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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 144034275633.png - (124.65KB , 500x500 , BQ title 1.png )
664639 No. 664639 ID: a07ae7

Deep in interstellar space, a massive ship trundles on. A pinnacle of engineering of its kind, its destination is a new home. A home called Borgas IV, a habitable planet of the Borgas system. Will they reach their destination safely? Will doom bar their path? Who knows...
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No. 716361 ID: c45b7e

>[-] So, what are those science stuff you say you're good at? I don't know much except engineering.
we will find out as we go.
>[X] Who's the other Heads, other than the Captain and Head of Engineering?
This is most important.
>[X] Can you tell me a bit about the planet we're going to?
This is just gee whiz, but might be cool.
>[-] How did you get to Head rank?
It was probably by cannibalism anyway.
>What do we do with Harry?
>[X] Leave him alone
Fuck you Harry, always trying to steal the glory, we all knew I was the better engineer.
>[-] Thaw
>[-] Express Thaw
Fuck Harry.
>[X] Mark his pod for future reference
Draw a dick on the pod.
>[X] Yer a wizard, Harry!
Also pop the pod for a sec, and draw a dick on Harry.

In lieu of a dick, a comical pile of poo will also be acceptable, as well as "I love cloaca" on his forehead.
No. 716369 ID: 5ad4a7

[x] Thaw
We need a second engineer, right? The automated thawing only produces ONE engineer, so we need to thaw someone. Without medical staff on hand an express thaw is unwise, however.
No. 716370 ID: 5ad4a7

...wait, what happened to the previous skeleton crew's engineer? Can you ask the ship's computer where they went?
No. 716475 ID: c45b7e

express thaw. Sack tap him. Freeze. this ship seems to be a frat party.
No. 716617 ID: c45b7e

What can he do, and express thaw. we could send the other engineer off to repair other parts of the ship. Plus a solo player or spare party is both fun, and beneficial should something happen to us. *ominous*
No. 716619 ID: c45b7e

addendum* harassing the other engineer from the other suggestions is not mutually exclusive to my own.
No. 717130 ID: 9d740b


For Harry, just mark the cryochamber for now. Figure out the extent of the damage, then assemble a crew. Maybe we could even access a list of personnel when we find access to a computer.
No. 741097 ID: fb246e
File 147063358307.png - (107.04KB , 500x500 , TheHeadHonchos.png )

"So... you've met the other Heads before?" You ask Jan.
"Well, yeah. There's Captain Bordmann, the Captain; Val Dunbor, Head of Personnel; Yours truly, Head of Research; Mina Sanbora - you know her as the Head of Engineering; Kol Kelbor, Head of Security; and Prita Ribordi, Head of Medical. All of us answer to the Captain."
"Wait, let me get this straight. The Captain's first name is... Captain?"
"Yeah, but that ain't the weirdest name I've seen. Guy's a perfect fit for his name, though."
You pick an engineering pen from your kit.
"So how'd you get to be Head of Research?"
"Well, long story short, it involves nerds and introducing them on how to party. And studies that show good morale means better results." Jan beams with pride.
No. 741098 ID: fb246e
File 147063412231.png - (124.60KB , 500x500 , BorgasSystemExplanation.png )

"Okay, so tell me more of the planet we're colonizing. Borgas IV, was it?" You ask, while marking Harry's pod for the future.
"Oh yes, it's a very nice planet! Fourth planet of the Borgas system, right in the habitable zone, got water, got primitive lifeforms. Basically a perfect environment for us. All the other planets and moons in the system are too gaseous, too cold, or too small for a colony."
"Primitive lifeforms? You meant alien germs?"
"Yeah, but nothing our nanites can't handle. You know, that thing you're injected with when you first entered the ship?"
"Oh, so that's what it is. I thought it was just, like, vaccine for space flu or something."
"In a way, yes, it's some kind of vaccine for space flu. ...What are you doing?"
No. 741100 ID: fb246e
File 147063475022.png - (144.75KB , 500x500 , TheDoodle.png )

"Why, marking Harry's pod for future reference, of course! If we need another engineer, we could just tell VIRA to unthaw the pod with the funny face."
"I get it, but... why draw /that/?"
"Well why not?"
"I dunno, man. Looks more like a rabid bord than a funny bord."
"Well let's just ask VIRA about it! Hey VIRA?"
You two waited for some time, but VIRA's familiar voice doesn't reply.
"That's weird, she's working a few moments ago."
"You sure?"
"Yeah. So there's probably something wrong with her, too. Dangit."
"Well her core is in Main Engineering, but her main control console is up at the Bridge. That's another stop we make on the fixapalooza."

