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File 145253841405.png - (371.89KB , 800x800 , TLWTITLE.png )
693008 No. 693008 ID: a788b7

>Quest may be NSFW

Life is simple in the valley. Everyone goes about their jobs, and life moves along. At the Sugarfield Estate, life is even simpler - Shrewd investing and lucky windfalls have led to a degree of wealth unmatched in the valley. Everyone in the manor lives a carefree life of luxury.
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No. 693012 ID: a788b7
File 145253858731.png - (327.03KB , 800x800 , TLWA01.png )


Except for Warwick.

Earnest and hardworking, Warwick lives a meager life in a small shack on the grounds - most of his days spent tending to the gardens, with most of his free time spent tending to the frivolous wants of the lady of the house, Lord Sugarfield's daughter Strawberry. Still, he has a roof over his head, and has a passable meal so long as Strawberry and her Father are happy with his work, so he supposes he shouldn't complain too much.
No. 693014 ID: a788b7
File 145253866624.png - (341.55KB , 800x800 , TLWA02.png )


Still, he remembers the stories, from before the roads were built and the wilds were tamed. Tales of adventure that his father told him in his youth - from before his grandfather was executed.
No. 693016 ID: 9816c1

So what did your grandfather get executed for?
No. 693017 ID: 3663d3

woop, window of the tower has opened, turn around and watch it.
No. 693018 ID: a22f87

>from before his grandfather was executed.
ouch, what was the crime?

Also how long have you worked here?
No. 693019 ID: a788b7
File 145253903979.png - (349.18KB , 800x800 , TLWA03.png )


Warwick's family was once a wealthy, noble family in their own right. His grandfather scoured the wilds for ancient hidden treasures, and was quite good at his job! They had a manor of their own, and lived in comfort. But when Warwick's father was young, it all came to an end - soldiers stormed the family home, and dragged the family's sire away! Branded a bandit king and charged with countless crimes, he was taken away for execution and never seen again. The family's wealth was stripped, and redistributed to the other noble houses - Even one generation removed Warwick has known nothing but poverty.

But he still has a place to stay, and while his work is time-consuming he takes to gardening well enough. He is also, ostensibly, tasked with guarding the manor during the day - but nothing ever happens, so he doesn't really need to pay attention to that.

>Is there anything else Warwick should consider?
No. 693020 ID: 5ad4a7

Consider the person climbing down that tower in the background.
No. 693021 ID: 3663d3

looks like the young lady of the house is seeking adventure.
No. 693025 ID: a22f87

>Is there anything else Warwick should consider?
well might be worth your time to see who's climbing down the manor's tower behind you.
No. 693026 ID: a30f60

Consider that you missed a couple spots on that bush behind you.
No. 693027 ID: a788b7
File 145253972608.png - (338.89KB , 800x800 , TLWA04.png )


Warwick feels like something is amiss, and turns to look at the manor.

It is very odd that that tower window is open with something dangling from it. Something must be going on!

Should Warwick:

Go to the manor to see what is going on?
Check the grounds around the manor?
Something else (write in suggestion?)
No. 693028 ID: 3663d3

head towards the gate.
No. 693029 ID: a22f87

>Check the grounds around the manor?
like around the gate
No. 693030 ID: a788b7
File 145254033229.png - (313.95KB , 800x800 , TLWA05.png )


Warwick heads over to the gate as quickly as he can, but the manor grounds are pretty big so there's nothing there by the time he arrives.

It does look like there's sombody out on the old forest road, though!
No. 693031 ID: a22f87

well there are some questions you need to ask yourself, does anyone important live in that tower, are you far enough along on your work today that nobody would notice if you slipped out for a few hours, do you have nothing important that you need to do now or needs to be done soon?

If the answer is yes to all three you might want to see who is running down the old road, if you do have something else you need to be doing then go do that and just keep an eye out for when they come back.
No. 693032 ID: fe06ff

quick if you hurry you might catch them.

they could be a thief! you wouldn't want a thief to escape on your watch!
No. 693040 ID: a788b7
File 145254207914.png - (455.63KB , 800x800 , TLWA06.png )


Warwick's never been to the upper floors of the manor, but he's pretty sure that the tower is somewhere near Strawberry's Library? And while he might not be inclined to agree, Lord Sugarfield would definitely consider his daughter to be somebody important.

Warwick still has plenty of work left to do around the manor, though if nobody comes out to actually see him working he's unsure if they'd notice or not. While the Sugarfields are very particular about their garden, they don't actually visit it very often.


Warwick decides to rush off after the figure, but after a short distance finds himself stopping to reconsider ...

The Old Road runs right up to the edge of the Old Forest - and the stories say that when the roads were built and the hills were tamed all the wildness in the valley retreated and the forest is its home now. Also he's pretty sure it's haunted - nobody ever really goes that way now. Even the road itself is overgrown in many places.

There is also a piece of parchment lying on the road - it looks to be a wrapper from a sweet bun. Warwick will need to decide if he wants to head into the old forest or return to the manor - Currently all he has with him are his heirloom overalls and heirloom pruning scissors - which are also his only two possessions.
No. 693042 ID: a22f87

well wonder in and try to stick to the road, if you start to lose sight of the road that is probably a good sign to turn back. No since in getting lost yourself because then you're helping no one.
No. 693043 ID: fe06ff

go in and stick to the road
No. 693044 ID: 4a3470

Dont do it now and lose them, or do so and potentially screw yerself over in a forest where your body may never be found. GO TO THE FOREST, SCISSORS ARE ENOUGH.
No. 693049 ID: 2a7417

Use Heirloom Pruning Scissors with the parchment. Scissors beats paper!
No. 693068 ID: cf91e4

>which are also his only two possessions
Then we have everything we can get without stealing.

