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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 137576952722.png - (162.71KB , 726x600 , 497.png )
531849 No. 531849 ID: a68e3e

Guardian abilities:Change Form GP:10, Shadow Ball GP:10, Last Stand GP:50, Darkness GP:00, Summon Ombra GP:100, Limit Break- Avatar of Ombra GP:100

Heyyyy guys. I might've accidentally lost you for a few days. But it's cool! Nothing interesting happened anyway! Other than more Saisai/Oli sex/training. Luckily I spared you from seeing that, hmm?

Saisai picks up the Guardian

That dumb dragon. If she didn't find you I don't know what I would have done.
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No. 531850 ID: a68e3e
File 137576966764.png - (179.19KB , 800x600 , 498.png )

Well, good news is I finished my training. I'm now a master of destruction Sage Magic. Well... A Master Novice. I can blow up boulders with my words, okay!? That's pretty damn awesome. Still tires me out though.
And I learned a lot of Oli words so so long as I can combine them in different ways that mean the destruction of something I'm golden. So far it only works on inorganic things though but it's still pretty amazing.

>"Our training is done."

"I know! I finally got it!"

>"I mean our training is done. We have finished."

"Right? It took a few days but I think I really got it now."

No. 531855 ID: a23afd

He's kicking you out, Saisai! No more sex! Give him a goodbye kiss and say you'll visit every now and then. It's time to get back to your other friends.
No. 531856 ID: b5df96

Damn, looking good there, girl. Totally nailing the powerful savage mystic look.

And way to go, bagging the Oli hunk, by the way! Our little Saisai is all grown up, she's a woman now! Seducing super hot immortal hunks.

>Done. Finished. Saisai...
...but now he's reminding you this a temporary thing. You're supposed to move on now. And the tryst, awesome as it was, was only supposed to last as long as your training.

It's time for goodbyes.

*Pff* I knew you were gonna lose us, even with the warning. Thanks for not dropping us in the lakes, at least. We'd have never got out.
No. 531866 ID: 41690e

Got the hang of walking and fighting with your recovered tail, I hope?

>It's time for goodbyes.
And hugs, and thank yous, and all that good stuff.

...and, try not to be too hard on whoever the next guy is. Alcarin's left some pretty big shoes to fill.
No. 532146 ID: 04b86a

Well, now, you're certainly looking good. I knew you needed to get laid. I hope that crush of yours hasn't gotten worse, though, since your arrangement with Alcarin was just until your training was complete.

But, hey, before we leave the mountains does Alcarin know if there's any frozen fire nearby? Morgan mentioned it's a very rare alchemy ingredient so I'm sure she'd be very happy to get some as a gift~
No. 532147 ID: 9ddf68

so when you get back are you going to show off to everyone or... what?
No. 532169 ID: 9cb233

Just try to be stoic through this. Dont get all emotional and embarrass yourself.
No. 532195 ID: a68e3e
File 137585149708.png - (192.78KB , 800x600 , 499.png )

>But, hey, before we leave the mountains does Alcarin know if there's any frozen fire nearby?

Way ahead of you on that.

>Just try to be stoic through this. Dont get all emotional and embarrass yourself.

"Yeah, I get it. We've got to part ways now, huh?"

>"Yes. This does not mean I do not care for you, you are always welcome to visit. However, we both have things we must do. You said you wanted to revive Ombra, perhaps the other Dragons as well. That is more important than anything else. And I must find others suitable to learn my magic. You have shown me that there are others who can take up Sage Magic, some might be more than willing to. And I think I will need to search for my students, not wait for them to come to me."

"You could come with me to Central. There's plenty of people there."

He shakes his head.

>"If I can... I want to teach a member of every race. Even the Light Elves can learn my magic. For now I will teach the Merfolk. They will take to healing well. But one day I may visit Central. And I will see you there."

He walks up to her and kisses her forehead.

>"I enjoyed the time we had together."

"Yeah. Same here."

>"I understand that Human romance is far more complicated than what we went through. I hope you find someone more accustomed to your own courtship and that they have an amazing relationship with you."


