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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 131810258493.jpg - (23.53KB , 600x393 , 001.jpg )
356790 No. 356790 ID: f7aa74

Doo do do doo da doo do da da daaa
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No. 356791 ID: f7aa74
File 131810264217.jpg - (117.84KB , 600x463 , 0002.jpg )

"I knew we'd run into trouble going through this pass."
No. 356792 ID: f7aa74
File 131810271769.jpg - (173.95KB , 600x457 , 0003.jpg )

No. 356793 ID: f7aa74
File 131810276069.jpg - (70.52KB , 600x463 , 0004.jpg )

No. 356794 ID: 0ef5d9

this guy seems legit
No. 356795 ID: f7aa74
File 131810299358.jpg - (71.04KB , 600x463 , 0005.jpg )

"Listen, kid... i hope your a kid and not some satyr... anyway, listen, we are very busy right now and we can't take civilians with us just to get killed."

"But, i am all kinds of strong and stuff, i'm a minotaur and i can do all kinds of heavy lifting and-"

"No no, hold on, no. What i'm trying to say is, we might have to come across similar 'folk' like you that want to try and kill us... and we'll be forced to kill them instead, do you get my intentions here?"
No. 356796 ID: f7aa74
File 131810317321.jpg - (67.96KB , 600x465 , 0006.jpg )

"Hold on Kronus, we should give him a chance without scaring him away."
"BUT MISS ELLEN! You know that we can't keep mo-"
"ENOUGH, now little minotaur, why do you want to be a knight soo badly?"

this is where you write up some back story
No. 356797 ID: 35bcde

Knights get all the bitches.
No. 356799 ID: a2fa74

"Mom and dad said they would get back together when I become a knight!"
No. 356801 ID: 514923

Because they're tough and cool and raaawr and when the big baddies go rawr and stuff and everyone runs away the knights don't run the just go shiwing and swish and slash and hiiyaaaa and win and it always looks so awesome and cool and I wanna be cool and awesome and then if I become a knight maybe everyone will like me and be nice to me even though I'm a minotaur and and won't try and kill me or mom and dad and Julie and then minotaurs can get along with everybody...
No. 356805 ID: de7eea

Knights are cool guys, they kill undeads and don't afraid of anything!
No. 356809 ID: cfa804

(Pretty much this, but in a way that makes it sound like 'when pigs fly', like "Mom and Dad said they'd get back together again when I became a knight with human friends!")
No. 356818 ID: 0ef5d9

maaaan, somebody come up with an explanation that accounts for those kickin goggles.
No. 357460 ID: e99ac6

After seeing the older generation of minotaurs attempt and fail at robbieries, higwaymanship and evil in general it's quite clear which side is the best one to be on. Heroes have more fun and get all the girls.

Also the goggles were found in a muddy ditch, but they do a good job.
No. 357463 ID: c71597

He's a bit young for the wenches and ale reasons. So I guess it would be because his dad or mom once brough home a storybook with lots of pictures and knights in it. He has read it multiple times from cover to cover, or atleast looked at the pictures, and decided that being a knight is the most awesomest thing ever and he really wants to be one.
No. 357470 ID: 0d7a83

His name is Li'l' Leedy. The goggles came from his SECRET HUMAN TEACHER, who taught him the many secrets of the ENGINEER, before being discovered and killed by a group of NASTY MINOTAURS from Leedy's village. Leedy tried to stop them, but he was TOO PUNY. He wants to become a knight so that he can stand up for his friends in the future. And also because he heard they get ALL THE BITCHES, and his dad told him bitches were AWESOME.
No. 357473 ID: f7aa74
File 131836055193.jpg - (105.55KB , 600x455 , 0007.jpg )

"Because they're tough and cool and raaawr and when the big baddies go rawr and stuff and everyone runs away the knights don't run the just go shiwing and swish and slash and hiiyaaaa and win and it always looks so awesome and cool and I wanna be cool and awesome and then if I become a knight maybe I'll become big and tough and fight dragons AND MY PARENTS WILL COME BACK FROM THE DEAD AND SAY 'SON, YOU ARE BIG AND STRONG WE ARE SO PROUD-'"
No. 357476 ID: f7aa74
File 131836091888.jpg - (45.05KB , 600x395 , 0008.jpg )

"-AND WHenn they see how well i'm... doing... they will come back to life... and no dark warlord will come after us again.. cus i'm all knightly big... and strong

"It does me no good to tell you that knights cannot preform miracle."


