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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 140400794414.png - (397.02KB , 720x720 , DoorQuest.png )
581810 No. 581810 ID: 2baea8

A dark cloud spreads across the world, consuming all it touches. No one knows what caused it, but nearly everything has now been swallowed up in little over a week.

There is only one light of hope left. These four heroes have gathered the materials required to open a portal to the Door Dimension. Within is a dungeon designed to test any who might claim its prize: the First Door. Legend holds that the gods of old stepped through the First Door into nothing, and there they constructed this world with their will.

This world is now gone. But if these four heroes can reach the First Door, they may be able to craft a new one and shut out the dark. Only one question remains before they embark on their journey... who are they?

This is a quest similar to Puzzle Dungeon, in which characters created by /quest/ progress through a platforming adventure. There will only be four characters at the beginning. A character requires the following:

A name,
A skill or ability,
A weakness,
And an identifying description or image to help mark them on the dungeon screen.

Characters are not controlled by their creator alone. Anyone may give them commands.

New characters may only reinforce the party at every fifth room. If all current characters die, it is game over.

There are 100 rooms in the dungeon.

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No. 581824 ID: 483d7f
File 140401260699.png - (3.07KB , 60x60 , facebook.png )

Mark Zuckerberg
Computer Programming
No. 581827 ID: e1609c

Jack Blanchmeyer
+Dead-eye marksmanship
No. 581828 ID: e1609c
File 140401521689.png - (16.63KB , 800x600 , jack.png )

No. 581831 ID: 24dc7a
File 140401696704.jpg - (7.12KB , 150x162 , 150px-Elemental_stone_martial.jpg )

Rhyolite the stone elemental
+ Can reassemble from nearby loose stone if core (located in torso) is intact
- Slow moving
No. 581840 ID: 189a54
File 140401909932.jpg - (19.87KB , 184x184 , Greil.jpg )

Tavern Greil

+Adept Axeman

No. 581841 ID: 5fd94e
File 140402004663.png - (28.68KB , 300x400 , Climber.png )

Monte Gibbs

Distinguished Master of rock-climbing

Terrified of bodies of water.
No. 581842 ID: 2baea8
File 140402033986.png - (82.24KB , 339x720 , DoorQuestPartyconfirm.png )

Is this party acceptable?

>Yay / Nay
No. 581848 ID: 189a54

No. 581849 ID: 24dc7a

No. 581851 ID: 5fd94e

No. 581852 ID: 2baea8
File 140402483912.png - (132.57KB , 1063x720 , Room1-1.png )

Yes, these four were our heroes.

Mark Zuckerberg, a young entrepreneur with ambitions of greatness. The dark drove him from his fame and fortune, and he hopes to gain even more... as a god of the new world. With him is his trusty Smartphone. Most of the apps are useless, but he has a sound recorder and video camera. Its screen can serve as a soft light source.
Megalomania occasionally causes Mark to act on his own initiative, or ignore orders he views as beneath him.

Jack Blanchmeyer was a detective before the dark came. Despite his keen eyesight and steady hand, he has suffered from stomach cancer in the past, and the treatment left his body weakened. Fortunately he has his trusty sidearm, Lucy, which is fully loaded.
Frail Body reduces Jack's durability by 1, meaning he will die more easily from injuries.

Rhyotile is an elemental of the earth, the element most resilient to the dark. As such it has managed to survive where other elementals have died off. Its core allows it to reassemble itself from stones, so long as the core is not damaged.
However, the elemental is also slow-moving, and will not cover ground as quickly as others.

Lastly is Tavern Greil, a wandering warrior named after his favorite location. Tavern had to change his name, you see, back when he was mistaken for a wanted criminal. He carries with him a large axe, and has the bulk and skill to use it.
Though luck never seems to be on his side. Poor Tavern as an increased chance to fail at tasks outside his expertise... that is, hitting things with an axe.

Together these unlikely heroes enter the portal and exit into the Door Dimension. Its mysterious geometry lies all about them. What do they do now?

