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File 134076836556.png - (107.85KB , 800x600 , blindedbythelight.png )
426556 No. 426556 ID: 14a1d0

Iora has been slain, her soul ripped from her body. Also, her heart, lungs, ribcage, stomach, spinal column, etc...

She hovers in an incorporeal state, the pain of her brutal death slowly dissipating.
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No. 426557 ID: 14a1d0
File 134076852906.png - (413.36KB , 800x600 , hasthiseverhappenedtoyou.png )

Only to be replaced by a new pain as she suddenly feels very solid again, solidly slamming into the solid ground.

Now she is rapidly becoming aware that she is back in the forest with no clothes, no weapons, no bottles of various fluids and that she is laying on a rock.
No. 426559 ID: 4a328b

Any weird mutations or are ya back to human
No. 426560 ID: 09e5bf

Get up off the rock. Assess body for injuries and any mutations.
No. 426561 ID: e75a2f

You are likely to be violated in the anus.

Foil their plans!

Cover your anus with your hand.

Also it might be good to find some clothes and not be such a faggot to random people you meet in a strange desert.
No. 426566 ID: b2f225

You have knowledge, however.

The fault is hers? There was no escape from what happened.
No. 426567 ID: 132b99

>stay out of desert
okay assess where-abouts and if you can find your camp.
No. 426569 ID: 09e5bf

Apart from asking the camel riding person for mercy, perhaps.
No. 426572 ID: a3b384

Lucky to be alive there. Note to self, be less suicidal.

Get up and get your bearings.
No. 426574 ID: e3f578

Are your tits back to normal size?
Is Dencha anywhere? Or have you gone back through time?
Have your muscles changed?
No. 426575 ID: 3581fd


What about NOT picking a fight with a demon for no reason?
No. 426578 ID: fa9f7e

Fuck yes, we have a reset button now.

Lost a sword, but that's okay, there are better weapons with Large Weapon mastery, and now we can be as corrupt as we like.

Regret nothing.
No. 426579 ID: b2f225

> perhaps your punishment will be lessened ever so slightly
Ask a demon for mercy?
No. 426580 ID: b85f8c

Looks like we're completely reset with no mutations. No tail, no claws. Are we still STRONG, at least? You probably have that weapon-buffing magic from the book still.

Time to be less overt about things. Also we're totally fucked because there's an actual army of demons out there led by a guy who can fire some sort of matter-destroying laser beam from his eyes.

Hmm. Consider joining the demons? Or we could become an incredibly powerful mage to counter his ability and destroy his army with giant explosions. We sure as fuck aren't gonna do it with martial strength.

I suggest wearing your bedsheets for now. Then go uh... Well, we need more books of arcane knowledge so let's punch imps until we can afford clothes again, go buy some clothes from the creepy merchant, then search the ruins to see if we can find more books.
No. 426581 ID: 886a4d

Back to punching imps for potions and money so we can buy clothes... Maybe explore the lake again.
No. 426582 ID: 3581fd


He said that AFTER IORA WAS ALREADY SHIT TALKING HIM. He seemed perfectly amiable when he showed up.

This one's all on the suggestors. That was almost certainly avoidable. If you would like to continue this line of trying to shift the blame away from yourself, we can take it to the discussion thread.
No. 426583 ID: c3c502

Woot! It is a new game plus.

Also- we now have a proven method for restoring our humanity. There's no reason to not test mutations with abandon now! (I mean, yes, it's brutally painful, but oh well).

Sucks that you appear to have lost your sword, gear, gems, etc. Hopefully you keep your spell, as that was mental.
No. 426589 ID: 14a1d0
File 134077211409.png - (379.33KB , 800x600 , thisisasneakingmission.png )

Iora tries to gain her bearings and get back to her campsite, but the area is not looking familiar and the tiny imps that roam the land seem far more imposing now that her body seems to have reverted back to the point when she first arrived here.
No. 426590 ID: 4a328b

Disguise thyself as a shrubbery
No. 426593 ID: 132b99

gonna need an army of your own. need to get the drop on an imp to kill it.
No. 426594 ID: 6f1d54

Punch trees for wood.
No. 426595 ID: 9b5a1a


OK, joking aside? Grabbing a big stick off the ground isn't a bad idea. Arm yourself with SOMETHING for now, hopefully find some of your stuff where you left it. It's possible this is going to be one of those things where you can head back to where you died and loot all your stuff off your old corpse, but if you left anything behind somewhere safe, check there first.

And really, steering clear of the desert entirely is probably for the best for now.
No. 426602 ID: a2fa74

The world rearranges itself.
You need to go exploring to find it again.
No. 426616 ID: b85f8c

Shit. We probably lost time, and the demons got stronger. See if you can sneak your way to the lake, where there was shit just lying around that you can eat and gain power from. We need to get stronger FAST.
No. 426619 ID: b33427

Sneak, avoid the various imps and other monsters, and search for your camp or any other landmark. However, if you do run across an imp that's alone, and you can get the drop on him, jump that bastard and punch 'em until he coughs up gems.

As horrible as that encounter with the demon king was, it does offer you the benefit of being thought dead by his demonic lordship. You might be able to spin that into something, if you aren't reported back to him.
No. 426626 ID: d4f98d

That asshole must die. Our resurrection is interesting, but we'll have time to muse on that later when we aren't in mortal peril. Sneak around, get your bearings.
No. 426662 ID: 886a4d

Sticks won't do anything verse the demons around... however your fists were good enough for imps the first time so explore and kill them. If you run across something that doesn't go down in a few hits just run.
No. 426696 ID: 14a1d0
File 134080502039.png - (381.35KB , 800x600 , endofgratuitousnudity.png )

Iora finds her way back to her camp and puts on her clothes, avoiding any demons along the way.

She then takes a moment to appreciate having a torso. Something she had taken for granted up to this point.

