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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 132044732766.png - (156.36KB , 600x500 , 1.png )
363647 No. 363647 ID: 767fea

I wake up in a white room that smells like smoke. There's some woman typing on a bunch of holo screens. She sees I'm awake and looks at me.

"You're up! We didn't think you'd wake up again."


"Please lay back down, this is going to come as a bit of a shock. We... Accidentally deleted all your memories.. And powers.."

"... Huh..?"
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No. 363648 ID: 6a5a08

And they replaced it with head voices. For Science.
No. 363649 ID: 767fea
File 132044768183.png - (40.68KB , 600x389 , 2.png )

"But hey look at the bright side, you're a fresh template now! Other then some brain damage you're as good as new, literally. Like a newborn. We don't even have your name."

"How... How did you..?"

"It's a very very very rare side effect from Enhance. You came to us to make you stronger and it broke your brain basically. Not only your brain but the Surge was so powerful it also wiped out all traces of you from our registry. Hell even the Master Registry was affected. When I say you're a blank slate I mean it. You basically do not exist in our records."


"But hey like I said this is a new start. Normally we wouldn't help you at all, this is because of the agreement though, not because we're jerks, but Lord Lae decided to give you a good start. Not only will he give you 1000 Credits but he'll even pay for a new Power Map for you and a new Living Cell."

None of this makes any sense but she's still talking, I can't get a word in. Also I have a headache..
She walks up to me and gives me a piece of paper.

"So if you'll just fill this out we can get you situated. Well, Emril probably will. Legal stuff isn't my forte."
No. 363654 ID: b6edd6

Can we get reminders on what those do? The whole 'no memories' thing gets in the way of selecting.

(Though if we really have to choose before knowing what they are, I vote for Kinetics. Mind powers are sometimes more powerful, but they tend to have little to no effect on seriously dangerous people.)
No. 363655 ID: 1854db

What the fuck does all this mean? Also I hate you.
No. 363656 ID: e3f578

Another quest, another amnesiac

Well, let's get this shit started. Name is uhh... gender?
No. 363658 ID: 0d095c

Kid. Before you sign ANYTHING. Request a lawyer. Since you don't exist, you can claim that unethical medical experiments were performed on you and gain international sympathy. Especially since they've effectively murdered you, erasing your personality and all that.
No. 363659 ID: 453e62

except we may have signed a waiver beforehand. and while it was deleted it would still be valid to those who saw us sign. if we did waiver then while tragic the losses we suffered would of been under it.

anyway, name, jacolin.
ask what all these acronyms are about.
No. 363660 ID: 0d7a83

You are Emanon.
No. 363666 ID: 767fea
File 132045067627.png - (40.73KB , 600x389 , 3.png )

"Uhm... Can I get a lawyer..?"

"A what?"

"Nevermind... What does all this mean..?"

"Oh my, I'm sorry. I forgot, you're like a baby now. Here let me explain:
roughly 4/5 people are born as Espers and you're one of them. However your Enhance burned out your Power Map. The Power Map helps channel your otherwise Chaotic powers. We're going to build a new one for you.
EMT is Elemental Psi. You can control things like Fire, Water, Wind, Earth. Stuff like that. Actually Lady Doredia, our agricultural leader, is the best at this.
KIN is Kinesis. It it's simplest form it is the ability to move objects around using your mind.
ENC is Enhance. It's the ability to make certain parts of your body better. You were just trying to have us use Enhance to make you stronger when it backfired. An Enhanced Punch can be powerful enough to destroy a small boulder.
Finally MND is Mind. It's the ability to Read Minds or Push Thoughts.
Normally people are born with one power but since you're a blank slate you can pick one."

"Okay... I think I got all that. And what about these letters?"

"Ah that's the group you belong to. Central Complex is ruled by our four great leaders. Lady Doredia who runs the farms and such, Lord Emril who keeps track of lawbreakers and such, Lord Lae... I don't know what he does. He's very important though. And Miss Adora. She's in charge of the general workforce around here. From buildings, to entertainment, she's had her hand in everything. You're living quarters will be in one of their sectors so you'll need to pick one. I mean you don't have to pick it 'right now' if you don't want to but sometime tonight would be best. You still need at least a name and maybe a Power Map."
No. 363676 ID: 1854db

Let's find out more about Lae before we pick a letter.

Also, grab Kinesis. You can do all sorts of crazy shit with that. Tempting to try to pick Mind in order to figure out more about your past tho. Either by looking into your own mind or by reading others' that might know who you were.
No. 363683 ID: 453e62

Kinesis sounds pretty good. moving stuff is usually helpful.
No. 363684 ID: 40cb26

Kinesis sounds like the best power if you only can have one.

Ask what your old abilities were.
No. 363685 ID: 40cb26

Wait, what is wrong with Chaotic powers? It sounds like a challenge.
No. 363687 ID: e3f578

Jackie is your name, it's gender neutral. There's Jackie Estacato of The Darkness fame for a dude example and Jackie is also a bit feminine so there it is for the chicks.

MND or ENC for powers though, but my votes for MND. KIN is versatile but that makes it the boring awesome power. ENC can help you punch shit like a crazy awesome motherfucker and MND can help you with diplomacy and fucking with people.
No. 363688 ID: 6a5a08

ENC, Emril

Name: Shirt
No. 363696 ID: 44766a

Mind is my first choice. Kinesis is my second choice, if Mind has no chance of winning.

I like Jackie for a name.

Ask her to stop referring to you as "like a baby". Its fucking disrespectful and you have headache so you are not in the mood to deal with that bullshit.
No. 363699 ID: b6edd6


ENC is the least useful, as a KIN user can just lift you off the ground to make you have no leverage.
Mind (in combat at least) tends to end up as a http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/UselessUsefulSpell (because otherwise you could just mind control everyone).
No. 363708 ID: 5b429e

MND is rubbish since so many people are espers and at least some of them them are MND so MND are probably everywhere. It also rather unreliable in that it will work amazingly half the time and not at all the rest.

Everything else is passable, but I'll vote for ENC as bunching boulder and dodging bullets sounds awesome.

Also the whole wiped from the registry thing by accident then conveniently getting help that you normally wouldn't smells like to BS.

As for the name keep it simple:J.
No. 363709 ID: 92ea9f

ENC. To improve the world around you, you must first improve yourself.
No. 363721 ID: 2d6d07

(joke)We're an amnesiac, can we forget about it and move on? (/joke)

Emergency Medical TechnicianEMT: is Electricity included?
ENC: Is healing included?
MND: Is it obvious to the recipient they've been "pushed"? (Yes, it might be the weakest, "as in RPGs", but the status effects generally most useful are Confuse and Charm, are they not?)
No. 363732 ID: 8d592b
File 132047576906.png - (136.23KB , 600x500 , 4.png )

Jackie.. That sounds good. But J... That's so mysterious... Okay I'll call myself J but put down Jackie. Just in case anyone asks.

"Uhm about Enhance.. Can I heal and stuff?"

"Of course. If you want to branch that way it's possible."

"Okay. Does Elemental also have lighting? Oh and can people sense that I've pushed thoughts into their mind?"

"Yes and it depends. If you try to say convince a vegan to eat meat by making him think he loves meat then it won't work. People have natural mental blocks that prevent them from doing certain things but some are easier to break then others. Just saying. It also has things like telepathy and stuff. Everyone manifests their own powers and finds their forte after a while. Well except you since you're blank. Like a baby."

"Stop calling me that, I'm not a baby. And my head is killing me.. Really not in the mood."

And I'm hearing voices. I'll keep that to myself though.
No. 363739 ID: 252e1b

Better hang on to those voices, we're the fragments of your previous id. Part of what is left of the person that was you, is us. The rest? Your history, your contacts, old friends, enemies, lovers, and family. You'll encounter them as you deal with the world.

I'm pretty sure you used to work for Lord Lae.
No. 363751 ID: 453e62

let's go with doredia
and kinesis
No. 363760 ID: 82c995

No. 363761 ID: 9c8d4f

ENC and L
No. 363779 ID: bd2a40

Kinesis seems like a good choice.
No. 363796 ID: 6a5a08

ENC, and E
No. 363801 ID: a1d7ad

MND and L
No. 363803 ID: e3f578

MND and L
No. 363820 ID: 385f21

Thirding MND and L. Because when you're a blank slate, you're destined for greatness and mysteries, so go search for them, and here we don't even have to search.
Also, mindfucking is cool.
No. 363822 ID: b6edd6

I am kind of liking ENC now, to become a ninja wizard warrior doctor.
No. 363827 ID: 453e62

changing vote to enc and E
No. 363850 ID: 6e44d2

No. 363869 ID: 8d592b
File 132054535247.png - (46.96KB , 600x389 , 5.png )

An Enhance Power Grid? That actually sounds nice.

"I'll take Enhance."

"Okay then. Now in case you don't remember, which you don't most likely, you can get 8 additional Power Nodes on your Grid. These can be put into different powers but that tends to weaken them overall. For example you can have all 9 nodes in Enhance and be able to rip apart a steel beam with your pinkies or get 4 in that one 3 in another and 2 in another power. It's all up to you."

"Can I get those now?"

"For 1000 Credits a piece sure. But seeing as to how you only have 1000 I don't think you want to do that."


I'll fill this out but I think I should leave the leader section blank for now. I need to find out more about these guys.
No. 363870 ID: 8d592b
File 132054547033.png - (18.76KB , 282x239 , 6.png )

"Oh! Lord Lae wanted me to ask you if you were hearing any voices."

"... Nope. None."

"Okay then. Well let's get that Power Grid up."

She's holding a scalpel...


"There we go, all done. If you ever want anymore just drop by again. Actually drop by if you're hurt at all."

"Will do.."

That really hurt..
No. 363872 ID: 8d592b
File 132054575059.png - (96.64KB , 600x500 , 7.png )

"Also go see Emril when you pick a leader so you can finish the paperwork and not be homeless."

"Will do."

She hands me a map. It looks like a buncha circles though..

Before I can ask their meaning she shoos me out saying there are other people with more serious injuries.
The map looks simple enough... The center circle is called The Sun Tower, the one after is Emril's living zone, after that is Doredia's Garden, and finally Adora's place. The outmost circle is filled with shopping centers, food outlets, living quarters and a bunch other things.
Also it still smells smokey..
No. 363873 ID: b6edd6

To the zone of Emril!
Any maybe take the opportunity to try out your ENC powers. How high can you now jump, for instance?
No. 363875 ID: 1854db

We should pick Lae. He knows something about what just happened to you. More than he should... and he made it clear to you by asking her to ask that question. Like a hidden message.

Hmm. If every leader has their own area that their people rest in, does that mean Lae's is the Sun Tower?
No. 363877 ID: 6a5a08

Put all nodes into Enhance, go see Emril.
No. 363880 ID: 8d592b
File 132054978370.png - (62.43KB , 500x500 , 8.png )

>Put all nodes into Enhance, go see Emril.

I can't really put the nodes in myself, I don't have any. Also they really hurt.
I will go see Emril though since he's the closest one.

>Any maybe take the opportunity to try out your ENC powers. How high can you now jump, for instance?

I don't really want to practice jumping up and down in a crowded street but if I focus I do feel a bit stronger..

Now.. I don't really know which building is Emril's but the really big one look important so I'll just go there.

There's a large bald man guarding the door.

"Excuse me, is Lord Emril here?"


"I would like to speak with him."

No. 363881 ID: 6a5a08

"Um, I have to do some kind of paper work?"
No. 363889 ID: 1854db

We may have to drop this. Did we have anything important to talk about anyway?
No. 363890 ID: b6edd6

Do we have paperwork (right now)? We probably want to visit some of the other rulers before deciding on one (which is part of the form).
Say: "Ill come back later then."
No. 363900 ID: 453e62

ask if you could make an appointment.
No. 363950 ID: 6a5a08

Changing vote to this
No. 363995 ID: b8e8f7
File 132061600024.png - (47.21KB , 500x500 , 9.png )

"Can I uhm... Make an appointment..?"

"3rd Quarter. Don't be late."

