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File 133271659484.jpg - (99.97KB , 1000x1000 , plateau.jpg )
395889 No. 395889 ID: ce4a4d

On a high plateau overlooking the savannah lives a god.

She has left my people alone for generations.
Now there have come droughts, and floods, and famine where once there was plenty, yet we have endured.

But each of the past three new moons, it has rained fire from the sky.

And so I shall kill her.
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No. 395890 ID: ce4a4d
File 133271662644.jpg - (75.03KB , 600x600 , tower.jpg )

She lives within an ivory tower atop a living mountain, the legends say, a banyan tree so vast that the span of its base is a day's walk.
No. 395891 ID: ce4a4d
File 133271664495.jpg - (56.76KB , 600x500 , swamp.jpg )

The legends said nothing about a swamp beneath its roots. I think I may be lost.

Something just brushed against my leg.
No. 395892 ID: bbee3d

I would advise getting out of the water for now. How good are you at climbing? Could you get to the top of one of those trees and get your bearings?

For that matter, who and what are you?
No. 395893 ID: b9d345

Check what brushed against your leg. Also, identity would be nice, as mentioned.

Has anything else happened other than fire from the sky? Anything else untoward or suspicious?
No. 395894 ID: f2355a

So what kind of idiot sets along to kill a god with naught but a dagger and a flimsy-looking cloth?
No. 395895 ID: 063c28

Take a moment to appreciate how beautifully arted you are.

Then get your ass up a tree. You look catlike, that shouldn't be any problem. If it's a banyan, hell, you should be able to travel, albeit slowly, without even touching the ground. Are we in a particular hurry?
No. 395897 ID: 40a32f

No. 395899 ID: ed57e8

perhaps this 'god' is already dying. her domain appears to be of life. if she is losing power then the plenty and safety you once had would wane.
No. 395902 ID: c71597

You probably don't want to keep standing in that, so quick, climb up on top of something. This swamp seems rather unnatural, might be a sign that you're heading in the right direction rather than the wrong one.
No. 395920 ID: ce4a4d
File 133271949945.jpg - (38.75KB , 600x600 , climbing.jpg )

>who and what are you?
My name is Sinan. I am a warrior. I have brought with me a fine bronze dagger, over which many prayers have been said, several days of rations, and my father's father's spear.

>perhaps this 'god' is already dying
This hardly seems possible, but perhaps you are right. The land itself feels ill.

Yes - perhaps there are paths above this water. Surely they will lead inward. I strap my spear to my back and begin to climb.
No. 395922 ID: ce4a4d
File 133271952185.jpg - (38.82KB , 600x600 , climbing2.jpg )


Something has my leg.
No. 395924 ID: b85f8c

Stab it.
No. 395926 ID: 2563d4

Look down, you muppet.
No. 395927 ID: bbee3d

Greet it and attempt to make polite conversation. Failing that, kick it in the face. If it has one, that is.
No. 395928 ID: 659213


There's these things called eyes, use them before you lose them.
No. 395930 ID: ed57e8

use knife on grabby thing.
No. 395955 ID: 7d7f79

You told us about feeling something against your leg. You felt that while in an unfamiliar swamp, in the general home turf of a goddess you were telling us you intend to kill. A goddess being, of course, something powerful enough to apparently change the weather, and who likely either knows or could guess that you are coming towards her for vengeance.

*I* have no patience for those who ignore signs of a possible ambush, especially while in the home terrain of your enemy! Shape up or my wisdom is denied to you.
No. 395958 ID: 44d0de

Shank that grabber good and proper and be quick about it, you gnollerscamp.
No. 395960 ID: 72d49b

What manner of vile thing grabs your leg? Let not your leg be grasped.
No. 395962 ID: 063c28

Give it a quick claw with your legs and jerk away, then climb faster. The nice painful lacerations you'll give it should shock it enough that you can pull yourself free and get into a position such that you don't have to blindly wave sharp things in the vicinity of major arteries and tendons.
No. 395965 ID: ce4a4d
File 133272232315.jpg - (39.53KB , 600x600 , treed.jpg )

>look down
>stab it

No. 395967 ID: c71597

Stab it before it can bite!
No. 395970 ID: ce4a4d
File 133272253990.jpg - (36.65KB , 600x600 , falling.jpg )

I wonder what else awaits me.

I wonder how long I shall be climbing.

What precautions should I be taking within the trees?
No. 395972 ID: d5ee6f

Bring the snake. Use it as a whip or food source!
No. 395973 ID: 063c28

Well, there are large snakes, so always be sure that nearby branches are actually branches for starters.
No. 395974 ID: ed57e8

dangling vines can be snakes.
No. 395975 ID: 2563d4

You are one ugly gnoll.

Given you set off without so much as a complete pair of pants, I'm going to take a rough guess at none whatsoever, Captain Preparation.
No. 395976 ID: cf49fc

I'm with this guy. You are pretty bad at preparing. You don't even have a spear, second most basic tool after the ROCK and the STICK. Just charge in there, and beat the shit out of your god. After you climb the tree.
No. 395978 ID: f2c010

Wait. You're going against a god, or something that might as well be a god. Who rains fire upon all you know every month.

I hope you can throw water at things quickly before fires start erupting out of the damn trees.
No. 395980 ID: 9e5382

That looks more like a lion than a gnoll to me. Who already mentioned bringing a spear, even if it's not been drawn so far.

Do watch out for snakes and other tree dwelling critters. Also, signs of fire from the sky. And anything poised to attack you from below.
No. 395983 ID: 196d1b

How do you know that this god is responsible for what is happening? It could be something natural, albeit extraordinary, or it could be some other god or supernatural force. It would sure be embarrassing to confront this god and have to turn back finding out that she's not responsible, or worse, kill her and find that she does something important.
No. 395985 ID: 084856

Lions don't walk upright, silly.

You brought rations, do those include water?
No. 395994 ID: bbee3d

A few questions:

Are you male or female? You look male to us, but we probably shouldn't assume until we know more about your people.

What do you know about this god, other than the fact that she has left you alone for generations? Is she a god of weather? Are there other gods in this land?
No. 396014 ID: ce4a4d
File 133272694464.jpg - (58.47KB , 600x600 , moreclimbing.jpg )

The branch was broad, and the path not steep, and it led me here within a few hours. There were many vines, but no snakes, and I still have full skins of water. I believe this may be the main trunk, but I cannot see the tower above.

>How do you know that this god is responsible for what is happening?
I shall confront her and learn the truth. Even so, I do not think the world will be worse off with one less god.

>What do you know about this god, other than the fact that she has left you alone for generations? Is she a god of weather? Are there other gods in this land?
It is said that once there were many. They were not true gods, but had the power of such. No tribe could hope to stand against them. I hope she truly is dead.

There seems to be a building cradled within the branches above me, but surely it is not where the god lives. I am growing tired.
No. 396015 ID: c71597

Could be a good place to rest for a bit, or maybe it has an easier path into the main building. Either way lets get in there and check it out.
No. 396017 ID: ed57e8

yes, check it out.
No. 396024 ID: 82d439


I hate to be philosophically pedantic, but if they had the power of gods, but were not true gods, what makes a true god?

On other more relevant thoughts, perhaps the stories of grandeur were exaggerations and that hut is where this 'god' lives? Or maybe this god just isn't into fancy living...
No. 396026 ID: 063c28

Actually, let's take a nap before exploring the thing. Better to be fresh if there's more to it than it seems, and with gods you never know.
No. 396028 ID: affb00

Sing a song to make your journey pass more pleasantly. Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase! HAkuna matata! Ain't no passin' craaaaaze
No. 396033 ID: b85f8c

Definitely rest in the building. We've already been attacked by one wild animal here, and sleeping in plain sight would provoke another attack.
No. 396034 ID: bbee3d


Mortals who somehow obtained god-like powers, perhaps? If there [i]once[/] were many, that could mean that they've been dying out.

Do you know what happened to any of the other... not-gods? Has anyone succeeded in killing one before?

The building might be a good place to rest, or at least to investigate, but take a few minutes to gather your strength before you take a look. Just in case.
No. 396035 ID: 196d1b

Yeah, it's probably safer there.
No. 396118 ID: ce4a4d
File 133274255707.jpg - (75.50KB , 600x600 , rest.jpg )

Perhaps... perhaps I should rest. Just a few minutes. My limbs are weary.
No. 396119 ID: ce4a4d
File 133274259422.jpg - (71.28KB , 412x800 , progress.jpg )

I awaken with a jolt, unsure how much time has passed. The mud on my limbs is dry. Above me seems to be the tower of the goddess. I take a drink and continue climbing. Surely she shall be at the top of this tower.

The way is eerily silent. The vines grow thicker as I climb.
No. 396120 ID: ce4a4d
File 133274260709.jpg - (108.80KB , 600x600 , goddess.jpg )

No. 396123 ID: ed57e8

start cutting vines.
No. 396124 ID: b9d767

She'd totally buried in vines. Seems trapped. Huh. I wonder, is she even concious? If she's trapped maybe she isn't the one responsible for the the rain of fire.
No. 396125 ID: ed57e8

if she is even alive under that. if so maybe we can make her totally owe us one and help stop whatever god is shooting fire at you.
No. 396127 ID: 95cda2

Questions first, vine cutting later
No. 396133 ID: f2355a

Well, what are you waiting for? Apply dagger to neck.
No. 396139 ID: a2853b

Be advised, check the ceiling and floor first, and put a leaf on the god's mouth to see if it moves from its breathing.
No. 396145 ID: 2563d4

Goodness, what a social faux pas walking in on this. Climb down a bit and pretend you didn't see anything.
No. 396147 ID: d5ee6f

Inspect her genitals. May be important.
No. 396151 ID: c71597

You should go over and check that you have the right one, don't want to stab some maid or something, that would just be awkward.
No. 396153 ID: a2fa74

Cut those vines away.
They're either helping her or hurting her. If they're helping her you'll deny her that, while if they're hurting her then she is obviously not to blame and needs help. Having a goddess indebted to you would be of great value to the tribe.
No. 396154 ID: 88e5ad


No. 396168 ID: 7864e7

Are you here to kill a god or not? Take out yon gutterknife and open up the runnels on her circulation until the floor's sticky-red. Yes you, Brutus.
No. 396172 ID: b85f8c

Approach with caution, but with the intent of removing the vines. You came here to change things, did you not? Killing her in that state will not change things very much.

Also yeah this might not even be your target.
No. 396318 ID: ce4a4d
File 133283129558.jpg - (123.50KB , 600x600 , goddess2.jpg )

There are no others here. This is the goddess, sleeping or dead.
I approach cautiously, to pull back the vines.

...If it was bound, it is no longer! I must act swiftly!
No. 396319 ID: ed57e8

stab the glowing!
No. 396326 ID: d5ee6f

Stab everything always.
No. 396335 ID: f2355a

Stabbity stab stab.
No. 396336 ID: affb00
File 133283581333.jpg - (119.15KB , 600x600 , wut.jpg )

Stab this thing right here.
No. 396340 ID: f70e5e

lets try talking first, it looks like she has been sleeping for some time, the rain of fire is probably not her fault, though she may know some of what is going on.
No. 396352 ID: c71597

Well you're there to kill her, so let the stabbings commence. Not really sure where the best place is to stab to kill a god. Just go for the eyes and hope for the best.
No. 396364 ID: e0877a

There's no honor in killing an incapictated opponent, and since it appears that she has been bound here, she probably has nothing to with your village's plight. She could potentially help you lift the curse upon your village if you let her live.
No. 396373 ID: 4d7587

May we at 'least' question her involvement in all of this? Even a 'goddess' deserves the at least a little rant/explanation about why you are set on shanking her I think.
The fact that she's been bound and unconscious further makes her involvement unlikely, seriously, who the hell has a disaster and decides "Huh, I guess I should go kill the local god, obviously she is to blame!"

Nevermind that if she could or was the type to call fucking fire from the sky you probably would have faced a lot more legitimate resistance than some stray animal nibbling at your ankles, or a slightly tiring climb up an overly large tree.
I mean, think! there was even a rest stop... what kind of monster puts up a conveniently unguarded rest stop for anyone looking to kill them after a long day of raining hell from the sky?
No. 396380 ID: a2fa74

This has all the markings of somebody attempting to frame her for these attacks. If that is so, then the worst revenge you could get would be to ally yourself with her to fight the one responsible.
No. 396391 ID: 4912c2

No. 396406 ID: 4bdd79

Get her out of there. We can decide whether we're going to kill her or not when we're somewhere safe.
No. 396407 ID: 196d1b

If it was bound, then either it wasn't doing the things or it could have killed you earlier. Don't just go murdering people in their sleep because you suspect them of wronging people. That's dumb.

Not to mention that killing a god can't possibly be as easy as stabbing it. Right?
No. 396528 ID: ce4a4d
File 133291467286.jpg - (82.14KB , 600x600 , duty.jpg )

>don't stab

You're trying to trick me! I do what I must.
No. 396529 ID: ce4a4d
File 133291471842.jpg - (83.27KB , 600x600 , awakenings1.jpg )

She is sitting up.

Perhaps it is not so simple to kill a god as I had hoped.
No. 396530 ID: ce4a4d
File 133291476859.jpg - (30.34KB , 600x600 , awakenings2.jpg )

Who's this asshole?

Answer me, spirit.
No. 396532 ID: ed57e8

some guy, thought stabbing you would stop fireballs from raining on his town, despite you obviously not having fire powers.
No. 396535 ID: 12c19f

Some brave and foolhardy local claiming you're causing fiery death to rain from the heavens and cause other calamities upon his people.

Admonish his bravery by not killing him but sincerely beating the shit out of him for plunging that blade into your sternum. Bind him down with the foliage of your sacred tree and get him to explain himself afterwards.
No. 396547 ID: 2563d4

Who cares? Incinerate away.
No. 396549 ID: b85f8c

This sounds like a plan.
No. 396558 ID: a760e9

dude thinks he can stab a god.
No. 396599 ID: affb00

His name's Sinan. He's kind of a moron.
No. 396607 ID: c71597

Well it seems you have been sleeping for a very long time, and that sort of pissed of the locals, and killed lots of people from his village. So he decided to get revenge by stabbing you, clearly he did not expect you to be able to survive brutal stabbings.
No. 396616 ID: fa9f7e

Hump him.
No. 396619 ID: 7864e7

Some shitehuffer without the sense to go for the brain, methinks. The chumpler's named Sinan, thinks ye some kind of deity, and blames you for fires that been rainin' from the sky each of the past three moonless nights. So he came to give you a little of the old steel cuddle, only lookie-look, it didn't do quite so very much, did it?

I heartily recommend you razzle-dazzle him with a good beating.
No. 396636 ID: 6af537

Are you aware that you're a zebra?
No. 396639 ID: a2fa74

A bit of background, then.
In recent years the natives have suffered a major uptick in the number of natural disasters, but what prompted him to come here to kill you is that they've been suffering from rains of fire for the past three months. That's a pretty unnatural disaster, any you're the only thing they could think of which could cause that.

He's a scared man willing to die fighting to protect everyone and everything he loves. Rude awakening or no, you have to respect that level of courage and loyalty.

We would advise talking this out. He's hardly a threat to you, and responding to violence with kindness is the fastest way to defuse his conviction.

On an unrelated note? Vine blankets? What the fuck? How could those possibly be comfortable?
No. 396658 ID: 12c19f

Zebra with green gravity defying blood at that.

It's like a lava lamp.
No. 397197 ID: ce4a4d
File 133315111569.gif - (472.14KB , 600x600 , rise.gif )

>rain fiery death
Not exactly my strong point.

>Incinerate away.
Nor that.

>hump him
Perhaps later.


>he's kind of a moron
I can see that. You certainly know a lot about this intruder, spirit. Maybe you'd like to explain just how you came across this knowledge?

But first things first.
No. 397198 ID: ce4a4d
File 133315116301.jpg - (81.15KB , 600x600 , awake.jpg )

This filthy tribesman tried to murder me in my sleep. By all rights I should kill him, but... that's against the rules.

I'm also so overloaded with mana that I'm literally bleeding magic here. Even without this knife I'd have a hell of a time containing it, so if I don't do something with it in the next few minutes it will be gone. That'd be a terrible waste. I'm also not sure how many more vines this room can hold.

Fortunately, I can solve both of these problems at once. I need a new minion, and he has forfeited his life with this attack. He belongs to me now - I shall make something useful of him.
No. 397200 ID: ce4a4d
File 133315121548.png - (40.71KB , 600x600 , minion.png )

Normally this requires a lengthy ritual, but I'm juiced up enough that I can blow my wad and finish it in one shot. I'd also like to stop leaking life magic so these vines will stop humping my ankles.

The question is, what exactly should I do with him? I have quite a few options available to reshape him into a better servant.

I could shape him for combat, to aid me against my foes.
I could strengthen him, to be better suited for labor.
I could grant him speed as well as additional size, to serve me as a mount.

I can pick any two of these, or even double a pick, such as combat, to focus his new talents.

Alternately, I could grant him flight, but this is a delicate change that would leave him fragile and unsuited for other tasks.

Finally, I could place him in a form that would, given time, assure his loyalty. It's not good for much else, but it has been a very useful option in the past. Otherwise, I might be forced to resort to slower, cruder methods to ensure his obedience...
No. 397201 ID: 7c31d2

Speed and speed, he will be the best mount
No. 397202 ID: ed57e8

speed and combat. battle mount.
No. 397203 ID: 832169

Speed and labor
No. 397204 ID: 58a693

Do you have a dick?
No. 397205 ID: 673411

Loyalty. As much of an asshole that he is, he has shown himself to be quite the go getter.
No. 397206 ID: 0c08f0

Pick combat and speed. His loyalty is irrelevant, as his desire to kill came from his assumption that you were responsible for the destruction and bad weather his people have suffered. It would be in both of your best interests to find whatever power is making it rain fire and destroy it--to save his people and preserve your dominion.
No. 397210 ID: 54103e

No. 397212 ID: b85f8c

We know his motivations. He, above all, wants things to improve for his people. Agree to help him, and show that you CAN help him, and I believe he will quickly become loyal. Enhancing that would be a waste of magic.