Go in.
No. 693071 ID: 5ad4a7

You have no compelling reason to chase after them. Go back to the manor to find out what that was about. Maybe take the parchment as evidence of what you saw.

...is that something else on the road or just rocks?
No. 693108 ID: 61fd94

Pursue. You can't let Strawberry run away from home on your watch!
No. 693114 ID: 38685c

If you report her running away, you're a witness. If both of you disappear, they assume you kidnapped her.
No. 693208 ID: 6cb462

Be like your grandfather. Go on an adventure.
No. 693216 ID: b2e4e2

Return. Adventurer you are not. Supplied, you are not. And you are not prepared!
Let's head back and report in what happened.
No. 693220 ID: a788b7
File 145262494324.png - (554.40KB , 800x800 , TLWA07.png )

Warwick hesitates slightly, as he's not really well-suited for this stuff as far as he knows ...

But if he goes back and tells everyone that Strawberry left he'll probably be blamed just as much as if he kidnapped her himself anyway, and he needs to make sure nothing bad happens to her! He hurries into the woods along the old road after her.

The woods become steadily darker, though it's still early in the afternoon. And when rounding a bend, the road suddenly terminates at the hollow of a singularly enormous tree. The wind makes an ominous, whispering sound as it blows past.
No. 693223 ID: a22f87

well I see another wrapper in there so at least it looks like we're on the right track so let's head on in... maybe after we call out for her. Don't shout but with a voice loud enough to be heard across a crowded room.

And just how many sweets did this girl bring with her? I'd almost argue that she's trying to go on a picnic.
No. 693224 ID: 4a3470

First step to potential doom or a grand adventure that shall transcend time, continue on.
No. 693231 ID: fe06ff

you gotta be a hero like your gramps

enter the tree hollow
No. 693235 ID: 5ad4a7

Is that another wrapper in there?
No. 693242 ID: a788b7
File 145262804298.png - (271.48KB , 800x800 , TLWA08.png )

Warwick calls out to Strawberry, but not too loud.

A small echo comes back from the tree hollow, but no real response.

Warwick banishes his hesitation and steels his resolve, if he came this far he might as well keep going forward! He steps boldly into the hollow.

His boldness doesn't last too long, though. It's pretty dark in there, and it seems to go really deep. Even after walking far enough in that there's barely any light, he still can't see the back end! He tries calling out for strawberry again...

No. 693244 ID: a788b7
File 145262810548.png - (265.79KB , 800x800 , TLWA09.png )



But when waiting to hear the echo, instead he hears a muffled shriek! And he'd recognize that shrill shout anywhere, it's DEFINITELY Strawberry!
No. 693247 ID: 5ad4a7

Put your scissors away so you don't trip and fall and stab your eye out, but rush towards the shriek anyway.
No. 693249 ID: 6cb462

Where did that sound come from? Follow it. Keep calling out to her.
No. 693257 ID: a22f87

might want to put a little spring into your step there bucko, she might need help... or is just surprised that anyone followed her this far out and was eating another muffin when you called for her but still best to at least make sure she's ok.
No. 693261 ID: 3663d3

chase! protect strawberry!
No. 693263 ID: fe06ff

keep your sissors over your shoulder (out of the way of stabbing into your face but still on hand enough to be quick on the draw)

and rush to Strawberry's aid
No. 693267 ID: 2a7417

Tiptoe quietly towards the sound, for heightened tension.
No. 693357 ID: 8c66a6

Move forward quickly, but carefully. You need to help her, but you can't afford to mess up by tripping over something, or getting jumped by a baddie. She's depending on you!
No. 694090 ID: a788b7
File 145288132098.png - (330.71KB , 800x800 , TLWA10.png )

Warwick rushes forward, holding his scissors out to the side to avoid tripping and stabbing himself with them! At least, as much as he can in the cramped interior of the tree.

He soon sees a light at the end of the tunnel and exits into a more open, but still heavily forested, area. The horrid shrieking is stifled as he exits the tree, and he hurriedly begins pushing through the brush to try to find where it was coming from.

Upon cresting a hill, he sees the source! Two enormous monsters seem to have grabbed somebody, and by the looks of her fancy shoes and dress it's probably Strawberry!

One of the monsters turns to the other 'Hey marge, look. There's another one!'

The other one, which is carrying the girl, looks back over its shoulder and smirks.

'So grab it, Bruce. I'll go ahead with this one, you catch up once you're done here.' With that, it begins heading off into the deeper woods!

Warwick is a bit out of breath, but he probably needs to act!
No. 694091 ID: fe06ff

engage! prune him like a hedge!
gotta save strawberry!
No. 694092 ID: 3663d3

use dat adrenaline and your smaller size to cut the crap out of their ankles.
No. 694093 ID: 5ea852

Stick those scissors up their cloacas.
No. 694094 ID: f2461f

Maybe it is better to let Bruce capture us, it would lead us straight to where Strawberry is being kept.
No. 694099 ID: 5ad4a7

I think you'll have to trim him down to size. Bruce will be aiming to capture you, which means he'll either try to disarm you or try to beat you up without killing you. Use this to your advantage, attack his hands if he grabs for your weapon or arm, and if he doesn't you should just try to cut him up or stab him in any way possible. Wear him down if you can't get a clean hit.