>"Do you want me to take you to the Dragonshrine?"


The two of them hold hands and make their way to the Shrine. It is a nice walk and there's not much said between them. Sharaes assured them that the shrine was completely fixed and ready to go. Saisai places her hand on the Shrine.

>"Goodbye, Saisai."

"Seeya, Alcarin."

The two of them share one more kiss.
Then she's gone.

Solid ground is beneath her feet again and her senses adjust to the new landscape. She's outside the kingdom now.


I'm going to miss him.

5 days. That must be like a new record.

Of what, fucking?

No you dumb little...
Of a relationship.
No. 532196 ID: bf54a8

if what he said was true, his people had 1 day relationships sometimes. everyone told you this would happen and you still agreed, so you need to just buck up and get a move on.

to cid's place to see if A1 is back to full power.
No. 532197 ID: c31f72

Hey, it isn't a record! You've had us for a lot longer. I think. I lost track of time.
... Wait does owner and servant or whatever we count as count as a relationship?
No. 532198 ID: 9ddf68

so now what? go see how the old gang is doing, see if anything happened while we were away that we should know about, head off to the Dark elves to learn soul magic, or just bum around for a bit then decide what we want to do?
No. 532202 ID: a23afd

Alright, Saisai. Time to meet the others and get ready for that foray into Dark Elf la... hmm. Okay maybe we don't need the others for the visit, but you can just like, ask if they wanna come anyway. Oh! A1's body should be done now. We should definitely check up on her.

First though you should go home and see how your living arrangement has fared since you were gone. Also check on your mimic.
No. 532206 ID: c23ab0

Really? Your record is 5 days? I would think most guys would be impossible to get rid of in less than 5 days! Do you always date reclusive, eccentric mountain priests or something?
No. 532223 ID: 0c4b60

good thing your ex fiance isn't here to hear that one.
No. 532243 ID: 933f92


For one thing, your new duds are pretty sexy. :3

Let's go meet up with A1.
No. 532274 ID: 5663f2

Checking up on our allies does rather seem like a wise course of action before going to visit Ombra's people, the dark elves.
I'd give priority to she who holds the wind dragon inside of her, Aedyr or something like that, since she's in particular is a target for Regulus.
No. 532283 ID: 256d52

Lookin' kinda tanned there, Saisai!
No. 532285 ID: 41690e

>I'm going to miss him.
>Record, 5 days relationship.
...yeah, it is unusual circumstances. I mean, people have have had shorter hook ups, but that's not what you meant. It was more than that to you. It was important, it meant something, and it was all wrapped up around this time limit.

I know it probably hurts. But don't fight that. I know it sucks that it's over, but you did something that meant something to you. That you'll remember. That you would regret not having done. And even if it hurts now, that's just part of the process. Proof it meant something. And that's a good thing.

Break ups suck. Hugs. (...wait, I'm not sure what kind of hug we could offer other than strangling. Nevermind). Don't worry, you'll feel better about this, later.

>outside the kingdom
...what happened to your armor and stuff? You stuff it in your mimic bag? Might want to recover that, if you want to keep pretending you're 100% human. Unless you feel it doesn't matter with the knights disbanded right now.

Or... with your tan and new outfit and unexpected tigerfolk parts you could probably walk right into town and most people wouldn't recognize you as you.

>what do
Should probably check in with the kingdom. See what your friends are up to, and if there's any news.
No. 532368 ID: 2f4b71

Uh... Saisai... did you just leave your spear, armour, and all your other gear back in the mountains, and teleport back to the city wearing only a shirt and a loincloth with your ears and tail fully visible?
No. 541391 ID: 8f7720
File 137976700549.png - (180.09KB , 800x600 , 500.png )

I don't really count what happened with Chevre as a relationship... More like... I'm not sure how to put it politely so I think I'll just say it doesn't count.
As for my armor I may have accidentally lost it. It uh... Fell off the cliff side and into the woods. We haven't been able to find it since. I already told Captain and she said she can help me get a new suit. Should be ready. In the meantime... I'm gonna have to sprint.

