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File 142725773943.png - (9.36KB , 900x800 , title.png )
630823 No. 630823 ID: 76c67f

Are you alone...?
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No. 630824 ID: 76c67f
File 142725777084.png - (32.56KB , 900x800 , 1.png )

Leave me alone...go away...
No. 630825 ID: 76c67f
File 142725778475.png - (24.55KB , 900x800 , 2.png )

No. 630826 ID: 76c67f
File 142725780268.png - (15.21KB , 900x800 , 3.png )

"There's no use running..."
No. 630827 ID: 76c67f
File 142725781603.png - (42.07KB , 900x800 , 4.png )

No. 630828 ID: 76c67f
File 142725793075.png - (20.18KB , 900x800 , 5.png )


It was that horrible nightmare again. This is the fifth time you've had to endure it.

It's 3 in the morning...you don't even have work for another 6 hours. Is it worth it to try and go back to sleep?
No. 630829 ID: 5db52c


And if it happens again, don't bother running. Just let it swallow so the dream is over faster. Much less stressful than running full out and panicking.
No. 630832 ID: bd8b82

punch it in the snout.
No. 630837 ID: 296917

Did it hurt? Look out the window. Try to get your mind off it, either way.
No. 630842 ID: 76c67f
File 142725998056.png - (24.69KB , 900x800 , 6.png )


You didn't feel any pain. But there was this thick, horrifying feeling of terror...why? You couldn't shake your mind off of it. Perhaps staring out the window will help calm your mind.

You moved to the city when you were 19, and you're 20 now. You decided not to go to college. It wasn't right for you. You've always been antsy and restless your entire life. You could never pay attention in school. At least in the city everything moves faster. Even at 3 in the morning, cars filled the streets and lights were bright.

The only problem now was that you had no desire to go back to sleep. You really should, but you'd simply end up laying in bed, awake.

>Get dressed.
>Get food.
>Watch TV.
No. 630856 ID: 296917

If it didn't hurt then the wolf didn't eat your body. The dream might just be one of those stereotypical chase dreams, which generally are an indicator of stress. Or, it could be something more interesting... LIKE MAYBE YOU'RE A WEREWOLF!

Watch TV. Get food at appropriate times or else your body's sleep pattern will get weird.
No. 630860 ID: a9753c

Get food first. You don't want to spill food on your good clothes.
No. 630878 ID: f75cf9


Get a snack, a full belly will help you back to sleep. (Maybe.)
No. 630895 ID: 1f8505


Go get one of those little apple pies from McDonalds.
No. 630905 ID: cf91e4

Get food. And um fix your hair a bit first.
No. 630934 ID: 8fa041

Walk down to the McDees, you probably need a whiff of the ol' night air to freshen up your mind. Maybe a little bit of moonlight as well.
No. 630940 ID: 62fba4

Watch some t.v. Nothing like good 'ol saturday cartoons, well, if it is saturday that is...
No. 630946 ID: 4f3280

Might as well watch the morning news while we're cooking something up
No. 630962 ID: cdec48

Get a food.
No. 630986 ID: 330ce5

Get some food and go over the current goals in life, after that watch some t.v.
No. 630990 ID: 76c67f
File 142733914225.png - (25.56KB , 900x800 , 7.png )

>Get food then watch TV.

You consider getting something from McDonald's, which is just across the street, but you decide against it. You've eaten McDonald's way too many times already...mostly because it's fast, cheap and convenient. They're open 24 hours a day, too. But, you're sure you have something in the fridge to munch on.

You drag yourself out of bed, heading into your kitchen, which connected straight into your living room. You live in a fairly small apartment. It's able to fit 2 people, but currently it's only housing one. Grabbing the remote, you flick on the TV. Usually you just watch whatever's on the news, but it seems like the news station is fairly barren of anything significant. A few incidents of robbery, a cat stuck in a tree, the antics of some infamous celebrity...

"Certain eye witnesses have reported sightings of large dogs in solitary alleyways and empty parking lots. Officials aren't quite sure what to make of these sightings, but an investigation has been put under way."

Large dogs? Isn't that a common sight in the city? Stray dogs have a tendency to show up from time to time. You pull out a few frozen sausage patties from your fridge and throw them in the microwave. Then, you pour yourself a glass of old orange juice. You should run to the grocery store the next time it's convenient, you're running low on food.

You sit down at your counter, throwing the sausages on some hamburger buns. Absurd commercials flash on the TV screen, advertising some sort of insurance company. After a bit, you begin to notice a faint itch form behind your ear. Even as you scratch at it, it persists. A rash? A skin infection? After a while the itching stops, and you're left to ponder the strange incident, given you have nothing else to really think about.

It's now 4:30am.

>Go on a walk around town.
>Continue watching TV.
>Browse on your computer.
>Try and get some more sleep.
No. 630991 ID: 6410b7

Look up on your computer more about these "dog" or continue eatching tv to see if they'll say something more about them.
No. 630992 ID: bb78f2

Facebook away.
Maybe some porn to help you get back to sleep.
Or read some webcomics.
No. 630999 ID: b3fef1

Go on your PC. I'm sure you got like, aton of
Facebook posts.
No. 631012 ID: a9753c

Wash the itchy area with hot water and soap, or some disinfectant. Possibly rubbing alcohol.
No. 631022 ID: 6cb462

first, computer. Next, CAT VIDEOS! might I suggest the video where an angry cat tries to get rid of the dog from its home?
No. 631023 ID: 76c67f
File 142734951189.png - (22.28KB , 900x800 , 8.png )

>Computer research.

You pull out your laptop from the side of the couch, cracking it open in order to let it boot up. This whole "rabid stray dog" story caught your interest. It felt similar to your nightmares, in fact. Being chased by a horrid canine only to be swallowed whole, everything going black. Just the mere thought is enough to send chills down your spine. The familiar ding of your computer lets you know that it's ready and fully operable.

Quickly, you begin to type your query into Google's blank search bar. A few reliable websites pop up with headlines that read, LOCAL WOMAN REPORTS HUGE DOG, IS THERE A MONSTER?, and RECENT UPRISING OF STRAY DOGS. Scanning through them briefly, you notice a strange pattern. All of these reports happen during the night, and all of them happen in isolated areas. Each person claims that they see a huge, dog-like figure, but none have enough details to really pinpoint a suspect. How strange. Perhaps it's just someone pulling a large practical joke. Things like that happen in the city.

For now, you set down your laptop and head into the bathroom to prepare yourself for the day. You take a shower, wash your face, brush your teeth clean and tidy up. After all of that, you try to disinfect whatever is lurking on your ears. You can't feel anything, but hopefully washing behind your ears will relieve some of that itch.

You spend the next couple of hours browsing Facebook, not surprised by the distinct lack of messages. You never were very popular. You only had a few friends on Facebook, and most of them just sent you updates on their games, asking for extra lives or collectible items. Then, out of pure curiosity, you watch cat videos. They were surprisingly entertaining, and you found yourself smiling several times while watching them. You see the sun come up, and before you realize, it's time to leave for work. You work at a restaurant, as a busboy. Not a very exciting job, but it manages to get you by. Shall you take the...

>Metro train.
>Taxi cab.
No. 631025 ID: b3fef1

Train man! Less expensive, and more fun. Taxis will BLEED YOU DRY!
No. 631030 ID: 296917

No. 631032 ID: f75cf9

Why is this even a question? Train.
No. 631033 ID: f5baae

Train. Trains are fun, we like trains too.
No. 631042 ID: fbc59e

No. 631044 ID: 7fa14f

Engage normal boring absolutely-nothing-will-be-different-today commute to your nonspecific workplace!
No. 631045 ID: 7a423d

To the not so hype train!
No. 631156 ID: 330ce5

To the train!
No. 631161 ID: dafc39

Why is everybody so hype about the train? I dunno, but I'm feeling it too.
No. 631164 ID: 8fa041

We can't wait to derail it? We are /tg/'s offspring after all.
No. 631174 ID: 76c67f
File 142742987922.png - (42.03KB , 900x800 , 9.png )


It's more economical to use the train, supposedly. That's why you mostly rely on the metro for transportation, anyways. Though it's crowded and noisy, it's efficient. Now in your work uniform, you head downstairs with your phone and keys in hand. It takes you 10 minutes to walk to the train station. A small crowd was already forming at the platform already. You stifle a tired yawn, peeking around to observe the different kinds of people. Out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of something. Something bright. A head of bright, off-white hair. Taking a second glance, you notice it belongs to a young girl, around your age. It had to of been bleached, natural hair isn't that bright. The intercom voice stirs you away from your thoughts and you board the train.

You take your usual spot along the side of the car, folding your arms. The girl from earlier sits directly across from you, pulling out a small book to read while she rides. The train jolts awake, roaring off to its next stop. Your eyes dart back and forth, reading the array of advertisements and posters taped to the windows and seats. The large man sitting to your left is breathing heavily, his form pressing against you. You try your best to inch back, but to your right was a tall, stern-looking woman, probably in her 70s. She gives you a dissatisfied look, as if you just disappointed her.

When you decide to look forward, you catch the girl with white hair staring at you, quickly looking down at her book when you make eye contact. Her legs are pressed together, body tense. Her eyes zip from side to side, a poor impression of 'fake reading'. Did you have something on your face? In your teeth? Perhaps she just wants to say Hi.

>Wave hello.
>Stand up and stand beside her.
>Ignore her.
No. 631175 ID: dfe0d5

Say hello! Ask if you know her from somewhere. And maybe what she's reading?
No. 631178 ID: a9753c

Ignore her. You do NOT want to look like a lecher.
No. 631179 ID: 296917

Go stand next to her.
No. 631184 ID: 41ae6a

Ignore. The train is no place to act like a creeper, unless you want a butt whompin'.
No. 631186 ID: 6cb462

ignore, you don't even know her. Find something else to distract yourself with, like maybe looking out the train window, or play apps on your phone.
No. 631187 ID: dfe0d5


Ehh, good point. Wasn't really thinking about it.
No. 631188 ID: f75cf9

Do a minor wave, one that can safely be ignored if she's not already interested in you.
No. 631201 ID: a19cd5

This one.
No. 631202 ID: f5baae

Do a little wave, but try to talk to her once you get off of the train. If she gets off the train, maybe you could get contact info and head off on your way?
No. 631213 ID: b3fef1

Say, "Something bothering you?"
No. 631223 ID: d15d8a

Her body language is somewhere between "don't talk to me" and "doNT TALK TO ME ILL HAVE A HEART ATTACK" so uh, don't, mate
No. 631242 ID: 88960e

Small reassuring smile and wave, if she looks your way again. Otherwise, let her have her privacy.

Basic public transport etiquette is not to bother anyone unless they want to be.
No. 631251 ID: 827cdf

Seconding this
No. 631334 ID: 76c67f
File 142752283828.png - (49.28KB , 900x800 , 10.png )

You raise your hand, giving her a subtle wave. This is enough to catch her attention, her eyes rising from the pages in her book. She stares at you in a sort of disbelief, before passing along a sheepish grin and a timid wave of the hand herself. Her eyes were a pure, amber color. They caught the light perfectly, like a prism.
No. 631335 ID: 76c67f
File 142752284792.png - (41.47KB , 900x800 , 11.png )

Before you knew it, you were at your designated stop. Standing up, the train jerks to a halt. The white-haired girl simply gave you a hesitant glance, before turning back to her book. You exit the train, washed out by a wave of passengers. Travelling through the tunnels and up the escalators, you head off to work. The walk there is a bit tedious. You have to take several turns before actually arriving. You feel a bit fatigued today, though. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep, but it felt different than just uneasy rest. The beating sun bore down on you like a sizzler. You felt hot, itchy and irritable. The noises all around you were much louder, as well. Passing cars, laughing people, clacking shoes against concrete, even the winding howl of the subway underneath air vents. Each sound rang in your ear, echoing back and forth, giving you quite the headache. Strange. The city never bothered you like this before...in fact, you quite liked it.

You still had a fair amount of time before you needed to get to work. Should you...

>Buy pain medicine.
>Find a quiet place to rest.
>Go straight to work.
No. 631336 ID: 296917

>Find a quiet place to rest.

See if you can figure out why your ears are messing with you.
No. 631337 ID: 6cb462

Work is important, but if you're feeling too sick, you might want to call work and take a sick day, then find a quiet place to rest (make sure you are near some people though, stray dogs may attack if you're alone)
No. 631338 ID: d3be40

Go to work.

Some people's senses are heightened when they're nervous and fatigued at the same time. This is your body forcing itself to run on adrenaline because you didn't get enough sleep but need to move. It'll pass over time.
No. 631343 ID: f75cf9

May as well buy pain meds. They can't hurt.
No. 631344 ID: f5baae

You better hope you catch her on tomorrows' train, cause you totally missed the chance to ask for her number.

Also who needs pain meds? If the noise is irking you, just find a quiet place. You'll relax if it's nice enough.
No. 631403 ID: 5db52c

If you've got a headache, you might as well pick something up for them. No need to be miserable all day.

...although the headaches you get from pulling all nighters don't always go away with that stuff. The only real cure is sleep.
No. 631442 ID: 330ce5

Let's go find some peace and quiet.
No. 631529 ID: b3fef1

Pain meds. How can you focus with pain in your brain?
No. 631609 ID: 76c67f
File 142766812432.png - (30.07KB , 900x800 , 12.png )

You stagger towards a nearby pharmacy, quickly purchasing a bottle of headache medicine. It was even brighter inside of the store, causing your eyes to burn to a considerable amount. It was nauseating and it made it hard to concentrate, even on the simplest tasks. Once you had your medication, you found a nearby building, a sophisticated restaurant, and headed inside. There were benches in the waiting area, and you slid down on one of the seats. It was darker in here, the only light being the sun that peered in from the shaded windows. You shake two pills into your hand and dry swallow them, face cringing at the taste. With the dim light and minimized noise, you find peace inside of the restaurant. No one seems to mind that you've decided to rest here, either. You close your eyes and take a few moments to catch your breath.
No. 631610 ID: 76c67f
File 142766813224.png - (18.97KB , 900x800 , 13.png )

You're startled awake by a hand upon your shoulder. Opening your eyes, you see the girl from the subway train staring down at you with a worried expression. Once she sees you're awake, her hand quickly retracts back, as if you had suddenly turned into fire. Her hands clutched together on her chest, eyes of amber darting back and forth between the ground and your face.

