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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 134708435507.png - (6.55KB , 422x314 , title.png )
452602 No. 452602 ID: 34cbef

Hello constants, today is yet another day for the kingsmen. These days the royalty has been occupying it's time with defending their baronies, castles and ownerships from the invading crusades that dominate the land. The royal messengers have gone throughout the lands in order to garner reputation for their kings and to attempt enlistment into their militia.
Those who are veterans of first engagement have already muddied their boots.
For those who wish to start as a fresh soldier under the kings banner, the rules are here:

This first calling is to see who we have in the barracks, whether they are new recruits or those just returning from their brief hiatus amongst the peace.
>Kingsmen, File In!
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No. 452603 ID: 886a4d

Kali reporting. Lets give this baby a stress test. I've named her Gungnir.
No. 452609 ID: 44f50a

Juroko the boulder knight, reporting in!
No. 452611 ID: c7dc56

Khangash, Mongolian Lancer
Feat: Mount
Weapon: Glaive
Armor: Wooden plate (stone plate if movement penalties dont affect mounts)
No. 452613 ID: 886a4d

Your gonna have to go with wood plate I believe. Boulder armor takes 4 cap, and the glaive takes 3. Means you'd need another 2 to fit it on your person.
No. 452631 ID: e3814c

I'm here.
No. 452658 ID: d6c330

Dakdo, reporting in.

With last week's catapult, if at all possible.
No. 452668 ID: 91c1b3

Luke and bull reporting in.
No. 452713 ID: 6e44d2

Is Erik not dead again? 'Cause he's ready to fight.
No. 452715 ID: 4c7bc9

ROSCO reporting for duty, sir.
No. 452717 ID: 886a4d

If your corpse is recovered before a battle is ended you can respawn even during that battle.. so yes Erik is alive again.
No. 452770 ID: 886a4d

8 peeps looks about right to me from the end of last battle.
No. 452837 ID: 214bf9

Sir Robes returns to keep the men healthy, hopefully I should be able to do more good with this new equipment.

Just remember to shout if you need me.
No. 452887 ID: 34cbef
File 134717717004.png - (19.44KB , 793x556 , engagementselect.png )

Alright Kingsmen, I have called you here today to lay upon you some pressing news. The Crusaders are installing an intricate system to overthrow the hierarchy, this system we believe is garnering much praise in sewing seeds of contempt towards our King. With the previous information which Luke had gathered from the corpses we have used the maps and our own spies to learn how far this system reaches. Surprising enough, from what we have learned it has almoste saturated itself amongst our local homeland and even into the neighboring Barony. Today, we are sharing with you the areas in which we need you to go. Each area will have it's own primary objective and a secondary objective, Your goal is to complete the Primary objective and return Home. If you also complete the secondary objective there will be rewards and much praise from the king. Alright, the map here that i'm showing are our local targets for this fight, we believe that if we can secure our homeland that we may have a more firm grip with our army. I will list out the places, with primary and secondary objectives, and you will decide which area to target.

First off-
Gar Keep- we believe that Baron Gar is housing knights of the crusade in his keep.
Primary: We need you to find all crusaders and kill them
Secondary: Capture Baron Gar (alive)

Terris Pass- We believe this is the route which is leading them and their supplies into our lands
Primary: Kill any enemies of the king and close the pass
Secondary: Collect as many supplies as you can

Jarvis Town- The town is seemingly overrun with traitors of our country
Primary: Find and kill any crusader and crusade loyalist
Secondary: Instill faith and morale intot he townsfolk in so for them to return to being loyal to our King

and finally, the map that Luke sent to the Elders
???- a den of bandits, unknown
Primary: Clear the are of all vagabonds and vagrants, use force if necessary
Secondary: Make as many loyal to the king as you can.

These are your targets, you may decide which to tackle first or you may split into groups and take them on seperately- a word of caution though, Jarvis Town and the Pass are a very dangerous place, always be aware that you could be outnumbered at any time.
No. 452893 ID: 44f50a

GAR Keep would be best bet right now. Our main unit consists of siege and defense units and in most cases, sieges are ALL about choke points. The other battles will pit us against many enemies and with our numbers, we may not be ready for that just yet.
No. 452896 ID: 886a4d

> Gar Keep:
It's a Siege! I have no idea how to accomplish the secondary objective beyond killing everything BUT the Baron. We aren't exactly given stun guns.

This has my vote for me, Dakdo and 1-2 tanks.

> Terris Pass:
Probably the most straightforward of them all. Smash the enemy, grab the loot.

Probably going to need all of us. This is their logistics train and they'll want to gaurd it heavily

> Jarvis Town:
Primary won't be too hard. Secondary we would need someone with persuasion and he disapeared early on last battle.

We really do need to either get someone with persuasion playing or have one of us take it. Save this for later,

> ????:
Probably the second easiest task, might need a siege weapon to crack the walls though. Again need someone with persuasion for the secondary objective. Probably need someone with Pact as well.

Primary probably could be handled by a small group. Secondary could be ignored.

My suggestion is to split up for the ???? and Gar Keep. Then take the pass next, then Jarvis Town.
No. 452902 ID: e3814c

I agree with your threat estimation but I think we should Gar first as ??? can be best done when we have persuasion and pact.
No. 453142 ID: 34cbef
File 134724648887.png - (28.04KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

And so a new day shines upon the Kingsmen, but it is not a day that goes to rest- no, for this day belongs to thwarting tyranny and betrayel. The kingsmen see before them the ravaged land of Baron Gar, he is an odd man. So paranoid in keeping his land that he would tear up the ground and leave barriccades to protect from invisible villains. But today he has real enemies, and they wish to bring his writhing facade kicking and screaming to the king.

The current Roster:
Sir Robes
and the beasts they bring with them.

As the players can see, the spawn has expanded. hard to see i know, but the rule is as such, you may spawn outside of the spawn area only if one section of yourself is occuppying a spawn point. And also, may upgrades and equipment swaps have been made- I will need an updated list of all characters current equipment held with them and brouth into today's engagement.
No. 453150 ID: 886a4d

I shall spawn at b6. I bring with me my Gungnir. That is all.
No. 453163 ID: 8042f4

Luke spawns at C8 with 1 longsword and 1 padded leather(+1). The bull (which shall henceforth be called Dragline or Drag) spawns at B9.
No. 453164 ID: c7dc56

Spawn A5
Equipment: Glaive, Stone plate, Horse
No. 453171 ID: 886a4d

I could be wrong, but isn't that past your capacity? Unless your equipping the horse with the stone plate.
No. 453173 ID: c7dc56

Glaive is 3, stone plate is 2, and im certainly not caring the horse
No. 453175 ID: 886a4d

Ah apoligies, I was mixing up stone and boulder.
No. 453177 ID: 44f50a


I shall bring my longsword, +1 boulder armor, and my shield!
No. 453179 ID: d6c330

Dakdo spawns A6.
Equipment: +1 dagger (move), padded leather armor
Catapult spawns A7.

Damn. Doesn't look like there much here to use for materials, or ammo. Guess we can rip up cobblestones or fire the boulder knight again, though.
No. 453193 ID: 886a4d

Kali looks the field over and nods. "Your right, not much here." Her eyes narrow and she then grins. "I bet those would make good ammunition for your baby Dakdo." She points at the plentiful barricades littering the road and countryside.
No. 453219 ID: 214bf9

Put me down at 4A
No. 453262 ID: e3814c

I'll start on a4. And I'm carrying my +1dam Longbow and woodenplate.
No. 453326 ID: 34cbef
File 134730475252.png - (29.41KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

Everyone spawns in succesfully, but as an unexpected event O'Lynn is pushed one square forward. The Keep does not show signs of acknowledging your presence yet, so the turn ends with no conflict.

Round 1 over, Round 2 begin- still surprise rounds
No. 453332 ID: 34cbef

a quick list of current engagement equipment and stats has been posted in the discussion thread, for those of you who haven't posted what you brought with you skidaddle on over there and lay it on me, That way i can get a decent idea on what you guys can handle.
No. 453335 ID: 886a4d

Err is Kali underneath that horse?
No. 453337 ID: 34cbef

*cough* ....yes.
Take that up with Khan.
You aren't at all damaged by the sudden trampling though
No. 453338 ID: 886a4d

Kali shoves the playfull beast off her and strides forward hoping to inspect those barriers more closely.

Move to F6. Look at the barricades to determine material and if Gungnir can overshoot them adequetly or do they need to be removed.
No. 453356 ID: 92d144

Dakdo moves the catapult to C6, and himself to B6.

He loads on 3Cap worth of cobbles from the road.

Can we see past or through those barricades, or is there the chance there are unseen foes waiting behind them to ambush us?

(Yeah, I know my ID changed. I promise I'm still me and not a bunch of evil mind control bugs. I'm having a hell of a time reaching this one site, for no reason I can discern.)
No. 453359 ID: e3814c

I move forward and left (to e3) and I ask "who wants to hail the castle?"
No. 453362 ID: c7dc56

Khangash moves to E1 for a bit of scouting

Nah man I'm having the same trouble, think the site went down for a bit.
No. 453367 ID: c7dc56

Er I guess I have to move to between E1 and D1 on account of the horse
No. 453385 ID: 9b0467

Rosco spawns at A10, bringing with him is sweet new rapid fire bow and some razor sharp CLAW AUGMENTORS [2/0/0].

His current destination square is H12, so he can keep moving in case I miss an update. Speed is at whatever base speed is... 4 or 5, can't remember
No. 453394 ID: 8042f4

Luke moves to G6 as quietly as possible, Drag (front) moves to E11.
No. 453490 ID: 214bf9

Moving to e4.

"I rather get into position by one of those barricades before letting them know we are here."
No. 453501 ID: 1987d1

It's 4, at least if I go back to the last thread and check your stats.
No. 453575 ID: 44f50a

Right then! Moving to E7. Hopefully we can use my shield and the barricades to make the trip to the gate easier.
No. 453580 ID: 34cbef
File 134736043190.png - (29.48KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

Everyone makes their moves with no trouble. Those who are closest to the barricades notice that these barricades are made from unnearthed palisade trunks tied together. If there were someone strong enough to carry the palisade piece by piece they could make an effective barrier with them. Still no sign of movement from the front gate.

Round 3 begin- still unnaccousted.
No. 453591 ID: 8042f4

What are the chances that these guys have a ballista? We should try to avoid the center of the map for right now.
Luke to I4, Drag to G12.
No. 453594 ID: 1987d1

Catapult to E6, Dakdo to D6.

Dakdo pulls up another load of cobblestones and loads 'em in. We've now got 6Cap worth of ammo prepped and loaded.

If they do have anything like that, I could always cannibalize the barricades to build us siege cover to advance under.
No. 453595 ID: e32f97

"Well alright then. Also one, two, three, not it!"
I move up to i3
No. 453606 ID: 886a4d

Move to G5 and try pulling a log off of the barricade at H6. If successful move to E5 and load it into the catapult.
No. 453611 ID: 1987d1

Ooh, if that works, we can fire it through the air and use it blow down the gate as a flying battering ram!

...we don't have to do something silly like knock and ask that they surrender quietly, do we?

Is anyone in this group able to detect traps? (Our thief Luke, perhaps?). I'm thinking if the Baron has rebelled and is holed up for siege, he may have placed traps along the approach.
No. 453643 ID: c7dc56

Appoaches J1-K1, cautiously examining the earth for traps and listening carefully for enemies.
No. 453663 ID: 44f50a

Right then! Moving to 6G!
No. 453719 ID: b96ddd

Is it to late to join in this battle?
No. 453722 ID: 34cbef

you can join at any time, you just need to widdle up a character over in the discuss thread and deploy
No. 453767 ID: b96ddd

Juggernaut spawns on C7 and moves to E7 if able

Brings His War Pillar and Hardened Leather armor
No. 453769 ID: 34cbef
File 134741851656.png - (30.61KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

All units approach the keep cautiously, and a lone traveler approaches in the hopes to aid the kings army. But this time it seems the kingsmens action do not go unnoticced- a beast emerges from the large gate, this large green monster lumbers out heavilly chained and controlled by a single man.