Saisai runs into the kingdom. Luckily there are few people in the streets, far less than there would normally be for this time. She makes it to Maggie's home and quickly steps inside. Maggie is in there sitting on her couch and reading a magazine. Once she sees Saisai she sets down the magazine and grins.



>"Just Maggie, Saisai. Soooo... How was he?"

"I don't know what you mean."

>"Oh come on~"

She walks over to Saisai and puts her arm around her

>"I think you know very well what I mean~"

"Ugh... I'm... I don't kiss and tell..."

>"Ah, even as you say this your mind fills up with such lewd images~"

"D-don't read my mind!"

>"I'm not even reading. You're pretty much mentally shouting it out."


>"Hehehe okay okay I'll stop. Hey, your armor is ready for ya. Let me grab it for you. Also, nice tan."
No. 541394 ID: 8f7720
File 137976711771.png - (127.51KB , 450x800 , 501.png )



I don't like the bows.
No. 541396 ID: df5c97

yeaaa...That doesn't really work for you I think.
The bows, that is. Maybe if your hair was long enough to put into a big ponytail...But anyhow-is it just me, or is your tail now basically getting caught under the skirt of the armor? And for that matter, are you ok with that/it doesn't mess you up too much?
No. 541399 ID: 07e3a8

...are the bows keeping your ears concealed even without a helmet? That's convenient, I guess. Even if they do look a little silly.

Maybe we could adjust / retie them into something a little less showy? Simple hair ties instead of big bows.

How's the armor work with your tail?

>I don't really count what happened with Chevre as a relationship... More like...
Yeah, classifying things like this can be hard. Don't worry about trying to explain or justify it to us, we get what you're trying to say. (Although if you wanna chat, we're here for ya).
No. 541427 ID: 26e322

As long as those bows are secure, they'll do the job and you'll get used to them. Better than a hat that can fall off, at any rate.
No. 541505 ID: 23823f


The bows aren't ideal, but they keep your hair tied up and your ears hidden (somehow).

It's probably not a bad idea to keep them, at least until you find something better.
No. 541511 ID: 8f7720
File 137983066171.png - (148.62KB , 800x600 , 502.png )

>Although if you wanna chat, we're here for ya

Not much to say about it really. We were about to be married and I left him. Family disowned me to but whatever.
Hmm... I'll just put my cap on for now, these bows are stupid.

>Should probably check in with the kingdom. See what your friends are up to, and if there's any news.

Oh, right!

Saisai calls out to Maggie that she's done and is taken back downstairs. Maggie appears to be getting ready to head out herself.

"So Maggie, anything interesting happen while I was gone?"

>"Ugh... Nothing good. Right now it's still just me and the other Captain Generals. We're still waiting on that Von Central and the Catfolk have so far not replied to any of our messages. Honestly, I think they're ignoring us. The human kingdom is at its weakest right now and no one's giving us any aid. After all the Knights did for them too... We have some support from the Tigerfolk but we need some Catfolk so we can rebuild the castle. It's a giant pain. We have only like a handful of Human wizards capable of rebuilding the castle so progress is slow. What I'm personally worried about is that we'll get attacked or something. With one less Captain General and no King or even much in the way of an organized army we've pretty vulnerable."

Man, she just looks tired.

>"Oh, before I forget, A1 said she had something to show you so whenever you're free visit. Artemis wants to say hi too."
No. 541512 ID: bf54a8

well, visiting them sounds like a plan, tally ho!
No. 541513 ID: 07e3a8

>Not much to say about it really.
...I didn't really mean so much with regards to your non-relationship with your non-boyfriend you happened to be betrothed to so much as the more recent relationship that actually had an impact.

>What do
We should probably check in with your friends, next.

And tell Maggie if she needs anything, you'll do what you can to help. I mean, you're still working on this dragons thing, but it's not like we know where Regulus is or how to stop him yet anyways.
No. 541519 ID: 7bbaae

Which one first though? Hmm. Let's go say hi to A1 first, I really wanna see her completed body. Then we can go see Artemis.
No. 541523 ID: 9ddf68

go to whoever is closest to you and well work from there.