"U-Um, sorry to wake you...but I saw you stumble inside and I wanted to make sure you're okay..." You tilt your head, eyes squinting. "Yeah I'm...I'm fine." You reply. Her face changes from upset to relieved.

"Oh I'm glad..."

"Did you follow me from the train?" You inquire. Her hands clenched tightly at this question.

"O-Oh well, you were heading in the same direction I was...and I saw you begin to get weak..."

>Question her further.
>Let it go.
>Get upset.
No. 631616 ID: 296917

Ask her what's happening to you. She knows something.
No. 631617 ID: d3be40

Ask her if she knows why you're suddenly sick.
No. 631622 ID: 330ce5

Ask her why she is being so kind to a stranger.
No. 631624 ID: 5db52c

Smile and say "well thank you for the concern, I suppose."

Offer a hand and introduce yourself.
No. 631625 ID: 6cb462

kindly thank her for her concern, then ask her if how sick do you look.
No. 631626 ID: 7f7eb7

No. 631627 ID: f75cf9

These two, in this order.

Don't go into the rest of the spanish inquisition unless she actually lets something slip. It's odd that she keeps bumping into you but as yet that's all.
No. 631631 ID: 76c67f
File 142767702267.png - (29.54KB , 900x800 , 14.png )

"Heh...do I really look that sick..." You rub your fingers into the bridge of your nose, letting out a heavy sigh. She presses her lips together, head lowering. "Why are you being so nice to me, anyways? You don't even know who I am..." Your eyes bore into hers, the question lingering in the air for a moment or two before she responds.

"It's important for us to look out for each other..." She responds, as if you were both related somehow. The answer only brought up more questions, rather than answering the one already asked.

"Each other? What do you mean? I don't even know your name. You don't need to be so nice to me." The way you retaliate causes her eyebrows to press together in confusion. Suddenly, the girl lets out a gasp, as if coming to a realization.

"Y-You don't..." Her hand clamped over her mouth before she could get any more words out. Hurriedly, she bows to you. "I'm s-sorry, I must go. Please feel better, soon. I'm sure it's just a cold..." The girl hurries out the door, leaving you behind on the bench.

>Follow her.
>Stay there.
>Leave and go to work.
No. 631632 ID: 59295a

No. 631634 ID: 9297f4

She knows something about your condition. She also mentioned "for us to look after each other." Key word is us. And based off of your dreams, I think it's safe to say you are no longer human or that you never were. What's chasing you in your dreams must be your other half and it wants out. You got two choices here:

1. Let what ever wants to come out come out
2. Fight it out and slowly go insane from your two sides conflicting.

Your choice bro.
No. 631636 ID: 6cb462

Don't be a stalker, go to work once you feel better.
No. 631637 ID: 5db52c

Okay, geeze, even if she's a complete stranger, that was rude. You don't jump on people for showing concern and trying to help. That's something people should do more of, not less.

Go after her and apologize. You're sorry, you didn't mean to be rude.

...do I know you from somewhere? It seems like that hurt you more than it would have if you didn't.
No. 631638 ID: 330ce5

We should follow but try not to be aggressive this time, she was only trying to be nice. Whatever she knows could be important to us but if we scare her we should probably just leave her alone.
No. 631642 ID: 296917

Follow her and find out what's going on. She was about to say "You don't know".
No. 631648 ID: d3be40

Ask for her phone number (in case it isn't just a cold), then go to work.

She knows something, but it's probable that she has her own social network. Stalking her will likely anger her friends and family.
No. 631649 ID: 7f7eb7

Stalk her relentlessly
No. 631651 ID: 76c67f
File 142768389390.png - (27.45KB , 900x800 , 15.png )

Standing from the bench, you give pursuit. Halfway out the door you grab her hand, tugging her back a bit. "Sorry, I shouldn't have been so rude..." You say. The girl quickly shakes you off her hand, staring at you nervously.

"It's f-fine...I...I really need to go. I'm late for a meeting..." It sounded like an excuse, but you decided to let her go. She heads outside and blends into the passing crowds, leaving you at the door. It was about time for you to start work anyways, so you begin to head that way. The medicine seemed to ease the pain enough, but you couldn't help but still feel a bit disoriented. As soon as you arrive at work, you're greeted by friendly co-workers who give you silent waves and head nods. It's fairly quiet today, the kitchen silently working away at what few orders they have. The restaurant itself was fairly small, a tiny spot for people to stop by real quick. In the back, the break room consisted of a small bench and a short row of lockers. You immediately clock in and get to work.
No. 631653 ID: 76c67f
File 142768390043.png - (24.75KB , 900x800 , 16.png )

You spend the next couple of hours walking dishes back and forth, wiping tables and stocking napkins and silverware. It's a boring, tedious job, but at least you're kept on your feet. However, you begin to notice a certain couple of customers who have been there for a good hour or so. It's rare for people to stay so long, even if they're talking. There was a man and a woman, the woman especially giving you momentary looks from the table. They've been finished with their food for a while, and now they've just been discreetly whispering to each other.

Should you...

>Continue working like nothing is going on.
>Ask if they need anything.
>Hide in the back until they leave.
No. 631656 ID: 943f11

2. Customer service always comes first!
No. 631657 ID: 94f7ee

Ehhh.. Continue working. If they've got something to say I'm sure they'll say it to you in due time.
No. 631660 ID: 330ce5

Let's go see if they need anything.
No. 631662 ID: b3fef1

"What's so funny? The fact that you two won't give a tip to a poor person, or the fact that I'm charging you extra? Fuckers."
No. 631664 ID: 76c67f
File 142768548762.png - (20.62KB , 900x800 , 17.png )

Approaching them, you keep your hands at your sides, chin raised a bit. "Is there something I can help you with?" You ask. The woman narrows her eyes, her grin widening. She sits up straight, setting her cup of tea down on its saucer.

"Your hair is very interesting, isn't it?" Her comment catches you off guard.

"Excuse me?"

"Black hair is quite uncommon." Her hair was an auburn color, red like a fading autumn leaf. However, black hair really wasn't that rare, was it? You knew several people with black hair. What was she referring to?

"I don't really think my hair is that unique, ma'am." You reply. This causes her eyebrow to raise slightly, hands moving up to rest under her chin.

"Mmm, it's a shame you don't have a name tag." You look down, realizing you left it at home. Silently, you curse yourself. "What's your name, young man? I'm curious to know." Her friend from across the table stared at you with a steady gaze as if he was expecting some grand reply.

>What's your name?
No. 631669 ID: d3be40

Don't give them your name. They seem like the "Abuse-a-cute-[[CENSORED]]" type of couple; they look nice, but you can not tell what horrors lurk under their skin.

Figuratively and literally.
No. 631670 ID: d3be40

Also, name vote:

Albus Crouton.
No. 631671 ID: 5db52c

No. 631672 ID: a203c7

Steve Becker
No. 631679 ID: 1f8505


Earl A. Snepp
No. 631680 ID: 330ce5

Our name is Micheal Vandare and unless you need something we should be getting back to work.
No. 631681 ID: edfc1e

Richard Tilbury
No. 631682 ID: f75cf9

She's cute. You know her well?

Weirdos today. Give her your name (first name only, you don't need stalkers) and then say, "You didn't answer the question. Can I help you with something?" Or maybe a more politely phrased variant, but make it clear you aren't interested in... whatever it is she's doing.

Edur Blanc.
because hair as black as ebony
No. 631683 ID: f5baae

No. 631686 ID: 6cb462

No. 631689 ID: a19cd5

Buff McManlington
No. 631690 ID: 76c67f
File 142769670589.png - (25.56KB , 900x800 , 18.png )

"My name's Michael." You say, only mentioning your first name. Your last name was Blanc, a bit ironic, given that your hair is black. The woman leans back, giggling into her palm.

"Michael? What a handsome name. Well, Michael, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm sure we'll see each other again, soon, hmm?" She and her friend stand up, leave money on the table, and exit the restaurant. You stand still, staring at the door. What a strange couple. Why was that woman so weird? What reason did she have to talk to him like that? What does it matter what his name is? You hope she doesn't say something to your manager. You often get complaints saying that you don't smile often enough.

Once the work shift was over, it was well into the evening. You've always worked long hours at the restaurant. You had to. It was your only source of income. Otherwise, paying your rent and bills would be impossible. You pack your things and clock out. You say goodbye to your co-workers and head outside. The sun was now sunked behind the tall buildings, causing the streets to become a lot dimmer than before. It was a relief to your eyes, and your head felt much clearer. Even the elevated amount of noises didn't seem to bother you that much. Despite that, you were still tired. Perhaps taking a shortcut on your way home would be wise...

You cut into an alleyway between two large buildings, knowing that the metro would be on the other side. The narrow passage was empty, quiet and considerably darker than the main streets. From behind you can hear chuffing footsteps, quick, yet soft. Looking back, you spot a strange man, clad in a dark hood. His cloak was made from a thick sort of fur, as well. You couldn't see his face. He was quickly approaching. In response, you begin to jog faster. However, before you can even react, a rough hand clutches at your neck, slamming you into the stone wall. You let out a sharp grunt, face smashing into the rough building. Opening your eyes, you see yourself face to face with the mysterious stranger.

"Let me go!" You shout, arms grabbing onto his. His grip tightens, restricting air to your throat.

>Punch him.
>Kick him.
No. 631691 ID: bd8b82

shove both of your arms up through the gap between their arms. this will give you plenty of leverage to break the hold.
No. 631692 ID: edfc1e

No. 631694 ID: 6cb462

Now you know why you should never go into alleyways, especially in the evenings.

You can't really scream since he is choking you. If you manage to escape, scream for help
No. 631695 ID: d3be40

Use your legs to put pressure on his arms, then follow up by stomping on him until he stops moving!
No. 631696 ID: a203c7

Do this, and also kick him in the jimmy!
No. 631697 ID: 296917

No. 631706 ID: b3fef1

No. 631719 ID: b9cef6

Apply forehead to nose. Swiftly and repeatedly.
Bet this fucker didn't know you took karate class when you were eight and you still remember like, one thing!
No. 631756 ID: 330ce5

Kick the jerk and punch at their arms, we aren't going down without one hell of a fight.
No. 631836 ID: 76c67f
File 142776440747.png - (33.70KB , 900x800 , 19.png )

Quickly, you shove your arms through the gap of his hold, pushing at his body. You can see a sadistic grin underneath the dark hood, teeth as white as snow. His hold is stronger than you anticipated, but with enough force you manage to shove him off. He takes a few short steps back, adjusting his position so he's standing at an angle. Without hesitation, you throw a powerful punch at his face. He moves and catches your arm, twisting it to the side. This elicits a painful yell from your mouth.

"You have such a nice head of hair..." He whispers. "I'd love to chop it up..." In a fit of desperation, you swing at his head with your non-dominant hand, fingers making contact with the side of his face. You don't even see what happens, but the next thing you know he's doubling backwards clutching his face and you have some sort of warm liquid on your fingertips. "Ah...so you finally put up a fight, huh?" You have no idea what he's referring to. It sounds like he's implying something. You waste no time in sending a kick at his legs. You really had no professional training in self-defense, so your kick is unstable, but strong. The strange man scoots backwards, laughing. You see a large scratch mark on his right cheek, blood dripping from the wounds. Did you do that?
No. 631837 ID: 76c67f
File 142776441501.png - (27.31KB , 900x800 , 20.png )

"I'd love to stick around, but now that I know what you are, I must depart." He nods his head and dashes off down the alley, much faster than you can run. "We'll meet again, blackie!" What was everyone's obsession with your hair today? Was it really that odd? With enough time to catch your breath, you look down at the hand you hit him with. The sight causes your throat to clench up, eyes widening. Instead of a hand you see something akin to a large paw, with gnarly claws that curved and pointed. This wasn't your hand, yet, it was attached to your arm. Jumping backwards, you press up against the wall, glaring down at this foreign body part. You can't even scream out of shock. Heavy footsteps distract you from the sight, and looking up, you see the couple from the restaurant running at you.
No. 631838 ID: 76c67f
File 142776442391.png - (31.41KB , 900x800 , 21.png )

"Michael! Are you hurt?" The woman with auburn hair yells. She skids to a halt and immediately stares at your paw. Out of embarrassment, you swiftly hide it behind your back. "A-Ah..." Her friend begins to sniff at the air, eyebrows knitting together.

"He just left." The man concluded. "We're too late." The woman crosses her arms, sighing.

"There's nothing we can do now, except warn the boy."

"Excuse me, what's going on?!" You intercept, eyes aflame with confused frustration. "Why is my hand a fucking claw?! Who was that guy back there? Why did he want my hair?" The both of them are a bit taken aback by your sudden outburst, but quickly regain their composure.

"Dear...it's...it's a bit complicated to understand." She twists her hands together, wringing an invisible towel. "Have you ever heard of werewolves?" The question immediately clicks in your head, and you fall to your knees. This isn't happening. This has to be a dream. You raise your head to meet her gaze, eyes quivering. "I...I'm afraid you're...a..."

"A werewolf. And that man back there wants to skin you for your fur. Black wolves are a rarity and he's an avid collector of werewolf skins." Her male friend interrupts her indecisive stammers, his voice heavy and deep. "We've been trying to stop him for months now...we followed him here, but we have no idea why he came here. I guess now we know... My best suggestion is to move out from your current location to--"

"Wait! I have to move?! There's no way...I'm not moving because a few strangers are giving me advice!" You're enraged they would have the audacity to ask such a thing of you. "I'm going home and when I wake up tomorrow it'll be alright and I won't be a fucking wolf."