Go with Strength and Combat. This sounds like a base-building exercise so we need a laborer and if a single tribesman can get to you and stab you in your sleep, we really need a guard.

Oh, and what's your name hot stuff?
No. 397218 ID: a2fa74

It's hard to say without knowing what the actual effect of each one would be. "Loyalty" is so vague as to be useless.

Combat and Speed. Keep his new form as close to his current one as you can - being able to pass as a tribesman is incredibly useful, and it will ease his transition into his new life.

Leave his mind alone. He was willing to give his life to save his people; if you do that for him then he will be eternally loyal.
No. 397225 ID: b6edd6

I think I agree with this one. You can probably get his loyalty by offering him revenge against whoever is doing the fire rain thing. (Of course, that involves fighting fire guy at some point, but that seems fairly likely considering his apparent disregard for the rules about raining death on them mortals.)
No. 397233 ID: 64f919

Labor and Combat.

No. 397234 ID: 4bdd79

No. 397241 ID: 063c28

Double speed all the way.
No. 397253 ID: d5ee6f

Speed and labor.
No. 397257 ID: b9f1c5

Combat and Strength, gives us some heavy muscles to help us with the heavy lifting and take care of any other Tom, Dick, and Harry that wants to kill you.
No. 397259 ID: f70e5e

go with this combo. strength will synergize well with combat. as for securing his loyalty, that would be a simple matter of helping his village.
No. 397261 ID: affb00

sex and combat.
No. 397284 ID: a182e5

Speed and Combat
No. 397287 ID: 3eba16

I'd say go for either double combat or strength and combat, those seem to be the best options.
No. 397293 ID: d5ee6f

Speed and labor let's us build shit good fast repair the fire rain damage.
No. 397303 ID: 8f5f51

Labor and combat. Also, either lose the clothes or get better ones, those are hideous, holy shit. No offense.
No. 397331 ID: 2563d4

No. 397354 ID: 6dddd5

Combat and Labour
No. 397546 ID: ce4a4d
File 133327514948.jpg - (72.25KB , 600x600 , mana burn.jpg )

>Do you have a dick?

>what's your name hot stuff?
Thanks. I do work at it. It's Astara, but you really should have known that already.

>Combat + Labor
What, you want to skip the fun part?

>Keep his new form as close to his current one as you can - being able to pass as a tribesman is incredibly useful, and it will ease his transition into his new life.
'fraid not. If you wanted to ease his transition we had that option. Anyway, I said I was going to make him into something useful.
Something like a Juggernaut. He'll be strong but a bit slow. Useful as a siege engine, not so good against hordes of barbarians.

Now hold on, this bit's tricky.
No. 397549 ID: ce4a4d
File 133327526207.jpg - (80.33KB , 600x600 , hibernation.jpg )

All right, he'll stay suspended in there as long as I need. It's going to take a little while for this change to wrap up anyway. Skipped the ritual, but I'm still limited in the amount of mass I can create or convert.

Gods above and below, I feel better. Now I can get back to sleep.
No. 397550 ID: ce4a4d
File 133327528773.jpg - (101.24KB , 750x600 , hibernation2.jpg )

No. 397551 ID: ce4a4d
File 133327532643.jpg - (83.30KB , 750x600 , titlecard.jpg )

No. 397553 ID: a2fa74

Wait, we had that option? What would have done that?

Regardless, his mind will be unaffected, correct? I doubt he's aware of our presence; ask him why he attacked you when he gets out

Yea, remember what we were talking about? Shit's fucked; he's just the snooze alarm going off.
No. 397554 ID: 138a64

So what now?
No. 397557 ID: f5e4b4

Punch the title.
No. 397565 ID: c2c011

Looks like you need to clean out a whole shit load of vines from your tower. Or at least from your bed.
No. 397596 ID: b85f8c

Why were you sleeping anyway?
No. 397654 ID: 4bdd79

No. 398038 ID: 5bec67

Oh shit, that title is sleeping in your bed! Kick it out.
No. 398143 ID: b84f3f

clean your house a bit you filthy harlot.
No. 398184 ID: a2853b

If I had been around for that part, I would have just said to make him a giant.
Maintains a familiar form, upgrades labor and combat, and is mountable and a fast traveler at the cost of easy to hit.
No. 398946 ID: bbee3d

Answer the phone.
No. 404773 ID: ce4a4d
File 133542567829.jpg - (35.12KB , 600x600 , astaraatopthetower.jpg )

This place is a mess.

I'm not entirely sure how long I slept. I'll have a better idea when night falls and I can examine the night sky. Somewhere between a decade and a thousand years, at a guess. Not long enough to have been forgotten, apparently. My leylines have gotten tangled and spells are failing left and right. This place was not meant to be consumed by rampant vine growth. Most of the interior is uninhabitable. Especially my bed.

I know for sure that my spell of sustenance has fallen. I awoke with a terrible pain in my stomach, expecting I'd be fighting off poison from that stupid knife. It took me a minute to realize that I was just hungry. I haven't been hungry for at least... I can't remember the last time I was hungry. And you're still here, but you're acting peculiar.

My big ritual circle is intact, but I can't seem to do any scrying. It's hard to get more power for that than sky-clad beneath the vault of heaven, but there you go. So right now I'm just looking.
No. 404774 ID: ce4a4d
File 133542575325.jpg - (35.50KB , 600x600 , astaraatopthetower2.jpg )

Not sure where to start here.

My manse is in dire shape. Not just my quarters, or the various spells and protections I've crafted. The tree itself is ailing. It has at least a century before the damage to the roots becomes critical, but stopping whatever is attacking my tree would improve matters significantly up here in the canopy.

I could head out directly to fix the basic geomancy I set up ages ago. There's obviously a lot that's broken, like basic weather control and proper mana management.

Could hang out here for a few days, do minor repairs, and wait for my new minion to finish. What's-his-face. The idiot.

Or, I could simply survey my territory. I'm sure there have been new developments since I last saw it, and it's been even longer since I saw it in person. ...actually, how much territory shall I lay claim to? My manse spans nearly a league, and few indeed could challenge me within, but occasionally I like to venture forth and do... stuff.

Your thoughts, spirit?
No. 404775 ID: cb075f

You should probably fix the geomancy to get a good mana foundation set up, then focus on whatever's killing your tree house.
No. 404776 ID: f70e5e

claiming territory without securing your base of operations seems like a bad idea. i'd recommend fixing the basic geomancy, it sounds like that's might be related to the whole rain of fire thing and aside from the ethical reasons of not wanting anymore primitives to get roasted, hellfire raining from the sky sounds like the kind of problem that will make itself worse quickly if left alone.

fixing the weather also make securing the loyalty of the dude who stabbed you awake fairy easy. just tell him that you've fixed the weather, and your glad he woke you up once it was "fire from the sky bad". However your still pissed he woke you up via stabbing so he's going to spend the next few years working for you in his new form, though if he does a good job you'll turn him back once he's done paying you back for the whole attempted murder thing. you should also make a point of being nice to the natives, if nothing else they would make a good source of information and if you have the time/patience to do an uplift you could end up with a competent and loyal force of musketeers inside a few decades.
No. 404777 ID: 7c31d2

Your tree is pretty, find and destroy whatever it is that dares to attack a tree of such magnificence.
No. 404778 ID: 2fe09b

Fix the geomancy, then take care of the tree.

Also, au natural is a good look for you.
No. 404779 ID: ad8acc

Stop whatever is attacking the tree before conducting minor repairs. Geomancy fixing and territory surveying/claiming can happen after every problem in this location has been corrected. If it is possible to fix the geomancy from here, then geomancy fixing should be the main priority.
No. 404785 ID: 25757c

This. But start by fixing your nourishment spell so you don't feel hungry anymore.

I'd prefer we keep him as a slave forever
No. 404786 ID: 2e6fa0

Jesus Christ where did your clothes go.

Let's go deal with whatever is messing the tree up.
No. 404788 ID: 8a3061

fix the tree
No. 404789 ID: 6a4b78

Nice ass!

Also, fix geomancy, proper mana management will help in the long run.
No. 404791 ID: a2fa74

It would appear that his attempt to kill you was a huge favor. Call it even, and start over fresh when he wakes up.

Right now the most important thing is repairing mana management. It's your power source and your tool, and with everything all mucked up it'll take so much longer to get anything done.

Keep in mind that you can't rule out enemy action. Unless your things are so messed up that they're causing rains of fire on the tribal lands it's pretty clear somebody else is out to get you.
I can see many possible plots to eliminate you like this, and only a few of them have been negated. The two most obvious of those would be:
A: The long-shot that the natives would have killed you. Laughable, but not impossible if he had been better prepared.
B: If you had been less clear-headed when you awoke and killed him, thus violating the rules; a stepping-stone to further actions.

In short? Secure your power base, then repair.
No. 404792 ID: 369d34

I assume you're going to restore your spell of sustenance, if you haven't done so already. It would not do to be distracted by hunger and thirst while you're working.

Fixing the geomancy should go first. You'll need the mana soon, and not having to worry about the weather turning nasty is a plus. While you're doing that it'll give Sinan, the idiot lion, time to finish "baking." Then you can both face what is attacking the tree in force.

Oh, and I must say that madam is gorgeous in the nude; Your stripes are quite lovely. Does madam prefer going about her business sans couture?
No. 404796 ID: 369d34

Really, Sinan sticking a dagger in your chest, while a rude awakening, did do you a favor. Another century like this and the whole tree would have collapsed, with you in it. I do not know if that would have meant your death, or merely a major setback, but waking you up before that happened must be worth at least some small measure. Enough to eventually release the idiot from your service and restore him. Not any time soon, of course, but eventually.

There's also the question of why no alarms went off before the situation reached such a dire state. Surely there were multiple systems in place to wake madam if such things broke, right?
No. 404802 ID: d5ee6f

Geomancy. Get your powers back up first.
No. 404812 ID: 99c568

geomancy first, tree second. and get rid of these vines for chrissakes.
No. 404813 ID: f2c010

Infrastructure is always important. The geomancy should be fixed first. Once that's in place, tackle the tree issue. There is little point claiming any external territory if internal complications leave you without a base while still trying to take territory.

Also, speaking of internal complications, fix the hunger thing if you haven't already. Why let petty mortal concerns distract one with power over life itself?
No. 404814 ID: 97bd86

Geomancy first, then fix the tree.
No. 404821 ID: 7864e7

I think you should remain in your manse for a while; you need to re-orient, and given that you may have been asleep for several decades, I suspect another day or two of seclusion won't doom you particularly.
No. 404849 ID: 2563d4

Put some clothes on you shameless hussy.

Then fix all the boring things.
No. 404860 ID: b9d767

So, Astara, if we're going to be here with you we're going to need to get to know you better. Seeing as how we're going to be in your head and sharing ALL of your experiences, we might as well get it out of the way. Where exactly we are, who you are, what you are, what you want, that sort of stuff.

Oh, and your gender. Don't make that face, this is a completely serious totally not perverted question. Supernatural things can have downright odd or unexpected biological characteristics. You appear female, but with your photosynthetic naturism you could be a gender neutral zebra/plant flower.
No. 404906 ID: 9dba7d

fix geomancy and then tree
No. 404907 ID: 252e1b


Save the roots, first. It should be top priority.
No. 404908 ID: a2853b

I still suggest that while he is in that cocoon you just make him into a giant version of himself.
Combines the benefits of each of the transformations you had in mind plus a few miscellania, and should be fairly simple to do.
No. 404912 ID: ed57e8

it should be a simple matter to kill whatever is eating the tree.
No. 405641 ID: ce4a4d
File 133569922019.jpg - (36.43KB , 600x600 , astaraatopthetower3.jpg )

>it should be a simple matter to kill whatever is eating the tree.

Let me remind you who you serve.

I am a master of life magic. My touch can shape flesh to my whims and bring forth new life. Where I walk, my hoofprints heal the land. My flesh knits, my wounds heal, my bones will not stay broken - so long as I have mana. Outside of my demense it is greatly slowed, but rest assured - while the world lasts, I shall endure. For it to be otherwise would be a grave insult to the universe. This was one of my great works.

The drawback is that I cannot take a life.

Fates worse than death are still ok.

>fix the hunger thing
A small drain on my reserves, no more. Mostly I wasn't expecting it.

>Sinan sticking a dagger in your chest, while a rude awakening, did do you a favor.
By accident! I fail to see how incompetence plus coincidence justifies his treachery.

>There's also the question of why no alarms went off before the situation reached such a dire state. Surely there were multiple systems in place to wake madam if such things broke, right?
You, for one. What was up with that?

>Put some clothes on you shameless hussy.
What am I supposed to be ashamed of?
No. 405642 ID: ce4a4d
File 133569927168.jpg - (24.53KB , 600x600 , geomancy.jpg )

If only I had some sort of labor-saving device or possibly minion to simplify this tedious manual labor that I will need to repeat a dozen times. At least this one is still standing.

I'll suppose for now I'll range further afield to inspect the outer circle and look at the leylines, unless you had a better idea?
No. 405643 ID: 6f4add


I don't even know what you're talking about lady. just do what you gotta do. to get your freak on shoowap.
No. 405646 ID: 2563d4

You could always create swarms of ravenous locusts to eat all these vines. There is no way such a plan could backfire.
No. 405648 ID: 8a3061

survey your territory, determine precisely what needs fixing. Then make a list, in order of what would be quickest/easiest to fix.
No. 405660 ID: f2c010

Sometimes, to get things running, you just gotta do the repetitive boring tasks yourself. It would be nice to have some cheap labour to do this for you, but I figure without the infrastructure fixed in the first place it would be more effort than just fixing it yourself.

Also, what are the restrictions on creating or causing something other than yourself to take a life, as already suggested with the locust swarm ( >>405646 )? Is it still too direct with intention for you to be able to do it, or can you get around that limitation through indirect action?
No. 405670 ID: 3734f6

You said he will be done in a few hours right? A few hours aren't gonna make a big difference considering how long you slept.
Just wait for him to finish (timeskip), then have him carry you around from spot to spot while you repair the geomancy
No. 405691 ID: f70e5e

bad news, we are different cluster of spirits than the ones you talked to last time. we don't know you or your world. we will still do what we can to help, but a basic primer on how this shit works and history 101 would be appreciated.
No. 405694 ID: 2e6fa0

No, that sounds good.
No. 405703 ID: 369d34

You're the master, er... Mistress. We defer to your skill and experience in this matter.

We were supposed to wake and warn you? We don't remember anything from before Sinan arrived.
Why have we forgotten our purpose? Is it mere decay, a defect, ...or outside tampering?
No. 405706 ID: a2fa74

Treachery? There's been droughts, flood, and famine for awhile - likely because your stuff is all mucked up, which makes it your responsibility - and they toughed that out.
However, there has been fire raining down on his village for three months, and you're the only known being with the power to do that. In their place it would certainly appear that you turned against them.

Also? He was willing to wake you up and talk things over until some of our more violent voices insisted you were a dark goddess who would kill him for disturbing your sleep. He's easily swayed, but innocent of malice.
No. 405707 ID: 44d0de

What is that giant crystal vine-crusted penis? What's it do?
No. 405766 ID: 369d34

Er... Actually, I suspect it was our responsibility to maintain that, placed on us by Astara. For some reason, we've forgotten all of that.

Mistress, I'm sorry, but some of us have become attached to Sinan. Even though what he did turned out to be completely wrong, he was the first to give us new purpose and direction when we had none. Even though we know now that you are our mistress, we still don't like what happened to Sinan. We don't expect you to change his punishment, but we though you should know how we felt.
No. 405846 ID: ce4a4d
File 133576402432.jpg - (28.92KB , 600x600 , geomancy2.jpg )

>Treachery? There's been droughts, flood, and famine for awhile - likely because your stuff is all mucked up, which makes it your responsibility - and they toughed that out.
Yes, treachery. If they lived outside of my realm, then none of their issues are my responsibility. If they lived within my domain then I may do with them as I please, even unto raining fire upon their lands. I mean my lands. Not that I'm saying I did.

It will be a few days, not hours, until my new minion is ready for duty and can start clearing these obelisks - the giant crystal phallus, as you put it. There's other ways to focus and redirect mana on a large scale, but these take the least work to set up.

I suppose I'll survey while you pester me with questions.
No. 405847 ID: ce4a4d
File 133576408628.jpg - (38.44KB , 600x600 , vanished.jpg )

>indirectly kill things
It's not just a magical law. I have no interest in taking life. Drop it from your mind, spirit.

You were created as a genius loci - a guardian spirit - but you seem to have outgrown that while I slept.

Long story short, I'm one of the Archmagi that have ruled the land since time immemorial. At least, I could have, but I could never stand the alliances and infighting and political bullshit so I left the civilized world to retire here in peace and research my magics.

When THAT got boring, I manumitted my servants and closed my lands to sleep through a turning of an age...

...what's this? There was definitely a large obelisk here last time I checked.
No. 405849 ID: ce4a4d
File 133576411873.jpg - (30.21KB , 600x600 , obelisk.jpg )

And there was definitely not an obelisk in this village that was also not here.

I have the power to rend their rude huts with animated vines, turn them all into trees, and wither their crops. Or I could just talk.

Your advice, spirit?
No. 405851 ID: 3734f6

well then, that must explain the failing of the magic. Someone stole your giant mana phallus!
And there we go, the stupid villagers move it, and then blamed YOU when their own stupid actions caused it. I guess we could start by informing them that the reason for the droughts, rain of fire, etc, is all because they foolishly moved the obelisk which was maintaining the good weather from its proper place, and would resolve if they moved it back.