And now she can begin again, hopefully avoiding any horrible dismemberment this time around.
No. 426697 ID: e3f578

Is Dencha around?
Cuddle with Dencha
No. 426699 ID: c3c502

Examine the state of your camp. Can you make an estimate as to how long you were dead?
No. 426706 ID: 223190

go back to wherever it was you found the sword.
No. 426711 ID: 9718f3

Time for training montage. Hiking, jogging, meditating on the nature of the cosmos, punching imps. All the good stuff.
No. 426716 ID: b8b253


Sound advice. Self-improvement through training! Picking up stuff by the lake means you can sell it in town, too.

And maybe when you visit town you can hear what's up with the desert demon king.
No. 426717 ID: b2f225

Guts are overrated, I say.

So, The Thing that Should not Be or Eye Of The Tiger?
No. 426718 ID: 54af1f

See if you can find some potions and the like to help you out.
No. 426721 ID: 223190


the latter is already playing in my head.




No. 426723 ID: c3c502


Bonus points if training to the eye of the tiger magically gives us a cat eye transformation.
No. 426728 ID: b2f225

We're not trying to outwit our opponents because this isn't our goal nor our modus operandi. Therefore, we need to outpower them. Eldritch abomination or training? Become a juggernaut by transformation and corruption or through time and dedication? Both are insufficient, in my opinion. That arrogant prick probably has more knowledge about combat, magic, corruption and transformation. What is left? The forgotten, the unknown. We don't know much about the forces that govern this world, let's go after gossips and legends. Legendary items, forgotten gods, unknown powers. I learned this with professional Slayers.
No. 426733 ID: a2fa74

Explore the lake to get more horse potions and possibly a replacement sword.
All these transformations are reversible. Sort of. So use any of them to power up and end this threat.
No. 426736 ID: 886a4d

Eat ALL the fruit too.
No. 426747 ID: 35037c

Man that was some shizniz, we need to eliminate all the evil in the other areas, getting friends and power, then head back to the desert and dick the fuck out of that guy for being such a mean person.
No. 426749 ID: b85f8c

Get to the lake, see if the sword is there again (I kinda doubt it), pick up things off the ground and eat/drink it. Uh, the ones we've discovered to be beneficial at least. Once you're decently strong again we can go exploring in the ruins again to find more books.
No. 426768 ID: 6ac522

You should, indeed train. But avoid fighting for now. To develop strength and endurance, find rocks. Ones small enough to lift, carry, and throw with some effort. Slog about in waist-deep water. Swim, even. If monsters show up.. practice running.
No. 426777 ID: 9b5a1a

Until you get a sword again, what was it that gave you the claws? Those wouldn't be a bad thing to have again.
No. 426778 ID: 6f1d54

Go to the city, see if they have a gym you can use to PAHMP YOO AHHP.
No. 426780 ID: b2f225

So, no Dragon Rend Kill or Massive Destructive Kill? Okay, let's hit the gym.
No. 426781 ID: fa9f7e

Round fruit, iirc. Also reduced her breasts.
No. 426801 ID: cf49fc

Praise the fact that this is the SPIRIT WORLD and you have enough SPIRITUAL FORTITUDE to continue existing here after death.

Then go ask that Ferret if he needs an assistant, or knows where we can get a (Nonsexual) job. We'll need money to afford armor and weapons after we lost our magical sword.
No. 426812 ID: 14a1d0
File 134084221873.png - (372.02KB , 800x600 , powiezammokaboom.png )

Iora punches a number of imps and gathers a pile of fruit and the ever-present horse potions. Her ability to smash demons in the face slowly returns, but she is still far weaker than she was before her untimely evaporation.
No. 426816 ID: c3c502

Test if you still retain the ability to mana charge with a makeshift weapon.

Chug some horse potions. Str is good, and a little ponytail never hurt anyone.
No. 426817 ID: a3b384

Screw the goddamn potions, save them to sell and nothing else. Training and purchase of gear is what we want to do. Get enough money in the forest to buy a better weapon and new armor, then come back to the forest and clear it the hell out.
No. 426818 ID: 132b99

chug chug chug.
No. 426820 ID: 9b5a1a

Brute strength is all well and good in the short term, but that isn't going to help against King Laser Blast there. Going to need to work out some way of countering the magic stuff eventually. Or at least start lugging around a huge mirror.
No. 426822 ID: 886a4d

Gorge yourself, though avoid the corrupted items.
No. 426826 ID: b2f225

Iora needs magic. Magic punches, magic muscles and magic badassery. Make it happen, girls.
No. 426827 ID: 223190

I guess that means you have to PUNCH SOME MOAR
No. 426835 ID: b2f225

Who needs weapons, armour, fruits, potions and all that stuff? They are for chumps! What good they did for you? Punch! Punch until your punches breaks the space-time continuum!
No. 426840 ID: b33427

The horse potions sap your smarts and boost your strength, while the round fruit increases your intelligence, so the obvious choice is to consume both in equal amounts until you can punch trees in half by sheer strength.

Gobble down equal numbers of round fruits and horse potions, then jog around the lake over and over to work on running faster. Find Dencha and ask him how long you've been gone, to get an idea if you spent awhile in spirit form.
No. 426853 ID: b8b253


This, and...


These have a point. Magic defence might be something to look into. Money talks, so let's go to the city and sell off our stuff and hear if there's any experts on it around.
No. 426863 ID: b85f8c

Let's take a different route this time. Eat more round fruit than drinking horse potions. Focus on magic instead of strength.

Also let's experiment with bananas to see what they do, before we mutate.
No. 426901 ID: 8630c5

Collect infinite horse potions! Sell them for infinite money! Buy your way to victory!
No. 426927 ID: 6e44d2

She needs to buy vitality tinctures and scholar teas.
No. 427045 ID: 1be70a

Bros before minos. search for dencha first.
Then go back to the plan of purifying then consuming anything we have the money for and selling the rest.
... going to the desert city doesn't sound like a good idea, though.

We should consider growing a pair of wings to ease escape. Explore the forest for this purpose.
No. 427079 ID: 14a1d0
File 134092220619.png - (413.44KB , 800x600 , Decisions.png )

Iora downs some horse potions, which give her a considerable boost in strength with no mutations, just yet.