Don't do so while Marge is around, though. You don't want her to immediately assist if you do well in the coming fight.

It'd be really cool if you could climb up the hidden side of the tree to catch him by surprise with an attack from above.
No. 694102 ID: 904cc3

offer yourself to the lizard. no need to fight some hot lizard dicking.
No. 694105 ID: 6cb462

Shoot, she is using Bruce as a distraction to get away. We'll have to take him down fast, as we don't want to lose strawberry. In case the battle goes on for too long, don't kill him, as we may need to force information out of him to find out where Marge is heading.
No. 694139 ID: 2a7417

Just incapacitate his knees and get away - fast.
No. 694147 ID: a22f87

what is that guy holding? Anyways, what do you know of fighting? Because if you don't know jack I hope to god you're a fast learner. Anyways the guy looks slow and as Such I suggest you try to stick to his sides. Not sure how hard he can hit with that tail of his and going against this guy head on seems like a bad idea. so stick to his sides and stab at him whenever you see an opening. Oh and try not to get hit yourself, that also would probably be bad.
No. 694170 ID: 6cb462

Intimidate Bruce. Boast eerily that you are the Grandson of the great Bandit King (even if that title is not true). That should likely make him scared of you.
No. 694292 ID: a107fd

Hastily conceal pruning shears under clothes, meekly submit to capture, prepare to cut your way out of the sack at an opportune moment.
No. 694294 ID: a788b7
File 145293180502.png - (273.58KB , 800x800 , TLWA11.png )


Warwick considers submitting to Bruce and allowing himself to be captured, but the idea isn't very appealing!

All things considered, he's too off-balance to make any real attempt at intimidation! As frightened as he is he'd probably start blubbering like an infant if he tried to say anything more than a grunt or shout!

But Strawberry must be rescued! Warwick charges into battle!

No. 694297 ID: 4a3470

Aim for the legs
No. 694298 ID: a788b7
File 145293250334.png - (211.63KB , 800x800 , TLWA12.png )




Warwick has never been in a battle before, so he takes a moment to familiarize himself with the interface:

>NAME: A character's name
>HEART: A character's Stamina and Will to Battle! Reduced by enemy attacks, If reduced to 0 a character will be stunned! A stunned character who takes damage loses maximum Heart, a character reduced to 0 maximum Heart will be knocked unconscious!
>CLOTHING: Any attack which strikes a character in a pace that is covered by clothing will have part of the damage absorbed by the clothing! Clothing can only absorb a certain amount of damage without being reduced to TATTERS - No longer providing any protection! Clothing may have resistances to damage separate from a character's, and may offer other benefits!
>SPIRIT: Spirit may be used to activate special attacks with powerful effects! Spirit begins a battle at 0 and raises at the end of each turn. A character at full Spirit gains a bonus to critical strike chance and evasion!

Warwick must choose his action for the turn! The actions he can take are:

>ATTACK: The character attacks an enemy with an equipped weapon. While a character cannot normally choose what to target on an enemy with a given attack, some weapons may deal damage to specific parts of an enemy with higher priority!
>WITHDRAW: The character Defends, reducing incoming damage! Further, they use a moment to catch their breath - a character who uses withdraw recovers a certain amount of HEART!
>ITEM: The character uses an item. Some are beneficial to the party, some will harm the enemy, and some have other mysterious effects. A character can only use items that they have equipped in their carry slots - A character has 3 carry slots and Warwick currently has no items equipped!
SPIRIT: A character uses one of their special skills at the cost of some SPIRIT. Warwick currently knows no special skills!


>Combat descriptions beyond simply entering commands will not be ignored, and may have additional effects!
No. 694300 ID: a22f87

got to start this somehow and this sounds as good a way to start the party as any.
No. 694302 ID: 6cb462

Don't need to defend as your hearts are full

no items

no special attacks

no run option.

Only option right now is to obviously attack.

Let's hope it's not a hopeless boss fight.
No. 694303 ID: f0e552

Big knife, bigger stature, compared to our little stature and little scissors.

We probably can't take it in a one on one fight, we have to use our wits. Maybe we could even end it in one hit instead of a bunch of slashes.

If any of these actions are possible lets do it:

Look for a weakpoint for our ATTACKS, regardless of if we find one, lets outmaneuver the enemy, maybe we can crawl onto it or under it and it might attack itself or we could reach a vital spot to stab.
No. 694307 ID: f56624

snip his dick
No. 694309 ID: fe06ff

No. 694313 ID: cf91e4

Go for one of the buttons holding up his loincloth or the cloth next to it. If your clothing adds protection, then making him lose his should give you an edge.
No. 694323 ID: 5ad4a7

ATTACK. Go for the loincloth!
No. 694329 ID: 3663d3

slash open his heel.
No. 694332 ID: e38bc1

His loin cloth probably doesn't add much protection, but below the waist is the only place we're tall enough to reach anyway. Attack is our only real option this turn.
No. 694349 ID: 5a1d11

Go for the KNEEESSS!!
No. 694353 ID: 007e78

Attack the loincloth. Right in the pride!
No. 694355 ID: f6442a

Attack the knees.
No. 694381 ID: 904cc3

attack his loincloth
No. 694383 ID: 6cb462

Attack Legs. You've got standards.
No. 694386 ID: 58f084

Run in circles around him with your scissors. If you're lucky, you'll fall down and poke HIS eye out
No. 694420 ID: a788b7
File 145298238376.png - (226.49KB , 800x800 , TLWA13.png )

Warwick lunges quickly to offense, striking his opponent low! Bruce's LOINCLOTH absorbs a portion of the damage!

