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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 137292707407.png - (33.87KB , 900x900 , 000.png )
521268 No. 521268 ID: a01b62

>"Hey. You okay down there?"

Someone's calling to me.

>"You look like you're in one piece. Are you alive?"

I can't open my eyes.

>"Hellooooo? You better be alive. I'm not walking out of here alone."

Ah. There we go.
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No. 521269 ID: a01b62
File 137292709119.png - (97.94KB , 800x600 , 001.png )

Your eyes snap open.

>"Oh, thank Nikth. Listen, you need to find a way back up here. We've got to split."

This man is talking to you in hushed tones.

>"I can't get far on my own. Can you make it up?"

You feel oddly numb.
No. 521270 ID: a01b62
File 137292710003.png - (94.70KB , 800x600 , 002.png )

Select only one.

STRENGTH: Brute force. The ability to bend the world to your will.
REFLEXES: Speed and agility. The coordination and dexterity to be where you need to be.
WITS: Cleverness. The mind that is always ahead of the curve and plotting your next move.
DETERMINATION: Willpower. The refusal to give up, and the discipline and drive to keep going.
No. 521271 ID: cc2fd6

No. 521272 ID: 52f304

Determination! Where others might give up, our valiance shall carry us through!
No. 521274 ID: cf49fc

EUROPEAN EXTREME MODE, NOTHIN- Wait, that's the wrong one.

Determination. Who needs reflexes, strength, or cunning when you can just wade through the bullets?
No. 521276 ID: bf54a8

4th, determination.
No. 521288 ID: f5e470

well I say reflexes. fuck da police
No. 521293 ID: 2d9be8

No. 521297 ID: d1d627

Hrrrm...I'm thinking Reflexes. gunnery stuff seems like being fast pays off better than being strong.
No. 521304 ID: ea771b

Ok, Reflexes
No. 521305 ID: 2baea8

Option 4: Tenacity.
No. 521309 ID: c1ddbf

I say Reflexes
No. 521317 ID: 19b3c3

Reflexive reflexes.
No. 521323 ID: b9d767

Reflexes all the way. ZOOM ZOOM.
No. 521324 ID: c23ab0

No. 521329 ID: 0006f5

No. 521332 ID: 9ddf68

No. 521369 ID: a01b62
File 137296995300.png - (103.38KB , 800x600 , 003.png )

* Strength
******* Reflexes
* Wits
****** Determination

Reflexes : Increased agility.

Your body feels cold and heavy. You're lying down.

"Ruy, my leg's fucked up. Can you see a way back up? Can you move?"

You are Ruy. You think you can move.
No. 521372 ID: bf54a8

how strong are those gun straps? able to support a full grown person? if so then see if he can grab your gun and pull him up. if too short then get other guns nearby and tie them together.
No. 521385 ID: f5e470

inventory check.
No. 521387 ID: 19b3c3

All right, use your agility to make a dex check and climb back up without falling to your death.

Don't worry about retrieving the gun hanging over the pit 'o death, you can just take one from those two dead guys.
No. 521388 ID: 1cf691

Ask who is talking to us and how fucked up is his leg. Then carefully try to sit up without falling down into the pink abyss.
No. 521389 ID: c23ab0

Well at least I won't fall to my doom. But do I have the strength to pull myself up?
No. 521391 ID: 0006f5

use your sick reflexes ! help your comrade to a place with less movement required because i suspect the danger is not over
No. 521405 ID: a01b62
File 137297771975.png - (98.87KB , 800x600 , 004.png )

Your gun is hanging from a spike, lower down and out of reach. Going for it seems like a bad idea; you'd have to climb further up and you might slip and fall.

You opt to cautiously get to your feet and squeeze up through the spikes. Your acquaintance holds out his hand for you to grab.

You don't know what a "dex check" is.
No. 521406 ID: a01b62
File 137297773028.png - (107.04KB , 800x600 , 005.png )

Apparently you do.

You dust yourself off as you stand on solid ground again. There's a lot of blood trapped in your uniform, and some of it rubbed off on the rocks. You probe your body gingerly, looking for wounds, but you only feel faint pins and needles. Your whole body is numb.


>"Who are you again?"

"Nikth! I guess your head's still spinning. It's Jai, remember?"

>"How bad is your leg?"

"It's got some shrapnel embedded in it pretty deep. I can limp, but it hurts bad. Hold me up, will you?"


>"Alright, let's get out of here."

"Wait! See if you can get anything off of these bodies first. We'll probably need it."

>"What do you have on you?"

"My rifle, two spare mags, and an HE. Standard issue."
No. 521411 ID: 0006f5

find a train. thats how these things move along i think. what do the sights and sounds tell you now that things are not completely in peril ?
No. 521415 ID: c23ab0

Get rifle. Rifle pockets. Then find some goddamn cover. Whatever splatted these guys (you guys?) the last time might still be here
No. 521435 ID: 19b3c3

Grab the dead guy's weapons, and any provisions (food, medical supplies, etc).

Now... where are we, and what were we fighting? And which way is safety, and which way is danger? We know anything here?
No. 521458 ID: a01b62
File 137298687843.png - (118.46KB , 800x600 , 006.png )

You scope out the bodies.

"Oh, yeah. Poor Walt. Guess he needed a leg up."

You find two spare mags and an HE here. The rifle has been disintegrated by the explosion; only the burnt and melted stock remains, and part of the strap. E is dead.

"Does Grivni have a pulse? He looked all right when I saw him.... oh."

There is no HE here. You take the spare mags and disentangle the rifle from e's limp head. E is dead.

No. 521459 ID: a01b62
File 137298689638.png - (39.16KB , 540x540 , 007.png )

No. 521460 ID: a01b62
File 137298691135.png - (106.46KB , 800x600 , 008.png )

>"So what's the situation?"

"Everybody's in pieces. The blast probably woke up the locals, too. That's why we need to get out of here ay-sap."

>"The locals?"

"Oh, yeah, they're nasty. Look, have you finished scavenging what you can? Let's go. You're gonna need to hold me up."

There is a distant hissing sound.

"We've gotta move. Which way are we going? I don't remember the way back."


You are carrying:

6x Ballistic Magazine
2x High Explosive
1x Ballistic Rifle (loaded)

You know nothing.
No. 521463 ID: 19b3c3

>What do?

>which way
Preferably, away from the hissing. If you can't manage that, just pick a direction.
No. 521472 ID: 0006f5

cant exactly move very fast. carry jai until you cant. stick to the walls
No. 521505 ID: 9ddf68

grab your pal and move as quickly as you can away form the hissing noise and stick to walls and other forms of cover incase you need to hide since you're probably not outrunning anything with a cripple guy strapped to you back.
No. 521541 ID: a01b62
File 137300551484.png - (206.16KB , 900x900 , 009.png )

You sling Jai over your shoulder and set off in a random direction. You walk.