"But, I cannot deny that miracles have happened. I'm sure if you fight well for a noble cause, the gods will grant you your parents.NOW, we have just slain a dragon over that hill behind us and we are on our way to fight another... as it so happens, we have enough bone to make you a weapon for which to fight dragons with."
No. 357478 ID: f7aa74
File 131836102519.jpg - (49.58KB , 600x463 , bones.jpg )

"Marcus will build for you a weapon, you must decide what you need to do battle with first."

pick a weapon from the picture and that will be what our character will use throughout this quest
No. 357479 ID: c71597

Bone Hammer, because it's Hammer Time!
No. 357480 ID: e4003e

Bone axe is ready!!!
No. 357481 ID: e97b17

headbutt mask!!
No. 357482 ID: 0d7a83

Headbutt Mask.
He's a minotaur; Think about it.
No. 357484 ID: 46c430

Bone axe!
No. 357489 ID: 1035fa

Liking the headbutt mask, stylish AND effective!
No. 357492 ID: cfa804

Bone Axe looks like the proper weapon for a warrior knight.
No. 357496 ID: b6edd6

Headbutt mask combined with goggles. We will have the best hat.
No. 357499 ID: 44766a

Bone axe
No. 357517 ID: 1854db

He had a hammer in his imagination, but I like axe better than headbutt mask.
No. 357532 ID: 1444d5

Bone horn, because Tiny Bard.
No. 357573 ID: 6ca854

Why the hell every time I see the starting picture I think, "IF YOU SMELL-L-L-L-L... WHAT THE ROCK.. IS COOKING"

Well if we wanna make this jabroni into the PEOPLE'S CHAMP!, he's gotta have a weapon, and if you axe the QUESTION, the ANSWER is BONE! BONE AXE to lay the smackdown on any roody poo candy ass that threatens the Brahma Bull.
No. 357736 ID: 6a9fdc

No. 357893 ID: 6868bc

No. 357894 ID: a1d7ad

Bone horn, let us become bard knight
No. 358139 ID: f7aa74
File 131861496937.jpg - (30.97KB , 510x390 , 0009.jpg )

This is a heavy cleaving weapon
No. 358143 ID: f7aa74
File 131861525671.jpg - (51.06KB , 600x390 , 0010.jpg )

{b] Now can we go fight a dragon? I totally wanna go take some down, lets go lets go lets go!!!![/b]

"Hoopha, by the gods no. Two dragons in one week is gonna give me a hernia or at least whip-lash. I can tell he's gonna be a handful."

"Ha hah, don't think you can handle any more whip-lash? What about that time in Kaiden?"

"Miss Ellen, please. I was younger then."
No. 358145 ID: 35bcde

Alright. Now get into the right position, ask them if your stance is okay, and start carefully swinging the sword down over and over and over. CAREFUL. Don't hit anyone! You want to show them you're serious!
No. 358146 ID: f7aa74
File 131861555609.jpg - (81.59KB , 600x463 , 0011.jpg )

"Alright kid, we're heading into town. I'll explain to you what purpose you'll serve in our party. I'll also try to apprentice you in bladed weapons.
But before any of that, I need to ask you a few things. These questions are meant to help me find a way i can teach you with utmost effectiveness."

"Sure, i'm ready!!"

"Alright, the questions are these: What do you love the most. What scares you the most. And will I have any issues with me tutoring you?"

more background info to flesh out the character
No. 358147 ID: 35e1a0

yeah, swing that weapon a ton. need to work your muscles HARD so that you can swing that thing forever in a fight.
No. 358149 ID: 35bcde

Justice! Spiders! I may in fact get overexcited about stuff! Like justice!
No. 358151 ID: b6edd6

Dat axe.
No. 358167 ID: cfa804

Love: Victory!
Fear: Cats
Issues: Yes.
No. 358210 ID: 44766a

Justice! Spiders! I may in fact get overexcited about stuff! Like justice!
No. 358241 ID: c71597

Love: Dramatic situations where you have a chance to shine like a major badass and be a big god damn hero.
Hate: Any other moment where you're not a big god damn hero.
Issues: Yes, many of them.
No. 358701 ID: 7bad01
File 131880965625.jpg - (68.61KB , 600x392 , 0012.jpg )

"Well, i like justice. But what i hate the most are... underdark spider-cats... Horrible horrible Spider-cats.
No. 358733 ID: cfa804

Ugh... do you even have any idea what Justice IS at your age?!
No. 358750 ID: c7b6c2

you're just so adorable

Anyway. Enthusiasm! Tell him that you would not be too afraid to axe some catspiders to death and would probably only cry a little bit!
No. 358752 ID: 35bcde

Destroy all spidercats
No. 358816 ID: c71597

Don't worry anymore, now you have a weapon and can destroy all of the spidercats. In fact, you should brandish your weapon and proudly declare that you will do so!
No. 359639 ID: 8fc114

So what are those guys up to? Are they crusading by any chance? Crusading against what?