You may now suggest actions for the characters.
No. 581860 ID: 189a54

All, get to the edge of the platform and check out what those things are on the ledge below you.
No. 581861 ID: 483d7f

Rhyolite and Tavern need to start hacking hand- and foot-holds to climb down from the top platform to that other platform with the glowing red thingy. Mark should take pictures of the thingy and work on making a mapping app for his smartphone so that we can figure out the layout and contents of this dungeon faster. Jack is on overwatch with the gun while everyone else is working.
No. 581935 ID: 2baea8

Due to a faulty pipe soaking the wall and floor, I had to move things around, and I can't use the computer with my quest files on it. As such the next update will be delayed. Feel free to continue suggesting though.
No. 582503 ID: 2baea8
File 140434339019.png - (131.50KB , 1063x720 , Room1-2.png )

Tavern Greil steps forward.

A block falls on top of Tavern Greil before he can spot it.

Tavern Greil is slightly injured.

Tavern Greil has dropped Battleaxe (1).

Tavern Greil has fallen prone.

Tavern Greil is trapped under a block.
No. 582504 ID: 2baea8
File 140434346897.png - (131.94KB , 1063x720 , Room1-3.png )

The party moves forward, sans Tavern Greil, who is stuck under a block.

Mark Zuckerberg begins recording the party's progress using his Smartphone.
No. 582509 ID: 483d7f

Uh... why didn't the elemental rescue him by pushing the block off?
No. 582510 ID: 2baea8

No contingent order was given to remove something if it fell on someone.
No. 582512 ID: e1609c

Elemental: go back and pick the rock off grell.
No. 582513 ID: a36601

yeah, help him out. See if that red thing on the ledge looks like a button or some sort of glass thing. (eye/laser/missile launcher)

(that's just a little bit bullshit. Will keep it in mind though.)
No. 582515 ID: e1609c

Jack: toss hat like a frisbee across the path of the laser to see what happens.
No. 582529 ID: 2baea8
File 140435180251.png - (133.04KB , 1063x720 , Room1-4.png )

Rhyolite goes back and lifts up the block.

Tavern Greil is now free.

Jack Blanchmeyer approaches the ledge. He throws his hat like a frisbee across the gap. It strikes the wall and begins falling down towards the platform below.

Mark Zuckerburg approaches the ledge. He takes a picture of the objects below.

Object Identified: a Glowing Red Sphere rests on the stone altar below.

Object Identified: a Wooden Container rests on the platform below. It is similar to a casket, but the lid is a wooden door.

Unless their skill/ability/weakness grants autonomy, a character can do very little without direction.
No. 582530 ID: 189a54

Oh, so this is a I Wanna Be The Guy type of platformer. Dammit, being unlucky is the worst weakness to have for this...

Okay, first of all someone get the block off of the guy. As a standing order for all future hazards, if someone is trapped by something the rest of the party should help the trapped person unless they somehow risk being trapped themselves.

Other standing order, Tavern Greil is never to be the point-man when the party moves.
No. 582532 ID: 189a54

I'm guessing Rhyolite can jump that distance far without fall damage? If so, Rhyolite should jump down to that platform and try to examine the orb closer. Also open the crate, if he can.

And for all future discoveries of strange objects or items, Zuckerberg should scan/take a picture of them with his phone unless doing so would put his health at risk.
No. 582538 ID: e1609c

If that red thing is a button, have the elemental toss the big rock onto it.
No. 582547 ID: e1609c

scratch that I just reread the thing and its a chest. Amazing.
I'm assuming the red orb is some sort of hazardous thing, so lets send the elemental down since he can rebuild himself if shit goes down.
No. 582558 ID: 24dc7a

Tavern: Get ye axe
Mark: Check phone for a Fall Damage Estimator app to see how serious the distance down to the ledge is

Also for future contingent orders, if someone is hit by a trap while walking forward, cancel all queued movement in that direction.
No. 582569 ID: 2baea8
File 140436255316.png - (133.23KB , 1063x720 , Room1-5.png )

Tavern Greil has obtained Battleaxe (1).

Rhyolite advances.

Mark Zuckerburg opens his calculator app and tries to gauge the distance. He determines that it will probably cause moderate (2) injuries to jump from this height without assistance. Impalement upon stone altar will likely result in death.