He grabs my risk and marks my... Watch? Huh, didn't know I had one. It looks pretty nice. Okay there are four little sections on it and... Aww there's a tiny me standing on one. The space after that says 'Meet Emril'. That's a simple way to tell time I guess.. So what should I do now? I have a whole time slot to waste.
No. 363997 ID: 453e62

i think someone is looking at you from behind that building!
No. 363998 ID: 6a5a08

Stalker alert
No. 364006 ID: b8e8f7
File 132061673537.png - (41.40KB , 500x500 , 10.png )

>Stalker alert

Oh damn, you guys have one of those? That's awesome.

I don't see anyone there... Is it working right?
No. 364007 ID: 1854db

Double check. Go look.
No. 364008 ID: e3f578

No. 364011 ID: b8e8f7
File 132061729287.png - (178.53KB , 500x500 , 11.png )


Oh god there are colors everywhere why did I do this I think I can hear a fly buzzing a few miles away and I think there's a girl running away from me ow my head hurts
No. 364012 ID: 1854db

Enhance it a little less and chase after the girl!
No. 364018 ID: 453e62

turn it off and chase her, enhance RUNNING
No. 364036 ID: 6a5a08

Enhance pursuit!
No. 364057 ID: b8e8f7
File 132062096717.png - (94.83KB , 500x500 , 12.png )

>turn it off and chase her, enhance RUNNING

Running enhanced! I sprint after the stalker and quickly catch up.
She takes a sharp turn and runs into a alleyway that your map says leads to Doredia's place.

No. 364058 ID: b8e8f7
File 132062103869.png - (102.24KB , 500x500 , 13.png )

"I said stop!"

She trips and falls to the ground.. I think I scared her. I catch up and see her trying to crawl away backwards.

"S-sorry! I didn't mean it really! I promise I'll leave you alone! D-don't hurt me again!"
No. 364061 ID: 453e62

"uhhhh, what?"
No. 364063 ID: 1854db

Ask her if she knows you.
No. 364076 ID: b8e8f7
File 132062163007.png - (74.41KB , 500x500 , 14.png )

"What...? Do I know you..?"

"Y-you don't remember me..?"


"I'm uh... Y-you're girlfriend... We uhm... Had a fight recently.."

Oh damn. Well..
No. 364079 ID: 3fd4fb

Might as well explain that all your memories got erased in some kind of horrible mishap. Not like you'll be able to keep it a secret.
No. 364080 ID: 1854db

That seems unlikely. Why would she say she'd leave you alone if you were in a relationship? Or run away like that? I think it's more likely that you two got in a fight for other reasons.
No. 364081 ID: 453e62

say her story is SUS. if we had mnd we would be trying to find out if she is lying.
No. 364083 ID: 35bcde

Tell her that dude died. Mindwipe. You're a new dude now.
No. 364084 ID: b8e8f7
File 132062214117.png - (70.83KB , 500x500 , 15.png )

>That seems unlikely. Why would she say she'd leave you alone if you were in a relationship? Or run away like that? I think it's more likely that you two got in a fight for other reasons.

Oh don't worry, I'm not an idiot. Even without MND I can tell she's lying. I think.

"My memory is pretty much gone. I had an accident trying to Enhance stuff and it burned my brain a bit."

She stands up and dusts off her skirt.

"That would explain why you look a bit burnt.. W-we can uhm... Go to my place... You can take a shower and stuff... And I can tell you about yourself a bit if you w-want..."
No. 364087 ID: 35bcde

Ask if you can put your penis inside of her.
No. 364089 ID: 510737

say"I lost my memories, and pretty much everything else....yeah...sorry for scareing you but right now I'm just a little paranoid. anyway you said you are my girlfriend? could you maybe tell me who I am?"
No. 364090 ID: b8e8f7
File 132062243581.png - (70.04KB , 500x500 , 16.png )

>Ask if you can put your penis inside of her.

No. 364091 ID: 510737

No. 364092 ID: 35bcde

Ask if you can put your penis inside her. You may wish to move it in and out rhythmically. Feels pretty good.
No. 364093 ID: 510737

unless we are a female and a lesbian.
No. 364096 ID: 3fd4fb

There are more delicate ways of phrasing this, although the sentiment is a solid one. For now, accept her offer to go to her place, and then move on to this line of questioning once you're there.
No. 364097 ID: 453e62

sure go hang out with her a bit. she may be a good girlfriend, just be ready in case she goes yandere and tries to kill you.
No. 364105 ID: b8e8f7
File 132062375391.png - (59.39KB , 500x500 , 17.png )

>Ask if you can put your penis inside her. You may wish to move it in and out rhythmically. Feels pretty good.


>unless we are a female and a lesbian.

S-stop saying things like that!

>sure go hang out with her a bit. she may be a good girlfriend, just be ready in case she goes yandere and tries to kill you.

Kills me!?

"Come on, let's go. You could uh... Really use a shower. Your hair is really messy. Come on."

Ah she's pulling me!
No. 364108 ID: 35bcde

Touch her breasts.
No. 364109 ID: b8e8f7
File 132062384173.png - (76.43KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

She drags me to into a nearby building and into a Living Cell. The place doesn't really have much in it.. A beanbag chair and some... Garments on the floor.

"You uh... Probably lost your stuff.. I can get you some more clothing if you want.. The stuff you're wearing looks a little crispy.. If you want.."

"Uhm... Uh..."
No. 364110 ID: 1854db

Hah, you're such a prude. A change of clothes and a shower would do you good, though.
No. 364111 ID: 453e62

"th-thank you, i don't really want to be a bother but if you want to..."
if she gives you a drink just pretend to drink it.
No. 364112 ID: e3f578

Ask her what your gender is. We may be able to determine how much she actually knows about us with something we can easily check later. This isn't one of those weird questions, this shit is about tactics and figuring out how close she was to us previously.

Because you look andro as fuck, so anyone that knows your real gender is close. Oh wait, I mean sex because gender is mental I think, whatever, that shit gets confusing.
No. 364113 ID: f6106a

It's a trap! She wants you naked so when she tries to kill you you'll waste time getting clothes rather then running away!
No. 364119 ID: 40cb26

Well... accept, but ask where/how you can get them. What you want to do is take responsibility of going to whatever trouble is needed, see? That way this person doesn't undress you, just in case that's her game. It's ok to sound awkward you do have a burned out brain after all.
No. 364120 ID: 35bcde

Strip right here and now. You have amnesia, you can't be blamed for your actions.
No. 364121 ID: 510737

No. 364129 ID: b8e8f7
File 132062536965.png - (53.26KB , 500x500 , 19.png )

>Strip right here and now. You have amnesia, you can't be blamed for your actions.

No! You are the worse head voices ever!

"Uhm... W-where.."

And she's gone..

I guess I could use a shower..
This room doesn't seem to have much in here either and oh god how did I get into this I should just run now.
No. 364131 ID: 1854db

Does the door lock from this side? You could just do that.
No. 364132 ID: 3fd4fb

Why would you run? Look, you've got very little to lose at this point. At worst she hurts you and takes your money. At best you can get a guide, advice, maybe some physical fun, resources mooched off her, all kinds of stuff.

Put up with a little awkwardness, take a shower and be cool.
No. 364134 ID: e3f578

First, check your sex please. Okay man, I'm being serious. You don't even have to tell us. I'm just trying to run an identity check with her, then ask her what she thinks your sex is. If it matches, then it's a poor-to-good chance she told you some form of truth, if not then she's told very little truth, like 5%. You were never even her boyfriend/girlfriend if that were the case and in which case you should defiantly leave. If she's right, maybe take a chance and shower but I suggest leaving regardless.
No. 364135 ID: 6a5a08

Check door. If unlocked, lock. If locked, Enhance Strength and pull out the hinges.
No. 364140 ID: 40cb26

Oh just clean up.
No. 364158 ID: 510737

little paranoid, but still considering whats happened to ya so far better safe then sorry. Do it.
No. 364166 ID: c0e5fe

Next time you see her, be sure to slap her shit for being a treacherous whore.

Put ice blocks in your pants for the time being.
No. 364173 ID: b8e8f7
File 132063465550.png - (57.51KB , 500x500 , 20.png )

>Check Gender

Oh hey I'm a girl. I think.. Yeah, girl.

>Lock door


>Oh just clean up.

Fine fine.. I do feel really grungy anyway.. What was I doing before I got that enhance, sleeping outside?

Knock knock

!! Woah, that scared me a bit...

"Hey I got some clothes for you.. I know you don't like skirts but it's all I could afford... Can I come in?"

"N-no! You can't!"

I hear the doorknob turning.. It stops.
No. 364175 ID: 3fd4fb

>Oh hey I'm a girl. I think.. Yeah, girl.

Enhance your MANLINESS. Just to see what happens.
No. 364176 ID: 40cb26

Heh, let's not make the girl feel too awkward. Say sorry and that you are still feeling a bit mixed up or whatever, open the door and reach your hand out for the clothes. And say thanks, you ninny.
No. 364177 ID: b8e8f7
File 132063620823.png - (57.82KB , 500x500 , 21.png )

>Enhance your MANLINESS. Just to see what happens.

No. I don't think that's even a thing I can do. I 'hope' it's not a thing I can do.

>open the door and reach your hand out for the clothes

I do this. She hands me the clothes.

"Uhm.. Thanks."

I take the clothes and place them down.. Well, time to shower.

This actually feels nice.

Okay, so I have someone who claims I'm dating them or something. And maybe they know something about me. They knew my gender. She looks a bit unhinged though.. Are we familiar enough that she'd normally let me use her shower?


I 'hate' not knowing me.. Actually now that I can relax and really think about it I'm a bit upset that that happened..
No. 364178 ID: 3fd4fb

All right, enhance your FEMININITY then. I won't hold not wanting to swap against you.

Failing that, try for other useful attributes. INTELLIGENCE, or THOUGHT SPEED. EMPATHY, maybe. It's not like someone handed us a sheet of what you can and can't do- test your limits.
No. 364179 ID: 252e1b

It's a shower, not a marriage proposal. You're over-thinking this.
No. 364180 ID: 40cb26

The big question is if she knew you before. So that's what you're going to ask her when you get out.

Eh I don't know about any of that, but what do you feel you could enhance? Or do you have a sense of that at all? I'd prefer going on more than trial and error with this.
No. 364181 ID: 135252

Just relax and enjoy the shower; you've got head voices now to figure everything out for you. Actually that's not very comforting is it?
No. 364186 ID: b8e8f7
File 132063864364.png - (66.03KB , 500x500 , 22.png )

>Just relax and enjoy the shower; you've got head voices now to figure everything out for you. Actually that's not very comforting is it?

Not really, no...

>Test Enhance

Hmm let's see... I can feel my legs and arms get stronger... My hands... My awareness, but we already know that don't we? I don't think it can enhance my intelligence.. I mean it's not like I can test that now anyway..
No. 364187 ID: e3f578

Enhance enhance ability
No. 364188 ID: b8e8f7
File 132063908999.png - (58.13KB , 500x500 , 23.png )

>Enhance enhance ability

Maybe if I had some more Enhance nodes then I could enhance my enhanced stuff.
I don't know.

Hey, how can I even hear you guys? Is this normal?
I get the feeling it isn't.
No. 364190 ID: 3fd4fb

Are your clothes still on the floor outside the shower, or did your host just sneak in and snatch them?
No. 364191 ID: 40cb26

>Is this normal?
Almost certainly not. But we aren't doing any harm I don't think. It might mean you have some extra ability besides the normal. Who knows? We'll figure it out eventually.

Look on the bright side, we don't make decisions for you. It's all you, we're just throwing ideas out there. Your own personal think tank.

As for the awareness thing I think we can learn to use that in a bit more useful way without just making it stronger. By not enhancing every sense at once but just the ones we need. Let's try something - enhance your hearing, but focus on reducing the sound of the shower and focus on any talking going on further away. This will be a handy sort of trick if you can do it.
No. 364192 ID: d97c6d

I think the real question here is why we aren't seeing through your eyes. For instance, while you were testing what you can enhance that girl came in and took the clothes you were wearing.
No. 364194 ID: b8e8f7
File 132063967653.png - (51.80KB , 500x500 , 24.png )

>Are your clothes still on the floor outside the shower, or did your host just sneak in and snatch them?