"You can do that if you want to be killed and skinned." The man growls. You feel the woman place her hand on your shoulder, eyes full of pity.

"Our place is plenty big enough for you to stay in if you'd like...the offer's open. We can help you cope with this new uh...revelation as well."

>Move in with them.
>Ask for more information first.
>Refuse, and go home.
>Chase after the man from before.
No. 631839 ID: 1f8505


Move in with them. They seem like they're willing to help, and their place is probably better protected.
No. 631840 ID: bd8b82

what if you just never transform? he wants wolf skin not human skin.
No. 631842 ID: 296917

Ask how people seem to know what you are. There was another person today that took interest in you.
No. 631843 ID: 5db52c

Obvious question:

Okay, if I'm a werewolf, and he's some crazy werewolf skinner, who are you?

Maybe you are just trying to help me, but if people are after me, how am I supposed to know? You knew. That's why you water at that table, tonight. That's why you were asking me questions.

>inner monologue
The problem is these guys could just as easily want you for some crazy reason, too. Heck, they could be with the other guy. A con. Team member scary guy scares you into needing help, team member cute girl offers safety, bam, you're in the trap.

Dude, you aren't getting sleep, people have been seeing a hug dog near your house, and your hand turned into a claw. Please skip the 'magic isn't real if I stick my head in the sand' phase of your development and wise up before you get hurt.
No. 631845 ID: d3be40

This is insane. If the hunters wanted black-pelts from werewolves, why not hunt and infect outlaws on the roads rather than in the city? The criminal underworld is likely taking notice and there will be HELL to pay for these hunters. Also, why are black pelts rare if the hunters can just kidnap a random hobo off the streets and inject them with overdoses of food coloring and werewolf extract?

Buy some weapons and self-defense traps. NOW. Joining a gang might be useful but you're no gangster. For all you know, their gang might have deep-cover hunters, and you DON'T HAVE ANY SURVIVAL SKILLS.
No. 631846 ID: 6cb462

ask about how you got cursed in the first place, you don't recall getting bitten by a dog recently, and you can't recall if one of your parents were werewolves.
No. 631847 ID: bb78f2

How long has this whole werewolf thing been going on? How come this is the first time you've noticed?

And shouldn't that guy be a werewolf too now that we scratched him? Did we make him more powerful? Or does this run on white wolf RPG rules and bites and scratches don't do shit? Are there vampires? Is he a vampire? How close is this to White Wolf RPG lore? Is it like the Vampire the Masquerade/Werewolf the Apocolypse or Vampire the Requiem/Wereworlf the Forsaken?

Michael, please be a huge RPG nerd and know what those are. It would be super funny to tell real werewolves about a tabletop RPG about werewolves. It would also be funnier if they happen run a Vampire:the Masquerade group every Saturday with their other werewolf pals.

Wait, I've got an idea to protect yourself, ruin your coat. die it. Dye your hair. Ask them what's the most common color possible and permanent dye it that way, he won't dare attack us until it's not dyed anymore. Well, he might chain you up, shave you, and wait for new hair to grow back, but that will take a while, enough time to escape. Not only that, but he'd have to bait you out into your full form to maximize your coat surface area.

And wait, why would he waste valuable black hair genes if he could just capture and produce more black haired werewolves by making a werewolf farm? That would obviously make them less rare, but amongst the community that sells werewolf furs, he'd make a fortune.
No. 631848 ID: 60700b

Ask for more information first.
No. 631869 ID: 9297f4

I TOLD YOU BRAH. IT WAS THE DREAMS. Move in with them. More than likely they are werewolves themselves for they had mention they were trying to stop him and offering to help you cope. Also not agreeing with the dye your hair plan. He already saw your face and dying your hair will be a temporary solution unless you just kill it.
No. 631873 ID: ad67fc

Why are we even panicking right now, seriously
We're a WEREWOLF, this is the most absolutely rad thing of all time.
No. 631875 ID: edfc1e

We need a lot more information, start from the top lady.

Who even are they, and why do they suddenly care about your wellbeing? Is there some weird World of Darkness masquerade thing going on? Hidden in plain sight and all that?
No. 631883 ID: 76c67f
File 142777423213.png - (22.94KB , 900x800 , 22.png )

"I have a few more questions before I decide to just blindly go along with you..." The two of them nod silently. "How did I even become a werewolf? I don't remember being bitten by a dog or anything..." The woman smothers a giggle into her palm, the man simply rolling his eyes. "What? What's so funny?"

"Dear, you don't know anything about werewolves, do you? The myths and rumors you hear about us are all wrong. We don't transform on full moons, we don't infect people, either...you're born with it."

"But neither of my parents were wolves. My Dad never talked to me about it, and my Mom left when I was a kid."

"Maybe there's a reason your Mother left." The man interjects, eyes devoid of feeling. You pause at his comment. Dad never told you why she left, now that you think about it. He just said she had personal reasons. Was...Was she a werewolf?

"Well then why has it taken so long to show up? Why now?" It's been 20 years, surely you would've known about this sooner, right?

"Your human side has been trying to suppress it. Have you been having nightmares at all? Do you feel restless?"

"I...I have been having strange dreams..." You admit. The woman snaps her finger, pointing at you.

"Exactly. People who know about it sooner are more likely to accept that side of them. You, however, are coping with your inner wolf trying to claw itself out of you. Quite ruthlessly, I'd say." It begins to fall into place now. The horrible nightmares, the swirling headaches...

"Are you guys werewolves, too?" You ask. They both nod, the woman speaking up.

"Yes, dear. That's how we knew you were one. We can smell you a mile away. Of course, we've trained ourselves to be able to do that."

"And why are you chasing after that wolf skin guy?"

"I'll just say...I've lost a few friends to him...and I don't want to lose any more. Your life is in danger and I want to help you. He's already taken so many lives...I hope you understand." Her eyes drop to the floor as she says this, locks of hair falling into her face.

You point to the man beside her. "And what about him? Why is he here?" She perks her head up, jerking it in the man's direction.

"He's my mate. Ah! We might as well introduce ourselves, right, Honey?" The man just grunts in reply. "My name's Ira, and he's Ulric."

"Pleasure to meet you..."

"Now, Michael, do you have any more questions?"
No. 631885 ID: 296917

How do we know this isn't a trap?
No. 631886 ID: edfc1e

Prove you're werewolves.

Right now, you're dumping a lot of information with very little proof they are what they say they are.
No. 631887 ID: 94f7ee

Well, if they're werewolves, then ask them to tell you more ABOUT werewolves. I mean if you're one, regardless of anything else, you're gonna need to know more about werewolves anyway. Dispell some more of those nasty myths.
No. 631888 ID: 5db52c

I get the feeling here they're telling us the truth, but nowhere near the whole truth. They've got an angle here, beyond helping you for the good of it.

>Prove you're werewolves.
That's... actually pretty reasonable. That's one claim that's easily verifiable, if true.

Like that name doesn't set off major alarm bells.
No. 631889 ID: 3690c6

We should ask why black furred werewolves are so rare and if it means anything to be one.
No. 631891 ID: 6cb462

Mention that you've met another person who may be a werewolf as well, some shy girl with unusual white hair. Ask if they know who she is.
No. 631892 ID: d3be40

Yeah, I'd say your "wolf side" is pretty stupid. You nearly died because some punk wanted out before getting a pack mentor or even a scratch-and-sniff instruction manual. Aren't wolves supposed to form families or something?

Ask about how long werewolves have been hunted. There might be a cure or suppressant out there.

And of course, ask about how much magic there really is in your world. Is the change purely biological with a side order of multiple-personality insanity? Or is there something that cannot be explained with modern science?
No. 631895 ID: edfc1e

Let's not mention her just yet. We don't know them just yet, and for all we know, white fur might be just as valuable.
No. 631896 ID: bb78f2

Can I just... permanently dye my hair a different color? Or does it molt every time I transform?

Also, are there OTHER weird supernatural creatures besides werewolves to worry about?
No. 631901 ID: 01745f

Ask if Skin Guy is also a werewolf or what, since he also seemed able to tell we were nonhuman before we had ever transformed.

>ask them to tell you more ABOUT werewolves.
Especially what is or isn't deadly to us as a werewolf, since there is already someone out to kill us.

As a side note (don't say this out loud), their story does not quite seem to fit with that Skin Guy said. The cutting apart bit matches, but not the part where our partial transformation was met with a response of "now that I know what you are, I must depart" and leaving. The simple explanation is that he knew we were one of several were-beings and wanted to identify us in order to go select the right tools to kill us with, but if there are only werewolves and humans that wouldn't work.
No. 631905 ID: 01745f

Also, how is it too late for them to chase down Skin Guy? Does he have some method of avoiding them tracking him and his pile of werewolf fur by scent?
No. 631906 ID: 76c67f
File 142778041673.png - (25.51KB , 900x800 , 23.png )

"If you guys are what you say you are...then prove it to me. Right here, right now." You push yourself off the wall, letting your hands drop to your sides. "Turn into wolves." Ira raises her shoulders, tossing her chin up in the air.

"It's rude to ask a lady to change right in front of you...werewolves aren't exactly feminine if you know what I mean..." Ulric shoots her a stern glance, elbowing her lightly. "Tch, fine, fine. But you go ahead and go first. Then we can ask Michael if he needs to see what I look like as well."

Ulric walks down the alleyway, giving himself plenty of room. Ira leans into you, a smile spreading on her face. "He'll never admit it, but he likes showing off like this. It's rare he gets to transform..."

Ulric stands still for a few moments, unmoving. You begin to suspect if he's really telling the truth. Suddenly, his body begins to morph right in front of your eyes. Fur immediately sprouts from Ulric's neck, hands and face. His hands bulge into large paws, jaw shooting out into a vicious muzzle. You get your first good look at his left ear, which is missing its entire top half. It changes as well, pointing off into a mangled wolf ear. In a matter of seconds, a huge, 8 foot tall werewolf is standing in front of you. Ulric's head turns in your direction, eyes a deep, bold, brown color.

You open your mouth to speak, but you find yourself unable to say anything. Ira pats you on your shoulder. "What do you say? Quite a sight isn't it! Can you imagine being something like that?" Silently, you shake your head, which only makes her laugh louder. Ulric steps towards you, harmlessly snorting down on your face. A chill shoots through your spine, stomach nearly dropping.

"A-Ah...are...are there other supernatural creatures out there? Other than werewolves..." You stammer. Ira shrugs her shoulders, head tilting to one side.

"Who knows. If there are I've never seen them." If werewolves can exist, what's stopping other mythological creatures from existing as well?

"Also, why can't I just dye my hair a different color? If my fur isn't black then he'll stop hunting me, right?" Ira solemnly shakes her head.

"That's not how it works, sweetie. The hair on your head is much different than the hair on your coat. It would make things much easier if it worked like that. And in your circumstances...I fear that it could save your life if it did work. Pure black wolves and pure white wolves are extremely valuable...for their fur especially. Perhaps that's why your Mother left...I wonder if she had black hair like you."

"I don't remember enough about her to tell you."

"Mmm, anything else you'd like to know?"

"Yes, actually. I'd like to know what specific things can and cannot kill a werewolf. Are the myths about silver bullets true?" Ira crosses her arms once more, shaking her head.

"Any bullets are enough to hurt us, though it takes a considerable amount to take down a werewolf. In that sense they aren't very effecient! Werewolves are pretty hardy, but the same things that can kill a human can kill a werewolf, it just has to be in larger quantities. Though...I know the werewolf skinner has been known to use things like tazors and whip-like ropes, stuff that can't really damage the fur."

"And how did he know I was a werewolf? Is he one too?"

"We're...not exactly sure on that one. He's a human, we know that much, but we have no idea how he's able to determine who's a werewolf and who isn't. As far as we know, it's just him wildly guessing."

"I doubt that..."

"If you'd like, we can take this conversation out of the alleyway. Our home isn't too far from here...it would be much cozier if we weren't standing out in public."
No. 631907 ID: 296917

Werewolves can smell it? Then he probably has a dog trained to smell it, too. He implied he didn't know you were a werewolf for sure.

Oh, and we know there's a white werewolf in town as well. She needs protection too. Agree to at least talk at their house. You can decide whether or not to move in there once you get there. Hey, would that be like joining their pack?
No. 631909 ID: 6cb462

Might as well see their place, as long as it isn't some sort of cave...

I'll assume calling the police won't work on that werewolf skinner, but has anyone tried or considered it?
No. 631913 ID: bb78f2

>And in your circumstances...I fear that it could save your life if it did work. Pure black wolves and pure white wolves are extremely valuable...for their fur especially.
Is that a typo, I'm confused.
You said fur especially... just how else are these pure colored wolves worth it to poachers? Like for owning or something, oh god, is there werewolf trafficking trade too? Like how pure-bred german shepards and corgi's are super expensive and valuable?

Ira, I considered the fact that the hair on our head is different from the rest of it. I'm talking about if we transformed fully and THEN dyed everything in a large bath? It's a lot of hair dye, but the experiment might be worth it. It would get him off my back for a while, at least the skinning part.

Doesn't mean he won't trap us to make me into a pet at that point.
No. 631914 ID: bb78f2

Oh, yeah, okay we can go to your place for now, however, I'm not sure how werewolf culture is, do I have to present Ulfric or you a gift as the alpha male/female or something? I haven't watched any wolf documentaries in a long time, I don't even know how alpha shit works.
No. 631917 ID: b3fef1

Aight, let's go with them. They seem legit,
and it beats begin skinned and castrated.
No. 631920 ID: 01745f

Who is it that buys werewolf furs? The existence of more than a few people with money who want to wear the skin of sapients is almost as surprising as the existence of werewolves.

