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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 138188742506.png - (9.54KB , 800x800 , 0000.png )
544353 No. 544353 ID: d92f71

On day one of the incident approximately 80% of the population was vaporized. piles of clothes lay upon the streets where the lucky ones stood, cars were overturned and wrecked by the side of the road, planes fell from the sky, and the world stood still.

"it's the rapture" we said
"it's the end" we cried
"we were forgotten" we raged

we were wrong. we should have been forgotten. it should have been the end.

choose a story to follow:
The Puppet whose past is not his own
The Witch who curses her present
The seer who sees a grim future
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No. 544355 ID: f64e84

Not just because girl char, but Puppet sounds like a manipulated character, and Seer who sees a grim future is simmilarly locked-in, and I'd rather be someone who feels -free- to do whatever is needed to make things better, if possible.
So Witch it is.
No. 544358 ID: 0f6f63

Witch, yeah. Agency is good.
No. 544375 ID: a36601

Witch. I'd like to see how the "curses her present" thing goes.
No. 544377 ID: 7bbaae

I say Puppet. Though his past is not his own, his present and future quite likely are.
No. 544390 ID: 4a27cd

Past is not his own... OMG, puppet is a disgruntled cube-serf getting liberated by the end of the world. We totally have to play the puppet!
No. 544467 ID: d92f71
File 138198167590.png - (32.94KB , 1000x1000 , 0001.png )

the Witch it is

EPILOG Chapter 1Pr: Nyctophobia
No. 544471 ID: 9ddf68

uh, is he a friend or a foe?
No. 544474 ID: 0f6f63

More importantly, which of you is witch?
No. 544477 ID: d92f71
File 138198608620.png - (23.96KB , 800x800 , 0002.png )

"contain it!" the soldier yelps as the fist of the Gargantuan creature collides with his comrade, reducing the man into his base components, "the creature must be captured at all costs!"

the soldier was not talking of the golem. this time they were not taking chances. they had to capture to witch for study, even if they had to kill the fascinating monster she had under her control. after all, she was one of the few that neither heaven nor hell accepted, yet she survived in this dead world through some dark magicks, and his superiors wanted to know how and why.
No. 544478 ID: d92f71
File 138198612006.png - (46.33KB , 800x800 , 0003.png )

the witch cackles as yet an other of the soldier's allies falls to the golem.

"I told you to bring an army next time!" she taunts. the soldier hates her. he wants to kill her, to avenge those who fell before her monstrosity, but if his superiors demanded her alive, he would just have to settle for taking down her beast.

the man's top half is tossed at the soldier's feet. he still clings ineffectually to life, and gurgles pitifully as he weakly reaches out to the soldier.
No. 544479 ID: 9ddf68

wait we're the witch right?

If so don't get cocky, GET OUT OF THERE.

If not, call for reinforcements.
No. 544485 ID: a36601

Call for reinforcements then shoot at the big thing. Don't worry about hitting her, she can live with a few holes. (just a few though)
No. 544499 ID: d92f71
File 138202299077.png - (44.45KB , 800x800 , 0004.png )

the Witch is not being cocky. she merely knows which way the battle is going and is informing the filth.

"regroup!" the soldier yells, and his squad convenes by his side. he knows which way the battle is going, as well. their guns are nothing to the ogre but an annoyance. nevertheless, he has his orders, and he would sooner die than admit defeat.

"we need reinforcements!" he yells into his radio, "bring in an other squad!"

"Bring two!" the witch laughs from atop her pet monster.

"laugh all you want, bitch," the soldier mutters, "we have you right where we want you."
No. 544500 ID: 75a612

Careful, witch. Just because you're winning this fight doesn't mean you're winning the battle. You enemy might be more than willing to throw away soldiers if it means keeping you busy while a more effective trap is sprung.

I suggest dispensing with the toying- have your pet monster dispatch the squad, except for the leader there. Then you can lay into him with some magical torture- see if there's anything behind that threat he just made or if it's empty.
No. 544506 ID: 9ddf68

I suggest you finish this sooner rather then later you never know when the tide of battle will turn.
No. 544510 ID: 1a029e

Anything you can actively do to affect the outcome of this battle? Perhaps hex the soldier's weapons to be useless?
No. 544533 ID: 4a27cd

They are opposition, not filth: If they were filth you would have already walked away in disinterest. Tone down the hubris or else I predict your 'winning fight' will be lost shortly. Also, never ever tell your enemy that they are losing because this will either convince them to retreat (if it's true) or take you more seriously (if it isn't).

Since they are opposition instead of filth underestimating them will cause your downfall. In particular you need to know why they haven't tried to kill you, where their backup comes from, your strategic relevance to them, and such. Alternatively, exterminate all of them and all their bases and commanders. No, you can't keep any to play with, that would be stupid.
Don't waste time on the grunts when you don't know even one of who, what, where, when and why about their commanders and source. Do you even know what the generals are doing, or are you some dumbass squashing cockroaches while a bulldozer is about to squash you?
No. 544551 ID: d92f71
File 138207857552.png - (104.98KB , 800x800 , 0005.png )

the witch has control over the four elements, and she can only affect the elements, not create them. she, for instance, could not send a fireball screaming towards them, but if one of them were in possession of an open flame, she could will it to spread. she could maye force the moisture in the air into the firing chamber and mug it up, but the air is dry this evening, so she is unsure how effective it would be. she could also force the air out of the weapon's various cavities and leave a vacuum, but she is again unsure of the outcome. of course she could also simply raise the ground to meet them and entangle around their feet. she could also use the elements in a way that she hadn't before considered.

they have certainly tried to kill her. they are trying to kill her right now, as far as she is concerned. the Witch is unsure why they are after her, or who they are. she is even unsure how a military outfit, regardless of their strength can even exist after the Rapture.

she supposes that now is not the time to gloat. she surely will have time to after she deals with the Filth.