BRUCE takes 5 Damage!
LOINCLOTH takes 6 damage!

No. 694423 ID: a788b7
File 145298249124.png - (227.82KB , 800x800 , TLWA14.png )


Bruce laughs at Warwick's pitiful attempt at offense and retaliates, striking Warwick in the chest with his cleaver!

Warwick's OVERALLS absorb a portion of the damage!

WARWICK takes 6 damage!
OVERALLS take 4 damage!

At the end of the turn, Warwick generates 2 Spirit!
No. 694424 ID: 5ad4a7

Okay looks like we can't cut armor off directly. Let's try to bypass it instead.

Aim high! Torso's unarmored and full of vitals.
No. 694425 ID: 3663d3

go for the eyes! the big fat eyes!
No. 694426 ID: 007e78

So... if this keeps up like that, our overalls will outlast his loincloth. But we're going to run out of heart, first.

Stab him in the oversized eye!
No. 694427 ID: 8371c4

we should keep attacking
No. 694428 ID: e38bc1

Ouch that was over a quarter of our health. Let's withdraw for this turn. I want to see how much that reduces damage, and how much heart it regens. May as well figure out now whether or not we can possibly win a war of attrition.
No. 694429 ID: fe06ff

Withdraw, charge your spirit and health

having spirit will give us more evasion and crit chance, even if we can't spend it
No. 694430 ID: 6cb462

We gotta hold out until our special fills up. Judging by how much it rose, it will take about four more turns.

Looking at the damage we took, looks like we can only take two more hits, unless Bruce knows an even stronger attack. I recommend Withdrawing to see how much HP we regenerate, and how much special we gain and plan our next moves based off of that.
No. 694431 ID: 8340ec

Press your attack! Your weapon is smaller so it should be faster, right? Aim for a critical hit, maybe one of the straps of his loincloth!
No. 694433 ID: a22f87

withdraw and catch your breath then go back for another attack.
No. 694436 ID: a788b7
File 145298736298.png - (210.71KB , 800x800 , TLWA15.png )

Warwick considers his options, but ultimately opts to attack again!

Warwick's attack hits the TORSO of Bruce, dealing 7 damage!

BRUCE is waiting for something!

"Kid, I like your spunk ... but if you don't give up now I'm gonna hit you seriously."

The next turn begins! Warwick needs to choose an action!
No. 694437 ID: 265534

Realize that this is a tutorial battle and nothing you do is going to have a long term effect.
No. 694438 ID: 3663d3

No. 694439 ID: fe06ff

attack loin cloth
No. 694442 ID: 47160d

You must stab under the loin cloth, even if he doesn't have external genitalia that should hit something
No. 694443 ID: e38bc1

But we can't give up and abandon Strawberry, but if he can hit harder than he did earlier we might not stand a chance. Withdraw until we fully charge spirit; we'll just have to hope the extra evade and crit will carry us through.
No. 694445 ID: f6442a

So a loincloth can protect against damage to exposed legs... Noted.
Withdraw, his partner may be coming back to reinforce him.
No. 694446 ID: db34e7

Attack High. If he is truly giving us a chance before making a big attack, he probably wont attack if we defend. And high because that loincloth absorbs damage, and i dont believe anyone needs to see whats behind it.
No. 694447 ID: 6cb462

He's hinting he is going to hit harder. time to WITHDRAW!
No. 694448 ID: a788b7


(the UI should say 26/30 next to the clothing damage bars I just forgot to update that part whoopsie)
No. 694449 ID: 007e78

Defend! He's about to do a powerful attack!
No. 694451 ID: 904cc3

keep attacking his loincloth.
No. 694452 ID: a22f87

quick withdraw and go back when you got your second wind.
No. 694455 ID: f0e552

Prepare to dodge, is that a withdraw?
No. 694456 ID: a788b7
File 145298917268.png - (203.48KB , 800x800 , TLWA16.png )

WARWICK chooses to WITHDRAW, catching his breath and recovering his stamina by 2!

"Still want to go? I'm glad, it'll be better if I get to soften you up first!"

BRUCE steps into a different stance!

The next turn arrives!
No. 694457 ID: e38bc1

Ah so he has to charge the big hit. We definitely need to Withdraw this turn then.
No. 694458 ID: fe06ff

attack low!
No. 694459 ID: a22f87

stay back, let him swing, then attack.
No. 694460 ID: a22f87

that was for withdraw if it wasn't clear
No. 694466 ID: 3663d3

warning, i bet it's a counter stance.
No. 694481 ID: a788b7
File 145299264546.png - (224.28KB , 800x800 , TLWA17.png )

WARWICK WITHDRAWS to prepare for whatever BRUCE is up to!

BRUCE unleashes a massive HAYMAKER!

Warwick reduces the damage taken!

WARWICK takes 10 damage!
OVERALLS take 10 damage!

BRUCE returns to his normal stance!

Warwick needs to choose an action!
No. 694482 ID: 5ad4a7

Yowch. Be undeterred and attack... his arms. See if you can weaken his offensive power.
No. 694483 ID: f6442a

Continue ssstabbing.
No. 694484 ID: fe06ff

go back on the offensive, it's your only chance!
lets hope the spirit bonus to evasion and crit is enough!
No. 694485 ID: e38bc1

If we don't withdraw this turn we'll never survive the next haymaker, and we don't have the crit bonus yet. We need to withdraw twice so we'll survive the next haymaker with 4 heart then we might be able to crit after that to finish this.
No. 694486 ID: a788b7
File 145299384361.png - (220.51KB , 800x800 , TLWA18.png )

WARWICK presses his attack, hitting BRUCE low!

