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File 138446867816.png - (29.42KB , 1200x1200 , characterselect.png )
548052 No. 548052 ID: 8ab426

>DISCLAIMER: This quest will contain turn-based strategy battles and nudity.

This is a story of many strange events, and many characters. But one warrior stands out above the rest as the 'main' character.

What did this character fight for?

>note: I will probably leave this first post up for a while to give more time for potential players to vote for the protagonist
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No. 548055 ID: d17222

No. 548056 ID: b0d8a0

No. 548058 ID: 03e747

the only character with the sense to wear a hat is the only character to play.
No. 548059 ID: f0418c

No. 548060 ID: fc937d

First choice, Duty. Second choice, justice.
No. 548061 ID: eba9b6

No. 548065 ID: eaa372

Pride, all those other things lead to stuff like moping around and introspection.
No. 548066 ID: e02584

No. 548067 ID: ccf689

No. 548069 ID: 5869f6

No. 548070 ID: 06331f

Duty, because tozlle!
No. 548072 ID: 13a36d

No. 548073 ID: ba8629

No. 548074 ID: 2122ad

No. 548075 ID: 7bbaae

No. 548076 ID: b3dd38

No. 548077 ID: beeca1

Pride, fuck moping around and introspection.
No. 548078 ID: 4a20fa

No. 548080 ID: 86c259

Pride, we are the best!
No. 548081 ID: 7a93da

No. 548082 ID: b2d7ab

No. 548084 ID: 2f1c20

Revenge, slay those who have wronged you.
No. 548085 ID: 4bd8ca

Justice! Because it has the most virtues attached to it.
No. 548086 ID: 67bfa9

Pride: gotta support the home team
No. 548087 ID: 279f18

No. 548088 ID: a36601

Revenge sounds cool.
No. 548089 ID: 5ce288

Duty, Justice second choice.

But it looks like it's gonna be revenge. QQ
No. 548093 ID: 13a36d

That's not the right theme for Revenge, this is
No. 548094 ID: 279f18

And that's not the right theme for revengeance.
No. 548095 ID: 9ddf68

Revenge, Duty, Justice, Pride. In that order
No. 548098 ID: f3bb85


Oh, fine. PRIDE.
No. 548114 ID: e8a5f8

No. 548116 ID: c23ab0


I mean, Revenge.

There's a Mok an Astranian and a Tozol, and I'm willing to bet every equestrian bit I own that the fourth one is a pony in a trench coat.
No. 548122 ID: 8ab426

I vote Justice!

Gotta get muh Ugly Cat on!
No. 548124 ID: 7bbaae

Looks like an Indahl to me. I mean, it's got the three-prong tail.
No. 548125 ID: 5acad3

No. 548127 ID: 8ab426
File 138448179087.png - (234.07KB , 800x800 , story001.png )

Hinzes, of the Atuhalla Clan, is an Engsami who has dedicated her life to a mission.

Her younger brother was kidnapped by raiders months ago, and she has taken on the role of a bounty hunter in order to take her revenge on them. Ultimately, she hopes to find and recover her brother. Either way, she has already chosen her path and made her peace with it.

There's no sneaking up on the raider encampment in the desert, the terrain is far too sparse. Hinzes doesn't care, though. Even knowing she's coming won't spare them.

They appear to be a small band, and are doing something with their supplies. There is no surprise though, before she is even in range to open fire they sound an alarm and gather their arms.
No. 548129 ID: fc937d

Right. So outnumbered, no element of surprise, and no cover from incoming fire.

What are our advantages? You must have something going for you to be so sure you're going to destroy them.
No. 548133 ID: 8ab426
File 138448268706.png - (47.96KB , 600x200 , Hinzes.png )


>In the left section of the character sheet, a character's name, class, and attributes are listed.
>Below the character's level and experience, the listed attributes and their respective icons are:
>Health - Influences a character's maximum stamina
>Striking - Influences a character's damage with melee weapons
>Shooting - Influences a character's damage with ranged weapons
>Defense - Reduces damage a character receives when hit
>Speed - Influences the frequency with which a character receives turns during a battle. A character with higher speed will act earlier and more often.
>Luck - Influences accuracy, evasion, ability activation, and other mysterious events
>Recovery - Influences the rate at which a character recovers Stamina

>The second section shows a character's equipment and abilities
>A character may equip a one-handed item in each hand, or one two-handed item.
>A character may have one back-up item, which may only be a single one-handed item.

>Weapon Stats: A weapon will list its Type (melee or ranged) as an icon, followed by its name. A weapon with an (H) tag in its name is a heavy weapon, and may not be fired after moving.
>The number immediately following a weapon's name is its power. Higher-power weapons will do more damage.
>The next number is a weapon's range. It will either be a single number (like 1) or a range of numbers (like 3-5). A weapon may be used to attack any enemy within the range specified by the weapon.
>The final section of a weapon listing is its usage limits. An 'A' means that the weapon carries a limited stock of ammunition, and an 'S' means a weapon consumes stamina when used to attack. The number after the letter indicates either the amount of remaining ammunition or the amount of stamina required to attack.
>Usually, melee weapons require stamina while ranged weapons require ammunition.

>The 6 sections below the weapon section show the character's equipped items in their Hat, Arms, Chest, Waist, Legs, and Feet categories

>The bottom of the center section shows the special abilities of a character. Hinzes knows the ability 'stubborn' at Rank 1. This cause her to increase her attack, defense, and luck when the total remaining value of her stamina and AP is reduced.

>The final section shows a character's stamina, the remaining AP of all pieces of equipment, and their movement type and distance. On a character's turn, they may move a number of squares equal to the distance listed.
>A character who loses all AP and stamina is defeated. A character with 0 stamina is stunned, and can take no action other than to recover stamina.
No. 548136 ID: 8ab426
File 138448312848.png - (388.43KB , 1200x1200 , Battle01.png )

>On a character's turn, they may take one of several types of action:
>A character may move and make an attack with a single non-heavy weapon of choice.
>A character may make an attack with a heavy weapon of choice.
>A character may move and use an item.
>A character may move and 'Take a Breather,' allowing them to recover stamina equal to their Recovery attribute.

>A character may choose to do only ONE of move, attack with a non-heavy weapon, or take a breather. A character who takes only a single action will receive their next turn sooner.

>A character may pass their turn, receiving their next turn even sooner.

Hinzes seizes the initiative, acting first!

>acting first gives an immediate bonus turn to the team that receives the benefit. In this case, as Hinzes is also faster than her opponents, she will get two turns at the beginning of combat!

Current Turn: hinzes

Next Five Turns:
1: Hinzes
2: Bow Engsami
3: Spear Engsami A
4: Spear Engsami B
5: Spear Engsami C
No. 548137 ID: 7bbaae

Shoot dat axe guy near you. Twice if he lives past the first shot.
No. 548138 ID: fc937d

Well, we've one baddie in range without moving.

Hold your ground, rifle up, and blow combatant C away.
No. 548139 ID: 67bfa9

shoot C!, shoot C dead!
No. 548140 ID: 5ce288

Shoot C and begin moving to cover behind those... bushes?
No. 548142 ID: f0418c

Fire the basscannon at bow guy.
No. 548143 ID: 13a36d

Shoot C!
No. 548144 ID: 8ab426
File 138448426178.png - (388.41KB , 1200x1200 , Battle02.png )

Hinzes fires a shot at the Engsami Grunt, grazing him and dealing four damage!
No. 548146 ID: 8ab426
File 138448472284.png - (377.51KB , 1200x1200 , Battle03.png )


Hinzes uses her second turn to fire another shot!

