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File 130739442203.png - (158.96KB , 800x600 , 001.png )
309592 No. 309592 ID: 950529

>"Good morning, I have a package for you."
>"Oh, that must be what the kids ordered."
>"Ha, my son is also ordering things online.. Please sign here. ...Thank you, and here you go."
>"Thank you very much."
>"Have a good day."
>"You too."
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No. 309593 ID: 950529
File 130739443350.png - (101.28KB , 800x600 , 002.png )

>"Rocco! Your package has arrived."
>"Really? Oooh.. Have you opened it?"
>"No, it arrived just now. Didn't you hear?"
>"Oh yeah. Thank you!
No. 309594 ID: 950529
File 130739444564.png - (114.37KB , 800x600 , 003.png )

Oh man, this is it.
Testing, one two three...
No. 309597 ID: b84932

No. 309598 ID: e41ad5

Oh man yay out of the box out of the box woooooo
No. 309601 ID: 35e1a0

No. 309604 ID: 950529
File 130739493292.png - (115.24KB , 800x600 , 004.png )

W.. woah.. Y...
You.. You're for real..
Uh- H-hello. How are you?
No. 309606 ID: c71597

Pretty fine now that we're out in the open again. So tell us, what sort of romantical problems do you have that you need rui- help with I mean.
No. 309607 ID: 1963d1


No. 309608 ID: 40cb26

Better that we aren't in that stupid box, certainly. How are you doing? And more importantly why did you feel the need to order a ball of annoying headvoices? Lonely perhaps?
No. 309609 ID: e41ad5

Of course we're real! You ordered us, or had us sent, or something. Oh, wait, your son ordered us...

Well, if you want any advice you're free to ask.
No. 309610 ID: 0d095c

Yeah, your life is basically fucked now. As soon as you touched us, you caused a bunch of wars, disasters, revolutions AND ESPECIALLY RELATIONSHIPS to begin the process of forming. But you cannot drop us otherwise we will return to seek revenge. Sorry.
No. 309611 ID: 35e1a0

ignore the pranksters, every time we get a new master they try to mess with them. so what up?
No. 309612 ID: b97c25


Rocco is short for 'Rock On' right? Because things are going to get awesome.
No. 309613 ID: 8e3a6e

No. 309614 ID: 6dcbfa

Sup bro, what'd ya order us for?
No. 309615 ID: d3dfb8

Hello. Please follow the proper procedures of applying the orb of suppository orb into your anus.
We like it with a little lube, helps us slide in easier.
No. 309616 ID: a6dd15

You paid 'how' much for us?

Anyhow... I'm sure you want help with some inane little task or relationship or something and apparently are either superstitious or gullible enough to buy oriental curio trinkets at inflated prices off the internet. So, lets get cracking.
No. 309618 ID: 950529
File 130739599215.png - (91.96KB , 800x600 , 005.png )

M.. Mortal?
Thousand spirits?
Wars and disasters?
Uhm! I'm sorry, oh- uh, great ones, for disturbing your slumber!
I don't really have any, uh- any real request from you!
I just read about you online and- I, uh- I thought you sounded very cool.

M-my name is Rocco. If you want to call me Rock On, that- That's okay!
No. 309619 ID: 9ee666

Hope you weren't planning on doing anything normal today. Or for the next few months.
If you were, forget it.

Sorry, Rocco. That's how we work. We're most likely going to fuck up your life a bit. Cheer up, it'll be interesting, at least.
And the chances you'll die are slim to none, even!
No. 309621 ID: d3dfb8

Rock on, rocco. Now break out the lube, we've places to be.
No. 309626 ID: 6dcbfa

Feel free to use common sense when the voices talk to you..
So what's up rocco? Need us to guide you through anything?
No. 309627 ID: ce1f28

Okay, soooo you bought us out of sheer curiosity? or is there any other reason?
No. 309628 ID: 45be60

Oh, well that's cool too. Most people who seek our questionable advice have something challenging in mind. Frankly this is a bit of a relief. You wanna just hang out or something? What do you do for fun around here?
No. 309630 ID: 1963d1

All right then Rock On, it looks like we've got everything you need to start your very own advent-

Wait a tic. Oh dear god.
You didn't buy the Power Pack did you?

Oh, well this is embarrassing. I just don't know how we're supposed to be able to help you become a great hero if you don't have the Power Pack available for the extremely reasonable price of 5 easy installments of 29.99 wherever Orbs of Infinite Psyche are sold. You should probably go tell your mom to buy that for you. And I mean really tell her. All the cool kids have it. You want to be cool, don't you?
No. 309636 ID: 950529
File 130739695826.png - (130.84KB , 800x600 , 006.png )

Uh! I really don't mean any disrespect, but I'm pretty sure nothing can fuc- uh, mess up my life. I don't think I need anything...
So yeah! I just- You know.
I wanted to see if you were real. And you are!

I paid 340 united states dollars for you. I made it when I delivered magazines last summer.. I mean, it's a bit pricey, but not if you consider you.. well, you're actually talking!
But why would someone want to sell you..?

But yeah, uh, let's hang out. I got comics, internet, tv..

>Rocco: "Pssttt... Ricci, check it out..!"
>Ricci: "Why are you whispering?"
>Rocco: "I got it..! The Orb of Infinite Psyche!"
>Ricci: "No way!"
No. 309637 ID: 35e1a0

throw us to him and we will dazzle him with our ways.
No. 309639 ID: ce1f28

You know we can hear you whispering, right? We're not deaf.
No. 309640 ID: 14669e

> Why would anyone want to sell us?
I honestly have no idea! It's not like we're an irredeemable undependable chatterbox that never shuts up, constantly filling your brain with mind viruses and bad ideas while incessantly looking for things to fuck and/or destroy! THAT WOULD BE SILLY.

> 340 dollars
You got ripped off.
No. 309643 ID: 6dcbfa

340 bucks? We're worth way may then that..
No. 309644 ID: 0d095c

Uuuuummmmm. You didn't just say "Nothing could possibly go wrong" did you?

Goddammit, I don't want to be involved in ANOTHER apocalypse.
No. 309647 ID: d69a8b

Wait. You bought us? What kind of idiot dares sell magical artifacts thousands of years old?! And one with sealed spirits! There have been countless assassinations, duels, even wars just for possession of one of our fragments. Do you realize the power you're holding right now? Think of the orb as the world...all in the palm of your hand. You could rule one of the major nations in this world, and through that, even half a continent. Or maybe just have a boyfriend.

Let's watch some news. We need to catch up with the current world.
No. 309648 ID: e10f55

So what's with not swearing?
Were you going to say something you'd regret around us?
No. 309649 ID: 1963d1

No. 309650 ID: 9ee666

>But why would someone want to sell you..?
Did you miss the bit where I said we'll probably fuck up your life? Well, I don't think you did. But anyway.

To be honest, it's far more likely that our last owner simply had gotten all the help they needed from us. Having no further need of our... unique brand of... assistance, they must have sold us to the first sucker er, person in dire need of our help.
No. 309651 ID: 950529
File 130739847431.png - (117.21KB , 800x600 , 007.png )

Woah! You can hear too?