Contingent orders registered:
>If someone is trapped, party is to assist them if safely able.
>Tavern Greil is never to be point-man.
>Mark Zuckerburg is to take photos of all new discoveries.
>If someone is hit by a trap while walking forward, all queued movement in that direction is canceled.
No. 582582 ID: d7800e

I say that Rhyolite hangs from the edge, and the others use him as a ladder to climb down, to at least lessen the fall damage. And can he detach parts of himself? If so, do that, and the others can catch him more easily.
No. 582583 ID: 24dc7a

Before trying ledge climbing, Rhyolite and Tavern should push the trap block over the cliff edge onto the red altar then everyone should step back as it falls.
No. 582608 ID: e1609c

Can rhyolite dissasemble itself a bit to form a stone ladder? that might help
No. 582656 ID: 2baea8
File 140441460845.png - (133.53KB , 1063x720 , Room1-6.png )

Rhyolite approaches the ledge.
No. 582657 ID: 2baea8
File 140441464341.png - (134.25KB , 1063x720 , Room1-7.png )

Rhyolite drops the block off the ledge, towards the Glowing Red Orb.
No. 582658 ID: 2baea8
File 140441474081.png - (135.27KB , 1063x720 , Room1-8.png )

Rhyolite attempts to form a living ladder to help reach the platform safely.

Rhyolite can hold this position for only a short time.

Mark Zuckerburg estimates that, if all goes well, they should be able to reach the platform without injury by climbing down Rhyolite and making a safe landing.
No. 582659 ID: d0a5ee

First Rhyolite should climb back up for a bit in case the red orb is about to explode or something. Then the group members should climb down with the ladder trick one at a time, making sure Rhyloite is able to rest in between them. Mark should go first followed by Tavern, since Jack is needed to keep watch.
No. 582686 ID: d7800e

This, except Tavern should go third. Impalement is still a thing, and with him being unlucky, we should be careful. Mark and Jack can push the box to the left and help him down.
Wait, why is Jack keeping watch?
No. 582708 ID: e1609c

Because he's the sniper, meaning less health. Makes sense to keep him on overwatch from behind
No. 582783 ID: 2baea8
File 140449222523.png - (133.66KB , 1063x720 , Room1-9.png )

Rhyolite climbs back up and waits to see if anything happens.

Nothing happens.

Rhyolite returns to forming a ladder.

Mark Zuckerburg begins climbing down.
No. 582784 ID: 2baea8
File 140449229063.png - (131.96KB , 1063x720 , Room1-10.png )

Mark Zuckerburg lands safely on the platform.

Rhyolite climbs back up.

Tavern Greil approaches the ledge.
No. 582785 ID: 2baea8
File 140449236187.png - (134.59KB , 1063x720 , Room1-11.png )

Rhyolite assumes the form of.... a ladder!

Jack Blanchmeyer begins climbing down.
No. 582786 ID: 2baea8
File 140449244011.png - (133.25KB , 1063x720 , Room1-12.png )

Jack Blanchmeyer has landed safely.

Rhyolite climbs back up.

Tavern Greil cannot climb while carrying his battleaxe in both hands.

Please suggest an action.
No. 582797 ID: ef7fd2

Greil: use axe to lower rhyolite down, leave axe with him. When he's down safely, have rhyolite form into a landing pad for him to safely jump down
No. 582850 ID: 9b4c86

Oh wait, Mark and Jack, stand to the far right as you can go. Then Tavern should dangle the axe over the edge and drop it onto the platform. Others grab the axe and put it out of harms way. Then golem ladder. Oh, we should also check out the red orb, so hop to it, Mark.
No. 582918 ID: 2baea8

Due to mutually exclusive orders, a tie breaker will be needed. I'll flip a coin this evening and continue if no tie breaker vote is made.
No. 582946 ID: ef7fd2

Voting this to break the tie then, since its pretty much the same plan but not terribly likely to send both participants careening into the ground.
Also, have everyone that isnt rhyolite take a step back so they dont get squished.
No. 582968 ID: 2baea8
File 140460733472.png - (131.91KB , 1063x720 , Room1-13.png )

Jack Blanchmeyer moves out of the way of the axe.

Tavern Greil drops his axe onto the platform below.

Mark Zuckerberg has obtained the Red Orb.
No. 582969 ID: 2baea8
File 140460736032.png - (251.53KB , 1000x914 , Room1-14.png )

It's beautiful.
No. 582970 ID: 2baea8
File 140460741188.png - (132.91KB , 1063x720 , Room1-15.png )

Jack Blanchmeyer drags the axe away from the landing point.

Rhyolite assumes the position.

Tavern Greil begins climbing down.
No. 582971 ID: 2baea8
File 140460746014.png - (131.84KB , 1063x720 , Room1-16.png )

Tavern Greil has landed unharmed, despite all odds.