Hey they're not.. The ones what's her face got me are still there though.

>Let's try something - enhance your hearing

Okay... I can hear the shower, each drop sounds like a rock being thrown against something now.. But... I tune it out..
Now I can hear outside the shower.. And into the rooms next to me.. But those sounds are just static, my hearing isn't good enough yet.

And I guess you guys can be quite helpful. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have known someone just stole what is basically the only things I have left in the world.
No. 364195 ID: 3fd4fb

You might be able to enhance VOICE and yell really loudly, if you feel like objecting.
No. 364196 ID: e3f578

Hey that voice thing gave me an idea, can you enhance US even though you don't know how we're interacting with you?
No. 364198 ID: 40cb26

Those were just your dirty clothes, I'm sure they were just taken to be cleaned... well maybe disposed of, but you still have something to wear! Let's not worry about how they vanished I'm sure it's some sort of normal around here.
No. 364199 ID: 35bcde

Forget about that. Relieve some of the stress of the morning manually.
No. 364205 ID: b8e8f7
File 132064230464.png - (41.30KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

>Those were just your dirty clothes, I'm sure they were just taken to be cleaned... well maybe disposed of, but you still have something to wear!

That's true..
No. 364206 ID: b8e8f7
File 132064236864.png - (81.91KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

>enhance VOICE and yell really loudly

What if I break the glass?
I mean I don't really care to much if they're just going to be washed you know?

Ugh... I actually don't like the skirt though..
No. 364207 ID: b8e8f7
File 132064247848.png - (83.04KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

>Forget about that. Relieve some of the stress of the morning manually.

Sh-shut up...

"Hey, you done in there?"


"When you're ready I'll be in the main room. I'm sure you have many questions."


Honestly I think you guys have MND or something, your suggestions seem to be more then that. If I Enhance you I'm worried I might just go with whatever you're saying. And we can't have that.
No. 364209 ID: 3fd4fb

>What if I break the glass?
Seriously? You don't think that you can control your powers well enough to be heard through a couple walls without accidentally blowing things up? Are they really that hard to manage?
No. 364210 ID: 40cb26

The girl already knew that you wouldn't like skirts so at least you don't have to worry about looking happy about it. Just remember that the alternative is walking out there in your undies so just deal with it.

We'll practice these kinds of things some other time. Where less collateral damage can occur. At least the kinds we don't want happening.
No. 364211 ID: a2fa74

Enhance your perceptiveness, then walk out and thank her for her hospitality.
No. 364212 ID: b8e8f7
File 132064375376.png - (63.78KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

I just don't want to accidentally break anything.. I'm still new at this stuff okay?

>Enhance your perceptiveness.

I step out the bathroom and see her sitting on the beanbag chair smiling.
She seems eager.. Most wouldn't notice it but with my Enhanced Perception I can.

"So, do you have any questions? I know a lot about you?"
No. 364214 ID: 35bcde

"Have we made love before?"
No. 364215 ID: b6edd6

Ask what the whole thing about fighting was.
No. 364217 ID: b8e8f7
File 132064426493.png - (63.96KB , 500x500 , 29.png )

>"Have we made love before?"

No! I'm not asking that! Ugh, are you 'trying' to make my face permanently red!?

"I was wondering what was it we were uh.. Fighting about."

"Oh.. You uh... It wasn't anything important really. Just typical couple stuff.."

Perception check... I think she's lying. Just by the way she fidgets.
No. 364219 ID: 78b9fc

Do you have a penis?
No. 364220 ID: 35bcde

Sit down next to her, hold her hand, get her to relax. Lean over and whisper gently in her ear... "Tell me the truth."
No. 364221 ID: b6edd6

We shouldn't do creepy things when she is already nervous about us.
Just comment that people in normal, sane relationships don't end up saying things like "D-don't hurt me again!".
No. 364223 ID: 40cb26

Specific questions aren't going to work that well, just ask her to tell you as much as she can think of about who you used to be.

I think she confirmed that as a negative. Unless some major gender confusion is involved.
No. 364224 ID: 3fd4fb

Her name would be a good thing to get.

Beyond that, "tell me about myself" and "tell me about yourself" are good starting points. If she's lying, make her spill enough information and eventually her lies will collapse under their own weight.
No. 364227 ID: 78b9fc


I meant it as a question to J's girlfriend.
No. 364235 ID: 1e8ac6

Spit on the floor in front of you, then turn around and leave the room, like a badass who taketh no shit.
No. 364240 ID: 8d592b
File 132065060311.png - (69.78KB , 500x500 , 30.png )

"So what do you know about me then? Tell me everything."

"Uhm... Well you uh... You came to Central Complex when you were 10 after the World War... Your family had been living in the Outside for a few years.. Uhm... Radiation killed them and had messed with your body a bit.."

"Oh.. That sucks."

"I-it gets better. You uh... Didn't make many friends... But I was there. And then we fell in love.. And we went out everyday.. And then we moved in together.."

... I think I remember that.. It makes sense.
Yeah I'm pretty sure that happened.
No. 364241 ID: 35bcde

If you had telekinesis you could masturbate in public and nobody would know.
No. 364242 ID: 3fd4fb

Hilarious. You think you remember that, when you remember literally nothing else about anything? Please. Smells like mind manipulation to me.
No. 364244 ID: d97c6d

J, your mind was completely wiped, remember? Even if it did happen, it would be completely impossible for you to remember even as much as you say you are. She's obviously a MND user who's pushing thoughts into your head.
No. 364247 ID: b6edd6

Ask what went wrong. If she claims that nothing went wrong, reply that that is obviously not the case because she seemed scared of you.

And If we mention the mind thing we should try not to sound accusatory about it. She is likely doing it because she thinks you are going to flip out.
No. 364249 ID: 40cb26

Yeeaahh I think you'll want to confirm some of that before thinking of her as your former or current girlfriend. This whole thing stinks. Even if what she said was true it could be leaving a world of important omission. Well she is doing you a favor so don't be calling her out on any suspicious we throw out there. But don't let her get all lovey dovey with you when you don't even know who you are anymore.
No. 364250 ID: 8d592b
File 132065163314.png - (71.19KB , 500x500 , 31.png )

>If you had telekinesis you could masturbate in public and nobody would know.

Sh-shut up dammit.. I'm not doing that. Especially not with you guys around.

And yeah I think you're right about that MND stuff.. But these memories seem so real.. It's scary, I really can't tell if they're true or not.

"Go on.."

"Well uh... We uhm had a few fights and stuff.. And then you went to get an Enhance and that's it.."

"If we live together then how come I don't have any clothes here?"

"Oh! Uhm well... You uh.. Donated it and went to buy more..."

Nnnn... I remember that now to..
No. 364251 ID: 3fd4fb

Well, you can give her more rope to hang herself with if you want.

Or you can ask her who you are to her, that she would do something as horrible as making a bunch of your first memories be lies. She must really not care about you or your feelings, if she's willing to manipulate you so callously.
No. 364252 ID: 896464

I doubt her legitimacy. Run your fingers through her hair sensually.
No. 364253 ID: d97c6d

You know, it's funny: the more she uses her MND powers to convince you, the less convinced I am. You should ask about ways to protect yourself from this kind of thing later.

>Honestly I think you guys have MND or something
[Protect mind]
No. 364254 ID: 1854db

If you ask me, she's been stalking you before, and possibly sexually assaulted you in your previous life, which is why you went to try to become stronger in the first place.

Continuing to let her put memories into your head would really fuck you over in the long run, even if it gets you some resources. I only hope the ones she's put in so far will fade in time.

I'm not entirely sure how to handle this. Perhaps you can enhance your strength, pick her bodily up and carry her to the authorities?
No. 364255 ID: a2fa74

Ask her if you transitioned from male to female because of radiation burns, or because of something else.

Just do it.
No. 364259 ID: 1854db

You're trying to provoke an obviously false memory to catch the stalker in the act? Perhaps our lady here can think of a different subject to attempt that with.
No. 364261 ID: 35bcde

This is an excellent idea worthy of implementation.
No. 364269 ID: 59285f

How specific are these memories? What colour clothes are you wearing in them, etc.

If things still seem shaky: "So how am I recalling all these memories immediately after you say them, despite the fact my mind was completely wiped?" See if she gets flustered or nervous.
No. 364289 ID: b6edd6

Her face nodes are glowing green. (Both now and when she made the previous suggestion.)
No. 364291 ID: e3f578

Tell her to quit it, now. I don't care how real the stuff feels or how rude it, tell her to quit her MND shit right now.
No. 364302 ID: 9f36c9

For fuck's sake.


If she asks why, tell her you DON'T enjoy being mentally manipulated. If she gets angry, tell her that anything she might have felt is for someone who literally doesn't exist anymore - and if she continues what she's doing, you're going to report her to someone. For now, you won't, because she hasn't done anything irreversable, but honestly? Just go. There's nothing to be had here.
No. 364308 ID: 6a5a08

Enhance Mental Fortitude
No. 364310 ID: b6edd6

I think I agree on leaving.
Say (not accusingly, just matter-of-factly):"I can tell your mind nodes are lighting.

This relationship isn't going to work out. Even if you were manipulating me out of fear, that just means you would be better off without me."
No. 364312 ID: 2f64c9

No. 364394 ID: 8d592b
File 132072485767.png - (74.66KB , 500x500 , 32.png )

Guys I'm actually really worried now.. If I try anything she might mess with my mind even more..

Also are you implying that I look like a boy..?

"What charity?"

"Uhm... It was uh..."

>[Protect mind]

She grabs onto her head.

"??? You okay?"

"Y-yeah... Headaches..."

Oh hey, the fake memories are gone. Well I remember remembering them but now it's a lot less real.
No. 364395 ID: 9f36c9

Why aren't you leaving? Excuse yourself immediatly.
No. 364396 ID: 6a5a08

Ask if she has any food.
If she leaves the room to get some, abscond.
No. 364398 ID: 3fd4fb

Okay, it seems that you can shut down her mind powers. I see you as having two routes here: Either write her off and leave, or confront her and try to exploit her for all the information and resources you can get out of her. If she wants to be your girlfriend, she will give you things and certainly be more than willing to tell you about the city; that's more than can be said for most others that you'll meet. With us to guard your mind against her influence and your powers to beat the crap out of her if she tries anything, you should be fine.

But it's a lot of bother and you can just leave if you think you'll be fine on your own.
No. 364399 ID: a2fa74

"So, what can you tell me about myself?"
[Read Yandere surface memories: J's past]
No. 364400 ID: f31dfc

Hmmm, so we have limited Mind power... considering I for one don't want her in our heads again, let's try another:

[Project Thoughts]: STAY OUT OF OUR HEAD.
No. 364401 ID: 2f64c9

No. 364403 ID: e3f578

You don't look like a boy, you look androgynous, the lack of particular female and male features or a mix. You cover the lack andro type, you're hair is medium length, your body is neither feminine or masculine, etc. etc.

For the love of god just leave this lady alright. OR just tell her to tell you the truth dammit, she's a terrible liar. IS she just a stalker from your old life, what? Tell her MND shit isn't going to work, tell her that if she wants to be a decent person and friend instead of some weird creepy lesbian, then she should start acting like it and help picking up the pieces of your life or stay the fuck out of it.
No. 364405 ID: 1854db

Man, what is up with those green dots on her face?
No. 364408 ID: f6106a

If I had to guess, implanted nodes. On the head implies mind to me, and with three visible to us I'd say she's pretty good at it.
No. 364413 ID: 8d592b
File 132072828441.png - (55.47KB , 500x500 , 33.png )

Good to know you guys can protect me.


This is the only room in the place so...

"I'm leaving."


She's still holding her head.

"I said I'm leaving. I don't appreciate MND powers being used on me."

"!? H-how...? It's that item isn't it...? That's why you got it.."

I'm leaving.

