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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 132711433210.png - (10.50KB , 580x398 , doobiequest.png )
381274 No. 381274 ID: becb83

It is a bright day out.
The sun is shining.
A day as this cannot hide sin from our eyes.
The sun is burning.
Who cannot grasp justice, when it is theirs?
The sun is glowing.
I watch the sky, with justice taken.
The sun is soothing.
Worries, so many worries, melt away.
The sun is blind.
And i have murdered someone.
It is a bright day out.

What do i do.
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No. 381275 ID: 365adf

Murder someone again.
No. 381276 ID: 1b0f2f

Write poetry about it.
No. 381277 ID: c53845

Clearly, the only solution.
No. 381278 ID: 9c7c3b

Sing a SONG about it.
No. 381279 ID: bfe7b2

the sun is also temporal. go prepare for the dark night to come
No. 381284 ID: 1854db

Why did you do it? What did he do to deserve death?
No. 381289 ID: becb83
File 132711621846.png - (6.90KB , 472x291 , doobiequest.png )

If I must, then i will.
Yes, this is what I must do. I will write a ballad poetic, a murder symphony... but who to add to my score? So many people, but only the right sounds will make it perfect.
Indeed, that is correct as well. I believe the body needs disposing... as to how I cannot come up with.
Why? It is because he had stolen from me. My life's most precious work. I am an engineer and had made The Masterpiece of all beauty, but he stole it from me and claimed he had artisan'd its creation. They had laughed at me for refuting his claim and stripped me of all respect and title. Me, Arduubien, The CREATOR of a machination that would not only bring joy to gods eyes but would give reason for angels praise.

But as the temporal sun wavers, so I must make preparations to create a symphony. What are my next actions, oh muse?
No. 381302 ID: 365adf

Describe the Machination in more detail.

Create various gizmos with a musical and instrument theme.

Dispose of body.
No. 381331 ID: 1b0f2f

Eat the corpse.
No. 381342 ID: 1854db

Use the corpse itself in your next creation. It could be a musical instrument.

...nah let's just find some wild animals and let them eat the bastard. Nothing destroys evidence quite like nature.
No. 381377 ID: 1b0f2f

Strike a dramatic pose.
No. 381379 ID: f00b99

You're standing on some sort of roof right?

Dump that fucker off the side. Make an example of him; show them ALL that this is what happens to those that oppose you.
No. 381399 ID: 807ed3

uh. gather inspiration?
No. 381482 ID: 037a58

Gather both chords of life and death.
The gentle song of the smallest bird.
The wet crack of a skulls shattering.

Or just go get completely smashed in the nearest bar.
No. 381483 ID: cf49fc

Use the Machination as the centerpiece of a NEW machine, one that will MURDER EVERYONE!
No. 381654 ID: a2853b

You guys do know that, in doobie society, it is VERY BAD to kill another doobie.
Mutilating them and turning their arms inside out while you put his head on his leg is fine. They can regenerate from that.
But unless I recall incorrectly, a dead doobie is kindof a big deal.
It WAS a doobie, yes? All other races are inferior.
No. 381660 ID: 1b0f2f


Wait, a doobie can be killed?
No. 381946 ID: a2853b

It is extremely difficult to do by conventional standards, but it can be done.
Just assume they are senile Elder Vampires, and apply the correct level of paranoia in terms of execution methods.
No. 381969 ID: 1b0f2f


Well if that's the case then there won't be much left of a body to take care of.
No. 382013 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132747114264.png - (12.03KB , 486x377 , doobiequest.png )

It seems that there has been a minor debate. It is correct that you can kill a perfect being such as ourselves, but you must destroy totally. Meet my assistant, he stole my masterpiece from me. Now i laugh at him, with his head in a jar. I had dropped him in an acid vat and decided to keep what was left. But, in my jubilation I had not thought things through. Eventually others of my kind will come for me and attempt to "Purge" me as i had purged him.

What he had stolen from me was a ship. An ark that could take whole civilizations into space where they would thrive and grow. It was a masterpiece for the simple fact that it could change and adapt to the population inside itself. It would assimilate the correct resources in order to grow to the size most efficient to hold all living organisms in itself, but it was taken. Stolen from me, and now it is destroyed. Others tried to cannibalize it, to rip it apart, in order to learn of how it works... but in their pursuit for stolen knowledge they had wreaked irreparable destruction upon it.

