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File 141923943394.png - (16.69KB , 960x560 , 1.png )
613882 No. 613882 ID: 337362

"WIZARDS" the figure on the mesa bellows

the wind catches his breath and tears it down the slope to the awaiting five.


"speak it, then!" cries grocel, who as a modern, fashionable wizard trucks with little mumbo-jumbo

"WIZARDS" the figure bellows. "HE IS RETURNED"
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No. 613884 ID: 337362
File 141923947941.png - (8.78KB , 960x560 , return.png )


"neat," observes imogen, youngest of the wizards.


the wizards cheer.


the wizards stop cheering.
No. 613885 ID: 337362
File 141923957832.png - (9.97KB , 960x560 , Grocel.png )



"well it's a specialty of mine but really I'm enamored with the whole craft."
No. 613886 ID: 337362
File 141923958756.png - (8.41KB , 960x560 , imogen.png )



"I'd like to propose we change light and radiation to simply radiation, on account of light is radiation? Could I motion for that?"
No. 613887 ID: 337362
File 141923961258.png - (8.68KB , 960x560 , Ferrafina.png )



No. 613888 ID: 337362
File 141923966619.png - (13.61KB , 960x560 , Dulcette.png )



No. 613889 ID: 337362
File 141923974506.png - (16.04KB , 960x560 , Weirwood.png )



"i'm always last. always i'm last. just noticing. not kvetching."



>Choose your wizard
No. 613890 ID: a19cd5

Grocel, obviously.
Burn the heretics
No. 613891 ID: 6aacb0

I'd be happy with Imogen or Dulcette.
No. 613892 ID: 1ae57f

No. 613893 ID: 311774

I uh
oh fuck I can't decide

Grocel Imogen or Dulcette can I just vote for all three
No. 613894 ID: a19cd5

Dulcette actually, love me insane wizards
No. 613895 ID: 7e38be

>there are people in this thread right now NOT picking Grocel

No. 613897 ID: a2f9bc

Weirwood is clearly the best there is.
No. 613899 ID: 6c4016

Who is more metal than Ferrafina?
Who is cooler than Ferrafina?
Who could be finer than Ferrafina?
No one.

Ferrafina has my vote
No. 613915 ID: ecd0ab

Because light IS radiation.
No. 613916 ID: 9ec55f

No. 613917 ID: 69fd19

No. 613924 ID: 1da071

No. 613936 ID: 6f27c6

Dulcette. Let's break physics and fuck with some heads.
No. 613943 ID: 89b2a2

No. 613944 ID: d3be40

Dulcette. I wanna see a show.
No. 613948 ID: 9dd1ee

No. 613950 ID: c0c685

Imogen gets my vote
No. 614012 ID: 9ddf68

No. 614027 ID: 013ffc

No. 614030 ID: 52ee23

No. 614035 ID: 72c7be

No. 614071 ID: 337362
File 141929165429.png - (9.97KB , 960x560 , 2.png )

Imogen adjusts her glasses nervously.

obviously she had hopes the Great Master would come back.
she just hoped he might do it with a little more warning.
Imogen doesn't like doing things unplanned...

"which of us?" cries Grocel. "how will it be determined?"
No. 614072 ID: 337362
File 141929166095.png - (10.65KB , 960x560 , 3.png )

"OH," says the figure. it shrugs.



No. 614073 ID: 337362
File 141929167641.png - (4.13KB , 960x560 , 4.png )

No. 614074 ID: 337362
File 141929168307.png - (10.37KB , 960x560 , 5.png )

No. 614075 ID: 6aacb0

So, wizardry contest? Wizardry contest.
No. 614076 ID: 2ec61a

reflect all light in a dome around you and the others, creating a zone of pure darkness. and beat a quick retreat.
No. 614079 ID: ec2e47

Well I guess we could vote. We can prevent the obvious deadlock in which each wizard votes for themselves by specifying that each wizard much vote for someone else.
No. 614081 ID: 742b4a

Wait how are we sure this guy was legit and not just trying to get you to murder eachother?
No. 614086 ID: 6aacb0

Don't question the tablet, mang.
No. 614088 ID: 703089

So... anyone got a five sided die?
No. 614092 ID: 337362
File 141929529975.png - (10.31KB , 960x560 , 6.png )

"now this could easily be a trick, kids," Weirwood says.

"absolutely," Grocel says. "absolutely. you all received the dream? to draw you here?"

"Oui," ferrafina says.

"it could still be a trick," Weirwood says.

"that it could." Grocel clicks his tongue. "that it could."
No. 614093 ID: 337362
File 141929530846.png - (332.26KB , 960x560 , 7.png )

but the council of wizards have all tried to murder each other over much less.
No. 614095 ID: 337362
File 141929535311.png - (166.81KB , 960x560 , 8.png )

Imogen's darkness spell covers her retreat as she beats feet away from everyone else, across the purple wastes.

she adjusts her glasses again. good cardio is essential for proper wizard health and survival.

they're all equally matched enough that there shouldn't be any fatalities, especially since every wizard has memorized how to recall to their tower instantly by the time they're out of diapers.

Imogen starts gathering energy for her teleport spell. where should she go?

-Her tower to recoup, review, and prepare.
-Any of the other wizards' towers. maybe not a great idea just yet, although Weirwood is a good friend. or was, maybe.
-To the spellgrounds in order to start testing new spells quick.
-To the Magic City where the lesser mages all live. she could start looking for useful allies or artifacts.
-To the Throneroom to let the King know all this shit is popping off.

Teleport takes a lot out of you. there's about a half hour cooldown she needs between jumps.
No. 614098 ID: 9ddf68

>To the Magic City
Might as well gain allies before the others get the same idea, that you can can pick from the cream of the crop instead of just the leftovers
No. 614106 ID: c0c685


Back to the wizard tower! We need to make a plan of action, gather supplies, and get ready for one (possibly) long journey
No. 614107 ID: 89b2a2

TELEPORT is different then recall. Shopping in the magic city first, then go home.
No. 614109 ID: 6aacb0

Yeah, tower. You need a plan of action. Don't want to run off unprepared.
No. 614116 ID: 703089

Tower is no go. If we're trying to off each other, your home is a target.

I'd say the town. Hide yourself in plain sight among lesser mages while preparing.
No. 614231 ID: 337362
File 141931925631.png - (89.52KB , 960x560 , 9.png )

imogen's nuclear cannons and refraction hexes ensure that her tower is one of the safest places possible.

but the city calls first!!

before the teleport wisps even clear and her feet hit the ensorcelled cobblestone of the Magic City, Imogen is swarmed by a sweaty mass of mages. ew crowds ew.

"Imogen!" they cry.

"It's Imogen!"

"Imogen the wizard of light and radiation!"

"What does the Master say? What is his will?"

"What is to become of us?"

"Imogen could you sign my cleavage?"

"Is it true? Is the end time upon us?"



ack ack
No. 614236 ID: a2f9bc

The master says it's Imogen the wizard of radiation now, on account of light is radiation.
No. 614241 ID: 724518

Tower is probably pretty safe/guarded.
No. 614244 ID: c0c685


Gotta try and find some of the better mages to see if they'd be of any help to you. Just tell the crowd not to worry, that you've got important business to attend to right now.
No. 614250 ID: 6afac3

It's time to find an elevated area then, wouldn't want your proclamation of a title change and the return of your master to not carry far.
No. 614252 ID: 337362
File 141932239065.png - (14.51KB , 960x560 , 9a.png )

"um um" squeaks Imogen. she magically enhances her voice to booming levels. "I am gathering acolytes."

"ACOLYTES" the crowd gasps.
"I will be holding petitions for magic users to serve me inside the mages' tavern. um also the master says now it's just the wizard of radiation, on account of light is radiation."

these mages need to read something other than spellbooks, thinks imogen as the crowd parts for her.
No. 614253 ID: 337362
File 141932240740.png - (12.45KB , 960x560 , 10.png )

predictably 90% of the people who show up are crap.

well not CRAP but not good enough to help her battle the council.

Imogen detects 2 mages good enough for use to support her. she would be wise to just choose one.

mages under a roof are like cats in a sack. eventually you just want to toss them into a river.

the two mages are named SIBIX and NASTAR.

"I, Nastar, have frozen myself into this large slab of crystal this year for tax purposes. my summoned rope-imp shall transport me. I am proficient with stewardship, landholding, lightning magic, geomagic, strategic warfare, and the foxtrot altho i suppose my foxtrot is a little limited at the moment."

"Kish kish this one is named Sibix. Kish kish kish! Sibix leads a cult of blood worshippers within a fault of the Gracken mountains. Sibix is skilled in ritual magery, scrying, divination, sacrifice magic, occult research, and archaeologics. Kish kish!"
No. 614255 ID: 8e294c

Oh yes. Nastar is absolutely a priority. Those foxtrot skills will be CRITICAL.

The strategic warfare thing may also be useful.
No. 614262 ID: 55c4cf

Why choose, dual wield. Have a one up on lesser wizards.
No. 614264 ID: c0c685


All my money on Sibix. Divination and scrying are going to be insanely useful. The perfect tools for planning the perfect attack. Plus you'd have a cult at your disposal.
No. 614265 ID: 9ddf68

one knows his way around a battlefield and the other has a bunch of crazy willing and ready to serve you at a moments notice.

Going to have to go with the living ice cube here cause the other guy is giving me a strong "I will serve under you to learn all that you know then kill you take over your life's work and claim it as my own" vibe.
No. 614269 ID: 337362
File 141932529664.png - (35.22KB , 960x560 , 11.png )

"Nastar you're up. Umm sorry Sibix."

"Kish kish kish. It is no offense Sibix takes. Perhaps Sibix will find employment with one of your adversaries.

Kish kish."

"I kind of also didn't hire him because he gives me insane willies," Imogen whispers as they walk away. She adjusts her glasses again.

"I, Nastar, agree," says Nastar.

Imogen's teleport is ready once again.

where should she go?

-Her tower to recoup, review, and prepare.
-Any of the other wizards' towers. again, not a fantastic plan maybe.
-To the spellgrounds in order to start testing new spells quick.
-To the Throneroom to let the King know all this shit is popping off. If someone hasn't already told him by now.
-To the Mesa of Meeting, to try to treat with or duel a rival wizard.
No. 614272 ID: a2f9bc

Tower. Need to know what resources we got. Maybe build a giant death laser.
No. 614273 ID: 9ddf68

Well if the people in town knew about the end of days coming up The king probably heard himself as well. So I say hit your tower first just to set things up and then we can decide what to do next.
No. 614317 ID: 2ec61a

your tower. gather materials /spell components so you can use all your big spells/use more spells.
No. 614319 ID: 6aacb0

You need a little more info first I think. Go see the king.
No. 614434 ID: 1ae57f

Hmm. Interesting possible synergies with radiation and crystals. With correctly applied lightning or geomagic he could be a useful tool towards enhancing your own spells (could be used as a kind of lens, or amplifier, or capacitor?).

>Perhaps Sibix will find employment with one of your adversaries
Hmm. Makes me wonder if we should kill him.

Or even better, if we could set some kind of trap on him unawares, so when he approaches one of your rivals it blows up in their faces.

>where go
Spellgrounds. We should work out how you can make use of your new backup.
No. 614445 ID: c0c685


To the throne room and notify the king. Maybe he'd be willing to lend you a hand as well?
No. 614489 ID: 89b2a2

Tower it is! Besides, you can tell gem dude to start on the scrying and then you can go off and do other things while he's busy.
No. 614502 ID: ecd0ab

I'm thinking tower, because we probably need components and such. We're very vulnerable out here.
No. 614519 ID: 337362
File 141936787854.png - (19.03KB , 960x560 , 12.png )

They go to the TOWER. All Imogen's nuclear cannons zero in on her, then read her as friendly and turn off.

Imogen's tower is in the SOUTH POLE. It's November right now so the sun never sets.
In the summer Imogen goes to her summer tower on the NORTH POLE so she always has lots of light to work with.
Imogen likes this one better though because she thinks penguins are much cuter than polar bears.
No. 614520 ID: 337362
File 141936789587.png - (46.65KB , 960x560 , 13.png )

Imogen rushes to her Telepathic Screen and calls her mom.

"Mom mom mom mom!"

"Hold your horses Imogen gosh I'm coming hold on. You caught me in the middle of Trophy Husbands."

"Mom ew."

"It's off it's off. What can I do you for, honey?"

"Mom the Master is coming back. I have to fight the rest of the council for global supremacy."

"Oooo!" says Imogen's mom (her name is Polydora) "It's finally happening! Plan Firetalon!"

"It's Plan 6," Imogen says. "Mom we've been over this."

"Plan Firetalon sounds neater," Polydora says.

TURN 1 ::: MANA 200

It is now Turn One of the Council of Wizards War.
You may take one action per turn and cast as many spells as you want. Speaking with anyone (including rival wizards, if they'll hear you) is possible through your Telepathic Screen.

+Meditate! Gather 100 mana!
+Seek for adventure in the world for reward or renown! An adventure is guaranteed. Wizards lead exciting lives. You might gain mana, artifacts, or allies!
+Go to the spellgrounds and formulate a new spell! (Cost: 50 mana. One new spell per turn)
+Mingle with the Mortals! Curry favor, purchase things with mana, or find new allies!
+Attack any of your rival mages!
+Go to the Mesa of Meeting and pray to the incoming Master for support!

No. 614522 ID: 337362
File 141936795902.png - (0B , 960x560 )

A list of Imogen's current spells is here:

No. 614528 ID: 9ddf68

hmm, we need to prepare because sooner or later we're going to have to deal with the other wizards. I say start with some adventuring. It sounds like a good way to gain strength while also seeing what we could improve upon.