Rhyolite climbs back up.
No. 582976 ID: ef7fd2

>Jack: Retrieve hat, light up a smoke in a hardboiled manner.
No. 582982 ID: a43c73

Rhyolite: Jump down.
Mark: Move out of the way lest Rock Elemental impacts your crainium.
No. 583002 ID: 189a54

Okay, Tavern pick up your axe and then the three of you move over so nobody risks getting crushed by Rhyolite when he jumps down.

Another standing order, if Tavern gets rid of his weapon for some reason he should pick it up after his other orders are completed, unless the path to the axe or the axe itself is dangerous.
No. 583051 ID: d7800e

I'd also kinda like to get that crate open, so if there's enough room, Tavern can grab and use his axe. Uh, can Mark elaborate on the orb effects a bit?
No. 583158 ID: 2baea8
File 140469651718.png - (131.31KB , 1063x720 , Room1-17.png )

Jack Blanchmeyer leans back against the wall and lights up a cigarette... only to find his lighter is out of fuel. How disappointing.

Jack Blanchmeyer puts his hat back on, at least.

Mark Zuckerberg takes a step back.

Tavern Greil retrieves his axe.

Contingent order registered:
>Tavern Greil will retrieve his axe if it is dropped, unless doing so would cause him harm.

Rhyolite jumps down onto the platform, its pieces briefly scattering then pulling back together. The impact has caused minor damage to its core.

Tavern Griel uses his axe to break open the top of the door-container. Inside he sees a series of fibers coiled together to form a lengthy tool that serves multiple functions.

Mark Zuckerberg takes a picture of the Rope.

Mark Zuckerberg feels comforted while holding the Red Orb. As though a voice called out to say, [I]"Everything is going to be alright."[/I}
No. 583159 ID: 2baea8

Or I can use the wrong bracket and look like a dweeb, that works too.
No. 583161 ID: 24dc7a

Check if the later is stable, then tie the rope to it, and look at the red thing in the lower wall.
No. 583162 ID: ef7fd2

>Take rope, have everyone use it to lower rhyolite down to the next platform.
>Rhyolite: form into a ladder again
>Zuckerberg: climb down, analyze the weird out-of-place platform bit
No. 583459 ID: 2baea8
File 140487089675.png - (132.32KB , 1063x720 , Room1-18.png )

Jack Blanchmeyer has obtained Rope (1).

Jack Blanchmeyer ties his Rope to the stone alter.

Mark Zuckerberg approaches the ledge.

Mark Zuckerberg takes a picture of the red glow below.

Object Identified: a Light Wall blocks the path forward. It is difficult to see through.
No. 583460 ID: 2baea8
File 140487095397.png - (134.61KB , 1063x720 , Room1-19.png )

Rhyolite climbs down to the small platform.

Approximately two people can fit on this platform at a time.

Rhyolite extends upwards to form a climbing aid for its allies.
No. 583461 ID: 2baea8
File 140487103587.png - (133.36KB , 1063x720 , Room1-20.png )

Mark Zuckerberg climbs down.

Mark Zuckerberg takes a picture of the pole.

Object Identified: a Thin Pole extends from the other ledge, ideal for tying things to or climbing up.
No. 583484 ID: ef7fd2

Zuckerberg: get rope, attach to pole. Climb up, take a picture of whats down that bit above and to the right of the pole.
No. 583510 ID: a14a29

Mark should take the red sphere with him. It is probably a key to the red barrier.
No. 583547 ID: ef7fd2

>inb4 zuckerberg doesn't give it up
>inb4 megalomania trait screws him over and we have to have someone punch him
No. 583650 ID: 2baea8
File 140500850021.png - (133.56KB , 1063x720 , Room1-21.png )

Jack Blanchmeyer drops the Rope to Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg ties the Rope to the Thin Pole.
No. 583651 ID: 2baea8
File 140500858215.png - (134.67KB , 1063x720 , Room1-22.png )

Mark Zuckerberg climbs up onto the ledge above.

Mark Zuckerberg approaches the edge of the ledge.

Mark Zuckerberg takes a picture.

It is an infinite white expanse of nothing.
No. 583658 ID: 10e6c3

Zuckerberg, climb down and investigate the red light, but don't touch it. Rub the red orb all over it too.
Rhyolite, can you FORM OF: LADDER to help the others get down? If so, do that.
The other two: climb down on Rhyolite if you can, then take the rope down.
If all goes well, Rhyolite, follow.
Take the rope one at a time.
No. 583688 ID: ef7fd2

For the rope: Go one at a time! It's a THIN pole, meaning it probably wont support the weight of multiple people
No. 583860 ID: 2baea8
File 140513541124.png - (134.90KB , 1063x720 , Room1-23.png )

Mark Zuckerberg begins climbing down the rope.