"Sherman." the witch whispers to the giant, "let's finish this."

the monster nods. a sign of sentience that sends a chill down the soldier's spine. he holds up the radio once again but before he can open his mouth the creature charges. the soldier does the math in his head. he has less than five seconds before the beast is upon he and his men. he has only five men left, and more than ten minutes before the backup squad will arrive. he has to keep them busy until they arrive, or until the sun sets.
No. 544554 ID: 7bbaae

Soldier: Tell your men to scatter, try to get the golem chasing you. Also ask the Witch why she won't just give herself up, make it easy on her. Explain why you want to take her into custody.
No. 544582 ID: c3f739

WE'RE the WITCH, smarty pants.
No. 544584 ID: 75a612

>on magic
So it's difficult to bring your powers to directly to bear in bear in a short timescale barring favorable circumstances. Meaning you're generally better off investing power for future use (as I assume you did building that golem).

>what do
Subtly raise the ground behind the soldiers in an irregular manner so if they break and try to flee or scatter they'll trip. If they stand, they die. If they flee, they die.

...possibly grab the leader alive? For last second gloating before his death, or extracting information from, possibly. After all, you said the presence of an organized military force is unusual, and he almost seems to be planning something.

We're both, actually. See >>/questdis/76868
No. 544585 ID: 9ddf68

you know how the primer on there guns causes a spark to ignite the gunpowder in there bullets that they shoot at you? Can you do anything with that, like cause the small explosion to become a big one destroying there gun and probably hurting the solder in the process.

They're probably more or less thugs that raided a military base or something.
No. 544589 ID: 9ddf68


have you tried going for it's eyes? or just say the hell with it and shoot to WOUND the witch, might mess with the golem if she's hurt.
No. 544590 ID: 01531c

The soldier cannot hear you!
You are controlling the witch!
No. 544591 ID: 67bd13

We are controlling both.
No. 544595 ID: a36601

Scatter and then shoot at her to wound/disable. Unless you have an ace up your sleeve, your only hope to win is that enough pain will keep her from being able to control the beast. No advice for witch because the fight is already in the her favor. (if it goes the other way, I'll help her)
No. 544600 ID: a36601

Oh wait, just saw the "until the sun sets" part. So apparently you do have an ace up your sleeve. Try to scatter when he charges and surround him. Get your troops to lay down just a bit of fire so the beast has to go on the defensive to keep the witch from getting hit. He'll probably try to throw something to kill one of you when that happens. What's the ETA on the sunset?
No. 544667 ID: d92f71
File 138216450425.png - (50.40KB , 800x800 , 0006.png )

to lessen confusion, advisable characters will be shown at the top right corner at the end of each update.

"on my signal, scatter. I'll draw the creature's attention," the soldier speaks under his breath as the titan approaches, "NOW!"

as they turn to flee the earth below them cracks and juts, tripping the soldier's comrades. the Golem raises his mighty fist to end most of his squad in a single motion, but the beast neglects the fact that the soldier has escaped.

the soldier levels his weapon and fires a burst at the witch, intentionally missing.
No. 544668 ID: d92f71
File 138216453555.png - (138.41KB , 800x800 , 0007.png )

the monster turns to face him and emits a roar that shakes the earth.

"why don't you just give it up, Witch?" the soldier yells as he lets an other burst onto the monster's flank, "come with us peacefully and you will not be harmed!"

"why would I want to do that?" the witch shouts back.

"you think you're winning this battle, but we will win this war, witch! how long can you run? because my superiors can chase you forever!"

he pulls the trigger again, and the witch wills the fire in the casing to be free.
No. 544669 ID: d92f71
File 138216459412.png - (34.42KB , 800x800 , 0008.png )

the soldier falls to a knee, clutching the remains of his hand, and the witch grins under her bandages.

"Sherman, try to squash this guy gently, he and I have to have a talk after this."

the beast approaches the soldier with the intent to break him, but the soldier also grins underneath his mask.

"fire!" he yells, and the witch feels something hot and hard pierce her shoulder and scrape against her skull.

"I uh um Sh-sherman... I um..." she painfully mutters as she starts to slide off the golem's back.

the soldier glances at the dying sun. night will be upon them in less than five minutes.
No. 544679 ID: a36601

There's two ways of going about this from the soldier's prospective. Number 1 is assuming that "Sherman" is not capable of thought himself, in which case you either want to trick him (somehow using the squash gently thing to make him passive) or distract him by running and dodging. In either of these cases, his men should stay out of the way with their guns trained on the witch. (hopefully not all in one area she can fireball or crush)
Second is if he can think; then we can try to convince him that we have the ability to save his master before she dies. He'll probably be resistant to the idea though. Whatever you do, try to slow the blood flow from your hand. As is, I doubt you can last 5 minutes of this.

Witch: Control some earth to make shackles/a chain/something to attach you to your minion so you don't fall off, then give him a simple command like "go home".
Or call him off if you do not have any way of repairing this damage later. The soldiers will no doubt keep you alive for their purposes, and you can always escape their grasp later when you are in better health.

(voting for the dodge and escape later plans respectively)
No. 544683 ID: 4a27cd

Soldier: Look out for number one. Telling your superiors where the witch is and which way she's going is superior to being wormfood. Provide cover fire if you can, but not if they can trace it back to where you are.
No. 544704 ID: 75a612

...wait, the shot went through her shoulder and grazed her skull? That's... a funny angle. The shooter would have to be pretty low or high to pull that off. Unless we go hit more than once, or with some weird projectile.

You're injured. The immediate objective changes now to securing your own safety and freedom. Which means making sure you're not separated from your minion, that he has the orders he needs even if you're incapacitated, and that we gtfo out of here. No more soldier games.
No. 544820 ID: 31b21d
File 138233054495.png - (28.64KB , 800x800 , 0009.png )

the Witch tries futily to concentrate on her powers, but the pain is too great. she slides off Sherman's back and into its waiting palm. the Giant cradles her close to its chest, sheilding her from the gunfire.