I feel for now we should focus on building an army, trying to save as much power, and building up power so when the real fighting starts we'll be ready.
No. 614547 ID: ec2e47

- What do we already have planned for this sort of situation?
- Does Nastar get actions each turn as well? It might be hard for him to travel with us but could he gather mana or something?
- Is our south pole tower still available if we need a backup fortress? Would it be viable contingency plan to hide explosive spells around this tower beforehand so if someone attacks us here we can teleport to the other and blow them up?
- Since light is electromagnetism, would we be able to derive electrical/magnetic spells or exchange spells to/from Nastar (who has both lightning and earth)? Electricity would be a great trick to have up our sleeves when we fight Ferrafina.

At the moment Advanture is looking like a good idea, as getting artifacts or allies would be uncertain but possibly a good long-term investment.
No. 614557 ID: 337362
File 141937081942.png - (495.38KB , 960x560 , 14.png )

>What is planned?
Imogen has the entire magical defense network around her tower powered up and the anti-teleportation hexes are in place. Her liquid arcane assets have just been turned into combat-ready mana and her mom is making her whole-grain banana muffins which really get her energy up.
>Does Nastar get actions?
Imogen can ask Nastar what he (she?) can do to support her per turn. Nastar will probably want mana as payment. Since she's not sure what Nastar can do yet she'll just take him (her?) along this time and see.
>Is the south pole an option?
Kind of but a bad one. It's in the middle of a 6 month long night. It would hamper Imogen's mana gathering like nobody's business to do it in the dark. Also penguins are cute.
>Derive new spells with Nastar?
For that she'll need to take a turn in the spellgrounds, but it should be very possible. Imogen's excited to experiment.

She goes ADVENTURING this turn!

In the Gracken mountains, high on a windswept, rainy peak, she encounters a mage sitting on a lump of soggy stone, reading a book. The mage turns a page and sighs.

The mage is sat at the top of a slope leading down to a dingy cave. Around its entrance are strewn pale, splintering bones.

Imogen's not sure what's going on here but it's definitely something adventury.
No. 614561 ID: 2ec61a

if i had to guess... there is something horrible in the cave and this fellow is trying to figure out a way past it. meaning it is probably the guard of something amazing.
No. 614564 ID: 9ddf68

might as well talk to him, see what he knows
No. 614566 ID: ecd0ab

I'm going to say just try asking the mage what the deal is? If it comes to a fight we can fight with the best of them but it doesn't seem necessary yet.
No. 614568 ID: ec2e47

Say hi, ask if he is hunting something in that cave. (Mental note: Make an illusion or image displacement spell so we can talk to people without worrying about them being an ambusher with physical projectiles.)
On general strategy, do mages get anything from defeating a rival other than a removal of a threat and a chance to loot any artifacts the rival might have? It is important to know whether a mage who just beat a rival is stronger, weaker, or about the same as before.
No. 614586 ID: 337362
File 141937542530.png - (10.39KB , 960x560 , 15.png )

If you defeat an enemy mage you get all the mana they had. Most mages have like 20 on them tops at any time. Imogen has 200, because she is a wizard on the council. she sometimes forgets she's one of the 5 most powerful beings on the planet, especially when her sleeve of thin mints rolls in between the couch cushions during Blades of the Dragon.

The mage turns to look at her as she approaches.
"Oh, hello," she says. It's a girl mage.
"Hi," Imogen says. "Whatcha reading?"
"Um." The mage shrugs. "Caribor's On Subjectivity in a Magical Age."
"Neat," Imogen says. "I'm Imogen."
"I hearda you," the mage says. "I'm Quibuj."
"That's a spooky cave, Quibuj."
"It is," Quibuj sighs. "And it's chock fulla Grenadoblins. I went in there lookin' along a leyline of power for the Staff of Ishaad, and they attacked me. Ate my mule. And all the grimoires and books I had on it. Nothin' I could do because they blow up when you kill em and I'm a punchmage."
"A punchmage?"
"I punch stuff." She shrugs. "No range. Anyway now I'm just sittin' here reading the only book that wasn't on the mule, waiting to see if they'll spit any of my stuff out." She gestures toward the bone pile. "They spit out what they can't digest."
No. 614590 ID: 2ec61a

ask if any of her stuff can survive them exploding. if so then you promise to return those items. this looks like a perfect adventure for you. you got plenty of ranged spells to blast them from range. and have nastar support you with like, making mirrors to shine light down into the cave so you have power deeper inside.
No. 614592 ID: 742b4a

Let's go kill some doblins. Light up the place then lazer em.
No. 614597 ID: ecd0ab

We should probably try to use death rays more than fission blasts but don't get yourself injured.
No. 614604 ID: 89b2a2

Let's send the crystal guy first he's probably pretty durable
No. 614606 ID: ec2e47

He would not be that durable himself, but maybe he can use earth magic to slow the grenoblins' progress when they move to attack us or funnel them into a small space so we can get them to explode each other.
No. 614608 ID: 337362
File 141937941353.png - (120.20KB , 960x560 , 16.png )

"If any of your stuff won't blow up when I blow them up," Imogen says, "then I'll get it back to you."

"Hey thanks," Quibuj says. "If ya find the staff too I'd be real grateful."

"Nastar, what can you do for me here?" Imogen asks, as they near the cave entrance.
Inside she hears the Grenadoblins feasting on their kill.

"I, Nastar, have several spells for this situation," Nastar says. "My stoneshaping abilities will allow me to create a funneling & deadly chokepoint. Alternatively I, Nastar could take advantage of the natural pillar within view in the cave to create a high stone battle platform that we may then direct across the ground at will, giving us a mobile high ground. Or perhaps a cave-in. To do this service I, Nastar, humbly request 10 mana for casting purposes. A final option is my offense lighting magic, which I, Nastar, shall supply free of charge."
No. 614609 ID: ecd0ab

Battle platform sounds like a good idea, let's go with that. Can he do that and lightning both?
No. 614613 ID: 2ec61a

open with a FISSION BLAST centered on the fresh corpse.
No. 614632 ID: ec2e47

The 10 mana don't need to be spent immediately, right? Most of them seem fairly clumped up, so I think we should give 10 mana to Nastar so he can make a chokepoint if we need it, but open by each shooting (death ray and lighting) one of the tow clusters. Depending on how many of them the resulting explosion gets, we can then decide to cast chokepoint or save the mana for later.
No. 614650 ID: 337362
File 141938943092.png - (360.42KB , 960x560 , 17.png )

"Be ready to cast your stuff if I need it," Imogen says.

"By your command, Wizard of Radiation and its multiple subcategories including light," intones Nastar.

Imogen takes a short breath and Fission Blasts the Grenadoblins circling the corpse. Most of them just melt without exploding, but one of them takes a chunk of shrapnel and pops in a rosy, wet explosion.
No. 614651 ID: 337362
File 141938944192.png - (93.76KB , 960x560 , 18.png )

The rest of the grenadoblins shriek and charge her.

A bolt of lightning snaps from Nastar and explodes another one. They're down to 14.
No. 614669 ID: 742b4a

Let's try some DEATH RAY just to see how it works. Can you hit more than one thing with it?
No. 614677 ID: ec2e47

Ok yeah, looks like we need the choke point unless death ray is continuous fire or otherwise faster casting than the description implies.
No. 614681 ID: 12c3e4

Bathe the cave in nuclear radiation. Duh.
Let the die of sudden onset cancer in their everything
No. 614692 ID: ecd0ab

That's what FISSION BLAST already is: a very small nuke. If you want to use a larger spell, the next stronger option is Imogen's URANIUM LANCE, which can be used both as a close combat weapon or launched from range, but that has a five minute cooldown after use. Anything bigger than that is very expensive in terms of mana.
No. 614720 ID: 9ddf68

well those things are still pretty much bunched up, a few more fission blast would probably down most of them and then you can use some of your more one on one spells on them.
No. 614766 ID: db83ac

Nastar, deploy a choke point. Imogen, cast fission blast at the mooks until they surrender or die. Demand their immediate surrender after the choke point forms.

If they do surrender, conscript them into your armies or factories. You may want to loot the remaining grenadoblins for unstable chemicals.
No. 614772 ID: 337362
File 141940274650.png - (97.50KB , 960x560 , 19.png )

Imogen vaporizes another 5 of them and Nastar's lightning cracks one open, but they're coming too quick.

"Nastar chokepoint chokepoint chokepoint!" yells Imogen.
No. 614773 ID: 337362
File 141940275652.png - (8.44KB , 960x560 , 20.png )

"As you will it," Nastar declares, and shunts the walls of the cave closed. The pathway is so narrow that only one Grenadoblin could squeeze through at a time, and their momentum makes them cram and squabble at the entrance, screeching furiously.
No. 614774 ID: 5f402f

Fire off a powerful light based attack at the choke-point, and enact a macro-scale single slit diffraction experiment.
No. 614779 ID: 742b4a

No. 614787 ID: 337362
File 141940596997.png - (7.37KB , 960x560 , 21.png )

"More! Narrow it more!" Imogen starts charging up a humdinger of a death ray.

"How narrow?"


"As you vaguely command," Nastar intones. The walls crush together even more, until there's only a slit in the rock.

Imogen fires.
No. 614788 ID: 337362
File 141940597365.png - (56.80KB , 960x560 , 22.png )

There is a brilliant flash through the rock as the beam diffracts and fans out.

Evidently Imogen's death ray gains a great deal of potency through diffraction. Most intriguing! She makes a mental note of it.

Scratch all remaining Grenadoblins, blasted into vapor.
No. 614798 ID: 89b2a2

Pay dat piper, he wants his manas. Then let's loot the place.
No. 614799 ID: 5f402f

>Wizard of Radiation and its multiple subcategories including light
Ooh! I like this crystal guy (or gal). They're precise.

>what do
Thank you aide and pay his mana. And then illuminate and explore the cavern. Any loot you can find? Belonging to the punch-mage or otherwise?
No. 614819 ID: 337362
File 141941083596.png - (52.96KB , 960x560 , 23.png )

"Wonderful, Nastar!" Imogen says, psionically transferring 10 mana to him.
"I, Nastar, thank you for your complement," Nastar says, pushing the walls back out.

Looting the place Imogen finds
+50 mana from the ensorcelled remains of the Grenadoblins!
+A bunch of books!
+The staff of Ishaad!!!!!! Imogen has no idea what this does and won't unless she properly appraises it at her tower. Quibuj was looking for this.
No. 614820 ID: 5f402f

Go talk to Quibuj. Adventures are one part killing monsters, one part completing quests for people. Obviously the loot is tempting, but there's power in completing the pattern.
No. 614822 ID: ecd0ab

We should probably return the staff to the punchmage. I feel like an ally is more potentially valuable right now than whatever the staff does, especially an ally whose specialty is kinda one of our weaknesses. But uh maybe see if they want to come hang out at your tower for a while? They don't have a mule to carry all those books anymore.

Also the staff is not our color.
No. 614824 ID: a2f9bc

Well, ask what the staff does first is probably a good idea.
No. 614827 ID: 9ddf68

well might as well give Quibuj, maybe see if she would be willing to join our side or at least owe us a solid to be called in later. Never know when having a punch mage will be handy.
No. 614871 ID: ec2e47

I am curious how a punch mage uses a staff in battle. Wouldn't her hands be occupied with, well, punching?
No. 614911 ID: 2f4b71

A bit late, but: potential combination attack!
Imogen fires a very tight beam (UV or shorter wavelength) to ionise the air, creating a conductive path for Nastar to fire lightning through. Pinpoint accuracy and a range increase!
No. 614923 ID: bb78f2

Ensure it's not radioactive and that it won't give the punchmage cancer.
No. 614985 ID: 742b4a

Assess Quibuj's capabilities. Could she make a decent ally? You could trade the staff to her for her services.

Otherwise just say you want to analyze it before handing it over. That way we can determine just how valuable it is. No reason to hand over a valuable artifact for free, hmm?
No. 615082 ID: ecd0ab

How does inventing new spells at the spellgrounds work? Can we invent a combo spell with Quibuj for NUCLEAR FISTS or something? Obviously we need mana to invent spells, so we probably need to find a good source of it before we head to do that, but I'm curious. Would be good if we could develop some options between our URANIUM LANCE and spending 200 mana to summon backup. 500 mana for BIGBY'S CRUSHING TACTICAL NUKE is kinda out of the question right now, unless we decide to hole up in the tower for a while.
No. 615138 ID: 337362
File 141946754184.png - (10.82KB , 960x560 , 24.png )

"I got your staff back!" Imogen says.

"Oh, radicous," Quibuj says.

"What does it do?" Imogen asks.

"I have no clue," Quibuj says. "It just called to me, you know? Leylines."

"I do," Imogen says. Mages feel leylines. It's the little threads of destiny pulling them around. It's how they find adventures. "We can test it at my tower, if you want to hang out for a while."

"You're inviting me to your tower?"


"I'd love to," Quibuj says. "You're only like on the friggin Council of Wizards."
No. 615139 ID: 337362
File 141946754972.png - (49.96KB , 960x560 , 25.png )

The sun's setting back at the tower (Or it WOULD be, if it ever did.) Imogen and Quibuj agree to test the staff in the morning. Nastar gives an eloquent good evening to the ladies then allows the imp to pull it off to its chambers.

Imogen puts on her jammies. Should she try to contact any of the other wizards before turning in? Just earlier today they were all friends.
Kind of.
No. 615142 ID: 6aacb0

Check in with Weirwood first maybe? He seems like a nice old chap.
No. 615145 ID: 5f402f

>Should she try to contact any of the other wizards before turning in?
None of them have memetic spells or attacks that could be transmitted to you through a means of remote communication? Or viruses that could send over the magical link to your tower defense network? Don't want to compromise yourself.

...although, given that remote communication is usually preformed by means of transmission of radiation, coms security should be right in your bailiwick. You can probably handle it.

