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File 130931557307.png - (148.02KB , 800x600 , 316.png )
319207 No. 319207 ID: 950529

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No. 319208 ID: 950529
File 130931559830.png - (168.54KB , 800x600 , 317.png )


..Oh- I fell asleep.
No. 319210 ID: 99da04

Rachel or someone else moved you back to a proper position.

This is bad. Quick, check to see if your penis is still attached to your body
No. 319211 ID: 1854db

Huh, you look pretty cute with your hair messed up.

Hey, there's a note. Check for morning wood (don't want to get caught sporting that) and then go read it.
No. 319212 ID: 0d7a83

Nah it looks like he's where he was when he fall asleep.
No. 319213 ID: 40cb26

No no you're good, same spot you passed out.

Make sure you're all together and your relevant bits are staying where they should, and see if Rachel is up and in the bathroom or something. Give the door a tap.
No. 319214 ID: a5a1cd

It looks like a note was left for you on the table there, along with a bag. Check what those are.
No. 319215 ID: 223884

Get up, get collected and start morning ritual montage. Then, check the bag and the note.

Finally, it appears there is a notebook on the desk near the chair. Check what it is, but don't open it yet.
No. 319217 ID: bb6062

hug bed, read note
No. 319220 ID: 950529
File 130931781162.png - (171.30KB , 800x600 , 318.png )

Oh- Oh, y- yeah, you're right- uh- This is the pillow fort I made, but Rachel must have put the blanket over it when she woke up.
Okay- uh- The bra is- uh- it's kind of chafing, but it- and the icepacks- are still in place.
Y-yeah- uhm- I have- uh- Yes, I- uh- Yes, like- uhm- like predicted- uh- but the bandages are keeping it- uh- you know... Ac- actually it looks kind of impressive like this. It- It's not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be!


But- uh- Oh- Yes.
No. 319222 ID: 950529
File 130931789308.png - (168.78KB , 800x600 , 319.png )

I get out of the bed and move over to the bathroom door to knock on it.
>Rocco: "Ra- Rachel?"
No answer- I guess she already left..

I take a look at the black notebook- It doesn't say anything..
The plastic bag does have a note taped to it.
It reads- uhm..
You don't have to lie.

No. 319223 ID: 99da04

No. 319226 ID: 875f9c

No. 319227 ID: d6ae01

Rachel has trolled you two, maybe three times by now. Four, if it turns out last night was not something she normally does. Chill, she's probably making some kind of obscure joke about hiding in the corner of the bed.
No. 319228 ID: 99da04

>Rocco: Take out padded bra from bag because the note is talking about that and obviously not something else
No. 319229 ID: 2d15f2

Whos handwriting is it? Can you tell?

Don't worry it. It probably just means your tits.

Act natural. See if you can find out what time it is. Start morning rituals. Shower, shave, brush teeth, get dressed, make bed, apply makeup, etc.
No. 319230 ID: 00d3d5

The note is PROBABLY talking about your fake boobs.
Look in the bag.
No. 319231 ID: 35e1a0

probably talking about you trying to see her porn.
No. 319232 ID: 4c8927

Might be totally innocent. Could just be talking about stuffing your bra. Or about the particulars of the situation involving your move to the school.

Look in the bag before you overreact.
No. 319233 ID: 875f9c

Oh and check what's in the bag before you freak out and lose motor control.
No. 319234 ID: 4152bd

Underdevelopment is a rather common problem at this age for girls.

Rachel found out about your padding and got you a real padded bra.
No. 319237 ID: 223884

Okay, before you freak out, take a few deep breaths. We can't start exploding over a vague statement like that. Check what's in the bag, it's likely a padded bra.

We don't know if you're cover's blown. In all likelihood she just thinks that you pad your bra because you're flat-chested.
No. 319238 ID: 223884

By the way, you look incredibly cute like that. I'd do you.
No. 319251 ID: 0d7a83

hmm, while I wouldn't word it quite that way, you are looking rather cute Rocco.
No. 319252 ID: 950529
File 130931991230.png - (160.16KB , 800x600 , 320.png )

Wh- Yes- No- Okay- No- Right, yes, o- okay- Thank you- Uh.. Wha-
Okay- Okay, I'm not- I'm panicking. I'll- Yeah, it's probably- I mean- She did see my chest grow- uh- was it twice?
Okay, I'll just- I'm not..
No. 319253 ID: 950529
File 130931991467.png - (102.22KB , 800x600 , 321.png )

It's.. It's an A-cup underwear set...
No. 319254 ID: 35e1a0

okay cool. uhhh... those panties could be a problem though.
No. 319255 ID: 0d7a83

No. 319256 ID: 47683d

looks like she thinks you are delicious flat chest girl.

well this will be bad in the long run but it should work for now.
No. 319257 ID: 40cb26

GOOD IDEA: Try them on, see if it works out for you I guess. Maybe we can make the bra ok... panties not as likely.

BAD IDEA: Draw an elephant on the note and write "Yes I do"
No. 319261 ID: 2d15f2

thats... adorable.
No. 319262 ID: 4152bd

No. 319263 ID: 223884

Wear them. This is practically a godsend seeing as how now we don't have to do nearly as much work to get you proper trap clothing.

If anyone asks why you don't have bigger assets, just tell them you were padding. It'll be a bit embarassing, but they'll understand.
No. 319266 ID: 2d15f2

Screw that. If anyone asks, you tell them you have no idea what they're talking about and that you've always been this size and if they think any differently its because they're crazy.
No. 319268 ID: a5a1cd

Rocco should not be changing underwear outside a secured room, ever. He has not yet secured this room. Rachel and/or Emily may still be in here somewhere.

Mmm. Say this while blushing furiously, and they should assume exactly what we want them to assume.
No. 319269 ID: eb3e3e

Actually, if anyone asks the best thing to do is to tell the truth. You padded to look less like a boy. Tell the truth whenever it wont directly lead to being discovered. Makes it less likely to be caught.
No. 319270 ID: 950529
File 130932202689.png - (185.71KB , 800x600 , 322.png )

I- So- uh- Okay, so I just- I'll tell- I'll say- Yeah..
Uh.. Alright- I'll- I'll put it on..
Well, it- the bra is much more comfortable than the other bra with the icepacks.. but the- uhm- the undies are a bit- They're loose in the back, but- uh- tight in the front.
I guess- I mean- Maybe I just- I just have to get used to it? Uhm.. Well- Wearing- Wearing this is m- making my heart race. It's really- uh- It's kind of cute...
But- Yeah, I better- uh- I better put on my uniform-
Yeah, before anyone- uh- comes- comes in. Though- Though at least I don't have to worry about fake tit- uh- boo- breasts an- any more.
No. 319272 ID: d9f9ef

Okay when people ask why you went down a cup size, tell them at your school image was pretty much everything. So you stuffed to fit in (and getting those kind of looks from guys would have helped.)
No. 319273 ID: 35e1a0

hrmm, no, with that if anyone looks up your skirt even by accident they will see something is up. with the other pair you can say you just like them.
No. 319274 ID: d7b78f

That bulge is WAY too obvious. Can you wrap it up so that it looks more flat? Or at least more distributed.
No. 319275 ID: 947fc1
File 130932232723.jpg - (2.67KB , 119x126 , 1305423044145.jpg )

No. 319277 ID: d6ae01

>They're loose in the back, but- uh- tight in the front.
Flip 'em around?
No. 319278 ID: a5a1cd

That will be rather obvious.

You cannot wear those panties. Your experience on the stairs yesterday clearly demonstrated that the standard skirts here are not sufficient to keep your underwear concealed, and those underwear are not sufficient to keep your penis from being blatantly obvious.

More importantly, why are you changing in an unsecured location? Rachel or Emily could walk in at any time! Change only behind locked doors!
No. 319279 ID: 950529
File 130932313432.png - (172.97KB , 800x600 , 323.png )

Y- Yes, okay- I'll take them off.. My boyshorts have- uh- a bulge too, but- but at least they were comfortable.
...Actually- I mean- If I can just wear my boxers, and I don't- uh- don't need fake breasts, I can just-
I don't need girl underwear at all.
What a wasteful gift. I- I should return this.
No. 319280 ID: 35e1a0

she will be SUPER suspicious about that
wear them with pants.
No. 319281 ID: 00d3d5

No, the bra is good. Keep them both, but only wear the bra.
No. 319282 ID: d7b78f

OK, you need to knock that off. Be naked around locked doors. If Rachel were to walk in right now, it would all be over. Check the bathroom to be sure the dorm head isn't in right now, then get in and lock the doors. Don't forget your change of clothes.
No. 319284 ID: a5a1cd

Rocco! Rachel could walk in at any time because she has a key to this room. Be more security-minded. Why are you not using the relatively safely locked bathroom for all tasks involving having your dick visible?
No. 319287 ID: 40cb26

Actually don't give it back, that isn't good in any way. Wear them under the boxers. It serves a role in that since they're bit tight on you that keeps things down firmer. Plus if she asks if you are wearing them it's all the better if you can say the truth that you are, even that you wear boxers over them out of potential embarrassment.
No. 319288 ID: d7b78f

I think you need to invest in spats.
No. 319290 ID: 950529
File 130932527707.png - (177.81KB , 800x600 , 324.png )

Wh- But- But you- But you told me to put them on, so I- I removed my pyjamas and- and untied- uh- my- you know- uh-
I don't- I don't have any other clothes here. My uniform is in the laundry- and- uhm- uh- R- Rachel's uniforms are in her closet-
I don't- I don't have pants- Wh- Why would I wear-
What- Why do I need to wear the bra if I'm not- Wh- Why two underpants?
Do I need to- uh- wrap myself up with the bandages and put on my pyajama again? There- Where do I- How do I- What do I--?!
No. 319291 ID: 07416a

No. 319292 ID: 99da04

Just run outside bucknaked
No. 319294 ID: 40cb26

...Look, we're just brainstorming here. Keep everything for now and just put on whatever works for you. What you shouldn't do is sit there freaking out naked.
No. 319296 ID: a5a1cd


Rocco, get a hold on yourself. There are very few situations where freaking out is beneficial and this is not one of them. Have you considered engaging in rational conversation with us instead of breaking down into incoherence and panic whenever we give uncomfortable and/or conflicting orders? It would probably make your life significantly less stressful.

For now, pull on your pajama pants again and look around the room. You need to find out what time it is, if Rachel left any other gifts or notes for you, and if anyone else is here.
No. 319303 ID: 543375

Women wear bras when they are flat chested because their nipples are sensitive. Having nipples poking through your shirt on a cold day is rather embarrassing.
No. 319304 ID: 5c0446

focus here kiddo. Rachel said you could wear one of her uniforms for today. go get dressed.
No. 319305 ID: d4f98d

Whatever you do Rocco, there is something of the utmost importance you need to do for us:

No. 319307 ID: 07416a

Yes, that hair is sex.
No. 319310 ID: 950529
File 130932748219.png - (170.34KB , 800x600 , 325.png )

I'm- I'm sorry, orb- I'm sorry I always do ev- everything wrong! I know- uh- I know you're used to- uh- to knights and- and kings- and- fearless wizards and- uh- and stuff-- I'm s- I'm sorry I can't be like them.
Oh- uhm- Yes- Yeah, okay, I won't- I won't comb my hair if you think it's- uh- if it's better.
Wh- I- But what underwear was I- uh- What underwear should I put on?
O- Okay, I'll put- uh- wear my pyjama pants for now.
The black notebook- Oh, its- uh- an agenda- uh- planner- uhm- day organizer- uh- uhm-
Oh- Rachel wrote down my classes for the coming week. Uhm- Earliest class today is at 10 A-M. Uhm- Maybe we could- uh- look at it more thoroughly later..
No. 319311 ID: 947fc1

I'd have to agree there. Is that really your bed-head? You bed-head is awesome.
No. 319312 ID: f5fe2f

I disagree entirely. It's an unkempt mess, and looks boyish to boot.
No. 319314 ID: 35e1a0

were aren't JUST used to knights and wizards and stuff. we handled plenty of cases of normal people doing normal things. and a squirrel.
No. 319315 ID: 878b59

Say, what time is it, Rocco?
No. 319317 ID: d4f98d

Why don't you take a good look in the mirror, really look, and say you don't agree. It also helps differentiate you from your sisters style a bit.

I double dare you.
No. 319318 ID: 40cb26

Well it looks ok to us like this, but it may not keep well because it's random and oily. What you do is comb normally, and then add some thing to it and tussle it up a little.
No. 319321 ID: d7b78f

It looks like sex-hair, and sex-hair is sexy as fuck. But it's no good for daily life. Pick out today's clothes, go to the bathroom, lock it, then get ready for school.
No. 319322 ID: a5a1cd

Honestly, Rocco, you're fine. In my considered opinion your greatest flaw is that your head starts fountaining sweat whenever you're even a little nervous, which is kind of bizarre and is really bad for our purposes of constant lies, deception, and romance, but I doubt you can do anything about that. Learn to be more in control of your emotions is all, really.

How could Rachel write down your classes when you haven't even chosen which classes you're registering for yet? Wasn't she going to give you a list of things to choose from, or am I totally off base here?
No. 319323 ID: e03154

it could be worse, i think we all remember what happened to ragnor. and no one wants a repeat of that.
No. 319325 ID: d4f98d

Yep. not saying don't keep it clean, but the tusselled look is impressive.

I think it IS just a list of classes to choose from. She can choose which ones to attend, and check them out, then register. Earliest one starts at 10:30, what time is it?
No. 319330 ID: 9cb8c9

...what's the time?
No. 319331 ID: 950529
File 130932933008.png - (137.35KB , 800x600 , 326.png )

Uh- uhm- Well, thank you- I hope I can be less nervous some day, but- oh- I don't know...

Some of the classes are marked with an astrisk, maybe- uh- maybe those are the extended classes she talked about? Only this week has been planned, nothing else.
The first page says 'Rocco'.

Uh- uhm- I don't know where I can check the- the time. I don't see any clocks here.. Uhm- I should get a watch somehow... It's not very bright outside, th- though. So I think it's still early morning... or a storm is coming.

Well- uh-
Uhm- I don't know- I- uh- I'm pretty used to the other haircut, but- uh- I don't mind doing it a bit- uh- a little different.. I mean.. It's not like me and Ricci are wearing matching outfits any more...


Well- I can just- just style it a little. But I should get dressed first, or it'll get messed up again.
No. 319333 ID: 252e1b

Yo Rocco! My MAN! You gotta get some tape. Grab your dick, and pull it between your legs. Then tug on your ballsack and press your balls up up and away. Tape all that down, and you'll be able to wear your panties! Wear 'em like a MAN!
No. 319341 ID: 223884

K, put your stuff on, grab any essentials and check the classes. Then, head into the dormhalls to find a clock. Even if we don't find any we're bound to find some dormmates to ask.
No. 319342 ID: 950529
File 130933073282.png - (170.51KB , 800x600 , 327.png )

T- Tape? Pull my- uhm- you know- Pull it back? And push my- uh- you know- push them up, then tape it all down?
That- uhm- That sounds.. That seems really uncomfortable, but.. It would be the best disguise..
Uhm- Does it have to be tape? I mean- uh- Can't I do it with the bandages? Or is that not secure enough? Maybe Rachel has some tape lying around..
If this works, then- uhm.. then that's a huge worry eliminated..
No. 319347 ID: 6e44d2

Hey, I thought you were going by "Rosho" at school.
No. 319351 ID: f16b80

No. 319354 ID: 223884

You can use bandages, of course. Taping your junk could hurt like a whore so here's what you should do:

Take some bandage that is wide enough that it catches most/all of your nono-zone. Pull back, place, and tape the ends semi-thoroughly to the area just above your genitals as well as the small of your back near your tailbone.

Too much tape will be too uncomfortable and will shift strangely and too little tape can result in the bandage coming loose.

Make sure the bandage is tight enough to be secure, but not too tight as to cut off circulation.

As an added note, try not to get too sweaty during the day. If the tape becomes too wet it'll slip and slide and you really don't want your junk making a bulge out of nowhere.
No. 319355 ID: 35e1a0

/me facepalms. rocco is PRONOUNCED rosho. but written at rocco. it's complicated. but it's fine.
No. 319356 ID: 47d7f3

I got the idea that the school has some required classes, and some electives, so she has a required class at 10.

And yeah, what time IS it?
No. 319357 ID: 223884

Nonono, they're PRENOUNCING the name "Rosho" while spelled "Rocco" because Ricci's name sounds like "Rishi"

Jeez guys, reading comprehension.
No. 319362 ID: a5a1cd

That's a difference in pronunciation, not spelling. "Ricci" is said "Rishi" as well. See >>/questarch/311680.

>That sounds.. That seems really uncomfortable, but.. It would be the best disguise..
If you care not careful when you push up your balls, it will hurt like a bitch. But it can definitely work.

Also, if you've got any significant quantity of hair in that region taping is going to cause you a lot of discomfort and pain for as long as it's in place. It will be distracting and miserable; don't set yourself up with that.
No. 319366 ID: 47d7f3

whoops late.

Uhhh... yeah, probably not worth it. I doubt boyshorts will give you away. Though I could be wrong.
No. 319372 ID: f16b80

I will fist you.
No. 319373 ID: 252e1b


Well it does depend on how big your bait and tackle are. Too big and it's not going to work, period.

I guess we better have a look.
No. 319379 ID: 1a99f0

not wearing matching outfits? this is a private school. EVERYONE is wearing matching outfits.
No. 319397 ID: 9cb8c9

I'd post this instructional pic I have on how to tuck and tape your dick, but I guess it'd be a bit of a shock image.
No. 319401 ID: 543375

Hurting isn't quite it, it's mostly uncomfortable for the first few days after tucking your testicles into your lower torso. The upside is that it allows you to easily create the illusion of a vagaina if you tuck your penis and scrotum back as well allow you to urinate sitting down with minimal issues. Just be sure to clean up with toilet paper.

There may be a slight problem with temporary sterility due to the increased heat, but only if your body temperature runs hotter than normal. The secret is to also wear a tight pair of panties, so you're good on that department.
No. 319402 ID: 223884

I really hope Rocco doesn't care too much if he can't help make babies while he's on campus.

You don't want to make babies right now, do you Rocco?
No. 319447 ID: 5b95eb

So, uh, what time is it.
No. 319601 ID: a6ab09

before you leave take a look at the painting hanging over the bed, just curious is all
No. 319606 ID: 5f55fe

The painting was in
From the previous thread. Try to pay attention to these things.
No. 319640 ID: 950529
File 130939338817.png - (138.88KB , 800x600 , 328.png )

Okay- uhm- Yes, alright- uh...
Okay, so I just...
Don't- uh- Don't look for a moment.
So- Just- uh...
Okay- I'm- I'm doing it!
And this...
No- I- I don't want to have babies yet... So that- uh- That's o-okay.
No. 319641 ID: 950529
File 130939339514.png - (151.45KB , 800x600 , 329.png )

Okay- I don't have- I mean-
I don't have any- uhm- hair removal things, so-
I'll use the- the bandages for now.
I'll have to- uh- I should- uhm- I should buy something like- uh- hair removal cream and- uh- medical tape.
No. 319642 ID: 950529
File 130939339789.png - (87.57KB , 800x600 , 330.png )

Last step..
No. 319643 ID: 950529
File 130939340047.png - (133.52KB , 800x600 , 331.png )

Is- Is it okay?
No. 319645 ID: 99da04

Take it off
No. 319646 ID: 43f5a7

Sweet mother of god.
No. 319650 ID: 35e1a0

/me dies.
mother of god man, you are adorable. well looks like you are now as safe as you can get for now. let's face the day head on!
No. 319651 ID: 252e1b


Yep, Get dressed and do your hair and makeup and stuff.
No. 319653 ID: a5a1cd

You pass, Rocco. You pass easy.

So do the usual get-ready-for-day bits now. Get dressed, brush teeth, wash face, brush hair, generally make sure that you are every inch the adorable girl.
No. 319661 ID: 40cb26

I declare this trap to be perfectly camouflaged.
No. 319662 ID: d4f98d

No one would believe you are a dude as you are.

No one. A geneticist could DNA test you right now, get the reports back, and would start yelling at his assistants for fucking up the results and breaking the equipment.

If you walked down the streets of Chicago, you would probably get raped.

Lewis Carroll would write you stories and take you for boat rides and paint pictures of you in the nude.

Even if you told Rachel and the others about you right now, they would say you're just confused, or someone has got to be kidding.
No. 319667 ID: 543375

leave the hair
No. 319668 ID: 6079aa
File 130939680518.jpg - (29.09KB , 492x277 , 1302576678111.jpg )

No. 319669 ID: f74434

Turn around so we can make sure everything is perfect.
No. 319672 ID: d4f98d

concur. Clean it, maybe tidy it up a bit, but the style is superb
No. 319677 ID: f25cc9

This is where the quest stops being amusing, and becomes quite awkward.
No. 319683 ID: 6079aa

No. 319688 ID: f25cc9

This is where the quest stops being amusing, and becomes quite awkward.
No. 319691 ID: 0d7a83

Rachel: walk in now.
No. 319696 ID: 40cb26

That you can find some distinction between one and the other baffles me.
No. 319704 ID: 1854db

You might want to put a *little* padding into that bra. You aren't even an A cup, are you?
No. 319706 ID: 950529
File 130940093867.png - (133.24KB , 800x600 , 332.png )

Ha ha ha! Th- Thank you!
I- I mean- It is a relief to- uh- Well, now if someone walks in- or- uh- maybe if someone sees up my skirt, they won't see anything.
I think- Yeah- I- I do look pretty good.
And- uh- I can tell Rachel her gift was well received!
Th- Thank you.
Y- Yes- uh- Yeah, I'll go wash- uhm- freshen up, and put on some clothes.
No. 319707 ID: 950529
File 130940094011.png - (120.34KB , 800x600 , 333.png )

As soon- As soon as- as I...
As soon as I get- get used to this overwhelming nausea every time I- I move my lower body a little...
No. 319708 ID: 950529
File 130940094726.png - (144.66KB , 800x600 , 334.png )

No. 319711 ID: bb6062


sweet jesus...

you know, the fact that you are a geneticaly identical twin with an extra cromosome could mean two things:

1: you are likely the most geneticaly unique human bieng in existence, as well as that we have ever encountered(mutants are common as rocks compared to you)
2: your father(whom you have never met) was very possibly a mad scientist.

poth of those facts make you elligible for mutant powers, as well as possobly the whole chosen one thing...

also, it is likely that ricci knew more about us than you, and helped you buy us with the subcontious hope that we would help hook you two up...
No. 319712 ID: 0d095c

....Ummmmm, maybe we should find another wayyyyyyy.

IN OTHER NEWS, figure out a way to study the great cross dressers of history. Find out how THEY did it.
No. 319715 ID: a5a1cd

Agh! If you are feeling pain when you move, then you did not perform step 1 of your disguise correctly. Your testicles should be safely protected inside your pelvic bone, not subject to anything that would cause you nausea when you move.
No. 319716 ID: 543375

Congratulations. You have now faked menstruation as well.
No. 319717 ID: 543375

The surrounding flesh would still be a little tight. It takes a little getting used to.
No. 319718 ID: 950529
File 130940239612.png - (183.07KB , 800x600 , 335.png )

Would- Is this what menstr- uh- per- uhm.. PMS.. uh- Is this what that feels like?
It doesn't hurt, it's just a- uhm- Well, if it doesn't go away I'll redo it.

The only notable crossdressers in history that I've learned about are- uh- They were women pretending to be men. I don't know about any men trying to be women...

Okay, uhm...
I'll write in my agenda- uh- planner- personal coordinator-- my- I'll make a To-Do list in the notes, and I'll add getting medical tape and hair removal cream.
Oh, and getting a watch.
Speaking of which, I should find a clock.
No. 319721 ID: a5a1cd

Careful, Rocco; that notebook is not a secured item. Anyone could pick it up and read it; you don't want to give them cause to wonder what you're up to if they do.

