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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 142679007118.png - (91.88KB , 273x248 , nebula_title.png )
629932 No. 629932 ID: 39d5a4

The Black Palm Nebula runs red with blood gore and queer pink.
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No. 641255 ID: 2a7417

Cut open one of the pods with your hook.
No. 641271 ID: 39d5a4
File 143198361057.png - (584.26KB , 675x925 , cut_open.png )

Ahoy! There be a wench.
No. 641273 ID: bd8b82

ahhh, put out fire. acquire hotties.
No. 641283 ID: 39d5a4
File 143198695569.gif - (454.56KB , 488x338 , helpme.gif )

Me get ya! Hang on me beauty!

The fires are slowly being put out by the .... they be sprinklers.

No. 641288 ID: 46a93e

No. 641303 ID: e2a92b

"Ye not be too 'frond' of bein' tied up, eh lass?"
No. 641306 ID: bd8b82

uhhh... SAW and carefully? go for the base of the plant.
No. 641316 ID: 39d5a4
File 143199287283.png - (286.44KB , 450x617 , hottie_released.png )


"Ye not be too "frond" of bein' tide up, eh lass?"

>Translating faintly whispered Zingamayi: "... Noh-uh..."

T' lass understands!


With special care, I use me saw position in me hook to cut this lass off her ties. Hang 'im from t' yardarm who did this to ye.

There be plentyful noises comin' from t' other end of yon corridor. Less comin' from t' aft. Me needs to flip lass to me carryspine to insert missing coil in t' cannon clip sledge. Otherwise just grab the coil and flee.
No. 641355 ID: 57d76a

Do that then. If'n ye got a bit o' time ye might consider openin' another couple o' those plants. Ye may be a pirate but nobody deserves that.
No. 641472 ID: 2a7417

Not everyone seems to be doing so well inside those plants. (see: the rotting hand that dropped our ammo belt.) Best to high tail it out of there and find a safe place to figure out what's going on! (Such as a, erm, clothing store for the lass.)
No. 641509 ID: 39d5a4
File 143206842895.png - (717.50KB , 925x675 , twomore.png )


Me happens to be so invested in t' hairpod business now that a couple more haircuts come free.

Me cyberhook took some color in all the sawing.

"Yo Ho Ho!" That be a... silver short sword over there! "Yo Ho..." Someone put it through that poor spacedog on t' spur of t' moment.

That lass is one stiff body over there... Doesn't weigh much more than me microlite cannon - to put it pretty, but me strings aren't meant for two lassies at once.

There's also t' problem with booty. Silver won't sell for a lot, but me could plunder rare materials or items crucial to takin' over t' station once and for good... T' lass needs a bag once she wakes up, aye?


There's got to be some sense in t' affairs around. T' shark can't make a proper livin' by eatin' all t' fish at once.
No. 641512 ID: c42b22

It seems thar be a choice between swiping the sword or wescuing the wench... take the girl as ye avast yer aft.
No. 641528 ID: 39d5a4
File 143207167558.png - (111.45KB , 975x675 , movement.png )

Aye! Time be ripe for movement. How be t' trippin' with a spacesick wench?
No. 641539 ID: bd8b82

2 seems good.
No. 641551 ID: e2a92b

Second seconded.
No. 641617 ID: 57d76a

Aye, coverin' fire be always good, even if it do cost ye a bit o' speed. Mayhap try usin' method 3 until ye foes show up though.
No. 641667 ID: 39d5a4
File 143213393994.png - (308.12KB , 975x675 , movement_actual.png )


Since me idea of holding t' lass with just one arm showed unrealistic, me combined ideas 2 and 3 with GREY CREATIVITY. T' corridors be empty so far. Heard voices bearin' familiar speech aroun' t' next corner or two.
No. 641668 ID: 39d5a4
File 143213397642.gif - (109.68KB , 975x675 , map.gif )

Eyeberpatch. MAP!
No. 641705 ID: 57d76a

Well. Yer ship be pretty far, unless I be mistakin' the scale, so I doubt makin' a break for it'll work too good.

I don't know that there be a better plan, though; just keep ye a wary eye out. (The eye I be referrin' to be Slurb's.)
No. 641709 ID: 2a7417

Ye be takin' the long way around to yer ship, matey. The Seventh Tentacle be on our way soon, so we're going to board it, yo ho!
But hark, a plant! Cut it open in search of booty.
No. 641725 ID: 39d5a4
File 143215907587.png - (313.42KB , 975x675 , Sanora_lookout.png )


Me ship be too far. Thar be stationlubbers in between. Me carries on down this path now towards t' Seventh Tentacle.