Try Weirdwood. You said he was your friend, right? See how he's doing.
No. 615148 ID: ecd0ab

We could talk to Weirwood. Maybe Grocel too. Dulcette doesn't seem very...talkative? And I don't know about Ferrafina.
No. 615149 ID: 1071f4

yeeess, time to form an ALLIANCE
No. 615151 ID: 311774

First things first, you need a new wardrobe.
Hair matching the color of your shirt is not a good look.
No. 615153 ID: 337362
File 141946999018.png - (62.48KB , 960x560 , 26.png )

Imogen calls Weirwood.

He picks up. "How do, bubeleh?"
"Hi, Weirwood."
"Oy. Hold on a second. I need to feed my screen a carrot or it won't stay still."
Weirwood doesn't have a tower; he has a swamp. It's just as dangerous if not more than anyone else's, though.
Every living creature in it was created by his hand.

"So," Imogen says, when Weirwood sits down on a stump. "Wizard war."
"Looks like."
" Weirwood sighs. "Look, Imogen. I can't call myself a council member and not try to be number one and I know the same's true for you, girlie."
"I guess," Imogen says. She takes a pensive bite of one of her mom's muffins. "But ceasefire, maybe?"
"Ceasefire I can give you," Weirwood says. "And maybe we can band together when it comes time to beat up, say, that Dulcette jerkoff. If I may blow some smoke. But full-on alliance?" He shakes his head-tray. "I don't know. You're a mensch but we both know there can be only one, as they say. Hey. If I'm lucky enough it's me you got a place in the new world, you know?"
No. 615155 ID: 2ec61a

yeah, can agree to try to win as hard as possible, and if they are still alive then putting them up as a governor would be cool.
No. 615157 ID: 337362
File 141947094779.png - (26.16KB , 960x560 , 27.png )

"Sounds good, Weirwood," Imogen says. "I'll make you a cool governor or something."
"So presumptuous, the young girlchick is! Just give me an island and a nice wine cellar. If I'm not world ruler I'm retiring." "Night night."
"Good night, bubeleh," Weirwood says. "May the best wizard win."
"Your line coulda been something like I intend to," Weirwood says. "Backbone, bubeleh. Backbone. We're at war."
"Oh. Sorry. I intend to!"
"Much better," Weirwood says, and disconnects.

That's sad. Imogen liked hanging out in the swamp.

Should she call anyone else?
Dulcette is just scary.
Ferrafina is a big asshole.
Grocel........ makes Imogen nervous.
No. 615158 ID: 89b2a2

Yes, we saw the poster on your wall. You could try using your womanly willies on him, but I think that would backfire.
No. 615159 ID: 1071f4

i say no, there is nothing good that can come of this.
No. 615163 ID: 9ddf68

well we got one cease fire up at least, I say that's good for one night and what Weirwood said was true, everyone is gunning for the top so we should hit the hay so we can get up early tomorrow and keep building our strength.
No. 615165 ID: 5f402f

Do have a reason to think anything will come of talking to them? I mean, I don't think any of the others are likely to agree to an alliance or ceasefire (or that you know them well enough to trust them to one), and if you show weakness you might make yourself a target.
No. 615168 ID: 742b4a

You could call Ferrafina up just to tell her you're gonna kick her ass.
No. 615169 ID: 337362
File 141947517078.png - (20.22KB , 960x560 , 28.png )

You're probably right.
Eeeee isn't he sexy? The poster's signed. DON'T ever tell him.
Imogen went over to his tower once to talk trade and he made her sushi. Like hand-made it. He chopped the cucumbers and everything!
And he's so dashing and well-spoken and well he has an ego but of course he does. Every self-respecting mage has an ego and a Wizard doubly besides.
She scried on him once because she thought he was plotting to burn her tower down and accidentally caught him working out. He wasn't wearing a shirt. Oh my god.

Of course he has to be head-over-heels with that icy bitch Ferrafina.
What has she got that Imogen hasn't got? Besides curves. And sophistication. She probably also doesn't sleep on a big giant silver bean bag chair with a stuffed Mr. Tesla either, but Imogen is an adult and also the most powerful wizard alive so nobody can tell her what to do.

Obviously she's not trying to rule the world just so Grocel will freaking notice she exists.
But it would be a nice bonus.

Good night, Grocel.
Good night, Mr. Tesla.
No. 615170 ID: 337362
File 141947518042.png - (20.52KB , 960x560 , 29.png )

Imogen wakes up bright and refreshed.
She offers Nastar a muffin at breakfast but apparently Nastar doesn't eat. Quibuj takes Nastar's muffin.

TURN 2 ::: MANA 240
Quibuj is a temporary disciple today!

You may take one action per turn and cast as many spells as you want. Speaking with anyone (including rival wizards, if they'll hear you) is possible through your Telepathic Screen.

+Meditate! Gather 100 mana!
+Seek for adventure in the world for reward or renown! An adventure is guaranteed. Wizards lead exciting lives. You might gain mana, artifacts, or allies!
+Go to the spellgrounds and formulate a new spell! (Cost: 50 mana. One new spell per turn)
+Mingle with the Mortals! Curry favor, purchase things with mana, or find new allies!
+Attack any of your rival mages!
+Go to the Mesa of Meeting and pray to the incoming Master for support!

+Meditate on your behalf! Each mage gathers different amounts of mana!
+Seek for adventure on their own (they'll be okay. probably.)
+Accompany you on an adventure!
+Accompany you to the spellgrounds to work on a tandem spell!

No. 615171 ID: 337362
File 141947519108.png - (8.21KB , 960x560 , ledgermann.png )

Imogen has a new spell she can use: Identify!

Updated spell list: http://pastebin.com/HUEXYMBN
No. 615172 ID: 5f402f

Identify the staff. (And was there anything useful among the books?).

Take Nastar to the spellgrounds for research and experimentation.

>Nastar doesn't eat
If they're solar powered, they sure picked the right mage to work for.
No. 615173 ID: 9ddf68

well we might as well see what the staff does since we went through all that yesterday. Then I guess we can try to find new spells but we're defently going to want to meditate soon. I just think it would be wise to always have enough mana to use our super just incase we're attacked or come across something that calls for it.
No. 615174 ID: 742b4a

Meditate. We need to at least have access to our big nuke just in case.
No. 615177 ID: 337362
File 141947708177.png - (14.71KB , 960x560 , 30.png )

Imogen IDENTIFIES the staff for 10 mana!

The staff of Ishaad allows its wielder to CAST FIST; any spell that has a melee range can now be used at long range!
In addition, the staff is LEYLINE BOUND to Quibuj! She now gains 15 extra mana whenever she meditates.

Imogen could recycle the staff for 130 mana.

"Wow," Quibuj says, munching on her muffin. "That thing looks sick. Um obviously you've already given me my books and a muffin, but..." she shrugs. "I mean, if you're feeling generous?"

"I, Nastar, believe 130 mana would go most far in your machinations, O Radiant One," Nastar says.
"Says the big piece of rock candy," Quibuj says.
"I, Nastar, have a shell consisting of Blue Crystal Amaranthistone," Nastar says. "Rock candy would be an inefficient arcane conductor, and would melt at warm temperatures."
No. 615178 ID: 5f402f

The staff isn't inherently useful to Imogen. All radiation is, by definition, a ranged effect. We have no spells that would benefit.

130 mana would be more useful, but that's only 1.3 turns of charging. It seems a shame to spend a unique artifact on that, when it is perfectly suited to enhance a caster's capabilities.

Could we come to an arrangement with Quibuj in exchange for the staff? A medium or long term ally would be even more useful than a short term mana boost. And ranged physical magic fills a hole in our repertoire, since radiation attacks are energy based. (Well, until you figure out how to properly exploit wave / partical duality, anyways). And many magical shields aren't attuned for fist-damage.

tl;dr - recruit with the staff.
No. 615179 ID: 348196

Well, in that case, seems like she owes you like 130 mana or equivalent in help or meditation. Wanna stick around a bit Quibuj? :-)
No. 615181 ID: 742b4a

Oh man that thing seems incredibly useful for Quibuj. Don't recycle it. I want to see a demonstration of it being used!
No. 615191 ID: 6263e4

Give staff in return for loyalty
No. 615198 ID: 9ddf68

neat staff but completely useless to us with our powers. But still useful in that it might be able to give us a useful ally. I say give her the staff but say she owes you a favor or two. Don't worry I won't throw anything that I'm not sure you can handle and if you're not comfortable with the favor I ask you can deny it. I mean we're not jerks.

But yeah, if she's going to leave your tower make sure you get her contact info so we can call her up if we need her help.
No. 615203 ID: ecd0ab

That's pretty useful to a punchmage! I'd say give her the staff. But expecting one favor for it is kind of low given how valuable it could be to her you'd think she could at least hang with us for a while.
No. 615253 ID: 337362
File 141948686371.png - (11.83KB , 960x560 , 31.png )

"Take it on credit," Imogen says. "Just owe me a favor or something."

"Dude," Quibuj says. "Thanks so much."
"Are you looking to get involved with the end of days?" Imogen asks. "I can always use some help if you want to stick around."
"You want me to join you here?" Quibuj is startled. "Um totally. Yes. Oh my god ground floor on future queen of the world."
"Hopeful queen of the world," Imogen says. "With your help."
"I read existentialist literature, make sweet buns, and punch stuff," Quibuj says.
"I can totally work with that," Imogen says.

Disciple acquired: Quibuj!
What next? Imogen's still got a full day ahead of her and 230 mana.
No. 615254 ID: 5f402f

Spell grounds. Experiment with new spell / spell synergies with one of your allies.

Probably should experiment with Nastar, and let Quibuj meditate.
No. 615268 ID: 337362
File 141948987908.png - (13.26KB , 960x560 , 32.png )

Imogen's spellground of choice is the Amethyst Sea.

A long time ago, the Master had a great battle here that turned the whole sea into solid purple stone. There's plenty of open ground, and you can use the spiraling waves for neat targets.

"What are you doing?" Nastar asks, as Imogen warms up.

"Stretching," Imogen says. "We're gonna be doing a lot of magic up here, Nastar. Lotsa experimentation and spells flying all over. Gotta be ready to move!" She jogs in place a little.

"I, Nastar, am warming up with you in spirit," Nastar says.

What kind of new spells should Imogen and Nastar try out? Anything's on the table! Magic rules!
Try out whatever you want then vote on which one Imogen adds to her grimoire! 1 new spell per spellground visit.

Imogen's favored elements/flavor:
Nastar's favored elements/flavor:

No. 615270 ID: 5f402f

We already know that earth can be combined with light and/or radiation for diffraction, and can probably produce constructive or destructive interference with the right patterns.

Can we combine light or radiation with crystal for some kind of lensing amplification? Or possibly capacitor-like storage via crystal refraction (which could potentially be overloaded to combine with explosions).

There's probably a really obvious connection between uranium and earth.
No. 615276 ID: db83ac

Spacetime is curved based on gravitational pull, right? Why not create a spell that uses radiation to sense the gravitational pull of objects on realspace?

Dimensional Sense - While this spell is active, radiation of multiple frequencies bounces around you and comes back, allowing you to understand the dimensional pull of gravity allowing you to faintly understand the madness of eldritch locations. This should help against Dulcette.

Oh and this is going to be good:

Combine crystals with light to create a supercomputer! Create crystal fiber optics and precision lasers to develop a processor that exceeds anything you've ever seen! Or just create a bunch of crystal fiber optics and design a system for fast-communication.
No. 615295 ID: ec2e47

Things to try out:
- A self-diffracting beam (travel x distance then diffract for a fan-shaped cutting blast)
- Continual beam (Probably not the best in mage battles, but possibly an inexpensive way to take out groups of monsters/minions)
- Invisibility
- Illusions as decoys
- Illusions with real lasers
- Darkness we can see in (if we couldn't already)
- Invisible attacks (such as lasers outside the visible spectrum, with magic glow manually removed if necessary)
- Laser cooling (surprisingly actually a thing with regular physics)
- Electricity derived from light (electromagnetic radiation)
- Radiation poisoning (though we will need to try that at a later point with living targets like trees or something)
- Ultra-long-range lasers
- Wizard-telescope to actually be able to target effectively from ultra-long-range
- Combo with Nashtar to have him summon crystal lenses to bounce your lasers around obstacles or defenses

I like the capacitor idea too. It is more of an artifact than a spell, but a device we could load beforehand with barrages of death rays would be nice.

Thoughts so far on strategies for fighting the other Wizards (since it effects what spells we will need in the long run:
- Grocel: Laser cooling for fire, maybe radiation poisoning for any blood-based constructs
- Ferrafina: Lasers as heat to counter ice, electricity (without revealing beforehand we can do that if possible) to counter metallic defenses.
- Dulcette: Maybe non-visible lasers or something? She will be a pain with redirecting lasers and such, but she might have a harder time redirecting what she can't see.
- Wierwood: His swamp sounds like a super death trap, so instead of actually going there we should keep the fight as long-ranged as possible. (Now that I think about it, ultra-long ranged combat works in our favor against nearly anyone aside from maybe Dulcette.)
No. 615299 ID: ecd0ab

can Nastar dig up uranium for us

also definitely try some things with Nastar doing crystal lensing for lasers
No. 615305 ID: 89b2a2

Fractal Crystalline Conversion Enervation
Turns things into crystals, then turns the crystals into energy, then uses the energy to make MORE crystals. Destroys any unprotected part of the current plane of existence. Will go horribly wrong.

Earth-Cracking Irradiation
Breaks open a new uranium mine for use! In case you.. need that sort of thing. Or feel like converting someone's useless gold mine into valuable URANIUM.

Gamma Beam Blast
Congratulations, you now have cancer. Isn't necessarily immediately lethal, but gives nasty burns and penetrates most materials. Unlimited range.