"can you think, Beast?" the Soldier calls, "your master is critically wounded. the only way she will last the night is if she gets proper treatment. we can give her that treatment, but only if you surrender."

the Golem approaches the soldier, who stands. "you're making the right choice, Giant."
No. 544821 ID: 31b21d
File 138233057217.png - (32.61KB , 800x800 , 0010.png )

the Golem grabs him and lifts him to its face,


its voice sounds like wind through the branches of a tree, but carries a weight like a lead ball being dropped in the soldier's stomach. the soldier feels immense heat from underneath the creature's helmet.

Sherman hurls the soldier to his comrades.
No. 544822 ID: 31b21d
File 138233061120.png - (17.39KB , 800x800 , 0011.png )

"FOLLOW AND DIE" its voice whispers with a volume that rattles the earth. the Golem shields the Witch as it retreats deeper into the city.

"radio" the soldier groans as he painfully picks himself up from the ground, "give me the radio."

one of his men' hands him the spare radio, which he switches on and tunes to the secure channel of his Superiors.

"This is Kast," he says into the mouthpiece, "Witch is wounded, but the Golem wouldn't let her go. he went deeper into the city."

"understood," the dispatcher responds, "we'll send an APC to your coordinates. you will retrieve either the witch or her remains at dawn. set up and stay put until evac arrives."

"copy." Kast replies, then he switches the radio off. he looks up at the stars as his men unpack and set up the high density lamps. he grins as he watches the silhouette of the behemoth disappear into the city.

"enjoy your stay in Dis, witch."
No. 544828 ID: a36601

Wounding the witch was the coward's way. It was also the only way for us to win with as few casualties as we did.

If we can suggest for the golem, then I recommend the pair goes into an abandoned building with more than one floor and you take care of her on the second floor. If you encounter more soldiers then you can block/destroy the stairs or escape through a window/wall. (unless you have a base in which case go there) Witch: stay awake. Hopefully you can figure out something to keep you from bleeding out in the night, or tell us of any spells/items you have that can help.
No. 544841 ID: 393e01

Witch: Could you spare some of the bandages covering your body to try and stop the bleeding at least?
Know any means to heal wounds?
No. 544865 ID: 75a612

Well, uh, regaining consciousness would be nice if the witch wants to do anything. If we at least understood her wounds, we might be able to treat them in some way.
No. 544874 ID: 9ddf68

know any clinics or hospitals around here? Hell even a drug store will do just go someplace with medical supplies.
No. 544942 ID: 31b21d
File 138245571825.png - (30.85KB , 800x800 , 0012.png )

the Witch has no base of operations. she is a vagabond, and has been one since the rapture. as she pondered before, her magic simply involves the control of the elements. if she could use air, earth, water or fire to heal herself, then she could use her magic, but otherwise, it would be useless. in any case, her head and shoulder hurt too much for her to be able to concentrate on her powers right now.

the witch is conscious, she's just in a massive amount of pain.

"Nava you are injured."

"yeah I noticed." the Witch rubs the ragged flesh on the side of her head, "can you see any hospitals, or clinics, or even a drugstore? someone might have left some bandages or painkillers."

the Witch looks at her shoulder. the bullet passed straight through, it seems not to have hit the bone. her head wound is much more serious, though. likely a concussion. she would use her bandages to stop the bleeding, but then everyone could see her tater-tots.

the Golem stops after a few more massive steps.

"look at that..." the Witch sits up and looks at the front of the store. the doors and windows remain unbroken, and the shelves are fully stocked.

"what do you think about this, Sherman?"


"what did I tell you about looking a gift horse in the mouth, Sherman?"
No. 544943 ID: 53ba34

try to detect magic
No. 544946 ID: 001618

could be a trap, could be some kind of power around here (either magical to just a group of punks) that's watching over these place, or maybe you did just get lucky. Seeing how "lucky" you've been lately however I wouldn't count on that last one. Scope the place out and see if you can't find anything before you head inside. You're hurt so it's better to be safe then sorry because after all hunters usually like going for wounded pray.
No. 544956 ID: 7bbaae

Looks legit to me. Open the door and get some painkillers in you.

Can't you rearrange your head bandages? Or is it all one bandage?
No. 544970 ID: 75a612

>magic simply controls the elements
It can't be turned to other applications with time and effort? The soldier's presumption was that you had created or built up Sherman.

...water control might be able to do something about the bleeding.

>gift horse / ominous
Well, you're kind of in dire straits. Either these are the supplies you need, or it's a trap. And walking into a trap or succumbing to your injuries are both equally bad right now.

Might as well risk it.
No. 544972 ID: 52e1ab

>if she could use air, earth, water or fire to heal herself, then she could use her magic, but otherwise, it would be useless
Water control to keep the blood in, a bit of earth control to create a bandage/binding, fire control to cauterize something, wind control to resuscitate someone. (which we may need later, or may not work because being able to control the air in anyone's lungs is kinda op) If you have a creative mind, then the applications of elemental control can be endless.

>what do
This is almost certainly a trap or an illusion. But you need what's inside so you have to go in anyway. Have Sherman break through the wall instead of the door if he is able. If not, then have him chuck a rock at the window then go through the door. (to distract whoever is inside)

How hardy is Sherman? He is strong enough to shrug off bullets, but what would it take to bring him down? Any specific weaknesses we should worry about?
No. 545008 ID: 31b21d
File 138249111608.png - (21.03KB , 800x800 , 0013.png )

the Witch has no way to detect magic, nor does she really know if magic besides her own exists. truly she only refers to her powers as magic for lack of a better term.

she is not sure of Sherman's weaknesses or abilities. she had no part in his creation, she merely reclaimed him.

the witch looks around at the other buildings. strangely, all of them seem to be pristine. not a single one has a broken window or a kicked in door. the only damage seems to be from time, but even time seems to have had less effect on this city.

"Sherman, get us inside." the Witch says as she steps down from the colossus.

Sherman picks a stone up from the ground and tosses it through the window. suddenly a wailing siren sounds from inside the store, and floodlights activate, temporarily blinding the Witch.