End round 3- Round 4 Kingsmen
No. 453770 ID: c7dc56

Khangash lets out a loud war-whoop while flailing his arms, attempting to distract the orge from the main force. He also studies the orge and it's handler for their equipment.
No. 453772 ID: b96ddd

Juggernaut sighs at the sight of the great beast before moving up to E7.
No. 453777 ID: e3814c

I move back 3 and try not to appear threatening.

Remember it's not nice to kill people unless we know they are enemies.
No. 453780 ID: 886a4d

Kail narrows her eyes and judges the distance. Then looses and arrow at the warrior controlling the beast. She shoots the Warrior at L8. Hoping the beast will bash the gate down for them.
No. 453789 ID: 1987d1

Dakdo takes a look at the monster, and shrugs.

Then he loads another 3Cap worth of cobblestone into the catapult, and fires at L7. Should take care of the beast, and knock down the door.

(That should be 12Cap worth of cobbles, + a palisade piece if Kali was successful in the air now).

>Remember it's not nice to kill people unless we know they are enemies.
Pretty sure red automatically means enemy. Our diplomat is free to correct me if I'm... oh right, he fell tragically into a coma during our last encounter. Nevermind.
No. 453804 ID: 214bf9

Hmm... that thing looks to big to leave the barricades any way but south, moving to H8
No. 453806 ID: 8042f4

Luke moves back to H8. (I mean look at the size of that thing, I wouldn't want to be within 2 squares of it) Drag moves to I11 and moos loudly.
No. 453808 ID: 1987d1

As he watches his ammo in flight, Dakdo idly wonders if taking up four squares means the ogre takes 4x catapult damage. It is an area effect after all...
No. 453813 ID: 652c2b

whoah whoah hold on guys, I'VE GOT MONSTER TAMING.

Rosco: tame the beast.

also whose bull is that in front of me??
No. 453814 ID: 8042f4

Mine, why? I'm planning on just using him for storage for right now.
No. 453885 ID: 34cbef
File 134746378163.png - (30.47KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

Kali unleashes an arrow that lands directly into the soft spot of the warriors neck, killing him instantly. At the same time Rosco attempts to sway the beast, he almost accomplishes this until the ogre is pelted with cobblestone and then skewered with a palisade post. The beast grabs up a barricade and throws it at rosco but comes up short. Then it begins it's rampage towards the catapult which caused it so much pain.

Round 5- Kingsmen
No. 453887 ID: 1987d1

Oh. Damn. Sorry Rosco. If I'd seen your request, I would have held my fire. Next time we encounter a rampaging monster I'll give you a chance.

...well, at least this means I can use the catapult to lure the ogre somewhere? They both seem to have 2 move, so I can keep that up till I run out of map, I guess.

Catapult to C8, Dakdo to B8, loads 3CU more cobbles.
No. 453892 ID: 214bf9


Moving to I9 and attacking the Ogre with my Glaive.
No. 453896 ID: 886a4d

"Kill the beast!" Kali shoots the ogre and then moves to C7, grabs what cobblestone she can and helps load the catapult.
No. 453900 ID: e32f97

I take one step back and fire on the ogre. I wonder why we are so quick to attack?
No. 453901 ID: 1987d1

>Why are we so quick to attack?
...I got these big, itchy over-sized trigger fingers. And a giant toy begging to be used.
No. 453903 ID: 3c7600

"Easier said then done me thinks" Juggernaut mutters moving up to F7
No. 453906 ID: 8042f4

Luke moves to L5, then knocks on the door. Drag to K9.
No. 453925 ID: c7dc56

Move to L3-L4, attack Orge with glaive from behind,
No. 453927 ID: 1987d1

Okay. Hmm. I'm looking at my scribbley redrawn map of where everyone has moved, and I don't have a firing position I can use that doesn't cause friendly fire! No artillery support this round, I'm afraid.
No. 453928 ID: 44f50a

Well, looks like the beasty just can't stop eh? Well you ugly sunova dog, how about you come at ME then?

Moving to H7 and attacking the Ogre! Hopefully my shield and armor can deal with the blows of this beast and buy us some time!
No. 453930 ID: 1987d1

Actually, now that Juroko's moved, I believe I can fire on H4 and hit the northern half the ogre without pegging any allies.
No. 453939 ID: 34cbef
File 134748316925.png - (30.45KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

A flurry of attacks, arrow and some cobblestone forces the creature to accept death. It's body falls to the ground like thunder in the sky. Luke and Khangash head towards the door with caution. A quick reminder to Khangash though, his horse can move 6 spaces including diagonal spaces. Luke knocks on the large wooden exterior but no response.

Round 6 Kingsmen
No. 453941 ID: c7dc56

Khangash moves to J5-J6, claim's orge body. This one, I'll divy between our support players.
No. 453945 ID: 3c7600

Juggernaut watches the beast fall glad there is a catapult then moves to G7
No. 453967 ID: e3814c

I move up as quickly as possible.

Thanks for that
No. 453969 ID: 1987d1

Catapult E6, Dakdo D6. Loads moar cobbles.

Hmm. Maybe when I get to the barricades, I should be cannibalizing them. If they don't open the gates, or the interior arrangement of walls is inconvenient, we could use a good covered battering ram.

You two are moving to the same tile. Unless Kali plans on riding Juggernaut into battle, one of you should change coordinates.
No. 453973 ID: 886a4d

Time to load up more cobblestone. Do so, then move to G8.
No. 453977 ID: 34cbef
File 134748891231.png - (15.49KB , 603x323 , tileconfusion.png )

i know i should be occupying my time with other things, but i kinda chuckled at the idea
No. 454033 ID: 8042f4

Drag to H7-I7, Luke to I6. Luke drops all of his equipment, and loads 5 cobblestone into Drag's harness/inventory.
No. 454053 ID: 44f50a

Welp, I'll be headin' to J7. Shield at the ready in case they decide to throw ANOTHER ogre at us. Or arrows. Or ogre arrows.
No. 454126 ID: 214bf9

I move to L8 and claim the warrior corpse there.
No. 454140 ID: 34cbef

i'm sure that bullets are not allowed in my setting, which one are you?
No. 454141 ID: 44f50a

(sorry, that was me. Forgot to change my trip.)
No. 454175 ID: 8042f4

(to chirps regarding this post)Can we make it know what equipment is on the warrior since robes is getting close enough to claim it? There's a good chance that there are more warriors inside with the same equip, and it will be handy to know their atk/def.
No. 454268 ID: 886a4d

Actually since Kali is the only one who damaged the warrior it means no one else can claim it. However you can loot equipment still.
No. 454326 ID: 34cbef
File 134757600082.png - (30.25KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

Everyone takes their move and Khangash collects the claim. All units who had aided in killing the ogre gain 1 assist kill each(which is considered one claim).

the warrior looks to have hardened leather and a shortsword

This is correct, He cannot claim a kill that he was not involved in, but he can take the deceased's items.

Round 6 end, Round 7 begin
No. 454327 ID: 886a4d

Alright we need to kill that door. Shoot it!

Move to G6, then pickup another palisade and load it into the catapult.
No. 454335 ID: e3814c

Ok I continue to move forward and to get over the barricade. "What a welcome committee this lord has." (also you know that I have a move of four right?)
No. 454337 ID: 1987d1

Dakdo G5, Catapult G6.

My open salvo should have hit the door. It didn't have an effect. I'd rather open fire on the people behind the door when it opens.

Has anyone tried just opening the door? If that doesn't work, I can fashion a nice battering ram out of the barricade in front of me.
No. 454344 ID: e7a721

Juggernaut move diagonally to H8 when a bull appears in his path.

you know maybe we should get into formation or something instead of just charging in there? we don't know whats on the other side of those doors.
No. 454386 ID: 8042f4

Luke picks up and requips his items. He then moves to L5. Dragline moves to G7-H7 and does his best to load the 5 units of cobble into the catapult.(using dakdo as a middle man if he would be so kind)
No. 454418 ID: c7dc56

Move to K5-L6 and tries to open the door.
No. 454431 ID: 1987d1

Dakdo assists the bull in loading the catapult.

Hmm. That's Dakdo 2x, Kali 2x, Dragline 1x loads in there now. Kali, what's your unused capacity again?
No. 454439 ID: 886a4d

No. 454440 ID: 1987d1

Okay then. Catapult's at 21/100 Capacity then.
No. 454471 ID: 214bf9

I assist Khanhash in trying to open the door.
No. 454512 ID: 34cbef

I have just realized that i forgot to erase the previous bull... damn wizard shenanigans i say.
No. 454516 ID: 34cbef
File 134764219537.png - (33.27KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

grumble grumble players making vague suggestions in movement grumble grumble want me to be their tactician grumb grumble even though i'm supposed to be the enemy here grumble grumble
The Kingsmen make their move. One of the kingsmen notices a strang phenomena happening, the bull seems to have multiplied- a few times. There are now 4 bulls in play. There is a loud cackle as a witch makes her appearance. At the same time, Khangash and sir robes push upe the large gate to reveal the innards of the gated area.

Round 7 end, Round 8 Kingsmen.
No. 454520 ID: c9428a

Rosco apologizes for missing so many turns! He's, uh, been having too many drinks with the Chrono Wizard.

He tries to make up for it by seducing the ogre at P12
No. 454521 ID: 1987d1

...who's controlling the extraneous bulls? What do we do with 'em? ...make steaks?

The Baron Gar isn't there! He's either fled, dead, or is hiding deeper in the fortress.

Suggested strategy: use the door as a choke point. Fighters hold the line, ranged people will rain death as support. I'll let fly with the catapult when things start to clump up to get through the door (they're a little too spread out now).

Rosco, I suggest you single out a single ogre to try and turn, and the rest of us will try to avoid pissing it off.

Catapult to H7, Dakdo G7, shoving the bull out of the way if I have to. Loads cobbles (24/100).
No. 454526 ID: 1e72ae

If the bull multiplied 4 times, are they all mine to control? If so, K4-L4 to K5-L5, J9-K9 to K8-L8 (and picking up the sword and armor if possible, I just want to be able to tell which is which later), C1-D1 to E3-F3, and Dragline(G7-H7) to I7-J7.
Can the bulls pick up items off the ground? Can they get cobblestone? Can they load it themselves?
Oh look, a witch. Luke moves to L9 to try to deal with her. (only gonna give her a high-five)
No. 454529 ID: 214bf9

"Hmm... another magic user, just like the last battle."

I move to K11 and tip my pointy hat to the witch.
"Greetings my lady, may I ask what brings you to our battlefield?"
No. 454532 ID: 886a4d

Kali to I7, load another barricade support into the catapult, then to I8 and shoot at the crusader at V8.

"I'll let the others deal with the ogres for now. I have crusaders to wittle down." She shouts "What do you think of my little bow now you tin cans! Come get me!"
No. 454552 ID: 44f50a

Oh boy, let the fun times roll! Moving to L8! Hope Mr. Beastie tamer can tame one of those orges, because otherwise we may have to use the gate as a choke point.
No. 454557 ID: c7dc56

Back up to J5-K6, cautious of the magical bulls appearing.

