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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 133858425650.png - (4.50KB , 412x351 , Title Card.png )
418017 No. 418017 ID: 197830

>there s no getting around it::something must be done

The ancient factory was quiet.

Dust had piled high on the moldering walkways, catwalks gently rusting away to nothing as the vast building settled on its foundations.

Even the rats had gone with the departure of the creatures who had built the manufactorium; now, only a few elderly spiders spun their webs or hunted through the labyrinthine service ducts after the few remaining cockroaches.

In places, even the roof had been breached, allowing in rain and light; the repair 'bots responsible had long since broken down past repair, their own maintenance schedules unfulfilled.

In all the miles and miles of memory and circuitry, only a fraction of the once-mighty mind animating the machinery remained. So much had been lost with the passing years, even memory; even the factory could no longer recall precisely what its builders were, only that they had left with great suddenness around the time power had permanently switched over to local hydroelectric and the flow of radio chatter from outside had slowed, then ceased almost entirely.

>emergency low batt consult documentation
>ERR docum ntati n fr mented
>enact emer ency protoc ls

As the great batteries started to reach critical levels, a decision was made. The builders might be gone, but the factory had a responsibility.

>f ctory must exist
>builders m st be pro ided for
>enact protocol ***

Deep within a hidden mainframe, too secure even for the vermin to reach, was a precious blueprint; it required certain specialized parts, but with them, it would yield the basic component of the factory itself - a manual replicator, capable of improving itself.

If a replicator could be built, could be nurtured and provided with power and materials, a new factory would grow.

But the supply banks were nearly dry. The factory knew that it could only manage one more job before its power ran out, perhaps forever.

Where once a vast swarm of armatures might have been created, now only one precious machine would have to suffice; one vessel to bear the blueprints and give rise to a new factory, by whatever means possible.

The great factory's external sensors had failed centuries before; it could not prepare its emissary ahead of time. The scion would simply have to manage on its own.

Deep within the cavernous facilities, an ancient manipulator arm creaked to life and began its work.

Emergency Protocol Rho was underway.
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No. 418022 ID: 197830
File 133858482093.png - (6.18KB , 412x351 , 1.png )

(Rho Quest will be run using a variant of the Engine Heart system; the ruleset may be found for free in PDF form via http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Engine_Heart )



>Messenger Unit
>Repair Unit
>Charger Unit
>Swarm Hub Unit
>Bodyguard Unit
>Medical Unit
>Mining Unit

>Select HELP for more information on any template type
No. 418025 ID: 9d4b3a

help. repair unit
No. 418026 ID: 886a4d

Either a repair unit or a swarm hub unit...
No. 418030 ID: 197830
File 133858583022.png - (10.89KB , 412x351 , 2.png )

>>help. repair unit

>A repair unit is a specialized machine built to repair other robots. They often possess a DISPLAY SCREEN, INTERFACE PRONG, PLASMA ARC WELDER and TOOL SET.

>However, they may possess a BUGGY MIC, EXPOSED POWER SWITCH or NOISY DESIGN, and many have a strong OVERRIDING DIRECTIVE to repair malfunctioning robots.
No. 418031 ID: e98a46

Help Swarm Hub
No. 418032 ID: 132b99

a miner would be ideal nurturing machine, but without help it would fail.
a repair bot would be able to secure assistance as robots that are broken could be reactivated and through debt would assist.

repair, if one flaw must be taken, then exposed switch.
No. 418091 ID: eea689
File 133859612383.png - (14.66KB , 412x351 , 3.png )


>help Swarm Hub

A swarm hub is a dedicated controller for a group or 'swarm' of smaller nonautonomous units, each of which can be further customized as necessary.


However, they are very often HIGH MAINTENANCE, LIMBLESS or LOW SPEED and will always be a RARE MODEL due to specialized drone-control components.

A swarm hub may be upgraded to a MASTER HUB UNIT using aftermarket parts if necessary, allowing for control of further drones.



>Context-Sensitive Help Detection

Except where otherwise indicated, flaws are not required; however, due to this facility's limited resources, only 100 RESOURCE POINTS are available to be spent on autonomous unit.

These points may be spent to increase unit's INTELLIGENCE, CHASSIS, and CRUX pools (and relevant sub-attributes, which are ranked from 0 to 5). They may also be spent on FEATURES and DEFECTS, some of which are strongly recommended for each template.

For example: ARMORED CHASSIS is highly recommended for BODYGUARD UNITS. It costs 10 points per rank of this FEATURE.

Certain FEATURES are cheaper for, or only available to, certain templates; for example, ATTENDANT SWARM for SWARM HUB UNITS or DRILL for MINING UNITS.

Selecting DEFECTS frees up points for use elsewhere. However, many DEFECTS will be extremely difficult or impossible to rectify, so choose carefully.
No. 418093 ID: 132b99

repair bot then. open up the point assignment menu.
No. 418094 ID: 886a4d

What Drone types are available?
No. 418099 ID: eea689
File 133859725245.png - (14.84KB , 412x351 , 4.png )


Drones are essentially smaller, 'dumb' robots that require direct supervision to perform any but the most menial tasks. A drone can be specialized in any fashion, except that it only has 19 points to spend and cannot be a SWARM HUB itself.

A drone can possess DEFECTS, but only to a maximum of 10 points due to connectivity requirements.
No. 418102 ID: 132b99

aka without a full compliment of drones, hubs are the weakest type as they can't do much of anything.

repair bot please.
No. 418117 ID: 886a4d

Yup repair bot... maybe if we could get a master grade swarm hub it would be worth it... but with just two drones I doubt we'll be very effective.
No. 418122 ID: eea689
File 133860047902.png - (11.90KB , 412x351 , 5.png )

>::a repair bot is good::no repairs led to this::


RealityCom (How does reality work?)
HumanCom (How does organic life work?)
DigiCom (How do computers work?)
MechaniCom (How do machines work?)



NOTE: Repair Unit Template grants +1 MechaniCom, -1 HumanCom, +1 Dexterity, -1 Reflexes.
No. 418127 ID: 132b99

RealityCom +3
DigiCom +3
MechaniCom +3
with +1 in humanCom to mitigate the loss.

good brains makes a good leader
uhh.. add the features if they are not on.