Rhyolite assumes the form of a ladder.

Jack Blanchmeyer begins climbing down Rhyolite.

Tavern Greil approaches the ledge. He will be unable to climb while carrying his axe.
No. 583861 ID: 2baea8
File 140513544931.png - (133.24KB , 1063x720 , Room1-24.png )

Jack Blanchmeyer arrives safely.

Mark Zuckerberg arrives safely.
No. 583862 ID: 2baea8
File 140513550556.png - (134.48KB , 1063x720 , Room1-25.png )

Mark Zuckerberg rubs the Red Orb all over the Light Wall. It passes through the red light as though it were not there.

Jack Blanchmeyer begins climbing down the rope.
No. 583863 ID: 2baea8
File 140513553337.png - (134.19KB , 1063x720 , Room1-26.png )

Jack Blanchmeyer arrives safely.
No. 583866 ID: 189a54

Rhyolite, turn back to normal for a sec. Then, Tavern toss your axe to Rhyolite. From there, Rhyolite toss it down to Mark and Jack's level after making sure nobody can be hurt by it falling. Then turn back into a ladder so Tavern can climb down and use the rope to get to the floor.

If anything seems wrong with that command one of you guys can point it out, hopefully that's monkey's-paw proof so Tavern's luck won't screw anything over
No. 583910 ID: ef7fd2

Jack and Mark: head to the far right.
Tavern: hand rhyolite the axe.
Rhyolite: drop the axe down to the left.
No. 584052 ID: 2baea8
File 140527172328.png - (133.25KB , 1063x720 , Room1-27.png )

Mark Zuckerberg moves to safety.

Tavern Greil passes his Battleaxe down to Rhyolite.
No. 584053 ID: 2baea8
File 140527175782.png - (133.88KB , 1063x720 , Room1-28.png )

Rhyolite tosses the axe down and to the left.
No. 584054 ID: 2baea8
File 140527179290.png - (134.08KB , 1063x720 , Room1-29.png )

Tavern Greil begins climbing down.

Rhyolite is helping.
No. 584055 ID: 2baea8
File 140527182814.png - (134.07KB , 1063x720 , Room1-30.png )

Tavern Greil continues climbing down.
No. 584056 ID: 2baea8
File 140527185534.png - (132.38KB , 1063x720 , Room1-31.png )

Tavern Greil arrives safely.
No. 584057 ID: 2baea8
File 140527189570.png - (134.00KB , 1063x720 , Room1-32.png )

Tavern Greil retrieves his Axe... Haft.
No. 584072 ID: 707a11

Ah. Fuck. Okay. Rhyloite, climb down. Also, now it's time to figure out this door puzzle. If everyone's holding the orb, does that mean we can pass through the red wall unharmed?
No. 584130 ID: 189a54

Damn. Uh, let's see if we can experiment in a way that won't disintegrate anything too important.

Mark,put the orb through the wall again, but this time go just a little farther, like try to put the tip of a finger in the wall while touching the orb. Then pull it back to see if anything's disappeared. If nothing bad happened, try putting a whole hand through, with the orb of course.
No. 584143 ID: 5fd94e


Lets try that but have Rhyolite holding the orb, since he can regenerate damage.
No. 584207 ID: ef7fd2

True, long as his core isnt touched he should be able to rebuild.
No. 584212 ID: 189a54

We should probably try with both of them--the wall may act differently with living flesh than with rock.
No. 584575 ID: 2baea8
File 140569811620.png - (134.21KB , 1063x720 , Room1-33.png )

Rhyolite begins climbing down.

Mark Zuckerberg experiments with the Red Orb.
No. 584576 ID: 2baea8
File 140569816332.png - (134.03KB , 1063x720 , Room1-34.png )

Mark Zuckerberg is unmolested.

Rhyolite arrives.