"I'm the only person who knows who you are! You can't leave me!"
No. 364414 ID: 453e62

"i doubt i've only talked to one person since got here."
No. 364415 ID: 1854db

Wait, where's your clothes?
No. 364416 ID: 3fd4fb

"Why would I trust what you know, when you've lied so much already? Better to go it on my own. Goodbye, whatever your name is. Thanks for the shower."
No. 364417 ID: a2fa74

Give a derisive bark of laughter
"So you're the only person who knows who I was? She's dead."
Then sigh
"You really don't have anybody, do you.
Ok, look, I'm going to give you a second chance. If you really want me in your life try using your powers to brainwash yourself to happily suit my needs; remember, you aren't getting a third chance."
No. 364423 ID: b6edd6

Say: "It sounds like we were closer to being at war then to being in love. Will you be wanting your clothes back?"
No. 364428 ID: f6106a

"That's why you got it"? Did she just admit she mind-fucked your former self?
No. 364430 ID: a2fa74

Sounds like it.

I completely love how you people want to just walk away from her and leave her to her own devices after scorning her. That is obviously the best way to deal with crazy stalkers with magic powers.

Make her brainwash herself to be loyal to you, J. She probably knows everything about who you were, she she would naturally be happy with her new role at your side, and (this is the important part) she can't plot against you if she's subjugated and constantly under your watchful eye.

Even killing her would be a better choice than just walking away, and that would e so much paperwork...
No. 364431 ID: 453e62

or we could get a restraining order that says we are authorized to use lethal force if she comes near us.
No. 364432 ID: a2fa74

Mindcontrolling people to have them murder J would fall under the categories of "plotting" and "things a restraining order would not cover"
No. 364434 ID: f70e5e

she don't strike me as stable, but i don't think shes a killer. ask her if you knew anyone else, right now shes your only link to your old life. as untrustworthy as she is trying to get something usable out of her might be worthwhile.
No. 364435 ID: b6edd6

I don't think it works that way.
Besides, are you seriously expecting a crazy person to fix herself through auto-lobotomy?

And mind-controlling people to the point of violence would be extremely illegal and take a lot of psychic muscle to accomplish (unless we already have some violent enemies hanging around.)
No. 364436 ID: 8d592b
File 132073310345.png - (28.21KB , 482x303 , 34.png )

>Did she just admit she mind-fucked your former self?

Yeah I'm outta here, I really don't want to be near this girl. I have quite a few credits, I can get more clothes.

"I know there's others I know out there."

"No! It's just me!"

Nnnn.. I see images of me being lonely.. So lonely..
No, forget this. I'm out of here.

My watch beeps.

Yeah I'm leaving, I'm gonna be late.

Without another word I step out.
No. 364438 ID: 8d592b
File 132073326686.png - (63.12KB , 600x500 , 35.png )

I quickly rush back to Emril's place. The guard seems to recognize me and simply lets me through.
A series of helpful signs leads me straight to an office.
It's completely bare save for a really really comfortable looking chair, a desk, and a really boring looking poster.

Actually the guy himself isn't here..
No. 364439 ID: 453e62

it's a test! to see how you act when no one is watching. stay standing until someone shows up to tell you otherwise.
No. 364440 ID: 453e62

no, wait, look up.
No. 364441 ID: b6edd6

Yes, more treachery of those ceeeilings...

After checking that, maybe you can enhance hearing while you wait to seeing if anyone nearby is doing something interesting.
No. 364442 ID: a2fa74

Attempt to disbelieve.
Then ask in your head if he's going to be phoning this one in or making a personal appearance.
No. 364443 ID: 1854db

She's probably gonna smell your clothes while touching herself or something.

Also, just wait. Perhaps enhance your sense of smell so you can tell how long he's been gone.
No. 364445 ID: b6edd6
File 132073429536.png - (19.45KB , 390x288 , i_know_youre_listening.png )

That one is a good point. (Pic related)
No. 364446 ID: 8d592b
File 132073445741.png - (105.47KB , 600x500 , 36.png )

>Look up

Oh god is he up there

>it's a test! to see how you act when no one is watching. stay standing until someone shows up to tell you otherwise.

Standing still! do dee do dee do dee do....


"This was a test.. I wanted to see what you did when you thought you were alone. Good job."

Oh god he's touching my head why is he doing that it's actually kinda relaxing

"Interesting... Your mind is like a blank canvas. So fresh and empty of crime. I like it. So, what brings you here soon-to-be-citizen?"

I get the f-feeling that questions is j-just a formality.
No. 364448 ID: 1854db

He has the same symbol on his hat as is on his poster. Comment on that without turning around.

Also I'm not ENTIRELY sure why we came here exactly uhhhhh I guess to find out more about the city and maybe to see if there was anything hidden in your head after the wipe, maybe?

You could report the stalker's mind assault, and ask about the pendant. Since we are MND powered somehow, that's his area of expertise and he might be able to tell us something about it.
No. 364450 ID: 453e62

1, getting to know the city and stuff.
2, a miss ....fuck we don't know her name! what about her room number? say that the girl in room whatever tried to take advantage of your mind wipe to make you fall in love with her.
No. 364451 ID: e3f578

"My brain got wiped from getting enhanced and I was told to visit you to gather the paperwork to not be homeless. Can I ask how often MND users will try and abuse their power to rape the non-MND people, because I think I just went through that. Maybe you can see that memory, kinda hope you can so I don't have to explain it. Annnnnnd maybe a little help finding any remaining info on my previous life, because apparently getting enhanced at a clinic can wipe entire identity records clean."
No. 364452 ID: a2fa74

"An appointment and, apparently, a destiny that involves no privacy.
Instead of just obliterating that stalker-girl's mind for her attempts at mind control, could you give her the choice to live out her life happily compelled to be my loyal companion?
I doubt anybody knows more about who I was than her, and I'll need help getting back into society. This would yield two happier and more productive citizens instead of a vegetable and a pile of detritus, if she wants a place at my side.
Of course, there's no point in speaking at this point since the thought was finished long ago and you already read it."
No. 364453 ID: e3f578

PS if his hands are relaxing he's probably also an expert masuse or chiropractor before he did the MND stuff for law.

Kinda makes you want a massage doesn't it.

[Broadcast thoughts "Please go down to the shoulders and neck those hands are really relaxing oh god no wait you can read my mind oh fuck oh fuck not my fault your hands are relaxing"]
No. 364455 ID: 1854db

Um, I still want to maybe work under Lord Lae, because he knows about you already and made sure you weren't screwed over by all this.
No. 364457 ID: 8d592b
File 132073811056.png - (54.61KB , 600x500 , 37.png )

"Yeah, okay. Lotta thoughts. I'll deal with the girl later. She's Lily. Don't worry about stuff like that happening often, most MND users know better.. Hmmm... So many questions.."

Aaaaaah... His hands are touching my shoulders...

"This is Central Complex. After the World War destroyed everything only Central Complex remained. The world outside out dome is completely barren, even the sun is destroyed. The Tower here has what we call a Sun Shard which powers out city and brings the warmth of the sun. I'm on of the 4, oh you already know this. Ah, sorry I'll stop rubbing your ear. Anyway... Okay yeah it seems it really was wiped out. You'll need to pick a place to live before I can make you a true citizen. No I'm not going to entrust the lawbreaker with you. She will be dealt with personally. Uh huh... That is an unusual item. I've never seen it before myself, it does have some Esper qualities. I like it. Can't tell if you acquired it illegally so I'll let you keep it.. Any other questions?"

I can't think well....
No. 364458 ID: 453e62

can we watch her be dealt with at least?
No. 364460 ID: a2fa74

HEY! We haven't been 'acquired illegally'; we are here by choice!

Anyway, didn't you just say J here has no criminal intent? Unless we're mistaken the punishment for mucking with somebody's mind is having your mind destroyed, correct?
(If not, what would Lily be facing?)

The law exists to provide a structure within which a society can flourish and people can expect a reasonable quality of life. It does so by inhibiting destructive behaviors which would degrade society and reduce the quality of life for those within it.
The establishment of codified laws is to simplify the response to unwanted behavior by providing a response which sets a minimum level of fairness by both avoiding excessively harsh punishments on the guilty and excessively grand restitution or rewards on their victims.

It is, as I said, a minimum; it exists because it is rare for there to be a readily available solution for a specific case which resolves everything in a manor which is satisfactory, let alone ideal, for all involved. The goal remains establishing a solid framework for society which provides the most good for the least cost.

We are presenting you with a solution which would be inherently more fair than the standard punishment as it allows everybody to walk away away from this event better than they were before. You would have a criminal paying her debt to society by aiding the one she wronged, J would have a companion to assist her through this troubling time and provide a measure of stability, and Lily would be by the side of the one she loves.
While obedience and devotion can certainly be abused, I expect that J will already be kept under close enough watch that it would be a non-issue either way.
The issue of precedent is also a non-issue, as this is a non-punitive resolution.

If needed, we would invoke arbitration to allow Lily the choice to have her mind altered in exchange for J rescinding her complaint. It would, again, be entirely Lily's choice.

Law for the sake of law defies the purpose for law existing. In this specific situation our proposal advances the same goals as the law, but does so more effectively.
No. 364465 ID: 1854db

Holy crap dude, are you trying to overload him?

What's Lord Lae like?
No. 364467 ID: a2fa74

"Lily isn't bad, just broken. I don't even think she realized what she was doing was wrong. Both of us need help becoming useful members of society; I need a guide, she needs guidance. I want her to tell me what I was like, she wants to be with me.
We would make a good team, but right now I can't trust her.

If you make her obedient and loyal, I can make her happy and useful. Everybody wins."
No. 364471 ID: f70e5e

staying with the crazy lady would be a bad idea on so many levels. however she's more broken than evil. I think helping her rather than punishing her would be a good idea. also could you ask this guy about the whole, they broke the sun thing? the most common sun in the worlds we peek in on is a ball of impossibly hot fire millions of times the size of the world. so braking on means either a strange sun, or a truly insane weapon.
No. 364472 ID: 1444d5

>After the World War destroyed everything only _______ Complex remained.
But... what happened to Friend Computer?
No. 364491 ID: 9c8d4f

fuck Lily, and fuck Emril. I'm sick of this mind-rape bullshit. let's just do what we must do and get the fuck outta here.
No. 364494 ID: a2fa74

We're kinda talking to him.
No. 364520 ID: 6a5a08

Ask about what sort of work comes with Emril's sector. He's kind of a creeper, but if he's working to get people like that girl off the street, it might be a good way to clean up the Central Complex.
No. 364522 ID: 1854db

This isn't mind rape, he's just making her docile while talking to her. Maybe he should dial back the sedation trick, though. Unless that's just the massage? He could just be really good with his hands.

Well bro since I know you can hear this, you're kindof overdoing whatever you're doing and J can't think very well. It's just us doing the thinking. The pendant.
No. 364529 ID: 25d645
File 132078489846.png - (83.36KB , 400x500 , 38.png )

"Oh wow. It actually talks. I thought those were 'your' thoughts I was hearing. I was rather impressed for a moment, I thought you were still able to form concrete thoughts while I was sedating you."

"Wha.. huh..."

"Anyway to answer your questions mysterious artifact, no I do not know what Lae is like, I've yet to speak to the man myself. I would love to look into his mind though, just to see what he's planning. I do know it was thanks to him that we got a sun shard. You ask how the sun could blow up? Hmm.. Fascinating. Your views on what a 'sun' is are quite bizarre. To us the sun was simply a ball of.. Well life. It's been around for as long as we can remember. Ancient history says it was crafted by EMT users after the old sun had vanished. There are few surviving books from the Old World. The fact that you have any knowledge of such a place is fascinating. Anyway like I was saying the life giving sun was simply there and was broken during the World War. It was inconceivable that anyone would launch an attack on it. Mutually Assured Destruction so to speak. My work? Well this girl seems like a decent ENC user. I'd have her on patrol as a Guard. Maybe even a Fighter for Adora. Anything else?"
No. 364531 ID: bd2a40

Gotta say this. Could you stop raping her mind? Really, it is rather disgusting.
No. 364532 ID: 1854db

Yeah. Any idea what MND abilities we have? We can block MND powers, but I'm not sure what else. Here, let me demonstrate:
[Protect Mind]
No. 364533 ID: 453e62

has anyone ever been sent out to look for another shard? if it's as powerful as it looks i doubt only a single shard survived.
No. 364534 ID: 9c8d4f

aww, can't we work with the big L instead?
No. 364535 ID: 07e714

Yeah, I think he's pretty chill.
No. 364538 ID: 25d645
File 132078773877.png - (29.31KB , 600x500 , 39.png )


Ah! He finally let go... That was a weird feeling..