"Power?!" she gasps, as her sight returns, "this place has power?"
No. 545009 ID: 7bbaae

Uh, just get in and grab a single bottle of painkillers and a first aid kit. In and out, make it quick. Then get away from the sirens, and tend to your injuries.
No. 545023 ID: 53ba34

have any coin? drop some in place of the bottle, will confuse anyone that finds it.
No. 545039 ID: 9ddf68

either this is one hell of an illusion or you really did find something here. Either way grab what you need and leave. Even if this place isn't a trap that alarm and the lights are bound to attract something.
No. 545040 ID: d2b9fe

Well. That's unusual. I'd assume that means someone or something has been preserving or maintaining this area, and it may not take kindly to your intrusion, or the damage.

...at the very least, if there's no other threat, the sirens will lead the soldiers here, eventually.

Let's see about collecting the medical supplies you'll need, quickly. Painkillers, antibiotics, bandages, etc. Possibly anything that might have longer term use as well. Or some of those energy bars? Easy to carry energy, and drugstores tend to have em.

Then let's skedaddle and find someplace to play doctor. Maybe try the door on the next place.
No. 545072 ID: 31b21d
File 138254446866.png - (16.48KB , 800x800 , 0014.png )

Nava and Sherman climb over the window sill and into the unfamiliar light. glass crunches under the witch's feet as she walks toward the aisles. she looks up at the signs.

"Sherman, honey, get me a handful of painkillers and antiseptics from the pharmacy", the witch walks down the aisles, "I'm going to look for some supplies."

the Witch promises that she is only getting essentials. she fills the basket with energy bars, and rolls of gauze, and first aid kits, and energy drinks, and wine coolers, and hershey's.
No. 545073 ID: 31b21d
File 138254455388.png - (20.85KB , 800x800 , 0015.png )

she decides that this is certainly enough, but then she finds the makeup aisle. she chuckles to herself looking at all the images of supermodels with their flawless faces and smooth skin, but there is a deep set in pain and anger in the laugh.

Sherman returns with a gargantuan handful of medication.

"I'm long past the help of Avon, ain't I?" Nava laughs awkwardly when she notices the giant.

"I do not follow your meaning."

"well this stuff's all skin care and beauty stuff, and I'm a crispy critter under the rags."

the giant shrugs, "why are you thinking about makeup while you are profusely bleeding?"

"I guess just seeing this stuff again reminded me of... y'know... before the rapture..."

"when you were an actress."

"yeah," the Witch rubs the back of her neck, "it's stupid, huh?"

"yes.", the giant nods as it picks up a bottle of mascara, "do you wish to bring along this makeup?"
No. 545074 ID: d2b9fe

Hey, just because you look different doesn't mean you can't look good, if you want to.

That said, first aid is really more important than appearances at the moment.
No. 545075 ID: 4f201e

uh, not to burst your bubble but I think I saw something outside the store with red eyes. Just so you know
No. 545076 ID: 53ba34

hey wait, you never got to try it before cause it probably wasn't around, but ELECTRICITY could count as an element, since lightning is just big bolts of the stuff.

anyway, if you have all the meds you need, you can grab some makeup.
No. 545086 ID: a36601

Might as well take it; hopefully it will keep you from forgetting your past. Memories of good times, right?
No. 545137 ID: 31b21d
File 138258813010.png - (23.47KB , 800x800 , 0016.png )

Nava has never tried to channel electricity, mostly because she is rarely around it. she would try to now, but she is having trouble concentrating, and last time she experimented with her power, she ended up with third degree burns all over her body.

the Witch blushes, or she would if her skin still showed any pigments, "I'm sorry, I know it's stupid, but I maybe want to remember when I was... y'know, good looking."

"irrelevant. you must worry about survival"

"that's what I got you for, big guy."

[b]"you will have to continue to survive if I am destroyed, Nava."[b]

the witch gulps, "don't talk like that. you're invincible. you're a tank, Sherman."

the witch turns to the front of the drugstore. "let's get out of here and find a nice secluded spot to get patched up and-"
No. 545138 ID: 31b21d
File 138258814621.png - (14.00KB , 800x800 , 0017.png )

No. 545139 ID: 53ba34

i think that explains why no one broke these, the fact they have not entered the story shows they may not like the light. look for rubbing alcohol and matches, can make a large fire that you can draw from.
No. 545140 ID: 9ddf68

yaaaaay, you're making new friends... got anything to make fire so you can just manipulate it into a giant inferno and burn all the little buggers? or if you can't do that do to your head wound then try to find some rubbing alcohol and make a Molotov cocktail, works just as well.
No. 545142 ID: 7bbaae

Let's just stay in here. Find the employee's room or something and barricade the door. Then you can tend to yourself.
No. 545164 ID: 01a9d6

Maybe you can tell them a good joke to lighten the mood
No. 545285 ID: 31b21d
File 138272336870.png - (24.97KB , 800x800 , 0018.png )

"Knock knock" the witch asks into the crowd. they do not respond


"...Annie one you like... get it?"

the creatures stir and bare teeth, menacing her. the Witch sighs. she wanted to relax tonight. she tears open a bottle of painkillers and downs three, along with an entire can of "JOLT!". the pain begins to melt as the world gets louder and brighter. she goes to grab a lighter and some alcohol.

the lights dim and flicker, but Nava is numb to it. she returns to the front of the store.

"listen here jerks!" she yells at the crowd of blood red eyes staring in silence, "if you guys don't clear out I'm gonna have to put you in the ground, and trust me when I say I REALLY want to do that!"

one of the beasts laughs a loud, mocking laugh as the lights flicker and dim again, "you're running out of time in your bright little sanctuary, morsel."

