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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 135987002346.jpg - (405.98KB , 800x600 , CBSF-Title copy.jpg )
489830 No. 489830 ID: e35781

Crawling from Hell
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No. 489832 ID: e35781
File 135987032981.jpg - (134.95KB , 1000x600 , intro.jpg )

:jirri: "I see a big bird in the road"
:trip01: my whole body hurts, I shouldn't have told her to say every little thing she comes across on the road. At least last time it was a stream.
No. 489855 ID: 4d9b8f

"How big is it, big for a bird or compared to us? Either way don't hit it."
No. 489858 ID: 0006f5

is it yellow
No. 489863 ID: f2c20c

Yeah, don't hit it.

How big is it, give more of a description... what is it doing? Maybe stop to look at it.
No. 489872 ID: b33427

Don't stop, since this could be a trap, but do slow down enough that Jirri can describe it in greater detail before reaching it. A good starting question would be if it's alive or dead. It could be rather large roadkill.

Didn't Trip lose his left eye last chapter, and not his right?
No. 489905 ID: 5cf982

look at it
No. 490122 ID: e35781
File 135994450596.jpg - (98.33KB , 1000x600 , car2.jpg )

yes, I fucked it up

:trip01: "How big is it? Is it yellow? What is it doing?"
:jirri: "It's as big as a grown-up, and yeah, it's yellow, and shiny. It looks like it's messing with an old wagon on the side of the road. "

:trip01: I try to look out the window, but I can't really focus on anything and it's all blurry. I think I can make out a wagon, though? Hopefully this isn't some kind of monster. Should we ignore it, hit it, or stop? We are going pretty slow already because Jirri doesn't really know how to drive.
No. 490150 ID: f2c20c

Let's... stop. Get a gun out just in case, but jirri can ask what they're doing. Maybe the wagon's busted or something... maybe we could fix it?
No. 490182 ID: 2a9dc0

yeah stop.
No. 490187 ID: 4a20fa

Chance it. How could things possibly get any worse?
No. 490188 ID: b33427

Stop, but do it by rolling up gently bumping the bird to get it out of the way, then parking close next to the wagon. That way nobody can see you get out unless they're right ahead or behind on the road. Get out on the wagon side with Jirri, and have your pistol out.
No. 492874 ID: 514b25

runn it over, keep going.
No. 493712 ID: 22e5ca
File 136107665626.jpg - (159.30KB , 1000x600 , dont you beleive in fairies.jpg )

:trip01:Oh crap! What is that? It's some giant armored bird! What should I do?
:arora:"Are you losst, child? Aren't you too young to be driving?"
:trip01:It's speaking the goblins' language, where could it have learned that?
:jirri:"Uhh, y-yes, I uhh..."

:trip01:Oh crap I don't know what to do. I have my gun ready though!
No. 493738 ID: f2c20c

It appears to be friendly. Speak up, and explain that it's the only way you could travel, in your condition. Ask what the heck it is, and what it's doing with the wagon. Is the wagon broken?

Don't point your gun directly at it or at Jirri.
No. 493748 ID: b33427

Okay, do NOT shoot the big, armored bird-creature. Your little pea-shooter won't do jack against that, and would just end up making it hostile to you. Holster your pistol for now, so you don't immediately appear hostile to it, or holding Jirri at gun-point.

The bird-creature appears neutral to sergals, at least, so you just have to find out if it's hostile to kobolds. Stay hidden behind the seat from the bird-creature and speak up enough to ask it how it'd react to a kobold that defected to get away from the war.

It'll probably move to the smaller window over you to look in, so move away from that window as it does, so you're out of its reach if it does attack. As you do, whisper to Jirri to be ready to speed away if things go bad.

Does Jirri know the goblin's language? 'Cause if she doesn't, then there's something really odd going on here if she understood what the bird-creature said.
No. 493775 ID: 4a20fa

No. 493791 ID: a0c700

not lost, traveling. we do need some rest though. any town or something nearby?

PS get ready to put the pedal to the metal.
No. 493961 ID: 2e2116

Perhaps it's a goblin creation, it looks quite mechanical. Might be rogue, or just some sort of scout looking for supplies?
No. 495800 ID: ecfd0d
File 136175605182.jpg - (143.04KB , 1000x600 , chorts.jpg )

:trip01: "We are traveling, and in need of rest. Who are you?"
:arora:"My name is Arora, I am a surgeon and Purifier. I can provide you medical services, but I will need some information in return. I have suspicions of where you come from."
"Otherwise there is a fork in the road ahead, the right path will take you to the city of Northpole, and the left will bring you to a goblin village that I frequent to ply my trade. They each have competent enough doctors, but only of purely physical means."

:trip01:I don't know about this guy, or whatever it is. It's almost like some kind of mechanical skeleton. The green fire in its eyes manages to make me feel like it's staring directly at me but I can't quite say how. Not shooting this thing was probably a good idea.
No. 495812 ID: f2c20c

You are in need of medical attention. An exchange like this is in our favor, especially since you've basically deserted the army.
No. 495833 ID: 35edd4

Yeah, go for it. See if you can get him to tell us some more about his history while you're at it.
No. 495839 ID: f2c20c

...ask exactly what Purifier is before we agree to his terms though. He seems to imply that it is a form of non-physical doctor?
No. 495890 ID: b33427

You're in a bad way, but you'll need a little convincing to accept road-side surgery from a creepy metal bird creature. Not a whole lot with the way your body is feeling, but some.

Ask Arora what he (she? it?) can do for you that those other doctors cannot, then ask what kind of information he wants in return for such treatment. It may be the price will turn out too high for your liking.

Ask how far it is to either of those destinations, and if he is heading towards either one of them. You'd prefer to visit the goblin village to ask if Arora is legit before taking up this deal, but if he's going back the way you came then you'll have to take it or leave it now. You may have to take it anyway if you don't think you'll make it alive to either of those settlements.
No. 495970 ID: de590a

tell him you're a boldling army deserter.
No. 495998 ID: 4a20fa

You're definitely in need of a good purifying.
No. 496624 ID: 6abf0a
File 136200343525.jpg - (200.87KB , 1000x600 , double chorts.jpg )

:trip01: "uh mister?"
:trip01:"Miss Arora, how far are the towns from here?"
:arora: "Half a day's travel if you are going fast, twice that normally."
:trip01:"Ok, uhh, what is a purifier, and what do you need to know from me?"