That doesn't mean you can't make notes, but make sure they're written in such a fashion that no one else would easily be able to understand them. Use a shorthand that will remind you of things, but not actually say what they are. Eliminate labels and headers, leave out words and abbreviate those you can't leave out. If you forget what your notes mean at some point, ask us for help interpreting them and we should be able to give you backup.

Also, you can probably get a cell phone instead of a watch. Those generally have the time on them and are far more useful.
No. 319723 ID: 35e1a0

medical tape is MT and hair stuff is HRC
No. 319724 ID: 950529
File 130940360241.png - (99.21KB , 800x600 , 336.png )

Oh- uh- Yeah- yes, of- ofcourse-
I didn't think of someone snooping around in my stuff- uh- at all.
Th- There. I fixed it.
No. 319725 ID: 0d7a83

Rocco, add more scribbles before I start facepalming.
No. 319731 ID: a5a1cd

Rocco, anyone could read that. And your note "abbreviate" only makes it more blatantly obvious what's going on. Tear out that page, run it under some water so that it's unreadable, and throw out the resulting nasty wad of papery gunk. Then write your abbreviated list down on a fresh page with no indication of what each thing means.
No. 319732 ID: 35e1a0

keep scribbling. should be a black blob not words with lines over them.
No. 319734 ID: bd2a40

It is as if you have never tried to hide anything in your entire life, which, if true, would make you an awesome person, but also would be weird.
No. 319737 ID: 950529
File 130940457991.png - (189.02KB , 800x600 , 337.png )

S- Sorry! I didn't write down what I had to hide before- I'm sorry-
Uh- Uhm- Here- uh- I'll just-
Now- Now it's okay, right?
No. 319738 ID: 3416ec


No. 319739 ID: 35e1a0

oh wow, hahaha. okay yeah that looks good now.
No. 319740 ID: a5a1cd

I still favor disposing of the page entirely with water and trash, but that is probably hilarious and distracting enough that you don't need to worry.

Anyway, should probably get going about now, at least to find out what time it is.
No. 319741 ID: 223884

Goddamnit Rocco, you're too fucking awesome. If we weren't an inanimate orb we'd totally molest you.
No. 319742 ID: 0d7a83

I'd high-five you so hard right now.
No. 319743 ID: a15534

Rocco, I'm already missing your old haircut, change it back D:
No. 319744 ID: 35e1a0

No. 319752 ID: d4c0f3

No. 319753 ID: 07416a

I will cut you
No. 319760 ID: 950529
File 130940895261.png - (161.96KB , 800x600 , 338.png )

Don't- Don't fight! I can comb my hair back into the other style at- at any time.
I could probably do even more with my hair if I had some styling mo- m- moos- mousse.

But- uhm- Thank you. I am a little bit proud of the drawing too.

Oh yes- I'll go downstairs.

The dorm is very quiet. Even downstairs it seems empty...
No. 319761 ID: 99da04

Just grow out your hair and be the curliest long hair ever
No. 319762 ID: bd2a40

I support this notion.
No. 319763 ID: 40cb26

CLOCK AHOY! Looks like it's almost nine, so you have plenty of time. Well for classes anyway, better get a move on if you want breakfast.
No. 319765 ID: a5a1cd

Hmm. Looks like you missed breakfast- Rachel said it ends at nine, right? But I suppose you don't have a card for them to charge your meal to yet anyway.

Where the heck do you get one of those? Did Rachel leave you with any recommendations on where to go in that book other than your schedule?

Actually, since apparently you have plenty of time, you might as well take a minute to look at that in detail.
No. 319766 ID: 35e1a0

would say it''s almost 8.
No. 319767 ID: 55c4cf

Stalk the calender and look for important dates you can surprise people with.
No. 319768 ID: ccf336

you must get the little things, the scones. fucking best pastry in existence, and girly as fuck.
No. 319770 ID: a5a1cd

Is it? I cannot read that clock well. Well, the question of how we're going to pay for breakfast without a magical money card stands.
No. 319792 ID: 950529
File 130941433681.png - (162.20KB , 800x600 , 339.png )

Oh! Yeah- uhm- It indeed looks like it's almost 8... So.. Yeah, if- uh- if I had a card I could get food, but..
Hmmm.. Oh- I remember the administration lady- what was her name?- she said something about getting a card ready for me. So I guess I should go ask her about it.

Uhm... Let's see..
The calender shows February, and today is... Tuesday the twentythird- Wait, wasn't it Tuesday two days ago? Oh... uh.. Okay- uhm- Let's- uhm-
So, Thursday the twentyfifth is Miranda's birthday, but I don't know who that is. Uhm... Saturday is the gurps- G-U-R-P-S?- Uh- The roleplaying game campaign. Sunday there's a service at the chapel... and that's the end of February.

My agenda notebook planner say, uhm..
10:00 - Math 2/1 - Main building, room 311
11:00 - Cognitive Psychology* 1/1 - Extended Building, room A114
14:00 - General Physics 2/1 - Main building, room 109
15:00 - Theology* 1/1 - Extended building, room B125
18:00 - Extended Culture (Folklore)* - Extended building, room B120
22:00 - Supernatural Investigation Club** - Extended building, room Z000

Uwaaahh... I almost forgot I'm here to go to school.. I don't feel like studying...
No. 319796 ID: ccf336

easymode. we are google.
No. 319797 ID: 415e39

studying is a noot motion when you're on an empty stomach anyway. get ye card first.
No. 319798 ID: a5a1cd

>I don't feel like studying...
Conveniently, you have nothing to study right now since you haven't been in any classes yet.

>administration lady
I would call that a plan. If there's no food until you get your card, then getting a card is high-priority.

I am surprised at the lack of any kind of english class. Theology and folklore hardly count, and only arguably fill in for history. Do you have the same classes scheduled for every day of the week? Maybe there are more that we're not seeing.

Anyway, we should be able to assist you with most of that. If we can't teach someone well when we have access to their head 24/7 we should be ashamed of ourselves.

>22:00 - Supernatural Investigation Club**
This club meets kind of late. I have trouble taking them seriously because of that, but I suppose we'll see.
No. 319799 ID: 0d7a83

>22:00 - Supernatural Investigation Club** - Extended building, room Z000

Well you should check that out at least. As for not wanting to study TO BAD, your going to study your ASS OFF and get some GOOD FRIGGIN GRADES so you get A DECENT BLOODY JOB.
No. 319803 ID: 223884
File 130941585072.jpg - (289.41KB , 1010x573 , Kamina_sunglasses.jpg )

Look Rose, you're here. This is a prestigious school for girls. The reason you're here is to be with your sister.

Remember when you spoke with Nicole? You made yoru mind up to do the impossible and overcome any obstacle between you and your sister. You said that you'd study hard and get your grades up so you would do everyone proud and show that this whole thing isn't for nothing. Don't lose hope now; it's only been one day and we still have the whole school year.

Any task put before you must be overcome and dominated! You must be ready for any challenge that might separate you from your precious sister!



Right now, that obstacle is your low grades and your low motivation towards studying. Get on that.
No. 319805 ID: 415e39


don't be reidiculous. all he needs to do is wear us during exam and we'll give him any answer he needs.
No. 319806 ID: 543375

Cheating will have dire consequences He'll need to actually study hard, but luckily we, taisha and Rachael should be willing to tutor rocco as well as us.
No. 319808 ID: 35e1a0

indeed. you may not look it right now, but a man needs to get a good job so you can get good stuff for your girl, regardless of who that turns out to be.
No. 319810 ID: 40cb26

I wouldn't trust us. I wouldn't want us yammering about a test when we're trying to do it either. We'd hamstring the poor girly boy even worse by relying on us.
No. 319812 ID: a15534

But all that will make Rocco good at is cheating. Actually not even that, but the main point is that he's in school for a reason and that reason is to teach him how to be ready for the big bad world.
No. 319813 ID: 1854db

Although we *are* a vast repository of earthly knowledge, I would suggest studying anyway. If we just give you answers all the time you won't learn anything and would have to rely entirely on us! What if you lose us somehow right before an exam, eh? Plus, you want to learn, don't you?

Don't worry though, we'll help you out with schoolwork. We'll be like a study hall tutor!
No. 319815 ID: 950529
File 130941870066.png - (174.54KB , 800x600 , 340.png )

Ha ha, I liked that show- uh- I mean-

Y- Yeah!
I can- uh- Well.. No! I mean- Yes! I can do this!
I will study hard! I will make this work!
And I'll do it all without cheating!
Maybe a little bit of cheating- No!
Yes! I mean- No! I mean- That- What you just said- With the- uhm- Being competent- thing-
Okay- I- I will-
This is what I will do!
I will study really hard, and- uh- maybe ask someone to tutor me- but! But! Whenever I am in class, or- uh- when I'm studying, I will take you off!
Then- uhm- I will have- Then I can't cheat.


But I- I will be relying on you for everything else, so- uhm- please continue being helpful...
But I will study on- on my own!
If you could just- uhm- remind me when I have to. To study, I mean. And go to class.
But I will do it on my own when I am doing it!

Thank you!

No. 319816 ID: 99da04

Quick, strike a pose because the day just got real.
No. 319817 ID: 223884


Geez, even when you get pumped up you're an adorable wreck.

Never change...well change a little, but not too much that you're not as adorable.
No. 319820 ID: 543375

I dig the rocker look... But will everyone else recognize you?
No. 319822 ID: cb841b

Z000 doesn't seem like a real room. I wonder why they're keeping their location secret. That's intriguing at least.

And yes, let's work on getting us a card, two hours is less than you imagine when you're in a new environment.
No. 319826 ID: d9f9ef

btw you can take us off during your classes unless something particularly interesting happens I don't think you will need our help and we've learned all that stuff. Also if you don't well try getting you to look at girls and make inn inappropriate suggestions be overall a nuance.
No. 319872 ID: 713a07

ok, now let's go catch some Reese's up in this biatch
No. 319895 ID: 0d7a83

>rocker look

oh yeah, thats what it is. I'v been trying to give a name to that look. Heh, Rocco the rocker.
No. 319898 ID: 543375

You might be able to pass off the lack of fake breasts as today's look.
No. 319939 ID: bb6062

do you realy need to take us off when you *study*? i fail to see how that would be cheating. nevermind, then.

also, i was gonna post a motivational speech, but doing into detail might not be the best of ideas. suffice it to say your a far sight better than some people we have worked with.
No. 319943 ID: 6af537

>22:00 - Supernatural Investigation Club**
I can see it in my mind.

>Club Membership Application Form
>Name: Suzumi Rocco
>Why do you want to join? I want to find aliens, time travellers, espers and have fun with them!

... Actually, with how shy you are, you'll probably be more like Asahina Mikuru. And we'll be mistaken for the TPDD-
Oh damn. You'll have to hide us better with those gals around.
No. 319945 ID: 2d8707

we could simply try study methods with rocco.

if everything else fails we can get theory notes with ricci, make cheat sheets and actualy decorate your room with them. i used to do that, it was mildly effective.

also. get tot he infirmary. physical nausea have a tendency to get worse, if you clamped a nerve its not much, but if it is a vein, you might get some serious issue.
No. 319961 ID: 5e258f

Well, only option to avoid THAT is to become snarky and metaish.

Quick! Point out how crazy or logically improbable something is in a dry manner!
No. 319963 ID: 5e258f

>11:00 - Cognitive Psychology
Also, this'll help your metaness/snarkiness also! Because absurd insight to psychology can let you totally make future predictions and realize what situations you are in.
No. 320050 ID: 950529
File 130948681985.png - (141.28KB , 800x600 , 341.png )

Oh- Yeah- No- I mean- Okay.
Yeah, I'll- uhm- I'll go ask the administration lady about a card first. Then I can eat at least.

Huh? Rockers dress like this? Does that mean that- uh- Rachel is a rocker? Hmm, did- did I ask about her taste- uh- preference- preferred music? I don't remember.

Well of course I'll- uh- take you- uh-put you on again if something weird happens. That- Then it won't be cheating.

Yeah.. Yes, the- uh- the Supernatural Investigation club seems a bit- uh- you know. Yeah, they meet so late, and what's up with- uh- that- that room number?
It's actually a little scary. Do other people act- uh- snarky to cover up their fear?

Outside the air is cool and fresh. The grass is moist but no longer mud and puddles. There are only a few students about, though it's a bit more- uh- There's more students near the cafeteria.
I cross the central field and make my way to the administration building.
No. 320052 ID: 35e1a0

it's mostly the hair. but it's a good look.
No. 320054 ID: a5a1cd

I have to admit to some concern with your current look- you've no manner of chest to speak of in spite of the bra, and your hair, while attractive, is less distinctively feminine than it was yesterday. There is not a lot to make people immediately think "cute girl" rather than "cute boy in a skirt" when they see you, if they are for some reason inclined to question.

But it's ultimately your call. This will likely be easier to maintain and only slightly riskier after you overcome the initial double-take by anyone who saw you being all chesty yesterday.

>Do other people act- uh- snarky to cover up their fear?
All the time. Usually they botch it and look like idiots, but acting with bravado is one of the primary traditional methods of not seeming afraid.
No. 320055 ID: fa6e8d

yes, I believe 'snarky' is a good word for what you should be.
No. 320064 ID: 7c5335

The way you react to all this is quite fine. You don't want to be too snarky (however a little tsundere might be good).
No. 320066 ID: 950529
File 130949088668.png - (129.78KB , 800x600 , 342.png )

Alright- uh- I'll try to be more- uhm- Maybe- uh- Instead of- uhm- uh- If it's important to- uh- my school life, then when I get scared I will try to act- uh- angry instead.
I- I'll try.

I was thinking that maybe my hair was too messy- uhm- I can go back to the dorm and comb it some more when I'm done here.

I enter the administration building- I don't remember where- I mean- I was just following Nicole, and she walks everywhere with such confidence.
I look around a little bit, when I hear a voice.
>"Can I help you, dear?"
There's a lady at the reception.
>Rocco: "Uhm- uh- I'm a new student and I- uh- I wanted- I mean- I don't have a card to get breakfast with."
>"Let's have a look.."
She takes a folder from somewhere out of sight and flips through it.
>"Don't see any. You were told to pick it up t'day?"
>Rocco: "Uhm- Well, the- uh- someone- this lady- uh-"
No. 320067 ID: 35e1a0

ask if rachel maybe came by and got it already
No. 320069 ID: a5a1cd

>If it's important to- uh- my school life, then when I get scared I will try to act- uh- angry instead.
It's not important to your school life. Acting scared when you're scared will go over just fine.

Take a breath before speaking further. "No, but I don't know how long it normally takes so I thought I would ask."
No. 320070 ID: 07416a

Yeah, you don't need to be angry.
No. 320071 ID: a15534

ShitShitShit Oh! Just tell her about your "situation" where the school messed up your registration. Tell her Robin was suppose to get a card for you.
No. 320072 ID: 55c4cf

pretend you are nicole because that constant nervousness looks bad on you. Being frightened in a place you need to be comfortable in is dangerous and suspicious. Try and speak slower, and calmer to help with that. Just take a second to compose yourself every sentence.
No. 320075 ID: 99da04

Just lick your hand and slick your hair back.
No. 320087 ID: d4f98d

Jesus, chill out people. Just give her your name.
No. 320090 ID: 543375

"My name is Rosho"
No. 320093 ID: d7b78f


This. Then if she says something like only a day or so. If so, ask if someone had picked up a card for Rocco. If not, thank her then be on your way.
No. 320095 ID: 2d8707

this is very not lady like, dont do this.

just tell her your name with 2 "C".
No. 320100 ID: eab1be

This voice is wise. Go with that. Maybe also ask if Rachel could have picked it up already, since that seems like a thing she'd do.
No. 320109 ID: 950529
File 130949666997.png - (134.86KB , 800x600 , 343.png )

>Rocco: "Uhm-"
Right- Right, okay- I just- I take a deep breath. I'll calm down.
>Rocco: "My name is Nicole. No! I mean- My name is... Rosho. It is spelled with... two Cs."
The lady stares at me for a moment before replying.
>"Well, no card here for you."
>Rocco: "Ah, did- uh- someone else pick it up?"
>"No, there's no cards at all."
>Rocco: "Oh- uh-"
>"So who told you to pick it up today?"
>Rocco: "Oh- well- uh- I just-"
I take a deep breath.
>Rocco: "Stuff."
>Rocco: "I mean- I wanted to ask about it because I don't know how long it takes. A lady called Robin said she'd handle it personally because of stuff- uh- administration- thing- trouble. problem."
>"Robin? The administration director?"
>"Yeah- Yes."
>"Right. Let's give the director a call."
She grabs the phone, impatiently tapping her desk with the folder while she waits for a connection.
>"...Hello, front desk here- There's a student called Rosho, with two Cs, who claims that you would get her an ID card..? ... I see. I'll let her know."
She nods at me.
>"She will see you directly. Go through that door, keep going down the hall until you see the door that says 'R Fisher, Administration Director'."
>Rocco: "Ah! Thank you!"
No. 320113 ID: a5a1cd

Well, your next move seems obvious enough. Get a move on.
No. 320140 ID: 875f9c

Run down the hallway and dive into her office like an action hero.
No. 320144 ID: 2d15f2

Yes. Dynamic entry is best entry.
No. 320149 ID: 6e44d2

Be sure to pose dramatically after you stick your ten-point landing. Something like your pumped up rocker chick pose would work nicely.
No. 320155 ID: 950529
File 130950304761.png - (149.12KB , 800x600 , 344.png )

I- I can't do that- I'm- Wasn't I- I mean- I was trying to be calm- Now- Why do I have to-
Okay, I'll- I'll run to the door.
Uhm- Okay, here I go! Dynamic entry GO!
>Rocco: "Hello."

>Rocco: "R- Robin?"
>Robin: "Oh! Rocco, I didn't hear you come in. How are you? Are you settling in nicely?"
>Rocco: "Uhm- oh- uh- Well- Yeah- Yes. I already made new friends. And they very good people, and I like them a lot already."
>Robin: "Really! On your first day, even with your handicap."
>Rocco: "Uhm- Actually- I- I kind of found out I kind of really kinda have a- an- uh- a handicap- social trouble- trouble with social things- Maybe."
>Robin: "Haha, we know."
>Rocco: "Wha-?"
>Robin: "You haven't been out without your sister much, have you?"
>Rocco: "...No.. Not at all ac- actually..."
>Robin: "It shows. You look like this is your first time doing everything."
I let out a sigh and relax. At least- At least I don't have to keep my guard up around Robin.
>Rocco: "Well... It's also not easy to- uh- You know..."
>Robin: "I don't know."
>Rocco: "I mean- Pretending to be- You know... And wearing these clothes and undies- I mean-"
>Robin: "Are you wearing girl undies?"
>Rocco: "Uh- uhm- Well- I- They were a gift! I might- Maybe- It's also for the disguise!"
>Robin: "Does it feel good?"
>Rocco: "Yea- No! Maybe- uh- Wait! I was here for something- uh-"
>Robin: "Was that uniform a gift too?"
>Rocco: "N- No, I'm just- I'm borrowing it.."
>Robin: "So you're not just crossdressing, you're wearing another girls clothes."
>Rocco: "I- No- I'm- I mean- But- She- I-"
>Robin: "Rocco."
No. 320157 ID: 950529
File 130950306492.png - (154.07KB , 800x600 , 345.png )

>Robin: "You're a pervert, aren't you?"
>Rocco: "Wh- N- No, I-"
>Robin: "I bet you didn't come here for your sister at all."
>Rocco: "I- I-"
>Robin: "Sheez, I wanted to make you wear girl underwear before I gave you your ID card, but you already beat me to it. Amusing, but having no involvement makes it rather dull."
>Rocco: "Wh-"
>Robin: "Hmmm, what else can I make you do? You're the pervert, Rosho, don't you have any ideas?"
No. 320159 ID: 07416a

She's just teasing you. Take it like a man.
No. 320160 ID: 878b59

"I... I'm not a pervert!" but say it all offended like and act all pouty.
No. 320161 ID: 35e1a0

exclaim that you didn't mean to look up her skirt
No. 320162 ID: 99da04

Ask her about her dragon dildo strap on
No. 320163 ID: 875f9c

No. 320164 ID: d4f98d

If she wanted to dress you up like this, doesn't that make her somewhat perverted?

That said, simply say "You're teasing me." And explain the reason you came by.
No. 320165 ID: a5a1cd

She's messing with your head; don't let her get you entirely off guard. Instead of answering immediately, step around her desk and have a seat in one of those chairs. Hopefully that will buy you enough time to recover at least some of your composure.
No. 320166 ID: c89307

Okay, she's messing with you TOO HARD. Either step up, cut through this, and get your ID... or initiate counter-trolling.

This is good counter-trolling.
No. 320167 ID: 543375

Cry. You're about to, just do it. She's pushing you too hard.
No. 320172 ID: 44c62f

I bet she doesn't really expect you to do anything, but she probing you anyway to see just how far you will yield.
And you won't. You may owe this woman for handling the paperwork, but you're not her puppet, nor are you a clown.
No. 320178 ID: 5b95eb

Take a seat in one of the chairs
No. 320180 ID: 786012

By the way, a bit of useless trivia about chairs.
In many offices, there are often chairs immediately to the right of the door (from the perspective of an entering person). Some say that if you sit on them, not even trying to go further into the office, you are showing your insecurity.
No. 320181 ID: 35e1a0

yes, sit in the furthest chair.
No. 320184 ID: 07416a

Sit on her lap.
No. 320185 ID: 786012

That'd be interesting, but that's also not in the realm of possible with Rocco's shyness.

And I have an idea. Rocco, you need to set some goals for yourself. Both distant and immediate. For example, a mid-term goal: sit on Robin's lap and not become a nervous wreck.

As for suggestions... That's probably not quite as awesome and double-speaking as it could be, but: "You can make me do my homework".
No. 320192 ID: 40cb26

Tell her you don't mean for any of this it just keeps happening to you and its hard enough already! Then try to sit down.
No. 320202 ID: f16b80


No. 320203 ID: fa6e8d

this would be a good time to trip over your own feet or something similar.
No. 320205 ID: 2c92d1


No. 320208 ID: 2d15f2

she's probably just testing you, bro. Get all indignent about her questioning your reason to be here. I mean, seriously, who does she think she is, calling you things like that.
No. 320215 ID: bd2a40

Very much so, this.
No. 320220 ID: d6ae01

Invite her to do her worst, then display this morning's handiwork.
No. 320228 ID: bdbc2b

Do the Sharon Stone thing. Sit in a chair and cross your legs.
No. 320241 ID: 2d8707

shes a cougar? i dont think she would risk her career over this, but then again, she may not need to.

anyway. remind her that this was ment to be a bit more life changing that simply getting in some girl's underwear. you are trying to re-mend your life, adquire a social life outside your family, help that friend of yours to make the school for all genders, get rachel to date her childhood tomboy friend and possibly by the end of this, somehow, who know, still manage to have a curriculum that would make sense.

and theres something about a ancient evil awakening, but we should talk about that later.
No. 320244 ID: 543375

shed a few tears, and you'll have her heartstrings torn asunder. A school administrator should by no means treat you like that. You're supposed to confide in her for support and she's calling you pervert? A disgrace.
No. 320259 ID: 2d15f2

Man, when isn't there an ancient evil awakening? One step at a time. First we give him self-confidence, then we send him off to his death.
No. 320274 ID: e177ab

"You can make me do my homework"

Ha perfect, it suits your naivety.
No. 320281 ID: 835ed4

At least it wasn't stairs...
No. 320295 ID: d9f9ef

You have to keep in mind she has two things going for her.
1. She is a authority figure, one who knows your secret.
2. If she abuses that power theirs not a damn thing you can do about it. You turn her in she turns you in.