"Morsel?" the witch scoffs, "alright you asked for it."
No. 545286 ID: 31b21d
File 138272337991.png - (25.39KB , 800x800 , 0019.png )

No. 545287 ID: 31b21d
File 138272344930.png - (35.08KB , 800x800 , 0020.png )

the beasts retreat as the front most few are incinerated by the unnaturally hot flames. those directly behind ignite and shriek in pain as they desperately try to put out the now permanent sheathe of fire. the beasts back away, but they do not fully retreat.

one of the witch's bandages in on fire. she supposes it's lucky she just got some more gauze. she wills the fire snuffed. she glaces up at the fluorescent bulbs above her. she's not sure how much longer they'll last.
No. 545288 ID: 53ba34

looks like it is time t retreat.
lock yourselves in the closet til daybreak.
No. 545290 ID: 9ddf68

I say grab some of the more useless crap and start a nice little bomb fire to not only keep you warm and the beasties away but also as a quick source of firey death for anyone who tries to fuck with you.
No. 545302 ID: 52699e

Part of me wonders if you could somehow set a blazing pyre up in front of the store, and hold out until morning. There's SOME reason these critters only showed up now.
No. 545305 ID: 7bbaae

They won't go into the light. So just keep a fire going all night. That seems to be within your power.
No. 545307 ID: 01531c

Does concrete count as earth? You could will the dirt beneath the floor to rise up and crush them from below.
No. 545359 ID: 31b21d
File 138276138879.png - (28.76KB , 800x800 , 0021.png )


Concrete and brick and other worked earth can be used, but they are more rigid, and require more finessing and coercing. if it were sand, dirt, or rock, willing it to swallow this group whole would be no problem, but as it stands, the concrete will likely attempt to resist such change.


she can will the fire to keep strong under circumstances that would normally snuff it out, such as strong wind, or high humidity, but the fire still would need fuel. otherwise she'd be burning herself to keep the fire lit.

"Sherman gather up all the flamable stuff you can find."

the Golem nods and moves through the aisles, gathering kindling.

"alright, suckers," the witch yells, "last chance to run before you get burned!"

"how long can you hold this building, prey?" one asks.

"how slow do you think death by fire is?" the witch replies.

"mock freely for now, morsel, you won't have time to scream when we catch you."
No. 545370 ID: 7bbaae

Hmm. Try to channel the electricity now that you can concentrate and are around it.

Also ask Sherman to gather up a lot of flammable stuff.
No. 545371 ID: 53ba34

once you have more fuel on it remember to make sure it's a slow burn, it needs to last. but could you split your attention into making a trap? set up the earth under one to fling it inside where sherman can break it, their strength being numbers, not individual power.
No. 545374 ID: 7bbaae

Oh, could you manipulate the air to suffocate them? Or the water in their bodies, to dry them up like mummies?
No. 545381 ID: 9ddf68

if you can get a fire going you could just keep hurling fireballs out there and see how many of them you can burn before they disperse.
No. 545396 ID: 31b21d
File 138279786981.png - (16.11KB , 800x800 , 0022.png )

Sherman hustles down the aisles grabbing anything it can find that would serve as kindling.
No. 545397 ID: 31b21d
File 138279788223.png - (18.81KB , 800x800 , 0023.png )

No. 545398 ID: 31b21d
File 138279790715.png - (29.17KB , 800x800 , 0024.png )

Sherman rushes to the origin of the noise as the lights in the building surge and die. it sees Nava on the ground, clutching a burning hole in her torso, and the fires she started beginning to die down. the beasts are out of sight. perhaps retreating, or hiding.
No. 545400 ID: 735f4f

Get some clean water and wash that wound out. Need to stop the damage from getting worse. Then find antiseptic and cover the area before bandaging it with clean bandages.

Make sure you remove the old ones around her torso first to avoid infection.
No. 545413 ID: 9ddf68

and try to make sure what little fire is left doesn't go out, light seemed to be the only thing that keep those things away
No. 545414 ID: 53ba34

put hands over the fire, suffocate it. then get new bandages and help her change them. and rinse with water.
No. 545430 ID: 0b54f4

Well. I guess electricity wasn't a good idea. I think quickly setting up some kind of flaming barricade is of first priority, followed by trying to stabilize her injuries.
No. 545541 ID: d92f71
File 138285475270.png - (23.62KB , 800x800 , 0025.png )


the fires are quite low, and the Golem is unsure how to keep them going in any timely manner. it instead tends to Nava.

"Are you conscious, Nava?"

no reply. Sherman suffocates the embers in Nava's gut and strips her now burnt and bloodied bandages. Sherman is careful not to damage the photograph Nava keeps next to her breast.

the Golem pours the antiseptic fluid upon the unconscious Witch, then quickly bandages her back up.

Sherman is no doctor, but it thinks Nava's wounds are sterilized. nevertheless, she needs real medical help if she is to survive. Sherman growls in frustration. if Nava were not so bold she would not have been shot, and all of this would be circumvented. if she had stayed back like the Golem warned when first it sensed the soldiers...

"if"s will do no good now. Sherman must act. it must find a doctor, or a surgeon, or a shaman, or something, something to save Nava... but where?
No. 545542 ID: 7bbaae

The soldiers. Go back to where they were, and force them to help you.
No. 545543 ID: 53ba34

no, they were willing to die to shoot her, they would continue to be willing to die to kill her. we must try another place. find a hospital, even one that looks abandoned.
No. 545557 ID: 7bbaae

They didn't kill her, though. They stopped firing after she was injured.
No. 545561 ID: 9ddf68

for all we know they're the ones that shot her. Maybe in the hopes that we would seek there aid so they could capture the witch. No the first thing we need to do is get away from whatever those things outside are. They don't seem to like light and we can't stay here so I say grab some that is long, wrap some spare bandages/gauze around one end and make yourself a torch or a few, then find somewhere that looks like it could be of help.
No. 545569 ID: d92f71
File 138288884824.png - (14.66KB , 800x800 , 0026.png )

Sherman's mind hops to the soldiers. perhaps it could convince or coerce them to help, but it is unsure what their plans for Nava are. they could simply want to dissect her, or exterminate her. it must think of a more viable option...

for now the Golem lifts the unconscious Witch and gathers some things to make a torch. they must keep mobile, but illuminated.

as Sherman steps out of the window, it notices twinkling lights in the windows of several buildings. it seems the grid is still active for a good portion of the city.
No. 545582 ID: 9ddf68

I say find a building with thick walls and a big ass door that still has power and see if you can't hold up there. Would say run around till you could find someone/something that could help but with those things still out there and a wounded witch in our arms once the torch goes out we're kinda S.O.L
No. 545585 ID: 7bbaae

Find the nearest one, knock, ask for a doctor.
No. 545837 ID: d92f71
File 138309220768.png - (23.80KB , 800x800 , 0027.png )

the lights are on. someone must be home, right?

the golem ponders this as it walks down the silent streets. it curses its indesiciveness. it wishes Nava were awake, she would simply point to a building and say "that one. there's a doctor in there. I garantee it."

she'd certainly be wrong, but they would at least have a direction to walk in.

the golem approaches a building with lights on on the first floor.
No. 545838 ID: d92f71
File 138309223211.png - (17.33KB , 800x800 , 0029.png )

No. 545839 ID: d92f71
File 138309226975.png - (16.51KB , 800x800 , 0030.png )

"Why are you following us?"
No. 545840 ID: d92f71
File 138309235840.png - (27.09KB , 800x800 , 0031.png )

the dark being grins and claps its hands together soundlessly.

