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File 138420159937.jpg - (95.73KB , 625x357 , Serial Killer Button 2.jpg )
547582 No. 547582 ID: 30bb6b

Your name is Eric Cambell, and you recently started playing the most amazing game. It doesn't really have a name, it's simply called "The Game" by the other players. You only started to play a few weeks ago. You had been out hunting in your usual spots in New York, and had only just put the finishing touches on your latest bit of artwork when you found yourself very suddenly elsewhere. The room was large, and you were sitting in a chair around a large conference table. At first you worried, the blood still stained your hands and your knife was still visible, but it was soon made clear that despite their being other people seated around the table none of them could see you. You supposed that appeared just as shadowy and indistinct as they seemed to you.

It was just a few seconds before the shouting began,questions like "who are you people", and "where are we? Why can't I get up!" started back and forth between the confused group. You choose to remain silent. Then the large double doors at the end of the room (had they always been there?) opened and a tall, thin man stepped inside. Apparently it was raining out as he shook a wet umbrella off and placed it by a coat rack.

"Hello, everyone. I suppose you are wondering why I've gathered you here" he said with a slight southern draw? More shouts from the others, some in anger, others confusion. The man waved them down. "I assure you, all will be answered in due time. First let me congratulate you on being selected to participate in the greatest event this millennium" the man shouted with a flick of his wrist.

He smiled and said "I have many names, but you may call me The Game Master!" Suddenly he was on the other side of the table. "I have choose you for this game based on your unique personalities and skill sets. You see, what I offer is literally only limited by your imaginations" he said. The other asked more questions then, "What is it you Offer? What is it you want" the people asked? I continued my silence.

"What I want is simple. Entertainment, the reward for which is whatever you want. Call it a wish if you care for the term, but the reward for winning this game is whatever you desire most in the universe" he smirked again. "How do you win you might ask? Simple, be the last person standing" he laughed slightly as he spoke.

Their was a general murmur within the group as this new information was processed. The man suddenly appeared by the door again (pretty sure it had vanished sometime after he first entered) he pointed to the table. "If you will all check under your seats, you'll find something of great use to you in The Game" he says. I reach beneath my chair and pull out a small black leather book, with the numbers thirteen written on the cover in gold.

"Good luck one and all, I look forward to seeing which of you will triumph" and with that everything was dark!

I awake in my small apartment. Laying on the floor. Next to my is the book....


Name: Eric Cambell
Occupation: Accountant/Serial Killer
STR: 13
CON: 11
DEX: 11
SIZ: 13
INT: 13
POW: 10
APP: 12
EDU: 10
SAN: 25
HP: 12
Damage Bonus: +1D4


Butcher Knife 60%
Fist/Punch 70%
Kick 25%
Grapple 25%
Pistol 50%
Shotgun 50%


Accounting 40%
Conceal 45%
Hide 55%
Listen 45%
Sneak 50%
Spot Hidden 55%
Track 40%


Segmented Hidden Armor
Butcher Knife
Black Book #13
Your "Face"
$4,500 in bank
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No. 547584 ID: a0d06d

Oh my! This sounds exciting. What do these things mean?
No. 547585 ID: 30bb6b

I feel obligated to inform you all that some of the other 12 "players" in The Game, have actual players in RL. While others are just NPCs, if you want Eric to live you'll have to be smart and pit your collective knowledge into beating the other 12 and winning The Game.

Just tell me what you all want to do.
No. 547592 ID: 7fae03

Eric is skilled at Hide&Seek situations...But we don't know what the others are like.
We're the 'Rouge' basically. What concerns me is we also seem well-suited to combat, which makes me wonder what exactly we should be expecting from our opponents...
No. 547595 ID: fc937d

Okay, most those stats are obvious and familiar in meaning, but some could use clarification. What is power relevant to, and what does app stand for? Furthermore, what's the scale here? For instance, what does an education level of 10 translate to, or how good is a sanity meter of 25, (Well, not great obviously, considering he's a serial killer), what's size 13 mean, etc. More generally, what do his physical scores mean (is that superhuman strength, average, etc). And what do the percentages stand for (relative proficiency? Unmodified chance of success at making a skill check in that area?).

