it a hook and not a complete circle.
Cuz if it were a hook, that would pretty much explain it.
Looks circular from over here though.
No. 805504 ID: 143250

interestingly, the graffiti of the two doors and table are different than the ones we just passed. The graffiti has two round doors, and an empty table, and no light fixture while the area we passed has two square doors, a table with a vase and empty envelope, and a light fixture. And the doors are farther apart as well. Those might not be the same doors we've seen.

What is that scribble next to the picture of the key?
No. 806503 ID: 97007d

Inspect the graffiti. Are those instructions?
No. 806504 ID: 97007d

Inspect the graffiti. Are those instructions?
No. 809915 ID: a78a0a

Man, I really need to pay more attention. Sorry for not letting my voice be heard in the back of your head for so long! Regardless, that does look like a key on the railing right before the staircase crumbles into nothingness; if you can, acquire that key. Also, I agree with what #806503 said earlier; check that graffiti. Those could very well be instructions on what to do with that key and the doors... wherever they are!
No. 814683 ID: 77670b
File 149973800108.png - (34.61KB , 800x600 , HQ164.png )

They do look like a pair of doors and a table, but at a glance, it kinda looks like a weird bug face. It looks like the key on the railing might be useful for something later on; maybe even that other door--- but that one wouldn't budge before... the HALL might be strange, but it usually has some fairly grounded rules, so I can't imagine that the door would just open because of a key. "Might be worth a try? Unless that Audience of yours has any better ideas."

Language, buddy. Language.

The key itself has a hook and it's on a rather flimsy-looking piece of the railing. Unfortunately, the key's hook looks like it's just barely hanging on, so the slightest nudge could cause the thing to fall into the depths below.
No. 814689 ID: 91ee5f

>I can't imagine that the door would just open because of a key.

Door is locked. Keys unlock locks. You put the key into the keyhole on the locked door and then you turn the key until the door is unlocked.

How do you not know how keys open doors?!
No. 814692 ID: d86ba0

Welp, time to approach the key as softly as possible. Before you mess with the hook, make sure you got a hand underneath it in case it falls when you try and get it... unless those odd colors behind you two are more important?
No. 815301 ID: a78a0a

Well, this seems to be a fine mess in general. I actually want to suggest something very much akin to >>814683 above me; be careful and get your hand under the key before you attempt to dislodge it. Better yet, if you can have Konoe help you in this, then there's two rather than one. I'm also a touch concerned about the pink/purple afterimage your tail seems to be making, unless that's something else entirely? I do feel that getting the key is paramount if you wish to keep exploring at this rate.
No. 815303 ID: a78a0a

(Quick modification; I meant to link >>814692 rather than >>814683 in post >>815301))
No. 817222 ID: 45123e
File 150060259736.png - (31.98KB , 800x600 , HQ165.png )

Accidentally left the sketch layer on for the last update. Sorry about that.

I know that a key can unlock a door, but as I had said, the only one we haven't opened didn't budge. You know, like it was jammed. I don't think a simple key would fix that issue.

With that, I've got the key. "Nice catch." Konoe gives me a thumbs up and leans over the railing, "Now, either we force that door open, or we gotta jump down here. Unless we missed something in this room?"
No. 817224 ID: d86ba0

Hmmm... go back to the debris you fell on quickly, and give it a quick lil check, see if there is anything you could use to help break the jammed door down.
No. 817225 ID: 3ce125

Yeah let's search the debris.
No. 817267 ID: 143250

Another thing we could try after checking the debris is going back in that room, and go into the vent. Perhaps there is a way inside the other room that way.
No. 817268 ID: 3ce125

Oh that's right, the vent does go in the direction of the locked room!
No. 818965 ID: 375c36
File 150121983438.png - (12.70KB , 800x600 , HQ166.png )

Well, the debris doesn't hold many interesting items. There were many pieces I couldn't move out of the way, but I did get something: a garnet stone. It isn't the same cut as the one I had previously, so it's very likely a brand new one.

This means my inventory consists of: a 9mm handgun (fully loaded), two 9mm clips, and a Garnet Stone
No. 818966 ID: 375c36
File 150121986407.png - (21.45KB , 800x600 , HQ167.png )

It's a tight squeeze, but we made it in. I, unfortunately, didn't have a very graceful entrance. Hard to land on your feet from that vent. "If only we could've gotten in feet first, but the damn vent is too high up... oh well." Konoe mutters, "Once you're out of the way, I'll get down as well."
No. 818970 ID: 3ce125

May as well help her down like a gentleman.

Let's see, more clothes, a bunch of books, suspicious action figure... what's the writing on the bookcase? Also is that a chute on the wall?
No. 818979 ID: 143250

Konoe seems to be the independent type. She might refuse your help to get down, but you can still ask if she needs help if you want.

First off, check under the rug for any traps.

Also closely take a long hard look at the picture on the shelf. Put it in your inventory afterwards. I have a feeling you might know that person, even if you have forgotten now.
No. 820659 ID: 15a025

Look under the rug and that pile of dirty clothes for anything hiding. Then check the markings on that book shelf.
No. 820673 ID: a7e9c8
File 150198394175.png - (23.74KB , 800x600 , HQ168.png )

Konoe refuses the help, saying something along the lines of "I've got an idea on how to get down." She lands on her hands and stands up from there. Certainly more graceful than I was.

I'm not sure what the markings on the bookshelf mean, honestly. It just looks like gibberish, as with the writing on all of the books.

The rug holds no traps, nor any kind of secrets. Only starch. As for the picture, looking at it kinda hurts after the Discordant experience. Here's hoping that wasn't them?

Tell you what, the way I landed has already caused an annoying amount of pain. I don't think people are supposed to land like that.
No. 820677 ID: 143250

could be a stapler. If it is a wallet, don't steal it. you're no thief.
No. 820678 ID: 5499a9

Perhaps Konoe should go first next time.

Is that a wallet on top of the shelf?
No. 820680 ID: 15a025

Try and do some stretches. It should help relieve some of the pain.
No. 820705 ID: 143250

I don't trust that statue and those red eyes... turn it around so it isn't looking at you.

Next, inspect the clothes pile, check each piece of clothing for any kind of hints. then, throw them down the laundry chute. don't forget to throw that blood stained shirt from the other room down there too.
No. 820728 ID: 143250

Wait a minute. That shirt...
Jack Ketch...
Gosh darn it, that shirt definitely needs to go down the laundry chute immediately. I don't think it even is a jacket. Jeez that was a terrible and painful pun.
No. 820755 ID: 8d4593

There was a portrait of someone in here when you fell in, but it disappeared.

It was on top of the book case between the wallet/stapler thing and the statuette. Centered ish but closer to the wallet/stapler thing.
It was oriented so it was facing the door.