"impressive." it says in a voice like a shriek but silent as a whisper, "you've got good ears on you, flesh and stone."


the creature folds its arms behind its back nonchalantly. "no reason. no reason at all. well there is a reason actually. just ah, one minor request. I was hoping you wouldn't mind answering a question for me, you see it's just driving me mad not knowing, so if could please just explain..."
No. 545841 ID: d92f71
File 138309239456.png - (23.10KB , 800x800 , 0032.png )

No. 545849 ID: 53ba34

swing the torch to make it back off. then say "looking for a doctor"
No. 545851 ID: 7bbaae

Peel it off you and tell it you need a doctor. Also what the hell is it? What is this city? Why is there electricity?
No. 546038 ID: d92f71
File 138318602050.png - (15.75KB , 800x800 , 0033.png )

the Golem grabs the creature by the nape of its neck and slings it. the creature's flesh feels cold and liquid, like mercury or oil.

"we are in search of a doctor."

"a doctor?" the creature laughs an angry, hissing laugh, "why would you need a doctor?"

it notices Nava and grins a horrible, evil grin, "the morsel? you expect you can save her? that's cute. she's long past saving, Clay man."

its grin vanishes, replaced with a scowl, "or not? she may have hope, Golem, but at this point you wouldn't need a doctor, you would need an angel or daemon, or perhaps a..."
No. 546039 ID: d92f71
File 138318607180.png - (38.06KB , 800x800 , 0034.png )

"the sage!" the Empty one gasps and closes his mouth. he feels so betrayed. he had just met a new friend, but now it's obvious that the Golem was in leagues with the Sage aiming to kill him. and for what? for protecting his city? for having pride in his home? how dare the Golem judge him, and how dare the Sage as well. Vakun knew he couldn't trust the outsider, he knew it as soon as he saw it consorting with those damnable soldiers. he knew but he wanted to believe he had one possible ally in this world. nevertheless, he will make this golem pay for playing with his emotions. he will make it pay dearly.
No. 546045 ID: 7bbaae

Empty: By consorting do you mean slaughtering and getting shot by? You should probably re-evaluate your evidence.

Sherman: Explain that she was shot by soldiers and burnt by magical backlash; she should only need medical attention. Say that you'll do whatever's necessary to save her.
No. 546199 ID: 31b21d
File 138329032688.png - (30.97KB , 800x800 , 0035.png )

evidence... EVIDENCE. the Empty one scowls further. he did witness the Golem killing soldiers and he did witness the soldiers firing at the Golem, but this means nothing more than that the Sage is just that desperate to get rid of him. of course they would sacrifice one or two men to attempt to gain his trust. they try this every time. someone pretends to be chased into Dis by the soldiers, and then when Vakun trusts them, they turn on him, and he consumes them. he's seen it happen hundreds of times since his hollowing, and he refuses to be tricked this time. no, this Golem plans to hurt him, like all the others that damnable Sage has sent.
No. 546200 ID: 31b21d
File 138329043489.png - (26.92KB , 800x800 , 0036.png )

Sherman keeps its eye on the shadowy creature, who writhes and growls to itself.

"she was shot by soldiers, then victim to some form of magical discharge. she needs immediate medical attention."

"a likely story." the creature snickers, "it was no magic that did her in, she got zapped, and she's long past the point of medicinal help. is she even still alive?"

the creature chuckles, a sound that causes sherman to clench its mighty fists.

"she certainly needs some help, though." Vakun grins. he's got the Golem now. he'll have it spilling the beans in no time, then he will feast on it, the traitorous Witch as well, "perhaps I know of someone who could help."

Sherman growls a growl which rumbles the earth and causes lights in the distance to wink.

"or perhaps not."

the Golem feels the familiar urge to snap this creature in half.
No. 546201 ID: 7bbaae

Golem: If it is not going to help, then beat help out of it.
No. 546205 ID: 53ba34

golem: walk away and try the door again, you can just pull the door off the hinges if you have to.
No. 546213 ID: a36601

Sherman, leave him alone for now. Nava's health is more important than breaking his spine. Go through the door this time, whether they'll open it or not.

No magic? Did you not see what she did with fire? Perhaps she just bit off more than she could chew in order to genuinely fight you. And if they are telling the truth, if they are simply trying to live, then perhaps you could convince them to kill the Sage in exchange for saving her life. If you have consumed Sage's minions after they have betrayed you every time, then what's to stop you from consuming these two if they betray you this time? If you don't try and kill the Sage, then this game of cat and mouse will continue on forever.
No. 546218 ID: d92f71
File 138332256591.png - (21.33KB , 800x800 , 0037.png )

"if you will not help me then leave, or I will pull you apart."

the Golem turns back to the door.

"I never said I wouldn't help you." the empty one grins, "I just need some help in return."

the Golem looks back, "why should I help you?"

"you have no choice if you want the morsel alive. face it, ogre, she's got maybe two hours untreated. can you find a doctor in this city in two hours? would the doctor be able to cure her in two hours? you'll be walking in circles until dawn carrying a corpse without my help." the creature takes a step back, grinning a wide, evil grin, "but with my help, you'll get your friend to the help she needs in a matter of minutes. your choice, supersize: take my help and do me one small favor, or refuse and watch your friend seize and sputter as the last ragged breaths subside and braindeath sets in."