>Rocco: "It- They can hear too!"
>Ricci: "What let me try!"
>Rocco: "Come over here."

So- Wait, is it.. obvious why someone sold you? Or not obvious? Uh- Are you unhappy being here?
Do you want to do bigger stuff? I guess we can go on an adventure.

Woah, Rocco? I can hear your thoughts too.

No way!

This is so freaky..
Oh! I know, right? What's up with Rocco not swearing? What did he cover up this time?

Aw, quit it, they just said they want to be part of grand schemes.. not a gossip circle!

Hey, tell me all of Rocco's secrets in exchange for more of his secrets.

Wh- Don't do that!

Haha.. Oh, so you just exchange hands whenever you finish a goal? I should add that to the wiki page.

Could you tell us about your past exploits?
No. 309653 ID: 35e1a0

well that all depends on what dimension this is. do battles involving robots that take voice commands happen here?
No. 309654 ID: a6dd15

>Haha.. Oh, so you just exchange hands whenever you finish a goal?

Not always, a respectable number of them die horribly in ways too awful to describe to youngsters such as yourself. Speaking of which bearings: date, year, nation or location?
No. 309656 ID: e10f55

Waitaminute where do we have a wiki page at? Is it cool? Does it have our many exploits? Does it tell of the proper care you should take with us?
No. 309658 ID: d3dfb8

Story time later, I'm looking to make the upper intestines by 6!
No. 309659 ID: 40cb26

We tend to forget things when we get left alone and changed hands, sorry. Maybe the others here remember more. But I'm sure we were totally awesome and our last owner just wanted to share the love.

But what I can say for sure is we need SOME GRAND PURPOSE. Or not so grand purpose. Something to do. I mean think about how bored you'd be stuck in a ball all the time only able to think at a person or two.

So got any missions to complete or goals to achieve or harems to build?
No. 309661 ID: 3416ec

We've done a bunch of things, too numerous to mention.

What do you guys do for a living?
No. 309662 ID: 44766a

Wellll... not really we tend to have memory problems when we change owners. We sometimes remember few details though.
No. 309663 ID: 9ee666

What, us, unhappy?
I like to think of us as business-minded. Usually when we wake up and find we have a new owner, it's because they want help from us with something. Or because they're about to find out they need help from us about something.

Uh, again, you most likely won't die. Probably. It depends on what happens next. If you're about to be invaded by demons or aliens or something, then we'll have a bit of a problem.
But it should be fine.
No. 309664 ID: e41ad5

Okay, I'm gonna admit, are either of you girls? Because I'm a little confused.

Anyway, yes, adventure!
No. 309666 ID: 40cb26

Don't take offense you two, we certainly appreciate some delicious gender ambiguity. Love the hair, by the way.
No. 309668 ID: 44766a

Also the whole hearing each other's thoughts while holding us is new I think.
No. 309669 ID: 72e44d

First thing first:

Are from the Speed Racer universe and/or from the 80's?




Got any mortal enemies we should know about?
No. 309670 ID: e41ad5

Well, it makes sense, I mean, we can hear him think, and he can hear our thoughts, so they'd be able to hear each other.
No. 309671 ID: 950529
File 130739951417.png - (117.12KB , 800x600 , 008.png )

There's a wikipedia page about Focus Orbs, which let people talk with voices that aren't there. That's what I'd call you!

Uh- We're on the planet Earth, in the Sol system. Today it's Tuesday, February 21st, of the year 2010.

So do you really travel between universes or is that like a representation of how different people see the world?

Well, they wouldn't be able to tell..

Oh, right- I'm a girl! I'm Ricci. Rocco is my twinbrother.

Thanks for the compliment, I am also happy happy with our hair.

We still go to school, and work a bit in the summer for pocketmoney. ..which is then apparently spend on mystical items!

Come on, it's totally worth it. It's like something from Axe Power.

I- ..Make out? With eachother?

Gross! And I don't think we have any mortal enemies. Just each other.

No. 309672 ID: 1854db

Wait, we have a wiki page?
No. 309675 ID: c71597

Let me guess, twins, one a female and the other a male. Close to the mark?

Anyway, past exploits, they are both mundane and epic. We have restored mankind by making a crow fuck a dog and then a pony, also killed some giant kind of larva thingy. Coached the devil on how to be less evil. Coached a mad scientist on how to be more evil. Coached various people on their romantic life. Made a squirell kill a dude who broke us. You know, normal stuff.
No. 309680 ID: 35e1a0

pretty sure it's different universes. it's complicated. i mean, one earth was taken over by a techno-demon, and this place looks like it isn't.
No. 309681 ID: 9ee666

Oi, quit it with the matchmaking stuff, guys. We don't have to do this every time we wake up. ...Well, unless our owners specifically asked for help with that, I guess. There was that one guy...

Er, besides, they're twins. Obviously they would never even think of such a thing.

Anyway, this wiki page stuff sounds interesting. Care to show us? Does it happen to document any of our past exploits or owners?
No. 309683 ID: 72e44d


Let's vandalize the shit out of it!

Anyways, no major planetary event is happening at the moment? The starts aren't right, are they? Is there anyone with anyone with really pointy glasses around? (if so, he's a dick)

Apart from that... what's up?
No. 309684 ID: d69a8b

So...anything you want to accomplish? A difficult goal you need to reach? Feel free to tell us all about it.
No. 309685 ID: 14669e
File 130740008575.gif - (10.83KB , 800x600 , 318.gif )

It's this weird thing where we kindof get this fixed view of the area around us, and can hear and notice things, and can hear surface thoughts, but we can't actually look behind stuff or delve into deep inner being or stuff like that.
So no we don't know why your brother doesn't curse. You have to actually tell us things.

It's like, you know when you watch TV? Like a sitcom. And there's usually this fixed camera angle and sometimes you get a closeup or inner monologue from whoever the camera's focusing on? That's kindof what it's like.

> stories
Okay, so, this one time, there was this guy Muschio, right, and we were like "You know what you need? A hat." and he was like "I don't want to wear a hat." and we were like "You should! You totally need a hat!" and he was like "No, I don't want to wear a hat!" and we were like "HAT! HAT!! HAT!!!" and he was like "NO!! NO HATS!! AAAAAAAAGGGGHHH!!" and then he got his hand chopped off.


You should wear a hat.
No. 309686 ID: ceecb5

Anyway, nice to meet you. Who're your best friends?
No. 309688 ID: 40cb26

>So do you really travel between universes or is that like a representation of how different people see the world?
No idea!

>And I don't think we have any mortal enemies. Just each other.
Well you see the thing here is, people with us either have "interesting" lives, or they're soon going to. Inevitably. Maybe it will be our fault, maybe yours, maybe fate itself says so.

Oh and as far as making out goes, we kinda of a thing for hooking people up. As many people as possible in as many ways as possible. Either of you have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet? If not and you don't want us focusing on the two of you then get out and meet people.

Think of it like rule 34, if a show only has a family in it, all the porn is incest! So lets get you out there and get your pimp on. Or, like, just ignore us.
No. 309689 ID: bccf7b

Ridder wants his hair back.