>what do
The first task, obviously, would be to read the book. Presumably it has information that will be important or helpful to you.
No. 547598 ID: 2df675
File 138420520788.png - (143.42KB , 509x196 , ttt_WOPR.png )

No. 547599 ID: 30bb6b

For the base stats average for a Human is around 10 to 11, POW, is your POWER. Basically your "willpower", while APP is your APPEARANCE, or how pretty you are. Your sanity of 25 is really bad, most people average out around 50 to 70. If your sanity hits 0 its going to be a lot harder going. Your education of 10 means you basically graduated High School and not much more. It was also a factor in your starting skill levels. As to the skill levels themselves a person with a 60% in something is general considered an expert at it.
No. 547602 ID: 6824aa

Hm. Do we have any tools for identifying other members of the game?
No. 547603 ID: c1ce87

Well the obvious first step would be to read from the book. Should give us a clue to what this game is all about.
No. 547606 ID: 7fae03

We're somewhat bigger, stronger, and innately smarter, but not necessarily as well educated as some of our opponents...
We're great at boxing, so if an opponent tries to take us in that, we can be fairly confident, as well as with our butcher knife...
We're fairly skilled at being sneaky and finding other people trying to be sneaky.
Now, for the bad news.
We're not stable, mentally, so we'll have to watch out for someone playing mind-games on us.
We're bad with kicks, and grappling, so while we are profiecent in melee, it's mostly in straight fighting-a trip attempt isn't a good idea it seems.
What, precisely is the "Face" item in our inventory? A mask, like the one in the picture?
And for now, checking out that book is an excellent idea.
No. 547610 ID: 30bb6b

"I wonder what we have here" you say as you stand up and dust yourself off. You pick up the Black Book not caring for the blood on your hands, it dried some time ago. Its bound in leather, you recognize the material almost instantly. Its human skin, and from a particularly good specimen. It would seem the leather worker who crafted it was skilled as well. The numbers on the front however seemed to be the thinnest of gold shaped and pressed into the material. You open to the first page and see several lines scrawled out in an almost hurried script.


24 July 1928

The Game begins.

One moves to a safe house in the mountains.

Six embarks on a ship leaving Egypt.

Five, under the orders of Salvatore Luciano kills Jimmy Wright, Dale Fosner, and Jeffrey McDonald.

Twelve meets with a contact at Lafayette Park.

Seven is arrested.


Then before your own eyes more words start to slowly appear almost as if being written by an invisible hand.


Three withdraws twenty thousand US dollars from the Bank of The United States.
No. 547613 ID: 30bb6b

The Black Book:

Seven escapes custody.

Four gets on a Train for New York.

Ten buys a firearm.
No. 547614 ID: 30bb6b

The Book it would seem is somehow giving you details on the other 12 players. Some the information seems incredibly vague, while other bits are fairly specific. It could be a very invaluable tool for finding and eliminating the competition. Oh the sport of it will be very challenging. Something to really test your skills.

Suddenly the urge hits you. You don't really have a choice, but to obey its call. The urge to hunt rises up within you, and you quickly change into a new set of clothing.

"I'm headed out mom" you say to your mother as you pass her rocking chair. "Don't stay out to late dear, I've been hearing that their is a killer on the lose" she says gently rocking back and forth.

"Don't worry mom, I won't" you say softly as you pull your face on. As you walk down the back stairway to the ally you try and deiced where tonight's location will be, maybe Harlem? Or perhaps Central Park? Of course you have been meaning to visit The Lower East side.
No. 547617 ID: fc937d

Poor impulse control. Well, that's great.

Realize that where-ever you go, your departure will likely be telegraphed to the other contestants. If any of the others are in New York, they may try to follow you.

Could you set a trap? Choose a location with a recognizable name, but that you're familiar enough with to use the terrain to your advantage. Where you could lose a tail. Or turn the tables on them.
No. 547631 ID: 30bb6b
File 138422065034.jpg - (90.51KB , 500x287 , Serial Killer Button.jpg )

The Black Book:

Seven buys a firearm, and sets up a meeting with Salvatore Luciano.


You smirk as you close the book and place it in a inner jacket pocket. Not much activity from the others as of yet, but you are sure that will change eventually.

For now you have your hunger to sat, and as your earlier bit of artwork was disturbed by the meeting with The Game Master, its only fair to see to your needs now.

You choose Central Park as your stalking grounds, the voices in your head made it clear that the others could be watching your every move. Maybe one of them would show up, and you could catch them then? Central Park is pretty well known after all.