Or what if we transformed and had someone shave us? Then when Skin Guy shows up to take our fur we can say "too late!", throw a bag of shaved fur at him and laugh :V

>If werewolves can exist, what's stopping other mythological creatures from existing as well?
More to the point, not just do werewolves exist but they do so without many outsiders knowing. If werewolves can successfully hide from humans for centuries than who knows what could be hiding from both humans and werewolves just as easily (so long as they smell passably human). Skin Guy, with his strange ability to detect werewolves, seems a likely candidate for this.

As a side note, we should get a taser or gun asap. Since Skin Guy is a human(?) who specializes in fighting werewolves, fighting him werewolf-style probably won't go so well. (And if he isn't human, unsuccessful shooting is less risky than unsuccessful biting or clawing.)
No. 631925 ID: d3be40

Probably some rich kids, triad leaders, or CEOs.

Time to buy some supplies - whatever you do, you need to set up a base and survive the hunters. Crude shotgun parts, herbal plants, rope, paint thinner, anything cheap that you can build weapons, gadgets, and defenses from. Remember, the enemy is a professional werewolf hunter. If you use the beast rather than your brain, you are f-i-n-i-screwed.

Also, does your apartment have insurance? Because the hunter will likely interrogate your colleagues, find out where you live, and set bugs in your laptop or raid the whole place.
No. 631927 ID: edfc1e

Well, damn. I didn't expect them to actually be real.

Well, that's enough being cynical. Go with them. Try and remember any details on the way there, if you don't land up blind folded.

Just in case we need a way back quickly.

Also, now might be the time to mention Miss White Hair.
No. 631929 ID: 8f01e8

Mention that you saw another almost-certainly-a-werewolf on the subway this morning, with white hair, and she touched you on the shoulder if that helps them get the scent. She might be in danger from this guy too.

Ask if they're expecting you to pay rent and utilities, if so how much, and how far their place is from your job. Lycanthropic silliness aside, this might be a significant improvement to your pathetic financial circumstances.
No. 631956 ID: 88960e

Something I'd still yelling at me not to trust them, but the smart move is looking more like getting off the street.

>Pure black wolves and pure white wolves are extremely valuable
I think you just figured out who the girl from earlier was.

Ask them if they know a white wolf.

Why are they valuable? Who's doing what with these hides?
No. 631981 ID: df6569
File 142782302976.jpg - (119.38KB , 900x800 , image.jpg )

"Yeah that's probably a good idea." You agree. Ulric quickly shifts back, his fur disappearing into his skin. He seems so short now that his legs are normal, taking him down a couple of feet. The two of them head off down into the alley, motioning for you to follow. You obey without question, occasionally looking behind your shoulder, afraid the man might try and attack again. While you move through the streets you decide to further inquire them for more information.

"What about dying my hair while I'm in wolf form? Why not shave it all off?" You suggest, a bit desperate for solutions. Ira turns her head to glance at you, her expression soft.

"Trust me, we've tried everything, dear. We're not exactly sure what the science behind werewolf fur is, but all I know is that even if you dyed it or shaved it, it will always grow back as its original color."

"Well it's worth a try!"

"It'd be a waste of money...we're not exactly rich, dear. I'm sure you're not either."

"Then answer this, why does he even want my fur? Who's going to buy it?"

"He trims them so they look like regular wolf fur. There's a surprisingly large market for high quality fur like that...werewolf fur is naturally thicker as well."

"I guess that makes sense...oh, and while I'm thinking about it, do I have to help pay for your rent? Or do I need to give an offering to Ulric or something? I don't know how alphas in a wolf pack work." This makes Ira burst into laughter, Ulric shrugging his shoulders as a sort of chuckle.

"Ahaha! Oh Michael...don't worry about that...we're not your alphas. We're simply companions. Don't worry about the rent, either. If you feel you need to pay us, go ahead, but we won't enforce it." Their generosity makes you a bit wary. What do they have to gain from offering you a free place to stay?

"I have another concern...there was this girl that I met on the train this morning...she had near white hair and she talked to me later on. She mentioned something about how we have to look out for each other...I think she might be a werewolf." Ira stops walking, turning to face you.

"White hair? Oh dear, oh dear..." She shakes her head, arms folding over each other. "If what you say is true...then we're going to have to find her before the skinner does."

"How do you know he's telling the truth?" Ulric snaps. "It's impossible that a black wolf and a white wolf are spotted in such a small area!"

"I trust him. Michael, dear, can you perhaps convince her to come to our home? I know it might be difficult but it's important. If you're telling us the truth then you must find a way to bring her to us. It's the safest place she'll be."

You quickly reply. "I'll try, but I don't even know her that well..." Before too long, you and the pair are standing on the steps of an apartment building.

"The faster you do it, the faster she'll be under our protection."

You enter the building and head upstairs until you reach the 3rd floor. Ira unlocks a white painted door to let you inside of her apartment. It's surprisingly large and well kept. There was a simple kitchen, a living room area with a couch and TV, a small desk in the corner with a laptop, and a small bedroom near the back with a compact bathroom. "Welcome, Michael! It's not very fancy but it'll be enough for you to stay comfortable."

"It's better than my apartment..." You mumble, a tinge of excitement rising in your chest. Amidst your boring life, something daring and interesting is finally happening. Sure, it may be life-threatening and dangerous, but maybe that's what you've been craving your entire life. Something to keep you on your toes.

"Oh, and if you want to, tomorrow you can go back to your home and pack up whatever things you're going to need. We'll provide food and whatnot, just worry about clothing and toiletries."

>Keep asking questions.
>Go to bed.
>Ask for food.
No. 631983 ID: d3be40

So... any puppies?

Also, why haven't they bought weapons or gadgets to fight this hunter?
No. 631985 ID: bd8b82

well i think a sleep is a good idea, process the events of the day and all that.
No. 631986 ID: 88960e

>The faster you do it, the faster she'll be under our protection.
Really don't trust these two, but at least we've bought time. They won't make a move if they think we're going to bring her in, and double... Whatever they get from this.

On that subject, what's keeping us protected? Sure, safety in numbers and all, but what's keeping the crazy murderer from breaking in.

>sells as wolf pelts
I don't buy it. If that was it, it would be way cheaper and safer to hunt real wolves. They're wrong, or not telling you the real reason.

Um. Is it just the one guy? Because if there's a community of werewolves being hunted by one murderer you don't understand why someone hasn't just shot him. (If they give you a look: what? We're human too, we can cheat and use tools just as easy).
No. 631988 ID: edfc1e

Hold on, it's only two of them in an apartment against a man hunting werewolves for fur to sell on an open market? Looks like it's time for you to learn some self defense, Michael.

Ask them how exactly they can protect you (and Miss White). We know Ulrich is a werewolf, but we're still missing out on Ira. Everything just seems a little bit off about the entire deal.
No. 632001 ID: cf91e4

Something is off about this entire thing. They could have forced you to come with them though and they didn't get insistent. Hopefully they're legit.

>you can go back to your home and pack up whatever things you're going to need
I'd say that you shouldn't let them see where you live, but they know where you work and that's just a quick questioning there to find it. Keep a bug-out bag(2 sets clothing, all your important documents, any spare cash you might have, and any small keepsakes you can carry) ready and near you at all times if you can.

Sleep now, it's time to face the wolf again.
No. 632007 ID: bb78f2

Can I have some... training or something?

Look for your Mom on the internet. Use whatever information you actually know. Call your Dad.
No. 632013 ID: 6cb462

That is enough exposition for one day. might as well sleep.
No. 632032 ID: 8f01e8

Do some quick internet searching. In many parts of the United States, you can buy a rifle or shotgun off the shelf, then start carrying it around slung on your back the next day. Hardened killer vs. amateur werewolf could go either way, and this hunter is apparently smart enough to fall back when the odds are against him and return with a better plan, so in the long term, yeah, you'd be in trouble. Three or four werewolves with shotguns vs. one guy without serious body armor... doesn't have that same sort of exploitable ambiguity to it. He'd be hamburger before he got to knife range, and when the cops show up, you can go through the whole legal process and explain that it was self-defense.
No. 632034 ID: edfc1e

Given the size of this city, and how built up it seems to be, it looks like you're pretty much going to have to rely on a pistol.

And if this turns out to be set in NYC... we're in trouble.
No. 632072 ID: 76c67f
File 142785937511.png - (17.84KB , 900x800 , 25.png )

"Before I go to bed, I have a few other questions." You adjust your seat on the couch and turn to face Ira. She gives you a sincere smile, arms folded like usual.

"Sure thing, hun."

"If this wolf skin guy has been rampaging for a while now, how hasn't someone just shot him yet? Can't we just go buy a gun or something and take care of him ourselves?"

"Don't you think that other people have already tried that?! He's been killing werewolves and selling their skins for years now..."

"How can he be so tough? I managed to scratch him with my own claws!"

"I...I don't know. I've never actually fought him before..."


"If you don't own fur that he wants to wear, then he completely ignores you. He's hard to find, even harder to catch. All I know are his patterns. That's why staying in here with us is safe. He only attacks in secluded, outdoor areas, often with plenty of space to move around. Honestly, I'm surprised he cornered you in an alleyway of all places. Not a lot of running room...anyways, do you have work tomorrow?"


"Then we need to find the white wolf first thing in the morning. Get some rest, you most likely need it." Ira excuses herself and heads into the bedroom, Ulric following close behind. Before he enters, he turns to you and narrows his eyes.

"Be careful." He warns, and closes the door behind him. You're left by yourself on the couch. You simply lay your head down on one of the pillows, throwing a nearby blanket on top of your body. The exhaustion of the day finally decided to rear its ugly head, and you pass out.
No. 632074 ID: 76c67f
File 142785940924.png - (34.22KB , 900x800 , 26.png )

No. 632075 ID: 76c67f
File 142785942323.png - (28.38KB , 900x800 , 27.png )

"How long were you going to hide from me? How long were you going to keep me locked up?"

No. 632077 ID: d3be40

"Gee, let's think, how long would it take for PSYCHOPATH HUNTERS TO STOP TRYING TO RIP MY SKIN OFF?!"
No. 632078 ID: 5db52c

>the hunter's pattens
Well, that's at least consistent with the serial killer model. They tend to have rules.

This one's just found himself a population to hunt law enforcement can't protect. (Especially if the body he leaves isn't human- who investigates the murder of a wolf)?

And yes, thinking of him as a serial killer is the right approach. He's hunting people- that's what he is.

He may be hard to predict and track, but we know he's coming after you, and/or the other girl. That means it's possible, in theory, to set a trap. You just need the people to spring it. Be real handy if you happened to have any buddies handy with a gun, or who spent time in the military.

Man, I didn't even know you were there. How was I supposed to acknowledge something I didn't know was real?

If being suppressed was even half as hard on you as this has been on me, I'm sorry. I didn't know.

So... what now? How does this work, inner wolf?
No. 632080 ID: bd8b82

if you stopped eating me and talked before maybe i wouldn't have tried to run away :V
No. 632084 ID: 6cb462

"I wish I knew sooner... what can I do to make it up to you?"
No. 632085 ID: d90668

Oh don't you dare give me that crap. Having constant dreams of a wolf chasing and swallowing me is not exactly enlightening.

What were you thinking? Oh hey I bet if I give him lots of vague symbolic dreams he will realize his true nature which up to this point had no evidence at all for existing. It's not like I spent years knowing about this and denying your existence.

Whatever I am on board now so lets wolf this shit up.
No. 632094 ID: edfc1e

Ira is becoming more and more suspicious every time she talks, I swear.

Don't even start that, Wolf, we have work to do now.
No. 632108 ID: 76c67f
File 142786395637.png - (23.66KB , 900x800 , 28.png )

"How the hell am I supposed to help something I don't know is there? Maybe if you weren't trying to eat me I wouldn't run away..."

"Ah, so mean, so mean..."

"So how is this supposed to work? I need to learn how to control you real fast."

"They want my skin...my beautiful, wonderful fur...do you think I'll let them get away with it?"

"What do you mean they...? Ira and Ulric?"

"Didn't you notice? When he attacked you in the alleyway...someone else was there..."

"I never saw anyone..."

"But I did...if you want to stay alive, you must work on your communication skills."

"I don't know how."

"It'll come with time, boy."

"I don't have time."

"For now, you do. Do you have any questions for me?"

"Isn't it just like talking to myself...?"

"I know things you haven't discovered yet...I can only talk to you in your dreams...how inconvenient..."


No. 632111 ID: bd8b82

i think the big one is how to transform.
No. 632112 ID: 6cb462

We need to find someone as soon as possible tomorrow morning. Do you know any quick way to track her? She is supposedly another werewolf with white hair.
No. 632121 ID: bb78f2

Are you a spirit? Real? Separate from us though we share bodies?
Or simply a part of mind suppressed? Like, a conscience or simply a mental perception of natural instincts that my mind is rationalizing?
Do you know my Mom? Or was my Dad the werewolf that also hid this part of himself really well and scared Mom away?

How much of a threat is Ira and Ulric? Should I lead them to the white wolf? You have the intuition I don't have.
You won't make me hunt people, eat them, right? Can I just feed us steaks I cook on a grill or skillet to sate you? I don't want to break laws or hurt anybody and feel bad. Don't make me turn into a sociopath.

Tell me how you like your steaks... or rabbit or sheep I guess. Not too raw, I'll barf and get sick. I still have mostly human innards, at least half.
No. 632151 ID: d3be40

Okay, get a rough estimate of the wolf's abilities. See if you can integrate these into technology, like bullet-time or superhuman agility.

Also, what's the wolf's name? If he doesn't give one, jokingly threaten to call him Rainbow Giggles.
No. 632156 ID: 296917

The other werewolves mentioned being able to smell other werewolves. How do we do that? Also, did you notice any werewolves aside from the three we know of?

What's with the headaches? How do we avoid that?
No. 632162 ID: 76c67f
File 142786854806.png - (45.04KB , 900x800 , 29.png )

"Wait are you...are you part of me? Or are you a seperate conscious?"