Also, I'm surprised at the lack of resonance feedback. You two seem pretty close. Is this normal for such........... creatures?
No. 309691 ID: 950529
File 130740074543.png - (117.12KB , 800x600 , 009.png )

So you saved worlds, destroyed worlds, but also got a man too many hats which caused him to lose a hand. While you see the world like it's a sitcom! That's, well..

I don't think we have anything we want to achieve. I'm happy here.

Uh, what about succesfully graduating? Or maybe ending world hunger? Then again.. we might end up wearing too many hats..

It's always better to be happy with what you have.

If only it was that simple. Are we even twins?
Well, we are closer than anyone else we know. But sometimes the closeness just accentuates the gaps, if you know what I mean.

No. 309694 ID: 950529
File 130740087488.png - (120.35KB , 800x600 , 010.png )

Haha-- Wh- Haha, yes, we're close, but not that close!
Are you saying that if we don't introduce you to potential partners, you are forced to partner us?
That- I think we'd rather wear a lot of hats. Uh- Maybe we should focus on ending world hunger. Let's go with that then.
Right, Ricci?


Okay, so how- where do we start?
No. 309697 ID: c71597

Well you're two different people, so it's a bit hard to be 100% close all the time. Guess that's just the way it is. Unless you guys find some way to meld souls. Hmm, that might actually be possible. You could start by chipping off two small pieces of us and wear one each. Then you will be able to hear each others thoughts all the time and you can decide wheter or not you want to take it a bit further.
No. 309698 ID: 72e44d


How do you want to end world hunger? I say we go with genetical manipulation and corn. Everyone loves corn.

Do you know about any of that or do we have to take the InGen crash course?
No. 309699 ID: 40cb26

Not so much we're forced to do anything it's just... like gravity, we'll say. We try go in all directions and take the path of least resistance. And remember you two aren't forced to do anything either. All we can do is talk. Remember you are responsible for your own actions!

As for what to do now... well what do you usually do? Places you go, people you meet, we can't just start with no reference points of where we are in the world and tell you where to go.
No. 309700 ID: e41ad5

Volunteering, to start. Find out about programs in your area for raising donations, soup kitchens, and the like - if you don't have a ride, I'm sure your mom would love to drive you. Oh, and, uh, you'll have to take turns with us - it might look a bit odd to have you conjoined at the wherever we are.
No. 309703 ID: e10f55

InGen crash course, I'm betting.

And anyways, there's better, more "magical" ways of doing it.

You guys do have magic in your world, right?

No. 309704 ID: bccf7b

I have always desired to fuse two sentient beings. How would you like being a single creature?

... as for this world hunger, we can perhaps provide you with insight on how to "fix" it, though we are not certain what that is.
No. 309709 ID: 55c4cf

lift weights get strong
No. 309712 ID: 9a34be

I'm seeing two possible solutions for world hunger: Either develop a strain of corn or something that can and will grow just about everywhere, or develop brain-to-computer interfaces and put everyone on a world-server so they don't need to eat.

Either way, next level you're going to want to throw your points into Bioengineering.
No. 309713 ID: f7ae22

No. 309714 ID: c71597

Oh, solve world hunger also. Hmm, I guess kill about 5.8 billion people. Granted, there would still be some short term world hunger. But 200 million people are easier to manage and to make sure that there is enough arable land to feed everyone.
No. 309722 ID: 40cb26

Well there's us, I don't think we're too good at following the laws of physics. If there isn't really magic now maybe we can make some?
No. 309723 ID: 234c26

The first step in ending world hunger is gaining enough power to make your decisions actually meaningful instead of being one of the myriad little people who live and die uninteresting lives without affecting anything.

Basically, what I'm getting at here is that in order to fix the world, you need to be in charge of it. So consider "fix world hunger" the goal, and "conquer the world" the means. Sound good? Good!
No. 309724 ID: 950529
File 130740340808.png - (135.12KB , 800x600 , 011.png )

What's an InGen crash course? What- We don't have the ability nor will to kill off part of the population! We could do some volunteer work.. We don't have magic, and- Yeah- I- No, I don't think I can take over the world. These are all very extreme ideas.. I guess you are used to working with very powerful people. Sorry we're not one of them..

Okay, you have fun.

Huh? Are you leaving?

>Rocco: "Hey? Aren't we going to do this together?"
>Ricci: "Yeeaaah, I actually have to do stuff."
>Rocco: "But it was your idea.."
>Ricci: "You can have it."
No. 309725 ID: 45be60

Did.. but.. aww... what did we say? Doesn't she like us? Baaaaw T_T
No. 309726 ID: 1963d1

Hmmm... methinks there are some vibes going on here that we're not picking up on...
No. 309727 ID: d69a8b

>Solve World Hunger problem
Oh...uh, that's a big one. Never thought you'd think that. Not saying it ain't possible, just a bit tricky. But first, we need to analyze it:

Why is there world hunger? Principal cause: Poverty. People either lack resources, or have an unequal income. Why? Because resources are controlled by economic and political systems, that typically end up in rich people's homes.

Second: How many people are affected by poverty and thus, hunger? A little more than 925 million.

How much money will you need to start agricultural programs that can end the problem? About $35 billion.

Now, how will you manage to gain that much money? Power. We can help you with that, rising through the ranks, getting help from international organizations, like the UN, for example. But still, this is a problem that has been debated for a long time, and there has been no proposed effective solution yet. And that's where we come in. But first, give us some time to think about this, it isn't easy, ya know?
No. 309730 ID: 40cb26

Aww. Well to be fair it is a little awkward talking to two people at once. Even for people as close as you two are, having someone else in your head can be unnerving! It's not so bad with us because we aren't anywhere else. No, one person at a time is a better idea.

Although, we can always switch back and forth. Let's have some fun and then you can try to let your sister take us for a while. But for now... let's see. Oh I know. Get a silly hat, put it on your sisters head, declare it THE GLORIOUS MANIFESTATION OF THE ORBS WILL, and then run away!
No. 309733 ID: 40cb26

Oh and if you don't have a silly hat, improvise! Folded paper hats, buckets, lampshades, whatever!
No. 309737 ID: 9a34be

Hm. Interesting.
>>309726 Yeah, that's probably it.

So, are you in high school or college, or what? What are your interests? Maybe we can lead you on the path to greatness in a field you'll enjoy.
No. 309743 ID: 234c26

We're not necessarily used to working with very powerful people; it's more that we tend to work best in goal-oriented situations. Having a goal that both we and our user have accepted gives clarity and focus to our ideas, as opposed to the rather chaotic array you're getting at the moment. It doesn't really matter what the goal is, but more ambitious ones (like world conquest) tend to lend themselves to more ambitious and complex plans.

Basically, we're meant to accomplish things, not sit around shooting the shit. Pick a thing for us to accomplish.
No. 309745 ID: 1854db

I think he wishes you were better friends sometimes.
No. 309746 ID: 1854db

...oh wait that was Ricci.
No. 309749 ID: 14669e

To be fair, we are used to working with very powerful people. Or at least very ambitious people. You're just... normal? You don't want to do anything? We're proactive. It's our defense against total helplessness.