In any case you have found your prey, a younger lady. Walking home perhaps? Or to an early shift at work? It was nearly two in the morning.

How should you proceed?
No. 547632 ID: 097017


fft, 80's movies.
No. 547633 ID: fc937d


>How should you proceed?
Well, that depends. We don't know nearly enough about your MO, or what aspects of this drive you, for us to really advise you.

Not that we're really such a fan of pointless murder. Or wasting time and effort on self indulgence when you've got real things to worry about, now.

How do you see through that mask, anyways?
No. 547645 ID: 097017

what to e3, dear Watson? The pawn I assume?

Watch Clive Barker's Nightbreed.

No. 547646 ID: 7fae03

Something for later- google the names Jimmy Wright, Dale Fosner, and Jeffrey McDonald-research them. They're all connected to a contestant who kills regularly-that's the type we need to watch out for.
No. 547647 ID: 097017

See below:

>Captain's Log, Stardate: 24 July 1928. We have. somehow. been. transported to the past.
No. 547648 ID: fc937d

Yes. It's unambiguous, since there's only one piece that can reach that space on the first turn.
No. 547649 ID: 097017

Riiiight..... Iknewthat. e7 to e5.

No. 547652 ID: 30bb6b

The voices make a point, why do you do this? Why do you do the things you do? You have taken 14 lives in your "career" as you call it. The first three were well over a year ago, it has been stressful at work again so you went to a nearby ally to smoke. The three men were quick to surround you, when they discovered you had no money the waded in punching and kicking. You probably would have died had it not been for the old butcher knife laying next to the dumpster.

You finished the last man off screaming after a short chase down the ally. It had been amazing, you had always been so weak, so helpless. Yet here was power, here was something you were finally good at. You rushed home in excitement.

Your not sure why, but you didn't tell mom. She was always so disappointed in you. You knew it, just like everyone else. Now you had finally found something you were good at, but still you didn't say anything to her. This line of thought hurts your head so you stop thinking about it.

Instead you skip to the beginning of this month. You hadn't done any of your "true" work since last year. You had always been to hesitant. You would often take out the mask mother had made for you one Halloween when you were a kid, it had been torn is some places. Thankfully mom had shown you how to use a needle and thread when you were young. One of the few things you ever did right.

Then once more it was a hard day at work, and you decided to take a walk in the park late one night. You brought your "face" as you had begun to call it, the old butcher knife as well. Not entirely sure why, but they made you feel better.

Thats when you saw her, a whore you were sure of it. Despite her lowly status her eyes were very beautiful, a lovely shade of green. So you took them. Of course it would be wrong to take something without leaving something else in exchange. So you worked quickly and sewed two green buttons back into her eye sockets.

Maybe the voices would be happy with this answer? Maybe not, regardless you were good at this, it makes you happy. It makes all the bad feelings and urges go away.

The woman was getting closer to the bushes you were hiding in. She has the loveliest blue eyes...
No. 547666 ID: 30bb6b

You make your move, a branch snaps giving you away. You break into a sprint toward her, but she manages to scream.

She swings her purse around and it catches you square in the face. She must be carting around bricks in there. Irregardless, you expertly swing your knife around catching her in the gut.

She screams again, not good. It could call the authorities down on you. She tries to run, but stumbles over the rocky path. Lucky for her she falls just as your knife slices through the air above her, but now she is slowly squirming on the ground. You find your mark at the base of her neck silencing her.

You quickly take your prize, and give her the payment for such lovely blue gems. Then make your way back to the apartment. Her shouts might have cause undo attention.

On arriving home you take off your face and slip out of your homemade armor. You place your prizes with the others in the jar in the fridge before heading to bed. Outside your room you can hear the early morning radio report. Detailing two grizzly murders last night....

As you drift off to sleep you listen to the voices for possible plans the next day...
No. 547671 ID: fc937d

>Maybe the voices would be happy with this answer?
Doubtful. Your grim ritual may bring you momentary peace, but not us. We can sympathize with a cruel past, and a twisted mind, but that sympathy only goes so far.

>Detailing two grizzly murders last night
A second? Pay attention to that. The other might be one of your competition.

No. 547678 ID: 097017

King's Knight to f6

No. 547720 ID: 86c259

>Her shouts might have cause undo attention.
Undo attention? Quick, hit ctrl+Z and see if we can't handle that attack with a little more panache the second time around.

