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File 137436870506.png - (111.41KB , 624x832 , sports drink with electrolytes.png )
73862 No. 73862 ID: d92f71

discuss my work and their detrimental effect on the world ecosystem here.

I'm likely going to post some pretty long text walls about the settings of Twinkle and Tyson tomorrow morning, so set your watches.
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No. 73879 ID: d92f71

Tyson is a massive landmass approximately the size of the continent of North America on which multiple races live.

the most populous of the surface races is the Tezcata, a race of avian humanoids with powerful upper bodies, especially below the elbow, and vividly colored plumage. Tezcata inhabit the jungles and swamps in MidTyson.

Tezcata come in 4 shapes and sizes, referred to as breeds. Tezcata can interbreed freely, though the risk of mutation is relatively higher in crossbreeds.

the first and foremost of these breeds is the Zuma. they are noted for their square frame and brilliant Blue (male) or green (female) plumage. Zuma are the most widespread of the breeds, and though there is no formal discrimination among the breeds, Zuma hold as many positions in the Government and Church as the other breeds combined. Renowned Inquisitor Matlal Tuzcanti is a Zuma.

second most populous are the Coatl, or Serpentine, as they are commonly called. Coatl are bald and are much larger than other breeds, and though misconception persists, they are generally as intelligent as their peers. Coatl have the least representation in the workings of the Church. most Coatl prefer skilled labor and military service. Nahuatl Tezca, the crusader general responsible for the western incident, is a Coatl

Coztic are smaller than other breeds and generally have very wiry frames. most interestingly, Coztic never molt their golden downy plumage, causing them to have crowns more akin to a Jotunn's hair. Coztic are well represented in the Golden Ordias, but only a handful of Red Orditas are Coztic. Tupac Tezcacoatl, writer of multiple trashy romance novels, is a Coztic.

Cuetzpali, commonly referred to as Kanzi, are not a breed so much as they are a specific mutation that certain female Tezcata may experience. Cuetzpali have eyes, plumage, and skin that slowly changes its pigmentation to match its surroundings. this change is involuntary. along with physical irregularities, many Cuetzpali show Savant symptoms, such as involuntary magical discharge and obsessive compulsive tendencies. Cuetzpali also have a tendency to "forget themselves", speaking in the third person and displaying other odd behavior relating to their personal self. Cuetzpali hold many positions in the Orditas; in fact, more than half of documented Cuetzpali are involve in the church directly, and almost all are involved indirectly. of those in the Orditas, most are Inquisitors or Juristas. the Inquisitor Quetzalcopa is a Cuetzpali.

should I do Tezcatan culture or general information about Tyson next?
No. 73880 ID: d92f71
File 137441960368.png - (28.40KB , 1600x800 , breeds.png )

hyuk hyuk I forgot this.
No. 73885 ID: a23afd

These guys are avians, but have no wings or beaks?

What are Jotunn, and what's the western incident?
No. 73908 ID: d92f71


they're kind of dinosaur-y in general. they have both scales and feathers.

the Western incident was a famous military embarrassment. a small force of Tezcata got word that a massive group of Jotunn were heading for a Tezcatan village. think of the first hour or so of 300, until the Tezcatans realized that none of the Jotunn were armed and they had been slaughtering refugees.

I'll write up a general post about the major players in Tyson, including the Jotunn, Aesir, Raka, and M'raach. it might take until later tonight or early tomorrow morning.
No. 73909 ID: bf54a8

i read Cuetzpali as cute-z pally
No. 73913 ID: d92f71

speaking of which do you think I should start using a pronunciation guide?
No. 74082 ID: d92f71
File 137487152819.png - (15.54KB , 800x800 , Jotunn.png )

There are a number of major factions on Tyson, based mostly on racial and territorial borders.

The most populous of these factions, the Tezcata have already been expounded upon. they will occasionally form a shaky alliance with Jotunn or Raka, but refuse to deal with M'raach or Raksha even in times of peace.

Jotunn and Aesir are second most populous but control the least territory. Jotunn live on the northern and southern mountain ranges on Tyson. due to the frigid and inhospitable conditions, Jotunn rarely have territorial disputes. they prefer to be left alone.

Jotunn are humanoids, approximately 5 ft tall, with very slight frames and skin ranging from light grayish green to a deep forest green. Jotunn hair ranges from light brown to black, and it grows only from the top of the head regardless of the gender. Jotunn have long ears that trap and conserve body heat.

Aesir are genetic cousins of the Jotunn. they stand at about 6 ft and have much squarer frames. Aesir skin ranges from light orange to a deep muddy red. their hair grows wildly from the top of the head and males commonly grow beards. Aesir look similar to Jotunn in most other respects.