As a result there are two solutions.
1. You obey her every command like a puppet until she gets bored with you.
2. You resist her.
Although number 1 is the safe route, number 2 may be the better option. She said she is doing this for entertainment and nothing pleases a sadist more than watching someone squirm.
No. 320320 ID: 5e258f

Alright. THe woman is being a complete douche. Call her out on it. Seriously dude, call her out on it. She will just rub this in your face if you don't making your life miserable while there. Bestcase: She'll realize your calling out is right. Worst case? Either you get kicked out, or if you don't call out, you'll just have someone in a place of power mocking you, really grinding down your self esteem (Which you need to work on). You NEED to call her out.
No. 320323 ID: 5b95eb

Perform Combat Operandi: Stammering Blushsplosion
No. 320337 ID: f68f89

Oh please, shes just fucking with you. She had this idea to make you all flustered and uncomfortable but you beat her to the punch and now she's getting her laughs anyway.

Yeah, call her on trying to make you feel uncomfortable.
No. 320338 ID: 97e5c0


you forget that in this case, we love to squirm, so it's okay.
No. 320400 ID: 950529
File 130956717842.png - (147.70KB , 800x600 , 346.png )

>Rocco: "You- You're just- You're just trying to- to make me squirm! You're so mean!"
>Robin: "Eh?"
No. 320401 ID: 950529
File 130956718116.png - (117.21KB , 800x600 , 347.png )

>Rocco: "I- I don't mean for- I don't- All of this just happens... I just- I only wanted to be with- with my sister. I didn't know I- It- Now I'm trying to make the best of what I have- I just- I'm trying so hard, but... but everything keeps going wrong, or- or I do something to mess things up. I'm- I'm not a pervert- And- And you shouldn't- You- Please don't be so mean- I'm only doing wh- what I can..."
>Robin: "Oh, very nice."
>Rocco: "Huh?"
No. 320402 ID: 950529
File 130956718305.png - (153.49KB , 800x600 , 348.png )

>Robin: "Now confess you're a boy and show me your undies."
No. 320404 ID: a5a1cd

Is that a CAMERA?

Fuck no. Fuck, fuck no. You're already in a situation where you are way too easy to blackmail; if you start getting incriminating recordings thrown in on top of that, the potential for things to go to shit will only skyrocket. Not only would your life get really horrible if a recording of you doing that came out, she might well be facing jail time for exploiting a minor sexually.

While that camera is in her hand, do nothing incriminating. In fact, from now on assume that she is secretly recording everything that happens in her office, and never do or say anything incriminating in there ever.

Rotten bitch.
No. 320407 ID: 35e1a0

sit down and do and say NOTHING. just look at the ceiling and cross your legs so she can't look up your skirt.
No. 320408 ID: 543375

Engage defensive mechanism #1 Total emotional breakdown.
No. 320410 ID: 99da04

Well if we don't do anything she won't give us our card which means no monies ;c
No. 320412 ID: 35e1a0

you could also get ANGRY and slap that camera out of her hands.
No. 320413 ID: 0d095c

KILL HER. But in all seriousness, have her arrested for blackmail. The police can't really ARREST you, seeing as you are a minor, AND could claim to be female, kinda. This bitch is going down for BLACKMAIL AND CHILD ABUSE. Take her out.

Leave immediately and CALL THE POLICE. What are they gonna do, violate a minor girl's privacy on the word of a PEDOPHILE TEACHER?
No. 320414 ID: 43f5a7

Take the camera, break it.

No. 320415 ID: d9f9ef

Rocco turn this around stand up for yourself, call her out on being a pervert.
No. 320418 ID: a5a1cd

Rocco is in an exceedingly delicate situation and would likely not be able to pull that off. His false ID isn't good enough to hold up under the kind of inevitable scrutiny that would bring; hell, the police would probably ask for some kind of legal identification which would have his actual gender on it.

Which is not to say that he has to put up with being sexually exploited, but it is to say that forcing the issue would be unwise on either of their sides.

It would be unwise to turn to overt physical violence at this juncture, I think. And damaging expensive electronics would put our relationship with Robin on a very sour note, permanently. But a bit of anger would certainly be appropriate.
No. 320419 ID: 1a99f0

when being adorable fails, you've always got being pitiful. Go ahead and freak out. As if you needed any help to do that in this situation.
No. 320425 ID: 40cb26

I'm all for getting indignant, but it would be a hoot to see her face at your perfectly tucked in lady appearance. Say "B-but I'm a girl..." and lift your skirt. It'll be awkward hilarity, but only do this if she gives you no other way out. You need that damn card, after all.
No. 320426 ID: 35e1a0

hmm, yes, if you do need to lift skirt to do anything it would confuse her.
No. 320444 ID: d7b78f

I think this is more of a test(or at least half test half perversion.) To see if you will fold under pressure and reveal your secret. The only thing that should have you revealing yourself to others is brute force. But because of the straps we should be fine to lift our skirt.

That being said, have we all forgotten that she said she would summon us when our keycard was ready? It wont be ready until we have a room picked out for us so they can register that card to unlock that specific room. Since we came to her on our own, she must think we want her attention in other ways.

I say humor her a bit. After all part of us being here is that she is bored. If we can't entertain her even a little bit, she might just get rid of us. We are a huge risk to her, we don't know how far the favor Nicole goes. It sure as hell doesn't go as far as sex offender, jail time, and destroyed life.

Say, "But I'm a girl." Lift your skirt to reveal your bulge-less crotch. Then drop your skirt and ask about the temp keycard she gave us earlier. If we can get some money put on it for food, register it to Rachels room for now, and ask for a student ID and password so we can get on the schools website. Cus we kinda need a student ID and pass if we want to register for classes, and not just sit in on them. Make sure she knows that as long as you are here you are serious about your studies.
No. 320446 ID: 07416a

No. 320459 ID: 543375

With any luck Rachael or some one will walk in on you on the floor, crying and ms robin in the compromising situation of driving a poor little Rocco to tears and recording it.
No. 320460 ID: 3416ec

No. 320462 ID: 950529
File 130957795326.png - (154.08KB , 800x600 , 349.png )

Wh- But- But... Shouldn't I.. Is it- Is it really- uhm- hidden so well I can-

>Rocco: "But- But I'm- I-"
>Robin: "Yeeesss?"
No. 320463 ID: 950529
File 130957795611.png - (151.13KB , 800x600 , 350.png )

>Rocco: "I.. I am a girl."
No. 320464 ID: 950529
File 130957795803.png - (154.69KB , 800x600 , 351.png )

>Robin: "Wh.. What... But Nick said..."

She- uhm- messes with the camcorder, and I hear my own voice repeated several times.
I.. I am a girl.
I.. I am a girl.
I.. I am a girl.

>Robin: "No way.. Wait, did you pull it back or something? You pulled it back, right?"
I.. I am a g-
She stares at the little screen.
>Robin: "I... Okay, this- This will do for now. What was it you wanted?"
>Rocco: "I- I wanted- uhm- I need a card to get food, and- uh- maybe unlock doors."
>Robin: "Oh.. Yeah, right right. I finished that today. Let me just- uh.."
She reaches for a drawer in her desk and grasps around in it.
No. 320466 ID: 950529
File 130957816923.png - (92.55KB , 800x600 , 352.png )

>Robin: "Here. Come see me again when you move into your long term room."
No. 320467 ID: d9f9ef

that will probably give her fap material to last ages.
No. 320468 ID: 543375

"Tear up, cautiously take it and mutter pervert as you leave."
No. 320469 ID: 35e1a0

quick bow and a stammered thanks and leave.
No. 320470 ID: 2d15f2

Good job Rocco.

As you head out, consider taking a moment to compose yourself. That confession clearly has your sense of self a bit shaken.
No. 320477 ID: d7b78f

>Achievement Unlocked: "Y-you mean I should seduce the staff?"

Take your card, thank her, maybe give her a little bit of fan service as you are leaving to keep her wanting more, a wink should be fine. Finding your permanent room is our next big task. But for now, breakfast, class, and socializing. Lets meet a few more people before we decide who we want to room with.
No. 320478 ID: a5a1cd

Take it. Confirm what doors will it unlock right now, and if there's anything else you can use it for. Also ask if you have a login ID for the school website.

>maybe give her a little bit of fan service as you are leaving to keep her wanting more, a wink should be fine
No. Rocco is being shamelessly exploited by this woman and should not play into it. He is not a whore.
No. 320479 ID: 6e44d2

Oh man, we are ALL OVER THIS SHIT! You go Rocco! You are kicking ass!
No. 320481 ID: 543375

Talk to Nick about what she just did to you. Isn't her specialty this kind of stuff? Plus having an administrator under your thumb could prove beneficial.
No. 320484 ID: d7b78f


I think we should make it a little more mutualistic. Nobody trying to own the other. She is going way out on a limb to put us here after all, and we need her help. But you are right, she probably has enough for now. I bet Nick expected something like this to happen. We'll give her a ring after we get our own cell phone just to be sure.
No. 320486 ID: 915b70

You know what this means? BEST BEHAVIOR. Just so you don't have to deal with her again.

I just hope bargaining dignity for neccessities isn't also a traditional part of the Beaton Way.
No. 320489 ID: 90c737

oh, god, i just got here, and this is terrible.

but all bulshit aside, we cant do anything to damage her position in the school, cause we rely upon her. however, making her feel bad will do just fine. Just leave, your already crying enough.
No. 320499 ID: f5fe2f


Seriously though, let's just get the hell out of her. This bitch is crazy.
No. 320504 ID: 950529
File 130958579219.png - (92.55KB , 800x600 , 353.png )

>Rocco: "Wh- What door- uh- uhm- Thank you!"
I- I snatch the card from her hand and exit her office quickly. Outside I catch my breath.
I didn't- I didn't cry! I-
I didn't want to cry, because- because it would make the moments with Ricci and- and Krystel less valuable.
I will only-
I'll only cry when something- When it's-
Well.. Yeah, I don't- She- I don't know, Nicole did say that- uh- She implied that she knew Robin was- uh- Well- I don't know.
That- That's true. I should be thankful she's helping me. And now I got my card, so I can eat. ... But.. Yeah- Yes, I don't really want to go back and ask her what I can do with it. Rachel probably knows..
..I.. And I really don't want go back to- uhm- seduce her further. If- If that's what I've done.
Y- Yeah.. Yeah, okay. I'll just- I- I'll behave my best and try to- uh- just- I'll try not to visit her- Or I mean- as little as possible.
Thank.. Thank you for getting me through that. Uhm... Hopefully- uh- Hopefully this means the worst part of the day is already over.
No. 320506 ID: 35e1a0

nope, saying that just invoked murphy.

anyway, hope for the best, plan for the worst. let's go get food.
No. 320509 ID: d4f98d

I certainly hope so to. I was NOT expecting this visit to go that way.
No. 320511 ID: a5a1cd

Yeah. Hopefully. That bitch is definitely one to avoid. You handled yourself okay, though; good job not completely losing it or breaking down. That's a nightmare-level scenario that most people will never have to face.

You might stop by the bathroom and recover your composure before proceeding to breakfast. You have a few minutes, and you're definitely showing signs of the stress of that.
No. 320518 ID: 950529

No. 320692 ID: 950529
File 130962782645.png - (91.92KB , 800x600 , 354.png )

Hmm- Y- Yeah.. Now that you mention it... It did go pretty well. I didn't think about it at the time, but I wonder- Maybe if it had happened two days ago I would've just- you know- broken down or something.
Have I gotten stronger already?
The life I left behind seems like a million years in the past. Though I don't know- Maybe it's not the time, but- but maybe it's having friends? Or becoming my own person, instead of one half of a whole?
...It's not the undies, right?
No. 320694 ID: a5a1cd

Hah! No, it's not what you're wearing or your friends. When you draw confidence from external sources, you tend to think about them when you're expressing that confidence and feel stronger when gaining them; you evinced neither of those.

It's just you getting more experienced in handling yourself in extremely awkward and potentially dangerous situations. Give it a few months of this at this rate and by the end of it you'll be able to act your way through anything.
No. 320695 ID: 2d15f2

The undies are symbolic.

With them and our help, you'll be a confident, wholly fulfilled indivual in no time!

So lets go, there's a whole day out there to face! What's our next challenge? We'll knock 'em dead no matter what!
No. 320701 ID: 950529
File 130962998194.png - (144.62KB , 800x600 , 355.png )

Really...? I would say that- uh- Well- It could be hard to believe that I would grow like this, but I guess we have all just witnessed it.
Thank you, orb. If I ever feel a bit- uhm- a little- uh- When- When things get difficult, I will think of all we achieved together, including the- uh- the undies.
I feel quite proud.
The air is still fresh- It smells like a brand new day!
No. 320702 ID: 950529
File 130962998607.png - (69.20KB , 800x600 , 356.png )

Oh! That cloud formation looks kind of like a heart.

>"Hey, Roc- Rosho! Good morning!"
No. 320703 ID: f5fe2f

No, that's not how it works. The reason you're doing better is your penis. You are literally the only person with a dick in this entire school, and thus the power of your schlong may grow uncontested.
No. 320705 ID: 35e1a0

okay, turn towards them and give a friendly hello.
No. 320707 ID: a5a1cd

Turn and say hey. Who is that, Ricci? Someone else? It's breakfast time, so perhaps invite them to eat with you.

That's ridiculous.
No. 320719 ID: 4183c9

>Oh! That cloud formation looks kind of like a heart.
No, it looks like the upper cloud is sucking the lower cloud's cloudpower through some sort of a tornado type of thing.
Or alternately an eagle facing off with a bear or a bison.

Also don't turn too fast with your arms held out or you'll hit someone in the face and will get raped. And don't talk about the clouds, or you'll be exposed - in more than one way.
No. 320732 ID: 31e8c8

Turn and greet the dawn.
No. 320733 ID: 4a7fce

It appears that a cumulonimbus cloud is approaching. A storm is sure to follow. Take heed and proceed inwards!
No. 320735 ID: 950529
File 130963498895.png - (189.69KB , 800x600 , 357.png )

Oh- Does that mean it will rain again? Cumulus clouds, or something- Oh, it does?! Good thing the cafeteria is indoors- Though- uh- It wouldn't be much of a cafeteria if it was outdoors..
I turn, and it's indeed Ricci!
>Rocco: "Ricci!"
>Ricci: "Your hair!"
>Rocco: "Do- Do you like it?"
>Ricci: "It looks very cute on you. Did you use hairspray?"
>Rocco: "No, I just combed it a bit. Thank you!"
>"Oh, this has to be your twin."
>Ricci: "Yep! Rosho, this is Sumera- She's my room mate."
>Sumera: "I heard you had some trouble with your admission. I'm glad you were able to come study here after all."
No. 320736 ID: a5a1cd

Smile, say it's nice to meet her, and ask if they've had breakfast yet because you were just heading there and they can come.
No. 320743 ID: 07416a

Take Sumera's hand, bow over it and kiss it.
No. 320744 ID: 5b95eb

Say it's nice to meet her, and ask if they've had breakfast because you're going to go get breakfast and also have you seen my ID just got it man I look kind of silly in it not the best picture and then keep blathering on
No. 320745 ID: 35e1a0

no no. that would be super sus. just greet her politely and a handshake should be plenty. then yes ask about breakfast.
No. 320748 ID: 31e8c8

Spend some time catching up with your sister. Preferably over Waffles!
No. 320749 ID: 2d8707

hmm... interesting... shes not exactly a cougar but brave enougth to sacrifice her job for it...

very interesting, indeed... rocco you may need to have a strategic talk with your sister. its possible this shenanigans could run deeper that what it looks like.

anyway, it seems this will be your prime time to bond with your sister the way you always wanted to. remember to ask about teachers and classes as well.

ricci will be deadly jealous and sumera could be weirdened out by it. a more feminine greeting would match your new persona better.
No. 320750 ID: a5a1cd

No. Rocco is not confident enough to act in the kind of personality that would pull that off successfully.
No. 320751 ID: 5b95eb

I don't think an impression of their Dormhead is in order here, no.
No. 320753 ID: 950529
File 130963768952.png - (184.62KB , 800x600 , 358.png )

Uhm- Yeah, that- Yeah, I can't- Yes. Phew...
A more feminine greeting? Uhmm...

>Rocco: "Nice to meet you! Uh- Did you two eat yet? I was just about to get breakfast."
>Sumera: "Actually, we were--"
>Ricci: "I'll join you! ♥"
>Sumera: "...I was on my way to the library. But you two have a good meal."
No. 320755 ID: 5b95eb

Inspect Graffiti.
No. 320756 ID: d9f9ef

Good job, not a stutter at all. You seem more relaxed around your sister.
No. 320757 ID: a5a1cd

Tell Sumera you'll see her around and get moving towards the noms.
No. 320764 ID: 5b95eb

Yes, tell her you'll see her 'round, starting heading towards noms, hold your sister's hand, think about what you'll have for breakfast.

Man, get sausage if they have it. Sausage is delicious.
No. 320771 ID: d4f98d

Unacceptable. Sumera hasn't been reduced to a stuttering, blushing wreck at the sight of you.

We must fix this. Tell her you're sorry she won't come to eat with you, and that you hope to meet her again.
No. 320780 ID: 950529
File 130964221413.png - (43.23KB , 800x600 , 359.png )

Huh.. It does look like it says Delta Black.
No. 320781 ID: 950529
File 130964221748.png - (149.91KB , 800x600 , 360.png )

>Rocco: "Ah- uhm- Sorry- uh- I'm sorry you can't eat with us- uhm--"
>Ricci: "It's fine, it's fine. We can eat together another time. See you, Sumera!"
Ricci springs up to me and clings around my arm.
>Rocco: "Uh- S-see you!"
>Sumera: "Ah.. Later."
No. 320782 ID: 950529
File 130964222123.png - (164.37KB , 800x600 , 361.png )

Ricci stays close, walking against me as we make our way into the cafeteria.
>Rocco: "Uh- Did you- I mean- I got- uh- my ID today. The picture is- uh- the photo- It's pretty silly."
>Ricci: "Oh! Show me."
I take the card from my pocket.
>Ricci: "Awww, you look so cute."
>Rocco: "Oh.. Well, than- thank you."
>Ricci: "You could be a model."
>Rocco: "Ah- No, I- I'm too shy."
>Ricci: "No complaints here- More Rocco for me."
No. 320783 ID: 5b95eb

kiss de girl

also see what they're serving
No. 320785 ID: 35e1a0

NOT YET! would very easily freak everyone out. i mean, everyone KNOWS there are lesbians in this school but they don't do things in public.
No. 320787 ID: d9f9ef

I don't ever recall Rocco settling on his sister, thus far the only girl he's shown any romantic interest in is Rachel.
No. 320788 ID: 1a99f0

just calm down. regardless of circumstances this is your twin sister and you shouldn't be uncomfortable around her.
No. 320789 ID: 5b95eb

By "See" I meant ask.
No. 320796 ID: 02d4c0

everyone who already has a boner lift up their hand.

...yeah, I'm totally lifting up my hand.
No. 320804 ID: a5a1cd

No kissing.

Ask to see Ricci's ID. You could also ask for more details about her roommate, and possibly what classes she's in.
No. 320839 ID: 2d8707

no touching yet. and its time for a small talk, just make sure to ask about teachers, class, local legends, deep ones and possibly a room to move in together.
No. 320849 ID: 950529
File 130965392174.png - (148.96KB , 800x600 , 362.png )

Wh- Why- What- Why do you have an erection? How is that even possible?
>Rocco: "Can I see your card?"
>Ricci: "Nooo, it's too boring.
>Rocco: "Aww.. Uhm- Do you know what food we can get?"
>Ricci: "Breakfast menu, silly. Bread, spreads, eggs, soup, salads... You know."
>Rocco: "Ooh.. Food here is so- uh- luxurious."
>Ricci: "Isn't it nice? It's only healthy things, though. Nothing to get if you feel like fast food."
>Rocco: "Not in the store either?"
>Ricci: "Nope.. They don't even have proper candy, just mints and stuff."
She holds on to me as we walk through the cafeteria.
>Rocco: "Aw.. Did you find out anything else peculiar?"
>Ricci: "Not really- I haven't been here that long either."
>Rocco: "I feel like we've been here forever already."
>Ricci: "Haha! It does leave a big impression, doesn't it. Kathrine Beaton Maidens Academ. Even just the name is impressive."
>Rocco: "Do you like it here a lot?"
>Ricci: "I'm sure I'll miss home and stuff sooner or later, but right now I'm just soaking it all up. What about you?"
>Rocco: "Oh- uhm- Well- It's difficult. I'm so used to having you with me all the time- But- But I'm also learning a lot, and I made friends already."
>Ricci: "Aww, that's good. If you ever need anything come visit me, okay? Actually- I hope we can move in together soon- Kind of like a married couple..."
She immediately sounds a shy giggle.
No. 320855 ID: e3f578

No bacon to go with eggs?
Fuck this place and it's healthy-ass mindset. Where's the pleasure?
No. 320856 ID: 5b95eb

Fire off a return giggle, cadet, and see what grub you want. Get some meat, get some eggs, get whatever you want.
No. 320861 ID: a5a1cd

Ask about her current roommate. She seemed nice; where would she go if you moved in together?

Also, Rocco, don't say this, but I would really wonder what the student council would think if you moved in with Ricci after you revealed to them that she wants to romance you. They may pretty much conclude "they are now having incest sex all the time". Something to be wary of.

Get some delicious foods. Fruit is recommended.

>Wh- Why- What- Why do you have an erection? How is that even possible?
It's not. Take it as a joke.
No. 320863 ID: 5b95eb

Fruit is not recommended, soldier, get you some meat.
No. 320865 ID: a31300

Dude, what are you on about? My internet penis is the HUGEST.
No. 320871 ID: 543375

Enough of your meat bullshit.
No. 320893 ID: 07416a

Eat all the fruit. All of it.
No. 320896 ID: f25cc9

Remember who else only ate fruits and veggies? Ragnor.

Besides, meat is good for you.
But get whatever YOU want, I feel that we don't need to instruct you on how and what to eat at this point in time.
No. 320901 ID: 9a75e0

considering you arent making exercise you really cant complain about health food.

ask sis if she has a hidden stash, and oogle the food counter. get the freshs stuff at least.
No. 320911 ID: f5fe2f

>They don't even have proper candy
We can fix that. Let's pull some taffy!

Also meat is essential. You may be dressed as a chick but you're still physically male and you still need man food. That means protein and starches. You don't need as much of certain vitamins and stuff as women do, but it shouldn't hurt you. It's a good idea to grab some tomatoes when you get a chance, you need some of those vitamins more than women do, but it's not a huge deal.
I'd normally recommend more carbohydrates for you too, but since you're not really doing man stuff you're probably good with the same amount as women eat.
No. 320913 ID: 950529
File 130966398333.png - (147.49KB , 800x600 , 363.png )

Oh- Well.. I don't know- Fruit seems good for the morning. I don't- uh- I can't really stomach heavy things in the morning. Uhm-
Too bad there's not cereal with milk..

I try to giggle too but... but it comes out as a hoarse wheezing sound.
>Rocco: "Where will Sem- uh- Suma- Sum- uh- Where will your room mate go, though?"
>Ricci: "Well, I'm guessing that if someone leaves the dorm, Sumera will move to that spot, and you move into the room we have now."
I grab a tray, and we move along the line of food. Ricci begins putting things on the tray while I'm in thought.
It is true that- uh- I mean- The council might think it's weird, but.. I also told them we would- uh- That me and Ricci will go back to just sisters- I mean- brother and sister- when she gets over me.
Maybe before that time I should stay somewhere else?