Check to see if it fell flat, fell behind the bookshelf, or is weirdly still there but invisible.

The Graffiti on the bookshelf looks like Arabic to me, but I do not know that language.
No. 820797 ID: c0641d

Try opening the door from this side. What are the volumes on the shelf of?

Didn't we pocket that?
No. 820827 ID: 8d4593

We looked at it. But it didn't say we took it
No. 821719 ID: 9b2c62
File 150241783840.png - (23.78KB , 800x600 , HQ169.png )

It's a wallet. Seemingly empty one as well. There is a yellow card covered in peppers. The words on said card were crossed out with a marker, and as such isn't possible to read.


I've turned the statue around. Now it's facing the wall. I almost feel like it wasn't meant to face that way.

As for putting the clothes in the chute... it won't budge either. I'm beginning to notice a rather annoying pattern here.


I don't think "Jack Ketch" is meant as some sort of jacket pun. "I doubt it. Jack Ketch is the name of an infamous executioner. So who ever owned that shirt likely had some really strange tastes." I won't even ask why Konoe knows about that. As for the rest of the clothes, there isn't anything that could act as any sort of hint. There are some interesting designs here and there, though.


I pocketed it. I must've forgotten to mention it.


Still have no idea on what language these books are in. Most of them are duplicates of each other with only one unique one; this one bears the same text shown on the bookshelf.
No. 821724 ID: 3ce125

Pull out the matching book and see what happens. Flip through it if nothing happens immediately.
No. 821726 ID: 143250

is the door openable from this side?
No. 821730 ID: d86ba0

Pull out the unique one and quickly flip through it to see if there is anything of interest. If not, try putting the book in the chute. May not budge, but who knows what can happen in a place like this?
No. 823249 ID: a78a0a

I have to agree with >>827126; at some point, you really should check out that door. Apparently, there isn't much else here to do, seeing as you can't budge the chute at all, the statue's already been turned around, and you can't read any of the books. That's okay, I can't, either.
No. 823250 ID: a78a0a

GAH! >>821726! I can never get those past post links correct!
No. 823684 ID: 9aa0c6
File 150310897984.png - (18.32KB , 800x600 , HQ170.png )

The matching book not only has an unusual set of markings on it, but it's the only one with text that actually looks like it belongs to a language. A keyhole is keeping the book shut; it might be some kind of diary.

And to be expected, the book will not go down the chute.
No. 823686 ID: 9aa0c6
File 150310905065.png - (23.35KB , 800x600 , HQ171.png )

Nope. The door still won't budge. Something has managed to get it stuck, and I'm not entirely sure what; especially since the door is unlocked. I think the simplest answer would be "HALL".
No. 823696 ID: d86ba0

Huh, some of the letters are Korean, but some simply aren't... odd. Ask Konoe is she knows what is says, and if not, maybe give that yellow card and peppers a better examination.
No. 823712 ID: 3ce125

Does that key from the stairwell fit the lock?
No. 823729 ID: 143250

Konoe looks bored. Wonder why she isn't helping out. um, you don't need to ask her. She'll probably get mad at you, and she seems scary when she is angry.

Right, use the key on the book.
No. 823793 ID: 6f0f4e

I dunno, Andrew seems to have a horrible issue with self-narration at all times. I can't help but feel the less times we force him to talk in third person about people he shares space with, the less awkward situations our dear little hero will have to find himself in.

Even if it is super endearing to watch him fumble about in front of cute strong girls
No. 824934 ID: 5f581e
File 150363481282.png - (23.53KB , 800x600 , HQ172.png )

Could be a similar situation to Chinese and Japanese where they share some of the same characters, just with Korean and some unknown language.
As for the meaning of this gibberish, Konoe is just as lost as I am. The yellow card still does not have anything legible on it. Any information it might've had is gone.

Konoe seems to be resting more than anything; it really doesn't look like boredom. "It isn't boredom at all. A few minutes earlier I had a giant technicolor monster attacking me, how the hell do you expect me to feel after that? I didn't really have a lot of time to rest lately as I was sure there'd be too many places a Discordant could come from." With that, she begins scratching at her neck, "And now? I see only one way they can really get to us, and that way is locked. I might as well take this opportunity to rest for now." Konoe melts into the ground, letting out a long sigh.

As for the key, it looks like it goes into the lock just fine. A click can be heard from the chute. "You said something about the chute?" Yeah, I think it's been unlocked by this book. "Goddammit" How could I have known?

... Konoe is eyeing the chute in a disappointed manner. "So what, are we going to jump down there? I imagine it'd be safer than jumping off the stairs."
No. 824939 ID: 3ce125

Well, that's true. Nothing else to do on this floor, right?

...hey, how much further do you need to go before you can start your cleaning?
No. 824940 ID: 91ee5f

Before you go jumping head first down that chute, why don't you mimic what Konoe is doing and rest for a bit?

And personally, I'm tired of floating around, so I'm just gonna go land on Konoe's head. Mostly because Andrew can see us, but Konoe hasn't acknowledged us, so I just want to see if touching her will get her to notice us.
No. 824941 ID: 3ce125

Oh, yeah, taking a rest is a good idea.
No. 824944 ID: 143250

*yawn* I'm tired too...
Lets relax a bit...

You know, the chute seems to be the only way to go, but seeing as we don't know what is down there, we might need to put clothes down the chute first to soften the landing. We should put all the clothes down the chute, including the shirt in the other room. ALL the clothes... ok maybe not ALL the clothes, nobody needs to strip.

But yeah, after being impaled, dealing with monsters, and dangerous puzzles, you deserve to rest first. jump in the clothes pile and relax. It looks comfy!
No. 825055 ID: 8d4593

>I imagine it'd be safer than jumping off the stairs.

Hey Andrew, that reminds me of a recent traumatic event.
No. 825608 ID: a78a0a

Oh, the chute's been unlocked? Well, that creates another possible escape from this area... but, then again, with the last time you fell and ended up with a brand new ventilation hole in your torso, yeah, let's not just take a blind leap down the chute. Might want to see if anything can be grabbed and tossed down there first to ensure that the way down is at least roughly safe. Of course, you might want to wedge the chute open first so you can see whatever it is that you toss down there all the way to the bottom. Perhaps that wallet that's on the bookshelf? Check your inventory; maybe there's something else you can toss down before chancing the trip, yourself. Definitely let something take the fall before either you or Konoe chance it, however.
No. 826475 ID: bd4e9e
File 150423287407.png - (21.87KB , 800x600 , HQ173.png )


A rest might be nice for sure. It's been a while, and a lot has happened. I've plopped down next to the clothes to make a sort of makeshift pillow. Konoe has apparently already drifted off. She's snoring. And it appears that she can't even feel you guys touch her, how *yawn* odd.