And walk.

And walk.
No. 521542 ID: bf54a8

right above you on the wall! space scorpians! shoot it
No. 521546 ID: 9ddf68

enemy positions one directly above you on the wall, one west of you on top of that column and the last one is south of you on the wall

as for what to do, push your budy out of the way (as I'm sure he'll be happier with a few new bruzies then haveing a space scorpion attack him, but do try and have it so he would land on his none bad leg) and use your kick ass reflexes to take out the bug on the wall followed by whatever one is closer to your friend since you're more likely to be able to dodge whatever it is they throw at you then he would be and then finish off the last one. After that pick your friend back up and hobble out of there as quick as you can... maybe ask him if you're going the right way.
No. 521551 ID: c23ab0


Well, you've gone from fresh corpses to completely decomposed ones. I think it's safe to say this is the wrong direction.
No. 521569 ID: 0006f5

reflexes for the bug. but it remains to be seen if that was a job more for wits :x
No. 521874 ID: a01b62
File 137308530075.png - (211.99KB , 900x900 , 010.png )

You let go of Jai and twist your body to the right sharply, swinging your rifle arm out and firing three rounds. It did something. The bug lets out a screeching cry and goes limp in mid-air. Jai hits the ground.

The other bug on top of the pillar spits something at your feet. The ground sizzles where it hit.
No. 521875 ID: 0006f5

ohhhh my god corrosive uh get cover now. not sure what can be done about your comrade ..
No. 521876 ID: bf54a8

roll sideways then fire on the other one
No. 521886 ID: dcd676

Order Jai to fire at the spitting one, then duck behind him and try and pick off the third.
No. 521901 ID: 19b3c3

Alright. If Jai doesn't shoot it first, the one that just fired at you is the closest and most dangerous. Take it out. If Jai gets it first, go for the third one across the... valley I guess?
No. 521904 ID: 9ddf68

move out of the way quickly and take out the pillar bug and tell Jai to make sure the bug you shot is really dead. It would suck to pull of the move you just did only to end up with a back full of acid because you didn't finish the job. Then try and take out the wall bug to the south before it can spit as well.
No. 521918 ID: a01b62
File 137309334551.png - (196.99KB , 900x900 , 011.png )

>"Get the one at my nine o'clock!"

"I'm trying!"

Jai fires four rounds at the remaining bug. He is the only cover nearby, so you duck behind him to get a bead on the target.
No. 521919 ID: a01b62
File 137309335438.png - (193.33KB , 900x900 , 012.png )

The bug skitters backwards and spits again. It hits Jai square in the chest.


You fire three rounds at the bug. It did something. Blood spurts out of its head. You think the situation is under control.

"I can't feel it..."
No. 521920 ID: 0006f5

nothing to deal with the injury except maybe using gravity to trim some of the volume. that last one ducked out and bound to be around somewhere
No. 521937 ID: bf54a8

pull jai's shirt off. use water on the wound.
No. 521952 ID: 9ddf68

quick get that vest off him before the acid can eat through it and keep an eye out for the 3rd bug. If the acid isn't eating through the vest then see if you can't wash the stuff off the vest before you give it back. Just because the armor might be immune to the acid doesn't mean flesh is.
No. 522049 ID: a01b62
File 137313508977.png - (181.77KB , 900x900 , 013.png )

You take off your helmet and rifle strap and take a break as Jai tries to get the acid off his bulletproof vest.

"I think I'll be fine... let's keep moving."
No. 522050 ID: a01b62
File 137313510432.png - (16.92KB , 900x900 , 014.png )

Much walking later...

Jai is barely conscious and stumbles along beside you. You sight an unknown by a bridge made out of metal sheets and... tire irons ? E has not noticed you yet.
No. 522062 ID: d1d627

If you can, get Jai behind cover somewhere where he's out of sight.
Then you go and make contact. Have your gun at the ready but not pointed at him-this area does have hostiles, even if he's not one of them.
No. 522065 ID: 9ddf68

quick duck behind the wall to your left (east) and wait for him to pass Jai is in no condition to fight so we should try to avoid it when we can.
No. 522077 ID: 19b3c3

Get behind cover, and hide. We don't know if that's a hostile, friendly, or neutral.

Keep out of sight, and see what the unknown does. We can always chose to take it's head off later, if we need to.

Doesn't appear to be carrying a weapon. Although if it's got anything like those scorps did, it doesn't need manufactured equipment.
No. 522083 ID: dcd676

I fully agree with this suggestion. We need to ensure our ally's safety and not ruin any potential help, but we need to stay sharp ourselves.
No. 522142 ID: a01b62
File 137314436011.png - (29.06KB , 900x900 , 015.png )

You set Jai up against a wall and hide out of view of the unknown, rifle at the ready.
No. 522144 ID: a01b62
File 137314438082.png - (12.12KB , 900x900 , 016.png )

After a short time, the unknown starts moving again, rapidly approaching you. If no action is taken, only seconds remain until discovery.
No. 522148 ID: 0006f5

just wait. this is what your reflexes are for
No. 522171 ID: 19b3c3

Well, then time to take a prisoner. Tell them to freeze, and if they attack or otherwise cause a problem, pop 'em.

If they comply, find out who they are and what they're doing here. (We have the slight problem you don't remember the situation here, and your buddy is mostly unconscious).
No. 522191 ID: a01b62
File 137314897341.png - (12.15KB , 900x900 , 017.png )


E throws es hands up. "Aaaah! Who are you? Wait, are you with alpha squad? They went quiet two hours ago."

>"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

"I'm just a scout! Are you, though? They were supposed to be back an hour ago. Four man squad."
No. 522192 ID: 19b3c3

Look carefully at his equipment and uniform. Is it similar to your own? I mean, you obviously have different gear, but are their any markings you recognize? Anything that would identify him as part of the same military?
No. 522203 ID: 0006f5

if we count mr bones, that's five.
No. 522218 ID: c23ab0


Safe to assume mr bones has been there a long time. So, 4 man squad. This guy is probably looking for you.
No. 522221 ID: c23ab0

And if he's not, you're not getting very far anyway. Let's hope they're not enemies or that they treat POWs well.
No. 522247 ID: a01b62
File 137315727597.png - (12.57KB , 900x900 , 018.png )

You know nothing.

The scout begins to walk away from you.

>"Hey ! Where are you going?"