Do you have any hobbies? Personal goals? Friends? We could meet your friends. There's only a 60% chance we'll ask you to have sex with them. We could play dress up.

Tell us about yourself. How's school? How's work? How's your relationship with your sister?
No. 309751 ID: e10f55

Yeah, if you want to go big, like solving world hunger, then you have to start big, like multinational corporation.
No. 309756 ID: 950529
File 130740546611.png - (119.58KB , 800x600 , 012.png )

Yeah.. I don't know why she acts like that. We're just hanging out, and then she suddenly leaves and acts all cold. Lately she does that..
We used to be able to hang out endlessly.

Uhm, school is going fine. I don't have very high grades, but it's enough to pass.
I don't have much friends.. It kind of seems like me and Ricci creep people out. Or maybe they think we don't want friends because we have eachother?
I do get along well with my cousins, though, so it's okay.

Well.. If we really need a goal that is within my reach.. Maybe we could try to find out what is making her act like this? Is that something you can do?
No. 309759 ID: 55c4cf

obviously she stormed off because she wants to be intimate and we joked about it, and now all her deep secrets have been dismissed and now she is upset, go try and make her feel better you dummy
No. 309760 ID: e41ad5

Sure, we can help with that. Let's rule out what won't work, though.

It's unlikely she'll open up to us. So don't leave us with her - we're not good at handling emotionally sensitive situations.

Mom won't be much help either - asking her will likely net you both nothing but heavy-handed trouble and 'help'.

Maybe it's a boy problem? I dunno.
No. 309763 ID: 1963d1

How well do you know your sister, really?
No. 309764 ID: 40cb26

Too close and not close enough? Maybe she gets frustrated with not being around more people, just because you can't be the same around one person as another so you miss out on a lot. She's only really used to being with you.

So maybe you and her both need to socialize? I dunno how you should get that to happen. It might be best if you did it separately, but she won't know hot to yourself. Neither do you, I think.
No. 309765 ID: 9a34be

That we can do. When you go to sleep leave us somewhere in plain sight that she could grab without making enough noise to wake you up. With any luck she decide to talk to us.

In the meantime, whose bed are you sitting on and who are those pictures of?
No. 309769 ID: 35e1a0

it could be this. she paused for a moment after you said incest was gross before agreeing. that is very sus.
No. 309779 ID: c51036

It's something YOU can do. We can be a bunch of disembodied voices attempting to guide you.*

*we also assume no responsibility for whatever insane shit you may get into as a result of following this advice
No. 309785 ID: e3f578

Any of your cousin's fucking radical? Because shit is going to need to get rad if we're gonna solve the fuck out of this problem, you dig homeskillet?
No. 309789 ID: 7032be

Indeed, although perhaps we shouldn't jump to too many conclusions at once. At least while she's not available anymore.

So Rocco, what do you do all day? Just go to school and hang out with sis in the evenings? Anywhere you hang out away from home?

Any current jobs? You mentioned delivering magazines last summer.
No. 309808 ID: 950529
File 130740734745.png - (114.65KB , 800x600 , 013.png )

I'm sitting on my bed, and these are photos from last years camping trip. She was already doing this back then.

I always thought I knew her very well. I'm sure we both have some secrets - I mean, I do - but.. Well, I guess talking to her and paying attention when she starts acting like that is a good idea. Then we can find out what topic bothers her...
Could it really be.. m.. making out? No.. We.. No.. Wouldn't I have noticed by now if she- uh- wanted to be- .. uh.. closer..?
Or maybe she wants to- .. to practice..?
Well, I guess I can't just ask that.
And yeah, she probably won't talk to you knowing you talk to me..

I should go comfort her in any case.
No. 309810 ID: 7032be

Yeah, bringing up the whole subject with her doesn't seem like a good idea at this point. Although... what do you think on the topic?

Go ahead and check on how Ricci is doing. I'm sure we can go out and do something else if she'd rather be by herself.
No. 309816 ID: 1963d1

>won't talk to you knowing you talk to me

D'ohohoho~! Say you were able to slip us onto her body without her knowing it? Then we could find out what she really thinks about you and then report it back.
No. 309820 ID: 40cb26

No I don't think you should go talk to her. I mean just having us here doesn't mean she is going to say what she otherwise wouldn't, heck since she knows were messing around behind the scenes she'll probably be even less willing to open up!

So here's what you do, and this is for both of your benefits: get the both of you out and socialize! We'll help you out with it, both of you dress kinda nicely (and differently) and we'll go to where people are. This is something she can accept us having her do that isn't really too suspicious or threatening, you see.
No. 309823 ID: d3dfb8

We're actually pretty good negotiators, you should let us have a chat.
Don't think we're going to tell you all her dirty little secrets though~
No. 309825 ID: 55c4cf


take her out to eat or something, be subtle
No. 309828 ID: 950529
File 130740869312.png - (131.87KB , 800x600 , 014.png )

Well, yeah, we pretty much do everything together. We go to school together, come home together, then lounge around the house together. We both have different hobbies..
She loves swords 'n sorcery stuff. She's a big fan of the Axe Power series.
I like that too, but I am more into real things like history and mysticism.
..Oh, that's almost the same.

What I think of.. incest with her..? Well.. I.. It makes me uncomfortable.. but.. I really don't want to lose her. So if things get really bad-
But we will find another solution, right?

I also don't really want to fool her by having you read her mind in secret, but.. if that will help us fix our relation.

I find her in the living room, sitting at the dining table.

>Rocco: "Hey, Ricci?"
>Ricci: "-! YES?!"
No. 309829 ID: 35e1a0

secret note! .. no good way to see. hang on

tell her orb decided world saving is too hard for two teens, just stick to helping with school and stuff.
No. 309830 ID: 1963d1

No. 309831 ID: 55c4cf

play with her hair, check out drawing
No. 309832 ID: 40cb26

"The orb says we're sticks in the mud, that we need to go DO things. They're right! Get dressed we're going to-." Wait. Actually I have no idea what there is to do for you guys. I'd say a bar but you're obviously too young. Any ideas, bro?
No. 309835 ID: 7032be

Ask her if she wants to hang out tonight.
Ask her what she's working on.
No. 309840 ID: 9a34be

Has she ever bothered you to play D&D or somesuch? If she has, and you refused, tell her that you're taking her up on the offer. Should brighten her up.

Also, you should figure out WHY it makes you uncomfortable. If thinking about it makes part of you yell "NO INCEST IS BAD" than that's probably due to societal pressure, not how you actually feel. If she was a childhood friend and not your sister, how would you feel then?
No. 309846 ID: 950529
File 130741013042.png - (152.32KB , 800x600 , 015.png )

I lean against the table next to her and play with her hair.

>Rocco: "Well, the orb agreed that ending world hunger was a bit too much.. but it will help with schoolwork and stuff."
>Ricci: "Oh, that's nice."
>Rocco: "So, uhm. Would you like to go somewhere tonight?"
>Ricci: "We have school tomorrow."
>Rocco: "Oh, right.. Uh.. So.. What are you doing?"
>Ricci: "Just, uh.. trying to.. write an Axe Power fanction."
>Rocco: "On paper?"
>Ricci: "You got a problem with that?"