Prove your worth by making an awesome lunch or use your outdoor skills to create a new useful rope from woven bark or something. Tell them how you have the ability to identify all edible and poisonous mushrooms because you've already tried eating all known mushrooms yourself at some point, even the really rare ones (you're also good at finding them).
No. 363215 ID: f7aa74
File 132025569086.jpg - (47.44KB , 600x391 , 0013.jpg )

"and now with my new awesome weapon all the spider-cats will be scared and stuff!"
No. 363216 ID: f7aa74
File 132025573597.jpg - (38.31KB , 600x362 , 0014.jpg )

"... i knew you were going to be an issue."
No. 363217 ID: f7aa74
File 132025582965.jpg - (63.27KB , 600x463 , 0015.jpg )



"Thank the gods! Please, somebody help me, my friend- he's stuck in the woods and i need help getting him out!"
No. 363218 ID: 35e1a0

a chance to save someone in trouble?! SOUNDS LIKE A JOB FOR A HERO!!
No. 363223 ID: 4b5689

This is your chance for glory and being a big god damn hero. Charge into the forest in your eagerness to help!
No. 363249 ID: 78b9fc

Attack those woods for massive damage!
No. 363256 ID: 1854db

Stuck in the woods? What, stuck up a tree or captured by something, or what? We need to know the situation before we go rushing in.
No. 363258 ID: 0d7a83

Information is for weiners!
No. 363309 ID: cfa804

Run forward to victory, singing your battle song!
No. 363391 ID: 797925

BUT WHAT IF THERE ARE SPIDER-CATS!!! We must find out more first!
No. 363407 ID: bbf9cc

well just scare them away with the big sword
No. 363605 ID: f7aa74
File 132043331778.jpg - (49.38KB , 600x385 , 0016.jpg )

"alright, calm down and try to explain what happened."


"HOLD ON, for the love of pelor. From what your saying i conclude that your freind was captured by Wargs. But, have no fear madame, we will save your friend from those monstrous vogues."

"Oh thankgoo-"
No. 363607 ID: f7aa74
File 132043351306.jpg - (41.13KB , 600x382 , 0017.jpg )

"WAIT... what did you just call me?"

"... i don't think i called you anything."

"Let me tell you that i am a MAN, you blind goat."

"he he he"

"OH, my apologies sir... it's jus that the hair... threw me off. Now how about a plan to go save your friend then... yeah?"

how would you go fight wargs?
No. 363611 ID: 4b5689

Charge in bravely and vanquish them with your righteousness.
No. 363617 ID: 1854db

Wargs are pack hunters. We'd need to make sure they don't gang up on anyone, so keep a tight formation and kill as many at range as you can, if anyone has ranged weapons.

Also make sure they don't ambush you!
No. 363628 ID: b6edd6

Like a boss.

But also this:
No. 363631 ID: fb10df

>fight wargs
No. 363784 ID: 5004a5

Actually people are jumping to conclusions here. What if the wargs are just hungry and additionally upset because people have suddenly appeared in their territory? It might be possible to pacify the wargs by giving them food in exchange for this endangered friends safety.

It will be important to give an impression of strength so that they don't attack outright.
No. 364228 ID: e98cf6
File 132064665009.jpg - (44.32KB , 600x385 , 0018.jpg )


"Let's not go rushing in, young one. Wargs are pack hunters. We'd need to make sure they don't gang up on anyone, so keep a tight formation and kill as many at range as you can."

"That won't work, What if the wargs are just hungry and additionally upset because people have suddenly appeared in their territory? It might be possible to pacify the wargs by giving them food. Truth be told, i don't have any long ranged weapons- so this seems like the only way. Do you have any rations on you?"

"The rest of my party has left towards the city, and by the time i reach them to collect the rations it might be too late!"