>Ganging up on opponents is an effective strategy, for allies OR enemies!
>Consecutive attacks against a target who does not get a turn between them will receive increased accuracy and damage!

Hinzes takes advantage of her speed to swiftly reload and fire again, dealing an additional 6 damage!

The Engsami falls to the ground stunned, and cannot act on this turn!

The remaining Engsami move closer, with the leader taking cover behind a barrel


>some pieces of terrain will offer defensive bonuses. Such terrain will usually require more movement to enter.

Current Turn: Hinzes

Next 5 Turns:
1: Spear Engsami A
2: Spear Engsami B
3: Bow Engsami
4: Hinzes
5: Spear Engsami A
No. 548147 ID: 7bbaae

Run up and hit the recovering enemy with your Jaw Blade.
No. 548148 ID: 67bfa9

Finish off dude on ground with your big gun!
No. 548149 ID: 5ce288

Take cover of your own before the leader picks you off!
No. 548150 ID: 13a36d

Shoot them until they're dead, then aim for A.
No. 548151 ID: fc937d

Hold your ground, finish the downed guy with your gun.
No. 548153 ID: 1f8505


Sprint for cover behind the brush.
No. 548154 ID: cf16c8

Remain where you are and shoot C again.
No. 548156 ID: 8ab426
File 138448576110.png - (381.73KB , 1200x1200 , Battle04.png )

Hinzes keeps her cool, firing at the stunned Engsami warrior and taking him cleanly out of action!

The remaining Engsami maintain their advance, while the one with a crossbow circles around toward the brush. Apparently he still is not in range.

Current Turn: Hinzes

Next 5 Turns:
1: Spear Engsami A
2: Spear Engsami B
3: Bow Engsami
4: Hinzes
5: Hinzes
No. 548157 ID: b0d8a0

Pop pop pop watch those motherfuckers drop
No. 548158 ID: 13a36d

Same song second verse, a little bit closer and a little bit worse.

Shoot A until he's dead.
No. 548159 ID: 67bfa9

Shoot A! all that stand before you die
No. 548161 ID: fc937d

Take one step back (A has a move range of 3) and blast A.
No. 548163 ID: cf16c8

Move one right, you'll be safe until you have two turns in a row, and then you can attack twice with your blade to take A down.
No. 548164 ID: 8ab426
File 138448722876.png - (381.44KB , 1200x1200 , Battle05.png )


It is tempting to keep pouring shots into the advancing targets, but Hinzes decides to plan ahead and think tactically in this case. She gives a slight bit of ground, stepping away.

>Remember to keep track of the 'next 5 turns' listing in the updates! Knowing when you will get to go can open up many additional avenues of attack or defense!

No. 548167 ID: 13a36d

One left, jawblade that sonuvabitch
No. 548168 ID: 0006f5

for now go with lawyerdogs plan. planning ahead, stick to the walls, preferably travelling up unless you cant clobber through or slip past in that direction. hipfire whenever nothing is in reach, advance along the edges and let them come to you for helpings of axe murder otherwise
No. 548169 ID: fc937d

>for now go with lawyerdogs plan
No. 548171 ID: 8ab426
File 138448817813.png - (376.75KB , 1200x1200 , Battle06.png )


Hinzel follows the enemy's approach, using her extra speed to attack an enemy twice!

>Characters respond to attacks. By default, characters will attempt to counter any attack leveled at them. If the character is attacked by an enemy who is currently within range of their equipped weapon, they may strike back and damage the opponent out of turn!
>A character may also choose to defend against all attacks that would be leveled at them over the course of a turn, reducing the damage that they would take by half. However, a character who chooses to act defensively may not counter against any attacker!

The Engsami lashes back with his axe (whoops not a spear at all, my bad), But cannot strike true against Hinzes! He tears at her coat and the shirt beneath it, but no lasting damage is dealt.

Hinzes uses her next turn to continue her assault, Downing her opponent with a savage blow!

The remaining Engsami continue their unwavering approach.
No. 548172 ID: 8ab426


Whoopsie forgot Next 5 Turns.

Current Turn: Hinzes

Next 5 Turns:
1:Engsami A (stunned)
2:Engsami B
3:Bow Engsami
5:Engsami A
No. 548173 ID: 13a36d

Coup de grace with jawbone sword
No. 548174 ID: fc937d

Clothing damage rpg, indeed.

Continue with the plan. Move away along the wall, let the other axe guy come to you, and down him as you did the other.

Then we're going to have to juggle finishing them off and dealing with the archer will finally be in range.
No. 548175 ID: 67bfa9

finish the guy off and then take a breather to recover your stamina
No. 548176 ID: cf16c8

Do those things they are good things.
No. 548177 ID: 7bbaae

She hasn't taken any Stamina damage, only AP damage.

I'm thinking... move away two squares and wait. We should be able to get two turns again before Slaver B gets to act.
No. 548178 ID: 9ddf68

finish him off before you do anything else else it comes back and bites you in the ass
No. 548198 ID: 8ab426
File 138449177770.png - (228.73KB , 800x800 , clothingdamage01.png )


>Remember! Stamina is also spent to make attacks with the Jawblade!

Hinzes Finishes off the opponent near her, pausing to catch her breath. The other axe-weilding engsami dashes up, and lands a solid blow! Hinzes manages to avoid any lasting physical damage, but the remaining tatters of her coat are ripped aside by the attacker's axe!

No. 548199 ID: 8ab426
File 138449205146.png - (369.38KB , 1200x1200 , Battle07.png )



Hinzel's STUBBORN ability activates, increasing her battle attributes! She lashes out with a counterattack against the opponent who struck her, stunning him with a mighty blow!

The bow-weilding engsami continues his approach, but appears to still be out of his firing range.

Current Turn: Hinzes

Next 5 Turns:

1: Bow Engsami
2: Engsami A (stunned)
3: Hinzes
4: Bow Engsami
5: Engsami A (stunend)

>Mechanic Note: A character can spend BOTH actions on 'take a breather' to recover stamina twice. I Neglected to mention this earlier in the available actions post, sorry.
No. 548201 ID: 67bfa9

wack engsami A and take a breather
No. 548202 ID: cf16c8

Finish off A to make the most use out of the combo.
No. 548204 ID: fc937d

Close to melee range with the bowman (hoping he lacks a melee weapon, and that puts you inside his bow's minimum range) and let him have a stubborn jawblade strike.

If it works, then everybody is stunned, we're down to 1 stamina, and then we just finish them with the rifle.
No. 548205 ID: 8ab426
File 138449271482.png - (49.23KB , 600x200 , Hinzes.png )

>Somebody asked for a current update on Hinzes' stats
No. 548206 ID: d315b1

The bowman probably has a minimum range of 2, so let's run behind him and engage with melee.
No. 548207 ID: f3bb85

As a wise man once said, "Shoot him in the heaaaad!"

No. 548208 ID: 57a559

Is it possible within the system to try and purposely get friendly fire to happen?
No. 548209 ID: 7bbaae

I agree with this.
No. 548215 ID: 8ab426
File 138449430273.png - (361.54KB , 1200x1200 , Battle08.png )

Hinzes weathers the loss of her coat well, striking down the opponent who so cruelly ripped it from her.