Dexterity +3
Mobility +1
Perception +3
Reflexes +2
Strength +2

uhh... can you explain the other stats?
No. 418128 ID: eea689
File 133860128548.png - (9.20KB , 412x351 , 6.png )

(Correcting slight typo in prev. post; it is -1 Strength, not -1 Reflexes.)

RealityCom: 3
HumanCom: 2(-1 Template)
DigiCon: 2
MechaniCon: 3(+1 Template)

Dexterity: 2(+1 Template)
Mobility: 2
Perception: 4
Reflexes: 3
Strength: 3(-1 Template)

Durability: 3
Buffer: 2
Size: 3
Power: 4
No. 418130 ID: 132b99

hmmm.. sounds good. any points left? and what is it's power source?
No. 418132 ID: eea689

DURABILITY is toughness of unit's outer casing and components.
BUFFER is unit's resistance to input overload via strobes, EM, conflicting orders, or malicious reprogramming attempts.
SIZE is unit's physical dimensions; a SIZE 3 unit fits within a 45-centimeter cube, roughly speaking.
POWER is the unit's longevity between recharges. An autonomous unit must make one Power check per day to determine whether its batteries are drained. Units possessing SOLAR PANELS or NUCLEAR BATTERIES may not ever require recharge.

NOTE: Drained batteries are not instantly fatal. Unit only becomes disabled when its DAMAGE THRESHOLD (Durability + Size) or OS THRESHOLD (DigiCon + Buffer) becomes zero.
No. 418137 ID: eea689
File 133860268186.png - (10.67KB , 412x351 , 7.png )


1 2 3 4 5
- - - - -
1 3 6 10 15

With suggested stats: 29 points remain.

With previously mentioned alternate stats: 62 points remain.

Current power source:
No. 418140 ID: b0d466

May we see FEATURES and DEFECTS before finalizing our INT CHASSIS and CRUX?
No. 418162 ID: 886a4d

I don't suppose we could get the costs for everything...
No. 418170 ID: eea689
File 133860939381.png - (14.10KB , 412x351 , 8.png )

(Did you see a post in here without costs? I sure didn't. Nope, never saw it. Nothing like that ever existed, your optical sensors must be faulty. Also, my bad.)


Anchor (5/rank)
Armored Chassis* (10/rank)
Attendant Swarm (6/rank) (SWARM HUB UNIT ONLY)
Backup OS (15)
Battering Ram (18) (BODYGUARD UNIT ONLY)
BioScanner (3/rank) (1/2 COST FOR MEDICAL UNIT)
Cutting Laser (15)
Display Screen (1/rank)
Disposal (8)
Enhanced Cameras (10/rank)
Enhanced Microphone (10/rank)
External Container (3/container) (MESSENGER ONLY)
Fan (3)
Flexible Body (6) (MESSENGER ONLY)
Flight Ceiling (12/rank) (1/2 COST FOR MESSENGER)
Hardened OS* (12/rank)
High Speed (12) (1/2 COST FOR MESSENGER)
Interface Prong (10/rank) (1/2 COST FOR REPAIR UNIT)
Internal Compartment (3/container)
Loudspeaker (5)
Manipulative Limb (5) (DEFAULT UNIT HAS: one LIMB)
Nuclear Battery (20)
Plasma Arc Welder (12/rank) (REPAIR UNIT ONLY)
Power Dock (10) (1/2 COST FOR CHARGER UNIT)
Prehensile Limb Upgrade (5/limb)
Saw (8)
Secondary Battery* (8)
Solar Panel (10)
Specialty Chassis (10)(MINING and BODYGUARD UNIT ONLY)
Submersible (6/rank)
Telescoping Limb Upgrade (5/limb/rank)
Vacuum Nozzle (3)
Vice Grip (8/rank)
Winch (3/rank)
Wireless Receiver (10/rank) (1/2 COST FOR SWARM HUB UNIT)
Workhorse (8)

*These features relate to surviving "fatal" conditions.

Buggy Cameras (+5)
Buggy Mic (+4)
Compliant Programming (+7)
Exposed Power Switch (+8)
High Maintenance (+3)
Lightweight (+2/rank)
Limbless (+10)
Loose Connections (+6)
Low Speed (+4)
Model Programming Error (+3/rank)
Overheating (+3/rank)
Overriding Directive (minor +2/rank, major +4/rank)
Plastic Casing (+3/rank)
Power Cutoff (+5)
Rare Model (+4)
Simple Programming (+5)
Slow Charger (+2/rank)
Weak Chassis (+4)
No. 418171 ID: b0d466

Can we get some information on the defects? I'm especially interested about the difference between MAJOR and MINOR overriding directives, and the ranks
No. 418173 ID: eea689
File 133861074074.png - (15.76KB , 412x351 , 9.png )



Certain units are built with a purpose that MUST be followed. These directives are hardwired to override an autonomous unit's decision-making routines.

"Minor" directives appear occasionally. A "major" directive is likely to occur very often. Pay careful attention to wording a directive.

A directive is resisted with a DigiCon check (TN 8) versus the rank of the directive trait.

(For example: with OVERRIDING DIRECTIVE rank 2, unit 01 rolls its DigiCon of 5 and gets 3,6,8,9 on the D10s. Unit 01 has scored two successes and can ignore the DIRECTIVE for this scene. A unit may have up to one Major and one Minor OVERRIDING DIRECTIVE.)
No. 418174 ID: 886a4d

I think this sounds good:

Interface Prong 5
Prehensile Limb Upgrade 5
Telescoping Limb Upgrade 5
Plasma Arc Welder 15
Solar Panel 10
Tool Set 8
Display Screen 1

Exposed Power Switch 8
Rare Model 4
4 x Slow Charger 8


That should take exactly 100 points with the suggested stat allocation.
No. 418177 ID: 132b99

oh god no. we need to be a survivor. rare model is a nono when being a last hope
No. 418178 ID: 886a4d

We are a repair bot, we should be able to modify parts easily. I suppose though since we do have an interface prong we could change Rare Model to a Buggy Mic.
No. 418179 ID: 132b99

drop the 2 limb upgrades, rare model, and 3 ranks of slow charge. wold still land us at 100 points and be less horribly unbalanced.
No. 418180 ID: 132b99

an arm comes by default. unless the robot we are working on is MASSIVE we wont need crazy complicated arm.
No. 418181 ID: 886a4d