She writes 'Once upon a time..' on a blank piece of paper. I can see the paper has printed text on the other side.
No. 309851 ID: 07416a

Ohohoho, secreeets. Anyways, you should larp. Get you out of the house, lots of fun, beat people up. As long as it's an awesome european larp and not a lameass american larp.
No. 309852 ID: 282207

Ask if she knows what's gonna be for dinner. A nice, safe, comfortable subject. For that matter, about how far off do you have until dinner?

On another note... if she keeps a diary or something personal, it could shed some light on her mindset. Sure, it'd be a cheat and a horrible breech of trust, but it'd shed some light.

Also. Paper looks interesting. ...but if she hides it, let her and don't press the issue. Unless you reeeeeeaaaaaaallly wanna know. And that can be so fun to watch what happens sometimes.
No. 309853 ID: 55c4cf

what kind of nerd are you that school affects going to dinner.
No. 309854 ID: 35e1a0

well then, offer story advice and let's check your homework from today, make sure its right.
No. 309855 ID: 7032be

Now now, no need to push. Let's let things take their time. For now.

What homework does she have? Perhaps you two could work on it together. It doesn't look like she is insisting on alone time anymore.
No. 309857 ID: 1963d1

Maybe his sister actually gets good grades and "studies" often?
No. 309859 ID: 55c4cf


No. 309862 ID: 40cb26

Tell her the both of you need to meet more people and learn to properly socialize. If you can't go out at night then you need to make it happen during school and right after. Maybe it's harder for both of you to do it together but you can try to. Otherwise we can try to help the both of you one at a time, hand us off to her during lunch or something.
No. 309863 ID: db27ef

Bring up the subject of learning Kung-Fu.
It is vital that twins know some sort of combat style.
No. 309868 ID: 282207

...ask her to read it to you later. Or offer to proofread it or offer feedback suggestions or something.
No. 309875 ID: 1854db

Axe Power? Sounds familiar.
No. 309878 ID: 950529
File 130741116951.png - (154.19KB , 800x600 , 016.png )

Hmm.. If I try real hard to imagine I never learned incest is good.. it does happens all the time through out history.. But then I still can't see her that way. We grew up together and shared so much.. She's.. more my bestest best friend.. or used to be.

We have played D&D, but it's not much fun with two people, and my cousins don't have the patience for it.

>Rocco: "What have you thought of so far?"
>Ricci: "Uh.. Lionheart.. finds a spaceship. Martians crash and he takes their spaceship."
>Rocco: "Didn't that happen in the comic?"
>Ricci: "No, that was a spin-off, it wasn't canon."
>Rocco: "..Oh. ..Uh, we could go do something that won't keep us up all night."
>Ricci: ".. ... I'm- I'm okay."
>Rocco: "..We should go make friends."
>Ricci: "I'll manage."
>Rocco: "Do you want to learn kung fu?"
>Ricci: "Yep. How about you?"
>Rocco: "I would like to, but I don't think I have the discipline for it."
>Ricci: "Ha, yeah, you aren't very focused."
>Rocco: "Hm. I'll try to proofread your story if you'd like me to, though."
>Ricci: "Thanks."

She continues writing.
Once upon a time, Lionheart stood on top of a rock. There he saw a star falling down.
"The heavens are collapsing!", yelled Goatshorn.
Lionheart laughed, for he knew it was in fact a spaceship.

No. 309880 ID: 07416a

Blushin and sweatin. She's hot for ya. Or Lionheart.
No. 309883 ID: 7032be

Does her hair taste good?
I bet she uses special shampoo just for you~
No. 309884 ID: d3dfb8

Wincest is best, just be sure to use protection.
Offer her help on writing the story, general plot directions would be easiest, let her fill in the rest.
Personally I recommend a female love interest, romantic side stories are always appreciated. Just so long as it's not the center of the story.
Glance down and pretend you've just noticed the text on the other side. Reach down and ask her what it is.
No. 309894 ID: 55c4cf

acquire narcoleptic disorder, collapse on her.
No. 309899 ID: 282207

Oh... just leave her be for a while. She's bein' all clammy and quiet and stuff. Maybe go take a relaxing shower or something.

Speaking of which... you said 'United States Dollars'. I assume this means you're not in the US? Or do you just say that due to not knowing our nationality? ... Do we even have a nationality anymore? Maybe some place called 'ORBALONIA'. That's a fun name. ORBALONIA.
No. 309900 ID: 40cb26

Well fine, if she doesn't want to try harder make friends then tell her you're going to try and socialize more yourself. After all otherwise you'll never have a girlfriend. And yes, say that.
No. 309901 ID: 950529
File 130741227641.png - (113.70KB , 800x600 , 017.png )

Okay, I.. I guess talking won't work in finding out what's up, but at least I know she's not angry or anything. That's a relief..

>Rocco: "Okay, well, let me know when it's done."
>Ricci: "Sure."

But she is hiding something from me.. And something pretty significant. How can I find out what it is?
I've never seen her write in a dairy or something, and she probably won't hide anything in our room, since, well.. we share it.
Could my parents be in on it?
No. 309904 ID: 35e1a0

see, taht's just it, it being hidden in your room is SO obvious you would never think to check, open those cubbies on her side next to the door and check under her bed.
No. 309907 ID: 7032be

>Could my parents be in on it?
Somehow, I doubt it.

What'd she leave lying on her bed?
No. 309911 ID: 1963d1

No. 309912 ID: 6dcbfa

Make a mental note to read that story later.
No. 309914 ID: 282207

I'm loathe to suggest this... but... panty drawer. Would you ever dare to rifle through your sister's lacy, soft underthings otherwise?

Also, you're familiar with ordering stuff online. Spy cameras are teeny tiny little things these days. But again... hardcore invasion of privacy.

Maybe just check out her axe power magazine thing there.
No. 309915 ID: e3f578

let's go hit some clubs, bra. Get all friendly with the ladies.
No. 309917 ID: 55c4cf

Hide us, we can find out, then check back with us later.
No. 309921 ID: 6868bc

This calls for snooping! Snoop snoop snoop. I bet she wants to do dirty things to you.

C'mon. Don't you wanna tease her? Everyone wants to tease their sister, this is gold!

...And you have to admit, it's a -little- hot. Just knowing that she's interested, you don't actually have to do anything! But knowing, y'know?
No. 309922 ID: 950529
File 130741316203.png - (117.77KB , 800x600 , 018.png )

On the bed is the latest issue of Axe Power.

Hm, well.. If you put it that way, this room is basically the last place I'd look.

I can't check everywhere at once though. I only have so much time until she comes back.

..Straight to the underwear drawer? She'd kill me.. but it's not like I haven't seen them before.