But she considers wings. Wings would be useful and seem so much more majestic than turning into a horse. She just has no idea where something that would cause that kind of change could be found.
No. 427082 ID: 09e5bf

Seems like the Mountains would be the best place to get wings. That or searching tree tops I guess.
No. 427083 ID: 132b99

gotta find that lake and the round fruits. claws like you had are ether a dragon or a bird's. another mutation should confirm which.
No. 427084 ID: 886a4d

Before we go anywhere we need a weapon and more to increase our abilities.
No. 427085 ID: b2f225

Wings will not help you against that arrogant prick. Why wings if you can use magic? Magic that you obtain magically punching magical faces of magical beasts turned into magical demons. I'm serious. You saw that absurd army. You felt in your own flesh the power of that son of an incubator. You need something else. Something far greater.
No. 427086 ID: 997ce7

Try that round fruit. It could be dragonfruit! Might be lizards, but there's already an item for that, so hopefully dragons.
No. 427087 ID: 4a328b

Ask in town!
No. 427089 ID: a3b384

If you get wings from a dragon related thing, then we'd probably have to deal with horns and claws and scales too. For something bird related, the other effects could be talons and feathers and a beak.

I think we'll be much better off as a capable human, there has to be more paths to power then turning ourselves into the very things trying to rape and kill us.

Training, safe potions, items and magic. We need to explore all these avenues before turning ourselves into some sex twisted chimera.
No. 427090 ID: d7e757

Or we could train while becoming a twisted chimera.
No. 427091 ID: 886a4d

Best option. Run everywhere, carry weights and lets yourself take some hits when fighting imps to toughen the skin. Training intelligence is tough however perhaps you can reflect on the spell you learned.
No. 427095 ID: b85f8c

There is literally no reason to stay fully human aside from vanity. There may be specific mutations we'd like to avoid because there are significant tradeoffs (like turning our legs into not-legs) but otherwise we will be stronger and MORE flexible with mutations, especially wings.

The things trying to rape and kill us are CORRUPTED, not just mutated. Avoiding corruption is very easy. Don't drink/eat stuff that our alchemist friend says is "bad", and don't mingle with demons or use fetish objects.

Becoming mutated != becoming sex-twisted.
No. 427096 ID: 9b5a1a

Eating huge piles of round fruit seems like it's pretty much the way to go. Claws usually go with wings, and they were upping int which generally should be helpful for magic.
No. 427097 ID: 927efa

No. 427098 ID: 886a4d

Yes she does >>426557
No. 427108 ID: b2f225

What the hell. Having fetishes is completely normal and healthy!

This isn't the major concern. Claws, wings, tails and whatnot are tools, not unlike those produce by species more developed technologically. What if Iora goes out there just killing everyone and blowing things up? I really need to paraphrase Nietzsche? She can't abuse the principle of self-defense, especially when knowingly invading territories of beasts and demons! Not to mention that defeating one by one is unrealistic! Even if she defeats the king, how that prevents the emergence of new leaders? Worse, of more aggressive factions? Unless she becomes the Queen of Demons, of course.
No. 427112 ID: a3b384

Fair enough, but let's make some effort so the things we turn into are things we want to turn into. Do research and seek out the most beneficial items. Maybe find some way to control which mutations we get.

I wish we could save reload abuse for desired traits. Oh well.
No. 427113 ID: 927efa

No. 427114 ID: 09e5bf

We should probably see what alliances the desert city has.
No. 427117 ID: c74c7d


You need to become a catgirl. More flexibility and good agility are traits you really want if you go against a powerful foe like that
No. 427175 ID: 223190

yeah, go to the highest part of the mountain and eat some harpy parts.
No. 427196 ID: b33427

You are here to end the demon threat. As long as you do not become corrupted yourself by consuming or using corrupting items, then most anything is fair game in pursuit of that goal.

Wings sounds good, and those round fruits looked like they were transforming you into some kind of bird or dragon, and raising your intelligence to boot, so go around the lake and gather a pile of them to eat. Stop by Dencha if you see him and ask if he has ways to super-concentrate potions or consumables. Perhaps he can squish the essence of dozens of round fruit into one potion.
No. 427240 ID: 67e8b2

Too bad. I vote horse
No. 427241 ID: 4bdd79

Good point.

Head into town. If they haven't heard about him, tell them everything.
inb4 he burned it to the ground
No. 427243 ID: 8414e0

Yeah, that's what I meant by going to the town not being a good idea.

It's probably either sieged and surrounded by the formidable army or razed to a smoking puff of stone and filled with corpses and corrupted victims.

Securing a path to dencha felt like an important thing to restore.
No. 427501 ID: 14a1d0
File 134102634382.png - (390.50KB , 800x600 , priorities.png )

Iora finds Dencha and forcefully cuddles him, then asks how long she has been gone. After recovering from the manhandling, he responds that she has been gone roughly a week, or two. Definitely not more than a month, probably.
He is likely not the best source for this kind of information. He tends to get distracted easily.

When he asks why she wanted to know, she tells him that some jackass on a weird horse vaporized most of her body and she died for a while.
No. 427502 ID: fa9f7e

Dispense sexual favors
No. 427503 ID: e3f578

Ask Dencha if he would like some "favors"
You just died and now your back!
I mean, effectively your immortal now, but for how long!
Your next death could be permanent!
You almost died a virgin!
No. 427504 ID: 132b99


anyway, ask what he knows about magics and how much it would cost it make a potion of regeneration so you can grow shit faster then it is blasted off.
No. 427505 ID: 14a1d0
File 134102750112.png - (441.25KB , 800x600 , smoothmove.png )

Dencha flails and demands to be let down. The little ferret man becomes incredibly agitated.
He tells her that that "jackass on a weird horse" was Paimon, Demon King of the West.

After he has time to calm down, he says that he likely won't come back to deal with you because he won't consider you something worth dealing with personally, but she could have a lot more lesser demons to deal with if she keeps calling attention to herself like that.

