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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 125632245669.png - (5.04KB , 701x683 , 1.png )
68901 No. 68901 ID: fb5d8e

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No. 68902 ID: fb5d8e
File 125632254354.png - (1.51KB , 701x683 , 2.png )

It is very dark here.
Please suggest an action.
No. 68904 ID: 309964

Schlick furiously while the remnants of your dream are still hot in your mind.
No. 68907 ID: 81e7dd

What happened to the thread from yesterday?
No. 68908 ID: e5d696

Turn on the light.
No. 68909 ID: b8d3e4

No. 68910 ID: 557ab5

Dance like nobody is watching.
No. 68911 ID: fb5d8e
File 12563236105.png - (1.49KB , 701x683 , 3.png )

>Schlick furiously while the remnants of your dream are still hot in your mind.
Been there, done that.

>Dance like nobody is watching.
Yes! Goldie thinks that's a great idea to start the day! But not too wildly, because she might trip in the dark.

Goldie can't find her glowsticks in the dark.
No. 68912 ID: fb5d8e
File 125632365738.png - (9.93KB , 701x683 , 4.png )

>Turn on the light.
Goldie turns on the light. The morning haze gets a little clearer.

Goldie finds herself in her bedroom. This is not unexpected.
No. 68913 ID: e5d696

Get dressed.
No. 68914 ID: b8d3e4

Try to remember if you had some sort of wild party last night or if you always leave your room like this.

Clean up a little bit. At the very least, pick up your panties. You can wear them on your head for the time being.
No. 68919 ID: fb5d8e
File 125632427968.png - (9.61KB , 701x683 , 5.png )

>Try to remember if you had some sort of wild party last night or if you always leave your room like this.
Goldie picks out some clothes for the day while reviewing her ROOM'S STATUS.
It's always like this, but that doesn't mean there's no party! Goldie thinks every day should be a "super smile party".
Goldie contemplates skipping her shower.
No. 68920 ID: d56ac0

No, you'll smell rank all day if you don't shower.

... Are those panties on your head?
No. 68921 ID: 7eda8b

Avoid being murdered by Kevin.
No. 68922 ID: b8d3e4

Do not skip shower. Instead, place webcam on bathroom counter and take shower in front of it.
Lacking that just pretend you have done so. It will turn an ordinary boring shower into a FUN SHOWER.
Lacking the imagination for that just take a shower while singing a song. If you do not know the words to the song replace every syllable with the word "quack". Pretend you are in a hit rock and roll band for ducks.
No. 68926 ID: fb5d8e
File 125632487962.png - (12.39KB , 701x683 , 6.png )

>Do not skip shower.
Goldie can't afford a computer yet, but she'll pretend she's on TV! She sings the most beautiful song she can imagine, and hums the parts where she doesn't know the lyrics to her hearts content.
No. 68927 ID: b8d3e4

Get dressed, pump fist at how awesome you are and how awesome the world is. You are gonna have an awesome day. Make a mental note of it.

When you go out be sure to bring your notebook. You know the one. The one with the unicorn stickers on it. You never know when you might need it.
No. 68930 ID: e5d696

What is your occupation, anyways?
No. 68931 ID: fb5d8e
File 125632532976.png - (10.72KB , 701x683 , 7.png )

>Get dressed, pump fist at how awesome you are and how awesome the world is.
Goldie is absolutely sure of this! It is a fact that her day is going to be and already is awesome!

>When you go out be sure to bring your notebook.
Goldie doesn't have a notebook, but she does have her supersecret (pink) dairy. She'll be sure to buy unicorn stickers for it when she gets the chance.
No. 68932 ID: 1afd58

>pink diary
>dem clothes

How.... how old are you, Goldie?
No. 68933 ID: fb5d8e
File 125632565236.png - (5.14KB , 701x683 , 8.png )

Goldie heads out.
It's another fine day here in the Glen.

>What is your occupation, anyways?
Nun! Haha!
Just kidding, Goldie is unemployed.

>How.... how old are you, Goldie?
Goldie is 28 wonderful years old.
No. 68934 ID: 1afd58

Well then keep up your perky happiness it is adorable.

we all love you goldie
No. 68936 ID: e5d696

So, where are you headed?
No. 68937 ID: e3f578

Goldie, do YOU believe in doing the impossible?