BRUCE takes 4 damage!
LOINCLOTH takes 8 damage!

BRUCE is waiting for something!

"Still standing, huh? You're a feisty one, guess I'm gonna need to knock you around again!"

WARWICK's spirit has reached maximum!
WARWICK is fired up!

The next turn arrives!
No. 694487 ID: 3663d3

fire all over him.
No. 694488 ID: 5ad4a7


Though I'm not sure hitting low is a good idea? Whatever.
No. 694489 ID: f6442a

You are already dead.

No. 694490 ID: e38bc1

Oh good he decided to toy with us some. Attack again and hope for a crit.
No. 694491 ID: fe06ff

attack again! keep him on the ropes!
No. 694492 ID: f0e552

Look inside yourself, 10 spirit, why do we have spirit? There's gotta be something we can do with this!

I would also like to point out that if we took 10 damage we should be at 6 not 8. But hey, i'm not complaining.
No. 694493 ID: db34e7

To succeed at sea ground you must always attack! (Who can catch that?)
No. 694494 ID: e38bc1

We withdrew that turn and withdrawing regens two heart.
No. 694496 ID: b6178d

We can attack twice and hope for a crit to make up the difference. Or withdraw twice, then attack thrice.

I'm leaning towards the former, since we don't know if he has any other fun moves up his sleeve.
No. 694498 ID: 8371c4

No. 694500 ID: b6178d

Actually, withdraw. We need +4 hearts to survive the next haymaker, and Bruce said he was taking us seriously now and needed to knock us around again, so that's probably what he's going to do.
No. 694501 ID: c43722

...Y'know, you are wielding a pair of scissors, and this goober's loincloth is merely cloth, so maybe if you attack at the right angle from below near the "buttons" you could just snip it right off there. You might be able to use your spirit to pull off move now.
No. 694502 ID: a107fd

Cutting through that loincloth isn't going to work fast enough. Go for the torso. Better yet, use your gardening experience to climb something, maybe get Bruce to waste a turn retrieving that big cleaver after a haymaker leaves it lodged in a treetrunk, and then use high ground to stick him in the neck.
No. 694503 ID: a788b7


>Hey there, quest-runner here. There are a number of mechanics at play in this quest (obviously) and I don't want to mention them every post to clutter things up, I'll clarify how a few things work now.

>Targeting in The Lost Way is partially random - A character can choose the enemy to target but, as a default state, has an equal chance of hitting the enemy HIGH, MIDDLE, or LOW with any given attack. Suggestions to target specific areas do not mean that that is where the character will hit! They can, however, weight the scale towards a suggested hit locations so that the chance to land on any given zone is not evenly split!

>A character is not out of the battle when they run out of HEART! A character reduced to 0 HEART is stunned for one round, and any further damage to HEART reduces their MAXIMUM HEART for the duration of the battle! A character whose MAXIMUM HEART is reduced to 0 will be knocked unconscious, though some items or abilities may be able to return them to fighting shape!
>Barring special circumstances, any character will start a battle with an amount of HEART equal to their Maximum HEART.
>In any given turn where a character chooses to WITHDRAW, two things happen:
>1 - A character who WITHDRAWS takes reduced damage from attacks for the turn in which they WITHDRAW! This does not apply to attacks that IGNORE DEFENSE! The damage reduction from the WITHDRAW command does also apply to any clothing a character is wearing!
>2: A character who chooses WITHDRAW immediately recovers a set amount of HEART! This happens at the BEGINNING OF THE TURN, before any abilities or commands can activate! Currently, Warwick recovers 2 HEART at the beginning of any turn in which he chooses WITHDRAW! Items, Equipment, and Abilities may alter this value!

>Unlike HEART, characters start a battle with 0 SPIRIT.
>At the END of any turn, a character generates a certain amount of SPIRIT. Warwick currently generates 2 SPIRIT at the end of every turn!
>A character at full SPIRIT is considered 'FIRED UP' and gains increased chances to evade attacks and critically strike opponents! Some items, equipment, and abilities may grant other abilities when FIRED UP!
>A character who is FIRED UP no longer generates SPIRIT until their SPIRIT drops below its maximum!
>SPIRIT can be spent to use useful and powerful abilities with various effects. WARWICK currently does not know any abilities with which he can spend SPIRIT
>A character who spends SPIRIT while FIRED UP will retain FIRED UP status until the end of the turn. As they are still FIRED UP when the turn ends, they will not generate any SPIRIT until the end of the next turn!
No. 694505 ID: 007e78

Spirit bomb limit break!

I dunno what you can do with a full spirit meter Warwick, but it's time to try it.
No. 694509 ID: b6178d


As the quest giver has explained, Warwick has no abilities that uses Spirit yet. Though being FIRED UP seems to do good things regardless for critting and evading.

Looking over the numbers, it seems to me we at least want to make Warwick withdraw twice (to survive the next haymaker with HEARTS remaining), then snip at the lower half of Bruce until his clothes fall off, in the hope of some special benefit being revealed. As-is, Bruce has more than enough HEARTS to out-damage us into a full KO, even after he becomes STUNNED.