I open it as silently as I can.
Looks like just underwear... Wait- There's a small bag tucked away in the back.
No. 309924 ID: 40cb26

Just grab it without moving it. If the shape is phallic just let go and close the drawer.
No. 309926 ID: 234c26

My knowledge of the laws of terrible drama tell me that if you take the bag, she will immediately walk in. Save this sort of investigation for when her location is accounted for and safely removed from you.
No. 309927 ID: 282207

Ears open, boyo. Make sure to listen for someone coming closer. Wouldn't want to be surprised, yes?
No. 309928 ID: 6dcbfa

Stop now! Investigate later when she's gone!
No. 309929 ID: 7032be

Plot senses... tingling!
Prepare to be hit by an opening door.

...open one of your own drawers, then go back to fishing through hers. If she does open the door into you, slip her drawer shut and say you were looking through your stuff when she came in.

The door opens to hiding her belonging behind it, so it could work.
No. 309934 ID: e3f578

oh relax it's just weed
Your here freaking out about how weird she's acting when she's just trying to keep her private life private. Probably paranoid that she'd hurt your feelings by having her own group of stoner friends and/or if you found out and you got to play it like a boyscout and Mom and Pa.
No. 309935 ID: db27ef


Hey, instead of snooping all up in your sisters underoos, why don't you let us see the neighborhood?
No. 309937 ID: 9a34be

Yeah, this is pretty much the best idea.
No. 309943 ID: d3dfb8

This, let's go for a walk.
Fresh air never hurt anyone kid!
No. 309947 ID: 6868bc

Have you ever wondered what wearing her underwear felt like? You two look so similar!
No. 309949 ID: 07416a

Hey, what's your phone number?
No. 309950 ID: 282207

You know... since your door opens inward, if a drawer on the other side blocked the door, it wouldn't open. ...unless it's some freaky door that opens both ways.
No. 309953 ID: 950529
File 130741434026.png - (90.51KB , 800x600 , 019.png )

We kind of wear the same underwear already. She has the same kind of boxers I have. Nothing really cute or fancy...

Yeah, if I'm careful I can open the bag and see what's in it, while still being able to stuff it back in if the door opens.
And I can keep my ears open for footsteps.

Let's see..
A skirt, a button up shirt, a tie, shoes, and a jacket..
No. 309956 ID: d3dfb8

Oh. Shit. Is she going off to university without you?
Or is that like, some school uniform you have for high school?
No. 309958 ID: 950529
File 130741456548.png - (118.63KB , 800x600 , 020.png )


Oh sh- uh, crap! Crud!
No. 309960 ID: 282207

Remember. Act natural. If you can't, explain it away as us saying things that're making you all flustered. It's part of our M.O. after all.
No. 309962 ID: 35e1a0

yes you are just blushing cause of us saying weird things.
No. 309964 ID: db27ef

We say stuff like this: "Swollen Labia Porn"

Or: "Shit Lactating Dick Nipples"

In case whoever that is asks what kinds of things we say. Also, in case you're wondering, we hear in Text. Don't ask.
No. 309965 ID: b0ab2e

BUY SOME TIME! Say you are jacking off and need some privacy :V

Or pray you can act natural enough and hope she doesn't look through her stuff to see HOW YOU WERE SNOOPING THROUG HER STUFF.
No. 309969 ID: 6868bc


C'mon, you weren't really doing anything. She's your sister, it's not like you're breaking and entering. Be chill.
No. 309970 ID: 40cb26

Just ask her to hold on a minute because you're doing something. If she asks just say we asked you to do something awkward. Which is true enough. Or is that your mom? We don't do well with distinguishing voices, I'm afraid.
No. 309971 ID: 234c26

Just make sure the drawer is closed and get up and open the door. Say "What's up?" or something similarly innocuous. You're cool.
No. 309979 ID: 950529
File 130741581670.png - (137.91KB , 800x600 , 021.png )

I can be very fast, if I need to be!
Acting natural..

>Rocco: "Yes?"
>Ricci: "I was wondering where you were.. Oh, were you sleeping?"

Those clothes did indeed look like a highschool uniform, but we don't have uniforms at our school.
No. 309980 ID: d3dfb8

No, just... thinking.
Why, what's up?
No. 309982 ID: 40cb26

"Those guys are talking my head off from the inside, it's easier to just lay down."

Does "Beaton" mean anything to you? That's the name on the jacket.
No. 309994 ID: 950529
File 130741710126.png - (112.31KB , 800x600 , 022.png )

>Rocco: "No.. I'm just laying down to deal with the voices.. Why?"
>Ricci: "..Nothing."

She leaves.

I have no idea what Beaton is. Is she going to transfer schools next year?
I haven't heard anything about this.

I'm so confused.
First it seems like she's pushing me away, then you say she wants to get closer, and now it looks like she's going away completely.
I don't know what is going on, but my heart aches.

What now?
No. 309997 ID: 35e1a0

she's scared of her feelings. she DOES think incest is wrong but likes you that way anyway. so she wants to get away from you in hopes of making the feelings go away. basically girls are weird.
No. 309999 ID: 6868bc

If she's switchin' schools, mom will probably know something about it. Go ask her, casual-like?
No. 310006 ID: 40cb26

Maybe she is getting transferred for some reason. She could well be wanting to get closer because she'll be leaving. Is she not doing well in school? Or maybe your parents think the two of you will do better socially if you separate? Wait, do you even live with both of your parents? If your dad lives somewhere else maybe she is going to live with him?

What I suggest you do is get online and see if you can't look up whatever school that is, find out where it is. For all you know that uniform could be some costume for a fictional high school.
No. 310014 ID: 282207

Maybe she scored high on some test and got an offer.

Maybe she just likes uniforms.

Maybe she's secretly a delinquent and she's getting sent to a super-strict school where she'll have her knuckles whapped with a ruler if she acts up.

Anyways. Maybe you should ask her about the future in general. Like... college and stuff. Find out her plans, your plans, and how they cross or conflict. Sneaky way into talking about it.

She heard how we were jabbering about plans earlier. Blame us for getting you thinking or something.
No. 310016 ID: d3dfb8

This. You can do it Bromeo.
No. 310017 ID: 950529
File 130741858324.png - (91.40KB , 800x600 , 023.png )

Yeah, we both live with mom and dad. Everyone is still together. For now.

If Ricci is going away because she likes me, but knows incest is bad..
Then is it my fault?
Like you said, she got cold when I said it was gross.. Maybe she has been hurt like that all the time? Then I should.. like you said.. have been more open..

I don't see Ricci when I go to talk to mom.

>Rocco: "Mom.. Is Ricci going to another school?"
>Mom: "Hm? Did you forget already?"
>Rocco: "I never heard anything about it."
>Mom: "Well, yes, she applied to the prestigious Beaton school, and got accepted. She said she wanted to share the good news with you herself. She never told you? But she's leaving today."

