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File 141911055075.png - (23.38KB , 900x800 , New canvas.png )
613530 No. 613530 ID: 0eaf76

Chapter 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/600922.html

Chapter 2: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/604488.html
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No. 613531 ID: 0eaf76
File 141911057304.png - (9.11KB , 900x800 , 1.png )

I am never listening to you guys again.
No. 613532 ID: 0eaf76
File 141911061691.png - (24.89KB , 900x800 , 2.png )

>"What are you snickering about?"

:aleks: "I purposely waited to collect the last dot to see what would happen."

>"...YOU WHAT?!"

:aleks: "You deserved it."

No. 613533 ID: 2ec61a

see, it was a perfectly good plan, it just failed because all members of the group weren't on the same page.
No. 613534 ID: 2f2fc2

curious minds want to know where every inch actually went
No. 613535 ID: bb78f2

Alek, that HURT. Deserved it? We knew it wasn't going to be sunshine and daisies. We were taking one for the team.

Did you see how disgusting that thing was? Even if it went like how we expected, it would have been a horrible time anyway. What did we do that deserved that pain? What deserves crotch impalement?
No. 613536 ID: 528d7f

Wait. So did Pinky aim high or low?
No. 613537 ID: 67e163

"Want me to stick something to an approximately same location to you? See how much you like it?"
No. 613538 ID: a26047

Ok, sadism is not cool if the other one doesn’t like it. The next time she has to take one for the team.

Serious dickmove.
No. 613541 ID: 1ae57f

>You deserved it.
...fine. We're officially even for my kidnapping you, then.

Let's see what silly rewards, praise and/or mocking Pantsu has to offer.

Then... let's try to make a deal with Aleks. Maybe she's not up for teaming up for later battles right now, but could we agree to not try and murder each other or anything in between battles?
No. 613542 ID: 0b7dcb

We were the ones who choose to stay behind and try to seduce her, blaming it on or getting agressive with your friend(Whos only just starting to open up to you) will just push them away.

Just take it with stride.
No. 613543 ID: b2c9e1

Well she was perfectly able to prevent it...So..There's that, She more or less caused it to happen so...Yeah, It's pretty much her fault.
No. 613544 ID: 1ae57f

Yeah. It was really our dumb idea. She even said not to. We can't really blame her for not being able to look away from a trainwreck. Well, maybe a little.
No. 613556 ID: 1071f4

dude, not cool.
this is a maximum level dick move. this is the same level of actually raping a guy with a sharp object because that's exactly what just happened.
aleks, you just lost every cool point you had.
No. 613559 ID: 55c4cf

Aleks is marriage material, she enjoys your suffering.
No. 613564 ID: 6cb462

looks like you both switched emotions, lol

Anyway, since you are not listening to us again, shall we start following Aleks' adventure, and give her advice? nah just kidding.

When Pantsu shows up, ask for the name of those guys who just lost, just in case.
No. 613579 ID: 04b10c

Congrats on winning, stinger-rape aside.
No. 613580 ID: 89b2a2

Well... you won, didn't you?

I don't see how you get to complain about it.
No. 613589 ID: 742b4a

You guys? Are you finally starting to realize we're not your thoughts?
No. 613599 ID: a2f9bc

Haha. I'm not even sorry. But really, I'm pretty sure you guys were already even going in. She attacked your friend, you kidnapped her but weren't a dick about it. You both saved eachother's asses during the game. So, it's uneven.

What you really deserve, is the opportunity to return the favor. But in a nice way.
No. 613601 ID: 0eaf76
File 141913015744.png - (24.88KB , 900x800 , 3.png )

:aleks: "I tried to warn you."

>"You didn't HAVE to wait until the last dot you know...now I'm scarred! I have lost all respect for you...god, what a dick move!"

:aleks: "Would you rather me kill you during the fight? I could've aimed for you...instead, I protected you."

>"Ugh, protected me, I coulda handled myself..."

:aleks: "Mmhmm."

:pantsu: "WOW! What a match! HAHAHAH! Ron, you got CASTRATED by a Pacman ghost! How hilarious!"


:pantsu: "Aww, don't be so down, you won! You are free to live another 3 days! For your prize, you win an extra 10 power points! Leaving you at 131!"

>"H-Hey! Don't announce my power level to Aleks!"

:pantsu: "Oops! Hehe..."

>"Now you have to tell me her power level as well."

:aleks: "263."


:pantsu: "In 2 days, you'll be summoned to the next challenge."

>"2?! I thought I had 3 days..."

:pantsu: "Nope. The time between challenges gets smaller. Eventually it'll be down to the last straw."

>"Ah jeez..."
No. 613602 ID: 0eaf76
File 141913016708.png - (29.41KB , 900x800 , 4.png )

:pantsu: "It's pretty gosh darn late...! I better get you two back to your rightful places! See you in 2 days!"
No. 613603 ID: 0eaf76
File 141913017495.png - (20.56KB , 900x800 , 5.png )

No. 613605 ID: 89b2a2

"...The pantie goddess thinks the bedroom is the best place for both of us?"
No. 613606 ID: 1ae57f

>You are free to live another 3 days!
>In 2 days, you'll be summoned to the next challenge.
Either there's a mistake there, or that suggests the next challenge is non-fatal.

>what do
Apologize for blowing up, that last part wasn't exactly fun for you.

It's late, tell Aleks she can crash here if she wants, or she can go. You're not gonna try to keep her against her will.

...hey, I don't know if you're still unwilling to work together in the future, but could we at least agree not to try and kill each other between contests?
No. 613607 ID: d90668

You know I was not actually trying to seduce the thing right? Just distracting it long enough for you to grab the dot safely?
No. 613608 ID: 742b4a

...has Aleks been doing nothing but steal panties? Jesus christ Ron has HALF her power level. HALF.

Also we didn't even get 3 days. The contest started on saturday around noon. One day would be noon sunday. Two days is noon monday! We got ONE AND A HALF DAYS.
No. 613618 ID: 0eaf76
File 141913227029.png - (19.68KB , 900x800 , 6.png )

>"Uh...hey, I know I shouldn't expect you to help me...or anything but...can you agree not to kill me?"

:aleks: "That is not what I agreed to. I agreed to help you out this once. I will not kill you now, we are both tired, but don't expect mercy from me in the future. Aren't you the one who said you lost respect for me? Why should I spare you."

>"Wh-Where are you going?"

:aleks: "...Home. If you try and stop me you'll end up with a broken bone, so I suggest you let me leave."


>Aleks left the room.

Oh my god...I need to get working if I want to catch up to her...she's double my level...how the hell did she manage that in the first place?! I'm assuming she started around the same time as me too...

I'm so tired...but do I have time to waste sleeping around?
No. 613619 ID: 6e79d4

-ascertain status of your testicles
-ask why Aleks said nothing mattered after this challenge
-come up for an excuse to your friends as to why you didn't turn her in to the police
No. 613620 ID: 798f8f

Thanks Aleks for her help. She might have let you get castrated, but she also saved your ass more than once.
Exchange contact information. Offer to steal some of your families panties for her.
No. 613621 ID: bb78f2

Ron, you still have everything down there, right?

Okay, I guess you should real talk with Aleks. Tell her you're grateful for the help and that yes, you needed it. You really wish that she didn't wait until the last moment, but we'll have to let bygones be bygones for that.

It looks like soon we'll be actual rivals instead of teammates so you should let her know that you hope to not walk away angry from each other, and that to have good luck in the competition. You're going to fight for that position, but still, you think you should be sportsmanlike in this. THat deer didn't deserve respect or sportsmanship, but Alek does. You'll let her go now.

Good game. Aleks, despite the ending. Whatever happens, may the best panty raider win. Just, please, don't violate any more girls in the night with chloroform kisses. You don't know what to say to our posse if we let you go and the panty thief STILL makes the news.
No. 613623 ID: 742b4a

Alright you made three huge mistakes yesterday. 1) you gave panties to a rival. 2) you let the rival escape her bonds. 3) you let the rival know where you live.

You also learned a few things. 1) Her name is Aleks. 2) She works at a gay bar. 3) combat powers are really important.

No sleep for you. First, put on your mask you bought. Second, go break into someone's house and steal their panties. See how many points that gets you.
No. 613624 ID: 742b4a

Oh also you learned you're an idiot.
No. 613625 ID: 1ae57f

...I am at a loss for words for how badly you face-planted at the finish line, Ron. You really shouldn't have said that to her. You pushed schadenfreude into a betrayal, and then you begged (showing weakness) instead of offering her another deal.

Now we're down an ally, and she knows where you live!

>what do
Sleep. You're tired, and you keep making mistakes. You'll make more mistakes if you press on without rest.
No. 613626 ID: d90668

She got ahead of you because she is treating it as a life and death game while you are not taking it that seriously.

From the start she has been making off with panties so often that the whole town knows something is going on.

You made a mess of things but its not a complete disaster. Get some sleep and when you wake up you need to get serious about the panty thefts.
No. 613631 ID: 330ce5

She knocks people out, random people who really don't deserve to be traumatized like that. You should get some rest now, you had a big day.
No. 613633 ID: 6cb462

Work when your tired, rest when your dead. Start invading people's houses.
No. 613634 ID: 285f42

Well, first of all, check if your man parts are still there.

Second, start making plans on how to get more points FAST. You need some combat powers badly (wearing a cup wouldn't be a bad idea either).
No. 613635 ID: 742b4a

...okay, let me spell things out here.

Stealing panties at night is safer, faster, and easier. Therefore, if you sleep during the afternoons instead of at night, you can get more points by stealing during the night.
No. 613646 ID: b8ceae

She's much more aggressive about getting them.
However, YOU have a high priestess who can steal panties for you, and nobody would suspect her. She could, for example, go back to the sorority and get two more pairs from everybody there without drawing any notice.
While she's doing that, you can hit up a laundromat or something.
No. 613647 ID: b2c9e1

Also, Make a quick sketch of her face and give it to "our follower" Inform her that she's a rival and that if she sees her to gather any information she can without being suspicious. Best case? we find a way to get her on our side. Worst case? nothing...Maybe she finds out we have a follower, no big deal.
No. 613648 ID: b2c9e1

That and she's a girl, A girl can go into women's locker rooms and such and no one would look twice. She can do stuff we can't. we are at a disadvantage.
No. 613652 ID: 0eaf76
File 141914505913.png - (13.13KB , 900x800 , 7.png )

I guess I did say some mean stuff back there...but...egh. Sleep sounds like a good idea. I need to wake up in time to actually do things tomorrow. As soon as the day starts, we need to formulate a plan...I'm sure I'll need Emy's help as well. Having a loyal priestess is an advantage. But uh, it's too late to really call her up now...

>You head up to your room.

Wait...did...that thing...


Phew, it didn't castrate me. That's a relief. I can still pass my genes onto my children! Huzzah! It still hurt like hell, though...eugh. Well, time for bed....

>You go to sleep.
No. 613653 ID: 0eaf76
File 141914506873.png - (20.38KB , 900x800 , 8.png )


Hu-uh wh..a...?

"Ron, jesus christ, wake UP. I need your credit card...NOW."

>"C-Clair? What tha fuck you need my card for?"

"It's important I swear!"
No. 613654 ID: b00646

>In before Aleks stole ALL the panties in the house
No. 613655 ID: bb78f2

"Fine, but I'm watchin' what you buy with it.
Where's yours? Did Mom and Dad cut it up?"
No. 613656 ID: b8ceae

No. 613657 ID: ecd0ab

don't let your siblings use your credit cards

that is a TERRIBLE idea
No. 613658 ID: d90668

If its that important you can tell me why.

If not go away.
No. 613659 ID: 0eaf76
File 141914589289.png - (18.41KB , 900x800 , 9.png )

>"Uh, tell me why it's sooooo important, first off..."

What a way to wake up...

:pantysis: "This uh...celebrity is coming to town, and I want to go see a show of hers...but it erm, costs money."

>"Wha-- the fuck you do with your card?"

:pantysis: "I may have overcharged it a tad...come on, Ronny, just let me have your card. It's only like $40."

>"Nnngh...who is this celebrity?"

:pantysis: "Ingrid Slavokocha. A world-renowned fashionista...famous for her designs...I love her clothes so much..."

>"A clothes show? Like a fashion show?"

:pantysis: "Duh."


Should I let her?
No. 613660 ID: ea0ad9

Well... Since you're going to end up being a model for the recruits, you may as well learn a bit about fashion yourself. Tell her you'll only let her use the card if she's alright with you going as well.
No. 613661 ID: ecd0ab

And what possible incentive do you have to give her 40 bucks?

If she overcharged her own credit card she's already fucked up. Why are you supposed to fix her mistakes?
No. 613662 ID: b8ceae

"Fine, but you're taking Emy with you and gonna pay me back for BOTH tickets, deal?"

We will have Emy sneak backstage and steal super-famous fashion model panties.
No. 613663 ID: b00646

Join in, go backstage and steal panties!
No. 613664 ID: 6aacb0

The plan that cannot go wrong. Do it.
No. 613665 ID: bb78f2

Fine, but you're coming too. And YOU'LL make the purchase, but not her. You gotta know the price.

Dude, man, SCORE. Celebrity panties. Can you imagine the points? They have to be at least worth a quarter of Pantsu's panties! Which, I remind you, is still a goal I'm planning for.

We can't do small time shit anymore to catch up with Alek. It's TOP TARGETS ONLY. Premium panties. Politicians, celebrities, GODS. Maybe in the meantime we can set up a cult and get panties that way.

Also, read sister's mind.
No. 613666 ID: 1ae57f

>world famous fashion show
So... lots of models with world famous fashion panties worth lots of points to steal?

I think we have out target for the day.

Tell your sis you'll get her in, but you're not just handing over your card. Not gonna let her make you go broke.

Also, throw the radio voice at her, just for fun.

We'll have to call Emy. If we're going to rip off a whole fashion show, we'll need help.
No. 613667 ID: b2c9e1

Plus she probably won't think twice about doing the same to ours. I mean, if she's that careless with her own money, god forbid how she is with someone elses,
No. 613669 ID: bb78f2

Also, dude, why is your sister getting all shiny? Is she playing up her beauty to convince her brother into doing what she wants? Why isn't she doing puppy dog eyes?

Tell her to switch tactics, the puppy dog eyes are for family, the flutter eyes and appear shiny tactics are for boyfriends.
No. 613678 ID: 0eaf76
File 141914780727.png - (21.75KB , 900x800 , 10.png )

>Read her mind.

Dude...it's non-selective...and I bet my mind isn't even awake enough to do anything...

>"Hey, I'll make you a deal. I'll buy your stupid tickets if you let me and a friend tag along."

:pantysis: "A friend?"

>"A friend of mine...she...she's really into that designer I think."

:pantysis: "Really?! Hell yea! Gimme your card! I can't believe he agreed!"

>"I'll be paying for all our tickets ourselves...I assume I can just look this up online?"

:pantysis: "Yeah, yeah. The show's tonight, though. So better hurry! I want good seats."

>Clair left the room.

>"Good lord...at least I'm up fairly early...now let's see..."

>You flop over to your desk, pulling up the site on your computer.

Ingrid Sla...Slavo...kocha? Slavokocha... Ah! Here it is. Tonight, 7PM - 9PM...$40 per ticket. Not TOO expensive...she's damn lucky I know how to save money.

>You ordered 3 tickets!

I should probably notify Emy, it's rude to self-invite her without seeing if she's even free...

>You call Emy.

:starbox: "...Hmm? Ron? You're up awfully early! What can I do for you, my holyness?"

>"Hey are you free tonight from 7-9?"

:starbox: "Of course. I'm always free for you."

>"Oh thank lord, I uh, got us tickets for some show starring In...Ingrid Slavo- Sla-- kocha, something..."

:starbox: "Ingrid Slavokocha? I know her! I own a few of her clothes."

>"Do you?"

:starbox: "She's ingenius. Why'd you grab ticket-- Ohhhh, you want to steal Ingrid's panties?"

>"Right on."

:starbox: "How devious! Count me in...!"

>"Awesome, thanks Emy! I'll pick you up tonight!"

:starbox: "Sounds like a plan!"


:starbox: "See ya!"

>You hang up.
No. 613682 ID: 7648f0

The famous panties of a fashion designer has to be worth like 100 points at least.
No. 613684 ID: 1ae57f

Fashion shows also come with more than one set of clothes. Obviously, Ingrid's equiped panties would be worth the most points, but we may be able to make out quite nice, here.

Of course, that's hours away. What should we do till then? Maybe have breakfast and a morning shower while you think.
No. 613712 ID: 67e163

Which is exactly why we should expect other contestants to be there as well. No way we're the only ones that thought about it.

Be cautious.
No. 613715 ID: 2ec61a

get a rag and chloroform. disguise self in alek's panty thief uniform. same outfit, same method of attack, will deflect suspicions.
No. 613716 ID: a19cd5

>Do the thing we went vigilante to stop Aleks from doing
No. 613718 ID: 67e163

This. Let's not get all rapey. We will convince her to part of them with her own will - NO chloroform or whatever!
No. 613725 ID: 84fe03

Hmmh, if you have a credit card, I guess our only real limit to spending money is your overcharge rate, since, you know, you'll soon be either dead or god, so you don't have to worry about actually paying the bills either way!
No. 613737 ID: bb78f2

>she's damn lucky I know how to save money
Well, you're a dude living with your parents and not even going to college. The only thing you probably buy are video games. And most of them are probably from Steam during the Steam sales, right?

Video games are a relatively cheap hobby, even if singular products are usually expensive.

Hey, look up a pic of Ingrid.
And while you're at it, internet research Pantsu.
No. 613741 ID: 330ce5

So I guess it is time to eat some breakfast you won your first fight, thou should feast like a king!
No. 613756 ID: 1ae57f

>The only thing you probably buy are video games.
And nice paper for origami?

Although if you're poor, you can always just get your hands on free magazines. Some of them have the right stiffness for it, and that usually gives you something colorful and interesting to work with.
No. 613766 ID: 742b4a

I wonder if Aleks lied to you about her power level, saying it was higher than it actually was. That, or maybe Pantsu gave her a huge bonus for winning without losing any lives.
No. 613777 ID: 6cb462

Is Reina working at the cafe today? if so, we can probably sneak and break into her home and steal her panties.
No. 613825 ID: 0eaf76
File 141922489204.png - (36.31KB , 900x800 , 11.png )

Speaking of which...I've never even heard of this Ingrid Slako...Slavi...Slavoko...kocha...person. Is she pretty? Let's find out...hmm...
No. 613826 ID: 0eaf76
File 141922489848.png - (17.96KB , 900x800 , 12.png )


No. 613827 ID: 0eaf76
File 141922492031.png - (51.00KB , 900x800 , 13.png )

Wow she's...kinda pretty... maybe this fashion show won't be so bad...though she probably won't be in the actual show.
No. 613828 ID: 1ae57f

Doggy's gonna chase him a bird.

Ogling isn't gonna help, though, Ron. The show is hours away, and we got other stuff to do first. Go grab some breakfast, while we think about where to get panties this morning.
No. 613829 ID: 742b4a

Waaaaaait a minute. Ron, is her plumage brightly colored? Male birds have bright plumage. You might be barking up the wrong tree.
No. 613830 ID: 0cf548


>> asking about color to a dog
No. 613831 ID: bb78f2

Don't forget to research Pantsu online.
No. 613832 ID: 04b10c


Looks like an Owl to me.
No. 613833 ID: 742b4a

...well, I guess you can see her tits in those images anyway so never mind. Unless they're implants or something...
No. 613834 ID: 0eaf76
File 141922726806.png - (27.28KB , 900x800 , 14.png )

>What color is her plumage?