[Andrew has drifted off]
No. 826476 ID: bd4e9e
File 150423294856.png - (22.07KB , 800x600 , HQ174.png )

I'm not sure how long it's been, but both Konoe and I are up again, and I'm feeling good right now.

It might be a bit before I can start cleaning. Things haven't exactly gone as I've expected.

The clothes made a soft "pap" noise, so I can imagine it isn't that long of a chute at all. Odd I didn't need to close the thing though.

Should I jump down the chute, or take my chances near the broken stairs?
No. 826488 ID: ae9b99

Well, you can't see the floor where the stairs is that, but when you dropped the clothes down the chute, you heard it land easily. I think we'll have a better chance going down the chute.

Oh, and whoever goes down first, make an agreement that the second person has to wait about 10 seconds before following to avoid one person landing on the other...
No. 826497 ID: 3ce125

I say chute.
No. 826642 ID: 8d4593

investigate the stain under the clothes first.

Also, chute.
No. 827492 ID: 787940
File 150450767401.png - (47.20KB , 800x600 , HQ175.png )

The stain smells of coffee. I suppose someone was up late?

The chute it is. Let's see what'll happen.
No. 827493 ID: 787940
File 150450776764.gif - (600.62KB , 800x600 , HQ176.gif )

[Do you ever feel like you've made a mistake? I feel like I've made plenty right now.]
No. 827494 ID: 787940
File 150450789703.png - (9.14KB , 800x600 , HQ177.png )

Fuckin' hell! Did I land on straight concrete?! Where did the goddamn clothes go?! AAARRRRGH!
No. 827496 ID: 8d4593

Where's Andrew Konoe.
We were following him, now we're following you.
What did you do?
Also, you are now be followed by cute, annoying ghosties.
No. 827497 ID: ae9b99

Andrew? Where did you go? Oh I get it, heh heh, you're just hiding because you don't want to do your chores and clean your old grandparents' hall. Well the fun is over, you can come out now, heh heh...



...Please don't leave us...
No. 827500 ID: 3ce125

Is that a drawing on the wall or a window?
No. 827503 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, why do you look like you're flat?

.....no, I'm not talking about your chest! I'm talking about your entire body! You look like you're as flat as paper!
No. 827504 ID: 8d4593


Konoe, Welcome.
To the HALL.
No. 827506 ID: a78a0a

Ah, Konoe. Welcome to the madness that is THE HALL. So, it seems like we're following you around rather than Andrew. Do try to be a little gentle to the voice that'll be in your head. This was what Andrew was going through, after all.

I can't speak for the rest of the voices in your head, but first off, what do you have that you're carrying with you. Once you've assessed yourself, take a look at what little's around in this room; the crack toward the floor, the window with the little holes in it, the chute you fell down from, and that door across the room from you.
No. 828781 ID: 6acc33
File 150484120831.png - (10.76KB , 800x600 , HQ178.png )

"A-ah, I see they're with you now."
I--Uh-er- what? "The Audience. Did you forget?" ... (I thought that was just crazy talk...)
W-well, uhm, repeat yourselves then, I couldn't hear you over my screaming. Andrew, I can hear you snickering over there; can it.

Yeah, I can see that- hear it. I cannot really see anything different. And I didn't do anything other than go down the chute; what kind of person do you take me for?

I think your questions/ pleas answered themselves. "They did."
You can still hear them? "Kind of, yeah. They're a bit quieter, though"

I'm not flat cheste-- oh, my body? Uhm, I don't see what you're talking about actually. I look just as I always do.

I've been in this whole clusterfuck for a while now. I'm not new to it, unless there's something I'm missing?

Of what I can see in my room is just that crack in the wall, the end of the chute, a door, and the window. In Andrews room, I can see a sort of drawing desk and a trash can. "There's the clothes as well. Oh, and a drawer." Lucky bastard got the clothes...
No. 828794 ID: 3ce125

Hmm. It may have been something so simple as a chute with a split in it, and you happened to go down the other side.

I guess go try the door.
No. 828798 ID: c31aac

whip out your dick and due the Luau
No. 828800 ID: 91ee5f

Well, now that you can hear us, let's see if you can also feel us! I'm gonna give you a hug!
*hugs the top of Konoe's head*
Huuuuuug! X3
No. 828804 ID: ae9b99

No washing machine? well Andrew, put those clothes in the drawers I guess, if they are empty... Also, Andrew, the bloodstain and weird symbols on your shirt is missing. Also, check the trash.

Konoe: step away from under the chute just in case someone or something drops down from there... thats all I got so far.
No. 830620 ID: 29d1d8
File 150544511642.png - (8.87KB , 800x600 , HQ179.png )

"Yeah, don't mind that one; some of them are a bit... odd."
No. 830621 ID: 29d1d8
File 150544514824.png - (13.33KB , 800x600 , HQ180.png )

Wha--? I don't feel anything.

The door is locked. Well shit.

Andrew wandered to the side of the room. "Consider it done." Andrew comes back and toys with the collar of his shirt, "And yeah, this is a different shirt. I changed shirts while I was alone. The old one is among all the others now."

As for the suggestion directed towards me, it's already been done.
No. 830628 ID: a64a9e

Tell andrew we think his new shirt is cute.

Also ask him if there's anything in the room that resembles a control panel or something that could open the door and join the two of you again.
No. 830630 ID: 91ee5f

>Wha--? I don't feel anything.
Awww, Andrew could feel us. Why can't you?

Anyways, is there a keyhole on the door? Maybe there's a key hidden on Andrew's side or you could pick the lock?

Actually, can both of you list off the items both of you are carrying? This place is so weird, I wouldn't be surprised if some items switched between both of you, some items completely disappeared, you've both gotten new items that you never even picked up, or something else weird that could've happened.

Also can both of you look straight up and tell us if there's something on the ceiling in either of your rooms? I wouldn't put it past this place to have some sorta message written up there.
No. 830654 ID: 8d4593

>Wha--? I don't feel anything.

Yeaaah last time Andrew died horribly we tried to break his fall with our cute little ghost bodies.
It did literally nothing.
We exist, yet we don't exist. 'Tis mildly frustrating.
No. 830672 ID: 3d22f6

Can you see under the door
No. 830675 ID: 3ce125

It looks like you're going to be able to pass items through that hole in the wall, but this room's totally empty. I guess both of you should do an inventory check then Andrew should search his room thoroughly to see if there's a way to open this door from there. Wait, is there a door in his room?
No. 831105 ID: 8111b6

You two could probably work that hole until someone can be squeezed through.
No. 831174 ID: ae9b99

What is in the trash, Andrew? i'm assuming it is some drawings somebody must have thrown away.
No. 831189 ID: 98cbf4

See if Andrew can pass any clothes to you through the hole so you can get changed. I promise not to look probably.