"Hmm? We would've been able to cooperate if your parents were more wary...now we're more different than we are alike. You do understand, right Michael? You can't control me anymore..."

"Parents...did...did you know my parents? What happened to Mom?"

"Your Mother was a fine werewolf...one morning she left to go to work and never came back...apparently your Dad knew what happened, though I wouldn't suggest asking him about it. It's a delicate subject, I suppose."

"A-And, you aren't going to make me eat people, right? I don't want to be a killer..."

"I don't favor human flesh. It's bitter...though since I don't have a physical body, what you eat is of no concern to me..."

"Good...at least I won't hurt anyone...but how do I even transform? I can't control it..."

"Not yet, Michael. Not yet. Perhaps as the days pass, we'll become better friends, hmm?"

"You better learn how to get friendly fast...and what's with all the headaches?"

"I'm not a fan of bright lights or loud noises...it's just taken you 20 years to notice."

"A warning would be nice...and how do I learn how to smell werewolves? Did you notice any?"

"Aside from the ones we met? No...they're hard to find in such a noisy city...humans aren't exactly the cleanest, either. I'm unsure if you'll be able to develop your nose enough to smell..."

"Fantastic...I'm a handicapped werewolf..."

"Anything else?"

"Well, should...should I trust Ira and Ulric? What will they do with the white wolf?"

"I don't sense any bad intentions...they're both werewolves, like you, and they both are fighting to kill the skinner...but whether or not they'll betray you? I can't determine."

"Great...so I'm still in the dark..."

"I do warn you to be careful, though. Don't be so foolish as to think a simple handgun will be able to finish off the werewolf skinner. There's a reason he's still alive...but I'm not sure what that reason is. A normal human would never be able to survive so long..."

"But how? That's all he is, right? Just a person?"

"Ah! Look at what time it is...I should be leaving..."

"Wait! N-No! I still have to ask you a few things!"

"Tomorrow night, Michael? Be glad you get a full night's rest, eh?"

"P-Please! Wait!"
No. 632163 ID: 76c67f
File 142786855716.png - (36.74KB , 900x800 , 30.png )

"Ahh! Wake up, Michael! Up! Up!" You feel Ira's arms smacking at your chest, her hair pulled back into a pony tail. Strange, you notice her left eye is always covered up...even now, the bangs still rest over it. "We made breakfast! A hearty meal for a growing wolf!" Sitting up, you see Ulric standing in the kitchen, with 3 plates of food beside him.

"Get ready, we're leaving after you're finished with your meal." He says, sitting down beside his mate at the table.

"Agh...shouldn't I change clothes...? I'm still in my work uniform..." Ira claps her hands together, scooping up a forkful of eggs.

"We can pick up your things after we find the white wolf! Mmh! Now sit, sit! Eat! Do you still have anything else to ask? Breakfast chatter is lovely, I think. But don't talk with your mouth full, that's rude!" You sit down across from Ira, glancing down at your plate of food. Seeing the piles of eggs, hashbrowns and fresh sausage makes your stomach rumble out. You begin to eat.

>Stay quiet.
>Ask for information.
>Talk about your dreams.
No. 632172 ID: 6cb462

Formulate plan on how to find the white werewolf. mention you met her at the train station, so we should probably start there, around the same time the train arrives.
No. 632175 ID: edfc1e

Ask what the next step in this whole "You're a wolf, Michael!" business is. Anything you need to know like things to avoid, anything that automatically causes some weird reactions.
No. 632176 ID: d3be40

1. You two really want kids, don't you. (Suggest adopting some orphans off the streets, they can handle it)
2. You're acting suspicious. This is just breakfast.
3. Why don't werewolves carry weapons and/or gear like everyone else? A cell phone or tazer would be useful enough.
4. Does a werewolf's fur empower the wearer?
5. Show off her werewolf form, OR her eye socket.
No. 632202 ID: bb78f2

I like talking about your dreams.
Maybe they're aware of your conundrum a bit.

By the way, if you're Dad's aware of something, but doesn't want to talk about it due to it's delicate nature, fuck that. You got shit to live for and KNOW if you're going to live and live right. If you're Dad's too much of a bitch to care more about how uncomfortable the subject is for him instead of helping take care of his son, fuck him.

So call him later.
Facebook for the white wolf.She might be in your suggested friend's feed. Don't know WHY I would think that, but something tells me it would be harder to find her by just going down to the subway car again. Then again, Ulfric could pick up the scent from her seat, maybe. Longshot though.
No. 632209 ID: bb78f2

Also, enough about us eventually, make small talk.
Did Ulfric pick up his brooding mystique from watching too much TV? So stoic, so wow.

How did you two meet? Is there a werewolf dating site?
Ooooh, how about werewolf forums. Are there werewolf forums? Does licking your butt clean feel that good?

What's ya'lls own backstory. We were raised by a human Dad and Mom left, as they know. Where are you guys from exactly? Did you know about this stuff from when you were kids? Is there werewolf kindergarten?
No. 632292 ID: f75cf9

Hmm, they're cute in casual clothes <3

Probably letting them know you're a bit of a derp wolf MOON MOON NO is a good idea... unless you think they'd take advantage of it to betray you... hmmm... undecided there.

Also you might want to call your work and let them know you might not be able to come in for a while.
No. 632297 ID: b3fef1


No. 632326 ID: 5db52c

>"Didn't you notice? When he attacked you in the alleyway...someone else was there..."
Don't see it, reviewing the panels. They weren't on screen.

That said, I don't doubt it very much. This whole situation screams setup.

This is pretty much exactly right. See if the 'inner wolf' thing is normal, or they think you're just stressed out and having weird dreams.

And then see if you can get in touch with your dad.
No. 632338 ID: f75cf9

I got confused for a bit too, but Inner Howler was just saying there was someone else with the hunter... not that it was Ira and Ulric. See later when he says they're trying to stop the hunter.

Mind they well might still be up to something, but we have no reason to believe they're allied with the hunter.
No. 632339 ID: 76c67f
File 142792608230.png - (38.76KB , 900x800 , 31.png )

"I suppose we can talk about these weird dreams I'm having..." You mention, twirling a piece of hashbrown crust around on your plate. Ira waves at you, motioning for you to go on. "I...I talk to my wolf counterpart in my dreams. It's like he's a seperate entity. He tells me things I never knew and he interacts with me as if he's a different person."

"That's not uncommon among werewolves like you. It's natural dissonance." Ulric states, "You've been unaware of that part of you for so long that it has developed into a completely other part, like another personality, though it only shows up in your head. That's why early knowledge is important."

"I don't think that's quite fair to him, though." Ira sighs. "It's obviously causing the poor thing a lot of stress...you'll get used to it in good time, Michael, don't worry." You rest your chin on your hand.

"I sure hope so...anyways, about that white wolf, I think our best bet would be to find her in the subway again. That's where I saw her yesterday, and it's early enough that if we leave soon we might be able to spot her."

"Perfect! It's probably best if you confront her without us. She might get overwhelmed if all three of us gang up on her, don't you think? We'll stick behind in the train station for you."

You eat in silence for a few minutes, the only sound being the silverware clicking against the plates. You begin a new conversation.

"So how did you two meet? Did you meet each other at school? Did you even go to school?"

"You know, most werewolves don't go to school, or they drop out entirely! We don't quite like the environment...I personally went through college and got a degree, just an associate's, nothing fancy~ Ah! But yes, Ulric, we met in college. I was absolutely charmed to bits by his rough-nut personality!" Ira pinches her mate's cheek, making a kissy face with her lips. He just gives a light smile, eyes softening just a tad. "I wish we could have pups of our own, but I think it's a bit too early. Once we find a more stable home then we'll consider it further. Besides, we're still young! Only 28 for me, Ulric's 30."

"Ira, did your parents...er, I mean, were they werewolves?"

"Both of them were, yes. For Ulric, only his Dad was."

"Did they teach you about this stuff when you were a kid?"

"Mmhmm! My parents didn't give me 'the talk' until I was in middle school, though. I can't quite speak for Ulric." The large man wipes his mouth with a napkin, letting out a sigh.

"My Dad discussed it with me when I was 10."

"An early bloomer, you are!"

Breakfast wraps up quickly, the dishes placed in the sink, leftovers stored in the fridge. Ira and Ulric begin to throw on light jackets and unlock the front door. "Michael, dear! Come on! We certainly don't want to miss her!" You hurriedly prepare yourself and exit along with your new acquaintances. You still don't quite trust them, but at least you don't dislike them. They're nice enough.

It's a short walk down to the train station which was busy as usual. Men and women in business outfits pass through the gates, sliding their metro cards over the small scanners. Ira and Ulric follow close behind you as you locate the same line that the girl was on yesterday. "Now listen, we'll stay a ways away, just out of ear shot. It'll be your job to convince her, okay?" You nod and wait on a bench with chipped paint. You wait for half an hour, hope slipping with each passing minute. When the next train comes in, you scan the passing crowd of people, and see a familiar head of white hair. It's her.

>Grab her and drag her off to the side.
>Quietly get her attention.
>Follow her without saying anything.
>Greet her normally, without urgency.
No. 632351 ID: 5db52c

>Quietly get her attention
>Greet her normally, without urgency.
We just want to talk, after all. No need to do something drastic unless that murderer is right on top of you or something.

Our goal, however, is not to immediately try to get her into their house. It's to let her know we know. And see what she knows. We'll go from there.

We can make excuses if they press you on it later.
No. 632356 ID: 296917

Yeah, that's reasonable.
No. 632357 ID: f75cf9

Don't forget to tell her about the hunter though.
No. 632358 ID: 9297f4

Don't be a creeper, just greet her normally and tell thanks for looking out for you.
No. 632370 ID: 316b0b

Walk along with her to wherever it is she's going, chatting about subjects any werewolf would be familiar with but not using the especially alarming keywords just yet.
No. 632419 ID: d3be40

If she gets suspicious, tell her that there's a psycho hunter who pounced you yesterday... gave you a crash course on what's what.

And he collects pelts.
No. 632424 ID: 5db52c

Maybe we should start with the wolf thing, seeing if she's willing to talk about that, or admit it to us, now. Before we start the hysterical serial murderer talk.
No. 632498 ID: 76c67f
File 142794998863.png - (34.76KB , 900x800 , 32.png )

You hurry towards her, tapping her shoulder, flashing your best, friendly smile. Her head snaps at you, eyes going wide before she realizes who you are. A sense of relief washes across her face and she pushes past the crowd to find a little area off to the side to talk to you.

"I didn't think I would see you again..." Her hands fidget together, eyes shifting from side to side. "Are you feeling better?"

"Much, thank you. I also figured out yesterday that I'm ah...uh...you know..."

"You're a-- oh! Y-You found that out just now?" She seems a bit shocked, but not scared. More intrigued. "That makes me glad...keeping that inside isn't good for you, you know?

"Mm, thanks for looking out for me...that was really nice of you." You grab onto her hand, smiling at her. You can see her shoulders rise up, mouth opening to speak but not making a sound. It takes her a few moments to actually speak.

"A-Ah! It's no problem at all! I w-was just ah...m-making sure you were fine..." Her face is a bright, red color. Is she sick? Shaking off any worries, you shoot her with your next question.

"So, are you one, too?"

"M-Me? Well, yes...that's how I knew you were one..."

"Do you have white fur?"

"Yes? How'd you know?"


>Talk about the hunter.
>Diverge into an unrelated topic.
>Suggest taking her to Ira and Ulric's place.
No. 632500 ID: bd8b82

1 and 3. tell her the hunter is a nut and staying someplace safe is a goo idea.
No. 632501 ID: 2839a0

her guard is down!
now is the perfect time.
wolfman suplex her into submission!
No. 632504 ID: 6cb462

We have to warn her about the hunter. Tell her you were attacked by him last night, but a couple of other werewolves managed to help keep you safe after you've escaped.

Then make the offer to bring her to Ira and Ulric's place, don't force her to though.
No. 632521 ID: f75cf9

>Her face is a bright, red color. Is she sick?
Oh, Michael, you're adorable.

But yeah pretty much this.
No. 632522 ID: edfc1e

Michael, you are so innocent it's adorable.

Mention you were attacked and ask if she has anywhere she might be able to go for protection. If she's just as valuable as you are, it might be wise to start looking for a safehouse.
No. 632523 ID: bb78f2

You have daenerys targaryen color hair, from game of thrones or a song of ice and fire if you're a fan of the book series. I thought you bleached it, but considering the weird circumstances surrounding me and you, and how a lot of fan art from the books depicts Danny with white anime hair, I put two and two together and figured out you were white furred.

Admit you're a nerd since you knew her color from goddamn game of thrones. I mean, I actually knew that as a suggester for you, but admitting you're a nerd is cute. And dude you're totally holding hands with her right now you GO DUDE. Be cuter. Be nerdy and awkward she likes it.

Oh and tell her you figured out everything shortly after being attacked by a skinner trying to lure us out in full form and get a bunch of exposition from a pair of friendly werewolves, at least, friendly so far.

I don't know man if this whole thing turns into game of thrones with werewolves in the big city I could totally see getting backstabbed by that really nice couple. Want to trust them, really do, but I've watched WAAAY too many political thrillers lately to trust anybody.
No. 632529 ID: d3be40

Tell her that some psycho hunter you ran into yesterday is collecting werewolf pelts. Also, ask her if the pelt of a werewolf shields the wearer or something.

You met two werewolves who want to take down the hunter, but it's her call where she wants to go to defend herself. Maybe she already has a high-tech home defense system?
No. 632544 ID: b3fef1

Def tell her about the hunter.
No. 632547 ID: f5baae

You have to talk about the hunter. Make sure you reference your last encounter with him when you do it. If you really feel you need to talk about Ira and Ulric this early in the conversation, make sure you offer her instead of make her, but please INSIST that she comes with you. If you really care about whether she gets hurt or not, make sure to mention that too.
No. 632606 ID: 88960e

>Yes? How'd you know?
Well, uh, you kind of got jumped by this crazy hunter guy the other day, and two other uh, people like us, stepped in and helped me.