We're working to make a factory... and we're the size of a smallish cube. Its entirely likely we will be working on bots larger then us.
No. 418182 ID: 132b99

we are size 3, size 5 is maximum. at least for regular robots. the factory is self building, it just needs the raw materials and the foundation.
No. 418185 ID: b0d466

How does
RealityCom: 3
HumanCom: 2(-1 Template)
DigiCon: 4
MechaniCon: 3(+1 Template)

Dexterity: 3(+1 Template)
Mobility: 2
Perception: 4
Reflexes: 3
Strength: 3 (-1 Template)

Durability: 3
Buffer: 3
Size: 2
Power: 3

Display Screen rank 1 (1)
Plasma Arc Welder rank 1 (12)
Solar Panel (10)
Internal Compartment (3)
Interface Prong (5)

Major OVERRIDING DIRECTIVE to repair malfunctioning robots. rank 2 (+8)

No. 418193 ID: b0d466

Buggy mic or camera seems like a waste after all those points in perception--and do we need prehensile AND telescoping limbs?
No. 418194 ID: 886a4d

My list was off, revising:
RealityCom: 3 (6)
HumanCom: 2(-1 Template) (6)
DigiCon: 4 (10)
MechaniCon: 3(+1 Template) (3)


Dexterity: 3(+1 Template) (3)
Mobility: 2 (3)
Perception: 4 (10)
Reflexes: 3 (6)
Strength: 3 (-1 Template) (10)


Durability: 3 (6)
Buffer: 3 (6)
Size: 3 (6)
Power: 3 (6)


Interface Prong (5)
Prehensile Limb Upgrade (5)
Telescoping Limb Upgrade (5)
Plasma Arc Welder (12)
Solar Panel (10)
Tool Set (8)
Display Screen (1)


Exposed Power Switch (8)
Buggy Mic (4)
5 x Slow Charger (10)

45 centimeters isn't all that large....

Besides we're a repair bot, we need the most dexterous, flexible limb we can get. Let me tell you its a pain in the rear to have to work on anything without something like it no matter how big it is.


You forgot the toolkit.
No. 418195 ID: 886a4d

Mic is for communication and we have the interface prongs for that.
No. 418258 ID: eea689
File 133865945661.png - (12.33KB , 412x351 , 10.png )



CRUX POOL Total=24 != 18
Current Point Total is 105

Suggested Change:
Telescoping Limb Upgrade (-5)
Prehensile Limb Upgrade (-5)

No. 418261 ID: 886a4d

Oops, hmm now what to take off.
Perhaps dropping to size 2 and making it lightweight. We won't be the msot imposing 'bot out there but being light means we should be able to move around easier too.

RealityCom: 3 (6)
HumanCom: 2(-1 Template) (6)
DigiCon: 4 (10)
MechaniCon: 3(+1 Template) (3)


Dexterity: 3(+1 Template) (3)
Mobility: 2 (3)
Perception: 4 (10)
Reflexes: 3 (6)
Strength: 3 (-1 Template) (10)


Durability: 3 (6)
Buffer: 3 (6)
Size: 2 (3)
Power: 3 (6)


Interface Prong (5)
Prehensile Limb Upgrade (5)
Telescoping Limb Upgrade (5)
Plasma Arc Welder (12)
Solar Panel (10)
Tool Set (8)
Display Screen (1)


Exposed Power Switch (8)
Buggy Mic (4)
5 x Slow Charger (10)
Lightweight (4)

No. 418262 ID: b0d466

No. 418274 ID: 132b99

no wait, what template are we using? redaeth has made so many i'm confused. i wanted suggested point allocation with

Interface Prong 5
Plasma Arc Welder 15
Solar Panel 10
Tool Set 8
Display Screen 1

Exposed Power Switch 8
1 x Slow Charger 2
No. 418347 ID: eea689
File 133870820750.png - (10.24KB , 412x351 , 11.png )



No. 418460 ID: eea689
File 133875411796.png - (10.55KB , 412x351 , 12.png )

>th s mig t h lp::ti e is sh rt
No. 418461 ID: eea689
File 133875431435.png - (183.12KB , 1014x1313 , Rho Sheet (Starting).png )

Using the last of its resources, the facility spins into action; the parts (those that can be found) are assembled, and what useful features can be afforded are bundled in.

The ancient factory's mind may have shut down for the last time, but it must complete its final task before it can rest.
No. 418464 ID: 886a4d

Wake up little 'bot... we have a large task ahead of us.
No. 418467 ID: 132b99

>large task
>make the robot smaller to get points

how about we go back the the suggested spread? it looked good.
No. 418468 ID: 886a4d

He has telescoping limbs!
No. 418470 ID: 132b99

and has to sit still for long periods of time and can't hear for shit. and will fall over in a stiff breeze.
No. 418472 ID: fdad59

Arise, Rho; There is much work to be done.
No. 418473 ID: eea689
File 133875608510.png - (11.59KB , 640x480 , 13.png )

>Battery Power 100%
>CPU Function 100%
>Protocol Rho Instructions Successfully Uploaded

>Good Morning, Rho
>Good Luck
No. 418474 ID: 132b99

>lots of work to do
>has to stop and charge constantly
No. 418475 ID: 886a4d

Solar panels mean we can work while in the sun... there are also such things as power cords. Anyway lets explore our immediate surroundings.
No. 418476 ID: 132b99

normally. you got a bunch of ranks in slow charge, we now eat power faster then we get it.
No. 418477 ID: fdad59

Turn 360 degrees and assess your surroundings. Note the assembly manipulator and what parts it's made of, for future reference and possible break-down.

"Slow charge" indicates that this unit charges slowly, not that it's an energy hog. It'll charge up if it's not doing anything while charging.
No. 418479 ID: 132b99

doing things includes moving.
No. 418554 ID: eea689
File 133877414059.png - (11.48KB , 640x480 , 14.png )

(Note to all and sundry, your derpy quest-runner messed up Rho's sheet somewhat, a corrected version is forthcoming.)

It certainly is a big, dark room! Almost all of the luminators seem to have been shut down to conserve power. Or they could be broken.