As for Maggie's problems, Well short of going to the kingdoms ourselves and seeing if we couldn't find some people willing to throw in there aid I'm not to sure what we can do there.

...Hey ask her if she thinks having the dark elves help would be, well helpful? I mean we are planing on going to there lands at some point to learn soul magic, might as well see if we can't find a few willing to help out around here, especially since we have the dark dragon with us. Not saying that will necessarily help us but then again I'm not saying it won't.
No. 541533 ID: 26e322

Sounds like a diplomatic mission is due for us some time. Somewhere in between all the rest of the world saving... Well nothing else to do but check in on our friends.

First though, give Maggie a heads up on our new skill set. I'm certain that Sage magic will be important for the humans later on.
No. 541560 ID: d17222

Go see Art and show off your awesome magic that you can totally do.
No. 544766 ID: 8f7720
File 138225341253.png - (113.56KB , 800x600 , 503.png )

"Hey, Maggie. You know if you ever need anything I'll help you, right? I mean... We're not really in the same team right now but I'm still your friend."

Maggie smiles and some of the weariness leaves her face.

>"Thanks... But I'll be fine! We just gotta get those darn Catfolk to help us, you know? Stubborn people. If you're ever in the area try and see if you can get a word in with them. Or any of the races, really."

"I'll do that. I'm going to go and see the Dark Elves soon enough."

>"Oh? What for?"

"It's a mission I'm on. I decided to be an adventurer. Artemis and A1 are coming with me."

>"Oh..? ... Great! Glad you guys managed to find some work!"

... Still can't tell her about Ombra... I just don't think it would work out. I know she's trustworthy and all but I don't need anyone to know about her location.

>"So, yeah. Just use some of your girlish charm on those dark elves and get them to help us~"

"I'll... I'll see. I'm gonna go see A1."

>"Alright, see you later. I got work I gotta do anyway."

Saisai knocks on the door to Cid's study. She hears him say 'Come in.' She lets herself inside and sees A1 and Cid discussing things over a desk. A1 looks up and sees Saisai

>"Saisai! You're back!"

"Yep. Took a while, I know."

A1 walks over to her and gives her a tight hug.

"Nice to see you got your body back."

Still wearing the box...

>"I did! And it can do new things. Watch."

>"Zerlina, you shouldn't..."

She ignores him and takes a step back from Saisai. Her clothing is suddenly ripped off and replaced with numerous ceramic plates. Her box is knocked off and a helmet takes it's place.

>"Battle Mode. It's powered by an artifact from an island far away. It allows me to manifest this armor whenever I want to. Also my arm has a holy light blade AND my shoulders can fire out magic. It is the ultimate in combat armor."
No. 544767 ID: 8f7720
File 138225352274.png - (149.28KB , 800x600 , 504.png )

All of it falls apart.

>"... It is... Not quite ready."

>"I told you."

Wow... She has, like, -nothing- there.

She gathers up her clothing and puts it back on.

>"It is a work in progress..."

>Cid: "It should be done soon though."

>"If we could delay our trip for another day I would appreciate it."
No. 544770 ID: 256d52

So, does the bangle on the left hand do anything? (The best way to get through awkwardness is to ignore it)
No. 544772 ID: 4a27cd

I'd be tempted to suggest that if she wants to influence a guy she has her eye on that this is a pretty novel and eye-catching way of disrobing (which one can pretend is accidental to the unsuspecting, for bonus teasing points), but I don't know if that sort of half-joke (half-advice) would go well.
More seriously, is there anything they would like our help with, and have you performed your planning, organizing, packing and preparing for the trip yet?
No. 544775 ID: 53ba34

okay then... let's check on art now.
No. 544776 ID: 9ddf68

well we did just get back so I don't see why we can't relax for a day after checking on everyone. I mean if you still want to actually be doing something you could just always bum around town and see what kind of news and gossip you can find. But unless there's anything you can do here to help lets see how art is doing.
No. 544806 ID: 75a612

That's pretty cool, A1. But yeah, I'll give you guys some time to work out the bugs.