Jotunn society is based upon a very stoic philosophy of self betterment and independence from emotion. Jotunn religion (they refuse to refer to it as such) states that every moment, the universe gains a new layer of complexity. this belief has driven Jotunn to constantly reinvent everything. Jotunn rarely keep a single technology base for more than a decade. in the past century, Jotunn have based their society on Geothermal energy, steam, gun powder, Hexfire, and sarcasm. while this has caused them to have a significant technological advantage over other races, they rarely know exactly what any one weapon will do. more than a few stories about Jotunn warfare end with "the enemy began laughing and helped us put the fires out."

Aesir, almost the opposite, idolize emotional expression. Aesir also consider experimentation to be foolhardy, preferring to use tried and true technology, tactics, and knowledge. Aesir life revolves around the concept of "Forvirki", or "honest work". according to Forvirki, Aesir accept their lot in life and simply try to be the best at their job. Aesir prefer manual labor and so they normally work for Jotunn as hired muscle and heavy lifting.

despite their differences, Jotunn and Aesir are friendly allies and are both economically and culturally dependent on each other.

Jotunn will commonly form alliances with Tezcata and Chtzo out of mutual interest; however, these alliances rarely last.
No. 74103 ID: 5869f6

The uniform on the left
Looks eerily familiar...
Anyway, so the Jotunn are pretty damn embarassing at warfare, great to know...
No. 74104 ID: b1c062

I think it's more like unpredictable, like Neumono Science hives.
They MIGHT unleash firey death, or they might blow themselves up. No one knows what's coming.
No. 74315 ID: d92f71
File 137515769322.png - (37.22KB , 1600x800 , Raka.png )

so I think I may need a break from questing, not because I'm tired of it, I'm having a blast. I'd rather not go into many details, but not all of my bones are in the correct place. I'm going to use this as an excuse to flesh out the settings of Tyson and Twinkle.

the Raka and Raksha are an alliance formed to better protect the desert they call home. Raka control the largest area of any surface faction, though it is impossible to accurately count them for a variety of reasons.

Raka resemble 6-7 ft tall bipedal locusts or mantids. Raka have two sets of long, muscled arms with sophisticated grasping hands on the end of each. interestingly, the Raka have 3 "genders". two genders with male reproductive organs, and one that is hermaphrodidic. the difference in genders for raka is not only genetic, but it is the basis for their strict caste system.

the first Gender is the Lyn. Lyn stand at 6 ft and have a noticeable inverted pyramid figure that implies a masculine form. Lyn form the backbone of the work force and are generally the most populous of the Raka. Lyn are forbidden from learning magic, and as such, most Lyn savants instead become warriors.

next, are the Shek. Shek stand at more than 7 ft and are extremely wide. Shek are generally as intelligent as Lyn but they are much more practical, and less creative. this makes shek good soldiers but not great commanders. Shek are also forbidden from learning magic, but no Shek savants have ever been documented, making the rule somewhat superfluous.

Nana are the only Gender capable of birth. they stand 6 1/2 ft and have a very slight form that tapers into an hourglass, implying a feminine form. Nana are forbidden from direct combat, but encouraged to learn and document everything they can. most positions involving clerical work or book keeping are filled with Nana. Nana savants are free and in fact encouraged to explore different sects of magic.

Raka culture is one based on damning the individual to further the collective. Raka do not have individual names, and instead are referred to by their gender, job, and clan. some Raka choose to leave the collective, and the collective is suprisingly supportive. to leave the collective, one only needs to prove that they are capable of separating from the reletive comfort of the collective. this is normally done with a ritual in which the individual travels into the desert with only a hooded cloak and shawl. there, they must survive for a full week without food. normally, when an individual returns, they will claim they had a vision which determines if they should stay or leave.

Raka will occasionally form alliances with Jotunn or Chtzo.
No. 74326 ID: bf54a8

so like, are they really little eggs or something? ant eggs are pretty big, common black ants the eggs are almost as big as a worker's head.
No. 74335 ID: d92f71


honestly I haven't thought about raka sex too much. I would assume the eggs are quite tiny until the Nana ovulates, then they expand, it lays them in some ceremony, and then it goes on with its day.
No. 74338 ID: bf54a8
File 137519972287.png - (227.38KB , 1130x1600 , anonygoo_RRJingai_Shunman_Ko_No_Sho_80.png )

would say having more organs but a smaller body calls for an abdomen. can cram everything in there easy.
No. 74382 ID: d92f71


you may be right. I'll try out some designs and flesh something out when I redraw all of these.
No. 74383 ID: d92f71
File 137524624893.png - (21.64KB , 800x800 , Raksha.png )

Raksha stand at just under 6 ft and have wide shoulders and narrow waists. the head and face of a Raksha is built similarly to a fruit bat or desert fox. a Raksha has a long tail which ends in a highly venomous stinger. interestingly, almost every part of a Raksha is highly poisonous. their hair and flesh has some irritant which causes the lining of the throat to swell and will possibly suffocate. Raksha saliva works similarly to a spider's, necrotizing the tissue around contact. Raksha blood and venom work as powerful neurotoxins, which cause the subject to spasm uncontrollably and lose all motor function. obviously, Raksha are immune to their own poison.