Primarily used for 'charging' artifacts or other arcane devices. Can clean up useful ores, crystals, and concentrates radioactives into possibly more useful ones.

Summon Helpful Robots
Summons helpful robots. Not an army; they can build, construct, repair, or mine. Can be perpetuated with !LIGHTNING! Batteries not included.
No. 615516 ID: 337362
File 141958144267.png - (331.05KB , 960x560 , 33.png )

Pfff, supercomputers are old news. What do you think Imogen's tower is?

Imogen tries out a BUNCH of stuff, and comes up with 4 ideas that seem to bear useful fruit. This turn, she can learn one of them by paying 50 mana. If she wants to pay more mana and use more turns she can learn more.

GROUND CRACK: A combination attack with NASTAR. They open up a fault in the ground and irradiated Uranium fires through. Very destructive. Requires 20 mana to cast.

DIFFRACTION LENS: Nastar teaches Imogen a thing or two about crystal magic, until she can reliably summon uranium crystal lenses at close to medium range on the battlefield that allow her to bend or widen her beam attacks. It takes time but you can do some neat tricks with it. Free cast.

LASER COOLING: Imogen will be able to snap-freeze her enemies with this one. She can target limbs to try and freeze them in place. Free cast.

DIMENSIONAL SENSE: Imogen can can see through walls, darkness, invisibility, and illusions for about a minute. She can't be ambushed and has a preternatural sense of where everyone is on the battlefield, improving her accuracy. Requires 5 mana to cast.
No. 615517 ID: 5f402f

...diffraction lens sounds really cool, but dimensional sense seems like it's going to be absolutely necessary to survive the other wizard's inevitable ambush attempts.
No. 615519 ID: 1071f4

what this guy said >>615517
plus laser cooling might be useful against Grocel. that's for later though.
No. 615528 ID: 89b2a2

It seems silly to spend the time to drag our follower out here and then buy spells that he didn't need to help us with. If we want one of the others, let's come back for them later.

No. 615555 ID: a2f9bc

Diffraction lens has got my vote.
No. 615569 ID: ec2e47

Diffraction Lens while we have Nastar here.
Dimensional Sense is something we should get at some point, so maybe after getting Lens we should spend another turn here getting that while Nastar heads back to the tower to meditate.
No. 615581 ID: 951416

Diffraction lens
No. 615590 ID: db83ac

Dimensional Sense - your rival wizards are going to constantly plot, deceive, and otherwise perform acts of deception and treachery. You need a scanning spell that can help detect this at any time for any reason.
No. 615592 ID: 9ddf68

DIMENSIONAL SENSE, doesn't mater how strong we are if we don't know where to point our spells.
No. 615653 ID: 9b9ee7

Diffraction lens.
No. 615656 ID: ecd0ab

Do this, getting both with Nastar going to meditate while we get the second one we don't need him for.
No. 615659 ID: 742b4a

I agree with this, let's get Lens first.
No. 615661 ID: 337362
File 141963948595.png - (121.20KB , 960x560 , 34.png )

Imogen gets Diffraction Lens. Either she or Nastar can use this spell, and it comes in two flavors: A mirror to redirect a beam, and a lens to widen and empower it. It can be summoned anywhere in middle range on the field, but she can't move them around after she's summoned them without recasting. There's no limit on how many of these puppies she can have at once.

Who's that cutie in the mirror? Is it maybe the future queen of the world? Maybe!

"An excellent spell," Nastar says. "I, Nastar, thank you for inviting me."
No. 615662 ID: 337362
File 141963951462.png - (20.49KB , 960x560 , 35.png )

Total mana gain and use last turn:
+30 (Quibuj Meditaton)
-10 (Identify spell)
-50 (New Spell learned)
New total: 210

Imogen gets back to the tower by afternoon. Quibuj is in her quarters, meditating to some oldschool gangster rap. She baked sweet buns while they were gone!! Imogen thinks of how much she probably needs to go to the gym, then decides that a wizard war is probably a good way to burn calories.

TURN 3 ::: MANA 210

+Cast a spell, have a conversation with a disciple or over your Screen

+Meditate! Gather 100 mana!
+Seek for adventure in the world for reward or renown! An adventure is guaranteed. Wizards lead exciting lives. You might gain mana, artifacts, or allies!
+Go to the spellgrounds and formulate a new spell, or commit to memory a spell you've already tried! (Cost: 50 mana. One new spell per turn)
+Mingle with the Mortals! Curry favor, purchase things with mana, or find new allies!
+Attack any of your rival mages!
+Go to the Mesa of Meeting and pray to the incoming Master for support!

+Meditate on your behalf! Each mage gathers different amounts of mana!
+Seek for adventure on their own (they'll be okay. probably.)
+Accompany you on an adventure!
+Accompany you to the spellgrounds to work on a tandem spell!

No. 615664 ID: 337362
File 141963967990.png - (8.21KB , 960x560 , ledgermann.png )

Imogen has a new spell she can use: Diffraction Lens!

Updated spell list:
No. 615666 ID: 9ddf68

I feel like we're getting a little low on mana so I'm going to have to suggest we meditate ourselves and have Nastar and Imogen go on an adventure themselves to see what they can find. I mean at this point we trust Nastar right? and we still have yet to see what Imogen can do. Plus they'll be together I'm guessing and the two of them combined should be able to handle anything that isn't a council wizard.
No. 615667 ID: ecd0ab

Oh man I kinda want to go adventuring now. We might find a cool amulet or ring or robe or staff or a bunch of mana or a magic hat lets go adventuring forget planning
No. 615668 ID: 742b4a

I think you mean Quibuj and Nastar adventure? Keep in mind that if someone goes on an adventure any artifacts they get will be attuned to them.
No. 615669 ID: ecd0ab

Adventures can get us mana too, we don't just have to meditate! And Quibuj has a bonus to her meditation and Nastar we haven't even found out how much mana he can produce yet. I kinda want US to go on an adventure and them to meditate for some mana, so we can build up to being able to throw our biggest spell if we need it.
No. 615679 ID: 89b2a2

We meditate for 100 mana per turn. WAY more than anyone else.
No. 615680 ID: ecd0ab

if we had chosen to recycle the staff we would have made 170 mana from that adventure.
No. 615681 ID: 742b4a

I say we go on an adventure with Quibuj. I want to see her in action.
No. 615682 ID: db83ac

Mingle with the local civilians. You want your populace to be happy about your upcoming rulership, or they're going to be a very serious opening for the other wizards to exploit. Take Quibuj with you, get the people to realize that you have a lot of power but also a lot of humanity.

Regardless of whether or not that humanity is in their self-interest.

Next, work with Quibuj to form a new spell. Have Nastar do some of his own experiments and see if he can come up with a new edge.

Finally, do some experiments yourself. See if the signs really do point to your master coming back. You need to be smart, make sure that you aren't just obediently playing along in this game, just like all those self-righteous paladins worship their god unquestioningly. If you take the time to figure out whether or not the master is coming back, you might catch a glimpse of his current adventures, maybe even acquire something powerful in the process!
No. 615687 ID: ec2e47

I vote for adventure with Quibuj while Nastar meditates, so we can get a good idea of what she can do.

Also, since we gain mana generation from the sunlight around our tower, would it be viable to spend a turn setting up a mirror array directing more light at it?
No. 615738 ID: 337362
File 141965270968.png - (585.78KB , 960x560 , 36.png )

Don't worry: That's already been done. Imogen has squeezed out every drop of efficiency she can in mana gathering. For now, anyway.

Imogen and Quibuj go on an ADVENTURE!!

In a shimmering field of golden grain, they come across a large building made of sun-colored stone. A huge metal hoop is above it, and the wind whistles as it passes through.

From inside, Imogen and Quibuj hear the sound of music and celebration. The door has been left ajar. Imogen can feel her leylines tugging at her from within.

"This is weird," Quibuj says.
No. 615744 ID: 742b4a

This is obviously the SUNDANCE FESTIVAL. Go in!
No. 615745 ID: db83ac

Loot what you can from the party, steal from them if they aren't willing to support your cause!
No. 615747 ID: 5f402f

Well, um, is there any reason not to just walk up?

Or if you're going to be cautious, summon up some lenses and mirrors so you can see what's going on in there.
No. 615750 ID: ec2e47

The fact that the leylines pointed here means that this is probably not just an ordinary party. Approach with caution.
No. 615760 ID: 337362
File 141965693957.png - (24.04KB , 960x560 , 37.png )

The door is ajar.

On the other side is an opulent feast. Dozens of laughing, merrymaking lords and ladies eat from off of a hardwood table.

At the far end, a man sitting on a golden throne cries, "It is a Council Wizard!!!!"

"Enter, O August One! I am APHOGAS, Mage of Frivolity! Eat at our abundant table and tell us how goes the wageries of wizardly war!!"
No. 615761 ID: 5f402f

>Mage of Frivolity
...so he's here to waste our time.

Really wish we'd taken Dimensional Sense now, the entire party here is probably a hollow illusion.

>Eat at our abundant table and tell us how goes the wageries of wizardly war!
Um, not much has really happened yet, certainly not worthy of a feast, sorry.
No. 615766 ID: 742b4a

...can Adventures even go this way?

Sit at the table, recount the initial outbreak of violence and how you decided to let all your new enemies shoot eachother and not you. Then just lie a lot about fending off attacks and going on incursions into enemy territory under cover of magical darkness. If you spoke the truth about your activities that information could spread to your enemies.

Also you should try to make sure this place is legit. Like, you could conjure up a mirror and check the place out with it? I hear a lot of illusions don't show up in mirrors.
No. 615778 ID: db83ac


This just screams "trap". Parley with the wizards but do NOT accept anything that they offer you. Just steal what you need and offer an alliance. Do not acquire followers from this circle unless they seem extremely trustworthy.
No. 615825 ID: 89b2a2

Imogen felt the leylines tugging for a reason. This is probably important! Stay awhile, and tell your tale.
No. 615910 ID: 337362
File 141970823079.png - (7.42KB , 960x560 , 38.png )

"Um not much has happened yet," Imogen says. "Nothing worthy of a feast."

"Nonsense!" trills Aphogas. "EVERYTHING is worthy of a feast!!!"
"No offense," Imogen says. "But your feast totally looks like a magical trap."
"Why does everyone always say that?" Aphogas asks the knight sitting next to him, who shrugs.

Suddenly a loud cry sounds from the doorway. "UNCLE!"
No. 615911 ID: 337362
File 141970824020.png - (7.30KB , 960x560 , 39.png )

"Um, hold on, actually," the figure in the doorway says.

He waves his hand and a grand wooden door appears in the vacant arch.
No. 615912 ID: 337362
File 141970824648.png - (9.13KB , 960x560 , 40.png )

The door crashes open dramatically.

"UNCLE!!!!" cries the figure.
No. 615913 ID: 337362
File 141970826660.png - (12.89KB , 960x560 , 41.png )

"Uncle! I demand the Key of Kraddock!"

"Samael," Aphogas says. "Can you not join my table? Can you not set aside your mad quest?"

"Your table is gross and gluttonous," Samael says. "Like your SOUL, uncle!"
"Now Samael," Aphogas says, looking very hurt. "What have I told you about tasting your words before you spit them out?"

"I am ready, Uncle," Samael says. "I have been ready four seasons now. I demand the Key!"

"Your father said much the same thing," Aphogas says. "I will not let two deaths be on my watch, my boy!"

"Ooo this is juicy," whispers Quibuj.
No. 615914 ID: 5f402f

So... what's this key for? Or this mad quest I'm hearing about?

This looks more like an adventure you can appropriately irradiate and lase into oblivion for loot.
No. 615919 ID: 337362
File 141971059676.png - (14.69KB , 960x560 , 42.png )

"Key?" Imogen asks. "Quest?"

"Who is this?" Samael asks. "One of your festival trollops?"

"She is Council Wizard Imogen," Aphogas says. "Can't you recognize her?"

"The justice I pursue shines so bright that it blinds me to everything else, Uncle!"

"You could try taking the helmet off," Aphogas says.

"Greetings, Council Wizard Imogen." Samael turns to her. "I am Samael, Mage of Doors. I am here seeking the Key of Kraddock! When it is mine I shall unlock this door upon my back and enter the DIMENSION OF DESTRUCTION where my mother has been held prisoner for ten years! I will defeat the Destructive Duke, avenge the death of my father, and bring her back! Aphogas holds the key. He refuses to give it to me!"

Imogen has never heard of the Destructive Duke. This is interesting.

"Aye, I have the key," Aphogas says. "The Duke will kill you with a wave of his hand. My brother is dead. My sister-in-law is gone. I will not allow the destruction of his family to complete itself! Imogen! Perhaps he'll listen to you!"

"I will listen to nothing but my raging fervor and the occasional chamber composition!" Samael says.
No. 615920 ID: 2ec61a

say you will join them, if you are defeated with but a wave of someone's hand you would be unfit to be a council mage in the first place.
No. 615922 ID: cf8ccd

Part of me wants to ask how he intends to not be destroyed like his father before him.
If he doesn't have an answer, that should be his next step.
No. 615925 ID: 742b4a

This sounds like the ADVENTURE your leyline was tugging you towards. Tell him you will lend him your aid. Quibuj too.
No. 615932 ID: 82c018

Who is this Destructive Duke, what powers does he posses, and how did he come to imprison Samael's mother?
No. 615935 ID: db83ac

Right, he's too hot-blooded to just gallivant into Destructive Duke's territory without getting himself killed. On the plus side, he seems so stupid that it's almost trustworthy!

Almost. This seems like a classic two-man con: have two opposing sides conflict each other, and when you turn your interest in one side the other stabs you in the back; if you blindly think that Samael is trustworthy because he appears to loathe his suspicious uncle, you're not using logic.