Unless Rosco can tame the ogre at p12, through the walls. If he can, then Khangash instead moves to M9-M10 and hits the warrior there with both a glaive strike and a horse trample. But I doubt he's pursuasive enough to seduce and orge through a wall.
No. 454574 ID: c08b83

Juggernaut moves up I8 and wonders why there's a crazy witch creating bulls all over the place.
No. 454611 ID: e3814c

I move to L7 (if i can get though the mess of bulls) and take cover behind Juggernaut. I also prepare to heal Juggernaut or Juroko if they get hurt. If neither get hurt I shoot the warrior at N10 (If I can't have dependent moves like this then I'll just get ready to heal)

MOST IMPORTANTLY, could some tanky person fill the hole at 6L? We can't have a read chock point with out it.
No. 455725 ID: 34cbef
File 134792875583.png - (32.95KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

Everyone takes their moves. Luke and Robes greet the which but she does not seem to have agreeable social standards. She waves her hands the extra bulls disappear, but infront of luke and robes are doppelgangers of themselves. The doppelgangers just parrot what they did. An ogre moves up and grabs O'Lynn, then sends him flying. O'Lynn takes 2 damage from the fall.

Round 9 Begin- Kingsmen
No. 455734 ID: 886a4d

Kali shoots the Ogre at the doorway then move 4 spaces backwards to E7.
No. 455736 ID: 8042f4

Luke drops his sword then steals from the other luke.
No. 455772 ID: c7dc56

Hey we just talked about giving Rosco the chance to tame one of them, give the man a chance to do his work.

If everyone's set on killing this first one, then Khangash joins the attack, and then retreats to K3-K4
No. 455774 ID: c7dc56

Hey we just talked about giving Rosco the chance to tame one of them, give the man a chance to do his work.

If everyone's set on killing this first one, then Khangash joins the attack, and then retreats to K3-K4. Other wise he just retreats without attacking to still k3-k4.
No. 455779 ID: 1987d1

Rosco is working on converting the southmost Ogre. Attacking the middle one shouldn't be a problem.

I load 3 more cobbles, still holding fire.

Hey there, witch? Would be so kind as to duplicate this here loaded catapult for me? I'll gladly do some time magic, or craft you so kind of item in return.
No. 455783 ID: 2d60ea

Juggernaut moves up to J8
No. 455803 ID: 44f50a

Right then! Moving up to L7, facing that ogre, and stabbing the bugger with my long sword with my shield at the ready! I'll hold off the bigger beasts, just get that catapult ready and in range!
No. 455805 ID: 44f50a

..that was me, again. Sorry.
No. 455808 ID: 694c54

Do I need LoS to convert? Or is it just a slow process?

Anywho, Rosco moves up to K13, behind Robes II. Attempt seduction on P12 ogre again.
No. 455811 ID: 1987d1

It could fire at any time. I'm just hoping more of them move forward. Or the witch is willing to help me cheat. :p
No. 455822 ID: 8042f4

Dragline moves to L6 and gores the ogre with his horns. Since Luke has 3 atk and 2 def he is essentially useless against ogres. He will keep dealing with the witch.(In a non-violent manner)
Forgot to specify to take sword if able to pick.(since both items have same size)
No. 455828 ID: 2d60ea

Er, that suggestion for moving Juggernaut was me.
No. 455836 ID: 214bf9

I highfive my doppelganger and turn to the witch again.

"Fine handywork. But I take it then that you don't feel like telling us why you are here..."

And unless I get an answer I say "very well." and then turn back to the battle moving up to K8 where I prepare to attack the closest Ogre as soon as it's in range.
No. 455843 ID: c7dc56

Pretty sure you need line of sight. The other one you almost got was done in one turn.
No. 455850 ID: 694c54

yeah, i guess that's the only way things make sense.

DAKDO! I require a ladder... would it be possible for you to spend a turn constructing one? If no, Rosco moves to K10 instead.
No. 455905 ID: e3814c

The ogres have reach or they moved forward then back?

Any way I heal my self and move to I4.
No. 455953 ID: 34cbef

You moved to L 7, the ogre moved right infront of you. He grabbed you and tossed you, the grid is lower cased so the L looks like l
No. 455956 ID: e3814c

Ah my bad.
No. 456012 ID: 1987d1

I consulted with the rules wizard. The wall is 5 stories tall- I'd have to spend 5 turns building a ladder up that high. It would be faster if you just stood somewhere where the Ogre could see you diagonally through the doorway.
No. 456016 ID: 34cbef
File 134802257401.png - (32.81KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

Everyone makes their moves. Khangash pokes at the ogre and onlyy one damage gets through his hide. Kali shoots at the ogre, and it stacks with Khangash's attack dealing the whole five. The ogre swings at Juroko's shield, but not strong enough to destroy it. Luke steals from his doppelganger, and the witch moves forward to give him another. Robes give his doppelganger a hi-five, and as he turns around he is slapped in the face by another doppelganger, and then is slapped in the back of the head by the first. The witch laughs histerrically at her own humor. Rosco attempt to woo a wall.

Round 9 end, Round 10 kingsmen
No. 456018 ID: ea66bc

Juggernaut moves to K9 and attempts to attack the ogre Juroko is engaging.
No. 456022 ID: 886a4d

Kali shoots the ogre again. "Damn tough hide on these beasties."
No. 456027 ID: 8042f4

(did Dragline do any damage to the ogre with his attack?)
Luke slices the closest clone of Sir Robes, and because he stole his own copy's sword, it can't do that mirror attack thing.
No. 456029 ID: 34cbef

*squints* hmmm, ithink i do seem some horn marks there... why not add an extra six damage to this ogre- still standing though
No. 456032 ID: 44f50a

Woah, there Juggernaut! You swing there and you hit ME! I suggest against that since I'm blocking the hits for you. Remember, war pillars hit BOTH squares!

Still, going to take a swing at that Ogre with my long sword and block with my shield!
No. 456035 ID: 1987d1

Okay, Dakdo fits one final load of cobbles in the catapult.

That's 30Cap of cobbles in the catapult now, plus another palisade.

As the witch doesn't seem inclined to help, and the enemy refuses to bunch up further...

Firing at O7!

I should hit 2 ogres, and one warrior. Do not advance past the door unless you enjoy friendly fire.
No. 456038 ID: ea66bc

I'm attacking diagonally, it should only hit L8 and M7, not you.
No. 456045 ID: 214bf9

I turn back to the witch smiling and tip my pointy hat to her once more.
"Well played my lady, I walked right into that one, literally even."

Then I turn to the battle as I continue.
"But do you know what I think would be really amusing? One of those giant ogres suddenly singing and dancing. Just picture it, wouldn't you agree that would be a most amusing sight?"
No. 456064 ID: 8042f4

(these ogres have 3 def and >10/12 health, just writing for self reference later) Drag takes one final hit at the ogre that should help in bringing it down.
Save the shot for a bit Dakdo; with Juggernaut's help we should do enough damage for 30hp total at the end of this turn. If it has more than that, we'll have a lot of trouble dealing with the other 3, especially without the aid of a full catapult.
No. 456066 ID: 1987d1

Alright. Holding fire.
No. 456073 ID: e3814c

I take a shot at the warrior at N10 and move behind Juroko.
No. 456076 ID: c7dc56

Khangash gives the beast a mighty poke, and moves back a bit to k3-k4
No. 456078 ID: a676d6

Er, ok, Rosco's done screwing around now. He moves to J9 and takes 2 shots at the frontmost ogre with his doubleshot bow.

"The next one fights with us!" he calls, signalling everyone to hold their fire on the next ogre that appears.
No. 457549 ID: 34cbef
File 134850535359.png - (33.10KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

Everyone makes their actions. There is a flurry of attacks which finish off the ogre at the door. An arrow deals 1 damage to an enemy warrior. Sir robes has small talk with the witch, while luke 'kills' an illusory doppelganger. The which grumbles to herself saying that she only knows fire and water magic, she generally just casts illusions.

Round 11 kingsmen
No. 457552 ID: 1987d1

Okay guys! Hold the line! We've got a good defensive position in this doorway. Whoever grabs that corpse should duck back afterwards.

Moving the catapult to J7, Dakdo to I7. Loads another set of cobbles.

Where do people think I should fire? I think I could wipe out the crusader formation, or the northern two ogres. I think the guys in the doorway can be handled in melee.
No. 457572 ID: 886a4d

Kali fires at the warrior at P6.

I think you should hit the northern ogres. Then we can reload for the crusaders.


wait which one is our target?
No. 457575 ID: 1987d1

Right, firing at Q3! (33 Capacity of cobblestones + 1 palisade). That hits all 4 squares of each ogre.

>wait which one is our target?
I'm assuming the Baron is further in. We can't see the back wall of the fort yet, and it's more than one story tall. I suppose he could be in an ogre costume or wearing crusader armor, but I find that unlikely.
No. 457584 ID: e3814c

I move forward to claim the ogre corpse and move back behind Juroko. Then if I still have action I shoot the warrior at M8
No. 457589 ID: 44f50a

Oi Finn, you didn't hit the Troll, so don't steal the claim.

Stabbing the warrior at M8.
No. 457609 ID: e3814c

Oh so I didn't I apologize never mind about the kill claiming.
No. 457757 ID: 27557e

Rosco up one to J8. Attempt to tame closes ogre for HOPEFULLY first successful monster tame. Nobody shoot the fella, please.
No. 457776 ID: 1e72ae

(would anyone get mad if the bull was the one to claim the kill? I can't claim it with my main char because he did no damage to the ogre.)
Luke slices the warrior at M8.
No. 457778 ID: 886a4d

Thats 1 dead warrior. Oh and go ahead with claiming that Ogre, luckily they benefit all who hit it.
No. 457783 ID: 1e72ae

In that case, dragline moves forward one space(M6), collects the ogre corpse and moves back to where he was.
No. 457794 ID: 86e050

Juggernaut moves up to L8 and attacks the warrior in front of him
No. 458168 ID: 34cbef
File 134868034304.png - (32.89KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

A whirlwind of attacks goes out. The bull collects the ogre body giving assist claims of 1 to juggernaut, kali, and dragline the bull. The catapult looses a mighty bolley of debris at the northern ogre, this causes them to go into a bloodfrenzy. Two warriors are struck dead by the kingsmen but as the ogres advance towards the group a third unsuspecting warrior is grabbed and tossed out of the way. His scream can be heard throughout the keeps courtyard as his body flies through the air only to succumb on landing. Rosco hoots and grunts, making a decent arguement on how the ogres should not be oppressed by these slavering fiends, and the ogre is swayed by this display- One ogre now fights with the Kingsmen for 1 engagement only. Rosco may control this ogre. The ogres stats are omitted, but rosco can command actions that the kingsmen have witnessed.

Round 12 begin
No. 458169 ID: 886a4d

Move to I8 and shoot the ogre at P5.

Then grab as much cobblestone as possible and load it into the catapult.
No. 458171 ID: 62bab4

Ahhh! Why aren't those ogres dead!?

Catapult to H6, Dakdo to I5. Loads more cobbles. (With Kali, that's now at 8/100).
No. 458172 ID: 886a4d

Our Ogre should start tossing crusaders at the other ogres heh.
No. 458175 ID: 3c4e45

Rush in to N10-N11.

(also i believe i have a claim to that kill assist as well)
No. 458179 ID: 34cbef

that's right, it slipped my vision. You also get an assist claim
No. 458320 ID: 8042f4

Luke to M8 to claim the warriors body then to M10 to help out khan. (and to get out of the way of bloodfrenzied ogres) Dragline stays still.
No. 458325 ID: 765c26

Despite the ogre's newfound hatred for his former masters, Rosco convinces the creature to enter a defensive position and stand in the M7-N6 square, between the red ogres and the party.

Furthermore, Rosco double-shoots at the northernmost ogre, because fuck those guys.
No. 458332 ID: fe4599

I shoot the ogre at O2
No. 458334 ID: fe4599

It's Finn
No. 458359 ID: 214bf9

I bid the witch good bye and head over to K8
No. 458440 ID: 34cbef
File 134880136827.png - (32.31KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

Everyone makes their move. Luke claims a body. There are arrows and stabs directed at the ogres, but where a normal creature would be long since dead their bodies seem to only be moved by the utter rage that engulfs them. Knowing this the friendly ogre interposes himself between the two blood frenzied ogres and the rest of the kingsmen. The friendly ogre endures 6 damage. As sir robes says his goodbyes to the witch, she likewise takes her leave.