Also, I guess we would just have to solve the tree problem without killing. Maybe we can transform whatever is harming it into a loyal servant... actually yes. why kill at all when you possess such a power, enemies to minions. To kill them is to waste a perfectly serviceable minion.
No. 405852 ID: ed57e8

i'm interested in WHY they moved it. did they just grab it and move it over? or did it fall over and they could not find the marking under the sand? stealing it from it's spot would be bad, but if it was already loosened then they didn't commit a crime. it sitting in the open tells me they don't care if anyone sees it. so i doubt stolen. approach them with an air of authority and demand what they are doing with it. they will most like question why you care. then you make yourself glow and say "because it's mine" some basic theatrics really. should put the scare into them and will trip over themselves trying to prevent your wrath.
No. 405853 ID: bd67a0

You should probably start with a diplomatic approach. If the assassin thought you were responsible for all of the misfortune going on, then going in all hostile definitely isn't going to help their opinion of you.
No. 405854 ID: 97bd86

Y'know, the juxtaposition of
>I have no interest in taking life. Drop it from your mind, spirit.
>I have the power to rend their rude huts with animated vines, turn them all into trees, and wither their crops.
is simply astounding.

Anyway, talking first is easier and possibly requires less overall hassle.
No. 405856 ID: f70e5e

lets try being nice, kindness as a general policy is fare more effective than people give it credit for. that means no flaying of huts or killing of crops.
assuming you can deal with the language barrier i'd suggest you start by asking them why the moved your obelisk. they are probably going to be rather arrogant at the start since they don't know who you are, but some impressive but non threatening display of power should convince them to take you seriously without turning things hostile. maybe grow a seat or tent out of plants while talking to them?

also whats with the whole, normal people don't matter attitude you have? you seem too smart to buy into the whole might makes right mentality I'm a bit curios why you seem to see normal people as nothing.
No. 405861 ID: b0bf34

You've been asleep for a long while. I doubt anyone here was one of the people who took it. Try talking.

As a backup plan, how hard would it be to convert everyone in the village into minions?
No. 405862 ID: 3734f6

>I have the power to rend their rude huts with animated vines, turn them all into trees, and wither their crops.
Yea.. whats up with that?
1. Will turn sentient living fauna into non sentient living flora.
2. Will kill living flora.
3. Will not kill living fauna.
No. 405865 ID: 369d34

Its would be odd that they would go to the trouble of moving the obelisk such a short distance to put it in their village. Perhaps the obelisk was moved before they even settled here? You're going to have to talk to them to get the answer, so go the diplomatic route. They give you guff or question your authority, entangle them in vines until they comply. Nothing serious, yet.

How were you planning to get the obelisk back in position? More animated vines? Deforming the terrain to make a "land wave" to roll it back?
No. 405884 ID: 2563d4

Waltz over and command them to put it back.

If their reaction isn't to immediately start doing that, then go for vines, vines everywhere. Especially anyone who tries to run off instead.
No. 405971 ID: a2fa74

Have animated vines carry the obelisk back, but try to avoid scaring the people too much. They are probably not responsible, and they might know enough about other lands for you to figure out if any of your former coworkers have gone mad with power and/or started killing the rest.

While the vines are moving it back ask them if they know why the obelisk is here instead of in its proper place.
No. 405981 ID: 7864e7

Moss glove, oaken fist. "Hey dudes, I'm awake, I need my obelisk back, carry it back to XYZ spot for me and I'll mend your ailments and injuries, displease me and I'll turn you in to a shrub"
No. 405988 ID: 6f4add

just take it back. you don't need to explain yourself.
No. 406039 ID: 0d7a83

You do know that withering crops is taking life, right?
No. 406467 ID: a2853b

She probably just has a red blood phobia.
No. 406469 ID: a2853b

or maybe it's the act of releasing a soul that bothers her. As long as a soul is not released from the material realm by her actions, she's fine.
No. 406509 ID: 3734f6

You could kill fauna via withering it just like flora.
In fact it will be MORE effective since they don't carry a massive sack of spare water in every cell in their body.
No. 406575 ID: b9e291

They probably don't even have the power to move an obelisk. They probably just built their village around it when it moved for whatever reason. No need to jump to conclusions. Just move the obelisk back to the ley line, or whatever is needed to get it working right, and don't bother the nice village people.

Of course if they protest you can turn them into trees and then wither the trees.
No. 406647 ID: 369d34

Wordlessly walk right up to the obelisk, use your magics to move it back into position, vine tangle and move out of the way anyone who gets in your way. Once the obelisk is back where it belongs, tell the villagers, in a booming, magically amplified tone, "do not move this obelisk." That'll establish your power in their eyes, and likely use equal or less mana than wrecking the place and transmuting the population into shrubs.

If you're curious about how the obelisk was moved, ask the villagers how and why it was in their village. Make sure to add that you'll know if they're lying, whether you do or not.
No. 409922 ID: ce4a4d
File 133655423349.jpg - (34.85KB , 600x600 , diplomacy.jpg )

>use diplomacy
"You! Peasants! What are you doing with my obelisk?"

Several heads duck together in whispered conversation. One of the Kiri Pilai scampers out to greet me as I approach. I'm actually a bit surprised to see a settlement of these gypsies, much less in my lands.

"Um... welcome, traveler."

I very patiently glare at him until he continues.

"This pillar's been here for generations!" he says. "It's a pillar of the community."

I continue glaring.

"That's a joke?" he explains.

"How many generations?"

The mongoose rubs his chin. "Veerrrry nearly two? My father's father was elder when it was brought here. It's magical."

"I know it's magical. I made it! How did it get here? Why is it HERE instead of THERE," pointing at the proper site.

"We... hauled it? I guess? The soil's more arable here, so I guess it made more sense than moving the village." I could sort that out easily enough. More easily, if the obelisk was actually in the right place. "You were saying it was yours? There's a lot of them around here, and they've been around forever. Or there were, anyway." He clears his throat nervously. "I heard that we moved it after seeing one shipped downriver and installed on the dome at the Madrasa of Riaj. They're said to ward off evil?" That's a long way downriver. It'd certainly be nice to have some sort of riding beast.

So what am I doing with them now?
No. 409923 ID: 09e5bf

Inform him what they actually do, and how they work, and how moving them just gives him a useless if stylish rock.

Have them movie it back to where it's actually useful. If they don't do it willingly, convert who you can into servants, and the rest into trees.
No. 409928 ID: 3734f6

Owned? They are mine because I created them <X> years ago (specify year). And I made them to control the flow of life energy in my divine domain.
Removing, moving, or destroying any of them corrupts the flow. This corruption is why the pleasant weather spell has has been corrupted, this corruption is why there is a drought and why it rains fire.
I am going to move it back to its proper place now so I may begin fixing the damage to this land, weather you follow is up to you but do not tamper with those devices again.
No. 409932 ID: 1facc9

>"You damnable idiot peasants, do you have any idea of the damage you've done?! Those pylons were the critical nodes of my ward structure, without them in the correct places this land will turn into a desert!"
>"Unless you want your entire village to suffer an agonizing eternity in the depths of my Gardens, I suggest that you get to work on RETURNING MY STOLEN PROPERTY!"
No. 409936 ID: 2563d4

Tell them that they're moving them back.

All of them, as penance. You've just got your slave labourers minions.
No. 409938 ID: 2e6fa0

So hey, incidentally, how long would it take to convert one of these folks into some sort of a riding beast?
No. 409947 ID: 3734f6

what all of them? they only have one here and they might damage it during moving rather then you doing so.

The only other they know was was ferried far away to a palace. Not practical for either us or them to go reclaim it rather then making a new one.
No. 409973 ID: d5f488

move the entire village to the proper site along with the obelisk.
No. 409974 ID: 8e8b4b

If they moved it to the village without damaging it they can move it to the site without damaging it.
Also whats it even take to make one of those things? It might be less trouble just to find the ones that were taken.
No. 409976 ID: 9718f3

Yeah, just get it moved back/ Do it yourself or have them do it, whatever's easier/faster. They can move their settlement to around it if they feel like it. If they complain about the stupid soil say that you can make it better.
No. 409981 ID: b85f8c

Get them to move the damn obelisk, and say that you will move the village to it in exchange. They do something for you, you do something for them.
No. 409988 ID: c891d3

Do you know where the Madrasa of Riaj is? That sounds like a long fucking way from here if I had to guess.
No. 409994 ID: a2fa74

Tell them the obelisks only work at the original locations, and moving them causes disasters.
Make some plants grow out of the dirt and say you'll make the land around the original site arable after they move it back, but if they don't you'll turn this site into desert and move it yourself.

Also, if they have any riding beasts then take one. Turning one of them into one would take far too long, and would leave a bad impression.
Fixing all this will be a lot easier if the people don't think you're some sort of vile monster.
No. 410031 ID: 369d34

Inform him, in the loudest way possible, that that obelisk is a vital part of a mana management and collection system that feed a massive geomantic spell which keeps the land fertile and the weather good, and would run without flaw forever. Well, it was, and it would have, had all these huge fucking ignorant morons not moved the obelisks and broke it!

Time to make him an offer he can't refuse. Tell him that if this village moves the obelisk back, right now, then moves the village to around the obelisk and keeps anyone else from messing with it, you'll make the land there as more fertile than the land here. As a visual aid, use a little mana here to grow a single plant of whatever crop they use to maturity, right at your feet. Pluck a single seed from it. Then say that if they refuse, you will turn this land so that all their crops turn to vile thorny vines. Make the seed sprout into a thorn vine in the palm of your hand, then all the seeds on the plant. Now ask him what his choice is.

While the villagers are hauling the obelisk back, take their best riding beast. It won't be near what you want, but you can improve it along the way. Then grill the village elder for information about the current state of the world; Like why his people, who were gypsies in your memory, settled down.
No. 410041 ID: f70e5e

keep in mind you've been asleep for more than long enough for you to be forgotten. tell him those monoliths help keep the lands healthy, and they can't do that if they are out of position. offer to make the land around where that monolith is supposed to be very fertile if they agree to move it back to where it was in the next few days/weeks and agree to make sure no one messes with it.
No. 410060 ID: 166adc

Simple. Tell them that, in their Original Positions, they made the lands fertile and rich.
Its mostly true, right?
No. 411061 ID: ce4a4d
File 133688840188.jpg - (44.77KB , 600x600 , diplomacy2.jpg )

Do I know where the Madrasa is? Yes. It lies down the river at least 30 leagues. Several days' travel by foot. Less than a day, should I have a capable beast.

All right. Time to explain things to this village.

"You have disrupted the delicate web of mana that enriches this land," - mostly me, but they don't need to know that - "softens the weather, brings rains in the spring and fair weather for harvests. Without your tampering it would run without flaw until these lands fell into the sea. You have endangered yourselves with your foolish recklessness, and meddled in the affairs of a powerful wizard."

The elder shrugs. "It hasn't seemed so bad thus far."
No. 411065 ID: ce4a4d
File 133688862799.gif - (134.88KB , 600x600 , mossgloveoakenfist.gif )

"Silence! We are not negotiating. This is not diplomacy. I am issuing terms."

"I am taking back my obelisk. YOU are to be its guardians. Serve me and I'll make the land more fertile than you can imagine. Otherwise, I'll make this land into a desert and turn your crops to thorns." It's only a tiny drop of mana to sprout a seed between us as a demonstration.

On the plus side, he's suitably impressed.

On the minus side, the expenditure of power has the local flora demonstrating its affection for my ankles again.
No. 411068 ID: ce4a4d
File 133688866935.jpg - (41.48KB , 600x600 , replaced.jpg )

It took a small chunk of mana to assemble a homunculous of vines capable of carrying the obelisk, but I wasn't in the mood to wait on the mongoose-folk to get organized and begin hauling. I'm sure they appreciated that.

All right, there we go. Perfect.
No. 411080 ID: 67e8b2

Alrighty, that's a bit of shock and awe. Ask around the villagers to find out where that oafish lion guy came from.
No. 411133 ID: 3734f6

I am pretty sure he came from this village

Finish checking the conditions of the other obelisks.

1. Can we create a replacement for the one taken for that palace? How costly will it be of our energy?
2. Can we repair (at least partially) the mana generation spells without that obelisk? How costly would it be compared to option 1?

If neither of those is viable we will have to find our stolen obelisk at the palace.
No. 411143 ID: a2fa74

Still a bit crooked.
If assembling that creature took that much out of you then it's vital we get your mana supply back in working order ASAP.
Ride your vine creature to the city.
No. 411149 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, we should find and pay his kin a friendly visit.
No. 411156 ID: 369d34

My, the time flew by; It's afternoon already. Shall we return to the manse, mistress, or can you continue to check on the obelisks through the night without fatigue? We know you have magical means such that you do not need to eat or drink, but what of sleep?

Now, what would mistress consider a suitable steed? I'm sure the mongoose-folk have one that could be taken. It would certainly not be of the quality mistress wishes, but it would be the easiest to acquire at the moment. It would be better than walking, for the time being. If it would not take too long, perhaps mistress could use her abilities to alter it to better fit her needs?

I do not see any benefit in hunting down and exacting punishment on a tribe of ignorant lion-folk. They're no threat to us, and can be safely ignored. If mistress happens to encounter them in her other travels, then she can put the fear of Astara into them, at a reasonably small cost of mana. They don't deserve any more than that.

There are still other, much closer, obelisks to check on and put right. Once the near ones are dealt with, then we can work on the far ones. By then Sinan should be done "baking" in his minion-pod, and can aid us in returning the obelisks. Though, I do not know what we'll do if there are no clues as to where an obelisk has gone. Perhaps mistress has a way to track where her obelisks are through magical means?
No. 411173 ID: c3ec0a


Now it's time to torment the villagers for their crimes.
No. 411178 ID: 3734f6

No to revenge and torment of family and and tribe. Waste of our time, mana, effort, and is just being a bitch for no reason.
No. 411441 ID: ce4a4d
File 133695652435.jpg - (41.95KB , 600x600 , alittletotheleft.jpg )

>Still a bit crooked.
Oh, fine. It's not like it's straightening it will actually make it do its job right now anyway.

Replacing them is tedious, but possible. It just takes a huge chunk of quartz, the purer the better, plus the time and mana to set it up and prepare it. A day or so plus transport for each one. Were my manse in better shape, I could just send its roots questing for suitable raw materials. The roots, of course, are the problem.

>We know you have magical means such that you do not need to eat or drink, but what of sleep?
I like sleeping.

>acquire riding beast from Kiri Pilai village
>find the oaf at the nearby village
>make riding beast from village
Sadly, you've already seen nearly all there was to see of the settlement. Fields, a number of goats, quite a few chickens, and a camel. No Zuberi - the lionfolk - and no swift steeds.

I could MAKE one, certainly. It would leave me drained. The main reason it takes so much mana and time is both to teach their mind about their new body, and to make them powerful enough to be a suitable servant. Why should I be content with what nature can provide?

>check on nearer obelisks
Actually, with this here I can tap into what's left of the web and take a look.
No. 411442 ID: ce4a4d
File 133695656933.png - (371.22KB , 600x600 , manamap.png )

As expected, it's a mess. The leylines are tangled and actually siphoning power OFF my lands. They should all be funneling into my crystals, which funnel them into my tower. This one could drag things closer to where they should be, but there's a knot here that's going to be bleeding off mana into the atmosphere.


Which MAY just possibly, occasionally, perhaps have a small chance of igniting the atmosphere. In a very small area.

Every once in a while.

I'm sure no one lives there anyway.
No. 411448 ID: b9e291

Welp. Looks like you were responsible for the rain of fire after all.
No. 411449 ID: 8db51b

Oh for fuck's sake what a mess.

Can't you park an obelisk on that knot and handle it that way?
No. 411455 ID: 5029d1

wait, is that another one missing? to the south. north one is at that city. and i am guessing the knot is near a lion village. so while a bit miss-informed he wasn't entirely insane. try to get the funneling out of your area under control and then wait until he's done gestating.
No. 411456 ID: b85f8c

Better fix it, so the leylines move faster. Also I want to see the atmosphere ignite! Wait shit that's probably only once every new moon, isn't it.
No. 411459 ID: b85f8c

Ah, but first we should go down the river and retrieve that other stolen obelisk.
No. 411478 ID: a2fa74

Ok, so now we know for certain that your attacker placed blame in the right direction.

If the knot is bleeding energy off into the atmosphere then couldn't you go there and siphon off of that directly? With that you might be able to create some creatures to assist your work, and have them repair your manse while you're off retrieving the obelisks.
No, I don't mean out of the villagers.
No. 411481 ID: cd6e04

well go and untie it! looks like you need the mana.
No. 411488 ID: 369d34

I'd suggest that mistress retire to the manse for the evening. She may then examine the stars in the sky to determine how long she was asleep, and rest for the following day's work on that knot.

How will mistress go about rectifying this layline snarl? Is it a matter of teasing it apart, or cutting it loose and patching the leylines together? Will it require tools from the manse? Also, is mistress able to tap and use the mana in the snarl directly? That may provide the power needed to construct a suitable steed.

...There is also a worrying thought I wish to share. Perhaps whatever is attacking the manse tree has been slowed by the lack of mana around the manse. If mistress restores the mana flows, it may very well make excising whatever is in the manse's roots much harder. I'd suggest that the nature of the attacker be determined before opening the flow of mana back to the manse. Would it be possible to intentionally keep the flow away from the manse, once the obelisks are back in position?
No. 411494 ID: b85f8c

The knot is pretty far away. We should get some proper transportation before untying it, I think. Going downriver to retrieve that other obelisk is faster.
No. 411521 ID: 5029d1

so we should
take the knot
No. 411533 ID: 0ef96e

I should warn you that unmaking the knot will release any built up energy in it, try making something to drain it off to a manageable level before removing it.
No. 411555 ID: 67e8b2

Well, at least now we have a solid idea where the lion's tribe is.
No. 411609 ID: cda15c

No she wasn't, they were for moving the obelisk... like we already established.

Would fixing laylines be a localized thing done on a per obelisk basis or do you need to have all obelisks in place and then fix it in one go?

If the former, then go ahead and repair what you can. If the latter, then check near the two missing obelisks.