Just how much of a woMAN are you? Huh? HUH? Jump right over the railing into the bushes because you are just that awesome.
No. 68941 ID: fb5d8e
File 125632621275.png - (5.78KB , 701x683 , 9.png )

Goldie heads outside and checks her mailbox. She keeps her bills here and just lets them pile up until she gets around to them.
It's sort of unwise, but then, Goldie appears to know what she's doing!

Goldie hopes that among them will be a response to one on of her job applications.
No. 68945 ID: 632862

Alright, check for non-bills!
No. 68946 ID: b8d3e4

It's a scientific fact
No. 68948 ID: 4f736e

So hey, what happened to the maintenance girl that lives around here, anyways? Seen her lately? Y'know, goat looking girl, overalls, hums showtunes...
No. 68949 ID: e5d696

Why get any crappy old job when you can rob a liquor store?
No. 68950 ID: fb5d8e
File 125632698374.png - (6.03KB , 701x683 , 10.png )

>we all love you goldie
Goldie is very fond of you all too!

>So, where are you headed?
Maybe another interview, or perhaps even a first day of work! Otherwise the park is always a nice place to meet new people.

>Goldie, do YOU believe in doing the impossible?
As long as it's realistic, Goldie always supports the impossible!

>Alright, check for non-bills!
Goldie goes through the bills she still has piling up. She momentarily considers whether she should start catching up on backlogged bills by taking any ol' crappy job, since that's the responsible thing to do, or if she should look for something more interesting.
No. 68951 ID: b8d3e4

Well if the bills are urgent then the proper and responsible thing to do would be to take a less flattering job just to get them paid off, while still looking for a more worthwhile job!
No. 68952 ID: 632862

The best thing to do is to just get a job. Any job. Then continue applying for other jobs you're interested in. You can always quit your boring job if you get hired at an interesting one.
No. 68953 ID: 4bb122


Be responsible! Responsibility breeds happiness!
No. 68954 ID: fb5d8e
File 125632742147.png - (6.54KB , 701x683 , 11.png )

>So hey, what happened to the maintenance girl that lives around here, anyways?
Goldie is very fond of Nan, but she always gets up and leaves very early, so she doesn't see as much of her as she'd like.

>Why get any crappy old job when you can rob a liquor store?
That would be even less responsible than not paying the bills.

>Be responsible. Get job. Any job. Pay bills.
That's right! It's better to work now and always keep an eye on better opportunities.
Goldie finds one response amongst the bills. She better head over there right away!
No. 68955 ID: b8d3e4

Yes! No time to waste! If you have a bike or a scooter or even roller blade take those. We want to show up as soon as we can! Opportunity waits for no one!
Get a move on little lady.
No. 68960 ID: 4f736e

>she doesn't see as much of her as she'd like
No. 68964 ID: fb5d8e
File 125632885811.gif - (408.71KB , 701x683 , 12.gif )

>If you have a bike or a scooter or even roller blade take those.
Goldie has neither of those! She'll just take her usual way of transportation.

No. 68973 ID: f44349

Oh HELL yes.
I think I LIKE you, Goldie.
No. 68975 ID: fb5d8e
File 125632932383.png - (5.54KB , 701x683 , 12.png )

Goldie arrives at the address on the invitation.
No. 68976 ID: 1afd58

How does it feel to have that beast vibrating between your tender young thighs?
No. 68977 ID: dc8150

What kind of job is Goldie applying for?
No. 68980 ID: f44349

>Super TV Studios
Wait WHAT?

Let's see what that job offer was before we go in.
No. 68987 ID: fb5d8e
File 125632995930.png - (5.97KB , 701x683 , 13.png )

>How does it feel to have that beast vibrating between your tender young thighs?
Goldie thinks it feels very good to have such a powerful machine under her control. It's so much fun!