He can still fix her potions, but she had better not drag him into anything to nasty...
No. 427506 ID: 132b99

explain you weren't calling attention to yourself you wer just killing things and he showed up. also ask if there are any other beings near his power lvl.
No. 427507 ID: fa9f7e

Dispense sexual favors
No. 427508 ID: 09e5bf

I wasn't doing anything to call attention to me, I was just hunting down and killing his minions.
No. 427509 ID: b2f225

> Paimon
Ah. We definitely should ask for names next time.

Anyway, ask Dencha about the political situation.
No. 427510 ID: 132b99

except we had no way to know that.
No. 427512 ID: a3b384

>also ask if there are any other beings near his power lvl.
More generally, information about important people and places. Not that he'll be entirely reliable about the details, but it's all we have for the moment.
No. 427513 ID: 9b5a1a

Ask if he thinks there's any chance of getting that sword and armor back then.
No. 427515 ID: a3b384

Our sword was in the center of that blast which disintegrated everything. So... probably not.
No. 427517 ID: c3c502


Wait wait wait, wait. Demon King of the West? That implies there are demon kings of the north, south and east. Inquire if there are more.

There's totally going to be a demon king for each of the four directions- desert, forest, mountain, lake. This is going to make finding any safe training location unless we work out an accommodation with at least one of them. Gods dang it.
No. 427518 ID: b8b253


Yeah, ask Dencha about the demon gods. Iora didn't do very much research, and apparently that's the kind of blundering into trouble that got her killed.

And, I don't know, Dencha's been pretty handy. Maybe we can do some non-sexual favors for him to keep him happy? Surely there's something an alchemist of his caliber would want.
No. 427521 ID: b2f225

Iora should unify the demons and become their Queen. Or romance Lulu, if Lulu has already done that.
No. 427526 ID: 927efa

Apologize to Dencha and explain you were just shaken up by the whole dying thing. You didn't know if you'd see him again.
No. 427528 ID: b33427

Also ask about other notable demon lords, if there's a demon emperor above the kings, or, dare say, a demon god above that. You want to know how high, or deep, this goes.

Perhaps there are alchemy ingredients Dencha wants that are located where it's too dangerous for him to go that you could collect for him? You'd be willing to get them for free if they'd advance his alchemical studies, and keep you in his good graces (and amiable to hugs.)
No. 427532 ID: b85f8c

Ask about how to avoid calling attention to yourself. Also about other demon kings.
No. 427533 ID: 5f197d

....is it possible for him to alter the potions? to cleanse them of their animal-metamorphic properties and just for their strength/speed/toughness enhancing capabilities?
No. 427535 ID: 8414e0

Switch from annoying hug to platonic brofist.

Propose being his experimental material provider for a discount on purifying potions.

For the time being, keep training in the forest. Maybe look for the old ruined city if you have time ?
No. 427547 ID: 927efa


The potions are nothing besides animal essences. The stat buffs are side effects of the animal really, not the potion. Humans are sort of bottom tier in this world. As Dencha put it, to remove the animalness from the potions, you may as well just pour them out and use the empty bottle.
No. 427593 ID: 5f197d


well is it possible then to suppress the potions cosmetic metamorphic properties? you can drink a lot but won't start to show external transformations until like "Bottle Nr: X" and such.
No. 427601 ID: fa9f7e

Allow me to summarize: No.

Although certain mutations do require others to happen first, that's just cause-and-effect, not some potential way to delay transformation. Generally the superficial changes happen first, then the major changes like wings or snake lower half or centaur lower half, etc.
No. 427647 ID: 1a49c1

(remember guys, mechanics discussion in http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/50617.html )
No. 427648 ID: fa9f7e

Less discussion than questions that I think someone wanted to ask the alchemist and people replying with answers from ingame.
No. 427900 ID: 14a1d0
File 134117495792.png - (345.77KB , 800x600 , dontdrawattention.png )

Dencha just needs some supplies from the city, so if she could pick them up while she is there, that would be great.
So she returns to the desert, attempting to make it back without running into any demon armies or death beams.
Which she does.
No. 427921 ID: 1e9d01

Leg it!
No. 427991 ID: bdb3f8

continue going left
No. 428012 ID: 14a1d0
File 134119741516.png - (390.52KB , 800x600 , handlinghispackageinfrontofeveryone.png )

Iora picks up Dencha's supplies and wanders the streets. She has a little over two hundred coins, she could probably stand to pick up some things for herself while she is here.
No. 428013 ID: 886a4d

We should buy a weapon, and some cheap armor.
No. 428016 ID: 3c585f


save your coins until you can afford the lifetime membership to the gym.
No. 428017 ID: 4a328b

Weapon, armor, and information: DEMON KINGS OF THE CARDINAL DIRECTIONS
No. 428018 ID: 9b5a1a


That would be a very good start towards getting back in the swing of things. I assume your old equipment wasn't nice enough to still be lying around where you were vaporized?
No. 428021 ID: b33427

Seconding this. Get a spiked mace and leather armor.

Search around for a mage or scholar who studies demons and their powers. They might want to hear you recount your encounter with Paimon, and could provide a lead on how to counter, defend, or evade his DEATH RAY.
No. 428022 ID: e7baef

Weapons and armor. Get some spares.. just in case.
No. 428041 ID: b2f225

You need mobility: studded leather armor and shield.
You need reach: spear and short sword.
You need a bath: followed by an erotic massage.
No. 428058 ID: c3c502


Information is the most valuable thing you can hope to acquire. It is the only possession you retain after death, and probably the most useful in helping you avoid that death in the future. So get learning. Find an information broker. Sign up for a library card. Befriend a scholar. Something. Find a way, just get learning.
No. 428194 ID: 14a1d0
File 134124773722.png - (400.14KB , 800x600 , thisiscombatarmor.png )

Iora considers recovering her armor and sword, but quickly realizes that even if she could find it in the largely featureless desert, it would be missing a large chunk where the whole right side of her body disappeared.

So she visits the armorer and replaces it with some cheaper, lighter gear. It actually covers quiet a bit more area, so by some logic will likely not be nearly as effective. Weapons are actually quite expensive and right now, all she can afford is the equivalent of a heavy stick, but it's cheap and better than nothing.