:arora:"We seek transcendence of self through knowledge and the Machine. For one such as you to understand, you would have to give up the knowledge given to you from your foul god, but it is technically possible to induct anyone."

:trip01:Is she talking about the Lord of Marvels? He is the one that gave us power, but I haven't been the most faithful worshiper, but he's a good god, who gave us the gift of understanding and industry.

:trip01: "Well, uh, what kind of information would you like? I deserted from the army, is that it? Is this different from normal doctor work?"

:arora:"I would require all you know of the direction and distribution of your forces in this area, so that I may warn the appropriate parties of the danger. And yes, Purification allows self realization and transcendence through progressive replacement of the body. It is not 'doctoring' and only for the initiated."

:trip01: On one hand, I don't want to betray the people I know in the army, even though I can never go back, but on the other hand I really need some medical care. This purification thing sounds scary, and I might have to give up my memories or something.
No. 496635 ID: 27d6a2

You might have friends in the army, but does that really mean you don't want the army as a whole to stop what it's doing? Principles over loyalty to people doing ill.

Purification does sound scary, but this guy doesn't seem like a recruiter. If anything, it's good to know he's certainly a capable surgeon.
No. 496658 ID: f2c20c

Purification seems like bad news.

How about you tell her about the army distribution that doesn't hold your friends?
No. 496708 ID: 78c6ea

Purification just means replacing your body parts with mechanical versions. Eventually you replace the whole thing and you're enlightened like bird lady here.
No. 496758 ID: 4a20fa

You've always wanted to be both a cyborg and a traitor to your own kind, right?
No. 496761 ID: b33427

You know some people in that army. This is true. But that army would kill you if it ever caught up with you. It'd kill you, and it'd kill Jiri, and you won't let that happen. You can't let them catch up. Not before you both get to safety, wherever that might be.

And it's not just that; You need medical treatment right now. You have no idea how badly injured you are inside. You may not even have time to get to another doctor before something goes "pop" inside and you bleed out. You need Arora's skill right now.

Tell Arora what she wants to know. Get out your map and show her too. Maybe with that knowledge the "appropriate parties" can keep the army away, and with medical treatment you'll live to get Jiri and yourself far, far away from it.

Also, as long as you're telling Arora about dangers and pointing them out on the map, point to where that abandoned farmhouse where you were injured is, and tell her of your experience with the creature in it. Ask her if she knows what that creature is, just so you know what kind of danger you and Jiri were in.

As for "Purification...?" No. Even if it would give you a replacement for your lost eye, to let a stranger alter your memories and mind, the very basis of "you," is a danger too great. Maybe one day, once you know more about Purification and those like Arora, but not today.
No. 496771 ID: 35edd4

Actually, hell, ask if she can do anything about the eye.
No. 498464 ID: 3d4c1d

Ask if she knows of any safe places for you and Jiri to rest and think about all that's happened. You guys deserve a break!
No. 498501 ID: f7a438

...maybe just a new eye?
No. 498504 ID: 5060c3

Follow the path of technological transcendence please. The first step could be a cool eye replacement.
No. 500535 ID: 55f41b
File 136349027943.jpg - (122.86KB , 1000x600 , next day.jpg )

:trip01: Ugh my head hurts and I'm dizzy.
:jirri:" You slept all night after the scary bird thing left. We don't have much gas left, but there's a goblins' place one way and some pole the other way, I don't know if we have gas to try going to both of them. You talked a lot to the bird thing about armies and that monster you fought. It went off down the road and I locked the doors and went to sleep. "
No. 500544 ID: 12c19f

Uh... feel over your damaged eye, if it's still damaged. Just a hunch.
No. 500562 ID: f2c20c

Check yourself for any... improvements.

Then I think we should go... uh... hey, do you know anything about Northpole? That'd probably be a safer place than some goblin village for a young sergal to grow up.
No. 500563 ID: 78c6ea

No. 500566 ID: b270b4

drive townways.
No. 500573 ID: b33427

The headache might be from hunger and dehydration. When was the last time either of you ate or drank anything, anyway?

Check your wounds; How well were they treated? Also check your memories as best you can for any holes. What do you remember from yesterday?

The goblins probably won't take kindly to the sight of you, so head to Northpole. There'll be more sources of work and information there. At the very least it'll have a gas station so you can fill up the car to continue if need be.

Check your inventory, get dressed and move to the front to take over driving. Jirri could do it, but that'd take half the day.
No. 500603 ID: de262c

Check your eye to make sure he didn't do anything to it.
No. 502343 ID: 9ee824
File 136426124721.jpg - (107.14KB , 1000x600 , new eye.jpg )

I don't know anything about either of these places. What's weird is that my compass is pointing almost due west instead of north like it should be. That must be why they call it that.
We have some supplies but we will need to get more in probably a day or two.
I can see out of my eye, but everything is kind of blurry. Maybe it's not as bad as I thought it was. There's some kind of covering on it that I can feel. Hopefully I can take it off when it heals. I remember getting a shot and going to sleep. I feel a lot better now, most of the cuts I had don't hurt any more.

I don't know who lives in the north village, but I think I can drive to either one now. Goblins usually do what we say, I'm not sure why they wouldn't take kindly to us.

There's nothing in there but the engine.

I think we can get to one or the other of these places with the amount of fuel we have left.
No. 502347 ID: f2c20c

Let's go to Northpole.

Also check out your eye using one of the car's mirrors.
No. 502348 ID: a19d72

this because I don't know what to do with a kobold
No. 502352 ID: 12c19f

...I don't think that's a cover, buddy.

Look in a reflective surface. I think you got a generous replacement.
No. 502357 ID: b33427

You sure that's a cover? 'Cause it looks like its pretty solidly attached to you. Better check it out in one of the car's mirrors to see how well attached it is.

Drive to the goblin's village. Arora has often had dealings with them, so they should at least be neutral to you if you tell them he treated you, and they see his obvious handiwork on your eye.
No. 502361 ID: 78c6ea

No. 502376 ID: 4a20fa

Once you go gobbo, you never go back.