It's pretty obvious that the Duke of Destruction is allied or will ally with Dulcette, so dealing with him should be high on your agenda. Not to mention, Samael is able to summon double-doors on a whim (free mana cost?), so that will be REALLY useful for diffracting.

Propose that you take Samael as a pupil, and when you are all fully ready, you will take your legion of wizards and servants and completely destroy the Duke together, as you are planning on doing so anyway. If he does not improve enough within ten turns, you will defeat the Duke of Destruction yourself and allow Samael the pleasure of delivering the execution/torture.

Please note that after ten years, Samael may have a little half-brother or half-sister. If he lets his hot-blood get the better of him, he might do something that Aphogas is going to seriously regret - what with wanting a different heir, after all. Use this as a negotiating edge; if you beat the Duke of Destruction, he might have a son or daughter with Aphogas' sister, who can then inherit the riches of BOTH families!

(And then you screw both their families over anyway since they're both fat bastards. I think Samael will agree with this.)
No. 615936 ID: 5f402f

...would you give him the key if he possessed sufficiently strong comrades in arms?

If we can't take out some measly duke, we're never gonna be Wizard King. Wizard Queen. However the heck this works.

A door mage strikes me as someone very useful to owe us a favor. Could be invaluable for bypassing security on another wizard's tower for a surprise attack.
No. 615938 ID: a19cd5

So, what's the plan then? Hypothetically, of course. Say you get into the dimension of destruction, what's the next step?
No. 615940 ID: 337362
File 141971579295.png - (6.10KB , 960x560 , 43.png )

"I'll help!" Imogen says.
"...You will?" Samael asks.
"I wouldn't be much of a queen of the world if I couldn't beat up some duke, right?"
"If a wizard is accompanying you, I will give you the key," Aphogas says. "I beg you, Imogen: bring him back in one piece. There is already too much family blood on my hands."
No. 615941 ID: 337362
File 141971579780.png - (576.58KB , 960x560 , 44.png )

"Um," Imogen says. "That key is bigger than I thought."

"Fear not," Samael says.
No. 615942 ID: 337362
File 141971580904.png - (72.40KB , 960x560 , 45.png )

"The power of my door is to take any key and open unto any destination!"
No. 615943 ID: 337362
File 141971581508.png - (799.61KB , 960x560 , 46.png )

The key disappears into the door. Samael unstraps it and drops it on the ground.

It swings open to a view of the exact same field, with massive cracks running across its surface and the sky. It's like a broken mirror held up to reality.

"Behold:" Samael says. "The destructive dimension!"
"So where exactly is the duke?" Imogen asks.
"He is--" Samael pokes his head through the door. "Um-- Good question."
No. 615946 ID: 5f402f

>The power of my door is to take any key and open unto any destination!
Sweet. So if we ever steal a key that goes to anywhere in our opponent's strongholds, we could sequence break inside for a surprise attack.

>what do
Try sending some mirrors in to expand our field of view. Or making lenses for a magical spyglass. (See if we can see anything, or if the destruction dimension responds with destruction).
No. 615955 ID: 742b4a

Let's go in!
No. 615957 ID: 82c018

Out of curiosity, what is on the other side of the doorway (other side as in walking around without going through)?
Aside from that, try the thing with summoning a mirror on the other side.
No. 615976 ID: db83ac

Yeah, I was hoping you would wait a few turns before you opened the gateway. Would have given you a tactical nuke to negotiate with.

Aphogas, do you have an army to spare? Or 200 mana?

Imogen, use Diffraction Lens to scan the area, see if there are traps nearby. If you're spotted, use Darkness as a smokescreen.
No. 615981 ID: ecd0ab

most mages have like 20 on them tops at any one time, non-council mages are not very likely to have 100 mana, let alone 200.
No. 616033 ID: 337362
File 141973480517.png - (494.16KB , 960x560 , 47.png )

Imogen takes a hesitant step into the broken world through the doorway.

Quibuj and Samael follow.

"Thank you, Wizard," Samael says. "I'm sorry I called you a trollop."

"It's ok," Imogen says.

"You are in fact a very fair maiden," Samael says.

"Was it that obvious?" Imogen hops over a crack in reality to another floating shard of plain.

"I would be honored to accept your favor," Samael says.


"A handkerchief, perhaps, to spur me to heroics?"

"Um, all my handkerchiefs are kind of used," Imogen says. "Sorry."

From the void behind the pieces of the world, a huge, black and red creature with three arms swings its way into view.

"SSSSSAMAEL," it says.

"FIEND," cries Samael.

"Is that the Duke?" Imogen asks.

"No," Samael says. "It is one of his servants. The DRAFTSMAN of Destruction."

"None other," says the creature. "You sssshould have remained home, Samael son of Sachiel."
No. 616034 ID: db83ac

No talking
No stalling
You're on enemy territory and they have protocol for your intrusion

Lazer to the eye!

Defeat the draftsman, THEN negotiate if he's still alive.
No. 616039 ID: ecd0ab

Diffraction lenses and death rays!

And maybe punches too.
No. 616046 ID: 5f402f

Manipulate reality-mirrors to cut the enemy to pieces.

Or alternatively, use reality-mirrors and the gaps between mirrors for ridiculously overcharged reflection and diffraction attacks. (We can use fist-powers to move / manipulate / position mirrors as needed).

This battlefield kind of ridiculously suits you.
No. 616064 ID: 337362
File 141973741666.png - (8.44KB , 960x560 , 48.png )

Those aren't reality mirrors, unfortunately. They're chunks of place floating in a big sea of not-place.

The Draftsman of Destruction crawls out onto a spit of land.
"Draftsman!" says Samuel. "I demand you bring me before your lord the Duke! He and I have business to attend to!"

"The Duke knew you would come, Sssssamael," hisses the Draftsman. "And of your businesssss with him."

"Then lead me to him! Or be struck down!"

The draftsman laughs. "Your lives will be extinguishhhed before you are within a mile's sight of his casssstle, little mage."

"If you would fight, then let us fight!" Samael cries. "I shall
No. 616065 ID: 337362
File 141973743218.png - (22.62KB , 960x560 , 49.png )


"Sorry!" Imogen says

"I was counting on him to lead us to the duke," Samael says. "Now where do we go?"
No. 616067 ID: 742b4a

Well, look around. A mage of light should be able to make a telescope, right? Or some method of seeing things that are far away?
No. 616068 ID: 6aacb0

Any chance you're within 1+ miles' sight of the Duke's castle?
No. 616069 ID: 2ec61a

check his corpse for leylines. he may have a link to his master.
No. 616071 ID: 5f402f

Can... we manipulate pieces of not place at all? One easy way to get a good look around would be to fly a piece above the plane of pieces.
No. 616072 ID: ecd0ab

Does door mage guy still have any keys? Any keys at all?
No. 616083 ID: 337362
File 141973895676.png - (9.73KB , 960x560 , 50a.png )

"I could use my lenses to fashion a telescope and get a better look," Imogen says. "But a vantage point would be nice. Um, do you have other keys?"
Samael shakes his head.

"I got something for this," Quibuj says. "Cmere. I gotta pick you up."

"Ok," Imogen says. "What's the spell?"

"It's called throwing you up in the air over and over," Quibuj says.
No. 616084 ID: 337362
File 141973896683.png - (267.21KB , 960x560 , 50.png )

"aaaAAAAAaaaaa" Imogen says.

"See anything?" Quibuj calls.

"aaaAAAAAAAaaaooooh maybe," says Imogen. "Throw me again"
"on thraaAAAAAaaa i was going to say on three," says Imogen.
No. 616085 ID: 337362
File 141973897895.png - (791.64KB , 960x560 , 51.png )

She takes another look.

There, nestled in a distant tear, is a red spire, poking up from the sea of desolation.
No. 616090 ID: 742b4a

Excellent, go thataways.
No. 616091 ID: 2ec61a

we have our heading.
No. 616095 ID: 143467

Make a laser arrow pointing the way.
No. 616133 ID: 337362
File 141975030896.png - (8.93KB , 960x560 , 52.png )

Imogen leads the group to the tower in the distance.

They disembark from the world and tread through the void to reach it. Broken flecks of being float and tumble around them.

At the red gate, a man pokes his head out of a window, higher in the tower.

"Hi," he says.

"Identify yourself!!!" cries Samael.

"Wow," the man says, then "Chattery. I'm a mage." He looks at Imogen. "Who're you? Who's this bundle of joy? Is that Samael?"
No. 616134 ID: 742b4a

Introduce yourself and your group. Don't zap the mage!
No. 616135 ID: ecd0ab

We're Imogen, wizard of radiation and its multiple subcategories including light, that's Samael, and that's Quibuj. Hi!
No. 616137 ID: db83ac

Request an audience with the duke. If this guy is the duke, attempt to negotiate for the release of Samael's mother. If he refuses, cast a mirror behind him and fire a lazer to push him out of the window. Then have Quibuj punch him until he stops twitching. If it turns out that he isn't the duke and you've kicked his ass, please barge in now.
No. 616141 ID: 5f402f

Don't react hostility, yet. We don't know this mage's specialty, and we don't know that everything in this plane serves the Duke.
No. 616349 ID: 337362
File 141982600406.png - (7.58KB , 960x560 , 53.png )

"I'm Imogen, this is Quibuj, and yeah that's Samael," Imogen says. "Could we talk to the duke? Is this his tower?

"So that's Samael." Chattery squints at him. "I thought he'd be a big guy. We keep getting his letters. He talks big."
"I demand an audience with the duke!!" Samael cries.

"Chill," Chattery says. "The duke's out right now. And even if he wasn't, you want to kill him. You said as much. He'd totally ice you, dude. He's the duke of destruction. Like, as a concept. I'm sorry. You should go home."
"If you refuse me you shall be destroyed!" announces Samael.
"Look, if you don't go away I probably have to fight you anyway," Chattery says. "Since you want to kill my master and everything. Could we just not?"
No. 616350 ID: 2ec61a

"are you officially stating you wish to engage in combat?" when they say yes blow their face up.
No. 616352 ID: 687279

Ask what a vaguely reasonable mage like him is doing working for the duke of DESTRUCTION.
No. 616353 ID: 6aacb0

See if he'll tell you anything about Samael's mother and what happened to the father first.
No. 616354 ID: 89b2a2

"can he at least talk to his mother? if not for the whole wanting to murder business, this could just be a simply family housecall."
No. 616355 ID: d90668

Listen the duke apparently kidnapped his mom so what do you expect?

Honestly the duke probably would like to have the satisfaction of finishing him off himself. I mean if you go and do it will deprive him of valuable destruction time.
No. 616358 ID: dd4ed3

If you're so confident your boss would win, why is it necessary you defend him by fighting now?
No. 616371 ID: db83ac

Imogen: "Bring out Samael's mother. THEN we can negotiate."

Prepare a spell or five, this guy is probably jumpstarting the castle's defenses as you speak.
No. 616419 ID: 337362
File 141984560233.png - (6.52KB , 960x560 , 54.png )

"What happened to Samael's mother?" Imogen asks.

"The duke took a fancy to her and carried her off," Chattery says. "Standard demigodly activity. Then the husband showed up, things got messy, there was a duel... you know. And now I guess Samael's here for revenge?"

"I am here for my mother," cries Samael. "AND for revenge!"
"Well sorry, chief," Chattery says. "But I'm not allowed to let you in to see her."

"Does that mean you want to fight?" Imogen asks.

Chattery sighs. "God. Fine. Is that what we're doing now? I guess I have to, if you won't go away and the Duke's not around. Give me a sec, I'll be right down."
No. 616420 ID: a2f9bc

Set up some diffraction lenses.

I don't think we're very good at being fair, maybe.
No. 616422 ID: db83ac

Fairness doesn't really matter so much when your friends are dead. Protect Samael, even if you have to fight dirty.

Like I said earlier, cast a mirror behind him, then fire. Have Quibuj punch him until he surrenders and/or stops twitching.
No. 616440 ID: dd4ed3

Well, let the dude come down before we blow him up. Maybe there's evidence in the tower and we don't want to wreck it.

Also, he's kind of halfhearted about fighting. We might not even need to kill him all the way to death!
No. 616443 ID: 5d2f8c

Ask Sam if he'd be willing to just leave instead of trying to kill the duke when he gets his mother back. Murder only begets murder and all of that.
No. 616454 ID: 687279

I'm tempted to zap him in the face right here and now, then have Quibuj punch in the doors. He seems so reasonable though. Maybe you should try to win the fight without killing him.
No. 616511 ID: 5d2f8c

Also give him a fair fight and try not to kill him. He's actually being pretty nice.
One final thing you *may* be able to do is to convince him that if you can beat the duke in a fight that you are a better leader and that he should join you.(dont expect him to follow you right now, but if he agrees then he should avoid helping either side until the battle is over)
No. 616566 ID: 337362
File 141989856870.png - (85.41KB , 960x560 , 55.png )

Chattery disappears from the window.

A few seconds later the door opens up and he stands before the group. A corona of light flickers and bursts into life behind him.

"Three of you, huh?" he says. "All right. I'm ready."
No. 616569 ID: 687279

Toss a Fission Blast at him.
No. 616576 ID: db83ac

You heard the man, he's "ready"


Deploy a lens in front of you and fire a lazer to blind him! Then have Quibuj flip the lens and concentrate the beam while he's stunned!
No. 616578 ID: a19cd5

irradiate his nuts.
No. 616589 ID: 14bb8a

Disperse his corona of light. Whatever effect it gives him, you can deny, hopefully leaving him open to a fist to the nuts or being slammed in the door or whatever.
No. 616638 ID: db63a8

Maybe dont alpa strike this guy off the planet this time.
No. 617450 ID: 337362
File 142019271905.png - (192.86KB , 960x560 , 56.png )

Fission blast away!!!!
Unfortunately Chattery rockets up into the air as soon as it nears him.