She's like...brown and stuff. I think she's a barn owl.

>You better eat breakfast!

Ahh, ah! Breakfast. Right.

>You go downstairs, after getting dressed in clean clothes.

:pantymom: "You're finally awake."

>"Mom...it's like 8am."

:pantymom: "I've been up for hours."

>"That's not a good thing."

:pantymom: "Whatever eat your bacon."

:pantysis: "Did you order the tickets?!"

>"Yep, I did."

:pantysis: "Yesssss....maybe she'll give away clothes..."

>"I didn't know you were into clothes so much..."

:pantysis: "Obviously you don't know me very well."

:pantydad: "Where are you youngsters going?!"

:pantysis: "Ingrid Slavokocha is having a show."

:pantydad: "Isn't she that bird girl?"

:pantysis: "Yep."

:pantydad: "BIRD! Get her autograph, will you sweetpea?!"

:pantysis: "If I...can?"
No. 613835 ID: 6cb462

While these weirdos are talking, lets start thinking about what we will do today until the big night.

We need to start collecting panties asap, and not just from some easy targets. I'm talking targets like Reina for example. If she is busy working today at the cafe, lets try to sneak into her home and go panty raiding there.

Of course, I'm up to other ideas.
No. 613837 ID: 742b4a

You're gonna have to work out an exercise regimen today as well, Ron. A jog around the block, for instance.
No. 613838 ID: 1ae57f

>BIRD! Get her autograph, will you sweetpea?!
Well, now we have an excuse to try and get backstage, at least.

>Yesssss....maybe she'll give away clothes...
She will if we have anything to say about it!

With mind reading and the voice through, we're kind of equipped for trying to play people. Our skillset doesn't help us breaking and entering.

And we're kind of fucked if Reina has a security system and we get caught. We'll definitely lose the next challenge if we lose time to a jail cell.
No. 613839 ID: bb78f2

Oh old is your mom and dad?
Your Dad looks kind of young. And your Mom also looks a bit young. And dumb. And mean.
No. 613840 ID: 6cb462

>And we're kind of fucked if Reina has a security system and we get caught. We'll definitely lose the next challenge if we lose time to a jail cell.

True, but on the other hand, with that amount of challenge, it would probably mean a LOT of points if we manage to pull it off.
No. 613841 ID: 1ae57f

Except we know using panty powers doesn't scale down the estimation of how hard a challenge is rated. We're better off going after something valuable our powers actually help us with!
No. 613842 ID: 0eaf76
File 141922941165.png - (26.38KB , 900x800 , 15.png )

>Break into Reina's house.

First of all...that's a terrible idea...second of all...I have no idea where she even lives. It's not like I automatically know where everyone's home is.

:pantydad: "Ronald! You're going with your sister, correct?! BIRD"

>"I'm taking a friend with me, too. She's a fan of Ingrid as well."

:pantymom: "Don't get lost or anything."

>"Oh I'll try not to."

:pantymom: "Where is it anyways?"

:pantysis: "The Evron Convention Center. It's going to be huuuge! Probably will be tons of girls!"

Tons of girls? Oh...there'll probably be other panty pursuers there as well...

>How old are your parents? They look young.

My Mom's like...37. She had me real young...my sister even younger. She uh...wasn't a model citizen, if you know what I'm implying...luckily, my Dad didn't ditch her, so there's that.

Anyways, what am I going to do before the show starts? I don't work today...I need to figure out a way to find panties...
No. 613843 ID: 742b4a

If you're completely unwilling to do breakins, and you can't accost people in the middle of the day, then you have limited options.
You can call the girls you have phone numbers for but not a full set of panties, and go out on a date or something with them to try to nab another pair.
You can try to meet some new girls and steal their panties.

Lastly, you could steal some panties out of a laundromat.
No. 613845 ID: 6cb462

We can try going to the mall, there are probably ladies around your age hanging out there for you to hit on for their panties.
No. 613846 ID: 1ae57f

>I don't work today...I need to figure out a way to find panties...
Well, you need someone to talk to, if you want to use the voice on them, or mind-read.

Beth's still on the list, and if you're desperate, Deer-chick would be pretty easy to get a second score from. Although it's a little early to call for a hookup.
No. 613847 ID: 742b4a

It's been two days. That's a reasonable amount of time to wait before calling someone. Plus she's into casual sex anyway so I don't think she'd care a whole lot.
No. 613850 ID: 6cb462

The only issue I see with deer chick is that she may be related some way to deer man, and we basically murdered him. If we go that route, we must be careful not to bring him up.
No. 613853 ID: 1ae57f

Oh. No, by early, I meant 8 am ain't usually a good time for a booty call.
No. 613856 ID: ea0ad9

I'm surprised he didn't marry a bird at this rate.
>luckily, my Dad didn't ditch her, so there's that.
Probably the only lady who would stick around the BIRD man.
No. 613863 ID: 0eaf76
File 141923445362.png - (26.20KB , 900x800 , 16.png )

>Go to mall.

Well, the mall is open. It's really too early to call someone anyways...except maybe Emy, but I'd rather not bother her. Anyways, the mall sounds like the best mix of challenge and ease of access, so that's what we're going to do!

>"Hey Mom, I'm gonna head out to the mall now."

:pantymom: "Don't die."


:pantysis: "Why are you going to the mall?"

>"Just need to pick up a few things..."

:pantysis: "Some more dumb video games, probably. Or stupid anime toys."


:pantysis: "Whatever..."

>"Anyways, I'll be back home later."

:pantydad: "Watch out for the BIRDS."

>You drive over to the mall.

I haven't been here in a while...shall we start scouting around? Any particular place we should start looking?
No. 613866 ID: 1ae57f

>"Don't die."
She doesn't know how apt that is, lately.

>stupid / dumb
Man, you'd think she'd be nice for a little while after you got her those tickets!

>shall we start scouting around? Any particular place we should start looking?
Yes, scout. A laundry place, if there is one, might work. We've already tried a clothes store once (avoid that one, they might remember you), though others might work.

...be nice to hit a place where we could get several. Hmm.
No. 613871 ID: b8ceae

A can of mace, a butterfly knife, and a butterfly PRACTICE knife. Also, a Swiss army knife or multitool.

I am listing multiple knives for a reason: A swiss army knife includes blades designed for cutting through things, while a butterfly knife is primarily a weapon. Butterfly knives also offer a strong intimidation factor for little practice, meaning you would have the option of trying to make another contestant back down instead of fighting.

Although you should STILL buy Emy a rifle with a scope - it's pretty easy to cripple somebody with a bullet, and unless Pantsu starts throwing around healing magic to prevent cheating you can effectively take any malicious contestants out of the game.
I bring this up NOW because after the first game the survivors are going to realize this is a matter of life and death, and will start banking the whole "I'll either be a god or dead so consequences don't matter" thing to justify doing truly horrible things.
No. 613898 ID: 04b10c

Dang, Ron. Your mum ain't too bad, actually.

Well, obviously you came here to find dumb anime figurines and video games, right?

If you buy a knife and balaclava, raiding for panties can become easier than ever. Just don't get yourself put in the slammer before you can see whatsherface's magic clothing show.

Also seconding for laundromat or whatever.


Butterfly knife? Dude, go big or go home. Get yourself a machete or meat cleaver. Way scarier, if that's what you're going for.
No. 613908 ID: 375872

Sorry, just trying to picture someone attempting to conceal a machete on themselves - Huge slashes in their clothes, big protrusion from their pants, walking down the street in broad daylight. NORMAL
No. 613909 ID: bb78f2

Your weirdo dad got with that hottie around 16 or 15 years old?
Bird-Dad must be some kind of player when he isn't thinking about birds
Also, getting a little uncomfortable staring at your Mom? Dude, you have a subconscious thing for BOTH your sister and your Mom? Christ man. Christ. You ARE officially the most perverted protagonist we've worked with. A sister is one thing we're used to, but we've never had a guy with an Oedipus complex.
Laundromat. Shame that this probably won't get you that many points, but will still be more than your sister's.
No. 613910 ID: 66354b

If we're looking for intimidation, then a simple, undecorated switchblade will trump a butterfly knife. It's also far easier to handle and use, so Ron won't cut himself trying to open it like he would with a butterfly knife.
No. 613911 ID: a19cd5

>"we've never had a guy with an Oedipus complex."

How quickly you've forgetten about poor young Ridder, Dirtbag.
No. 613912 ID: 04b10c


You could easily conceal one in a long overcoat, as some have pockets roughly those dimensions to fit a small umbrella or whatever.

Speaking from experience; stupidly bought one at a bad time of day, had to conceal it in an internal coat pocket all day because it wouldn't fit in my bag :V

Some machetes include scabbards, and any decent hunting or knife store will probably sell like a canvas one or whatever.
No. 613914 ID: ecd0ab

A machete is perfectly concealable. It's just not terribly easy to get at once you've concealed it.
No. 613922 ID: 7975bb

My point is that you can't conceal it without looking suspicious and it still be readily available (ie, not stowed in a backpack). I consider going around with a huge duster or whatever in clear weather to be SUSPICIOUS so thats out too.

This is fiction, though, so whatever. I just thought the notion was funny.
No. 613923 ID: 7975bb

My point is that you can't conceal it without looking suspicious and it still be readily available (ie, not stowed in a backpack). I consider going around with a huge duster or whatever in clear weather to be SUSPICIOUS so thats out too.

This is fiction, though, so whatever. I just thought the notion was funny.
No. 613926 ID: 7975bb

Also, could you find a nice camera? If you could pass as a photographer, you might be able to gain more covert access. Also, it would make you look less out of place. It will need to be expensive, though to look legit.
No. 613938 ID: 84fe03

I have an observation. Nobody seemed to have brought weapons into that fight; but you all had your clothes. Are weapons even against the rules? What's the line between a piece of clothing and a weapon? For that matter, could you bring, like, a Kevlar vest into a challenge?
No. 613942 ID: 7975bb

Good question. Honestly,i think our friends are our best defense.a weapon will only get us in trouble if we don't know how to use it. Hell, it could be trouble even if we did.

We should focus on being as covert as possible and making allies that we can trust. Make love, not war.
No. 613952 ID: 742b4a

And get those allies to steal panties for us. Group effort!

Go into the candle shop. If you see a girl looking at a particularly phallic candle that's less than 8 inches, walk up and say "Mine's bigger." With the voice. Close to their ear.
No. 613954 ID: 0eaf76
File 141927387641.png - (28.07KB , 900x800 , 17.png )

>Buy up a few things!

Ahh jeez, alright, alright, lemme make a list or something... Some sort of knife...a camera...and did you say a trenchcoat? I ain't buying that... But where in the mall am I going to find a knife? I think there might be some sort of hunting store around here...or maybe a pawn store.

>You wander around the store.

Wait, if I DO manage to find a cute girl to steal from...what will our plan of action even be? Drag her to the bathroom and assault her there? That sounds a bit crude...
No. 613955 ID: 0eaf76
File 141927388391.png - (23.49KB , 900x800 , 18.png )

"Oooh, look at that dog...he's...isn't he?"

"I guess...I would...kiss..."

Eh? Who's saying that?
No. 613956 ID: 41627e

You mean "thinking"?

Look around to make sure there aren't any other dogs nearby: could be they're not even "thinking" of you.
No. 613961 ID: 1ae57f

Nobody's saying it. You're picking up someone thinking about you.

Can you sense the direction? Or does a look around show anyone watching you? (Don't match their gaze if they are, look away like you didn't notice).
No. 613963 ID: 742b4a

Look around to see if anyone's staring at you.

As for how to get at their panties, just set up a proper date. You're gonna be dating a lot of girls if you're charming the panties off them. Well, that, or get them good and charmed then make a bet- you bet you can guess whatever number they're thinking, and if you win you get their panties. If you lose they get to make you buy them any one item from the mall. I'm sure they'll take the bait. Oh, and have them write it down first so they can't just lie to you.
No. 613971 ID: 41627e

Other variants include guessing what card they picked from the deck. You could probably buy one, too.
No. 613972 ID: bb78f2

Haha, your innate hotness strikes again!
Man, this mind read power is confusing.
Fun though.
Damn, if you had more time play with them I'd just keep buying Love and Utility powers, but we have to get a few Battle ones to survive.
I wish Pantsu made a skill tree instead of a lottery.

Is your mind read power directional? You have dog ears, you should be able to pinpoint an approximate location.
No. 613980 ID: 0eaf76
File 141927825089.png - (35.63KB , 900x800 , 19.png )

Oh...yeah I guess these are people who are thinking about me--


What about that group of SUSPICIOUS YOUNG LADIES
No. 613983 ID: 41627e

Stick around, act casual, try to figure out which of them is thinking about you that way - perhaps glance at them every once in a while to see who blushes or whatever.

Pretend you haven't noticed but make yourself seem attractive.
No. 613985 ID: 6cb462

Ms. Piggy there is looking at you seductively. her panties might be the easiest target, but may cost less points because of that.
No. 613987 ID: ecd0ab

Try to focus your mind radar in on them. As much as you can, anyways. It was probably not the insect lady, given she's reading right now.
No. 613988 ID: e6e219


Piggy? That is a fine bovine if I ever saw one. Look at the horns and ears.
No. 613989 ID: ecd0ab

Pretty sure that's a cow.
No. 613991 ID: 2ec61a

swag over, voice on. "hello there"
No. 613994 ID: e4e292

The cow definitely seems to be checking you out, or something behind you. The tigress, I think, seems to be looking but is less sure. The mantis looks extremely engrossed in that book. That's a coffee shop behind you right? Get something there and sit near the entrance where they can easily see you and see if they keep watching before you try making a move.
No. 614002 ID: bb78f2

>"Oooh, look at that dog...he's...isn't he?"
Hey dude, I'd be careful with those ladies. I think at least one of them recognizes you as Claire's brother and I know a lot of people didn't like Claire if the moths were correct.
No. 614004 ID: 0eaf76
File 141928115544.png - (22.18KB , 900x800 , 20.png )

So from a simple analysis, I'd say the cow is most interested...that mantis looks extremely uninterested though...so my best bet is probably the cow or tiger.

I suppose I should get something from the coffee shop behind me, chill out near the front, survey them.

"Wonder if...he's...ailable..."

They started whispering to each other. Damnit! I can't hear them!

How many women in my lifetime have thought about me like this, anyways!? Man this mind reading thing is really nice...I wonder how much I've missed out on in my lifetime...

>You grab a regular cup of coffee and sit near the front.

I'll pretend I'm browsing my phone or something...

Who should I zone in on? The cow, tiger or bug lady?
No. 614005 ID: 6e79d4

Give 'em a winning smile, see if the thoughts continue.
No. 614006 ID: 33565b

Mantis, I'm interested to know what book has her so fascinated.
No. 614008 ID: 41627e

Try a bit of all three, in turn, just to get a general look on their views and opinions on you.
No. 614009 ID: 7975bb

Mantis, if you hit on her, the others will find you more interesting because they will have to work harder to get you. Could set you up with all 3 if you play your cards right.

Remember, 2 days not much time for dating.
No. 614010 ID: 7975bb

I also notice mantis girl is the most "fashion forward" looking of the bunch. You could have an easy conversation maker there, if you are clever. She may be going to the show - anything is possible.
No. 614011 ID: bb78f2

Hey Ron,

Do you consider yourself single or dating Emy?
I'm just curious. I know you got that HJ from the biologist bunny, but I don't know if that counts.
I know she was open to you seducing Reina a bit but, I don't know. What if you hurt her feelings?
No. 614014 ID: 7975bb

I'm curious of that too.

Being practical, Ron's entire existence is at stake here. Since we seem to have taken the non-violent route, we don't have many options for acquiring panties. I'm sure Emy understands that and would prefer it to the alternative.
No. 614016 ID: 864555

Tiger. Mantis girl is creepy. Also they literally eat peoples faces, if rumors are true.
No. 614018 ID: 6cb462

I agree with going for Mantis girl. Just be careful, Mantises are known for biting off the heads of their mates.
No. 614019 ID: 0eaf76
File 141928314275.png - (38.00KB , 900x800 , 21.png )

>What about Emy?

I'm sure Emy understands that I'll have to flirt at least a little bit if I want to get some panties...she hasn't acted upset at all since that day she vowed herself to me. I'm sure it's fiiiine...

>Focus on mantis!

I'll focus on the mantis I suppose...but I want a quick glimpse of the other two...

Let's try and give a smirk at that tiger chick...

"Is he staring...do I look bad?"

Ahahhaa, this is kinda fun...mean, but fun...I won't take advantage of it though. Next the cow...

Wink! Wink!

"Mmm~ Moo~"

Whelp. Her thoughts are clear.

And the mantis...


"...and then Jonathan took Charlotte by the hand, whisking her to bed in one fatal swoop. He lifted off her shirt, pressing his face into her breasts. "Oh Jon! No so sudden..!"..."

Is...she reading...a dirty romance novel?
No. 614021 ID: 41627e

Flash them a smile. Make it look like it could have been given to anyone. Perhaps you could even see whether they could nudge at the mantis to make her focus on you as well, so that you could wordlessly gain her attention too.

Overall pay them only the absolute minimum attention to keep their interest, and split it between all three.
No. 614023 ID: 41627e

Also, see whether you could focus seeing what they picture in their heads, rather than just reading their verbal thoughts. Practice your power a bit.
No. 614024 ID: 337362

there may be a literal tiger over there but that cow would be a tiger in the sack. switch tacks
No. 614029 ID: 2086b6

>Is...she reading...a dirty romance novel?
Girlporn. It's acceptable in public!

>Emy will be fine
I guess. She did understand your powers were largely seduction based, and keeping a god to yourself is an odd idea.

Still, don't count on people being logical about their feelings.

>what do
Obviously we should be shooting for the trifecta.
No. 614034 ID: bb78f2

>I'm sure Emy understands that I'll have to flirt at least a little bit if I want to get some panties...
Yeah, panties, and a LOT of third base to get those panties off.
No. 614047 ID: 33565b

Haha, I didn't actually think she'd be reading something like that. I thought I was just being a bit of a perv, but seems she is too. The tiger at the very least saw you look, I think it's time we went over and flirted a bit.
No. 614053 ID: 2ec61a

No. 614056 ID: 41627e

Oh, I got an idea.

Wait until the mantis girl is reading the male protagonist say something nice, a compliment or such... then go and say that exact same thing.

Creep them out a bit.
No. 614057 ID: 04b10c

No. 614065 ID: ecd0ab

This would probably work in a not-so-creepy way if we were using the voice.
No. 614066 ID: 41627e

True dat. Make us seem less like a stalker creep and more like a mysterious magician.
No. 614070 ID: e8e481

thirding this to the damn grave
No. 614077 ID: 6e79d4

Harder to get = more points, right? try for the Mantis, but don't neglect the others.
No. 614078 ID: 2f2fc2

5 way with three girls and emy....cow directs everything since she looks to be dominating...so many panties
No. 614082 ID: 7648f0

Tiger chick is literally thinking about him though! Hit the easy targets first.
No. 614083 ID: 6cb462

The cow has breasts, does that mean it does not have any udders?

anyway, talk to them, you casanova, you.
No. 614096 ID: 89b2a2

Oh please. You know what to do.