The tray has been filled with porridge and some bread.
>Ricci: "That should be a healthy breakfast."
No. 320914 ID: 4a7fce

Motherfucking get some goddamn BROWN SUGAR up in that bitch man!
No. 320916 ID: 4a7fce

Maybe even get some damn SLICED BANANAS all up in your grill!
No. 320919 ID: 3416ec


And some RAISINS!

No. 320924 ID: 9a75e0

you are still thinking in male/female simblings

it will do your FUTURE good to have her as your roommate.
No. 320925 ID: 07416a

Nope, don't stay with her.
No. 320926 ID: d4f98d

Something non-committal. You don't want to rush anyone. You guys will be schooling here for a while, there's not much of a time limit.
No. 320927 ID: 1a99f0

you're thinking like you're waiting for her love to blow over. Remember what you told her, and what you told Krystal, and give her a fair chance.
No. 320928 ID: 1a99f0

also if you can't get your own room (which would be nice but unlikely) then she would obviously be the safest to room with, since she knows you're a guy and all.
No. 320929 ID: 35e1a0

yeah you stay in the same room, and she WILL try to get into your skirt, repeatedly. so take that into consideration when picking a room.
No. 320944 ID: f87182

You guys will be in the same dorm! Even though, it's what you are used to, you should live in separate rooms until you two settle this whole relationship thing.
No. 320979 ID: 223884

Staying in Rachel's room was a temporary thing and Rocco needs a room. However, I'm sure Rocco doesn't want to be rude to Ricci's roommate and thus we are provided with a conundrum.

1. You can room with Ricci, but kinda bump her roomie out the door. We should find out Sumera's opinion on the issue should you choose this route.

2. You can decide to room with the oh so amorous Laura whom you've already made a good impression on. With the resolve you showed earlier, you could probably survive your stay and perhaps even learn to enjoy her quirky personality. This route means that you don't impose yourself on anyone and noone has any hard feelings unless Ricci or yourself are hell-bent on being bunkbuddies.

3. Continue with Rachel. While this would probably be the simplest it simply won't last. Rooming with Rachel was supposed to be temporary at best and as the dorm rules have shown you'll have to go to the Arts and Culture one way or another.

I'm mostly for either Laura or Ricci on the condition that we ask Sumera her opinions. I know that you don't want anyone feeling left out.

All in all the most important thing here is Rocco's feelings.

Rocco, what would you like to do?
No. 321043 ID: 543375

One of the biggest issues the two of them had is that they were inseparable which creeped out a lot of people. They'd be alienating the rest of the world again if they started to share the same room again. The last thing Rocco needs is a repeat of that by allowing his sister to get too close to him. Time together is important, but sacrificing time with roommates and friends is not worth it. Rocco is here to break out of his shell, so to speak as well as help his sister.
No. 321047 ID: e13f0d


you forget to account for one big difference between then and now: we're here. even if Rocco bunks up with Ricci, he'll see oher people as well if we remind him to.
No. 321060 ID: 90914f

Oh? But we can't hold Rocco by the hand for his whole life. I mean, it makes no difference for us voices, but if Rocco accidentally loses the orb after a decade of relying on it, all our hard work will be undone.

No, he has to socialize, and Ricci shouldn't hog him all to herself. While her room is tactically superior, I'd rather avoid the possible gossip about the Vincent twins that is bound to appear if she starts hitting on Rocco.

I'd like to stay with Rachel. She's in a position that, given we earn her trust, can get us out of a lot of peculiar situations. That said, we belong to a different dorm so let's wait for a spot in Arts & Culture to free up and see who our potential roommate is.

We always have Laura as an option, although that option makes me shudder.
No. 321069 ID: 950529
File 130971888684.png - (175.31KB , 800x600 , 364.png )

Wh- What I want? Well.. I really want to be with Ricci, but... just... The way she is now is scary. I guess she- I mean... She- It must be a relief for her- After all this time of hiding her feelings, she can finally show them. But to me- I- ...I don't know. Well- I shouldn't be like this. I promised her a fair chance and I- I should give her one.
It's just difficult opening my heart.
So I guess... I- I guess I should... I... I really don't know.
I guess just- just same dorm will be nice, but- If I tell her I want to be in the same dorm, but not in the same room- That's worse than not being in the same dorm at all.

>Rocco: "Oh- uhm.."
There's some sugar next to the porridge- I take a spoon and sprinkle it on my plate.
When we pass the fruit, I grab a banana too.
Actually- I think the bread Ricci took has raisins in it.
>Ricci: "If you can't finish it, I'll help."
>Rocco: "Are you still hungry?"
>Ricci: "Haha- Maybe."
>Rocco: "We should get you something too, then."
>Ricci: "It's fine, it's fine- I'm trying to lose weight."
>Rocco: "Oh- Why?"
>Ricci: "When the weather gets better we can go swimming in the lake."
>Rocco: "Huh- So why do you need to lose weight?"
>Ricci: "Haha~"
>Rocco: "..What..?"

When we reach the register, the lady stares at us for a moment.
>"...Twins, right?"
>Ricci: "Haha- Yep!"
I nod. Ricci seems very proud.
>"Ha ha, first pair in years, you are. Okay- Porridge, raisin bread, banana.. That's three fifty credits."
>Rocco: "Credits?"
>Ricci: "That's what's on your card."
>Rocco: "Ooh.."
No. 321070 ID: 950529
File 130971890024.png - (123.02KB , 800x600 , 365.png )

The lady quickly shows me how to scan my card for next time, and soon me and Ricci are walking past rows of tables.

>Rocco: "Uh.."
>Ricci: "Hm?"
>Rocco: "Did you make any friends yet?"
>Ricci: "Of course. I get along well with most of my dorm mates, and a few classmates- Oh, and I signed up for the comic club."
>Rocco: "Oh, that- uhm- How good- uh- How nice. Is Sumera a friend too?"
>Ricci: "Yeah, of course. We're not really interested in the same things, but she's very nice."
>Rocco: "Oh.. But then- I mean... Is it okay that you're suddenly going with me?"
>Ricci: "Idiot... You chased me all the way here- I'm not going to leave you behind again."
She gently rubs her head against mine.
No. 321076 ID: 35e1a0

that is starting to get CREEPY clingy.. if you two are in the room together she WILL squeeze you and possibly molest you in the bed
No. 321077 ID: 543375

It's sweet but heavy handed. That last thing you both need is isolation due to your public display of affection. Give her a fair chance, but make sure you spend enough time apart. Thankfully you are part of the student council.
No. 321078 ID: 5b95eb

Nah, this is fine.

Sit down, eat. Ask what classes she's in, talk about what classes you're in, etc etc. Small talk man.
No. 321080 ID: ed620b

You probably need to put some space between you and Ricci. Not that you should alienate her, but by letting her act that clingy you're almost leading her on right now. If you really are going to give her a fair chance to romance you that you shouldn't let her act like this.
No. 321082 ID: e13f0d


ridiculous. she's just being affectionate. and in the cutest way possible, too.
No. 321084 ID: a5a1cd

>I promised her a fair chance and I- I should give her one.
Look, a fair chance does not mean letting her do whatever she wants or push you into anything you're not comfortable with. Love is meant to be something that both parties enjoy. If you would be reluctant to do something with a non-Ricci girlfriend at this point in your relationship- and however close you are, you've only been looking at her through a romantic lens for a matter of days- then it is not out of line to tell Ricci to take things a little more slowly. The very phrase "fair chance" means that she doesn't get any huge advantages that other prospective lovers wouldn't aside from how well she knows you and how much you care about her already, which already rig things hugely in her favor.

Now, I'm not about to make the call regarding how far is too far, since that's firmly rooted in your feelings. But you need to step back mentally and evaluate exactly what you'll be comfortable with, then make sure that Ricci understands that you have limits, wherever they are.
No. 321086 ID: 31e8c8

I think the question here is weather or not this is something Ricci would normally do. We don't have much experience with the two of you being together. Is she normally this affectionate?
No. 321087 ID: 07416a

She acting like you're already taken. Make her work for it a bit more.
No. 321093 ID: d4f98d

No need to be overly wary. As I recall, you did much worse than this yourself.

I distinctly recall the chewing of hair.
No. 321098 ID: 875f9c

Exactly. Chill out guys this is pretty typical for them.

That said pretty typical for you two might be a bit too much for everyone else in the cafeteria. Don't get TOO touchy-feely.
No. 321118 ID: 223884

I find rooming with Ricci to pretty much be inevitable at this point. In any case Sumera's feelings should be included as stated before. At least speak with her before the whole matter is settled.
No. 321145 ID: 950529
File 130973128516.png - (112.54KB , 800x600 , 366.png )

I- Uhm- Well- Yeah- No- I-
Yeah, I-
Yeah.. This is- I mean- We- We used to be like this normally. I- It's- Well, she would get cold or cynical at times.. But other times- Yeah.. We were close.
Actually- It kind of feels like.. like we have reversed roles. Now that she's comfortable around me again, it's me who is- kinda- It feels like I'm being cold to her.
I.. I don't know- I can't tell her to just stop. It would be- Maybe it would be more fair as a romantic- uh- romanting stuff, but as my sister I can't just- I-
I could tell her I'm not comfortable, and that- maybe- she should choose between acting like my sister or acting like a romantic interest... It feels so mean, though.

We both stop at a random table- I don't know why this one is better than the others, but we stopped at the same time.
I put my tray on it- When she sits down, I sit on the other side of the table instead of next to her.
She doesn't get up or object.

>Rocco: "So what classes are you in?"
>Ricci: "Oh, I've been looking at- uh- things like economy and marketing, popular culture, that kind of stuff. You know I love things like Axe Power but I can't draw or write very well, so I'd like to work on the other side of it."
>Rocco: "That- uhm- That sounds good. Do you think- uh- I mean- You think you'll get to learn everything you want?"
>Ricci: "Well, not everything- It's still highschool, but I'll have a good headstart when I head into college. Though I kind of hope they're done building the Beaton college when I graduate."
>Rocco: "That'd be nice."
>Ricci: "What about you? What classes are you attending?"
>Rocco: "Oh- uhm- The student council president made a schedule with classes that- uh- that have- uh- Well, topics related to the supernatural and superstition and stuff. I'll just check them out and see if they're- you know- okay."
>Ricci: "Haha- Still dreaming about those things, huh?"
>Rocco: "Maybe I can work in a museum or something. Exhibitions or- uhm- give lectures.."
>Ricci: "That's good- That's great. It's good to hear that you're- you know- really... really taking it somewhere."
>Rocco: "Yeah, I'm- I'm pretty excited."
>Ricci: "Hmm-hmm.."

>Ricci: "You know.."
>Rocco: "Hm?"
>Ricci: "I... I've been thinking- Since yesterday you... You seem so much more mature and responsible and stuff, like you're really growing up. It-"
No. 321146 ID: 950529
File 130973128724.png - (108.03KB , 800x600 , 367.png )

>Ricci: "It's making my heart race so much."
No. 321149 ID: 5cf8d6

Seriously, Ricci's being creepy. All incest-related topics aside, if I told someone that I'd be okay with them trying to get me interested but I wasn't right now, and they started acting like the clingiest partner in the world, like she is, I'd be pretty tempted to run screaming. I know it's a delicate situation, but you need to send some signals that she is coming on too strongly. Definitely do not share rooms with her.
No. 321150 ID: 543375

Ask to see her in private later, decide whether you want to let her continue on like this or set limits.
No. 321153 ID: d4f98d

Um...well, its kinda hard to know what to say to that.

I know! Use it as a opener into discussing your roles in the Student council. It's partially thanks to the friends you've made there that you've been able to progress so much so quickly.
No. 321155 ID: 763603

Bet she masturbates to you every night.
No. 321157 ID: c04c0d

Looks like things are working out well. Just don't start making out in public.
No. 321158 ID: a5a1cd

How much more mature and responsible can you possibly seem in the what, half an hour that she's seen you in the past two days? My guess is that she's just been thinking about you a hell of a lot, and built you up in her mind.

Anyway, Rocco, I think your best move here is probably to smile and say it's nice to her to say so. Try to move from there to mentioning that you have months at this school ahead of you as a way of delicately hinting that she really doesn't need to move this fast.
No. 321159 ID: 5b95eb


Smile at 'er, and keep eating
No. 321161 ID: c04c0d

Also she might be worried about some other cute girl stealing you away from her.
No. 321164 ID: 31e8c8


I think that there's nothing really /wrong/ here. This is just how she's used to acting around you. She may not even realize she's creeping.

I think you need to decide, Rocco, what it is you want here. We came here so that you could be with your sister. Now that we're here and with your sister, why are you having so much trouble? Are you worried that you're not being fair to her by playing favorites with her? or are you worried about not being fair to yourself? Isn't this the kind of attention you want? Or have you come to realize that maybe you desire something else?

I say just be yourself. You're not going to get the chance to be very open with anybody any time soon. Ricci represents, at the least, a familiar port in a stormy sea. Open up to her, talk to her, let her be your friend. vent to her if you need. You'll have time later to work out what it is you actually /want/, but don't let what you've earned go to waste just because you've grown as a person. Enjoy your time with your sister, for now at least. We can worry about the complex emotional side of things once we've settled a bit. For now just be yourself.
No. 321165 ID: 0d7a83

Yeah you should tell her about that:

"Hey so what did you do yesterday? Oh, thats nice. Me? Ah nothing much, just became COUNCIL VICE-PRESIDENT".
No. 321166 ID: 99da04

Ask her how she would feel if another woman took him away from her.
No. 321194 ID: 1a99f0

No. 321198 ID: e3f578

>Ricci: "I... I've been thinking- Since yesterday you... You seem so much more mature and responsible and stuff, like you're really growing up."
Can you give us some credit with that please? Your not keeping us a secret from her and it would be nice to get some public credit.
No. 321205 ID: 6a9fdc

I get what you're saying, but come on man, it hasn't been JUST us. Rocco's making an effort here too.

Ooh, tell her the orb said hi.

Also this sounds like awesome advice.
No. 321206 ID: 6a9fdc

I get what you're saying, but come on man, it hasn't been JUST us. Rocco's making an effort here too.

Ooh, tell her the orb said hi.

Also this sounds like awesome advice.
No. 321214 ID: e3f578

I just asked for SOME credit, not all of it.
No. 321216 ID: 950529
File 130973942842.png - (114.78KB , 800x600 , 368.png )

What I wanted? Wh- Why I'm here? I.. I wanted to mend our relation- I wanted- I wanted to let her know she didn't have to run from me no matter what she felt. I wanted to be with her.
I still to be with her... but I don't want to- to- ...I can't think of kissing her, or- or more than that.

I notice my cheeks heating up- I quickly look down at my plate.
I hear her sigh.

>Rocco: "Th.. Thank you. There's- I still have- We still have a lot of- uh- months- school ahead of us, so- uh- let's both grow lots."
>Ricci: "Yeah..."

...Yeah. I should-
I shouldn't just-
We can just be- We can- I can-
I can just act like normal. She.. She's just being- Well- I guess if I make a big deal out of it, it will become a big deal.
Yeah, maybe I should- Yeah, you're right, I should-
Okay, I'll tell her that.

>Rocco: "Uhm-"
>Ricci: "Hm?"
>Rocco: "I- I mean that."
>Ricci: "What?"
No. 321217 ID: 950529
File 130973944203.png - (104.49KB , 800x600 , 369.png )

>Rocco: "I mean- I mean... We- We have so much time- You- I- We don't have to- I- I will be here with you- I am attending Beaton, and I'm staying on the campus for the same time you are here. And if- If the college will be done, I will attend it too. With- with you. There- There is no need to rush anything. We don't have to- to... Let's- Together- Let's grow a lot."
>Ricci: "...Rocco.."
No. 321218 ID: 950529
File 130973945259.png - (94.21KB , 800x600 , 370.png )

>Ricci: "You- You make the maiden in me cry out for you, but.. you also make me proud that you're my brother. Let's both grow."
>Rocco: "Ricci.."

We gently squeeze each others hand.

In the background a deep soothing voice begins to sing...
>No more talk of darkness... Forget these wide-eyed feeears- I'm here. Nothing can harm you... My wooords will waaarm and calm you... ♫
No. 321221 ID: 99da04

Say hi to Krystal
No. 321224 ID: 5b95eb

Krystal Alert, Flip the fuck out
No. 321230 ID: e3f578

Boy, the fuck is the credit?
You kiss us and thank us all last night for the help but when we ask for some public thanks, you're like "oh fuck, let's ignore the orb's feelings."
I've never felt so used.
No. 321238 ID: 0d7a83

Dude i'm sure Rocco will kiss your metaphorical boots later. Right now he's kinda busy.

No. 321248 ID: a5a1cd

Probably Krystal, maybe someone else. Look around, keep calm, and be friendly.

There is no cause for panic here. Unless she heard Ricci say "brother". We should really quietly mention to Ricci that she needs to be more obsessively wary of letting that slip.
No. 321252 ID: 5b95eb

"Also, remember, I'm your 'sister'"

Chow down
No. 321257 ID: 950529
File 130974493549.png - (145.22KB , 800x600 , 371.png )

I get back to eating while I look around.
>Rocco: "Oh- uh- s- sister."
>Ricci: "Oh! Yeah- Haha~"

After a moment I spot Dana walking on the tables. It- It's her voice... but it sounds so different.
>"Let me beeee your freedom, let daylight dryyy your teeears- I'm here. With you, beside yoooou... to guaaaard you and to guide you..."
Just then, I spot Krystal getting on a chair, and stepping onto a table as well.
>Krystal: "Ssaaaay you love me every waaakiiiing moment~ tuuurn my head with talk of summertiiime~ ♪"

>Rocco: "Oh- That- uh- That's Krystal- She's in the student council too."

>Krystal: "Saaaay you need me with you noooow and always~ Promise meee that aaall you saaay is truuue... that's all I ask
of you~ ♫"

>Ricci: "...Too?"
>Rocco: "Oh- uhm- I'm- I'm the vice president."
>Ricci: "Wh- What?!"

Dana and Krystal continue the duet as they step across tables, moving towards each other.

>Ricci: "Rocco!"
No. 321258 ID: 5b95eb

"Long story, later, this looks good."
No. 321259 ID: 717b8e

Ricci, you should be able to hear us for now, right?
I just want to warn you to be really careful about saying "brother", even in private-seeming places. You never know. And you don't want Rocco to get kicked out, do you?
No. 321260 ID: b6660e

Introduce krystal and ricci
No. 321261 ID: 717b8e

Hmm. They're doing a duet. Fun. I wonder if this happens often? (also good song)

I would say something like "That was my reaction too", and explain later because GOOD SONG!
No. 321262 ID: 35e1a0

((psst, that was only when she physically TOUCHED us. not be near us))
No. 321264 ID: 717b8e

I thought it was when she touched Rocco... regardless, that post was late.
No. 321265 ID: a5a1cd

"I was drafted. This is awesome. When they finish, we should cheer and clap. Krystal needs support."
No. 321285 ID: 223884

Daaw, Krystal and Dana are so perfect for each other. Clap and cheer when they finish and explain the rest of your situation to Ricci afterwards.
No. 321297 ID: 2d15f2

Clearly you need to breif her on what happened yesterday. Bearing in mind of course that you should leave parts out to respect other peoples secrets. Bearing in mind the eavesdropping potential, you should maybe try something like "its a long story, and I'll explain the whole thing some other time, but basically what happened was this..." followed by a recap.
No. 321357 ID: 950529
File 130975474271.png - (117.03KB , 800x600 , 372.png )

>Rocco: "Uhm- uh- It's a long story."
>Ricci: "Tell me! Why is my little br- uh- sister the vice president?"
>Rocco: "Wait, let's- uhm- Let's listen."
>Ricci: "I am listening to you."

The singing continues at its own pace. Krystal's voice breaks up again now and then but instead of ruining it... it makes it sound much more intense and emotional.

>Rocco: "Well- uh- The president is helping me with things because I'm- uh- uhm- since I'm- Because I have trouble with things. So- uh- they needed a vice president, so I was given that part, since- uh- I'll be with them a lot anyway. I think."
>Ricci: "Hahaha- I don't know if I should be proud for that."
>Rocco: "Uhm- Well- P- Probably not."
>Ricci: "Haha~ I was kidding. I'm proud that you didn't reject it."
>Rocco: "Oh- uh- Thank you."

By the time the songs reaches it climax, the duo has reached each other, and lightly hold each other until the song ends.
No. 321358 ID: 950529
File 130975474507.png - (119.31KB , 800x600 , 373.png )

A short moment of silence follows, but is quickly filled in with cheers and applause, and someone yelling.
>"Don't dance on the tables with your shoes on!"

Krystal pats Dana on her cheek and says something, but I can't make out what.
No. 321359 ID: 950529
File 130975474881.png - (141.69KB , 800x600 , 374.png )

>Ricci: "Wow~ That was great!
Ricci sounds delighted.
>Ricci: "Who's the tall girl? Wearing pants.."
>Rocco: "That's- uhm- That's Dana, but I- uh- I don't really know much about her.."
>Ricci: "I wonder if she's in the culture dorm too.."

Krystal breaks away from Dana and hops down the table. Halfway she spots me and Ricci.
No. 321360 ID: 950529
File 130975475053.png - (105.98KB , 800x600 , 375.png )

She looks at us for a moment- then smiles and proudly salutes me.
No. 321362 ID: 35e1a0

give a thumbs up. and a nice smile.
No. 321363 ID: 44766a

Give her a thumbs up.
No. 321364 ID: 44766a

Give her a thumbs up.
No. 321365 ID: 44766a

Give her a thumbs up.
No. 321373 ID: a5a1cd

Smile in support. Krystal is being very brave. I hope it works out for her... you'll have to talk later. And keep an eye on Dana! See what she does, too.

Almost a pity you can't tell Ricci anything significant about it unless Krystal gives you the go-ahead to share information. Secrets are like that.

I suppose you can say that if someone who can sing in front of people like that isn't in the culture dorm, something has gone horribly wrong somewhere.
No. 321389 ID: eb3e3e


Don't you guys know anything? You are being saluted, Salute Back. Adorably.
No. 321395 ID: 55c4cf

hip thrust
No. 321398 ID: 223884

Blush adorably and salute back, it's the only way.
No. 321402 ID: 950529
File 130975777063.png - (131.75KB , 800x600 , 376.png )

I salute in return, but when I get my hand at my head I make a thumbs up instead.
Krystal cracks up.

>Ricci: "You get along well with the council members?"
>Rocco: "Yeah, I- I do. They are very nice."
>Ricci: "Awesome. Maybe I could come help out too?"
No. 321404 ID: 35e1a0

"you can try, but i think we me they are filled up."
No. 321405 ID: a5a1cd

Look very serious, and tell her that in order to ensure the pair of you can effectively seize control of the entire school, it's important for you to focus on separate areas as much as possible. Investing your time in different activities and sets of friends will maximize your combined influence.

Then crack up.
No. 321422 ID: f5fe2f

Oh wow, yeah. This seems great.
No. 321429 ID: d9f9ef

Idea, try to organize a flash mob amongst the students were they randomly start singing and dancing like in high school musical.
No. 321442 ID: 07416a

Say you'll ask.
No. 321445 ID: d72af5

admit that you don't really know what all the job entails yet but any kind of thing involving the counsel would need the ok from Rachel before it got started.
No. 321478 ID: 1a99f0

better yet, offer to introduce her to your new friends and you could find out then. I'm sure it's not full, what with only having four people and all, that's barely a skeleton crew. That is, if you think it's a good idea for her to join the council in the first place.
By the way, did we ever find out how Rachel learned how to pronounce Ricci's name? Maybe they've met already.
No. 321480 ID: 950529
File 130976930237.png - (109.64KB , 800x600 , 377.png )

Oh- uh- I think I remember Rachel saying Rishi, like she says Rosho. She probably- uh- recognized me as her twin.