>What kind of job is Goldie applying for?
Goldie reviews the letter. She is going to play a very small roll in a soap opera. She only has to say a few words and then leave again.
Goldie has experience with these kinds of jobs and knows the pay does not outweigh having to deal with eccentric directors and snobby star-actors, but she needs the money.
No. 68991 ID: 43d730

Today, you are UNFLAPPABLE.
Assholes will roll off your back like water off a duck made of rubber.
Onwards, to the paid abuse!
No. 69002 ID: 3a2f00

Soaps are always a good way to get discovered, despite the abuse.

Onward, young professional! Make a good impression!
No. 69003 ID: dc8150

Well, best get to it, then.
No. 69006 ID: fb5d8e
File 125633102294.png - (7.69KB , 701x683 , 14.png )

The door seems unlocked.
Goldie heads into the Studios.

It smells like smoke here.
No. 69008 ID: e5d696

Say hello in the most chipper fashion possible.
No. 69014 ID: 3a2f00

Inquire at the front desk. Be outgoing, but play it smooth - you are a serious actress and this is a serious tv show.
No. 69016 ID: fb5d8e
File 125633153312.png - (7.96KB , 701x683 , 15.png )

Goldie greets the lady at the desk in the most chipper way she can manage, only to be glared at in return.
Goldie inquires about her job. The lady states that Goldie is hours late and the team already went into the studio five minutes ago.
No. 69017 ID: 43d730

No. 69019 ID: 632862

Double-check the date and time listed on the letter.
No. 69020 ID: f44349

Be completely unflapped!
Just say "Oops!" and cheerfully inquire about where they need you to be.
No. 69023 ID: dc8150

Goldie isn't the kind to be put off by simple mistakes! She should inquire if they still need her.
No. 69026 ID: fb5d8e
File 125633217927.png - (7.84KB , 701x683 , 16.png )

>Be completely unflapped!
Goldie wouldn't let something like this get her down!
She "Oops"es and inquires where she needs to be.
The lady tells Goldie she needs to be in the studio but when the team is recording noone is allowed to enter. She says Goldie will not get in as long as she's here!
No. 69030 ID: 3a2f00

Distract her - tell her some hot guy outside was asking about her, but was too shy to come in.
No. 69033 ID: e5d696

"There's a three headed monkey outside that's selling duty-free cigarettes!"
No. 69035 ID: 43d730

"There's a cigarette-selling three-headed monkey outside who wants to ask you on a date, but is too shy!"
No. 69036 ID: fb5d8e
File 125633313030.png - (7.71KB , 701x683 , 17.png )

Goldie tells the lady there's cigarettes and dates outside.
The lady looks a little angrier.
No. 69037 ID: 6248cb

Just to assess the fairness of the situation, when was the letter sent, what are the dates noted, etc?
No. 69038 ID: 6248cb

Walk in anyway, what she´s gonna do? Stand up and stop you?
No. 69040 ID: 4bb122


"Don't be drinking your Haterade."
No. 69041 ID: e3f578

"Is your Job on the line if you let me do what I have to do to do my job even though your job is to keep people out despite any or all circumstances involving plane crashes and no survivors?"

Or rather. "Plllllllleeeeeeaaaasssseeeeeeee? Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please?"
No. 69042 ID: f44349


Laugh it off as a joke, and tell her you'll just wait out here and visit with her until they take a break.
Then proceed to talk nonstop and annoy the fuck out of her with your cheerfulness.
She should break down and let you in shortly.
No. 69043 ID: e3f578

Oh fuck, I can't believe I forgot this.

Bark like a dog and shit on her desk.
No. 69044 ID: 6248cb

Or call security.
No. 69046 ID: 3a2f00

Fuck this - run into that damn studio at full speed!
No. 69047 ID: e5d696

Start humming in a really high pitched tone
No. 69051 ID: fb5d8e
File 125633496641.png - (7.50KB , 701x683 , 18.png )

>Walk in anyway
Goldie begins to walk but the lady tells her not to dare.
Goldie is a little intimidated.