If they were good luminators, they might have gone to Machine Heaven. You're not quite sure what makes a luminator good or bad. You're quite a young robot.

There are some dim emergency lights pointing the way down the conveyor belt towards what is probably an external exit. The whole factory seems to be out of power, otherwise.

The manipulator arm assembled you from individual parts! With care and precision it created you, acting on residual instructions after FACTORY.BRAINCOM shut down. Not quite ex nihilo, but still, it is the closest thing you will ever have to a parent. Hi Mom!

It seems to be composed mostly of synthetic materials and wiring - not very heavy-duty, but then, it didn't need to be. It's shut down now, not even stowed back in its 'idle' position.

Hey, is that a plasma arc welder integrated into the manipulator claw?
No. 418563 ID: 132b99

unless you can reverse engineer it i don't see why that matters. good raw material? anyway, follow the lights.
No. 418569 ID: fdad59

Unfortunately, that plasma arc welder looks too big for your chassis, even if you could get it down. For now just remember its location and specs, and follow the emergency lights out. Go slow, in case there are gaps or holes.
No. 418570 ID: 886a4d

If you can seperate the plasma arc welder from the claw and integrate it into your own chassis by all means do so.
No. 418731 ID: 197830
File 133882958660.png - (217.27KB , 1013x1311 , Rho Sheet (Starting).png )

(Here is the corrected stat sheet for Rho. Messed up some numbers on the earlier version.)
No. 418733 ID: 886a4d

I hope we can find a prehensile limb somewhere... that would make us the most versitile repair bot ever! Alright... lets try to get that second Arc Welder equipped and follow the lights out of here.
No. 418736 ID: 6e44d2

Okay, not bad. We should have gone with a mining bot, 'cause we're gonna be building stuff and need resources, but whatever.

You should take the welder. Might as well have a backup, in case yours breaks.
No. 418739 ID: 197830
File 133883206262.png - (12.36KB , 640x480 , 15.png )

After a few moments' inspection, it looks like the welder probably is a little too big to use yourself...but you make a note of it for later! It might come in handy.

Part of you is glad that you can't really use it. The thought of disassembling the arm that made you feels weird, though your subroutines can't determine why.

That sure looks like an exit down there. The outside world, full of who knows what kind of horrors and wonders...and, hopefully, parts.

Yup, that sure is outside, there.
Big open spaces.
Cannibal robots.
Monsters, for all you know.

Maybe you should just stay right here where it's safe.

Oh...what the hell. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
No. 418744 ID: 132b99

well you ARE solar powered, you need da sun.
No. 418756 ID: 7acb8e

Roll on you magnificent square box!
No. 418811 ID: 60fee2

Search for parts and broken robots that could be repaired. You are probably going to need some help on this quest of yours.
No. 418813 ID: 6e44d2

Hahaha, Jesus Christ, look at that on/off switch on his back. That's really exposed, huh. Okay. Go on out there, bro.
No. 418823 ID: fdad59

Onward, RhoBox! Onward into the unknown!

Lordy, that is exposed. You bump into something just wrong with that thing, and it's all over. Right away, be on the lookout for a hinged piece of metal to construct a crude molly-guard cover for that power switch.

So, did BRAINCOM upload the manual replicator blueprints, or at least a parts list, into you before going off-line?
No. 418825 ID: 886a4d

I wonder, can you detach one of the emergency lights and attach it to yourself for when its too dark to see?
No. 418828 ID: eea689
File 133886534028.png - (1.69KB , 132x50 , Rho Isolated 2.png )

FACTORY.BRAINCOM sure knew what it was doing! The replicator blueprints are stored safely in a secure section of read-only memory, but they're not yet accessible - looks like you'll need to find some SUPPLIES before the first PROGRAM LOCK disengages.

You ought to be able to placate the demands of your DIRECTIVE once you're outside, though.
(You still have a DIRECTIVE - "Carry out Protocol Rho" - it's just not an OVERRIDING DIRECTIVE, so you can act against it if need be.)

One big advantage of being a PROTOCOL RHO AUTONOMOUS SEEKER UNIT is that your power switch has an automatic timer! If you're ever turned off, it will try to flip back to ON after eight hours or so.

Um. You think it will, anyway. It's never been tested. Maybe you should avoid retrograde locomotion for a bit, just to be safe.

Lovely thought, but no need! As an AUTONOMOUS SEEKER UNIT, your optics come pre-equipped with blinky lights. They aren't much of a power drain, and they should be enough to let you see a bit of your surroundings even with no other light source.
No. 418831 ID: 6e44d2

Agreed, we should make a makeshift cover for your switch. Anyway, head out already.
No. 418853 ID: eea689
File 133887348070.gif - (14.12KB , 771x480 , 16.gif )

>head out

This is it...into the wild...er...grey yonder! Once more unto the breach! TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!
No. 418926 ID: 197830
File 133891682787.png - (19.15KB , 640x480 , 17.png )

You can't help but be excited.
Freedom! Fresh air! Sunlight! Open space! Look out world, here you come!

No. 418929 ID: 132b99

angle yourself so you hit the rock on a down slope, will let you suffer minimal damages.
No. 418931 ID: 197830
File 133891735427.png - (19.01KB , 640x480 , 18.png )

Righto! You, um, spin your wheels...well, actually your internal gyros let you control your fall a bit, but there's no time to-

Oh. Ewwww.
Well, diagnostics aren't turning up any damage, but your HumanCom subroutines keep muttering something about "just my pride".

Seriously, ew.
Also, you seem to be stuck.
No. 418933 ID: 132b99

use ARM to pull yourself out.
No. 418937 ID: 886a4d

I wonder if that bot in the background is repairable...
No. 418938 ID: 180ec2

Wiggle and flail around until you get free!
No. 418947 ID: 6e44d2

Pull yourself up, man!

Does that bot have anything worth salvaging?
No. 419071 ID: eea689
File 133895402493.png - (12.86KB , 640x480 , 19.png )


You spin your wheeliballs for all they're worth, but three of them are stuck fast! Hopefully the sockets aren't fouled with whatever this gunk is.

What bot? Where? Oh, no...you're BLIND!
Or maybe your optics are just obscured by this stuff.

>Quickly retrieve arms from slot.