No. 832088 ID: 8cbca0
File 150604929325.png - (9.94KB , 800x600 , HQ181.png )

"Uh... a lotta tissue. Recently used... tissue. Eugh... there's so much snot..."

"I can still hear you, remember?" But can you see anything that could open the door here? "... Not at a glance, no. Let me look around."

Nope! The door is too low for me to do that. Hell, I think a bug would have issues getting under it.

You exist and... you don't? Talk about a confusing existence. Though, perhaps for that situation, you weren't strong enough? I don't know what you guys look like at all, so I'll imagine something similar to your typical bedsheet ghost.

There's a keyhole. I could probably pick the lock with the proper tools. Don't ask how I learned these skills. Let's just leave it with 'life was rough for this poor pup'.

"I've got a handgun, two mags, and a Garnet Stone!" I'm rocking the same stuff minus the stone.

As for the ceiling, nothing. "On both sides..."

There isn't anything we can really chip away at that with.

I don't have any reason to change my clothes right now. No blood, my shirt isn't torn up (well, in any place where it isn't supposed to be), and it's fairly clean.

"I found something! ...But it might not be entirely useful"
No. 832089 ID: 8cbca0
File 150604939594.png - (10.23KB , 800x600 , HQ182.png )

Well, pass it through then. "I'm on it"
... A couple of bobby pins, huh? I can make do with these, I guess.
No. 832091 ID: 3ce125

Alright time to pick a lock.
No. 832096 ID: ae9b99

Andrew, inspect the drawing desk, and turn the light on and off. That way, we can check if the desk has secrets, and so we can see you through the window so you don't disappear on us due to some hall shenanigans.
No. 832109 ID: 91ee5f

Is there even a door on Andrew's side? If so, is it also locked?
No. 833562 ID: 670558
File 150671430909.png - (10.60KB , 800x600 , HQ183.png )

"Well alright then. Looks like there's something here..." "Oh, that's... there now, I guess."

"There's a door over here, yeah. And it's unlocked too." Why are you so damn lucky?

On it.


There, that was a pretty easy lock, all things considered. Now I've got two bent bobby pins in my inventory.

Might as well move on.
No. 833563 ID: 670558
File 150671441659.png - (22.16KB , 800x600 , HQ184.png )

Well, that door led to an... interesting area. What's with this?
No. 833565 ID: ec5ca0

No. 833566 ID: ae9b99

uhhh... I wouldn't recommend going near each other. might break reality or something.
No. 833570 ID: 3ce125

Andrew why is this happening?
No. 833582 ID: ae9b99

Ok, so from what I can gather, in Konoe's perspective, she is seeing things on the wall that is related to Andrew. On Andrew's perspective, he is seeing things on the wall that is related to Konoe. Perhaps they are memories. I think what you two need to do is go back in the room where you both came from, and find a way for you both to get past the window, and exit through the opposite doors so that Andrew can see the drawings on the wall related to him, and Konoe can see the things on the wall relating to her. Who knows, it might jog some forgotten memories.

Hmm, what if you put your previous blood stained shirt on the drawing board and match up the letters with what the light is projecting?
No. 833747 ID: 15a025

Test and see how gravity works here. Ask Andrew if they can throw something over to you?
No. 834766 ID: af2e45
File 150725710693.png - (22.93KB , 800x600 , HQ185.png )

I think that's a good idea...

"Heck if I know. This is something completely new to me."

Andrew just threw a garnet stone. A decent throw, but the stone got stuck in the middle of the area, and is now just spinning out of control. It's almost as if it cannot figure out how gravity works either. "Well drat. That didn't help." I'd say it did. The stone basically just told us "don't walk into the center"
"Fair enough."

This blue rabbit? That has something to do with Andrew? "I think so at least. They seem very familiar to me." A friend of yours? "I don't really know..." Oh boy...
No. 834767 ID: af2e45
File 150725712854.png - (10.44KB , 800x600 , HQ186.png )

After Andrew lined up the shirt the groan of metal could be heard above. Are all puzzles here that easy? "Looks that way so far."
No. 834770 ID: ae9b99

Hey, don't jinx it. the puzzles could get tougher. besides, Andrew, didn't you once fell and got impaled because we might have failed a puzzle earlier?

Besides that, great job Andrew. I know we don't say it often, but you've been doing exceptionally well so far. You too Konoe, but I know you don't need us to tell you how great you are.

From your reaction and the direction you are looking Konoe, it sounds like the metal sound came from outside the door. both of you open the door, don't exit, but peek outside and see if anything changed.
No. 834772 ID: 3ce125

Hmm, does that noise mean the room out there is different now? Go check.
No. 836450 ID: e573c0
File 150792180394.png - (23.68KB , 800x600 , HQ187.png )

"..." I suppose they could get harder. I mean, Discordants themselves already seem video game-like, so if the rest of this place follows that pattern the puzzles might end up getting complicated later.

As for your praise, I don't know if I'm really coming off as full of myself or not, but believe me when I say I'm not.

"We've ended up coming out of the same door?" Appears we have, and the other side is normal now. On top of that, it looks like your garnet stone landed too; you can pick that back up if you'd like.
No. 836461 ID: 3ce125

Yeah may as well grab it.

What's that new writing on the wall, where the door moved from?
No. 836462 ID: ae9b99

hmm... an upsidedown NXD. what does that stand for?

oh and whats this?


"elle était le lueur?"


Oh sorry, I was reading what was barely written down below on the wall. I think it is french?

Yeah, grab the stone, but be careful. Then see what is in the other room.
No. 836463 ID: 3ce125

That translates to "she was the glow".
No. 838022 ID: d86ba0

Andrew, ask Konoe if the phrase about someone “being a glow” has any meaning to her... while going to the door on the other side, of course!
No. 838143 ID: 16dab1
File 150846373320.png - (23.15KB , 800x600 , HQ188.png )

"I got the garnet stone back."

I'm not entirely sure what it'd read. And I don't want to look over the edge to find out either. Heights... kinda freak me out.

"Elle était le lueur..." if only I knew French class would've been useful, then I might've taken it.

That... doesn't seem right. Are you missing something? Or was the writer just really bad at grammar? Hrm.... I'm not sure we'll get an answer to that last question for a while.