End round 12- Round 13 Kingsmen.
No. 458442 ID: 34cbef

i'll explain how the ogres do this fight after death thing as soon as engagement ends.
No. 458443 ID: 886a4d

Move to H11, claim the body and shoot the ogre at N5. Aim at the eyes so I hit the brain.
No. 458451 ID: 3c4e45

Move to O9-N10 and stab the orge at O7, then retreat back to N10-N11
No. 458456 ID: fe4599

I shoot the ogre at N5
No. 458458 ID: fe4599

Actually scratch that. I want to move forward to M8 heal the ogre and run back to my spot behind Juroko.
No. 458516 ID: 1e72ae

Drag attacks the ogre at M5. Luke moves to P8 to collect the body of the warrior killed by the rampaging ogre,(sorry) then moves back to O9.
No. 458703 ID: 736771

Hrm, moving to N8 and stabbing at the Ogre at O8. Should likely move the line up a bit if we want to keep stabbin'.
No. 458709 ID: 718b63

I'm naming him Ogg. Ogg attacks the ogre to his north and Rosco helps him with his bow.
No. 458840 ID: 34cbef
File 134897374758.png - (32.22KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

Everyone makes their moves. Luke attempts to make a claim, but recognizes an all too familiar arrow. (the one that was killed by ogres was the claim that was outsided) and speaking of which Kali makes 1 claim.
Sir Robes is temporarily possesed by the devil and moves also (don't ask me how this happened but it did). The ogres tendens flare, but as long as they could go on their rage fuel ends and both drop at the same time.

Round 14 kingsmen
No. 458846 ID: 86c3a7

Oh, hey, I missed an update and a move. Dang. :/

Dakdo stops spacing out (really, he's the party's mad tinker, who knows where his head was), and move the catapult to J7, and himself to J6. Loads cobbles (11/100).

Ooh, interesting- so the Ogres have a berserker rage that keeps them moving even after fatal damage. I wonder if we could use the bodies to distil potions that have the same effect... wasn't someone going to toy with water magic or alchemy?
No. 458865 ID: fe4599

I take a moments to check that no one on our side is injured. If any one is I go to them and heal them. Otherwise I shot the last ogre (R11) and move to P8 and claim the body there (if I can do that much in one turn, if not ignore the move and claim bit)
No. 458866 ID: fe4599

I'm going to get it as soon as possible, and yes I was thinking of just this kind of thing for our warriors.
No. 458867 ID: fe4599

I was also thinking about greek fire ammo for your catapult and if chirps gives the ok black power bombs. (Oh what fun we could have.)
No. 458868 ID: 92d3ae

Juggernaut shakes his head and moves to O9
No. 458871 ID: 886a4d

Head to K8, claim the corpse. Shoot the crusader at T8. Load the catapult with cobblestone.
No. 458879 ID: 3c4e45

Move to P8-Q8 and attack the crusader at T8
No. 458888 ID: 1e72ae

(If a char "damages" the ogre after the ogre's enraged, does that make them eligible for a claim on the body? If a char hits an enemy, but doesn't have a high enough atk to do damage, can that count toward a claim?)
Dragline moves to N5-M5 and attempts to claim the body for the group (he hit him once after enraged). Luke moves to S4 and steals from the crusader at T5.
No. 458957 ID: 34cbef

anyone who declares an attack against a character can claim that body if it falls.
An attack is an attack whether the opponent is beserking, life after death, or having sex.
No. 458961 ID: 718b63

Ogg tramples the corpse of his fallen enemy and former comrade to get to the crusaders. I'm not sure how quick he can move, but if he reaches the crusaders this turn he is certainly going to fling one.

Rosco to... N9
No. 458965 ID: 886a4d

So those ogres will give us at least 1 claim each. Thats good.

Oh and guys beware of the crusaders, they can easily focus fire to bring any of us down. Even our Boulder Knight.
No. 459315 ID: 34cbef

Everyone really want's to get that p8 claim, it's actually a claim for kali and the body was just moved around.
No. 459397 ID: 34cbef
File 134914171718.png - (31.55KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

Everyone makes their moves. Flynn fires an arrow at an ogre but it is soaked. This ogre is fearfull of it's life and so it becomes passive and scuttles away. Kali scores yet another claim and shoots an arrow at a crusader dealing one damage. Khangash swings his glaive, but it misses by mere inches (wasn't in range). Luke steals a sword from a crusader and dragline makes a claim on the ogre giving assist claims to Dragline the bull, Kali, Khangash, Juggernaut, Rosco, and Juroko.
The crusaders move in on Khangash and his horse, accept for one. The horse falls to the continuas slashes from the crusaders and it dies throwing khangash off. A single crusader punches Luke doing no damage.

Round 15, Kingsmen.
No. 459401 ID: 86c3a7

...er, can we revive the horse if we recover the body? Do the same rules apply to kingsmen and their animals?

Catapult to L6, Dakdo K6. Loads cobbles (19/100), firing at T7.
No. 459403 ID: 886a4d

Dakdo oops... its time to fire at the crusaders!

Kali fires at the crusader at R8

Load another 5 capacity cobblestone into the catapult.
No. 459404 ID: 34cbef

The animals return to the castle, and yes they can be redeployed- but it would have to go from spawn to Khan if he wanted to mount it again
No. 459408 ID: 1e72ae

Luke moves to Q6 to slash at Crusader R7, then to P5. I hope I can get a bit of back up for the crusader. (can't hurt him alone) Dragline moves to P6-O6 and claims what would be Ogre #4 for the people that damaged it. He also takes the spare short sword from luke.
No. 459410 ID: 886a4d

Crusaders just got mushed into a fine paste... Dakdo threw enough cobblestone at them to kill them 3 times over.
No. 459412 ID: 86c3a7

People might as well keep attacking, just in case a wizard shows up and cancels my attack, or they have magic amulets of ignore artillery fire once, or something.
No. 459419 ID: 1e72ae

Hey dakdo, what do you think about taking some of the chain that the first ogre had ("large green monster lumbers out heavilly chained") and turning it into something to capture/bind the Baron with? (in between the end of this battle and the start of the next?)
No. 459424 ID: 86c3a7

Sounds good to me. Catapult is fun, but tinkering is my life! Did anyone pick up the chain, though?
No. 459425 ID: 1e72ae

You are directly over top where the body is.
No. 459451 ID: 86c3a7

Dakdo attempts to loot the chain, then. Provided it's within my capacity, and I can still do anything this round after moving, loading, and firing.
No. 459460 ID: fe4599

I go to claim the ogre body at P6 if I can (I forget whether it was this one or the other that I attacked)
No. 459475 ID: 214bf9

I head over to N6 to reassure the Ogre while patching any wounds it might have.

"Come on, you must have beaten bigger and badder things than those, NOW MARCH!"
No. 459477 ID: 92d3ae

Juggernaut moves up to P9 and attacks the crusader at R9
No. 459486 ID: 886a4d

Kali pauses and then drops the warrior she just picked up. She looks over it for the chain Dakdo wants and if there then hands it to him.

If possible she then picks up the corpse again.
No. 459492 ID: fe4599

If I can't claim then I shoot the crusader at R9
No. 459493 ID: 886a4d

You can claim and shoot at the same time. It doesn't take an action to claim.
No. 459506 ID: 05960b

Geez ogres are slow. Ogg moves up to the P5-R6 square, ensuring that he moves AFTER the rocks hit the ground.

Rosco shoots R9 and curses the fact that nobody brought pact.
No. 459771 ID: 34cbef
File 134923560076.png - (33.74KB , 1197x418 , round1us.png )

A volley of cobblestone flies through the entrance and smothers the crusaders ending them and their villainy. Engagement is over, Intermission is leveling and kings favor.

Claim bodies now, but remember only those who have struck an attack against it.

The king has seen the efforts of rosco and has granted him favor in raising any of his stats or obtaining any new feat.

Blood Frenzy- this feat allows a character to continue fighting after death if another character from his side who is the same species falls in combat, this feat only lasts 2 turns after death making you invincible until those 2 turns are up- in which you die instantly.
No. 459774 ID: 886a4d

Alright, moving to claim the ogre and then next turn the final warrior I killed. That should put me to 12 claims.
No. 459779 ID: 86c3a7

...so I guess there are several crusaders I killed that no one else did any damage to? I guess I claim those. Any of them other people have a claim to I'll leave for them.

Did we successfully gather that chain? If so, I'll start crafting irons to clap the Baron in when we find him.
No. 459781 ID: 886a4d

As for my stat increase I'm choosing Built as a feat. Yes again. Yes I'm certain. Strongest Tozol EVER!

New stats are

Stats: Hp: 3, Move: 4, Attack: 8, Defense: -1
Feats: Built * 2
Capacity: 3/11, Custom Bow "Gungnir" (attack equals unused capacity)
Claims: 2 (Total Claimed 12)
No. 459783 ID: fe4599

I would appreciate it if you let me have the crusader at R9
No. 459785 ID: 1e72ae

Luke claims at R7 and then to go help dokdo with the chain. Dragline works to help get a few loads of cobblestone into the catapult for the next battle. (dakdo, I suggest trying to get the body at R8, the only other person who hit that one was kali, who probably has enough claims to last a while)
No. 459786 ID: 886a4d

Ya go ahead.
No. 459789 ID: 86c3a7

If you can claim him, or if I can pass my own claims around, then by all means! He's yours.

>dakdo, I suggest trying to get the body at R8
Alright, I grab that one then.
No. 459790 ID: 1e72ae

Wait, I totally forgot about the crusader at T5 because there was a giant E over it, but while I stole his armor, the only one who damaged it was Dakdo.
No. 459791 ID: 1e72ae

Sword, I stole his sword.
I am just have a terrible day memory wise.
No. 459792 ID: 86c3a7

Yoink! That's two for me then.

...I think that's all the bodies accounted for? Unless someone needs to claim the horse so we can res it.
No. 459793 ID: 886a4d

Ill do it the same time I claim that warrior.
No. 459794 ID: fe4599

I did attack him (regardless that he was already dead.) Anyway It's not that urgent that I get claims as what I want to buy is not even open yet (I need plants damn it). But when I do get herbalism I want to work with you to build an easy way to poison a lot of enemies quickly.
No. 459814 ID: 86c3a7

Personally, I'm more than willing to trade a few claims off when time comes, if you need them. I'm not sure how else we're supposed to get our healers any upgrades.

Who wants to carry the restraints I'm making for the baron? I figure it'll have to be one of you front line fighter types who claps him in irons.
No. 459819 ID: 729d21

Hooray! Rosco does a little celebratory dance. May as well pick up pact now, he decides.

Also, he motions that he won't be taking any more claims this engagement other than the passive ogre ones.
No. 459992 ID: fe4599

Hey Chirps could looking the dirt outside the castle an once over for weeds and other small plants count as one of my necessary gatherings?
No. 459994 ID: 886a4d

Dakdo is the best tinkerer. He'll make those stairs into a ramp if need be.
No. 459998 ID: 34cbef

yes, you will find gooey roots, which are like healing but only heal 1 hp
No. 460002 ID: fe4599

Cool I collect an sack full of those and make an mental note of what kind of conditions that they grow the thickest (So I can know where to plant them later) I might even be a turn or two late to the next engagement what with all the collecting I'm doing.
No. 460008 ID: 1e72ae

Feel free to use Dragline to hold stuff. Since he can't equip anything all of his capacity is free. (except maybe for that spare sword)
No. 460103 ID: fe4599

Wonderful thank you.
No. 461440 ID: 34cbef
File 134982127571.png - (38.21KB , 1197x613 , round1us.png )

I am slowly recounting the claims, but for now the current players will need to list any changes to stats and any new equipment. Now because you have a collective rogue amongst you you get a free preview of the next floor before engagement.