Mark Zuckerberg (reluctantly) hands over the Red Orb to Rhyolite.
No. 584577 ID: 2baea8
File 140569819607.png - (133.29KB , 1063x720 , Room1-35.png )

Rhyolite experiments with the Red Orb. There are no ill effects.
No. 584579 ID: ef7fd2

Alright, last test: two people touch the orb and then the wall. If no problems, head on through then toss the orb to the other two.
No. 584580 ID: ef7fd2

Actually, we should probably test to see if that purple orb thing is a danger first, so have rhyolite pop his hand out of the red wall before we go to plan >>584579.
No. 585168 ID: 2baea8
File 140597716007.png - (133.29KB , 1063x720 , Room1-36.png )

Rhyolite squeezes into the passageway. Holding out its hand into the next area has no visible effect.
No. 585169 ID: 2baea8
File 140597722631.png - (132.71KB , 1063x720 , Room1-37.png )

Rhyolite and Mark Zuckerberg share the Red Orb.

Mark Zuckerberg feels his skin begin to tingle and heat up.

Rhyolite senses an unpleasant heat upon its core.
No. 585170 ID: 2baea8
File 140597727716.png - (133.61KB , 1063x720 , Room1-38.png )

The two hurry onwards out of the light and the unpleasant sensation fades. It seems the protective effects wane when spread out over multiple people.

No significant damage has been sustained.
No. 585171 ID: 2baea8
File 140597732176.png - (133.47KB , 1063x720 , Room1-39.png )

Rhyolite tosses the Red Orb back through, beaning Tavern Greil in the back of the head.

Tavern Greil sustains no significant injuries, as his afro absorbed the blow.
No. 585172 ID: 2baea8
File 140597734686.png - (133.56KB , 1063x720 , Room1-40.png )

Tavern Greil has obtained the Red Orb.
No. 585175 ID: 189a54

Jack and Tavern, see if you two can retrieve the rope to bring along with you. Then share the orb and pass through.

Also another standing order. When passing items between each other try to do so in the most nonlethal way possible, whether that means warning the reciever of what you're passing so they can catch it, telling people to get out of the line of trajectory, rolling or lightly tossing something instead of throwing it hard, etc.
No. 585191 ID: 2baea8

Retrieving the rope while still being able to get down will require some creative tactics. You'll have to specify what Jack and Tavern are to do, because they are mentally incompetent. And also generally incompetent on Tavern's part.
No. 585233 ID: 76b151

Doesn't someone have a gun? Shoot it down. Aim next to the knot and we'll only lose a little bit of rope.
No. 585544 ID: 2baea8
File 140615207441.png - (134.46KB , 1063x720 , Room1-41.png )

Jack Blanchmeyer takes aim and shoots out the knot of the rope with his DEAD EYE MARKSMANSHIP.
No. 585545 ID: 2baea8
File 140615219205.png - (131.33KB , 1063x720 , Room1-42.png )

Jack Blanchmeyer collects the Rope and he hustles through the Light Wall with Tavern Greil.

The party reconvenes one bullet short, but only slightly worse for wear.

In the meantime, Mark Zuckerberg has identified a Beam of Light further in on a raised platform and a Glowing Protrusion above them. The color of the light seems more or less identical.
No. 585547 ID: ef7fd2

Step one: tie a piece of rhyolite to rope
Step two: Have jack lob the piece of rhyolite at the purple thing
Step three: pull down thing with GOLEMN GRAPNEL.
No. 585550 ID: ef7fd2

everyone else: make way so that people don't get flattened. We have a standing order for that, but still.
No. 586457 ID: 2baea8
File 140659011231.png - (133.73KB , 1063x720 , Room1-43.png )

Jack Blanchmeyer ties one of Rhyolite's arms to the rope and winds up, throwing it skywards.

Everyone else moves aside.
No. 586458 ID: 2baea8
File 140659018233.png - (132.70KB , 1063x720 , Room1-44.png )

It seems that, despite his DEADEYE MARKSMANSHIP, Jack Blanchmeyer's FRAIL CONSITUTION cannot work up the force to fling the stone arm high enough.
No. 586463 ID: 189a54

Hmm...Rhyolite, you take the rope and try. The rest of you back up some more and keep an eye out just in case something goes terribly wrong with his attempt.
No. 587432 ID: 2baea8
File 140694079958.png - (135.71KB , 1063x720 , Room1-45.png )

Jack and Rhyolite swap places.

Rhyolite receives the Rope.

