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File 144631784009.png - (2.55MB , 1241x1161 , MonomythFinal.png )
680363 No. 680363 ID: 799995

Its ok to list several actions in one reply. After some time, I will pick 3 actions with the most votes and perform then in one turn.

Basic actions:
Gather - After 3 turns, get resources. Gathering far away from settlement may be unreliable.
Move - Attack/Explore/Move to specified location. Once at location, units will guard it until told otherwise. Default move speed is 2 tiles per turn.
Ritual - Used to cast spells, research new perks or enchant monsters. Requires mana.
Special - Whatever else.

Will provide map when starting location is selected. Expect lot of setbacks if you make stupid decisions.
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No. 680377 ID: 12b273

Fae. Forests.

Ritual: birth of a new civilization.
No. 680379 ID: ad936f

Orcs. Water. Pirate time bitches.
No. 680382 ID: 3663d3

humans, hills. highlanders!
No. 680384 ID: 26ac98

Humans, plains! Go with our bonus not against
No. 680387 ID: eb385b

Humans, plains.
No. 680389 ID: f36501

No. 680391 ID: e6fcea

I take my previous post back. Lets go with ORC N WATER instead.
No. 680392 ID: 799995

So far we have 2 votes for forests Fae, plains Humans and Orc pirates each. Lets ferment this a little bit longer.
No. 680394 ID: 2ccbb3

Fae, Forests. Play to win, this game might take a while.
No. 680395 ID: 0fc976

Tgchan makes good decisions. Fae.
No. 680396 ID: fbc59e

nice use of wesnoth art tiles ;D
I like Forest Fae, I think. Being mobile with monsters could be a fun way to go.
No. 680400 ID: 799995

Forest fae it is. A moment please.
No. 680406 ID: f2461f

Fae in the forest.
No. 680408 ID: 799995
File 144632749155.png - (132.30KB , 219x207 , start 1.png )

rolled 1 = 1

The forest is in danger. Towards west, strange creatures are cutting down the trees. In north, similarly shaped greenskins are doing the same. It is time to wake up.

The forest is calling for you, somewhere from the northwest. It may be good idea to go there. You also faintly remember there was a river to the east last time you werent dreaming. You are hungry and you remember food was more abundant near the river.
You know you should fuse together the creatures in forest, but you dont have any resources yet to harvest mana from.
No. 680409 ID: fbc59e

Hrrm...Early on, we gather resources, so let's go to the river.
No. 680410 ID: ca183f

well we should check out that northwest area then, yeah? THE FOREST IS CALLING FOR US.
No. 680411 ID: 12b273

First go to where we are being called. Maybe many forest creatures / fae will be called. The beacon will serve as a gathering point. Once we have numbers, we can take action.
No. 680428 ID: 3663d3

you can find food on the way to the calling.
No. 680433 ID: 799995
File 144633153474.png - (184.98KB , 327x245 , turn 1.png )

Resources 0
Available mana/Required mana for Ritual 0/6
2 fae gathering food and resources in swamp, 1/3 turns to yield
2 fae gathering resources near Hearth, 1/3 turn to yield

If you use Ritual to gain a Perk, you will be able to choose one from these:
a) Improved charm - Increased chance to recruit small and medium creatures. (Prerequisite for Enhanced charm)
b) Enhanced antennae - Movement speed in forests is now 3 instead of 2. Less chance of being surprised/ambushed. (Prerequisite for Evolved wings)
c) Improved harvest - Harvesting mana resources now grants some food too. (Prerequisite for Ancient artefacts and Treasure hunters)
d) Delicate harvest - Better mana yield when gathering any mana resource.

2 fae went to east and soon came upon wet, swampy ground. They started to gather food and resources there. The rest went towards the Hearth of the forest, some distracted by the search of resources. There, a big tree towers towards the sky. It seems like a good source of mana. Several upstarted bears are pacing around the tree, some of them clawing at it. Perhaps it may be good idea to use Ritual to pacify them.