Because you don't have enough fuel.
No. 502400 ID: 6179a7

do an eeney meeney miney mo.
No. 502638 ID: 5ba071

Ask Jirri what she thinks of your new look! I personally think you look cool.
No. 502641 ID: 710329

Get ahead the Time, try to get more supplies today
No. 502722 ID: a19d72

close your good eye and see how well you can see from your new one
No. 503007 ID: ca5b3c
File 136478671507.jpg - (127.76KB , 1000x600 , it\'s detachable.jpg )

:trip01:When I close my good eye, I can see out of it but things are really blurry. I start playing with it, and it's like a ball that comes out! I can see myself and it makes my head hurt! I put it back in before anything bad happens.
"Jirri do I look cool?"
:jirri: "I- uh, guess so? You probably should keep that back in there"

:trip01:"OK, we are going to this Northpole place, even though it's west." Should we drive right up to it or keep our distance?
No. 503010 ID: 98c18b

Keep your distance, they probably have laws against children driving cars. Even if they don't they probably won't like it. You should find somewhere safe to keep it. How is Jirri at driving anyway? Has she gotten better? She's a brave little girl considering all thats happened.
No. 503011 ID: f2c20c

(what? I thought it was 3 to 2 in favor of the goblin village.)

I think we should drive up. I mean, we're in a non-military vehicle so it shouldn't be cause for alarm.
No. 503020 ID: b33427

You know next to nothing about Northpole, so keep your distance and scout it out a bit. Maybe park on the road a bit out and check it on foot, then drive the rest of the way in if there's nothing obviously wrong or threatening.

It'd be best if Jiri drove, since your sight is still messed up somewhat. You can take that time to better instruct her on how to drive.

Pretty neat that your new eye is detachable and works remotely; That might come in handy. Shame Arora didn't leave any instructions on how to care for it, what not to do with it, or said how long it'd be until the blurriness clears up.
No. 503029 ID: 78c6ea

No. 503066 ID: 35edd4

If it'll clear up at all. We should be happy for what we've got; a blurry eye is far more useful than none.
No. 503071 ID: 57d82a

drive right in.
No. 503643 ID: 8817a0
File 136496141685.jpg - (201.07KB , 1000x600 , goblinsvillage.jpg )

Oops, one person said it twice so I double counted it. They are going to golbins village instead.

OK here we are at the goblin village. They sure do have a lot of windmills. There's a guy flagging me down and a barricade thing across the road. What's the story I should tell them?
No. 503668 ID: b33427

If the guy doesn't let you two in when you ask politely, give him the short version of the truth; That you deserted the kobold army. You're getting yourself and Jiri away from the war. You sold what intel you knew to Arora for medical treatment. He mentioned he often did his trade here, so you came here since you don't have any better direction.
No. 503675 ID: 34f12d


hey is that the city from vampire hunter d
No. 503676 ID: f2c20c

Um, what happens if these goblins are loyal to the kobolds? How would we tell?

Maybe you should just say you're a traveler, and she is your ward.
No. 503679 ID: 957676

Um. Well he can hopefully piece together that you've had it rough. (a Pokeball? Really?!) And you could always tell him you found Jirri as a war orphan, which is true, and that you took her under your wing and want to just get away from the war.
No. 503680 ID: 957676

Uh oh! Quick! Check if your hand can talk for NO EXPLAINED REASON.
No. 503687 ID: e71208

that you're on the run from boldling military.
No. 505602 ID: 1d527a
File 136590354412.jpg - (156.83KB , 1000x600 , guardhouse.jpg )

:goblinguard:"If you're on your way to see the dragon, take the road around the village. If you're here to trade, we'll need to look through your vehicle."

:trip01: "I'm looking to find a home for Jirri here, she is a war orphan. "

:goblinguard: "And how do I know you're not a spy from the White Snakes, eh? That's the only sergals around here, and they attack us all the time."
:trip01:"I learned of this place from Arora, she said you could help me."
:goblinguard:"Oh, that does make sense then, but the kobolds are nowhere near here. Last we heard the Electric Funeral was the closest one of those monster ships to here, and it was weeks away. I think you're hiding something. Arora wouldn't have let you live if you were with the kobold nations, though, but our chieftain will want a word with you. "

:trip01:Uh oh, this makes me nervous, what should I say? Electric Funeral is indeed our mobile command base, and it is probably a few weeks away, but the front line is moving west. Should I tell the guard everything, or wait to see the chieftain? Either way I need to decide what to tell the chieftain, because it looks like I'm gonna go see him either way.
No. 505614 ID: f2c20c

Say that you don't really like to tell everyone your story, but you will speak to their chieftain, sure.
No. 505631 ID: 9e1727

Say that you'll tell his chieftain everything that you know that he wants to know, but you can tell the guard right now that the Electric Funeral is closer than he thinks, and is heading this way.

As for what you tell the chieftain, let him ask his questions and you answer at first. Look to tell him your whole story, but be wary about him leading you into a verbal trap to incriminate yourself; He might be looking for an excuse to lock you up or execute you. That's just something you're going to have to feel out when you get in there. Also, Jirri can corroborate your story after the point you met her, so that'll bolster your argument you're not a kobold nations agent.
No. 505653 ID: 74719c

Better go to see the chieftain!
No. 505660 ID: 2025a1

see the chieftain.
No. 505667 ID: 710329

The guard might be uninterested or even overwhelmed, or just amused. The chieftain it is.
No. 505669 ID: a2de98

I say go to the chieftain. Hopefully, he's a nice and friendly old guy.
No. 508392 ID: a7dbb1
File 136744471306.jpg - (189.94KB , 1000x600 , goblinleader.jpg )

They lead us through a town, but I can't really investigate anything right now. There's a walled town, it's got this half finished looking obsidian tower in the middle of it, and there's a lot of what sounds like construction noises going on from inside. Eventually we get to the chief's house. They talk to Jirri first where I can't hear, then ask me what my business is. I tell her that I am on the run from the army, and we are looking for a home for Jirri. :kaz:"All right, I believe what the child has to say. What I'm thinking is that you're a deserter who didn't have the stomach for total war, am I right? I can be reasonably sure that you aren't a spy, but looks to me like you're a traitor as well. I can easily find a family for the girl, but why shouldn't we just turn you over to the army? They would probably give us some good coin for you, we have no reason to believe that they're after anything we've got. Last I hear they're sacking border towns looking for who knows what."