The other engsami approaches to what is apparently within his firing range, and fires a bolt at Hinzes. It narrowly misses her, tearing a gash along the side of her undershirt.

Current Turn: Hinzes

Next 5 Turns:
1: Engsami
2: Hinzes
3: Engsami
4: Hinzes
5: Hinzes
No. 548216 ID: fc937d

Close to melee, finish him.
No. 548217 ID: 67bfa9

charge and attack with your jaw blade.

we might want to keep this one alive to tell hinzes where her brother is

I recommend targeting his equipment (payback for her lost coat) and/or leaving him at stunned
No. 548219 ID: c311d1

Welp. Nothing left to do but close in and get that archer, I suppose!
No. 548226 ID: 7bbaae

Definitely keep him alive so we can question him.
No. 548228 ID: cf16c8

Definitely do all of this.
No. 548229 ID: 8ab426
File 138449577247.png - (340.36KB , 1200x1200 , Battle09.png )

Hinzes closes in and scores a CRITICAL HIT against the bowman, stunning him instantly!

As there are no non-stunned opponents left nearby, he is at her mercy. The battle is won!
No. 548230 ID: 67bfa9

take all of his stuff and demand he tell you where your brother is
No. 548231 ID: c311d1

Take him hostage then. May be useful for questions, since we're looking for someone, technically.
No. 548233 ID: 7bbaae

Disarm him and tie him up, then hold him at gunpoint to make you tell you where your brother is.
No. 548234 ID: fc937d

Nice. Move on to interrogations, coup de grĂ¢ce-ing (optional?), looting, and clothing repairs.
No. 548235 ID: 5ce288

Rough him up a little for all the clothing damage, then ask him where your brother is. When you're done, shoot him somewhere it'll take a long time for him to bleed out of.
No. 548236 ID: 8ab426

>NOTE: I'm going to actually need to draw stuff from here, so this will be the end of the session for the evening. Thanks for playing everyone!
No. 548465 ID: 6e85c8
File 138464587405.png - (190.06KB , 800x800 , story002.png )

Hinzes takes all of the remaining Engsami's equipment, and ties him up. She asks if he knows where her brother is.

'Like I'd tell you, bitch! What even makes you think I'd know that?'
No. 548467 ID: b2c9e1

I saw pull out the blade thing, put it up to his genital area and tell him "well...I guess you won't mind if I go ahead and make you a girl~" or something along those lines.
No. 548468 ID: b2c9e1

Or if it's female (I dunno,) Just stab them in the palm...or cut off a finger, and tell them you will take another for each time you have to ask~
No. 548469 ID: fc937d

>Like I'd tell you, bitch! What even makes you think I'd know that?
Considering it's probably the only reason your continued life holds any value to me (toy with your blade) I thought you might be more inclined to answer.

A child (description), taken by raiders (when and where). If you value your life, tell me where he can be found.
No. 548472 ID: 86c259

Too soon on the cutting things off, they need to think there's a chance we'll let them live in order to be persuaded that it's worth telling us anything before they die.
No. 548473 ID: 57a559

Tell him that he really shouldn't take this so personally. My reaction is very normal. Please be a professional raider and admit when he's lost and at his opponent's mercy. He owes nothing to your fellow raiders away from this encampment Before you make it clear how personal and unproffesional you can get. If he don't know where your brother's at, then where does slave traffic head? When was the last time you've sold product.

You're allowing a chance for him to get away from this with his life in tact. He shouldn't squander it on petty anger or his supposed "honor between raiders" because lets face facts here, you'd just as soon slave your allies if it was practical to make money or if it was between you or them. And it looks like the latter is the case. If we can't get anything from him, then all he dies with is his fake sense of dignity, because we will track all of the raiders down, and we WILL kill them all until you have your brother.

You're sure he'd do the same in your place.

So please
Lets be reasonable.
No. 548474 ID: 5bf190

"That's odd, Mr. [make or personal nickname of gun] told me you knew. Perhaps he needs a closer look at you."

Then point the rifle at his face.
No. 548479 ID: 7bbaae

Eh. Okay, if he doesn't know where your brother is, get him to tell you where you can find out. Other slavers nearby, maybe? Their leader? Documents in their tents?
No. 548480 ID: 5ce288

"Your life depends on it."
No. 548487 ID: 60e4ed

Give him a description of your brother and tell him that he can go free if he gives you any useful information that you confirm to be true, and he will be coming with you until then.
No. 548491 ID: 67bfa9

Tell him it's because he looked like someone who wanted to live.

if that's not the case tell him he's free to join his friends
No. 548492 ID: 57a559

You know if he gets particular resistent, we can threaten live with a few of his fingers or toes missing. Ensigami don't have limb regen, right? Maybe threaten sell him into slavery too. So we just take a few, leave the important ones so he's actually valuable to sell.

Yeah, yeah, I think we got the perfect threat here.
Many find it worse to be a crippled slave than a dead man, especially people who put their lives on the line every day for their living. First, we make it so he can never handle a weapon again or run far distances so we can take him hostage and travel to ensure accurate information. The more lies he tells, the more he tries to run, the more he tries to betray us, the more he will never be able to do again.
No. 548499 ID: 2ee7ee

Inspect the delicious bulge.
No. 548504 ID: 6e85c8
File 138465417285.png - (199.84KB , 800x800 , story003.png )


>Hinzes has more important matters on her mind

Hinzes keeps her calm, describing her brother to the man as she casually loads her rifle.

'I never seen anyone like that! Now fuck off!'

Hinzes decides she has had enough of his backtalk, and levels her rifle at him. She makes it clear that she will happily fire if he fails to cooperate. She asks him where they normally send their slaves.

'L-look! Look. Okay, I don't know! You'd have to talk to the boss, but you really don't want to talk to the boss.'

Hinzes demands to know where the boss is, squeezing lightly on her trigger


No. 548507 ID: 6e85c8
File 138465429808.png - (131.43KB , 800x800 , story004.png )


There is a sudden, loud fluttering sound as the flaps to the tent blow open.

No. 548508 ID: 7bbaae

Casually shoot the prisoner in his face, then reload while saying you're here to find your brother.
No. 548509 ID: 5ce288

Shoot the hostage and then level your gun at the big guy. Time to sate your blood lust.
No. 548510 ID: fc937d

I was just having a polite conversation, and asking this pathetic creature about his boss.

I presume you are he?

>shoot the prisoner
Don't bother. If this isn't the boss, or we don't get any useful intel out of it, we'll need him to point us somewhere else.
No. 548517 ID: 67bfa9

don't waste your shot on the lizard, demand fatty tell you where your brother is!
No. 548518 ID: 57a559

What the hell... IS HE?
No. 548519 ID: d2995c

Yep, right as a large and likely hostile whatever-that-thing-is shows up is not the time to be wasting bullets.
No. 548520 ID: 13a36d

Don't shoot the hostage.

Put on your best batman face and yell "WHERE IS HE!?"

(I'm sure with the shadow casting over half your face from the hat and the glowy eye effect you can put on a pretty good batman face)
No. 548526 ID: b58751

Keep your gun leveled on the prisoner just incase he tries something and as what ever the fuck that is where is your brother
No. 548528 ID: 569fdc

Definitely vote batman (or, given your gear, maybe man with no name/Dirty Harry would be more appropriate). The path you're on, intimidation may be a vital talent to hone, and as you're standing amidst a pile of Cousin It's underlings, maybe it'll be enough to set him back on his heels. Just be ready to move in case l there are reinforcements over in that building.
No. 548531 ID: 6e85c8
File 138465874805.png - (338.94KB , 1200x1200 , Battle10.png )

The prisoner's eyes roll back into his head, and he passes out.