Special action available: Build Observatory in the Hearth. Materials needed: 3 mana, 5 resources. When completed, grants better visibility around surrounding terrain. Requires 1 mana per turn in order to work.
No. 680434 ID: 799995

Oh and Population/Surplus food 8/-1 (hungering)
No. 680440 ID: 2ccbb3

Get Improved Charm and Improved Harvest early on. You're going to need all the food and animals that you can find.

For now, send a single scout in each sector of the nearby fog of war. Have each of them meet with their closest partner at the midpoint of the triangle between the base and where they and their partner were ordered to go. Head back if it's dangerous, pursue the area with more resource / defensive opportunities if it's safe.
No. 680443 ID: 12b273

I think right now we want to gather resources for an eventual ritual.

If we have any spare units, we probably want them scouting the periphery, too.
No. 680444 ID: fbc59e

Let's grab Improved charm with our first Ritual!
That way, we can calm the bears and don't have to worry about them messing up that big tree and costing us mana.
From there...Hrrm.
No. 680445 ID: 3663d3

we should work on calming those bears first and then recruiting them.
No. 680450 ID: 799995
File 144633716948.png - (213.78KB , 571x424 , turn 2.png )

Population/Surplus food 8/-2 (starving)
Resources 0
Available mana/Required mana for Ritual 0/6
2 fae gathering food and resources in swamp, 2/3 turns to yield
2 fae gathering food near Hearth, 2/3 turns to yield (I wrongly selected resources instead of food in the last post, sorry)
2 fae gathering mana near Hearth, 1/3 turns to yield
2 fae scouting northeast

Now quite awakened, the fae collected around the big tree are trying to decide their next course of actions. There's not much of a consensus, although 2 members of the tribe insist on communing with the forest to grant them better understanding of the forest creatures. One fae tries to calm the bears, but they react only aggressively to the efforts. Youll need to gather mana first if you wish to have some influence over them. After some time, 2 fae begin to carefully extract mana around the Hearth, while the remaining 2 decide to scout towards northeast.

(Gonna head to bed. Ill update first thing tomorrow.)
No. 680453 ID: 12b273

We might need to move more people to food gathering.
No. 680456 ID: 3663d3

it takes 3 turns for gathering to have any yields, the gatherers haven't produced any food yet.
No. 680551 ID: 67d5dc

If we dip to starving every turn before the harvest we absolutely should, but for now lets pray that 50% of pop will be fine.

We also might want to stagger our gatherers, so some food comes in every turn. Since we never die in the forest it would be fine to dedicate one pop to each forest square, right?
No. 680555 ID: 799995
File 144636645860.png - (313.48KB , 571x424 , turn 3.png )

Population/Surplus food 8/+1 (could eat more)
Resources 1
Available mana/Required mana for Ritual 0/6
2 fae gathering mana near Hearth, 2/3 turns to yield
2 fae scouting northeast

There are plenty of distressed animals around the Hearth, so poaching some small ones isnt much of a problem. Although you could, you dont kill many. The knowledge is that uncontrolled hunting would cause losing the link with the forest - and would make us no different then these crude savages which we were summoned against. There are some though (and this opinion isnt new) who think we have no obligation to protect these lands. But now is no time to delve into history. Bottom line: Its possible to achieve abundance of food here, although at cost.
Gatherers from swamp returned too. The operation wasnt very efficient. Swamp itself doesnt provide much food (or you dont know where to look) and our efforts were hampered by lack of manpower. It would be ideal to find a patch of land with suitable properties for cultivation.

(Also is there a way to roll several dice results in one post?)
No. 680559 ID: 3663d3

a group of four should head to the river to catch food.
No. 680562 ID: 67d5dc

Ouch, alright. I can kinda see why the other races are expanding so violently when its this hard to feed ourselves, with our knowledge of nature.
I don't think we have the resources to support scouts right now. We should move those two to food gathering, then pick Improved harvest and see if we can make mana generation more sustainable.
(Plus there is that area to the West that looks suspiciously like treasure~)

Check out http://tgchan.org/kusaba/tg/res/1940.html for dice rolling. You can roll multiple dice ala 5d100, but not different bases like 1d100+1d101
No. 680566 ID: 3663d3

before we enhance mana income we need to secure it by pacifying the bears. otherwise something could happen to it.
No. 680570 ID: 799995
File 144637675559.png - (313.48KB , 571x424 , turn 3.png )