"I'll radio you in. We'll get some people down to pick you up."
No. 522248 ID: d1d627

Ask him what faction he's with!
That way, if Jai comes too in any reasonable amount of time, we can figure out if we're in trouble.
No. 522249 ID: 19b3c3

Hey, hold up! You've got to convince the guy with a gun on you, who hit his head, that we're actually on the same side, first.

Nothing personal, but we don't look like the same species. Nor are we wearing the same uniform.
No. 522252 ID: 0006f5

well be straight, people got blown apart and its hard to trust anyone for maybe a little while
No. 522280 ID: a01b62
File 137317078148.png - (14.14KB , 900x900 , 019.png )

>"Hold up! You need to-- urgh..."

"Whoa! Are you okay?"
No. 522281 ID: a01b62
File 137317078934.png - (6.15KB , 800x600 , 020.png )

No. 522282 ID: a01b62
File 137317083727.png - (18.34KB , 900x900 , 021.png )

You wake up in a hospital room.
No. 522284 ID: 9ddf68

whelp, we're alive at least what happened to Jai?
No. 522285 ID: 19b3c3

Oh hey. Magic title card change.

Well, hospital beats a POW camp, or worse. So that guy was probably telling the truth about being on your side. Whatever your side is.

...as the nurse or doctor where you are.
No. 522290 ID: bf54a8

say "amnesia"
No. 522297 ID: 0006f5

still in a dream ..
No. 522299 ID: a01b62
File 137317585648.png - (18.10KB , 900x900 , 022.png )


"Oh, you're awake. That's good."

>"Where am I?"

"Lucky to be alive. You're in the intensive care ward at the Bravo Niner Niner facility. A scout picked you and your friend up in the badlands."

>"What happened to Jai?"

E walks around to the foot of the bed. "He was in shock when he was admitted. He's currently in a coma."

>"And me?"

"You were admitted a week ago. Mostly contusions and lacerations from blunt trauma, and of course, retrograde amnesia. That said... I think you're about ready to be discharged. I understand a superior wants to speak with you when you are out. I don't suppose your memory has returned?"
No. 522300 ID: bf54a8

"oldest memory is jai waking me up out there"
No. 522301 ID: 19b3c3

Nope. (Although my UI just came back online :V).
No. 522302 ID: dcd676

Earliest thing I can remember is waking up after some kind of attack, possibly an explosion.
No. 522303 ID: c23ab0

How do you feel? Still numb all over, or are you gaining more direct control as time passes?
No. 522306 ID: 9ddf68

earliest thing I remember is Jai calling out to me asking if I was still alive after the rest of the squad was blown to hell, not sure by what.
No. 522314 ID: a01b62
File 137317993269.png - (18.30KB , 900x900 , 023.png )

>"The first thing I remember is Jai asking me if I was still alive after some sort of attack. Everyone was blown to pieces, not sure by what."

"It sounds like you're suffering from post-traumatic isolated retrograde amnesia. Your best bet is spontaneous recovery. Learning about things in your past won't restore your memory. You just have to wait for it to wear off."

E picks up the clipboard at the foot of your bed and writes something on it before setting it back on.

"I'll go let the front desk know you can leave. There's some civilian clothes in the drawer. Get dressed and go down to get your discharge note. Oh... and please don't swipe any of the medical supplies."

E opens the door and walks out, leaving you alone.
No. 522318 ID: a01b62
File 137318015534.png - (16.87KB , 900x900 , 024.png )

You carefully remove the IV and stand up, making the bed.

A week's bed rest has restored you, but at the same time you feel drained. You feel like you'll have to move about more before you're as agile as you usually are.
No. 522320 ID: 9ddf68

well do some quick stretches and get dress then you can head on down, also what's in the closet?
No. 522321 ID: bf54a8

examine various meds.
No. 522322 ID: 0006f5

dress yourself in the most unorthodox, classy fashion statement you can craft
No. 522326 ID: dcd676

Get a little bit of stretching done; a week's quite a while for your body to not move. After that, go see about food. Even with IV sustenance, working your mouth a bit can help clear your head.
No. 522327 ID: a01b62
File 137318442815.png - (16.84KB , 900x900 , 025.png )

On the counter you see two Metal Syringes and a First Aid Kit. On the dresser is a Medical Soda labeled CURE-F. There is a Fire Extinguisher behind a glass pane.

Inside the dresser is a Civilian Outfit.

The closet contains a Broom, Dustpan, and Cleaning Spray.
No. 522328 ID: a01b62
File 137318443723.png - (17.01KB , 900x900 , 026.png )

You dress in the normal way, not wanting to draw any more attention to the state of your mental health.
No. 522329 ID: 0006f5

the cures taste awful just a warning
No. 522331 ID: 9ddf68

well get a quick stretch in and head on down
No. 522352 ID: 5869f6

Medicine always tastes like shit.
No. 522361 ID: 19b3c3

Right, let's go. And good little soldiers don't steal medical supplies.

Although spending a few minutes stretching might not be a bad idea.

...is that the doc's name, or are we using that in place of he or she for some weird reason?
No. 522367 ID: c23ab0


The Spivak pronouns are gender neutral, not neuter gendered. You can use them when you're not sure, like how "they/them/etc" is used in common English except Spivak are exclusively singular.

Me I'm a fan of the Elverson pronouns.

No. 522489 ID: dcd676

Stretch, don't take any further supplies--honor code and all that--and head on down.
No. 522493 ID: bf54a8

take the soda an the kit.
No. 523032 ID: 2cf815
File 137336819490.png - (17.32KB , 900x900 , 027.png )

You're sorely tempted to take some of the medicine just in case, but have second and third thoughts about it and eventually decide against it.

You stretch a little before you leave just because it's been bugging you.
No. 523033 ID: 2cf815
File 137336821549.png - (20.33KB , 900x900 , 028.png )

The lobby isn't hard to find, with all the signs. The nurse at the desk barely looks up as you approach.

"Can I help you?"
No. 523034 ID: 9ddf68

give your name say you're leaving but as you understood it some kind of superior wanted to talk to us.
No. 523037 ID: 91c1b3

This and help the guy by picking up those papers. (and take a quick glace at what they're about as you hand them over)
No. 523057 ID: 1cf691

Jokingly tell the nurse that a fire has started in your room to get her full attention, then get your discharge note and ask in which room Jai is kept and if he can receive visitors.
No. 523059 ID: 23b97a

Name and rank, you're being discharged, I understand you have some papers for me?
No. 523264 ID: 2cf815
File 137342679241.png - (20.09KB , 900x900 , 029.png )

>"There's a fire in the ICU."


>"Just kidding. Sorry. Wanted to get your attention."

"What's wrong with you?"

>"I thought that was your job. I was just told to get my discharge papers, and that a superior wanted to talk to me?"