Hinzes levels her gun at 'the boss,' and demands to know where her brother is.

Oh. It is you. This is ... Unexpected.

Hinzes is shocked to find that 'the boss' apparently knows who she is. She says that if he knows who she is, he knows why she is here.

No matter. I shall deal with this problem.


Next 5 turns:
2:'the boss'
5:'the boss'
No. 548532 ID: 1f8505


Fire. Back away. Reload.
No. 548533 ID: 67bfa9

move behind Barrel for cover
No. 548536 ID: fc937d

Huh. Can we tell what the boss is?

We can't move after attacking.

Pull back, behind the brush. I want to see how much move this thing has, or how it tries to attack. We'll test going on the offensive when we get our double turn.
No. 548538 ID: 67bfa9

and for your second turn fire
No. 548540 ID: 6e85c8
File 138465952951.png - (48.81KB , 600x200 , Hinzes.png )

>Hinzes' current stats
No. 548542 ID: c311d1

Keep your distance but pelt him with gunfire when able.
No. 548543 ID: 60e4ed

Use both turns to get in the barrel and wait to see what he does.
No. 548545 ID: 6e85c8
File 138466049752.png - (336.80KB , 1200x1200 , Battle11.png )

Hinzes moves up near the barrel, and fires a shot at 'the boss.' It hits the armored coif and ricochets off.


Current Turn: Hinzes

Next 5 Turns:
1: Hinzes
2: 'the boss'
3: Hinzes
4: Hinzes
5: 'the boss'
No. 548546 ID: 7bbaae

Looks like he can't counter from this distance. Fire another two shots. Or one shot then hide behind the barrel with your melee weapon out.
No. 548547 ID: 60e4ed

Fire at him again then jump in the barrel.
No. 548550 ID: 67bfa9

fire twice! stun lock this dick!
No. 548554 ID: b479de

Keep your distance from this guy. Move away now then fire your gun, the when you move again do another shoot and run. I have a bad feeling about getting in close with this guy
No. 548559 ID: f0418c

Shoot him all up in the face
No. 548560 ID: 13a36d

No. 548561 ID: d6301f

First turn:Shoot and reload since he's in range. Second turn:Move back 5 squares towards the bushes and nothing else. Melee with giant man bad~
No. 548562 ID: 1f8505

Aim for his head!
No. 548563 ID: 4ef19e

Agreed, fire at him then jump in the barrel.

If he hits you, roll with it. Literally.
No. 548565 ID: 6e85c8
File 138466229996.png - (337.59KB , 1200x1200 , Battle12.png )

Hinzes takes aim and fires continually at the enemy's head.


Current Turn: Hinzes

Next 5 Turns:
1: Hinzes
2: 'the boss'
3: Hinzes
4: 'the boss'
5: Hinzes
No. 548566 ID: 13a36d

Keep firing until it's blue all the way across it's visor thing, then hide behind the barrel.

(any chance to peek inside the barrel?)
No. 548567 ID: 67bfa9

keep firing! we're wearing him down!
No. 548568 ID: 7bbaae

Okay definitely shoot then hide behind the barrel.
No. 548570 ID: 03e747

... he isn't moving. save your ammo; move in and hit him with your sword on your 1st turn, then back off on your second.
No. 548571 ID: 4ef19e

Still shoot then barrel
No. 548572 ID: fc937d

>shoot then hide
We can't move after attacking. It's move. Then attack.
No. 548574 ID: 13a36d

focus on the hat
No. 548577 ID: 6e85c8
File 138466380155.png - (337.82KB , 1200x1200 , Battle13.png )

hinzes continues firing at the 'hat' that 'the boss' is wearing. It is starting to look damaged, but she has used up over half of her remaining ammunition!


Current Turn: Hinzes

next 5 Turns:
1:'the boss'
3:'the boss'
5:'the boss'
No. 548578 ID: 7bbaae

Get behind the barrel and get your jaw blade out to be ready to counter him.
No. 548580 ID: 13a36d


No. 548582 ID: cf16c8

Get in dat barrel.
No. 548583 ID: 67bfa9

hide behind barrel!
No. 548584 ID: fc937d

Do we have the capability to reload when we exhaust our current ammunition? (Ie, do we have more ammo, and/or how long and involved is the process of reloading).
No. 548594 ID: 9ddf68

well shit. I guess we're going to have to get in close to wear it down and then depending on how well that goes we'll either just finish it off or fall back and finish it off with what's left of our ammo.
No. 548629 ID: 6e85c8
File 138467087483.png - (339.59KB , 1200x1200 , Battle14.png )


>A character's ammunition is considered to be the full amount they have on-hand for a battle, including reloads. Most ammo will be refilled between battles, some weapons use Rare ammo that is not automatically filled.

Hinzes ducks behind the barrel for cover.



>Note: This is a long sequence of updates. Refrain from suggesting until complete.
No. 548630 ID: 6e85c8
File 138467090781.png - (431.96KB , 1200x1200 , Battle15.png )



No. 548631 ID: 6e85c8
File 138467094485.png - (424.91KB , 800x800 , battle16.png )



No. 548632 ID: 6e85c8
File 138467099357.png - (448.81KB , 800x800 , battle17.png )



Hinzes feels ...

No. 548633 ID: 6e85c8
File 138467102893.png - (481.41KB , 800x800 , battle18.png )




No. 548634 ID: 6e85c8
File 138467107691.png - (257.59KB , 800x800 , battle19.png )

No. 548635 ID: 6e85c8
File 138467115943.png - (435.56KB , 1200x1200 , Battle20.png )




No. 548637 ID: 6e85c8
File 138467118802.png - (1.92KB , 800x800 , story005.png )

No. 548639 ID: 6e85c8
File 138467137782.png - (3.06KB , 800x800 , story006.png )


Hinzes' scattered awareness snaps into focus. She doesn't know where she is, or how she got here. The last thing she remembers is the strange light emitted by 'the boss.'

It is very dark. She is resting against some manner of cold, hard surface. She appears to be surrounded by several boxes.
No. 548642 ID: b2c9e1

Okay, Worst case, we are dead, Best case, we were somehow saved and are in a rescuer's care...I say try to feel around for a light switch or something.

(Sorry If I'm not supposed to post yet!)
No. 548643 ID: 6e85c8
File 138467160574.png - (26.85KB , 600x200 , Hinzes.png )

>Hinzes has gained a level!
>When a character levels up, they will increase in several attributes, and may even learn additional skills!
>Higher level characters will be more powerful than lower level characters, but will receive less experience for the same actions.
>Suggestions are now open for Hinzes again.
>I screwed up the character sheet update and have to repost it OOPSIE
No. 548644 ID: 735f4f

Welp that was one giant robot all right.

Check that you have all your bits and see if you are restrained in any way. Then slowly and quietly feel around the area. Maybe there is something we can use here.
No. 548645 ID: 7bbaae

Awesome, better stamina recovery.

Feel around and see if you can open any of the boxes, to see what's in them. Call out quietly to see if anyone is nearby.
No. 548646 ID: fc937d

It melted our goddamn weapons! We can replace the threads, but the sword and gun mattered, damnit.