Try for all three.
No. 614099 ID: 5d2f8c

I like tiger girl best. Shy girls are more my type. She is also adorable. (the mantis girl seems uninterested too, though we could prob get her attention)
No. 614105 ID: 2f2fc2

yeah but you know his type is the more dominate female... the lion boss is a testament
No. 614122 ID: a19cd5

A reminder: The more difficult the snatch, the more points you get.
I reiterate my wish to see some rubegoldberg-esque panty heists.
No. 614132 ID: 8f01e8

Use the romance novel to help plan your approach, and brazenly ask all three of them simultaneously to accompany you somewhere more private. Imply that it's a routine thing for you to satisfy two women at once and you're looking for more of a challenge.

Most important thing to remember, Ron: even before you got magic sexy-voice powers, the pickup lines you considered excessively cheesy were, in fact, completely effective.
No. 614145 ID: 742b4a

I don't have any preference but I strongly urge Ron not to quote the book directly. At the very least it will look like he's memorized a cheesy romance novel.
No. 614160 ID: f5baae

go after the shy tiger girl. The cow will probably end up being another dominant deer girl.
No. 614174 ID: 0eaf76
File 141930772597.png - (38.39KB , 900x800 , 22.png )

>Sync up your words with the romance novel.

I'll wait for her to say something...then slide in all smooth like~

"...and then Jon seized her by her waist, staring into her eyes. "You're the single most beautiful woman I've ever had the pleasure of knowing...""

There's my chance. BOMBS AWAY I GUESS.

>"You're all the most beautiful women I've ever had the chance of seeing~"

:cow: "Oh you came over~ I was giving you bedroom eyes, glad you got the hint."

:tiger: "...."

:mantis: "A-Ah...can we help you with anything?"
No. 614175 ID: bb78f2

>"A-Ah...can we help you with anything?"
Yeah, have a nice day.
And leave them wanting more. The one that follows you first is the one you get. Foolproof.
>"Oh you came over~ I was giving you bedroom eyes, glad you got the hint."
Damn, girl comes on STRONG
No. 614176 ID: 04b10c


This is so cheesy, I have to second it.
No. 614186 ID: 330ce5

Be mysterious and cool, make brief eye contact before leaving though.
No. 614188 ID: defceb

...don't praying Mantis eat their lovers' head after sex?

Do... do they do that here too?
No. 614189 ID: ecd0ab

Don't do this, we have voice based powers.
Use the voice based powers! Also they increase in effectiveness with close proximity. I don't think you are in close enough proximity to ANY of these three!
No. 614190 ID: ecd0ab

That actually doesn't generally happen in the wild and is a result of underfeeding or stressful laboratory conditions.
No. 614196 ID: a1c4b6


I don't know if we should, they already have the hots for us. It could backfire and they find the voice annoying.
No. 614197 ID: 742b4a

You could give me your names... I'm Ron.
No. 614199 ID: ecd0ab

That is not how the power was described and the only times it has 'backfired' that I'm aware of were with people who already didn't like Ron.
No. 614202 ID: 8f01e8

>The one that follows you first is the one you get.
The problem with that plan is, worst-case scenario they all stay seated, best-case is you only get the one.

"Why yes, you can! I realize this is a somewhat personal question... have the three of you shared a bedroom before or will I be your first?"
No. 614207 ID: 0eaf76
File 141931666085.png - (20.38KB , 900x800 , 23.png )

>"Well for starters...I can have your names~"

:cow: "The name is Pearl~ But you can call me whatever you want~"

:tiger: "M-My name is Khiram. ...do I look bad?..."

:mantis: "I'm Priscilla."

:cow: "What's your name?"


:cow: "Mmm~"

:tiger: "Um..."

Shit. What do I do now. It's creepy if I just stand here and stare at them.
No. 614208 ID: 0eaf76
File 141931666621.png - (30.81KB , 900x800 , 24.png )

:mantis: "...Charlotte blushed, embarrassed. "Oh Jon, stop saying such things...""

She started reading again. Am I boring her?
No. 614211 ID: 9a3996

Maybe ask her what she's reading? Compliment some things about the girls without totally sounding creepy.

Pearl's definitely into you, so I don't feel as though you need to try as hard for her.
No. 614212 ID: 6cb462

She may already have a boyfriend, or just not be interested. Two out of three ain't bad, and besides, you don't want your head eaten, do you?
No. 614219 ID: 04b10c

Offer to buy them a coffee or something... whatever works. Or ask what they are doing there.
No. 614221 ID: bb78f2

So what you ladies doing? Reading? Saying hello. Making introductions?
No. 614224 ID: 8f01e8

Eyes on the prize, Ron. You need a combat power before the next contest, and that means you need all the points you can get: three pairs per girl. Random encounters don't carry that much, so give 'em a chance to retrieve treasure from the lair.

Think of some neutral meeting spot with obvious potential for privacy and sexytimes. A nearby hotel, maybe? Lean in close to Pearl and whisper (with, needless to say, voice-magic at maximum) just enough information to unambiguously identify the spot, then "before midnight tomorrow. Bring as many friends as you dare, and three pairs of panties each." Maybe throw in some suggestive eyebrow wiggling, a palm-up tickling gesture with one hand, and something about magic tricks.

Also, at some point look Khiram straight in the eye and tell her you're absolutely serious, she looks lovely. Time it as an instant rebuttal to her self-criticizing inner monologue.
No. 614227 ID: 724518

Forget the mantis, go for a threesome with the other two.

"I'm waiting to meet up with some friends, mind if I join you guys for a bit?"
No. 614233 ID: 0eaf76
File 141931932434.png - (35.97KB , 900x800 , 25.png )

>"So you girls want to join me for a cup of coffee~?"

:cow: "I wouldn't mind it, how bout' you ladies?"

:tiger: "Sure! I'm a bit thirsty anyways..."

:mantis: "Fine, fine."


>You lead the girls inside. They all order drinks and take a seat with you in a booth.

:cow: "Mmm, there's not enough room for all three of us to sit on a side...do you two want to sit next to him?"

:tiger: "Urm...I...don't think it would be polite...Priscilla?"

:mantis: "If I must. Surprised you didn't decide to."

:cow: "I'm afraid that man would be too overwhelmed by my beauty~"
No. 614237 ID: a19cd5

Well, seat's open Priscilla!
So, tell me something about yourselves!
No. 614238 ID: 1ae57f

>She started reading again. Am I boring her?
That, or it's a coping mechanism to avoid social situations. I know I've used that one.
No. 614268 ID: ea0ad9

Khiram's self-conscious. She's looking away and being nervous. Is she fidgeting as well? Ask her if something's wrong. Word it like you're worried she might already have a boyfriend or something.
No. 614270 ID: 0eaf76
File 141932532669.png - (28.19KB , 900x800 , 26.png )

>"Tell me a bit about yourselves~"

:cow: "I'll go first, I suppose. As you know, my name is Pearl. I'm 24, work at a bakery with my Mom and Dad...erm, I like to call myself experienced in the field of romance."

:mantis: "More like lust."

:cow: "Hehe, that's a better thing to call it. ...I do love sex..."

:tiger: "Um, I'm 21. I work at a shoe store...um...that's...about it..."

:cow: "Khiram has a boy fetish."

:tiger: "P-Pearl! ...think I'm weird..."

>"What does that mean?"

:cow: "She likes boys, but is too nervous to talk to any of them."

:mantis: "I like books. Preferably of the romantic kind."

:cow: "Actually, I don't know Priscilla as well as Khiram."

:mantis: "There is a reason for that. Anyways, I'm 22. I am currently unemployed. ...suppose he's kind of cute..."

:cow: "What about you, Ron? Gotta tell us some juicy bits about yourself..."

Hmm...should I lie about my age? It'll make me seem more...mature at least.

>"I'm 20, I work at a Starbox."

:cow: "A barista! Hey, Khiram, you love coffee!"

:tiger: "Y-Yes I do in fact, like coffee..."
No. 614274 ID: a19cd5

Kharim is the end goal now, she is TOO cute
No. 614280 ID: e1ee00

Pearl should be easy to get. Just schedule a time with her, and we can get 3 panties easy peasy. We can focus on the other two more if we just do that.
No. 614281 ID: 1ae57f

Show off a little. Use origami skills to make flowers for the girls out of napkins.
No. 614286 ID: ea0ad9

>I like to call myself experienced in the field of romance.
>Hey, Khiram, you love coffee!
Do they allow you to grant a discount for friends? Invite her to come over some time. Then you can go on to say that you're rather fond of romance yourselves, but perhaps not the sort that Pearl is, admitting not having much experience in the matter. After that, you can delve off into asking Priscella if she could recommend any books.
No. 614290 ID: 67e163

Keep giving a bit of attention to them all, see whether you could get Priscilla properly interested and Khiram a bit more confident.
No. 614358 ID: 0eaf76
File 141935093212.png - (26.76KB , 900x800 , 27.png )

>While talking, you start to craft origami figures.

>"Well hey, Khiram, you're free to visit me at Starbox...perhaps I can get you a few discounts for being so cute~"

:tiger: "Erp...y-y-yeah m-maybe... ...going to puke..."

:cow: "Ohoho! Now you've done it! Khiram, aren't you supposed to be a tiger? Why are you so red? Heheheh!"

:mantis: "That's a nice origami figure."

>"Thanks~ I like origami~"

:mantis: "It's a beautiful artform."

:cow: "You don't happen to be free later, hmm?"

>"I'm always free~"

:cow: "This may seem a bit sudden...but...a certain girly here needs to have a first time, already."

:tiger: "...Y-You don't mean..."

:cow: "I'm sure she wants to bang you, she's just too scared to admi--"

>Khiram slapped a hand over Pearl's mouth.

:tiger: "D-Don't listen to her! Sh-She's crrrazy! Aha......he would never..."

:cow: "Ish whash parshlly a joche."
No. 614363 ID: a19cd5

"Hey, I'm not saying no!"
No. 614367 ID: 534cc4

Especially to such a charming girl as you~
No. 614368 ID: 742b4a

Yeah that basically settles it huh?

Laugh a little and say that this is going a bit fast but she is pretty cute. You would like to get to know her more.
No. 614371 ID: 1ae57f

>Ish whash parshlly a joche.
Should I partially laugh?

Try to be a little reassuring here, for tiger chick's sake. I mean, you should understand this, Ron. You were in her situation just a few days ago! Only now you get to be her deer chick.
No. 614372 ID: 0eaf76
File 141935265749.png - (21.17KB , 900x800 , 28.png )

>"It's going a bit fast...but hey, I'm not saying no~ Especially to such a cute girl such as yourself~"

:tiger: "..."

:cow: "Oooooh! Get a room, you two!"

:tiger: "...I want to...but he's...not serious..."

:cow: "There's a motel just across the street if you'd like, I can easily rent you guys a room~"

Egh, I don't enough time for that...

:cow: "Or...you could just use one of the bathrooms..."

:tiger: "Absolut-tely not!"

:cow: "I know you want to."

:tiger: "Tha-at's illegal! Among o-other things..."

:cow: "Me and Priscilla will keep watch or something if you want to get it onnnn~"

:tiger: "...."

:cow: "Whaddya say, Ronny-boy?"
No. 614377 ID: 67e163

A bathroom for a girl's first time? Seems kind of unromantic, but I don't think we wouldn't decline on that if she really wants to.

Honestly it's not that terrible, we're not gonna mention names but plenty of boys lose their virginity in changing rooms, among other places.

Still, though. If there's a bed available somewhere that would be preferred.
No. 614385 ID: 1ae57f

No ridiculous lines or flirting for a moment. Just lock eyes with Khiram, and give her a moment of honesty so she can see you're real and not just messing with her.

He thoughts will probably explode when she realizes it.

>Whaddya say, Ronny-boy?
I won't say no, if that's what she really wants.

>A bathroom for a girl's first time? Seems kind of unromantic
Trying to think if there are any other suitable locations in a mall to crash. There are probably like actual bedroom displays, but those are always completely in the open. Break rooms might be empty, but you don't work here, and that's harder to secure / make private than a bathroom. Maybe if there was a store that wasn't open we could sneak into, but then we run the risk of being caught tripping an alarm.
No. 614386 ID: 742b4a

On the one hand, this seems really degrading for the poor girl. On the other, Ron lost his in a changing room and he could tell her that to make her feel better about it.

Ask about the circumstances of where the others lost their virginity as well! Everyone lets out their embarrassing secrets to help inspire confidence in the tiger.
No. 614389 ID: 67e163

This is a good idea. As much as we might prefer it to be like it's in movies and such, losing one's virginity is nearly always embarrassing as hell. Let's try and make her see that, relax a bit.

And if she still doesn't want to, hey, it's fine: we can take things slower. Maybe just cuddle for a bit?
No. 614393 ID: 1ae57f

I'd say when we get the girl alone, we should offer her an out. If she doesn't want to, or feels she's being rushed or pressured into things, we'll gladly lie to her friends about what happened.

Why, she could even give us her panties as... 'proof'. That would fool them!

(Just planning so we get panties either way).
No. 614395 ID: bb78f2

Isn't this a lot of pressure for a first time? Shouldn't there be candles and shit.

Ron, we do have time for a motel, we're not meeting anybody. We're looking out for panty prospects. Here's one. A shy one. High points. Agree with the motel plan. uuuugh, we know she wants to but she also doesn't. I don't want to hurt her, Ron. Should we go the Emy route or what? Let her know that you'll take it very slow. Tell her it doesn't necessarily need to happen, but you hope that maybe you can at least get her to have a fun time. You're good at other things.

Or we can take the highest risk and ask Pearl or Pricilla to maybe help her through the moves, comfort her and shit? If one of them was there it might ease her nerves and and help make it a wonderful time for her? It's a lot, but you'd be surprised how comforting a friend might be in this situation.
No. 614396 ID: 0eaf76
File 141935468830.png - (39.58KB , 900x800 , 29.png )

>"Losing your virginity in a bathroom is a bit...strange~ I lost mine in a changing room, so don't feel too bad about it, Khiram~"

:tiger: "R-Really?"

:cow: "I lost mine, drunk at a party."

:mantis: "A car."

:tiger: "...I-I have no p-problem with it...I suppose I just...d-don't want to get arrested..."


:tiger: "Huh?"

>You stare at her, assuring her you are sincere.

:tiger: "......I really want to...but...what if...I don't want trouble...I've wanted this for years..."
No. 614400 ID: 5d2f8c

Go with the motel. Try to make her time a bit more special then doing it in the bathroom. You can put off whatever else you were doing til later. Also, condoms. Get them.

The first par of this too.
No. 614401 ID: 742b4a

It'll be fiiiiiine.
No. 614402 ID: bb78f2

There has to be one of those large, single room bathrooms right? With a lock on it? I mean, if there's a security camera nearby and someone is watching two people enter, then it's obvious what's happening. Might not be a camera though.
No. 614403 ID: 1ae57f

>I really want to...but...
Just give her a smile.

Then start planning with her friends. Okay, if she wants to do this, how they gonna keep her from getting caught? (Reassuring her concern).

Also: bet you're glad we insisted you buy condoms now, Ron.
No. 614404 ID: 330ce5

Use the motel, that way you can get condom on the way.
No. 614409 ID: b00646

You know, you should probably let the poor girl have her first time with someone she loves, rather than regret it on a one night stand.
No. 614411 ID: 67e163

Some people cherish their virginities and prefer to lose them to someone special, as you said. But not everyone: others, such as Ron and the other girls here, consider it just another moment of fun in life, one that leads to many more of its type. People are different.

Judging by her reaction, Khiram too seems to belong to the latter group. She'll be fine.
No. 614423 ID: 6e79d4

You should ask her, once her friends aren't pressuring her, if she really wants to do it.
No. 614425 ID: 0eaf76
File 141935799708.png - (32.59KB , 900x800 , 30.png )

>"Listen, Khiram, I have enough time for a motel if you'd be up for it~"

:tiger: "...Y-You'd do that? You really d-don't have to..."

>"I'd do anything for someone like you~"

:tiger: "..."

:cow: "That settles it then! Come on! I'll pay for the room! I'm betting you'll only need it for an hour, though~"

:mantis: "...I thought we were going to the bookstore."

:cow: "We can go while they're getting it on."

>You get up from the table.

:tiger: "O-Oh my... So nervous...but...excited..."

Thank god I have condoms...

>You leave the mall, walking to the motel across the street.

This looks like kind of a crappy motel...

:cow: "I checked out a room for you, here's the key, it's in A13."

>"Thank you, kindly~"

:cow: "Take it easy on her~ ...lucky bitch, heh..."

>"Shall we go, m'lady~?"

:tiger: "Y-Yes!"
No. 614426 ID: 0eaf76
File 141935800539.png - (20.71KB , 900x800 , 31.png )

>You enter your room.

:tiger: "...U-Um...so how do we usually s-start this?"
No. 614428 ID: bb78f2

Any way you want to.
Straight to it.
Get comfortable.
No. 614430 ID: 2ec61a

sit her down and start with a kiss.
No. 614431 ID: 330ce5

Use the voice and whisper sweet nothings into her ear.
No. 614432 ID: 1ae57f

>so how do we usually s-start this?
A kiss?

Also, before we get too far, make it clear she doesn't have to do anything, if she doesn't want to. I mean, we'd be glad to, but we're willing to cover for her too. (Aka this >>614393 ). Make sure she really wants this, without people pressuring her into it.
No. 614438 ID: 0eaf76
File 141935866885.png - (21.17KB , 900x800 , 32.png )

>You sit down on the bed, pulling her beside you.

>"You just have to relax~"

:tiger: "Ah..."

>You lean into her ear.

>"I want you to feel comfortable...if you want to stop at any point...just tell me, ok~?"

:tiger: "Actually I uh, should...tell you something...Pearl and Priscilla don't k-know b-but...I..."


:tiger: "I have a-ah...a..."


:tiger: "I have a...penis..."


:tiger: "I h-have a uh...m-man...part..."


:tiger: "...I-If you don't...want to do it...you don't have to..."

No. 614439 ID: 78f94f

talk first. no need to rush.
No. 614444 ID: 67e163

This requires some clarification: when you say you have a penis, do you mean you are a pre-op transsexual, or a hermaphrodite?

Either way... hey, might as well go for it. New experiences and all.
No. 614446 ID: 742b4a


Yeah steal those maybe-worthless panties and run away.
No. 614447 ID: 2ec61a

put it in. and put you masturbation skills t use and give her a reach around.
No. 614448 ID: 330ce5

So Ron, how do feel about butt stuff? Also does this mean she even wears panties? One more thing don't over react, that might make her feel pretty awful.
No. 614450 ID: e1ee00

Well that explains her shyness.
Remember, Ron...the harder to get panties, the more points!
No. 614451 ID: 1ae57f

So that's why she was so nervous.

Honestly though, so long as she still wears panties, this ain't a dealbreaker. (And even if she doesn't, we'll just try to figure out how to snag some from the friends).

Seriously Ron, don't let little dick scare you away from helping a cute girl. It would be terribly cruel to back down now, especially since she's apparently been too afraid to approach anyone else for years, according to her thoughts.