"You're Ruy, then."


"The discharge note is right there in front of you. I was told someone wanted to meet you at the Masher fast food restaurant."

>"Okay. Where is Jai and can he receive visitors?"

"If you want to visit a patient you'll need an appointment cleared by the Chief of Medicine."
No. 523265 ID: 2cf815
File 137342681372.png - (4.81KB , 450x450 , 30.png )

By way of apology, you pick up the papers on the floor and set them on the table. One is just standard procedural medical stuff, the other appears to be some kind of crude joke someone scribbled onto a letterhead and left here.
No. 523266 ID: 9ddf68

ask where the Masher fast food restaurant is from here and then head on your way... and do hospitals keep your personal belongings here or no?
No. 523380 ID: 1cf691

Make a mental note to come back later and arrange an appointment to visit Jai. When we were out his voice brought us back so we should try to do the same to him, even if it seems silly.

Now head to mashers while wonder what kind of superior wants to meet at a fast food restaurant.
No. 523689 ID: dcd676

This. I wanna see if we can help the guy; he did basically save us, after all.
No. 523702 ID: c23ab0

No luck. It's in machine code.
No. 525439 ID: 7672e1
File 137420388125.png - (26.43KB , 900x900 , 031.png )

You make a mental note to visit Jai some time in the future and ask the nurse for directions. She writes them down on the back of the vandalized stationary.

Then you go for a walk.
No. 525440 ID: 7672e1
File 137420391667.png - (37.15KB , 900x900 , 032.png )

Eventually you arrive at a building with a sign that says Masher's.
No. 525457 ID: c95833

Right, anyone look like they're waiting for you? If not, I guess we can check inside.
No. 525459 ID: c23ab0

Obviously this isn't the Masher fast food restaurant. This is the Masher's fast food restaurant. Keep looking you might still find it!
No. 525473 ID: 9ddf68

well unless someone calls out to you I guess go in.
No. 525493 ID: 1cf691

So how do you recognize a superior? Do they have some kind of insignia or a badge? Is that goggles wearing mook military or just a guard?

Might as well just go inside and get some food, you have been unconscious for a week so some solid food might be in order.
No. 526793 ID: a01b62
File 137465313275.png - (24.48KB , 900x900 , 033.png )

Oh no! The nurse gave you the wrong directions. You're in the wrong place! The call was coming from inside the hou--

You go in away. You could use some food.

"Ah! Ruy! Come, sit down."

The avari who calls your name is sitting at a table. You have no way of recognizing superiors or military personnel.

"You got questions, I got answers."
No. 526795 ID: 0006f5

ask for the right directions ?
No. 526802 ID: 9ddf68

Kay, first question - who are you
second question - what was the mission I was sent on for and why did it cause the team I was with to mostly explode
third question - who am I? as in rank and some background information, like I'm I married or something
Last question - For the love of god please tell me you know where I live cause I really don't have money for a hotel and I sure as hell don't remember my bank account, or even if I had one.

no really I don't remember a thing before the bomb or mortar or whatever took out half of our group.
No. 526844 ID: c95833

Pretty good starting points. We could also do with more generalized background, like who we (our side) is, and why we're at war with acid spitting scorpions.
No. 527878 ID: a01b62
File 137487833971.png - (23.67KB , 900x900 , 034.png )

You sit down with the avaran.

"Do you see that mausen over there? He must be an immigrant. I always feel bad for them. Their homeworld is fascist, you know."

>"Hello. I seem to be lost. Can I have directions to the 'Masher' restaurant?"

"Haha, very funny. You don't remember Masher's? It's a popular spot for the men because it's right outside the base. I'm surprised they don't have a 'We Support Our Troops' sticker on the front door."

>"Who am I?"

"Your name is Ruy, as you already know. You joined up when you were nineteen, according to the personnel files, to 'fight the lizard menace.' You were transferred to Bravo-Niner-Niner after your training was complete because we had suffered numerous casualties after the bombings. You went above and beyond the call of duty in our attempts to re-secure our supply lines and were promoted to Sergeant. You were awarded Nikth's Honor for injuries sustained when a routine sweep-and-clear uncovered a Zilji spy operation on the outskirts of Bravo-Niner-Niner, and will probably receive another as a result of this recent incident. You are man. You are metal. You are Nikth's right hand. Does that answer your question?"

>"What was the mission that resulted in the... recent incident?"

"You were to meet up with an informant in the Abstract Zone who would deliver important information on a bandit operation that has been troubling civilian settlements in our area. We couldn't get much out of Jai, but the informant and your squadmates Walt and Grivni are presumed dead. It's possible you were ambushed, though how they tailed you through the Abstract Zone I have no idea."

>"Am I married or something?"

"As far as I'm aware, no, you remain an eligible bachelor."

>"Please tell me you know where I live, because I don't have money for a hotel and I don't remember my bank account or anything."

"You still have a room at the base. Your PDA may be in there, though good luck getting any service in this hellhole. Failing that, you might have some Run stashed away."

>"I don't remember anything before the bomb or mortar or something took out half our group."

"That's the first I've heard of a bomb. Can you describe it?"

>"There were a lot of pieces. Blood. A severed head."


>"Who is our side? Why are we at war with acid-spitting scorpions?"

"The Avari-Koel Alliance was formed by the Supreme Dekraldean Council and the Unified Avari Republic in response to the growing threat of Zilji invasion. They're angry little lizard bastards who coast around the universe genociding anybody who isn't lizardy enough for them and stealing their tech. The war has lasted three years now. We are losing."

>"Where are we?"

"We are in the Bravo-Niner-Niner military outpost on Quicksilver, the furthest military outpost the AKA currently operates. That is, in terms of distance from the homeworlds Dekralde and Nikthive. As well as in terms of proximity to Zilji-controlled space."
No. 527899 ID: 9ddf68

how bad are we losing this war and why? If they steal tech are they more advance then us and if so by how much?

well that answers my questions about me, what did you call me over here for anyways. Surely more then just to play 20 questions.
No. 528017 ID: 0006f5

surely you can offer more assistance than wandering around without memories. what needs to be done that you can do ?
No. 528139 ID: a01b62
File 137490757541.png - (23.74KB , 900x900 , 035.png )

>"How are we losing the war and why?"

"Time. There's simply too many of them. They're everywhere, the bastards. Some forty billion of them. In a war of attrition, they're just going to win, plain and simple. And we can't make the necessary decisive victories to end the war in time. Lately we've been losing battles. Technically, it's the Koel they're after, but you can bet they'll be after us the moment they lay Dekralde to waste. The Koel are strong, stronger than us, but not nearly strong enough. I've heard the AKA is beginning diplomatic negotiations with the Mausen Empire, of all places. We're simply running out of options, and that's the reality."