Raksha culture is somewhat similar to Tezcata, in that they are a theocracy. Raksha worship the dead god Irkam, which they claim designed them as perfect beings. Raksha politics is somewhat similar to a more militarized feudalism. at the summit is the Archangel, a demigod that has earned his or her place through countless battles. under the Archangel are the Seraphim, paladins and masters of both combat and the dead god's magic who fight by the Archangel's side and hold large plots of land. each Seraph will have multiple Cherubim who serve them willingly or otherwise. these Cherubim are proven warriors and well versed in the dead god's magic. Cherubim hold portions of land themselves. those who are not knights will live on the land of a Seraph or Cherub, and in return, will work as a soldier, shepherd, or other skilled or unskilled labor.

Raksha are forbidden from showing their face when they are not in Raksha controlled territory, instead, they craft elaborate helmets from iron and brass. all Raksha draw at least a small amount of power from the dead god except for savants. Raksha savants curiously cause nearby magic to fizzle out and die. Nulls, as they are called, are completely emotionless, and rarely live to adulthood. those that are are normally revered as divine beings.

Raksha rarely form alliances, as they consider those that are not Raka or Raksha to be two faced and alien, but they will occasionally form alliances with Chtzo and M'raach.
No. 74695 ID: d92f71
File 137565103224.png - (19.86KB , 800x800 , underling.png )

Underling is the umbrella term used for all sapient underground dwellers that have been adopted into the Undercommons. the Undercommons has two major races, and a number of lesser (politically speaking) races.

the M'raach are reptilian humanoids that stand 5 1/2 to 6 ft. M'raach scales are thick and matte brown or black. a M'raach has a mane of long spines that begins at the crown of the head and snake down the back of the neck. in females, the spines are less rigid and will normally droop and lay on the shoulders. M'raach are Obligate Carnivores, meaning that their diet consists almost entirely of meat. the Caverns that M'raach are native to are highly sulfurous, meaning that M'raach physiology requires a large amount of sulfur in the air. when traveling away from their homelands, many M'raach carry special masks which sulfurate any air that they breathe.

M'raach society is based around their beliefs regarding souls, or more, their belief in their nonexistence. M'raach believe that a person's body is their true identity, and when one dies, they live on through their body. this is part of the reason for their funeral rites.

the other reason for their funeral rites is their relationship with Daemons. M'raach communicate ritualistically with ethereal Daemons that they call "Whispers in the Mane". whispers have gifted M'raach with understanding of Hex fire, the basis of their technology. Hex fire is unquenchable magical fire, and unlike mundane fire, it does not react in the highly flammable air that M'raach breathe. M'raach savants will commonly try to master Hex fire and strengthen their bond with the Whispers. this will likely end in their horrific death.

M'raach Funeral rites are central to their culture. any fresh corpse is subject to a M'raach funeral. a number of M'raach (normally 10-20) will carry the cadaver to a place of worship. there, they will recount tales of the deceased, or detail how they died, or even merely describe the carcass and how it was obtained. then, the corpse is portioned, prepared, and consumed. M'raach believe by consuming a body, the creature will live on in them and grant them strength or wisdom. if a M'raach is unsure it will be able to remove a corpse from a battlefield before it begins to rot, they will commonly consume part of it immediately. this practice, and their regular contact with Whispers, has caused M'raach to gain a reputation as evil incarnate.

Chtzo are a race of sapient fungi that stand 6-7 ft tall. Chtzo have short torsos and long, lanky limbs. the Chtzo face is nearly featureless, with two wide, pupiless eyes and a single nostril. Chtzo are genderless, and reproduce by way of spores. every 10 years, Chtzo will generate millions of male and female spores and release them in a sort of fog. Chtzo begin their lives as immobile polyps, and take ten years to mature into a fully grown Chtzo; afterward, Chzto show no signs of aging, and in fact, no one is sure if a Chtzo is able to die from old age. the oldest Chtzo is well over ten thousand years old.