Quibuj leaps into the air with an empowered fist and Chattery shimmers and swaps places with her, leaving her swinging at nothing.

Samael swings his door around to his front and opens it. Dark, grasping tentacles burst forth and catch Chattery by his ankle in midair.
No. 617452 ID: db83ac

Imogen, cast darkness to blind Chattery and let the (naturally blind) tentacles do the work for you!
No. 617454 ID: 256d52

Does that empty blue swirl mean he's about to jump there? Instead of shooting at where he is, shoot at where he is going to be!
No. 617478 ID: 5875f0

Hrrm, this guy's plenty good at dodging, but he hasn't attacked yet.
Seems to me he's the type to use friendly fire to his advantage, but he ALSO seems to be have light as a part of his spells... First off, shoot him with a laser. If that fails, set up a lens and reflect attacks into him with it to throw him off, timing-wise. Also, maybe stick to standard lasers since we have that punch Mage swinging about-no friendly fire!
No. 617487 ID: dd4ed3

Darkness on Chattery isn't a bad idea, really. It might stifle his corona of light, and whatever effect it offers. It could strengthen or add to the tentacles if they're 'made' of darkness. And it's generally a bad idea to teleport to where you can't see.
No. 617617 ID: 311774

Yell at him to put some pants on.
No. 617661 ID: 687279

Darkness could work in this situation if we were alone, but this is a team battle. It would wind up blinding our allies too!

If he keeps swapping with our allies there's a chance for friendly fire to happen. I say put up a Refraction Shield, that'll help with the friendly fire problem.
No. 625635 ID: 186341
File 142437013233.png - (57.49KB , 960x560 , 57.png )

Darkness was absolutely the right call. A little localied blob of it makes Chattery's corona of light flicker and blink out, leaving him helpless in the air. Samael's tentacles wrench their way around his arms and slam him to the ground.

He goes "Waark" as the air is knocked out of him.
No. 625637 ID: cc75ef

threaten to let the tentacles do what tentacles do best
No. 625639 ID: 88960e

Suggest to Chattery that he surrender.

If he doesn't, the punch mage can knock him out before he can try anything else. If he does try something before she can, just blast him.
No. 625643 ID: 01745f

Either he surrenders or we can shove him through the door to somewhere he won't be getting back from any time soon.
No. 625647 ID: 2f4b71

Stop. Hammer time.
No. 625654 ID: 186341
File 142437955451.png - (18.84KB , 960x560 , 58.png )

"Quibuj! Punch!" Imogen yells.

"Quibuj punch," says Quibuj, and casts fist.

Chattery is soundly unconscious. Since Quibuj is a punch mage and not just a puncher period, she can keep him under for as long as she has to and resuscitate him whenever she pleases.
No. 625655 ID: 186341
File 142437956442.png - (10.78KB , 960x560 , 59.png )

There is a low, percussive rumbling crash from far off, and then another.
It's footsteps.

"Here he comes!" Samael cries. "We have lured him out!"

A shadow falls across the mages.

"At last!" Samael cries.

Imogen looks up.
Way way way up.
No. 625656 ID: 186341
File 142437959588.png - (14.78KB , 960x560 , 60.png )

"DESTRUCTIVE DUKE!" Samael cries. "We come face-to-face at last!"

"Samael, you doot," Imogen says.

The destructive duke it turns out is an ARCHON. The only other one Imogen has ever seen is her Lord, the Great Master of Magic. He is the embodiment of all Magic.
This guy is most likely the embodiment of all Destruction.
The Great Master would probably be a pretty good match for this guy.
Imogen would be more like an ant under an elephant.

says the duke.
Who are you again?

"I am SAMAEL!" says Samael. "Your NEMESIS! Son of Sachiel! I have come to defeat you and free my mother!"

Oh. Right. You're Annabell's kid.
Who are your friends?

"Um Imogen," says Imogen. "This is Quibuj."
"They are my comrades!" Samael cries. "Imogen is a great wizard! Together we shall DEFEAT YOU!"

Well, here I am. Is that Chattery?

"Your MINION!" cries Samael.

Is he all right?

"He's unconscious," Imogen says. "He'll be OK."

says the duke.
Well, you got my attention, kids.
Here I am.

No. 625658 ID: cc75ef

when Samael said his door can lead to any door, d-did that mean he could maybe open it to that thing's eye? that's a shortcut to its brain, you see. radiation does weird things to brains. to proteins in general, really.
No. 625662 ID: d958ad

Be polite. Ask after Samael's mother. We are absolutely not fighting this guy, and I doubt he would even notice our attempts if we did.

If Samael looks like he's about to attack without you call him a fucking idiot, this guy is obviously an Archon and way above even your combined power.
No. 625663 ID: fe4bfc

Tell him that the kid is worried about his mom and you know how teenagers are. All going on quests and shouting all the time about revenge and honor and such.

I have a feeling the story is more complicated than it looks so find out what happened before going any farther.
No. 625664 ID: 82efdc

>This guy is most likely the embodiment of all Destruction.
So wait, does that mean if you kill him, you destroy the concept of destruction? That seems like a paradox. We might have a problem here.

Nevermind the fact we're hopelessly outgunned.

>what do
If the Duke doesn't mind, could he tell us why he took Samuel's mom, Annabell that is, is the first place?

We need to arrange some kind of non-combat challenge. Riddles. A puzzle. A board game. The oldest game. Something without destruction. It's the only way we can complete the mission and give Samuel any kind of victory.

Absolutely do not attack the duke, do not challenge him to combat, and prevent Samuel if he tries either.
No. 625668 ID: 01745f

Yep. Mr. Destruction is talking nicely instead of just... you know... destroying us (or even being actively menacing for that matter), so we should at least hear what his side of the story is.

I think he needs a key to the target location.
No. 625673 ID: b5b419

Actually we're here to uh, wossaname, meet with Annabell. It's not very nice to keep her family from visiting even if they are annoying.
No. 625688 ID: d3be40

Request Annabell, rescue her (and/or any of her kids), and LEAVE.

You do not know what will happen if you do manage to turn this Archon into bacon. Best you get permission from your lord before you destroy he who may be the lynchpin of entropy himself.

Plus, he's being nice. You are supposed to act nice around a polite guy with ten thousand tons of optimized war ordinance. Namely, his fat foot.

If he attacks, warn him twice and then blind him violently (You have organ regeneration spells, right?). Find and kidnap all residents, including Chattery, to negotiate a hostage exchange.
No. 625741 ID: 186341
File 142442089937.png - (6.46KB , 960x560 , 61.png )

"We're just uhh we're just here to meet with Annabell," Imogen says.

"We are here to DESTROY yommmfmm," Samael says before Quibuj covers his mouth with one fist.

"Just for his sake," Imogen says.

You're Imogen. One of the Great Master's?

"Yes, sir. That's right. Have you heard of him?"

Heard of him? He's my boss! Or he is now. Conquered this realm just as he did all the others.
The duke grins.
That was a hell of a fight. Lasted a month and a half give or take. I'm his vassal, little wizard, but I'm not yours. Annabell is busy right now. I don't want to bug her. It's time for you to leave.
"But if the Great Master asked you to you'd let us talk to her?"
Sure would.
"Thank you," Imogen says.

Imogen could probably PRAY to the Great Master for his aid in this matter if she took a turn.

"Duke! One of us must die by the other's hand!" Samael cries. "If not today then in the future!"

The duke laughs.
I'll find a time to pencil it in.
You'll find the way out the way you came through.

No. 625742 ID: d3be40

Wow, your boss has been BUSY.

Alright, see if you can find a way to contact him. If that doesn't work, you still have authority as one of the boss' vassals, so look for Annabell anyway.
No. 625743 ID: d958ad

Well you should probably PRAY eventually anyway, to grovel a bit and congratulate your boss and also maybe ask for a little guidance. Why not do so with a dual purpose?
No. 625762 ID: 948196

we should try and recruit the door mage, for our pitch i'm thinking something like

"bad news, your dukes whats known as an Archon. That means that killing him is going to take very powerful and very specialized magic. The good news is that my Boss is also an Archon, and recently became his Boss, so I can probably ask my boss to get him to let your mom go. If you agree to assist me in the Wizard war I will petition my master to secure your mother release, and assist you in your quest for vengeance once this world is mine."
No. 625765 ID: 256d52

Ask what Annabel is doing. You know, just so you have an idea of when she'll be less busy. See if you can get any info off Chattery when you wake him up.
No. 625780 ID: 88960e

Hmm. How does the great master feel about favors, in the first place? With the whole task you were given, I figure the master's more into self reliant minions who proove themselves than helping.

I'm still leaning towards challenging him to some kind of contest. We can't match him in destruction, but we could eck out a victory of some kind, or win a boon.

...might want to prepare for that later though, rather than doing it now. He's given us an out, and discretion may well be the better part of valor, today.
No. 625833 ID: 186341
File 142446622775.png - (7.76KB , 960x560 , 62.png )

Imogen can petition the Great Master for aid. He's granted it in the past. She always likes to think maybe she's his favorite because she sometimes just asks how he's doing.

"Samael," Imogen says. "I can ask the Great Master to fix this up for us. Can I count on your help?"
"You may count on it insofar as I will lead you out," Samael says. "But this is my quest and I have sworn its priority over all others. Perhaps if your 'Great Master' strikes the Duke dead I shall aid you, but not before!"
"Yeah," Imogen says. "We'll see."

They wake Chattery up.
"Fuckgkg," he says. "My head."
"Sorry," Quibuj says.
"I've had worse." Chattery gets to his feet. "Good afternoon, milord."

Afternoon, Chattery.

"What's Annabell doing right now?" Imogen asks.
Time to go.

They return Samael to a deeply grateful Aphogas, who gives Imogen 10 mana.
It's kind of a pittance but Imogen thanks him anyway. Not everyone is a powerful wizard and it seems mostly like Aphogas just likes partying.
No. 625834 ID: 186341
File 142446626060.png - (20.50KB , 960x560 , 63.png )

Total mana gain and use last turn:
+25 (Nastar Meditaton)
+10 (Aphogas' gratitude
New total: 245

Imogen returns to the tower. Nastar is doing a weird kind of singing in its room, thrumming harmonically as it meditates. Quibuj says she's making sweet buns.
Maybe all these carbs will help Imogen get some meat on her bones, she suggests.

While she was out it looks like she missed a call from GROCEL. Doki Doki.

She's such a nerd.

TURN 3 ::: MANA 245

+Cast a spell, have a conversation with a disciple or over your Screen

+Meditate! Gather 100 mana!
+Seek for adventure in the world for reward or renown! An adventure is guaranteed. Wizards lead exciting lives. You might gain mana, artifacts, or allies!
+Go to the spellgrounds and formulate a new spell, or commit to memory a spell you've already tried! (Cost: 50 mana. One new spell per turn)
+Mingle with the Mortals! Curry favor, purchase things with mana, or find new allies!
+Attack any of your rival mages!
+Go to the Mesa of Meeting and pray to the incoming Master for support!

+Meditate on your behalf! Each mage gathers different amounts of mana!
+Seek for adventure on their own (they'll be okay. probably.)
+Accompany you on an adventure!
+Accompany you to the spellgrounds to work on a tandem spell!

Imogen's Spellbook is here: http://pastebin.com/F5jaV4A3
No. 625836 ID: d958ad

Call Grocel back!
No. 625849 ID: 186341
File 142446896747.png - (13.82KB , 960x560 , 64.png )

Imogen calls Grocel back.

He picks up quickly.

"Imogen! Darling."
Ughhh he's playing the violin.
Imogen wants to bite his chest.

"Grocel," she says. "You called me?"

"I did." Grocel gives the violin some staccato picks. "How goes the world-conquering business?"
"Oh. You know." Imogen shrugs. "Booming."
"Yes!" Grocel laughs. "Launched any nukes yet?"
"Would I tell you if I had?"
"I suppose not." Grocel plays an awkward chord and curses. "Shit. G major. There. So, Imogen. We haven't tried to kill one another yet, I can't help but notice."
"You ghosted away at the mesa."
"I didn't want to expend useless energy."
"What an admirable sentiment," Grocel says. "One I called in the spirit of, actually."
"One of us and only one of us will rule the world," Grocel says. "My greatest desire is that it be me, but my second greatest is that it damn well better not be Dulcette."
"Dulcette is singular."
"Dulcette is a monster," Grocel sniffs. "If she wins, we'll all die if we're lucky and she's in a good mood, and then she will fracture the rules of existence into a million tentacle-encrusted pieces. I believe it is imperative she goes first."
"And you've called me up to suggest an alliance?"
"Alliance is a strong word," Grocel says. "I am going to kill Dulcette. If you would care to join me I'd be delighted. If not I've simply the request that we not embroil ourselves in energy expending combat until she is out of the way."
"Have you asked anyone else?" Imogen asks.
"You were the first one I called, darling," Grocel says. "After you didn't pick up I brought up the notion to our friend Weirwood and he seemed in favor."
"What about Ferrafina."
"Ah." Grocel clears his throat. "Ferrafina."
The way he says her name makes Imogen want to puke.
"I haven't quite gotten around to springing the question on her," Grocel says. "If we present a united front, I think, she'll certainly agree. Don't you?"
No. 625851 ID: d958ad

Perhaps. She's awfully chilly though.

Tell him you would be thrilled to join him in battle regardless.
No. 625854 ID: e6e219

Wait bite his chest? What kind of thought is that?

And is that a picture of you in the background?

What sort of history do you two have exactly?
No. 625857 ID: 82efdc

Did he always have your picture there? That strikes me as possibly a pretty transparent attempt at flattery.

>"Launched any nukes yet?"
Wouldn't he know if you had? Nukes ain't exactly subtle. Unless you fired them at different planes of existence or something.