Now she is ready for anything, or at least, some things.
No. 428197 ID: 09e5bf

Find out what relationship the town has with Paimon.
No. 428210 ID: 1a49c1

Wow, the town is still standing ? Kinda surprising...

Make sure you get Dencha's supplies and run back to him. Sprinting in sand should be good for that leg strength.
No. 428220 ID: 14a1d0
File 134126136608.png - (422.42KB , 800x600 , wouldyouliketotakeasurvey.png )

Iora asks around about Paimon and the Demon Kings.
From what she can gather, the Four Kings rule over Hell and now some of them might be checking in of the area being consumed, to see if there is anything they might want to add to their territory. The wards on the walls can keep out small demons, but if something as massive as a Demon King tried to assault the city, there is nothing anyone could do.

Iora wonders how she can do anything about this, since her only apparent special trait is being born with a squiggle line on her chest.
No. 428221 ID: 09e5bf

>since her only apparent special trait is being born with a squiggle line on her chest.

Don't forget your apparent inability to die.
No. 428222 ID: a2fa74

You also come back from the dead when killed. You should ask around to see if that trait is special.
No. 428223 ID: e3f578

Have casual conversation with cat dude.
Honestly, when was the last time you just hanged out with someone?
No. 428224 ID: c3c502


Maybe you can research yourself. Is their any lore or legends available on how the chosen goes about accomplishing what they're supposed to do? What powers they're supposed to have, or find? There might be tales in this plane that never made it to your home village.

It might also be worth researching resurrection. Is that just something that happens here? Or are you special? Because if you're the only one who can do that, it's a pretty big advantage. Even if you have to start over each time from square one.
No. 428225 ID: 67e8b2

Well, I'm out of ideas.

Let's go drinking!
No. 428226 ID: 132b99

ask who made the wards. perhaps they can help magic you up.
No. 428227 ID: 82df58

> anything I can do?

Not without becoming a fuckton levels of stronger, anyway.

That demon king guy looked pretty startlingly non-monstrous, though. Maybe we should try to find out how he got so strong and then blatantly steal that method for our own use.
No. 428242 ID: 223190


drinking is bad for you. I suggest she go smoke some depressants instead.
No. 428367 ID: 334456

Yeah, I kinda gotta echo that one. All superpowers considered, auto-rebirth is pretty good.
No. 428374 ID: cf49fc

It might only work once. Hey, at least you have god like determination and a willingness to commit murder in self-defense!

Or you could always hop back through the portal, and demand those jackasses back home give you some supplies, since that whole "Intangible Demons You Must Fight Barehanded And Naked" thing was bullshit. The least they could give you would be some coins, or basic survial tools.
No. 428377 ID: b2f225

Excellent ideas.

Not enough information! To the library!
No. 428401 ID: b33427

Yea, screw this. Go find a mage that can reverse the portal long enough for you to go through and kick the fuckin' ass of the village elder, or mayor, or whoever sent you through to fight the Lords of Hell with only the clothes on your back. Do that until they hand over everything they have to aid you.
No. 428437 ID: 3581fd


You don't really get it at all do you. You just don't see it. The truth is that
they don't want to change this
they don't want a hero
they just want a martyr
a statue to raise
No. 428487 ID: 92c81e

The best way to show them is prove them wrong. I want you not to give up. Stay strong. There must be some way to cleanse the corruption of the land. Researching is good, but I don't know how much that will help with the big questions. I feel the best way will be by traveling. By getting firsthand experience and observing the land as it is, we may gain a better understanding of why corruption is so rampant, and how we can fix it.
No. 428518 ID: 1bf202

Why should we save them when they stand for nothing? If they deserve life, let them stand for themselves. They'll watch you die to save their lives; they will not stand here by your side.
No. 428520 ID: 107c3d

its also possible that the villagers simply believed in the prophecy, and truly belie we can do this. its not like they could have that much useful gear. normal weapons would not do anything, and i doubt they had enough money to afford anything magical. besides it doesn't really matter does it? weather we are here as a sacrifice or champion we can't let our world die, and its not like we would survive that long if the demons overrun everything.
No. 428696 ID: 1a49c1

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We don't see the big picture, much less understand it.

The demon armies are already too strong for anything to fight them, but they can't attack what they don't find.

Maybe concealing our portal, and investigating about other portals, is a better purpose ?

tl;dr: search for lore on transportation spells and devices.
No. 428734 ID: 927efa

We don't have a portal.

Hang around the lake some more. Clearly something is very wrong here, and you should be able to find out more from there.
No. 428739 ID: 14a1d0
File 134135888015.png - (383.19KB , 800x600 , wedontneednoeducation(clearly).png )

Iora considers trying to learn more about everything and is about to wander off to spend several weeks in a library, when a low, resonating thud vibrates through the street, followed by a large crack forming in the masonry. The whole thing looks like it could come down.
No. 428740 ID: 09e5bf

Quickly help bystanders get to safety, then hide to see what it is.
No. 428741 ID: 72d49b

Maybe you shouldn't be right here. Go duck into a sheltered alleyway or something.
No. 428742 ID: 886a4d

Well... crap times to run. You are even in worse shape then before you confronted the demon army.
No. 428743 ID: e3f578

Catboy no!
save catboy!
No. 428746 ID: 132b99

we need to find the leader person. whoever magiced these walls would be the strongest person here. maybe they can enchant you so you aren't blown up in one shot.
No. 428747 ID: b2f225

> wedontneednoeducation(clearly)
Being slapped by a demon horse dick is better than hearing this.

I believe that, as nameless and insignificant characters, they don't have extra lives. Save them.
No. 428751 ID: 886a4d

Use your horse-like strength to move them quickly as you can.
No. 428753 ID: 997ce7

We don't have that anymore.
No. 428754 ID: a2fa74

Save them. If people look up to you as a hero they'll be more likely to help you.
No. 428756 ID: c3c502

Assist in the defense of townspeople.

You likely are not strong enough to defeat whatever is doing that. But you can help get people to safety. You can buy time for the guard to arrive. And if necessary, you can go down fighting. You'll revive- there are likely people here who won't. As a champion, and as an apparent immortal, this is your responsibility. Your burden.