I- What-
No. 310019 ID: 07416a

Is there a table in the room? FLIP IT. FLIP THAT SHIT RIGHT OVER.
No. 310020 ID: 35e1a0

she didn't want you to know? sounds like she was trying to avoid you convincing her otherwise.
No. 310022 ID: 40cb26

Well... shit. Go talk to her.
No. 310023 ID: e10f55

I suggest this to get over your anxiety.
And anger.
No. 310024 ID: 234c26

Hunt her down, pin her to the ground, and scream at her for this betrayal until she's crying and you feel better.
No. 310025 ID: 9a34be

Find her, find her and talk to her now. For all you know "she's leaving today" mean's she's already in the car or whatever. Maybe she walked into your room just now because she was about to tell you but then decided against it. Either way, find her.
No. 310027 ID: 282207

If you tell her, you'll reveal you snooped. But this is important.

Wish her the best. ...but if it saddens you, feel free to let it show.

Is it a boarding school? Or just a private school?
No. 310028 ID: 950529
File 130741986756.png - (103.43KB , 800x600 , 024.png )

Aaaah! Right! I need to talk to her now!
I kind of run into a chair, and it almost falls over, but falls back on its legs.


She's not in our room!

click thunk

That sounded like the front door!
I can run downstairs to the front door, or look out the window in this room.
What should I do?!
No. 310029 ID: 35e1a0

dive out the window like a badass!
No. 310030 ID: 1963d1

Run downstairs. If there's one thing movies teach us, it's that if you look out the window, it will always be too late.
No. 310032 ID: 9a34be

Front door, now. Looking out the window means that you'll see her drive off. Run out the front door and maybe you'll catch her. You've got at least a few seconds before she gets to the car, and then a few more before she can get out of the driveway. Also, she must have forgotten her uniform, unless she snuck into the room while you talked to mom, so she might realize that and come back in, but hurry to the front door anyway.
No. 310033 ID: 9a34be

Wait, the photos are gone, so she took those, so she's got her stuff, so she's not coming back. Front door now.
No. 310038 ID: 282207

If you catch up, give her such a punch in the arm for trying to leave without saying goodbye or even letting you know she was going. It's the sibling way, right?
No. 310039 ID: db27ef

Front Door immediately. Although, if you knew kung fu the window would have been a viable option.
No. 310042 ID: 282207

Is that pillow covering something?
No. 310045 ID: f7ae22

Dive outta that gat dang window.
No. 310046 ID: 40cb26

Depends, are you man enough to jump out your window? If so, go for it!
No. 310048 ID: e41ad5

No. 310049 ID: 950529
File 130742135912.png - (93.78KB , 800x600 , 025.png )

I rush downstairs!
I hear the sound of a car door opening!

>"Hey, cousin!"
No. 310050 ID: 950529
File 130742140139.png - (91.27KB , 800x600 , 026.png )


The sound of a car door closing.

The sound of a car leaving.

>"Ow! Fuck!"
No. 310051 ID: 6868bc

Shit, she got a cell? Call her, man!
No. 310052 ID: 9a34be

Okay calm down maybe that was just whoever drove him here leaving. Quickly, apologize like hell, ask who just left, and hope that the answer isn't Ricci.
No. 310053 ID: 35e1a0

who's this jackass? if that was her then it's too late anyway so ask who this guy is.
No. 310055 ID: 1854db


She left her uniform behind. That wasn't her leaving. That was probably your cousin arriving, and his ride leaving. Compose yourself and say hi.
No. 310056 ID: 282207

Don't panic.
Was your cousin always here?
If so... bummer. Keep a stiff upper lip, chap.
If no... maybe she's still around.
No. 310057 ID: 9a34be

The pictures were missing from the wall, and her magazine was missing. It's safe to assume she got her uniform. Pillow also in a weird place, but not sure if Rocco left it like that or if Ricci put a note or something under there.
No. 310058 ID: 950529
File 130742253294.png - (147.30KB , 800x600 , 027.png )

>Rocco: "Who- Who- Wh- Wh- Who j-just left?"
>"That- That was Ricci. I came to congratulate her, but got here a bit late.. Are you okay?"

That's Nicole, my cousin. I don't know her too well, except that she goes to the gym a lot, always smells like strong soap, and if her stories are true, she has friends in every road of life.
I guess that's why she knew about Ricci leaving when I didn't..

>Rocco: "It's all my fault.."
>Nicole: "Well yeah, you just ran down here.. but you didn't mean that.. What's going on?"
No. 310059 ID: e41ad5

Ask to move to your room and spill the news.

You've every right to be angry, sad, emotional right now.
No. 310060 ID: 35e1a0

bring to room and explain what is up.
No. 310061 ID: 234c26

God damn, Ricci is a cold bitch.
No. 310062 ID: e41ad5

Some people have trouble with goodbyes.
No. 310063 ID: 1854db

...oh. Well, that was fast.

Quick! Collapse into a blubbering mess!
No. 310064 ID: 55c4cf

Just say you wanted to tell her goodbye and prepare for leanback mode.
No. 310065 ID: 07416a

No. 310066 ID: 282207

Five words are all that are needed. "She didn't even tell me." Apply emotion as desired.
No. 310068 ID: 234c26

She has trouble with goodbyes, so she deliberately hides the fact that she will be leaving someone who cares about her more than basically anyone else in the world. She buys him a shitty replacement confidante on the internet (us), presumably to feel better about herself, when it's not like we're able to provide any significant level of emotional bonding or actual friendship.

What the hell is that? Seriously, 'trouble with goodbyes' doesn't even begin to excuse that level of social incompetence. How could anyone with a tenth of a brain even begin to think that this would do anything but twist an emotional knife in Rocco's guts, possibly for weeks or months?
No. 310069 ID: 950529
File 130742389385.png - (119.46KB , 800x600 , 028.png )

>"She didn't even tell me."

I quickly become a blubbering mess when Nicole pulls me to my feet. I quietly point up the stairs.
Soon we sit on my bed where we share a moment of tense silence.

>Nicole: "So.. She didn't tell you.. And it's your fault.."
>Rocco: "I.. I.. I didn't.. I wasn't.. She.. I didn't pay attention to.. to her.. and I.. I've hurt her for.. for a year.. m-maybe years.. N-now.. Now she- she- ...I f-found out just before she.. she.. but.. I ran into you."
>Nicole: "She transferred to Beaton to get away from you?"
My lip begins to quiver as I hold back a storm of tears.
>Nicole: "Okay, okay, calm down, calm down. So.. What do you want to do now?"
No. 310071 ID: 9a34be

...Yeah, seconded.
No. 310073 ID: e41ad5

That's a great question.

What do you want to do? Try to contact her anyway? Maybe see her? Throw yourself into some sort of productive distraction, like volunteer work? Hit the town and look for girls? It's all you, man.
No. 310075 ID: 55c4cf

Let her know how you feel but don't be a pussy about it. Give it a day and write her a letter. Apply yourself and try to get into a good school or do something for your dreams. Stalking after her is one thing so it's not necessary you go to the same school. Being an impressive person and sharing your feelings is the appropriate route.
No. 310076 ID: e3f578

Go clubbing.
No. 310078 ID: 282207

We can't answer that for you. What DO you want to do about this situation?

Maybe this will be good for the two of you? Have you ever really spent much time apart?

On an unrelated note, do all the women in your family have DFC?
No. 310080 ID: 234c26

Whoa, Rocco, stop blaming yourself for this.