>Annoy lady is a variety of ways.
No, Goldie couldn't do such a thing. She can only be nice to people!
Goldie will have to find some indirect way of getting to the lady...
No. 69052 ID: a4f64b

There's a lamp above you.
Put it on your head.
No. 69053 ID: ac3813

Offer her some symmetrical docking.
No. 69056 ID: 657ec5

Anything useful in the waste basket?
No. 69058 ID: e5d696

Engage her in small talk, like: "You ever rode in a go cart after eating an entire bag of cotton candy? It's very fun you should try it!"
No. 69059 ID: 657ec5

Wait, I got it - start to cry all demurely. You need this job or else you'll be out on the street and your motorcycle will get repossessed and you won't be able to pay for your grandmother's heart surgery and your kitten will starve and and and...
No. 69061 ID: fb5d8e
File 125633579944.png - (7.23KB , 701x683 , 19.png )

>Anything useful in the waste basket?
The waste basket contains papers, mostly ruined application forms, and people have been sharpening their pencils into it.
No. 69062 ID: 657ec5

Root through the applications for blackmail material.
No. 69064 ID: 12fc66

Offer to throw away spent cigarettes for lady. Dump entire ashtray into trash can.
Despair as the one active cigarette causes the papers to catch fire. Oh no! Lady had better go get a fire extinguisher!
Enter studio while she is distracted.
No. 69065 ID: dc8150

Goldie should review her abilities. Perhaps something she knows could be useful in getting that strict lady to give her entry to the studio?
No. 69066 ID: 4553b2

No don't, that's gross.

Ask the lady at the desk if we can see a copy of the script for today's show.
No. 69068 ID: 1cda2a

Go "MY WORD! LOOK AT THE NATURE OF THAT /THING/!" and point and then when she's distracted, run in.
No. 69070 ID: 657ec5

(Oh lawd, Goldie's posture made me lol.)

To the studio, post haste! Ignore any alarms that may sound.
No. 69071 ID: fb5d8e
File 125633685863.png - (9.86KB , 701x683 , 20.png )

>Dump entire ashtray into trash can.
Goldie politely offers to empty the lady's smelly ashtray, and pushes it into the waste basket, which promptly catches on fire.
The lady immediately gets up and runs off while loudly yelling at Goldie for being so stupid.
No. 69073 ID: b8d3e4

Then head into the studio.
No. 69075 ID: 43d730

Throw the trashcan out to keep the studio working, then run in.

Bonus points for beaning the secretary.
No. 69078 ID: fb5d8e
File 125633744799.png - (9.45KB , 701x683 , 21.png )

Goldie feels pretty bad for the lady, but she also feels pretty good for herself! Awesome!
After making sure the fire isn't all consuming she enters the studio.

A man yelling through a cone asks her who the hell she is.
No. 69079 ID: 657ec5

"Hi, I'm Goldie! Sorry I'm late, but better that than never, right?"

Win him over with your joyous charm.
No. 69083 ID: fb5d8e
File 125633777333.png - (9.71KB , 701x683 , 22.png )

>"Hi, I'm Goldie! Sorry I'm late, but better that than never, right?"
Goldie gives her most pleasant greeting.
It seems to have a little effect on the director.

>"Damn right! You amateurs always nearly ruin my projects. Well, you better have memorized your lines because you're up in a few minutes. You want have time for make up, but your character isn't supposed to be very attractive anyway. Go stand ready at the door and wait for the signal. And be quiet!"

He turns his attention back to the set.
No. 69084 ID: 657ec5

Ignore his crack about our looks - we look awesome as always.

No. 69085 ID: f44349

Oh Goddamnit, we don't know our line at all do we...
No. 69086 ID: 9c02db

oh shit do we know our lines?
we've only got a few minutes so we better learn/practice them quick
No. 69087 ID: 657ec5

Wait, is that a script on the floor there? Grab it and find your line - study furiously like the motherfucking fist of the north star.
No. 69089 ID: 12fc66

Yes! Let us find our line!
No. 69090 ID: 6248cb

Yeah! Glance the script so the contents show onscreen, so we can recite it back to you later!

Metagaming for the win!
No. 69091 ID: fb5d8e
File 125633920517.png - (9.58KB , 701x683 , 23.png )

>Wait, is that a script on the floor there?
Yes! Goldie finds a discarded script on the floor. She quickly flips to her scene.
However, this copy seems ruined! That must be why it was on the floor!
Goldie's final line is missing.
She'll have to SUPER AD-LIB IT!