Seriously, we need landmines, gasmasks and sarin gas for a properly effective trap, just stating that as an objective. Anyone else have ideas how we should go about making/acquiring these in NYC?
No. 547734 ID: bdb1ef

So 4 is coming to New York? Could mean the city, could mean the state. Either way it seems 4 may be our first encounter of the game.

This presents some interesting possibilities.

In any case, I have some ideas. This book recording other's actions and our own could be very useful. Especially if we provide it with...misleading information. For instance, it seems it records when players purchase weapons or gain certain resources. We could potentially give other players a completely warped idea of our situation and abilities. Lure them into a trap maybe...
No. 547763 ID: 86c259

>Seriously, we need landmines, gasmasks and sarin gas for a properly effective trap, just stating that as an objective.

Already covered.
No. 547781 ID: 30bb6b

The Black Book:

25 July 1928

Four meets with Timothy Right, and Jon Carval.

Three buys several creates of firearms and explosives.

One gathers his followers.


Its break time at work, and you are reading the paper. It would seem last night was full of excitement. A gangland shootout had claimed the lives of three men, Jimmy Wright, Dale Fosner, and Jeffrey McDonald. The work of Five. While your own killings were prominently displayed on the front page of the New York Times.

"Serial Killer Strikes Again!" the headlines read. Nice that your work is appreciated. According to the Black Book it would also seem that Three is buying weapons in large amounts. The voices suggested buying some yourself and laying a trap. Your attempts at writing in the book yourself had proven less then useful. The ink had simply faded away moments after writing. Which leaves you unsure as to if the message was being relayed to the others.

On doing some research at town hall later in the day you discover that Salvator Luciano is also known as Charlie "Lucky" Luciano. If the rumors and stories hold true, the man is one of the biggest Mob Bosses in town. His home base is apparently the Lower East Side, maybe you should set up a meeting? It would seem Five works for him, or at the very least they know each other.

Then again perhaps Four is the larger threat, you have yet to discover who these men are that he is meeting with.

Perhaps the voices hold some helpful insight?
No. 547789 ID: fc937d

Meeting with Luciano on his terms is dangerous. Mob bosses have power, protection, influence. Trying to approach him to get to five could result in him giving you to five, either as a gesture of friendship or professional courtesy. (There's also the possibility he'd be glad to see five dead, but relying on chance is dubious). Meeting Luciano on your terms would be safer, but it's a lot harder to get a mob boss to yourself. Might be doable, but it would take time and planning and spying on him.

Four might be the bigger threat, or not. The lack of real information is problematic. (Did he come to town hunting you, or five? Perhaps there's a chance for a twofer- to pounce on the weakened survivor of a confrontation of your rivals).

I note you haven't seen any messages about yourself appear in the book. I suppose this means it doesn't provide you the courtesy of knowing what about yourself is being relayed to the others.

...that might be an advantage for whoever first eliminates another participant. If you can claim someone else's book, you might be able to see what they books tell the others about you. Knowing what your competition knows is an edge.

Is the book completely empty except for the information that appears about the contestants? There's no title, page of publisher's information in the front, an index or about the author in the back? Nothing stuck in the intermediate pages if you flip through it?

We've also yet to see any information about two, eight, nine, or eleven.

No. 547825 ID: 097017

pawn e5 to e4.

No. 547861 ID: 30bb6b

You think that perhaps setting a trap is best, you wait until late that night to leave home while mother slept in her rocking chair. Being sure not to wake her you plant a gentle kiss on her forehead and silently leave the apartment.

You are unsure of where to find explosives so you start simple. You find a pawn shop and perches several large bear traps, as well as several buckets worth of nails. The owner doesn't ask many questions.


- 130 dollars for 8 Bear Traps
- 70 dollars for 4 buckets of nails.


This still leaves you without something that goes "BOOM", it doesn't take you long to find a construction site on the edge of the city. More then likely some dynamite can be obtained here. There is the added boon of seemingly only a single nightwatchmen being present.

Getting in will mean the man has to die, but this will be the first time you have killed someone without the "urge" being upon you....

No. 547866 ID: fc937d

I wonder how long it will be before one of the others tries to get at you through your mother. She's obviously the only thing you really care about. (Although, with luck, she'll never be mentioned in the book. None of your 'important' actions have involved her, and the book hasn't mentioned anyone else's casual interactions with friends and family).