Also, the tangle of laylines that's "probably bad"? If fixing stuff here would exacerbate it, then do it first. If fixing stuff here will mitigate it then do it last.
No. 433881 ID: 4a20fa

So, has your minion finished cooking, before you go shlepping about all over the wilderness?
No. 445518 ID: 026d25
File 134544723224.jpg - (63.39KB , 600x600 , homeward.jpg )

All right, that's taken care of. Tomorrow I guess I'll go look at that little issue with the mana flow. It's much closer than Riaj. Perhaps I can tap into it directly. Risky, and I'd want something to dump the excess into quickly. Or I could drop an obelisk on it. That would work fine as a short-term patch but it wouldn't really fix anything, and I'd need to uproot one from another location. There's a couple of ways, I just need to decide the least bad.

I'd head back to the manse, but it's all the way over there.

How can I possibly be so tired after sleeping so long?
No. 445519 ID: 026d25
File 134544725980.jpg - (61.49KB , 600x600 , sleepytime.jpg )

This would all be simpler with more servants. I might remind you that mana refreshes with time - mine, anyway. There is no reason to hoard every drop and scrap like a miser counting his coins.

We'll discuss this tomorrow. Right now I'm going to sleep, and you will guard over me.

You DO remember how to do that, right?

The homunculous is yours for the evening.
No. 445520 ID: 026d25
File 134544727689.jpg - (38.65KB , 600x600 , sleepytime2.jpg )

No. 445521 ID: 026d25
File 134544730178.jpg - (37.71KB , 600x600 , onwatch.jpg )

No. 445522 ID: 026d25
File 134544731406.jpg - (28.30KB , 600x600 , intruder.jpg )

No. 445526 ID: 4a20fa

Let's grapple the fuck out of it.
No. 445527 ID: bf54a8

beep, intruder detected, engage, grapple and subdue.
No. 445528 ID: 58e163

Creature: Identify yourself.
No. 445530 ID: 6a1ec2

rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape
No. 445531 ID: 4d21ee

Yep. You're a god, it's a mortal, rape is imminent.
No. 445534 ID: b85f8c

We are currently commanding ourselves. We have a thing that we are using for guard duty.

Detain the intruder for threat analysis! No raping it.
No. 445536 ID: 0c2247

They seem to be either praying or dying.

No. 445540 ID: 4d21ee

I'm aware we're commanding ourselves. And?
No. 445541 ID: b33427

Looks like it might be a lion; Probably from the tribe Sinan was from, if it is one. Better capture whatever it is so Astara can interrogate it in the morning.

Run vines quietly out under the intruder's location. Ready a ring of vertical thorn vine tendrils around it, spaced close enough together that it can't get through, and tall enough it can't get over. Once they're in position, raise them up as fast as possible, then curve them over to form a small cage. Follow up with smaller binding vines around its hands, feet, waist, and around its muzzle so it can't speak; Don't want it waking our mistress up. Pull it down to the ground, and completely entangle it so it can't move.
No. 445544 ID: b85f8c

We're not a god. We serve one.
No. 445558 ID: 4d21ee

Well, bugger.

Close enough.
No. 445909 ID: 026d25
File 134554672567.jpg - (36.48KB , 600x600 , trap.jpg )

>Looks like it might be a lion
It seems to be one of the Kiri Pilai. A small one.

>grapple and subdue
>grow a vine cage
Astara has given you control of the vine homunculus, but no more mana than is necessary to animate it. It is strong, and durable, but you're limited to growing it about as quickly as a normal plant.

It can stretch, and lie flat in wait. The intruder approaches, cautiously.
No. 445910 ID: 026d25
File 134554677942.jpg - (35.11KB , 600x600 , sprung.jpg )

No. 445911 ID: 026d25
File 134554680194.jpg - (49.79KB , 600x600 , sprung2.jpg )

One thing the mongoose-folk are known for is their legendary reflexes.
No. 445912 ID: 026d25
File 134554684917.jpg - (51.57KB , 600x600 , sprung3.jpg )

This hastily-crafted servant of vines and mana is not so swift.
No. 445913 ID: bf54a8

augh, supposed to wait until it gets in the MIDDLE not touching an edge.
No. 445915 ID: bf54a8

reach for the leyline in the air for a boost of power.
No. 445918 ID: 026d25
File 134554763875.jpg - (40.56KB , 600x600 , untrapped.jpg )

The intruder begins to back away, slowly, sniffling quietly.

It's still within reach of a lunge. You could also temporarily abandon the servant body, or try something else. Unfortunately the flow of magic above you appears to be well out of reach.

What will you do?
No. 445919 ID: bf54a8

just maintain patrol. if it starts coming forward again bury in the sand in it's path so it can't notice it.then wait until it reaches the middle to spring the trap. have the primary vines be like a venus fly trap.
No. 445920 ID: 886a4d

The only reason we wanted to capture it was to prevent it from approaching our mistress... and now that it is leaving I think we can leave it be.
No. 445982 ID: 58e163

Agreed, we cannot abandon our post. Keep vigilant.
No. 445993 ID: 54fb5c

Boring. Dig a tunnel complex instead. Like some kind of labyrinth underground temple. Don't undermine the obelisk though.

Come out every 15 minutes to check on Astara or something.
No. 446002 ID: 4a20fa

Well, there goes anything interesting to interact with.

Give Astara a relaxing back massage.
No. 446010 ID: 0c2247

Detach from the servant body and attach to the intruder.
"Hi, there! How can we help you tonight?"
No. 446013 ID: 67e8b2

>The intruder begins to back away, slowly, sniffling quietly.

Aw. :(

Go after them if you/we can, and ask what's the matter. Y'know, other than a vine monster trying to eat them...
No. 446073 ID: b33427

I would like to speak to this small mongoose-folk for a little bit. Let's pop into its mind and say hello, and ask why it's here.

But first, send the homunculus over to Astara, while we still have control, and have it form a thick protective vine cage over her.
No. 446079 ID: 6a1ec2

If nothing else, pop into his mind to warn him that he's sniffing around the sleeping grounds of a huge ass powerful god who's also kind of a bitch, and should probably make like a tree and get the hell out of here.
No. 446558 ID: 026d25
File 134572139365.jpg - (38.79KB , 600x600 , guardduty.jpg )

The construct should be fine on its own. You slip free, giving it instructions to form a protective cage around Astara and to wake her with a restful massage. She'll surely appreciate your initiative.

There's a gentle pull in the direction of the sorceress as you examine the intruder.

They were right she just wanted to kidnap all the children and eat them! I...
The mongoose shudders and starts to run in the direction of the village.
No. 446559 ID: 026d25
File 134572151012.jpg - (33.00KB , 600x600 , thegirl.jpg )

>What's the matter?
"Who's there?" the Kiri Pilai stops.

>Why are you here?
"I just wanted to see her. They say she had an army of monsters and I wanted to see them and maybe she could help but I got attacked by a giant plant monster!" The girl stops to wipe at her face with the back of her hand.

>She's a god who's also kind of a bitch. You should probably leave.
"B-but..." she stops, and swallows.

"I wanted to come."
No. 446564 ID: bf54a8

she's asleep, the plant beast is a guardian. what is the trouble you are having?
No. 446566 ID: 0c2247

What? No. Children are a terrible source of nutrition for a deity, and rather unappetizing. I think there are rocks she's rather eat.

Ah, ok. We understand.
The plant creature certainly wasn't going to eat you or anything; it doesn't even have a mouth.
It's mostly just to scare curious people and animals away. If something was determined enough to get past the plant we'd just wake her up and let her sort things out.

Sure, you can come with us. She slumbered for a few... Actually, I'm not sure how long she slumbered; when she went to sleep none of your kind were anywhere near her circle of obelisks, so much longer than your village existed.
Wait, sorry, I'm getting off topic.
The point is that her knowledge of her lands is charitably described as 'historic', and she needs to know about the now. You'll be a major boon to her work.

Anyway, I stalled you long enough for her to wake up, so now you should probably walk over, kneel, and call her your mistress. Or just hug her while she rolls over and goes back to sleep.

Meanwhile, we're going to get back to being the plant monster. Busy busy busy~
No. 446578 ID: b6edd6

I really don't think approaching her will end well for you.
If you have a request, I suggest you relay it to her through us, as unlike you we (probably) can't be permanently transformed into things if she gets annoyed.
No. 446590 ID: 0c2247

You know that takes an obscene amount of mana to do at-will, right? She would have to go through a long and complicated ritual, and she has better uses for that time.
You know, like fixing spots of the sky being on fire.

Lets be honest here; what this girl needs is either significant enough that it would have to be attended to anyway, or trivial enough for the convenience of this girl's aid to be a bargain. Or both. Astara is certainly going to want to hear her out.

Besides that? The plant is waking her up, and running would just mean Astara would be much more annoyed when she gets her audience.
No. 446597 ID: b85f8c

You should have come during the day. What good would it do now? Well, come closer if you wish, the guardian will not make moves against you this time.

(let's return to the construct)
No. 446619 ID: 58e163

Maybe she could help? Help with what?
No. 446627 ID: 6a1ec2


She currently doesn't have an army of monsters, just the one. She's also got a number of huge problems she is very busy with. Please state the nature of your emergency and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Oh and if you just wanted to gaze at her godly glory best to wait until daytime for that (she snores).
No. 446690 ID: b33427

I'm going to pop into the homunculus and stop it doing what would only charitably be called a massage on our mistress. (Seriously, it doesn't know how to massage; Why did we tell it to?) Astara needs her sleep after tromping about all day. We wake her up for this, and she's going to be more than a bit cranky.

So we can properly address you, may we get your name, little Kiri Pilai? Now, while our mistress Astara would likely not help you unless doing so intersected with her own goals, we might. Tell us your troubles, why you want to come with our mistress, and what you could offer to help, and we'll decide what to do from there. You'll have our aid until our mistress wakes.
No. 446692 ID: 6a1ec2

Yeah uh, abort massage. That is possibly the worst idea. Listen we'll get back to you msmongoose but we really have to keep from fuckingupagainohgodhurry
No. 446707 ID: 67e8b2

Astara's been complaining about not having any good minion material. Now we're going to turn away the most promising one yet? We'll get in trouble.

Have the mongoose lady stick around. We can always tell her to go away later.
No. 446858 ID: 4a20fa

Under no circumstances leave a back massage half-finished.
No. 446937 ID: 026d25
File 134580918548.jpg - (35.74KB , 600x600 , diyil.jpg )

>What is your name, little Kiri Pilai?
She sniffs. "Diyil."

>You should have come during the day.
"I had to sneak out!" she exclaims, in the tones of one stating the obvious.

>she snores
The girl giggles and wipes at her eye with the back of a hand.

>help with what?
Diyil takes a deep breath. "To get out! They say it's too dangerous and no one ever leaves the village and no one who leaves ever comes back but who'd want to go back anyway! I don't want to spend my whole life in the village and marry fat Gamba next door and have a bunch of kids and a goat and a farm and never leave!" She sniffles again after her speech.

You're not sure of the wisdom of revealing Astara's problems to a child, but the mistress might be interested in a willing minion. The girl seems to have spirit. You resolve to mention it to the sorceress when she rises.

Did you remember to set the massage to "dawn?" You're pretty sure you set it to wake Astara at dawn.

You should probably go check on that.
No. 446939 ID: 026d25
File 134580926677.jpg - (52.37KB , 600x600 , soothingmassage.jpg )

Perhaps you forgot.
No. 446953 ID: 0c2247

Of course it's not safe to leave the village. Completely aside from people mucking up the flow of mana through the area and making everything is a mess, there's probably also predators and bandits and the like.

Honestly? You couldn't have picked a better chance to leave. You don't have to worry about any of that as long as you're by Astara's side.
Although right now you should probably approach her slowly, get down on one knee, and pledge your loyalty to her.
No. 446954 ID: 085efe

Take this chance to let her know that someone has come who would be a willing minion.

Explain that we had to wake her up because the girl had to come in secret.
No. 446958 ID: bf54a8

uhh, set her down. and point out the dook.
No. 446990 ID: 4a20fa

Under no circumstances leave a "back" "massage" half-finished.
No. 446992 ID: c31f72

We found a cute thing! Can we keep it?
No. 447000 ID: 026d25
File 134583175771.gif - (152.59KB , 600x600 , sleepy.gif )

Somehow this is not terribly surprising.
No. 447001 ID: 4a20fa

That's not relaxing; that's annoying. You are the worst homunculus.

It's not even dawn yet, so you're the worst alarm clock, too.
No. 447003 ID: c31f72

I'm thinking trying to make the homunculus wake her up with a massage was a bad idea, what with it having a completely different body type, no knowledge as to what a relaxing massage is and no way to tell what the time actually is.
No. 447010 ID: 37aa84

Well let's not just stand here gawking make the homunculus stop before it bothers her and she punishes us.
No. 447047 ID: b85f8c

Ah forget it. Just move the homunculus away and let her sleep.

Inform our visitor that she should wait until dawn as we cannot and should not wake Astara before she is ready to wake. Our visitor can wait at a respectful distance, and perhaps get some rest as well, but we will be keeping an eye on her.
No. 447109 ID: 0c2247

"Ok, Diyil. Just come over here, wrap your arms around her, and get some sleep. You're far safer in her arms than you were in the village."
No. 447154 ID: b33427

Homunculus, stop that! Gently release our mistress, and reform into a protective cage over her. Don't do anything else. Okay. Alright, back to Diyil.

Now, Diyil, as far as we're concerned, you can tag along and help however you can, as long as you pull your own weight, but it's our mistress that has final say if you can come or not. You'll have to wait until she wakes, and we're not going to wake her, since she's really crabby when she hasn't gotten her sleep. You'd best lay down and get what rest you can before she wakes in the morning.
No. 447599 ID: 026d25
File 134593867141.jpg - (56.94KB , 600x600 , timelapse.jpg )

It's starting to look doubtful that anything short of stabbing Astara again will rouse her.

At your command the homunculus gently sets the sorceress down, then arranges the tangle of vines around her to be slightly more bed-like. The creation, of course, has no mind or volition. It is able to follow simple orders when not under direct control. You think it's probably best to keep it under direct control right now.

The mongoose sits nervously some distance away.

You wait. The girl waits. At some point Diyil falls asleep.
No. 447603 ID: 026d25
File 134593886739.jpg - (124.86KB , 640x600 , indignant.jpg )

You feel an pull, and your awareness snaps back to your mistress.


Spirit, what is this?

What is a child doing here?

Will I ever again be able to retire without you dragging a stranger to me while I sleep? Explain yourself, or I shall be forced to break you down into your elementary cantrips.
No. 447605 ID: c31f72

She followed us! Can we keep her? We'll feed her and clean her and everything!
No. 447606 ID: 085efe

She came here during the night. She wants to get out of this small town, and would probably make a good, willing minion
No. 447607 ID: 58e163

An admirer, not an enemy, my lady. She's expressed willingness to join us, and apparently has issues for which she considered you the best source to turn to.

A willing servant could be of use. We only have so many hands, and there is much work to be done.
No. 447613 ID: 0c2247

You said you needed more minions, and she was unhappy enough with her life that she decided to brave the unknown in the hopes of something better. She approached you; we didn't seek her out.
If she doesn't fit in well and serve a useful purpose then we take her for a task that will scare the adventure out of her and bring her back home.

Also: Child? You sure she isn't fully grown? It's so hard to tell with these things.
No. 447619 ID: 67e8b2

It likes us. Can we keep it?

You can turn her into a killmonster or something. She'd probably think that's cool as shit.

Wake her up and talk. Maybe use some life magic to give her a full night's sleep.
No. 447625 ID: 6a1ec2

Well, to put it unflatteringly, this "child" was going to be raped and impregnated after some primitive tribal enslavement ceremony. She had enough gumption to defy her tribe by running away, purely because the sight of you was an inspiration to her. She walked here of her own volition, and we masterfully prevented her from disturbing your rest. Weren't you looking for more minions? This seems like a good candidate. We apologize if your superior judgement shows differently.
No. 447689 ID: b33427

Mistress, we didn't bring her here; She came on her own after seeing you, and what you did, at the Kiri Pilai village. From what she told us, she desperately wishes to escape the fate of living her life out as yet another pointless peasant dirt farmer. We thought she might be decent minion material, so we didn't scare her off. However, in hindsight, we don't know what good a child minion would be.

...Now that I think about it, perhaps she could be part of the solution of where to dump the buildup of mana in that leyline knot. With proper setup, would it be possible to channel the mana into transforming her into a useful minion, similar to what you did to Sinan? If not, then I'd say you'd best just turn her way by telling her you do not want nor need a follower, and that she should go find another way out of being stuck in her village forever.
No. 447703 ID: b85f8c

We were going to capture her, but she proved quite agile. She explained herself as a willing minion, and here she is. Do with her what you wish, mistress.
No. 448231 ID: 026d25
File 134604846023.jpg - (116.10KB , 600x600 , poke.jpg )

>She followed us! Can we keep her! We'll feed her and clean her and everything
Given your recent record, I'm not tempted to give you a corporeal form again any time soon.
>minion material
...though you do raise a good argument. A willing minion takes so much less time to train. And you say she is agile? Hmm.
But she is still a child. Do you really think she is capable of consent? No matter how filthy her future as a dirt farmer may have been, I don't know if she truly understands what a vow of service to a magus means.
>turn her into a killmonster
>where to dump the buildup of mana
All right. You have my attention, but I would be hesitant to convert one so young into a weapon. That never works well.

I shall speak with her.


"Wake up, girl."
The mongoose stirs, then her eyes go wide.
"Do you have a name, child?" Astara asks.
"D-diyil. Um, sir. Ma'am. Mistress!"
"You wish to follow me?"
"Y-yes," Diyil stammers.
"Would you swear yourself to my service, to be bound to my demesne until such time that I release you? Which may be tomorrow, or a hundred years, girl. My oath to you is protection in exchange for your servitude, iron and unbreakable. Do you know what that means?" In response, the Kiri Pilai slowly nods.