Rhyolite flings the arm high into the air, with its arm attached. However, the rope is not long enough to reach the Glowing Protrusion.
No. 587434 ID: 2baea8
File 140694084253.png - (132.95KB , 1063x720 , Room1-46.png )

Rhyolite catches the improvised grapple without a problem.
No. 587439 ID: ef7fd2

Mark: analyzamatize the thing to the left. What is it? some sort of lift?
No. 587587 ID: 24dc7a

Lets try having Rhyolite poke the end of the rope in the purple beam to see what happens then.
No. 588727 ID: 2baea8
File 140752068455.png - (132.62KB , 1063x720 , Room1-47.png )

Rhyolite extends part of the rope into the beam of purple light. The rope droops as is normal, but Rhyolite feels a strong downward force pulling on the rope.

Mark Zuckerberg scans the beam of purple light. According to his Gravimeter App, the downward force of gravity is stronger within the area the light touches.
No. 588731 ID: ef7fd2

Well, I'm out of ideas. And when I run out of ideas, I usually default to brute force.
Jack: snipe the purple thing. Chances are it's some sort of zelda switch. If not, I see no way to reach it anyhow unless Mark has some sort of weirdo scifi Laddermaker app on that phone of his.
No. 589338 ID: 2baea8
File 140796675244.png - (133.12KB , 1063x720 , Room1-48.png )

Taking aim, Jack Blanchmeyer fires up at the glowing protrusion. Upon being struck its color shifts to green.

Rhyolite's rope begins levitating.

Mark Zuckerberg detects that the area within the light is now actively reversing gravity and lightly pulling things upward.
No. 589339 ID: 7b2b64

Leave the red orb behind, and put a rock in the green light to make sure things only lightly float up rather than falling up.
No. 589348 ID: ef7fd2

Rhyolite: walk into beam, do a backflip on your way up and land upsidedown on the ceiling. Once there, hold out rope for the rest of the party to climb up to get to the exit.
No. 589455 ID: 2baea8
File 140806233599.png - (132.44KB , 1063x720 , Room1-49.png )

Rhyolite sends one of its rocks up in the beam. It floats gently skyward.

Tavern Greil drops the Red Orb.
No. 589456 ID: 2baea8
File 140806238095.png - (132.82KB , 1063x720 , Room1-50.png )

Rhyolite climbs into the beam and rides it up, turning around slowly.
No. 589457 ID: 2baea8
File 140806244902.png - (172.77KB , 1063x720 , Room1-51.png )

Rhyolite lands on the ceiling and reaches out of the beam, lowering the rope, which is much too short.

The Door Dimension has been breached. The cloud has infiltrated the dungeon.
No. 589458 ID: d14286

EVERYONE INTO THE BEAM AND THEN OUT THE DOOR! If need be, we do this in the order of:
Mark first, Jack second and Tavern last.
Rhyo, leave through the door ASAP!
No. 589463 ID: e3aff6

Rhyolite should climb onto the ledge then hold the rope so that the others can pull themselves up faster.
No. 589464 ID: 189a54

Damn, everyone hurry up that thing and through the door. I'd suggest Tavern before Jack though, with his luck he might risk being caught by the cloud if he's last in line.
No. 590077 ID: 2baea8
File 140840111538.png - (183.92KB , 1063x720 , Room1-52.png )

The party begins making their way up, a feeling of dread closing in from all directions. Mark Zuckerberg steps into the light.
No. 590078 ID: 2baea8
File 140840116706.png - (243.00KB , 1063x720 , Room1-53.png )

Rhyolite helps Mark Zuckerberg climb onto the ledge.

Tavern Greil steps into the light.
No. 590079 ID: 2baea8
File 140840120427.png - (177.07KB , 1063x720 , Room1-54.png )

Rhyolite helps Tavern Greil up onto the ledge.

Jack Blanchmeyer steps into the light.
No. 590080 ID: 2baea8
File 140840124925.png - (239.07KB , 1063x720 , Room1-55.png )

Rhyolite helps Jack Blanchmeyer up onto the ledge.

Everyone GTFingO
No. 590081 ID: 2baea8
File 140840131086.png - (113.84KB , 1059x720 , Room2-1.png )

Everyone steps through the gateway to the next level.

The feeling of dread subsides.

Mark Zuckerberg scans a rope point ahead.
No. 590089 ID: b651f5

Mark should go up to the ledge and scan the things he can see down there.
No. 590102 ID: 436cdc

Scan the flamethrower lookin deal down below
No. 590120 ID: 918b96

Whoops, we left behind a piece of Rhyolite. Hopefully we took the rope along with us. What's all that stuff???
No. 590124 ID: a79844

Rhyolite has the rope still.
No. 590125 ID: 2baea8
File 140841974884.png - (113.51KB , 1059x720 , Room2-2.png )

Mark Zuckerberg approaches the ledge and scans the area below.