>"How much more advanced than us are they?"

"Geez, it's kind of annoying explaining all these things everyone knows to you. Faster-than-light travel, for one. That's a big one. Directed-energy firearms. All stolen and reverse engineered from races they've obliterated. The arrogant little pricks build killswitches in their stuff, though, to keep us from doing exactly what they did. We've been careful not to let what little technological advances we have over them fall into their hands. Hey, you don't remember seeing your first cyborg, do you?"

>"Surely you didn't bring me here just to play twenty questions. What needs to be done that I can do?"

"As a matter of fact, I do have something for you to do. You'd like to get right back into it, right? Most comfortable in the thick of things? Well, our informant may be toast, but there's still some leads we can follow. There's a gambler's den on the south side of the facility. We have reason to suspect it's patronized by members of the aforementioned bandit operation. I've got a nice little raid lined up for you, with a little wuss of an officer fresh off the shuttle. You'll hardly even notice he's there. What do you say?"
No. 528143 ID: 9ddf68

I say the first thing you ask me when I get out of the hospital is "hey want to possibly end up getting shot and sent straight back"?

Well when you put it like that I don't really see how I can say no, whens it start? I'd like to check a few things out first before I leave but if it's one of those immediately things I can wait till I get back. (like checking out where we live). Also what kind of gear am I getting.
No. 528312 ID: a01b62
File 137496039699.png - (23.80KB , 900x900 , 036.png )

>"The first thing you ask me when I get out of the hospital is 'hey, wanna get shot and go back'? I don't see how I could say no."

"You brought it up."

>"When is the raid, and what am I getting?"

"I'll put it into motion, so probably a few hours. You can look over what you want to bring before you go."

>"I want to look at my accommodations."

"Can do. We'll head back to base."
No. 528313 ID: a01b62
File 137496040539.png - (37.97KB , 900x900 , 037.png )

You and the avaran depart the restaurant.

"You know... you never even asked my name."
No. 528315 ID: c95833

...oh, right. Sorry, I guess the hole in my head made me a little self absorbed.

Who are you, and how do we know each other?
No. 528316 ID: b479de

You said you were getting tired of questions but since you brought it up, what's your name
No. 529006 ID: a01b62
File 137508638318.png - (25.46KB , 900x900 , 038.png )

>"Sorry. You said you were tired of questions."

"I'm First Sergeant Deckard. Nice to meet you. It was just a comment, you can ask me whatever you want."

You accompany Deckard past the barbed wire fence. The guard nods you past. Inside the courtyard, there are several people milling about, and you can hear someone playing the guitar.

"♪ Lay your weapon down, boy, lay your weapon down. ♪ You don't know the weight of what you do. ♪ Take a look around you, boy, take a look around. ♪ Don't wait 'til someone's aiming back at you. ♪"
No. 529013 ID: 9ddf68

so who're the people around here and are any of them coming with me on that little mission you spoke of earlier?
No. 529864 ID: 1cf691

This place looks pretty relaxed for a military base, but then again its an outpost in the boonies.

Ask first sergeant Deckard if colonel Wicker is the highest ranking officer in the base.
How big is the base? How many soldiers and do we have any armor?

Are we supposed to know that yellow dude staring at us or is he just milling about?
No. 577617 ID: 53548a
File 140218186350.png - (26.33KB , 900x900 , 039.png )

>"This place looks pretty relaxed for a military base."

"Geez, you sound like Colonel Wicker," Deckard jokes. "We run a tight ship. We don't have the resources or manpower to waste on looking professional. Besides, some of these guys are on restricted leave."

>"What's that?"

"It's leave where you're not allowed to leave. We have to maintain a minimum number of people on base at all times because we're near the front, so you're technically off duty, but you have to stay on the premises."

>"How big is the base?"

"We've got about a hundred people stationed here. A few thousand come in and out every year."

>"We have armor, right?"

"Of course, arms too. A lot of it is outdated, though. We're trying to get newer models but it's a slow process. All the oldest surplus seems to end up here."

>"Is Colonel Wicker the highest ranking officer in the base?"

"Right now, yes. Normally it's Captain Dugger but the good Colonel flew in from his cushy desk job to help us deal with our bandit problems. He will be leaving when he deems they have been taken care of. It's been a while. I think he's having trouble adjusting, poor guy."

>"Who's this staring at us? Am I supposed to know em?"

Deckard introduces you to the avaran. "Sergeant Ruy, this is Private Gale. Private Gale, the Sergeant is our newest re-addition to the team. You may remember him, but he hit his head, so he does not remember you. Please make him feel at home."

The avaran slowly nods es head at you.

>"Is e going to be coming with me on the, ah... mission?"

"Private Gale will not be accompanying you because he is on restricted leave. You'll be introduced to your team once you've had a chance to look at your accommodations."

"Any other questions?"
No. 577620 ID: f2c8fe

not really. lets look at what we've got, thoroughly touch them an all that
No. 577703 ID: e6f437

Go check your room and see what kind of guy you are, or were.
No. 579596 ID: 53548a
File 140326752076.png - (17.88KB , 900x900 , 040.png )

Deckard leads you to your room and heads down another hallway as you enter. Before he leaves, he tells you to follow the signs to the armory when you're ready to go. You take the time to look over the room and catalogue its contents.

There is a Bed, a Table, a Wardrobe, a Storage Locker, and a Wall Safe over the bed. Some kind of Poster depicting a female Avaran soldier hangs on the wall by two magnets.

On the bed is a pillow and a Bedroll which you presumably use as a blanket. Under the bed is a Magazine depicting female members of your species in scant to non-existent clothing. Despite this presumably belonging to you, you have no memory of possessing it, so it's still rather awkward to find. At least it's fairly clean.

On the table is a ZTEK personal computer and two Syringes, which are labeled "Stimulant. Acetothylene-5-hexticophoride. Apply directly to vein."

On the wardrobe is an Action Figure. Its shelves contain Uniforms, a Casual Outfit similar to your own, and a PDA.

The locker is locked. You don't have the key.

The wall safe is also locked. It requires a combination made up of an unknown string of numbers from 0 to 9.

You presumably have some time to spare getting yourself ready and doing whatever you like in this room.
No. 579605 ID: 38fe63

Check behind the poster, it could be a double poster with a bikini version of the picture on the others side.

Then turn on the PDA and the Computer. Though i bet they will be password protected since you seem to have liked keeping things closed and locked.