What's the point in asking Andrew if I'm right here? "That and they seem to be talking specifically to you now. Though, they occasionally speak to me as well"

As for the door? It's not opening. It's not like the previous doors, rather, it seems to be blocked by a heavy object. I'd ram it open, but I still feel a bit sore from the fall earlier.
No. 838153 ID: ae9b99

Then maybe Andrew can ram it open...

that, or maybe we are onto something with that NXD symbol. was there any shirts with that symbol that we can put on the light table? we could probably draw that symbol on a shirt if we had a writing tool. Btw, the "N" is backwards for some reason.

what happens if we put other clothes on the drawing board, like that Jack Ketch shirt, or the torn up sweater?
No. 838156 ID: 3ce125

If there's a shirt with BNY on it, that could be the way to get that second door open.
No. 840018 ID: f0d8a6
File 150907100490.png - (22.71KB , 800x600 , HQ189.png )

I... don't know why you're still thinking about that light. It had only one specific pattern to it, that being the symbols that were on Andrew's old shirt. I just can't see it reacting any differently to other shirts.

As for you; how in the world did you get BNY? Is that over the edge as well?

Looks like he *could* ram it open. Or, at the very least, partially open. Whatever was blocking the path has toppled over with a loud thud. We could continue working on this door, or we could keep fiddling with the light. Though, for me, I think the light no longer has a use. "You never know for sure though" Hmm
No. 840020 ID: 3ce125

BNY on the wall there above the drawing of the blue dude.
Just keep shoving the door I guess.
No. 840094 ID: ae9b99

I thought that says "Beryl"

I'd say split up with one of you checking the light, and the other trying to get the door open, but I prefer you too stick together, especially since we don't know what would happen if you go back through the previous door... Just stick together.

anyway, keep fiddling with the door I guess.
No. 840438 ID: 15a025

Keep working on the door. Try and kick it down in style.
No. 842055 ID: b2dbe3
File 150966850019.png - (23.42KB , 800x600 , HQ190.png )

That reads Beryl, actually. The perspective you're looking from might make it look like something else.

Whatever was blocking the door, Andrew knocked over just fine. There's a pretty heavy thud to it.
Don't push yourself too hard, by the way. Don't think I didn't see you trying to massage your arm. Try to be a little kinder to your body. "U-uh, right."

Curiosity is egging me on to look at what toppled over in that room.
No. 842056 ID: b2dbe3
File 150966855986.png - (20.34KB , 800x600 , HQ191.png )

It was a Discordant! Goddammit!

You sure you want me to kick this door open?
No. 842103 ID: 3ce125

You should probably start shooting instead.
No. 842126 ID: ae9b99

Probably not the time to be asking, but how can you tell if someone is a Discordant or not? I assumed they would be bloody and veiny looking like the one we faced earlier.
No. 842744 ID: c0641d

Wait! Konoe, are you sure that's a discordant? (Also, geez, who came up with that name?) Andrew, does that look like a shopkeeper, or is it safe to assume it's nothing you recognize? Both of you get back in case it is a discordant. Maybe call out to it in case it's a shopkeeper or somehow a regular delver.
No. 842746 ID: c0641d

(Also, didn't the door open inward in the previous shot? What's with the perspective here?)
No. 843939 ID: 466a9f
File 151027874192.png - (29.24KB , 800x600 , HQ192.png )

I'm certain it's a Discordant! "And *I've* seen nothing like this before." While every Discordant I saw previously was like that red and black gaseous one, this one has one of the defining features: the ability to bend light! Not sure if you can see it, but things don't usually make sense near more powerful Discordants.

Already on it! Damn thing's dodging the bullets though. I don't think I've ever seen one actively evade like that.


After half a clip or so of bullets, the Discordant fled. It looked like it went through a portal.

Given how it warped light, we were probably lucky that it didn't attack. "Did we wake it up from a nap or something? It seemed rather panicked." It was probably the bullets that made it panic. Now then, when it comes to Discordants many of them seem to try and cause hallucinations at first to distract their prey. Afterwards, they drop the hallucination and strike. During that time they start to bend light, and more powerful Discordants are capable of causing a whole room to swirl around you if they wanted to.

At least, that's what I've seen so far.
No. 843942 ID: ae9b99

Konoe, I Dunno about you and Andrew, but I think the Discordant may have effected our vision. the room looks a little weird right now from my end. um, can we go in the next room before some of us gets motion sickness?
No. 843960 ID: 3ce125

I think we're seeing a snapshot of before the Discordant ran away.

Go check out the room! It looks familiar.
No. 845473 ID: e7ec5b

Yo, the floors look like they're shiftin' or some shit.

Yah might wanna start leggin' it to somewhere that ain't there.
No. 845492 ID: d86ba0

...Actually, go back to the room with the light, and put the picture of the familiar blue person under it. I think the wall art is hinting something....
No. 845590 ID: c0739d
File 151088884333.png - (14.05KB , 800x600 , HQ193.png )

Yeah, I guess you guys have a slight delay on these things.

{Majority suggested next room}

"At the very least, we're back to familiar territory." We? I've never been here before... "But the audience has."
"About that Discordant from earlier, I remember you saying that I was fairly colorful as a Discordant myself... so was it kind of like that one?" Well, yes. The difference is, you were massive and that one was very small. The thing about those more colorful Discordants is that they seem to be harder to kill, but at the same time, it seems they've got different goals from your usual red and black ones. I'm not entirely sure about that though, I've only really seen those types from behind windows and such. Until I met you of course.
"Huh... well, maybe the colorful ones aren't as hostile?" You literally tore two guys in half. I don't think the technicolor ones are passive.
Why are you giving me that look? "Why didn't you tell me I did that before?!" Didn't want to dump too much on you at once. That, and I wanted that image out of my head.
No. 845597 ID: 3ce125

Alright Andrew, check your mail and your package.
No. 845604 ID: d9ece0

Yo catface, mail-call.
No. 845616 ID: 91ee5f

>you were massive
So he turned into a fat guy?

>You literally tore two guys in half.
That's a horrifying image I didn't need in my head! O_o

It's a good thing we didn't actually see that otherwise I would've been sick! ..........no, never mind, I'm still getting sick. I'm going to be sick. I'm going to-
*insert disgusting vomiting sounds here*
Ugh, sorry about that.
No. 845696 ID: ae9b99

hmmm, hey Konoe, I was wondering: what brings you to this crazy place?
No. 849473 ID: a78a0a

Wow. Step away for a few weeks and you miss out on EVERYTHING. Also, it appears the separation issue has already been resolved, though you're looking a bit... flat now, Konoe, and I don't mean just the chest area. I would still like a reminder of what both Konoe and Andrew are carrying currently, though the tote bag could be useful as that would give at least one of you more carry capacity (or so I would assume). The umbrella might make for a somewhat convenient melee weapon if it ever gets down to that (unless someone's packing something better that I'm not aware of).

In any case, barring all that, check and see if the door you came into this room leads back to where it should, or if things have changed. If they haven't, grab what you reasonably can, and proceed.

Oh, and check your mail, Andrew. Looks like there's been a delivery since you were in this room last.
No. 859568 ID: 245a0f
File 151633771299.png - (14.86KB , 800x600 , HQ194.png )

"It's... a couple of train tickets? I wish I still had those books..."