>Wow... She has, like, -nothing- there.
I'm sure she can have upgrades installed if she really wants.

...although I guess it's good you didn't bother using her to try and escape that weird game dream, huh?
No. 549766 ID: 8f7720
File 138536956715.png - (144.94KB , 700x500 , 505.png )

"Yeah, no problem. We're really not in a rush. I'll come by again tomorrow. Uhm... Good luck with the machine."

She nods and begins picking up the scraps of machine around her. As Cid helps her Saisai leaves and heads off to Artemis's home. He lives far away from the main part of Central, his home completely surrounded by farmland. She doesn't need to approach his home to see him as he drops down in front of her from open air.

>"Saisai! You're back! You look different!"

"Yeah, tanned and all that. How are you?"

>"Great! I had this idea to mix wind magic with gravity and... Well, I can pretty much fly now!"

"That's awesome. I learned a few magical things myself."

>"Really? Like what?"

Saisai explains the training she's gone through to him. Artemis listens to her closely, nodding and asking her questions along the way.

>"I knew that Sage Magic existed but I never thought I would meet someone who could use it... Let alone that person being you, Saisai."

"... What's that supposed to mean?"

>"Nothing! So, we're going to the Dark Elves?"

"Tomorrow. A1 still needs to prepare and I'm sure you do to."

>"Just to say goodbye and pack some things."

"Then I'll drop by tomorrow. Try and be up early."

>"Will do. Oh, and I was supposed to tell you something..."


>"Your family wanted to see you. I saw them when I was in the market and they recognized me from your party. I told them that you were training. You don't have to see them but... With the Kingdom like it is and with you moving..."

"Yeah, I understand. I'm going to go take care of some things. I'll see you later, Art."

>"Bye, Saisai."

Saisai walks back to the main part of the kingdom. Her tail is still and to anyone watching her she would appear to be deep in thought.

Why does my family want to see me? To say goodbye? Maybe to apologize for what happened before?
Should I even see them?

Fuck em. Not literally. You're not Masil.
No. 549767 ID: d17222

Now, now. The thing is now, the kingdom's been through some pretty heavy upheaval. You were in the middle of it. It might be that your family is reaching out to you out of a desire to reconnect in frightening times.

Or they could be assholes trying to cling to your heroics.

Only one way to find out.
No. 549771 ID: 7bbaae

They might actually be seeking revenge. Be careful, Saisai. If you have any extended family you can trust, you could try approaching them to find out just how pissed off they might be.
No. 549774 ID: 9ddf68

your siblings might be fine, your mother you haven't really talked about all that much so it's not really like I know her, but if it's your father... just watch out. But I believe that one goes without saying.
No. 549779 ID: fc937d

...familiy's family. You don't hate most of them, and even the ones you're mad at is just because they don't understand what's important to you, and they tried to force you into what he thought was important.

Maybe your Dad just wants to try some other ploy to get you in line, or threaten to disown you. Or maybe they're genuinely worried about you.

What I'm saying is, you might regret blowing them off. And with all that's going on, what if you never get another chance?
No. 549790 ID: d7b500

Flying Artemis...I'm questioning which version of you guys will be cooler when this is all over-I know the one we advised didn't get that power...
Though he could pretty much nearly bring people back to life, so there's that.

Ah, but escuse me, I'm getting distracted.
As far as family goes...I'm personally kinda forked.
On the one hand, part of me thinks BADTIMES happen if we go see them, but on the other hand, like the others said, you may not get another chance at this.
Since we have the time I suppose we could check it out.
No. 551322 ID: 8f7720
File 138665405737.png - (110.31KB , 700x500 , 506.png )

>Maybe your Dad just wants to try some other ploy to get you in line, or threaten to disown you.

Well he's already disowned me so -that- isn't much of a problem. But yeah... I think you guys are right.
I don't like family visits.

Saisai says her goodbyes to Artemis and walks to her home. It was far enough away from the castle to avoid much of the damage from Regulus's attack. Still, the streets are silent and the signs of destruction are scattered about. She pulls back the gate to her home and steps inside.
She knocks on the door.