>this will be the first time you have killed someone without the "urge" being upon you
You'll likely have to do that eventually, if you intend to survive this contest. The others won't conveniently appear only when you're ready.

Is it really necessary to kill the guard though? We have pretty good ranks in hiding and sneaking and such.

Heck, with your skills with your fist (10 points about expert!) knocking him out is an option, too. Disable and tie him up. No real reason he needs to die, unless you're sloppy enough to let him see your face.

No. 547867 ID: 30bb6b

Yes, sneaking up on the man and knocking him out should be good enough. You move to accomplish the task. Its no challenge at all, as the man is engrossed in a novel and music is pouring from the radio in the guardhouse. The door is propped open to let in the cool night air, and you silently slip in.

Your fist comes around catching the man on the side of the head, and he falls from the chair. His surprise last only a second before he lashes out with a kick which hits you in the chest. Luckily your armor, made to stop bullets, protects you. You wade back in punching again. Unfortunately he manages to roll out of the way. He stands up and lunges for you attempting to grab you. He fails miserably as you swing a right hook around catching him in the jaw. He is obviously dazed, and another blow sends him to the ground. You quickly tie him up with some rope and retrieve a set of keys from his belt.

A quick search of the construction site, and you find the explosives you were looking for. A large box of dynamite locked in a shed, you grab it and quickly move to your Model T several streets away.

Now to plan the trap....
No. 547876 ID: 86c259

I was specifically thinking that the gas weapons were the more important part of that because with the right ones, a well set-up killing ground and a good gasmask we can use them to disable/kill opposition without risk. Explosives are also prone to attracting more attention than gas attacks, which is a factor for getting away from the cops.
Explosives work very nicely for making car bombs though, if you can figure out what vehicles belong to your targets.
No. 547934 ID: fc937d

Well, with the bear traps we have a triggering mechanism, the nails can be used as construction supplies or sharpnel, and the dynamite makes the boom.

Problem is we need a location. Either someplace a target, or where we can reliably lure one.
No. 547940 ID: 097017

What do you mean by

> basically graduated High School and not much more.

Does that mean

> basically graduated High School and got an associates degree in accounting

Because anything beyond that means he's due a little more credit. An accountant is a bit more than a respectful name for 'bookkeeper'.

(Queen's Knight to c6)
No. 547954 ID: c74bfa

We don't know what has been shown in others books about us, but we can hope to keep things ambiguous until we can set confrontations to our liking. the primary research methods we and the others have is newspapers and word of mouth, be hat gossip or some form of contacts. We know we are an exceptionally sneaky character, so we should play of of that by just hanging out and going about our business as usual. While we are at a great disadvantage without any sources of information or armament other than the book,we can deprive the others of as much info as possible, becoming a background element for the time being.
No. 547960 ID: 86c259

"Let's hide from this one paranormal source of information gathering by doing nothing about the fact we have a dozen murderers that are eventually coming for us with various organizations, weapons and tools that are probably adequate for murdering people."

I dunno, this seems like a bad plan somehow. I'm worried that maybe that mob boss sends Vinnie and Pauly to tail us for a week and then they snap us up the moment we walk out of the office one day, never to be seen again. Or a lot of other things could work too, really. Have you really never Googled yourself or searched Facebook for all the pictures of you other fools have put up? Do we own a personal-tracking-device (AKA cellphone)?
No. 547963 ID: fc937d

It's July 1928. Please adjust chronometers, expectations, and your plans accordingly.
No. 547970 ID: 86c259

Adjusting, adjusting...
"$4,500 in bank"

Someone can still lean on the police or the city archives to figure out who we are and where we live though. This is the era of high, rampant corruption and people doing many illegal things just to unwind on a Friday night, yes?
No. 547972 ID: beeca1

To be precise, $4,500 in 1928 is equivalent to $59,722.80 today.
No. 547987 ID: 30bb6b

Yes, you do have a good amount of money in your bank account. Your mom and pop had saved up a good sized nest egg in there years, and your pop had gotten you your job at the Office. You made a fair amount of money. Of course you didn't really mess with it except to pay bills and buy food. Your mom only allowed you 300 dollars a month for spending cash. Maybe when you win you can ask for an allowance increase?