"I can still hear you for now. At least until you move a bit away from me. I can sense you have some MND powers but what exactly they are I am not certain. I suspect they will become more powerful as she becomes more powerful.
As for working for Lord Lae... You may try. His office is above my own, near the sun shard. Oh and to date we have no found another one of those. No one is foolish enough to brave the Outside, the radiation would rot them from the inside."

He waves his hand at the poster, the image on it changes.

"Another shard would mean another city. We could expand. Maybe some of the Ten Leaders could be the 4 Lords of the next city... This is only wishful thinking. Anyway J, you may speak with Lae if you wish, though I highly doubt he will see you. Or rather, I highly doubt you will see him."

Ugh... My head is still spinning a bit.. Should I try to see Lord Lae? I think I should, just to get away from this guy.
No. 364540 ID: 453e62

sure head up. even if we don't actually see him he may have a radio or something and willing to talk to you.
No. 364544 ID: 6a5a08

What if one with enough skill and power were to ENC their cells against radiation? This would allow scouting of the radioactive wasteland.
No. 364545 ID: a2fa74

Lily is broken. She wasn't caught by the law sooner because she committed no crime, but I'm disheartened that nobody reported her unstable behavior so she could be treated before she became a threat.
To be honest, I expect the reason is that having a single punishment for lawbreaking makes people hesitant to report others out of a natural human desire to minimize harm to others.

Had the old J reported Lily for stalking and related behavior Lily would have been mindwiped, correct? I posit that old J didn't see Lily's actions as being harmful enough to warrant oblivion, and so left her unreported. Lily would be akin to an incontinent puppy; cute, harmless, ineffectual, but something you want to keep at least arm's reach away.

Do your treatments for mental disorders involve drastic personality changes? If so then the same effect will occur as the cure will be perceived as worse than the disease.

Your system works, but synergizes poorly with expected human behavior. It expects strongly antisocial behavior and does not attempt to rectify that. I would advise revisions such that early detection and reporting of problems is rewarded and the perceived harm is minimized. Correcting many small problems requires more labor, but the improved results will more than make up for the difference.

So, what will you do about Lily?
[Tap into powers of sun shard]
No. 364559 ID: b6edd6

>[Tap into powers of sun shard]
[Cancel that]
We shouldn't try to interface with irreplaceable artifacts that entire cities depend on.

So is it only the Sun Shard that stops the radiation, or are there other things that shield against it? For example, would tunnels that go outside of the Shard's influence be shielded by the bulk of the stone in the way?
(Or do you already use other things as shielding and just use the sun shard as a power source?)

By the way Emril, are there any laws we should know about other than the obvious ones against killing and stealing? We wouldn't want to inadvertently become Criminal Scum after all.
No. 364560 ID: 25d645
File 132079634057.png - (37.94KB , 600x500 , 40.png )

"There is no way to gain access to the outside. Not even Adora, the master of ENC, could stand being out there for more then a day. As for laws.. Well it's simple
Don't mess up the community.
If any of your actions harm Central Complex and it's people then you will be dealt with by myself. There is no true 'law' there is stuff that harms people and stuff that is beneficial. I am the one who has been put in charge to determine what is beneficial to the Complex and what isn't. I am the law."


"Thank you.. I'll uh... Go see Lae."

"Good luck."

As I leave I realize that during that entire conversation he didn't once move his lips.
No. 364561 ID: 25d645
File 132079652196.png - (36.38KB , 600x500 , 41.png )

A guard outside grabs my arms and forces me into an elevator. Before I can ask what the hell is going on the doors open and I'm shoved into another room.


I'm on the top of the tower. I think that's the Sun Shard. Is this Lae's room?
No. 364562 ID: b6edd6

So I guess it looks like Lae is in charge of maintaining and/or studying the Shard.
No. 364564 ID: 1854db

Look up. A master of Kinetics would likely enjoy flying about.
No. 364566 ID: 6a5a08

No, EveryZig.
Lae is the Sun Shard.
No. 364568 ID: a2fa74

Ack! You're right! Sorry, I forgot.
"No matter how tempted I am with the prospect of unlimited power, I will not consume any energy field bigger than my head."

Look up, J.
Then ask him if everybody here has a defective brain.
No. 364581 ID: 453e62

makes perfect sense.
No. 364634 ID: 8d592b
File 132081922614.png - (50.92KB , 600x500 , 42.png )

>Look up, J.

nnnnn... There's another person above me isn't there...

Oh god the shard's moving on it's own, I didn't break it.

??? "Fascinating isn't it J?"

There's someone floating near the shard. I can't look right up at them though, the thing is to bright.
No. 364635 ID: 453e62

enhance eyes ability to withstand light. like some kind of reverse cat.
No. 364637 ID: 40cb26

Enhance retinas? I guess it'll work to limit the light, doesn't mean it'll let us see anything else at the same time though.

Ask and confirm that it's him, and ask how the shard moved.
No. 364638 ID: 8d592b
File 132081982392.png - (83.16KB , 600x500 , 43.png )

>Enhance eyes.

Not working... Oh, it's dimming on it's own.

A man levitates down from the shard and faces me.

"Hello J. I am Lord Lae. I hear what happened to you, terrible thing. I'm sorry it happened."

The way he speaks is so... Monotone.

"It's fine.. Wasn't really your fault."

"No, it was not. Been hearing voices, J?"
No. 364640 ID: 1854db

Direct and to the point. This man doesn't waste time. Well, Lae is basically the leader of the entire city so you should be frank with him. Ask him why he even knows about us.
No. 364641 ID: f70e5e

the last dude that scanned your mind knows about us so this guy will soon enough whether you tell him or not. also am i the only one here who thinks its a bit strange that he knew to ask about hearing voices?
No. 364668 ID: 453e62

perhaps we are a sun-seed or something? slowly gather energy then BAM new sun.

anyway yes. you were worried that they would hold you at the clinic so you said no there.
No. 364670 ID: 40cb26

"They asked me that when I woke up too, why would I be hearing voices?"

Sure we're probably about to admit to it anyway, but getting that answer could help us with whatever reaction he has to the fact.
No. 364683 ID: e3f578

Can we ask how in sweet hell does a procedure wipe out all records of your identity? I mean there has to be fingerprints or something in a government database. Your memory and skills, yeah okay maybe I can see that, but not legal documents!
No. 364692 ID: b6edd6

This, but after he answers, say:
"The voices say they like your hat."
No. 364700 ID: bd7cc2


*Some* of the voices like his hat.
No. 364702 ID: bd7cc2


_Some_ of the voices like his hat.
No. 364704 ID: 9c8d4f

well? <i>have</i> you been hearing voices?
No. 364714 ID: 6a5a08

No. 364986 ID: 8d592b
File 132099998068.png - (65.67KB , 500x500 , 44.png )

"Uhm.. Yeah. I didn't tell the hospital people but I am.. I think it's coming from the orb I have."

He nods.

"It is. That Orb is an item from the Outside. It is quite powerful. In fact it's what caused your memory and file wipe."


"A person's file is stored in their mind so to speak. When you link up with government technology, like the Enhance Machine you were on, we can see your file. It helps us keep track of people who use our stuff. When your mind was destroyed the same blast that erased your memories went into our master records as well. It has very powerful MND powers. Though it may be lost now. I hope not...."

He floats to the orb and looks at me.

"J, this sun shard is going out and you are the key to starting it up again. The answer however is now lost with your memories."
No. 364989 ID: 063c28

Might as well offer to help. Even if it's a line of crap, it seems like he'll have us be doing something generally helpful.

Hm. Ask him how/what he knows about the orb in the first place, and how it got to you if nobody can survive outside.
No. 364992 ID: 40cb26


Ok let's just... I don't see the point of asking questions. Just tell him to explain everything. Emril seemed to think we would gain power as you do, so mention that as well.
No. 364993 ID: 1854db

Interesting. I'd like to note that we managed to erase part of ourselves at the same time, so we must've had a good reason. Either you were a COMPLETE BASTARD before the wipe and were planning something sinister so we sacrificed ourselves to stop you via the wipe, or you asked us to do this for some reason. Possibly related to what was on the master records... or maybe it was so that you could reallocate your Nodes for a specific purpose.

It's also possible that it happened because the machine was trying to access our memories of the Outside, and either that was an automatic safeguard to prevent that sort of thing or we did it on purpose. Or maybe we just overloaded the machine!

Let's assume that you weren't a dick. That isn't tied exclusively to memory anyway. Let's also assume that if there was anything you needed to erase in your master records, people had record of it elsewhere, like in their own heads. I think we can also assume that if we had any reason to believe the machine wouldn't work well with us, we would've just asked for you to take us off.

I think the most likely reason for the wipe was for you to be able to reset your powers. You must've needed a specific powerset in order to complete some crucial task. Ask Lord Lae why he thinks you're the key in the first place, and if he knows of any ties to your past aside from Lily.

We need to find your past life's personal belongings. If you kept notes of any kind, they likely explain why this happened and what we need to do.

Personally I think that in order to start up the sun shard you'll need ENC and EMT powers. You would want to somehow use ENC on the crystal itself via EMT, I think.
No. 365003 ID: f70e5e

huh, that's odd. we've never had something like that happen before. we have seen and cause allot of strange stuff, but I don't think we have ever wiped a hosts memory before. either its a deliberate memory gambit or we interacted with something in a rather unfortunate way. if it was the second one sorry.
No. 365012 ID: a2fa74


Well, then you probably want to put her in the best possible position to accomplish that goal, correct?

There's a woman by the name of Lily. She was stalking J before the wipe and attempted to bend J to her will a little while ago. Her presence is currently the best chance of restoring J's memory, but unfortunately Emril stated his intent to destroy her mind. That would cripple the chance of J from ever recovering her memory.
I suggested to him that she be given the option of instead having her mind permanently altered to be completely obedient and loyal to J. I ask you to pressure Emril to accept my suggestion; simply explaining that she needs to be mentally intact in order to prevent the death of the city should be sufficient.

Further, I ask that J be outfit with a full set of nodes. They will be very useful in any plan or task.
No. 365136 ID: 8d592b
File 132107051723.png - (83.94KB , 600x500 , 45.png )

"W-what!? Uhm... Explain..."

"Very well. You are from the Outside. We had found you wandering outside the city gates with your parents. Well that is incorrect.. We did not find you. People under Mark had found your family and you while they were scavenging. Your family died due to radiation poisoning and you suffered some damages as well."


"You haven't really developed since you came in the city. No cure has been found."

That explains why I'm so... Androgynous?

"During your first few months here you suffered from fever and were delusional. You spoke of a shard as bright as the sun outside and deep underground. We waited til you were awake and asked you more about it but the memory was gone. This is common for MND users if their brain is stressed to far. You and I had worked together to try and recover your lost memories. It got to the point where you had used an Enhance to power up you MND and unlock your memories yourself. That brings us to the present. Your newly acquired artifact does not take to kindly to MND powers it seems. The MND Enhance did not go well at all. Now we have two layers of lost memories to work through to find out where that shard is."

"But... Couldn't it be possible that I was just saying that because of the fever?"

"Possible. But if that is true then all hope is lost."
No. 365137 ID: 453e62

ask what we are SUPPOSED to do, i mean us the artifact. and why it was being worn when you tried the super dangerous thing.
No. 365140 ID: b6edd6

So first, what is this 'Mark',
and secondly, does the shard also power people's psycic abilities, or is it possible to (with considerable difficulty) make a living without one using psyonics?
No. 365143 ID: 6a5a08

How are we to reach the shard, if we can't leave?
No. 365147 ID: 40cb26

I really don't think you could make that up so specifically, it has to be real. But let's realize what this really means: there is a sun shard, outside, deep underground, probably with people living there. I find it very unlikely you and your family would be the only ones to ever see it. They had to come from somewhere. If we want to take it then those surviving there would no longer be able to. Either we find a way to take them in, or we leave them to die. It could be a handful of people or another cities worth. And even if you can't remember it, that is your home. We should try to find a way to save everyone.