Try entering 1234... string on the wall safe to see how many numbers long the password is and if you never bothered to change the default.
No. 579652 ID: c3ad33

yep, electronics first. there's not much else to focus on.
No. 579664 ID: f2c8fe

basic troubleshooting for the electronics is a good start. there might not even be anything wrong. behind the storage locker and poster are the next places id check for giggles
No. 579789 ID: 50338d

Can you access the laptop or pda, or are they locked / require a password you don't remember?

Is there anything written on the back of the poster, or hidden behind it?

Is there any kind of number in the poster? (Like, she has a serial, or dog tags, or something). If she's a fictional character, and you were a fan, you might have used something like that as your combination.
No. 579939 ID: f0a5e4

If we can't get the password for the safe, we may be able to ask a maintenance guy to reset the code. Extenuating circumstances and all that. Computer might be tougher, though. Time to check if you can call up any hacking know-how.
No. 583994 ID: 53548a
File 140522058293.png - (17.40KB , 900x900 , 041.png )

You lift the cover of the poster and peer behind it. The backside is blank white, and there's nothing on the wall.

You type 123456 into the safe before it beeps and stops you from entering anything else. You press the green button and it beeps again, but stays locked.

You press what you recognize as the power button by the ubiquitous symbol on the PC. It goes through a lengthy boot sequence and puts you at a login screen. Of course, you have no password.

The poster appears to advertise a film. The female Avaran depicted stirs faint feelings of awe in your chest. However, besides what you recognize as a release date, there are no numbers on the poster.
No. 583995 ID: 53548a
File 140522059798.png - (9.88KB , 588x588 , 042.png )

You acquire the PDA and turn it on. It has no password, but you also don't remember how to use it. Pressing buttons doesn't take much figuring out, but operating complex electronic equipment is currently beyond you.

It should go without saying that this means your hacking skills are effectively nil.

You can experiment with it a little, though. There's a button on the front you pressed to turn it on, one on the right side, and two on the left side. There's also a small hole on top and a recessed area on the top-middle of the back and the top of the front. The screen is full of icons.

Underneath the PDA you also found a Charging Cord, or at least that's what you think it is. You have no idea if the PDA needs charging.
No. 584021 ID: dc9b7e

there isnt much here that would indicate what you did or were good at doing, unless what you were good at doing was not using your room much. what do you feel like doing ? take the charging cord, stimulants, and pda with you to the armory
No. 584061 ID: b5130d

>You have no idea if the PDA needs charging.
Presumably. Everything needs a power source of some kind. Unless batteries have gotten so good you can go years between charging / replacing them. Or unless it wirelessly gets power beamed to it from somewhere.

>small hole on top
Probably where you connect the charger and/or headphones.

>two buttons on the left
If they're adjacent to each other, they probably turn the volume up and down.

>recessed areas
Cameras, maybe?

The backwards C on the bottom left is probably what initiates phone calls. The pencil is probably something for taking notes. The # in the middle might be a chat program (not an uncommon symbol for irc apps). The folder probably opens a directory of files. No idea what the R-slash or the blue squiggle could be (maybe the blue thing is biometrics? Almost looks like a heart monitor). The + might be for a mapping or graphing app?

Try the pencil / notepad. Maybe you can read previous notes?
No. 584132 ID: 53548a
File 140531031298.png - (12.77KB , 900x900 , 043.png )

You meant you weren't sure if it needed charging now. You press your finger against the pencil icon and it opens a notepad. It doesn't seem like there's anything else written on here, so presumably you never used it. But that doesn't mean you can't in the future.

Oh! There's some stuff on the underside too. Another hole and... some kind of pen? You assume it is for writing on the PDA.

Anyway, it seems you rudely left very little information about your past life lying around your room, so you acquire the Charging Cord and put it and the PDA in your right pocket, and then put the Stimulants in the left.

You leave the room and follow the signs, just like Deckard told you to. You find the armory easily enough, and he is waiting there for you.

"Took you long enough," he says. "I should have nipped back out to Masher's for the other half of that burger. Anyway, as the most senior member of this mission, I'm giving you the best equipment we've got. Just answer a few questions with your best guesses and I'll open up the armory and get what I think will suit you best. Keep in mind there will be five others in your squad, so you don't need to be able to cover every eventuality."

"What is most important to you: mobility, protection, or adaptability?"
"Do you prefer a single, accurate shot or many, less accurate shots?"
"Do you prefer engaging targets from a safe distance or right up in their face?"
"When breaching a room, is it more important to preserve civilian life or incapacitate dangerous targets?"
"Are you willing to sacrifice accuracy for power?"
No. 584194 ID: e6f437

"War is speed." So mobility.
Single, accurate shots.
Up close and personal.
Civilian lives matter more, that is also why you don't sacrifice accuracy for power.
No. 584195 ID: 2f4b71

>a recessed area on the top-middle of the back and
A fingerprint scanner, maybe?

>a single, accurate shot
>right up in their face
>incapacitate dangerous targets

None of this 'slow is fast, fast is slow' nonsense. Full-speed full-power SAS-mode.
No. 584196 ID: 40935b

Adaptability, because plans never go right.
In this environment? many shots.
I'd like to say 'safe distance' but again, not in this environment.
definitely clearing hostiles.
No. 584213 ID: 53548a
File 140539656536.png - (22.80KB , 900x900 , 044.png )

>"Mobility is most important."
>"I prefer a single, accurate shot."
>"I like to get right up in their face."
>"It's more important to incapacitate dangerous targets."
>"Accuracy is more important than power."

"Hmm," Deckard says once you've answered his questions. "Well, you can't always get what you want, as they say. Keep that in mind. I'll open her up and see what I can get for you."

Deckard moves towards the large door and takes off his glove, putting his thumb on a fingerprint scanner. It lights up and the door slowly heaves itself open.

Inside the armory, you observe all the available weaponry while Deckard selects a loadout for you. "Most of the stuff we've got is hand-me-downs," he comments. "Some of this shit is pre-space flight. But you make do with what you've got. I'll make sure you get the best we have."

He lays out on the table an Armored Vest, a Gallagher-Tec SAP5, five Nikth-Claw 9x19mm Magazines, three Hiro HE Grenades, a Utility Belt and a Pistol Holster.

"Is this what you wanted?" he asks.
No. 584215 ID: d8f5b3

Check the pistol's grip, sensetivity of the trigger and overall balance.
Try to holster it and see how quick you can draw it.
Check the contents of the utility belt; if its empty ask for something usefull to put in it.
(Preferably something to climb and descend.)
No. 584217 ID: 53548a
File 140540098846.png - (21.82KB , 900x900 , 045.png )

You pick up the SAP5 and heft it. It's very lightweight, and the grip is designed to stick to your palm and not shift around when it gets sweaty. It goes where you point it. You check the magazine. It holds 13 rounds, including the one in the chamber.