Chtzo are innately able to broadcast their thoughts, communicating directly with others' minds. this oddity attracted what the Chtzo refer to as "Altruists", and others refer to as "Humours". Daemons with corporeal forms who cause emotion in mortals. Humours ally directly with Chtzo and, due to their connection with emotion and magic, Chtzo are masters or magical theory. Chtzo are all savants, it is unclear if this has to do with the Humours' interference.

Chtzo society is a democracy. a single Chtzo is decided by majority vote to be the Speaker. an other, decided by super majority, is the Recorder. if a Chtzo has an issue, it will speak to the recorder, who will draft a solution. the Recorder will present the solution to the speaker, who will broadcast the issue to all Chtzo in the colony. the Colony will then decide by majority if the solution should be enacted or rejected.
No. 75527 ID: 96c896

There's not much info on Twinkle here yet, it seems?
No. 75582 ID: d92f71


I've been wrestling with how much info to put out. I'll dig up some designs for the races and characters after work, but as far as culture and such, I'd prefer to keep the reader's knowledge limited to what the characters know.
No. 75609 ID: 91c1b3

Question for the other readers. Any clue when we should start giving out/asking why we all joined the service? It would help the team get to know each other more and possible help ease the group. It kinda needs a right time for it though, so I'm not sure about asking right now.
No. 75632 ID: d92f71
File 137762399373.png - (20.99KB , 800x800 , dabian.png )

this is the most recent design for the Dabians, a race of blind and very polite insectoids. I'm still not extremely happy with the design, but it sure as fuck looks better than it used to.
No. 75634 ID: d92f71
File 137762420215.png - (13.34KB , 800x800 , crux.png )

the design for the Crux, a race of reptilian individuals. I like this design a lot, but I keep messing up Carthage's weird fingers.
No. 75643 ID: 5af25b

so. egg laying?
No. 75654 ID: d92f71


Probably. I usually don't think about the reproduction of alien races, but I think in this case it fits their individualist culture, in the sense that the mother lays a cluster of eggs and than just leaves them to fend for themselves
No. 75708 ID: 5af25b

the four man groups thing doesn't really make much sense in my head. for one thing, sending just one guy to do a job is reckless, if he dies the whole group is screwed. i feel the classification of the four parts is odd as well.

i can understand 4 man groups either in the context of every group being highly specialized to deal with some specific scenario and each one is sent accordingly for very limited 'jobs', but that would require someone up top to know every group extensively and know which ones to deploy ahead of time, and the 4 man groups cannot make the bulk of the army because most things can't be dealt with by only 4 people.

do you mind talking about it more? about the structure of the army and what sort of assignments the groups are sent on?
No. 75713 ID: 96c896

The roles sounded pretty loose, and were just there to ensure that every group was well-rounded enough to adapt to unpredictable combat situations.
No. 75715 ID: bf54a8

also, why can't they just send more groups at a time? group A B and C all attack a place at the same time.
No. 75716 ID: bf54a8

that was at
No. 75723 ID: d92f71
File 137783318135.png - (18.00KB , 800x800 , Skulk.png )

I have thought about this question quite a bit. of course, originally (as in about 4 years ago when this was going to be a graphic novel) the reason was because there were four characters in the squad, but this seems like a handwave.

a much better answer is to explain the culture of the Kosh, and the purpose of the Kosh marines. the Kosh are a race of glory seekers who revere the long dead heroes of their mythical ages highly. one such hero whose name has been thrown about in the same way modern man uses the term "jesus" is Sheesha.

Sheesha is their version of Prometheus. Sheesha gave the kosh thumbs, which allowed them to make tools, as their theology goes. Sheesha also explained to them the four pillars, which I described somewhat poorly, but I am lampshading that as GnySgt Vorteki was paraphrasing it so Constant could more easily understand it.

the four pillars of sheesha are the eye that sees, the voice that bellows, the hand that crushes, and the mind that is informed. these four pillars are similar to kosh as the ten commandments are to modern man, it has informed much of their societal rules, and pervades every facet of their culture. for instance, the Kosh military is divided into the Intel corps (eye), the Navy (Voice), the Marines (Hand), and the mysteriously named and secretive "Betterment Corps" (Mind).