My advice? Let's forget about digging for long lost memories, and instead figure out how to survive and explore the Outside so we can find them. Ask about that, what the hell the Mark is about, and how long this shard will last us.
No. 365148 ID: e3f578

Yikes, that radiation deal makes it sound like your going to miss a lot out on life. Kinda curious what Lae called you before your mind went caput, even though it's not important anymore considering all these circumstances with your past life.

I suggest just getting a place to live and rest soon, J. Probably with Lae's sector because of your previous association. While your asleep we should try our best to look around any broken mind fragments that could still be in your subconscious. If your in a state of low mental awareness there should be less potential damage and we might be able to manipulate your dreams to retread old shit you've done. Batta bing batta boom.

I'm going to try something weird now though. Just to test our limits.
[run cmd.exe]
[pump fist]
[exit cmd.exe]

If that works, I think we should run Defraggler while she sleeps.
No. 365156 ID: 1854db

This means your home is within a day's travel of this one, assuming your parents were high-powered ENC users. If they weren't then your home is really close by.

Is it possible that we could take a small piece of the crystal to survive on the Outside and explore?
No. 365172 ID: a2fa74

Ok, that's nice. He should intervene to help us fix Lily now. Before she's grease on the lightning gears of 'justice'.
No. 365174 ID: b6edd6

If the 'Mark' is what it sounds like, we probably won't need to break a piece of the Shard off.

Maybe you should just let Lae hold us (or both of you hold us) so we could speak directly?
No. 365196 ID: 2d6d07

Upvoting/reinforcing mindhax suggestion.
No. 365207 ID: 8d592b
File 132109561325.png - (49.79KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

"Okay so let's say I do remember all this stuff, how do I survive the outside? I'm guessing I'm not immune to radiation or anything."

"Well if the time were to come we could fit you with a suit made from the same materials as our dome. It's not foolproof but it would allow you to stay outside longer."

"Okay, and what about the people using the shard?"

Also guys I really really really don't care about what happens to Lily. She was kinda creepy, actually very creepy. I doubt her mind will be broken or anything that drastic for just being creepy.

"Those on the outside are more then welcome to join. If they want we can even expand the city to join there. If we were to join the Sun Shards together they would create one far more stable shard that will never go out. Most likely."

"And this artifact? What's it's role in all this?"

"That I do not know."
No. 365232 ID: 9c8d4f

what's important is that the artifact is an awesome, sexy beast.

anyway, a good start would be to reintroduce you to the ways of your old life. maybe if you started to do the chores you did, talked to the people you knew, hung out at the places you frequented, it could start to come back to you.
No. 365253 ID: a2fa74

No, lily's mind will be destroyed for breaking the law and the penalty for breaking the law is mind destruction. That is how it works.

Also, we need information she has.

Also, if she's forced to obey you then you can order her to stop doing something creepy and she will.

Just do it, please?
No. 365268 ID: 1854db

Nowhere were we told that. Stop asserting things you have no way of knowing in order to attempt to manipulate our holder into doing what you want him to do. You're being annoying and distracting. Also I doubt Lily has any information we need that we can't get from elsewhere. ALSO ALSO she's a giant fucking liar and we can't trust her for a second.
No. 365269 ID: 453e62

he does have a point on altering her to not lie. if she is unable to lie then it would make he a good source of info. but other then that i dunno.
No. 365275 ID: b6edd6

Even if prevented from lying, she might still be delusional.
We definitely don't want any more to do with her than maybe questioning; she is criminally insane. That girl needs therapy, not our meddling.
No. 365284 ID: a2fa74

She attempted to alter somebody's mind. That's got to be horrible punishment.

If she's altered to be loyal, honest, and obedient to J then these aren't problems.

As far as the accuracy of the information, the utility there is in her ability to reconstruct what J's life was like. As we are going to attempt to recover memories the goal is going to be immersing J in recreations of her memories.
Emril could read her memories and do the same, except that would involve a significant investment of his time. I'd expect it would also an emotionless mechanical reconstruction, which would be useless for our purposes.

As far as therapy? This gives Lily what she wants and puts her under the control of somebody who would care about her well-being.

Here, ask Lae what Emril does to criminals. Also, how they handle people with mental illnesses around here.
No. 365285 ID: 8d592b
File 132113965516.png - (82.20KB , 600x500 , 47.png )

Look, I don't care about that girl. She's a jerk and possibly crazy. And even 'if' I did and could get her mind changed that would be no better then what she just tried to do to me. You can say it's for her own good but come on, I had like no memories of my life or anything. If she had changed my mind and you guys hadn't caught on I would have been 'happy' wouldn't I? Changing her mind to make her 'happy' and helpful is no better, probably even worse.

"Is something wrong J?"

"It's the Orb. They keep telling me to do things. It's helpful most of the time."

"I think you should listen to their advice."

"... Okay there's this girl named Lily who I knew or something and she tried to push some thoughts into my head that we were lovers or something and Emril found out. The Orb is telling me she'll have her mind wiped and I should stop and try to make her my slave or something. Will she really have her mind wiped?"

"Most likely."


"To Emril the mind is like a puzzle box. He opens it up, peers inside, and if there is some bad things he'll just leave it in pieces. The body will still live but the 'person' will be dead. If he discovers that no crimes were committed that would harm the community then he will repair the mind and send them on their way."

"Oh... Uhm... Can you tell him to not do that?"


"Why not?"

"I think you are overestimating my power in this complex. I may watch over the Shard but it is not my place to interfere with the law."
No. 365286 ID: 453e62

can't make him not take her apart, but explain she could have important memories that can help with a mission so putting her back to a state where she can at least talk would be most helpful.
No. 365287 ID: a2fa74

"But she knows a bunch about my past, and that could help me recover my memories. Why don't you just tell him that mind-wiping her will put the city at risk? That should stop it."
No. 365294 ID: e3f578

She broke the law. Irregardless of whether or not we give any fuck about the damn girl technically 'dying', she still harmed this culture's law and probably knew the consequences if she fucked up. It's out of our hands. If she would be useful thanks to her information, mention it to Emril, but he's going to punish her regardless because of her crimes and it's out of our hands. He'll probably give us the info we need from her unless MND users can encrypt memories or something like that and she's done that with the info we need.
No. 365295 ID: 40cb26

Whatever her issues are, she knew who you were before your wipe. It may be worth keeping her as her own person. And why doesn't this guy put people back together just without the bad part? Isn't that a puzzle itself? Come on let's go see if we can't convince him to do things differently, it may save many others later.

Tell Lae that you are going to try to convince him to change his ways, and if he wants to back you up you'd appreciate it.

Enhance speed and get running.
No. 365299 ID: 8d592b
File 132114173219.png - (73.13KB , 600x500 , 48.png )

Fine fine I'll go save her mind or whatever!

I run back to the elevator and ride down to where I remember Emril's room to be.
When I enter I can see him seated in his chair with lily leaning against a wall.

"J? What brings you back here?"
No. 365303 ID: 453e62

stay calm and say "i just got done with meeting lae, and apparently memory recovery for me is important, this girl knows about my past so i need access to her memories. can you fix her up enough to answer questions i can think of?"
No. 365304 ID: 1854db

I'd like to propose an alternative to saving her.

Simply ask Emril to find out what she knows about you via his mind reading power.
No. 365306 ID: 40cb26

"Is she still... there?"

Tell Emil that your recovering your memory is important and that this girl knew who you were before. If he can put her mind back together she can help with that.
No. 365307 ID: 71cad3

Ask for a pony.
No. 365310 ID: 92b399

this stupid orb is telling me to do a stupid thing
No. 365313 ID: 6a5a08

"Met Lae, I need my memories back so I can get my other memories back so we can find another Sun Shard and save humanity. This girl did know something about me before my mind was wiped, can you check her memories and see if there are any clues that will help?"
No. 365314 ID: a2fa74


"You know that plan the orb talked about?
Well, it turns out it's needed to lower the risk of the city from being destroyed. You can ask Lae to confirm that.
About how long will it take to put her mind back together and make her completely honest, loyal, and obedient to me?"
No. 365315 ID: a2fa74

Sorta like how an anecdote is exactly the same thing as being there?

We need to reconstruct these memories for J to relive, not just find out the cliff notes of what happened.
No. 365316 ID: 1854db

Do you really think Lily can tell us the full details better than Emril can?
No. 365318 ID: a2fa74

Do you really think Emril is willing to go expend the time and effort to set up reconstructions of Lily's memories so J can re-experience them?

No, the best he would do is put Lily's memories into J, which would be ALL KINDS of unpleasant for J and not solve the actual problem.
No. 365322 ID: 04b491

What a curious mindset. Without memories, but adamant morally. Contrary to mind control, even to discover your past, but accepts death penalty. Her reasons and circumstances are unknown, but you're still capable of severe judgment. Beware of voices that are probably as much victims as you, but permissive with a government that "accidentally" erased your memory, records and material assets - not to mention that they already have some plans for you.

Jackie, what is your purpose? Recover your historic, then what? Your past self is dead, may never come back. Who are you? Who is Jackie?
No. 365329 ID: 1854db

No, I don't think that's what he'll do at all.
No. 365347 ID: 8d592b
File 132115533130.png - (69.36KB , 600x500 , 49.png )

"Oh man uhm... Okay so I need that girl to tell me about my past. See Lord Lae told me tha-"

"It's okay I just read your mind. My answer is no, I will not restore this girl to her former self nor will I corrupt her mind further. That would go against my own laws."

"Oh... So uhm. I really really need to know this stuff."

"Trust me, she's really got nothing. I mean I suppose she could have told you your daily schedule and all the foods you eat. She was very very obsessed with you. If it helps out she did watch you go into some of the art stores in Doredia's place."

"Oh... Uhm.. Do you uh... Where did I live?"

"The place where you had once lived is gone now. I suppose you can go there but it's been cleaned out."
No. 365348 ID: 453e62

what will happen to her now. and any stores in particular or just vague 'stores'

and we should go to your old place, may jog something.
No. 365349 ID: 1854db

Well, thank him for the lead. Let's go to the art stores.
No. 365352 ID: 04b491

You handed over a person that knew your past self. Point of no return. There's nowhere to get away with her... I'll give you this one opportunity. Let's put our skills to test.

>Protect mind

How fast can you run? If you dare to, spineless hypocrite.
No. 365354 ID: 453e62

.... what are doing? i am honestly confused.
No. 365356 ID: 6a5a08

Finish up that paperwork, and sign up with Lae. He's important, not a douchebag, and seems to have the interests of the city in mind.
No. 365360 ID: 1854db

We probably should've asked what our job would be if we signed up with him.
No. 365361 ID: 6a5a08

Probably saving the city, which is what we're doing right now.
Or maybe he runs the SCIENCE department.
No. 365373 ID: 40cb26

Here is you'll need to say. "It's alright, I misunderstood what you were about. I'm sure it's hard enough trying to figure out how a person is put together in the first place, rearranging someone so that one impulse or tangled thought process doesn't cause problems is expecting too much. It's not that you're lazy or anything, and I'm sure you're not stupid. It's just too much of a puzzle for anyone to handle."

"So what do you do with the people you give up on and leave in pieces? Seems like a waste and a hassle to deal with."
No. 365375 ID: a2fa74

Hey, douchebag, we need her thinking and working because she can help us reconstruct events that J would have experienced before.
It's not that she knows anything of particular value, it's that she can provide context in which we could immerse J in an attempt to stimulate old memories.

Even if it's a long-shot, the risk/reward analysis is positive which means your refusal is putting the city in danger.
Beyond that? It'd only go against your own laws if you did so without Lily's consent. That's why you aren't mind-killing doctors for messing with people's minds in the way they asked.