>"Do you mind if I fire this ?"

"Yes, very."

You don't know how sensitive the trigger is.

The Holster clips onto the Utility Belt, so you put them both on and try drawing and holstering it repeatedly. The Holster has a flap that goes over the pistol to keep it from falling out, but with the flap open, it takes less than a second to draw and aim.

>"Can I have something to put on the belt?"

"What do you think the grenades and ammo are for?"

>"What about something to scale buildings with?"

Deckard laughs.
No. 584228 ID: 8a5764

>Deckard laughs.

So its a 'no' then

Ask for something to cammo yourself with, like a cloak or a cammo suit and something to get upclose and personal if needed, a knife would do.
No. 584229 ID: 53548a
File 140541022407.png - (22.16KB , 900x900 , 046.png )

>"How about something to camouflage myself with? Some kind of cloaking device?"

"Boy, get real. You're not Koel Spec Ops. We're only technically on the front line. We have rifles here they stopped making ammo for decades ago. We have guns, body armor, and grenades. That's about as good as it's gonna get."

>"Alright, how about a knife?"

"Now that I can get you." He retrieves a combat knife from a rack and places it on the table. "Now, would you like a grenade launcher to go with that? Maybe a mobile surface-to-air missile?" He shakes his head at you. "Maybe one day you'll get off this rock and you can be properly equipped. Until then, all you can get is what you see and what you buy yourself. So, anything else, or can we meet up with the squad?"
No. 584246 ID: e6f437

Ask where do the bandits get their weapons from?

Then go meet the squad.
No. 584253 ID: 40935b

I'm not sure if he's the guy to ask, but what's the situation on air and artillery support?
No. 584292 ID: 53548a
File 140547007562.png - (15.24KB , 900x900 , 047.png )

>"No, I think that's everything."

"Bit light for a combat situation, but I won't question you."

You equip the Vest and retrieve HE Grenadex3 and Pistol Magazinex5 before you follow Deckard out of the armory. As you walk with him, you question him.

>"So where do the bandits get their weapons from, if we're so poorly equipped?"

"They buy them, as far as I know," Deckard says. "There's plenty of good weapons coming down the pipelines, even here. We just get all of ours from on high, and the AKA has bigger concerns. They still have to fulfill our equipment requests, though, so we get ancient weapons and boxes full of scrap metal. Nothing personal, but the men fighting the enemy need it more. There's a lot of shady business in town that funds gangs and bandits under the table."

>"What's the situation on air and artillery support?"

"I'm sure they'd be down in a jiffy if we were ever attacked."
No. 584294 ID: 53548a
File 140547037139.png - (26.04KB , 900x900 , 048.png )

You arrive at the briefing room. Five others are already waiting for you there, three Koel and two Avari.

Deckard introduces you to them. "Sergeant Ruy, meet Second Lieutenant Typhus. We also have here Corporal Xeltik, PFC Wyva, Private Kilk, and Private Tekelk."

"A pleasure to meet you, Sergeant Ruy." Typhus shakes your hand.

"Well, let me explain the situation to you all," Deckard says. "We've been keeping an eye on the town, and we've noticed an unusual level of security at a building in the Falwell district. People come in and out in groups, and there's two men on the door at all times. Also, they haven't ventilated the building, so it would seem they don't want people knowing what's going on inside. We believe it's a gambler's den, and we're certain it's funding the bandit group that bombed Sergeant Ruy's group. For that reason, we should assume they will be armed and resistant."

"What's our objective?" asks one of the Koel.

"Your squad will assault the building and clear it of hostiles. Since it's a business front, there may be civilians inside, so be careful. If you can find out any information on the operation itself, that would be great, but we're just shutting down an income source for them."

You take stock of your comrades.

2LT Typhus: Foxhunter Body Armor, a RedDoll Magnum Revolver, and a Backpack.

CPL Xeltik: Kaya Armored Suit, a Rella No.2 Shotgun, and two Hiro HEs.

PFC Wyva: Foxhunter Body Armor, a Scoped Silla .303 Rifle, a Hauser&Short Snubnosed, and a Hiro Stun Grenade.

PVT Kilk: Foxhunter Body Armor, a Silla .303 Rifle, and a Gallagher-Tec P-15.

PVT Tekelk: Foxhunter Body Armor, a Silla .303 Rifle, and a RedDoll Wingman.
No. 584295 ID: b54b37

floor plans ? since we dont have the luxury of secrecy, they may have eyes and ears on this operation. by acting swiftly you can control how little time they have to adjust to our plans. where is the structure getting its power from, if any ? what kind of communications are the bandits likely using; just voice, or something more sophisticated ?
No. 584316 ID: 53548a
File 140548827291.png - (26.11KB , 900x900 , 049.png )

You interject with some questions of your own.

>"Do we have floor plans of the building?"

"I'm afraid not," Deckard says. "There's no governing authority managing the construction of buildings here. There's not even a local government, it's martial law and we're the closest things to cops. Structures just kind of spring up when people decide they want to build them, which is how things like this sneak under our nose."

>"They might have eyes and ears on this operation. We need to move swiftly."

"I'm almost positive they don't have spies in our ranks, because everyone here is from offworld and they're not that powerful. If they suspected a raid, they probably would have changed their plans, but the latest report from our eyes says things are operating as normal there."

>"Do you know where the structure is getting its power from?"

"Same place everyone does, the Rexx power plant. Everyone contracts electricity from them, and they import their fuel from offworld. They're an independent corporation, we have no control over them. Though, we could look for a fuse box or power lines if you want to go in dark."

>"Do you know what kind of communications they're using?"

"Whatever they've bought. We don't have that kind of intel. If I had to guess, they probably communicate between hideouts with an intranet and between each other by PDA."

A Koel comes in with a box and Deckard takes it. "Ah, perfect timing. On the topic, I've got headsets for all of you. Corporal, could you show the Sergeant how to connect his PDA to the headset?"

You acquire a Wireless Headset, and Corporal Xeltik takes your PDA to connect the two. He shows you the process. It appears the blue button you previously thought was biometrics is actually for wireless connections, and the Corporal connects you to the military voicechat, and then your headset to the PDA. You equip the Headset, and can now hear and communicate on military comms.

"When communicating via headset, your callsign is Party Van," Deckard informs the group. "That's PV for short. PV-Actual is Lieutenant Typhus, PV-1 is Sergeant Ruy, PV-2 is Corporal Xeltik, PV-3 is PFC Wyva, and PV-4 is Private Kilk."

'PP-4 to Headquarters, we've got a disturbance on Vista Street. It looks like a fistfight. We're moving to intervene. Over.'