>what do
Pause. Blink.

And then kiss her.

>on the up side
Pantsu is gonna find this hilarious. These are gonna be some high scoring panties.
No. 614455 ID: 4754ce

Ron, do her. It's fine. Doesn't change a goddamn thing.
No. 614457 ID: 0eaf76
File 141935942137.png - (21.51KB , 900x800 , 33.png )

How do I even feel about anal? I've...wanted to try it. It sounds fun.

>"N-No I still want it, this is just...unexpected. Do you still wear...panties?"

:tiger: "Yes?"

>"Oh okay..."

:tiger: "...I-It's disgusting...I know..."

>"It's not disgusting at all! Um...but did you...choose for this...?"

:tiger: "I was...b-born with it...my parents couldn't afford to h-have it changed...so..."


:tiger: "Listen, y-you really don't have to...I know this is strange and weird and you're probably just lying to make me feel better..."
No. 614460 ID: 2ec61a

put on your most serious face. look her straight in the eyes and tell her she is beautiful
No. 614464 ID: 829db4

Hmmm...Will these panties count?

May the sexual healing commence. Afterwards, play shrink with her to confront herself on this matter. How she feels about herself and such.
No. 614465 ID: 4754ce

No. 614467 ID: bb78f2

Oh... I see.
So is she a dom or a sub? Who's penetrating who?
No. 614469 ID: 330ce5

No. 614470 ID: a2f9bc

Touch her on the penis.
No. 614471 ID: 742b4a

Tell her she's very pretty. You're not interested in guys but uh, yeah, she isn't really a dude, and so long as she doesn't want you to do anything with her dick it'll be fine.

Got lube? You're gonna need lube.
No. 614473 ID: 6e79d4

...Well it looks like everyone is in for a new experience, now be gentle.
No. 614475 ID: 829db4

Well, she seems pretty girlish. Maybe she's more for the passive role in the act?
No. 614476 ID: 51b39c

Now, no one is obligated to go through with this. We were kinda blindsided with this information. However, we should do this. Think about this poor girl. If you walk away, do you think she'll ever have the courage to open up again?
Now tell her you are still up for and start with kisses on her neck.
No. 614478 ID: b8ceae

Kiss her.
No. 614479 ID: 829db4

Tell her that, since you met her as a woman, you'd rather treat her like a woman.

Leaving now really isn't an option. Unless you are insensitive as fuck.
No. 614480 ID: 1ae57f

And kiss her! Actions speak louder than words!

>Will these panties count?
They're panties. And she thinks she's a girl, so why not?
No. 614485 ID: 946b91

Several problems:

1. This is impromptu as hell, so it's unlikely that either of you are "prepared" for anal, if you catch my drift. I doubt you've been secretly carrying lube with you.

2. She is cute, but can you even get it up for her, knowing she has a penis? It'll be embarrassing for both of you if you can't.

3. You will have a hard time getting her to willingly part with the only garments that keep her parts in place.

You may need to trade her your undies for hers, if you even get that far. Keeping in mind the above points, I think you should have a much fun as possible and offer to tell her friends whatever story she wants if she'll indulge your wierd hobby and trade undergarments.

Above all, be as honest as possible, godhood notwithstanding
No. 614486 ID: bb78f2

Wait, shit, we need lube. Unless she has a vagina too? We can't have anal without lube!
No. 614488 ID: 4754ce

Rimming is a thing. Not a regular thing, but a thing. Also, there's nonpenetrative sex. Frotting and the like.
No. 614490 ID: b8ceae

Her friends are outside. Ron can open the door and ask them to get lube.
No. 614491 ID: 742b4a

They're at the book store.
No. 614492 ID: b8ceae

It's been like 20 seconds. They're still there.
No. 614493 ID: 829db4

No, it's been around 5 minutes.
No. 614494 ID: 742b4a

No, it's been minutes. There's a clock right there in the top left!
No. 614495 ID: bb78f2

Hey can't we contact Pantsu mentally for a quick check on whether her panties are worth anything?

You know, since Pantsu is progressive and to get these panties you have to leave your comfort zone a bit, they have to be worth QUITE a bit if she counts them. Because you opened up your homosexual side for these panties, and she might like that courage.
No. 614496 ID: 1ae57f

It's a moot point. We're not going to be a horrible person and run away even if Pantsu says she won't take them.
No. 614497 ID: 1071f4

it sounds like she has both parts. i don't think anal will be necessary, but lube is always good.
No. 614498 ID: 946b91

Just say this isn't something you've ever had to think about and ask her what she'd be comfortable with. Between what she says and what she thinks, we can hopefully accomodate her in a way Ron is comfortable with.
No. 614499 ID: ecd0ab

She's still pretty, and if she considers herself female then that's what matters. Do whatever you need to make her comfortable.
No. 614506 ID: 864555

She's very pretty. And she seems rather sweet. If you're going to have a quasi-homosexual / othersexual encouter you can do /alot/ worse.
No. 614512 ID: b8ceae

Fair enough.
A motel with hourly rates probably sells lube. Likely in a vending machine in the room itself or in the connected bathroom.
No. 614513 ID: 5d2f8c

>I have a...penis
>I was...b-born with it

Welp. Does she have both parts or just the male bits? That doesn't change whether or not you go about it, just how it goes.

The "do I look bad" and "think I'm weird" thoughts of hers make a lot more sense now.
No. 614517 ID: 67e163

Make a mental note on getting rid of it when we're gods. If she wants to.
No. 614523 ID: 4754ce

This is a good idea.
No. 614525 ID: 0eaf76
File 141936851419.png - (21.92KB , 900x800 , 34.png )

:tiger: "I think I'm j-just gonna go--"

>You kiss Khirama.

:tiger: "Mmm!"

>"You're beautiful~ And if you still want me...I'll be glad to be your first time..."

:tiger: "...Y-You mean it?"

>"Of course I do..."

>"Mmm, let's get you more comfortable..."
No. 614527 ID: 0eaf76
File 141936856288.png - (26.16KB , 900x800 , 35.png )

:tiger: "I hope I'm not too repulsive..."
No. 614529 ID: 67e163

So far you're just as beautiful as any other girl would be!

Well, aside from that bulge. But that don't matter.
No. 614531 ID: 4754ce

Fuck it. Give her head, Ron. Oral is a good way to start off.
No. 614534 ID: b8ceae

Say nothing.
Push her onto her back, then pull down her panties with your teeth.
No. 614536 ID: 829db4

Isn't that kind of an advanced technique? We had , what, two and a half actual sexual encounters.
No. 614537 ID: 829db4

I doubt it's functional if she has developed female secondary sexual characteristics.
No. 614538 ID: 742b4a

Tell her she's cute. Try to ignore the bulge. Ask her if those boobs are real. Is she taking hormones or something? TOUCH THE BOOBS

HAHAHA I really doubt Ron's gonna go that far into dick experimentation.
No. 614542 ID: 4c088a

Cup her face.

Stop talking about yourself that way. (Maybe refrence when Ron thought he was just a dork?)
No. 614543 ID: 829db4

>Ask her if those boobs are real. Is she taking hormones or something?

Jeez, she's not trans. There are people who have the misfortune of being born with both sexual organs, one of them being completely useless in most cases. That's why she was talking about her family not having enough money to surgically remove the penis.
No. 614545 ID: 0eaf76
File 141936983465.png - (29.17KB , 900x800 , 36.png )

:tiger: "Wh-What are you...doing..."
No. 614546 ID: 0eaf76
File 141936985820.png - (25.75KB , 900x800 , 37.png )

:tiger: "Ahn! R-Ron..."
No. 614548 ID: ea0ad9

Wait, is she intersex or shemale? Also you totally just jumped up from 2/10 to 3/10 on the gay scale, man. Still like them feminine, but you don't mind the parts they got, huh?
Well, if you're going after anal (still use a condom, man, I was serious about that leak thing) you can start foreplay from behind anyways... And, well, if she is intersex, you could do that anyways even if going for the vagina.
No. 614550 ID: bb78f2

You SUCK THAT DICK. You know what you like! Give it to her.
Stimulate the balls and clit at the same TIME.
No. 614551 ID: 4c088a

>gender / parts questions
Seriously, stop over thinking it. Pretty sure Ron will figure out what he needs to as he goes.

Get to it, Ron! Make her first time a good one.
No. 614553 ID: 742b4a

She said "changed", which I assumed meant MtF.

I now realize I did not understand what a 2 on the kinsey scale meant. After you have a bit of fun with that, ask her how far she wants this to go. Has she put stuff in her butt before?
No. 614569 ID: 829db4

Ask her if she's ready to have a hot dog inside her?

That was an awful play on words.
No. 614570 ID: 67e163

If she doesn't like the pun, follow with "...Or maybe you'd rather be boned?"


"Tough crowd."
No. 614572 ID: ecd0ab

No puns, you will kill the mood. Silence is better than puns. Compliments are good though!
No. 614574 ID: 4c088a

Time to ride the tiger.
No. 614578 ID: 67e163

No no, if we can make her laugh, all the better. Sex is supposed to be fun, after all!
No. 614579 ID: 223c09

This a billion times.
No. 614581 ID: 00fd2f

Not if she bursts into hysterical laughter from all the built-up anxiety.

Let's refrain from puns until they wind down.
No. 614589 ID: 04b10c


Upvoting this.
No. 614593 ID: 742b4a

...oh right, Emy. I hope she didn't mind an open relationship!

In fact, text her right now to ask. With a dick in your mouth.
No. 614599 ID: 84fe03

No way ron! show some sensitivity!
No. 614607 ID: 84fe03

only 3/10? I'd say this brings him all the way up to 4.5/10, at least. But there's no shame in it. Go for the gold, ron!
No. 614617 ID: 534cc4

I personally wouldn't pun, at all. Wait until the wind down.
No. 614618 ID: 7648f0

Panties are panties if Ron wants to not fall behind in the points he better hop to it every chance he gets.

Man don't be texting during sexy times you'll make everyone involved feel bad.
No. 614621 ID: 742b4a

The Kinsey scale is a 6-point scale anyway. Or 7? It's from 0 to 6.
No. 614659 ID: 075967

Just enjoy yourself, and make sure she does too. Demonstrate some enthusiasm! Nothing's better for the self esteem than someone being enthusiastically attracted to you.
No. 614683 ID: 53688c

You brought her here. Treat her right. Take her all the way.
Don't text anyone, and only crack jokes afterward, not before. This is a delicate moment for her.
Seriously, have a little tact.
No. 614717 ID: 4754ce

Seconding this.
No. 614743 ID: 0eaf76
File 141939838623.png - (25.80KB , 900x800 , 38.png )

"Ron...i-if you don't stop...I...I might..."
No. 614744 ID: 0eaf76
File 141939841349.png - (18.68KB , 900x800 , 39.png )

No. 614745 ID: 0eaf76
File 141939843417.png - (16.27KB , 900x800 , 40.png )

>"...Oh. I didn't think this far ahead."
No. 614746 ID: 075967

Good boys swallow, Ron!
No. 614747 ID: 5f402f

Now kiss.

Good start, but a blowjob isn't taking her virginity. You still got work to do.
No. 614752 ID: a2f9bc

How's it taste?
No. 614753 ID: 742b4a

I don't know what to tell you, Ron. Unexpected jizz in the mouth is difficult to deal with at the best of times. If you want to spit you'd have to excuse yourself to the bathroom for a moment, then come back to ask her if she's up for anything else.
No. 614754 ID: 2a1897

Kiss her! There's no way that can go wrong!
No. 614759 ID: 0eaf76
File 141940093066.png - (23.91KB , 900x800 , 41.png )

>"I'm sure you want a taste, too?"

:tiger: "Wha--"
No. 614760 ID: 742b4a

Oh god. Apologize for being hugely perverted. This is a good idea regardless if she liked it or not.
No. 614761 ID: b2c9e1

No. 614765 ID: 5f402f


So, uh, should we move on to the main event?
No. 614767 ID: f5baae

Now get her to 'do' yours!
No. 614776 ID: 0eaf76
File 141940351172.png - (29.67KB , 900x800 , 42.png )

>"Alright, you ready for the main course?"

:tiger: "...I...I suppose..."

>Stick it in butt.

>Stick it in vagina.
No. 614777 ID: f5baae

well. The vagina has a hymen, and the butt will feel weird. So both ways are probably going to end up with some sort of awkwardness. With that being said

No. 614778 ID: 742b4a

Oh, she's got inter-sexed genitalia, then? You've got a condom and no lube so vag is the correct choice here. Just be gentle because it's her first time.
No. 614780 ID: 5f402f

Tease her a little, since she's acting hesitant there. Make sure she wants it. (And/or get her riled up enough that she wants it). Don't just stick it in.

She wanted to lose her virginity, and she identifies as female. Makes it pretty obvious which hole things go in.

Take the tiger between the thighs.
No. 614781 ID: f5baae

No. 614789 ID: 0eaf76
File 141940601694.png - (25.07KB , 900x800 , 43.png )

>"It's coming in..."

>You tease the opening a bit.

:tiger: "Nnnh..."


:tiger: "A-Ahh! Oh my..."
No. 614790 ID: 0eaf76
File 141940606172.png - (31.10KB , 900x800 , 44.png )

:tiger: "Mmm! I-It feels so good..."

>"Nnnf! Y-You're really tight!"

:tiger: "Ahhh..."
No. 614792 ID: 0eaf76
File 141940613827.png - (21.05KB , 900x800 , 46.png )


:tiger: "Mmmph!"


Wow...that was better than I thought it would be...
No. 614793 ID: 12c3e4

>bask in afterglow, obtain panties
No. 614794 ID: 337362

And then get that cow in here stat
No. 614795 ID: 5f402f


Now for the afterglow, and figuring out how to get out of here with her panties. (Do we just slip them on your head when she isn't looking so they get 'lost', or do we actually ask for them?).
No. 614800 ID: 2f7128

He can probably just ask for them. Do you really think she'll say no after Ron gave her one of the best days of her life? And I'm not even talking about the sex. Just having someone to give her confidence in herself is immense.
No. 614802 ID: 330ce5

Slip panties on head before anyone is the wiser.
No. 614804 ID: e1ee00

Seconded. The more panties, the better. Plus Pearl seemed pretty eager to get with you.
No. 614807 ID: 5f402f

I kind of doubt Ron will be ready for a repeat performance so quick. ...and I don't really want to ruin it for Khiram by immediately moving on to one of her friends.
No. 614808 ID: a19cd5

get her digits too, she will be vital to our quest later.
No. 614809 ID: e34da4

Seconded. Get some phone numbers all around, regardless.
No. 614810 ID: e1ee00

Ron might as well get Pearl's number along with Khiram's. And maybe Priscilla's, even though she doesn't seem as interested as Pearl.
No. 614813 ID: f5baae

contemplate the fact you sucked a dick and swallowed
No. 614818 ID: 55c4cf

pull her to her side and tell her that she is beautiful, and then kiss her again sweetly.
No. 614823 ID: 075967

Hang out with her for a while. You don't have to cuddle or be mushy, you ARE basically strangers, but being more than an emotionless screw'll be good.
No. 614825 ID: 7648f0

Yeah just capitalize on the moment as they will poof away and no one will notice.
No. 614838 ID: 2f7128

Who cares? It was still a girl. Totally fine.
No. 614844 ID: 223c09

Let's go find a dude who wears panties and find out how bi this guy is
No. 614846 ID: b8ceae

Use The Voice for this.

Also: Maybe we can Priestess Get?
No. 614869 ID: a0bc45

Perhaps time for some cuddles and kisses. Ask if there is anything she wants to do or try while she has the chance. Also ask if she wants to tell her friends about her gender situation. Might help prevent embarrassing situations in the future. You might also want to ask if she is solely attracted to men or if she has considered a more open minded approach like you.

Ideally we want to engineer a situation where you and the girls talk openly about sex together and you can just ask them if they would be willing to donate some panties to your perverted cause with a straight face.
No. 614873 ID: 345446

Time for a menage-a-four with the other two girls involved?
No. 614890 ID: d45ea1

Wait, you only lasted six minutes?
I mean, as long as she enjoyed it I guess that's okay. Now try and grab her panties while she's still coming down, and act stumped when she looks for them.
No. 614909 ID: 375872

I still say arrange a trade. That way she need not go without any coverage.
No. 614936 ID: 534cc4

With her I think after laying there for a minute enjoying the aftermath, just shyly ask for her panties. Say that you find it embarrassing to ask but you have always enjoyed them or something.
No. 614954 ID: 023086

Ask her if it was nice for her.
No. 615114 ID: 0eaf76
File 141946413667.png - (24.47KB , 900x800 , 47.png )

>You clean up.

>"Was that good for you?"

:tiger: "Amazing...thank you, Ron."

Ahh...well, might as well get her panties now. She won't judge me, will she?

>"Hey...I have a...strange request for you."

:tiger: "Hmm?"

>"Can I have your panties?"

:tiger: "What for?"

>"I...like to...collect them. Not necessarily from actual people but uh...y-you can have my underwear if you want."

:tiger: "...U-Um...s-sure?"

>"Cool! Cool..."

>You exchange underwear.

>"Thanks a lot...for understanding, I mean."

:tiger: "I should be thanking you."


:tiger: "Um...I'm gonna clean up and go back downstairs..."

>"Can I get your number first?"

:tiger: "Sure!"

>Khiram enters her number into your phone.
No. 615115 ID: 0eaf76
File 141946414717.png - (23.23KB , 900x800 , 48.png )

>"Also...you should probably tell your friends about your...predicament."

:tiger: "...They don't need to know...I've kept it from them all these years..."

>"That's not good, though..."

:tiger: "I know it's not...but I could never bring myself to tell them..."
No. 615119 ID: 5f402f

>I know it's not...but I could never bring myself to tell them...
You shouldn't be ashamed of who you are, though. I mean, I can tell you're insecure about it and all, but sometimes we just need people to come up and tell us there are actually good things about us.

Would you believe I used to think I was just an unattractive dork?

Although if she's afraid one of her friends will get all pushy and want to see and/or try it out and she does not want to got there with them, I kind of get that.
No. 615120 ID: 2f2fc2


give her a hug and tell her that they wouldn't judge

she's may not be ready but when the time is right true friends will support her.

wait are we able to head panty in the room infront of her? Might be a neat trick
No. 615122 ID: 4ea7ad

Well, if they can't accept you for who and what you are, they haven't been your friends at all.

However, if they do accept your status, chances are that the relationships might change. Let's hope that it's the upgrade to fuckbuddies rather than the estranged option.

In the end, since she seems functional in both departments, she might as well start loving herself for what she is - a futanari.
No. 615126 ID: f5baae

wish her a merry Christmas then do whatever you meant to do.
No. 615131 ID: 1071f4

tell her you're not going to push her to tell but she's perfect just the way she is and you hope that she'll learn to not be ashamed of herself.
No. 615141 ID: b8ceae

"Oh, gotcha. Body dysphoria. You're less afraid of what they'll think, and more ashamed of what you are."
Pull her into a hug, and kiss her.
"But what you are is a beautiful woman with a bit more to offer than most.
Maybe it'd help to spend time around friends who knew and were ok with it? I'm close friends with a girl who would be fine with the truth; you want to get together to meet her some time?"