Marine is a bit of a misnomer, as well. Kosh marines are more like Uman Spec ops. if the Kosh want to batter the enemy to bits with extreme force, they normally use their Navy, which is one of the best in the galaxy. Marines are normally sent in when subtlety is key, or when all out war is to be avoided.

the highest ranked member of a team is the team leader. Marine teams will commonly combine into 16 man squads, led by the highest ranked member, who is assisted in their command by the other three team leaders. these 16 man squads will occasionally combine with other squads to form a 64 man platoon, once again led by the senior member, assisted by the 15 team leaders.

also have the current design for the Skulks, a race of centipedes that construct elaborate suits of exoarmor and have a ravenous appetite for metal. Skulks are tied with Krill for "least like their original design", but I am very happy with the current design for both the creature and for the variety of power suits they employ.
No. 75737 ID: d92f71
File 137788394440.png - (11.67KB , 800x800 , warspear.png )


this is a Kosh Warspear
No. 75752 ID: d2995c

That is a strangely cute space centipede. on the left.
No. 76569 ID: d92f71
File 138060111193.png - (572.84KB , 614x543 , old tezcata.png )

the very first drawing of tezcata. originally tezcata were reptilian/avian. the long scaled snout ended in a beak and the head was adorned a crown of brilliant feathers. this is Erindira's original design.
No. 76584 ID: d92f71

I'm going to try something new to sort of get some discussion going. maybe it will work maybe it won't, but it will be interesting.

the first person who figures out what the word Connanti means will receive a free commission. I haven't worked out the details fully yet, but the general rules will be this:

1. Keep it semi safe for work, I can draw nudity, but I stop at pornography.
2. I will give you a digital copy, as well as posting it here, and I will also make a poster sized print of it. I'll pay shipping and handling, and all that shit, this will be free in every sense of the word.
3. give me your email address, so I can work things out with you privately.

let's see how this will go.
No. 76617 ID: 2f4b71

Contract/remuneration? (as in; what a M'raach must to to fulfil their debt to their Daemon/Whisperer)
Or maybe combining/mingling, if the M'raach funeral ritual is conducted for both the M'raach and the Daemon.
No. 76765 ID: d92f71
File 138158490597.png - (7.73KB , 800x800 , CHARSHEETNULL.png )

time for the meat and potatoes. later today I will be posting the statistics of the characters, but first, this is the character sheet. each character is represented mechanically by the three abilities: Strength, Agility, and Toughness, and by a selection of skills.

the three abilities are combined in various ways to determine certain things:
Strength + Agility determines melee attack and damage bonuses.
Strength + Toughness Determines how much one's equipment encumbers them.
Agility + Toughness Determines one's movement speed.

these are not hard algorithms, they only set the guidelines fo what a character is naturally able to do.

a character's skills give them special abilities. some require a dice roll, while others are activated or are always passively giving an effect. some skills give a negative effect. sorry.
No. 76766 ID: d92f71
File 138158987822.png - (17.36KB , 800x800 , CHARSHEETCONSTANT.png )

this is what constant's character sheet looks like. unlike other characters, suggesters will be able to control what skills he has access to.

ADAPTABLE: Constant can choose to temporarily assume a skill at a +1 bonus. he requires no prior training of the skill, but must take some time to get into the mindset to use the skill; and as such, he is unable to assume a new skill during combat, though he is free to use assumed skills during combat. Constant may only assume a single skill at a time.

SELFISH: Constant thinks of himself before others, and does not work well in a team. when giving or receiving help, Constant rolls twice and takes the lower of the two rolls when determining success.

in addition, Constant can obtain four of the following skills:
Weapon training (Pistol), Weapon training (Rifle), Weapon training (Shotgun), Weapon training (MG), Weapon training (Energy), Weapon training (Launcher/Grenade), Weapon training (Flame), Weapon training (Melee), First Aid, Stealth, Leadership, Feint, Adaptable +2, Adaptable (extra skill), Mechanics, Hacking, Driver, Pilot, Ambidextrous*, Intimidate, Xenology, Hip firing*, Resist pain*.

AMBIDEXTROUS: this character can use either hand effectively. this character can wield two one handed weapons without penalty.

HIP FIRING: This character retains their accuracy when firing from the hip. this character can move and fire simultaneously without penalty.

RESIST PAIN: this character can remain calm after taking light fire. this character takes no penalties when lightly injured.
No. 76769 ID: d92f71
File 138159064304.png - (28.11KB , 800x800 , CHARSHEETJACK.png )

Jack's character sheet has two unknown skills. she either does not know she has these abilities, or she does not want others to know.

PSIONICALLY ACTIVE: Jack is used to being psionically connected to a hivemind, as a result, jack is rarely surprised by threats. when connected to the hive, jack is unable to be caught unaware. when disconnected, jack rolls her chances to notice an ambush twice, then takes the higher roll.

NERVOUS: Jack does not work well under pressure. when rushed or threatened, jack takes a penalty to all rolls equal to the number of other people present, or 1 if she is alone.
No. 76770 ID: d92f71
File 138159176902.png - (22.57KB , 800x800 , CHARSHEETCARTHAGE.png )

TIMID: Carthage is innocuous, even in the heat of battle. Carthage is less likely to be targeted by enemies.