No no. Think more like a giant; towering over others. We probably were ants compared to him at that point. "Well, that's... interesting. Where'd I even get all that mass?" The world may never know.

Andrew has: 9mm handgun, 9mm clip (x2), Garnet Stone
I have: 9mm handgun, 9mm clip (x2)
Well, that was my inventory before I got the backpack, so now I've got a 9mm handgun, two 9mm clips, and an empty backpack. And I still have no idea what you guys are talking about when it comes to me being flat. I mean, when it comes to my chest I'm a 32B, and my body is the same as it's always been. "Ah... nnn, never mind." Er, alright.

I... am not really sure. It feels like I've been here for a very long time, so it's pretty fuzzy. I remember dropping down a well at the very least.
No. 859577 ID: 3ce125

Ok, what's in the bag?
No. 859583 ID: ae9b99

Well I can tell one thing that isn't in the bag. Andrew. You know, because he is a cat, and he is out of it?




get it?

I'll shut up.

take the umbrella, you never know when there might be a random rainstorm in this crazy hall.
No. 861917 ID: 245a0f
File 151694425208.png - (13.50KB , 800x600 , HQ195.png )

It's empty, as I had said earlier. Though, it might have stuff in it later down the line.

... "That was... special, I'll give you that."

Anyways, there isn't much room in this backpack, so we might as well carry the umbrella. "I suppose I'll take it. We were looking at one quite a while back too, so I guess we lucked out."
No. 861924 ID: ae9b99

Enter/exit the right door. open it slowly as a precaution.
No. 867900 ID: 245a0f
File 151875320070.png - (35.21KB , 800x600 , HQ196.png )

Slowly but surely, I open the door; and I am greeted with a large room with pink-ish bricks and some tough looking vines connecting the ceiling and the ground. There's a door in the middle of the path, and to the sides of it are some spikes. Overall, this room looks distorted.
No. 867928 ID: d86ba0

Whoever is the bravest: glance down and see what is below the path. You know, just in case...! And unless the vines have anything interesting with them, confront the oddly avoidable looking door.
No. 867939 ID: b1b4f3

Distorted? Doesn't that mean there could be a discordant in here?
Is the door locked?
No. 867949 ID: 9e9410

That slope looks a bit too steep for you to make it alone. Get Andrew to boost you up, then see if you can pull him up.
No. 867968 ID: ae9b99

from where we are, we don't see a doorknob. Is there a doorknob on your side? I wonder how it opens? perhaps kick it?
No. 871279 ID: 245a0f
File 152005025455.png - (35.63KB , 800x600 , HQ197.png )

Not necessarily. Discordants can bend light, but this room is how it looks. The strange bends are definitely no trick. Though, it'd still be a good idea to keep an eye out.

Cat face over here has proven to be a good springboard. I've made it up far enough to check on the door, though pulling him up doesn't look likely at the moment, there's barely even any room for myself.

It's strange, the door is covered in various doorknobs and a painting of an eye from this side. I won't bother questioning how the shit this would work, but opening this might prove to be a total pain.

"I-I guess while Konoe is over there I'll get that one done." You don't have to freak yourself out you know, I could hop down and check for you. "No no, it's alright. You keep doing what you're doing. It doesn't look like there's anything too eye-catching down there anyways... just a terrifyingly long drop." ...Alrighty then.
No. 871339 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, I guess try a doorknob? I'm wary of picking the wrong choice but I don't think we have any indication what the correct one is.
No. 871357 ID: bbbdf9

This layout reminds me of the Orion constellation, but the belt buckle is missing.
No. 872959 ID: 245a0f
File 152075799068.png - (9.59KB , 800x600 , HQ198.png )

I can kind of see it.

I've turned the lowest knob to the left. A line of some sort has extended from one knob to the another as the eye's iris shrinks.
No. 872960 ID: b1b4f3

Turn the one that's newly connected?
No. 872964 ID: c8ffa1

Maybe you have to form a shape that doesn’t cross over or go through the eye?
Try going around the outer knobs in order around the door.
No. 874448 ID: 245a0f
File 152142706558.png - (10.25KB , 800x600 , HQ199.png )

It connects to another knob. A faint little "chink" sound can be heard. "The iris looks more or less the same too." That it does.

There's no real way to send the lines in a specific direction. The newly connected knob heads straight for the eye but is promptly blocked by something else. Whatever the line collided with has created a sort of bump on the door.
No. 874455 ID: ae9b99

let us quickly check the back of the door from our end, see if anything changed.
No. 875550 ID: 245a0f
File 152211256154.png - (34.63KB , 800x600 , HQ200.png )

I'm not entirely sure if anything changed. I'm not in a good position myself to check. So just let us know, a'ight?
No. 875553 ID: b1b4f3

There's a red horizontal line about as far up on the door as the obstruction is. The spot where the bump is, there's a bit of a break in the line. Or maybe the break in the line is in a different spot? Hard to tell.

I guess just kinda fiddle with the knobs to see what the puzzle can do?
Can you turn that third knob left? Maybe there are lines all over the place and you need to aim at the gaps.
No. 877596 ID: 245a0f
File 152307932201.png - (10.88KB , 800x600 , HQ201.png )

All the other knobs seem to function normally. Looks like the one to the right of the eye might is all the way to one side. Not quite capable of seeing which direction that is though. As for the break in the line, that seems to be a feature in all of these lines on the front as well. Probably just there for visual design.

Turning the third knob over to the left connected it to the first on- ACK! It shocked me... and not too bad, but just enough to startle me. "So like an electric fence?" Yeah, actually, like that.

The knob is now a sort of electric fence-kinda deal. Something tells me that's not quite what we're supposed to be going for. And the fact that the Iris has grown doesn't make it seem any better.
No. 877607 ID: b1b4f3

Poke the eye.
No. 877696 ID: dc91a0

Take off your shirt, and use it to insulate your hand to turn the previously attempted knob.
No. 878529 ID: 245a0f
File 152358998341.png - (23.32KB , 800x600 , HQ202.png )

Nothing really happens. Pretty much the only noteworthy thing is that it feels metallic.

I'd rather not be taking my shirt off, especially not with this guy around (and god knows how you... things will react to that). I'll just take the shocks instead; like I said, it's merely startling. Not painful in the slightest.


And it's back to how it was previously.
No. 878536 ID: b1b4f3

Okay look, it seems like you need to make a full circuit or something with all the knobs but I have NO FUCKING IDEA how you even get the lines anywhere. Have you just been stopping as soon as the first line shows up? Are you not rotating each knob 360 degrees before stopping to tell us what each one can do?