I- I don't know if Ricci should join or not. Uh- Well- They do know about her feelings for me, so- I mean- I guess- It would probably be kind of awkward, but Ricci hasn't done anything to her discredit...

>Rocco: "Uhmm.. I- uh- I think that there's only three- I mean- four positions in the student council.
>Ricci: "I mean just helping out- Doesn't need to be so official."
>Rocco: "Oh! I'll- uh- I'll ask Rachel- I mean- Rachel is the president."
>Ricci: "Sweet."

Dana slinks away with as little presence as when I first met her. Krystal stays to chat with a few girls who were watching.

While I'm finishing my porridge I notice the cafeteria is gradually getting empty.
Soon after a voice calls for attention.
>"It's almost nine; Please return your trays and exit the building."
>Ricci: "Welp... Where shall we go?"
No. 321481 ID: 07416a

Go say hi to Krystal and introduce your sister.
No. 321492 ID: 223884

Say hi to Krystal, introduce clone(just kidding), and ask how giving Dana another chance turned out, but remember: stutter and blush. Also gushing. I think it's pretty appropriate to gush if this turned out the way I hope it did.
No. 321496 ID: 5b95eb

Ask where you get paper and pencils and other supplies and then go get them. Can't show up on your first day unprepared!
No. 321529 ID: a5a1cd

>ask how giving Dana another chance turned out
Don't bring up Dana unless Krystal does first. Not in the company of others. Secrets are to be close-kept even when things are apparently going public until the word is passed otherwise; we're not sure exactly how Krystal is playing this one.

I really don't think that you want Ricci to be heavily associating with the student council. While >>321405 was designed to be facetious, it was accurate in that you probably do not want your friends and Ricci's friends to all be the same. Romantic entanglements tend to have good and bad periods, even for people who really love each other, and having friends you know will take your side would be a good thing.

That said, she's obviously looking for ways to spend more time in your company, so it would be a good idea to come up with something that the pair of you could regularly do together- preferably on a daily basis- so that she can rely on that and feel like you're making an effort to be close.
No. 321540 ID: 5cf8d6


Part of the reason you're here at Beaton--whether you know it or not--is to grow and develop as your own individual person. Having Ricci join you in everything you do will stunt that growth, just as it's done for your whole life. It's fine to hang out with her, but you should be wary of having her join all your clubs, make friends with all your friends, etc. You may want to ask Rachel if she can maybe let Ricci come help sometimes but not make her a permanent fixture of the group.
No. 321544 ID: 717b8e

They were just singing a duet in the cafeteria. It can't have possibly gone too badly.
No. 321549 ID: d7b78f

Join Krystal, lets meet up with the student council if we can.
No. 321550 ID: 35e1a0

sure, but telling people about what is actually going on is different then being silent but supportive.
No. 321616 ID: 950529
File 130981734608.png - (170.94KB , 800x600 , 378.png )

Well... Uhm.. I- I mean- That's true, I'm not- uh- I have- it... Yeah- I shouldn't- But what can I say? It's- I can't just tell her I don't want her in the council- And going behind her back and- uh- something like telling Rachel to tell her no... That's just- I don't to do that.
I could still talk to Rachel about it though...

Uhm... Yeah, I shouldn't- uh- bring up the thing with Dana in front of anyone. In public. Uh- I can- Oh, yeah, I can just talk to her. To Krystal, I mean.
I'll catch her when she exits too.

>Rocco: "Oh- uh- uhm- The- uhm- The- What's it called.. Oh- uhm- paper, pencils, notebooks, supplies- things for class- Where can I get those?"
>Ricci: "Oh, at the shop. Let's go there."
>Rocco: "Yeah- Yes."

I return the tray like I did at dinner, and we make our way outside.
She nods at the small building right outside the cafeteria.
>Ricci: "Shall we go in?"
>Rocco: "Yeah- uh- I can pay there with my card too?"
>Ricci: "Yep, you should get enough for meals and supplies, and a little extra just in case."
No. 321617 ID: 950529
File 130981735196.png - (165.14KB , 800x600 , 379.png )

Just then Krystal passes us.
>Rocco: "Oh- Uh! Krystal!"
>Krystal: "Rosho! What's up!"
>Rocco: "Have you- uh- Did- uhm- This is my sister."
>Ricci: "I'm Ricci- I've seen you in the dorm, but we haven't actually met yet, have we?"
>Krystal: "Yo. I don't think we have. I'm Krystal- And you two look so much alike its surreal. Am I in a movie?"
>Ricci: "You were singing so well I wouldn't be surprised. You're very talented."
>Krystal: "Thank you very much!"
>Rocco: "Do- Do you- uh often do these- uhm- Is this- I mean- This kinda--"
>Krystal: "Whenever possible. Gotta be able to act at the drop of a hat. You know our dormhead, right?"
>Ricci: "Laura, right?"
>Krystal: "Yeah! She's the undisputed champion of the tireless performance."
>Rocco: "Wow.."
>Ricci: "Awesome. I can't wait until your group gives an official performance."
>Krystal: "Haha- Thank you, I'll keep you updated."
>Rocco: "Was- Is- uh- Is Dana in the group too?"
>Ricci: "Oh yeah- I haven't seen her before, but her singing is very good as well."
>Krystal: "Nah, Dana stays in the sports dorm. She's too shy to get on stage, but I'm making her anyway!"
>Ricci: "Ah! It would be a waste if she didn't use that talent."
>Krystal: "I know, right- Exactly."
>Rocco: "I- I had no idea."
>Krystal: "But hey- I'm heading to the office. Don't forget to drop by too, Rosho, before classes start."
No. 321618 ID: 35e1a0

say "sure, see you later" wave bye and then get some stuff.
No. 321619 ID: 99da04

So how much dollar bills you got in that li'l plastic card of yours?
No. 321623 ID: a5a1cd

Tell her you'll be there, say goodbye, and go on to purchase supplies. You require three-ring binders, looseleaf paper, and mechanical pencils.

Also, see how much cell phones and laptops are at the store. You'll want one if not both eventually, so it'll be important to know.

>And going behind her back and- uh- something like telling Rachel to tell her no... That's just- I don't to do that.
Obviously not. You can discuss the matter with the council when you meet with them before class, though.

Tell Ricci breakfast was nice- assuming that it was- and say that you should make breakfast together a regular thing, since it's not sure when else your schedules will have convenient breaks together. That will hopefully assure her that you're planning to spend time with her regularly regardless of how the student council bit works out, and I assume that you do in fact want to see her on at least a daily basis.
No. 321706 ID: 950529
File 130982726242.png - (146.62KB , 800x600 , 380.png )

>Rocco: "Yeah- A- Alright. I just- We just- I need some stuff from the- uhm- the store- shop."
>Krystal: "Alright, see you in a bit then. Nice meetin' ya, Ricci."
>Ricci: "Same to you- See ya."
>Rocco: "S- See you."
>Krystal: "Ciao~"

>Ricci: "She's so nice."
>Rocco: "Yeah, she- she is."
>Ricci: "Now, let's your stuff from the thing."

We enter the shop.

>Rocco: "Uh- I was thinking-"
>Ricci: "No way!"
>Rocco: "Haha- No- I mean- uhm-"
>Ricci: "Haha~ What did you want to say?"
>Rocco: "Well- uh- Since our schedules don't- uh- not- We have have different classes and clubs so I was thinking we- uhm- we could have breakfast together every day."
>Ricci: "Oh, yeah, good idea! Let's do that."
No. 321710 ID: a5a1cd

No. 321714 ID: 5b95eb

Get some mechanical pencils, pens, paper, get a good binder, maybe an accordion file.
No. 321727 ID: 763603

No. 321776 ID: f25cc9

From how Ricci is acting, a rape whistle would not be a bad investment.
No. 321777 ID: d4f98d

Overreaction. She's overly affectionate, but not moreso than Rocco had demonstrated before.
No. 321785 ID: 950529
File 130983534467.png - (289.12KB , 800x600 , 381.png )

Inside the store there's shelves with stuff on display on each wall, but in the middle are shelves fully stocked.
On this side is a ton of school stuff in various forms. The wall behind me has a lot of random merchandise, like cute lamps and stickers and- yeah- There's some plushies here.
I could get a kitty- Maybe for Rachel to show my gratitude?

>Rocco: "Uhm- How much- uh- credit? How much credit is on my card?"
>Ricci: "You get one hundred credits every monday. That's for everything- And I mean, you can get everything. They have a catalogue you can order stuff from. And every week they buy some random things in bulk and put them up here."
>Rocco: "Ooh.."
>Ricci: "So what did you need?"
>Rocco: "Uh- I don't really know- I think- I think- uhm- mechanical pencils, pens, paper- uh- a binder? And stuff."
>Ricci: "Okay. Do you have a bag to put it in?"
>Rocco: "Uh- No, not really.."
>Ricci: "Well, let's just get you what you need right now, and you can get everything else when you have more time."

Well- I got- What classes did I have again? Uh.. It was something like five classes..
I guess I could just- uh- put all my notes in a single binder, with one of those- uh- with the colored parts sticking out so I can easily find it. That would be a lot easier to carry around than all the books I had in my previous school.

>Rocco: "What- uh- What do you carry normally?"
>Ricci: "I have notebooks for each class, and a binder for all the prints. Don't worry about the books, you only get them during class, or if you borrow them from the library."

I see some laptops and cellphones behind the counter. A bored looking lady is staring at something on a monitor.
No. 321800 ID: 875f9c

Buy the girliest looking everything.
No. 321807 ID: d7b78f

You probably wont have enough for a cellphone and laptop just yet.

Ok, you have a class in math and physics, so what you really REALLY need is a TI calculator. Getting those on your budget is going to take some doing. For now, get 5 notebooks, 5 cheapie binders, a mechanical pencil, lead for said pencil, a black pen, a red pen, and a bag. If you have enough left over for a calculator get one, remember you need at least $10 for food this week. If not, we save till next week when you can get one. I know I said you need a cell phone, but you studies come first, so save for that calculator.
No. 321830 ID: a5a1cd

You won't have enough for a cell phone or laptop, but ask how much they are anyway for future reference.

I would not recommend getting tons of different notebooks and binders- that is inviting chaos and forgetfulness. Some classes may not require notes at all, and others may end up needing more notes than a single notebook could hold; a divided binder avoids such issues and if all else fails can be split into multiple binders purchased later. Get two mechanical pencils, a black pen, a red pen, a single large binder with dividers for all your classes, and looseleaf paper for said binder. That should be enough for now. You may want a bag or backpack for your stuff, but you may not end up with enough things to carry for that to be an issue- you can carry a binder with a few pens/pencils in it without any bag if you need to. It would probably be better to save your credits.

While you will need a calculator, you should not buy one yet because the class you're in might require a specific model that you do not yet know about; a lot of instructors are very picky about that sort of thing.

That is... not really important, and should be kept within limits if done. Rocco has not displayed a super-girly personality thus far and we want to remain consistent when possible.
No. 321872 ID: 99da04

Buy the box labeled ACID
No. 321876 ID: 35e1a0

i agree with all this.
No. 321931 ID: f5fe2f

You'll need a notebook. Get one of them cheap spiral bound ones, that should suffice. If you want to be organized, get one of the ones divided into five sections, you can have a section for everything but math.
For math, get a notebook of graph paper.
Buy a pen and a pencil, and possibly an eraser. You should buy your textbooks, but we don't know what they are yet. We'll probably need some other stuff, but we'll figure out about that once classes get underway. The shop will still be here, after all.

If you still have sufficient moneys after that, get a kitty for Rachel.
No. 321970 ID: 9096b5

buy some tape. for your crotch.
No. 321971 ID: 1a99f0

Breakfast was three fifty, so unless you start with extra credits for supplies, you'll need to be careful to leave yourself enough money for food for the week. You'll have to do the math yourself, seeing as how it depends on how much you plan to eat and what day it is, and I never really got whether it's tuesday or thursday. If necessary you could probably mooch some meals here and there, but it should be a last resort.
No. 321994 ID: cc4297

>'That's three fifty credits.'
>'You get one hundred credits every monday.'

I'm a little confused as to how this works out.
No. 322002 ID: 202e3b

Assuming all meals are 3.50 (which may not be true, it's possible/likely that breakfast is cheaper), a week's worth of meals is 73.50, which leaves about 25 for supplies on a weekly basis.

First things first are notebooks, binders, pens & pencils, and a calculator if possible. I think that a gift is entirely in order for Rachel, but we may want to wait until next week on that and maybe make her a cute little card or something in the meantime. Right now we need supplies.

Do they sell outfits at this store? You need some school uniforms at some point so you can stop borrowing Rachel's. And then you'll need to figure out how you can get undergarments if they don't sell them at school stores. It might be worthwhile to look into getting a small part-time job at some point if you need more spending money.
No. 322115 ID: 950529
File 130990778940.png - (191.07KB , 800x600 , 382.png )

Well- It's- uh- It is Tuesday right now. Tuesday the twentythird.

Yeah- So- uh- If I get one hundred- Yeah, that's- yeah. I wonder how Rachel and Taisha and- uhm- Krystal do this, since Krystal bought my food yesterday.. Maybe- Maybe they take turns treating each other?
Well, at least I didn't have to pay for breakfast and lunch yesterday, so I have a little bit of extra money- I mean- credits.

Uhm- I'll get a binder- this real nice pink one with flowers on it- and a stack o- uh- grid- grid'd paper and a stack of lined paper, and a mechanical pencil which has some filling with it, a pen, and an eraser. Uhm- It says the binder is three credits, each paperstack is- uhm- one credit- so two credits, the mechanical pencil is- uhm- five credits, the pen is two credits, and the eraser uh zero dot fifty credits. Credit cents?
So total will be- uh- twelve fifty.

Behind me I quickly check the prices on the plushies- A cute kitten is eight credits.

>Rocco: "Well- uh- I think this is enough."

Uh- Yeah- I take all of it to the counter. The lady looks up as I approach her.
She introduces herself in a bored and cynical manner.
>"Welcome to Crazy Ethel's discount bargain bin- If you say it ain't cheap, I'll make you sleep. With the fishes. Will that be all?"
>Rocco: "...Uhm- uh- Ac- Actually I was wondering- uh- Do- Do you also sell uniforms?"
>Ethel: "God, I have no idea. Should the only store on campus sell uniforms? Well, I could check this giant catalog but it's just too heavy for me."
She slams a big softcover book on the counter.
>Rocco: "Uh... Uhm... Wh- What about- uh- uhm- uh- M- Medical tape? And- uh- uhm-"
Sh- Should I ask her about the hair removal cream too? I- uh- I feel pretty uncomfortable-
>Ethel: "Nah. I mean, it would be great if we had a shelf with sport related items right behind you, but if you haven't seen it I guess no one practices any sports around here."
No. 322118 ID: a3dd57

>Rocco: become the micro manager
No. 322122 ID: 529acf

I don't like her. if she didn't have such a great rack (don't look!), she'd be unbearable.

check to see if they have feminine care products, and ask if you don't see. buy a uniform too, if it's affordable.
No. 322126 ID: 5b95eb

Stammering Blushsplosion sounds like it might be good. It'd be a gamble though.
No. 322127 ID: 07416a

No. 322130 ID: a5a1cd

How rude. Still, you've got to deal with her, so try not to lose it (in any fashion).

Ask if you can take that catalog with you; it'll probably take a while to look through, more time than you've got at the moment. If you can, buy what you've got already and worry about the rest of it later. Otherwise... start looking through the store and/or catalog for everything you need, I guess.

Also: The mechanical pencil is five credits, seriously? Pencils are all over the place at schools; maybe you should just quietly swipe someone else's instead of buying one... but that's just me.
No. 322131 ID: c9e3c6

>Well- It's- uh- It is Tuesday right now. Tuesday the twentythird.

But yesterday you told us that it was Tuesday the 21st! WERE YOU LYING TO US BOY?
No. 322133 ID: 950529
File 130991045786.png - (309.74KB , 800x600 , 383.png )

I thought it was Tuesday! I'm- I'm sorry! But- I guess it does make more sense for Ricci to have transferred on a- uh- a Sunday? I- I'm sorry!
Yeah- uhm- normal pencils were- uh- one credit for three- or- or something. The mechanical one is pretty steep I guess. Uh- I can put it back.

>Rocco: "Uh- Could I- uh- Can I- The- The catalog- Take it with me? To look at?
>Ethel: "Hell no- This is the only copy left if they destroyed the ones in each dorm and the library."
>Rocco: "Ah- I see- uh- Th- Thank you for your help."
>Ethel: "At your service twenty four seven except on days starting with M, T, W, F, or S."

I- I quickly put my things down on the counter and head back to look at the other side of the shelves- stand- thing-
Oh, here are medical and- uh- personal care products. The medical tape is on the shelf with things like- uh- energy tablets, and- uh- bruise salve things. The hair removal cream is between razor shaving things and- uh- sunlotion- and- uhm- there's also tampons here. The medical tape is five credits, and the hair removal cream is- uh- two fifty.
>Ricci: "Hey- You didn't tell me you wear participating in any sports!"
No. 322134 ID: a3dd57

>Rocco: show her your handiwork
No. 322136 ID: 07416a

Buy Ethal some sort of cute animal. If she asks, smile and say that she looked like she was having a bad day and these always make you feel better.
No. 322137 ID: 0d7a83

uhhhhhhhhh just say your thinking of doing some general fitness stuff, like jogging or something.
No. 322138 ID: 0d7a83

oh yeah and do this. It's sickeningly sweet, which is the most effective troll against a sarky cynic.
No. 322139 ID: a5a1cd

>Ricci bringing things up
Well, you can't very well talk all the way across the room about sensitive issues like this. Particularly with miss catty there. Mumble something and hope she walks over to you so that you can tell her you don't need it for sports, you need it for clever disguises.

Okay, you saw the prices on those, go find the clothes now. You'll need prices on uniforms and undergarments.
No. 322140 ID: 90c737

Dont get angry, all desk jockeys get a bit touchy when customers dont look before they ask. Just look for what you need yourself.

Seriously, this store probably has everything. Like I wouldnt be surprised if they have paintballs.
No. 322142 ID: 90c737


this so much it hurts
No. 322145 ID: d7b78f


I advise against this. You might come off looking like a smart ass. Plus we need to be pooling our money. See how much a uniform costs.
No. 322153 ID: bd2a40

I have a hard time imagining Rocco coming off as a smart ass even if he tried. With his demeanor, it simply is not possible.

Worst case scenario, she will discard the gift and keep being rude, but perhaps that wont happen.

I place my support behind the sickeningly sweet plan.
No. 322162 ID: 5b95eb

I don't support it, gotta save up that dosh.

Probably should have looked before asking yeah.

Also, tell Ricci it's a long story, you'll tell her later, and wink at her.
No. 322176 ID: 950529
File 130991590445.png - (125.44KB , 800x600 , 384.png )

>Rocco: "Mumble mumble, c- come over here, m- mumble.."
>Ricci: "What?"
She walks over to me. I quickly whisper to her.
>Rocco: "I'm- uhm- I'm not- not doing sports- It's- This is- uh- to- you know-"
>Ricci: "What?"
>Rocco: "I- I have to- uh- I- I'm- uhm- tucking my boyparts away s- so no one- uh-
>Ricci: "Tucking? You just.. You tuck-"
>Rocco: "So- uh-"
>Ricci: "Won't it- uhm- break?"
>Rocco: "N- No, it's- uhm-"
>Ricci: "Who taught you how to do it?"
>Rocco: ".. Th.. The orb.."
>Ricci: "You still have the orb with you?"
>Rocco: "Yeah- they- uh- they are very hulfpel- uh- helpful. They give me- uh- they give good advice and- and stuff- Like this. With this- uhm- even if someone looks up my- uh- my skirt I'll be okay."
>Ricci: "Ah- Well- Tell them to take good care of you, and thanks for looking after you."
>Rocco: "Y- Yeah- uh-"
No. 322177 ID: 950529
File 130991590812.png - (315.04KB , 800x600 , 385.png )

>Rocco: "Uh- They promise to do their best."
>Ricci: "Good!"
>Rocco: "Y- Yeah..."

I walk back to the counter to look through the catalog.
I- I could buy Ethel a plushie instead of Rachel- Uhm-
I think with the medical tape and- uh- the cream it will be- uh.. oh- Twenty credits.
So if I have- uhm- uh- If its seventy credits for meals.. I got- uh- thirty credits to spend?
No. 322178 ID: 950529
File 130991591159.png - (138.22KB , 800x600 , 386.png )

I flip through the catalog- The uniforms- uh- I find them quickly.
A tie is- uh-five credits, a white button up shirt is five credits- uh- a jacket or sweater is- uh- twenty credits, and- uhm- a skirt just above the knees, a skirt just above the ankles, or pants, are all fifteen credits.
There's also a- uhm- variety of underwear. Uhm- Simple ones, and- uh- sports ones- and a few more adult- I mean- they have- The pretty ones. Like- uhm- like lingerie, maybe? But not sexy- Well- I mean- Undies are sexy, but- No- I mean- They- They're ap- appropriate.
Though- uh- None with cute kitties like- uhm- like Rachel got me.
Uhm- Prices vary too. Oh, there's socks too. And- uh- pantyhoses. And stuff.
It says shoes are- uh- I have to ask the doctors for new shoes, because- uh- they need to be measured and stuff. I don't know...
No. 322185 ID: a5a1cd

>Rocco: "Uh- They promise to do their best."
Way to put words in our... well, we don't have a mouth, but come on, Rocco. Promises are serious business and should not be fabricated.

All right, all those clothes are way too expensive to buy right off. There's not a lot of point in buying any new clothes until you have enough credits saved up to buy an entire new set, in my opinion.

Actually, can't you buy these with real money from your parents or something? This credits-per-week system seems utterly nonsensical when obviously any new student will need a ton of supplies immediately after arrival and far less in the months following. There must be some kind of way to get around this kind of supply bottleneck. Would Ricci know?

You don't need to buy anyone a plushie.

Heck, I'd just buy the class supplies you picked out for now and save your credits on the rest until you figure shit out later. You can talk to the student council about horrible cash crunch problems and get their advice/help with it.
No. 322186 ID: d7b78f

Alright, that's enough for now. We got the price list and we can always look it up in the dorms or library. At the start of next week we should have enough saved up to buy 2 sets of the uniform. Rotating those with laundry we should be good to go.

Till then we can bum clothing off Rachel.
No. 322188 ID: 5b95eb

Skip the cream, if anyone asks you're part Indian. Rosho and Rishi sort of sound Indian right?
Gotta get save that dosh.

Get a jacket.
No. 322189 ID: 35e1a0

maybe in the beginning of the year you get more?
No. 322194 ID: 0d7a83

my my, what a fine... selection.
No. 322218 ID: 950529
File 130992286227.png - (182.08KB , 800x600 , 387.png )

I'm- I'm sorry, I didn't- I mean- I didn't want to keep talking about it in this place. I'll tell her- uh- when we're outside- I'll tell her you d- don't promise to take care of me.

Okay- uhm- Yeah, I could- uh- You're right, I will need to save up to get a complete uniform.. uhm- Luckily Rachel has so many. Though- I probably can't borrow them any more when I move..
Uh- Oh-

>Rocco: "How did you- uh- Did you get- How did you get all your supplies on this allowance?"
>Ricci: "I brought supplies from home- I already figured you haven't."
>Rocco: "Ahh.. I- I was in- uh- I was in a rush.."
>Ricci: "I think this will be a good lesson for you, having to get things on a fixed budget. Just do your best- You have them to help you, and if it all goes wrong I'm here to back you up."
>Rocco: "Ah- oh- Oh, yeah- uh- Thank you. Phew.. Thank you for your help."
>Ricci: "You're welcome, you silly idiot. ♥"

Uhm... Right- uh- Yeah- I grab the medical tape and the hair removal cream- We already- uh- confirmed I have to buy it- and uhm- the medical tape- I mean- I need both of them. For this. Uh-
I also grab a cute little plushie of a dog. It's- uh- five credits.
I put it all on the counter.