They told me some stuff, and when they said white wolves were a thing, I guessed that was who you are.

I just wanted to make sure you were okay and didn't get surprised.

Don't offer protection, yet. See what she knows, or says in response. We want to test what they told us, see if she says the same things.
No. 632618 ID: 8f01e8

Unrelated topic. Ask where she lives, and if other people would be there right now, and what she's planning to do for the rest of the day.

No need to panic her with the serial killer thing right this minute, and no sense inviting her to Ira and Ulric's place if she has a better defensive setup with her own pack. Also, flirting.
No. 632663 ID: c15e93
File 142802113841.png - (39.26KB , 900x800 , 33.png )

"Yesterday, when I was heading home from work, I was confronted by some sort of hunter...he takes the skins and sells them...I got help from a few other people like us, and I'm staying with them...they mentioned something about how white and black fur is the most valuable and I just wanted to make sure you were okay." This causes a bit of distress to show up on her expression. She tugs at the hair draped over her shoulder, biting her lip.

"I've heard stories...my parents would use the legend of the 'Furcutter' to scare me into obeying...I didn't think he would be real..." Her fingers gripped down hard on your hands. "Y-You said you're staying with other people?"

"Yes. They offered their home as a sort of safehouse...you can come with me, if you're interested. I don't want to leave you to be by yourself." Her eyes drop to the ground, weighing her options carefully. "And since you have white fur, he's more likely to try and find you."

"I don't have anywhere to be right now, so I don't mind stopping by for a bit. Then I can decide if I want to stay there or not..."

"Hey, that's fine. I'm not trying to pressure you into anything. What's your name, by the way?"

"My Mom named me Blanca, after my white hair, heh..."

"I'm Michael." Blanca gives you a tense smile, clearly a bit nervous. "Don't worry, the people are nice...they won't try and hurt you." Of course, you don't know this for sure, but there's no sense in making her feel doubtful. Now that you get a decent look at her, she reminds you of Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Of course, you don't mention it to her right now. Some small fear inside of you prevents you from opening up to her quite yet. Are you scared of embarrassing yourself? She doesn't seem like the type to judge...

You lead her to Ira and Ulric, who greet her with warm smiles. Ira gives her a reassuring hug, while Ulric simply bows his head. Stone-hard as always. Before leaving, Ira turns to you and gives you a few options.

"Michael, do you want to go to your house and pick up a few things? I'm not expecting you to move your entire home, but just a bag full of stuff. Take as long as you need, if you want. You know where our place is." The way she words her offer makes it sound like you will be going alone.

>Go home and pack up some bags.
>Stay with Ira and Ulric for now.
No. 632665 ID: 6cb462

Its probably not a good idea to go home alone, especially if that Cruella de Vil wannabe is out there hunting for you, and you are an unskilled werewolf. Ask If either Ira or Ulric go could go with you while the other takes Blanca. If not, go back with them for now.
No. 632666 ID: edfc1e

For now, stay with Ira and Ulric. We can't leave Blanca alone, she'll get too freaked out.
No. 632670 ID: 5db52c

Splitting up seems a bad idea if the hunter is a threat.

...and leaving Blanca alone with them is a bad idea if they can't be trusted and this is some kind of trap or trick.

You can live without your stuff, for now.

>Some small fear inside of you prevents you from opening up to her quite yet.
Talk about some normal stuff. What's she into besides our members only midnight fur club?
No. 632671 ID: f5baae

Gee, now I want to retcon Michaels name into something that is named after his black hair. Whatever.

>If it's not too much trouble, we should insist someone go with us, going alone is akin to splitting up in a horror house.
No. 632673 ID: d3be40

Stay at the safehouse. The hunter has likely placed tracking devices and/or traps at your apartment. Worry about all the money you lost after you've taken down the hunter and steal his stash of loot.
No. 632676 ID: 296917

Let's go pick up stuff. You won't die if you stay where people are. Don't give the hunter the opportunity to strike, and remember... he prefers to strike in the open.
No. 632682 ID: 330ce5

We can go get our stuff later for now lets stick with the group, besides if we leave Blanca might get nervous or freak out.
No. 632685 ID: 76c67f
File 142803048937.png - (18.06KB , 900x800 , 34.png )

"Maybe it would be better if I stayed with you guys for now. I can grab my stuff later..." The two of them stare at you before shrugging.

"Fine by me!" Ira proclaims, turning to leave the train station. "Let's take this girl on home, we can have a nice chat once we're there." While you walk with the couple and Blanca, you turn to try and kick up a bit of idle chit-chat with the white-haired girl.

"So where do you live? Do you live by yourself?" Blanca blinks at you, a bit amused by the question.

"Yes, I live on my own. It's just a modest, little apartment, nothing too fancy!" Blanca averts her eyes, as if embarrassed.

"Ahaha, me too. I'm a bit too poor to afford anything rich..." This perks her up a bit.

"You work at the little restaurant down here, right? What was it...Soup-or-Salad?"

"Y-Yeah! How'd you know?" You're shocked that she would know this much about you. You barely know a thing about her.

"I see you there sometimes...you're usually in the back cleaning dishes...that place has really good food."

"I wish I could tell you I cook some of it...sadly, my cooking skills aren't that great."

"Hehe, must be hard living on your own."

"Hey do you know the show Game of Thrones?"

"I've heard of it! That fantasy show? I know a lot of people die..."

"Yep, that's the one. You remind me a lot of a character on there...a white-haired warrior...she commands dragons!"

"Oh my! I'm sorry to say that I'm not quite that exciting!"

"I think you're plenty exciting..." As soon as those words exit your mouth, you immediately go red-faced. "I mean..." Blanca is equally as flustered. The conversation halts to a stop. You can hear Ira snickering a few feet in front of you.

Approaching Ira and Ulric's apartment building, you see a small basket in front of the door. The contents are covered up with a white cloth, and there's a piece of paper on top with the name, Michael on it. It's addressed to you.

>Ignore it.
>Open it.
>Take it inside.
No. 632686 ID: 6cb462

Someone knows you're hiding here. Ask if Ira and Ulric told anyone you were staying with them, until then don't open it or take it inside.
No. 632687 ID: 5db52c

>What do
Point it out to the others.

Uh, guys. No one should know I'm here.

Maybe snatch the note, see if you recognize the handwriting, and if it says anything else.

Poke / open the basket with a stick.
No. 632688 ID: edfc1e

Well. That's not good and kind of creepy.

Lift the cover with a stick you can find nearby.
No. 632689 ID: bb78f2

Hey Michael, I know that could be a thinly veiled threat underneath that cloth but at the same time, for some reason, I think it might be an orphan werewolf that might be your brother or sister.
Or a cousin. Or a future time child.
I dunno. Did you have a break-up with a girl about nine months ago?
Really strong feeling that's a baby on your doorstep.

Ulric, Ira, Blanca, does that thing smell odd to you in anyway? We can't do the smelly thing.
No. 632690 ID: 296917

Take it inside.
No. 632691 ID: 9297f4


Get the all important stick to lift the cover.
No. 632692 ID: 76c67f
File 142803244594.png - (49.11KB , 900x800 , 35.png )

Immediately, Ira pulls back, mouth pulling into a tight frown. "What..." You bend down, picking up the note to examine it. You didn't recognize the handwriting. Flipping it over, you see there's a message.

Do you love games, Michael? I certainly do. What fun is there in simply killing you? Perhaps a little game of hide and seek will interest you? I'm sure you want to find me...I want to find you, as well. Do you like basketball? There's a lovely, little court not too far from here...just behind a quiet bookstore. I'll wait for you. Take your time...while you think about it, I packed a little treat for you~ I'm deeply sorry I couldn't clean it up more, for you. I hope you enjoy~"

The note ends there. Judging by Ira's reaction, you can tell whatever's underneath the basket isn't good. "How did he find us? Is he watching us from somewhere?" You pick up a small stick lying on the side of the sidewalk and prod at the cloth, lifting it up to see what's underneath.

Inside the basket is a puffy loaf of freshly baked bread. The thing that makes you gag is the fact that it's nestled on top of a pile of bloody fur. The underside of the bread is stained red, hair sticking to the sides.

No. 632693 ID: 5db52c

...hiding isn't going to work. We need help.
No. 632694 ID: b3fef1

What the fuck is this shit
No. 632696 ID: 296917

The hunter is very confident. All four of you could go there and try to ambush him. He must think he will win.

I believe him. You need to find out what he is, how he's so strong. We need to research. Also maybe get the police in on this? I mean if they're present when the ambush happens won't the hunter become a wanted man?
No. 632697 ID: 60700b

Get rid of the basket and its contents.
No. 632698 ID: 296917

Wait shouldn't the police be involved already? This man has killed dozens of people.
No. 632700 ID: d3be40

What if it's actually good for you? It's possible that the bread is a sort of customized medicine, which he's giving you so that your pelt becomes more valuable and/or he'll get a real challenge.

Test the bread on some animals, like birds. Even if it's possible that he poisoned the bread, it's also possible that it contains a cure to a poison that he's going to inflict on you, for dramatic irony.

If he has a tracking device that can be crushed into bread crumbs and still works, he probably has a lock on you anyway.
No. 632701 ID: f5baae

You want something to do? You've just found some bread nestled in fur, maybe it would be a good idea to just let the cloth down and throw it in the bin. But just to be sure, ask Ira if that's okay, as the fur might not be suitable for throwing in the bin for some reason.
No. 632702 ID: bb78f2

Ira, Ulfric, do you know this fur from anywhere? This might be an extra message to you.

Hey, shot in the dark here, but how about we see what happens when we report this to the police?
I am legit curious what will happen.
How did he get your name?
No. 632704 ID: 6cb462

Wait, check inside that bread (don't eat it). There could be a bomb or something in there!
No. 632706 ID: 82c018

We should ask Blanka about the "Furcutter" legend, since the fact that he has a legend about him upgrades his threat level from "serial killer who is probably a vampire or something" to "mythical boogieman", and ask Ira and Ulfric if they know anyone who has fought him and lived.
Also we should check for what sorts of weapons work against werewolves (I think the others mentioned Skin Guy using tasers), since he probably has similar or better super-toughness.
No. 632717 ID: 8f01e8

Everything previous could have been explained away as some combination of plausible coincidences and subclinical mental illness, but now the only coherent non-supernatural explanations involve either extremely vivid and coherent hallucinations to the point that your basic senses cannot be trusted, or someone escalating an elaborate prank to the point of sticking a knife in an actual living animal.

So, absolutely call the goddamn police at this point. Some highly-trained professionals will no doubt relish the opportunity to set up a counter-ambush around the specified basketball court. Minimize touching the note so as to preserve Furcutter's fingerprints.
No. 632813 ID: 76c67f
File 142810016342.png - (34.81KB , 900x800 , 36.png )

You can feel Blanca trembling beside you. "Wh-Who would do this?" She muttered. You kneel down and pick up the bread, breaking it in half. The bread is perfectly baked. A crispy outside, with a spongy inside. It's just normal bread. You look up at Ira, frowning.

"Do you recognize this fur? Is it fresh?" She solemnly shakes her head.

"It's fresh...b-but I don't recognize the smell." You can see Ulric's grip on her shoulder tighten. It's clear that he's disturbed by this as well, even if he doesn't show it much.

"We need to call the police about this." You finally say.

"They won't believe a word...werewolves are a thing of fiction to them."

"Then just leave out the werewolf part...we have a specific location as to where he's hiding, so we just ambush him and catch him."

"Michael...I don't think involving the police in this is a very good idea...there's a risk that they could find out about us."

"If we're careful they won't. This is much more than we can handle!"

"I..." Ira's mouth stays open, her words catching in her throat. Frustrated, you toss the hair and bread into the bushes, growling under your breath.

"Fuck...this man has killed countless people...he needs to be stopped!"

"He's killed countless wolves...as far as I know, there isn't a single human corpse out there that can be traced back to this." Ulric states. "The only lead we have would be the missing person cases...but I would rather not disclose this problem to the public."

"You're just being selfish!" You yell. "You're afraid to admit you need help from humans!"

"How many more lives do you think would be lost if we brought the police into this? If they aren't an enemy to the Skinner then they won't be targetted."

"We just need to get enough of them together so we can corner that bastard!" Ulric marches forward, slamming you against the front door to the building.

"Just listen to me." His tone of voice causes you to shut up instantly. There's an intense, feral look in his eyes. His teeth are slightly bared as well. "Dozens of werewolves over the years have tried desperately to stop this man. Probably in groups of ten or more. If we bring the humans into this they'll only be killed as well. If they find out about us, then we'll be hunted by them along with the Skinner." You clench your fists, jaw locking up. You wanted to fight back and argue, but the overpowering force of Ulric's gaze kept you down. Like a hound glaring down a puppy.

"Honey, let's just go inside and talk this out...no need to make him trust us less than he already does." Ira slides her hand up Ulric's back, opening the door to scoot him inside. She gives you a sympathetic look before heading in. Blanca follows but stops right beside you. Her face is even paler than her hair.

"Are we going to be okay, Michael?" You stay paused for a moment before shaking off the heavy tension that kept you grounded. You then pull her into a tight hug, sighing.

"We'll be fine...we just need to figure out a strategy."
No. 632814 ID: 76c67f
File 142810017019.png - (21.07KB , 900x800 , 37.png )

You're all back inside the apartment now. Blanca and Ira are situated on the couch, discussing light-hearted things to take their minds off of the recent turn of events. Ulric is stationed against a wall, deep in thought. You're sitting at the kitchen table. Raising your head, you call to Blanca for her attention.

"You mentioned before about the legend of the Furcutter...maybe it has a few clues as to what we can do?" The girl taps her chin, giving an aimless stare to the wall.