Completely aside from that? We're capable of rehabilitating her, which means you're reducing the total good which we could provide the city.

I'm growing quite irritated with your various neuroses, your sadistic glee in destroying minds, your total disregard for the concept of proportional response, your utter inability to create a system which naturally tends to self-heal problems without major oversight, and your overall smugness from being an unquestionable power.
I say this for the people who can't, because you can't do anything to us without dooming the entire city to horrible death.

Now, are you going to put Lily into a state where she can help J restore her memories, or are you going to be a roadblock in our mission to save the city?
No. 365376 ID: a2fa74

[Delay this; I want to see how he responds to the others before railing him.]
No. 365388 ID: 8d592b
File 132116927347.png - (70.07KB , 600x500 , 50.png )

"Really J, or rather Orb, I can read all your thoughts. You may have a rather powerful MND block but not nearly enough to stop me. I refuse to put this girl back together. She'll be kept here for the rest of the day and since she is so important I may as well keep her around until your mission is done. Now, I've given you some good leads on where to regain your memories next, maybe you should check them out before you or your orb say something you regret hmm?"
No. 365390 ID: 453e62

to your old house.
No. 365391 ID: 6a5a08

Can one really regret what they've done if their mind is shattered?

Regardless, let's stop being idiots and go do something useful.
No. 365392 ID: 1854db

Hmm... actually yeah, back to the old house and then taking the same path over to the gallery that you used to take could be useful.
No. 365393 ID: a2fa74

Fine. If you wish to stand in the way of our mission then we'll simply have to try less social means.

[Block thoughts]Lets go talk to Lae. I have some ideas with which he could help us.
No. 365394 ID: f6106a

Yes, to our old house. But first, we're here because we're supposed to sign up under a Leader. I say go with Lae since we're likely to be doing his work anyway.

Also, Emril's pretty cool, though a bit smug. The smugness is expected from a telepath that good at what they do though. Other voices should learn to ignore their creepy obsession with people who are creepily obsessed with our ward.
No. 365395 ID: e3f5db

Also, assuming you can hear this. It's not nice to hold someone's thoughts against them.
No. 365396 ID: 40cb26

Fiiiiine. But why are the laws this way, and why not change them? Or at least allow for some wiggle room on the easy cases.

And to be perfectly honest this girl wasn't that much of a problem, I mean her efforts didn't even work so her one obsession isn't even a danger to anyone. She could even become helpful as she was. I would have rather we didn't say anything, knowing how out of proportion the reaction is. Oh well, I trust you know what you're doing.

One last question though: If WE eventually gained the ability to put her back together, minus unhealthy obsessions or mind slavery, would that be allowed?

Tell us where this place is and we'll check it out.
No. 365397 ID: e3f578

Sorry bro, but don't please threaten J for something we say or try. Threaten us I guess.

I mean, your probably our first threat to us ourselves ever so props for being that cool. I don't think a mindwipe would work, but you could probably fuck with our vision and shit. Just don't attack people we happen to care about to establish a punishment to us if that doesn't work. That's kinda villainous in the storybook kind of way.
[Send audio and video still image]
Testing testing 1... 2... 3...
Cool music Mister Emril? A classic for us.
No. 365400 ID: 8d592b
File 132117164804.png - (60.52KB , 519x409 , 51.png )

>Regardless, let's stop being idiots and go do something useful.

I agree. Also I wanna meet the other leaders before I decide, no need to rush things right?

"Before you go I must say the orb is quite amusing. I'll put what it's saying into consideration. Good bye J."

I leave his room. Oh damn forgot to ask where I used to l-
Nevermind he just tele-told me...

>J walks into Doredia's area and to her old home. It's an apartment building that is several stories high.

Okay he said I lived in.. Ha, 1J.

I approach a girl at the front desk solving some kind of puzzle with her mind.

"Fuck... Fuck.... Oh god dammit.."

She's not even looking at me...
No. 365401 ID: 453e62

be casually, say "wassup?"
if she has been here longer then you she should at least recognize you.
No. 365402 ID: 40cb26

Ah, let's remember that most people won't know you lost your memory... again. And I'm sure this girl at least sorta knew who you were before so get reintroduced. Get her attention, say hi and ask if she remembers you.
No. 365403 ID: a2fa74

"Hey, need some help with that rubik's cube?"
No. 365404 ID: 1854db

That does kinda look like a Rubik's Cube, doesn't it?
No. 365405 ID: 8d592b
File 132117249612.png - (58.62KB , 519x409 , 52.png )

>That does kinda look like a Rubik's Cube, doesn't it?

Oh wow that must be old. Like really really old.

"Hey uh... I'm J and I w-"


"I-I Uhm... W-well I...."

"You already messed me up so just say it already dammit!"

No. 365406 ID: 1854db

Ask for directions to room 1J.

Or ask to go out with her. That'd work too.
No. 365414 ID: 40cb26

Welp. Remember that you're the one having a bad day here, don't let her pissy mood slow you down.

Enhance attitude

"I'm sorry you were distracted from your toy, but I kinda need a little help here. You see today I blew up and now have double amnesia. Now then I have two questions for you: do you remember anything about me, and where is my old room 1J?"
No. 365417 ID: 9c8d4f


enhance testicles while you're at it, too.
No. 365429 ID: 04b491

You just got cold feet in front of a mind-control fascist. Will do the same with a secretary?
No. 365504 ID: e85cf5
File 132124294501.png - (76.81KB , 600x500 , 53.png )

>enhance testicles while you're at it, too.

W-what...? I don't...

>Enhance attitude

"Listen, I just found out all my memories have basically been wiped out so I'm having a pretty bad day. Now if you'll stop playing with your stupid puzzle I have some questions for you; what do you know about me and where is my old room?"

"You'd better not be kidding me. I'm fucking serious. If I find out your playing a joke I will end your sad life right here and now."

"I'm not kidding, now answer my questions."

The toy stops moving and she stares at me.

"Huh, you are serious. Well I'm glad to see the new you actually grew a pair. Well I got good news and bad news. The good news is I know a bit about you so feel free to ask me anything. Bad news is I saw your place listed as Open For Rent so I had it gutted. There's already some people there but feel free to just waltz into their new house if you want."
No. 365505 ID: 453e62

just seeing the place should do something. ask if there was anything non-generic in the room.
No. 365506 ID: 40cb26

Gutted? Damn. I don't think looking your old place will do much for you now, even without the mind blanking you'd hardly find it familiar. Ask if the old stuff is dumped somewhere or if it's already been recycled or incinerated or whatever they do here. If it's really gone ask what she remembers about it.

Now then the list of subjects: Your old name, powers, hobbies, your personality, how you dressed, the people you hung out with, places you went to and what she remembers about you when she first showed up. Also what her opinion of you was.
No. 365507 ID: f6106a

Feel free to just Waltz into their new house. Management just gave you permission, which you can tell them. Then they'll bitch to her not you.
No. 365511 ID: 04b491

I need to know. You were a criminal?
No. 365530 ID: 1854db

Ask if she knows where any of your old stuff is.
No. 365544 ID: 787e02
File 132125503585.png - (32.00KB , 665x351 , 54.png )

oh god so many questions uh...

"W-where's my uh.. Old stuff?"

"Hmph.. I actually still have it, it's in my room."

"You took my stuff?"

"Hey, you're stuff was in my building so it was mine. Anyway since you're not dead I guess you can have it all back, follow me."

>The two of them go down a long corridor.

"So uh.... What do you know about me? Like uh... What were my hobbies and stuff?"

"Fuck if I know, I was just your landlord. I know you were into plants and shit but that's it really. Uh... Damn I don't think you had any friends either. You were pretty damn boring to be honest. I mean your parents did die on you and shit."

"You don't know like any other things I did? Or even my old name?"

"Uh... It began with a J. Fuck if I know. Okay, question time is over now."


No. 365545 ID: 787e02
File 132125526390.png - (70.35KB , 600x450 , 55.png )

She stops in front of one of the rooms and walks in. A device on her wrist beeps.

"Fuck... Uh.. Your shit is in the back, don't touch my stuff. I'll be back later."

And with that she's gone. Good, she was kinda annoying.
No. 365546 ID: 453e62

look through STUFF.
No. 365548 ID: 40cb26

I doubt her stuff is interesting anyway. Let's not risk more annoyance or the threat of physical harm from her.

Anyway, to the boxes!
No. 365550 ID: 04b491

Nothing makes sense. Your memory, records and material assets. The "mission". Unless if your past self were a criminal. By "crime" I mean something that you know, something that your parents did, something that you represents, something that threatens the social order.

Look through the suff of the landlord of your past self. She may be hiding something.
No. 365551 ID: 787e02
File 132125663995.png - (89.46KB , 600x450 , 56.png )

>Nothing makes sense. Your memory, records and material assets. The "mission". Unless if your past self were a criminal. By "crime" I mean something that you know, something that your parents did, something that you represents, something that threatens the social order.

Nnnnn.... I really don't want to think about that. I mean he said that my mind is tied to my records... I really don't know how the system works here.

>Look through stuff

That sounds like a good distraction.

Hmmmm... There's not much in here honestly. Some really nice clothes, a few books with pretty dull titles... Anti Radiation Pills?
No. 365552 ID: 453e62

you may need those. read the bottle and see what it says. may be time to take one to prevent cancer. and keep digging.
No. 365554 ID: 453e62

it makes perfect sense, the fact that you don't understand doesn't mean it doesn't make sense to everyone else.
No. 365557 ID: 40cb26

Definitely keep those pills. The might be used to prevent taking damage from radiation, or used to counteract damage taken. Either is very important. Hopefully it has directions for us to read later.

Clothes are nice, maybe you should change into some of them right now and get out of the crazy ladies old clothes. Books I think we can just leave here. That pissy geek will probably like them and it'll save on moving around useless weight. But first skim through them, we are trying to trigger memories after all. And there might be something stuck or written in them.
No. 365558 ID: 04b491

The books. There is something inside of them? A note, a letter. Besides that, there is something more in these boxes?

I would be grateful if you could explain that to me.
No. 365559 ID: 453e62

your files are stored in your brain as encrypted files. they can be read an altered by those that know the codes to access them. the memory burnout broke the file as well.
the rest of your post was so poorly worded i can't tell what you were saying. i think it was she must be a ex criminal or something?
No. 365560 ID: 1854db

The pills must be how you and your parents were surviving on the surface. Or attempting to survive in any case.

What are the titles for the books? A change in clothing may be in order, come to think of it, since you don't like skirts.
No. 365569 ID: 04b491

This much I could understand. However, it doesn't make sense. Anyway, it isn't my intention to disrupt, hinder or hijack this misadventure. Just looking for a better understanding of the situation.

You want me to believe that a backup wasn't done, especially when this isn't an isolated occurrence? That third parties don't have ways to identify you, since all information is kept in encrypted files within your brain? That the sensible information about a new Sun Shard wasn't one of the first issues to be addressed? That her coworker, Lae, knows little to nothing about her? That her possessions were simply removed and entrusted to a landlord? That she just survived the radiation that would kill in a day Adora, the most powerful ENC user? That, unless Emril is a big fat liar, there is life outside Central Complex? That she found "Anti Radiation Pills" by chance? You want me to believe in a mind-control fascist that goes as far as to say that he is the law? That we just came out of nowhere, with no memories of past events, on possession of her, even though we're a mysterious and powerful artifact!?

Never expected one of us to be so gullible. I know! Maybe I should make obvious suggestion and stupid comments, or just sexually harass those around us! Anyway, besides the fact that our owner has no guts and morality, the funny thing is that we have little choice but to play along with this madness. Go to art stores in Doredia's place, meet the People under Mark, search for the underground Sun Shard.

Now! That Rubik's Cube! The landlord is the true owner of it? It's possible that some possessions of our coward have been stolen or confiscated.
No. 365580 ID: 453e62

yes because it isn't sensible it would cause a frenzy.
where does it say a day? i just see that not even she could survive it. meaning that there is no way for her to be immune.
chance? they could have a big ass stockpile or something.
yes, emril is a FACTS oriented guy, i can see him not telling us everything but anything he tells us is the truth.
and yes.
No. 365582 ID: 04b491

Excuse me, but I will not. You didn't present any valid argument. My point is, I can't trust anyone here. Much less a centralized government that can subdue legally, physically and mentally the way it wants.