>Rocco: "This- uh- This is all, thank you."
Ethel groans and sighs and reluctantly scans all the items, then types some things on a keyboard.
>Ethel: "Scan your ID there."
I hold my card in front of the scanner, and it register with a beep.
>Ethel: "Call me crazy, but I have this zany idea that you want a bag with all this."
>Rocco: "Ah- uhm- Yes- Yes, please- But not for the dog."
>Ethel: "Eh?"
No. 322219 ID: 950529
File 130992286594.png - (123.01KB , 800x600 , 388.png )

>Rocco: "Uhm- uh- This is for you- Because you- uh- You look- uh- sound- uh- It seems like you had a bad day so this is for your to cheer you up!"
No. 322220 ID: a3dd57

Go in for the kill Rocco!
No. 322231 ID: a5a1cd

>I'll tell her- uh- when we're outside- I'll tell her you d- don't promise to take care of me.
Aw, that makes us sound like such dicks. I suppose your heart was in the right place- just be very wary of claiming others said things that they didn't actually say in the future, okay?

>Ricci: "I brought supplies from home- I already figured you haven't."
I bet you could call home and convince your parents to mail you a cell phone with a decent plan on it, and skip a couple weeks of inconvenience that way. No way is Ricci paying for her own cell phone, after all. I doubt they'd spring for a laptop on your behalf unless they're very generous, but one never knows. They seemed pretty nice.

>It seems like you had a bad day so this is for your to cheer you up!"
You are adorable and kind and I have no idea how that will go over. But whatever happens we approve of your actions, Rocco.
No. 322244 ID: b6ca92

Chaotic good, fuck yeah!

No. 322246 ID: 29f98e

D'aaaaaaaaaawww! You have no idea how adorable you are right now!
No. 322248 ID: d7b78f

I take it back. Hard to take that look and think the one behind it is snide.

Anyhoo, I can think of a few ways for you to make some credits. I'm sure Robin can too.
No. 322280 ID: f5fe2f

>I'll tell her you d- don't promise to take care of me.
Nah, don't bother. We're going to take care of you anyway, and it's not a huge deal in this case. Just don't go saying people made promises that they didn't make.
No. 322300 ID: d4f98d

>don't promise

That'll make us sound like assholes, dude. Not like we wouldn't make the promise.
No. 322338 ID: d3b6ae

lolling here

and just confirm with your sis we will take care of you.

and every love interest you will ever have.

and their other love interest too.

and the love interest of their love interest.

love poligons, here we go!
No. 322341 ID: 0d7a83

Are you suggesting some sort of fractal love bullshit? I'm game.

Yes, that's it Rocco, infect her just like the others. Assimilate her into the collective with YOUR CUTENESS.
No. 322342 ID: 83800f


resistance is truly futile.
No. 322369 ID: 950529
File 130996593877.png - (152.69KB , 800x600 , 389.png )

Ethel sighs and- kind of- she sighs and chuckles and shakes her head at the same time.
>Ethel: "Oh oh oh.. you damn kids."
No. 322370 ID: 950529
File 130996594414.png - (192.12KB , 800x600 , 390.png )

>Ethel: "Thank you very much- I'll put it right here so I can always see it."
She takes the little dog and places it on top of the monitor.
>Ethel: "That's very nice of you. I feel a lot better."

Yay! Uh- Thank you- If- If being cute- and- uh- adorable? Uhm- If I can make friends and make people happy with that, then- uh- Well- That's good!
Well- Maybe being cute- uh- I can convince people to buy things for me, but- uh- I feel like I shouldn't.
I could ask if there are other ways to get- uh- stuff, like from my parents. They're not very generous, though- uh-
Ricci bought her own cellphone with the money she made in the summer. I spend all of my money on you.

Hmm.. I- I hope I don't get- uh- caught up in- in things like- uh- love... love octagons..? Well, a love triangle would already be pretty bad. I don't want anyone to get their feelings hurt.
Though... Only Ricci is interested in me, and everyone else thinks I'm a girl. So- I guess I don't have much to worry about.
No. 322371 ID: a3dd57

The love octagon is hardly adequate for your new goal: to fuck all the bitches
No. 322373 ID: 35e1a0

you are forgetting there are lesbians and probably bisexuals here. so yeah, nothing really guaranteeing no one will fall for you.
No. 322375 ID: 83800f

get ye stuff and out of here. you've got a class to prepare for.
No. 322383 ID: d4f98d

>Ricci bought her own cellphone with the money she made in the summer. I spend all of my money on you.

And who do you think came out on top there, eh?
No. 322386 ID: 5b95eb

I'm going to say she did.
Depending on what kind of phone she's got. Man those new phones now a days are crazy.
No. 322395 ID: 55c4cf

get a second dog and put it in her cleavage.

then the dogs can be like, "i am jealous broter."
No. 322409 ID: a5a1cd

All right, smile and tell her to have a good day, then grab your stuff and get going.

>Well- Maybe being cute- uh- I can convince people to buy things for me, but- uh- I feel like I shouldn't.
Women have been doing that constantly since before money was invented. It's their traditional way of getting stuff when they are low on cash. You feel bad about it because you're actually a man, so thousands of years of your ancestors being exploited by heartless but cute women have given you an instinctive revulsion for the concept. You should pursue the traditional male pattern, i.e. get your bros to spot you and pay them back as soon as you possibly can.

>Ricci bought her own cellphone with the money she made in the summer. I spend all of my money on you.
Oh. Damn. Well, at least you got us out of it. We're pretty cool.

>Only Ricci is interested in me
You are so oblivious it's crazy.
No. 322429 ID: 950529
File 130997917103.png - (148.14KB , 800x600 , 391.png )

Oh- Wait- Huh? But- uh- But none of the women I know are- uh- particularly cute... They're pretty though! And cool. But- uhm- Well- I could- uh- I could get someone to buy something for me by being cute, but- but then also pay them back.
Well- uhm-
>Rocco: "Yay! I'm- I'm happy that you are feeling better."
>Ethel: "Heh heh."
I- uh- I look at her cleavage again- but- I mean- She puts my purchases in a bag and hands it to me.
>Rocco: "Okay- I mean- uh- Have a good day!"
>Ethel: "You two too."
>Ricci: "See ya."

Ah- Outside the shop Ricci wraps her arms around me and squeezes me against her.
>Ricci: "You're so sweet, Rocco!"
>Rocco: "Ah- uh- But- Actually it was- uhm- The orb suggested I buy her the- uh- something."
>Ricci: "Oh, come on- You're the one who actually did it. And you didn't get angry at all when she was being rude. So cool!"
>Rocco: "Well- uhm- Thank- Thank you."

Y- Yeah, I'm- I am happy that I got you! I don't regret- uhm- spending all my money on you at all.
You already helped me a lot, and- uh- because I'm- uhm- That I'm not good at picking up- uh- at seeing- at understanding- uh- if someone feels something for me, and I didn't see it again- I couldn't pick up the signs again... Well- I will be depending on you! Again- More- Still- Uh- I will continue to depend on you.
No. 322435 ID: d4f98d

Ok, I'll be frank: Take credit for anything we suggest to you.

I never want to hear the words "the orb suggested it" or similar unless it's an emergency to save your skin.
No. 322436 ID: bd2a40

People depending on us is how we pass the time, so it's all good.
No. 322445 ID: 6e44d2

Yeah. Honestly, this works best when you begin to think of us as thoughts in your own mind, not as outside entities.

Anyway, get ready for class. Also, don't forget, Taisha wants to "play" later.
No. 322447 ID: 4183c9

>"the orb suggested it"
I can't help but imagine all the convicted Nazis and Saddamn saying that in their trial.
No. 322448 ID: bd2a40

Oh right, we were supposed to go to the student councils office.
No. 322452 ID: 0d7a83

Well, not all of them would've been lying, but those days are behind us now.
No. 322454 ID: 55c4cf

You have learned the secret of being a girl. Stare at cleavage all day from now on.
No. 322457 ID: 6868bc

Oooh. A graffiti. Delta Black? There is a BAD GIRL on campus! And we must reform them. With love.
No. 322459 ID: 252e1b


Nothing like a few war crimes to liven up your day.
No. 322527 ID: a5a1cd

>The orb suggested I buy her the- uh- something.
Rocco, never say this. It's usually good to give others credit where it's due- but we're an exception. All we can ever do is give ideas, so good or bad if you do what we say it's your own responsibility, and you deserve almost all the credit and/or blame.

Anyway, on to the student council office! Bid Ricci goodbye, tell her if you don't see her to meet tomorrow for breakfast. Set a time and place to meet for that you think is reasonable.

There are things Rocco does not need to know.

That is one of them.
No. 322565 ID: 950529
File 130999842229.png - (147.16KB , 800x600 , 392.png )

Oh- uh- But you said- Oh- Okay, well- uh- Okay, I'll- It'll- Our- uh... Our little secret.
>Rocco: "Oh- I should- uh- I have to get to the council before classes start."
>Ricci: "Oh yeah. I gotta pick up my stuff from the dorm. I'll see you in class."
>Rocco: "We- We're in the same class?"
>Ricci: "Of course, silly. It's a required class. Well, see you there."
>Rocco: "Ah- uh- See you."

Yeah- uh- I looked at it, but I don't know what Delta Black stands for. I am surprised someone would- uh- grafitti things on this campus, though- since- uh- It's so- uhm- Well- I didn't think there would be deliquents. But I guess every school has some?
No. 322566 ID: 950529
File 130999842957.png - (149.89KB , 800x600 , 393.png )

I quickly make my way to the council office- I don't- uh- I don't know what time it is, so- I should hurry.
But when I make it to the office, Taisha, Rachel and Krystal are still chatting casually- No one is rushing yet. Phew...
>Rachel: "...I think that it should be presentable."
>Krystal: "But there's no mess there at all."
>Rachel: "No, but it's empty and dusty. It's obvious we haven't used it in a long time."
>Taisha: "R- Rosho! Good morning."
>Krystal: "Hello again!"
>Rachel: "Good morning, Rosho.
>Rocco: "G- good morning, everyone."
I feel my heart skipping a beat- I didn't- I knew I would be really happy to see Ricci again, but- I didn't expect being this happy to see my- uhm- my new friends too.
>Rachel: "Did everything go alright with your sister?"
No. 322568 ID: 453e62

i say it went well.
No. 322570 ID: 4183c9

>"Did everything go alright with your sister?"
Tell her that you didn't sex your sis yet if that's what she's asking.

Also obviously ask about DELTA BLACK. Who knows what kind of abominably mundade meaning it actually has.
No. 322572 ID: a5a1cd

Have a seat, say yes, it went fine- if not as flashily as Krystal and Dana did.

Than ask what's going on this morning. Sounds like serious business. Something about an unused room?
No. 322579 ID: c4a9e7

No. 322619 ID: d6ae01

You're in a good mood. Don't try to downplay being in a good mood.
No. 322685 ID: 950529
File 131001286978.png - (153.03KB , 800x600 , 394.png )

>Rocco: "It went well! We- uh- Everything- We're not- We talked some more, and- uh- it's- It's okay- I mean- I'm happy- I'm happy with how things are going."
>Rachel: "That's good to hear."
>Krystal: "Yeah- She seems very nice."
>Taisha: "Y- You met her?"
>Krystal: "Yeah, Rocco was having breakfast with her."
>Rachel: "I spoke with her when she first arrived. She is a good girl, but she didn't mention Rosho at all- It's good the situation has been resolved."
>Rocco: "Yeah.. Yeah, it is."
>Taisha: "I love your hair, R- Rosho."
>Krystal: "Me too."
>Rocco: "Oh- Th- thank you."
Rachel looks at my hair for a moment, then looks back at her papers as she straightens her own hair a bit.
>Rocco: "Oh- uh- I wanted to ask- I saw- uh- Do you know what Delta Black is?"
>Rachel: "Why do you ask?"
>Taisha: "Is it s-something from a videogame?"
>Rocco: "I- uh- I saw it written on- uhm- on campus some- somewhere."
>Rachel: "Delta Black was a subversive feminist movement headed by two Beaton alumni, active in the late nineties. They made plans to simultaneously assassinate prominent male figures in politics, industry and religion at the turn of the century."
A- A silence follows...
>Krystal: "So.. Uh- What happened?"
>Rachel: "Several members turned themselves in, revealed everything, and the entire organization was arrested and disbanded over a year before the plan would come into action."
>Krystal: "What... Why don't we know about this? Shouldn't this be a- uh- pretty important part of at least Beatons history?"
>Rachel: "I don't know. I assume it was kept quiet for a reason. But- We don't have much time, so I'd like to return to our previous topic."
>Rocco: "Oh- uh- Yeah- What is- uh- What's-"
>Rachel: "Every year the student council of the nearby boy schools of Deadmount visit Beaton's student council, and vice versa, to trade ideas and improve the relation between the two schools. Now, the boys visit was originally planned next month, but due to several incidents at Deadmount it has been pulled to tomorrow."
>Taisha: "Th- They're just t-trying to catch us offguard s-so they can make us look bad."
>Rachel: "Perhaps, but their council might just be caught in the crossfire like us."
>Rocco: "So- uh- wh- what is-"
>Rachel: "We are supposed to receive them in the official council office, but we haven't used it at all this year. It shows."
>Rocco: "Off- Official office? This- uh- This isn't-"
>Rachel: "No. The official office is next door."
>Krystal: "I still can't get over that Black Delta thing."
No. 322689 ID: 43f5a7

Time to CLEAN LIKE A GODDAMN - uh - er - Something good at cleaning. A maid! Yes. Time to clean like maids.
No. 322694 ID: 453e62

"maybe we should be extra careful about who comes in to see the boys. while whoever wrote it may not kill them they could try to humiliate them and get them kicked off their student council. but for now why hasn't it been in use?
No. 322697 ID: a92c67

No. 322699 ID: a5a1cd

Ask if we have any favors that we can call in with clubs or other students to get them to help us clean the room. I mean, come on, those people in the academic dorm were all but genuflecting as Rachel passed; if she politely requested assistance she'd be swarmed with volunteers.
No. 322701 ID: 1854db

Oh hang on a second, your hair turned out looking like Rachel's a bit! Didn't notice until now. Hmm. Awkward, possibly.
No. 322702 ID: a5a1cd

Clarification: That's if the job is big enough that the four of you wouldn't be able to handle it in, say, an hour of cleaning. My guess is that you have a lot of other work/preparations to get done as well, so spending all your free time cleaning things might not be the best move.
No. 322704 ID: 045881

>They made plans to simultaneously assassinate prominent male figures in politics, industry and religion

uhhhh Rocco I'm not gonna start throwing wild theories around but DELTA BLACK is setting off my Adventure Sense. Now I know 'Adventure Sense' doesn't sound very scary but when it goes off whoever's carrying us may or may not become embroiled in deep shit soon after. It's probably nothing though, just thought I'd give you fair warning.
No. 322728 ID: 6868bc

(The girl counterpart of Rocco who is pretending to be a boy in the boy's school is totally gonna have a crush on Rocco)

Ask Rachel what needs to be done for the visit.
No. 322820 ID: 950529

No. 322971 ID: aa55ad


Aw Yea Boy/Girl, We gon A'dvanture!
No. 322990 ID: 5b95eb

Time to clean like a motherfucker, yes. Don't talk about DELTA BLACK for now. You can get into that later, possibly when playing Delta Green.
No. 323059 ID: 950529
File 131007964664.png - (155.27KB , 800x600 , 395.png )

Ah- My hair does- uh- look a bit like hers.. Well- uh- Actually I wonder if she is flattered or annoyed by it? But- uh- I can change it quickly if- if you think I should.

I hope I won't- uh- I hope this Delta Black won't be anything dangerous. That sounded pretty scary. Well- I- uh- I could try to look up more about it in- uh- in the library?

Oh- uh- Yeah! Uh-
>Rocco: "Well- uhm- We- Then let's- uh- Let's clean like maids! We can ask- uh- more people to be maids with us."
>Krystal: "Haha- I think we have a few maid costumes."
>Taisha: "Oh- oh- Will you dress like one, Rosho?"
>Rocco: "Well- uh-"
No. 323060 ID: 950529
File 131007965377.png - (138.37KB , 800x600 , 396.png )

>Rachel: "Beaton students are not maids."
No. 323061 ID: 950529
File 131007965684.png - (160.20KB , 800x600 , 397.png )

>Krystal: "Hey.. Calm down. She was just joking."
>Rachel: "...I'm sorry."

Th- There's a silence, broken only by the shuffling of papers.

>Rocco: "Uh- uhm.. Wh- Why was the- uhm- Why did the office go unused?"
>Rachel: "It's more cozy in here.."
No. 323062 ID: 453e62

i... let's just ask where the cleaning stuff is.
No. 323064 ID: d4f98d

Threat detected.

Initiating emergency countermeasures.

Lasers charged to 100% capacity

Target locked.

Ready to smite on your command, Red Leader.
No. 323077 ID: 364f46

I say screw cleaning. can't we just change the official council hall to be here? we are the council after all.
No. 323082 ID: 40cb26

"Maids clean for others, we will clean because it is our area, and we are self sufficient and professional!"

And if you're feeling brave: "...But dressing up might be fun for someone you like and already respects you."
No. 323088 ID: a5a1cd

Well, at this point I would say just let the others take the lead. They got along fine before you showed up; if Rachel's going to snap at you over nothing you might as well give her a bit to cool down. You can afford to be quiet for a couple minutes.
No. 323089 ID: 0d7a83

Don't call Rcco Red Leader! Everyone knows that

>"...But dressing up might be fun for someone you like and already respects you."

What? Don't say that, it doesn't even make sense.
No. 323102 ID: 40cb26

Yeah I had trouble finding the right way to say that, I wanted Rocco to let Rachel know its ok to dress up if you aren't belittling yourself. Like for a boyfriend or husband who doesn't treat you as a servant. There's a better way to say that I'm sure, and probably a better time... ah well. We'll deal with her hangups later I guess.
No. 323178 ID: eab1be

Okay, no. Pick your battles, don't argue this. Ask how bad the other office is looking. Maybe it's just dusty?
No. 323303 ID: 950529
File 131009912273.png - (165.33KB , 800x600 , 398.png )

Yeah- Yeah, alright- I don't- uh- I don't want her to be angry.. Though- Actually- Why- Why do I need to change her opinion?

Uhm- Oh, right.. uh-
>Rocco: "Well- uhm- We could- uh- Maybe we can make this the official o- office..?"
>Krystal: "Ha haha!"
>Taisha: "Hehe, th-that would be nice."
>Rachel: "It would be. It would also be too small to receive guests in."
>Rocco: "Oh.. Uhm- well- uh- Maybe receive outside..? How bad is the room- the official- uh- the- uhm-"
Rachel gets up and walks to the door behind her.
>Rachel: "Have a look."
No. 323304 ID: 950529
File 131009912658.png - (192.03KB , 800x600 , 399.png )

>Rachel: "It's dusty, empty and barren."
>Krystal: "Argh- We should have put sheets over the furniture."
No. 323306 ID: 453e62

well, let's get some cleaning supplies.
No. 323307 ID: 0d7a83

Nah there's no way they can pull that off on there own with the time they have. We need an alternate plan. Either get a lot of people to help or find somewhere else.
No. 323308 ID: 43f5a7

Okay okay okay I got this.

First of all, that picture in Rachel's room? Above the back wall where the empty frame is now. Have Rachel sit there.

I can see a desk near our point of veiw - if it's not against the wall, Rocco can sit there. The small table stays. If there's more desks next to yours, those are for the other girls. The other room is a 'conference room' where you can meet in private, so keep official records in there.


Books. You need them. Smart books. Fill that bookshelf.
No. 323310 ID: a5a1cd

Yeah, this is not a four-person-in-your-spare-time job.

If you need the room by tomorrow, then you need it by tomorrow, and you do what has to happen to make that happen. In this case, you need cleaning supplies, manpower, and time.

The student council has some pull, amongst the student body and perhaps the administration; this is the sort of time that it's appropriate to use it. The office needs to be presentable in order for Beaton to look good tomorrow; if the Deadmount guys are actually the kind of people who would move the visit specifically to make Beaton look bad, then it's all the more important that you not oblige them, for the sake of the school.
No. 323313 ID: 40cb26

So a lot of dusting and vacuuming, then just start accessorizing it will stuff from the usual room. I dunno about the picture though, we need to put something nice there. Aside from the one of Rachel from her room, presumedly.
No. 323325 ID: d9f9ef

Sit in that chair
put hands together
practice evil laugh
No. 323326 ID: b6ca92

Well, this is nowhere near as bad as they led us to believe! We were thinking graffiti and junk food and mold everywhere.

Have no fear Rocco, this'll be both quick and easy!
If these other girls are gonna complain about a little light dusting then they shouldn't even be on the student council, the spoiled brats.

First order of business: Collect supplies!
Go forth and raid the janitor's closet for the following:
>Dust masks
>Gloves (latex)
>Dusting implement (dusters, hypoallergenic vacuums, whatever is available)
>Furniture polish (Pledge spray is likely)
>Paper towels
>Washcloths (preferably microfiber)
>A vacuum (for the carpet)
>A step ladder or regular ladder
>Light bulbs for replacements
>Window cleaner
That should be about everything.
Once you have supplies, plans can be made and chores can be arranged, so a room that size should be done in about three hours, max.

Also, see about one of the girls gathering a team to sketch out an idea for further room furnishings and methods of gathering such items, considering the following:
>Bookshelves are empty, that needs to be fixed.
>Main desk is completely bare of the 'items of office' that a figure of leader should have as a show of power/influence/prestige.
>Window desks are bare, and need decoration.
>Coffee table has no furnishings or suitably fitting dishware or decoration.
>Vases are empty of flowers.
>Picture is missing? We can't really tell...
>Secondary desk is void of secretarial items.

When we get there we can formulate plans, but for now, we have work to do.
No. 323327 ID: 0d7a83

This is absolutely vital Rocco!
No. 323328 ID: d9f9ef

Yes...practice for with our help this world will make you there QUEEN!
Both beautiful and terrible you shall rule this world with an iron fist. ALL SHALL KNEEL!!!!
We've done it before we can do it again!
No. 323335 ID: f5fe2f

Yeah, dust the place, polish the wood or oil it if it's teak, vacuum the floor. Make sure the lights work and there's no spiders in corners. Put a painting where it goes, the Rachel painting should suffice. Put flowers in the vases. Scrounge up books and trinkets for the book case if you can, but that will probably have to be a bit light on content. Text books and statuary would be a good place to start, awards and hard cover novels can go there too if you've got some and need more stuff to fill them out. Don't put trade paperbacks there. Make sure the desks have pens and paper in the drawers, nothing else is immediately necessary there. Those triangular things that declare name and/or position would be good, but you can't likely get them in time, so don't worry about them. Unless they're sitting in the drawers from previous users of this room, in which case put them out.

It's a bit of work, but totally doable.
No. 323342 ID: 453e62

oh yes, nothing that can't be done without some elbow grease. getting some others to help would be good too. taisha will obviously be in charge of the high places due to her large tallness stat.
No. 323390 ID: cc4297


Also, get the widows open first, this place will be in need of some fresh air after being closed up for so long.

Don't forget there are classes today though, cuts down the amount of time considerably, will probably have to find some other people to help.
No. 323410 ID: d6ae01

While you can probably dig into Rachel's near-infinite pool of clout to get a bunch of students helping out, it'd be in your best interests to find if there is anywhere else to receive guests, or if removing the table in the more cozy room might afford enough space to do so there.
No. 323473 ID: 65b294

I have the feeling this whole reception in the official office thing is not just a matter of space but also etiquette and pride.
I don'T think we'll be able to weasel out of cleaning this up.