But now, at this moment, i need inspiration. What should i do? I had heard one suggest to make a weapon, but what kind? What would i make to purge those who would hunt me?
No. 382025 ID: 807ed3

a weaponized armor? an armorized weapon?
No. 382029 ID: 1854db

Make a smaller version of the ship. One that contains only you.
No. 382031 ID: e3f578

something that can vaporize doobies

A really big disintegrator, probably supported by a battle suit or vehicle
No. 382038 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132747747162.png - (9.13KB , 486x377 , doobiequest.png )

My god, it's so simple it's brilliant!!!
I will make Mobile space armor with a weapon that can disintegrate Doobies on contact, UTTER GENIUS!!!
No. 382043 ID: 1b0f2f


And it shall have a single button!
No. 382045 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132748113377.png - (15.81KB , 729x519 , doobiequest.png )

And with my masterful skill, I HAVE CREATED _____________!!!!!!

>make a robot for our protagonist.
No. 382051 ID: 82a03b
File 132748577318.png - (24.75KB , 803x714 , robot here.png )

No. 382055 ID: 6e0172
File 132749029855.png - (12.29KB , 729x519 , somesortaspacedoobie.png )

This configuration seems... appropriate.
No. 382057 ID: b7169d


That one's quite awesome. Voting for this


I see that outfit pop up alot..what is it from?
No. 382058 ID: a133a1
File 132749461137.jpg - (77.65KB , 729x519 , InHisImage.jpg )

No. 382060 ID: 232ca6

No. 382097 ID: 807ed3
File 132751833180.jpg - (195.67KB , 1094x779 , powered space armor of doobie slaying.jpg )


it's Steve's shirt. which, as it happens, is appropriate to be worn on any occasion.

oh, and here's my two cents.
No. 382102 ID: 1b0f2f
File 132751911329.jpg - (19.78KB , 600x450 , rosie-the-robot.jpg )

Wait, Doobies are basically dust bunnies right?
No. 382131 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132752743142.png - (13.07KB , 501x362 , doobiequest.png )

yesssssssssss, this- this must be my creati-WHAT AM I THINKING!!! No, as aesthetically pleasing as it may look I need something that strikes fear into the hearts of doobie kind!

Ah, here. This is a decent template. I needed to change a few things in order to fit myself inside though. It has the requirements, the lasers to completely disintegrate any doobie and it is a Large robotic armor that I can take into space.
No. 382135 ID: 807ed3


cool. is it any good against Doobie weaponry?
No. 382141 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132753065121.png - (38.17KB , 1191x578 , doobiequest.png )

I believe we might just find out.

[Doobie Officer]: ARDUUBIEN, you have illegally purged a citizen without purging registration or authorization by designated purging rights judiciary advocate. The local god enforcement has come to apprehend you and/or purge you with the authority granted to us. Come with us quietly and we will not purge you.
No. 382143 ID: e3f578

"Die without a fight? How pathetic and dishonorable... HAHAHA SIZZLE LIKE NICE DOOBIE YOU FOOLS! Minor note to self; discover way to kill doobies but preserve flesh for obviously delicious bacon recipes! No other race could possibly taste better."
No. 382145 ID: ed57e8

purge them
No. 382147 ID: 0d7a83

Redcoats? Ha!
No. 382167 ID: 1854db

Ask them if you can get authorization after the fact.
No. 382171 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132753493734.png - (21.43KB , 550x634 , statcards.png )

[Arduubien]: Is there any chance that i can get authorization for this kill?

[Officer]: No, you are no longer a registered citizen of Doobieopolis.

It seems that we must fight anyway... Well then, I believe you all know what to do- because i haven't the foggiest.
No. 382174 ID: ed57e8

build some cover to hide behind. then robot charges in and shows them it's stabs/claws.
No. 382250 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132755326029.png - (34.24KB , 1191x578 , doobiequest.png )

Arduubien moves down 1 and uses Build
Officers 1,2, and 3 move left 3

[Officer 1]:Dammit, this thing is in the way, i can't get through!!!!

[Arduubien]: I need to do something better then just building, I can hold them off with another block but I'm in need of better guidance.
No. 382251 ID: e3f578

For one, go move and pilot your damn suit before they grab the shit out of you to put your ass in acid
It would be pretty dumb to not use this kickass thing you built in preparation for this moment so you could build some shitty sentries or whatever else you can do. I mean, I'm sorry, you're trying to do something besides build in combat when that IS all you can do, you dumb piece of shit Doobie.
No. 382252 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132755481071.png - (33.34KB , 1191x578 , doobiequest.png )

Insults? I guess that is what I get for dallying too long. Alright then, let this party begin.

Arduubien uses build to place block and moves 2- beginning to equip suite
Officers 1,2, and 3 hold action

[Officer 3]: Arduubien, what the hell are you doing? If you resist any longer we will purge you right now! ... damn block...
No. 382254 ID: ed57e8

reply with "fools, my super blocks are immune to purging!"
just to make them be dumb and attack the blocks.
No. 382258 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132755561442.png - (32.01KB , 1191x578 , doobiequest.png )

[Arduubien]:FOOLS, MY BLOCKS ARE IMMUNE TO PURGING!!! ... Oh nifty, time to see if the big laser works.