...makes you wonder who would go out of the way to develop weapon like that though. It would have been much easier to fry us that make something that just burnt off our equipment and left us unharmed.

>what do
Check if you are restrained, or injured, and slowly begin exploring your surroundings by touch.

Do not call out.
No. 548647 ID: 67bfa9

search boxes.

activate darkvision
No. 548652 ID: 7a843b

Feel over yourself to make sure all your parts are present and accounted for and the same as you remember. How you feeling otherwise? Stiff or sore at all? Then wonder how the fuck you're not dead. 'Cause by all rights you ought to be extremely dead right now.

Take a deep sniff of the air and note if anything smells odd.

Keep quiet, just in case somebody is listening, and start feeling over the boxes for any way to easily open them. Don't immediately open them if you do find a way. Instead continue on to the floor and walls to feel around for any doorways, vents, switches, or anything else of note first. Then return to the boxes and quietly open them one at a time, carefully feeling through their contents.

I figure engsami don't have special eyesight (at least, not in this quest) since it isn't pointed out on the character sheet. But I could be wrong and there was an oversight.
No. 548655 ID: 6e85c8
File 138467470838.png - (45.76KB , 800x800 , story007.png )

>Engsami do not have any special vision types that I am aware of.

Nevertheless, there is still some small bit of light leaking in through the door, and Hinzes' eyes accustom to the darkness over time.

Hinzes checks over herself, and while she has the occasional cut or bruise from her tussle with the raiders, the strange blast appears not to have harmed her in any way she can determine. She doesn't feel any more sore than she normally does after a hunt.

The air definitely does smell weird, but Hinzes can't really explain how. It almost smells ... cleaner, maybe? It is definitely different.

Hinzes doesn't find anything of note on the walls or door, and can't make anything out through the dark translucent glass on it.

Opening the boxes, Hinzes finds most of them completely empty. But she does find a few small bits of simple clothing, and chooses to put them on.
No. 548657 ID: 6e85c8
File 138467496327.png - (70.67KB , 500x748 , HinzesPaperDoll.png )

>There are 6 slots of clothing that a character can wear
>The head slot consists of hats and hoods.
>The arms slot consists of jackets, gloves, scarves, or other clothing worn primarily over the shoulders and arms.
>The torso slot consists of shirts, sweaters, and such.
>The waist slot consists of belts, bandoliers, and other assorted items that only cover the waist through the pelvis
>The legs slot covers a characters legs, and consists of pants, long skirts, dresses, or leggings.
>The shoes slot covers a character's feet, and consists of shoes, boots, sandals, socks, et cetera.
>A piece of clothing can take up multiple slots (a hoodie or a full dress, for example), but no two pieces may share the same slot
>Hinzes has discovered four pieces of simple clothing. But these can be any piece!
>Paperdoll suggestions should be placed in the discussion thread at http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/77708.html
No. 548658 ID: 735f4f

6 Fancy top hats.
No. 548677 ID: f3bb85

Seven veils.

What? You want something more complex? Clothing items are just hitpoints anyway, and seven veils are traditional for strip shows, dangit.
No. 548692 ID: 57d76d

No. 548702 ID: 86c259


You have a good point, although we may want a gun-belt or something for carrying stuff/weapons.
No. 548711 ID: fc937d

Well, obviously you need at least a hat and jacket. Can't give up your basic cool factor.
No. 548716 ID: 9ddf68

I say gunbelt at least. and a cool hat of some kind as well. Always go for a hat when you can.
No. 548820 ID: 2ae1fb

A cool hat, long jacket, gunbelt and shoes.
No. 548852 ID: 438a39

Look, all I want are some pants. Some nice clean pants! ..Also a jacket, shirt, and hat. Shoes too.
No. 548855 ID: 66b35d

All we need is a short skirt and a looooooong... jacket.
No. 549033 ID: 7fde7e

I think she needs healthy breasts that bounce on his Italian leather sofa.
No. 549062 ID: 4ef19e

Seems to me like she should cut swatches out of all material.

This can be your trophy, Hinzes. A swatch of clothing material from each opponent you've defeated.
No. 549286 ID: a121c5

I was going to suggest a patriotic jumpsuit, but your idea actually would be genuinely pretty neat. As well as adding the icing on the cake.
No. 549287 ID: cad45e

That's a bit... grim isn't it?

Even then, even if we are talking picking up the tattered remains of their clothes it's still pretty shit. We're a boundless revenge lusting hate machine, not a barbarian.

We're not classifying ourselves as a barbarian right?
No. 549345 ID: 03e747

bounty hunters generally have to bring a lot more than a swatch of clothing to collect. this is more like keeping count than it is barbaric.
No. 549374 ID: 7fde7e

>patriotic jumpsuit
ew. no.
No. 549512 ID: 6e85c8
File 138516922261.png - (159.09KB , 800x800 , story008.png )

Hinzes finds some strange clothes in the box. They don't seem like they were designed for an Engsami at all, but she manages to make some 'minor' adjustments with her claws to get her various parts to fit.

Pulling them out of the box she also sees some kind of strange metal bar and what looks like some sort of odd handgun.

She sets about putting the adjusted clothes on, but is interrupted by a loud crash as somebody kicks in the door!

'Dammit! They set an ambush!'

The figure in the door starts to level a crossbow at her, but a smaller figure pushes it down.

'Nah, that's not one of 'em. Just look at it's ass. Come on, we gotta go.

The figures turn and hurry out, leaving Hinzes confused.
No. 549513 ID: 7bbaae

Pull on your pants and grab the bar and gun, then hurry out, asking them to wait up, you need to know where the hell you are.
No. 549514 ID: 67bfa9

pull on you pants& boots, grab the weapons and follow after them
No. 549515 ID: fc937d

Grab weapons and follow the beings, cautiously, out of the room.

As you walk, examine the gun to see if it's loaded, and in proper working order.

...uh, hello? So if you're not here to fight me, or trying to keep me locked up, you mind telling me where the hell I am? Or who you are?
No. 549516 ID: 49a72b

Might want to boogie out the door.
Like right now.
Like stop dressing and get out now.
No. 549517 ID: 13a36d

You gotta put the tail in at the same time as your legs or it won't fit.

...You did cut a hole for your tail and didn't just rip open the backside of the pants right?

No. 549563 ID: 9ddf68

what the hell does your ass have to do with anything?
No. 549565 ID: 8b9215

Pick up the loot and follow. Ask what the hell is going on.
No. 549578 ID: fb4e93

"Hey, wait! Where am I?" Also, you could consider asking them what their goals are and maybe just recklessly joining a side.
No. 549609 ID: 279f18

No. 549619 ID: 90220e

Tell them you are prisoner and ask to come along.