I suspect there has been some miscommunication. Try rotating the bottom-right knob until it connects with one of the top four knobs. Preferably one on the right.
If you can't do that at all, try getting the bottom-left one to connect to one of the upper four knobs.
No. 878700 ID: c0641d

Are you sure? The eye went back to being dilated? Anyways, I agree with >>878536’s idea, except we should also try to pay attention to the other side of the door during all steps as well.
No. 878761 ID: dc91a0

>I'd rather not be taking my shirt off, especially not with this guy around
Pffft that guy's harmless. Though you are right about us. We'd become quite rowdy.

Also, suddenly, we are door. or rather... almost door.

Try grabbing the wall about one foot left of the door at roughly shoulder height.
There might be an invisible knob.
No. 891301 ID: d03d44
File 153082134425.png - (10.29KB , 800x600 , HQ203.png )

I've been turning the knobs clockwise until they could no longer move. Turning them counter-clockwise causes them to move in reverse.

Turning the bottom right knob counter-clockwise has led to it bumping into something. The eye is almost enveloped in it's iris.

The eye did, yes; however, it's now larger than ever.

That's not exactly reassuring, but thanks for the warning I guess?

And there is no invisible knob. Merely disappointment.
No. 891302 ID: d03d44
File 153082149181.png - (34.65KB , 800x600 , HQ204.png )

"They mentioned something about red lines on the back of it... and there was something about it appearing when one of the lines wouldn't cross all the way either. Seems to me that it'd probably mean that there's an obstruction." You're probably right, but... well, just remember where we are. It isn't always that simple.
Anyways... onto the bottom left knob.
No. 891304 ID: d03d44
File 153082204832.png - (11.92KB , 800x600 , HQ205.png )

All lines seemingly retracted and the iris has taken over the rest of the eye. Shoving it does no good, it looks like that wasn't the solution.

It seems more like turning the knobs clockwise extends the lines towards a specific point.
No. 891308 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, so the lines aren't rotating, they're extending, and only in two, opposite directions. Kinda looks like we have to connect knobs together since that resulted in a click, and the markings on the back of the door indicate wrong moves? Except we can't connect them in a triangle.

Try turning the bottom-left knob to the right instead of the left, to see what the other direction gives us. Maybe it'll wrap around and give us a different direction to extend the line from the second knob?
No. 891312 ID: 2176b1

Ooh, that iris is lookin mighty spooky. Be careful for goodness sake!
As for the puzzle, see if you can’t get the first laser connected from the bottom left knob to the one up and to the right, the second laser going from the higher knob back down to the bottom, and then up and around from there.
Now, from what I can tell, the iris gets bigger if you fu- uh, mess up, so if at any point my plan makes that happen then I’d recommend ceasing. The next pattern I’d try is going bottom left to bottom right, straight up to top right, then back down around the eye... or... uh...
Not gonna lie, I’m totally lost here, K
No. 891320 ID: b1b4f3

We already tried doing that. Going right from bottom left causes the bottom right knob to go up-left or down-right, except it can only really go up-left due to an obstruction in the bottom right. That leads to another knob which is obstructed in one direction then leads to a failstate in the other.

So our first move was incorrect and we need to try the other way.
No. 891321 ID: b1b4f3

Or maybe we can try a different starting position? Try the top-right knob instead first.
No. 891324 ID: 5fa661

Just climb over the bloody thing. There's two of you, you can help each other up.
No. 893692 ID: d03d44
File 153202528866.png - (12.94KB , 800x600 , HQ206.png )

Turning it right will just keep it where it is. It's the only knob that wasn't turned clockwise.

Unfortunately, it won't budge. Something appears to be blocking it as well.

What you're suggesting does give the most progress, but then we'd be at the same roadblock before: there's an obstruction. And since these lines only go two ways, it's more or less inevitable to go through the eye. [refer to >>874448]
No. 893693 ID: d03d44
File 153202553296.png - (36.32KB , 800x600 , HQ207.png )

Well, after some awkward climbing I've made it to the other side. About all I spot from this side is a piece of paper that kinda blended in with the floor. It's got some markings on the other side, that's about it. "I guess there isn't much reason for both of us to be over there then." No, not really.
No. 893698 ID: b1b4f3

Well on this side you can clearly see the red markings on this side of the door when they show up.

Seems like you have to get rid of the eye somehow. Though... even if you do... we haven't seen what direction the top-left and middle-right knobs go. Check that, would you?
No. 893882 ID: 97007d

Let's take a look ahead then check the other side of that door before moving forward.
No. 896500 ID: d03d44
File 153379827609.png - (34.68KB , 800x600 , HQ208.png )

You heard them? "Yup, checking right now" ... "Looks like the both were extended all the way clockwise." And it appears the red line has vanished as well. Still that one on the bottom, but I imagine that's just because it went the wrong way.

I assume by moving forward you mean climbing back to the other side?
No. 896505 ID: f4762a
File 153380062327.png - (30.56KB , 800x1000 , 48005514-58B2-4329-95E6-04CF3A277B8B.png )

Here’s kinda a throwaway suggestion: Maybe all the knobs just have to connect to another? Try doing this: move the highest left one to the right, the middle right one to the left, and then the bottom left one to the right. Maybe then all the knobs will have been connected? (Picture for clarity)
No. 896509 ID: b1b4f3

Could be it? We don't know what those knobs up there do yet though.
No. 899640 ID: d03d44
File 153565972438.png - (35.21KB , 800x600 , HQ209.png )

While it doesn't really seem to have gotten us that far, I think it gave us an idea on what the knobs to the sides of the eye do. Hoping to get this done soon, I'm starting to get hungry. "... Well, if only you popped up earlier, we had sandwiches." Nice of you to rub salt in the wound.
No. 899642 ID: d86ba0

Ok, I’m gonna guess we wanna avoid getting the red lines on the back. Turn the knobs the same way you did in >>896500 that caused the red line to dissapear, and then turn the knobs how they went the first time, like >>874448 but without turning the middle eye that leads to it being obstructed by the eye. Also, show us what this will look like on the front of the door; vauge descriptions and red lines aren’t as helpful as seeing the actual lines and where they go. If things follow what happened with the last time these knobs were turned, there should be no red lines on the back.
No. 908837 ID: d03d44
File 154087291493.png - (14.27KB , 800x600 , HQ210.png )

Something clicked after that. I suppose that's all we needed.
No. 908838 ID: d03d44
File 154087295916.png - (34.55KB , 800x600 , HQ211.png )

"It looks like the eye turned into a door knob!" Well, that's out ticket out isn't it? Open it up!
No. 908842 ID: d03d44
File 154087318334.png - (13.82KB , 800x600 , HQ212.png )

With the door open, a foreboding feeling rests itself on my shoulders. "It almost feels like it's trying to pull us in..." That it does... well... we either try this or take our chances falling over the edge.