...Charge in bravely and vanquish them with your righteousness?
No. 364233 ID: e98cf6
File 132064779535.jpg - (36.34KB , 600x377 , 0019.jpg )

"... this is giving me a headache. What if maybe we are both wrong... what if these things are setting a trap or something. They're demon wolves, so this in turn means they have a semblance of intellect."

rework the plan or choose which of the three actions the group should take
No. 364237 ID: a3e2a0

Well, if we have any kind of food at all, we could attempt to use it to distract them and just do a smash-and-grab job. If the food doesn't distract them, then they're clearly not just hungry. Then we can vanquish.
No. 364257 ID: 453e62

sounds like a plan to me.
No. 364264 ID: c71597

Ask Alchemist if he can get some bombs made up for you, or have some lying around. Then there shouldn't really be any problems with charging in and kicking ass.
No. 364272 ID: 4bc7e6

Alchemists always have those about. It's part of why people become alchemists... Make sure not to look at the explosions as you slay your foes in slow motion...
No. 364524 ID: bc5b9a
File 132078055964.jpg - (29.37KB , 600x374 , 0020.jpg )

"I think i might have something... do you have any exploding stuff?"

"hm? Not really, i don't have any black powder if your asking me that. All i have on me at the moment are a few flasks of alchemist fire and this flash bomb. It dosn't do much but make one helluva ruckus."

"Hmmm...can you make anything quickly?"

"Make and quickly don't belong in the same sentence when it comes to alchemy. It usually takes hours to days to make something, and that's if you have the resources on hand. So i can't make anything quickly."

you now know what the resources are from this guy, now lets come up with a way to approach this situation. We have two fighters and an alchemist, which means to weapons and some alchemist fire with a flash bang... lets figure this out.
No. 364526 ID: 453e62

if they are pack hunters then the leader is the main target, if he dies then the others will lose a lot of confidence.
No. 364527 ID: c71597

Lets try to get the wargs in a group, then toss a flashbang in the middle of them, pen them up with some alchemist fire and then kill the shit out of them.
No. 364537 ID: 4bc7e6

That works. You have my vote
No. 366502 ID: c1572d

A combination of these two things. Oh, and dont forget to bring a carving knife. Hides can be useful, you know.
No. 366717 ID: aebc1f
File 132180380021.jpg - (37.55KB , 600x385 , 0021.jpg )

"Alright... here's a simple plan. We kill the pack leader and draw the little suckers in. Then we just dominate the whole cluster."


"But what if the pack leader isn't with the pack?"

"Don't think about that, we'll just hope that it is. Lets fight some monsters everyone, time for battle."
No. 366720 ID: aebc1f
File 132180470847.jpg - (35.33KB , 600x382 , 0022.jpg )

"... this doesn't seem right."

"Oh no, it's the scout. This is how we got ambushed last time, we've got to prevent him from calling on the others!"

"Calm down, i'm sure there's a way i can convince him to show us where the pack leader is... and if not i could kill him... or convince him to join us... or something. So far my plan only consists of killing every warg that seems to want to hurt me."
No. 366755 ID: 453e62

just stay well away from it, it will wait until you approach before calling to make sure you are in a complete pincer. talk to it from here.
No. 366943 ID: c1572d

Are those trees/bushes behind and around the warg? If so, make sure there are no wargs hiding in them. And the warg doesnt seem very hostile.....is this guy SURE they were attacked by them? Becasue it just be because she freaked them out by falling down from above.

Besides, it's CUTE. Not as cute as you, but still.
No. 367126 ID: 35bcde

Ride him like a mechanical bull.
No. 367129 ID: aebc1f
File 132193412593.jpg - (39.63KB , 600x384 , 0023.jpg )

"HI HI HI, hiya."

"... um... hello."

"hi hi, what you want?"

"... we are here to collect a friend of ours."

"You want friend? Boss not here, but Big is here. You want talk to big?"

"... um..."

do we?
No. 367140 ID: 453e62

"big wont try to eat us, right?" if yes then yes, if no then no.
No. 367141 ID: a273e2

No. 367158 ID: da696f

"No, no i want to talk to you little buddy!"
No. 369115 ID: f48141

No you don't need to talk to Big. You need to talk to Smart or Boss.

Use minotaur charming skills to bro up with this warg.
No. 370632 ID: 597dc4
File 132334750256.jpg - (43.72KB , 525x537 , 0024.jpg )

"... so, tell us who this boss of yours is and maybe we'll see if we want to talk to big."

".... me guess it okay. I am Lanks, boss is Kalor Moria. Boss go see Dragon Master, and that why he not here now. Big is demon called Balor. Big is big, that why he name big- Lanks thinks it's funny at times."

"DRAGON MASTER!? An ally of the dragon master was this close and we never knew of it!?"
No. 370642 ID: 41772e

A BALOR? Hoooo boy, this may be a bit too much for you Befadel, if this is what I think it is. Perhaps you should let others take the forefront on this one.
No. 370709 ID: 453e62

ask if big will attack us on sight.
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