>gang up on Dulcette
First thought is this could be a trap of some kind. Even if it goes down exactly as he says, you've been drawn out of your defenses, into the company of several very powerful rivals.

Second thought is even if it works, this sets a very dangerous precedent. What happens the next time he puts out a call to off one of the wizards? People will likely listen again- taking out their competition at apparently lowered risk to themselves. This lets him choose the first several people to get knocked out, and he could very well turn the group on you.

>internal question
Who are Dulcette's allies? I mean, Wormwood might back at a plan to murder you this way, for example. Is there anyone who would object to offing Dulcette this way, and might betray the group?

I'm strongly tempted to say no. It doesn't hurt us if the others off each other, and getting involved in a very possible trap and/or playing into someone else's plan has all kinds of risks.

Maybe stall, though. When is it scheduled?
No. 625859 ID: b5b419

You know arguably the best thing to do is to join this alliance, warn Dulcette, then screw over everyone so they'll blow all their mana and get injured.

Now that I've thought of it I'm sure one of the others has too.
No. 625868 ID: dbe432

We don't HAVE to be vulnerable. we could settle for setting up a double-nuke attack-1 to draw Dulcette out into the ambush set by Grocel &Weirdwood, and a second to wipe that freak out, all without leaving the tower. This is the plan to outline to Grocel, I think, though we should set up a signal of some sort so we don't end up wiping them all out.

And...This part of the plan is admittedly not a great one, but here's a thought-we hide at the base at the other polar ice cap when we think the others might come for us. Yes, sucky to go without light but we have two bases, not one. We can play the whack-a-mole better than the other wizards actually.
No. 625874 ID: d3be40

Just proclaim an official truce, but prepare some anti-fire magics. Your main goal is to defeat the others, not play their games.

Alright, request aid from your master. If possible, spend mana to leave a message about the duke so that you can recruit Samael early.
No. 625895 ID: 01745f

I don't think we want to commit resources to a confrontation at the moment, but I would certainly be willing to have a nonagression agreement while Dulcette is still around.
No. 625913 ID: 186341
File 142449312401.png - (0B , 960x560 )

It's the kind of thought Imogen has every time she sees his pecs through his shirt. He could do some biting too if he wanted.
That's not a picture, unfortunately: it's Grocel's magic screen. He has a few around. It's how they communicate.

Dulcette has no allies. Of all the Great Master's pupils, she is the most secluded and alien. None of the other wizards know much about her; she doesn't speak and she's been known to devour sentient creatures. Not a fun dinner companion.

"Aren't you worried someone will warn Dulcette?" Imogen asks.

"She can have all the warning she wants," Grocel says. "My domain is more suited toward combative magic; I've invested far more in it before this all went down than anyone else; In fact I daresay that at this early stage I'm at a natural advantage before you all catch up. It makes sense to leverage it by leading the charge on the threat to all our survivals. If she catches wind it will do nothing but fan the flames from her corpse even higher.
No. 625914 ID: 186341
File 142449314727.png - (53.88KB , 960x560 , 66.png )

"And then whoever told her is next."
No. 625915 ID: 186341
File 142449315021.png - (9.46KB , 960x560 , 67.png )

"Oh, shoot," Grocel says. "I've incinerated my bow."

"I I I suppose a temporary ceasefire would be fine," Imogen says, making a mental note to shore up her defenses against fire. "Nonagression."

"Brilliant," Grocel says. "I'll be in touch again soon for when we talk to Ferrafina. Talk to you soon, Imogen?"

"Right," Imogen says. She hangs up.

That was intimidating and also hot as hell.
What now?
No. 625928 ID: d958ad

I want to say hi to Big Boss Man. PRAY.
No. 625999 ID: 82efdc

Hmm. Follow up call to Weirwood? He said he talked to him, see what he thought.

And if we're going to consider working with the others, it might be good to have a backup plan with the one dude you can trust more than the others. (Like, making sure the two of you get out, at least).

>bad thought
...we could just nuke them when they're all in one place, couldn't we? Except we're short on mana for that, and if any of them survived / escaped we'd suddenly be target number one on everyone's list.

>what do
Praying seems reasonable.

Although first chance we get, I want to go back and memorize dimensional sense. We want ways to see ambushes coming, especially if the other wizards are getting tricky, now.

Allies can spend the day meditating, or maybe going on an adventure together? (Fist + crystals means their opponents would be between a rock and a hard place?).
No. 626004 ID: b5b419

And conveniently, out of mana. Imogen would've probably been better off chilling and gathering mana for the last few days for multinukes, but it's nice having friends because we all know she spends all her time as a shut-in anyway

Contact Weirwood, chat with him, then PRAY.
No. 626022 ID: ab35a6
File 142455992151.png - (59.84KB , 960x560 , 68.png )

Imogen talks to Weirwood about Grocel's offer.

"He's right," Weirwood says. "Dulcette is the most dangerous wizard about. Also the only one I don't give a rat's ass about offing."
"Do you trust him?"
"He's Grocel," Weirwood says. "All about honor the boy is. If he wasn't so good at blowing schmutz up he'd never make it as a wizard. Too idealistic. That's how we'll need to get him in the end. One of us, anyway."
"I don't like backstabbing."
"Me neither. But also I don't like losing." Weirwood clicks his tongue. "After Dulcette it's got to be either Grocel or Ferrafina I think. The heavy hitters."
"I hit pretty heavy."
"That you do, girlchick," Weirwood says. "I don't suppose you want to drop out?"
"Just asking."
No. 626023 ID: ab35a6
File 142455998943.png - (8.41KB , 960x560 , 69.png )

After she talks to Weirwood Imogen teleports to the Mesa to pray to the Great Master.
UGH. Ferrafina's here already using it.
It's customary to wait your turn if someone else is praying, and not to fight at the Mesa unless you've come to duel, but uhhh they totally did that like the other day. Imogen's not sure what to do. Ferrafina hasn't noticed her yet.

Imogen doesn't NEED to use the Mesa to talk to the Great Master. She could just put on some Enya at home and do it, but there's a better chance of a successful petition here. Where the spooky magic juices are flowing. The Mesa is maybe the most intensely magical place on the planet from all the residual battles she and her comrades have fought there.
No. 626024 ID: 2147de

Let's wait politely-even if we finally prove ourself the best wizard, it wouldn't be a good idea to establish a tradition of backstabbing and jerkery being the way to the top. That's the kind of thing that leads to anti-mages and their ilk, and no one wants that!
No. 626026 ID: b5b419

Nuke Ferrafina

Bothering the grand master twice may actually make him less likely to help you. You may just be better off coming back tomorrow since teleport and recall are different things and you can do the latter for free instantly. Maybe meditate for some mana today to shore up for tomorrow's fight.

Plus pissing off Grocel RIGHT BEFORE a fight (which attacking Ferrafina would) isn't such a great idea.
No. 626037 ID: d958ad

If you killed her, Grocel would be yours for the taking. Nobody else is here; you could say she attacked you while YOU were praying.

Doooo iiiiiit
No. 626040 ID: d3be40

Come up with a list of things to say, and use magic to record her or something. Be sure to ask her if you're all in agreement: backstab each other AFTER Dulcette is defeated.
No. 626045 ID: d3be40

List of questions to ask your boss, in this order:

1. Request that the Duke of Destruction return Annabell (and any of their love-children) to her son Samael the Door-Mage. Also explain that Samael wants the Duke dead but you're not going to request anything about that.

2. So, wizard war. Is the boss SURE that he requested a guy with a stone tablet to tell you all that one would rule the planet, and that they were expected to fight or negotiate for who would stand at the top? Because confirmation of permission to fight and possibly kill each other for world domination under the boss' rule would be REALLY relieving.

3. What was hell like? Can you get a small handout? Request something equivalent to quirky garbage for the boss, like a piece of one of his hell-chains (paperclip) or a broken interdimensional connector (rubber band). You know, take it off his hands when he was going to throw it away or put it in a knick-knack collection and prove that you can do something amazing with it.

4. Ask where he's going next, so that you don't accidentally wander into his path and interfere while he's doing something really important.

5. Can he restore the world once he usurps heaven or is everything that you do going to have a very lasting effect?
No. 626053 ID: 82efdc

Don't interfere with her, in any way. It would be very rude and disrespectful to interrupt or violate a conversation with your master.

Even if you don't care for her much.

Let's call this a wash. Go home, learn dimensional sense. Wake up early tomorrow and be the first to the mesa.
No. 626140 ID: 948196

attacking her now would be a terrible idea for a large number of reasons. Not the least of witch is that you've come before your master to ask for aid, observe all formalities lest you offend him.
No. 626438 ID: 2f4b71

Set up various mirrors, lenses etc around the area. Gives you an advantage in case Ferrafina decides to kick off once she's done, and serves as a nice bit of bonus defence for you later in case someone else comes along.
No. 626972 ID: 410d29
File 142510669460.png - (10.72KB , 960x560 , 70.png )

Imogen holds her fire and waits for Ferrafina to finish.

Just to be safe she puts some lenses up around the mesa. Just to be safe.

Ferrafina stands up, mutters "Merde," and turns around.
She sees Imogen and tilts her head.

"Bon après-midi, Imogen," she says.
No. 626979 ID: 5db52c

Well, you might as well be polite back, as long as you're sticking to the truce on the mesa. Return her greeting, hope to yourself she just leaves and doesn't keep talking to you.
No. 626980 ID: d958ad

Greet her formally. Ask if she was able to contact the Great Master. Tell her about the possible alliance to take out Dulcette.
then kill her
No. 626983 ID: 8bd2b1


So... Later, I guess.
No. 627007 ID: 410d29
File 142511480131.png - (7.38KB , 960x560 , 71.png )

"Hhhi," Imogen says. "Any luck with the big guy?"

"Non, il ne est pas de me parler," Ferrafina says. "Ce est un téton."

"Sorry," Imogen says.

"Ce n'est pas important," Ferrafina says. "Je vais écraser tous vous de toute façon."

"Uh right," Imogen says. "Later."

"Au revoir."

Ferrafina swans away.
What a frigid bitch.
The mesa's open now. What should Imogen say?
No. 627008 ID: d958ad

Congratulate the Great Master on his coming return. Tell him you are going to do your best to survive the coming trials, to prove your worth to him.

Ask for guidance on the matter of the Lord of Destruction.
No. 627074 ID: 5db52c

Ask him how he's doing! You know he escaped and all, and apparently he found time to beat down some other archons and recruit them? You weren't expecting that, but it sure did help avoid you getting squished.

Admit you're kind of nervous about all this fighting coming to a head between all of you, but you're going to do your best to prove yourself to him. You've already got two minions!

>Ce est un téton
>Is a nipple
I... don't think you're getting that right, google translate.

Does she always talk in french? You two obviously understand each other, does she just do that to be difficult?
No. 627401 ID: ecd0ab

Consult with him on the matter of Samael and the Duke of Destruction. I mean, obviously the guy wouldn't actually be satisfied by destroying the Duke, since it's actually about his mother, but without some intervention he'll probably never resolve this thing. Just fruitlessly attacking the Duke forever. Either the Duke will eventually kill him or he'll do something crazy that gets people hurt. Most likely himself, but who knows.

And if you have time I guess maybe ask if he'd prefer you not kill the rest of his disciples in this fighting, because it seems likely someone's going to die.
No. 627435 ID: d958ad

It's supposed to be "He's a tit".
No. 627441 ID: e30e12
File 142532845705.png - (12.31KB , 960x560 , 72.png )

Imogen gets set to pray to the Great Master.
Since she's the humblest and most personable of the wizards, Imogen has a higher chance than the rest to get in contact with the Master. A lot of that is because she doesn't abuse the privilege, but this is important.

She feels her consciousness leap off the mesa and spiral into the interdimensional void!!!
It turns up again, in the massive pompom of the Great Master's massive hat.

Imogen! Long time no see.
Sorry, Master. Things have heated up here.
I could tell. Your friend Ferrafina was just trying to talk my ear off.
What was she saying?
C'mon, Immy. If I told you it wouldn't be fair.
I'm sorry. I'm doing my darndest down here to prove myself to you.
You've already proven yourself to me, kid. You all have. You are each my favorite spellcasters on the planet. Now you just have to prove yourselves to each other.
How goes the wizard war?
Pretty good. I already have two minions!
Strong start.
I'm kind of nervous, though. About killing each other.
Well if you're good enough you won't have to.
Do you have compunctions about it?
Wizard Might makes Wizard Right, Imogen. As long as you win, I have no place to pass judgment on how you do it.
How are you doing? How was Hell? I hear you're beating up archons.
Hah. Well. Some dimensions are tougher nuts to crack then others. The Devil was an ornery old son of a bitch. I'm just ornerier.
Is that a word?
Probably. Listen about that: I could use your help. There's this guy Samael and his mom was captured by the Destructive Duke. I've kind of agreed to help him, out, but...
But he's a little too tough for you?
Kind of.
You want me to talk to him?
I'd really appreciate it.
I'll tell you what. I'll give you a choice for my first Boon. The first is the best.

A]] I'll talk to this duke guy and free Samael's mom.
B]] I'll triple your mana output for 3 turns.
C]] I'll seal off my aid from one of your enemies. Unless they do something real fuckin' impressive.
D]] I'll give you my old sword. It's some choice magic.
No. 627452 ID: d3be40

Good thing you can talk to your boss or this would likely get paranoid fast. He could be a fake, but this call makes your actions official rather than paradoxically tangled.

Option A. A deal's a deal, and Samael will likely pay for himself in terms of the other possible boons.
No. 627457 ID: 5db52c

C is setup to sound tempting, but the problem is we don't know which of our rivals will really be the biggest problem when the iron hits the fire. Also, they're all gunning for each other right now, so it doesn't make sense for you to expend your resources just to give one or more of them an easier fight.