What she really needs is therapy for her self-loathing, but there's no good way to approach the subject right now. She's gone her entire life with society shoving their idealized bodies down her throat; that's harmful even to people who are a close fit, so somebody as non-conforming as her would have to have gone through horrible torment.

Be gentle with her, Ron.
No. 615152 ID: 742b4a

That's her decision.

...let's step away for a moment to cash in those panties. Go commando for the rest of the day rather than spend precious time buying another pair of boxers.
No. 615154 ID: a0bc45

What if you tell them together? You could (try to) delicately bring up the subject. The girls seem really open minded and Pearl just did an amazing wingman job. She even paid for the room. Not telling her at this point is almost cruel.

You might want to ask her if she reckons her friends might be willing to part with their underwear. Just lay it out there. Say that is almost a way of life for you. Can Priscilla be bribed or tempted? Is there a way to circumvent Pearl's common sense on short notice?
No. 615161 ID: 8e294c

Yeah, that's definitely her decision to tell them or not. Say you're willing to help if she tells them, but you'll keep quiet if she chooses not to.
No. 615182 ID: 0eaf76
File 141947792830.png - (23.40KB , 900x800 , 49.png )

>"If you have to hide it from them...they aren't really your friends, are they?"

:tiger: "I'll tell them eventually...but right now I...I think I want to keep it to myself."

>"Fair enough...I won't push you. Just know that you're really beautiful, Khiram. I'm glad I met you."

:tiger: "...You're amazing too, Ron. Please never change..."

>"I won't~"

:tiger: "Are you going to walk down with me?"

>"Actually, I'll stay in here for a bit, uh, need to take care of a few things."

:tiger: "Hehe, okay~ I promise to keep in touch~ I really appreciate you..."

>Khiram left the room.

>You immediately put on the panties.

No. 615183 ID: 0eaf76
File 141947794085.png - (23.21KB , 900x800 , 50.png )

:pantsu: "HAH! I knew you were at least a LITTLE gay."

Yeah, yeah whatever.

:pantsu: "For that glorious display of experimentation, you have been awarded plenty of points! You now sit at 161 power points! Which means YOU are eligible for another upgrade, my boy."

Oh, sweet! You're being nicer!

:pantsu: "Don't expect it to last~ Now which one, Battle, Love or Utility?"
No. 615184 ID: 534cc4

No. 615186 ID: 72c7be

Battle. From that point we can assess which type of powers have been most useful to us and proceed from there.

Love makes me worry it'll start getting creepy and mind control-ee.
No. 615187 ID: 742b4a

BATTLE. We stand no chance in the next challenge without at least one battle ability.

Also ask why you only got like two days until the first challenge rather than the three she said you'd have. Did Aleks have a head start on you?
No. 615188 ID: 5f402f

It's tempting to go battle, but I think we'd be better off if we got a power that let us get more panties now, and then buy a battle power next upgrade, before the battle.

Love, I think. You definitely seem to lean that way.
No. 615189 ID: 2e3657

I would say Battle, since that's the only one you haven't chose yet - plus, it might come in handy in the next challenge. Always nice to stay even with things.
No. 615190 ID: 2e3657

Definitely love, more panties means more upgrades, and we can get the battle powers later or tomorrow when we have more power points.
No. 615197 ID: b8ceae

At 200 and 250 points get Battle.

Also: Visit Emy and try to put all her panties on your head. If Pantsu is lying about how many days you have then she might be lying about other things too!
No. 615202 ID: 3f0c1b

30 points? Damn that's nice!
Love, definitely love.
No. 615204 ID: 408e5c

No. 615205 ID: 337362

Battle motherfucker!!!!!
No. 615208 ID: 2f2fc2


you literally voted twice

love, we NEED more points
No. 615209 ID: ecd0ab

Love clearly works better, given our reluctance to murder and or rob people.
No. 615210 ID: 742b4a

Battle powers cannot be used to steal panties. They are only for Challenges. Just like how Love and Utility powers can't be used in Challenges.

If we go into another challenge without battle powers Ron is sure to die.
No. 615212 ID: 5f402f

Yeah, but we have almost 2 days before the next challenge to earn the enough points for another upgrade and a battle power (only 39 points, if it's at 200). Love and utility powers help us earn panties- battle powers don't
No. 615213 ID: e1ee00

Love seems to be the best option here. Battle can wait, we've still pretty much got two days before the next competition.
No. 615222 ID: 64c15e

Battle will be needed. Now would be a good time to have it and PRACTICE with it.
No. 615223 ID: 5f402f

...how are we supposed to practice a battle power we literally can't use outside of a battle?
No. 615226 ID: 64c15e

...Did not think of that. I'll be honest.
No. 615227 ID: 075967

Love again. We'll have time to grab some battle abilities before next time.
No. 615230 ID: 19ab17


We need some abilities there, for godsake.
No. 615231 ID: 330ce5

Love, we are going to a fashion show. Lots if people with pretty panties. Love will make sure we snag a few to obtain the next power!
No. 615236 ID: 41fd27

Love. Nuff saidz
No. 615239 ID: 6cb462

battle please
No. 615242 ID: 2f2fc2

" They are only for Challenges"

means you can't use battle powers elsewhere , we have two whole days to nab a battle power
No. 615244 ID: 5cb478

Still gonna vote for love...
No. 615245 ID: d5f3c4

Fuck strategy, lets all get a little love in our lives.
No. 615258 ID: bb78f2

"If you turned me into a girl for a little bit I could show you how gay I really can be. *wink*"
No. 615261 ID: b8ceae

HA! That would be hilarious! Do it!
No. 615266 ID: 5cb478

No. 615271 ID: 5f402f

...while spending a little time genderbent would give us new opportunities for panties, maybe we shouldn't do this on a day we have plans with our sister. We can't show up as a girl. (If we didn't have plans, we could always just stay away from home until we got switched back).
No. 615272 ID: b8ceae

Pfft, Ron could just claim he's in disguise to protect his reputation, and that it turns out Emy is super-good at disguises.
No. 615314 ID: e1ee00

There's only so much you can hide. It would be too risky to do any of this.
No. 615318 ID: 9ec55f

Love, love and love :3
No. 615321 ID: a8ffd5

Love. Increasing the rate in which we gain points will pay off later. Upgrading love now will surely earn us more than 50 points by the late game, therefore giving us a return on our investment.

Ron could send a text from his phone with an excuse for bailing.
No. 615325 ID: 384627

Battle of course.
No. 615327 ID: 1f1b9d

battle!! so important at this point
No. 615329 ID: c08caf


We only have a few more days to get panties, lets use it.
No. 615336 ID: 4754ce

Love could get us mistaken for a model.

Love it is.
No. 615337 ID: 375872

To win, risks need to be taken.

Stick with what we do best for now, Love.

If all goes well, we'll get that battle power soon enough. Otherwise we'll never catch up with Aleks anyway and our battle power will be useless compared to whatever she gets.
No. 615340 ID: 2f2fc2

Also a plan for the future...nudist beach trip

best way to get points
No. 615388 ID: 8f01e8

Voting Battle.

Then send Khiram a text message saying you put her panties on your head and they magically exploded into bubbles and a perverted god granted you the ability to read thoughts, so could you please have two more pairs from her to see if the same thing happens. Not even a lie, really!

No new contestants allowed at this point, so overt displays of supernatural power are less of a risk than they were before. Sixty more points would mean another power immediately, and only 19 away from the next one after that.
No. 615454 ID: a8ffd5

How do we know for sure that Emy isn't a contestant?
She admitted that she put panties on her head and met Pantsu, but she never directly stated that she refused to become a contestant.

There's also the question of how she knew Ron was a contestant. I doubt Pantsu would spontaneously reveal that information on a whim to random people.

When she first confronted us nobody found it very suspicious because we didn't really know the rules of this game.

Revealing our power is still risky. If another contestant hears even a rumor about it, then they could very easily come and murder us in our sleep.

Remember, Ron could capture Aleks because she allowed herself to become renowned as the "Panty Rogue". Aleks was too careless, and she would be dead by now if Ron wasn't such a nice guy.

I think the only people we should trust are close friends like Jacob.
No. 615471 ID: daa408

No. 615472 ID: e7b3dc

If Emy was a contestant, she'd be in the maze with the rest of them.
No. 615473 ID: 742b4a

She said she doesn't deserve to be God. That is pretty directly saying she isn't a contestant.
No. 615478 ID: 1d3022

I vote love.

We need to be able to get more panties quickly, spend the next on battle, maybe the next two.
No. 615487 ID: a8ffd5

I assume that Ron and Alek's group wasn't the only one that did that challenge. That game was probably also taking place at different places with different people.
No. 615506 ID: d5f3c4

Go with love, because Ron is clearly a lover, not a fighter.
No. 615518 ID: 55c4cf

No. 615520 ID: 7648f0

This isn't even a competition of battle or strength. People like the other contestants are all going about this with brute force and violence but is that really what being a panty God is all about? I don't think so.

We should keep focusing on love and friendship to get through this.
No. 615564 ID: 84fe03

We need to get love this time, but battle the very next time.
No. 615567 ID: 84fe03

Oh, and Pantsu? It's not experimentation. She just happened to have a penis. It's not any different from making love to any other woman.
No. 615602 ID: e8f2d2

Battle doesn't really go well with Ron's style of... well, everything. Love!
No. 615606 ID: 8f01e8

Yes, friendship is preferable, but I don't think he should be completely neglecting the other options. Speak softly and carry a big stick.
No. 615607 ID: 400eda

In all cases, Love, please. Ron isn't our type of guy that would like to fight a lot or have a lot of stamina.

Ron will be the master of seduction.
No. 615642 ID: 9b9ee7

BATTLE. Gotta get dem skillz to pay the billz.
No. 615885 ID: ea0ad9

Go for Love. The way we're playing the game, we basically make allies and let them handle the battle aspect. Ron's sort of like Allison the Snake Queen in that respect.
No. 615889 ID: 223c09

Well that's not gonna work in a Battle Royale, because we'd have to find someone stupid enough to sacrifice themself for this sniveling little shit.
No. 615902 ID: ea0ad9

The whole point of the Allison approach is to make everybody stupid enough to sacrifice themselves.
No. 615953 ID: bfa142

This and votan' Luff.
No. 616149 ID: a203c7

Battle definitely. We need some combat skills up in this motherfucker.
No. 616378 ID: 410ab0

I know I'm in the minority here but utility seems like it can help us both with getting panties and with fighting battles, not during the battles obviously, but for getting ready for them.
Also, we've used mind reading more often than the voice and it's had better results.
No. 617000 ID: d96988

I’m voting battle. Just because I think a single battle power would be very useful to have.

After that, future powers should all be utility.
No. 617002 ID: 10fdbd

So how is battle goin.g to help us get points in. the n.ext two days?
No. 617003 ID: 10fdbd

hey maybe we can appeal to pantsu's more devious side and convincde her to amp up one of our existing powers
No. 617567 ID: c2c206

love. almost guaranteed to get at least one level up before the next challenge, and even if we run into a competitor at the panty show (pretty likely) we won't be able to use battle because of the restrictions.
we are going to need it later to survive the challenges though.
No. 617568 ID: 724518

Love makes sense. Picking love is playing the long game.
No. 617593 ID: 2f7128

I'm gonna be a rebel, and vote utility. With the voice and the random mind reading, we have the skills to acquire underwear with a decent success rate. Utility seems more varied, and is more likely to catch other god candidates off guard.
No. 617675 ID: 388ccd

I vote utility because protagonists have plot-armor.

Y'know come to think of it, isn't Ron's manager also a tiger; she and Khiram are not related, are they?
No. 617679 ID: 9396da


Reina is a lion.
No. 617680 ID: a2f9bc

Utility seems useful in more situations than love. Put me down as a utility supporter, Ron's brain.
No. 617721 ID: d19b02

We are about to head to a fashion show. We can easily score another 50 points there and cash it in for Battle Skill then. BUT FOR NOW...I think having another Love Skill will give us a better chance of scoring some high value panties tonight.
No. 617736 ID: 73bc50

I'm voting Utility since Ron seems to be doing fine in the love department, and I think we can hold off on a battle power, since we can't use it until the next challenge.
No. 617745 ID: 6db01e

Love? Love.
No. 617808 ID: 945fb0

No. 617831 ID: 51b39c

voting with love because that's the kind of deity we seem to be striving to be.
No. 617868 ID: 0eaf76
File 142039554943.png - (15.49KB , 900x800 , 51.png )

>"I...I think I'm gonna choose...uh..."

:pantsu: "Choose wisely, Ronald~"


:pantsu: "Hmm? I think I'm noticing a pattern~ Is your strategy just gonna be to seduce all your victims?"

>"N-No! I just don't believe in violence..."

:pantsu: "Fair enough~ Let's see what you get~"


:pantsu: "Alright, you have now gained the ability to gauge a girl's opinion of you!"

>"Ho! That's...pretty cool, actually."

:pantsu: "But..."


:pantsu: "In order to see the meter, you need to kiss them~"


:pantsu: "Don't have to be on the lips, but it has to be on the face."

No. 617869 ID: 2f2fc2


No. 617870 ID: 6e79d4

What? That's a utility with a gimmick attached! I want my points back!
No. 617871 ID: 42443a

...but they'd have to like me in the first place to let me kiss them.

Well. Go for broke. Ask if you can test it on her before leaving. ...or don't ask. Just kiss her on the face, see what happens.
No. 617876 ID: 0d8ff4

You just got robbed. You're not a creep like Alecks, if a girls going to let you kiss her you already know how she feels about you, generally.
No. 617877 ID: acaf7e

Get the idea of trying to work around the kissing thing, like inventing something to extend the reach of your lips to have easy contact with the faces of potential partners.
No. 617879 ID: 42443a

It's a pity Ron doesn't live in one of those cultures where kisses as part of a greeting are more common.

I wonder if we can cheat by blowing kisses? Maybe we'd get a reduced resolution on the scan, but it could work at range.
No. 617880 ID: 780763

that sucks! if you've kissed them already, the meter is inconsequential!
No. 617888 ID: 2f2fc2

That's really not a love ability at all....Def a utility
No. 617893 ID: 0eaf76
File 142040037868.png - (25.36KB , 900x800 , 52.png )

>"H-Hey but that's not a Love power at all!"

:pantsu: "How so? If you kiss a girl...it shows how romantically interested they are in you. Their opinion of you as a person doesn't play into it at all, it's a Love test!"

>"...But it's useless. If I'm already kissing them..."

:pantsu: "Well that's for you to figure out how to use. I don't control the powers, I just tell ya what the card says~"


:pantsu: "Don't be a sore loser, Ronald~"
No. 617894 ID: f562ed

what about boys~?
No. 617897 ID: 42443a

Time to test this power out. Grab her and kiss her. (On the face).

I mean, obviously, it'll show she's not romantically interested in you. But it would be nice to see how the power works.
No. 617898 ID: 687279

...fuck. If it's only for romance then it's only good for refining our approach.

Wait, if she doesn't control the powers, who does?
No. 617910 ID: d90668

Yes try to kiss the panty god to see how your power works.
No. 617911 ID: 2ec61a

we can totally use it on talia.
No. 617915 ID: 27ca74

Kiss her on the face and sunglasses.
No. 617921 ID: 687279

Maybe ask for permission first. Just like, a kiss on the cheek or forehead.
No. 617924 ID: bb78f2

Blow a kiss to Pantsu's face.
No. 617938 ID: b8ceae

She's such a troll. Kiss her to see how it works.
No. 617971 ID: 423a7a

Ask Pantsu what she considers to be the face. Like, would kissing an ear yield results? She simply must list face parts.
No. 617972 ID: 0d8ff4

Dont ask permission, just grab her and kiss her. Regardless of how that works, make trying to get her panties a regular thing. they're probably worth a million points.
No. 617983 ID: 926f01

Go for he hilarious kissing pantsu action
No. 617986 ID: 6e79d4

> "Don't be a sore loser, Ronald~"
shaddap, you're not my mom.

Seriously, without that qualifier, it'd be in line with a utility power.
No. 618001 ID: a19cd5

Next time we get a powerup we NEED to get a fighting power. We're DEFENSELESS in the challenges, which isn't good.
No. 618007 ID: 7648f0

No guts no glory after all.
No. 618012 ID: 687279

Make that the next two times. All the other winning contestants probably got one battle power already, and will be buying at least one more. So we need two battle powers by the next challenge just to keep up. Optimally we should have three so that Ron has an advantage.
No. 618024 ID: 926f01

doubt we'll have the points for two powers
No. 618029 ID: 51b39c

Agreed. While I don't think we'll get enough in the next 2 days for two more powers, the next 2 or 3 powers should be combat.
No. 618043 ID: 926f01

especially considering how this one sucks regardless of what situations we get shoved into where it may be useful
No. 618053 ID: 2f7128

One thing noteworthy about our new power. If someone is only pretending to like us, to trick us. This power should tip us off that something is wrong.

Go for the kiss Ron! Worst that happens is you'll get smited.
No. 618075 ID: 27c0e0

Aside from the obvious reason Ron stated, we can read minds making this power compleatly useless.
No. 618079 ID: 2f7128

As Aleks showed, some people are resistant to the mind reading. It's still useful in some situations.
No. 618080 ID: f5baae

Kiss pantsu
No. 618082 ID: 42443a

Well, we read thoughts. If I understand the description right, this reads emotions. How someone feels. Slightly different thing.

Especially since our mind reading is semi-random and only seems to access surface thoughts in the moment. This would seem to give us a report on how they feel, even if they're not currently thinking about it.

I suppose it's meant to be used mid-seduction, so we can calibrate our approach to what they want or expect out of it? (And we could do things like figure out what Talia wants even though she talks so little. Or we wondered how okay Emy might be with what we're doing- we could see what she wants from us without an awkward conversation).

It's not completely useless, but it's limited. More auxiliary than direct.

(Unless we can blow kisses to get data at range or something).
No. 618083 ID: 2f7128

Thoughts can be masked or faked. Real emotions can't.

I'm not saying the mind reading isn't good, but it doesn't totally obsolete this new ability.
No. 618090 ID: 42443a

Whups. Pointed at the wrong post. That's supposed to be rebutting Ass of Hat calling it useless.
No. 618121 ID: 0eaf76
File 142042807969.png - (26.65KB , 900x800 , 53.png )


:pantsu: "Yeah?"

>"...Can...I test my power on you?"

:pantsu: "What?"

>"I'm not trying to get with you or anything...I just want to know what to expect."

:pantsu: "...Sigh...fine, fine. But just so you can see how it works."

>"Oh, really? Thanks!"

>You smooch her on the cheek.
No. 618123 ID: 0eaf76
File 142042809159.png - (27.50KB , 900x800 , 54.png )

>"Well I don't really see-- oh!"

:pantsu: "Do ya see something?"


:pantsu: "I honestly don't know what this power does myself so..."

>"There's a floating head."

:pantsu: "I don't see nothin'. Must be something only you can see."
No. 618130 ID: 687279

Yeah she's pure lesbian, huh?

Ask her if she designed Pinky's personality.
No. 618131 ID: 42443a

Pff. Her inner-reaction is like a grade schooler reacting to cooties.