In any case you flip through the Black Book again. To see what the others have been up to.


Two burns down the Doctors Office on 128th and St. Nicolas Ave in Harlem.
Nine buys a firearm.
Seven goes into hiding.
Eleven robs the Library of Congress.
Four sends Timothy Right, and Jon Carval out to find Five and Thirteen.


It would seem that Four is making the first move. Sending men out to find you and five. You ponder briefly if Four has made the connection between Five and the Mob Boss, or if he is flying blind. In any case you should probably take steps to safeguard yourself.

Maybe you should move apartments? Of course it will be hard to convince mom to move. She has lived here for years, its where dad died. No it won't be easy at all to convince her....
No. 547989 ID: 86c259

It's 1928, the time of high corruption and bootleggers openly battling with each other. The simplest story to give mom (that's even sort-of true) is that gangsters have decided they don't like you because of their stupid turf war nonsense and now you have to protect yourself. Anyone who stays where we're listed as officially living is likely to end up beaten by mobsters trying to get information about us, and we have to either go hiding or fortify ourselves against who-knows-how-many gangsters (not gonna work).
No. 548029 ID: 30bb6b

Black Book:

26 July 1928

Two murders Donny Glasgo at Hoffman Island.
Five sends men out to find Four and Thirteen.


You close the book and place it withing your jacket. Then open the newspaper sitting in your lap. You pretend to read it while waiting at the bus stop, all the while watching the building across the street, and the people going in and out.

The building belonged to Salvator Luciano, Lower East Side Mob Boss. You were spying on it as it was one of the few leads you had as to the possible identity of Five, whose latest Black Book entry had you worried. It had said "Men" were looking for you, but gave no specific names.

Could it be that there were so many of them that the Book didn't attempt to write each name? Or was it that the Book didn't know? In any case it seemed a confrontation in New York was inevitable. During the course of you few hours at the bus stop, you couldn't help but notice some things.

Fist you have the usual assortment of toughs moving in and out of the building. Probably thugs and enforcers for the higher ups of the criminal organization. Parked across the street in a nondescript Model-T were a couple of obvious undercover Police Officers. On the other side of the road was another Model-T, in it was a single man watching a homeless man in an alleyway intently. He didn't seem the cop sort, but he was obviously here for a reason. The next most interesting bit was the homeless man himself. At first glance he seemed the usual type seen in the Lower East Side. Unkempt and dirty. However on closer inspection he seemed just a tad to healthy, and was watching the Mob building a bit to closely.

You gently pat the small box beside you, filled with dynamite and nails. Maybe now was the time the voices talked about? Or perhaps its to early?
No. 548043 ID: e02584

Homeless guy is a player. Kill him before he notices you, if you can. The guy in the car is probably a player, too. Be cautious above all else. Your primary goal is to survive.
No. 548048 ID: fc937d

>Eleven robs the Library of Congress.
Huh. That's interesting. Makes me wonder what they took. And that was their first move, too.

>move apartments?
The problem is, as we've seen from the black book, that kind of action will probably be reported. Meaning the others will know to look for a recent move. And it'll take time, and you'll be vulnerable while moving.

>It had said "Men" were looking for you, but gave no specific names.
Maybe the book is being deliberately vague. It doesn't give you the advantage of knowing exactly who or how many are coming after you.

...there's the possibility he's one of the others who came hunting to new york, yes. But it's equally possible he's an agent of one of the others. Until we get too close, it's going to be hard to tell players from their pawns. And we know some of the players have pawns.

(And speaking of pawns. a3).

Attacking in the middle of street, with all these people around is dangerous. But with all these pieces in play, a well set trap could do a lot of damage. I think perhaps it is time.
No. 548071 ID: c1ce87

We should buy a plane ticket to some distant place but never get on the plane. Maybe it will throw these goons off our trail?

As for attacking the man, Not yet. doing something so conspicuous this early in the game may reveal our identity, we want to fly under the radar for as long as possible.
No. 548213 ID: 30bb6b

You twitch impatiently, the voices were arguing. Kill them or not, kill them or not, kill them or not... It was digging into your brain over and over. Then just as quickly as it had started it stopped. The bomb had a timer, you could set it and simply leave it nearby, then walk away.