Stand against the rising tide of darkness. If the only way to victory is to build a damn of your own dead bodies, so be it.
No. 428758 ID: 14a1d0
File 134136206124.png - (436.83KB , 800x600 , ohnoitsthegroke.png )

Iora ushers the people out of the way as the wall crumbles, sending clouds of dust billowing out into the street.
A colossal form lumbers through the cloud of sand, emitting a reverberating growl. Whatever it is, it is very large.
No. 428759 ID: 886a4d

I doubt you can defeat it but lets at least try. Charge your weapon with sparks and should you get low on health run!
No. 428762 ID: c3c502

Well, you can't kill it, unless it has some kind of disproportionate weakness we're lucky enough to discover.

Can you irritate it some way (stabbings), get it's attention, and draw it after you into the desert? Just get it out of town. Then escape or die.
No. 428763 ID: 431fa8

There are guards in the city. Fall back, team up with them, and launch a coordinated counterassault.
No. 428764 ID: b2f225

Distract it. Buy time for residents to flee. They are likely to be killed by other demons, but you can't do anything against that.
No. 428765 ID: cf49fc

In the immortal words of Theoden, "RETREAT! BACK TO THE KEEP!" Withdraw to a guard barracks, or a wizard tower, or an alchemist's, or the home of an insomniac who just got to sleep an hour ago and is very upset. Somewhere defensible, with like fifty dudes to back you up. Attack that thing like this will just end in SPECTACULAR failure.
No. 428778 ID: 14a1d0
File 134136429315.png - (522.94KB , 800x600 , ohgodwtfishappeningthisisntinthegame.png )

As the demon hulk begins to come into view, Iora falls back and tries to find the city guard, rather than fight the monster alone.
She has the civilians evacuate the area and runs off to find someone better equipped to face something like that.
No. 428784 ID: d5ee6f

Take your pants off and wiggle your bum at it. Always works.
No. 428787 ID: a3b384

Welp. I want to just say run and hide, but on the off chance that this thing is after you specifically you'll want to lead it away from people and out of town. Hopefully it isn't. With any luck it'll be slow enough to run from either way.
No. 428791 ID: c3c502

Dammit Urta, you better not to be passed out drunk. We need you to show up and single-handedly kick this thing's ass.
No. 428792 ID: 431fa8

Seriously got to find the guard. That thing is huge; they must have some kind of usual way of handling shit like this.
No. 428802 ID: cf49fc

Well, bugger this. Let's just bugger off back through the portal and have them redirect a river or a magma flow or something back through it.

Elsewise, run to the local center of authority. They'll have the most badass guards, and therefore be less likely for you to die horribly around.
No. 428807 ID: 9b5a1a

Climb up the back of its leg, stab it behind the knee, make your way up its back from there, and jab at its vital bits! It's how all the cool kids fight giant demons these days!
No. 428813 ID: b33427

Run back to the armory and kindly ask to borrow a much better weapon, and maybe armor, to fight this thing. If, in the highly unlikely chance you defeat it, consider that payment for the weapon and armor. If you don't, well, it's not like the blacksmith could carry his whole stock while escaping anyway, so no big loss.
No. 428814 ID: 132b99

go up a building and get on it's head then stab it in the eyes. dodge any atatcks it makes while you are up there, it will clonk itself.
No. 428830 ID: 92c81e

I didn't ask for this!

Well, try to find others who can help fight this thing. If everyone wusses out, man up... and run the fuck away.
No. 428858 ID: 927efa

Stab it in the gonads!
No. 428878 ID: 132b99

become the CANDIRU!
No. 428879 ID: b2f225

It has some intelligence? Try talking to it. Anyway, try to draw its attention and run. If possible, take it away from the city.
No. 428897 ID: 72d49b

Yep, it's scarpering time.
No. 428901 ID: 1a49c1

Dang. We could use some firepower here.
No. 428932 ID: 24922d

it's a hollow! quick, unleash your shikai!
No. 428942 ID: cf49fc

I think this is more of a Bankai situation.
No. 428955 ID: 8a15dd

Make a mental note to hire a ragtag band of misfits willing to ingest a range of poorly-tested performance-enhancing substances.
Seriously, you're in waaaaaay over your head alone.
No. 429003 ID: 1444d5

Giant Fighting 101: Burrow through the eye socket to the brain.
Giant Fighting 102: If you cannot reach the head, run away.
No. 429503 ID: 0a59e8
File 134156941064.jpg - (24.72KB , 480x360 , shadow_of_the_colossus.jpg )




No. 429994 ID: 14a1d0
File 134169836752.png - (423.36KB , 800x600 , hermsandtinypeoplewithenormousgenitalsfirst.png )

Iora tries to find the town guard as swarms of imps burst into the breach in the wall. She finds a lizard guard fighting off demons while civilians flee. She asks if she can help, to which he replies that she can either defend the townsfolk as they fall back or engage the demons to buy them time.
If she can think of any better ideas, go for it.
No. 429995 ID: 886a4d

Help with the imps. The behemoth will be someone elses problem.
No. 429997 ID: e3f578

defend townsfolk

buying them time is worthless if you can't make sure there safe
No. 429999 ID: a2fa74

Defend the townsfolk. You're recovering from a recent bout of death and not up to full horse strength, so you should take a more defensive role.

Also, if that jerkwad shows up you want to have the first blast be not at you.
No. 430000 ID: a3b384

No. 430001 ID: e7baef

Defend the townsfolk
No. 430003 ID: 3b9cce

Defend the townsfolk, but check if you can get your hands on some temporarily borrowable equipment upgrades and medicine/first aid kits on the way before getting too deep in fights.

Just in case adam smith doesn't hate your guts in these parts and shopkeepers actually help you to save them.
No. 430011 ID: b33427

Defend the townsfolk while they fall back... but if they don't have an escape plan, you're all screwed, figuratively and literally.

Definitely keep an eye out for any loose weapons you can snatch up, even if they are technically in a shop. Useful items as well. Really, it's not stealing if it's an emergency and it's to aid others.
No. 430012 ID: c3c502


Yeah, it's the Jakie Chan exception in the rules of improvised fighting. You're totally allowed to grab anything to fight with if it serves a greater good.