Anyway, do your part. I'll do mine.
No. 365593 ID: 25d645
File 132129572947.png - (63.52KB , 600x450 , 57.png )

Oh god you guys are so paranoid, seriously you are sorta freaking me out.
I get that people haven't been telling me much but from they have told me I was pretty much a loner and maybe a little depressed after losing my parents.
I dunno.. Anyway Lae is pretty much all we got. I mean I don't see any thing he can gain from lying to me.

>The books. There is something inside of them? A note, a letter. Besides that, there is something more in these boxes?

Oh hey look at this, a picture.

Hey that's a younger me! I was adorable back then! It looks like I just got something I really really wanted.

Sadly this really doesn't trigger any memories..
No. 365594 ID: 453e62

totally take that. and flip through the books real fast to see if anything is between the pages. then i guess take some changes of clothes and put all the stuff away and wait for the land lady to come back.
No. 365598 ID: 40cb26

Aww. Well definitely hold onto it, even if it doesn't help you remember anything else it itself is a memory. Keep it in the math book for safekeeping and bring it along.

Continue rummaging.
No. 365600 ID: 25d645
File 132129984358.png - (90.32KB , 600x450 , 58.png )

>flip through the books real fast to see if anything is between the pages

Hey there's another picture of me. I look quite a bit older. And I have some Nodes on my face.

Wait hold on... I think I remember that day..
Aah dang it.. Memory's gone again.
No. 365601 ID: e3f578

[Retrace Memory]
[Get Memory]
[Repair Memory]
No. 365603 ID: 453e62

[ trace brain activity last minute, repair any interrupted signals.]
No. 365606 ID: 63cf7a

How would you get younger?
That's probably your mother.

Or you did get younger, and that's Lily.
No. 365607 ID: 04b491

You make it sound like we're a bunch of kids competing for mom's attention...

"Emril is a facts oriented guy"? "Don't see any thing Lae can gain from lying to us"? Solid. Sure, let's rely on our ability to judge character. You know, this is the best thing about us: you can simply ignore those you don't like or think that it's mildly to totally insane.

MND Power Grid? Maybe you still have some remnant of it. Who is the person behind you? It looks like someone you've seen so far?
[Enhance Vision]
No. 365608 ID: 453e62

or the pictures are just out of order.
No. 365611 ID: 25d645
File 132130276352.png - (104.86KB , 600x450 , 59.png )

>[Retrace Memory]
>[Get Memory]
>[Repair Memory]

>The picture begins to blur in J's hand. The edges become less clear and a faint image appears in the picture.

"There. You don't need to hide your face behind all that hair."

>The image changes back to normal.

Woah... That was weird. I guess it worked though.
Maybe you guys were onto something with this finding familiar stuff thing.
No. 365613 ID: 04b491

Focus on the person behind you in this picture.
Search for traces of your past self's Power Nodes.
No. 365614 ID: 453e62

who's voice do you think it was?
No. 365619 ID: a2fa74

Sorry, I missed an update.

Now you see why I wanted Lily? If a picture taken from a third-person perspective helps then imagine how much more powerful it would be if you were in an actual reconstruction of a memory.

[Trace voice]
[Get voice]
[Find associated memories]
No. 365774 ID: 9c8d4f

fuckin' told you bro. now change into your old clothes and maybe you'll look like somewhat less of a dork.

pocket the shit we've found so far and keep on looking. then look through Dee's stuff.
No. 365820 ID: 25d645
File 132139550412.png - (61.33KB , 600x450 , 60.png )

I don't recognize the voice honestly... The person looks familiar though.

>pocket the shit we've found so far and keep on looking. then look through Dee's stuff.

Well all my stuff is in these boxes so her's is probably in this closet..


It's really just filled with uhm... C-clothes and stuff
No. 365821 ID: 25d645
File 132139556629.png - (76.40KB , 600x450 , 61.png )

"Didn't I tell you not to fucking look through my stuff? God damn, you're still just like your older self."

"!!! S-sorry!"

"Dammit... Well did you find what you were looking for?"
No. 365822 ID: 453e62

wait oldER self? wat?
No. 365827 ID: 453e62

yeah we found some things. should head to the room now.
also i warned not to look through her stuff.
No. 365932 ID: a43214

"Not like we could have any way of knowing what was yours, could we?"
No. 365957 ID: ddc511

Not only gutless and hypocrite, you're a pervert too? Whatever.

Apologize profusely. Your curiosity, and perversion, took the best of you. Now, you have the opportunity to throw a ruse here. Say you were curious about her. Maidenly blush, timidly flatter her taste for lingerie. Finally, call her on a date. I kid you not.

It seems that Dee knows more about your old self than what she shows on the surface. She kept your belongings safe and allowed you to reclaim them, after all. A little alcohol and some seduction may break this Ice Queen facade of hers.

Before I forget. There is a medical label for the Anti Radiation Pills? Something that indicates its duration, modes of use and side effects?
No. 365961 ID: 453e62

>call someone a pervert
>tell them to seduce someone
No. 366071 ID: 6e44d2

I like you.
No. 366122 ID: e85cf5
File 132148766112.png - (33.60KB , 600x450 , 62.png )

>Maidenly blush, timidly flatter her taste for lingerie. Finally, call her on a date. I kid you not.

W-what..? N-no.. I can't just...

>A little alcohol and some seduction may break this Ice Queen facade of hers.

Sh-shut up...

"It's uh... N-not like I could have known it was yours or anything..."

"Yeah right. Well you wanna see your room?"

"Uh, yeah sure.."

>Dee leads her down the hall and opens a door to a empty room

"Told ya it was gutted. You can look through it but I doubt you'll find anything."
No. 366124 ID: 1854db

Enhance your vision so you can check for secret panels and stuff.
No. 366125 ID: 453e62

yeah right under the monitor.
No. 366127 ID: e85cf5
File 132148830266.png - (43.78KB , 600x450 , 63.png )

>Enhance your vision so you can check for secret panels and stuff.

Oh hey, I sense something..

"Well I'm going back downstairs. Good luck finding whatever the hell you're looking for I guess.."
No. 366129 ID: 1854db

Tell her okay, and then get a closer look at the stuff you're sensing.
No. 366130 ID: 40cb26

Tell her to wait a minute, ask why there would be a mark on the wall. Explain that you enhanced your vision. She might be able to help us make sense of it.

Also is that thing on the wall there a monitor or a window or what?
No. 366131 ID: e85cf5
File 132148909679.png - (71.02KB , 600x450 , 64.png )

>Tell her to wait a minute, ask why there would be a mark on the wall.

She already left..

>J presses against the spots she say. The walls open up to reveal a crawlspace with a Odd Mask inside it. The one under the telescreen has a Locked Box in it.
No. 366132 ID: 453e62

fuck no, if it's hidden then we didn't want anyone to find it. let her leave then check that out.
No. 366134 ID: 453e62

attempt to open or remove lockbox. then check out thing in crawlspace.
No. 366139 ID: 8d3fa5

open the Locked Box
No. 366151 ID: a43214

(locked how?) Check mask for [key]. Wear mask. Use enhanced senses on box. Check other belongings for [key]. etc. etc.

Possibly equip mask, look in mirror, [enhance memories].
No. 366152 ID: ddc511

There is a medical label for the Anti Radiation Pills!? Unless you want to be a guinea pig!

The Box, password or lock?
No. 366310 ID: ddc511

Wait a moment... The reason for you to get so embarrassed... You actually pondered and liked that idea? There! You really are a pervert!
No. 366322 ID: 453e62

no, it's just hard to NOT think of something if you have the idea pumped directly into your head. seriously you seem obsessed with making J a pervert.
No. 366325 ID: ddc511

No. 366366 ID: 1854db

Definitely try on the mask. Take the box, and... hmm. I'd say we should try picking it with enhanced senses. We'll need a lockpick though.
No. 366433 ID: 20f620

Doesn't that make you the pervert?

Anyway, J, check out the crawlspace and mask. Enhance your senses while you do so.
No. 366435 ID: ddc511

No doubt about it! With great pride, if I may say! As such, I'm very well qualified to recognize those similar in nature! But enough of myself! This story is about another pervert! Focus, guys! Focus!
No. 366436 ID: 453e62

no, you are just implanting perverted thoughts into her head.
No. 366437 ID: ddc511

No. 367510 ID: 9da432
File 132204405768.png - (8.62KB , 526x521 , 65.png )

You're all perverts.
Anyway the mask fits perfectly over my face. It's made out of a really cool see-through plastic.

The box is locked and I can't get it open even with Enhanced Strength.
No. 367511 ID: 453e62

fiddle around with the mask, maybe it has vision modes or something.
No. 367525 ID: 55f0cc

Focus. The feel of using this mask, the image of this mask over your face, the vision of the world through this mask. Any of this brings any memory? In addition, the mask has some command or compartment? Something that can hold a key or display the way to one? Finally, what's the color of your panties!? DOHOHOHO!!
No. 367541 ID: 453e62

dude, seriously. you already know, you are just asking to try and piss her off. i don't know how long you have been here but pissing off someone who can just ditch us whenever is just dumb. so knock off the perverted shit.
No. 367543 ID: 55f0cc

The color of her panties... This information is not included in my database.

Anyway, it would be interesting to dispense her only allies, a possible link with her past or future, an artifact with mysterious MND powers.
No. 367554 ID: 6a5a08
File 132205814706.jpg - (34.32KB , 604x439 , styx.jpg )

Get a marker and draw this symbol on the mask.
No. 367563 ID: 6c8396

Do This
No. 367586 ID: b0326b

No. 367732 ID: 784dcc

No, this.
\ /
No. 367739 ID: aebc1f

no wait, better yet this

No. 367740 ID: 453e62

yes, this symbol has a meaning to it.
No. 367741 ID: 55f0cc

Suddenly, I feel like the most educated and refined gentleman.
No. 367742 ID: 786012

inb4 everyone in this world knows Styx.
More than that, everyone knows and fears Styx.
Even more, everyone knows and fears Styx, who just happens to be visiting Lae for a cup of tea right now.

We should also ask Lae if he knows a Lilith.
No. 367744 ID: 784dcc

That didn't come out right. Fox-face.
No. 367771 ID: ac6c03

Very nice mask, what does anything about it's shape seem familiar?
No. 368208 ID: 252e1b


What kind of lock? Pin and tumbler? Combination? Something else?

Tell me the type of lock, and I'll tell you how to defeat it.
No. 368393 ID: 2dff97


more like yohohoho.
No. 370486 ID: 0ee607
File 132330748543.png - (74.34KB , 452x500 , 66.png )

Okay you guys are giving me a bigger headache then Emril was..

And don't think I won't put you on time out. Yes you're helpful but at the same time not.

Now I don't know what kind of lock the box has and I don't have anything to write on the mask with.
No. 370487 ID: 453e62

okay, leave the secret compartments open, we don't need them anymore. and let's go someplace else. let's check into our new place.
No. 370488 ID: 0ee607
File 132330837271.png - (76.25KB , 452x500 , 67.png )

I don't -have- a place.
That's why you had me walking around the city.

You know. Checking out places and stuff.
Cause I'm homeless still.
No. 370489 ID: a2fa74

Close them, since we don't want people to know there were compartments there in the first place.

Can you show us the lock with enhanced perception?
No. 370490 ID: 6a5a08

Obtain cardboard box and marker.
No. 370495 ID: b6edd6

>Yes you're helpful but at the same time not.
Story of our life*.

*Such as it is, being an enchanted item and all
No. 370498 ID: 453e62

bluh, i ment check out housing areas, sorry. let's start on the outermost ring and work our way inward.
No. 370609 ID: a30b71

You didn't put the mask, nor tried to recall more memories! Get with the scheduled already!

Anyway, go hit on Dee. This is the only logical sequence of events. I'm deadly serious here.
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