Spessdood uses super laser on officer 1
Officer 1 is instantly killed

No. 382259 ID: e3f578

"Purge now or purge later
what is the goddamn difference?"
No. 382260 ID: ed57e8

lasers everywhere!
No. 382264 ID: b6edd6

Does your laser have a cooldown or power limit, or an you LASER ALL THE THINGS?
No. 382267 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132755715803.png - (32.25KB , 1191x578 , doobiequest.png )

[Arduubien]: Purge now or purge later, whether it matters I will kill you both.

Spessdood moves 3 and attempts to fire laser- laser needs 1 turn to cool down

Officer 1 expends action to double move, same with officer 2
No. 382272 ID: ed57e8

okay NOW laser.
No. 382285 ID: 807ed3

can your suit do a derpface so each eye faces one enemy?
No. 382319 ID: e3f578

Isn't Officer 1 dead?
Are his ashes screaming? This disintegration technology is awful!
No. 382356 ID: 1b0f2f


Eyes on both sides of one's head? Madness!
No. 382375 ID: 510737

No. 382381 ID: 807ed3


obviously he'd have to face sideways to use this technique.
No. 382528 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132764357666.png - (32.24KB , 1191x578 , doobiequest.png )

[Arduubien]: Say hello to my purging friend
Spessdood moves left one space, unable to move due to blocks. Spessdood uses Super Laser on Officer 3

Officer 3 is instantly killed, Officer 2 spends action to double move towards the door
No. 382541 ID: ed57e8

show him your claws
No. 382549 ID: e3f578

take no chances, disintegrate him from where you stand

The fact that you have purged up to four doobies yourself will make you a horror story monster in doobie civilization, and the ashes will be the only thing left to even infer what you have done.

Each doobie that has ever wronged you will now live with such utter paranoia over their shoulder and never know what to look out for. They will never know peace again and exist only in pure terror. You shall only appear once ever few years, striking one as soon as people forget you, to be reminded of the terror you will wrought.

Then, we go after the government's heads. No "justice" will ever be done to you.
No. 382558 ID: e4a136

I have a better idea: move to the doorway, then block the other exit with a block. He can't leave.


It takes a turn to recharge.
No. 382582 ID: 807ed3

grapple that fool.
No. 382613 ID: fa9f7e

Put a block 2 spaces in front of him, then put another one to block the other half of the door.
No. 382638 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132770042224.png - (30.98KB , 1191x578 , doobiequest.png )

Spessdood moves 3 towards the door, blocking it. Spessdood attempts grapple.

Officer dodges easilly, then spends an action to double move. Officer drops Purge Pistol.
No. 382675 ID: 510737

say "I'm going to give you two choices....Join me and serve for the rest of your life....or be purged, and I will promise it will be slow and painful...hehehe..." make sure to add the little laugh at the end, It's just to scare the fuck out of him.
No. 382683 ID: 807ed3

Ashy, stand up!
No. 382712 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132771532345.png - (32.44KB , 1191x578 , doobiequest.png )

[Arduubien]:I'm going to give you two choices....Join me and serve for the rest of your life....or be p-
ASHY SCREAMER SUMMONED Ashy moves three spaces towards officer and uses scream. Officer is stunned and unable to take an action for 5 turns.

No. 382713 ID: 6a5a08

Get gun
No. 382737 ID: 510737

get the gun, kill the ash...thing, then say "as I was saying, join me or die.".
No. 382738 ID: 365adf

Kill Shoop da Woop.
No. 382803 ID: 1b0f2f

Use one turn to get out of mech. Use one turn to walk to Officer. Use one turn to build block blocking his way out. WHAT NOW BITCH
No. 382853 ID: 807ed3

stunned for 5 rounds? perfect! now we have a prisoner.
No. 383578 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132799536996.png - (30.38KB , 1191x578 , doobiequest.png )

Spessdood uses super lazer on Ashy Screamer instantly killing it. Arduubien exits armor and equips picked up purge pistol
[Arduubien]: Fantastic, now i will give you a choice. Will you join me in my conquest, or perish in your folly?

[officer]: ... You have been marked as imperfect, if I have dealings with you I will be marked as imperfect as well.
No. 383581 ID: 6e44d2

"Well, what's worse? Being purged or being marked as imperfect? Those are your choices."
No. 383614 ID: 807ed3

use your remote control to order spessdood to chop him to bits.

...you do have one of those, right?
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