The Lieutenant taps you on the shoulder. "Sergeant, may I place you in my confidence?"

'HQ to PP-4; copy that. Keep us updated. Out.'
No. 584318 ID: 40935b

>your callsign is Party Van
Don't laugh. Do not laugh. Don't even look cute.

Problem, leu-... err... yes lieutenant?
No. 584320 ID: 53548a
File 140549181482.png - (25.23KB , 900x900 , 050.png )

You succeed in not laughing. You find nothing remotely amusing about this perfectly reasonable callsign.

>"Problem, lieu-... err... yes, lieutenant?"

"No, no problem. I just wanted to say that since this is my first mission here, I would appreciate your support and advice. I want to get a chance to see how you people do things. I don't want to be a stick in the mud, after all."

You spot Deckard wink at you from across the table and mouth something, but you don't catch what.

'PP-4 to HQ. Disturbance has been handled. All clear here. Out.'

"So, on that topic," Typhus continues, "How would you approach this, if you were the commanding officer?"
No. 584334 ID: 530de5

Not much you can plan without inside info. But you have better training, weapons, armor and the element of surprise so you just have to be fast and overwhelm the enemy.

The raid should take place early in the morning minimize the amount of civilians present.
No. 584341 ID: 40935b

PVT Weva should lend either Typhus or Xeltic their stun grenade and take up a sniping position over any exit we can't cover.

Xetic is on point, and assuming those .303's are anything less than semi auto, followed by Ruy or Typhus, then the rest of the squad. If the 303's are semi/full auto, Kilk and Tekelk go after Xetic. Get in fast and hit hard with overwhelming force. We're only expecting a bunch of gamblers and punks, and they shouldn't be too much trouble. Gather information every step of the way- we need to keep the element of surprise as long as we can.
No. 584371 ID: 2f4b71

CPL Xeltik has a pair of HE charges. We could cross over to the roof from an adjacent building, and break in from the top down. Any fortifications built into the building are likely to be directed at anyone entering from the lower floors.
No. 584443 ID: 53548a
File 140558181299.png - (25.33KB , 900x900 , 051.png )

>"There's only so much we can plan without some more information. But we should hit early in the morning--"

"We have to hit right now," Deckard interrupts. "Unless we want to wait until tomorrow."

>"PFC Wyva should give either Typhus or Xeltik es stun grenade and take a sniping position when we arrive."

"That seems reasonable," says Wyva.

>"Xetic should be on point, assuming those .303s are anything less than semi-auto, followed by me and Typhus, and then the rest of the squad. Otherwise, Kilk and Tekelk can go before me and Typhus. We should keep the element of surprise as long as we can."

"It's going to be gone the moment we take a shot," Xeltik observes.

"They're bolt action," Kilk says.

>"We should hit hard and fast."

"Easier said than done," comments Deckard.

'PP-2 to HQ, we stopped refugees from one of the border towns on the road in. Please advise, over.'

'HQ to PP-2; copy that. Detach someone from your squad and accompany them to HQ for questioning. Out.'

>"Xeltik and I have HE charges. We could cross over to the roof from an adjacent building and take it from the top down. They wouldn't be expecting that, and any fortifications built into the building would be facing the wrong way."

"True," says Deckard. "We could combine that with taking out the power, though our nightvision is all out on patrol."

"You are probably correct that we can't make good plans now," Typhus says. "Let's go before it gets much later, and we can decide exactly what we'll do when we get there."

"I'll see you boys when you get back," Deckard says.
No. 584444 ID: 53548a
File 140558182407.png - (22.25KB , 900x900 , 052.png )

You accompany the squad to the building that your intel says houses the gambling den. Typhus stops the group a street away from it to avoid alerting the guards. "Well now, Sergeant," he says.

"What's the plan?"

-You may split the squad into smaller groups to accomplish more at once.
-You do not need to accompany the main assault force.
-You can communicate by headset to time attacks.
-You may prepare yourself before attacking.
No. 584505 ID: b54b37

look around. how are we crossing over to the roof. can it be done out of sight of these guards ?
No. 584512 ID: e6f437

Take off your armor and utility belt and hide your pistol to the back of your pants and casually stroll over to that hotdog(?) vendor.
Then either wait for a good moment to pull out your gun on the guards or if they are too attentive just make your purchase and walk away.
No. 584525 ID: 53548a
File 140564298803.png - (22.40KB , 900x900 , 053.png )

>"Hold on, I will scope out an entry point. Hold these for me."

You take off your Vest and Utility Belt, and stick your SAP5 in the back of your pants. Thusly made civilian, you stroll around the corner down the street and towards the vendor.

You observe the guards. They are wearing suits and sunglasses. The left Avaran is holding a Rockafella FAS-10, which you recall is an automatic shotgun. The right one is holding a Fruitbat Slugger, though you can't read the company logo from this distance, you recognize its shape. Attacking them without warning from here would be suicide, especially because the shotgunner has his weapon held at the ready.

The Avaran vendor notices you looking at the guards, but does not mention it. He speaks in a thick accent you remember is Belonesian. "What can I get for you? Maybe cold drink? Very hot day today ... and every day." He smiles and winks at you.

You suddenly realize that you have no money, and paw awkwardly at your pockets.

>"Uhhh... hold on a second..."
No. 584526 ID: 53548a
File 140564300227.png - (18.01KB , 900x900 , 054.png )

You take advantage of the pause to observe your surroundings. Behind you is a ladder leading up to the rooftop of the building between your squad and the gambling den. There is no cover, however.

To your right is some kind of convenience store and then the corner. There are no visible ladders up to the rooftop of the gambling den, which is just as well as you wouldn't be able to climb them without attracting the guards' attention. If you want to try a stealthy approach you will need to go to another side of the building.

The vendor politely awaits your order.
No. 584568 ID: e6f437

Act like a shady drug dealer and offer to pay with one of the stimulants you are carrying and the vendor will probably tell you to fuck right off.
Then you can circle around the building and return to your crew.
No. 584963 ID: 53548a
File 140590398767.png - (17.95KB , 900x900 , 055.png )

You pull out one of the Stimulants and hold it up. The vendor is visibly alarmed.

>"Maybe... this will do as payment?"

"Eeehh, no! No thank you very much !"

You feel the guards eye you as you stuff it back in your pocket and start walking off around the corner at a brisk pace. You circle around the block to your waiting squad.

"Well, what did you find out? What's the plan?"
No. 584995 ID: 40935b

Two guards, both better armed than we are. There's a ladder on the other side of this building, not so for the Den. we may need to check the other side first- heading in the front door would be suicide.
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