"You realize I'm probably going to turn you into a monster, right?"
No. 448233 ID: 026d25
File 134604868876.jpg - (70.42KB , 600x600 , asmallproblem.jpg )

Well, this could be a problem. I'm fairly certain that I would have seen that from my tower.

It'd be riskier than expected, but I could still try to tap directly into the flow - probably burning it all on my new minion here. The worst case scenario is that I explode, but no permanent harm done.

I could funnel it all into an obelisk, which might last a few days before it explodes. Hauling one to the site will take a day or more, and likely break something elsewhere.

I could wait a few days to see if this subsides, and possibly get a few other things done in the meantime.

There's no shortage of things to do...
...or if I study this phenomenon for a day I'll at least know if it's getting worse. Your advice, spirit?
No. 448235 ID: 0c2247


Was there supposed to be a post between these? Because I think the girl should react to something like that, and it kinda needs a segue.
No. 448243 ID: 0c2247

Her use to you is primarily as a guide and interacting with the locals.
Can you make her better at gathering information and being persuasive, and more attractive?

Spend the day studying it. Information is our most useful asset, and knowing how fast things are deteriorating lets us determine not only how much time we have to work but also about when the problems started.
No. 448246 ID: 6a1ec2

Is the phenomenon endangering anyone or anything? It's quite fascinating, but if it's destroying your stuff you'll want to curb it right away. I would think exploding an obelisk counts as destroying your stuff. It's definitely spinning rapidly, but is the base of it moving?
No. 448250 ID: b85f8c

Could you explain what would happen if you exploded? I mean, how is that not permanent? Is it possible for you to make some sort of funnel or transformer to limit the flow to you so that there's less risk of exploding? Siphon off only part of it perhaps?

As for turning the kid into a weapon, I agree, that probably wouldn't be a good idea. Having her be a scout and/or fast-moving mount would be good. Maybe one that flies. We're talking about a lot of mana, after all, and we've been having issues with transportation.

Ask her what sort of animals she likes. Has she ever fantasized about becoming some sort of exotic creature? It would be nice if she enjoyed her new form.
No. 448258 ID: c31f72

I vote for watching the pretty fire tornado!
I also vote for making the cute moongoose girl be able to fly!

Hey, how does your can't kill thing define life? Does it need to actually have a body? Or is it a if it can think its alive kinda deal?
No. 448272 ID: 4a20fa

Don't suppose you've got something subtle you can burn the mana on, like making her more impervious to harm, or able to cast cantrips like creating fresh water?

Since you don't seem to want to do the rule-through-fear thing, turning the village's daughters into hideous fleshy warlumps is probably not in keeping with your grand strategy.

(Traumatizing them by exploding is fine, though.)
No. 448273 ID: 32e092

Study. It's waited this long, it can stand to wait another day for you to make certain of the correct approach to repair it. Plus, it'll give you and the kid more time to talk.
No. 448291 ID: b33427

Observe and study the phenomenon for a day, and figure out if immediate action is required. You might also have time after dark to observe the stars and find out how long you've been out for. Not just for curiosity's sake, but to get an idea of how long your works have been without maintenance.

An additional day would also give us time to mull over what form Diyil will take, allow you to measure how much mana will be available for the transformation, and lay out what options are open. You already have a labor and combat minion cooking back at the manse, so what choices for other kinds are available? Perhaps choices of a subtler nature are available?

This would also give us time to speak with Diyil after you have gone to sleep, about what will happen to her, what forms she would prefer, and which ones she would hate. We know you don't care much about such things, and could make her any form you wish, but one that she despises will lead to loyalty and discipline problems that you may not have time or patience to deal with.

Now, how much of a setback would it be if the worst case happens, and you explode? Also, how much damage do you estimate it will cause to the surrounding lands?

We're also wondering why you offered placing an obelisk as an option, if it would just end up blowing apart. We'd understand if it would be used as a flow limiter for the mana, so you could draw it out at a controlled rate, and not run the risk of catastrophic failure while weaving the transformation spells on Diyil.
No. 448300 ID: b85f8c

Also of consideration is if/how you can alter minions after the initial transformation. We can continue to upgrade them, can't we?
No. 448303 ID: 3e7855

How about you make that temp obelisk and THEN study the phenomenon and work on a good permanent fix?
No. 448319 ID: 3734f6

Isn't this the "probably bad" mana snarl?
Study it just to see if there is anything we can learn / get from it.
But unless it can do something special for you then I suggest we just leave it for last and go repair the rest of the mana flows. Presumably having fixed the other portions of the network this mess will be easier to handle afterwards.

Also, surely you can transform the girl's internals while leaving her appearance the same? (or maybe accelerated to maturity so we have more to work with... estimate her adult appearance based on her own appearance and her mothers)
Or... could you take on an apprentice?
No. 448366 ID: 026d25
File 134608829955.png - (76.71KB , 500x500 , thoughtbubble.png )

>alter minions after the initial transformation.
Yes, at the cost of more mana invested. Why do you think I proposed an option that does little but make them a sl... make them loyal?

>Also, surely you can transform the girl's internals while leaving her appearance the same?
I'm not sure how well that would work out.
No. 448374 ID: 71be08

What kind of work is the kid interested in doing? Also, can you adjust her again later?
No. 448380 ID: 54fb5c

If you're altering Diyil then just go for the flight upgrade with a bit of extra weather resistance, keener senses and survivability. She can be your scout.
No. 448412 ID: 0c2247

We don't need a scout, we need a guide and a diplomat.
Right now the hardest obelisk to get back is almost certain to be the one that was taken by the rich jerkass. Kings are used to having power over things, and generally react poorly to anything they can't control. Astara is most certainly outside his control.
If we don't work things out there then at best he's going to be stealing obelisks from us and messing things up even more. At worse he'll go for full-on war and have people start breaking the damn things out of spite.
The best tactic is to feign some measure of respect, and since I doubt Astara feels like playing nice with a pompus thief that task falls to her minions.

Also? I don't think a scout is important until you have something at risk. Turning her only active minion into a scout would be like you trading all your valuables for a safe.
No. 448444 ID: b85f8c

Hey, I still want a decent mount.
No. 448743 ID: 58e163

Why don't we ask our volunteer monster what kind of monster she would like to be.

Though nudging her a bit towards a mount wouldn't be bad. Our other servant's going to be slow and strong - she could serve well on the other end of that spectrum.
No. 448751 ID: 907880


I agree - she's actually willing to serve you, and she'll probably do that better if she has some control of the form that service takes. Ask her what she'd like to be.

Also, she seems more intelligent than the first guy, and she has some initiative. I'd suggest making sure she can still speak, use her hands, etc., in case you do use her for diplomacy and the like.
No. 448754 ID: 9718f3

Yeah, give her flight. She'd be super happy with flying, I think. Maybe a more adult body, kids usually seem to love that kind of thing.
No. 449114 ID: 026d25
File 134624244375.jpg - (61.91KB , 600x600 , careerplans.jpg )

>Can you make her [...] persuasive, and more attractive?
I could make her a zebra, yes.

>could you take on an apprentice?
I'd rather not. Mages are notoriously bad at getting along.

>We don't need a scout, we need a guide and a diplomat.
And what I have is a nearly pubescent dirt-farmer. One that is currently terrified. Here, I'll talk to her.

"Diyil" - there, I even used her name - "pretend I am a satrap of the Akkayid Empire, surrounded by my noble wazirs and attendants and assorted eunuch bodyguards. You have been called upon to deliver a declaration of war to this court. Also, his seneschal is chewing on a raw clove of garlic. How do you comport yourself?"

The girl tears her eyes from the spectacle and stares at me in surprise for a moment. "I- I would bow?" She blinks. "An oral message?"

She did a little better than expected, and can at least think on her feet. In a few years, or perhaps a few decades, she would fit the job well. However, is this what you really want to pin your hopes on right now, spirit? "No," I reply. "A herald of an magus does not bow to a terrestrial power. And such messages are traditionally delivered on a scroll of dragonskin."

"But dragons don't..." she stops.

"Exist? Not many, no. I've only met one." Her eyes grow even wider.

All right, fine. "Tell me, girl. Have you ever dreamed of becoming something new? Better? Faster? Stronger? I could make you swifter than the wind. Do you envy the birds? I could give you flight." I'll focus on those options. "You heard the tales, and yet you came to me anyway. You can be powerful, exotic." Diyil trembles slightly as I make my speech. "This is not an offer I make often, but the choice is yours in exchange for your vow. What do you secretly wish to be?"

Diyil looks away. "I need some time to think."

Perhaps you'd like to spend some time with her later, while I work?
No. 449115 ID: 026d25
File 134624249622.jpg - (67.83KB , 600x600 , youarehere.jpg )

>Could you explain what would happen if you exploded? I mean, how is that not permanent? Is it possible for you to make some sort of funnel or transformer to limit the flow to you so that there's less risk of exploding? Siphon off only part of it perhaps?
Placing one of the obelisks on the site would work as a mana capacitor. It's not what they're built for, and with nowhere to direct the flow it would eventually overload the container. I could tap directly into it and drain it periodically, but I'd guess I'd be making the trip every two or three days, and I'd need something to use it on immediately. I have my limits, too.

So, if I exploded... well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I'd be some time healing and all my reserves would be spent. That much magic released at once, undirected, could do strange things. The raw mana tearing through the sky is producing heat and light from the friction as it rubs against reality. Funneled through me, it would produce other effects.

The vortex is essentially stationary, but the tail is wandering around a bit. We're about two or three leagues out, and about an equal distance from my manse. I could be home by midday, and I can do at least as much to study this phenomenon from there as I can approaching it directly.

The girl follows along, quietly.
No. 449116 ID: 026d25
File 134624378408.jpg - (61.86KB , 600x600 , familymatters.jpg )

Two more of the Kiri Pilai have followed us.

The child gives a small gasp as they approach. They stop a respectable distance away, and the larger of the two speaks.

"Diyil! We thought you'd been taken!"

She's not quite my servant yet, but this meddling in my affairs is tiresome. What shall I do here?
No. 449119 ID: 4a20fa

Keep walking. The daughter either hesitates and sticks with her parents or she doesn't. You'd be losing a liability as much as an asset so it's not worth words over.
No. 449122 ID: 085efe

Tell them that she has come to you and you will be giving her your protection until she decides otherwise. If they get pushy, or overbearing, and she gets meek, tell her that she can stay here while she decides what she wants. and Tell her parents that the you will not accept them trying to strongarm her into changing her mind. After that, say the conversation is over, and you have important business to get to.

If that fails, could you just make those two loyal to you?
No. 449150 ID: 1ddf73

I mostly agree with this post. Say "It is your decision, not theirs." to the kid though. Maybe even send us over if you want.
No. 449153 ID: 0c2247

"Taken? No, she came to me for refuge from some complaint or another. She has not yet had me shape her body into one more my liking, so she is free to leave if she so chooses.
You may try to convince her to return, but the choice is hers."
No. 449156 ID: b63de3


I support this course of action.
No. 449160 ID: 3734f6

This, yes
No. 449281 ID: 7459d5

A consideration: Could a servant be altered, specifically, to act as a mana battery for you?
No. 449284 ID: 6a1ec2

Woo, three minions for the price of one
No. 449288 ID: 7459d5

Raw materials for Quartz is literally everywhere around your manse. without digging. Inland desert sand is mostly tiny, tiny peices of quartz. You have an abundance of material to work with, and the mana buildup can be channeled into experiments in fusing it together, no excessive digging and searching required.
And you potentially have a trio of servants right here to form any specialized tools you need. The only limit is the amount of fine control you have.
No. 449299 ID: 100061

that could work, we would have to grow a plant to do the actual extraction and molding though, since we can only manipulate living things.
No. 449427 ID: b33427

I suggest using this as a test of Diyil's will to go through with being and becoming your servant.

Summon vines to make a seat, and take it. Turn to Diyil and say to her that if she is going to tell her family the reasons she came to you, now would be the time, for she may not get a chance later. You won't wait long, so she should be quick about it.

Sit, wait, and listen. If she remains convicted to being your minion, then good, she can continue with you. If she folds under familial pressure, and leaves, then she never had the conviction to stay with you, and good riddance. Better to find that out now, than when she runs off or something, and you have to waste time and mana ensuring her loyalty.
No. 449901 ID: 2cc3ac

I agree that we should use this as a way of making sure she will stick with us.

If she passes, why don't we have the homunculus grab her rude parents and forcibly take them back home? Maybe turn part of them into something weird, if they push the issue. Nothing that would make their lives miserable, but would be a mark of your power upon them so that those back in the village know you're not to be trifled with.
No. 449935 ID: 026d25
File 134640520713.jpg - (52.59KB , 600x600 , inflectionpoint.jpg )

"It is your decision, not theirs."
I continue walking.

Within half a league she's back.
No. 449936 ID: 026d25
File 134640539918.jpg - (40.86KB , 600x600 , theaerialroads.jpg )

I have some time to mull over your proposals at we return to my manse in silence.

>three minions for the price of one
Yes, I did potentially have two more servants available. If you think that having a willing servant is important, I doubt forcibly enslaving the girl's relatives would help.

>Could a servant be altered, specifically, to act as a mana battery for you?
...yes. I'd honestly forgotten about the possibility, but I can make a creature into a sort of living mana storage. There are risks involved... not so much to myself or the subject, but politically. They are difficult for most magi to create, and are a prized commodity. Moreover, most would consider being rooted on a leyline to be a punishment.

>Raw materials for Quartz is literally everywhere around your manse. without digging
Unfortunately, no, the nearest true desert is too far to be of use. My plateau overlooks the savannah, with wetlands to the south. The sunsets were much more impressive here, you know.
(Lazy backgrounds - hopefully the previous update made the local ecology clearer)

The girl is, predictably, awestruck by the great banyan. She remains wide-eyed as we traverse the aerial roads of my home, and as the flora ferries us to my vine-clogged tower. I head straight for the ritual circle to begin work.
No. 449937 ID: 026d25
File 134640547031.jpg - (52.18KB , 600x600 , research.jpg )

Well, there's good news and bad news.

The good news is that the vortex of mana isn't getting any worse.

The bad news is that it's not getting any better, either. It's become self-sustaining, pulling in power from throughout my lands and throwing it away in a vast display of pyrotechnics.

There are a few ways I can think of to handle this.

If I were to seal the mana flows to the area, it would gutter out like a fire deprived of oxygen. That would leave me completely without the ability to regenerate mana for the duration as well.
If I could completely drain the vortex it would smooth out the flow - like cutting a snarl out of a tangle of yarn and tying the ends back together. Except in this case the yarn is made out of lava. There's obviously the possibility of things going wrong with this plan. Possibly I could funnel the power into something without directly handling it, like... I don't know, crafting a volcano to serve as an anchor between earth and sky. I don't really want a volcano within spitting distance, though.
I could probably manually realign the entire grid to pull power away from it, weakening it over time. I'd need to cover over a dozen leagues in a manner of hours, so that plan absolutely requires a swift mount.
Or, honestly, since it's not getting worse I could work on something else.

It's more than a little embarrassing, though, having a ten thousand cubit high flaming beacon showing that my control over my lands is weak.
No. 449939 ID: 4a20fa

Much as fixing the grid is a good long-term solution, I'm not sure piggy-back-rides on a mutated mongoose child is.

On that note, has Captain Preparation finished cooking yet? Maybe we can lumber him out there and funnel the crazy mana buildup into making him speedy enough to then fix it from reoccuring.
No. 449940 ID: 6a1ec2

Honestly your ability to create minions does take a while even at full power, so you won't be able to manually realign the grid right away. Perhaps you can get started turning that adorable young girl into a misshapen horror of a riding beast, and then address whatever is ailing the roots of your manse whilst she bakes?
No. 449948 ID: 9718f3

Could you funnel the energy into a giant river or something? A geyser? It would make rainbows!
No. 449949 ID: 9a34be

Actually, that's not a bad idea. A volcano may be unsightly, you could create a miles-wide natural hot spring, complete with geysers. It would be a nice change of pace from the usual endless Savannah.
No. 449984 ID: 32e092

Ooh, yes. Do this!
No. 450002 ID: 54fb5c

Realigning the grid is probably the intelligent choice here so I guess you need to work on a mount. Will an animal do? If you have some sort of currency to use in trade then you could send off Diyil with a mission to bring you a few horse or large dogs or whatever fits your uses. At least one for you and one for her if she'll end up needing one. That is unless she's ok with becoming the mount herself.

While she's doing that you can try to whip your tree fort into shape and get that damn vine problem and root infection resolved. How is your mana income going now?
No. 450075 ID: 710329

We srsly should funnel the mana into geysirs
No. 450207 ID: b33427

After consideration, realigning the grid to weaken the mana vortex seems to be the best option at the moment. Since it'll take several days to transform Diyil into a suitable mount, that will give you time to investigate the source of the tangling vines in your manse, as well as effect minor repairs, such as getting those vines off your bed so you have a decent place to sleep.

We'll speak to Diyil about your intentions, and hear what she has to say, after you have gone to sleep. Though, before we do, we would like to know what form some of your previous mounts took, so we'd have a better idea of what she's getting into. We may also have questions about additional minor attributes that might be added to her, such as enhanced and expanded senses and ways to communicate long-distances with you, that would make her work as a scout as well as a mount.

Lastly, there is one thing I'm wondering: Why haven't you mentioned changing yourself into a suitable form? I assume that you haven't put that option on the table because it's either not possible, or it comes with additional substantial risks, or you just won't do it out of personal vanity. I'd just like to know what the reason is.
No. 450222 ID: 100061

if you sealed the mana how long would it take for the fire to go out? right now we are in no hurry and in almost no danger, so unless it would take over a eek sealing the mana flow sounds like the best plan.
No. 450272 ID: 67e8b2

As much as you seem to get off on turning people in to your steeds... Couldn't you just, like, get a pre-existing riding beast to be your thrall?