PACIFIST: Carthage dislikes violence. Carthage deals 10% less lethal damage.
No. 76771 ID: d92f71
File 138159261726.png - (24.95KB , 800x800 , CHARSHEETADIL.png )

PRECISION: Adil takes his time when shooting. when firing single shots, Adil can target specific body parts at no penalty.
No. 76773 ID: d92f71

one last caveat. Carthage can select 2 skills from the list as well.

with that I leave this mortal plane until tomorrow morning. expect a double update tomorrow.
No. 76776 ID: 9ddf68

what would the pulse driver be under, energy?
Cause from what I gathered form the story so far is with CONSTANT we were leaning towards the pulse driver as our main weapon and where going to use an smg and energy rifle for the war games to get use to the pulse driver while taking wither the rifle or smg as our sub-weapon.

Either way I say (whatever pulse driver weapon skill is) and fire from the hip

or were you just giving us our options for tomorrow?
No. 76778 ID: 2baea8

Suggesting Adaptable +2, Adaptable (Extra Skill), and Hacking for Constant.
No. 76807 ID: 7bbaae

Carthage sure is full of secrets. She's even mysteriously avoiding the blue filter!
No. 76820 ID: f83b2b

for constant i'd say adaptable +2, adaptable (extra skill), hip firing and a weapon proficiency on the weapon he'll be choosing.
No. 76832 ID: 7bbaae

>Strength + Agility determines melee attack and damage bonuses.
>Strength + Toughness Determines how much one's equipment encumbers them.
>Agility + Toughness Determines one's movement speed.
Constant: 3 str, 6 agi, 5 tough= 9 melee, 8 encum, 11 move
Jack: 7 str, 4 agi, 7 tough= 11 melee, 14 encum, 11 move
Carthage: 2 str, 8 agi, 4 tough= 10 melee, 6 encum, 12 move
Adil: 5 str, 6 agi, 5 tough= 11 melee, 10 encum, 11 move

I'm guessing physical training will improve Constant and Carthage's strength stats, which will raise those melee and encumbrance values. Considering Jack's crazy encumbrance I dunno why she's not going for heavy armor. Nobody else could possibly use it.

For Constant's skill choices, well, I'd like to know what Feint, Xenology, and Leadership do exactly. Leadership seems out of place on Constant though... Also, why is Pilot an option? I thought these were ground forces. Will we be able to pick up more skills later on from this list, or is this a one-time choice? Does Adaptable let us use a skill without training, or does it just give the +1 bonus to a skill he already knows?
I'm leaning towards Weapon Training(rifle) and Weapon Training(energy), alongside Adaptability +2 and Mechanics.

Carthage I wanna say First Aid and Weapon Training(pistol).
No. 76836 ID: 2baea8

Missed that we get 4, not 3. In that case, would add another rank of Hacking.

For Carthage, would suggest putting both points into First Aid.
No. 76837 ID: d92f71


this is not a one time choice, constant will be gaining skills as he becomes more experienced, though it will be one at a time. this will be the only time you may choose 4 skills.

Feint is using one's body language to trick an opponent into thinking you will be doing something. for instance, one could feint an overhead swing and instead attack with a thrust of the blade.

Leadership is one's ability to command and calm others. if someone panics and tries to flee or breaks down, using leadership will attempt to get them back into fighting form.

Xenology is scholarly study of Inhumans' anatomy and culture. this skill will be used both outside and inside of combat and requires no roll. constant merely knows more about Inhumans than he normally would.

the reason Pilot is a skill in the list even if your average marine is unlikely to fly an air or space craft is because this list represents Constant's general skill set, not his marine training.
No. 76856 ID: 9ddf68

After reading this I kinda remembered that Constant is more a charismatic character more then anything else so I think Leadership and Feint are better skills for a conman Adaptable +2 as well since everyone seems to want that and I think Xenology could also be useful for a con-man but at the same time he did grow up on a back water planet so might as well get Intimidate if for no other reason then I'm sure his family's name could hold some power behind it.