Tell them you could be useful.
No. 549623 ID: 1ebf90

Hinzes, loot and scoot. Get moving with as much stealth as you can. There's a battle going on, and unless one of the two (you hope) sides is The Boss and his minions, you have no part in it. One or the other side could be a useful ally, but they're most irrelevant in your quest for vengeance. You should try to gather as much information as you can on the way out of here, so you'll know which side--if either--is safe to ally with. Remember that you weren't restrained when you came to, suggesting that the side that owns this place may not regard you as a slave. You may even have been rescued! Try to have all the facts before you act.
All you know right now is that one member of one faction has an appreciation for an athletic engsami ass, and the other member of his team knows so little about the other side that he mistook you for one of them.
...or doesn't care.
No. 549628 ID: 06c7df

clearly whoever these guys are opposed to, they dont have tails and you've found one of their uniforms.

still, asking what the hell's going on may help alot.
No. 550168 ID: c23ab0

I think they just insulted your ass?
No. 550416 ID: ba8629

Defend your butt's honor with indignant words.
No. 556758 ID: 6e85c8
File 138950328588.png - (216.25KB , 800x800 , story009.png )

Hinzes hurriedly finishes getting dressed, including some hasty modifications to the boots and pants so that she is physically capable of wearing them.

Grabbing the bar and the gun, Hinzes hurries out the door after the people she saw. The halls all seem worked and solid, she's not in some sort of tent or hastily constructed. There's also quite a bit of dust in the area, so it probably isn't a place that is often used.

Rushing down the corridors, Hinzes comes up behind the two. One of them is tall and lean, but has strange features that Hinzes is completely familiar with. The other is far shorter, and looks more like an animal than any sort of person she has ever met. Both are carrying crossbows, and it looks like the short one has some sort of sidearm.

Hinzes calls out to them as she runs up, and the taller one spins around quickly as he draws his knife.

'Dammit Surt, it's coming after us!'

'Didn't think it was one of 'em. I'm gonna keep going, Coyote. You handle this.'

Hinzes tells them to hold on, she's not even sure where she is and what's going on.

As the shorter one goes ahead, 'Coyote' responds, 'We don't really have time to trust you, why should we?'
No. 556759 ID: 7bbaae

Tell them they don't need to trust you, you just want to know the basics. Last thing you remember before you woke up in the room they found you is fighting some sort of slaver boss and getting shot by a giant laser which destroyed only your clothes-- does that sound familiar to them?
No. 556761 ID: 53ba34

"i don't really have much to offer other then my skill with a gun. i woke up in that room after... something blasted me."
No. 556764 ID: 9ddf68

don't care weather or not you trust me I just want to know what's going on? Last thing I remember is being shot with some kind of light that knocked me out and and woke up naked in that room you found me in. So can you at least tell me where the hell I am.
No. 556765 ID: 87e6c2

Tell him to quit being a bitch and explain what's happening here.
No. 556773 ID: 74c4ad

>why should we trust you?
Because the alternative is my kicking your ass.

Look, if you're not raiders, I have no quarrel with you. Just tell me where I am and who you're fighting.
No. 556974 ID: 67bfa9

explain that you have no idea where you are and why,and that you don't want trouble just information
No. 556975 ID: 13a36d

Tell them you were fighting some big thing and now you're here, and you two don't look like you work for that big thing so she's got no reason not to trust you. Unless you think SHE works for that big thing. You don't want no trabble but you're gonna follow them either way.
No. 558154 ID: c51eb9

Oh look, a adorable protagonist! Guardian angel mode, activate! Ok, mind games? Tell him he doesn't have to trust you, he just has to trust the fact that you were found naked and unarmed when you were found. Wait, that is true, so not really mind games.
No. 558590 ID: 6e85c8
File 139023838646.png - (184.64KB , 800x800 , Story010.png )

Hinzes says that she doesn't really care if they trust her, she just wants to know what the hell is going on. She was fighting some sort of crazy big guy looking for her brother, and ...

Coyote cuts her off.

'Look, I don't care about your life story. None of it makes any sense anyway. We need to keep moving and if you're not going to stay out of our ...' he trails off as the sounds of footsteps and some sort of strange whirring echo from back down the hall.


Surt heads back from around a corner.

'Dammit, I need more time to get it open. We're gonna have to run her off.'

A small figure in some sort of strange armor bounds around the corner, with a group of strange things with her that appear to be some sort of moving statue.

The small figure says, to noone in particular that Hinzes can see, 'Looks like it's three of them, not two. Must have met up with an accomplice!'

'Well,' Coyote begins,'You want to show me we can trust you?' He turns to face the strange newcomers, keeping an eye on Hinzes as he readies his weapons, 'I hope you know how to fight.'
No. 558592 ID: 6e85c8
File 139023860655.png - (354.79KB , 1200x1200 , BattleB01.png )

The small figure speaks, pointing forward.



1 - Hinzes
2 - ???
3 - Surt
4 - Drone A
5 - Drone B

>character stat pages and new systems explanation in following post
No. 558593 ID: 6e85c8
File 139023908663.png - (140.18KB , 600x600 , Roster.png )


>Characters may gain new skills by wearing different sets or combinations of clothing
>These skills will have their Names in Green, instead of Black
>Fashion Skills may be lost if a character's clothing is destroyed.

>Grounded -- Reduces the damage a character takes from electric attacks
>Analyze -- A character with the 'Analyze' Skill may use a action to view the stats of an enemy they can see. Once analyzed, the enemy's stats may be viewed at any time.
>Teamwork -- When a character with the 'Teamwork' skill contributes to a combo, characters who attack after them will receive additional attack boosts
>Director -- A character with the 'director' skill gives a boost the stats of nearby allies. The stat that is boosted will be listed.
>Looter -- A character with looter may receive bonus items after defeating an enemy or after a battle.

>Rare Weapons
>A weapon with a 'R' tag has difficult to acquire ammunition.
>These weapons are not reloaded for free after each battle, or through the use of skills. Special items must be found in order to reload them.

>A character may wield a one-handed weapon in each hand.
>A character who is dual-wielding may still only attack with a single weapon
>A character who is dual-wielding may counterattack with either weapon

It is Coyote's turn, suggest an action!
No. 558594 ID: 3f5cd3

Well this should be interesting. Revenge Vs. Pride.
No. 558597 ID: 67bfa9

Coyote get behind the boiler and Analyse the robots, see what makes them Tick
No. 558618 ID: 9ddf68

have Coyote get behind some cover and then use analyze on one of the bots to see what we're up against.
No. 558621 ID: 6e85c8
File 139024379131.png - (354.67KB , 1200x1200 , BattleB02.png )

Coyote moves for cover behind the bunker and takes a good hard look at one of the robots. (Robot stat sheet will follow this post).

Current Turn: Hinzes

Next 5 Turns:
1 - ???
2 - Surt
3 - Drone A
4 - Drone B
5 - Drone C
No. 558622 ID: 6e85c8
File 139024380835.png - (30.35KB , 600x200 , Drone.png )

(Drone's statistics)
No. 558623 ID: 6e85c8


>Size Small, Move Type Wheel, Speed 4. Don't know why that didn't show.
No. 558625 ID: d7c6e1

Who are the good guys? Are we shooting at the cops?

Take cover. Shoot the bots only if they shoot at you first. Try not to hit organics. It'll hold up well as self defense.
No. 558630 ID: 67bfa9

hmm seems they have a threat range of 7, hide behind boxes and wait till they get closer
No. 558632 ID: 9ddf68

who cares what they are, we're not here by choice and these guys seem to own the place. and unless they know where to find our brother the only thing they are is in the way.

Alright so our "gun" has shit range and we don't really have an clue to what the guy with a fish bowl on his head can do so I'm kinda worred about grouping up in fear of that guy having some kind of area attack. Take cover behind the boxes for now and we'll let them come closer to us so we can use the groups teamwork/director skills to tear these bots apart.
No. 558633 ID: 6e85c8
File 139024596654.png - (358.60KB , 1200x1200 , BattleB03.png )

Hinzes moves for cover, wanting to observe the situation.