Weird, knocking on the door to my own home.
I wanna go back. Maybe I should-

The door opens. Saisai's little sister is there.

>"Saisai! You're back!"

She runs out and hugs her big sister.

"Hey sis... Mom and dad home?"

>"Yeah! Wanna say hi?"


Her sister leads her in, chatting the entire way about how Saisai has been and the castle and just about anything her childish mind can think about.
The two of them arrive in a massive living room, lined with bookcases and paintings. Sitting in the center of it is Saisai's father.

>"... Saisai."


He stares at Saisai for a moment before putting down a book he was reading

>"I heard you were in the castle during the attack. I'm glad to see you're safe but if you hadn't decided to become a knight you wouldn't have had to worry about this in the first place."

Totally knew he would go there.
No. 551327 ID: b8ceae

"...and nobody would have been there to see what really happened, and the people I saved would have died.
I'm making a real difference in the world, but you can't see anything beyond your little power games.

If you feel I don't deserve your respect, then don't expect any from me when the only notable thing you've ever done is fuck my mother.

I have stared down dragons, and if you want MY respect you've got an uphill battle ahead of you.

Stay here and stew on that while I enjoy some time with MY family."
No. 551329 ID: 7bbaae

Tell him if you weren't a knight more people would've died there. Just leave it at that, and ask him why he called you here.
No. 551330 ID: fd6ae9

>Totally knew he would go there.
Yeah, okay, he's a dick. Almost everyone has at least one of those somewhere in their family.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, though, it is an awkward way of showing he cares. Sure, he's shaping it a form of a "I was right" rebuke, but that's probably due to a desire to keep you safe, to control you, or an unwillingness to show weakness.

>if you hadn't decided to become a knight you wouldn't have had to worry about this in the first place.
And if I hadn't have been there, then the two people I got out of there would have died. (Yes, robots and demons are people). I knew the risks when I signed up, and I'm not ashamed of my choices.
No. 551345 ID: cee89f

Oh son of a... i had three or four great reply ideas typed out... completely lost *grumble*

Okay. Try again, probably shorter this time...
"Your concern is /so/ touching. Really. Tearing up." (dripping with sarcasm, in case that wasn't clear)

"Go ahead. TRY and make me regret becoming a knight." *grin wickedly* "I fucking dare you."

Possibly prefixed by:
"I just spent half a week learning both how to use a form of magic I doubt you've ever heard of from an incredible master of the art, and teaching said incredible master what it would be like to consummate a marriage. Before that, I stared down dragons, saved lives, met wonderful people and did more to help this land than you could have ever done. I came to spend time with my sister and my mother."

Yeah. Smack him down /hard/...
...though I'm not too sure we should just tell him to fuck off. It IS his place and it's not like we came here to start a fight.

Maybe something like, "I came to spend time with my family, not listen to you gloat about how right you think you are. Ya wanna spend some time with your daughter or not?" at the end instead?
No. 551346 ID: 9ddf68

"but I'm glad I was there because if I wasn't more people would have died that day."

don't show any emotion her, don't beat around the bush, just answer his question and we can get out of here sooner rather then later.

probably thinks you're homeless now and is trying to bring you back under his shadow or something. probably thinks he's caught you when you down so he has more leverage on you. Just don't let him get to you.
No. 551347 ID: 53ba34

WOAH, chill! we do NOT brag to dad about her sex life that is just, WOW.
No. 551349 ID: cee89f

*shrug* I wouldn't know. Just figured it would shut him up and piss him off a bit, and the guy's enough of an asshole that I don't think he's owed the respect of a dad.

There's a reason that paragraph is set to the side.
No. 551350 ID: fd6ae9

I think she's done a good job of pissing him off, already. There's no special effort required.