Our only hope lies in crits and evades and/or exposing some weakness beneath that loincloth.
No. 694516 ID: e38bc1

The regen on withdraw is too small to be useful on any turn he's not about to hit us hard on. We can hit him now for more damage and withdraw for his next haymaker. He'll knock us to exactly 0 heart and stun us where he can either charge another haymaker that won't hit until we unstun our reduce our max heart by only 6 with a regular swing before we recover from the stun.
No. 694521 ID: a22f87

well we also haven't tried going for the head (high) so that might give us even better damage but yeah I'll go with attacking the loin cloth until we can destroy it if for nothing else then the hilarity of it
No. 694523 ID: 211d83

Use your shears to snip the tie on his loincloth.
No. 694525 ID: 5ad4a7

I disagree with purposefully aiming for what is essentially armor. Go for the exposed upper parts!
No. 694531 ID: c43722

Yeah, I agree. Don't try to be fancy in the hope that destroying his loincloth will expose a weak point and just go for his already uncovered flesh.
No. 694533 ID: f0e552

If we're fired up, maybe we can use it to hit some vitals on the face, aim for the neck or eyes, HIGH!
No. 694565 ID: a788b7
File 145300292731.png - (214.85KB , 800x800 , TLWA19.png )

Bruce returns to his Haymaker stance!

Warwick steels his resolves and charges in to attack!

No. 694569 ID: a788b7
File 145300314982.png - (167.86KB , 800x800 , TLWA20.png )



Warwick finds purchase with his SCISSORS, hooking Bruce's Loincloth perfectly and SEVERING it with his attack, leaving the loincloth in TATTERS!

>-When Warwick makes an attack with a SCISSORS type weapon, his attacks have a small chance to SEVER when using a regular attack!
>-When an attack SEVERS and strikes a clothed area, the clothing is immediately reduced to TATTERS, being removed and no longer applying any benefits to the former wearer!
>-Warwick's SEVER chance can be improved with certain abilities or equipment, and is increased while he is FIRED UP

BRUCE is out of clothing!
No. 694570 ID: a788b7
File 145300322694.png - (332.12KB , 800x800 , TLWA21.png )


BRUCE drops his weapon, swiftly clamping his hands over his crotch as he stammers.

"n-no ... how could you ... it's not possible"

Bruce no longer seems to be threatening Warwick, and he's kind of weirded out by the giant naked lizard. What should he do?
No. 694572 ID: 5ad4a7

Interrogate. Find out where they were taking her.
No. 694574 ID: 211d83

Get his weapon while he is distracted.
No. 694576 ID: e38bc1

Demand to know where Marge has taken Strawberry to.
No. 694577 ID: fe06ff

take weapon and chase after second Lizard
No. 694578 ID: 007e78

Demand to know what they're doing with Strawberry! Where are they taking her? Why?!

Wave scissors threateningly in the direction of his crotch.
No. 694582 ID: 904cc3

rape the lizard.
No. 694587 ID: 8371c4

now that you defeated your enemy you should make a new "friend".
No. 694588 ID: ee1584

demand to know where he took strawberry and why.
No. 694589 ID: 5e4004

Interrogation never works. Information taken under duress is more often than not false and made up on the spot to make the torture stop.

We need to coax it out of him willingly. Are you any good at the role of seductress?
No. 694597 ID: f6442a

Don't interrogate. Don't seduce. Just ask what the heck they want with her.
No. 694598 ID: f0e552

do this and roll to loot his sword.
>inb4 its too big for us
No. 694599 ID: 5ad4a7

>interrogation never works
You mean torture doesn't work. Regular interrogation will often produce results, because it involves persuasion or threats, which don't have the problems torture does.
No. 694602 ID: 5e4004

Shut up and let the NSFW happen.
No. 694608 ID: a788b7
File 145300632998.png - (277.04KB , 800x800 , TLWA22.png )

Warwick demands to know where Marge took Strawberry, but all Bruce seems able to do is mutter and look around, embarrassed and apparently afraid!

Warwick attempts to loot Bruce's cleaver, but it's way too heavy for him to lift!

Bruce takes advantage of Warwick's attempts and distraction to grab a few small scraps of his tattered loincloth and run off into the woods!

Warwick still isn't sure what Marge wanted Strawberry for, but he knows which direction she walked off in, and she didn't appear to be in any sort of hurry. Bruce didn't run off in the same direction.

Warwick considers his battle. He's never done anything like this before ... he never thought of himself as some sort of ...
No. 694613 ID: f6442a

Savage cloth-shredder?
No. 694617 ID: 007e78

>he never thought of himself as some sort of ...

Loot cloth scraps, you might need them. Pursue Strawberry.
No. 694618 ID: fe06ff


well better be one and chase after Marge and rescue strawberry!
No. 694621 ID: 58f084


I mean, we were aiming to get Bruce naked all this time
No. 694624 ID: 211d83

Savage forest molester?

Murderous clothing killer?
No. 694628 ID: a788b7
File 145300701367.png - (11.57KB , 800x800 , TLWA23.png )



Warwick has become a LEVEL 1 GARDENER, instead of just a normal Gardener. He has 3 MASTERY POINTS that he can place into skills.

Mastering skills also unlocks other skills to learn! Warwick's development as a hero, and his abilities in battle, rely heavily on decisions he makes with his mastery points!