:trip01: "uhh.."
oh crap oh crap what am I gonna do?
No. 508396 ID: 78c6ea

No. 508418 ID: 735f4f

You have to make yourself valuable to them or prove that its a bad idea to turn you in. So what do we have that would work as leverage?
No. 508424 ID: 2b5933

Any skills we can offer, maybe something from your time in the military? Scouting, scavenging, protection, repair work..?
No. 508426 ID: 32e092

>Hopefully, he's a nice and friendly old guy.

>is a harsh and hostile young woman

You sure called that one.
No. 508454 ID: 4fbef4

...sexual favors?
No. 508461 ID: eaf2f5

Well time to save your ass by lying your ass off.
Claim that you no longer just a cutebold, you are now a devout follower of Purifiers way and Arora told you that the purifiers would be welcome to this village.

Also ask the leaders name and make sure she knows ours.
No. 508476 ID: bbee3d

Well, if you're going to be a traitor, might as well make the most of it. Are there any strategic or technological secrets you could tell them?
No. 508477 ID: 9e1727

Say that if she does turn you over for coin, they will probably torture you for info, and in that you'll lie to point the kobold war machine this way. You'll say you overheard one of the goblins gloating about how the kobolds are so far off the mark with sacking those boarder towns, implying that this village knows something about where whatever it is they're looking for is. Maybe you'll say Arora frequently comes here, and from what you saw he's part of the resistance to the kobolds. Whatever you come up with, you'll make sure it'll get this village in trouble.
No. 508505 ID: 32e092

If you say this, they'll just kill you to be safe.
No. 508518 ID: 12c19f

This'll do.
No. 508531 ID: f2c20c

I kindof like this idea.
No. 508637 ID: 4b4635

Uh oh! I guess the chieftan wasn't a nice old man! Um, Oh! You're good at maintaining mechs right? So you're a good mechanic? Offer to help them keep their vehicles in working order! At least you don't have to worry about Jirri now.
No. 508645 ID: 52432c

The circle's coming to a closing. Offer your servitude, or expertise or whatever you can do to make equivalent for the coin.
No. 509916 ID: 1398ce
File 136831519313.jpg - (139.24KB , 1000x600 , whatexactlyareyoulookingat.jpg )


:trip01:N-no, that's boob to stare at a lady like that- rude, I mean rude!
:trip01; "W-well my name is Triplilmus. I was an armor pilot, yes, but I left the army and I want to start a new life as one of the Purifiers."
:kaz:"All right, then do you know any of the healing rituals that Arora uses to cure peoples' wounds?"
:trip01:"Well, uh, not yet, we only met yesterday. I can do a little repair work and uh I have some military maps too."

:kaz: "Ok, then. You can go and talk to Veracity at the clinic. You certainly can't do a worse job than her. If she doesn't need you to do anything then go see Gruz at the mine. If you cause any trouble we won't hesitate to turn you over. If anybody asks you are here by my leave for now."
:trip01: Her name is Kaz, they said it when we came in. Should I go straight to this clinic or explore the town?
No. 509917 ID: f2c20c

I think we can look around. But, ask what our time table is like first. Wouldn't want to get in trouble for wasting time.
No. 509920 ID: 3fe991

go Veracityways.
No. 509939 ID: 384627

Might be worth looking around the town.
No. 510020 ID: 710329

See the ugly town. Might be useful.
No. 510055 ID: aac4c0

Yeah, ask her how much time you have to explore your potential new home. We want to get familiar with the place, but also not in trouble!
No. 510552 ID: 5e9f8f

Check out the town, and get a feel for the place. Given our life recently, we should keep an eye out for the defensive qualities of the place in particular. Chokepoints, escape routes, especially sturdy buildings, that sort of thing.
No. 513594 ID: b9d767

Check on the girl before you go do anything else.
No. 514761 ID: b8481c
File 137048345520.jpg - (156.47KB , 1000x600 , town1.jpg )

As long as I get there before they close I should be OK. It's close to mid day. The clinic should be uhh, down the street to the left, and past the square. There's a bar or something to my right, and a shoe store ahead, so yeah, it should be to the left.
No. 514791 ID: 3b3540

Check out the bar?

Perhaps you could make some friends while we're here. No sense in being a stranger.
No. 514792 ID: c23ab0

No. 514793 ID: f2c20c

Shoooooes. Check out the shoes. Also, get a closer look at that bird.
No. 514803 ID: 06ffbb


Inspect bird.
No. 515899 ID: 9098e5

Inspect the bird, but try not to scare them. I just think birds are always important in these stories.
No. 517443 ID: d81bd3
File 137144125704.jpg - (152.51KB , 1000x600 , duckhole.jpg )

>A secret has been revealed

I can't see much through the bar window, it's made of those bubble parts of the glass. I'll follow this bird, something's not right about it. It looks like a duck but it's standing up really tall somehow. It goes under some boxes and into a hole in this rusty iron fence with water coming out of it. It looks like the same fence that's all around that obsidian tower. Should I go in after it or go where I'm supposed to and check it out later? Or I could go somewhere else, this is just right around the corner down an alley. I hope there's not a bunch of these great big ducks in there.
No. 517490 ID: f2c20c

Uh, we should probably do what we're supposed to do before we go in there.

However I still want to check out the shoe shop so let's do that next.
No. 517518 ID: 4a20fa

Never lose sight of a duck. You're a cutebold, nobody expects you to have an attention span anyway.
No. 517520 ID: c23ab0

No. 517548 ID: 710329

Could it be a magical spy? Or a trained bird. What other service than revealing a plot against the town could more serve your advantage?
No. 517555 ID: 2ddb7b

follow the white duck
No. 517759 ID: 7f4ee8

I dunno guys, I love adventure, but I think Trip had a very VERY bad encounter with a silly situation before, and I don't want to relive it. Lets move on to our destination!
No. 517800 ID: 9dba7d

follow dux
No. 517820 ID: 1cf691

Get dat focking duck!
No. 517881 ID: ca1c58

follo dat duk
No. 518892 ID: 2bb5c4
File 137195803270.jpg - (174.34KB , 1000x600 , noseout.jpg )

I look out through the hole, there's a deep puddle with more ducks in it. I can see a giant obsidian wall that goes off to my left, and some trash and a crate blocking off the right. I can hear some kind of activity going on nearby but I can't make out if it's construction or what. There's a hole under the water with bubbles coming out of it, and now I'm all wet and muddy. I don't think I'm supposed to be here.
No. 518893 ID: 735f4f

Make sure not to disturb the ducks and then go check around the crates. After you see if there is anything interesting there it might be worth it to clean yourself off in the water there.