That said, how long until the lion finishes cooking?
No. 450446 ID: 2cc3ac

Ask the girl if she's decided on a form yet. You'd like for fast transport soon.

If she hasn't decided, let's work on cleaning up our base while we wait. You said there was something attacking the roots?

Oh, and check on Mr. Idiot. His transformation should be done by now, so we can see about our control over him.
No. 451104 ID: 026d25
File 134665291391.jpg - (94.52KB , 900x600 , thelionsleepstonight.jpg )

>check on Mr. Idiot
Well, he's making good progress. I can't easily materialize more than a few pounds at a time from the ether, unlike some mages, so I actually am limited to how quickly I can pump him full of nutritious sludge and convert that to living tissue. So no earlier than tomorrow morning, though I can keep him suspended as long as I need.

He's starting to take up a lot of room in my bedroom, too.

>you need to work on a mount. Will an animal do?
>As much as you seem to get off on turning people in to your steeds... Couldn't you just, like, get a pre-existing riding beast to be your thrall?
I do, but it's not just that. Having minions that are already intelligent is easier than trying to improve an animal. There also not a lot of civilization out here, which means that what few animals are available are probably not for sale. I could send the girl down the river to the trade city with a few pounds of raw gold, but that's a week's travel and she should probably be supervised.

>Why haven't you mentioned changing yourself into a suitable form?
I'm actually... more or less fixed like this. Anything that would alter me quickly reverts, whether it's an injury or magic. It makes me basically unkillable, but it's not entirely without drawbacks.
That said, I suppose I CAN magically enhance myself for a time. Taxing for a short-term benefit, but I suppose that's an option for visiting all the obelisks quickly. It'd be about half my reserves to manage that kind of speed for half a day.

>if you sealed the mana how long would it take for the fire to go out?
The vortex would probably die down enough to be manageable in a few days.

>Maybe we can lumber Captain Preparation out there and funnel the crazy mana buildup into making him speedy enough to then fix it from reoccuring.
Sure, that's doable. But I'd rather give him a chance to prove himself before enhancing him further.
No. 451109 ID: 026d25
File 134665303666.jpg - (80.17KB , 600x600 , incominghealthspa.jpg )

>miles-wide natural hot spring, complete with geysers.
That's more like bruising the earth than driving a spear into it, so it might not make a new node I can tap into, but it's doable and would be enough to drain the mana vortex. There's an aquifer in the area, and it might be a nice change. I imagine the locals have moved on by now anyway, right?
No. 451111 ID: 026d25
File 134665311313.jpg - (50.70KB , 600x600 , diyilresting.jpg )

>We'll speak to Diyil about your intentions, and hear what she has to say, after you have gone to sleep. Though, before we do, we would like to know what form some of your previous mounts took, so we'd have a better idea of what she's getting into.
I was just going to make her into a giant mongoose, but go ahead. The cosmetic details are flexible. Unless you change your minds, I'll be changing the girl and setting off to handle the vortex in the morning.


Diyil is lying in an abandoned bedroom, looking uncomfortable on a vine-covered pallet. One of her eyes opens.

>Has she decided on a form yet?
"I'd... I'd like to fly. If I could."

>Astara'd like fast transport soon.
"Oh." She sighs. "Maybe I could fly, sometime. Do I really have a choice?"

You may offer Diyil suggestions about what kind of monster she should be! Text or images accepted.

If there are no further arguments for / against the plan, Astara will begin Diyil's conversion tomorrow and then head to the magical vortex to try to drain it by creating a hot spring.
No. 451128 ID: bf54a8

you can be a flying beast, great wings able to carry both you and her quickly.
No. 451130 ID: 085efe

"Maybe I could fly, sometime. Do I really have a choice?"

Yes. Flying doesn't really allow for anything but that, but if you learned some skills, you could likely make a good messenger and scout.

And changes can be made later. You could probably try being a more physically useful thing first while you learn the skills you need to be a diplomat.

>Alternately, I could grant him flight, but this is a delicate change that would leave him fragile and unsuited for other tasks.
No. 451133 ID: 4a20fa

>I suppose that's an option for visiting all the obelisks quickly. It'd be about half my reserves to manage that kind of speed for half a day.
Fixing all the obelisks means you get your mana flowing back to you, rather than burning off into the sky. This is well worth doing, even if it means we'll have to form a plan B to get hot tubs.
No. 451136 ID: f2c20c

Hmm. Flying giant mongoose eventually, then? Or a sleek dragonish lizard...

Personally I think we should just ignore the mana tempest since it's not doing anything. We can fix the problem by going off to find that stolen obelisk, then coming back with it to drop it on the tempest.

I think we should spend a little time dealing with the problem at the roots of our base.
No. 451149 ID: c31f72

I really like the idea of her being her, with wings.

Is there a reason Astara can't just make another humonculus, stick us in it and use us as a mount until she gets a suitable one?
No. 451162 ID: b33427

Do not worry, Diyil. The forms of many of those in the service of Mistress Astara seldom stay the same forever. When the time comes that she needs one who can fly, you will be her choice.

Now, as for the form of your first transformation, I was thinking of a mongoose-taur; Lower half giant mongoose, upper half Kiri Pilai. The mistress was going to go with just giant mongoose, but I feel this is better since you'll still have use of your hands while moving.

Personally, I'm not happy with the hot springs plan. While it would drain the vortex, it wouldn't fix the problem of the knot in the leylines. Any buildup from that knot would just be shunted into the hot springs. I feel that the better way is to realign the leyline grid, so that it can be properly fixed once the two missing obelisks are replaced. It'd also give Astara a few days to investigate the source of the choking vines in the manse, and determine what to do about them.

Also, I'd like to suggest that before Sinan (Mr. Idiot) is brought out of stasis (and can do any damage,) that we pop into his mind to have a little chat and bring him up to speed on things. He's not going to be happy about it, but getting it from us will be easier than from the lady that forcibly transformed him.
No. 451163 ID: 6a1ec2

>flying giant mongoose
>gliding giant mongoose
No. 451170 ID: 9718f3

Hot springs woo!

I don't care if it's the most sensible option or not, it's the most awesome. Also, it isn't like it would prevent Astara from re-aligning the mana grid later or anything.

I think we should give wings to the little girl. Astara can just enhance her speed to go out to the fire thingy. Shouldn't even take very much mana since it isn't running all over the place like the realigning job is.
No. 451219 ID: 54fb5c

Well with Diyil being a hairy mammal I think bat wings would be more suitable. Mongoosebat! Perhaps just add a strong extra pair of wings with the existing arms getting some kind of retractable membrane. Then flatten the tail and put some fins on the end of it. Not much need for other alterations so she won't end up crying out of self-disgust every time she sees herself in a mirror.
No. 451248 ID: b33427

I think there'd be problems with being able to generate enough lift from merely flapping to get her and her rider off the ground. However, there might be a magical means to at least partially solve that problem. She'd be mostly a glider anyway, so why not add inbuilt spells that generate an updraft under her wings? Be it heat, fire, or directly moving the air, that'd give her the lift she'd need. The downside would be that she'd need more mana to keep it running than could be drawn out of the surrounding area at a given moment. She'd need mana storage in her body to fuel the spells, but Astara already said it's possible to make living mana tanks, so that's doable. The big question is if she'd be able to store enough to go any appreciable distance.

Personally, I think it'd be awesome if it worked, and she ended up a flaming mongoose-bat, burning through the sky. That'd be quite a sight.
No. 451494 ID: 58e163

Is a flying mount within our powers? If so, let's do that. Swift as the wind. Whoosh~
No. 451594 ID: 8a3061
File 134675134751.jpg - (274.46KB , 1037x778 , diyil.jpg )

mongoosebat ftw
No. 451595 ID: 886a4d

Hmm, needs second pair limbs so she doesn't lose use of her hands.
No. 451604 ID: 8a3061


the thumbclaws can serve as rudimentary manipulative appendages. Besides which, mongoosebat configuration is more aerodynamically efficient
No. 451605 ID: 886a4d

... didn't we plan to use her as a mount? Either we need a huge size increase or thats not going to work.
No. 451606 ID: 9a34be

Wasn't a huge size increase in the plan to begin with?
No. 451607 ID: 4967fe

Whatever the outcome, get rid of her freaky sideways pupils.
No. 451608 ID: 0c2247

we can just give her some skin flaps to put her arms in to prevent vortexes from forming; the drag cost of proper arms is easy to offset and well worth it.
The real drag would be having her carry somebody else. Like Astara.
We would basically have to add a semi-sealed skin flap pocket for carrying people. Underslung, obviously; it's more stable to have mass below the wings than above them, and you can better see the ground if there isn't a giant wall of flesh in the way.
Give it transparent sections to use as windows, and muscle bands to hold the occupant close against her to prevent sagging.

For now, cuddle up with her and sleep with her in your arms. It'll be comforting, and will help stave off homesickness.
No. 451612 ID: 8a3061

>semi-sealed skin flap pocket for carrying people. Underslung
>Give it transparent sections to use as windows, and muscle bands to hold the occupant close

woah I'm not drawing that :O
No. 451619 ID: 2f4b71

Add webbed feet and/or forked & webbed tail, and we're golden.
No. 451640 ID: 54fb5c

I reckon Astara might as well suck it up and use her mana to self-boost and travel quickly until a quality mount can be procured. Mongoosebat is definitely a go, although I still reckon she'll need some arms with hands in order to eat, dress and use tools.

What do you think, Diyil? If Astara can give you wings and hands would a batlike flying form what you'd be interested in? Come on it'll be awesome!
No. 451646 ID: bdb3f8

so part of the modification would be to increase her age to the point of sexual maturity? Cause I definitely heard "nearly pubescent" in her description. :V
No. 451811 ID: b33427

Actually, the sensible thing for Astara to do would make Diyil sexless. That'd remove a complicating instinctual drive, reduce complexity, and take out a bit of weight, by leaving out the reproductive organs and breasts. It's not like Astara can't put them back later.

Also thinking on the line of organs that can be left out or minimized, the digestive system could be reduced or removed if a spell of sustenance is woven into Diyil. That'd free up some space and weight, if the spell could be trusted not to give out.

There's also the possibility that, if a heavier-than-air flying mount isn't doable, then perhaps a lighter-than-air one is possible. A living dirigible, that generates its own lifting gas, and uses its wings to push itself along. Not as fast, or as small, as a purely winged flier, but it has the lift to carry a passenger, and maybe a little payload. Plus, I find the idea of an inflatable flying mongoose amusing.
No. 451813 ID: bbee3d


I agree - for a good minion, sexual characteristics (of either gender) are mostly a hindrance, unless you specifically need skills like breeding or seduction. Far too many guards and soldiers get distracted that way. Might as well leave all that out for now. Puberty's no fun anyway.

Hands are definitely important if she's going to be anything more than a mount.
No. 451814 ID: 886a4d

Diyil probably will not want something like that at all. People generally are very attached to their genders.
No. 451816 ID: c31f72

It might not be a good idea to make her too monstrous, because that would leave us with only Astara to do diplomacy...
No. 452044 ID: 58e163

In the last update, it was made pretty clear that we don't have much to build off of for diplomacy either. We're better off with self-representation.
No. 452918 ID: 026d25
File 134719783681.jpg - (47.37KB , 500x500 , daydreaming.jpg )

>I think there'd be problems with being able to generate enough lift from merely flapping to get her and her rider off the ground. However, there might be a magical means to at least partially solve that problem. She'd be mostly a glider anyway, so why not add inbuilt spells that generate an updraft under her wings? Be it heat, fire, or directly moving the air, that'd give her the lift she'd need.
This may or may not be a problem I've solved before.
No. 452982 ID: 6cc859

That's awesome and would make her happy, and happy minions make for a happy life. Do it.
No. 453064 ID: 6e44d2

The trouble with that is that it's sort of bad for the environment, and you don't want to be burning down your own lands every time you want to fly to or from home base.
No. 453084 ID: f2c20c

Looks good. We might not have enough mana for ALL of that, mind you, but we can add features later. The groundwork will do for now.
No. 457656 ID: 63b607

how hard is it to add a super mega jumping ability?
No. 481564 ID: 7cc179
File 135700874075.jpg - (55.66KB , 600x600 , dawn.jpg )

Well, the girl has sworn herself to my service. It's time. I still think this will be of little use, so hopefully you can think of some value to making this Kiri Pilai fly.

Up before dawn. I hate mornings. But dawn is the best time for new beginnings, and this change is best done beneath the open sky.

"Will... will it hurt?"

"No." She stares at me with wide eyes, until I'm forced to continue. "No, it won't hurt at all. You'll just wake up with wings."

She stays there in stasis while I depart.
No. 481565 ID: 7cc179
File 135700875384.jpg - (52.58KB , 600x600 , shouldhaveexpectedthis.jpg )

Well, in theory this won't be too hard.

Wish I had working weather control right now.
No. 481567 ID: 7cc179
File 135700879813.jpg - (63.43KB , 600x600 , onward.jpg )

The ground crunches with each step, hot embers resting just beneath the surface. The air is thick with smoke and hot ash. It's like walking through a foundry... no. It's like walking through hell.
No. 481568 ID: 7cc179
File 135700882089.jpg - (196.68KB , 1200x1200 , vortex.jpg )

That's a bit bigger than I expected.
No. 481571 ID: 7cc179
File 135700893796.jpg - (79.01KB , 600x600 , braceyourself.jpg )

The vortex is at least 30 cubits across at the base. It's not nearly as windy as I expected, but the noise is astounding.

I can't get much closer than this.
No. 481572 ID: 7cc179
File 135700896012.jpg - (70.04KB , 600x600 , doingmagic.jpg )

Time to begin.
No. 481573 ID: 7cc179
File 135700897427.jpg - (88.02KB , 600x600 , moremagic.jpg )

...It's moving this way.

No. 481574 ID: 7cc179
File 135700898899.jpg - (71.75KB , 600x600 , evenmoremagic.jpg )

Ow ow ow ow ow
No. 481576 ID: 7cc179
File 135700901038.gif - (243.24KB , 400x400 , engulfed.gif )

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.

I'm keeping myself alive tapping into the power here. It's like trying to drink a waterfall. I'm not sure how much longer I can...

...oh, by Anu's brass balls. There's another mage nearby.
No. 481584 ID: 7003a8

Ask them to stop dicking around in your land.
No. 481597 ID: f2c20c

Go punch them in the FACE.
No. 481621 ID: cf49fc

Quick, channel all that mana into force! LAUNCH HIM INTO SPACE!
No. 481624 ID: d1efde

Maybe the locals called in a specialist to deal with the rains of fire?

Alternatively, the snarl might not be so much a byproduct of ignoramuses tampering with your network as a deliberate act by another mage to siphon power en mass from your territory? Is there a kind of mage who'd benefit from a fiery tornado of mana that rains destruction on nearby villages?
No. 481636 ID: a28731

While you should be prepared to fight at a moments notice, a first strike against a stranger who might not be hostile might be unwise.

Engage conversation.
No. 481648 ID: b33427

Speaking to this mage to ask his or her's intentions here before taking action against him or her would be the prudent option here. Just not while standing in a firestorm straight out of Hell, barely keeping your body from getting incinerated. And especially not when that mage might be hostile, and appears to treat fire like it ain't no thing.

Tap into the mana and use it to launch yourself from the flames, then cut off from it as soon as you're clear and on ground that you're more comfortable using your magic from. You've caught the other mage's attention, so just wait for him or her to step forward before asking what he or she is doing here.

Astara, what's the usual protocol for two mages running into each other in the field, in a situation like this? We'd like to know if it's more likely to end up in magic getting thrown around than not.

We don't know enough about this mage to guess what he or she is doing here. Could be this mage is here to siphon from the mana storm for some big spell, same as Astara.
No. 481673 ID: 4a20fa

>Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.
Well then stop standing in the fire you ridiculous equine.
No. 481674 ID: d1efde

I just noticed her mana took a huge drop. Was that from altering Diyil? Shit why the hell is Astara taking this on with no power stored up?
No. 481675 ID: cf49fc

I maintain that we should perform a first strike. If we're lucky, we can simply channel all that mana into one kinetic blast and launch him out of the solar system. If we aren't, our exploding remains should hurl him out of range of this realm. It's a win-win scenario!
No. 481677 ID: 67b10c

Try to draw some power to recharge and go out to see if the other mage can help out with this thing.
No. 481685 ID: 027156

how plausible is it to hurt someone who's standing inside a tornado of arcane flames? keep on doing what you're doing.
No. 481691 ID: 78c6ea


She was attempting to deplete her reserves in order to avoid exploding from absorbing the mana over here.
No. 481787 ID: 7cc179
File 135710280228.jpg - (71.45KB , 600x600 , Q&Atime.jpg )

They're not THAT close. Half a league? Probably staring at the wildfires. Under better circumstances I could pinpoint them at a great distance from how they warp flows of mana, like a spider in a web.

>mana took a huge drop
>She was attempting to deplete her reserves in order to avoid exploding from absorbing the mana over here.
I thought that was your plan. Please tell me that was the idea.

>Astara, what's the usual protocol for two mages running into each other in the field, in a situation like this? We'd like to know if it's more likely to end up in magic getting thrown around than not.
The usual protocol is that this doesn't happen. Lines were drawn, long ago. There should be messengers and courtiers involved, begging my leave to journey within my domain. Besides, those bloated asses never leave their own comfortable kingdoms without pressing need. To be here, in person...

>Could be this mage is here to siphon from the mana storm for some big spell, same as Astara.
That's what I'm afraid of. Scavengers swooping in to a fresh kill.

>how plausible is it to hurt someone who's standing inside a tornado of arcane flames? keep on doing what you're doing.
There are plenty of ways. They could try to overload my healing, forcing me to draw on too much raw mana. They could attempt to sever my connection to the flow and watch me burn. They could tamper with the effects of this geomancy.

I'm just a little bit distracted right now. You can stay here and help, but I don't suppose there's any way you could try to handle this? Scout them out and use your best judgment?