Tease her. Give her a hard time about it. This might be our only opportunity where you ever have one up on her. (Avoid telling her exactly what it says, if you're vague it'll frustrate her more, and be funnier).
No. 618133 ID: f5baae

Funny, I hope she isn't biased to female competitors.

Oh yeah! Let's tease a divine god!
No. 618134 ID: 2ec61a

can double up with mind reading. can use it on talia to get a better feel for what she wants.
No. 618142 ID: 330ce5

So we only have to kiss them once and then they are tagged. So next time we see you, we should be able to see your opinion still, not too bad. Does this power carry over to people we have already kissed?
No. 618149 ID: bb78f2

Hey so can we do the gender switch now and seduce her or what?
Just ask her, she might be game. She can do it I'm sure.
No. 618157 ID: 6cb462

I wonder if this power would work if we blow a kiss at someone? we have to test that ASAP.
No. 618158 ID: 0d8ff4

When put in a position to tease or seduce a god, even if you doubt it will work, you always should. Its a rare oppertunity to say the least.

You're in a life or death struggle, such as it is, to attain godhood and you're getting more female attention in the last week than you've gotten in your whole life. There is literally no reason not to tease pantsu.

She might get a little annoyed, but she's been kind of dickish the whole time, honestly.
No. 618159 ID: 0eaf76
File 142043193338.png - (19.70KB , 900x800 , 55.png )

>"So how long do ya think the floating head is there?"

:pantsu: "I have no idea..."

>"Hmm...oop, there it goes. It disappeared."

:pantsu: "It says on the card that you must have direct lip contact with any body part on the actual head...for a brief look at their romantic opinion of you. Anyways, I think I've overstayed my welcome here..."

>"Alright~ Be careful of cooties on your way out."

:pantsu: "Wh-- ya know what, nevermind. See ya later~"


Welp. I'm back in the hotel room. Where should I go to next? I think this power might work on Talia...but do I have time to waste by going there? I need to find more panties!
No. 618160 ID: 687279

To a bathroom! Or changing room. Steal some off of some feet.
No. 618161 ID: 95a470

You know what... deer girl do you still have her number?
No. 618163 ID: 330ce5

Check for unlocked doors, if you get caught in the hallway say your looking for something. If that doesn't pan out don't maids have a changing room? Looking for that might yield a nice result.
No. 618164 ID: 42443a

Right, leave the motel. See if there's a laundry room you can hit on the way out for easy panties. Probably nobody paying attention in the middle of the day.

Maaaybe later. I'd like to figure her out and/or help, but we already got 3 panties from her.
No. 618200 ID: b8ceae

Kiss your sister on the head. It'll be funny.
No. 618204 ID: 687279

>hotel laundry room
No. 618221 ID: 534cc4

Hotel laundry room for sure, we can always make a bullshit excuse about how we lost an article of clothing, or your girlfriend lost her panties and you have to check EACH ONE to make sure you get the right pair.
No. 618277 ID: 6db01e

Try to locate Khiram, she was quite taken by you.
No. 618278 ID: 780763

this power is lame. you're lame. you're lame for getting a lame power. should have gone for battle.
No. 618283 ID: ecd0ab

We wouldn't even have the ability to use a battle power until we ended up in another challenge.
They don't work outside challenges.
No. 618288 ID: 82be60

We'll think of loopholes and clever uses later, for now let's check out the laundry!
No. 618291 ID: 1fbb52

How about next time voting for a power comes along, we put our vote in bold? Or italics? Maybe behind a spoiler? Y'know, easier comprehension and all that. Just a suggestion.
But yeah, check for a laundry room. We could go look for Khiram, but do remember that we just had sex like ten minutes ago.
No. 618303 ID: 5a0608

Yes. Try to find the laundry. Or seduce a bored staff member.
No. 618352 ID: 30e151

Clean up.

Fyi: this power isn't what i hoped for by a long shot, but it's actually a great precursor to the voice.

A kiss on the cheeks is a perfectly acceptable greeting in many cultures. You may catch girls off-guard with it, but you could easily excuse it as a habit. And when you see one that is into you. BOOM sexy voice is GO.

Make it happen. We need battle powers asap.
No. 618388 ID: f5baae

Hey, actually, why don't we try and kiss Aleks?
No. 618397 ID: 0eaf76
File 142051358360.png - (24.95KB , 900x800 , 57.png )

>Go to the hotel laundry room!

Ah! That's a good plan! I'm sure plenty of unwilling women have left their sad, abandoned panties in the wash accidentally! Let's get going!

Hmm, I think it's down here...aha!

Oh. There's a woman there. It doesn't look like she's really in touch with the world, though. There's 2 washing machines running as well.
No. 618398 ID: d5f3c4

someone got drunk, ralphed on themselves and are using the hotel laundromat? See if you can get some surface thoughts.
No. 618399 ID: 0f3813

Kiss her.
Lift the curse.
No. 618400 ID: 687279

Soggy panties still count. Raid them before you risk waking the woman!
No. 618401 ID: 1fbb52

You have a death wish.
No. 618402 ID: 6cb462

Lets mind read her dreams.

Next, lets raid the washers. If anyone enters, tell them you are just switching laundry around so you can put in your dirty clothes.
No. 618403 ID: b8ceae

First: Is she awake? (Confirm with surface thought scan!)
Second: Is she in any immediate danger?

If both answers are no, then raid the machines for panties.
Don't take hers, though; then she'd be worried about what happened, and that's the whole objection we had to how Aleks operates. Instead, wake her up and talk her into handing over her panties.

If she's awake or in danger, handle her first. Don't let her witness any shenanigans, and DEFINITELY don't dick around if she's in trouble.
No. 618405 ID: 37daf1

Is she okay? Check that first.

If she is, steal panties, but not the ones she's wearing.

Then leave, and tell the front desk there's a woman who could use a hand getting to her room back there.
No. 618408 ID: 8b0d55

Dude, there's a girl unconscious on the ground, better make sure she's okay. It would look really fuckin bad if you stole panties off a chick who needed medical aid.
No. 618409 ID: 7d06cf

This guy knows what's up
No. 618412 ID: 51b39c

Our morality is strange. Help first, if help is needed. If not, steal panties. Go forth, Ron.
No. 618413 ID: 0eaf76
File 142051912263.png - (17.70KB , 900x800 , 58.png )

Okay so, she's breathing. So she's at least alive. Let's see if I can pick up on some thoughts...


Nothing. Does that mean she's asleep? Hmm...w-well, I'll just reach in here, turn off the machine and grab what I can. I assume it's her clothes...

Hrmm, hrmm...
No. 618414 ID: 0eaf76
File 142051914616.png - (23.39KB , 900x800 , 59.png )

"Hngnhhh...don't touch my...clothesss..."

Oop. How does she know?

Oh god she's moving.

"Who da fuck are you...?"
No. 618418 ID: 33565b

Ah sorry, I think I lost a sock in this one an hour ago.
No. 618422 ID: b8ceae

"Oh, Sorry! My girlfriend asked me to pick up the laundry, but I guess she didn't manage to get it started. ... Err... Are you ok?"
No. 618423 ID: 8b0d55

This one looks rather hungover.


Go with this. But also, she doesn't look lucid enough to notice if you sneak a pair of panties or two.
No. 618424 ID: 687279

Ask if these are all hers.
No. 618426 ID: bb78f2

Just another guy in another room. We assumed you were done with your washing so we were moving them out of the machine.

It's too bad you don't wear long sleeves you could have hid a pair up them right now.
No. 618436 ID: 0eaf76
File 142052421692.png - (23.01KB , 900x800 , 60.png )

>"Oh uh a...friend of mine wanted me to check for her clothes and pick them up..."

:drunklady: "Oh..."

>"Are these all your clothes?"

:drunklady: "Nahhhhh...they're uh...ahh...other...people's...clothes..."


:drunklady: "My clothesss are erm...on da floor here...agh, I gotta headache..."

>"Are you hungover?"

:drunklady: "Nah? Hungover? Pffff, I'm drunk, maaan."

>"It's a little early in the day to get--"

:drunklady: "Maaan! Who asked ya?! Urk...agh, nope, not doing that..."

>"Are you okay?"

:drunklady: "Nnngh...I'm fine..."

>"...Okay...hey, do you mind if I fish around in here a bit? I uh, need to look for...something..."

:drunklady: "Go 'head...just don't uh...lick tha clothes or nothin'...Imma just uh, sit here and...stare..."

>"You do that."

Man, I can hear snippets of her thoughts, and it sounds like a baby gargling...anyways, panties. Panties, panties...okay, there's...four pairs in here. They're sopping wet, too.
No. 618437 ID: 42443a

Wet panties are still panties. On your head they go!

Drunk girl is going to be too drunk to buy panties poofing off your head with magic bubbles. She'll think she imagined it, if she even remembers, later.

Afterwards, maybe ask her if she needs a hand getting to her room? (Or if she doesn't have one, we could dump her in the one we're not using for a hookup anymore to sleep it off).
No. 618439 ID: 9627f6

Ask if she wants to share a beer or something. Hotel minibars. Also place panties on head discreetly.
No. 618440 ID: 687279

Just put them on your head right now. She's not looking.

...I wonder if you could steal the panties right off her. She won't remember you doing it, you know. Heck, you could probably easily seduce her with your voice, but instead of actually getting up to anything with her, just wait until she lets you take off her panties (or she takes them off herself) and run off with them.

So I dunno, tell her she's pretty or something.
No. 618443 ID: a19cd5

nah, too sketchy. let's not.
No. 618451 ID: b88e47

Nah, dude. Witness. Too risky.
No. 618456 ID: a8ffd5

I don't really think it's in Ron's character to take advantage of drunk chicks.

Besides, I seriously doubt that her panties would be worth much anyway.
I mean, the things that seem to determine how much a panty is worth is
>how Ron acquires the panties
>who the panties belong to
So, panties from somebody too inebriated to form coherent thoughts can't be worth very much. The risk isn't worth the reward.
No. 618457 ID: 330ce5

We have panties, now it time to decide if we want to help this woman. At least ask if she needs any help, if she refuses at least you tried.
No. 618458 ID: 2ec61a

voice :maybe you can lend me yours too~
No. 618467 ID: 687279

Wait a minute. Someone had the idea earlier to use the bubbles thing as a magic trick. You know, to convince girls to give you theirs for the trick. This woman is drunk enough that might work on her!
No. 618469 ID: f5baae

Let's steal her panties when she's passed out. I don't think we need to check her infatuation with us as it's kind of obvious she isn't very taken with us.

If we can't wait around enough for her to pass out, turn on the charm.
No. 618470 ID: f5baae

No. 618471 ID: 6db01e

Might as well get it over with. On the head they go!
No. 618480 ID: f461c5

No. 618481 ID: 51b39c

First, don't use the voice on the drunk lady. That's awfully rapey. Next, magic trick sounds hilarious. Do eet.
No. 618490 ID: 6cb462

Even though she is drunk, I think we should be careful, Alecks could have put her to sleep with her kiss powers (though if that is true, I notice she didn't steal the one this drunk is wearing).

If Alecks is near by, be prepared to defend yourself.
No. 618508 ID: ea0ad9

If Aleks, by some surprise, decides she actually will kiss Ron into slumber, Ron's own kiss power might offer some level of counter... At the very least, he should learn what she really thinks of him.
No. 618528 ID: 991a9a

With the voice: "What's a pretty lady like you doing on a floor like this?"
No. 618561 ID: 0eaf76
File 142059047908.png - (20.18KB , 900x800 , 61.png )

>Put panties on your head!

Yeah...she's too drunk to notice that anyways.

>You place all 4 pairs on your head.


:pantsu: "Alright! That's good! That's good! You're now at 172 power points!"

>"Hmm, not a lot but...that's okay. I still have time left."

:pantsu: "You're certainly being productive about this, aren't you?"

>"I have to! I have to catch up!"

:pantsu: "Very well~ Keep going~"

Now...what to do about her...she has a pair on right now...and maybe I could snatch it if I play my cards right...I'm sure it's worth a lot of points!
No. 618562 ID: 0eaf76
File 142059049987.png - (22.99KB , 900x800 , 62.png )

>"Hey~ Do you need help to your room at all~?"

:drunklady: "Ehnnahh? Wha? My room? Hhnn, nah...I'll jus' uh, sit here for a bit."

>"Are you sure~? Such a pretty lady shouldn't be lying here~"

:drunklady: "...Are ya hittin' on me?! Ya crazy bastard, hehehe haha...ah...I haven't been hit on for...uh...shit..."


:drunklady: "..."


:drunklady: "What?"


It's hard to have a decent conversation with this woman.
No. 618563 ID: d90668

Use your voice on her. Seduce the drunk.
No. 618568 ID: 4754ce

Yeah, seduce her.
No. 618569 ID: b8ceae

Kiss her on the forehead.
No. 618573 ID: 977dc4

I still think you should show her your magic trick because it's the best idea.
No. 618574 ID: 687279

From her reaction I don't think she's into you, so this is likely a bit of a waste of time. Not MUCH time though, so I guess we can keep trying. If you want the sexy voice to work you're probably going to want to get closer to her ear. Sit down next to her maybe.

Oh, and don't forget to start the washing machine back up again.
No. 618575 ID: 687279

Wait I just realized Ron stands the risk of getting puked on.
No. 618578 ID: 8b0d55


Something about this prickles my morality. Even though she's cute, at least wait until she's sober before you seduce her with the magic voice. At LEAST try with your normal voice first.
No. 618580 ID: 265534

Use the damn voice. Worrying about something being morally dubious when you're stealing panties to become god is really dumb.
No. 618581 ID: 687279

We're not going to have sex with her though. We're stealing her panties. We're just trying to get her to drop her guard.
No. 618582 ID: 8b0d55


Don't be intellectually dishonest, we all know that's only half true.
No. 618583 ID: 2f2fc2

help her up, walk her to her room, kiss her on the forehead(with ample warning), and see what happens
No. 618590 ID: 31e410

The way she reacted I don't think she has a room. I mean why would she be sleeping off being drunk in a hotel laundry room if she had her own room? I'd find it more likely she was a homeless person looking for somewhere that isn't out on the street.
No. 618599 ID: 8f01e8

Skip the walking part. Waste of time, if she's even capable. Just ask if it's okay to kiss her.
No. 618615 ID: a8ffd5

I'm also against having sex with this chick. This situation is too sketchy.
Besides, we're supposed to be stealing the panties of the world famous Ingrid Slavokocha. Every minute we waste here is a minute we should be spending at the fashion show.
I mean, just think about it. What panties do you think are worth more?
>a world famous celebrity and her entourage of professional fashion models
>a random drunk chick that's too wasted to even wear pants
We need to prioritize.

How about we give her our hotel room, get her phone number and then call her after she's recovered? We can seduce her then.
Who knows, Pantsu might even award us some extra points for not taking the quick and easy approach.
No. 618616 ID: 51b39c

There's something ethically unsound about trying to manipulate a drunk woman. Lets make sure that she's going to be ok, but let's stop short of anything skeevy.
No. 618633 ID: 42443a

Right, voice ain't very effective by itself, on her. At least you proved she didn't hate you. And her mind's too scrambled to really read!

Not... sure where that leaves you. Striking up a conversation with a drunk is hard.

>Every minute we waste here is a minute we should be spending at the fashion show.
No, it's not. It's 9:59 am, the fashion show isn't until this evening.

We're currently hitting targets of opportunity while we have time, before going for a high value target (where we may have completion from other panty god contestants).
No. 618636 ID: 256d52

Ask if she's here for the show maybe?
No. 618641 ID: 780763

ron, remember that whatever happens this woman can't consent to it. dick her and it's rape.
i say you should convince her to give you her panties. it's creepy but not nearly as much as dicking her.
No. 618642 ID: df6309

If you do seduce her make shure you pick a position so that she can't throwup on you or herself.
No. 618670 ID: 0eaf76
File 142064428025.png - (27.98KB , 900x800 , 63.png )

>Use your voice and kiss her head! But don't sex her.

Like I would sex a drunk person. She smells like misery and vodka.

>"Well...can I ask something of you~?"

:drunklady: "Wha's that?"

>"...Mind if I kiss you on your forehead?"

:drunklady: "...I dunno why you'd wanna do that...but fine, fine s'with me."

>"Oh! Um, alright."

>You kiss her lips.

>"Ahem, thank you."

:drunklady: "No problem..."

At least her little person is a bit more sober, I guess.
No. 618672 ID: 89941a

Hm, get her some water and lead her to her room, whether she wants to or not! She shouldn't sit here drunk.
No. 618676 ID: 42443a

>keep your pants on
You've already lost em, lady!

At least she recognizes a drunk hookup is a bad idea.

>what do
Okay, simple plan. Get her and her pile clothes to a room, make her take a shower and sleep it off. When she's in the shower, steal panties. She wakes up later hung over, and has to get dressed in something else.
No. 618688 ID: 1d3022

Get her to her room, get her to clean up and take panties, I wouldn't try any sort of hookup with a drunk girl, besides, you still have the fashion show later to worry about, shouldn't get too caught up here.
No. 618709 ID: 687279

Alright we've discovered a use for the kiss, apparently. The mind reading can be unreliable so this dispels all doubt and keeps us from wasting time on someone.

Are there panties in the pile of clothes? If not... you're gonna have to try to get her to fall asleep then peel them off carefully so she doesn't notice. Either by getting her into her bed or by convincing her to sleep on the floor some more.
No. 618750 ID: 90504c

You ask to kiss her on the forehead, and you kiss her on the lips? Buddy, you might want to brush up on your basic anatomy.
No. 618758 ID: 330ce5

Maybe we should exchange phone numbers, meet up with her latter.
No. 618785 ID: 2c759a

you get in that now
No. 618791 ID: f5baae

Seconded, if we help her out here by taking care of her, she'll think highly of us later.

So lets hope she agrees to take our help!
No. 618817 ID: ea0ad9

Yeah... don't kiss drunk ladies on the lips, man.
No. 619402 ID: 0eaf76
File 142095723686.png - (23.24KB , 900x800 , 64.png )

>Look for panties in the pile of clothes.

I don't see any...the only ones I see are on her butt.

>"Hey, let's get you to your room. There's no reason you should sit here in a pile of clothes..."

:drunklady: "I don't got-a room..."


:drunklady: "I don't wanna move, neither...jus' let me sit here...."

>"I have a room, come on~"

:drunklady: "Nnngh..."

"Huh? Who are you? [i]Why was he asking her to go in his room?[i]"

>You turn around.


:drunklady: "Yoooo I'm guardin' yo' shit."

"Oh, thank you Harper."
No. 619403 ID: 69ab8d

Are you her friend? Oh good, I was kind of worried about her crashing here.
No. 619414 ID: b8ceae

"Dude, you left a friend passed-out drunk in a laundry room? Not cool."
No. 619426 ID: 687279

Yeah we'd better leave now that there's no grabbing the panties right off her or with any reason to change the situation.
No. 619428 ID: 2c759a

hell nah, we need more awkward. keep this laundry party going
No. 619441 ID: 4754ce

Explain the situation without the voice.
No. 619443 ID: eb959a

And then try get into the dolphins pants. Or hell if your're feeling lucky go for broke with both of them.
No. 619453 ID: f5baae

Apologize to her, say.