Currently Warwick has 1 Rank in GARDENING! Skills Warwick can place mastery points into now are as follows:

>Passive Ability - slightly increases damage and critical rate with SCISSORS, SPADES, and RAKES
>Core skill of the GARDENING Skill Tree

>Active Ability - Warwick makes an attack that targets the MIDDLE of his opponent with a chance to SEVER!
>Next Rank: Increases Damage Dealt, Costs 5 Spirit

>Passive Skill - Slight Increase to Heart and the durability of clothing Warwick Wears
>Core Skill of the HARDINESS skill tree

Skills marked ????? are currently unknown skills, if a character masters the skills connected to them to the appropriate level they will be revealed and can be purchased.

????? skills with no listed mastery requirements can only be unlocked by meeting SPECIAL, HIDDEN CONDITIONS

WARNING: Active Skills will occasionally increase in SPIRIT cost as they increase in level! Leveling them up quickly will increase their power, but at the expense of usability! Level carefully!
No. 694629 ID: 6cb462

We need to heal, and somehow fix up our overalls before we confront Marge. I wonder if waiting, or walking rather than running will heal us. No idea how to fix the overalls though...
No. 694630 ID: f6442a

+1 Gardening, +2 Hardiness
No. 694631 ID: 6cb462

... So for now, I would say based off of this, HARDINESS for now.
No. 694632 ID: f0e552

2 into gardening, 1 into clipper or durability.

>>694629 health is set to max each battle.
No. 694633 ID: 007e78

Put everything in gardening. Let's get our passive bonuses up.
No. 694635 ID: 8371c4

we need to become a master gardener first so dump them all in gardener
No. 694636 ID: fe06ff

1 in gardening, 2 in hardiness
No. 694642 ID: edf87a

All 3 in Hardiness. Warwick is poor and clothes are expensive. It looks like it could unlock that hidden thing too?
No. 694644 ID: 799984

1 into Clipper because having active use abilities is nice, 1 into Gardening because base damage increases are nice, and 1 into Hardiness because defense is nice.

Next level we can specialize more, but right now we're pretty blind in what our skill tree has on it. Spreading the points around let's us know for next level, and doesn't significantly hamper us at the moment.
No. 694645 ID: 90f3c0

2 in Gardening, 1 in Clipper.
No. 694646 ID: 211d83

One point in each.
No. 694647 ID: f56624

we nearly died there, let's go for hardiness.
No. 694650 ID: 38685c

2 points in gardening, one in clipper
No. 694683 ID: 8340ec

Hmm, could you help Bruce repair his loincloth in exchange for information on where they're taking Strawberry?
No. 694686 ID: cf91e4

One into each. All are useful.(damage, special skill, and extra hp)
No. 694698 ID: 38685c

There's a synergy bonus it looks like if we go 2 garden 1 clip
No. 694706 ID: b6178d


2 in hardiness, 1 in clipper. Live longer, do more special attacks.
No. 694708 ID: e38bc1

We should try to unlock a new ability for next time we gain mastery points. That means either all three points into hardiness or one point into Clipper and two points into Gardening. I'm leaning toward Gardening and Clipping just to unlock our first special.
No. 694731 ID: db34e7

+2 gardening, +1 hardines
No. 694746 ID: 5ad4a7

1 point in Gardening, 1 point in Clipper, 1 point in Hardiness to see what's unlocked.
No. 694827 ID: a788b7
File 145307092991.png - (13.21KB , 800x800 , TLWA24.png )

Warwick decides to spread his mastery points between GARDENING, CLIPPER, and HARDINESS. Each skill improves by one rank!

Warwick has learned an active ability!

>ACTIVE ABILITIES are used from the SPECIAL command in battle! Most active abilities cost SPIRIT to use, though there are some exceptions!
>Most active abilities are STRONGER than a regular attack, and many will also have SPECIAL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS! Warwick's CLIPPER ability, in addition to being stronger than a regular attack, has two additional properties!
>1 - CLIPPER bypasses targeting checks and accuracy checks! When CLIPPER is used, it will ALWAYS STRIKE THE MIDDLE OF A TARGET and WILL NEVER MISS BECAUSE OF NORMAL EVASION.
>2 - CLIPPER has an increased chance to SEVER compared to a regular attack so long as Warwick is equipped with a SCISSORS-TYPE weapon!

More skills have been revealed!

>TILL: CURRENT RANK - 0 out of 6
>Active Ability - Warwick makes an attack that targets the BOTTOM of his opponent with a chance to SEVER!
>Next Rank: Increases Damage Dealt, Costs 5 Spirit

>Passive Skill - Slight Increase to Damage and Critical Strike Chance vs PLANTS!
>Improves knowledge of PLANTS and chance to scavenge useful PLANTS from environment!

>Passive Skill - Chance to gain SPIRIT whenever taking damage
No. 694828 ID: 3663d3

make haste towards strawberry, be wary of ambushes.
No. 694830 ID: a788b7
File 145307128258.png - (262.18KB , 800x800 , TLWA25.png )


Looking around the area, Warwick finds several scraps of BRUCE's Loincloth, gaining two STRIP OF CLOTHs and 3 CLOTH TATTERSs.

Bruce ran off in one direction, while Marge walked off in a different direction altogether with Strawberry.