He reached out, we might as well give him the chance and not bat the olive branch away immediately. Even if it's prickly.
No. 551375 ID: 828582

"Well, you might be right on that, but at the same time I got a chance to save lives that would otherwise have been lost. I got to make a difference."
Seems like a good way to acknowledge the hostility while acknowledging Saisai's feelings on the matter, without causing another big fight.
No. 551393 ID: ed5a38

"Careful, father. Your pride in me is showing!"
No. 558344 ID: 8f7720
File 139011641045.png - (118.67KB , 700x500 , 507.png )

"...and nobody would have been there to see what really happened, and the people I saved would have died. I'm making a real difference in the world, but you can't see anything beyond your little power games."

Her father still glares but he seems to relent a bit. Saisai's sister runs back into the room and begins tugging Saisai away.

>"Saisai, Saisai! I got my own wooden sword! I need to show you what I've been learning!"

She's been training?

She looks at her father who puts away his book.

>Dad: "I know the castle is gone. If you need a place to stay... We've kept your room for you. You..."

His voice catches for just a moment. Then his glare returns and he walks out of the room giving Saisai more time with her sister. She watches as her sister brings out a rather fancy wooden sword and shows off stances that clearly came from a professional teacher.

Father has someone teaching her how to fight? He never let someone teach me.


She finishes off a particularly difficult looking maneuver and stops, breathing heavily as she puts the blade away.

>"What do you think..?"

"Not bad. I think I would hesitate to actually fight you. Did dad pay for your lessons?"

>"Yeah! It was... A week after you left? I've been practicing really hard. When the castle is rebuilt I'm gonna be a knight, just like you."

"Heh. Well, if I could do it I'm sure you could. Just keep practicing."

>"I will. Oh, Chevre was here earlier. After the castle fell he was freaking out but he was happy again when he found out you were alive. He's coming by later if you wanna talk to him again."

Do I?
Our last encounter was kinda awkward.

Also... After all the times I denied sleeping with him and with Alcarin I...
No. 558347 ID: 9ddf68

well given how the last encounter did end on a bit of a odd note I got the impression that he still considered you a friend at least, I mean it wouldn't hurt just to talk to the guy. If you can stand your father you can stand talking to him. Besides you can't run from your problems forever.
No. 558348 ID: 53ba34

yeah, gotta admit it does kinda make you look a little shallow.

just talk to him person to person and get this sorted out. you can say you tried going out with someone else for a bit, and you broke it off, and don't mention the sex. it helped you sort yourself out, figure out what you want out of a relationship.

it DID help you figure out what you want, right? the next guy isn't going to be a lone survivalist that doesn't need money to live right.
No. 558349 ID: a87e3a

Sure, meet the guy. It didn't work out between you, that's all. No reason to avoid him.
No. 558352 ID: b8ceae

You can still be friends; he was worried about you, so at least he cares.
No. 558396 ID: 4a75fa

Huh. Looks like your changed your father's worldview a little. After losing you, he decided it was better to let your little sister do what she wanted than lose her too.

I think he cares, Saisai. He just has a hard time showing it, or coping with the decisions you made. I think it's time to forgive him a little, at least to yourself.

...yeah, talking to exes is never easy. I mean, it would be wrong of you to get his hopes up at this point, but he did come through for you in the end and support your decision. And he obviously still cares what happens to you. He doesn't deserve to be spurned or ignored. Awkward as it might be, I think you can give him a few minutes of your time.

*Cough* I don't think it would be terribly polite to bring up your other... exploits though. Awkward, embarrassing and uncomfortable all around.

Eh, not really. I mean, yes, I can see how one could view it that way- but it was important to you that you be in control and make your own decisions. You didn't want to be with Chevre because it meant giving into other people's goals, and putting aside what you wanted for yourself. And you found it hard to trust or think well of a person who (deliberately or not) put you in that situation. Alcarin was someone you chose, and already trusted, and who wasn't entangled with all those complicated personal consequences the way Chevre was (not that there weren't emotional consequences). Rejecting one and reaching out to the other were both expressions of personal freedom.

You do have the right to want that, and you shouldn't feel ashamed of it. Although there's nothing wrong with recognizing how your actions might affect others, either.
No. 558758 ID: cee89f

Eh, if I recall correctly, you parted on mostly amicable (if akward) terms, right? Should be fine.

>Also... After all the times I denied sleeping with him and with Alcarin I... Yeah.