Oh and as for Carthage, Stealth, and Feint

using this to replace this>>76776 by the way.
No. 76861 ID: a36601

I say we go for leadership, adaptable +2, adaptable(extra skill) and xenology (for flavour text) for constant, and first aid and feint instead of stealth(because she already has timid) for carthage.
No. 76864 ID: 2baea8

Will change support to this.
No. 76868 ID: d92f71

I don't want to have a huge text post about EPILOG because the rules and setting should become apparent in the quest, but I do need to clear up a single point which seems to be causing confusion.

you are currently controlling BOTH the witch and the soldier. in the future I will make it more clear who you can influence.
No. 76881 ID: 9ddf68

so right now we're basically arguing with ourselves then?
No. 76882 ID: 75a612

You say that as if it's anything but business as usual around here.
No. 77305 ID: a5188f

Sooo basically, we're in that fighting game Axtrinax or something, advising the characters?
Sherman, the last knight, I wonder how he lost his armor?
Varun some of us may remember as Constant's favorite character to use.
The Witch, burnt to a crisp, a former model, and seemingly some sort of failed hero...She's that fire/beauty goddess, fallen from grace...That's how she fits in with the rest of the crowd, I suppose. A fresh flower, in a dying garden...
No. 77598 ID: d92f71

so I've been thinking about this and weighing the options in my head and generally stressing out about the whole thing, and I believe I've reached a consensus regarding twinkle.

my decision is that I am not skilled enough to run a quest with numbers.

this may annoy some people because they went through the effort to vote on skills, and I apologize for that, but I think getting rid of the numbers and dice will allow me to provide you with a more coherent story.

all of that being said I will still give characters skills which will allow them to tackle situations in different ways. I will be redoing the vote for Constant and Carthage's skills, but removing Adaptable, Driving, and Pilot.
No. 77608 ID: 2baea8

Constant: Hacking, Mechanics, Weapon Training (Energy)
Carthage: First Aid, Weapon Training (Pistol)
No. 77684 ID: 2baea8

Forgot Constant gets 4, so Feint as well.
No. 77686 ID: 9ddf68

what is said here but just remove Adaptable +2 and replace it with Xenology. Still feel like these skills will play best to Constant's character

still think the skills I picked for Carthage or good though.
No. 78079 ID: d92f71


design for lonely hearts, whose name is being thrown around by carthage a lot.
No. 78193 ID: 7bbaae

A-HA! I suspected Mother was afraid because she suspected Jack would like being cut off. This outright confirms it.

Now, the question is, does Mother fear losing control, or fear losing contact entirely?
No. 78196 ID: 592261

I think it's contact that Mother fears losing-it sounded like she WANTED Jack to go out and do the marine thing at first.
But when Carthage said her spiel about freewill Jack tuned Mother out...What I'm wondering now is how that's going to go down...
I get the feeling Carthage changed Jack's mind on being connected to mother all the time too fast and too soon.
No. 78201 ID: 7bbaae

I'd like to vote for Carthage's skills as First Aid and Stealth, if it's not too late.
No. 78202 ID: 53ba34

i think it's control. mother was willing to allow jack to separate as long as jack saw the separation as a bad thing, meaning jack would return one day. but by thinking of it as a good thing jack wont return to the fold.
No. 78301 ID: c23ab0

I think she's just worried for him, and backpedalling at the last second just out of fear and uncertainty.
No. 79028 ID: 31b21d
File 138949772293.png - (50.89KB , 800x800 , 2-epilog.png )

epilogue for Twinkle chapter 2
No. 79197 ID: 7e38be
File 139046800337.png - (14.15KB , 800x800 , Casca Polzin 3.png )

redesign for the navani. I'll be postng a redesign for Nero specifically later
No. 79485 ID: 7e38be


gonna put Epilog on indefinite hold, meanwhile I would like to know what quest I should do next.
No. 79506 ID: 7e38be
File 139163270346.png - (117.97KB , 800x4000 , Nero\'s Nightmare.png )

No. 79936 ID: 7e38be
File 139353367263.png - (22.16KB , 800x800 , navani faces.png )

someone asked about Navani

Navani do not value individuality highly and as such there is not a lot of dissension or cultural growth. most loyalist Navani have similar fashion sense and opinions on what is "beauty", but Navani are spread across the stars and their culture encourages crossbreeding between clans and breeds, which means that there is a lot of subtle difference in physical appearance.

Navani race is based upon a few physical indicators.

first and foremost is mandible length. Navani with Mandibles too short to cover their mouths are generally referred to as "Strons" and there is a widely held superstition that Strons are more likely to carry disease.

Navani also group each other based on nose width, size of the eyes, and length of the darker section of their mane.