"Oh, I'm sorry, that probably seemed a bit awkward from your perspective. I just wanted to help your friend out by making sure she gets some proper rest. I know how bad it is when you get super smashed."

or something along the lines of that. Also introduce yourself.
No. 619459 ID: 0bcb7f


Upboating this.
No. 619487 ID: 0eaf76
File 142099374423.png - (23.12KB , 900x800 , 65.png )

>"Are you her friend?"

:dolphin: "Yeah. My name's Layla."

>"I'm Ronald. You can call me Ron. Uh, I was just making sure your friend was okay..."

:drunklady: "I didn't need yer help..."

:dolphin: "Don't be rude...anyways, thanks for looking out for her. She tends to ah...get stuck in situations a lot."

:drunklady: "Bluuughh..."

:dolphin: "Harper, come on. We'll pick up the laundry later."

:drunklady: "Buuuugh, what if someone...steals the...clothes...er'something."

:dolphin: "It's fine. Come on. We're going out to coffee, put some pants on. You gotta wash that vodka out of your system. Geez, one of these days we need to throw you an intervention party or something..."

:drunklady: "Fine...fine. Whatever. Hey dog dude. Thanks for uh, that."


:drunklady: "For...lookin' out for me and stuff. Was real nice of'you."

:dolphin: "Hmmm, you look pretty young. How old are you?"


:dolphin: "Wow, really? Pretty mature for someone so young."

:drunklady: "Props to you for not, uh...sexin' me up."
No. 619492 ID: a1756b

Fight the urge to ask for their age directly. Be more casual about it, ask if they're college students.
No. 619495 ID: bb78f2

"Oh, wasn't looking for sex. I have like... three girlfriends? I dunno. They're all weird relationships."
No. 619497 ID: 86815f

what? that's not how that works, you don't get props for not doing something fucked up.
No. 619501 ID: a1756b

And there goes any semblance of you being mature in their eyes.
No. 619503 ID: 69ab8d

>Props to you for not, uh...sexin' me up
Um, hehe. No problem!

Let the girls go. You're not scoring another set of panties here soon (Layla's not gonna let you take advantage of her drunk friend, and it would be hard to seduce Layla while she's busy taking care of Harper), but at least we made sure someone was all right.
No. 619504 ID: 0eaf76
File 142099800698.png - (17.24KB , 900x800 , 66.png )

>"Are you guys college students?"

:dolphin: "No we graduated college, hehe! We're a bit too old for you~"


:dolphin: "Anyways, we better get going~ Bye, bye~"

>The two leave the room.

...At least I got four pairs of panties out of that, I guess. But I could've gotten more out of that...urgh! I need to be more assertive! Not...forcing them to give me their panties...but...I don't know. I'm still a bit out of it. I guess I should find somewhere else to go...

>Your phone begins to ring.



"R-Ron? Hey it's Emy, um, can you come to the taco place on 32nd street? I uh...I'm hiding in the girl's restroom...hurry, please...and bring a jacket..."

She sounds like...she was just crying?

>"Emy? What's wrong? What happened?"

"Just hurry up!"

>She hung up.
No. 619505 ID: 69ab8d

>But I could've gotten more out of that...
You would have had to have ripped them off Harper and left her confused, drunk, upset and half naked for her friend to find. Really, it's for the best, Ron.

Grab a jacket from the laundry and go.

Be careful, this could be a trap. If Aleks or another panty contestant wanted to remove you from the completion, going after your cultist would be a good way to do it.
No. 619506 ID: 6cb462

We might need backup on this just in case. As you run towards the taco place, call some of your friends (Jacob, and Eleanor), and tell them Emy is in big trouble at the taco joint.
No. 619507 ID: 69ab8d

I'd... be against backup, actually.

If this is just a mundane, embarrassing disaster for Emy, bringing anyone else into it would be bad. And if this is a trap, I'm not so sure we want to give them another friend they could potentially use against us.
No. 619517 ID: cb47a2

I really hope this is not what I think it is.

If you can't find a jacket in the laundry, grab a longcoat or a similar item of clothing. Head up to the taco joint and pick up something that can be used as a weapon on the way there.
No. 619524 ID: b8ceae

Get there as fast as you possibly can.
No. 619525 ID: 86815f

well you know what you must do.

No. 619526 ID: bb78f2

It's a trap.
Aleks might have found her and is holding her hostage, or any of the other contestants are doing the same. Perhaps there are more than you and just Alek's now and you were just separated into brackets. Like, maybe they have a utility power to find friend's of panty contestants or some shit, or a mind reading power and something Emy thought brought her out.

Bring a weapon. You might have to fight to survive.

Wait... no... she needs a jacket? IS she nude or something?
Oh no.
Oh fuck no. We didn't know what happened to her after we nabbed the Panty thief and everybody headed home. Anything could have happened.

Please please please let it be mundane and she's just being super emotional over a small thing like a ripped blouse or bra and being embarrassed in front of a bunch of people. Let it be small and practically nothing.
No. 619536 ID: 687279

Dude we just talked to her today about the fashion show thing. She WAS fine.
No. 619541 ID: df6309

No. 619552 ID: 8f01e8

Bring a jacket and a crowbar. Just in case.

On the way there, send Aleks, Eleanor, and Deer Girl all the same text message. "Meeting Emy @ taco place on 32nd. If ambush, avenge me." That should at least give whoever investigates your disappearance something to work with, which is better than going into an unknown situation with no backup at all.
No. 619555 ID: 5e00ee

Seconding crowbar but why Aleks and Deer Girl?
No. 619557 ID: 69ab8d

We don't have Alek's number, and calling in a deadman switch like that seems like a bad idea, period.

If one of the other contestants gets us, Aleks will technically default to avenging us anyways, since all the other contestants have to die if she wants to win. (Unless of course it's her).

And running across town with a crowbar out is a bad idea. It'll just draw attention, someone will assume we're up to no good, and that'll slow us down. It'll slow us down to have to stop and buy one. And it makes sneaking up on the place and casing it with mind reading harder if we're carrying a weapon- it makes it easier for anyone watching to spot something out of the ordinary.

Plus, it's going to be weird enough ducking into the girls bathroom without someone going "wait, why the hell does he need a crowbar in there". It's inviting trouble.
No. 619569 ID: 8f01e8

>running across town with a crowbar out is a bad idea

Yes, obviously. Who said anything about carrying it openly? Wear the jacket, slide the straight end of the crowbar up the sleeve, hold on to the hooked end like it's a tonfa, pull the sleeve down to cover the rest. It'll look weird, sure, you won't be getting through airport security that way, but it should be subtle enough to not panic random pedestrians.

Also, don't just barge into the taco place at full combat speed and immediately kick down the ladies room door. Hurry to get there, sure, but once you're at the place play it at least somewhat cool, walk like a civilized person, and let her know you're there by either calling back, or knocking on the bathroom door and announcing yourself.
No. 619572 ID: 69ab8d

Ron's really not going to be able to conceal a large weapon very effectively, it's impractical for our short term problem (and if he were attacked, he wouldn't be able to get it out quickly), and it's going to be impractical long term, considering our main approach is seduction.
No. 619574 ID: 687279

I feel as though if she were in trouble she would make it more clear that was the case. I think she WAS in trouble, but got out of it, and would probably rather have Ron come alone.

I mean keep in mind she could've also called her mom.
No. 619584 ID: a19cd5

This sounds bad. Let's scoot our boot.
No. 619649 ID: 330ce5

She sounds troubled, that is quiet unfortunate. Grab a jacket and move it.
No. 619704 ID: 0eaf76
File 142103795615.png - (28.29KB , 900x800 , 67.png )

>Hurry to the taco place, grab a jacket.

I have a jacket in my car. I need to hurry there right away! I can only think of the worst case scenarios, argh...

>You rush to the taco place. TacoVille.

Okay, walk in casually...head to the bathrooms...oh god, if something happened to Emy...I...

>"Emy?! Emy are you in here?"

:starbox: "...I'm in the handicapped stall."
No. 619706 ID: 0eaf76
File 142103797007.png - (20.51KB , 900x800 , 68.png )

>"What happ-- oh. Wh-Where are your...uh..."
No. 619707 ID: 0eaf76
File 142103798528.png - (25.12KB , 900x800 , 70.png )

:starbox: ".....WEEHHHHH..."
No. 619711 ID: 2c759a

who took your pants?
No. 619717 ID: 330ce5

Comfort her, reassure her that everything will be alright. After she has calmed down ask her what happened.
No. 619718 ID: 687279

Wait. Taco place... did she crap her pants?

Go hug the poor girl.
No. 619719 ID: 69ab8d

Mind read to find out what happened and comfort her.
No. 619721 ID: 89941a

...What are you doing?
No. 619733 ID: ea0ad9

Where's her hairband thing?
No. 619738 ID: 687279

Hang on, I know what happened. Aleks was pissed off at her because of the book-smack. This is her revenge. Pants-stealing. I bet Aleks expected to steal her panties too, but nope!

If I'm right you're going to have to apologize for letting Aleks escape. Then maybe fill her in on how far behind you are. We need her help, she needs to start actively stealing panties for us.

Hell, we should figure out who else we can recruit to steal panties.
No. 619740 ID: cfba68

You'll obviously kiss her on the forehead using your sexy voice to reassure her that everything will be okay.

Then you need to buckle down and focus. You have absolutely zero battle abilities and for all you know Pantsu could make you fight your (final?) battle inside a giant pair of panties... that she is wearing. The point is you have no idea under what gimmick you'll fight next and having no current fighting abilities means you'll get thrashed.

There's no way you're going to beat Ms. Flatty McBoxerpants in your current state. Focus and get panties.
No. 619758 ID: 6cb462

Give jacket, and take her to her home. you can talk about what happened when you get there.
No. 619831 ID: b8ceae

Hug her, and find out what's wrong.
No. 619864 ID: 400eda

Aww....Come on Ron, give the poor girl a hug. She definitely needs it right now.
No. 619871 ID: 768e0f

Give her that jacket first and foremost. Any questions should focus on what might keep you from getting her home.
No. 619906 ID: 6cb462

Before you leave with her, REMEMBER TO FLUSH!
No. 619907 ID: ecd0ab

Battle powers wouldn't help us now anyways, because they only work during one of the challenges. Outside of them, only utility and love powers work.
No. 619922 ID: 67551f

Wait...Isn't it kinda suspicious that her cabin's door is open for everyone to see her shame? Even if Ron opened the cabin, shouldn't it have been locked?
No. 619930 ID: 687279

You know, it occurred to me that Utility powers might include stuff that's useful for physical altercations outside of challenges. So if we wanna get gud at FITE, we should pick Utility more. Love appears to only be good for seduction and might in fact be a trap category so that foolish contestants waste their abilities on it because they just wanna fuck.
No. 619980 ID: 0eaf76
File 142112209969.png - (28.02KB , 900x800 , 71.png )

>"Oh gosh, Emy what happened?"

>You lock the stall.

Better not have anyone interrupt us.

:starbox: "I...I don't know I...I just...this person she...no...it was a woman, this woman sh-she..."

She's sniffling so much I can barely understand her...

:starbox: "She p-pushed me down and...in front of everyone I...I think she was a panty th-thief, and- uh- I...she took my...and people...they were staring and..."

>"Emy, please, slow down..."

>You hand your jacket over to her.

:starbox: "I don't want t-to leave...b-because the customers that s-saw me...they...they might s-still be here...and I...she told me...th-that she...she knew I worked for y-you...she m-made it sound like...y-you hired me...and...and..."

No. 619981 ID: 0eaf76
File 142112211403.png - (28.86KB , 900x800 , 72.png )

:starbox: "...R-Ron...I d-don't work for you! I'm volunteering of my own free will! I WOULD NEVER DO IT UNWILLINGLY. Y-You're the b-best person in the world! PLEASE DON'T THINK I'M UNFAITHFUL!"
No. 619983 ID: d90668

Give her a little kiss to calm her down and test your power.

Then ask why you would think she was unfaithful? Getting attacked by some crazy lady makes her a victim.
No. 619988 ID: b00646

Comfort her with a hug and a kiss on her forehead, Tell her that she's not only a loyal devotee, but a trusted friend.
Someone is trying to frame you and drive you apart. Someone who can identify other Pantsu contestants.
No. 619993 ID: bd82b2

No. 620000 ID: 687279

The woman, she didn't look like the Panty Bandit did she? That's... the only person that SHOULD know about both Ron and Emy. Ask for a description. ...also it occurs to me that if she knew Emy was affiliated with Ron, she could be waiting for Ron to get here.
No. 620010 ID: 01efb5

Hug her, kiss on the forehead.

It's okay. You didn't do anything wrong. I'm sorry I left the bandit out there, I didn't think she'd come after you.

...if that was Aleks (and not another contestant with a power that lets them hunt down rival minions or something) we're gonna have to confront her. Guess we have a field trip to a gay bar coming up.

...if she's this upset at the implication or her being unfaithful, I bet you're feeling a bit guilty about sleeping around for panties.
No. 620013 ID: a8ffd5

If it's not Aleks, then the contestant we're dealing with probably has some sort of utility power. This power is what gave away Emy's affiliation with us.

All good suggestions.
No. 620019 ID: 6cb462

>if that was Aleks (and not another contestant with a power that lets them hunt down rival minions or something) we're gonna have to confront her. Guess we have a field trip to a gay bar coming up.

I Wish we could, but we need as much time as we can to collect panties. We could confront her during the next battle.
No. 620025 ID: a19cd5

Comfort the crying girl.
"You aren't unfaithful, calm down. I'll go out and get you some pants, describe who was around and I'll let you know if they were out there.
I think we might want to invest in some boxers or something for you so this doesn't happen again, in hindsight the no-panties thing was a bit short-sighted."
No. 620028 ID: 330ce5

Hold her Ron, tell her you know she is faithful. Tell her you are sorry for this happening and that you will do all in your power to never let this happen ever again.
No. 620035 ID: bb78f2

Let Emy know that she can wear boyshorts for panties. We're sorry we got her into that position and didn't think about this eventuality. We'll get revenge, don't worry.
No. 620039 ID: b8ceae

Assault. Robbery. Sexual assault.
This place almost certainly has security cameras recording video. Emy's boss SHOULD have already called the police, but make sure they actually did.
No. 620041 ID: 687279

>Emy's boss
We're not at the cafe, this is a taco shop.
No. 620042 ID: 6cb462

Give her your pants to wear!
No. 620047 ID: b8ceae

Right, then the manager.
Actually, it's better that she doesn't work here since that means this place has liability. There are few motivations to help quite like the threat of a lawsuit, let alone one that basically shouts from the rooftops "HEY! WE'RE COOL WITH MOLESTERS ATTACKING OUR CUSTOMERS!"
They'll help the police investigation because otherwise the business is going to die.
No. 620063 ID: 4754ce

This. Get the lawyers on-hand, get free fucking tacos, and milk this shit, as well as fucking destroy your opponent.
No. 620064 ID: 94b817

Agreed, we need to get the full story from Emy and call the cops. And we're buying Emy a tazer.
No. 620081 ID: ea0ad9

>Comfort her with a hug and a kiss on her forehead,
A comforting hug with a gentle kiss to the forehead would be a good course of action.
>Give her your pants to wear!
...Y'know what? You got actual underpants, that would probably be a good idea. You could use the coat to cover yourself up a bit extra, and the notion would probably make her feel a lot better.
No. 620084 ID: 687279

...Ron is currently wearing no underwear, actually. He gave his to Khiram.
No. 620118 ID: c00c82

And this is why we need a battle power.
No. 620119 ID: c00c82

And this is why we need a battle power.
No. 620120 ID: c00c82

And this is why we need a battle power.
No. 620121 ID: 01efb5

...you mean the power that, if we had, we couldn't use to help Emy in any way shape or form right now, and still wouldn't be able to use until the next battle, which is days away?
No. 620143 ID: a19cd5

We need to get a battle power as soon as possible oh my god
YES, we can't use them outside of BATTLES.
But if we wait too long and wind up getting one with only limited utility then what is even the POINT? We should get our first battle-power out of the way soon so we can plan around it and wether or not we'll need a second one for the upcoming challenge, which are sort of the whole point of gathering these powers in the first place.

Once we get Emy outta here, we need to step shit up and start some more intense panty ops. I mean REALLY GET ON IT, we are getting really outpaced here.
No. 620160 ID: c27fc2

No. 620267 ID: 0eaf76
File 142121466966.png - (26.26KB , 900x800 , 73.png )

>You kiss Emy and hold her.

>"Emy. You aren't unfaithful. You're the best acolyte I could ever hope for."

>You wipe off her tears, leaving butterfly kisses on her cheeks.

>"Did you see who attacked you?"

:starbox: "Sniffle...it...it was a woman. She had a hood on and...some sort of...face scarf thing...I...I don't know...she smelled like...like...s-snickerdoodles..."

>"Okay, well, here, take my jacket."

>Emy wrapped the jacket around her waist.

>"I'm gonna take you home, okay? I just want you out of harm's way..."

:starbox: "Okay..."

>You escort her to your car.

>"I need to come back here and file a complaint...if they don't cooperate I'm calling the police. Is there anything you want on the way home?"

:starbox: "...A...strawberry milkshake..."

>"Heh, alright."
No. 620268 ID: 0eaf76
File 142121468458.png - (25.40KB , 900x800 , 74.png )

>You arrive at Emy's.

:starbox: "It'd be best if you don't come inside. My Mom is probably here...she doesn't like boys coming over..."

>"I understand. Feel better, okay? And keep my jacket~"

:starbox: "Thank you, Ron..."

>Emy went into her house.
No. 620270 ID: 6cb462

Time to make up for some loss time. Maybe we should head towards a swimming pool or a gym and steal panties in the locker rooms.

Before we head off, we should probably do a quick check of your vehicle for any stowaways that may have invaded while you were tending to Emy. This could be a trap after all... Check the back seat, and check the trunk.
No. 620271 ID: d90668

I hope she feels better now. Will have to get the word out to your friends that things are getting worse and to all start wearing boxers.

Did you get a look at her love stats when you kissed her? Would be nice to know for a reference point.
No. 620273 ID: a18f15

Hey, uh, our power. Why didn't we get a pop-up for Emy?

Baking? Damn it. Either Aleks is fucking with our friends, or someone really wants us to think she is.

I think we need to deal with this. We can't have someone attacking us, our allies, or people we care about. We can't leave ourself open to attack and disruption- that's going to cost us points, especially if she strikes at the right time.

Dealing with her now means we're missing out on the chance to gather points for a little while, but it'll be worse if we leave her to fuck with us with impunity.
No. 620285 ID: 687279

Wh... dammit, I wanted to tell her about Ron's point deficit and ask for her to take a more active role in gaining panties. Actually I'm not sure we get ANY points if someone else steals panties for us. Gotta ask Pantsu about that next time we turn in some. Speaking of which... MOAR PANTIES. Go basically anywhere nearby that has a bathroom and check to see if any girls are on the toilet. Snatch them panties. Consider wearing a mask or something so the police won't come after you.