Also when you are listing your stats make a note of how many claims and claim assists you believe you have collected from first engagement and make another of second engagement.

Good luck, and see you when you get done prepping.
No. 461443 ID: 86c3a7

Last minute upgrades complete! I used the last of my intermission mana to conjure up some clocks, break them up for parts, and make the enchantments necessary. Used clockwork on the bows, and used pieces of the metal casings to reinforce the leather.

*[Kali] +1 Custom Bow "Gungnir" (attack equals unused capacity, bonus move)
*[Finn] +1 Double-shot Longbow (damage)
*[Juggernaut] +1 hardened leathers (defense)

...I'm assuming we start the next battle fully rested and recharged.


Stats: Hp: 3, Move: 4, Attack: 1, Defense: 1
Feats: Build General (augmented with time magic)
Capacity: 2/5, +1 Dagger (move), Paddedleather
Claims: 1 (from battle one) + ??? (from battle two)

Redeath, do you know where my claims are at? I've lost track.
No. 461444 ID: 886a4d


Stats: Hp: 3, Move: 5, Attack: 8, Defense: -1
Feats: Built * 2
Capacity: 3/11, Custom Bow "Gungnir" (attack equals unused capacity, +1 move)
Claims: 2 (Total Claimed 12)

1st Battle: 1 warrior, 2 bandits, 2 crusaders (I think, kinda lost track which was which since they were black blobs.)

2nd Battle: 4 Ogres (shared kills), 3 warriors
No. 461445 ID: 8042f4

Luke and Dragline reporting in.
3 corpses (2 warriors and a crusader) this battle, 3 the last, 1 spent on bull. 2 corpses to dragline (2 ogre assists). (I hope my previous tally helped a bit, but it makes sense to double check and be sure)

Hp:3, Move:4, Atk:3, Def:2
Equipped is Lightened Longsword and prestigious padded leather. (-1 Cap, +1 def) Total cap is 1/5

Hp:2, Move:2, Atk:6, Def:4
Carrying chained manacles, 1 longsword, however many herbs Finn got. Cap at ?(definitely have enough room for it)/8
No. 461447 ID: 886a4d

Dakdo: 6 (not completely sure on this)

1st Battle: Archer (assist) (Honestly all those crusaders would be yours under the revised rulings hah! Instead we all shared 'em)

2nd Battle: 3 Ogres (shared kills), 2 Crusaders
No. 461451 ID: 8042f4

I think it's 5. (3 ogre assists and 2 crusaders at end of battle)
Also, If you have the +1 move knife and padded leather, shouldn't your move be 5?
No. 461456 ID: efbafc

Does that mean my war pillar will tear the floor up? or is that just harvesting it?
No. 461461 ID: 34cbef

warpillar causes holes, yes.
No. 461462 ID: 886a4d

Move around the drakes enough and you can send them crashing down to the floor below!
No. 461468 ID: efbafc


Might be a bit slow for that, but anyway

Humanoid Flesh Construct
Stats: Hp: 5, Move: 1, Attack: 6, Defense: 1
Feats: Meaty
Capacity: 5/5 War pillar, Hardened Leather(+1 defence)
Claims: 2 (Battle 2, Assists from Ogres)
No. 461472 ID: 86c3a7

>I think it's 5. (3 ogre assists and 2 crusaders at end of battle)
As near as I can tell, this is right, which gives Dakdo 6 claims total.

>Also, If you have the +1 move knife and padded leather, shouldn't your move be 5?
...yes. It hasn't mattered though, since I've been moving in lockstep with the catapult, which has a pathetic move of 2.

I'll add updated stats to the wiki as soon as everyone has checked in and the battle starts. I should really sort units by active and inactive too, for convenience.
No. 461482 ID: fe4599

Health: 3
Damage: 3
Move: 4
Capacity: 5/5

Carrying: Wood plate and +1 (damage) Double shot Longbow
Sacks of gooey roots (carried by Dragline)

Claims One: bandit (the first battle), One crusader and one ogre assist. (this battle)

Any Ideas on tactics? I am thinking of forming up in a corner and making a choke point that our tanks and healers can hold though knocking out the floor.
No. 461486 ID: 86c3a7

>Any Ideas on tactics?
Dakdo plans to look for something to Macgyver, or failing that, to find some application for his magic, if possible. No way in hell I'm closing to melee a dragon with a dagger.

A manufactured choke point sounds reasonable, unless the drakes can fly over pit, or they have ranged fire breath. Or worse, AOE fire breath, which would mean we'd be best off spreading out.

Good luck picking up some assist kills this time, Finn! Spread your shots around. We'll get you that water magic yet.
No. 461491 ID: 8042f4

I can loan you my spare sword if you want it.

There's a chance they can do the knockback thing that the ogres did (or they could have area of effect fire breath) It would also take a fair number of turns to make it because there are no good corners. We should probably do something to separate them before they can make it to us and focus fire on one of them.

Or we could just run to the stairs and bypass this battle entirely.
No. 461493 ID: 86c3a7

Actually, it occurs to me our best tactic might be to focus fire on one drake while Rosco turns the other.
No. 461530 ID: fe4599

I know we can knock out four floor tiles a turn by the raw (not counting what untrained louts could get away with if gm lets us) so cutting enough to make a choke point is possible. But as >>461493 pointed out befriending one of the drakes and rushing the other might be the best strategy.

By the way some one needs to get pact I want to keep our ogre and drake (if we get it friends).
No. 461536 ID: fe4599

God damn it
> I want to keep our ogre and drake friends (if we get it).
No. 461684 ID: 427710

I (Rosco) now have both pact and monster taming.

Updated stats:
Stats: Iron claw- Hp: 3, Move: 4, Attack: 2, Defense: 0
Double Shot Bow- Hp: 3, Move: 4, Attack: 2 (each), Defense: -1
Feats: Monster Taming, Pact
Capacity: 5/5, Iron Claw, Double Shot Bow, Bolas(2)
Claims: 1(first encounter), and from the 2nd encounter... 0 personal claims, and however many communal ogre claims.

Note that I have removed my woodplate in favor of 2 bolas at 1 capacity slot each, as per the rule wizard's decree.

Sounds good, I'll just have to stay at a safe range due to my now nonexistent defense.
No. 461973 ID: 34cbef
File 134999584992.png - (38.19KB , 1197x613 , round1us.png )

Alright, tallies have been made. You're counts have been studied, and my numbers are crunched.

This is the current claim count-
Kali: 10
Dakdo: 7
Luke: 5
Rosco: 2
Juggernaut: 1

If you wish to dispute these post your suggested evidence int he discussion thread and i will look over the count again.

But now it's round 1, place your units.
No. 461980 ID: 8042f4

Luke is placed at S11, and dragline at S9-T9.
No. 461988 ID: fe4599

I am placed at U14
No. 461989 ID: 886a4d

Place Kali at R15
No. 461992 ID: 86c3a7

Dakdo reporting in, V10.

Anyone else notice we're down to six people now, against 2 drakes, and whatever else shows up? I'm not feeling so confident here...


The wiki is now up to date for the latest character statistics and claim counts.
Units now separated into active and inactive, and sorted by alphabetical order so you can actually find what you're looking for!
No. 462002 ID: 8042f4

We can always just run up the stairs if things get too hairy.

...If Juroko doesn't show up, I have the highest def of the party. Yep, 2 whole points.
So much for chirps' "thieves are squishy" mentality.
No. 462022 ID: a93e3c

Place Juggernaut at S10
No. 462062 ID: 214bf9

Deploying at R9
No. 462226 ID: 34cbef

bump? did folks fall into a coma on the first floor?
No. 462262 ID: 8784c5

rosco spawn S14
No. 462390 ID: d3c653

Juroko the BOULDER Knight deploying on S-13
No. 463744 ID: 34cbef
File 135043505989.png - (39.53KB , 1197x613 , round1us.png )

sorry about the delay, i've been busy with all sorts of stuff.

Everyone has made their ascent to the next engagement. Each one ready for battle, but they find two sleeping drakes who's snores are so loud they are completely oblivious to even juroko who's footsteps resound like thunder.

Round 2- Kingsmen
No. 463745 ID: 44f93b

So... anyone want to try the obvious thing and try to sneak by?
No. 463759 ID: 1e72ae

The only thing that would make me want to stay and fight would be if the drakes were worth more than 1 claim for each person. Either way, I'll make sure they can't block the stairs.

Luke to O7, and dragline to S8. It will take dragline 7/8 turns to get to the stairs.
No. 463819 ID: fe4599

Well I want to see if we can befriend them. Also I would also be happy with drake body parts to up in my potions. But having them both sleeping give us an opportunity we might be able to befriend them both.
No. 463825 ID: 886a4d

Move to Q-15 Shoot at the dragon at E-15. If getting a time boost Shoot it again.
No. 463826 ID: 886a4d

Special rules for the floor state flight is not allowed. We gotta kill or capture them to proceed. I say we kill one for the claim rewards and capture the other.
No. 463832 ID: 44f93b

> flight is not allowed
...I was assuming that meant literal flight, as in flying, not fleeing.
No. 463833 ID: 886a4d

No one can fly. Why would that be a rule... unless its for the drakes.
No. 463835 ID: 44f93b

That, or to prevent us from finding exploits to traverse pits we decide to lay.

You still going to fire? If you are, Dakdo will haste you.
No. 463836 ID: 34cbef

redaeth is correct, not even the drakes can fly. It's a no running room, there will be instances where engagement will have rules like this.
No. 463837 ID: 886a4d

Ya I'm going to fire. Lets see how tough these buggers are.
No. 463894 ID: 1e72ae

Same here. In that case, Luke to O12 and pick up the floor from N12 and drag moves to S10.
No. 463898 ID: 214bf9

Moving to O8 for now.
No. 463909 ID: 44f93b

Right then. Dakdo holds position, hastes Kali for a double attack.

He grouses under his breath about his missing catapult, and the complete lack of any materials to work with on this floor, seemly indifferent to his ability to bend time.

Rosco, get seducing the one we're not shooting.
No. 463921 ID: 49b561

Rosco draws out a piece of tree bark with a lengthy speech inscribed on it with claw scratches.

He moves to P10 and attempts to befriend the topmost drake, aka the one that is not being shot at.
No. 463933 ID: d05ec7

Juggernaut moves up R10 hoping they cant breath fire.
No. 463939 ID: d3c653

Hmmm. this is not good. SQUISHIES! Get behind me, I will use my shield to block the fire breath and claws, just make sure I am healthy.

Moving to Q11 and getting my shield ready.
No. 464511 ID: 34cbef
File 135068510437.png - (39.63KB , 1197x613 , round1us.png )

Everyone makes their moves. Kali plants 2 arrows into the south drake dealing 10 damage. Rosco recites his monstrously persuasive speach.
The damaged drake is furious to be woken with such pain and begins it's sluggish rampage towards kali. The north drake just yawns at rosco seeing that her companion drake is still alive.

Round 3 Kingsmen!
No. 464519 ID: 9e5f32

Juggernaut moves to R11 hoping to intercept the drake rushing Kali.
No. 464537 ID: 886a4d

Shoot the Drake again. Twice if Dakdo allows it.