Oh gods...
No. 481791 ID: 67e8b2

Sure, I'll scout em' out. Lemme just pull these etheric tendrils out of where they're knotted in to your mane and I'll just inflate my astral swim bladder and drift towards them like a good horror from beyond taking non-corporeal form.
No. 481794 ID: f2c20c

You need to focus. So we'll go take care of it for you. We shall be your messenger.
No. 481801 ID: d1efde

>mana took a huge drop
>She was attempting to deplete her reserves in order to avoid exploding from absorbing the mana over here.
>I thought that was your plan. Please tell me that was the idea.
What!? I thought the plan was to funnel the mana into the land to create a massive natural hot spring complete with geysers without handling it directly? When did this plan involve absorbing raw uncontrolled mana? Nobody mentioned that being part of the plan, not even you!

Okay, alright, we'll go check this guy out. Though if he does turn out to be hostile how plausible would it be for you to channel all that raw power into him instead of the land? Make him explode the way you're trying not to?
No. 481802 ID: f2c20c

Uh, yes she did. She mentioned it as part of the drawbacks of going in there and messing with it herself instead of using a crystal. She has to take in the mana to do something with it.
No. 481804 ID: 5f4e7d

[switch to plant body]
[go to 'interact' with mage]
No. 481807 ID: d1efde

It's just that when she said she could funnel the power into something without directly handling it and we came up with that geyser/hotspring idea I was under the impression we'd gotten past the problem of Astara having to use herself as a channel. Right now it looks a lot like she's handling the mana directly, so I'm just a little confused.
No. 481827 ID: 027156

No. 481840 ID: 710329

This mage seems like either a lost soul or a vile person. Before confronting the plan should be to trick him.
No. 481846 ID: a28731

Can you use this energy to recreate some/all of the missing obelisks used for regulating mana in your domain? (certainly quicker and easier than going on quests to find each one).

If it isn't too late I say retreat from this and try again after dealing with this new mage (and preferably having repaired the rest of the mana flow thus reducing the fuel for this conflagration as well as giving you weather control to fight it with)

As for lack of courier, you slept for a long time and your lands have fallen to disrepair so maybe it has become known that you are gone and your lands are unclaimed.
No. 481898 ID: b33427

Mistress, we'll observe the intruding mage, possibly talk with him or her, and decide what to do from there. Just release us and focus on not exploding, okay. We will come back only if it absolutely requires it.
No. 482164 ID: 7cc179
File 135730680337.jpg - (49.35KB , 500x500 , likecallstolike.jpg )

>Can you use this energy to recreate some/all of the missing obelisks used for regulating mana in your domain? (certainly quicker and easier than going on quests to find each one).
Interesting thought, but I can't just conjure up a 20-cubit stone obelisk.

>What!? I thought the plan was to funnel the mana into the land to create a massive natural hot spring complete with geysers without handling it directly? When did this plan involve absorbing raw uncontrolled mana? Nobody mentioned that being part of the plan, not even you!

Well, I didn't exactly plan on standing inside the firestorm. It was just attracted by a potential ground. While I'm playing the part of a lightning rod, I'll keep tapping the vortex. Now go!
No. 482166 ID: 7cc179
File 135730686804.jpg - (24.47KB , 600x600 , gathering.jpg )

The land within the burning circle has only the potential for life, resting beneath the ashes.

To the southwest, at the edge of the wildfire, a small group has gathered.

One stands out from the rest, both literally and metaphorically.
No. 482168 ID: 7cc179
File 135730697127.jpg - (31.82KB , 600x600 , rival.jpg )

She burns with magic. Not the blinding nova of Astara at full power, but a fire nonetheless.

She stands with one hand outstretched, apparently studying the flames.

What now?
No. 482169 ID: bf54a8

No. 482173 ID: 027156

oy oy oy OY OY OY! what the fuck are you doing here?
No. 482175 ID: f2c20c

Hey, don't you know a mage is supposed to send a messenger or something before entering another mage's land? Now you're distracting her in the middle of a sensitive operation! We're trying to get rid of the fire cyclone here. Sortof.

Since you're here, do you think there's any way you could help? The best thing to do from my perspective would be to redirect the cyclone's path so it doesn't keep burning the fuck out of her while she's working. We can relay a request to assist our mistress. Don't do it on your own unless you know it won't mess up her concentration.
No. 482198 ID: 7003a8

Latch on to her!
"Hi, ma'am! We're here representing the local goddess. You seem to be studying the fire in preparation for doing something.
We'd be happy to answer your questions, but first we need you to step back a bit and refrain from using magic. You see, right now our mistress is doing some sensitive work and any disruption could end very badly - mostly because the fire is drawn to magic, and if you start doing anything it's likely to move to engulf you.

You are looking to end this firestorm, yes? We can't restore the land to the way it was, but if you have any ideas for how the land should be we'd be happy to work out something agreeable.
The current plan is therapeutic hot springs surrounded by fertile land; is that to your satisfaction? Any special requests?

Oh, and since you are probably wondering, people have been stealing the obelisks that protect our mistress's domain, and this firestorm is one of the consequences of their greed."
No. 482228 ID: f2c20c

I think we should stay at a respectful distance! This is a mage we're dealing with here, we don't want to get mistaken for a monster and blasted.
No. 482234 ID: 78c6ea


Avoid any latching on. I vote we respectfully bow instead, as much as a monstrosity of vines and tendrils can.

Hello! We know you aren't after our friend Astara, because if so you would have taken advantage of this wild magic font a long time before she had awoken. That being said, we have been sent to give her peace of mind, by greeting and possibly befriending you, explaining the situation, and subsequently reporting to her whether you tried to set us on fire or not.
No. 482235 ID: 78c6ea

...and also to poking you incessantly to break your concentration, should you attempt to bring about her untimely death.
No. 482236 ID: bf54a8

we are currently a disembodied spirit. they can't blast us :V
No. 482252 ID: 521153

That's an assumption. We are presumably a construct made from magic or else I have no clue what we could be. This is a mage, they do stuff with magic. The chances of their being able to assault us meaningfully are non-remote.

To the mage: blather blather blather, nonsensical comment, obtuse question, redundant suggestion. there, I think I covered it.
No. 482325 ID: b90718

What are you smoking? We should keep our tentacles (vines) to ourselves and be polite.

If we wanted to fight we could have suggested astra employ a first strike, not tell her we will go talk to the mage only to immediately pick a fight.
No. 483073 ID: b33427

Alright, lets pop into this mage's mind and tell 'em to stop poking things, but gently like. No yelling. Don't want 'em to startle, lose concentration, and yank some vital thread of mana by accident.

"Excuse me, but could you please stop doing that. Our mistress is currently engaged in a delicate operation with this mana storm, and your pulling on things will lead to an unacceptable outcome. An "unacceptable outcome" of the type that results in a 30 cubit wide crater and flash incinerates everything on the surface halfway from here to the horizon. Now, if you'd just back away we will explain as much as we are allowed to."

We're a collection of disembodied spirits right now, nitwit. Ergo, we have no vines, tendrils, arms, legs, or any other bodily appendage. How you managed to miss that is beyond me.
No. 483145 ID: 7cc179
File 135751879291.jpg - (45.68KB , 600x600 , discussion.jpg )

Unfortunately - or perhaps not - there was neither the time or the material available to create a living homunculus.

A voice? Hungry ghosts? This land is as cursed as they say!

>We're here representing the local goddess. You seem-
She interrupts you. "No. The gods are dead or gone."

>could you please stop doing that
"You hold no power over me, spirit! This is an omen! It is a sign of my new- of my power!"

She gestures and the fires part.
No. 483146 ID: 76b151

She wasn't dead, merely asleep.

Well if you continue forward you are about to meet a very angry goddess with lots and lots of mana needing to be channeled some where if you don't at least try and listen to us.

Jeesh this is just like the last guy. And look where he ended up, transformed into a servent to our Mistriss after trying to stab her.
No. 483148 ID: bf54a8

no, she was asleep and she was woken up when someone invaded her tower. she cannot die, only be disrupted, she will live again at her tower no matter what you do. but you are making a mistake, if you interrupt her now the storm will go wild and destroy you while she will live. we are not trying to control you anyway, simply warn you.

besides. all the problems are because when she was asleep, people touched her stuff. the crystal spires were moved from their proper places causes the weather to become unstable and result in this.
No. 483149 ID: f2c20c

You're making a grave mistake.
No. 483150 ID: 76b151

I think it might be a good idea to visit our Mistress if she doesn't listen at all and tell her that this one is a newly awakened mage.

An apprentice might help out if we can talk sense to her from a position of power. Two hands are better then one.
No. 483163 ID: decead

I say that, if she doesn't listen, we just have her go the way of our first visitor. We still need ourselves a strong mount, after all.
No. 483221 ID: 67e8b2

Who the hell are you?
No. 483225 ID: 14bafe

Hey, Listen. Could you maybe NOT mess with the giant piller of fire? It's attracted to magical grounds, and I don't think you'll be able to survive that thing.
No. 483226 ID: 67e8b2

You are meddling with powers you don't understand, but not with powers beyond your comprehension. Wait a moment and we will explain all to you.
No. 483233 ID: d7fd29

LOOK HERE LITTLE MISSY, YOU HAVE NO REASON NOT TO TAKE A BREATHER AND LISTEN TO US! You could listen to us, and decided what to make of our message, or just barge in and get the worst of it either way.

Ahem, we are here to deliver a message from the local power/god/elder magus of 'sufficient power' to inform you that further intrusion into this territory may constitute a hostile act without first sending forth any envoy to parley.

Be advised, you do NOT have the experience to engage in this sort of risky behavior at this moment. At least wait for the pillar of fire to disperse.
No. 483235 ID: 78c6ea


If there was a goddess, would you want to be the one who killed the last god and doomed the land to ruin? Anyway it's not our place to question you. It's our place to break your concentration so you don't inadvertently do that, or worse try to kill her and fail. Just wait a bit. The fire tornado is not going anywhere.

No. 483238 ID: d1efde

>"No. The gods are dead or gone."
"Actually, they were sleeping."

>This is an omen! It is a sign of my new- of my power!"
"Actually it's a sign that the local villagers are a bunch of greedy idiots who stole some of the mana channeling obelisks that surround this land. That's why our Mistress is awake now and trying to undo the damage that's been done. You've got no idea what you're fucking with kid. Just stand back and watch a master work. You might learn something."

Better tell Astora a puffed up ignorant hedge mage is going to make a nuisance of herself.
No. 483244 ID: cf49fc

He is also rather likely to do something foolish, like try and directly channel all that mana. You may be indestructible, but I doubt Joe Dirtfarmer over there has any.

P.S. I gather from his garbled ranting that all the High Mages of Ultimate Power are very, very dead. Presumably by internal conflict or treachery. Congrats, Astara, you've just been forced into politics.
No. 483253 ID: 7cc179
File 135755698986.jpg - (33.41KB , 600x600 , notorious.jpg )

>Who the hell are you?
"Blaze Fang, daughter of Blood Claw, daughter of Bone Singer, chief of all Kaftar." Kaftar - the hyena-folk's name for themselves.

>She wasn't dead, merely asleep.
She pauses a moment. "It is best to let sleeping gods lie."

>Hey, Listen. Could you maybe NOT mess with the giant piller of fire? It's attracted to magical grounds, and I don't think you'll be able to survive that thing.
"It is fire, and fire is my gift. It will not harm me."

>LOOK HERE LITTLE MISSY, YOU HAVE NO REASON NOT TO TAKE A BREATHER AND LISTEN TO US! You could listen to us, and decided what to make of our message, or just barge in and get the worst of it either way.
>we are here to deliver a message from the local power/god/elder magus of 'sufficient power' to inform you that further intrusion into this territory may constitute a hostile act without first sending forth any envoy to parley.
"If she cannot hold her lands, then they were never hers. The weak feed the hungry. I have... several conquered chiefs behind me, and I will prove my right to rule."

>You are meddling with powers you don't understand, but not with powers beyond your comprehension. Wait a moment and we will explain all to you.

>You're making a grave mistake.
"But the dead are notorious liars."

She begins scratching in the ashes with her spear.
"...tell me, spirit, just what is your name?"
No. 483254 ID: 7cc179
File 135755705313.jpg - (113.75KB , 900x900 , changes.jpg )

She pauses.
"...it's... it's changing."

Perception shifts from the ethereal to the mundane.
No. 483255 ID: 67e8b2

Now that it isn't fire anymore, maybe you should start being afraid of it.
No. 483256 ID: 76b151

Like we said before, our mistress is handling this. Though honestly this pillar of fire is merely because the magic in the area has been messed with. She placed obelisks to control the power of the land and they were stolen. Now she has to either get them back or replace them.

Perhaps you could help. But there is one problem.

If what you are saying is true then she is the last of her kind. Mages so powerful they were as gods. Which means you have no idea of the protocol they made to handle dealing with one another. Necessary when tempers can ruin continents.
No. 483257 ID: f2c20c

There, see? She's making progress. Now do you believe us? Don't mess with the fire tornado anymore.

As for our name... we were never given one. If you want her name, you can ask after she's done here.
No. 483262 ID: f4a8bb

What was that you were saying about how the weak feed the hungry?

No. 483266 ID: 710329

This mage is all fucked up. She's a hyena. We should trick her to aid our cause. For now don't let her get killed by her insolence. "Change is both an opportunity and a threath"
No. 483279 ID: 7003a8

Yea, she's absorbing the mana well and using that to reshape these lands into something more aesthetically pleasing. Hot springs, I think.

As far as intrusion into her lands goes? You're thinking it of like a mage versus an army over a swath of land when it's more like a woman finding mice in her house.
She doesn't much mind people living here as long as they don't become a bother her, which is why we're cautioning you against either invasion or interfering while she's working magic.

So, the other gods are missing? Huh. You take a nap for just a few centuries and simply everything goes pear-shaped.
No. 483309 ID: 78c6ea

The dead are notorious for lying yes. Don't trust us in the least. We can tell stories however. Stories along the lines of a stupid lion man, who stupidly thought he could stop these rains of fire by killing the last living god. He couldn't let sleeping gods lie, you see. He had to stick a spear in their gut. This only angered the god of course, who laid him down and made him her monstrous slave. Though a cruel and petty god, she did not have a part in bringing the rains of fire, and in fact in defiling her manse they were created. Thus she is bringing them to an end, but if you have any sense at all you'll make haste in the opposite direction and not look back, since she's kind of a bitch.

tl;dr come back when you're immortal and have a few centuries under your belt
No. 483314 ID: dddf86

>"...tell me, spirit, just what is your name?"
Call us Legion, hyenaess, for we are many. We serve Astara, who is the Bone of your grandfather's song and the Blood of your father's claw, she who is the Life and the Blossom, the hot rush of blood and the dull grind of roots tearing the soil, a ripe green wood which shall not burn in the fire. She has sent us/I here to have truck with you, for she is a great power from a long-ago time, when the world waxed hotter and brighter, and in her time, war among the great mages was not a matter of conflict, but Apocalypse, a world-ending dread."

"So be wary, young prodigal, before you raise fire against Astara. She would be a far better friend than enemy. Back away, and send messengers in your stead, for this is not a peace you wish to broach."
No. 483318 ID: f4a8bb


I honestly don't know if we actually want to bind ourselves to a name, because a name does exactly that, bind us, and we have no idea if she is capable of binding us to her will or banish us entirely by using it.
No. 483324 ID: 12c2f7

our master is very, very powerful. however she is also largely disinterested in the people actually living on her land. it is possible you could make a deal with her, help her track down the obelisks she needs to put her land in order in exchange for power of one sort or another.
No. 483335 ID: d1efde

Yeah, I have to agree with this, names are powerful things. She could call us legion if she wants an alias by which to address us but no using capital letters, if you get my meaning.
No. 483347 ID: 542923

she's eating the tornado, and if you fuck around too much she'll eat you too.
No. 483350 ID: cf49fc

or worse, she'll turn you into one of her zombie slaves. Be polite. She is not a nice person.
No. 483380 ID: 78c6ea


The only person she turned into a zombie slave stabbed her with a spear. And us, sort of.
No. 483440 ID: b33427

>"...tell me, spirit, just what is your name?"
Our name? If we ever had one, it has been lost to the mists of time. Even we do not remember. The only one in this world now who might know is the one who created us and the one who we serve; Our mistress, Archmagi Astara.

>"...it's... it's changing."
Ah, yes. That would be our mistress, bending the mana to her will. If I were you, I'd stand back at a safe distance and watch. You're about to see magic as has not been wrought upon this earth for an age. It will be a sight to behold.
No. 483442 ID: bf54a8

yeah see, beings of her power have control of EVERYTHING they just have supreme mastery over one thing. if you were the fire god then yes you would be in control in this situation but she has far far more energy then you. to the point that she can over power anything you can do with pure energy.
No. 483801 ID: 7cc179
File 135773460921.jpg - (77.31KB , 600x600 , wordswordswords.jpg )

>There, see? She's making progress. Now do you believe us? Don't mess with the fire tornado anymore.

"No! No no no!"
"This isn't fair! This is MY omen! This is for me!" She sounds like she's about to cry.

>What was that you were saying about how the weak feed the hungry?
>As far as intrusion into her lands goes? You're thinking it of like a mage versus an army over a swath of land when it's more like a woman finding mice in her house.
>She doesn't much mind people living here as long as they don't become a bother her, which is why we're cautioning you against either invasion or interfering while she's working magic.
>"So be wary, young prodigal, before you raise fire against Astara. She would be a far better friend than enemy. Back away, and send messengers in your stead, for this is not a peace you wish to broach."
>she's eating the tornado, and if you fuck around too much she'll eat you too.
>Ah, yes. That would be our mistress, bending the mana to her will. If I were you, I'd stand back at a safe distance and watch. You're about to see magic as has not been wrought upon this earth for an age. It will be a sight to behold.
>yeah see, beings of her power have control of EVERYTHING they just have supreme mastery over one thing. if you were the fire god then yes you would be in control in this situation but she has far far more energy then you. to the point that she can over power anything you can do with pure energy.