"Ahoy, spacedog!" Me greets.
"Bitchbane", t' Sanora lookout blurts plainly.
"How does ye know me?"
"Aye, ye be t' lad that bet against goin' to blossom nest and lost there gamble."
No. 641726 ID: 72fb52

Judging by the state of the station, I'd say we won that bet.
No. 641742 ID: 39d5a4
File 143216652424.png - (251.61KB , 975x675 , Sanora_convA.png )


"Me came out of t' pit as a winner."
"T' plantmen screwed up, put in the blossom our scallywag who was supposed to put ye in the nest and take yer gun and ammunition."

Me must have knocked t' lad out in the pit 'n cast a hologram on me and Slurb to hide us when they came. Slurb must have sucked some o' t' drug they put in me skin during t' transport.

"She were a good lass, that scallywag. May I ask what happened to 'er?"
No. 641759 ID: 57d76a

Well, judgin' by where ye recovered yer fusion coil, safe bet she be dead. Blossomed. Ye didn't cut that one open right? but the hand dropped yer coil looked pretty thouroughly rotted.
No. 641809 ID: 39d5a4
File 143219706323.png - (254.81KB , 975x675 , Sanora_convB.png )


"Look Old Salt, ye put me in t' pit and expect me to recall every detail. As ye said, she end' up in t' blossom and by judgin' of her state rotted overnight. All me knows is she managed to rob me of me fusion coil, which me did recover at a later point in t' story."

"Yar... Ye got me on me tail with that information. We wondered where t' lass had gone and asked our current hosts if they know where a lass with her attributes had gone. They admitted they had turned her to fertilizer. Couldn't go so far as to ruin their crops just to be sure."

+ 3 Socialization
+ 1 Critical Fact Understood
- 1 Affinity

"Might ye happen to sell some stitches - and a space suit for a tall lass?"

"Mayhaps. T’ scallywag left hers behind. Depends who ye sortin' out of t' station."

"Me lass in t’ back, mine backed by rights to use violence."

“Ye can come in and stay a couple o' hours her’. Ye have to sort yer business out with t’ station owners on yer own. We'll sell ye only suits, no additional weapons.”
No. 641811 ID: 39d5a4
File 143219717293.png - (704.32KB , 975x675 , dressup.png )

No. 641812 ID: 39d5a4

outfit combinations allowed and desirable
No. 641813 ID: 57d76a

These all be ridiclous.

Well, I be likin' the skirt o' the fourth. Perhaps if'n ye take that an' the top from the second, we'd get somethin' workable.
No. 641816 ID: 39d5a4
File 143220644898.png - (53.48KB , 975x675 , tailor.png )


Thar be only these materials available. Me has a couple o' hours time to be tailorin', what be yer proposals?
No. 641817 ID: 39d5a4

Use the Hook, pirate, use the Hook!
No. 641822 ID: 39d5a4


This be the line that took us here.


Ye mayhap be questioning me ability to read at this point. I see two opposing suggestions, and one blossom pod ignored against suggestions, will cut it open for booty on me way back?
No. 641846 ID: e2a92b

The plants be... crops? For t'station owners? Until we know more, such as who these 'owners' are and what their intent is, 'tis probably best to avoid ticking them off by slashing their food.
No. 641850 ID: e2a92b

I think outfit 4 with the top of 1 as a shirt would look nice.
No. 641894 ID: 57d76a

Actually, yeah, that be better than what I said.
No. 641895 ID: bd8b82

yeah cut open dem pods.
No. 641896 ID: 39d5a4
File 143224860601.gif - (1.34MB , 975x675 , eyesgif_n2.gif )

Me'll combine...

> Translatin' Zingamayi: "Hello? You are my savior! Hello! You are like me! For that I am happy. Don't be afraid of my freak facial expressions, I believe I have just recovered from an immune state. Are you from the Grey League? What is your mighty military called? Are you Grey League military? You have a big weapon with you, that is why I'm asking. There's violence everywhere in this nebula. That’s so frightening. Can you protect me Grey starfarer? This planet is hopeless - So I thought if you have come to bombard it? Are we on the planet? It smells... well different. I... was taught dozens of languages that are spoken in the nebula, you can speak to me if you understand. I understand your language, but alas, it is hard for me to learn your speech fluent enough to speak it yet. We have a lot to talk."
No. 642332 ID: 39d5a4
File 143239948960.gif - (59.53KB , 512x386 , eyesguf_n3.gif )

As me give no reply, the wench be losin’ interest to speakin’ by herself. Her expressions freeze and her shallow inhale stops goin’ through t' mouth, t’ sun passes aroun’ the window frame or somethin’ and everythin’ seem suddenly dark.
No. 642378 ID: a19cd5

put finger to lips, check window
No. 642382 ID: 39d5a4

rolled 38 = 38

1: Own ship stolen
16: Floran military ship
32: Grey battleship
48: Zingamayi rescue craft
64: Pirate battlecruiser
No. 642391 ID: e2a92b

Oh! I wonder what your nation's military is doing here! Got a radio scanner or something to listen to their transmissions?
No. 642429 ID: 39d5a4
File 143241543485.gif - (509.14KB , 987x610 , sanora_device.gif )

wha' t' Hell???