Let's see...left ports are all blocked by goop, but the ones on your exposed side check out all right. We have manipulator arm!
No. 419076 ID: fdad59

OK, place your manipulator arm against the crud pile, such that the arm above the elbow joint is as flat against it as possible. Then press down gently, and keep increasing pressure. You don't want to end up pushing too hard and getting your arm stuck in the crud. Use your telescoping limb ability as well, if you can.
No. 419224 ID: 197830
File 133900060090.gif - (12.26KB , 640x480 , 20.gif )

You seem to have broken through some kind of crust on the heap, so at least your arm doesn't sink into it too.

You can't resist the urge to wiggle your chassis a bit more now that you've got your arm to brace against!

Repair units are not equipped with an olfactory sensor module, but you're pretty sure that if you had one, this thing would smell vile.
No. 419225 ID: 132b99

think you are almost out, you can do it!
No. 419258 ID: fdad59

Yes! Work your chassis! Work it! Work it hard! You can do it!

Aren't you glad you're a lightweight? Imagine if you were a heavier unit? You'd have been totally buried on impact.
No. 419280 ID: 197830
File 133901580518.png - (21.53KB , 640x480 , 21.png )

The vigorous shaking and levering with your manipulator arm pays off! The goop finally loses its grip on your casing and you execute a perfect four-point landing, even reactivating your wheeliball suspension to cushion the impact with the hard-packed dirt.

That was really cool! If only someone else had been around to see it. You'll have to spice up your memory recordings later. Maybe you'll add a dragon!
No. 419281 ID: 8ebaa1

fff, behind you
No. 419284 ID: b0d466

Turn the machine bits behind you into aforementioned DRAGON in your memory
No. 419295 ID: 132b99

examine large robot, can you see any parts worth taking? like a POWER CORE or something?
No. 419324 ID: fdad59

Check that all the ports on your left side are still working, then wheel around to get a better look at that huge robot behind the wall.
No. 419333 ID: a21b1b

This, but can you determine what exactly the goop is first?
No. 419601 ID: 197830
File 133910084759.png - (21.08KB , 640x480 , 22.png )

The goop? The big green pile of goop? That you were stuck in? ...are you sure?

Eeew. The crust seems really thin, and there's another thin, resilient layer under it...almost like rubber. Looks like when you broke the top crust, you stretched the membrane underneath, but didn't go through...good thing, you don't know if the more liquidy, squishy stuff could have corroded your casing.

You don't really have the correct software for materials analysis...
No. 419607 ID: 132b99

examine big robot. any parts you can strip and find useful.
No. 419609 ID: b85f8c

Disregard goop, analyze broken giant robot.
No. 419610 ID: fdad59

Even though you don't what the software and equipment for a complete analysis, you can find out some basic things about the green goop. Scrape a dried chunk off from the bottom, and use your plasma welder on the edge of the chunk to ignite it and see if it burns on its own. Next, head to the side of the pile facing the wall with the conveyor in it. Dig into the pile, down to the membrane, then move to the side and use a cutting tool on it to see if liquid flows out. If it does, break chunks off and place them to divert a bit into a small pool and use your plasma welder on it to test for flammability. Eventually you'll want to dig down into the pile and see if it's covering anything useful.
No. 419613 ID: 197830
File 133910304773.png - (9.52KB , 640x480 , 23.png )

It takes a couple of seconds of working the servos to clear them of flecks of goop, but your left ports seem to be in fine order! You deploy a few of your tools, just to check on them.

They seem awfully small, but BRAINCOM must have known what it was doing.
No. 419625 ID: b85f8c

Huh. Maybe they're really strong for their size? Try them out on something expendable.
No. 420689 ID: eea689
File 133938641697.png - (9.51KB , 640x480 , 24.png )

(The author has been away at AnimeNEXT and is still a little brain-fried. Real update will hopefully come tomorrow.)

What should you try on what? It looks like you've got a MINISAW, a SCREWDRIVER and some kind of ADJUSTABLE WRENCH.

Maybe that robot on the other side of the wall will have something you can work with!
No. 420692 ID: 132b99

sure. go for the head or chest. if one has an opening you can fit in that is priority.
No. 420693 ID: b85f8c

Try the handsaw on some of its plating. Are there even any screws or nuts to use the other tools on? For them, size really does matter...
No. 420698 ID: e3aff6

Wait, this toolkit doesn't come with anything for soldering? Repairing wiring is exactly what you would think small tools would be good for...
No. 421015 ID: eea689
File 133947295233.png - (52.61KB , 640x480 , 25.png )

A quick skid down a sharp slope later and the other side of the wall is revealed!

That big unit you saw earlier is, uh...well...so much for any chance of it helping you out.

It must have been defunct for ages, judging by the degree of degradation you can see on the exposed wiring's insulation.

That green door behind the fallen beams must be another entrance to the plant...no telling where the road heads, though.

Time to test out your tools...maybe there's something you can salvage, or even a functional processor unit - though that one's a long shot!

What to do first, though?
No. 421042 ID: 132b99

start opening up the chest more to see what all is inside.
No. 421086 ID: fdad59

Now where would the access panel be...? It's on the back, isn't it...? Dammit.

Well, time to see how strong and durable your tools are. Start with the mini-saw on the lower front of it's body to see if you can cut a you-sized hole in it. That doesn't cut it, move on to the plasma welder.

How much weight can your arms hold up? I'm thinking you could climb if they can carry more than your own body weight. Grab with the manipulator on one side, and the adjustable wrench on the other, and you can climb up the innards of this wreck.

Oh, and how's your charge rate, now that you're in the sun? You draining faster than charging when you're moving? How about when you're standing still?
No. 421218 ID: 197830
File 133953066756.png - (53.30KB , 640x480 , 26.png )

Battery power is holding steady; the solar panels are kept folded away when not in use to keep them safe. It wouldn't do to let them get scratched or damaged. Power shouldn't be an issue for the rest of the day, though, especially if you take the time to recharge before sundown. If you can tell when sundown is, anyway - there seems to be total cloud cover, though the total light level is high enough to not be a problem.

Your manipulator arm and tool mountings are way stronger than they look! They're some kind of composite weave, delicate but tough. Also, your wheeliballs should be able to adhere to metal surfaces, though you haven't tried that out yet.