>tl;dr come back when you're immortal and have a few centuries under your belt
AUGH. Shut up shut up shut up.
No. 483804 ID: 0b214d


Then leave and send a messenger or two when our Mistress is done.
No. 483807 ID: f2c20c

Uh, jeez. Sorry, lady. I'd say we could help you find some lands you could take over but since Astara's been asleep for so long she wouldn't know the current state of things.

She could probably help you in other ways though? You're already here, so you may as well wait and talk to her after this is done. Just kinda back away so she knows you're not gonna interfere, okay?
No. 483815 ID: d1efde

Aww, look at the poor thing. She's so out of her depth I actually feel kinda bad for her. I'd suggest she try to get Astara to take her as an apprentice, but we already know mages don't get along very well. Oh well.

Look, Blaze Fang was it? This wasn't an omen, it's the result of ignorant sabotage. So, first, pull yourself together. It's unbecoming for a mage to be brought to her knees just by talking to something like us. Also, you're missing the show. Second, we'll tell Mistress Astara the circumstances surrounding your visit once she's done. I'm sure she won't be that offended once we explain you're basically self taught and had no way to know the proper etiquette.
No. 483820 ID: 4912c2

Whoa, uh. Don't cry. Just, y'know, pull yourself together. This wasn't an omen at all - not for you, but not for anyone else, either. It's just a thing, y'know?
No. 483849 ID: 572be1

You might want to re-evaluate your omens. Especially if they aren't your strong point. Perhaps you were meant to meet our Mistress, as a tutor, an ally, or perhaps even a friend. People with power seem to be short on friends in this world.
No. 483850 ID: 572be1

Sorry, not tutor, student.
No. 483883 ID: b33427

Hey, Blaze Fang, pull yourself together. It's not becoming of a mage to go to pieces like that. There could still be a way to salvage this, if you're not above some duplicity.

Now, if your "omen" was to dissipate this firestorm, and you brought those folks back there along to watch so they could provide testimony to that end, and if none of them are mages, then you could still do this. Just keep the flame wall up so they can't see, then take credit for what our mistress is doing. It'll be quite impressive, and it's not like they'd know you could do it or not; They're not mages.
No. 483903 ID: 7003a8

Omens are for people who want the universe to give them everything on a silver platter.
We don't look for omens, we make our own.

Take this, for example. Right now you're so upset about not getting your omen that you don't realize this is an amazing opportunity.

To wit?
You want magical power and a divine mandate to support your rule, and you have armies under your control.
Our mistress is a goddess who has to do everything herself because she has no forces to which she can delegate responsibilities.

You can work out an arrangement where she gives you your divine mandate and improves your magic in exchange for providing her with the support of your forces.
No. 483914 ID: 114c5d

he's right. you have magic, and have swayed armies to your cause. don't fall apart because something you took as a sign was something else. there is no way you got as far as you did without learning to deal with setbacks, or how to seize unexcited opportunities. our master is strong, and in possession of a huge amount of arcane lore, but she is alone. an alliance would be of great benefit to both you and her.
No. 483961 ID: 027156

look, if you really want to, we can go tell her you want to pay her your respects, or maybe ask her for mentorship or something, but I really can't imagine her saying yes before she's done with what she's doing- and I don't mean the tornado, I mean the whole thing with these lands here. which will take a while.
No. 483966 ID: 78c6ea


You... you just discovered this thing, didn't you? I thought you had known about it already. It's been here for a long time, years even, since the obelisks were moved. That's terrible! Your discovery at just the wrong time. Had you arrived here yesterday there would be no quarrel between you and Astara. I feel bad now.

Say do you know what it means to "sever my connection to the flow"?
No. 483973 ID: 6dc5a6

Dry your tears little mage. Once you finish doing that haul ass and put some distance between yourself and the amoral immortal lady over there. If you're dead set on conquest you need a lot more resources before taking her on.
No. 483995 ID: 7cc179
File 135780790372.jpg - (87.66KB , 600x600 , blazefang.jpg )

The hyena rubs her eyes, grabs her spear, and stands to her feet. She slashes at the ground angrily with her spearpoint - once, twice, three times, in sweeping arcs.

"You are a liar that calls itself legion, but I am beaten. Here is my mark. Look upon it and remember it for her. I will return." She turns her back on the vortex to face the wall of flames, and her ears droop as she bows her head.
No. 483996 ID: cf49fc

You do know we can't see it right? You're drawing it outside our field of vision. Sorry. We're not really helping with your quest to gain power. Please don't be mad at Astara, we're kinda a bunch of mystical jerks she created to be gardeners.
No. 483997 ID: bf54a8

if it isn't blowing away it will be fine, can tell astara where it is.
No. 484005 ID: 027156

we would, but we can't see the ground. you'd think we could just turn our heads. you'd be wrong.
No. 484047 ID: 4912c2

Hold on a second, we're just gonna turn out heads downward, here we go... We're gonna look at the thing... *strain to turn*
No. 484060 ID: 7003a8

Oh, for the love of-
Give us five minutes or so and we can prove we're telling the truth. Surely you can at least wait that long.

[Call the vine-body over to Blaze Fang]

[Back to Astara]

It's some mage who pulled a bunch of tribes under her sway and was looking for some kind of omen. You could easily snag her as a minion and get her forces by proxy if you extend a proverbial olive branch, then we could send them to get the obelisk which was taken down-river.
Some grass and a few fruit-bearing trees springing up around her should do it.
No. 484066 ID: d1efde

We still have that body?
No. 484081 ID: f2c20c

No, I am fairly certain Astara creates it only when it's needed.

Okay, well, we will try to look at it. If we can't, well, I hope it's still there when Astara is done. We should return to her. Good luck, young mage.
No. 484106 ID: a28731

Lady, you are a newborn goddess; you give omens not receive them!

If you walk around clueless as you search for omens you will end up dead or enslaved by one of your elders in divinity who is unsavory.

Over there is goddess who is very much older, more experienced, and more powerful then you... who is NOT hostile.
So why not stick around for a bit, watch a master at work, and when she finishes have a talk and learn at least basic divine etiquette... and who knows, maybe some new ways to use your powers.
No. 484113 ID: bf54a8

[do not go back to astara, she is probably in the most delicate part and an interruption would be horrible]
No. 484157 ID: f2c20c

Oh. You are right.
No. 484296 ID: 60c5da

This lady is insolent as anything and has the wrath of a twelve year old.

I say we keep her around as long as possible so that Astara can come out of this and capture her for herself. Then we'll have ourselves a free mana generator/leecher or whatever. Im sure a mage can be used for something.

Or, employ her.
No. 484314 ID: b33427

...Sheesh! When we get back to Astara to report, we're going to have to remember to ask if all new mages tend to be as full of themselves as Blaze Fang.

We better not jump to our mistress until she calls us, so I say that we should stick to Blaze Fang for a bit if we can, and if we can't we should just float around in the aether for awhile and watch Astara do her work.
No. 484414 ID: 7cc179
File 135790365466.gif - (1.02MB , 600x600 , symbol.gif )

>try to look at it.

No. 484415 ID: 7cc179
File 135790371325.gif - (589.59KB , 600x600 , spirittrap.gif )

She barks with laughter. "Stop me if you can!"

Shifting ethereal walls block your passage.
Without a name to bind you, and scrawled hastily in dust and ash, this symbol won't hold you long.


No. 484416 ID: b79570

Can we just sorta...break it?
No. 484417 ID: 027156

well shit, we better fucking hurry up and warn Astara.
No. 484420 ID: c59939

well, there's never a hole on the outside, so that's basically what needs doing unless the goal is the center and we're starting somewhere on the edge or vice versa, in which case you can basically always reach the goal by taking the most obvious current path towards the center (or outside), and letting the shifting walls open up new ways to go further. This takes like, 3 complete loops, 5 max if you're really unlucky
No. 484421 ID: c31f72

... Its a 2d maze. We're more than just 2d. Fly up out of the circle.
No. 484428 ID: d1efde

Maze only shifts 3 times before repeating. This shouldn't take more than a few seconds, provided the goal is either to get to the center or to get from the center to that opening in the surrounding red barrier. The way the maze shifts it practically guides you in/out. With proper timing and placement dead end and corners become like straightaways to the goal. If on of those isn't the goal then perhaps we can just think in three dimensions and ignore the maze entirely.

That last option is the one we should try first considering how much time we'd save if it's viable.

One more thing. How the hell are we going to stop her? I mean if Astara's too occupied or drained to defend herself what could WE do? Besides shouting z̒҉̡͖̗͎a̶͔̞͈̩͕ͬ̂l̖̯͓̩̲͓̈̈́̐ǧ̂̽̑́̋͞͏͉̹͉̼̱͍o̥̘͙͕̩ͥ͡ ̹͖̱̼͓̮̗̠̀̊̍̐ͦ́̃ͨ̎ṡ̢̜̤̭̦̬̩̫̒ͬ͊p̸̗̉͗ͮ͢͝e̗͈̯ͮ͗̓ͤ̎ͪ̒̐͜ḁ̷̜̭͂͋͋̉ͬͤͦ́k̟̠̦̠͈ͫ̊̽̌͊̋ͩ́͘͞ into Blaze's head I mean.
No. 484436 ID: 4912c2

Notice that the symbol has TWO sets of barriers - the ethereal walls, and the symbol itself. If we wish to escape this trap directly, we should pass through the I/O port on the '1 o' clock' section of the binding diagram. Otherwise, we'll wiggle through the maze only to slap against the outer walls...
No. 484442 ID: 7003a8

This is why I didn't say we should look at it, and why I'm not.
[Head off on my own to notify Astara]
No. 484478 ID: 4a20fa

Go left.
No. 484500 ID: 78c6ea
File 135793777873.gif - (537.42KB , 600x600 , sigh.gif )

I don't actually want to stop her. She's leaving like we were supposed to do. But I can't resist a good puzzle. Here's a solution to the 3 mazes in that hex that all end at the same spot, presumably where there's less fire. I still say let her go though. What good presenting her to Astara would be lost if she were presented by force.
No. 484509 ID: bf54a8

those are technically valid. but i don't think you can go through any red lines. need to navigate through the corridor and then stop and move again when the map changes.
No. 484512 ID: d1efde

What? She isn't leaving. She suckered us, and now she's going for the vortex.
No. 484524 ID: 78c6ea


She's not going for the vortex. It isn't even fire anymore. We were all jabbering about grabbing her and depositing her in Astara's clutches all of a sudden. She disagreed, and now she's leaving.
No. 484527 ID: 78c6ea
File 135794861489.gif - (717.89KB , 600x600 , nofire.gif )


No. 484545 ID: b79570


That was...remarkably simpler then I initially though.
No. 484548 ID: b74c5e

And only like three seconds. We can go annoy the crap out of that upstart mage now.
No. 484553 ID: cf49fc

I vote for following the upstart! It only took us three seconds to escape her silly shapeshifting maze.
No. 484554 ID: d1efde

Not really. At the time she decided to draw this trap most of us were just feeling bad for her. Some were a bit mocking and others were speculating on whether Astara would be willing to ally with or teach her but there was no mention of using force to take her to Astara.

She created a trap and lied to sucker us into it. If she really intended to leave why would she do that?
No. 484566 ID: a28731

There is no point to following her and we can't actually force her to do anything considering what we and she are.
I do feel sorry for her but not enough to follow her on a fools errand.
No. 484578 ID: 0b214d

rolled 11 = 11


Personally I want to see if we can do something more than just talk and posses bodies made for us by Astara or whatever.


Try to possess her, have her gutpunch herself, paralyze her and wait for Astara to finish her stuff with the Fire Tornado.
No. 484587 ID: f2c20c

Let's not attack the mage who has demonstrated some skill at manipulating spirits.
No. 484595 ID: 522afb

I think we should go back to Mommy and tell her all that we know.

And THEN tempt death by following the mage.
No. 484596 ID: 0b214d




And distract her from dealing with the Fire Tornado, allowing the bitch to get away or sabotage her efforts?

No. 484600 ID: f2c20c

You can only vote once.
No. 484668 ID: 78c6ea

You know it would probably be pretty cool looking if Blaze Fang blew up Astara...
No. 484677 ID: a28731


After she finishes.
No. 484784 ID: 1bb66d

I say we sneak up behind her and tickle her anus.
No. 484857 ID: b33427

Dammit! I think Blaze Fang has taken this turn of events as her "omen" is actually to kill Astara! She's going to attack our mistress! We've gotta get outta here and stop her! ...Somehow.

Once we're out, everyone get in close and lock our vision on her so she can't pull anymore trap shenanigans. Then lets try taking possession of her body. That most likely won't work, but it'll distract and slow her down. Follow that with bombarding her with massive amounts of words, which I know we can do. Making a huge racket might also get Astara's attention. And if it doesn't, then one of us can break off to warn her that this suicidally stupid fire mage is going to attack her.
No. 485066 ID: a28731

Is she walking AWAY from astara or towards her? Because I thought she was in the process of leaving
No. 485154 ID: 7cc179
File 135816562873.jpg - (39.45KB , 600x600 , etherealvision.jpg )

As you shift your perspective into higher dimensions the labyrinth does likewise, surrounding you in every direction with fluctuating walls of force.

The journey is slower than you'd like, as the maze shuffles through endless combinations, but you continue pushing forward to what you assume is the exit. When your passage is blocked, you wait for shifts to clear it for you again. Perhaps ten minutes pass before you are able to shove your way through the final barrier to freedom.

Blaze Fang is still heading toward the vortex. You have no idea how close Astara is to finishing, but the view on the ethereal plane is impressive and terrifying. Will you chase down Blaze Fang and try to stop her somehow? Warn Astara? Or sit back and watch the show?

The maze was as much metaphorical as literal, but since you went to the trouble of solving it you escaped ahead of time. Previous votes from the last update will be rolled foward, but feel free to change them if needed.
more info:

No. 485156 ID: bf54a8

jump back into fireclaw, and lets start screaming her in head so she can't think. like upload the entirety of timecube straight into her brain.
No. 485170 ID: 5d98c3

Dear lord man, we want to stun her, not LIQUEFY HER PSYCHE. A hundred verses of "Henry the Eighth I am I am" at 300 psychic decibels should be more than sufficient at less-than-lethal levels.
No. 485175 ID: d1efde

Astara told us to scout out the mage and use our best judgement. We can't affect the physical world, but can we effect the ethereal one? If so we should be able to do something to trip Blaze up considering she has a presence here. I wonder if it would be possible to copy/modify her little trap and lock her ethereal self into a maze for a bit?
No. 485188 ID: 7003a8

This sounds like a solid plan, if we can do it.

If not? Lets get the vinebeast over here and grab her.
If that's not possible, then lets apprize Astara of the situation and have her put up a wall of gnarled rose bushes. Or dump Blaze in a spring or something.
No. 485197 ID: f2c20c

Personally I think we should warn Astara. She's in the middle of a huge chunk of mana; surely she can use that to defend herself against a novice mage.
No. 485221 ID: bf54a8

not mana a huge KNOT of mana. if she stops trying to control it, it could fail catastrophically.
No. 485224 ID: 680c02

if she's going away, let her. if not, tickle her anus.
No. 485226 ID: 2d8aff

If we want to trip her up, why not go the classic route?
Jump into her head and unleash a cacophony of agonized screaming that strengthens as she nears the vortex. Maybe we can spook her away.
No. 485231 ID: a28731

warn astara
No. 485253 ID: b33427

Since the most we can do is yell at Blaze Fang, albeit at a massive volume, that's all we can do. Unless it's suddenly and at a critical juncture in her spinning mana such that it'd backfire and blow her up, I don't see that helping us. She'll just compensate for us making loud noises.

Let's get to Astara and whisper to her that a novice Kaftar fire mage is inbound, and looking to prove herself by killing Astara, as idiotic as that sounds. Perhaps Astara could divert a bit of that mana to shifting the ground here to either form a protective wall, or a moat of scalding hot water.
No. 485392 ID: bdb3f8

If Astara has the spare concentration to talk to us, she has the spare concentration to notice the other magical beacon walking closer. I don't know what we would warn her about beyond that. We should continue to stall Blaze Fang. Even SHE asked us to.

Go tell her something to the effect of "Look, that was cute. Really. Clever and all that. But it really didn't accomplish much. We were made to be little more than a glorified alarm clock for that lady over there, and we got out. Still here to bug you, warn you, encourage you to reconsider your life choices. We understand, you have a posse back there to impress, but this isn't the way to do that. You haven't been able to handle the alarm clock, you sure you wanna go interrupt spring cleaning to try your practical jokes on the one in charge here? Last guy what did that got turned into a beast of burden for his trouble. I like you girl, rather not see you turned into a living mana battery, even though you do look like you have the right build for it... Anyway, don't do anything silly and we'll introduce you to the mistress if you want, see if we can get her to help you out somehow. Hate to waste a good omen by handling it all wrong."
No. 485393 ID: 78c6ea


You know, we weren't made to be a glorified alarm clock for the lady. Remember we were with the lion fellow long before she was even awake.
No. 485398 ID: bf54a8

that's because magic was going wild so we latched on to the first conscious mind that go close enough to the lady.
No. 485410 ID: 735f4f

Warn the boss we tried to talk to her but she did not listen.
No. 485942 ID: a28731

If we do go after blaze fang, I suggest that rather than acting immediately we follow her waiting for the right moment where us distracting her would be crucial.

Although, we told Astara we left to negotiate so if she senses us coming back with her she might suspect we are bringing her in for tea and crumpets hence why I still contend we should pop in to warn her first.
No. 487051 ID: d59f46

Tell her that fire becoming green is her omen, because fire kills what is useless, it clears land and makes it new. The harsh make way for the soft, until the soft grows fat and weak, easy prey for the fire.

New growth is being sown. Ashes make damn good fertilizer. And taking care of Astara's geomancy problem would allow one to know the manse's defenses.
No. 502693 ID: cbab48

...returning soon
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