"I--- let's leave this one up to the audience, I'm not up for making this choice myself" ...Alright.
No. 908863 ID: b1b4f3

Falling is bad, yo.
No. 908929 ID: 5fa661

Drop something expendable inside, see if there's a gravity shift or something.
No. 908990 ID: ae9b99

So on Andrew's side it is an open door leading somewhere else. What does it look like on your side, Konoe?
No. 909136 ID: 97007d

Got anything you can throw in first?
No. 909137 ID: 575ec0

You remember how to get out of here.

The only way is down.
Try not to panic when you "Die".
No. 909187 ID: 2202fb

How far can you backtrack? Can you get back to the chute? Can we go back to the gun lockers? Both falling and the door seem like shit options so lets try to find a third till we are 200% sure these are the only two options.
No. 914360 ID: d03d44
File 154510512216.png - (42.32KB , 800x600 , HQ213.png )

Looks exactly the same as it did before opening. Would've been interesting if it was something different there though.

...The door back seems to have locked. "Yeah, that's pretty normal. Usually the only time it's open is at checkpoints." Checkpoints? Like a videogame? "Sort of, yeah."

Anything expendable to throw in? Hm... most of what I got is pretty useful. "I've got this garnet stone, it should do the trick." A'ight, toss it in.

..."Well, it seems... gravity is a bit different there for sure." How often we gotta fall today?
No. 914361 ID: d03d44
File 154510520923.png - (16.41KB , 800x600 , HQ214.png )

Not much else we can do here, it seems. Did it once before, shouldn't be too bad should it?

Why'd you say it like that? As though we don't technically die? What, are we undead or something?
No. 914362 ID: b1b4f3

Can you go down slowly by bracing yourself between the two walls?
No. 914397 ID: 2202fb

Fuckit, just jump in. There are no other options unless you want to jump off the bridge or sit here stagnating forever.

I suppose there are some spikes by the door if you want to try goring yourself to death instead.
No. 914405 ID: 91ee5f

>Why'd you say it like that? As though we don't technically die? What, are we undead or something?
Earlier, Andrew fell and got impailed on a sharp metal pipe he landed on. That ended up “killing” him and turning him into a Discordant.

Then after you shot him in the ass, Discordant Andrew “died” and he returned to normal Andrew.

That’s why that other guy said that.
No. 914415 ID: e51896


Oh, um best not to ask Andrew about it, please. I don't think it is best to bring up that terrible incident he went through with him. It was scary, and looked painful for him.
No. 914447 ID: 575ec0

All we know is that death here brings you back to your world via a Discordant "Prize".
We do not know if it makes you a discordant or if you just fall out of one.

We do know that the process is horrifying, painful, and traumatic. A true nightmare.

...But a nightmare you wake up from none the less.

Just know that your fate is your own when you fall down. We won't be able to help you until you emerge on the other side. We tried to help Andrew during his ordeal. We failed.
No. 914454 ID: 2202fb

I suppose you could try (although there is a chance you will fail and fall anyway) walking yourselves down. Like how someone would climb up a vent, but you press your backs together so you are wider and go in sync.
No. 919664 ID: d03d44
File 154899730457.png - (29.02KB , 800x600 , HQ215.png )

That- I- what? "They... aren't wrong." Well- er... let's hope that doesn't happen again then...

"I'd very much prefer *not* just jumping in, thank you." There doesn't seem to be that many options really.

...There's also that. Believe I've actually seen it in a movie once, actually. "But, uh, there's still a problem." That being? "I'm... afraid of heights."


Well, for now, just avoid looking down. If it'd help, we can have a conversation on the way down to keep your mind off of it. "That'd probably be good, yeah..." (Trouble is, I'm not entirely sure what to say.)
No. 919678 ID: 2202fb

Link elbows and hold on tight while walking down.
No. 919682 ID: e51896

Talk about... what Andrew is doing in this Hall anyway. I mean, we already know since we were with him from the beginning, but you don't. Good way to get him to start talking and get him less stressed out.

Speaking of which, perhaps you can afterwards talk about why exactly you are in this strange hall in the first place as well. Not often Andrew see's other people around here.
No. 919705 ID: 2202fb

You could have sex.


option's there
No. 919713 ID: e51896

These two just met, I don't think they know each other well enough for that.

second, how can they perform that action while climbing down?

third, I don't think we should be saying such things to make Konoe and Andrew too flustered to climb down.
No. 919715 ID: 2202fb

idk. I mean, who knows anyone here, really? Everything changes.
No. 923301 ID: 6f6f25

Stop hanging and land already!
No. 923368 ID: d1869f

Also, is this dead?
No. 925696 ID: 6f6f25

Is this going to have to be reported for being dead?

(No. Maybe check if something is against the rules first before you start trying to backseat moderate.)
No. 925701 ID: 465a14

That's not how threads work here. Just let threads die on their own instead of bumping them.
No. 926295 ID: d03d44
File 155296806699.png - (17.81KB , 800x600 , HQ216.png )

On it.

"My grandparents had built this place. Something about assisting the disabled using an intelligent AI." And that somehow ended up with a reality bending series of rooms? "I don't question it. It was weird even in the early stages. I vaguely remember seeing it change the terrain it was placed to make it flat for the building." Weird stuff...

As for me? I... don't remember a whole lot. I was chasing someone. Someone very dangerous. At some point during the chase I fell down a pit of sorts and when I woke up, I was in this place. Ran into Beryl shortly after waking up, who taught me of some of the things I'd be seeing in here.

I believe that is a resounding no on our part. Added, we barely know each other.

I'm going to pass on that offer. Even if death isn't exactly permanent here, I'd prefer not to go through it even once if I can help it. I'd imagine the trauma remains after death. "Somewhat, but I've repressed it well enough so far" ...Still not doing it "Nor am I! I'd prefer not to fall anymore... done it too many times as is!"
No. 926316 ID: e51896

*assumes the dangerous person is Cinnamon but does not bring up her name*

You were chasing a dangerous person? If he or she is in this hall, we should be very careful around that person. Can you tell us more of this dangerous person and why you were chasing them, their name and what they look like?
No. 926318 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, Konoe, before we somehow jumped out of Andrew‘s head and into yours, do you know what he was going to do? He was waking up to come clean this place for his grandparents. That’s right, he was house sitting for them and was going to clean the house, but then the house decided to fuck with him, so now he’s just trying to survive like you are. You’d think his grandparents would’ve given him a way to navigate this place, but apparently they didn’t.

.....also, I hate to be that guy but I’ve gotta ask: “Are we there yet?”

I make no promises to not repeatedly ask that every 30 seconds until we finally get to the bottom.
No. 926344 ID: 6f6f25

Ok, I wonder, what took you so long? Why did our communication leave you guys...
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