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File 140252015927.jpg - (95.73KB , 625x357 , Serial Killer Button 2.jpg )
578199 No. 578199 ID: c88cb4

Your name is Eric Cambell, and you recently started playing the most amazing game. It doesn't really have a name, it's simply called "The Game" by the other players. You only started to play a few weeks ago. You had been out hunting in your usual spots in New York, and had only just put the finishing touches on your latest bit of artwork when you found yourself very suddenly elsewhere. The room was large, and you were sitting in a chair around a large conference table. At first you worried, the blood still stained your hands and your knife was still visible, but it was soon made clear that despite their being other people seated around the table none of them could see you. You supposed that appeared just as shadowy and indistinct as they seemed to you.

It was just a few seconds before the shouting began,questions like "Who are you people", and "Where are we? Why can't I get up!" started back and forth between the confused group. You choose to remain silent. Then the large double doors at the end of the room (had they always been there?) opened and a tall, thin man stepped inside. Apparently it was raining out as he shook a wet umbrella off and placed it by a coat rack.

"Hello, everyone. I suppose you are wondering why I've gathered you here" he said with a slight southern draw? More shouts from the others, some in anger, others confusion. The man waved them down. "I assure you, all will be answered in due time. First let me congratulate you on being selected to participate in the greatest event this millennium" the man shouted with a flick of his wrist.

He smiled and said "I have many names, but you may call me The Game Master!" Suddenly he was on the other side of the table. "I have chosen you for this game based on your unique personalities and skill sets. You see, what I offer is literally only limited by your imaginations" he said. The others asked more questions then, "What is it you offer? What is it you want" they asked? I continued my silence.

"What I want is simple. Entertainment, the reward for which is whatever you want. Call it a wish if you care for the term, but the reward for winning this game is whatever you desire most in the universe" he smirked again. "How do you win you might ask? Simple, be the last person standing" he laughed slightly as he spoke.

Their was a general murmur within the group as this new information was processed. The man suddenly appeared by the door again (pretty sure it had vanished sometime after he first entered) he pointed to the table. "If you will all check under your seats, you'll find something of great use to you in The Game" he says. I reach beneath my chair and pull out a small black leather book, with the numbers thirteen written on the cover in gold.

"Good luck one and all, I look forward to seeing which of you will triumph" and with that everything was dark!

You awake in the back ally where you had previously been, before your meeting with The Game Master. Next to you lay The Black Book, and the corpse of the homeless man. The fact that the pool of blood had dried up was an indicator that I had been gone for quite some time. Your work had been interrupted earlier, and the mans eyes were missing. Yet you hadn't given him anything in return. You solved the problem soon enough and gave the homeless man two red buttons to replace the loss of his eyes, standing up straight and admiring you work you started to think about what your next move might be? It was nearly three in the morning after all, and your mother must be worried sick.


Name: Eric Cambell
Occupation: Accountant/Serial Killer
STR: 13
CON: 11
DEX: 11
SIZ: 13
INT: 13
POW: 10
APP: 12
EDU: 10
SAN: 25
HP: 12
Damage Bonus: +1D4


Butcher Knife 60%
Fist/Punch 70%
Kick 25%
Grapple 25%
Pistol 50%
Shotgun 50%


Accounting 40%
Conceal 45%
Hide 55%
Listen 45%
Sneak 50%
Spot Hidden 55%
Track 40%


Segmented Hidden Armor
Butcher Knife
Black Book #13
Your "Face"
$4,500 in bank


>A rehash of a game I tried before, at the >time I was hosting it with multiple >websites/people and it became to hard to keep >track of everything. Thought I'd try it again >and keep it simpler this time.
No. 578207 ID: e1609c

>flip open the book, see what the hubbub is about on your way home.
No. 578237 ID: c88cb4

Made of a supple leather, and with what seemed to be a fine gold inlay of the number thirteen on the cover.

You open the first page of the Black Book


July 24, 2014

Eight leaves Boston, MA.

Six contacts James Worth and Billy Angels.

Five kills Jeffery Dower.

Eleven is arrested by NYPD.

Twelve leaves Chicago, IL.

Four leaves Nashville, TN.

Ten gets on a ship leaving Morocco.
No. 578238 ID: c88cb4

Then before your eyes the words..

Two buys a firearm.

Appear on the paper, slowly writing themselves in. Its quite amazing. You suddenly find yourself at the front door to your apartment building. You make your way to the fourth floor and the apartment you share with your mother, who as usual is sitting in her favorite rocking chair. Taking care not to walk between her and the TV you head toward the Bathroom to wash up.

"I'm home ma" you yell as you wash the dried blood from your hands.
No. 578275 ID: 906a18

You live with your mom? PUSSY
No. 578283 ID: 2c2470

Oh goody! It's a magic logbook! Let's start with five, search some obits for the guy he killed and use it to pinpoint where he's at. Let's get on the offensive here.
No. 578293 ID: 410c24

Huh. So it's a reboot, without other PCs controlling the other numbers? Well, that makes it simpler.

Old thread, for anyone who missed it. We managed to gank seven, getting the first kill of the tournament.
No. 578331 ID: c88cb4

>Oh goody! It's a magic logbook! Let's start with five, search some obits for the guy he killed and use it to pinpoint where he's at. Let's get on the offensive here.

Using the internet and a quick Google Search at work the following Monday, the name Jeffery Dower pops up almost immediately. Apparently he had been a fairly high profile drug dealer who had met the unfortunate fate of several bits of high speed lead.

Gunned down in the Bronx while out for a walk, a black Sedan had pulled up along side him where an unknown gunman fired on Dower before the car pulled away. Police were still looking into the case, and had yet to release any names.
No. 578332 ID: e1609c

So, we know that he's in the bronx area and is likely a gang member.
That narrows it down a bit, yes.
Next lets see about the people Six contacted.
No. 578378 ID: c88cb4

rolled 35 = 35

Library/Computer Use
No. 578381 ID: c88cb4


This one takes a good deal longer, most of the work day in fact. However you finally manage to pull up an old story from Fox News about James Worth and Billy Angels from 2004. It would seem they are former US Army Rangers and served in Afghanistan. The story covers some minor heroics they performed in the course of duty and list three other men. Ralt Hoffmen, Toby Scot, and Jeffery Talam.

> Did the earlier roll manually at home, then remembered their was a dice roller here.
No. 579164 ID: e1609c

Well? get after him, we have a vague clue as to where he's at now.
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