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File 134699563776.jpg - (62.58KB , 600x600 , Evil_enchantress.jpg )
60462 No. 60462 ID: 026d25

Here's a thread for discussing bitchy zebra sorceresses and turning cute mongoose sidekicks into mutant zeppelins.

It's probably worth mentioning here that Astara does not run on a strict majority system - a persuasive argument carries weight. She's also free to pick and choose among the dialogue /quest/ writes for her. Overall, my goal here is a slightly silly quest that's easier to write and to suggest for than some of my previous offerings.

Feedback and criticism are welcome in addition to questions and discussion of game mechanics etc. There's also some discussion back in thread >>50891

Thank you all for your interest so far!
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No. 60463 ID: 58e163

I love this quest. Just putting that out there.
No. 60464 ID: 026d25
File 134699661184.png - (75.87KB , 500x500 , astarawaiting.png )

Sorry for the delay in the quest. It's crunch time at work and I don't have the time or motivation right now to do another huge update. Expect something by Saturday or Sunday.

Apparently there's a wiki page. Anyone have requests or suggestions for content?
No. 60469 ID: f2c20c

An explanation of how mana works and what Astara can basically do, as well as a map and the transformation rules we know of.
No. 65989 ID: a28731

Sooo... time for bets:
1. Enslaved by another mage
2. Killed by another mage
3. Carves up a small domain and manages to stick around (its a long shot but if you insist...)
4. Something else (elaborate please)

I am betting #1 or 2, within the year.
No. 65990 ID: 35ad12

Do I get to bet, too?
No. 65993 ID: a28731

:). Why not.

Even if we don't ditch Astara to follow her, what we convince astara to do could have significant changes on the political environment, enough to alter her resulting "future".
No. 66000 ID: b6edd6

I am guessing FireClaw BlazeFang will end up with 2 or maybe 3, depending on how much she annoys Astara. I think she would have noticed if there were any active Astara-level mages around (who did not wake up really recently), and if it was practical to bind another mage to one's will Astara would taught Diyil magic while doing that.
No. 66004 ID: cf49fc

Huh. Is that what Spearwielding Dumbass got turned into? Sucks to be him, he don't even gots wings!
No. 66045 ID: b33427

I think that's an image that predates the quest, so that's probably not the form that Mr. Idiot will end up taking, but we won't know until he actually "hatches" in the quest and we get a look.
No. 66115 ID: 7cc179
File 135816539346.png - (115.34KB , 500x500 , circleofpower.png )

What IS /quest/ in the world of Astara? There seems to be some confusion.

You were created by Astara in a former age of the world as an advisor and guardian spirit, to watch over her and her domain while she was busy.

Something probably broke while she was asleep.

You are still a single entity, invisible and intangible. You're bound to Astara except when she allows you to travel, and releasing you is done at HER choice and not your own. You're still unable to wander far from her side - a league at most - and can only be in one place at a time, but within those limits can sometimes choose to follow other characters and make new friends. To them, you are a whispering voice and an uneasy sense of being watched. Astara generally trusts your judgment, but other characters are free to listen or ignore as they choose. Only the insane or terminally stupid would confuse you for their own thoughts.

Without a host body or other magically-prepared materials, you are unable to affect the physical world in any way. The vine homunculi are slow and wasteful of mana, as well as requiring a few moments and a large source of vegetation to create, so Astara doesn't tend to keep them on hand.

Hope that answers some questions. Feel free to ask if you have any more.
No. 66116 ID: b33427

Thanks for clearing things up a bit. Hopefully it'll reduce the non-applicable suggestions in the quest by at least a small amount.

Can we forcefully possess someone, without prior magical preparation, as some in the quest were suggesting of Blaze Fang? I would not expect it to succeed with the fire mage, but would the attempt slow her down? What about regular folk, or regular animals?

So the only sound we'd make in someone's mind is a whispered voice? We can't make sounds other than what a person could? Something like birdsong, low rumbling, or a continual high-pitched beep. Basically create complete soundscapes as auditory hallucinations and fake out people.
No. 66122 ID: 680c02

can we tickle anuses
No. 66125 ID: a28731

Somehow, trying to possess a mage seems like a terrible idea
No. 66178 ID: 7cc179
File 135838858940.jpg - (86.16KB , 750x750 , chibimonbat.jpg )

Been fighting the worst flu of my life for over a week now. Updates have been and will likely continue to be even slower than usual for a while.

By way of an apology, have a picture of a mongoose monster.
No. 66195 ID: a28731

pretty cute
No. 66209 ID: a478de


Get yo'self an annual fluvac, son.
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