This thing has 6 armor!
No. 464547 ID: 44f93b

Dakdo does some mumbly mumbly mumbly and maintains the haste on Kali. (I'll probably keep it up until the drake gets close enough to attack us, then I'll switch to slowing it).
No. 464587 ID: 91c1b3

Luke to N14 and pick up another stone at M14. I'll deal damage to the drake starting next turn. Dragline stays in place to guard Dakdo in case something sneaks up from behind. (and because he would never make it to the fight.)
No. 464590 ID: fe4599

All right I attack the moving drake twice. Also any one think that these drakes might be mates and if we kill one the others going to become enraged?
No. 464592 ID: 44f93b

Nice, uh, bullsy. Big fella, ain't yah?

It's possible, I suppose. I wouldn't have minded bypassing them, but we're blocked from it, and I'm not sure diplomacy is an option. Unless Rosco seduces one, and it convinces the other to stand down?
No. 464698 ID: c7b3cd

> The north drake just yawns at rosco seeing that her companion drake is still alive.

WELL goddamnshit. Obviously the only way to seduce her is to best her mate in battle.

Rosco double-shoots the moving drake.
No. 464848 ID: 34cbef

I'm sorry O'Lynn, i have neglected to place you on the board, twice. The rules wizard will solve this problem by letting you deploy on any tile you so wish.
No. 464891 ID: fe4599

Really, so i'm not. Well I chose to deploy on O2
No. 464951 ID: 214bf9

Moving to K10, not sure if I like being so far ahead of the rest of you.
No. 464955 ID: 91c1b3

You should probably stay back; since almost none of us have good def, we are(or at least I am) planning to attack at range. I don't think it's safe for anyone to be close to a drake.
No. 465292 ID: 34cbef
File 135094212204.png - (39.84KB , 1197x613 , round1us.png )

Eveyone makes their moves, kali does ten damage and rosco ads 4 more to that count. The drake moves menacingly closer as O'Lynn appears out of thin air.

Round 4 Kingsmen
No. 465293 ID: 886a4d

Continue firing at the drake! As long as Dakdo continues to haste me I shall continue to shoot it.

Watch out this thing might have a bite to match its armor. We've done 24 damage to it!
No. 465296 ID: d3c653

Moving to O11, keeping the shield up. Don't know why you are destroying the floor. If the thing breaths fire, it's not going to save you.
No. 465297 ID: 44f93b

Hey Rosco, I don't suppose you could seduce intel out of the passive drake, even if she won't change sides until you best her mate? Be nice to know if they have a ranged attack, for example.

>As long as Dakdo continues to haste me I shall continue to shoot it.
I plan to maintain the haste until the drake gets close enough to attack us, then I'm switching to slowing it, so it only gets to attack every other turn (potentially, allowing us to attack in waves- move in and melee on the 'safe' round, retreat and hold position on the 'unsafe' round).

Dakdo moves to S11, maintains haste on Kali.
No. 465302 ID: 1e72ae

(I said for luke to move to move and take from 14, but it doesn't matter that much) Luke moves to K15 (same as bottom row of bottom drake) and hurls one of the stones at it! He then moves back one to L15. Dragline does nothing worthwhile. (Any say on how many herbs finn collected? [I only care because dragline is the one carrying them] It doesn't matter til the end of battle, but it will affect how much I pick up then)
No. 465308 ID: 34cbef

sorry about that, i keep losing track with the size of the map. And you collected 3 of the healing herbs.
No. 465314 ID: fe4599

Hey Rosco do you think a heal+taming might be enough to convert the agressive drake? Other wise I'm going to sit out this turn.
No. 465345 ID: 8039b9

Juggernaut moves to Q12
No. 465766 ID: 75b25b

I get the feeling he'd still be pretty pissed, but I'm not sure

I can try
"Wow, you drakes sure are big and strong! Don't tell me you have a powerful RANGED attack as well... !?" says Rosco in universal monster sign language before double-shooting the southern drake.
No. 466219 ID: 34cbef
File 135120762209.png - (40.00KB , 1197x613 , round1us.png )

Kali and rosco take their attacks dealing 14 damage. Rosco attempts to goad the drake into using a ranged attack, it spits it's saliva at him, but it does no damage. Everyone makes their moves. Also luke chucks some cobblestone at the drake, but it pelts it harmlessly.

Round 5 Kingsmen
No. 466220 ID: 886a4d

Continue firing at the drake!
No. 466222 ID: 44f93b

Dakdo maintains haste.

With little else to do, he begins idly eying the drakes and wondering what could be crafted from their remains...
No. 466225 ID: 1e72ae

>pelts it harmlessly
...take that I suppose...

Might I suggest scale mail or a scimitar out of a fang?

I'd also like to say that if anyone new wants to join this quest, but is afraid of being behind statwise, I will give all rewards of this battle (possible upgrades, possible items, and claims if I can) to whomever create a new character after this battle. If noone new joins, I guess I'll keep them for myself. A game is almost always more fun with more players.

I guess the only option for me to do damage at this point for me is to attack directly. Luke moves to K15 and prepares to strike and run next turn. Dragline spends the turn attempting to look cute.
No. 466274 ID: fe4599

Another turn of doing nothing
No. 466284 ID: 1e72ae

Sorry, just one clarifying thing since I apparently forgot a word. I meant all my rewards, not everybody's. I'm not sure how I missed that the first time, I spent half an hour on that text.
No. 466325 ID: 711cfc

Juggernaut moves to Q13

"At least it looks like they cant breath fire" He hopes that Murphy isn't listening...
No. 466556 ID: 43b6a3

oop, thought i replied to this earlier. Rosco will continue to shoot the southern drake with his doubleshot bow.
No. 466661 ID: d3c653

(Odd, I said O11 and my special armor allows me to move 2 spaces a turn. Was it a mix up?)

Moving to N11.
No. 467126 ID: 34cbef
File 135154705329.png - (40.09KB , 1197x613 , round1us.png )

I'm sorry guys, i keep getting distracted doing this map and misplace units. But I have raised the claim count on the drakes when you kill them so hopefully it will be worth the trouble.

Everyone makes their moves, Rosco and kali deal 14 damage to the drake as it slowly lurches towards them angrilly. It is looking to be in horrid condition and ready to tear apart the first thing it reaches.

round 6 Kingsmen
No. 467127 ID: 886a4d

Next turn it will die most likely. Thats 52 damage so far.

Shooting still. Guys I suggest keeping out of range since it can only move one square at a time.
No. 467145 ID: 1e72ae

Sorry, I've got to do some damage to this thing.
Luke moves to J14(center of drake) and cuts it for 3 damage. He then moves to M11.

You can borrow my spare sword from Dragline if you want; feel free to throw it from a distance too, it's not worth that much.

Also, Drag moves to R9-S10.
No. 467147 ID: 3338b5

Dakdo switches from hasting Kali to slowing the nearly dead drake. (It'll miss every other turn so long as I maintain the effect- starting this round).

This means everyone who wants to can safely close to melee distance and try to finish it off, without fear of retaliation.
No. 467223 ID: 011743

Juggernaut moves to P14
No. 467577 ID: 34cbef

bump to see if anyone else needs to make a move
No. 467596 ID: 409abf

Juroko is moving to L11. Shield up par the course.
No. 467601 ID: 214bf9

I move to J11 and attack the dragon with my glaive.
No. 467612 ID: e3814c

I'll move down four squares.
No. 467718 ID: c0a21b

Rosco moves to M8 to get closer to the other dragon and shoots the almost dead one
No. 468200 ID: 34cbef
File 135190702614.png - (41.27KB , 1197x613 , round1us.png )

Everyone makes their moves, and then the drake falls to the horrid array of attacks. The other drake begins to shake off the tired of it's physique, and at the same time a triple of ogres descends the stairs to question the commotion on this floor.

Round 7 Kingsmen
No. 468203 ID: 3338b5

Dakdo moves to O8, resumes haste on Kali.

Alright. Everyone, let's focus on the ogres. Let Rosco try and charm the drake now that we've proved stronger than her mate.

Robes, why don't you collect the corpse for the party, since you're closest.
No. 468215 ID: 1e72ae

The ogres should have a move range of one, which makes this easier. Luke to M7 and pick up a stone a L6. Dragline to Q7-R8. (you forgot to move him on the map, and it may end up being important this time. Thank you for hurrying to put this together though!)
No. 468218 ID: 313665

aw snap, im probably standing in a bad place right now

Rosco to K11 and CHARM DRAKE
No. 468245 ID: 886a4d

Double shot the closest ogre. Move to M15.
No. 468297 ID: 214bf9

Will do, moving to I13 and claiming the dragon corpse.

Rest in peace mighty beast, may you find peace in the afterlife.
No. 468374 ID: e3814c

Oh shit I move south and back (to P10) and shoot the ogres at J5 and H4.
No. 469149 ID: 1e72ae

So Juroko and Priceismagic are the only ones who haven't gone yet this turn? Remember, these ogres all have 3 def and between 12 and 30 hp (if they have the same stats as the last ones), so we need to focus attack in order to do any reasonable damage.[except for kali who can easily kill ogres alone] (sorry for getting hopes up that this was a chirps update, but I figure typing something useful is better than just typing "bump")
No. 469278 ID: e129ba

Juggernaut moves to O14
No. 469507 ID: 34cbef
File 135233603081.png - (40.82KB , 1197x613 , round1us.png )

Everyone makes their moves. Kali unleashes with a few arrows dealing 13 damage, as O'Lynn adds 3 more damage to this one and does three damage to the second closest ogre. Robes collects the drake corpse giving all kingsmen 2 assist claims. Rosco hoots and grunts a romantic tragedy which woos the drake into joining the side of the kingsmen, the drake is similar to a beast and can be mounted by 3 or more characters that have the eligible feat. She is also under Rosco's control. Luke picks up the floor.

Round 8 Kingsmen
No. 469511 ID: 886a4d

1 shot in the closest ogre, the next in the 2nd closest. (assuming still hasted.)
No. 469512 ID: 70c0f2

Dakdo to M10, maintains haste.

>the drake is similar to a beast and can be mounted by 3 or more characters that have the eligible feat
...Khangesh, stop crying over your unconscious horse and get up here! We caught a dragon for you to ride!
No. 469513 ID: 886a4d

Remember to use pact.
No. 469514 ID: e3814c

I shoot the ogres in the back (H2 and H4) and move back to U9.
No. 469520 ID: 1e72ae

Luke moves to K6, slashes the ogre next to him, then moves to L4. Drag moves to P7.
No. 469544 ID: e129ba

Juggernaut moves to O13
No. 469568 ID: 214bf9

Moving to I9
No. 470496 ID: 34cbef

le bump
No. 470558 ID: 51a2e0

Moving to L9.
No. 470887 ID: 34cbef
File 135269140978.png - (40.86KB , 1197x613 , round1us.png )

Everyone makes their moves. A bevy of attacks unleash on the ogre causing it's demise. The second closest ogre takes 10 more damage, and the last ogre takes 2 damage. The two heavier units pout as they slowly dredge across the field.

Round 9 kingsmen!
No. 470889 ID: 886a4d

Shoot the closest ogre... twice if possible.
No. 470890 ID: 70c0f2

Dakdo maintains haste.
No. 470902 ID: 1e72ae

Luke moves to I5, picks up a piece of the ogre body, slashes the ogre next to him, then moves to J4. Dragline slowly meanders over to O6. Ogres have between 16 and 30 hp.
No. 470967 ID: 214bf9

Moving to H7 and slashing the closest ogre.
No. 471094 ID: 30612f

Juggernaut moves to O12
No. 471147 ID: e3814c

I move forward to P9 and shoot each of the remaining ogres.
No. 471197 ID: ad720c

Rosco tells the drake all about the Kingsmen's great health and dental benefits to get her to sign a pact to fight for them forever and ever. (sorry i missed last turn)
No. 471201 ID: 70c0f2

Hey, that's just Rosco's move. I think you can still have the drake do something too, and she's only one diagonal move away from being in melee range of an Ogre.
No. 471281 ID: ad720c

Oh, right! The drake will move diagonally toward the nearest ogre and attack it.