Finally the voices calling for violence win out, and you stand up folding your newspaper and calmly walk down the sidewalk, discretely dropping the box into a garbage bin. You are fairly certain that the explosion will catch the homeless man, possible the man in the Model-T, and any nearby bystanders.

You smile to yourself as you open the door to your car and drive off with the sounds of an explosion echoing in the background.
No. 548238 ID: 30bb6b

Black Book:

Thirteen kills Timothy Right, Hank Stern, and Dale Davidson.

Seven is killed by Thirteen in an explosion.

Three hires Ang Qi and sends him to New York.
No. 548240 ID: fc937d

So we got Seven, one of Four's lackeys, and two bystanders. Not bad.

We got the first kill of the contest! Pity we can't try and grab Seven's book. We can't afford to got back to the site of the explosion, and there's a chance it was destroyed anyways.

Three's sending an assassin or something, looks like. That's annoying.
No. 548247 ID: 86c259

Are we sure Ang Qi is an assassin? Just knowing what your opponent looks like and where they live is an important part of trying to get the drop on them instead of being ambushed. If we were really rich I'd propose hiring a retainer to bring a message to one of our foes and bring back a description of what they look like and where they live.
No. 548264 ID: fc937d

>Are we sure Ang Qi is an assassin?
Well, no. Not at all. That's just a worst case presumption. It may be our rival hired someone who is not a threat to us, but it's probably safer to assume dangerous until proven otherwise.
No. 548315 ID: bdb1ef

While this Ang Qi is worrying, we mustn't forget that five has sent men to find us.
No. 548316 ID: 30bb6b

Once more you have been transported against your will. One second you were getting into your car after work, the next you were sitting in a comfortable chair next to a warm fireplace. The Game Master sat across from you.

"Well done my good sir, well done" he says with a smile. "It would seem First Blood goes to you, and as such I believe a small reward is in order" he continues.

"A reward? What kind of reward? you ask hesitantly? The Game Master leans back in his chair, and a coffee table suddenly exist between you. On the table lay a Shield, Scroll, and Sword. "They are all metaphorical of course, but you may pick one. Whichever you want" he says leaning forward and taping his fingers together.

Should this "reward" be taken? And if so, which one?
No. 548319 ID: e02584

No. 548326 ID: fc937d

I don't suppose I can ask what the metaphors represent ahead of time?

Guessing here: the sword if offensive. Some kind of weapon or means to do damage. The shield is a defense, protection. The scroll is likely knowledge or information of some kind.

...the shield is probably the best bet. There are a lot of ways to kill people, and information is only useful if we're able to play it right. But with so many players all after each other, our biggest difficultly is protecting ourself from the others.
No. 548335 ID: d2294f

Shield- Book's already good, and we're good offensively, just need more defense.
No. 548341 ID: bb3eca

I'm not at all convinced there are other players to this thing if they go down so easily.

get the scroll, it's an obvious euphemism for more information--knowledge is power AND the best defense.
No. 548347 ID: 86c259

Anybody can die in a foot of water or while stabbed in their sleep: The best shield OR sword at our disposal is more information.
No. 548367 ID: 30bb6b

Their are indeed other players (and Seven was pissed he died), The average HP of a Human is around 12 points. Most decent guns do around 1d10 + 2 points of damage. The explosion did 4d6+2 points. It is very, very, very easy to die.
No. 548373 ID: fc937d

>It is very, very, very easy to die.
Which is why we should take the shield. We could be attacked by any of the others at any time, with no warning.
No. 548383 ID: e480df

You reach toward the shield, and pull your hand back in surprise as the three items disintegrate and in their place lay a beautiful gold necklace. It sports a gold chain and a complex pentagram like symbol.

"The Sha'kar necklace" the Game Master says. "It can provide you with safety for a limited time, just be careful as it can only provide you with so much protection" He leans back.

You pick up the necklace and place it around your neck. Everything goes black and suddenly you are back at your car. You drive home to catch some sleep.


The Black Book:

27 July 1928

Eleven robs a graveyard.

Twelve gets on a train to Boston.

No. 548445 ID: d6c045

Given what we know, Five sent someone after Four. But we can find out who Four is simply by interrogating Jon Carval; too bad we have no torture skill.

Look his name up in the phonebook and then do a drive by to have a look at his house.
No. 548458 ID: fc937d

Huh. Eleven really intrigues me. First a library, then a graveyard. I wonder what he's collecting, and how it will help him.