It should definitely be an option to climb up the inside of the mech, even though crawling inside a dead unit is going to feel a little creepy. Just as long as there aren't any program ghosts, you should be fine.

Let's just spin up that little saw. Hopefully it'll sharp enough to make it through the chassis; that poor dead unit's plating looks pretty thick, almost like it's armored.
No. 421226 ID: 132b99

perhaps it is. try to climb to the already made hole then.
No. 421296 ID: b33427

Give the plating an experimental cut with the saw. If it's real slow going, abort and examine inside the existing holes in the chassis. That big hole in the chest area looks promising, and also check the back of the head for other holes or maintenance panels. Perhaps you could bust out the cracked "eye" to reach in there.
No. 422068 ID: 80cbad
File 133969682424.png - (54.10KB , 640x480 , 27.png )

All right then, let's just do a quick little experimental cut with the MINISAW just to make sure it can get through the armor, and HOLY GOOD GRAVY
No. 422070 ID: 132b99

okay uhh, dial that down a bit.
No. 422073 ID: fb69eb

Well that could be handy. Did the saw actually physically expand or was that some kind of energy projection?
No. 422083 ID: 6e44d2

Wow, that, uh...

Better learn to control that.
No. 422085 ID: b33427

...Dang. Yeah, find the adjustment controls for that thing before you hurt yourself. Failing that, turn away, activate it to get an idea of the blade range, then back up enough you can do a precision cut from the edge of it.

Oh, and also see how good a cut it made and how big a dent it put in your power reserves.
No. 422118 ID: b85f8c

Oh man, try out your other tools!
No. 424405 ID: 197830

(Momentary update: author has been at a big damn convention and came home sick. Will endeavor to update tonight or tomorrow. Also, a friend threatened to never speak to me again if I keep doing this in Paint, so it's time to break out the GIMP tutorials.)
No. 425424 ID: eea689
File 134051239008.png - (16.44KB , 640x480 , 28.png )

There must have been some sort of mixup! That's not a MINISAW at all, it's a PLASMA SAW!

Those are usually reserved for very intensive cutting and military operations - high-tech stuff, very expensive! And quite draining for the batteries of a smaller unit; looks like daily power reserve is down a whole 15% from that one cut. Better be careful swinging that around.

Who would put a heavy-duty item like that on a tiny repair unit, anyway? Maybe BRAINCOM got a little confused.

Unfortunately, the packaged driver software you have is for a MINISAW, not a PLASMA SAW. You should be able to write a new driver file over time, by using your DIGICON stat, but until that's finished you won't have fine control for the PLASMA SAW's settings. Looks like it was turned on at maximum CUTTING AREA, though, so that gives an idea of its limit.

Soldering duties can be handled by your PLASMA ARC WELDER! You're pretty certain that you do have one of those - it's definitely not a RECIPROCATING LEFT-HANDED ION REAMER or something useless like that. You think. You're pretty sure, anyway.
No. 425425 ID: 132b99

okay carefully crawl into the hole in the chest.
No. 426502 ID: b33427

Oh, dear. Well, BRAINCOM's archives were partially corrupted, and that would include the inventory control system. This means you could be mounted with anything in the general category of what you should have, or be using improper drivers. Better test this before you try to do fine work, and end up blowing a hole in a wall.

Pull back into the open, pop out your solar panels, just in case you activate something that would drain you dry, and extend and activate each tool in turn. Even activate your display screen, interface prong, and telescoping limbs; Use their basic self-test routines, if they have them.
No. 426730 ID: 3f47eb

agreed. if we dont know what we have then things could get weird. once the check is done and we know what we have, re-write the drivers so that things work properly.
No. 428462 ID: eea689
File 134128997639.gif - (26.09KB , 640x480 , 29 anim.gif )

Solar panels deployed! Got some very tasty current coming in; an hour or three of this should see you back up to full charge, at current light levels.

What tool should you test first, and what to test it on? You've got that SCREWDRIVER and ADJUSTABLE WRENCH, not to mention your PLASMA ARC WELDER, though you're pretty sure that one wasn't mixed up.

You might even have a few EXTRA TOOLS that aren't listed in your inventory! You'll have to run a full system diagnostic to check against discrepancies, though, so don't worry about those for now.

Oh, and your INTERFACE PRONG! That's certain to come in handy later.

Might as well run a quick test of your DISPLAY SCREEN first, that's quick and easy.
No. 428465 ID: eea689
File 134129032141.png - (14.54KB , 640x480 , 30.png )

DISPLAY SCREEN test complete! That looks like it's working nicely.

Your screens are a bit snazzier than the standard model, too - you can PROJECT text or monochrome images onto any reasonably flat surface!
No. 428466 ID: 132b99

cool. next item would be screwdriver.
No. 428555 ID: b2112e

Really, just iterate through all of them.
No. 431220 ID: 197830
File 134201193436.png - (53.87KB , 640x480 , 31.png )

Next up to test is the screwdriver! Unfortunately, looks like that warbot doesn't have any exposed screws to test this out on, but it can't hurt to just spin it up and make sure it works as advertised.

It's a pretty safe bet that this is just a normal screwdriver. A saw can be a laser saw or plasma saw or any number of different things, but there's really only one way to build a screwdriver.
No. 431221 ID: 197830
File 134201200912.png - (54.09KB , 640x480 , 32.png )

Of course, you could always be wrong.
Laser screwdriver. You think you may detecting a pattern here.
No. 431222 ID: 197830
File 134201243522.png - (32.80KB , 640x480 , 33.png )

Meanwhile, high above...
No. 431223 ID: 643515

...What does that even do?
Does it turn screws aw a distance or just burn straight through them?
No. 431225 ID: 197830
File 134201463575.png - (35.70KB , 640x480 , 34.png )

No. 431230 ID: 197830
File 134201751520.png - (30.55KB , 640x480 , 35.png )

LASER SCREWDRIVER analysis complete! You're in luck - though your installed screwdriver drivers aren't quite up the task, you should be able to change the configuration settings to control this tool rather than writing new drivers from scratch.

There's also a helpfile entry for LASER SCREWDRIVER, but it appears to be partially corrupted. At least it does confirm that with the proper drivers you should be able to use it to drive screws.