Defector Navani display more varied fashion and physical appearance. some will use make up or purposefully gain body fat, both of which are considered undesirable by the loyalists.

few Navani, even Defectors, will ever consider body modification such as tattoos or piercings.
No. 80065 ID: 7e38be
File 139413158041.png - (16.85KB , 800x800 , Lychter.png )

this is what Lychter look like. this one in particular is a female Lychter that has defected to GUI. she currently has one of her bone spears unsheathed from its housing in her forearm.
No. 80074 ID: 67bfa9

I like how her cute underwear completely undermines her menacing posing
No. 80356 ID: 7e38be
File 139577496688.png - (27.65KB , 1200x800 , of many strange sorceries 1.png )

From Of Many Strange Sorceries:

Magic is not extremely well understood by mortals, and it is only understood marginally more by dwellers of the Pit such as I. what is certain is that it is connected directly to emotion and emotion is connected directly to we Humours.

there are 4 great Humours, timeless and indescribably powerful daemons who evidently had a hand in the creation of the mortal races. each of these four great Daemons sired countless children who are referred to as "Lesser Humours", although I contend the "lesser" status. in any case, we Humours are responsible for emotion, and emotion is responsible for magic. I have never found a good explanation beyond that, unfortunately.

while emotion and magic are intertwined, the lack of one logically means absence of both. this is most noticeable with the Jotunn and Tezcata, both of whom have a cultural lean towards stoicism. one will notice they have a rate of Savant births similar to other races (approx. 1 in 200), but of those savants, only 1 in 10 ever has magical discharge, intentional or otherwise.

of the most interest to us is how the dead god effects this. Irkam, as the Raksha call him, seems to have been quite busy post mortem. the Raksha are not particularly emotional, nor are they as closely connected to the pit as the Chtzo, but approximately 1 in 10 Raksha are not only capable but quite adapt at drawing and discharging magical force. it would appear Irkam himself is passing out magic. oddly, Raksha Savants are unable to draw magic, discharge it, or deal with magic in any form. in fact, magic seems to not work at all near them. I can only assume any of this of course because an other effect of this odd mutation is that Humours can't perceive them.
No. 80831 ID: 7e38be

just a heads up I am about to load a bunch of quest Ideas into a shotgun and fire them all without any forethought or logic. I'm gonna be trying a lot of new things some will work and obviously some won't. feedback is welcome and encouraged.
No. 82489 ID: ac14c0

Wait where did the Adventures in Witch Hunting thread go?
No. 82491 ID: ca0da5

Gear Guard also vamoosed. I think his threads got removed/archived.
No. 82519 ID: a36601

I liked the Lupa quest. It has/had two of my favorite things in it. (helping people overcome psychological issues in a meaningful way, and a foxgirl)
No. 83933 ID: 53548a

SD, I swear, if you abandon Lupa after the first update I'm going to be so upset and won't draw you fanart.
No. 85055 ID: 7e38be

I apologize for the delay. next lupa update is a bit of a long one.

I'll try to have it up by wednesday evening and if not I am the greatest of wienies.
No. 85056 ID: 7e38be

as a side note I would really like to thank the community for expanding the Lupa Wiki page. it really means a lot to me that people like my work enough to show support for it of their own volition.
No. 85144 ID: a36601

I really like the glowing light effects of the cigarettes. Looks cool.
No. 85146 ID: 436cdc

neat stuff sports, keep it up and eventually I'll draw things.
Art block happens and is not fun.
No. 86266 ID: 7e38be
File 141404287069.png - (313.69KB , 1020x1405 , How could anyone mistake this fine young woman for.png )

so I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but better late than never, right?

Lupa and company are, in reality, humans living on earth. them being depicted as animals is a stylistic choice.

this may or may not come up later in the quest.
No. 86268 ID: 4a20fa

quest ruined forever 0/10 would not read again
No. 86277 ID: fe4bfc


Aghghagh I will never be able to trust a quest again. From now on I will see all non human characters as people in suits!

Why Sports drink? Why have you betrayed questing like this?

The genre is ruined now. Everyone might as well go home and cry.
No. 86280 ID: 2ec61a

probably joking

but for real, rubyquest was the same thing, the animal ears and stuff was so it would be easy to tell who's who in the simple sprite style. weaver thought about hats at first, but realized someone could just steal another characters hat.
No. 86281 ID: 48bac8

That sounds like a pretty neat quest concept, though. Everyone can only tell each other apart by hats, and the player is, I don't know, a detective following a case of identity theft.
No. 86293 ID: 9b209e

Oh...where is my pen, I need to draw porn fanarts
No. 91408 ID: e114bc

...we don't even know the Klangg's name, do we?
No. 91420 ID: 7e38be


it is a mystery. maybe it's just really embarrassing, like Fanny.
No. 91547 ID: 88960e

If she's feigning amnesia so as to escape an embarrassing name, then the way to get her to crack is to suggest even worse names.
No. 100571 ID: 0fff38
File 146636593043.png - (30.19KB , 1000x1000 , carthage tests.png )

working on some ideas for carthage and Crux in general. any feedback would be appreciated.
No. 113299 ID: 5e2c69
File 149944849369.png - (41.77KB , 1000x1000 , the ballot's rigged.png )

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