So far as we know, four and five should still be somewhere in new york. We need to determine a means for locating them before they locate us.

...what does the news say about your explosion? Might be some useful detail about your dead competition the book left out. (Like if his book was recovered by the police. Or if they have leads, or who they think did it).
No. 548459 ID: e8a5f8

Library of Congress+Graveyard=Necromancer.

Does it sound crazy-ier than normal for us? Well how's a necklace supposed to protect you? How does The Game Master do HALF of what he does?
Now the question becomes what sort of powers this guy has, and how extensive they are. And I highly recommend doing it publicly or catching him where there are no bystanders-living or dead.
No. 548471 ID: 86c259

We don't know what, let alone who, this gamemaster is besides being a source of deus ex machina.
I'm not ruling out necromancy but there are other things in graveyards besides human remains to take: Notably there's masonry, dirt, landscaping and digging tools, funeral clothes, and all the stuff various people had buried with them.
Apparently being a mad bomber works for us, do we have more dynamite or is it time to get more? If we have enough let's do some research and go bombing.
No. 548476 ID: 3651de

So 7 is just one guy? Huhn, that doesn't add up.
Maybe HH01 mean "those people of that platform."
Maybe it's on that alt history forum. (quick guys lets make telepathic deals with the other players)
No. 548484 ID: c213e6

wait, you didn't take 7's book?!

The cops probably have it now... and that's not good. It also may be an opportunity to introduce another player (or console a pissed off one.)

no, sounds like the guy stole the book of secrets and stole a particular item of value, perhaps magical.
No. 548486 ID: 30bb6b

The Black Book:

28 July 1928

Three talks to Ang Qi.
Four meets with Jon Carval.
Six arrives at London.
One sends followers to Boston.
Ten gets on a train for New York.


After checking the Black Book for the latest entries you start going through the several newspapers on your coffee table.

The Headlines are abuzz with the continued "Gangland" violence which resulted in a bombing in the Lower East side yesterday. Their are four men listed as dead, the police have yet to release their names. In addition to the dead it would seem that at least eight others were injured, including at least two police officers. The Mayor has responded with the statement "Efforts are underway to route out the organized crime of the city, and insure these outbreaks of violence are stopped".

Meanwhile the unknown Serial Killer has continued to stalk the city. Famed Detective Johnny Broderick, and his partner Barney Ruditsky have been reassigned to the investigation.

You fold the papers up, and think to the Voices advice about searching for Jon Carval. He could lead you right to Four. Of course, you have more urgent matters to attend, the call is upon you once more. You just need to choose a hunting ground....
No. 548500 ID: fc937d

...yeah, that occurred to me as well, but we don't have any evidence that supernatural resources outside those introduced by the game are available.

>Johnny Broderick and Barney Ruditsky
Memorize their faces, if there were photos in the paper. You'll want to know if they get close.

>Time to hunt
Hmm. We're not prepared to set a trap, this time round. Let's pick a less obvious hunting ground. Make it hard on anyone who tries to follow us.
No. 548503 ID: fc937d

>wait, you didn't take 7's book?!
That's the disadvantage of killing with remote explosives. We lose the opportunity to loot bodies. Can't afford to be too close to the boom, and the crowds and investigation afterwards get in the way.
No. 548544 ID: 86c259

Well, how else are we supposed to be sure that we're the winner in a confrontation with someone that is expecting people to try to kill them, and has some idea who and where they might be? Seriously, explosives are fun and once we have some experience with it we can learn to profit from collateral damage.

I'm seriously considering the possibility we hunt the police motor pool with dynamite: If the cops can't be where they need to be to stop us that's almost as good as them not existing. One bomb only, every time we use a tactic they'll start watching out for it and our end game is to leave them so paranoid and fortified they can't effectively investigate anything.

Let's go hunt some stray immigrants to feed our appetite though.
No. 548669 ID: d6c045

Find Jon Carval, then, once you interrogate him...

Don't immediately pounce on Four. You see, Five sent out men to find Four-maybe even talk to Jon Carval first. Watch and wait. Nab one of the men going after Four and find out who Five is straight after.

Then you can nail them both.

Obviously, you'll have to kill Jon. Don't want anyone knowing what you look like!
No. 549142 ID: bdb1ef

This seems like a workable plan.
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