We need to think of a name for her.
No. 474804 ID: 34cbef
File 135400647658.jpg - (118.82KB , 1197x613 , kingsmen.jpg )

A flurry takes down yet another ogre as luke claims the ogre body giving those who attacked it 1 assist claim. An arrow flies as it hits the last ogre doing no damage. The ogre freezes in place as it sees the drake heading towards itself.

Round 10 kingsmen.
No. 474816 ID: 886a4d

Double shot on the remaining Ogre (Haste permitting)
No. 474876 ID: 70c0f2

Actually, do we need to do that? The ogre seems intimidated by the turned drake. Perhaps we can cow it into surrender or withdrawal.

Rosco? Do your thing!
No. 474938 ID: e3814c

I move forward to L5, and shot the ogre.
No. 475025 ID: 1e72ae

(Did the pact on the drake work?) Luke moves to H4, picks up the ogre corpse, cuts last ogre for 3 damage, then finally moves towards the drake corpse to get one fang, one claw, and to help someone else get a set of scales. Dragline becomes the party's pack mule.

[I'm glad you're back chirps!]
No. 475233 ID: 70c0f2

Well, I'm no diplomat, buuuut....

(Assuming the Ogre is still alive on my move, and/or that speech is faster than taking bowshots)

Dakdo cups his absurdly oversized mitts in front of his face and shouts that the Ogre should surrender or die.

If the ogre does not comply, I maintain the haste on Kali for to kill it. :p
No. 475332 ID: 34cbef

No. 475378 ID: 90a93c

I move to G5 and slash the last ogre with my glaive.
No. 475762 ID: 34cbef
File 135432141590.png - (44.38KB , 1197x613 , kingsmen.png )

Robes goes in for an attack, and claims the second to last ogre along with dealing an attack. More attacks continue aswell, and the last ogre meets it's end.

Engagement over, Second ogre corpse gives 1 assist to those who killed it.

If the last ogre is claimed they will get 1 assist claim for those who killed that one.

Yes the drake will gladly stay with the Kingsmen and will can be summoned by a rider or Rosco.

It is now intermission before next engagement. You can take this time to do extra curricular things such as smith, mend and scout if you so desire.
No. 475765 ID: 70c0f2

So... does Dakdo enabling all those extra Kali attacks make me eligible for those group Ogre claims?

In any event, Dakdo's battlefield tinkery is now open! Make your requests for equipment upgrades or special orders in the dis thread.

That seems clever. Who's feeling sneaky?
No. 475786 ID: 00f5eb

oh hey, this is back!

scouting sounds good, and whoever goes should take note of where we can and can not fit a drake.
No. 475794 ID: e3814c

I make sure all the bodies are claimed. Then I ask the person who claimed the body of the drake to If I could examine it for potion ingredients. Also I offer to patch up anyone who got hurt (I don't think any did get hurt though)
No. 475813 ID: 886a4d

Could you reduce the weight of Gungnir? Also If no one else does it I'll grab that last ogre.

Claims: 1 Drake, 3 Ogres

If hasting didn't give Dakdo a share, Ill be sharing 1 of each the drake\ogre kills with Dakdo

Kali Kill Count: 3 (5 if we don't need to split it)
Dakdo Kill Count: 2 (5 if we don't need to split it)
No. 476200 ID: 8042f4

(sorry, I missed this the first time) I had 5 kills at the start of battle, and dealt damage to the dragon and I guess 3 ogres (You didn't list me as moving or taking an action on the last turn) which would I think bring me up to 10.(the drake was worth 2, right? >>467126) I would like to get that mug feat if I could.

Dakdo, can I get a damage upgrade for my sword? Dealing 3 damage isn't much anymore. Can I get a fang or a claw from the dragon?
No. 476236 ID: 34cbef

yes dakdo will get assist claims with the ogres.

and luke has a choice from 2 different feats.

Opportunity knocks - When a player strikes an enemy that can hold equipment he also pilfers a single item (which he is able to hold) from that opponent. Must declare the use of this ability


Hacking strike - a character strikes a monstrous enemy at such precise locations or in precise ways as to tear, sunder, or cleave certain parts off that monster based on damage. Must declare use of this ability
No. 476279 ID: 1e72ae

They are both very good options, and while Hacking strike is extremely useful against monsters; my space specialization (all of my equipment together comes out to 1/5) and my low overall damage would make it less useful than having a better way to steal. It took me a few hours to finally decide though. I pick Opportunity knocks. (the name is awesome!) I also put my spare sword in my inventory for the next battle.(I'm gonna' throw it at something!)
No. 476562 ID: 34cbef
File 135467736212.png - (27.48KB , 842x563 , garkeep.png )

it looks to be the last floor of the keep just beyond these stairs. Surprisingly Baron Gar is just standing at the crest, looking out toward the sky all by himself.

The placement will begin next update. Make your preparations kingsmen.
No. 476571 ID: 886a4d

Kali on J5
No. 476574 ID: ec6d4c

...are we placing already? I thought that was the warning to finalize equipment upgrades and claim purchases before we started the next round. :V

Whatever. Not like it hurts to deploy a turn early.

Dakdo on G2. Updated stats:

Stats: Hp: 3, Move: 5, Attack: 1, Defense: 1
Feats: Build General, Time magic *2
Capacity: 2/5, +1 Dagger (move), Paddedleather
Claims: 2

Once the round begins, I'll get the wiki up to date with changes to character stats.
No. 476576 ID: 4c09e1

(Forgot to update stuff)
Juggernaut to G5

Humanoid Flesh Construct
Stats: Hp: 5, Move: 2, Attack: 6, Defense: 1
Feats: Meaty
Capacity: 5/5 War pillar, Hardened Leather(+1 defense, +1 move)
No. 476580 ID: 1e72ae

Since it would take like 15 turns for drag to reach the baron, I'll carry the manacles myself.
Luke places at H5 and dragline at I4-I5.

Stats: Hp: 3, Move: 4, Attack: 4, Defense: 2
Feats: Thief, Opportunity knocks
Capacity: 4/5, Drake's Fang (lightened, +1Atk), prestigious Padded Leather (+1def, lightened), Longsword, Manacles
Claims: 0
Animal: Dragline the Bull
Stats: Hp: 2, Move: 2, Attack: 6, Defense: 4
Capacity: 3/8, 3 Gooey Roots
No. 476582 ID: e3814c

Finn O'Lynn
Stats: Hp: 3, Move: 4, Attack: 3, Defense: 1
Feats: Medic
Capacity: 5/5, +1 Double shot Longbow (dam), Wood Plate, Herbs
Claims: 3

Right I want to start on E2.

Also any Ideas on if we want to try to diplomace the baron?
No. 476588 ID: ec6d4c

>Also any Ideas on if we want to try to diplomacy the baron?
Well, I suppose, as good knights of the kingdom, we should announce the charges and demand he surrender himself to be brought before the king. Then, if that fails, we attempt to subdue him, hopefully non-fatally (since live capture is a mission objective).

Rosco's going to need one hell of a lucky roll for him to surrender though, I think.

>Finn O'Lynn
>Claims: 3
Shouldn't that be at 8? If you fired on all 3 Ogres and the drake, you should have been party to the 5 assist claims.
No. 476710 ID: 34cbef

quick bump for any last minute additions
No. 476714 ID: 51a2e0

Juroko the Boulder Knight
Long Sword,
Boulder Armor
Setting up to F5.

Hopefully the archers don't steal the show again. I want to wrestle with the baron.
No. 476768 ID: 886a4d

I'll be shooting the support around the Baron, If he has something tougher then a drake you'll be very thankfully for my 9 damage bow.
No. 476774 ID: ec6d4c

>I want to wrestle with the baron.
Grappling him does sound like a potential means to subduing him without killing him. Especially if we have Luke steal his equipment.
No. 476783 ID: 8042f4

We still have the set of manacles. (that I'm carrying) Should we wait until I disarm him to use them? I'll let anyone use/carry them, but I think I'm the only one with any space who can take a surprise hit and live. Or I could loan Juroko my lightened sword so he could carry the manacles; it would take him 8/4 turns to reach the baron, but it could work.
No. 476784 ID: ab6499

Deploying on E5
No. 476785 ID: ec6d4c

I don't think manacles work that well on an armored Lord in full kit standing before you. He'll resist, you know? I would think we'll need to immobile or distract him long enough to clap him in irons. (I see several ways we might be able to do that... maybe Bolas, or grappling, or taking away his weapon).

For the moment, my battle plan is to open by hasting Juroko. With my upgraded time magic, the buff should last 2 rounds. That should give him the move to close enough to occupy the baron.
No. 476787 ID: 51a2e0

Right then. I'll handle 'Lord' GAR, you guys make sure whatever he brings forth to deal with us is dealt with. Any buffs, trades for better equipment for the task will be appreciated. So I will accept the lighter sword and hasting.

No. 476794 ID: 8042f4

Trade it is. You now have a Prestigious longsword. (which I have nicknamed Dragon's Fang until it gets enough upgrades for a true name) It has a capacity of 1 and damage of 4. Take the manacles with it, because it is the only thing we have that takes 1 cap other than herbs. I'll take your sword for a bit, which gives me 2 identical normal longswords! I will probably chuck one in this battle. Because the manacles and Fang weigh the same amount as the normal sword, there will no capacity changes. I'll want that sword back after battle though.

It will take me 3 turns to reach him straight up unless he moves forward. I will then steal his stuff and let you go for the prize. Sound good?
No. 476883 ID: 34cbef
File 135485138217.png - (29.36KB , 842x563 , round1.png )

You all sally forth up the stairs alerting the Baron. He turns towards you looking prepared and summons three ogres from out of nowhere.

Round 1 Kingsmen
No. 476885 ID: 886a4d

Lets kill these things quick. shooting the closest ogre at J-13
No. 476886 ID: ec6d4c

Waitaminute, we got no diplomat to read the charges and demand he surrender.

...and he's got our dragon, too!

Dakdo irritably shouts down the stairs, telling Rosco to get up here with his drake, the honeymoon is over.

Dakdo casts haste on Juroko. Moves to G6. Then he cups his enormous fuzzy hands around his mouth and shouts:

Baron Gar! Surrender yourself, by order of the King!
No. 476889 ID: 1e72ae

Luke moves to J9 and throws a longsword at the right most ogre.
No. 476921 ID: 4c09e1

Juggernaut moves to G7
No. 476943 ID: 505afa

(sorry, finals season... my posts will be a bit unreliable for the next week)
Rosco scurries up the stairs to find that the battle has already (kind of) begun. Deploy at J2. Deploying Drakette, I dunno, wherever the fuck she fits. I've also got some bolas now! That may or may not work for subduing the boss guy. I don't have diplomacy or anything, though, but if you want Rosco can try his monster taming speech and maybe the baron is actually a yeti in disguise.

Stats: Iron claw- Hp: 3, Move: 4, Attack: 2, Defense: 0
Double Shot Bow- Hp: 3, Move: 4, Attack: 2 (each), Defense: -1
Feats: Monster Taming, Pact
Capacity: 5/5, Iron Claw, Double Shot Bow, Bolas (x2)
Claims: 5
No. 476945 ID: 51a2e0

Right then! If you are going to hide like a coward Lord 'Gar', then I will simply come to you! Kill one of the ogres for me and I'll run through the gap fellow king's men!

Going South, south, then thanks to haste, Southeast and southeast to H9!(I love my plus one boulder armor with it's extra move~)
No. 476946 ID: ab6499

Onwards, to victory!

Moving to E9.
No. 477057 ID: ec6d4c

Wiki-roster now up to date with new stats, equipment, claims and stuff.