>Where to next?
[] Stick with the plan, maintenance corridors to the Auxiliary Control Room.
[] Head straight to Main Engineering, through the maintenance corridors.
[] Head to the Bridge, which means you'll be going through some more Cryo-pod Bays, Medical Bay, Cargo Bay, and Security.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 741101 ID: 398fe1

[x] Head straight to Main Engineering, through the maintenance corridors.
We were going to the Auxiliary Control Room to find a console to see what's damaged. Main Engineering has one for sure, which means going there will kill two bords with one stone, and since we're aware VIRA is damaged we will be heading to a known damaged location.
No. 741103 ID: 15a025

[X] Head straight to Main Engineering, through the maintenance corridors.
No. 741111 ID: c45b7e

[x] Head straight to Main Engineering, through the maintenance corridors.
Why go to auxiliary when we can go right to the main?

[x] Other (fill in)
Draw a cloaca on the pod. that is what is missing.
[x] Other (fill in)
"so these nanites...lets say a guy wants to get a little bigger in the muscle department...doable?"
No. 741139 ID: 24100f

Main Engineering.

You're understaffed. You need the AI just to keep an eye on other things that might break or go wrong, and to give you reports on damage to fix, nevermind all the other functions she fulfills.
No. 741235 ID: 1cb64d

Don't call her "HoE."

Yeah, the AI is important, the head of research should have access too? Hopefully it hasn't shocked the doors or anything.

Try interrogating the AI on the way. Is it having problems, diagnostic stuff, current operating rules, etcetra.
No. 750684 ID: e65bff

We got something to record a memo in? If so, make up a to-do list.

How much of a detour is it heading to main engineering before the auxiliary control room? I'd guess not that far, since they're both accessed via the maintenance corridors.
No. 756826 ID: afd3cd

[x] Head straight to Main Engineering, through the maintenance corridors.
Let's wake up Hal...GlaD.. i mean VIRA already, then she can deal with stuff and we don't have to move as much. Also she can point us to other problems that need fixing.
No. 758162 ID: cb7d66
File 147903994989.png - (83.31KB , 500x500 , cryoC6-maint entrance 01.png )

"Well, since we're going to fix things anyway, Main Engineering should have a console or two that shows what parts to fix, right?"
Jan smiles. "That's the spirit! I just happen to know a shortcut. Going through all the Cryo chambers is a hassle."
"Wait, a shortcut?" You ask as he stops by a maintenance door.
"And here we are. Maintenance corridors! I thought you engineers were supposed to use these?"
"I think so, but I just woke up out of Cryo - never went in them outside of virtual training."
"Well, this is your lucky day, then! Go on, take the first step! You ready?"
No. 758164 ID: cb7d66
File 147904008471.gif - (170.28KB , 500x500 , creepy-maint-tunnels.gif )

You open the door, thought about getting on the floor and doing the dinosaur...
No. 758165 ID: cb7d66
File 147904043208.png - (149.81KB , 500x500 , cryoC6-maint entrance 02.png )

"Aw hell, the emergency lights are on. This might mean we got more things to fix."
What were those, EYES?
"You okay there, Hugo?"

>What do?
[] Wuss out, nope, nope, nope
[] Focus your mind! You're an engineer! FIX STUFF! Go straight ahead!
[] Check the side passages, there might be a way to switch the creepy lights. Or maybe a weapon. Or maybe the creepy crawly with three eyes.
[] You're coming with me, right Jan? I won't mind if you take the lead!
[] Summon the courage of the Bordian empire! BORDLE BOR! CHAAARGE!
[] Other (fill in)
No. 758173 ID: 064d4c

Grab a weapon of sorts before waltzing in there.
Maybe even head to the armory.
No. 758177 ID: 9f3729

"That all depends on how genre savvy you are because I'm dead sure I just saw eyes. A lot of them."
No. 758183 ID: 15a025

Grab something for a weapon, and then
No. 758188 ID: 3abd97

[x] Other

Ask Hugo if there's supposed to be anything with little triangular clusters of LEDs resembling glowing sets of eyes in there, because if not, there's something in there with glowing eyes.