The small figure at the end of the hall speaks again:


She gestures forward, but does not move.

Current Turn: Surt

Next 5 Turns:

1 - Drone A
2 - Drone B
3 - Drone C
4 - Drone D
5 - Drone E

>Note, if you want a character to move to a specific tile use the letter and numbers provided to point out which on the grid. For example, Hinzes is currently in T-16, and The unknown Astranian Soldier is in J-2
No. 558634 ID: 9ddf68

H-17 is behind the boxes as well right? because that's the closest he he can go for cover. Either way have him go there next to Hinzes and we can what for the bots to come to us.
No. 558635 ID: a87e3a

Wait. You're out of their range, let them come to you.
No. 558646 ID: e9b708

Hiding behind hinzes is a solid plan for surt,
No. 558647 ID: 6e85c8
File 139024855860.png - (357.83KB , 1200x1200 , BattleB04.png )

Surt shouts back at the soldier, 'I haven't done a damned thing against the colonial fleet and you know it! Just go back and leave me be!'

He ducks for cover behind the boxes with Hinzes.

Three of the robots begin to roll down the hall, though two stay back with the soldier.


Current Turn: Hinzes

Next 5 Turns:

1 - Drone D
2 - Drone E
3 - Coyote
4 - Surt
5 - Drone A
No. 558648 ID: e9b708

move to P13 and smack Robot A with your wrenchy thing
No. 558651 ID: 9ddf68

I say still for now and let them get closer so we can use our teammates bonuses and swarm those three bots.
No. 558652 ID: a87e3a

Time to begin the assault. Hinzes, go to P-13 and smack that robot with the pipe.
No. 558653 ID: 88960e

>'I hope you know how to fight.'
Grin. That's one thing you know how to do, all right.

You don't like this bossy bitch's attitude. Let's teach her a lesson.

Double check that we're on the right side first- you're sure you're not any kind of slaver or raider, right?
No. 558655 ID: 6e85c8
File 139025063807.png - (361.39KB , 1200x1200 , BattleB05.png )

Hinzes has had enough waiting, and lunges out to strike at the robot leading the attack.

Her strike connects, dealing 5 damage! The drone Snaps its claw shut at her in retaliation, narrowly snipping her hat but doing only 1 damage.

The Drones at the back appear to survey the area, but remain immobile

Current Turn: Coyote

next 5 Turns:
1 - Surt
2 - Drone A
3 - Drone B
4 - Drone C
5 - ???
No. 558656 ID: 9ddf68

move to N14 and shot the bot that the chick as started bashing.
No. 558657 ID: e9b708

move from M14 to N14 and fire the crossbow at DroneA
No. 558658 ID: a87e3a

Hmm. I'm thinking... Coyote run in and use his knife on the injured robot, then Surt finishes it off with the S.crossbow without moving.
No. 558659 ID: 53ba34

crossbow the same robot, IN THE FACE.
No. 558671 ID: 6e85c8
File 139025339454.png - (365.62KB , 1200x1200 , BattleB06.png )

Coyote steps forward and fires a bolt at the forward drone, damaging it slightly.

Surt steadies his rifle and fires another bolt at the same target, piercing its core and disabling it!

>Drone units can not be stunned. When their stamina is reduced to 0 they are immediately disabled.
>A disabled drone may be further attacked to destroy it. A disabled drone can be recovered after a battle, a destroyed drone is lost.

>Characters gain experience whenever they engage in battle with an enemy unit.
>Characters who defeat enemy units with their attacks gain significantly more experience!
>The experience a character gains may be raised or lowered by the difference in level between themselves and their target.

One of the drones continues rolling forward, and attempts to grab Coyote with his claw. Coyote is too nimble, and evades the attack! Coyote can not fire his crossbow at point blank range, and cannot counterattack.

The other strikes at Hinzes, hitting her in the chest. The attack does not damage her clothing, though it does wind her slightly.

Hinzes retaliates with her Pipe, dealing 4 damage to the robot!

'IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR LITTLE HELPERS ARE WILLING TO FIGHT AFTER ALL!' The soldier gestures again, and the two other robots begin to approach as well.


Next 5 Turns:

1 - Coyote
2 - Surt
3 - Drone B
4 - Drone C
5 - ???
No. 558673 ID: e9b708

Hinzes: Smack Drone C then fall back to T16 to recharge your stamina next turn

Coyote: draw your knife and Cut up DroneB
Surt, fire upon DroneC if he's still up, otherwise take a step forward and fire at DroneB
No. 558674 ID: 57a559

Can somebody please tell that idiot to just shut up and fight already?
Goin' with LW's plan
No. 558675 ID: 9ddf68

this sounds like a plan
No. 558688 ID: 6e85c8
File 139025874258.png - (359.85KB , 1200x1200 , BattleB07.png )

>As a note: Hinzes can not move after attacking, and surt can not fire his crossbow after moving.

Hinzes continues bludgeoning the robot with her tool, striking it for 6 damage! The retaliatory pinch nips at her pants, but only does a single point. She takes the opportunity to recover her breath a bit.

Coyote lashes out with his knife, scoring a critical hit! He plunges it between the 'head' and core of the robot, dealing 10 points of damage! The robot's retaliation fails to connect once again.

Surt fires his sniper crossbow at the damaged robot, Disabling it!

The robot Coyote nearly defeated lashes out at him with its claw, Tearing at his vest for 2 damage! Coyote responds in kind, swiftly dispatching the robot with a 3 damage stab.


The Soldier shoulders her large blaster weapon, and begins to approach. She appears to move quickly despite her stubby legs, thanks to her hopping gait.

The first of her remaining drones approaches, and fires an electric blast that strikes Coyote despite his cover! His vest is singed, taking 3 damage, while he takes 2 directly to his stamina!

The final drone moves around to flank, firing at Hinzes! The blast strikes her, but her clothing dissipates the energy and she takes no damage!


1 - Hinzes
2 - ???
3 - Surt
4 - Coyote
No. 558689 ID: 9ddf68

Coyote, analyze fishbowl head and see what we're up against here.
No. 558690 ID: 6e85c8


>NOTE: Analyze only consumes one action, Coyote can still move or attack after analyzing
No. 558692 ID: 9ddf68

alright then after he analyzes ??? Fire his crossbow at Bot D
No. 558695 ID: 6e85c8
File 139026077812.png - (355.46KB , 1200x1200 , BattleB08.png )

Coyote Fires off a shot at one of the drones, dealing a glancing blow.

He gives the soldier a once-over, and gains a pretty good idea of her abilities!


Next 5 Turns:

1 - ??? (Klip)
2 - Surt
3 - Coyote
4 - Hinzes
5 - Drone D
No. 558696 ID: e9b708

Coyote: analyse ??? then shoot robot D

hinzes: charge robotD
No. 558698 ID: 6e85c8
File 139026113793.png - (46.40KB , 600x200 , Klip.png )

>KLIP's attributes via Analyze

>A weapon that overheats may only attack or counterattack once per turn.

>If a character with the FIRE SUPPORT skill is standing next to an ally when the ally attacks, and the ally's target is within their own weapon range, they will attack that enemy with their equipped weapon. This attack still has all normal costs associated with attacking.
>A heavy weapon may still be fired via fire support even if the character moved on their last turn.
>Fire Support may Only be used once per turn per level of fire support known.