And if you are in the water you might want to check the pipe with the bubbles. Might be able to swim into the obsidian wall area.
No. 518896 ID: f2c20c

We should come back laterrrr. Let's not get in trouble. See if you can get the mud off, for now. Just go back out and look at shoes.
No. 518971 ID: d8d4e8

Seconding coming back later. Let's go meet up with the person we were supposed to. We don't want to get caught snooping where we aren't supposed to. They were already pretty like, strongly considering selling our traitorous ass back to the army.
No. 519153 ID: b2f12a

that's what makes it worth being here. keep on explorin'.
No. 519160 ID: 710329

We need an excuse to be here. Keep exploring. The ducks... nothing there. You were very hungry and tried to catch one of the ducks for a tavern
to cook. People do that all of they time anyways.
No. 519178 ID: ca1c58

Come back later. They will effin' kill us or sell us back to the army. We can totally check this out later now that we know where it is, when we have actual free time and aren't supposed to be meeting somebody.
No. 519179 ID: 8fb35b

Are one of these ducks the person you're supposed to be meeting up with? No? Then maybe you should go and do what what you're supposed to be doing.
No. 519560 ID: c9720c

Quick! Get out of their before Hijinks gone wrong happens!
No. 525107 ID: 704658
File 137410285353.jpg - (187.67KB , 1000x600 , mudbold.jpg )

They won't let me in the shops now! Should I just go to the clinic or do something else?
No. 525108 ID: a23afd

No. 525112 ID: 299846

Take of your shirt to impress the goblin shopkeeper.
No. 525117 ID: 01531c

Remember to explain that you fell in a mud puddle.

If possible, try to figure out how or wear you can get the mud of your shirt.
No. 525137 ID: bc8d67

Well, you could jump in that fountain to wash the mud off, but that very likely would get you in trouble. Better just head to the clinic. Unless it's a total dump it should at least have a working sink and soap you could use to wash your clothes out and clean off your face and arms. You can say you tripped over a loose cobble into a mud puddle to explain your messy state.
No. 525138 ID: c23ab0

>> We can totally check this out later
>> Cutebold Slaughter Fest quest

No. 525140 ID: 023f67

How rude! Don't worry Trip, we still love you. Lets go to the clinic! Then maybe we can check on Jirri after. She may not have been in as much pain as you, but she would have as much trauma no doubt. Poor thing.
No. 525158 ID: 5787ea
File 137411590139.jpg - (200.27KB , 1000x600 , squeehurr.jpg )

:trip01:Hmm, this looks like the right place, but I think it's some kind of hardware sto-


:veracity: "Now why iz zhere a filthy-dirty kobold runnink around in here?"

:trip01:Oh crap it's a big ugly gnoll! I'm gonna get eaten for sure! What do I say?
No. 525159 ID: a23afd

Tell them that the chief told you to talk to Veracity!
No. 525160 ID: 9dba7d

you are in to get your eyes checked
No. 525172 ID: 57a559

Accomplishing business, we're a merchant's assistant getting important goods and making connections!
No. 525182 ID: c23ab0

Oh no, she's got your nose!
No. 525204 ID: 4a20fa

Goodness, straight for the nose. She doesn't mess around.

Yeah, get your eye checked out.
No. 525253 ID: ca1c58

Fucking do this geez.
No. 536257 ID: a665d6

She's not that ugly. If she tried a Anime closed eye happy face, I bet she'd let quite cute! Oh, compliment her on her hat.
No. 536803 ID: 761017

She's unhappy about your filthiness.

"The chief told me to meet with Veracity! I fell into a mud puddle! I'm sorry!"
No. 537790 ID: bfa588
File 137755306031.jpg - (149.11KB , 1000x600 , new shirt.jpg )

I explain that I got pushed into a puddle and go get cleaned up. She gave me a shirt, but it's way too big.
:veracity: "So, you're here to help me on orders of the chief? What is it exactly that you can do that I would need help with?"

:trip01: "Well, uh, first can you look at my eye?"

I need some time to think.

Ok, for real, I can do some first aid but I'm no real surgeon. I don't have much in the way of ideas. On one hand I could just try to bullshit my way though, that's worked so far, but on the other hand I might get told to do something I really don't know how, and gnolls are scary.

:veracity: "Your eye looks fine to me, except the one that's missing and replaced with that witchcraftmechanism. "
No. 537804 ID: 2f4b71

Being first-aid trained covers about 80-90% of frontier medical issues anyway.
No. 537813 ID: 4a20fa

This. We are going to triage the fuck out of the waiting room.
No. 538953 ID: bc8d67

You know basic first-aid from your time in the military, so you can triage patients and treat the minor stuff so she doesn't have to. Other than that you can do clinic scut work such as cleaning, washing and the like. Unfortunately you only know how to read and write kobold-script, so any task involving reading or writing in another language is out, for now.
No. 541055 ID: 601ed3
File 137955507383.jpg - (251.85KB , 1000x600 , triage.jpg )

:trip01:"to be honest I'm just trained in first aid, and I can do regular chores as well."
:veracity: "Well that'll have to do"
I help clean things for a while. Suddenly there's an alarm going off, I can hear distant gunfire!
:veracity:"Well, looks like you'll be able to use those first aid skills. Sounds like a raid."

A few minutes later a truck drives up, it looks like that gang attacked one of the outlying farmhouses. Some really ugly things bring in the wounded; there's a goblin with a sword wound, another with a bullet wound in the leg, and a sergal they captured with a few bullet wounds! Veracity wants me to take the two goblins while she works on the captive! They both look like they're bleeding pretty bad!