"W-Well, it's a pretty simple folktale. Young pups are told that if they're too vain then the Furcutter will steal their skin and fur so they're ugly and hairless. In the stories he always chopped them up with a bonesaw...He was big and scary, and wore the skin of a werewolf around his body. He had the eyes of a crazed bull and the strength of a thousand mountains. There was a little song to go with it too! Do you want to hear it?"

"Y-Yeah!" Part of you just wanted to hear her sing.

Small children, young children, oh have you heard
why the local wolf women have lost all their fur?
It's the work of the man who stays still in the night
to catch all the children and give them a fright.

His favorite meals are the ones who will say
that their fur is the prettiest fur of the day,
He'll slice you and dice you and steal all your skin,
And make a new coat with a thread and a pin.

As Blanca sang, Ira would sway back and forth, bobbing her head. It was a dark, ominous song, with a surprisingly upbeat tone. It makes the hair on your neck stand on end. Who would sing this to young kids?

"My mother used to tell me that story whenever I got too full of myself." Ira proclaims, puffing out her chest a bit. "Which happened quite a lot, according to her."

"I think I should mention..." Ulric's voice cuts through the room like a hatchet. "Recent rumors have been talking about the Furcutter having some sort of underling. A minion, if you want to call it that. A red-cloaked figure...over the past few years, they've been seen standing beside the Furcutter." Is that what the wolf in your dreams was talking about? He mentioned something about there being another person with the Furcutter...someone you couldn't see.

>Ask about ways to kill the Furcutter.
>Ask more about the Furcutter legend.
No. 632815 ID: bd8b82

there MUST be some power in wearing the skin cloack of a werewolf.
No. 632817 ID: 296917

>Ask more about the Furcutter legend.
How long has the tale been passed down? Hmm, I wonder if there's always been one Furcutter, or if they pass down their techniques and cloak to heirs...

You know, I have another idea of who to call upon for help. PETA. They'd target him for wearing fur.
No. 632819 ID: 5db52c

>They won't believe a word...werewolves are a thing of fiction to them.
Creepy bloody bundles dropped on a doorstop still count as pretty obvious harassment, or a threat. The cops take weird threats seriously. It could be terrorists or something. Bread and wolves- that's religious symbolism, right?

>He's killed countless wolves...as far as I know, there isn't a single human corpse out there that can be traced back to this.
That's a good reason to involve the police, actually. If we're on record as concerned for our safety with weird threats being left on our doorstop, then people will notice if any of us disappear. Even if there's no body. He won't be free to act with impunity.

I agree, trying to get cops to attack him or something is a bad idea, and will end up with people hurt, and us looking guilty. But just reporting this puts them on guard, and makes it harder for him to operate.

>If they find out about us, then we'll be hunted by them along with the Skinner.
...could I ask why I you think that? If I'd found out say, last week, that Blanca was a werewolf, my reaction wouldn't have been to try and hunt and kill her. I don't think most people would. I can understand why you wouldn't want to let out how you're different get out and cause a backlash, but is that really worse than being hunted with impunity?

(That's an emotional reaction. Someone reacted badly to him, or someone he cared about, in the past).

>Who would sing this to young kids?
A lot of nursery rhymes and fairy tales are pretty dark and creepy if you think about it. Par for the course, really.
No. 632820 ID: d3be40

Maybe the hunter who ambushed you was the apprentice. Makes sense - he seemed to make a lot of mistakes (did not obfuscate his facial identity, grappled you within clawing distance, didn't execute immediately), and a mentor could hide in the shadows in case something went horribly wrong.

Apparently, werewolf pelts have real power within them. Keep this one for luck, you can bury it after the hunters are dealt with.
No. 632822 ID: 6cb462

According to the nursery rhyme, it seems the skinner only targets werewolves who thinks much too highly of themselves. While Micheal doesn't seem that way, his inner wolf in his dreams did. That said, it could be the reason why the skinner has a high interest on Micheal.

I would suggest we try to get our inner wolf straightened out, show it some manners.
No. 632824 ID: bb78f2

I have a few arguments to Ulfric's points, though now might not be the best time to tell them. Still...
>"How many more lives do you think would be lost if we brought the police into this? If they aren't an enemy to the Skinner then they won't be targetted."

The police are meant to protect the citizen's of the united states. Willing to throw their lives away for the sake of order. There's no werewolf police, no secret society, no nothing to fight this skinner. This man is a murderer, a criminal, he falls under jurisdiction of the law of the United States of America. The police, the national gaurd, swat, it doesn't matter, it's their jobs to protect people like us. And, until yesterday, if I were to be assaulted or threaten, it would be reasonable to tell this to the police for my protection. Our protection. We're not soldiers, not fighters. We're not trained. We may be wolves, but we are also humans, with rights. We don't HAVE to fight our own battles, because this isn't our own battle. It's America's battle against INJUSTICE.

>"Dozens of werewolves over the years have tried desperately to stop this man. Probably in groups of ten or more. If we bring the humans into this they'll only be killed as well. If they find out about us, then we'll be hunted by them along with the Skinner."
The modern era has abolished lynch mobs. If someone were to create Frankenstien's monster, there would be a legal process to figure out what to do with the creature, though nothing would probably happen to it so long as it commited no crime, and it would still be treated like a citizen of the United States. The same would happen with werewolves. First, scientists would try and figure out if it's a disease, then realize "Oh, this is genetically passed along, and it's not harmful to the subject, and they are in full control of themselves even when transformed. Therefore, not a harmful disease to cure." then they'd figure out how to classify it, then nothing. Congress would get up into a bunch of debate about werewolf rights, but soon more and more werewolves will come out and reveal that they've been here all along, including celebrities, and have been a part of our culture for a long time and then, hey, America realizes we're all the same and then we'd be some minority and there's some racism here and there but that's just what's going to happen.

TLDR, Police should be willing to die for us fellow American citizens, and the modern era is progressive enough that we aren't going to get lynched for being different.

Ask more about the furcutter legend.
No. 632828 ID: b3fef1

"How do we kill this fucker?"
No. 632829 ID: d3be40


First of all, police are PEOPLE. They can be corrupt or idealistic, greedy or honest, family-men or broken-dreams drunkards, or any combination of different aspects and traits that make up life. You can't expect police -> justice and call it a day. For all we know, the police could have been paid off by the Furcutter. Now, it's also possible that the police force has a few werewolves on their side, but you can't be sure of who is on whose side, or even what sides there are!

And just because lynch mobs have been declared illegal doesn't mean nobody will do it. More likely though, people can formulate unique opinions and plans that have nothing to do with lynch mobs or even assault, but can have everything to do with ruining another community; they don't even have to be illegal to perform irrepairable damage!

Plan this out, test the waters, schedule appointments, etc.
No. 632834 ID: bb78f2

I feel like the chances of the Furcutter paying off the police are nil. Nonetheless, the argument towards Ulfric was primarily against his point about getting other people killed. It's the police's responsibilities to be willing to die for a citizen's protection if need be, like how a soldier must be prepared to die for their country. It's a worse case scenario that we want to avoid but an ugly part of signing of for the job. I have no moral quandary against having police killed for the sake of stopping the Furcutter and protecting us AND Blanca.

We're desperate. We need to act desperate.

As for people performing illegal lynchings and other damaging actions, simply part of the threat of being different, but ultimately a lesser threat than the FurCutter. Werewolves can't stay a secret forever and we have to start progress now rather than later. Mainly because we want to have Michael live as long as possible.

The biggest advantage of lynching being illegal is that the government can't possibly condone genocide of werewolves without looking like a bunch of dicks. And the chances of being gunned down by a police officer in public when we're doing nothing is also very small since that will bring consequences to the police officer. Though admittedly, we could have Ferguson-like situation in the near present should werewolves become public.
No. 632836 ID: 5db52c

Another point: the hunter is counting on scaring us, and winning the way he usually does. That means, if we want to survive, we stay calm and play by different rules.
No. 632840 ID: a19cd5

This. We need to brainstorm. It's obvious a full-front assault isn't going to be doing much, and the sneaky route's probably been attempted many times.
It's clear that we need something unorthodox.

I vote we drive a car into him.
No. 632843 ID: bb78f2

I think the obvious solution that doesn't involve the police is getting an RPG.
Modern weapons BITCH.
Thug Life.
Blame me.
Just break into an armory, get massive ordanance, and FUCK HIM UP.
No. 632846 ID: 5db52c

>I vote we drive a car into him.
I would point out that the modern world has been, well, the modern world for a while now. If all it took was a car or a rocket, someone would have used one by now, or gotten lucky. And if we gamble on going right for him with that approach, we're screwed if he has some kind of magical protection. We may only get one shot- that's not unorthodox enough.

I think the easiest modern change to exploit is surveillance. Media. If we get evidence of him being violent, or a freak, or even just interesting, we can make society aware of him. Then his ability to move and operate gets hindered.

It's a pretty low risk, low cost first avenue of attack. Everything has cameras these days, and we're going to have run ins anyways, might as well record them.
No. 632848 ID: d3be40

No. 632854 ID: edfc1e

You know, this makes me wonder. He wants us, in a public place. He mentioned a public place, in the middle of the day, and that he will be waiting. Yes, it's behind a quiet bookstore, but as he said. The hunt is enjoyable, the thrill of the chase.

Like a wolf hunting a rabbit. Wonder if that fur is his or his latest prize.
No. 632863 ID: 8f01e8

Okay, Ulric, just so we're clear here... are you saying that if I go to the cops with this creepy-ass breadbasket, ask them to investigate the serial killer who's stalking me, I'm no longer welcome in your house?

The police have hundreds of dudes with guns and training, and I've seen them keeping the peace all my life. You have yourself and Ira, no real plan for dealing with the Furcutter, and I just met you yesterday. If you force me to choose, I'm gone.
No. 632870 ID: fbc59e

werewolves (us)
a skinner, and a red-cloaked companion?
Is it just me, or is this a twisted edition of little Red Riding Hood?
Seriously, there's even a basket delivery to boot!
No. 632871 ID: 468787

Why is everyone trying to torch all these bridges, holy fuck back down. These people have more experience with everything thats an issue here than we do: werewolfing, the weird skin guy, and retaliation against said skin man.
Calm down and formulate a plan with them, they may just have a point about the police.
No. 632874 ID: 76c67f
File 142811620699.png - (34.32KB , 900x800 , 38.png )

"Hey, how old is this Furcutter legend anyways? It sounds pretty old..." Maybe knowing this can help you figure out just how old this thing is...or maybe the Furcutter has apprentices? It's not out of the question.

"It's only about twenty years old." Blanca responds. "The killings began around the time the legend started..."

This entire situation bothered you to no end. The police had to be able to help. Despite what Ulric said to you, you continue to persist.

"Alright, I still say we report this to the local police station." You can see Ulric's face pull into a grimace. "They've been able to keep the peace all their lives...what's stopping them from doing the same here?" You stand up, patting down your pants. "You said all it takes is regular bullets to kill a werewolf, right? Then what's to stop regular bullets from killing a human. I'm going to go see the police and that's final."

"If you go, I won't be able to help you." Ulric snaps. "Neither will Ira. She's not going to get involved in this."

"That's fine...Blanca? Will you come?" The white-haired girl fidgets nervously, shifting her legs around.

"I'd...I'd love to b-but I..."

"Are you scared?"


>Try and convince her to come.
>Drop it and leave.
No. 632875 ID: d3be40

Drop it. These two can handle taking care of Blanca.
No. 632876 ID: 5db52c

Tell them fine, you're not gonna walk out and act unilaterally.

But then we need to talk about what we're going to do. The three of them might have their wolf powers up and under control, but that hasn't worked before, obviously. You're new to this, so all you can contribute is what you can think of. Which is sort of good, because we need to think of something new, that hasn't been done before. That he isn't prepared for. Our heads are more useful right now than our fur.

Personally, I don't think he'd be prepared for non-wolf cops to start hassling him, but fine, we're not going with that.

What else can we do that breaks the mold? Hiding and trying to wait it out won't work.
No. 632877 ID: 330ce5

We shouldn't push her to do anything she is uncomfortable with. Maybe while we are out we could also stop by our place and pick up some of our things.
No. 632878 ID: 5db52c

I also think it's important you ask them what they'd like to do. You're new to this, maybe you're overlooking an option. Tell me what you're thinking, and I'll at least consider it.

...also, why is the choice to leave to contact the police? We have a phone, and running the streets alone is dangerous.

Another option, if they don't want to get directly involved with the cops, is we take the note, and call in the creepy basket anonymously. It's weird enough to creep out people without fur, and could have been directed at anyone in the apartment building. It ups the attention in the area with less personal exposure.
No. 632887 ID: a19cd5

Seconding this. We need to take a breath and calm down already.
No. 632893 ID: bb78f2

Blanca, it's fine, you can stay. We're the only one to be threatened so far anyway. He's keeping an eye on us, so even if we fail horrifically with my police plan, you should be alright if you're not with us.

Hey, dude, it looks like you're going to need to learn how to transform to prove your existence to the world, and the police.
We're not halfassing the reveal man.
We gonna go all wolf face to the police.

Can you do the hand thing? Right now?
No. 632897 ID: 82c018

I agree that unilateral action would be too hasty. Also, I have some pretty major doubts about the police plan. The police would have a viable chance against Skinny if they went all in with swat or special forces teams, but we don't have nearly enough evidence to arrange for more than a small and mostly clueless police presence. (We might be able to prove that we are a werewolf, but that doesn't mean we will be able to convince them about the magnitude of the threat.) Also, getting police involved would limit our ability to amass a stockpile of improvised weaponry for our own use since police tend to frown on that sort of thing.