On the other hand, if you meant to receive the guests somewhere else in case we wouldn'T get done cleaning in time, that is a whole other matter. And I think alternate solutions should be explored for this purpose.
No. 323581 ID: 950529

No. 323744 ID: 55c4cf

dear rocco:
please dress up as a maid.

sparkle sparkle
No. 323815 ID: 950529
File 131017133001.png - (198.92KB , 800x600 , 400.png )

Wh- Well- I- uh- I think if I dressed as a maid Rachel would get angry again- Though- uh- Maybe that's how I can change her mind..?
I'm already wearing a girl uniform- I wonder what wearing a maid costume feels like- uh- I mean- Not that- It- You know- Well- uhm-
Yeah- Yes, I think- Yeah.. This room is really nice- It would- uh- It would be a waste not to use it, I think. Oh-
Th- That's true. I think cleaning- I mean- It will take a while, but we will know what we're doing. Maybe where to get the books and flowers and painting and misc- m- miscelan- mistlenous- uh- various other little things will be more- uhm- more challenging.
Well- Yeah..
>Rocco: "But- But this room is- uh- is really nice- really- it's- I thought it would be really bad, but.."
>Rachel: "It is not impossible to get it back into top shape, but we didn't expect we had to do it in one day."
>Rocco: "Well- uh- You- A lot of the students- I saw that- uh- A lot of students really respect you. I'm- If you would ask some they would surely help."
>Rachel: "That's the problem."
>Rocco: "Hmwuh?"
No. 323816 ID: 950529
File 131017133587.png - (159.23KB , 800x600 , 401.png )

>Rachel: "While I am very grateful to have so much support, a large part of my supporters are fanatic. If I ask for help, they will drop what they are doing and fulfil my request, even if it isn't in their best interest. It will be irresponsible of me to mobilize them for a problem that will not directly affect them, and that I have created myself."
>Krystal: "Come on, it's not like you were the only one who preferred this room."
>Rachel: "As president I have to take full responsibility."
>Krystal: "Uh oh, someone's in pro-mode..."
>Rocco: "Well- uh- What if we ask..?"
>Krystal: "Won't work. Every time I asked for help with council things, they still swooned."
>Rocco: "Is.. Is it- Is that bad..?"
>Krystal: "No. It is not an issue big enough to address by itself, but it is something I need to stay wary of during things like this."
>Rocco: "Well.. uhm- We could.. We could tell them it's- uh- Just that- Say that- uh.."
>Rachel: "Lying?"
>Rocco: "..Uhm.. Y- Yeah, nevermind.."
No. 323820 ID: 453e62

"i could go around and just ask for help cleaning, but not that it is for the council. i'm new here so they don't know i'm on the council. thy will think i'm a normal student."
No. 323821 ID: 40cb26

You know, Ricci did say she'd like to help with the council sometimes, so you can call her up and that would at least be one extra pair of hands. Just ask if she's busy first. Suggest to Rachel that if she knows some select people who are responsible enough she can ask them individually as well.
No. 323827 ID: a5a1cd

Rachel is being stubborn and prideful to the point of foolishness here.

"If you're worried about your supporters being crazy, why not just ask specific people who actually owe you favors anyway, or who you can trust to be more reasonable? There's no way everyone who likes you is that wild. And even if they are, if you're concerned about helping us not being any good for them, we can pay them back later somehow."
No. 323830 ID: f5fe2f

You guys can handle this in a day. This is like, four or five hours work between the all of you.
No. 323833 ID: 9c9933


how about let's not argue with the already-irritated Rachel and do things her way instead.
No. 323862 ID: dee2f6

This is probably going to be a far-fetched idea, but tell them to keep it as it is. Add a few Halloween decorations to make it all pseudo-spooky-like. Camouflage the old and dusty room into a fashionable haunted-theme one.
No. 323874 ID: 24b747

Well what if the student workers can be properly reimbursed for their work? Doesn't the student council have a credit budget for things like this?

If applicants are then strictly managed to avoid the cleaning job from interfering with their learning activities then no harm should be done.
No. 323879 ID: f5fe2f

That's more work than it would be for them to just do it themselves.

That's not substantially less work than just doing it properly.
No. 323908 ID: 950529
File 131018277768.png - (150.36KB , 800x600 , 402.png )

Yeah.. Rachel is being pretty- uhm- It's- I think it's great that she doesn't take everything for granted, and- and that she- uh- you know- tries to think of others, but.. She's being a bit too harsh- I don't know...

>Rocco: "Uhm.. Well.. What if- uh- What if we reim- uh- imburse- uhm- What if we pay them? With- uh- With the council budget.. We- We have one, right?"
>Rachel: "We do, yes."
>Krystal: "They don't want money- They just want some attention from ya, Rache'. Or even just the opportunity to do something in return for how much you help everyone."
>Rachel: "Well, they should not idolize someone so much. No good can come from that."
No. 323913 ID: 453e62

again YOU ask people for help, no one knows you are on the council so only the ones that want to help for real will.
No. 323928 ID: 40cb26

Just ask a few people who you all know are responsible and ask them to keep the matter quiet. You can ask Ricci, and I'm sure the others know a few people. It's not like they don't have other friends... I don't think. You don't need much help anyway so a couple more pairs of hands are fine.

In any case don't take too long on it, anyone with someone they can call should do so but otherwise get to work!
No. 323929 ID: a5a1cd

"Um... Rachel, if we get ten or twelve people we can make that room look really awesome in just a couple of hours. And we'd have time to do our normal jobs and still be well rested tomorrow, so that even if Taisha's right and they're trying to make us look bad and underprepared we can make their plan fall completely flat by looking great.

"I guess what I'm saying is, wouldn't it also be irresponsible of us to not get help somewhere? If you don't want to ask, uh, certain people, then from someone else. I'm sure Krystal and Taisha have friends to ask, and I have... um... Ricci, I guess. And we can tell them not to mention it to other people until we're done."
No. 323930 ID: 07416a

Exactly correct. Rachel is being ridiculous.
No. 323931 ID: f5fe2f


We don't need help. This isn't that huge a job, and the council already has four people. We just need to buckle down and get to work. Get some work in now and whenever we next have time. We won't even have to work long into the night, probably.
No. 323952 ID: 950529
File 131018650715.png - (167.02KB , 800x600 , 403.png )

I was thinking that too- Just- Just asking for help but not telling them it's council-related.. But the way Rachel said 'Lying?'.. It- It didn't seem like she'd approve of- uh- conveniently leaving out information ei- either.

I- I really should not start arguing like that.. She's my friend- I want to help, not- uh- not oppose her.

Well- uh..
Y- Yeah. Alright.

>Rocco: "Uhm- We could- We can- uh- We can probably do this ourselves- uhm- And we can ask some of our friends, who- uh- who we trust to just- uhm- you know- That they decline if they are busy. Uh.. I can ask Ricci. Even if we don't really know- I mean- If- We may not know much about cleaning and decorating and stuff, but if we just- uh- just put our hearts into it, I'm sure it will be fine..!"
>Rachel: "Alright then. Try to work on the office in the time you have between classes. Ask your friends if they can do the same. Hopefully we won't have to work into the night."
Krystal sighs.
>Krystal: "Yeah, I guess I know some people I can ask..."
Rachel checks her watch.
>Rachel: "Now, it's almost ten, so we should head to our classes."
No. 323959 ID: 453e62

okay, go to class and after class ask people if they can help you clean. rachel doesn't need to know you are omiting the truth, and she is somehow pridefully humble.
No. 323961 ID: 453e62

and make sure to leave out the fact that it's for the council. only people with spare time.
No. 323963 ID: 75ce8a

Seems like a solid plan.
Is it just me, or is Taisha looking kinda sad there?
No. 323969 ID: 40cb26

Maybe.. Rocco, hang back a bit do you can talk with her alone and ask her if anything is wrong. Maybe she doesn't really have other friends?
No. 323972 ID: 0d7a83

Or maybe she's just way to shy to ask them?
No. 323980 ID: a5a1cd

>I- I really should not start arguing like that.. She's my friend- I want to help, not- uh- not oppose her.
I don't think anyone was suggesting you argue. Presenting alternatives and supporting reasoning is not argument unless one of the parties involved chooses to make it so. If she's actually your friend you should be able to discuss things, even things upon which you have points of view which conflict harshly, without holding it against one another.

As for opposing her... the job of a council is to talk matters over and try to come to the best decision. If you all just do whatever Rachel says you're not functioning as a council, you're functioning as Rachel plus her minions. Sometimes even the smartest person is just wrong and needs to be pointed in the right direction.

That said, Rachel seems rather emotionally brittle for all that she's very determined and obviously strong-willed. She seems like the sort of person to stick with an idiotic decision to the end, if she thinks it's the appropriate thing to do.

I would advise attempting to speak to Krystal and Taisha without Rachel present to determine their feelings on this matter. It is, of course, possible that we are the party in the wrong and Rachel is somehow correct, although I don't think so. Independent confirmation of our opinions would help.
No. 324027 ID: b6ca92

>Presenting alternatives and supporting reasoning is not argument unless one of the parties involved chooses to make it so.
My older brother would disagree. :(
No. 324036 ID: f5fe2f

Right then, Let's see how that class is.

People are gonna ask why they're being asked to do work. Omission isn't that trivial of a pursuit.

She's always like that. Let it be.

>unless one of the parties involved chooses to make it so.
Your older brother is why that caveat exists.
No. 324038 ID: 950529
File 131019309183.png - (152.13KB , 800x600 , 404.png )

Oooh.. Yeah.. Yeah, okay- That's true.
I- Yeah. I thought- Alright, I should find out- uh- why she thinks this way, and why so- so- uh- so strongly.. Then I can- uh- I can- uhm- hopefully come up with something to change her mind. Uh- Oh, right- I should ask what Taisha and Krystal think too, maybe the way they see it provides some insight as- uh- as well maybe.
I thought you just wanted me to- uh- to state- uh- to make a statement..? Or something.

Okay- Alright- So just- I'll ask Ricci and- uh- Well- Remind me to ask- uh- the- the entire class.. I mean- That's a bit- uhm- I probably won't know any of them..

Oh- Yeah- uh- Yes, Taisha does look- uhm- rather- yeah- rather down- sad.
I- uh- Oh, everyone gets up and grabs their bag.

>Krystal: "See y'all later!"
>Taisha: "S-see you later."
>Rachel: "See you in a bit."
>Rocco: "Oh- uh!"
>Rachel: "Get your bag, Rosho. I'll show you to your class."
No. 324041 ID: 453e62

ah, right. dang. grab your bag, we'll think about it when we have time.
No. 324053 ID: d7b78f

Ask other club leaders.

That room really is too big for the student council as it is now. Instead, ask help from other clubs. Any club that helps clean it up will have sign-up privileges to use that room as a war room to settle disputes with other clubs(it's right next door so if a SC referee is needed you guys are right there), lavish meetings, things like that.

This should work especially well because the people who do the cleaning get something out of it too.

Hell, after this semester it could be a regular thing. At the start of the semester, clubs sign up to clean and maintain the room. Those who sign up, get the privileged of using it. This will help rotate those who come to clean it so the room isn't monopolized.

One really important thing. This has to be fair to every club. Every club prez has to know about it at the same time. If the room gets cleaned by one big club before another club even hears about this, shit will go down.

I would bet anything there are a few clubs who would love to have use of a nice room like that. The only downside as this plan takes a lot of time. And on such short notice, this is going to dig into cleaning time from now till probably all the way into the afternoon. And if nobody wants to do it, end of the line, no time left for real cleaning unless someone doesn't want sleep.
No. 324057 ID: ea7554

Hm, that's an interesting plan. Run it by Rachel, Krytsal and Taisha first, though.

If that doesn't work, let's make a list of people we could ask.
Dana will probably be asked by Krystal anyway. So that leaves us with Ricci, possibly Laura... uh... Huh...
No. 324059 ID: 223884

Okay, mostly to just remind ourselves, but we should ask Krystal how she and Dana went. It's not top priority or anything, it's just something we should remember when we get time with Krystal.
No. 324068 ID: d7b78f


Anytime within this week is too soon. Unless it is for a double date or we see her crying.
No. 324072 ID: 24b747

If Krystal for some reason doesn't ask Dana to get involved then perhaps you should do it instead.

Also Nicole is somewhere around campus isn't she? She might be able to arrange some kind of assistance. You should at least try to call her between classes to see how she's doing if you can borrow Ricci's phone.
No. 324382 ID: 950529
File 131026384506.png - (110.53KB , 800x600 , 405.png )

I quickly grab my bag too and follow Rachel into the hallway. Soon we're walking through hallways unfamiliar to me.

Oh- uh- That sounds kind of complicated, but- Well- No, it's not that complicated. I just- I'll just ask.
>Rocco: "Uhm- uh- What if- uh- I had this idea. Maybe other clubs would- uh- Maybe they- Other clubs might be interested in such a nice office to hold- uh- for- uh- things- things like meetings, so maybe- if they are- I mean- we could ask- They could all come clean it and take turns using it.."
>Rachel: "The extended wing has conference rooms and clubrooms."
>Rocco: "Oh.. Oh- uh- Can't- Why don't we- uh- use one of the conference rooms as- uh- to receive the guests?"
>Rachel: "There are a lot of nice places on campus where we can receive the guests... But it is a matter of principle. The student council should be in their office, professional and collected."
>Rocco: "I- well- I- I think you are- uh- You are very good at- uh- what you do without the office."
>Rachel: "Thank you."
Her expression becomes a little lighter.

Uhm- Well-
I'm not sure if I should even ask Dana even if- uh- if Krystal doesn't ask me. We only shared a few words- I don't- uh- I don't really know her.
Uh- ..Nicole? But- Well- Yeah, I- I could ask. Maybe- well.. Yeah, alright.
At least I got Ricci for sure.

>Rachel: "Rosho, I'm sorry I snapped at you back there. I have no excuse."
No. 324383 ID: 07416a

Ask her if she want to tell you why or if it's not something she wants to talk about.
No. 324386 ID: 40cb26

Say you understand where she was coming from. But she should also understand the outfits are very cute and between friends it's harmless fun. Between lovers it's certainly even more fun~
No. 324387 ID: 453e62

ask if she would share why with you, doesn't have to know, just some time. you are her friend and if something upsets her you wan to know why.
No. 324401 ID: 950529
File 131026752020.png - (128.22KB , 800x600 , 406.png )

>Rocco: "Do- uh- Could you- Would you- uh- I mean- If you are- Maybe not right now- But- Later maybe? I mean- Telling me why- uh- you felt- feel that way.."
>Rachel: "I hate-"
She takes a deep breath and starts over.
>Rachel: "I dislike seeing girls submit themselves so willingly to someone. But I realize that telling them what they can and what they can't do is just making them submit to me. If you want to pretend to be a maid, then that is your choice."
No. 324405 ID: 07416a

That must make it hard to be president.

On the other hand, that might be why she is president.
No. 324406 ID: 453e62

thank her for sharing.
No. 324408 ID: d7b78f


Any of those not in use? Sure we SHOULD use the SC room, but if time will not permit we get it prepared in a timely manner we still have to host this meeting somewhere.
No. 324409 ID: a5a1cd

"Um... but people submit to others all the time. Men and women both. I mean, some people are always falling over themselves to do things for team captains, club leaders, or just popular people. That's true regardless of what their jobs are. The maid thing was just, you know, more of a way to make some boring cleaning into a game than anything else."
No. 324410 ID: d7b78f

Where would we come up with maid outfits anyway? Plus we would have to change in and out of them for cleaning, that's time we could spend on cleaning.

Just get to class for now, cleaning latter.
No. 324421 ID: 5b95eb

yeah it was just a joke
No. 324430 ID: d9f9ef

She is clearly saying she likes to be submissive.
Also Rocco your doing great you don't nearly seem as flustered and crushing on her like yesterday.
No. 324439 ID: 40cb26

You can't order someone to be independent. So what she needs to do when she gets upset is remind the girls to respect themselves, instead.
No. 324460 ID: 950529
File 131027457754.png - (144.57KB , 800x600 , 407.png )

Oh- Oh! You're right- uh- I feel a lot more- uh- uhm- Well, talking is easier. I kind- I kind of forgot already that I have a crush on her- uh- and also the panties- and the- oh- uhm- Okay, I better stop thinking about that-
>Rocco: "Oh.. Well- uh- I wouldn't know- uh- I don't know how I could pretend to be a maid anyway. Uh- It- It was a joke."
>Rachel: "I'm sorry I didn't understand."
>Rocco: "Well- Thank you for sharing.. But- uh.. What if- I mean- Some people- Some people just- uh.. Well, they- They want to follow someone. I mean- They could still respect themselves, but just.. find it- uh- you know. Comfortable- uh- Reassuring.. thing.."
>Rachel: "I know. If you really respect and trust someone, of course I understand that you find comfort in their command. But a lot of girls regard submission as normal, or even search for it, rather than saving it for someone who deserves it. We probably have the same ideals, Rosho, but have experienced life differently."

She suddenly stops, then taps a door.

>Rachel: "Basic math, main building, room three eleven. Would you like me to come in with you? Or would you like to try talking to the teacher yourself?"
No. 324462 ID: a5a1cd

You can probably handle this yourself... although it couldn't hurt to confirm a couple things with Rachel first. Get the teacher's name, and confirm that all you need to say is that you're transferring in late and are supposed to be in this class. Also ask if there's anything else you'll need to say or know.
No. 324463 ID: 453e62

you think you can do it? if so then go for it. i think you can.
No. 324464 ID: 40cb26

I think you can settle just for some simple advice on what to say.
No. 324465 ID: f5fe2f

That could go bad either way. I think it's more likely to go okay with help, but doesn't Rachel need to get to class too?
No. 324466 ID: 43f5a7

Mr. Calavera, come on, pleaaaaase
No. 324502 ID: 1a99f0

You can do it Rocco, we believe in you
No. 324517 ID: 950529
File 131029424812.png - (117.14KB , 800x600 , 408.png )

O- Okay!
>Rocco: "Uh- uhm- uh- The- uh- Uhm.. The- The- uhm- The teachers name?"
>Rachel: "Ms Appleby."
>Rocco: "Okay- And- uh- I just- Do I- What do I- I just say she's- I mean- Say that I'm a transfer- uh- I'm tran- Trans-"
>Rachel: "Yes, just let her know you are the new student."
I take a deep breath and exhale slowly.
>Rocco: "Okay.. Yeah. I- I can- I can do it myself. Uhm- Don't you have class?"
>Rachel: "Don't worry about that. I'll wait here until it looks like you're fine."
>Rocco: "Ah- uhm.. O- Okay."

I open the classroom door and enter. It's filled with the sound of girls talking, bags opening and closing, books, paper..
The teacher looks at me.
>Ms Appleby: "Good morning. I was just about to start class."
>Rocco: "S- uh- S- Sorry- I'm- uhm- I'm Ro- Rosho, I transferred here."
>Ms Appleby: "Oh, I see! I have been briefed about you. Just follow along as best you can. If you don't understand something, make a note of it, then we'll plan out how you can catch up based on that."
>Rocco: "O- Okay. I- I'll do- I'm- I'll do my best."
>Ms Appleby: "Very good. The books and calculators are in the back of the class."
>Rocco: "Okay- uhm- Thank you."
No. 324519 ID: 950529
File 131029427269.png - (138.09KB , 800x600 , 409.png )

I look behind me- Rachel nods with a smile, and gives me a thumbs up as she begins walking away.

Is- Is there really nothing else I could say?
No. 324521 ID: 1a99f0

you could ask where to sit, if it's not obvious.
No. 324536 ID: 9bc0e3

get ye book and calculator and start inspecting them studiously. you want to make a good impression on figures of authority.
No. 324579 ID: 5f55fe

Always sit in the front(at least in the first few rows) if you have a choice. If you have/get friends in a class, get THEM to sit in the front as well.

It helps to keep you from being distracted. You can see the board clearly, hear the teacher, and can leave quickly when class is over.

It won't make you a better student by itself, but it is a nice trick to keep distractions to a minimum when you should be paying attention.
No. 324618 ID: de0c40

Yes, do this. Unless yoou have a habit of falling asleep during class. Because falling asleep during class and in the first row sucks.

Ahem. Not like I'm talking from experience or anything.
No. 324655 ID: 2141fb

im getting some CoC vibes...

like if rachel was somewhat linked to the black delta organization...

but im sure its just her strong alpha female vibes kicking in.


check out your classmates. if you wanna recruit for the cleanup, after this initial introduction you will have a lot of attention.
No. 324657 ID: 0d7a83

Conspiracies, Conspiracies everywhere.
No. 324875 ID: d6ae01

Salute Rachel.
Turn and face your new opponent. Name, rank, serial number. She's not getting anything else.
No. 324890 ID: 07416a

Oh god, calculators included? SWANK
No. 324918 ID: 5c0446

a "thankyou" to rachel might be good.
No. 324935 ID: d7b78f

Take your seat, get your shit out, get situated, then take us off.

If you are serious about your school work, this should be a big part of it. We are a MASSIVE distraction. All the things she talks about we know, and don't care about. So we will rant on about useless mundane shit. Like analyzing facial expressions or note passing.

We can help you with homework spectacularly, but in class we will only screw you over.

Give us an update at the end of class when you are going to your next one.
No. 324941 ID: 07416a

Tell her you can see why she's the president.
No. 324943 ID: a5a1cd

No. 324946 ID: 950529

No. 330815 ID: 950529
File 131155437943.png - (112.65KB , 800x600 , 410.png )


Test, test..
Uhm- C- Class ended, so- uhm- I'm putting you back on.
I didn't get any of it at first, but I picked up on a few things..

>Ricci: "Ahh.. I love the freedom here. First hour is over, and now we have four hours before lunch ends.."
>Rocco: "Wh.. F- Four hours?"
>Ricci: "Yeah, I don't have a class after this one, and lunch is- Oh wait, not four.. I got another class at two."
>Rocco: "Oh yeah- uh- me too. I- I think.. I don't really remember."
>Ricci: "I'm not surprised."
>Rocco: "Oh- But- uh- I mean- I do- No, wait- Uh- Are you doing anything right now? I mean- Uh- Until lunch?"
>Ricci: "Huh? I'm not that busy... Why?"
>Rocco: "Well- uh- You said you wanted to- uh- to help out with the- uhm- the council and stuff."
>Ricci: "Oh- I can?"
>Rocco: "Yeah, we- uh- We gotta clean the office but- uh- We- It's a lot of work for just us, so we- uh- we're asking our friends.."
>Ricci: "Ooh. Well, sure, I'll help. Though- Right away? You sure?"
No. 330816 ID: fa6e8d

Might as well get started, we don't know what the day will throw at us.
No. 330818 ID: 28f7b1

"We-well, the all boy's school close by is coming to visit, but because of some schedule moving, they're coming tomorrow and I thought we could work on it as soon as possible..."
No. 330820 ID: 40cb26

Tell her it's kinda an emergency, there is a lot to do and has to be done today.
No. 330821 ID: 02de21

I... am having difficulty reading that clock, but if it says 11:00, you have class at 11:00. Cognitive Psychology, specifically. And then physics at 14:00. Double-check your schedule for the details.