These things are super ugly, and they look wounded too, but they don't seem to be hurting at all. They must be strong, too, to carry a full grown goblin like that! Who do I tend to first?
No. 541057 ID: 96c896

Hmm. I'm thinking... put a tourniquet or some other sort of quick binding on the leg- maybe even something as conventional as bandages- to keep her stable for longer while you work on the sword wound. We can't really delay the sword wound.

Do you know how to do stitches?
No. 541058 ID: 5fd94e

+2 on a quick tourniquet if it is a major wound to the leg, and get one of the things to keep a compress on the wound, we don't want him to start bleeding out while we deal with the other one. Then do a quick assessment of the extent of the injuries on the other. I think it looks to low to a lung or heart injury so we should have time stabilize the other one first.
No. 541061 ID: f9cf6a

Whatever those ugly creatures are they're not really wounded and they're strong, which is a good for you. You're gonna need their help to move the patients around.

Direct the two with the stretcher over to the nearest open patient table while you grab a tourniquet and two pads of bandages. Hand those to the one carrying the goblin with the bullet wound and quickly tell it to press the pad down on the wound hard to staunch the bleeding; One on both sides if it was a through and through hit. And if that isn't enough to staunch it, to tie the tourniquet tight above the wound as well. Then you can check the sword wound yourself.

You're gonna need to wash the blood out of the sword wound to determine how deep it is. Get a pitcher of sterile water, a directional lantern, a roll of bandaging and some sterile cotton. Have one of the ugly creatures illuminate the wound with the lantern and another slowly pour the water in to wash the blood away while you hold the wound open with a couple bandages. If the wound isn't deep enough to hit the guts, lungs, or heart, then pack it with cotton, fold a bandage pad over it, and wrap bandaging around him to hold it down. But if it has do the same and tell Veracity. And if he's seriously bleeding then he needs Veracity to work on him now, before he bleeds out.
No. 541126 ID: 2f4b71

Tourniquet the leg, then elevate it. Clean and seal the gut-wound, then clean and seal the leg wound and remove the tourniquet.
No. 546562 ID: c5ee63
File 138353587709.jpg - (203.60KB , 1000x600 , triage2.jpg )

:trip01: OK, whew, I got them stabilized in the right order, looks like. Everything seems to have settled down in here. They're taking the sergal away to jail or something I think.

:veracity:"You did a good job, I think I'll keep you around here after all. Here's 20 copper, go and get some clothes or something. You're free to wander around, just come back here if you hear the raid siren."

:trip01:hmm, what should I do now? All of those ugly things seem to be following the head goblin out as well. I don't like them, it's like they don't even feel pain or something!
No. 546563 ID: 7bbaae

Ask if they feel pain.

Also, ask about that hole in the wall and the ducks.
No. 546581 ID: c23ab0

Hey hey don't go calling them uglies. You're not looking so hot yourself, splotch nose!
No. 546603 ID: 279f18

Those seem to be mole-ratfolk.

It's kinda a wonder what they're doing on the surface given how they're practically blind.
No. 546619 ID: dbbfc7

Ask miss Veracity what is the big obsidian tower with the wall around it.

Then go buy some real clothes and and a hat. When you look decent enough go see how Jirri is doing.
No. 548501 ID: c5ee63
File 138465372054.jpg - (110.69KB , 1000x600 , fanservice.jpg )

:trip01:"OK, what's the deal with those ugly guys?"
:Veracity:"We have an allegiance with their queen. I'm not sure about the details, but they provide us with recruits that they train into Sturmtruppen. I don't think they can actually feel pain, it's strange."
:trip01:"Oh, is that what they're doing in that big building in the middle of town?"
:veracity:"Ja, they do that there, but mostly it's some kind of secret construction thing going on, I don't know what it is, and you probably shouldn't bother with it either. I'd be careful what I ask about that thing if I were you. "
No. 548513 ID: 7bbaae

Let's go bother with it. This time take off your shirt so you don't get it dirty.
No. 548521 ID: 9dba7d

go to shops to see what you can get with your copper
No. 552965 ID: 67bfa9

complement Veracity's hygenics, most gnolls wouldn't bother changing/washing clothes for any reason

and then go to the nearest hat store and buy the most rediculous hat your money can buy
No. 552993 ID: 83f271

They appear to be bipedal naked mole rats, which is a terrifying concept since mole rats are indeed a bipedal hive mammal that lives for a ridiculously long time, feels almost no pain, almost no incidence of cancer, and can survive extended periods with CO2 poisoning. Oh and they are super inbred, so there's that too.

In short, terrifying tunnel warriors.
No. 552996 ID: 4a20fa

Complement your gentlemanly manner by buying some fine attire.

Try not to get it covered in mud this time.
No. 556886 ID: c31863
File 138954287599.jpg - (228.86KB , 1000x600 , town3.jpg )

OK I have ten coins, should I look for clothes first, go to the hat shop, or investigate something else? There's a lot of places to go here, and I'm not sure what anything costs.
No. 556904 ID: 4a20fa

Clothes. You need something to wear other than scrubs.
No. 556906 ID: 7bbaae

Yeah, clothes. Maybe you can get a set that washes easily so we can check out the DARK TOWER.
No. 556933 ID: 1c677c

Again, clothes, after that maybe an optic to learn something new about your eye? Maybe for free?
No. 556999 ID: d315b1

Spend all ten coins at the hat shop.
No. 558151 ID: c51eb9

Clothes. Because we're either in a safe zone for now, or the eye of the storm. Best take advantage of this while you can! Not that I'm saying anything bad will happen. I hope.
No. 559195 ID: c31863
File 139052498702.jpg - (164.61KB , 1000x600 , clothestime.jpg )

OK, what should I go for here? They have everything from regular to fancy clothes.
No. 559196 ID: c31863
File 139052503735.png - (26.53KB , 285x443 , draw clothes copy.png )

go hog wild
No. 559233 ID: 1c677c
File 139056525879.png - (31.37KB , 285x443 , fancy_tunic.png )

A fancy tunic, boots of comfort and a veil of mystery.
No. 559234 ID: 1c677c
File 139056544086.png - (41.04KB , 285x443 , on_the_second_thought.png )

No. 559238 ID: 13ef94
File 139057232073.png - (35.80KB , 285x443 , 139052503736.png )

Green is color worthy of hero...
No. 559247 ID: db9156
File 139057930841.gif - (308.37KB , 320x180 , green-is-not-a-creative-color-o.gif )

No. 559263 ID: 955dc5

I think he needs something akin to an opera mask on that side of the face.
No. 559423 ID: 4a20fa
File 139067379441.png - (21.25KB , 285x443 , cbsf-trip-boldkini.png )

Well, let's think here. You want to look nice for your new gnoll friend, yet you also want some comforting ties to your kobold home and the traditional loincloth attire in this strange and foreign land.