Considering Aleks was in disguise for the act the police won't be much help. They're looking for her already anyway. ...warn Jacob and the others that were there that night.
No. 620295 ID: 330ce5

You did good Ron, now go get some panties! Plan around that fashion show that event is high priority. After you set a phone alarm or something get hunting, what happened today should drive you to gain panties faster.
No. 620304 ID: ea0ad9

I think this detour cost us a good bit of time. We might wanna just make sure we can get to the show on time.
No. 620399 ID: 2cfac6

Call Aleks immediately and question her.
No. 620402 ID: a0ee0b

Ron doesn't have her number.
No. 620403 ID: 55d102

At some point we have to go after tali, I need that sweet dandere bunny.
No. 620405 ID: 687279

It is nowhere near 7 PM yet. We have a ton of time.
No. 620440 ID: 0eaf76
File 142129365898.png - (18.97KB , 900x800 , 75.png )

>Emy's love meter?

Oh. I suppose I wasn't quite paying attention that well...it was there, though, I didn't read what it was saying. Too busy handling the distressed cultist! Anyways, now we have plenty of time to find more panties...

I have a few thoughts on the matter. There are a few places that would be fairly easy to get to from here.

We could go to:

-The local park.
-The hotsprings.
-The library.

>What about Talia?

If you guys...want to? It's kind of pointless to visit her right now.
No. 620441 ID: 687279

YOU HAVE THAT?! Go there. Do it. Think of all the panties just waiting to be stolen in the changing room. All we have to do is somehow get in.
No. 620444 ID: 6cb462

Hotsprings. We will need to hide our identity though... should you dress up as a girl again?
No. 620452 ID: be839b

Is there a show we have to get to? Or am I really off on the time.
No. 620463 ID: 687279

I keep saying this... it's at 7 PM.
No. 620475 ID: bb78f2

No. 620480 ID: a18f15

Geeze, your friend gets attacked, and we have no interest in following up on that. Okay.

I suppose our only lead would be finding the gay bar Aleks works at, and while that probably wouldn't be hard to find, she's probably not there, now. Too early to make good money working at a bar.

>where go
Library! The shy girls willing to do something daring can't hide behind books and quiet if you can read their thoughts.
No. 620487 ID: f5baae

No. 620494 ID: 82be60

I'm also voting for the library. The hotsprings changing room would be a jackpot but it'd require a good deal of luck and chance for us to get to the girls' side in the first place and to access all the lockers without anyone noticing. Aren't they locked, anyway?

Nah, let's play it safe and check out some shy bookish girls (with possible hidden kinks) in the silence of the library.

But before we go anywhere, stop by to buy new underwear and maybe some more condoms.
No. 620502 ID: 330ce5

To the library!
No. 620518 ID: d0f67d

No. 620522 ID: ea0ad9

Might meet up with Priscilla at the library... I'd be a bit surprised if we did, though, since she was with her friends at the mall earlier.
No. 620524 ID: a203c7

I vote hotsprings. It's more likely to have panties ripe for the raiding.
No. 620526 ID: 5ea2a0

Hotsprings. Hotsprings. Hotsprings.
No. 620536 ID: b66bbe

Oooh its so hard to decide but i think Library is the best bet
No. 620537 ID: 46df9e

All right, let's go to those hotsprings.
No. 620644 ID: b58dc5
File 142147930463.png - (28.19KB , 900x800 , 76.png )


Library it is then! It's a bit less...complex than a hotsprings at least.

>You drive to the library.

Man, I've never even been here before. It's kinda weird...do people even come to libraries anymore?
No. 620646 ID: b58dc5
File 142147934018.png - (22.36KB , 900x800 , 77.png )

There's the front desk lady. Should I ask her some questions about where to go, or just go and explore myself?
No. 620657 ID: 6cb462

Ask her quietly where the adult romance books are located at.

Also, before we leave later, you should consider checking out a mythology book of ancient gods to read before bed after your adventure in the Evron Convention Center tonight. Preferably a book that may have some juicy info on Pantsu
No. 620661 ID: 687279

Yeah ask for directions.
No. 620662 ID: a8ffd5

This. Remember to use THE VOICE
No. 620664 ID: a18f15

Nah, just go exploring. You only ask questions if you need help finding things, and she isn't going to tell you where girls you can get panties are.

Mindread her on the way past. It might help.
No. 620669 ID: 458062

Explore her "cave" with your "probe". Use the voice, Ron.

Don't forget to plunder her underwear in the process.
No. 620674 ID: 89941a

Yeah just... start explorin' yourself right there.
No. 620688 ID: 4e5e60

Do you have a library card? Because you might as well pick up something interesting to read while here.

Reading is radical, after all.
No. 620692 ID: 6cb462

If he doesn't, getting a new one shouldn't take too long (based on my experience)
No. 620695 ID: ea0ad9

This does, of course, assume the library uses cards... Most do, of course, but you never know if you've stumbled into one that doesn't.
No. 620806 ID: f5baae

Use the voice to ask if she can help you find a specific book that they might have here. And if she can help check you out.

We should aim to get to the books >>620657 mentioned. The mythology ones. Try to delay finding the books once we get there to make small talk with the intent of getting to know her.
No. 620820 ID: 687279

Pantsu is 80 years old. Ancient mythology won't have any information on her. We might be able to find information on her predecessor though?
No. 620886 ID: 025a53

Search the librarian's "books" for panties, if you know what I mean...
No. 620902 ID: 8b96ec

Hold on does that woman look.. familiar?
No. 620931 ID: 4754ce

Oh my god is it the deer lady
No. 620935 ID: 330ce5

I don't think that is the deer lady, just approach her for now like you would anyone else.
No. 621097 ID: bbe022

That looks nothing like the deer lady!
No. 621147 ID: b58dc5
File 142169651449.png - (21.24KB , 900x800 , 78.png )

>Ask the librarian about books.

>"Excuse me, ma'am?"

She raises her head.

"Mmm? Can I help you?"

Woah. Cute...

>" Oh I was just uhh...wondering where...the...fiction...yeah, fiction books! Where are they!"

"It's on the second floor."


Oh my god she's cute but why am I so intimidated by her....egh...she works here she should be friendly!

>Do you have a library card?

I just said I don't ever come here, why would I have one? Anyways, fiction is my favorite type of book so let's head over there! We can try and seduce that librarian out of her panties later...there doesn't seem to be many people here so it shouldn't be a problem.

>You go upstairs.
No. 621148 ID: b58dc5
File 142169652714.png - (28.81KB , 900x800 , 79.png )

Hmm, there sure are a lot of books here. Way more than I'd like to read. Wait a second...what...is that? I hear...crying?

Who in here is crying? It definitely sounds like a girl...hmm...oh!
No. 621149 ID: 85fc92

Confront the crying victim of whatever happened.
No. 621150 ID: 1a4c53

just kind of clear your throat to let her know you're there and ask if she's alright
No. 621158 ID: 564064

Mind read to see what the problem is, then ask / see if you can help.
No. 621193 ID: 6cb462

As a doggy, you should have a very sensitive sense of smell. Does she smell like snickerdoodles? or does anything in the room here smell like snickerdoodles? If so, be prepared for an attack.
No. 621199 ID: b58dc5
File 142171194476.png - (27.10KB , 900x800 , 80.png )

>"H-Hey...are you okay?"

"...she loved him..."



>"A-AGH! Wh-What is it? What's wrong?"


>"Are you talking about...a book?"

No. 621203 ID: bb78f2

Quiet in the library!
No. 621204 ID: 6cb462

As a doggy, you should have a very sensitive sense of hearing. Tell her your poor ears are ringing, and that since this is a library, you might have to report her to the librarian and possibly get her banned... unless she offers you something for your silence.
No. 621205 ID: f5baae

Woah woah woah. To understand I have to know all the details so don't think I'm so daft. What exactly is going on?
No. 621207 ID: 82be60

Tell her to not spoil it for you. Sheesh. So insensitive. Maybe you would've wanted to read that book, and now she's already like, the love interest dies?

Ask her to apologise, then inquire whether she'd like to recommend some romance novels. You really are quite a fan, after all. Really like romance.
No. 621216 ID: c7518f

Geeze, of course you understand. Who hasn't been upset over what happens in a story at some point?
No. 621221 ID: 46df9e

Tell her that's just how some authors keep you invested they devote hundreds of words getting you into this character and then they end them, then you feel you have to read on to see how the character's death affects the other characters. So she can either sit there crying or she can read on and watch the other characters get over their devastation just like she's going to. Plus the author must be good if he can get you so invested in a character that you literally cry at the death of a purely fictional character.
No. 621227 ID: b58dc5
File 142172007189.png - (27.26KB , 900x800 , 81.png )

>"Hey! Keep it down, we're in a library, you know!"

:glass: "How can I stay quiet after Richard died?! WHAT WILL SONYA DO NOW?!"

>"Shh! Stop spoiling the book, too! It's rude!"

:glass: "Oh let me have my catharsis! Stop being prudish!"


:glass: "HMPH! Are you illiterate?! Should use smaller words for this poor boy!"
No. 621228 ID: 6cb462

Freak her out, say "Hey, I'm not poor, I'll have you know that I have money"
No. 621229 ID: 99500f

This girl's obsession is too strong.

I'd ignore her for now until she calms down, check out some fiction books in the meantime.
No. 621231 ID: a19cd5

"...You are incredibly rude."
No. 621232 ID: f5baae

Hey! Not so fast, do you even know what prudish means? I don't think you do. Considering you just used it to describe me being fussy about a spoiled book.

Note, be a little more assertive with this woman, if we back down we'll be stepped on like a doormat.
No. 621233 ID: bb78f2

Ron, are the bolded words her thoughts or when she's being loud? It's in quotations so it's REALLY confusing.

"Why are you yelling at and insulting a complete stranger? Do you do that all the time?"
No. 621234 ID: b8ceae

"Catharsis, sure, but prudish?
Anyway, of course he had to die. The rule is 'kill your darlings' after all, and you know how publishers won't sign off on anything if it's not laden with their favorite tropes."
No. 621235 ID: 6e79d4

ah, logophile.

First, you mean to call me a philistine, not plebeian, and I'm no prude. Second, if you'll allow me to pontificate on something I'm unread on, the author is trying to test the heroines' fortitude. Literature is all about protagonists enduring hardship, right?

Aaand I never got your name.
No. 621238 ID: b58dc5
File 142172214916.png - (29.38KB , 900x800 , 82.png )

>"First, you mean to call me a philistine, not plebeian, and I'm no prude. Second, if you'll allow me to pontificate on something I'm unread on, the author is trying to test the heroines' fortitude. Literature is all about protagonists enduring hardship, right?"

:glass: "..."

Where the hell did that come from.
No. 621239 ID: b58dc5
File 142172216103.png - (30.27KB , 900x800 , 83.png )

:glass: "..."
No. 621240 ID: c492aa

Continue with elaborate words, and try to stun her even more.
No. 621241 ID: 46df9e

That's right continue to astound her with your LONG, HARD words and your DEEP, PIERCING insights.
No. 621244 ID: bb78f2

Death, if it isn't used as a cheap plot device to provide motivation for revenge or to write oneself out of a corner, may be necessary in the long run. Exploration of a character's reaction to death and her growth from it is usually far more interesting than her own happiness, not only that, but it usually provide's the reader with a practical lesson of some sort without being entirely too cheap, most of the time. Hopefully she won't have a dumb speech at the end about moving on and most of the actions will be shown through her character's actions. Film's fun that way because you get to see a character's actor do things like having them grow out of subtle tells attentive film watchers can notice, while an author would have to painstakingly point that out and the reader is like "Oh, okay".
No. 621248 ID: f1fa6c

Hah. We don't even need mind reading to know that worked.

Just flash her a grin. And if she doesn't have a bookmark, casually origami one up and drop it in place for her.
No. 621249 ID: 6e79d4


Keep using the voice, put your hand on her shoulder. If she stops you, say now who's the prude? Hypocrisy is unbecoming.

I see literary crises have you perturbed, would you prefer conversing over something less disconcerting? I believe we eschewed introductions, what's your name?
No. 621250 ID: f5baae

Yes! Here we go, there's that assertiveness we need. Make sure to use the voice too.
No. 621251 ID: 6cb462

End with "now if you'll excuse me, I need to get a dictionary so I can figure out what the fuck I even said".
No. 621267 ID: 25b5db

"Ayy sexy, u want som fuk"
No. 621270 ID: f5baae

Also lets keep listening to this guy as he is our mental thesaurus
No. 621290 ID: 8bd2b1

No. 621300 ID: 7df277

Seduce her with your sesquipedalian words, but don't just ramble on by yourself.
No. 621320 ID: b58dc5
File 142179299252.png - (21.69KB , 900x800 , 84.png )

>"I see literary crises have you perturbed, would you prefer conversing over something less disconcerting? I believe we eschewed introductions, what's your name~?"

:glass: "A-Ahh...y-you may call me Olive..."

>"Simply a pleasure to acquaintance myself with you."

:glass: "E-Ehhehm...a-anyways erm...what are you doing here?"

>"What? What people usually do in a library. Read and find books."

:glass: "Th-Then go! Why are you wasting your time on me! Not worthy..."
No. 621323 ID: b8ceae

"I came looking for a book and found a partner for some oral intercourse. I don't see how this is wasting time." :3c
No. 621324 ID: 330ce5

Tell her you actually came over for an recommendation, nothing seems to be catching your eye (except her) and you would love some assistance.
No. 621330 ID: a203c7

"Friendly discussion is never a waste of time."
No. 621340 ID: f13517

So diction really works on her, huh.

>Th-Then go! Why are you wasting your time on me!
I have never considered discourse to be misappropiaton of my time, nor investigations into distress.

But if you consider this a surfeit of my attention...~

(teasing, trying to get her to stop you from going).
No. 621356 ID: 6e79d4

But I need a recommendation. you're obviously a connoisseur.

If she asks for specifics, describe her.
No. 621359 ID: f5baae

If we're trying to be at least a little suggestive, at least look into her eyes Ron. I don't think it's a good idea to look away like that. And who knows, maybe she'll like it if you get a little close.
No. 621392 ID: 4406a2

Ask her what she likes, and try to get her to open up a bit.
No. 621482 ID: 8aab5c

Tell her that Snape killed Dumbledore.
No. 621483 ID: f9c405

Tell her that another reason for coming to the library is that you are interested in meeting other literate people. Flirt a little. Ask her more about the book she was reading as well. Was it something about lovers?

Make sure to use the voice. Get that sexy audiobook voice going.
No. 621578 ID: b58dc5
File 142193908613.png - (28.28KB , 900x800 , 85.png )

>”I need a bit of assistance...nothing seems to be catching my eye...except for you~ I love a literate girl~”

:glass: “...! Nngh! H-Hey what’s the big idea?! I…...His voice! What?!

>”I just want a few suggestions...something to read...perhaps something, like your face~”

:glass: “A-Ah m-my glasses are steaming, remove yourself from my person!”

>”I don’t think I will~”

:glass: “I-I’ll scream! I’ll do it! Y-You lustful incubus!”

>”Hmm~ Hmm~ You’re funny~”
No. 621579 ID: b58dc5
File 142193911018.png - (23.65KB , 900x800 , 86.png )

:glass: “A-Ahh…”

>”Anyways, got any book suggestions?”

:glass: “Don’t act so friendly around me…! I’m not your lover!”

>”No but I’m serious! I haven’t found a good book in a while…”

:glass: “Well I’m currently delved inside of this...The Hidden Love. I’m a bit of a romantic, but I don’t see a reason to be ashamed about it. Do you like romance?”

>”Of course! I’m a romantic guy, after all…”

:glass: “Hmph! Why do I get the feeling you’re not here for books?INCUBUS!
No. 621580 ID: 4e5e60

"Well, I WAS here for books, but then I saw the tears staining your lovely eyes, and my original purpose just sort of slipped from my mind..."
No. 621581 ID: 4e5e60

"Also, if the Hidden Love is the one you just spoiled for me, I'm not sure I'd enjoy that book quite so much anymore."

Also be a little less forward, but if she would look like she'd like that, then try to sneak a peck on her cheek to see what she really thinks of you.
No. 621582 ID: b13a51

"Well, that was my objective, but now that I've been provoked into action by a much more glorious goal. Would you not agree, Lady Chatterley?"
No. 621584 ID: b2c9e1

God, It's so cute when they know they want you, but they don't want to be easy. Anyway, The kiss thing would have been easier if we'd introduced ourselves as a foreigner but well...That's kinda out...Anyway, Be a tad bit more subtle,
No. 621585 ID: b4821b

"I can be your romantic if you want me to"
No. 621588 ID: 2cd22f

"Admit" that you indeed are an incubus.
No. 621589 ID: a18f15

Ron, you went from flirting with big words to grabbing her! Too much too fast, and you got her upset. And suspicious. She figured out there's something weird with your voice.

>Why do I get the feeling you’re not here for books?
Oh? And what is it you think I'm here for, then?
No. 621604 ID: b8ceae

Ok, you NEED to use this line. Not kidding, this is seriously important:
"I am large, I contain multitudes."
No. 621606 ID: 51b39c

Put the sexy voice back on!

" An incubus? Me? Oh no, never. ... Close, but no."

I'm just super curious how lit girl would react to that reveal. :)
No. 621610 ID: 687279

Guys I don't think she said incubus, that's the mindreading thing popping up. It's in bold and italics, the quote is just on the wrong side of it.
No. 621612 ID: 46df9e

Actually she did say Incubus then thought it a few moments later. >>621578
No. 621615 ID: 687279

Oh derp.
No. 621617 ID: 6e79d4

Oh and now who's the prude? Hypocrisy is unbecoming.

Ooohh, tell me about your Hidden Love.
No. 621634 ID: 30efb9

Perhaps your intuition is correct, and I am a incubus, here to take your virtue, strip you of inhibitions, and fulfill all of your pruriency. A demon, who can be overcome by the Angelic Salutation, able to subject your body to such profane pleasure that I enthrall your mind and soul. If true, make the Sign of the Cross, or you will scream, but not in the fashion you envisaged.
No. 621635 ID: bb78f2

"Why, yes, I AM an incubus. How did you know? Was it the voice? Yeah, that is one unholy voice. I hope you don't dislike, I've worked really hard perfecting it. I can read your mind, baby. For real. Not joking."

Throw her into a magical adventure.
No. 621641 ID: f5baae

Okay, maybe we're being a little too assertive. Take it down a notch, lose the voice too. Tell her that you're into romance, but you're not picky about the genre of the book you read. Say also into all them famous authors from the old and new days, such as

Edgar Allan Poe
George Orwell
Mark Twain
Stephen King
J.K Rowling

are among your 'favourites'. But recently you have not had much time to read unfortunately.

Name dropping might work. OH! Also make sure you apologize for that whole hugging thing, you're just a hugger.
No. 621651 ID: 3038cd

I think all of those authors might be a bit too mainstream for her. But, who knows, speaking of important but less popular works could earn points with her.
No. 621670 ID: c46686

This is hilarious and all but you realize we have a 50/50 chance of it working and her being intrigued/aroused or she runs away to later appear on the news. (i still think we should do it though.)
No. 621673 ID: 687279

Ask her how many gods she knows of.
No. 621686 ID: 9ef23f

Nobody is going to believe her, and it would be fun either way. I'm sure Pantsu would approve.
No. 621700 ID: 52d763

Nah man, you gotta name drop some eclectic postmodern undergrad bullshit, the type that gets all the Literature Majors gesticulating.

David Foster-Wallace, Don DeLillo, Jonathan Safran-Foer, Margerat Atwood and some Angela Carter or Toni Morrison. Or the animal version of those people.
No. 621785