Ill wait some more for more opinions.
Meanwhile, a selection of spells you can cast during your next Ritual, if you choose so instead of gaining new perks or attempting to soothe the bears:
Dark ritual - Lose 3 surplus food. Next Charm attempt has lower chance of success. For the next 3 Rituals, carry over half of used mana.
Shroud of darkness - Next time you attack in forest, increase your combat strength. Doesn't affect charmed creatures.
Rites of flourishing - Takes effect after 5 turns, then lasts 5 turns. Increases food yield, but slightly decreases mana yield.

I take it you wish to continue to gather mana at the Hearth after current cycle ends?

Not only my world is more harsh then the typical Civ, the Fae are purposely designed against population growth. They gain their strength from enchanted creatures and/or performing effective, specialized actions.
No. 680576 ID: 2ccbb3

Send an extra two scouts to look for more mana sources, have the remaining two units harvest some mana, and then get enough mana to convert the bears.
No. 680578 ID: 799995
File 144639098783.png - (313.48KB , 571x424 , turn 3.png )

rolled 6 = 6

Population/Surplus food 8/0 (hungry)
Resources 1
Available mana/Required mana for Ritual 3/6
2 fae scouting northeast - should return in one, two turns tops
4 fae departing to gather food near the supposed eastern river - 1/4 turns to yield (not so close to Hearth)
2 fae gathering mana near the Hearth - 1/3 turns to yield

The scouts should come back soon. Hopefully they return in safety with knowledge of a suitable area for food cultivation. You were able to gather 3 mana from around the Hearth. Your efforts were somehow hampered by the lack of manpower and aggressive wildlife (yeah, the bears). On the other hand, your mere presence helped to soothe the bears a little. For a while now they will not damage the Hearth any further.
No. 680596 ID: 12b273

Well, all our units are assigned to tasks, guess we're just waiting on results.
No. 680597 ID: 2ccbb3

So can we do something or can we skip to the next turn?
No. 680600 ID: fbc59e

Hrrrm...I guess get some people on food, and some on mana...
I think we'll have to see how much mana we have but if I'm right and we're about to do some serious Ritual work, it might not be a bad idea to cast Dark Ritual and chain a few of them together...
Well, first off, let's wait until we can use a ritual to charm the bears, THEN we build up the mana to Dark ritual into getting some upgrades, like...
I'm thinking we get Improved Harvest, then Enhanced Antennae.
We're gonna need lots of magic which is why Improved Harvest, and Enhanced Antennae because if I'm right charming won't last forever, so the few fae we can have need to be quite capable.
No. 680609 ID: 799995
File 144640565808.png - (450.17KB , 571x424 , turn 3.png )

Population/Surplus food 8/0 (hungry)
Resources 4
Available mana/Required mana for next Ritual 0/7
4 fae gathering food near the eastern river - 3/4 turns to yield (not so close to Hearth)
4 fae awaiting orders

Scouts sent to northeast returned (map updated). Not only are they safe and sound, they also discovered some food and an old cache of resources (6 roll from previous reply). No ne specified for how far should they go, so they turned around after surveying the river a little. It seems that some sentient life lives in the river, probably more upstream. It could be also possible to use Ritual to gain link with the river, gaining some sort of information network spanning the river and surrounding areas. It would be not much efficient until improved though.
You gathered mana required for the first Ritual. There were many suggestions, but the most pressing one is to calm down the wildlife. Four of you gather in circle near the Hearth (but in safe distance from those bears) and begin. After few hours, the summoning is complete. It was successful (among other effects, increased mana yield from Hearth) and if you would wish to charm the bears in the near future, you would recieve small bonus to that Ritual.

(Basically, Ritual can be used to a)research a perk, b)cast a spell, c)attempt to charm a creature, or d)special /as was this case/. For the next Ritual, Ill take into account all the replies that were posted before along with any recent ones. Also keep posting, I read all and well thought-out posts are rewarded ingame, even if it doesnt seem I included them.)
No. 680616 ID: 67d5dc

Alright, looks as though we'll be alright with food for the short term. Lets set the four bored fae to mana collection and buy Improved harvest next.