Clearly there is only one solution, and it is lime green and glows in the dark.
No. 559429 ID: 0180f3

Lol yes. Full Boratbold.
No. 559431 ID: 4a20fa
File 139067617840.png - (22.20KB , 285x443 , cbsf-trip-SAINTSROWBITCHES.png )

Of course, if you feel you need an even greater touch of class, velvet is a timeless classic, and a wide-brimmed hat allows you to obscure your mechanical eye if so desired.
No. 559462 ID: 665deb
File 139068996466.png - (38.53KB , 285x443 , Fedora.png )

Buy some really ill-fitting clothes, a classy fedora that looks terrible on you, and some kind of weirdo wall-eyed cutebold-fit glasses.

Then become enlightened by your own intelligence.
No. 559472 ID: 5f5afc
File 139069186699.png - (61.08KB , 285x443 , Yojimbo.png )

A warrior with no lord or master.
No. 559512 ID: 7e0def
File 139070818540.png - (34.65KB , 285x443 , Obligitory.png )

None of this yet? I am ashamed of you all.
No. 559662 ID: 224ee2
File 139080448116.png - (62.56KB , 285x443 , Cutebold Landschneckt.png )

Become an overly flamboyant mercenary.
No. 565690 ID: 5204c4
File 139433313809.jpg - (228.50KB , 1000x600 , town3-2.jpg )

Hmm, they don't have much that fits me, I think this shirt is for a little kid. I've got some cash left, two silver and six copper ones. Should I go somewhere else or back to the clinic?
No. 565698 ID: 9b57d3

Go ogle/say hi to that winged guy back there.
No. 565704 ID: 4a20fa

You must accessorize. To the hat shop!
No. 565705 ID: be48b2

Go check out that other kobold by the fountain. Is he another deserter? A traitor? A spy?
No. 565735 ID: 3b3540

Yeah, see what fountainbold is up to.

It's good to network.
No. 570250 ID: 472da3
File 139733096033.jpg - (240.89KB , 1000x600 , townbold.jpg )

Ok, I go up and introduce myself to the other kobold. His name is Drablablibisluk.
:loafbold: "So, where are you from, what is the weather like?"

:trip01: "I'm from further east. The weather is ok I guess?"

What should I ask about?
No. 570253 ID: 2c6ff1

Ask about that dragonkin guy that was here a second ago.
No. 570265 ID: 4a20fa

What brings him here, and did he have an interesting conversation with the chieftan, if I remember the geopolitical situation correctly?
No. 570318 ID: 012266

complement him on the size of his nose
No. 570334 ID: ca0da5

That dragonkin is totally still over there, walking down an ally next to the being worked on waaaaaaiiit a minute HE'S SNEAKING INTO THE WALL TOO.
No. 570335 ID: ca0da5

Wait, no, nevermind, that's one of the windmills. The wall I think is the other direction than where the dragonkin's going.
No. 571413 ID: 3b2373
File 139787210415.jpg - (151.96KB , 1000x600 , loafbold speaks.jpg )

:trip01: "So, are you from around here too? "
:loafbold:" Oh no, I'm not from here. I moved here a few months ago, from the west. "
:trip01:" Who's that dragon guy? "
:loafbold: "Oh him? He's just one of the dragon's minions. I hear they take normal people and turn them into those in some dark ritual. It's some kind of metallic dragon, but not one I've ever heard of. Not that there's many of them around to begin with, I guess. He's probably going to go see the chieftain again. I'm just a stable hand, I don't know much about politics. "
:trip01: hmm, yeah. That is the chieftain's house, where I just came from. "So did you talk to her when you got here too?"
:loafbold: "Oh no, I'm not anybody important. I've just been working at the north side stables. We mostly use animals to get around in this town, not machines. I hear the raiders have some kind of machine fuel making factory that they use, though. It's pretty scary, I think. So, what brings you here?"

:trip01: Hmm, how should I answer that? He seems pretty harmless. And yes, the dragon thingy is going to the cheiftain's house, not to the wall, which is on the other side of the road.

Whoa! Even if it was a lady you don't just say something like that when you meet someone for the first time!
No. 571414 ID: 2c6ff1

Say that you're a refugee from the war. Don't say anything more than that, though, and say you'd rather not talk about it if he asks for details. Gotta keep your story straight.
No. 571448 ID: 491d5b

Well you are a Refugee, so that's not actually a lie. Best go with that.
No. 571527 ID: ca0da5

Say that you are a refugee, who would prefer not to mention the details of it all, but that you did flee to here with a young child. If he should see her, ask him to let her know that you're doing alright, and she shouldn't worry about you.
No. 571560 ID: 012266

where is that sergal you where with?
No. 571628 ID: 60ab1c

Ohmygosh! I totally just got the best idea ever that I ever had ever! Tripy, you must purchase......a Teddy bear for Jirri! It will make her happy!
No. 571658 ID: ca0da5

Kaz, the Goblin chief, said she'd find a family for Jirri to stay with. Jirri's wherever Kaz sent her. Possible that the Dracominion was headed to take her wherever, but that's not really enough of a chance to go on, especially since we should probably avoid upsetting the goblins.

