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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 137506369225.png - (278.54KB , 800x525 , TitleCard.png )
528891 No. 528891 ID: 9bf753

Round 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/491750.html

Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/68522.html
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No. 533853 ID: 2f4b71

Well board them right back then!

I don't know why I forget to mention it earlier; that logo is really awesome!
No. 533860 ID: 9ddf68

when you're this close can you shoot out the windshield on there car? I mean even if you don't hit the driver, having broken glass fly at your face does tend to distract one from driving rather effectively.
No. 533861 ID: e1609c

Considering their car is far better than ours, I'm gonna vote board them back too.
gonna be a bitch getting blood off the upholstery, though.
No. 533872 ID: cf49fc

Clamber onto the roof and start shooting.
No. 533898 ID: 6d5e30

I gotta go with this counter board idea. Risky but that armored car looks cool.
No. 533905 ID: 78a386

Let him board. Meet him with the shotgun. Then have Hazel turn and brake. Their car is heavier so they'll probably have a longer breaking distance. Then you can finish them off with combined gunfire.
No. 533918 ID: 41690e

...counter-boarding is so stupid.

If he boards, shoot him.

Meanwhile, try to do a U-turn when he jumps so he falls to his death. As you pass the other car shoot the driver from the side.
No. 535466 ID: 399612
File 137685770948.png - (133.82KB , 800x600 , 064.png )

Despite how obviously stupid and reckless it is, you decide that jumping onto their car is just way too cool to NOT do. You pull out your Badass Combat Knife and climb up onto the roof.

Right as you ready yourself to jump the gap, you realize the bandanna guy is already on the hood, ready to greet you with a pokey pointy thing of his own.
No. 535469 ID: 933f92

Well see now HE can't jump. Wait until just before they rams again and use the impact to knock him off.
No. 535471 ID: 41690e

This is where you shug, pull an Indiana Jones, and just shoot him.

...you do have a sidearm you can draw, right?
No. 535473 ID: af8414

pow pow gun him down
No. 535484 ID: 775354

If you happened to kinda not have your guns with you, I'm betting you could nail him in the eye with your knife, but good luck getting it back!
No. 535488 ID: 312c37

Just bide your time. You are the ones being chased.

Spit in his eye. Draw your handgun and shoot. Alternatively let your comrades do a bit of shooting while you guard the gap. I mean if he jumps then just kick him so he falls onto the road.
No. 535531 ID: 6d5e30

yeah, inasmuch as it's still kinda hard to shoot, the guys exposing himself AND incapable of dodging thanks to the precarious position the two of you are in.

Just pull out your gun with your other hand and shoot him.
No. 535725 ID: 1cf691

Fake throwing your Knife at him then when he dodges really throw your knife at him.
No. 535798 ID: 399612
File 137694778221.png - (142.58KB , 800x600 , 65.png )

Rather than throw your knife like some sort of awesome knife-throwing assassin, you try to shoot at him with your pistol, wile speeding down the highway, while on top of a car trying not to fall off, while being bullied by a much bigger car. Still, you surprisingly manage to hit something other than absolutely nothing and manage to clip his other ear.
No. 535799 ID: 399612
File 137694787614.png - (141.03KB , 800x600 , 66.png )

The sudden pain now in both of his hears causes him to lose balance and fall forward onto the road. He quickly rolls under the speeding vehicle with an array of crunching and splatting noises. He probably didn't survive.

Now that the marauder's car has its undercarriage stuffed with bones and guts and stuff, the driver begins to back off, or at least put some distance between the cars.
No. 535839 ID: eaa372

Clamber back in the car and taunt the driver. We need a plan to get this guy off the road where he'll be easier to pick off, can't risk him possibly having friends he can run off to.
No. 535844 ID: 41690e

If the undercarriage is all gummed up, that makes the car less maneuverable, doesn't it? Can we shoot the driver through the windshield now?
No. 535845 ID: 57a559

Try and nail a tire for good measure. Maybe from the safety of the car, but if you're up to it, just go ahead.
No. 535859 ID: 399612

Brutal. That's our Emily (even if you didn't mean for that to happen I'll let you take credit for it anyway)! If you still can't hit their tires or the driver then climb back in the car. With their reduced speed and maneuverability, Hazel should be able to shake them.
No. 536042 ID: 312c37

Try to wave your hand outwards as if to give him the message "just go away". You don't want to encourage destructive acts of vengeance.

He might still try to ram you though. Get back in the vehicle and try to lose him.
No. 536051 ID: 6d5e30

Nah, finish these chumps. You totally want that armored ass car for yourself. I mean, it's gotta be pretty powerful to keep up with the one you are currently in, and it looks hella cool.

Now that they've slowed down, your car can slow down too, and boarding wont be quite as dangerous.
No. 540807 ID: 399612
File 137937911038.png - (84.29KB , 800x600 , 067.png )

You revel in how hardcore and brutal you are before slipping back into the car. Hazel easily begins to pull away from the marauder's car seeing as how its engine is now full of flesh.

Jesus, girl! Are you crazy, or what?

She seems impressed with your stupidity bravery.

The rest of the trip goes by rather peacefully, and you only had to stop to pee once.

The entrance to Baker City appears to be some kind of military checkpoint. Hazel slows down as a guard waves her down.
No. 540808 ID: 399612
File 137937914838.png - (102.76KB , 800x600 , 068.png )

Vehicle inspection. Please step out of the car.

Naturally, it takes him less than a minute to find your trunk full of weapons. and He doesn't look too happy about it.

Care to explain why you're trying to bring an armory into the city? Not to mention that you have a military issue Hellfire rifle. Cons aren't supposed to have these you know.
No. 540809 ID: bf54a8

this would be a good time for a badge flash.
No. 540813 ID: 07e3a8

...is he implying he isn't a con? As in, this military checkpoint is maned by the military that dumped you here?