>I don't have diplomacy or anything
*cough* Sorry, forgot monster-mancy and diplomacy were different skills. We haven't had an actual diplomat for a while. And don't worry about being busy or anything- my irritation and complaining was in character.
No. 477893 ID: 34cbef
File 135527054259.png - (29.66KB , 842x563 , round1.png )

Everyone makes their moves. The baron scoffs at the attempts at diplomacy. A sword stabs into an ogre that is also hit with an arrow, the ogre takes 8 damage. Ogres move forward along with the baron, He looks around him sizing up the room and the area he currently occupies. He shakes his head as if not agreeing with something.

Round 2 kingsmen.
No. 477903 ID: ec6d4c

Shouldn't the drakette have been placed somewhere?

Juroko's haste persists. (Will expire next turn).
Dakdo holds position and hastes Kali.

Clear out the ogres, everyone. We'll deal with the baron once he's alone.
No. 477954 ID: 886a4d

Shoot twice on the rightmost ogre.
No. 477990 ID: e3814c

I move forward to E6 and shoot the right most ogre and baron GAR.
No. 478031 ID: 4ef3dc

Juggernaut moves to G9 and swings at the ogre at G11.
No. 478078 ID: 1e72ae

I just realized we are on the roof. There are no movement penalties for monsters/animals. If the drake were here, it would be able to move 2 spaces, and so can dragline.

Luke moves to K12, slices the rightmost ogre for 3 damage, then moves to L13. I'll steal his gear next turn I think. Drag stays still to stop any enemies that may climb up the stairs.
No. 478099 ID: 51a2e0

Oi! Don't hit Gar! We have no idea how much health or armor he has! Focus on the ogres first!

Speaking of, moving to J10 and striking him with my sword while readying my shield.
No. 478101 ID: ec6d4c

You're still under haste. You can sword attack twice, if you want (unless readying a shield counts as a whole turn action?)
No. 478107 ID: 51a2e0

Well, if it does not, then I will indeed sword twice! Double swordings!
No. 478139 ID: 1e72ae

The rightmost ogre took 8 damage from last turn.
Kali 9x2 Finn 3(only hitting once) Luke 3 Juro 4x2 = 32/29 damage this turn. Ogres have have between 16 and 30 hp. I can't get any more specifics because we always overkill by like 10 damage. We should probably split up targets a bit.

If finn hits gar with his bow, we will know his def and he will do 3 damage if gar has absolutely no armor; but, I'll be able to essentially disable him next turn, so he might as well hit another ogre.
No. 478190 ID: 34cbef

the drake was having issues climbing the stairs, it will still be another turn before it gets placed
No. 478542 ID: ab6499

I think I'm a bit to close to that leftmost ogre, moving to the safety of G8 and stands ready to heal anyone who gets hit
No. 478568 ID: 34cbef
File 135544541783.png - (30.11KB , 842x563 , round1.png )

Everyone makes their move. Attacks fly as an ogre drops. An arrow whistles towards the Baron, with incredible dexterity he deflects the arrow with the mace that he wields. Juggernaut slams his warpillar down at the ogre dealing 2 damage and also dropping the floor. The ogre stumbles trying to get to his footing and reaches over to balance himself with the last ogre. Ogres skip this turn balancing. Gar shakes his head in disappointment.

Round 3 Kingsmen
No. 478580 ID: ec6d4c

Juroko's haste expires.
Kali's haste persists.

Let's see if this guy is properly boss proofed against status ailments.

Dakdo casts stop on Baron Gar. >:D
No. 478585 ID: 4a4cf2

I shoot the last two ogres and move to H7.
No. 478606 ID: 209a07

Juggernaut moves to H9 and swings at H11 hoping to make the ogre drop and if he's still able, he moves to I10
No. 478612 ID: 1e72ae

Bosses always have good items to steal. Luke moves to H14, he then steals from the baron. (luke has 3 out of 5 space free) No opportunity knocks, because I want him in pristine condition when we catch him.
No. 478621 ID: 886a4d

Shoot the rightmost living ogre once, and the leftmost ogre once.
No. 478669 ID: 51a2e0

I-12, claiming the ogre, and stabbing the living one.
No. 479018 ID: 34cbef
File 135561628750.png - (33.93KB , 930x563 , round1.png )

The drake finally climbs the stairs and deploys. Everyone makes their moves. An ogre is hit with a flurry of attacks then drops into the floor as it crumbles beneath him. Juroko claims the first ogre giving assist claims to those who participated in killing it. Luke robs a Book(summoner lvl 3) (cap 1) from the baron as the baron summons something. The last ogre takes 5 damage.

There is flapping heard from just beyond the clouds. Loud screeching can be heard from above. A glistening Red Dragon descends onto the battlefield.

This engagement has now become a handicap engagement, Rosco is given a temporary ability of summoner and is able to summon one lvl 5 unit, this unit will be picked at random and it may be anything varying from hostile monster or one of the kings royal guard. Rosco can only use this ability once.

Round 4 Kingsmen!!!
No. 479019 ID: 886a4d

Well at least we have a drake to tackle that thing. Maybe someone should try to sweettalk it.

Shooting the remaining ogre (twice if I get haste again)
No. 479020 ID: ec6d4c

So... I assume casting stop on the baron failed then? I was expecting a flashier fail, actually. :/ And slightly hoping Luke would steal away his status ailment ward. :V

Kali's haste expires.

Dakdo pulls back to H4. Casts slow on the fire dragon (easily the biggest threat, damage-wise. I expect a ranged fire attack. And Kali and the drake can kill the ogre without haste). Let's see if lv2 time is stronger than a dragon's MR.
No. 479024 ID: 1e72ae

>Book(summoner lvl 3)
That would explain how he got ogres up here.

Juroko, remember that the sword has a free tame check against dragons. It would be especially useful after the person and object who called it are chained up and in my possession respectively.

Luke steals from gar again (if he doesn't have anything else, he picks up a stone at G14) then backs a safe distance away to L14. Drag moves to G7-H6 to get into the fray.
No. 479027 ID: ab6499

"Zzzzzz- eh, HUH!? I wasn't sleeping, I was just memorizing a spe- WOAH, WHERE DID THE BIG DRAGON COME FROM?!"

I attack the remaining Ogre with my glaive as I hold my ground.
No. 479035 ID: 51a2e0

Sweet merciful fancy pants. That... WOULD MAKE BEST MOUNT EVER! Right, going to need to shackle up Mr.GAR, THEN 'befriend' the dragon.

H13, then using my MASSIVE GIRTH and the shackles, I am going to CHAIN UP 'Lord' GAR with the shackles! Keeping the shield ready in case the red dragon tries to flambe us.

Now then Lord Gar, I said we shall wrestle... LET'S WRESTLE LITTLE MAN!
No. 479046 ID: 209a07

Juggernaut moves back to G9 and attacks the dragon at E11 and wonders if the floor is strong enough to support the dragons weight if it trys to move up to F11 and E10.
No. 479121 ID: 9202a9

Fucking Hell a real dragon! I call it's blood and liver if we kill it.

I move to the side of Juggernaut (H9) and Shoot the fire dragon twice. Also I prepare to heal Juggernaut for the inevitable retaliation.
No. 479353 ID: 34cbef

le bump for rosco to see what he's up to.
No. 479374 ID: 51a2e0

Oh boy, our summoner is not paying attention when we need to summon. Well, if we kill this thing, I want it's heart. It's sweet, delicious, magic filled heart.
No. 479390 ID: 8042f4

So Finn gets the blood and liver, I get at least half of the bones, and Juroko gets its heart. Does anyone want the claws, fangs, fire gland, eyes, wings, scales, or other half of the bones?

(if you don't want to make any of these parts items chirps, let us know. Don't feel pressured to make every piece of the dragon have a use. Also, being able to claim you have a bag made from a dragon's stomach is so awesome it's not even funny)
No. 479570 ID: 52e2c8

Sorry D:

And fuck yeah Rosco is going to summon the shit outta whatever wants to get summoned. Hopefully not gonna get some eldritch horror to destroy us all.

Also Draketta is going to claw up that unfortunate ogre standing between her and the big dragon
No. 479728 ID: 9202a9

Can I also call it's Gizzard (or what every they use to hold their fire)? I think I might be able to make it into a fire breathing potion (or at the very least a fire bomb).
No. 480392 ID: 34cbef
File 135623165526.png - (34.50KB , 930x563 , round1.png )

Everyone makes their moves. A flurry of attacks go at the ogre, arrows and clubs and the rending slash of a drake, and as expected it dies. A massive attack hits the dragon, consisting of warpillar and arrows- but the dragons thick hide soaks it all. Taking down this dragon is starting to look like a team effort. Luke takes the Barons Crown, which deglamours some sort of illusion spell on the baron revealing his undead visage. The baron seemed to have been a lich this whole time, but Juroko doesn't care as he leaps at the Baron and chains him up fairly nicely. Rosco meanwhile feels the sudden urge to call out for help and answering the call is some sort of magic Construct bearing the Kings crest. The dragon is slowed by dakdo's magic.

Round 5 kingsmen!
No. 480395 ID: 886a4d

Move to N-7.

Shoot the Fire Dragon (Twice if hasted this round.)

"Ware companions the Ogre that was dropped may come up those stairs yet."
No. 480398 ID: ec6d4c

He's a lich? I'm... not actually sure if that's bad. I mean, it's not as if we're a particularly human bunch, here. Heck, we even have our own lich enlisted, even if Lord Evil hasn't reported for duty in a while.

Dakdo makes a truly heroic effort to resist taking the thing appart to see how it works. After the engagement, though...

In light of Kali's warning, Dakdo moves to J7. Casts haste on the Drake. The dragon's slow persists.
No. 480402 ID: 91c1b3

Illusion magic, huh? ...I put the crown on, assume the baron's appearance then command the dragon to stop using the book? Nvm; I would do that, but I really really want those dragon parts for items. It makes a fine backup plan for if we start to lose horribly.

Luke moves to J14 to throw his final sword at the fire dragon then falls back to L14. Drag moves to F4-G4 to engage the ogre when he comes up the stairs. Maybe Juroko should search the baron's person for a phylactery once they get out of range? If his soul is in danger, the baron should stop all struggles.
No. 480403 ID: ec6d4c

If you have a phylactery, it kind of defeats the purpose to keep it on your person. If he's got one, it would be hidden elsewhere.
No. 480408 ID: 91c1b3

Good point.

I just realized that the dragon won't go down in the next 2 or 3 turns, so it would be better for me to keep my sword for melee. Instead of moving and throwing the sword, Luke waits until after the dragon's turn to strike.
No. 480410 ID: 9202a9

I shoot the Dragon twice and peek down the hole to see where the ogre fell to.
No. 480411 ID: 9202a9

I shoot the Dragon twice and peek down the hole to see where the ogre fell to.
No. 480421 ID: 209a07

Juggernaut holds his ground and swings at the dragon again.
No. 480456 ID: ab6499

I move to E9, claim the ogre corpse and attack the dragon with my glaive.

"Drake, mind giving me some help here?"
No. 480478 ID: a07204

Really? A Lich? Really not helpin' yer case buddy. First the dragon, then hidin' your face. Dick move man. Oi! Luke! I am dragging the bugger towards ya! Take him away from the fightin' so I can do my job proper!

Moving to J13 and dragging the Lord Gar to I13. If the dragon tries to attack, use shield to protect myself and the 'Lord' can't let the guy go unanswered.
No. 480560 ID: c9f951

Aight, the Drake attacks the dragon. What are the rules on her dying? Like, if she dies in this engagement, do we get her back?

The construct I'm gonna send down those stairs to deal with the ogre. And Rosco is gonna shoot the dragon if the action rules allow it.

A lich, hmm.... I'm sure this has... implications.
No. 480561 ID: c9f951

nevermind, just read in the discussion that the construct is autonomous. he'll be doing his own thing i guess.
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