Will rituals always get more expensive, or is it only from perks?
No. 680621 ID: 67d5dc

What type of terrain is that sparkly bit surrounded by the river?
No. 680638 ID: 2ccbb3

Send one scout left and one scout southwest. The remaining two should collect mana, our goal is to obtain enough mana to charm the bears and then use them to plow any nearby fields.
No. 680644 ID: 799995
File 144641073194.jpg - (3.81MB , 4402x3379 , fae1.jpg )

>Will rituals always get more expensive, or is it only from perks?
Yes, they will always get more expensive, but its safe to assume you will be able to counteract this in the early midgame.

>What type of terrain is that sparkly bit surrounded by the river?
It is a place of commemoration. Legend says united armies of fae, river folk and greenskins drew out the army of evil so a powerful ritual could be performed. Judging from the fact you are still here, the ritual succeeded in banishing the evil.

Ill post update tomorrow.
No. 680676 ID: fbc59e

Suddenly, I'm getting worried about those Orcs...
Okay. So Rituals are at a premium and must be used carefully.
Alright, game plan/grand strategy post.
Fae are low population. But we don't build cities. That means we can move about freely, or at least with more freedom then the other races.
We can charm critters unlike the other races, but for the most part we're not up to fighting the other two head-on.
What we CAN do, I think, is play one against the other, and in the meantime prepare a champion with which to move in and crush them when needed.
We play the one against the other by using some early charmed critters to...'encourage' that they move towards each other. We might want to play around with Rituals until we can find some sort of 'berzerker' Ritual we can use in case they try and make peace with each other.
As for us fighting...I'm thinking we might want the antennae upgrade so we can cover more ground with less men, or alternatively ensure they don't go anywhere near a particular spot, like that Hearth we're relying on for mana right now.
I'd like to prioritize Improved Harvest, so we can put more guys on mana gathering than we could afford otherwise.
No. 680725 ID: 67d5dc

I agree. We're basically a science civ, and our wartime strategy is to launch Xcom squads when they start rolling out their cannons.

Getting the other two into a war would be an excellent way to delay them, though the Orcish ritual bonus for war is worrying.

Hey, could we like, charm some migratory birds to get a basic idea of how the area is laid out?
No. 680729 ID: 3663d3

that observatory looks nice, but we should wait until we have a sustainable mana rather then needing to manually gather it all. a feedback loop to keep the mana flowing even when we aren't trying to would be good.
No. 680863 ID: 799995
File 144645334197.png - (499.79KB , 752x551 , turn 3.png )

Population/Surplus food 8/+4 (sated)
Resources 4
Available mana/Required mana for next Ritual 0/7
2 fae gathering mana near the Hearth 1/3
1 fae scouting towards west (rolling for success in this reply)
1 fae scouting towards southwest
4 fae awaiting orders

Gathering operation near the river was a moderate success. It's not as abundant source as you remember. High number of gatherers allows you to focus more, along with higher security against ambushes. You now think the ideal number of gatherers in one place, be it mana or food source, is 5. Finding a dedicated place for cultivation would allow you to gather food more efficiently with less workforce.
Two units departed to scout surrounding areas. Several tribesmen don't think it's a good idea to send fae alone.

Yes, this is certainly possible. Expect high upkeep and not much efficiency until improved though.
No. 680864 ID: 799995

rolled 4 = 4

forgot the roll
No. 680892 ID: ca183f

All right, we want to roll as many rituals as possible. So we should take improved harvest as our first perk, and delicate harvest following that (unless the perks unlocked by improved harvest are more helpful). To get to those quicker also, let's have another pair of fae harvest mana. The other two can be scouts, or whatever else we might need.
No. 680894 ID: f26df0