"what is your offer?"

"I'll bring you to the Sage. the Sage can fix anyone, may even be able to heal the recent dead, though I wouldn't depend on it. if the Sage can't fix your friend, no power in heaven nor hell can either."

"and what is your request?"

"when all is said and done and your girlfriend is up and kicking, you kill the Sage, slowly."
No. 546228 ID: fe4bfc

If you want this Sage dead so badly why have you not killed him?

And if he is worth killing slowly how can I trust him with fixing her?
No. 546229 ID: d2b9fe


But when the time comes, betray the creature. Kill it instead. You would rather slay a beast that tries to use you, that uses the life of your friend as a tool, than one who would help her.

Besides, if you slay the sage, there will be no one to make sure the cure sticks, or aid her should she regress.
No. 546246 ID: 7bbaae

Agree, but keep a watchful eye on the creature in case it tries anything funny. Warn it if it betrays you, your vengeance will be as slow and painful as the death it wishes upon the Sage.
No. 546267 ID: a36601

Say that you can't promise a slow death for the sage, but after Nava's life is saved, there will certainly be a death of some sort.

It leaves it open to being able to kill the shade if you change your mind later. (while still sticking to your oath if there is any magic bullshit)
No. 546289 ID: c1f19a

"I am puzzled, if this 'sage' has assaulted you to the point of earning death by torture why should I trust their aid, and why have you not already taken your vengeance yourself?"
No. 546351 ID: d92f71
File 138341142190.png - (19.45KB , 800x800 , 0038.png )

" why have you not dealt with this Sage on your own? and how can I trust this Sage to heal her?"

"you can trust the Sage." the creature says solemnly, "the sage is an ally to all living things. she is just not an ally of mine."

"and why have you not killed her yourself?"

the creature shrugs, sighing sadly, "I suppose I'm not strong enough."

"very well, I will do this for you."

"I knew you would be there for me." the creature smiles in a frighteningly human way, but recoils as Sherman leans in close.

"if you betray me, or hurt her, I will visit upon you pain you can not imagine, shadow thing."
No. 546352 ID: d92f71
File 138341150421.png - (13.47KB , 800x800 , 0039.png )

"I would never hurt Nava." Vakun says, more hurt than he thought he could be by Sherman's accusation. of course he wouldn't hurt her. these two are his only allies, his only friends, in this god damned purgatory.

"let's get moving." the creature says, "we can be there in less than ten minutes if we use this route."

"where are we going?"

Vakun ponders the question. he'll be able to bring them to the Sage in a matter of minutes, but should he tell them where the Sage is? if they knew they could navigate to her without his help. they wouldn't need him.

how could he think that? these are his friends. they wouldn't betray him. he must be open with them... but if they are really his friends they would understand he has to keep some things from them, right?
No. 546367 ID: 7bbaae

Jeez this guy is emotionally unstable. That's just straight up whiplash.
Empty: Friendship requires some manner of trust. Tell them the general direction and that you will lead them there.
No. 546522 ID: d92f71
File 138351355361.png - (29.83KB , 800x800 , 0040.png )

"we're going to church, of course." the creature replies, "the Sage took refuge in an old chapel... more of a cathedral, actually. cathedrals are catholic, right? it's a catholic church, anyway. we're going through a few alleys, westbound. we'll try to bypass the horde of hollow men, but if we get ambushed, just remember they break like anything else."

"those were not allies of yours?"

"of course not." the hollow man growls, "bunch of barbaric bastards. no not barbaric, what's a good adjective for psychopath? psychotic, I guess. they walk like a man and talk like a man, but they're animals. speaking of which you may want to put your torch out."

"it was my understanding that they hate the light."

"we do, but it also draws us in like moths. that's why I've got lights on all over the city, keeps them away from my stomping grounds."

Sherman isn't sure it trusts this thing yet. it could want him to put the torch out so its friends can attack unfettered.

the Hollow man shrugs, "your choice. let's go."
No. 546527 ID: 735f4f

The small amount of light the torch is giving off does not seem to bother them that much. At this point its doing more to alert potential threats than keep us safe. Go ahead and douse the torch for now.
No. 546590 ID: d92f71
File 138354831705.png - (17.37KB , 800x800 , 0041.png )

Sherman snuffs the fire and follows the Hollow man's lead. they duck through alleys and side streets, and weave in and out buildings.

"my name is Vakun, by the way." the creature turns back and says, "we haven't had a chance to talk. not that I mind. I mean I want to talk, I don't mean I don't, but I don't want to impose a conversation on you. you're angelic, right?"


"yeah I could tell. I've only ever seen angels with that kind of helmet. usually they have more than just a helmet, they usually have a full set of armor."

"I was once fully armored."

"what happened?"

"I stopped being armored"
No. 546591 ID: d92f71
File 138354836738.png - (20.58KB , 800x800 , 0042.png )

the creature opens its mouth to say something but then closes it again. after a few moments it speaks again, "how did you and Nava meet?"

"she liberated me from my angelic masters."

"yes, but how?"

"she killed them."

"why didn't you kill her?"

Sherman ponders the question. "why would I?"

the creature shrugs, "I would have. weren't those angels your allies?"

"they were dead. I hold no loyalty to a corpse."

"then what happens when Nava dies?"

the Golem growls quietly. Vakun decides not to pursue the question. instead, he turns forward.
No. 546592 ID: d92f71
File 138354840804.png - (22.70KB , 800x800 , 0043.png )

"good evening, Vakun." the Hollow woman in front of him gestures for the group behind her to stay back, "ferrying more morsels to the Sage, I take it?"

"Umbra." Vakun growls, "why can't you stay dead?"

"those are our prey, Vakun." Umbra slides like a mist toward them, "I won't have you stealing my quarry again."

"DON'T TOUCH THEM!" Vakun shrieks as he unsheathes his claws.