If there's some kind of space bug or rogue robot drones or something that has been breaking things, you can't fix things if you let yourself get ambushed in the dark!
No. 758194 ID: 860084

Maaaaaaybe we should just take the long way around.
No. 758459 ID: c45b7e

lets go ahead and check those side pannels.
No. 774889 ID: 1d7899

LOL, no. That was just your eyes having trouble adjusting to the flickering light. March straight ahead an fix stuff
No. 787192 ID: ded3b0
File 148945890938.png - (103.98KB , 500x500 , cryoC6-maint entrance 03.png )

"Jan! What the bord are those?? They look like eyes!"
Jan takes a quick look at the flickering hallway.
"Eh, probably nothing. You're not scared, are you?"
No. 787194 ID: ded3b0
File 148945927296.png - (110.73KB , 500x500 , cryoC6-maint entrance 04.png )

You need a weapon, and the lack of weaponry on your self is alarming. Well, your tools look a bit like weapons, right? You scrutinize your precious tools for a while.
"Don't worry, Hugo! I got your back!"
Well at least if they're some kind of murder-machine robots, you can disassemble them, right?
You take a big breath
Open the door
Get on the floor
No. 787196 ID: ded3b0
File 148945961324.gif - (374.32KB , 500x500 , corridor-run-anim.gif )

rolled 1 = 1

"Thaaat's the spirit!"
You sprint down the hallway, with Jan trailing close behind you. As you turn down a side passage, you see something!

1 - What is that vaguely metallic thing?
2 - What is that organic goop?
3 - Another bord! But hostile!
4 - Another bord! In distress!
5 - Another bord! But friendly!
6 - Oh hey, someone left a stash of... things!
No. 787199 ID: ded3b0
File 148946070510.png - (158.79KB , 500x500 , maintenance robot encounter 01.png )

An unnatural, jury-rigged robot stands menacingly down your path! It twitches in jittery motion, blocking your path!

>Wat do?
[] Dismantle this abominable affront to sensible design! (combat!)
[] It seems to be just... standing there. Maybe you can sneak around?
[] CAN'T STOP ME NOW! Bodyslam and continue running!
[] WELP I told you there's something bad down here! 360 and moonwalk away!
[] You deal with this one, Jan, it's your idea to go down here!
[] Other (fill in)
No. 787202 ID: 70983e

Dismantle to see what makes it tick!
No. 787284 ID: e95cec

Brandish wepon, charge! ...and run right by it!
No. 787325 ID: 2ccee9

Use commands to see if it responds before approaching.
No. 787348 ID: 0b99d7

stumpy design with red lights on it? that's gotta be a walking bomb.
No. 787371 ID: d9af09

Don't be afraid. Something tells me this is just some sort of maintenance drone doing its job.
maintenance robot encounter 01.png
No. 787383 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, test to see if it's responsive, or if it even does anything.
No. 787923 ID: c45b7e

[x] other: Leash it, and take it for a walk. If it fights, smack it over the head with a wrench until it stops that. WE WILL MAKE IT OBEDIENT!
No. 789896 ID: 15a025

[x] Other:
Ask Jan if he recognizes this robot?
No. 795291 ID: c45b7e

this thing some kinda nanotech error?
No. 822179 ID: 0ac5f7
File 150254336517.png - (211.60KB , 500x500 , maintenance robot encounter 02.png )

Could be just a maintenance bot that got repaired, or so you think.
"Hey Jan, you ever see one of these?" You say, as you poke it with your screwdriver.
"No, actuall-"
No. 822180 ID: 0ac5f7
File 150254395121.png - (162.24KB , 500x500 , maintenance robot encounter 03.png )

Suddenly, the thing leaps at you!
No. 822182 ID: 0ac5f7
File 150254452374.png - (180.15KB , 500x500 , maintenance robot encounter 04.png )

...aaaaand it lands on the floor where you used to be. A deep computerized voice hums, "Scream identified. Engineer Hugo Packagebord identified."
Then it switches to a radio-transmitted laugh. "Pffhehehehehahahaha! You should've taken a look at your face! Sheeeeit, that you, Hugo?"
Jan is not amused at your cowardice, however.

>That guy, you know that guy! They're...
[] Mina Sanbora, the Head of Engineering! You've been the butt of her many practical jokes now.
[] Kremen Dunbor, a fellow engineer, you remember he likes b-movie horror.
[] Maybe Val Borval, the roboticist? You don't really know him.
[] Actually, you don't know? Maybe Jan does?
No. 822183 ID: 9876c4

B has the best name by far,
but A teases a female Bordian role. So A.
No. 822184 ID: dd4df2


Mina. This is definitely a Mina joke.
No. 822192 ID: dbcfc1

A is for Asshole
No. 822214 ID: 3abd97

>[X] Mina Sanbora, the Head of Engineering! You've been the butt of her many practical jokes now.
Are you really taking the time to prank me in the middle of a crisis? Geeze, Mina, you're incorrigible.
No. 822248 ID: 889b86

Is that Kremen? Did Mina put you up to this?
No. 827794 ID: 18ae2c

B-horror bro is the way to go
No. 827806 ID: 2fe26a

This Steam-powered golem can only have come from one mind: Mina's!
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