>"...the accident it seems all you do is sit and do nothing. Well I've had it! Me and my cousin are going to Las Vegas!"
No. 69092 ID: 657ec5

Omigosh - you get to work with Tangy?!
No. 69093 ID: fb5d8e
File 125633946091.png - (11.30KB , 701x683 , 24.png )

>"Tangy, why are you taking so long? We-- Is everything alright in here?"
>"Don't you dare take my wife!"
>"Goldie, don't leave me here!"

This is it! If Goldie screws up now she won't get paid!
No. 69095 ID: 12fc66

It looks like you're supposed to go in, take Tangy away, and then disappear. Or maybe the others get mad at you for trying to take Tangy away and chase you away? And then you never show up again.
That seems mean, though! Not something you'd do at all. If Claude can't walk, you should stay by his side! Declare that you'll help Claude walk no matter what it takes! Together!
Clasp his hands in yours, look deep into his eyes, and declare that you'll help him.
Because... you care about him!

Maybe you'll get a recurring part!
No. 69096 ID: 6248cb

Would´ve been good to know the situation to properly adlib, but...

Seemingly the scene doesn´ needs a spoken 'leave', so you can just adlib anything in there, just pretending to be hurt from the dissing.
No. 69097 ID: 657ec5

"I'll... I'll wait for you in the car, Tangy..."


"Yes, it is I, Goldie! I have come to whisk your wife away from the life of dreary sadness and gray skies that have enveloped this house since your untimely accident, Claude! It is my goal - nay, my duty to look after my dear cousin in her hour of need! Adieu to you, good sir!"

Depends on how dramatic you're feelin'.
No. 69098 ID: 5e70d8

"I'm sorry, Claude, but we both need a break. It will be good for us... in the long run.

"I'll be waiting in the car, Tangy."
No. 69100 ID: 6248cb

Stall. We need time to guess whats the right thing. What do you know about this soap? You worked before? You did any character for it before??

We need to assess the situation! Last case scenario, take Tangy away. Is the dramatic thing to do.
No. 69102 ID: 6248cb

No. 69103 ID: e3f578

"Let the girls have a night out. You look like a strong capable man with manly arms."
No. 69104 ID: 1cda2a

Claude... Fuck off. I won't let you hurt my cousin any longer!
No. 69105 ID: 276781

"I'm sorry, Claude - but if you want your wife back, you've got to learn to stop feeling sorry for yourself and move past the accident. Let's go, Tangy."
No. 69107 ID: fb5d8e
File 125634049553.png - (11.28KB , 701x683 , 25.png )

Goldie has no time to think! She has to respond right away!

>"..I'll be waiting in the car, Tangy."
No. 69108 ID: fb5d8e
File 125634055769.png - (6.87KB , 701x683 , 26.png )

Phew! That was intense.
Goldie hopes she managed to bring the scene to a successful end.
No. 69109 ID: 657ec5

Brace for directorial chew out session.
No. 69110 ID: 557ab5

B ... bail!
No. 69111 ID: 1cda2a

You did great kid. Now we just have to wait around and recieve our offer for a full part.
No. 69112 ID: 12fc66

Ask Director if we did okay, and when we'll get paid.
No. 69131 ID: fb5d8e
File 125641499724.gif - (345.32KB , 701x683 , 27.gif )

>Brace and wait.
Goldie braces herself for either a massive scolding or a full-time job offer!

No. 69132 ID: 9d07d9


No. 69134 ID: 4bb122


...How the hell?
No. 69135 ID: f78140

get off the set?
No. 69138 ID: 0d1fe9

Freak out.
No. 69146 ID: 544c91

Oh it's from the... show?
No. 69147 ID: c1b520

Welcome to the show! Enjoy your stay. Or don't. Doesn't matter, you're not getting out of here no matter what you do.
No. 69265 ID: ed8d8a

Go wait in the car like you said you would.
No. 69288 ID: c3db73

Examine and take note of your surroundings.
No. 69375 ID: 6c3de0


Go to the car, THEN freak out. A set of car keys didn´ spawned in your pocket, did they? ... or is your bike nearby?

I hope the bike´s near, it was cool.
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