"Now how me make t' cursed thin' connect with t' person aboard that ship??"

> Translatin' Zingamayi: "Ask who is aboard that ship. He makes silly gestures now."

"Me already have a proper hunch. The way the person waves. Somethin' familiar in it."
No. 642448 ID: a19cd5

Wave back.
No. 642491 ID: 39d5a4
File 143243282452.gif - (256.90KB , 987x610 , wave_back.gif )


Nine Hells!! It really BE Dread Pirate Furcat!
No. 642496 ID: 39d5a4
File 143243381152.gif - (306.65KB , 987x610 , wave_back_3minutes.gif )

>Translatin' Zingamayi: "You've been waving at your friend for too long... like you were an idiot. And that other little man out there is no different."
No. 642510 ID: e2a92b

Meet him at the nearest docking bay.
No. 642643 ID: 39d5a4
File 143247789326.png - (171.45KB , 987x610 , airlock.png )


“Jac o’ Bane! Ye little BITCH they say these days! T’ bounties, t’ merchants, t’ chipmoney takers… even from the Navy I’ve heard t’ use o’ the prefix thar. HOW BE YE!!?“

He had t’ chat with t’ Navy and he be open about it… Mayhap he be in trouble to seek me out.

“Jac! Ye be havin’ troubles yer line be all straight! Furcat takes care o’ yer every trouble. I were about to take a drink in a local bar, but me scanners then picked up alien vegetables lurkin’ aroun’ these couple o’ dockin’ bays an’ thar be plenty to roast before we can talk about how ye plundered yer first nodes all ALONE! Who be t’ lass with ye?“

Quest choice: (Start Prelude) ”A lass me saved from sundews. Me has nothin’ worth keepin’ in me ship. Let’s go and me’ll tell the story of me node robbery aboard yer ship.”
Quest choice: (Continue) ”A lass me saved from sundews. T’ vegetablemen ye talked about be dying soon.”
Quest choice: (Continue, but with a different approach)
No. 642725 ID: e2a92b

Choice 2. Vegetables must burrrrn!
No. 643347 ID: 39d5a4
File 143266007685.png - (226.90KB , 987x610 , furcat_pleased.png )

“She be an acquaintance of mine that me saved from t’ blossoms that feed of corpses. Me have to get a personal revenge for 'em attempting to murder her.”

“Ah, I see. To be honest I don’t pay much attention to who gets what as long as they stand between me and me professional pride, see? But lately I be thinking through this violence thing… a wench in one port said everything I step on turns to shit. Jac, it be your call, then it be. I have a small arsenal aboard, if ye not comfortable with t’ handballista ye have there.” Furcat pauses, then continues, “I be havin’ some plans in me mind already.”

Should me pay visit to the armory first or hear the plans riskin’ gettin’ to action straight?

> Translatin' Floran gibberish: "Be adviced station crew, a greatly dangerous murderer is wrecking havoc onboard Bloomsoil. The strike team has surrounded suspected sections of the station and is advancing, Floran stay indoors!"
No. 643489 ID: 57d76a

Can ye not jes' do both at once?
No. 645099 ID: 39d5a4
File 143337583269.png - (160.79KB , 650x400 , psicat.png )


"We be lettin' the cat take the job. He be very talented -- Ava Ul, ye know Jac don't ye? Jac needs this station go dark and crazy. Unleash madness cat! -- NO??? Very well then."

"Shit me not Furcat, be psionic weapons not highly illegal, also in grey space after t' collectives took over?"

"Ye, but these come as a perk wit' t' cat, Jac! He help me get em' No-no-no-no, pardon. The cat chatters, even if it be hard to believe to be fact."

>Translatin' Symmetrian Grey. ERROR. "Filthy Pirate scum. Make it quick. I will see to putting this dunghole darker than void with great appetite. But you must go there. The florandroid stay with me."

"Filthy PIrate scum. Make it quick. I will see to putting this dunghole darker than void with great appetite. But you must go there. The florandroid stay with me." The Galax cat hisses me telepathically.

A florandroid? Be the cat be playin' Furcat by not telling him he be gettin' involved in t' psionic war? What can me do? Me dare not confront the cat in its realm by playin' against him.
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