Assuming you and the shopkeeper survive, you could always return it later.
No. 430016 ID: cf49fc

Help this dude out with your Kung-Fu powers. He needs someone to watch his back.
No. 430021 ID: 68852c

kick some booboo ass. motherfucker.
No. 430024 ID: 01f6f1

Fail miserably at anything you decide to do.
No. 430208 ID: 3b9cce

¬_¬ how about no.
No. 430228 ID: b047d6

pfft, we don't know any of that eastern crap, BUT we obviously are an expert in the ancient tradition of Icelandic Wrestling!
No. 430366 ID: e3aff6

Well this scenario brings back memories...

Actually, in this case we might want to be less cautions if it will do any good. It seems that we can come back from the dead while these guys can't.
No. 430490 ID: 4e3f0a

Yeah, even if it's unpleasant, and economically inefficient, having free resurrection could be the key to success.

If you want to beat the bad guys, you'll need allies, and this city is full of them, so don't fear and fight, you have more to win than to lose.
No. 430674 ID: 14a1d0
File 134188150197.png - (411.32KB , 800x600 , itslikeanimpbutbigger.png )

Iora helps the people escape, fighting off the attacking demons. The behemoth is hampered by the tightly packed buildings, but larger beasts are starting to filter in from outside, like minotaurs.
The brute swings at her, attempting to cut her neatly in half and nearly succeeds.
No. 430675 ID: a2fa74

Go for the eyes, Iora! The eyes!
No. 430677 ID: 886a4d

Charge up your weapon for this fight. Work on disabling \ crippling blows.

I wish you had the beuatiful sword right now.
No. 430680 ID: 132b99

shatter the haft of the axe.
No. 430685 ID: aabb6a

Clearly you should climb on top of him and ride him until he gets tired.
No. 430687 ID: b33427

...Yeah, you're clearly not going to do jack against a minotaur while only armed with what's barely a club. Hit that imp at the corner in the nuts, and run for it with the rest of the townsfolk.
No. 430690 ID: c74c7d


Oh she can do jack around a Minotaur
jack him off that is


This! Show him your excellent riding skills!
No. 430705 ID: 01f6f1

No. 430717 ID: b85f8c

Do not engage the minotaur as it is far stronger than you and you don't have a real weapon. Try to lure it away from the civilians.
No. 430880 ID: 68852c

roll between its legs and jack it off. then kill it.
No. 430896 ID: 4e3f0a

You won't beat that monster by yourself, so lure it away from the civilians, and try to get some guards to help you. A 1vs1 is a bad idea, but teamwork will do the trick.
No. 430972 ID: 3b9cce

Encountering a minotaur, at low level ?

... Quickly make a delicious sandvich.
No. 431007 ID: 735f4f

Check to see if there are any team fortress guys around to save you.
No. 431326 ID: accad9

This is bad. We're outclassed in almost every way, and certainly in terms of sheer strength, by a monster that large. Well, unless we go for stabbing it in the soft spots - eyes, nostrils, roof of mouth.

Anyway, we should focus on feints and evasive maneuvers for a little while longer, maybe battering the imps on the side, making absolutely sure the civvies escape. When that's over with, if you still haven't found something better than a non-magical stick by that point, sprint your way to the weapon shop and borrow a real weapon.
No. 431396 ID: 735f4f

Hey lets try to lure the minotaur over to the giant demon and get it crushed.
No. 433098 ID: 14a1d0
File 134239451182.png - (406.52KB , 800x600 , meetingthehorsecockquota.png )

Iora attempts to evade the minotaur's attacks and weaken it with carefully placed strikes only to be thrown to the ground. The minotaur tears her top off in the process, leaving her firm, bouncy breasts exposed.
Oh my.
No. 433099 ID: fa9f7e

Run while taunting the minotaur about the relative smallness of its cock. Lure it under the giant assfuck demon's feet.

If that fails, submit and become a minotaur cumaddict fucktoy.

Protip: Don't fail.
No. 433101 ID: 886a4d

Yup, time to run, the minotaurs out of your league right now.
No. 433126 ID: e3f578

On a scale of one to ten how horny are you right now? This is legit question, you may get in serious danger of going "must have sex" and then you get pregnant with minotuar babe.
No. 433127 ID: fa9f7e

Oh, yeah. Then you get addicted to minotaur cum. Scale should be from 1-100 for maximum accuracy.
No. 433128 ID: 4e3f0a


No, seriously, while you will respawn if you're killed, nothing good can come of getting caught in the middle of an assault. Being brave is good, but now it's time to bid your time and GET THE HELL OUT OF TOWN.
No. 433142 ID: b33427

"I've seen bigger on an imp!" Then leg it out of there. Don't look back for even a second, lest you trip.
No. 433164 ID: 2bd7b1

pretend to suck him off but then bite 'em off.
No. 433214 ID: a3b384

Ok ok what you do is RUN NOW. But if you does grab you try to jerk him off, suck him off, whatever. Make him finish before your innards get stretched out something terrible.
No. 433220 ID: d8f016

Kick it inna balls.

Then flee.
No. 433222 ID: 132b99

find a needle like stone and pretend to go along with it then jam the stone into his urethra
No. 433244 ID: 2dd991

Run. Just run.
No. 433252 ID: 4bdd79

>from a minotaur
dude what

We need to stun him first. A blow to the balls would work.
No. 433256 ID: 2dd991

Since when minotaurs are faster than humans?
No. 433261 ID: 272f27


since when are they slower?
No. 433265 ID: 6868bc

Minotaurs are fast when they charge. Just don't run straight.
No. 433270 ID: b33427

If the minotaur does charge, lead him up one edge of the street, then jink to the side when he gets close. He'll have a harder time than you slowing down and changing direction. Even better would be to dodge through a narrow alley or building that's too small for him to fit through.
No. 433294 ID: 2dd991

In any event, tearing a studded leather armor with bare hands and without hurting the person who is wearing it is bullshit. Furthermore, attempting to rape someone during combat, especially when you can be attacked by others, is a terrible and stupid idea.