Object Identified: Red Light
Object Identified: Pool of Water
Object Identified: Doorchest in Pool of Water
No. 590154 ID: 436cdc

...why did we leave behind the red gem again?
No. 590174 ID: b651f5

Tie the rope to the rope point and check to make sure it will hold your weight.

>...why did we leave behind the red gem again?
Worried it would interfere with the purple light. That was probably a bad idea.
No. 591397 ID: 2baea8
File 140916758401.png - (113.78KB , 1059x720 , Room2-3.png )

Rhyolite attaches the rope to the rope point and ensures that it is structurally sound.

Tavern Greil was ordered to drop the Red Orb. He was not ordered to retrieve it before leaving.

It is possible to return to levels previously visited, but if they have been covered in the darkness they will be much more dangerous.
No. 591448 ID: 879a42

.....if that was a key item we need to go get it. Zuckerburg should stay here, I feel like since the darkness just came and we now know it isn't instance death, we need to get in there fast before all the terrible shit forms, we might not have an encounter if we just get in and out.
No. 591449 ID: 879a42

Actually scratch that we need zuckerburg for his phone.
No. 591451 ID: bda994

So far tavern is our best bet. He's kinda useless without an axe. I say send him.
No. 591479 ID: 436cdc

So, can our stone elemental breathe underwater? I imagine if we found a way to cover the core we might be able to keep it from harm going after the chest once the red gem is back in our hands.
No. 591500 ID: 2baea8

Rhyolite does not need to breath, but he doesn't float and his core has no locomotion on its own. All the characters know how to swim, but Tavern has a penalty to all my hidden dice rolls that do not involve hitting things with an axe or axe-like object, and Jack can't hold his breath for as long due to his poor constitution. Zuckerberg's smartphone is waterproof unless damaged.

Update should be tomorrow unless something comes up.

No. 591543 ID: 2baea8
File 140924698950.png - (324.79KB , 1063x720 , Room1-56.png )

The party proceeds back through the portal.

Upon returning to the previous level, the sense of imminent doom is overpowering. The darkness has not yet overtaken where they are, but it is only a matter of time.
No. 591544 ID: 879a42

Hurry like a mofo. Nuff said, get the red gem.
No. 591561 ID: 436cdc

also grab rhyolite's missing bit
No. 591589 ID: 189a54

Mark and Jack go for the red orb in the safest route you can, Rhyolite try to retrieve your piece from the shaft and return to the ledge safely. Tavern keep where you are, until we find a new weapon for you somewhere you won't be much help if things go south.
No. 591597 ID: 2baea8

Note: Tavern is proficient with any weapon with 'axe' in the name. Give him AXE Body Spray and he'll be able to kill something with it.
No. 591604 ID: 436cdc

>anything named "Axe" will be usable by tavern
>Rename jack's gun "Axe"
>Rename zuckerberg's smartphone "the Axephone"
>Rename rhyolite to "Axe golem"
>Suddenly tavern is able to swing around rhyolite like an axe

holy shit, tavern has actual use now as a backup if someone dies
No. 591611 ID: 2baea8

I'm now adding nametags into future chests that can be used to change the names of characters and items.
No. 591686 ID: 2baea8
File 140933406372.png - (333.66KB , 1063x720 , Room1-57.png )

There is a problem.
No. 591691 ID: d8a627

Drop Rhyolite down piece by piece.
No. 591711 ID: 879a42

I wanna go after it but.... is the red gem needed or not? If so fuck it we go for it we have no choice, otherwise we need to GTFO. Seriously do we need it. I need to know.
No. 591743 ID: 879a42

Oh lol just realized its a one way levitation device. Well, nothing to do but go back and proceed without the gem. Gotta press on without it, and stay ahead of the darkness.
No. 593613 ID: 2baea8
File 141038190248.png - (332.75KB , 1063x720 , Room1-58.png )

Everyone else begins to leave, but Rhyolite is determined to try something, and begins dropping pieces of stone down at the darkness. This has no tangible effect, but does seem to momentarily confuse the creeping shadow.
No. 593632 ID: 879a42

Go for it golem man, tell a funny joke as you retrieve the orb. Continue the confusion.
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