That makes sense; food from mana harvest should decrease food instability and hopefully replace some of the need for food gathering.
No. 680923 ID: 3663d3

buddy system, fae scout in stacks of two.
No. 681054 ID: 799995
File 144654261598.jpg - (151.07KB , 496x929 , blackguard.jpg )

rolled 4 = 4

rolling 1d6 for success of southwest scouting operation
No. 681055 ID: 799995
File 144654447978.png - (543.08KB , 759x580 , turn.png )

rolled 2 = 2

Population/Surplus food 8/+1 (could eat more)
Resources 5
Available mana/Required mana for next Ritual 1/8
2 fae scouting towards north (should return in one, two turns, rolling 1d6 for success)
6 fae awaiting orders

Scouts returned safely. Because they were sent alone, they advanced more carefully and didn't cover as much ground. Fae returning from west stumbled upon a floral enclosure with good magical properties. Some food could be gathered there too. Fae returning from southwest reports sightings of creatures looking like greenskins (though a little taller and with pink skin), presumably on hunt. She doesn't think she was noticed. She also discovered a mushroom field, which when cultivated could bring in good deal of food and some mana too. It is pretty close to where the forest is being disturbed though, so any gathering operation should be set up with added security.

Once again the fae gathered around the Hearth to commune with the forest (Improved harvest researched - Harvesting mana resources now grants some food too).
No. 681065 ID: 3663d3

send a full 5 squad to the mushroom grove so we can get a good food stock so we can focus on mana for a bit.
No. 681081 ID: 2ccbb3

That should be enough scouting for a while; you don't have the troops or agents to spare for a defensive bulwark, so you're going to have to play guerilla until you amass a creature army.

Harvest mushrooms, but try to find a way to cultivate them in multiple places so that you have a steady rations income. Can you harvest the flowers as well?

Also, harvest mana until you get enough to convert those bears; you need to enlist troops, and soon. Preferably assign enough fae to farm the required amount for the ritual in 2 harvests.
No. 681083 ID: 2ccbb3

Also, did we perform a ritual? I think our current mana count / ritual cost is 0/7
No. 681119 ID: baa4fd

We just did the ritual to get food while we get mana, set five to mana harvesting. fingers crossed that its at least one food per fae, and is thus greater than sustainable.

Then send the Fae that saw the pinkies back to keep an eye on them.
No. 681122 ID: ca183f

I don't think we should try anything near the mushroom grove until we have some animals to defend our fae with. We now get food from mana harvesting, so it's probably sustainable to have four fae each on the flower grove and the hearth.
(Or would it be more efficient to have a 3-5 split?)

Can we get the details on our new available perks?
Also, how do we increase population? Do we need a bunch of surplus food like in Sid Meier's series?
No. 681126 ID: f26df0

No. 681129 ID: 3663d3

if it's not sustainable the mushrooms once gives us a backlog to slowly work through instead of trying to barely hang on.
No. 681136 ID: 799995
File 144658540723.png - (2.75MB , 1241x1407 , Fae rituals.png )

Updated perks and spells in the table. Still work in progress though. We already researched +food if gathering mana, that stays despite being moved to tier 2. Now in order to gain any tier 2 perk, we have to have at least 14 population and researched tier 1 perk in that tree.

Combat will work like in Travian (http://forum.travian.us/showthread.php?t=75248). All attacks are considered raids unless you tell me otherwise. Each fae has base 2/1 attack/defense value. Expect humanoids to have similar values. There are also bonuses for terrain, morale etc.

If you want to charm a creature, roll 1d6. The stronger the creature is, the harder it is to charm. Big, strong creatures also require high mana and food upkeep. For example, to charm our pacified pack of bears you have to roll 5 or higher.

Also our racial now reads "Ritual cost may never be higher than the current population count.".

Flowers will yield only mana.
No. 681233 ID: 67d5dc

You may want to consider keeping stats like that on the wiki, for both ease of editing and ease of reference.

So, we need population bad. We probably want to cast Rite of flourishing somewhere, then buy the t1 improved harvest during the post cast time of the rite, then get tons of food while it is in effect.

