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File 134201960513.png - (9.54KB , 412x351 , title card - discussion.png )
57053 No. 57053 ID: 197830


Questions, criticisms, suggestion and wild speculation welcomed.
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No. 57056 ID: 197830

I have been wondering: are the animations I've been including immediately obvious? Do you generally open the picture, or just go by the thumbnail?
No. 57058 ID: 643515

I sometimes just go by the thumbnail.
No. 57059 ID: 197830

OK! I was wondering about that. I think I'll start noting in the post when I have an animation.

For reference, so far these are animated:

Still learning my way around the software...most of this is still being done in MS Paint.
No. 57061 ID: 132b99

i like always full view.
No. 57616 ID: eea689

Bluh...work is making it very hard to find the time to update. I need to start getting more sleep at night and less in imaginary space.
No. 57714 ID: 197830

A friend has been talking about teaching me Flash when I visit next weekend; depending on how well it goes, I might try switching from Paint to that.

It should definitely help if it doesn't slow me down.
No. 57734 ID: 5eea01

Someone should start running an Engine Heart game. Any takers?
No. 59023 ID: 52fab2

A pox on all JPGs!
Looks like I accidentally saved the "extended backgrop" image as a jpg at some point, and it got artifacted as all hell.

Not a major problem, just annoying. I wish to hell that Paint didn't default to saving everything as stupid bloody no-good JPGs.
No. 64007 ID: 197830
File 135342214263.png - (370.74KB , 600x600 , Lord of Fire Author Avatar.png )

Just a note: things have been freaking insane as of late, and Sandy didn't help matters. Looks like my life may be settling down, though.

Rho Quest will return. (I hope.)
No. 64008 ID: 197830

And I seem to have forgotten my tripcode...hopefully this is the correct one.
No. 64019 ID: 0bf55a

good for you, i thought you just disappeared
No. 64053 ID: a2ce18

Well, I did from the site...things just got very out of control.

They should be improving now, though, at least for awhile!
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