Exactly, Iora is good at running. Minotaurs have a greater range of attack, trying to get close isn't feasible and trying to trick it may fail miserably. In short, learn to choose your fights.

Iora doesn't have the luxury of testing this. They are in a city, however. There are many obstacles that she can use in her favor, especially against creatures with hooves.
No. 433303 ID: 92c81e

We already know that this world has very different rules, like armor covering less, but protecting more. Why would this situation be any different?
No. 433446 ID: 6a1ec2


>> different rules, like armor covering less, but protecting more

Wait, he just tore your top off. Now you're invincible!
No. 433448 ID: 9718f3

Do you still have your stick on hand? Losing it wasn't mentioned at all so you obviously do.

Okay, what I need you to do is rally your strength for one last attack when he gets close to you. You're going to take the stick, held in both hands, and jam it down the minotaur's urethra, then lever it to one side as hard as you can. The urethra looks wide enough that this should be possible. Hopefully it incapacitates him long enough for you to pick up his axe and finish him off. And hey, free axe!
No. 433460 ID: e7baef

Dear lord where was it hiding that last scene?
The horse imp showed us demons have bulletproof dicks. Don't bother with crotch-attacks unless you're trying to push that damn thing out of the way.
No. 433462 ID: c74c7d

On a scale of 1 to you're gonna get raped, you're gonna get raped.

So just stick your ass up and wait patiently.
No. 433571 ID: 9cde5c

Probably too heavy for us right now. Or too big to be wielded.

Running towards a weapon shop would be a good idea. Or any place where we can regroup with the town forces.
Keep your eyes peeled for other problems in the meantime.
No. 433894 ID: 14a1d0
File 134256134508.png - (410.45KB , 800x600 , unfunfunf.png )

The minotaur falls on Iora's prone form and forcefully plunges it's broad-tipped shaft deep inside her, jarring her body as it thrusts into her. She tries to ignore the pain to fight of the beast, but finds that the sensation she is experiencing is more like pleasure.
Her mind is clouded by the intensity of it all and she is paralyzed by the repeated orgasms that ripple through her body as the great brute spills it's hot seed into her belly.
No. 433896 ID: bf8c23

> pleasure
I'm out.
No. 433897 ID: c74c7d


Well let's put it this way - it's a small price to pay for saving your life. Your ass. When he's done it's best to fuck off somewhere safe.
No. 433909 ID: 7fdace

I came
No. 433912 ID: 1b9919

Welp, that narrows our list of potential achievements somewhat for this play-though.

Consensual Only
Rape only unto others

No. 433914 ID: 6e44d2

Well shit. Time to run limp away when you can and see if you can keep helping civilians get away.
No. 433917 ID: 132b99

hobble away. if you are lucky, that will also get fixed if you die again.
No. 433920 ID: 735f4f

That or wake up in a few hours missing 3-8 gems.
No. 433926 ID: b33427

Crawl over into cover, rest until you can walk again, and sneak away to hide until the demon army passes, then leave. Though, you probably won't get the chance to do that, 'cause there are imps and other things that'll want to have a go at you, but try anyway.

Oh, and try not to think that you may now be pregnant with minotaur spawn, and how big that baby would be.
No. 433928 ID: 4a328b

Activate vagina dentata. Bite it off; defeat minotaur.
No. 433929 ID: 6e44d2

Yeah, actually, you should probably focus on getting yourself out of here before you end up in some demonic gangbang situation.
No. 433935 ID: 6a1ec2

Do you... want to end up in some demonic gangbang situation?
No. 433978 ID: 3581fd

wake up about 8 hours later missing a handful of gems
No. 433983 ID: afbfba

Pray the local alchemist has the morning-after pill.
No. 434094 ID: 6a1ec2


Honestly birthing twisted cow man spawn isn't the biggest worry so much as getting hooked on minotaur cum. You can always expidiate the pregnancy with egg potions anyway. Oh god what is this adventure I'm 3
No. 434105 ID: b33427

I think the local alchemist is going to be too busy either running away, being gang raped, or being dead. Though, Iora should talk to Dencha about that, once she gets away... If she gets away.

...Aw, dangit. Just realized Iora lost the stuff Dencha sent her to fetch. Not a big deal, considering. He'll probably understand it was due to circumstances.
No. 434161 ID: 2972f8

you shoulda gone for the balls.
No. 434193 ID: 340416

welp, nothing to do than make the best of it and enjoy the act
No. 434218 ID: 2977ef

No. 434220 ID: b18143

When it's over cry some bitter tears. Not particularly over the act itself, but over the shame of being twisted enough to enjoy it. Either way you have a dog rape dog world out there. Next time you better make sure you strike first and have the upper hand.
No. 434230 ID: ab63b5

Why am I not surprised that you guys know absolutely nothing about rape.

> Not particularly over the act itself, but over the shame of being twisted enough to enjoy it.
You know that enjoying the act actually make it worse? Sometimes you just can't control your body, and this is terribly awful about something that is against your will. Be more sensitive, stop putting the blame on the victim.
No. 434246 ID: 9cde5c


Get abducted back to their base.
You're totally worth it.
No. 434256 ID: 5e68ed

For parts:
1: You're perfectly right about what you say about rape, it's that bad, and most of the time it shouldn't be underestimated the effect on the victims.

2: This is a quest based in corruption of champions, where rape is the same as saying hello, it never has any real consequences, and no one makes a big deal out of it, so expect same reactions here.


And then, covered in your victim's blood, show them true terror.
No. 434295 ID: 6a1ec2

>>never has any real consequences

I see someone is looking to get a Bad End.
No. 435058 ID: 3581fd


>Sometimes you just can't control your body, and this is terribly awful about something that is against your will. Be more sensitive, stop putting the blame on the victim.

That statement has fuck-all to do with putting blame on the victim, and is actually perfectly in line with what you said while proselytizing to the guy who said it.

Keep that shit on tumblr.
No. 436048 ID: 6b487d

That's one long rape session right there. You're gonna be sore for weeks.
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