You should probably hustle over to find the class, if you do indeed have one.
No. 330873 ID: 950529
File 131155786550.png - (127.23KB , 800x600 , 411.png )

>Rocco: "Well- uhm- It's- It needs- It's kind of an emergency--"
Wait.. Yeah, it's eleven..
I do have a class?! I don't remember-
>Rocco: "Oh no! I just- I remembered- I do have a class- uhm- cognitive psychology."
>Ricci: "Cognitive psychology?"
I look through my things- I- I can't find my agenda- organizer- planner- thing- note book-
>Rocco: "I- I think- I- I can't find my schedule!"
Ricci sounds an endeared sigh.
>Ricci: "Cognitive psychology. You're so brave."
No. 330874 ID: 35e1a0

just go out in the hall, rachel should be by to pick you up.
No. 330879 ID: 02de21

The class is "Cognitive Psychology* 1/1". I have no idea what the asterisk means. It's in the Extended Building room A114.

I find it rather curious that the class didn't end until the next class starts- almost everywhere leaves students a few minutes for passing periods. Were you sitting around for a few minutes after class before putting us back on or something?

If Rachel is not in evidence when you step outside, you might ask Ricci if she can guide you to your next class since she has a free minute and you don't have a lot of time to go wandering.

The fact that you've already misplaced your notebook after just one class is a little concerning, but getting to class is probably a more important matter at the moment.
No. 330883 ID: 1854db

Ask Ricci what the asterisk means.

That isn't your note book on the desk?
No. 330886 ID: 5b95eb

"B-Brave? What do you mean? Rachael signed me up for it..." or something along those lines
No. 330946 ID: 55c4cf

Just calm down. Everything will be okay if you just take it one step at a time. Try to be less nervous. There's not too much that can surprise you now.
No. 331024 ID: 950529
File 131156721620.png - (162.73KB , 800x600 , 412.png )

Ah- No- Uh- On my desk- On the table is just the- uh- The book we used. A mathbook. I better put it in the back again..
Okay.. uhm.. Cognitive- Okay- Phew, what a relief.. It's good you do remember it.
Y- Yeah, I- I guess... Uhm- Yeah, everything is pretty well covered, isn't it?

>Rocco: "Well- uhm- Rachel- uh- The president- The council president put it on my schedule. It- I'm just- I'm gonna try it because it's- uhm- it's related to superstition and stuff.. I think.."
>Ricci: "That's awesome. I'm sure you'll do fine."
She affectionately bumps into me as we head out of the classroom.
Oh- Rachel's here. That's a relief.. Though.. I don't know if I- uhm- if I want to tell her I lost the schedule she gave me.
>Ricci: "Oh- Hello, president. Thanks for taking care of Roc- Rosho. And.. thanks"
>Rachel: "I'm glad I can help. How are you settling in?"
>Ricci: "I'm doing good. Beaton already feels like home.. Just hopin' a space will open in my dorm so Rosho and I can share a room again."
>Rachel: "I have to say, you two do look incredibly similar."
>Ricci: "Hehe~"
No. 331037 ID: 40cb26

Alright spit out that you can't find your schedule.
No. 331041 ID: 7ebe74

Give Rachel a hug and tell her you can see why everyone looks up to her so much. You KNEW she was gonna be here to make sure you got to your next class on time even after she spent all that time making you a schedule. She's being an amazing friend and you just met her yesterday.
No. 331044 ID: 02de21

Twins generally do.

Say that you're concerned that you're late for your psychology class and aren't sure where your notebook is. While Rachel probably won't think well of the fact that you've misplaced it, it's generally better to confront problems- particularly shortly after they crop up and haven't yet had a chance to grow. You last had your notebook fairly recently so it's unlikely that it's somehow gone far. And everyone will understand if you're running a bit behind on your first day.

I would advise against hugging Rachel. Particularly in front of Ricci, who has a massive crush on you. Also, that is really excessively gushy praise; Rachel has more than enough people in her life telling her how incredibly absurdly wonderful she is- and she despises them for it. A short phrase saying that you appreciate her guiding you around should more than suffice.
No. 331088 ID: 832499

>I have to say, you two do look incredibly similar.
Man, she's probably thinking about what you told her last night while saying that. Haha, what if Ricci really had the hots for herself so she's doing the closest thing to "it" by trying to do you?
No. 331093 ID: 07416a

Reread this chapter. She's having major confidence problems right now and most of the people praising her aren't actually close to her. Given how Reaver works this is probably gonna turn into a huge problem soon. We need to make her understand how awesome she actually is. Also, we need Ricci to understand that she's not our girlfriend yet, if at all. She doesn't get to win by default.
No. 331248 ID: 950529
File 131163414194.png - (168.43KB , 800x600 , 413.png )

Oh? Huh? Rachel is in trouble? But- Wait, wait-
I- uhm.. Okay- uhm-
If Ricci just likes me because I- uh- because I look like her, that- I mean- I hope that would make rejecting her- uh- you know- maybe it'll be easier for her to deal with.. Though she has said before that our similarities only- uh- something about similarities highlighting how different we are..
Okay- I'll- I'll just tell her-
>Rocco: "I lhmb hum hmmbhm.."
>Rachel: "What?"
>Rocco: "I- I lost the agenda.."
Rachel looks at me for a moment- I can't- I can't look back.
>Rachel: "Do you remember what classroom you have to get to?"
>Rocco: "Ex- Extended building- uhm- A, one fourteen."
>Rachel: "Okay, let's get you there now. We can find the planner during lunch."
>Rocco: "Okay."
Ricci chuckles and smiles.
Rachel begins walking- I and Ricci follow along.
No. 331249 ID: 950529
File 131163414729.png - (153.47KB , 800x600 , 414.png )

Rachel looks collected as always.
What- uhm- What were you saying? Oh-
Oh- Yeah- No- I mean...
Rachel has a confidence problem? But she looks so- And- You just said- Yeah, she- She seems like she's capable of everything. And she's looking after me... The only time- Well.. The two times she was- uhm- not- I mean- She was kind of scary- She was intimidating when- uhm- I think... During dinner yesterday, when we talked about the difference between- uh- boy and girl- being a boy or a girl.. And- uhm- She snapped at me when I suggested the maid thing.. ..And she doesn't want to make any of the girls clean..
But- I mean- Apart from that Rachel has been so nice to me and everything. I don't- I- I can't even imagine that she despises anyone here.
And she looks confident. I don't know what I could do to- I- I mean.. If- Does she have- She looks so confident.. uhm.. Could- uh- Can you- Can you explain what's wrong?
No. 331252 ID: 07416a

She keeps on saying that the girls should find a person who deserves their loyalty. She clearly doesn't think that she deserves it herself. You're going to have to convince her of that.
No. 331255 ID: 35e1a0

ye, she thinks the fact that they are willing to drop everything for HER is crazy. meaning she thinks she doesn't deserve it.
No. 331261 ID: 02de21

I hesitate to say that she has a martyr complex because it would be technically inaccurate, but she's got something like it. She's obviously got a very strong drive to do as great a job as possible, doing whatever is required of her and going above and beyond... and she's also apparently totally unwilling to ask for help or inconvenience most others in any significant fashion. She will give others credit for and help with whatever they need, but is unwilling to accept the same herself.

That kind of attitude looks impressive from the outside because it makes her look strong, and it does mean that she's got a lot of drive and powerful convictions, but it's a short road to self-destruction if I've ever seen one. Girl needs help, or she'll burn herself out and it won't be pretty.

Also I suspect that she's got several deep-seated issues and wonky beliefs buried under her all-business exterior, based on the sensitivity of certain hot buttons. But going digging for those is a huge and hazardous project that should really only be conducted after you're solidly a good friend of hers, which you're not right now because you've only known her for a day. Heck, even saying that this is a matter of her lacking confidence- or rather, self-esteem- might be jumping to conclusions a bit. In my opinion we should try to subtly gather more information on this kind of thing before attributing causes rather than merely identifying effects.
No. 331276 ID: 0a7b71

whatever it is- don't mention it to her.
No. 331324 ID: 078048

You lost your book during breakfast.
No. 331327 ID: 950529
File 131164430922.png - (157.27KB , 800x600 , 415.png )

So.. It's..
So she..
It's- She- uhm..
I think I get.
You're saying that... uhm.. She wants to- uhm- she wants to help everyone, buuut.. she doesn't want any one to help her, because- because she doesn't think she's worth it.
Well- That does explain why she- Yeah, that- uhm- So that's why she started talking about girls being submissive and stuff. It didn't even occur to her that- that- yeah- that she does deserve the love she's getting.
I would like it if we can help with with this. Uhm- Why would she think like this with all that she's achieved..? Yeah, I- Yeah, that's true. She must have some issues behind her- uh- her pokerface, but- Yes, we can't just start digging into her mind after a day.
But.. if we- uhm- Yeah- Yeah that sounds good. If- if I could just let her know- If I could just make it clear that she is as valuable as everyone treats her... That all the girls love her because she's.. well.. you know. I mean- Even I- uhm- kind of- kinda fell for her. Well- If I could do that, then.. that might help her at least a little bit. Maybe she'll accept help in return for everything that she's done.
Y- Yeah.. before- before she destroys herself...
But how?
Should I- Should I say something?
What should I say?
No. 331328 ID: a096c9

say nothing.
No. 331333 ID: 02de21

Unfortunately, this situation is really tricky. See, if you just tell her she's awesome, she might well automatically disregard your praise just like she automatically disregards others' praise all the time, and then listen to you less in the future because she'll develop the habit of largely ignoring you.

The only way that I see to get her to really listen to you when you try to improve her self-esteem is to take it relatively slow, try to build up her trust in your and your judgment, and try to express truths as you see them as articulately and specifically as possible, backing your opinions up with undeniable facts and preferably with the other members of the council there to back you up- she should at least nominally trust their opinions and lend some more weight to what you say. It's tough to fight something like this.

I could be overcautious here, but I suspect that trying to move quickly and fix everything immediately would only backfire horribly on us.
No. 331341 ID: d6ae01

Showing appreciation is all about the little things. For now, you don't need to do anything major, but just keep this in the back of your mind for the moment. You might mention it to the others in the council later, but for the love of grok, don't let her catch wind about it. If she finds out you're trying to get people to be more appreciative, she'll think you're patronizing her.
No. 331395 ID: 40cb26

Stuff like this can wait until later. I mean you two do share a room after all.
No. 331468 ID: 950529
File 131165599541.png - (176.37KB , 800x600 , 416.png )

Oh.. Uhm- Yeah.. Ok- Okay. I'll just.. uhm.. do nothing.. if- uh- if that will work better.
I guess I can- uh- I can talk to Rachel during lunch, or- uh- even later- Yeah, even as late as night since I am staying in her room.. Uh- Well.. Tell me when, and how..?
Yeah.. If- uh- If- Well.. I don't know if- you know- if I am capable of really helping Rachel- I mean- on a longer term I mean.. Well- Yeah, I guess- uh- Just- Just- Uhm.. Well, I- You'll need to let me know what to do specifically. And how I should talk about it with Taisha and Krystal...
Oof, it feels like so much responsibility. I don't know if I can help Rachel while.. with.. with all the other stuff I have to deal with.
..Though.. Though she does deserve the effort. I'll just-
I won't give up.


Well- Alright, I'll just-
Time for another class then.
Oh- We've been walking through different kinds of hallways now. The extended building has a much different feel to it.
We reach classroom A114 quickly- At least it felt quick. I wasn't really paying attention...

Rachel nods at the door.
>Rachel: "Again, just let the teacher know you're new. You'll be fine."
>Rocco: "Ok- Okay. Thank you."
I step over to open it.
Ricci gently puts her hand on my shoulder.
>Ricci: "Do your best. You're an airhead, but I believe in you."
A k-
A kiss!
...Well- uh- On my cheek, I mean.
Rachel casually looks away.

Is- Is this okay? You did say- uh- I mean- Is this- Well- I don't really- uhm- Class is starting..
Should I say something about- uh- Ricci's behaviour or something..? If- I mean- I should probably just- uh- get to class and take you off, but.. you know.. or maybe not..
No. 331496 ID: b6ca92

Say nothing yet. Non-verbal response required. A quick smile back at your sister should do.
Also, hope that Rachel doesn't think it too odd that one twin has a 'problem' while the other does not. Identical twins are called identical for a reason.
No. 331555 ID: d6ae01

Doesn't look like she's looking away from here~.
Anyway, it would be unseemly to struggle against her right now. You're supposed to be used to her, remember? You can get away with appearing flustered and a little startled, but I think you're already pretty good at that.
No. 331564 ID: 832499

Speaking of showing gratitude, thank Rachel later for the kitty panties :3
No. 331587 ID: 40cb26

Just relax for a moment and be happy with her. Then time to change the subject! Tell Rachel that you told Ricci about the cleaning thing, if she can help her get started now or with all of you after lunch.
No. 331588 ID: 07416a

Give Rachel a hug and tell her how much you appreciate her. You can see why everyone looks up to her so much. It's a little thing, but it help lays down the groundwork. We CANNOT do nothing.
No. 331594 ID: 02de21

>get kissed by girl who likes you
>immediately hug and praise a different girl
This is such a huge "screw you" to Ricci that I cannot believe you have thought it through.
No. 331600 ID: 07416a

Ricci is marking her territory and we're letting her do it.
No. 331602 ID: d4f98d

It's a kiss on the friggin cheek. You're sister's never done that?

Chewing on her hair is more explicit then that, stop making Everests out of anthills.
No. 331604 ID: d4f98d

Also, no hugs. Met person yesterday = you're going to end up making HER feel uncomfortable, and Ricci jealous.

Neither of which is good. Use that brain, Rocco.
No. 331698 ID: 3b9af0

Who cares if we make Ricci jealous. That is good for us whether or not we want her.
I personally would prefer one of her friends.
No. 331738 ID: 832499

Sounds like a good way to emotionally damage your only sister and potential love interest.
No. 331768 ID: 55c4cf


"Emotional damage," or heartbreak is the usual sensible result of unwanted incest. It's not a bad thing. People get romantically rejected every day. You are equating some basic human interaction as if it was a death sentence.
No. 331774 ID: d4f98d

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and expressed faith and support for Rocco in his newest endeavour, and immediately afterwards you want to try to induce heartbreak/hurt her feelings?

Y'know what? Do it. This'll be funny.
No. 331812 ID: 1e3433

Unwanted by whom?
No. 332006 ID: 950529
File 131173458318.png - (175.22KB , 800x600 , 417.png )

Oh.. No- I- But-
I- Yes, but-
But I don't know either! I don't.. I don't know if she's trying to come on to me, or if she's.. if she's just showing sisterly love again.
We used to be like this all the time a year.. two years ago..? When we were younger. Before she.. Before she fell in love and started acting cold to me.
I would be happy- I- I kind of am happy, because we're together again. But.. Yeah.. I don't know what she's trying to do.
We agreed that she would treat me as any guy, and I'd give her a chance to make me fall in love as well. Then if- if I couldn't love her back, she would go through the- uhm- you know- that.. the normal process of falling in love and getting rejected. Then we could go back to normal..
And this.. This is the normal I meant. The normal I wanted to return to. But.. We haven't- She hasn't- Is this also how she'd treat any guy she'd love? Or.. is she trying to mix sisterly love and romance? Or.. I don't know.
I know I will have to- uhm.. I have to.. Some time I will have to clearly reject her.. but- but while I can't even imagine seeing her the way she sees me.. I.. I need to give her the chance to prove otherwise. And right now I don't even know if she's trying.

I'll just- I'll act- uhm- in a positive way right now.
I can't suddenly try to praise Rachel, though- It.. Yeah, it would be a little weird now, right after this thing with Ricci, and in front of the classroom.
Oh- Yeah, o- okay.

>Rocco: "Th- Thank you. Thank you for your support. Uhm- Y- Thank you as well, Rachel. For- For helping me so much."
>Rachel: "Don't worry about it. See you at lunch."
>Ricci: "Good luck."
>Rocco: "Ah- uhm- Yeah, s- see you soon."
They both look a bit happier I think.
No. 332021 ID: 07416a

Solution: GROUP HUG. Stop, turn around, and tell them how much you REALLY appreciate them.
No. 332023 ID: 02de21

If they both look happier, call that a win for this situation and get to class. You're late.
No. 332216 ID: d4f98d


No. 332334 ID: 24b747

More class introductions coming up, but you can take it easy now. You've done it before and your disguise is pretty flawless it seems.

Try not to be surprised by any curveballs the psychology class throws at you. Rosho is just an eccentric girl who attends Beaton Academy with her sister after all.
No. 332437 ID: 950529
File 131180710135.png - (132.16KB , 800x600 , 418.png )

Alright- Y- Yeah, I'll be- It'll be okay.
I open the door to the classroom.
The teacher spots me-
>Rocco: "Ah- uhm- Very very sorry, I- uhm- I'm new- I'm a transfer student- uh- Things- If- I'm sorry to disturb- uh- Could- Can I- Can I listen- Can I sit in for this class?"
>"Of course, dear. You can never learn too much."
One of the students already seated responds.
>"Unless it's about Cthulhu!"
The rest of the class respond with a concert of groans.
>Rocco: "Uh- Th- Thank you!"

Well- uh- Okay, I'll- See you in an hour, orb.
No. 332438 ID: 950529
File 131180710572.png - (122.93KB , 800x600 , 419.png )

Hello? Test test..
This was real interesting. I think- uhm- It's something like.. Uhm..
It's.. If someone sees something, they do not take what they've seen and compare it to what they know to identify it. Instead they first take what they know and try to apply that on everything they've seen.
Uhm- So.. If someone is real convinced there's ghosts, the mind will make everything into ghosts...
I- I think...
This class can help a lot for studying supernatural things and the occult and stuff. It was a lot easier than math, that's for sure. Though.. uhm.. I'm a bit worried that the reason it's easy is that I'm just misunderstanding it.


So, uh.. Where- Where to now?
No. 332447 ID: 40cb26

>I'm a bit worried that the reason it's easy is that I'm just misunderstanding it.
I dunno, seems just like introducing concepts. We'll see how hard it is when it comes time to apply them for projects and tests. But I'm thinking it won't be much worse.

So.. lunchtime now, right? Find your sister and then join Rachel and take it from there.
No. 332448 ID: 02de21

If you still think the class is easy after a few days talk to the instructor about it.

I'm tempted to say that you should seize this opportunity to try and make a new friend or two, since it looks like there are many other students still here. It's usually good to have friends in each class, and as no one else you know is in this one it's an excellent opportunity to widen your social circle.

But today there is a lot to do for the student council, so I suppose that can wait for another time. To lunch!
No. 332450 ID: 91cc23

that's wise. having a philosophical class can't hurt.

so, what's next on your schedule? oh, right, you lost it.
No. 332496 ID: 5c0446

14:00 - General Physics 2/1 - Main building, room 109

and i agree with the making friends thing, its something you should plan on doing for every class always useful to have a study buddy.
No. 332620 ID: 950529
File 131182133960.png - (111.09KB , 800x600 , 420.png )

Hmm.. Yeah.. Yeah, okay, I'll- uhm- Oh, that's true, I don't have much spare time.. W- Well, next time- I mean- I mean the next time I have class I'll try to talk to some girls.
At least Ricci is in all the required classes.


Uh- Well- I don't know where to find Rachel or Ricci, but I can- uhm- I can drop by the council office before heading to the cafeteria. It's on the way there.. I think.. I- I didn't pay much attention to how to get here, but I'm sure I'll find the way back eventually.

Suddenly a hoarse voice calls out- She sounds irritated.
>"Hey, you! You're Rachel's new pet, aren't you?"
>"Yeah, that's her."
No. 332626 ID: 07416a

Ask them if they're Delta Black.
No. 332636 ID: d71efb

Punch them in the tits with your giant manfists
No. 332643 ID: 02de21

Okay, Rocco, these girls show signs of being aggressive towards you through their belittling form of address. In a social confrontation, it is important that you act confident and show no fear. Stuttering and being uncertain is adorable when it's around people who are inclined to think well of you, but people who are against you will take it as weakness. So put some steel in your spine and don't stutter or use "um", "uh", or any other words of uncertainty when you answer.

"My name is Rosho. Do you need something?"

That doesn't seem improbable, but I would rather not jump to that conclusion. If we're wrong it would look bad.

Resorting to physical violence is a poor move, both because we can't really afford to land in trouble and because we have physical features which we need to hide and they might be discovered if things get really nasty.
No. 332680 ID: 40cb26

You're a bit lost anyway right? So it doesn't matter which way you go right now.

Act like you're going to say something, pause for a moment to calm yourself, then say "Nope." and sprint back down the hallway.
No. 332683 ID: 5b95eb

Greet them, and ask directions
No. 332718 ID: 12024c

I say they're from the sports dorm. Probably groupies that aren't too happy with the "play together nicely" suggestion.
No. 332803 ID: 2256da

Well I for one subscribe to the ideal of conflict decimation. Either no violence at all, or you hide the bodies very well.
No. 332810 ID: b0075f

Sounds like they might not like Rachel all that much either. Don't expect to become friends with them anytime soon.

Oh and don't get raped.
No. 332910 ID: b6ca92

Unfortunately, we can't show aggression, Our cover is that we have a social disability, and it makes us act in this stuttering, socially inept yet utterly adorable way. If we break cover at anytime in a public or semi-public area, we are screwed.

Don't believe me? Each of the dorm heads has a motherfucking information network of spying students serving under them.

So Rocco, just be your normal surprised self. With luck, we can defuse the situation just by not acting as expected.
I know that's how I managed to make my way through highschool without any trouble; all I did was simply pick an option that was most likely to lead a normal person to confusion.

You'd be surprised how often people want to start to get away from you when they try to bully you and you begin to ask them things about 'Why' and 'Maybe I can help' and otherwise psychologically cross-examining them in the middle of a hallway, all in a completely earnestly helpful manner. Made more than a few friends like that too, though they were the ones who were honestly messed up and needed counseling.
Not suggesting that you act like I did, just making the point that not being a socially normal persona can be enough to undo conflicts before they can take form.
No. 332967 ID: e12711

hey, be friendly.
No. 333057 ID: 1444d5

>"My name is Rosho. Do you need something?"
"My name is Rosho, how can I help you?"
Never underestimate how disarming replying to offense with friendliness is.
No. 333150 ID: 950529
File 131189808206.png - (128.91KB , 800x600 , 421.png )

I- I- I don't- I don't have the confidence to- to act confident. Uhm- uh-
I- I don't- I think if I run- uhm- Huh? Oh- uh-
Alright, I'll- uhm- I'll be- I'll be friendly and- uh- and helpful and- uhm- and ask why and if I can help and stuff.

>Rocco: "Y- Yeah, I'm Rosho, the- uhm- the vice president. Can- uh- Can- What can I- Wh- What can I do for you?"
>"How about you shut the fuck up."
No. 333153 ID: 950529
File 131189809343.png - (260.51KB , 800x600 , 422.png )

>"You fucking worm. You are going to convince the prez to never respond to any complaints about us, you got that? Or we'll make sure you can never complain again."
>"Or never stop complaining about the pain."
>"Shut up!
>Rocco: "I- I- I- I will- I will do- d- do my best. B- But- But why?"
>"So we don't get expelled, retard!"
No. 333155 ID: 2b8edc

Awww fuck fuck fuck fuck where are the crazy strong dykes when you need them shiiiit
No. 333157 ID: 8894bf

>> Krystal: Dramatic Entry
No. 333159 ID: 55c4cf

be nicole
No. 333160 ID: 07416a

Rocco. Think. What are their hair colors? Eye colors? Just backpedal. Say you don't know, you can't do it.
No. 333162 ID: 02de21

Man, looks like this school has its fair share of terrible people after all! This is a potentially very dangerous situation, depending upon just how bad they are and how out of hand the school has let them get.

The only path I see here is to keep acting helpful. Don't show fear. Maybe ask who they are, exactly? Unless you know which complaints are about them, you can't really do much.
No. 333163 ID: 1963d1

I'm pretty sure this is just Krystal doing some "character acting" with some other kids from the Arts/Culture dorm, y'know, for a joke. Buuuuuuuuut in case it's not...