If you man a prison planet, that defeats the whole purpose of a prison planet! You're supposed to dump prisoners without the tech to leave, and let gravity serve as warden. No need for staff.

Well, you're ex-military, right? You speak his language. Talk your way out of this, one soldier to another.
No. 540823 ID: 57a559

I thought this was a lawless planet that just let cons kill each other all they want.

Man, the police even let the cons shoot at the new ones coming out the damn plane. Are you telling me the cons made their own police? Who cares who has guns, because everyone has them, and you gotta defend yourself. We walk into the city unarmed, that's a death sentence. An armory is just being prepared for awful people coming to fuck you in the shit. Because people come to fuck other's shit up. How many times has this man's shit been fucked up, or at least someone's tried to fuck his shit up? And how many times has his weapon fucked their shit up for trying to fuck his shit up?
No. 540827 ID: 6d5e30

Tell him you came across a cache of weapons and came to the biggest city you could find to trade. Weapons trade has got to be booming on the prison colony right.

I mean, does this guy have real authority or is he just trying to weed out the dangerous psychopaths?

Don't tell him you killed people and took their guns. Yeah, that sounds bad no matter how you spin it.
No. 541333 ID: 16c47c

So is it ok if you leave the weapons outside? Is that what he's trying to say?
No. 541443 ID: e1609c

We just dont want them stolen, honestly. And as for the hellfire, we lifted that off some con that tried to kill us in our sleep earlier. Didnt realize it wasnt allowed.
(ask friends if this guy is legit AFTER explaining this. Dont want him suspecting hijinks if he IS legit.)
No. 561037 ID: 6230b9
File 139164168009.png - (62.31KB , 800x650 , 069.png )

You tell him that it doesn't matter how you got the guns because they're the only thing keeping a whole lot of shit fucking from happening to you. Besides, it didn't seem like it was an issue anywhere else. This is a prison planet after all.

Ha. You don't know how things work around here, do you? Look, it's like this. The Governments settle this shithole so they can say they're being more "progressive" by letting fucks like you live instead of executing you. Meanwhile, the Corporations make a buck by privatizing the place. Guys like me are just here to protect their investments. Got all that, shortie? Now I'll be willing to let you in with your little toys, but you're gonna have to make it worth my while, you get it?

Well fuck. It looks like you're gonna have to bribe this guy somehow. But however will you do it?
No. 561038 ID: a87e3a

Sounds like an offer of employment to me.
No. 561039 ID: 1f8505


Shoot him in the kneecap and say you'll be willing to let him hobble away with his life in exchange for letting the goods in.
No. 561040 ID: 4a75fa

We have some cash left over from those bozos we killed at the last town, right? Use that.

Feel free to bat your eyes a little if that'll lower the price, but paying with your body isn't worth it. And it's time consuming.

...it's also probably more trouble than it's worth just to shoot him and walk in.
No. 561041 ID: 53ba34

elbow your friend a bit. maybe you can convince her to use her credentials
No. 561042 ID: 6230b9

"Name your price, then, chief."
No. 561043 ID: eaa372

What do we have to work with in terms of bribery? We could give him the rifle and money. Once you get past the initial bribery phase you could ask about side business you could do. Point out that no corporation would pay well enough to compensate for being on a planet colonized by sociopathic criminals.
No. 561130 ID: 379075

"I'm a troubleshooter. If it's not too much of a pain in the ass I could shoot some trouble for you."
No. 561207 ID: b0ef4c

How many guns do you have again? I mean if he wants a gun for the trouble then I guess that's ok.

Make sure you get his name and treat him well though. Stay and chat a while maybe. This guy might come in handy later. See if you can work out a way to contact him if there is trouble.
No. 561230 ID: a7868d

offer him 20 bucks (need some cash to get a drink afterward), the rifle, and a couple of pistols IF he can show you a place to unload the rest (you don't need to be carrying a shitload of pistols and small arms.)
No. 561231 ID: a7868d

Ooh, and tell him the funny anecdote about how you got the rifle. He'll prolly find it funny.
No. 564644 ID: 6230b9
File 139354944527.png - (109.43KB , 800x525 , 070.png )

You offer up your rife and $30. You also put on what you believe to be the cutest face that you can make. Wow, you're not very good at that. You should work on your flirting skills.

Ah well... alright. That's fine, you guys are in. But try not to cause any trouble. Now please stop making that face...

Holy balls it worked! You take the Hellfire rifle and $30 out of your inventory pockets and pass through the gate.
No. 564645 ID: 6230b9
File 139354947535.png - (69.49KB , 800x488 , 071.png )

Well here you are. Wow! The place smells terrible!

Hazel get's your attention.

Alright folks, we're gonna have to wait a bit before we meet my contact here. So in the meantime, we should busy ourselves with a little somethin' or other. What should we do? Your call. hun.

Yeah, hun. What should you do now that you're here?
No. 564648 ID: 6230b9

We need a new weapon now, don't we? Ask Hazel if she knows where might be able to procure some firearms.
No. 564649 ID: a87e3a

Go bowling!
No. 564650 ID: 0b8544

Geez, you look scared. Go get a drink somewhere so you can calm down
No. 564662 ID: 4a75fa

That's more a silly face than a flirty face.

>what do
We should find some food. Big places like this have nice little restaurants all over the place, right? They gotta have something better than they served in spacejail.
No. 565221 ID: 6abcd2

How about you go partying and hanging out with good looking dudes?

Also find out what's going on around this part of the planet.
No. 566524 ID: 5b9768

Can we find a diner in a bowling place?
Maybe get some fried cheese curds?
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