Why on earth would you need to tell him about that?
No. 558762 ID: a87e3a

Oh that reminds me.

Saisai, you shouldn't feel bad about sleeping with Alcarin after refusing to sleep with Chevre. You aren't attracted to Chevre, you were attracted to Alcarin. It's as simple as that.
No. 559118 ID: 91e607

This. It's pretty simple. You don't owe him anything.
No. 566910 ID: 8f7720
File 139520206567.png - (118.02KB , 700x500 , 508.png )

Yeah. A little shallow. I think we can all agree there.
I think I may have a thing for really buff guys...
Oh god I'm so bad.

Anyway I guess I'll go see Chevre. What's the worse that could happen?

Saisai spends more time with her sister, chatting about meaningless things, until Chevre's arrival is announced. She goes off to see him sitting at the same balcony they last had their talk at.


>"Saisai. I am so glad to see you are well."

"Thanks. How have you been?"

>"Ah... Heartbroken..."

"Chevre, I..."

>"There is this beautiful girl at the potion shop but she does not seem to notice me..."


>"She is a stunning girl, hidden beneath her long flowing hair. Every time I come to visit she acts like a frightened little piglen. Ah... My little piglen."

"... Uhm... What's her name?"

>"Morgan..." He says with a sigh of one deeply in love.

Well... He got over me fast at least. I'm kinda annoyed at that for some reason.

>"Do you know her?"

"I do..."

>"Oh! Saisai! Perhaps you can introduce the two of us formally? It would mean the world to me!"

No. 566912 ID: 2c6ff1

That's not abnormal. Someone who has just been rejected will often wind up in a new relationship soon afterwards. It's called a "rebound" relationship.

That's not to say it's doomed or anything. Go on, introduce him to Morgan. You know Chevre's a good guy, and Morgan could use the attention.
No. 566915 ID: a97618

>I... I think I may have a thing for really buff guys... Oh god I'm so bad.
Hey, there's nothing wrong with being attracted to who you're attracted to. You're an adult, Saisai. You're allowed be be bad. Enjoy it.

>I'm kinda annoyed at that for some reason.
Don't worry about the weird, irrational jealousy. That's kind of a natural response. Don't worry about it. And in all fairness, he hasn't moved on any quicker than you have (slower, in actual fact!). And really, he's a free as you are now. He spent years thinking his romantic life was decided- he never had time to explore either.

And hey, seeing him happy is better than seeing him pining over you, isn't it?

>can you introduce us?
All right. *Half joking* But don't expect me to play wingwoman or anything, you're both friends of mine. I've got conflicts of interest.
No. 566919 ID: 9ddf68

might as well take the to out next time you get some time. I mean Morgan could use a few more friends and you could do far worst then have her meet this guy. Just tell him to keep it slow as she is a bit timid if he does try to hit on her.
No. 566928 ID: 2c6ff1

Saisai hasn't moved on exactly, she was never in a real relationship with him. I wouldn't say it's jealousy either, it's more like a minor blow to her ego because Chevre got over her so fast.

Saisai, you could even bring it up with him as an aside, that he seems to have rebounded fairly well.

Hey, would you still benefit from GP? Or should we send spare power to our mimic?
No. 566935 ID: 66adb0

Did he just call Morgan a fat little creature? Omg it's like calling her a little piggy!
No. 566978 ID: 2f4b71

So, he's flighty but intensely obsessive? Yeahhhhh, that's moved him from awkwardly naive to downright creep. Particularly obsessing over those with minimal willpower to say 'no'.
No. 567006 ID: 1f83c9

>I... I think I may have a thing for really buff guys...

Perfectly normal.

>Oh god I'm so bad.
Then why did it feel so goooood~?

Because he was deeply attracted to you and you thought he would not get over it easily. You're annoyed because you were wrong, and because he got over those emotions so quickly. Perfectly normal.

>Chevre + Morgan
... eh, why not. Chevre seems like a nice guy, and Morgan could use the socialization.

Just... don't mention that he used to be your fiance when you do. That... could end badly.
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