I'd delay any actual taming of pets unless we get directly threatened until we get the t2 upgrade for it. Can't afford the food cost yo.
No. 681355 ID: 799995
File 144665600538.png - (641.52KB , 816x793 , turn.png )

Population/Surplus food 8/-2 (starving)
Resources 5
Available mana/Required mana for next Ritual 11/8
4 fae spent 4 turns at the floral enclosure and gathered 7 mana and 1 food (Delicate harvest gives 1 food per 5 mana)
2 fae spent 2 turns at the Hearth and extracted 3 mana
4 fae are cultivating food in the mushroom fields - 2/3 turns to yield
4 fae ready to cast Ritual and awaiting orders

As you wait for 2 fae to return from north you debate about what to do next. Half of the group wants to go gather to the mushroom field while the other half says it's exactly what we shouldn't do. In the end 4 fae depart towards the floral enclosure and 2 fae, despite wanting to go to the mushroom fields, stay in the safety of the Hearth gathering mana. They are soon joined by the 2 fae returning from north.

Northern expedition almost ended in catastrophe. You stumbled upon orcs hunting game in the northern forests and nearly became their catch. Luckily the other fae was able to warn the unfortunate one in time.

As the 4 fae are preparing to depart for mushroom fields they are contacted by a merman. You remember merfolk as peaceful and reasonable creatures. This one extends his greetings but expresses disappointment over your harvesting near the eastern river which merfolk consider they territory. You are still welcomed to trade. One of the fae asks why didnt mermen warn fae beforehand, surely there wouldn't be a misunderstanding. Merman says they had business elsewhere.

You start cultivating and harvesting the mushrooms. As your operation nears the end you notice a procession moving through the forest in north. You see a couple of what looks like trade vessels, accompanied by a body of pinkskins. A few of them wield weapons, presumably for the protection of the weaker ones. Seems like they are headed straight in the direction of the Hearth. You have zero experience communicating with these humanoids.

Yeah, as soon as we have 8 food a new fae will spawn and food needed to new spawn increases by 1.

Rites of Flourishing affect your whole civ.
No. 681371 ID: a39f4c

Hm, this could go badly fairly quick.
The ideal situation is to have the greenies and the pinkies meet each other violently while neither party inturrupts our activities. Perhaps not even reveal ourselves to them.

Are the pinkies using animals to move their ships? Maybe we could charm them to force them to move north, or at least stop them from entering our territory.
If the link is good enough this might also tell us where the pinkies live.
No. 681381 ID: fbc59e

Hrrrm. Using a ritual to charm the human's animals towards the Orcs sounds like a pretty good plan, if we can pull it off from a distance.
If we'd have to be seen, then what we do is we get the Orc's attention, and try to aggro them towards the humans, and use the Ritual on getting Improved Antennae. (I dunno if we'll have time for getting up a decent animal force to fight the Orcs back!)
No. 681397 ID: 3663d3

if we can gift the merpeople some resources as an apology then we should.
No. 681439 ID: 2ccbb3

Okay, time to charm those bears. You'll need a small army in case the enemy scouts come to wipe your small population out.
No. 681441 ID: 3663d3

no, bears are big, expensive to maintain, and hard to charm. the enemy also needs to find us first before they can even try to kill us.
No. 681517 ID: 67d5dc

Bears are probably a little later game, I think. I'd rather get something with a better chance that we can just discourage aggression with, if we even want to directly fight.
No. 681792 ID: 799995
File 144680865278.jpg - (190.11KB , 768x432 , DD20150427_icon.jpg )

rolled 5 = 5

Charm attempt 1d6 - horses, 4 and higher success.
No. 681800 ID: 799995
File 144680935224.jpg - (229.83KB , 1764x1044 , AYtC0CY.jpg )

rolled 2 = 2

Rolling 1d6 - Were you able to charm the horses undetected? 1 - didn't even got close, 6 - no suspicion raised at all.
No. 681813 ID: 799995
File 144681293468.png - (641.52KB , 816x793 , turn.png )

Population/Surplus food/Food to next spawn 9/0/9 (could eat more)
Resources 5
Available mana/Required mana for next Ritual 5/9
Gathered 10 food and 2 mana from the mushroom field
8 fae awaiting orders