>Used outside of battle to REPAIR damaged clothing, recovers a small amount of durability

>Used outside of battle to either REPAIR damaged clothing, OR used as a material for CRAFTING clothing

Should Warwick:

Pursue BRUCE?
Take a break to repair clothing before pursuing either, possibly losing the trail?
No. 694832 ID: e38bc1

Persure Marge and Strawberry. We can't let the trail get cold.
No. 694833 ID: 5ad4a7

Stay on target, follow Marge. If you spot her and she's not going to get away, repair your clothing before engaging.
No. 694834 ID: 6cb462

Pursue Bruce. Maybe we can give him back his CLOTH STRIPS and CLOTH TATTERS as an apology and make friends with him, and possibly have him convince to marge to release Strawberry.
No. 694839 ID: fe06ff

persue Marge and Strawberry
No. 694844 ID: a22f87

or clothes are still good enough for now so we can repair later after we
No. 694846 ID: 007e78

Pursue Strawberry.
No. 694853 ID: f6442a

Peruse strawberries.
No. 694855 ID: 8371c4

pursue bruce as he might have some info on where marge took strawberry as well as why

that and we should go for that sexy lizard.
No. 694858 ID: e38bc1

I'm not sure if Warwick swings that way. I not only mean the gender but also the species as well. Besides did you see the way Bruce fled? That was the goofiest and all together least sexy run I have ever seen. I mean he was literally staring straight up at the sky instead of looking where he was going as he ran from danger in a forest.
No. 694869 ID: db34e7

Strawberry is the important thing
No. 695020 ID: fa9b55

Try your best to forget that the cloth came from the crotch-rag of a forest lizard.

Also follow Strawberry no matter what.
No. 695027 ID: e38bc1

Actually maybe instead of just pretending that isn't where they came from we should do something about it. Take a whiff of the cloth and if they smell rank we can decide to rinse them off before we put lizard B.O. all over our clothes.
No. 695048 ID: 2f4b71

No. 695059 ID: b6178d

Bruce already delayed you, and if our fight with him illustrated anything, it's the importance of being ready to get beat about a bunch.

Use 3x cloth tatters to repair overall.
No. 695323 ID: 8340ec

Pursue Bruce
No. 695384 ID: 1b029b

Pursue Bruce. He might've been trying to mislead you!
No. 695387 ID: eb385b

No. 695391 ID: 904cc3

go for bruce.
No. 695392 ID: 38685c

for what reason would we possibly pursue bruce
No. 695397 ID: a107fd

Marge and Strawberry are moving more slowly, less aware of us, Bruce knows where they're going, and Marge expects him to meet her there, so if we catch Bruce and persuade him to cooperate, tracking or intercepting them is still a very realistic possibility. Bruce is unarmed, unarmored, his morale has been broken, and he's alone, so it might be easier to secure his cooperation than that of fresh, fully-equipped, hostage-bearing Marge.

Pursue Bruce. You got lucky, kid, so press the advantage while you've got it, and don't count on things going that well every time.
No. 695440 ID: 375070

I have a few qualms against this argument. First off being slower and less aware of us chasing her is more an argument for us to ignore Bruce. Considering Bruce knows we're after him he could be running somewhere where we would get ambushed by some buddies of his. Next off if Marge is trying to keep hold of Strawberry that's going to give her problems in a fight as well rather than make it easier. If Marge is going to threaten Strawberry's life it isn't going to make things better that we chased down Bruce first.
No. 695451 ID: a788b7
File 145323082731.png - (338.36KB , 800x800 , TLWA26.png )

Warwick decides to pursue Marge, pocketing the scraps of cloth as he heads off in the direction she did!

It isn't long before he sees a large shape moving through the thick trees, and a short further pursuit reveals it to be a large lizard with someone slung over their shoulder! Warwick attempts to creep closer, but the figure suddenly stops and turns! Apparently Warwick isn't very good at sneaking!

Warwick quickly dives behind a bush as the lizard speaks.

"About time Bruce, you almost didn't catch up before I got back to town!"

She stops after that, looking around for a few seconds.


Should Warwick:

Continue attempting to follow Marge?
Confront Marge?
OTHER (explain)
No. 695452 ID: fe06ff

surprise attack!
No. 695454 ID: 2a7417

Get yourself psyched up, and open with a surprise CLIPPER attack.
No. 695455 ID: 29e310

Imply that you fucked Bruce. That'll distract her.
No. 695456 ID: 7b7ab3


Carve out her bastard eyes!
No. 695457 ID: 3663d3

confront, she can't fight you and carry strawberry at the same time.
No. 695466 ID: b6178d


But she could use her as leverage against us... That's the whole point of having a hostage.

Try to use your clippers to sever her sack, making all the stuff inside fall out. If she tries to gather it up, she'll have to let go of Strawberry.
No. 695471 ID: a86f27

CONFRONT is the only heroic option!
No. 695475 ID: 375070

I can't help but suspect that we shouldn't let her get back to town, so follow is a no go. We're no good at sneaking and she's alerted so can't really do anything fancy. Let's go with confront.
No. 695478 ID: 007e78

Confront her, now. She might have help if you let her get to town!

Also, suggest she should really leave your friend alone and go help Bruce. He could use her help right now. (Implied hostage situation- pretending we left him hurt).
No. 695481 ID: 38685c

Admire lil kickin legs
No. 695484 ID: f0e552

Hide. If you stay crouched guards cant see you beyond 10m if you stay still.
No. 695497 ID: db34e7

Attack him right in the sneak! also, strawberry us not tied, at least not the legs, if we make him drop her, she can run away!
No. 695571 ID: 8371c4

quickly confess that your madly in love with her beauty this will help you get in her pants or dress rather... oh and it could distract her so you can rescue strawberry.
No. 695615 ID: fa9b55

wave Cloth Tatters, tell her Bruce had to go change.
No. 696061 ID: a107fd

Confront Marge, but without revealing yourself. "Bruce isn't here. Set down the princess and step away, or I'll send you off to catch up with him."
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