By the way, once the subject starts to die off, ask him about the animals, do people rent them, purchase them, perhaps just have a contract to be allowed to borrow one when needed?
No. 574287 ID: 7f0c30
File 140003555135.jpg - (146.08KB , 1000x600 , loafbold speaks2.jpg )

:trip01: "Oh, I'm a refugee from the war, I ran here with a young child."
:loafbold:"Oh, from one of the villages, then? Those mercenaries in town might end up getting out of here soon.There's supposedly going to be a strike against the Snakes some time in the next few days, but if the army is on the march they might get a little more action than they're looking for. Watch out for them, they don't like kobolds. I sure hope they aren't too close"
:trip01: "Oh no, we've been traveling quite a way, they are probably a week's travel away at least, plus there's nothing much they'd want here, uhh, that I can think of." We chat a little more about what goes on in town, the stables where he works are where pretty much all the riding animals are kept. Most of them are goblin mounts for the local militia, but any time merchants or travelers come by they can leave their animals at one of the three stables at each of the city gates. They 'inside' stables are run by the city and sometimes have mounts for rent, but if I wanted to buy something there's a rancher by the south gate that has animals for sale. I don't really know how to ride a horse or beak dog or anything though. Nobody really does that when we can just drive somewhere instead.
Jirri is staying with the woodcrafter and his wife, they lost their daughter to sickness a few months ago, and seem like nice goblins. I'll bring her a parrot toy, I didn't see any bears when I passed by the toy store. There's a lot of green parrots here for some reason.

Should I ask any more questions or go check out something else?
No. 574291 ID: 012266

do you have any weapons still? if not can you even buy a piece with what you got?
No. 574528 ID: a9b245

I wonder if the dragon minion could turn you partially into a dragon...
Then you would be part machine, part dragon-bold.

Or maybe you should just buy that toy for Jirri, is all good.
No. 574885 ID: e57b71

Why don't you ask who the snakes are? Are they a gang? Oh, and make sure to get Jirri a parrot toy. She'll love it. You're a great guy for saving her, you know?
No. 576999 ID: 2caaa0
File 140183833452.jpg - (271.95KB , 1000x600 , woodshop.jpg )

Turns out the wood place is near the stables, so I make some conversation on the way back. The Snakes are a group of raiders based out of an old refinery that they've turned into a fortress of sorts. They steal food and weapons, mostly, and take goblin slaves if they can. Their leader is a gnoll named Finder, and they mostly are sergals and gnolls. They've got a bunch of scavenged vehicles and weapons left over from when the army occupied the area.

yes, I still have my pistol and one reload.

:trip01:"So where do the dragons come from, do normal people get turned into them or something?"
:loafbold:"Yeah, that's the rumor, actually. They say you give up everything to it, and they're all like, mind controlled by the dragon or something. "


We get to the place, and I say goodbye. Jirri is here, generally doing kid stuff while the some goblins work the sawmill behind the place. I give her the parrot, why are there so many of them here?
:jirri: "Thank you! But can you do something for me? I want my big brother, can you go get him? He is the same color as me, and his name is Deiwid."
:trip01:oh crap oh crap "Uhh, sure, I'll tell him if I see him here." wait no that's not what I wanted to say! He's probably dead! "Well I have to go I'll come see you later on ok? "

:jirri:"Ok, find him for me!"

:trip01: crap I stepped in it this time. I don't think he's likely to just show up in town. I'm not sure who to go ask about something like that anyway. What else should I go do?
No. 577083 ID: e6f437

Go to the jail and see if you can speak with the wounded sergal. If David is still alive and has traveled this way he might have joined the Snake gang.
No. 577123 ID: 3d177c

Oh hey good idea.
No. 577134 ID: 012266

No. 579950 ID: 45c6ca
File 140345689870.jpg - (154.35KB , 1000x600 , jail.jpg )

:trip01: Ok, I'm pretty sure this is where the jail is. It's the main guard house. There's a goblin and a gnoll standing outside wering the town militia uniform. I need a good story, I don't think they'll just let me in to go looking around.
No. 579970 ID: c8b78f

Just say you're the new guy in the medical team and came to check on the prisoners.
That's not even really a lie.
No. 580019 ID: 2fd516

Yeah this is our best bet probably. We could even mention the sergal we want to see, specifically.
No. 582978 ID: d04dd0
File 140460893189.jpg - (134.47KB , 1000x600 , we take the cutebold.jpg )

OK, I'll just walk up and
:goblinguard: "Hey, this is the jail, do know where you're goin-"
:gnollguard:"Shut it, it's a kobold."
:trip01:"hurk!" I got picked up! I can't reach my gun!
:gnollguard:"What are you doing here? Don't you have some schei├če to shovel or something?"
:trip01:"I'm from the c-clinic to s-see the pr-"
:gnollguard:"Ah, my sister sent you then? Well let's go in and call her, ja?"
:goblinguard: "Ronni maybe you shouldn-"
:gnollguard:"Shut it. I'm in charge this shift!"
:trip01: This isn't good! The gnoll gets somebody to ring the clinic up, I can hear Veracity talking on the other end.
:gnollguard:"So he might be hers? Oh, she wants to talk with you."
:trip01:They hold the phone to my ear, what now?
No. 582979 ID: 9b57d3

Tell Veracity you wanted to check on the sergal prisoner's wounds for her. If she believes you, then you'll probably get permission to go in.
No. 582980 ID: 13cd06

No. 584112 ID: c46b44
File 140529837349.jpg - (199.20KB , 1000x600 , yes this is cutebold.jpg )

:trip01:" Hello?"
:veracity:"What the hell are you doing in jail?"
:trip01:"I'm not in jail - "
:trip01: "I'm not in jail, I thought I would stop by and check on the sergal prisoner's wounds for you"
:veracity: "Well, I didn't tell you to do that. What are you really up to? I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt right now because kobolds are dumb, but if you're a spy I'll gut you myself."

:trip01: Well, that's kind of good, but how much should I tell her?
No. 584114 ID: 2fd516

Well okay come out with it I guess. Say you wanted to find out if the prisoner was Jirri's brother, but you didn't think you'd be able to get in if you said that.
No. 584120 ID: d8a627

Not much more to it, you were just looking out for the girl you'd been taking care of before entering the town.
No. 584198 ID: 13cd06

for lack of better ideas, this but leave off the "but you didn't think you'd be able to get in if you said that." part
No. 584206 ID: 2fd516

Oh and be whiny and pathetic and stuff. Don't make a brave face- spies do that.
No. 584226 ID: a5478c

Spies do that too
No. 584230 ID: 53548a

That's what makes them spies.
No. 589816 ID: 9cd651


Oh no! Um, do you think its alright to tell her you suspect the prisoner is a relative of the child that was under your care? I don't see any other options, might as well tell her you're there for that.
No. 589875 ID: 1c677c

She seems to be a racist. Maybe she'll warm up to the idea that you're helping her kind.
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