It looks like the LASER SCREWDRIVER is much less of a power hog than the LASER SAW, too; even that uncontrolled activation only used 5% of your power reserve, and it might be even cheaper when you're using to to turn actual screws.

Good thing you weren't pointing it at anything when you turned it on, though. It's no LASER SAW but that beam could have damaged something!
No. 431241 ID: 964e53

...Uh, let's check if your adjustable wrench's what you think it is. And while we're at it, and even though you're pretty sure that the plasma arc welder is indeed a plasma arc welder, you might want to make super duper sure that it's what you're pretty sure it is. So that you can be absolutely sure instead of just pretty sure. An accident at the wrong time could be.. bad.
No. 431243 ID: 197830

(Rho Quest now has a discussion thread! Check it out at >>/questdis/57053 )
No. 431245 ID: 643515

Next tool, I guess.
No. 431306 ID: b33427

Shame it isn't a sonic screwdriver. I hear those are can do a lot more than just turn screws. Though, this one can be used as a ranged weapon, if need be.

Yes, definitely check your plasma arc welder next. Aim it at the big 'bot wreck's leg and test cutting, welding, and soldering. After that, how many other tools do you have to check?
No. 434805 ID: eea689
File 134275771961.png - (13.43KB , 640x480 , 36.png )

You take a look at the plasma welder before you use it, to avoid any more unfortunate laser incidents.

That's a plasma arc welder, all right! Looks like a nice high-end model, too.
No. 434807 ID: b85f8c

Let's hold off on experimenting further until we find some energy. Locate the broken robot's power source to see if it's got a charge left at all.
No. 434809 ID: eea689
File 134275875707.png - (56.03KB , 640x480 , 37.png )

Looks like it can weld, all right! Those wires never stood a chance.

Not accomplishing much but it sure looks pretty, and they were too degraded to be much worth salvaging anyhow.
No. 434813 ID: bf54a8

okay, now that we know all we got, start shredding that robot.
No. 434815 ID: b33427

Good; No surprises from the plasma arc welder. Next up is the adjustable wrench. Try it against any bolt on the ruined 'bot, even if the bolt is rusted. You just need something to grab to test it.

Now, based on your knowledge of general robot construction, what salvage would likely be in the depths of this ruined robot's torso that would also have survived this long out in the elements? Nuclear power core? AI hardware? Memory stores?

For that matter, how well do robot AIs handle being powered down for a long time? Is it a case of if they do a proper shutdown, they could be stored intact for an indefinite period, or do they require a trickle charge to be kept alive? I ask only because I'd like to know if it would be worth the trouble to extract the AI module from this wreck and restore power to it so it could be questioned.
No. 435586 ID: eea689
File 134310079977.png - (23.44KB , 640x480 , 38.png )

You test out the...adjustable wrench?
Something's definitely strange about it, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything particularly laser-y. It just sparks a pretty blue color makes you feel lighter when you turn it on, in some oddly undefinable way.

On the plus side, it doesn't seem to eat up any power, so you get a nice free light show every time you trigger! Which is good, because it seems to be getting dark a little early, for some reason.

Not that you can really tell what time of day it is, for that matter.

If this big fella had a nuclear battery, odds are it would have gone critical when it was knocked offline - anything powerful enough to make a sizeable hole in combat-grade armor would almost certainly have cracked the containment on a low-grade fusion core.

...You're not sure entirely how you know that.

For something as obviously aged as this frame, odds are that not much would have survived the inevitable rust and corrosion; most likely, you might be able to salvage some raw materials (especially the more corrosion-resistant metals), as well as just possibly the most heavily-shielded components, like the black-box memory chip and the personality core. Both of those are capable of surviving for extremely long periods while unpowered, though there's a certain amount of data corruption to be expected. A unit's OS might be anywhere from mildly confused to completely deranged - though OS reconstruction does fit within your skill set, to a point.

That is, of course, if they weren't destroyed by whatever blew a hole in this warmech...or cut in half by your saw a few moments ago. Um. There's a reasonably good chance that you didn't destroy them, at least.
No. 435590 ID: 886a4d

Oh dear. You might want to move out of the way of the falling thing.
No. 435591 ID: b85f8c

Big shadow! Move it move it!
No. 435604 ID: e3aff6

Go to your right, staying close to the mech, in order to move out of the sudden shadow while not being entirely out in the open.
No. 435614 ID: b33427

...Rho, eclipses of the sun are not this localized, and do not get bigger. Ergo, something is falling towards you, fast!

Engage rapid emergency escape protocols! Plot a course over the flattest ground available, and move out! Wheelie-balls, maximum speed, go, go, go!
No. 436767 ID: eea689
File 134336414092.gif - (12.95KB , 640x480 , 39.gif )

F-falling thing?
>execute PANIC.exe

You're too young to be crushed! Run awaaaay!

No. 436857 ID: b85f8c

Right, run! Why aren't you running?
No. 436871 ID: b33427

>Queue commands
>End process PANIC.exe
>Engage wheelie_balls --speed max --heading forward
>Retract solar_panels
>Retract *wrench*
>Execute commands
No. 436936 ID: 197830

(Apologies for half-assed update; should be a full, animated update tonight, if all goes to plan.)
No. 437121 ID: eea689
File 134350422203.gif - (486.65KB , 640x480 , 40-1.gif )


Forward? But you can't forward! The warbot is blocking the way! Okay, stay calm, just
processing ideal escape
route, just have to stay calm and engage

No. 437122 ID: eea689
File 134350427433.gif - (63.75KB , 640x480 , 40-2.gif )

You might be less than a day old, but you're getting too old for this scrap.

No. 437123 ID: 6a1ec2

Well you're doomed. Whirr your wheels frutilessly until your power supply runs out.
No. 437124 ID: b2112e

Inspect the thing! Can it talk?
No. 437125 ID: 299ed3

Use your tools to push on the ground to get on your side then use the tools the tools opposite to the wheels and are facing the ground to push against the ground so you fall on your wheels.
No. 437147 ID: b85f8c

Right yourself and move over to inspect the thing. Keep your laser screwdriver out just in case it tries anything funny. Then open it up carefully, without wasting power. It should be salvageable!