Big lesson to take though is to remember that one of your opponents could call that boon in on you at a later date. Plan accordingly.

Magic swords are always cool, but can Imogen even use a sword? And if it's his, would it be hella huge? Unknown drawbacks.

The magic output triple is the biggest temptation, we could rush power for nukes, and catch people off guard.

...upon reflection though, we should go with a. Keeping our word really solidifies us with our minions (making it harder for any of your opponents to turn any of them). And I really want the door mage on our side- doorways to anywhere plus tactical nukes seems a nice stealthy surprise 'I win' button your enemies won't see coming if we can find a way to acquire the keys we need.

And uh, I know you probably don't want to kill a valuable Duke, but could you try to talk to him in such a way he feels like he got his revenge?
No. 627565 ID: 256d52

Thanks for the choices but you'll have to go with Option A. Right or wrong, a wizard does what they said they'll do.
No. 627608 ID: 8bd2b1

First boon has to be D. Then we can ask for A as a second boon. But come on, D looks bitchin'.
No. 627612 ID: 330ce5

Go for that magical sword, we just have to have it. Besides if we don't take it someone else will and that doesn't sound too great.
No. 627615 ID: d90668

While the other options are nice I would say go for A.

Having another possible minion in our service that can open a door to most anywhere would be huge. Plus we want to have the best reputation so people know they can trust us.

If you want to get through this without murdering every other wizard you will have to build up a reputation for trustworthiness.
No. 627768 ID: 01745f

A) We made a deal, and besides that followers are good long term investments.
No. 627878 ID: 9b9ee7

Gotta be A.
No. 627961 ID: dafc39

No. 630056 ID: e30e12
File 142682994094.png - (7.31KB , 960x560 , 73.png )

I'm going with A, master. A promise is a promise.
Oh yeah? I guess I'll frame the sword or something.
Can you not use it anymore?
Not for anything but a toothpick. It was my first magic sword. I've kind of grown.
OK, Immy girl. I'll talk to the Duke for you when I get the opportunity. Shouldn't take longer than tomorrow.
Whatcha doing right now?
Taming a warfridge on the elemental plane of ice.
What the heck is a warfridge?
Basically what it sounds like.
Later, gator.
Thanks, master.
Don't mention it.

Imogen stands up. It was nice to talk to the Master again.
No. 630057 ID: e30e12
File 142682994961.png - (20.66KB , 960x560 , 74.png )

Total mana gain and use last turn:
+30 (Quibuj Meditaton)
+25 (Nastar Meditation)
New total: 300

Imogen goes home. When the Master is done he'll let her know. It doesn't pay to rush immortal existence lords.
Those sweet buns Quibuj made are delicious.

TURN 5 ::: MANA 300

+Cast a spell, have a conversation with a disciple or over your Screen

+Meditate! Gather 100 mana!
+Seek for adventure in the world for reward or renown! An adventure is guaranteed. Wizards lead exciting lives. You might gain mana, artifacts, or allies!
+Go to the spellgrounds and formulate a new spell, or commit to memory a spell you've already tried! (Cost: 50 mana. One new spell per turn)
+Mingle with the Mortals! Curry favor, purchase things with mana, or find new allies!
+Attack any of your rival mages!
+Go to the Mesa of Meeting and pray to the incoming Master for support!

+Meditate on your behalf! Each mage gathers different amounts of mana!
+Seek for adventure on their own (they'll be okay. probably.)
+Accompany you on an adventure!
+Accompany you to the spellgrounds to work on a tandem spell!

Imogen's Spellbook is here: http://pastebin.com/F5jaV4A3
No. 630059 ID: 296917

New spell! Let's get Dimensional Sense! I mean, we're fighting a dimensional mage soonish. Might be a good idea.

Tempting to Scry on someone too. It costs 30 mana but we can do it on the same turn...
No. 630066 ID: d3be40

Call up Aphogas and tell him that your boss will order the Duke to surrender Aphogas' little sister, and that he should have Samael teleport over after all the hugs and after^after parties.

Also, be sure to disengage your home security to prevent turning Samael into packaged cheese.

Talk to the mortals and charge up your power base. You're close to earning a nuke, but just save it up for later.
No. 630080 ID: f75cf9

Yeah let's get dimensional sense already.

Quibuj and Nastar can go adventuring together.
No. 630092 ID: 88960e

I support this.
No. 630189 ID: e30e12
File 142691980395.png - (21.69KB , 960x560 , 75.png )

Imogen has acquired Dimensional Sense!

She can see through walls, darkness, invisibility, and illusions for about a minute. She can't be ambushed and has a preternatural sense of where everyone is on the battlefield, improving her accuracy. The spell requires 5 mana to cast.
No. 630190 ID: e30e12
File 142691981449.png - (9.15KB , 960x560 , 76.png )

Nastar and Quibuj are off on their grand adventure... somewhere. Imogen is noshing on a sweet bun in her down time when she gets a call on her screen from Samael.

"Wizard of Light!" Samael says. "My mother has returned to me!"

"Hey that's great!" Imogen says. "What happened to her in the Destructive Dimension, anyway?"

"It is unclear," Samael says. "But apparently a lot of gardening, jigsaw puzzles, gossip, and checkers with the Duke. She calls him Dukey. I am mildly unnerved."

"So can you see yourself clear to joining my cause?" Imogen asks.

"I can!" Samael cries. "But although you have my support, I cannot be your minion. I must travel and travail and train! For although my mother is returned, my father must be avenged!! One day I shall have the power to face the Duke and strike him down in my family's name!!"

"That's like never going to happen, Samael."

"Is so!! Until that day, I shall lend you my aid indirectly. If your need is great, you may call upon me and I shall visit door-related fury unto your enemies. And if you acquire a key in search of a lock, I shall lend you the power of my ensorcelled door: to open to the key's corresponding room, no matter the distance or security!"

"Thanks, Samael. That sounds really useful. Good luck on your quest!"

"Perhaps if I had a token from a maiden fair," Samael says. "An emblem and remembrance of your favor?"

"Ummm, yeah I don't have any of those," Imogen says. "Sorry."

"I shall task myself to be deserving of one!" Samael cries. "And perhaps a kiss upon your pale emerald wrist!"

"Yeah, perhaps," Imogen says. "I have another call. Talk to you later, Sam!"

"Farewell, Imogen!!"
No. 630191 ID: e30e12
File 142691982742.png - (42.09KB , 960x560 , 77.png )

What a nerdy dude.

That's not a lie, though: Imogen does have another call. From Grocel. Eeeee.

"Imogen!" Grocel appears on her screen. "How are you?"

"Um pretty good," Imogen says. "I'm eating a bun thing. Pretty good."

"Fabulous," Grocel says. "I've just spoken with Ferrafina."
"O cool. How's she?"
"Superlative news: After hearing you and Weirwood were on board, she has agreed to be the final piece in the puzzle. We are united to move on Dulcette."

"Cool." Imogen chews. "When's that?"

"When will you be ready, Imogen?" Grocel asks. "Ballpark turn estimate."
No. 630193 ID: 296917

We've got nearly 300 mana right now. That's enough to summon an army. A couple more turns of preparation and we'd have the nuke ready but I think that might possibly be overkill. Ask Grocel if he thinks you'll need a nuke for this. If not, we can do this right now.
No. 630194 ID: 6d4595

We might want to say we have less mana than we really do, and if we need the nuke, say it'll take more than it really does. Doesn't have to be by much, but we probably don't want to spend everything we have in a single attack, and we could probably catch someone off guard if they try attacking us because they thought we did.
No. 630202 ID: 13c4a5

We should tell him we need about 2 or 3 days to get fully prepared, what we're planning here is pretty serious. Also we need to keep are resources unknown to the enemy, and the this fellow ,however charming, is still someone to be careful around.
No. 630205 ID: e607cd

Don't pull out a nuke on this if you don't have to. This is a 4 on 1 conflict being planned, and if it takes your biggest spell just to contribute, then you are not cut out to win. Of course that said, having a nuke in reserve when this goes down would be grand. Must be prepared for doublecrosses and such. Also don't want to give too much of our position away.

I believe Dimension Sense cost us 50 to train, so we now stand at 250. Getting up to over 300 for the army could be done with a day of concentration. We could be ready to bring much of our power to bear by the turn after next. So obviously we pad that estimate by a day or two so as to not tip our hand.
No. 630230 ID: b3ff00

idealy i'd want to go in with at least 700 mana for an army and the threat of a nuke should someone turn on you. that would take at least 3 turns if all you do is meditate.
No. 630237 ID: 5db52c

So we didn't get an ally to generate mana for us, but we can totally bypass anyone's defenses if we can get ahold of the right key.

Important: Do not muse about your current mana levels and how much your spells cost out loud. That is intel your rivals do not need to have!

We could give false estimates, maybe, but I'm not confident we can make up numbers to control what he thinks, reliably. We're better off staying mum.

As I remember it, we agreed not to a temporary ceasefire, not to join in the assault. We don't need to be at full juice, and the longer we stall, the more time Dulcette has to prepare. (Which... might not be a bad thing if we're planning on just letting our rivals meat grinder each other for us). We only need a nuke if we're planning to drop a nuke on everyone while they're fighting Dulcette. (Which seems out of character for Imogen. At the very least, she wouldn't want to betray Weirwood that way, and he'll be there).

I wouldn't do it today, though, since our allies are out. We should stall at least a day.
No. 630896 ID: b5b419

Nerdy? Sounds perfect for you then. You nerd.

Just saying two days from now would be fine.
No. 630904 ID: 2456fa

we might also want to raise the idea of a an agreement not to use lethal force after Dulcette is delt with. aside from dulcette everyone else is more or less tolerable.
No. 630975 ID: f75cf9

This seems good.

We might want to bring it up post-battle but testing the waters is cool I guess.
No. 631721 ID: e30e12
File 142770861719.png - (7.10KB , 960x560 , 78a.png )

"How does two turns sound?" Imogen asks.
"Sounds fantastic," Grocel says. "Mmmm. This is too sweet."
Imogen decides to act tough. "Don't get used to it."
"No it's this bisque." Grocel is sipping from something. "I think it needs more salt."
"Maybe some more stock."
"Gosh, maybe."
"Two turns it is. I look forward to standing by your side on the field of battle!" Grocel says.
"Thanks, you too," Imogen says.
She hangs up.
Thanks, you too? That made no sense, Imogen!!!
No. 631722 ID: e30e12
File 142770869057.png - (20.46KB , 960x560 , 78.png )

Ugh whatever. She's doing him a favor.

Total mana gain and use last turn:
-50 (New spell: Dimensional Sense)
New total: 250

Nastar and Quibuj should be coming back sometime soon with the fruits of their adventuring from last turn. Imogen wonders if she should get like a cheese plate or something to welcome them.
Two turns until the attack on Dulcette.

TURN 6 ::: MANA 250

+Cast a spell, have a conversation with a disciple or over your Screen

+Meditate! Gather 100 mana!
+Seek for adventure in the world for reward or renown! An adventure is guaranteed. Wizards lead exciting lives. You might gain mana, artifacts, or allies!
+Go to the spellgrounds and formulate a new spell, or commit to memory a spell you've already tried! (Cost: 50 mana. One new spell per turn)
+Mingle with the Mortals! Curry favor, purchase things with mana, or find new allies!
+Attack any of your rival mages!
+Go to the Mesa of Meeting and pray to the incoming Master for support!

+Meditate on your behalf! Each mage gathers different amounts of mana!
+Seek for adventure on their own (they'll be okay. probably.)
+Accompany you on an adventure!
+Accompany you to the spellgrounds to work on a tandem spell!

Imogen's Spellbook is here: http://pastebin.com/3m2xR3tt[/b]
No. 631730 ID: 296917

+Mingle with the Mortals! Curry favor, purchase things with mana, or find new allies!

Let's see if we can buy anything cool.
No. 631742 ID: 88960e

This, but wait to see your allies when they come back, first. See how things went, make sure they're okay.

Might have to change plans depending on what happens there (especially if they don't come back. We'd have to scry for them, figure out a rescue without walking into a trap).
No. 631748 ID: 256d52

Meditate. Everyone meditates. You don't need mana just for this battle, you need to be strong enough to fend off any opportunistic attacks after taking down Dulcette.
No. 631755 ID: d3be40

And find allies for the upcoming raid.
No. 631760 ID: 35ba13

This. If we do this for the two turns we end up with +310 Mana, at least 10 of which we're presumably going to spend identifying an artifact or two right now.

Gives us a lot of leeway in the battle and the battle's aftermath, especially if we don't end up using a lot of it.
No. 631780 ID: fb50c0

As wizard of dimension, Dulcette seems to me to have a very high chance of having easy escapes. And probably good scrying. If I were you, I'd ask to safely visit/invite to visit your fellow wizards (in case Dulc can spy on the screens), and come up with ideas/spells to counter such things, particularly the escape.

As wizard of dimentia, I also wonder if Dulc might have some sort of death-escaping ability. Like, who eats sentient creatures, if not for their brains? And brain-eating suggests mental powers. Ol' Silent D might be able to transfer to a new host body or some crazy thing.

Given your nonlethal leanings, I would wonder if you should research a spell that's good for imprisoning, but to be frank you seem like the member of the gang least likely to be able to do such a thing, since radiation is all about things escaping. Ferrafina seems most like she could create a wizard prison, and Weir next up, I think. Perhaps you should consider spinning the idea at them? It has the bonus that, if they learn such a spell and then win, they'll use that on the rest of you instead of just killing you, and probably let you out again once they've secured their dominion.
No. 631810 ID: f75cf9

I'm pretty sure we said two turns planning to meditate for lots of mana, so we should do that.

...wait, is it "turns" as in "of the planet"? CLEVER.
No. 631841 ID: e607cd

Just meditate. It wouldn't do to be out of mana when you finish that big fight.
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