You wait until sundown and then sneak upon the resting caravan. Your targets are horses harnessed to the vessels. You already performed Ritual near the Hearth and now just need to spend a few seconds to infuse the animals. This goes well and you are on your way out. Suddenly the alarm is sounded and there are some quick movements all around your group. You hightail it out of there. Pinkskins soon break the chase, unwilling to move far away from the caravan. After few minutes you regroup, already feeling the link you established with the horses. Suddenly a grisly realisation comes - not all of you are here. Just as this dawns on you, you hear a high-pitched but faint cry coming from the pinkskin camp - 1 fae got captured!
No. 681850 ID: 2ccbb3

Right now, trying to save her might get more of you captured or killed. Plan a rescue, but focus on harvesting the food, mana, and resources required for said rescue. Harvest some more food, you're going to need more fae and fast.

Also, she gets fed a little as a prisoner of war, right?
No. 681857 ID: fbc59e

Not ideal.
Okay. they know we were doing SOMETHING to their horses. They also have one of ours.
I'm thinking that we ought to negotiate.
-things we can offer-
No more messing with them and their stuff (we can mess with the Orcs for that!)
Not using whatever we did to their Horses (If something bad happens and we get the horses that's on them.)
Warning them about the Orcs to the North (This one actually maybe hurts a bit, since we want those two factions to FIGHT!)

-What we want from them-
Our companion back (We have few fey as is, we don't need to lose one!)
To stop attacking the Forest (We can spin this as us being gaurdians of Nature or something, maybe try and earn some sympathy points?)

I'm not including a truce because that I think will get...complicated and problematic, in the long run, seeing as how our race probably isn't going to scale well later on (Sure, we'll have super awesome elites, but there won't be enough of us after awhile to combat their numbers advantage)
No. 681860 ID: 700b2e

>This goes well and you are on your way out. Suddenly the alarm is sounded and there are some quick movements all around your group.
They didn't catch us casting magic on the horses; they just caught us sneaking around. They do not seem to be equipped for a military campaign so we might be able to handle this diplomatically. Send some messengers to say (preferably from far enough away to retreat) that they are trespassing in our territory but we will not fault them for it if they return our scout and turn back or go a different route.

>I'm not including a truce because that I think will get...complicated and problematic, in the long run, seeing as how our race probably isn't going to scale well later on
I disagree; we have plenty of scaling potential due to being upgrade specialists. If they come at us with a really oversized population later on after we have had time to prepare we can probably sic a plague on them or something.
No. 682020 ID: 67d5dc

The fey that was captured just needs to explain that we were worried about the animals.

The only other race we have met are the Orcs, and they are cruel to their beasts of burden, unlike you are.

We had planned to greet you before you entered our forests, but our interactions with other races have perhaps colored our views on yours unjustly.
No. 682078 ID: 799995
File 144688401320.jpg - (334.38KB , 1600x850 , azshara.jpg )

We don't share language with these pinkskins. In fact, we never interacted before now. Considering one turn is several days, it would take at least 10-15 turns until you can learn the very basics of their language.

Also tell me how do you want to distribute our population.
No. 682079 ID: 2ccbb3

4 for food, 4 for mana.
No. 683204 ID: 799995
File 144723441602.png - (642.58KB , 816x793 , turn.png )

Population/Surplus food/Food to next spawn 9/-1/9 (hungering)
Resources 5
Available mana/Required mana for next Ritual 5/9
4 fae gathering mana near the hearth - 1/3
3 fae gathering food in the mushroom field - 1/3
1 fae went to offer apologies to merfolk
1 fae captured, unknown whereabouts

You try to control the pinkskins' horses. You'd like to lead them north, towards orcs. Unfortunately the link with them isn't deep enough for them to understand this suggestion. They don't know where north is. Perhaps if a fae could get near the horses, they would follow her. You are sure a command this simple would be accepted. You startle the horses to get them to stall the caravan but eventually it starts moving, its path unchanged. They are now pretty close to where you started to gather the mana.

3 fae went to gather some food in the mushroom field. Some fae think this is a pretty stupid idea, but no one suggested better, so the tribe just rolls with it.

1 fae went towards the river to meet with the merfolk and offer them our formal apology along with some gifts.
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