>A character with the reload skill may use an action once per battle to reload the ammunition of a weapon with non-rare ammo.
No. 558699 ID: 9ddf68

might as well go over and help Coyote finish off his bot problem
No. 558701 ID: 6e85c8
File 139026307279.png - (355.25KB , 1200x1200 , BattleB09.png )

Hinzes moves over to help Coyote fight off the robot on his side, dealing 6 damage to it! The robot's counter-attack strikes a glancing blow that fails to damage her.

Klip raises her rifle and fires a withering blast of red energy. Hinzes is nearly stunned by the shot, and takes significant damage!



1 - Coyote
2 - Hinzes
3 - Drone D
4 - Drone E
5 - Klip
No. 558702 ID: 9ddf68

Alright, have Surt fire on Drone E and then during Coyote's turn have him use his crossbow to finish off Drone D and when it loops back to Hinzes have her take cover behind the boiler to recover.
No. 558703 ID: 13a36d

hinzes double team the robot with coyote
No. 558704 ID: 3af198

I support this course of action

Hinzes needs to get outta there and heal up!
No. 558705 ID: 6e85c8
File 139026536238.png - (356.36KB , 1200x1200 , BattleB10.png )

Surt Fires on the drone, dealing 4 points of damage! The drone is unable to retaliate from such long range.

Coyote Fires at the badly damaged drone, scoring a critical hit for 5 points of damage, defeating it!

Hinzes moves behind the boiler for cover, catching her breath after her close call with the blaster rifle.

The remaining Drone moves forward and fires its shock blaster at Surt, dealing superficial damage to his sweater and beret.

Klip moves forward into range as her blaster cools.


Next 5 Turns:

1 - Coyote
2 - Hinzes
3 - Klip
4 - Drone E
5 - Surt
No. 558706 ID: 9ddf68

have Surt fire another shot at the last Drone and have Coyote move to R16 to finish it off/support Surt

Hinzes can move to N10 on her turn and use her nail gun to get Kilp's attention so both Coyote and surt can move up on there next turns.
No. 558707 ID: 3af198

Surt Keep firing at that Drone

Coyote move closer and fire at the remaining drone

Hinzes Rest and move to N10
No. 558709 ID: 6e85c8
File 139026914430.png - (358.28KB , 1200x1200 , BattleB11.png )

Surt fires a shot at the final drone remaining, dealing it 4 damage!

Coyote rushes over to Surt's side, firing another bolt into the robot. It takes another 2 damage from the assault.

Hinzes Pauses to catch her breath one last time, and then draws her nailgun and runs toward Klip.


Klip turns and fires her rifle at Hinzes, but her aim is off and the shot does fairly little damage, singing her pants and boots. Hinzes responds to the shot with a burst of nails, dinging off of Klip's Helmet and doing 3 damage.

The drone fires another shot at Surt, dealing 1 damage to his sweater. Surt's retaliatory shot, however, pierces the robot's optical screen and shuts it down!

Current Turn: Surt

Next 5 Turns:

1 - Coyote
2 - Hinzes
3 - Klip
4 - Coyote
5 - Surt
No. 558710 ID: 53ba34

all out attack!
No. 558711 ID: 3af198

Okay, Time to gang up on Klip

Surt double move to Q12 to place yourself in possition to give director bonuses

Coyote move to Q13 and fire

Hinzes move to P11 and strike with your Pipe
No. 558712 ID: 9ddf68

have surt move to Q13 and use his pistol on klip and then have coyote move to P11 and use his knife on the little bastard with hinzes move to P9 to get behind of Klip and hit him with her pipe.

I mean he can only attack once each turn, we're going to want to swarm the guy and take him out before he can do to much damage.
No. 558719 ID: 6e85c8
File 139027292043.png - (358.66KB , 1200x1200 , BattleB12.png )

Surt dashes forward, drawing his blaster pistol and firing off a burst at Klip. The energy arcs across her legs, dealing significant damage!

Coyote rushes up as well, lashing out with his knife. Klip attempts to hop out of the way, but his blade finds purchase in her pants as well!

Hinzes rushes up behind her and strikes a crushing blow with her tool, dealing significant damage to the Helmet! It has begun to crack!

Klip Wildly fires her rifle at Coyote, Nearly burning his pants clean off and damaging his boots significantly!

Coyote Responds by wrenching his knife out of Klip's armor, tearing away more of it as he does!


Current Turn: Coyote

Next 5 Turns:

1 - Surt
2 - Hinzes
3 - Klip
4 - Coyote
5 - Hinzes
No. 558720 ID: a87e3a

"Give up, small fry!"

Just keep on smacking the tiny space animal.
No. 558721 ID: a87e3a

Coyote should take a breather after his attack, since he can. Actually maybe Hinzes should switch to the nailgun so she can take a breather too.
No. 558722 ID: a87e3a

Derp wait the huge tool isn't Heavy, she should just keep using that.
No. 558723 ID: 9ddf68

I think the plan "keep wailing on that bitch" is working well here, we should keep it up. Everyone just stay where they are at and keep hitting here with the weapons they're using now. expect Surt have him switch to his crossbow.
No. 558724 ID: f0418c

Melee everything. We need naked Astranians.
No. 558739 ID: 6e85c8
File 139027941364.png - (224.83KB , 800x800 , stripklip.png )

The heroes continue their assault, and beneath the combined might of Blade, Wrench, and Laser Blast the Astranian armor fails to hold up.

'N-no! This can't happen! There's no way!'

In desperation, Klip fires her weapon despite its heat, causing it to erupt into a cloud of dense smoke. When it clears, she is gone.

No. 558740 ID: 6e85c8
File 139027951673.png - (356.05KB , 1200x1200 , BattleBFinal.png )

>All Soldiers gain 30 EXP
>The party finds 5 pieces of metal scrap

>The party finds 1 piece of metal scrap
>The party finds 2 pieces of heavy cloth scraps
No. 558741 ID: 6e85c8
File 139027956686.png - (139.36KB , 600x600 , Roster.png )


No. 558742 ID: 53ba34

okay, now ask them what is going on again. if the try to bruch you off ask if they are sure they could of won that fight if you weren't around to help.
No. 558744 ID: a87e3a

Woot! Offer to exchange weapons with Coyote.
No. 558747 ID: 9ddf68

I take it that the cloth can be used to repair clothing right? if so use it to repair our shirt and Coyote's pants

As for questions ask if they'd be willing to at least tell you where the hell you are right now.
No. 558755 ID: 6e85c8


>note: Hinzes and Coyote both have 30 EXP more than that. whoopsie.
No. 558761 ID: 3f5cd3

Pride, defeated. Maybe now we can get some info on where the hell we are.
No. 558772 ID: 0b54f4

Da na na naaaaaa, naaa naaa nah na naaaaaaa

doo doo doo doot doooo doot doo doot dooo doot doo doo doo doot doooooooooo....
No. 558785 ID: 40f0c9

No. 558912 ID: 4a75fa

Now can you tell me what's going on? I still have no idea how I got here, or what fishbowl-head wanted.

Grudgingly acknowledge each others fighting skills, and then see about agreeing to cooperate until the lot of you can find your way out of this place.
No. 558929 ID: 090b51

On second thought, this seems a bit too complicated for me. Good luck!
No. 559320 ID: 67bfa9

congratualate Surt for being such a fine shot
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