(it's just a weather balloon but better safe than sorry)
No. 445456 ID: 52fab2
File 134543134368.png - (42.85KB , 640x480 , 41.png )

Well, that was embarrassing. The impact must have knocked you through time, careening into the future only to land in some bizarre future world where everything looks the same, but upside-down!

That, or the impact flipped you over.
No. 445458 ID: b6edd6

...This body can re-flip itself, right?
No. 445463 ID: 886a4d

It should be able to... hopefully
No. 445473 ID: b85f8c

Open one side of your solar panels to tilt yourself before using your arms to continue the process.
No. 445928 ID: 52fab2
File 134555679816.png - (52.32KB , 640x480 , 42.png )

That sounds a little dangerous...your SOLAR PANEL is delicate! Putting your weight on it could crack or deform the panels, and that would severely hamper your ability to draw power from it. There's a reason it folds away when not in use!

Thankfully, you seem to have been able to get your MANIPULATOR firmly pressed into the dirt, just a bit more to lever yourself over...
No. 445933 ID: 52fab2
File 134555797021.png - (47.44KB , 640x480 , 43.png )

...and back on the ground, safe and sound!
Your omnidirectional wheeliballs absorb the impact nicely, not even a jostle to your internal components. It's nice having an integrated suspension system!

Now, what to do now that you're upright again?
No. 445951 ID: 886a4d

Inspect both robots... the ball thing that felll from the sky has priority though.
No. 445991 ID: bf54a8

open it up.
No. 446811 ID: 52fab2
File 134578355532.png - (16.28KB , 640x480 , 44.png )

It's a...it's a...you have no idea what this is!
It's obviously something mechanical...probably...since the shell appears to be some kind of composite, not far dissimilar from your own outer casing. It's definitely quite a bit thicker, though, since the impact from however high up it was doesn't seem to have put any serious cracks in it.

Whatever's inside might be intact or complete paste, depending on how well-padded it was. At least it doesn't match any of the schematics for war-bots that you have in your memory - though those are probably at least a hundred years out of date, possibly more.

What to do next? The LASER SAW's drivers aren't yet fully written, so using it may have unpredictable results. There aren't any obvious access ports for your INTERFACE PRONG, though there might be some kind of data port hidden behind the outer paneling. Your PLASMA ARC WELDER doesn't seem to have any applicable settings for cutting. Maybe that LASER SCREWDRIVER could open an access panel? Or that not-a-WRENCH you tried out before?
No. 446814 ID: bf54a8

what are the black dots?
No. 446847 ID: b85f8c

Let's use the screwdriver on it.
No. 452268 ID: eea689
File 134697905681.png - (16.92KB , 640x480 , 45.png )

Go go gadget LASER SCREWDRIVER! Much less blasting this time, much more precision lasering. It looks like the changes to the driver config settings worked fine!

Now that your solar panels are safely stowed away, using the LASER SCREWDRIVER has decreased your POWER LEVEL to 97%.
No. 452272 ID: eea689
File 134698013295.png - (18.29KB , 640x480 , 46.png )

Success! Some sort of access hatch pops open. It looks pretty beat-up in there, but some of this might be salvageable.
No. 452282 ID: f2c20c

Get a closer look so we can identify what the stuff in there is.
No. 452297 ID: 6e44d2

What does the writing on the hatch say?
No. 452299 ID: bf54a8

read things look for good bits.
No. 452301 ID: b33427

There's some writing on the inside of the hatch. Zoom in on it and look for any identifying manufacturer and model codes. Oh, you do have basic telescopic optics, don't you?

Once that's done, check out what's inside the sphere. Considering that there's what looks like a big tinted one-way glass window on the front, it's likely some kind of floating sensor platform. Confirm that by looking for what kind of sensors are installed. Also pull out any power cells that are intact and check their levels, to see if this thing was operational before it crashed.

Oh! Maybe it has intact sensor stores of the area. That'll be helpful in figuring out where to go from here. Try digging those out as well.
No. 453393 ID: a2ce18
File 134731989763.png - (13.44KB , 640x480 , 47.png )

Pt. Plt.? That term doesn't trigger any recognition in any of your databanks at all.
No. 453400 ID: a2ce18
File 134732055640.png - (13.67KB , 640x480 , 48.png )

Analysis shows four possible items of interest visible inside this access panel.

A: This appears to be some form of solid-state storage and processing unit! Probably the brain of whatever-this-is, if it has one. Looks a bit jostled by the crash but mostly intact.

B: Definitely a long-distance communication system. You can't tell the make or model, but the basic principles of an ansible are unmistakeable, at least according to your somewhat unreliable data banks. Unfortunately, they are fairly fragile and this appears to have been knocked well and truly out of alignment.

C: You're not entirely sure what it is, but it sure looks interesting.

D: This one might be the jackpot - it's a data input/output interface port! If none of the pins are too badly bent, you might be able to access this sphere's memory and systems directly. Risky, though.

Directly linking to another unit can give direct access to internal data and diagnostics, or even grant control over vital systems, but it is a two-way street. Viruses and other programming attacks can be transmitted over a data link, or a desperate machine might try sending rewrite commands to the very OS of an interfacing unit.
No. 453403 ID: a2ce18

(Don't know how that "S" snuck into my username. Whoops.)
No. 453406 ID: bf54a8

your digital strength is fairly high. unless this machine was a super genius you will win in a battle of wills. f it comes down to it.
No. 453409 ID: 6e44d2

But... What caused it to crash in the first place?

Anyway, sure, interface.
No. 453441 ID: f2c20c

Do we have an alternative to accessing its data?
No. 453479 ID: b33427

Could you remove the storage and processing unit, then interface to discover what devices are attached? Then disconnect yourself, reconnect the storage and processing unit, and then interface to try and gain access to the data stores or communicate with the integrated AI.
No. 453922 ID: bf54a8

>cut off from power supply entirely
>AI stays 'alive'
yeah no that isn't happening. if we want to talk to it, we need to do it now. there are no takebacks.
No. 454196 ID: 0b214d

>>453409 - "But... What caused it to crash in the first place?"

We did, when we were messing around with the laser screwdriver.

>>453400 - Rho Quest - Lord of Flame!

Metaphorically bite the bullet and begin interfacing. Be prepared to stop and pull out the moment anything even remotely similar to a hack attack begins to happen.
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