As for other potential plans for fighting Skinny:
- Set him on ‼fire‼. All the fluff on that coat looks extremely flammable (and if the furs actually are the/a source of his power than bonus).
- Find out more about the weapons he uses against werewolves, and acquire some of those. If they work against supernaturally strong and tough werewolves they are probably a good bet to use against whatever Skinny is.
- Homemade explosives? They would have significant risk of self-harm, but on the other hand we do have some degree of super-toughness so being hit by a spare bit of shrapnel is much less of a risk for us than it would be for some human. (By the way, make sure that the whole super-toughness thing also applies to our human form as well as the wolf one.)
No. 632902 ID: b43273

Aww, no intrigue improv weapons wolf? Ok the n my second notion is plan "stockpile weaponry"
No. 632906 ID: 296917

Hang on, crazy theory here. If werewolves aren't harmed especially by silver bullets, maybe the old myth actually applies to the Furcutter? Maybe HE is vulnerable to silver.

Ah... also... from the sound of things... when a werewolf dies, the corpse is a wolf? Even if they're not transformed? I mean, if the Furcutter needed his victims to transform in order to collect fur, that means we're actually safe!
No. 632909 ID: fbc59e

Except we started to transform when he attempted to attack us, and we were clueless about it then...
Though I wonder...Can Werewolves transform all the way into wolves? By being teh skinner, could he force this somehow to make the fight easier?
No. 632913 ID: 8f01e8

Alright, so the furcutter thing only goes back 20 years, and Ulric's saying up to ten werewolves at once have failed at taking him out? That's good. That means this guy has never really been hit with overwhelming force before. Five-to-one numerical disadvantage can be overcome with a combination of force multipliers (special weaponry, training, red-cloaked companion's invisibility) and plausible amounts of luck. If those ten werewolves are acting like a pack, he can figure out ways to turn those instinctive reactions against them. Irritant smoke, flashbangs, ultrasonic noisemakers, hostage-taking and other psychological dickery.

When somebody tries that kind of crap on the police, let alone actually kills a cop, they use their own equivalents, and they can escalate further. There are more than ten armed officers available to the local police station. If they're getting humiliated they'll pass the buck to the FBI or the National Guard. Hundreds or thousands of guys, with rifles and grenade launchers and armored vehicles.

And all that has nothing to do with revealing the existence of werewolves. That's just for a serial killer who's a little too good at taking down anyone who stands against him and hiding the bodies afterward. If he tells the cops I'm a werewolf, and that's why he's after me, the default assumption on their part will be that he is delusional.
No. 632919 ID: b43273

"uh, he thinks im a werewolf and he wants to skin me alive" wont make them think "ummm, youre a werewolf?" it'll make them think "you have a delusional stalker"
No. 632921 ID: f5baae

Guys, let's be reasonable here. I don't know why everyone is just assuming police will help. Not only are we going against the wishes of EVERYBODY we are with, what say if the police do not help? Are we really just assuming that the police are going to shoot this guy over our word of mouth? IF the police are even capable of hurting the furcutter, what if he just acts innocent and cooperative? I say we have to DROP IT. We are being so reckless and brash and fucking so full of energy while people around us are trying to relax and think, we are literally the toddler of the group right now. So calm the fuck down and drop it.
No. 632925 ID: b3fef1

Its okay. Just promise me you won't get yourself killed.
No. 632926 ID: 225f37

It is literally the police's job to help. They are a peacekeeping force. We're not even assuming he's going to get shot- even discounting all the supernatural shit he's clearly guilty of assault and following it up with threatening letters. "Acting Cooperative" would be great, because he's going to jail for sure. And if he fights back and kills police, don't forget that blood is on HIS hands, not ours. He's the psychopath, we're not only justified in going to the police because that is literally WHAT THE POLICE WANT YOU TO DO WHEN YOU ARE ASSAULTED, we're also doing our civic duty in helping to prevent further deaths. The only reason he's been able to prey on werewolves this long is because they're afraid of how people will react to them, and the killer's been taking advantage of that to kill them without harassment from the police. Not calling them just continues to play into his hands.
No. 632928 ID: bb78f2

Also, wolves are an endangered species anyway, if he's walking around with real wolf skin, not even real werewolf skin, on his soldiers he can be arrested for at least poaching wolf skin.

All they have to do is that that fur to a lab. They have enough evidence for a warrant too since we'll be giving the basket to the police.

If he shows up with all that fur on his shoulders, right after the note that came with the basket indicates he will be there, and the police are right there.

BAM. Arrested for a LOT of different crimes.
No. 632929 ID: b3fef1


Good idea.
No. 633001 ID: 8f01e8

IF the police refuse to help, or try to help and somehow screw it up so bad it makes things WORSE, then, yeah, that's a serious problem. That doesn't mean it's the likeliest outcome. Even if it does go wrong, all the details of that Charlie Foxtrot will provide us with more information about what we're really up against, with relatively little laying our own necks on the line.
No. 633027 ID: cf91e4

While getting the police to help is the reasonable thing to do; it does not make for a good story. I say we don't call the cops simply because of that. It's like when they call the police in a horror movie; it would probably work on them in real life but something always makes it go wrong or they die quickly because there's someone steering the plot one way or another. (tired so it might not make sense)
No. 633040 ID: 8f01e8

"Let's not call the police because this situation needs to conform more closely to horror-movie tropes" might actually be a pretty good way to sarcastically deflate Ulric's convictions.

The skinner has a script in his head for how he wants this all to go. There are some flexible bits in the middle, but it ends with one or more werewolves dying and him getting away clean. We need to break that script as thoroughly as possible, at multiple points, in order to exhaust whatever resources he's using to keep it on the rails.
No. 633075 ID: 76c67f
File 142827815414.png - (30.42KB , 900x800 , 39.png )

"...Fine. What would you suggest we do then? If we can't file a police report then what other choices do we have?" You try and take deep breathes in order to calm yourself. This entire situation makes you anxious and on-edge. Normally, you wouldn't snap at someone like that...but this is different. Your life is on the line.

"Maybe if we're just trickier than him...we can place some sort of trap?" Blanca says, in an attempt to get some sort of thought ball rolling.

"Remember, dear, if the rumors about his little accomplice are true then he won't be alone. There'll be two pairs of eyes watching us." Ira had a point. But were they always together? Maybe the Furcutter is arrogant enough to try and take us down alone.

"Charging straight in won't work..." You grumble. "Perhaps...hey, Ira?"

"Yes, dear?"

"Do you think there are other werewolves in the city?"

"Oh I'm sure of it. I pass by one every now and again. I didn't think we would like the city so much..."

"Could we...ask any of them to help?"

"I...I mean...maybe...I'm not sure how willing they would be..."

"Wait, everyone be quiet." Ulric steps off from the wall, stomping his foot down suddenly. You turn to him, a bit confused.

"What's wrong, Ul--"

"Shut up!" He snaps at you, head rotating towards the door. After a few moments you begin to hear footsteps come from behind the door. You then hear three knocks.

"Hello? This is the police!" What? Could...Could the Furcutter be listening right now? Did he call the police on you? Ulric goes over to hesitantly pull open the door, towering over the cleanly cut man standing in the way. He had combed hair and a fair complexion. The man seemed a bit startled by Ulric's entrance, stepping back a bit.

"Ahem...my name's Officer Hunter a-and I'm here to ask if any of you have seen any strange activity lately. Um...l-large dogs...clumps of fur...anything like that? I noticed a basket full of uh, blood-covered hair in your bushes so I decided to stop by and see if you guys know about it?"
No. 633077 ID: 9297f4

Say that someone did left it there with a threatening note and a loaf of bread.
No. 633078 ID: d3be40

Why is he stuttering? Why is he alone?

Tell him the basics (fresh loaf of bread in a freshly made wolf-pelt basket) but don't give him more than that.
No. 633079 ID: 5db52c

Tell him the four of you found the bloody fur, wrapped around a loaf of bread, in a basket on the stoop when you got home.

Honestly, you're all kind of creeped out about it, and were trying to decide what do to about it, when he arrived. (Look pointedly at Ulric, you're asking for permission to go further and tell them about the note. That's the minimum you can tell police so you're not actively lying to them).
No. 633080 ID: 60700b

Here's to hoping you didn't make one of the bad guys a cop, Orion...

What the others said.
No. 633087 ID: 8f01e8

"Yeah, a guy in a fur coat cornered me in an alley on the way home from work yesterday and said something creepy about chopping up my hair."
No. 633091 ID: bb78f2

Wow. Okay, I do not trust this guy right out of the shop.
Shit. Fuck.
Yeah okay, ask why he's stuttering.
No. 633093 ID: bb78f2

You know what, Mike?
I think to ease our fears we need to take a closer look at the badge.
No. 633098 ID: 330ce5

Not to be disrespecting convenient cop but if he is an enemy all he says could be bull, so asking him a lot of questions is okay but not taking it to heart would be wise. Don't tell him how many of us there are as this could be information used to harm us in the future. Also can we take a picture of him with our camera phone, not sure if we have one but if we do we should take his picture.
No. 633125 ID: f75cf9

Yeah this.

Officer "Hunter"? That's not suspicious at all... then again, if he is with the Furcutter, that would be a pretty stupid psuedonym.
No. 633134 ID: edfc1e

Give him enough information to settle the matter. Nothing more, don't go into details about the previous attack or anything. Once he's gone, go ask some of the neighbors if a police officer came by. If they haven't... we have a problem.
No. 633136 ID: 8f01e8

For identity verification, don't just check the official papers; you probably wouldn't know what a non-forged one looks like well enough to tell, anyway. Press for boring background details and procedural trivia of the sort that any real cop would know offhand but an actor would not think to fabricate in advance. Maybe have somebody go to the bathroom with their cell phone and call up the local PD's non-emergency number, to verify that there really is an "officer Hunter" on duty today.
No. 633177 ID: 76c67f
File 142835875330.png - (24.69KB , 900x800 , 40.png )

You step up beside Ulric, allowing yourself to speak for him. He shoots you a wary glance but lets you do so. "Officer, we all found the bloody fur wrapped around a loaf of bread in some sort of basket...we were honestly creeped out about it, and now we're trying to decide what to do about it." Hunter rubs his chin, nodding thoughtfully.

"So you have no idea where it came from?" You and Ulric both shake your heads. "I see..."

"Excuse me, Officer, but why do you seem so nervous?" You ask, a bit bluntly. This catches the officer off guard and he gives a weak laugh.

"Ah, well, I'm kind of new at this...D-Don't tell anyone but I'm technically not supposed to be here. I snuck out to do a bit of investigating...have you heard about the recent dog killings? I'm trying to learn all that I can about them. Please, are you sure you haven't seen anything?"

You still don't trust this officer enough to disclose any important information to him and you have no idea how much Ulric wants you to say either.

"No, we haven't seen anything." You finally say. A disappointed expression falls over Hunter's face and he sighs.

"Man, one would think that such big dogs would be easy to spot." He stretches his back and gives a polite head bow. "Well, thank you for your time...please, if you notice anything find me down at the precinct. It's just a few blocks down. Don't let any other officers know I'm doing this work...this case isn't supposed to be up to investigation." Hunter waves before heading off down the hall, Ulric closing the door behind him.

"Ulric, was he actually telling the truth?" Ira calls from the living room. He puts on a stoic expression, walking over toward the two girls.

"I believe that he's a real officer...but I have no idea what his true intentions are."

Blanca then begins to speak. "Why would he want us to keep his work a secret? That doesn't seem to make much sense to me...and why would the case of all the big dogs around the city be restricted?" You all sit in silence for a while.

>Ask neighbors about the officer.
>Go down to precinct.
>Discuss more things with Ulric and the others.
>Leave to go to basketball court alone.
No. 633178 ID: 5db52c

Blanca's cute when she's flustered.

>Ulric, was he actually telling the truth?
Ulric can tell if people are lying? Handy.

>recent dog killings
Okay obvious question: are those 'dogs' werewolves the hunter got, or have I been turning wolf and killing dogs on the nights I haven't been getting sleep.

(I'm guessing it's likely the former).

>Why would he want us to keep his work a secret? That doesn't seem to make much sense to me...and why would the case of all the big dogs around the city be restricted?
Well, I can think of a few reasons.

One might be someone higher up in the police force or local government knows what's really going on, and is trying to cover it up. So they discouraged the officers from looking into it. And Hunter here thinks something is wrong and is looking into it anyways, but doesn't want to get caught.

...or really, it doesn't need to be someone who knows trying to keep things quiet. Stupid politics or bureaucracy could do the same thing by accident.

The alternative is that Hunter is in on it, and is trying to keep things quiet by stopping people from talking to the other cops.

I hate to admit it, but it does kind of make sense the skinner would have someone running interference with local PD, if he wants to act freely.

>Discuss more things with Ulric and the others.
Yup. We think and talk. No running out and acting in haste.

>Leave to go to basketball court alone.
Hahahaha, no.
No. 633179 ID: 296917

Easy answer: the police already know about werewolves and they're cooperating with the Furcutter. Hunter must not know what's really going on. I wonder if we can use that ignorance?

>Discuss more things with Ulric and the others.
No. 633226 ID: bb78f2

Ulfric, what are the odds there are werewolves amongst the police force?
They MIGHT help us.
Well, with the dog murder happening around we can't reveal ourselves as werewolves because we will be suspect number one and... okay, Ulfric, NOW it's a bad idea to get the police involved, but mostly because we'd all be arrested and blamed for those murders.
If there are any werewolf police people, they'll have motivation to...
Ulfric, Blanca, and Ira are all suspects. They might care about you, but they might eat humans for all we know. That might be why Ulfric wants the police out of this. Because he IS also a murderer. He spoke for Ira earlier, either she DOESN'T know, or he's protecting her.
Shit shit shit shit.
No. 633273 ID: 01745f

Um, I think he meant killings of dogs rather than killings by dogs. The language is ambiguous, but it would take a very elaborate conspiracy to cover up regular citizens being killed rather than mysterious werewolves who live largely off the grid.
...It is worth noting though that news we heard didn't report either of those though, just referring to it as dog sightings, though the difference there could be either the police covering up the dog deaths or Hunter in particular making a slip up by talking about killings when everyone else only knows of the sightings.
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