"don't spaz out, you subhuman." the hollow woman says as she halts in front of the empty one, "you're outnumbered, and even without my pack, I could put you in the ground."
No. 546595 ID: 7bbaae

Sherman: Grab the woman's head and crush it, then tell Vakun to grab hold of you. You should be able to just barrel through these suckers and outrun them.
No. 546596 ID: 53ba34

yea, you may be able to beat her if both arms were free, but they aren't. so double up on passengers and run through them.
No. 546717 ID: d92f71
File 138367847744.png - (17.56KB , 800x800 , 0044.png )

"Step aside, Vakun. run away like the coward you are!" the Hollow woman growls.

"you'll have to go through me."

"with pleasure!"
No. 546718 ID: d92f71
File 138367850610.png - (18.35KB , 800x800 , 0045.png )

No. 546719 ID: d92f71
File 138367853881.png - (16.23KB , 800x800 , 0046.png )

Sherman scoops up the hollow man and sprints toward the crowd, crashing into them with his massive stone shoulder, those not liquefied by the Golem's impact are trampled underfoot.

"which way?"

"there. the church is on that hill... um Sherman?"


"about the Sage. do it quickly. don't make her suffer."
No. 546720 ID: d92f71
File 138367856917.png - (17.92KB , 800x800 , 0047.png )

the Golem continues to sprint toward the Cathedral, as it passes the gates, floodlights kick in and bathe the three in blinding white light. Vakun flinches and sizzles. the Golem lets the Hollow man go. and continues sprinting.

"I'll catch up later!" the empty one says with great effort, "don't worry about me, just get Nava to safety!"

Sherman turns to the doors of the Cathedral.
No. 546724 ID: 6924b8

Now would be a good time to try and figure out a 'lair' to guide your friends too after they finish with the Sage.
Continue onward, now is the time to help Neva out!
No. 546727 ID: 7bbaae

Knock, yell that you need medical assistance.
No. 560111 ID: 7e38be
File 139109917683.png - (5.43KB , 800x800 , 48.png )

No. 560112 ID: 7e38be
File 139109918788.png - (15.49KB , 800x800 , 0049.png )

No. 560113 ID: 7e38be
File 139109921053.png - (19.55KB , 800x800 , 0050.png )

the witch groans as she sits up. her joints hurt. her muscles ache. her skin stings. she doesn't know where she even is.

she appears to be in a small bedroom. there is little to the room, other than some religious iconography and a cheap looking landscape print. there is a table on the other wall from the bed which has a lamp and a clock. the clock appears nonfunctional. there is a door directly in front of her.
No. 560114 ID: 53ba34

rub sleep from eye, stretch limbs, examine under bed, then out door.
No. 560115 ID: 4a75fa

Realize your face is uncovered and freak out a little.
No. 560118 ID: 9ddf68

examine room for anything useful, then head towards the only exit
No. 560161 ID: 2baea8

Avoid urge to rub sleep from eyes to avoid tearing off sensitive charred skin.

Place clock in pocket.
No. 560348 ID: 7e38be
File 139122514281.png - (28.72KB , 800x800 , 0051.png )

Nava begins to rub her eyes, but the jolt of pain snaps her back into the present. she inhales sharply though her nose as the grogginess lingers over her like a sheet. slowly, aching all the while, she stands.

she examines the room around her. more than anything, it looks like a room in a hospital. there is a certain sterility to it. there are no personal effects, and the lack of any windows makes her feel very claustrophobic.

she picks up the clock. it seems like a simple clock radio. it seems to have both a battery port and a power cord, and though it is plugged into a wall socket, and the fluorescent lights above her buzz incessantly, the clock is unpowered. she fingers open the battery port, and feels an odd sensation, like a tingling in her heart, reaching out to her fingers.
No. 560349 ID: 7e38be
File 139122518040.png - (21.66KB , 800x800 , 0052.png )

the radio shrieks as it powers up, displaying a blinking 12:00. Nava quickly turns off the radio, and after only a few seconds, the clock dims and dies.

Nava tries to place the clock in her pocket, then realizes she is wearing a gown. she shrugs and lays the clock radio down, then staggers out of the room.
No. 560351 ID: 7e38be
File 139122523025.png - (169.13KB , 800x800 , 0053.png )

she finds herself in a hallway. the sterility of the room is similarly present in this hall. Nava is unsure of the last time she has been in a place so clean. she is also unsure of where she is, or where Sherman is.

is this a hospital? judging by the drawings on the wall, it might be a pediatrics ward, or perhaps a school.
No. 560354 ID: a87e3a

Head to the office.
No. 560360 ID: 9ddf68

well the office would probably be the best place to start seeing as we don't really have any idea where the hell to go or even are at this point.
No. 560363 ID: 2baea8

To the office!
No. 560366 ID: 4a75fa

Huh. It got power just from being on contact with you? That's different.

>what do
Head towards the office. That's a central place, in a school or hospital. Hopefully there will be someone there, and if not, you'll have access to computers, records, the map, intercom, useful things like that.
No. 560509 ID: 7e38be
File 139131154921.png - (17.76KB , 800x800 , 0054.png )

Nava staggers down the hall, hoping to find someone or something in the office. the lights buzz above her mockingly. she remembers the silence. she hates the silence. she hates the sound of loneliness.

"I wonder where Sherman is." she says to herself.

"when I find him he's gonna be sorry." she replies.

"...I hope he's ok." she concludes.

she finds a set of double doors next to the office. seems as though on the other side of the doors is a gymnasium.

Nava peaks into the office. the room, like the others is eerily silent and still and silent, but painstakingly well kept, except for a strange dent in the rightmost wall.

"what is going on here?" she asks.
No. 560513 ID: a87e3a

Go see if the computer's on. Maybe someone left a note.
No. 560514 ID: 4a75fa

Uh, how do you feel? How quickly could you move, if you had to?

From the mascot / log up there, it looks like it's school.

Is there anything on the computer screen? If not, try the gymnasium.
No. 560523 ID: 2baea8

Search filing cabinet.
No. 560532 ID: 9ddf68

check the back room to make sure no one is hiding in there and then see if the computer works, failing that check the filing cabinet and hope we can turn up something.
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