Firstly, it's incredibly self-absorbed to assume that you are solely responsible for others' decisions. Being that self-centered is not good.

Secondly, this was your sister screwing you over. You didn't deserve it, and you didn't provoke it except through the most twisted logic that an emotionally wounded mind can devise. She either decided to cause you this pain, or was too callous to understand how it would hurt you; in either case, it was her decision and her responsibility. If she had a problem with how you were acting she should have talked it out with you long ago.

Anyway, as for what to do now... I would advise getting some kleenexes. You'll need 'em.

You can either:
-Pine after her uselessly and feel sad
-Actively attempt to reconnect with her
-Decide to sever relations unless she re-initiates them

Honestly, I'd go with #3. She left you. She clearly doesn't want to be close anymore. Abide by her wishes and move on to new things and people.
No. 310081 ID: 282207

I changed my mind. You should totally learn kung-fu. You said you wanted to, after all. =w=
No. 310082 ID: 950529
File 130742516313.png - (122.22KB , 800x600 , 029.png )

I.. I can't just let go of it like this.
I know that.. eventually our paths would have seperated.. but I- I can't...
Not like this...

If she had just left.. and I didn't- If you hadn't made me see how she felt.. Then- Then maybe I would be angry. But you showed me.. a side I would never have seen by myself.

What.. What I want? I...
I just..

>Rocco: "..a chance to make it right.."
>Nicole: "What?"
>Rocco: "..."
>Nicole: "What? I didn't understand that."
>Rocco: "I- I want to be with her."
>Nicole: "Oh.. It's pretty much impossible for you to be accepted to Beaton, though."
I hold back a few sobs.
No. 310083 ID: 35e1a0

look determined and say "nothing is impossible" and with us here we will make it so!
No. 310084 ID: 07416a

Alright, not having sex with your sister does not count as making her miserable. It wouldn't even if she had told you that she wanted to, which she didn't. Plus, that's just an assumption from us anways.

From what we saw, you got along great.

SHE IS AT FAULT HERE. She probably has a reason, but we don't know what that is. Do NOT blame yourself.
No. 310085 ID: 35e1a0

also root through everything she left here, maybe some clue? your pillow was moved maybe a note?
No. 310086 ID: 07416a

No. 310087 ID: 5c0446

do whatever it takes man, it cant end like this.
No. 310088 ID: 282207

Let me guess. All girl school?

Then you'll need those kung-fu skills to take out those girl-school guards or something.

Alternatively, wait for the session to get out for discussion.

Also. Was there anything under that pillow?
No. 310089 ID: 234c26

Look, step one here is to figure out when she'll be back on her own. If you do nothing at all, when is the next time you'd see her? We talking next weekend, or Christmas? If she'll be home soon, you can probably just wait instead of doing anything rash. Your parents will have the Beaton schedule.

Don't even fucking suggest it. We've done the whole "boy goes to girls' school secretly" plan before, and it did not go well.
No. 310090 ID: 40cb26

Being at the same school as her isn't the same as just being with her. Ask your cousin for a ride.
No. 310091 ID: b0ab2e

The solution is simple:


No. 310092 ID: 6868bc

So you saw this new side, it changed the way you felt... does that mean you might be interested in her, as more than a sister?

Listen, she may have done this to get away from you, but not because she didn't like you. It was just... difficult to act like a sister, when she felt that way. And she had everything in the world saying her feelings were wrong. So she decided to leave, and see if that helped. She thought it would be easier if she could just get rid of her feelings, cause honestly, did it seem like you'd return them?

...Now, I think she must have left you a letter. That's likely what she was working on, a way to say goodbye on paper so she wouldn't have to in person. Go look for it? You can leave us with your cousin in the meantime.
No. 310095 ID: d8d42e

Also, she got you us as a farewell gift. For whatever that's worth.
No. 310096 ID: e10f55

Awright, here's what we need to do:

Step 1: Get real buff
Step 2: Killfuck everything
Step 3: ?????
Step 4: Win the love of your sister

No. 310099 ID: 965019

We're gonna need a...
No. 310101 ID: 950529
File 130742784141.png - (126.61KB , 800x600 , 030.png )

Yeah.. Yeah! I.. Even if I don't return the feelings, I have to show her that I am no longer completely blind to them. And.. show her our love is strong enough to be go beyond that of lovers!

>Rocco: "Nothing is impossible!"
>Nicole: "..Look, I could make some calls to my friends in Beaton.. I mean, I feel kind of bad about blocking you from seeing your sister leave.. but if you don't go through with this, it will all come down on my head."
>Rocco: "I'll do whatever it takes.. It cant end like this."
>Nicole: "...Alright, go put on your sister's clothes."
No. 310102 ID: 950529
File 130742788383.png - (138.68KB , 800x600 , 031.png )

>Rocco: "Eh, what?!"
>Nicole: "Duh, it's an all girls school."
No. 310103 ID: e41ad5


Let's fucking DO THIS.
No. 310104 ID: 950529
File 130742792376.png - (40.62KB , 800x600 , 032-prologue-end.png )

>Rocco: "What?!"
No. 310105 ID: 476456

No. 310108 ID: 55c4cf

submit to nicole she is a better man
No. 310109 ID: d3dfb8

Still waiting on that lube.
No. 310110 ID: b0ab2e

Ok, man, this is going to get tricky.
Tons of bitches will try to jump your bones, so look for a lesbian chick to act as bodyguard.

We'll go from there...
No. 310111 ID: 6868bc

Oh shit, your sister couldn't have you so she decided to go lesbian. You know what happens at all-girl schools, right?
No. 310112 ID: 965019

I should of seen this coming. D:
No. 310113 ID: 965019


We told you about all-girl schools, bro! It keeps happening!
No. 310117 ID: e10f55


No. 310124 ID: 252e1b

What the fuck is all this shit? Tell your cousin no, you're not going to dress in drag. You're not going to enroll there, either. And you're not going to fuck your sister.

What you're going to do is go over to the school and talk to your sister, let her know that not telling you was not cool, that you're kinda pissed but you forgive her, and then you're going to tell her to have fun and to call you whenever she wants.

Then you're going to go to your school and try to get a girlfriend because it's obvious you've got more money and time than common sense.
No. 310159 ID: c71597

You know this is going to backfire hilariously, right? Especially when you find out that she wanted to get away from you because you're getting too clingy.
No. 310161 ID: ed9087


You don't need to disguise yourself to talk to your sis, that would be needlessly complicated and impossible to maintain for more than a short time.
No. 310175 ID: 679e7a


>Implying incestuous hijinks are avoidable in a Reaver quest
No. 310177 ID: 252e1b

>Implying that Twincest Railroad is actually a quest instead of public masturbation
No. 310185 ID: 950529

It feels so much better when people are watching.
No. 310193 ID: 7aedd2

motherfucking THIS.
No. 310228 ID: f0e3ae

>Implying that Twincest Railroad is actually a quest instead of public masturbation
railroad? As far as I can tell its the public who is pushing this towards incest... to which I gotta say "why dear god why!"
No. 310247 ID: 950529
File 130747444272.png - (115.51KB , 800x600 , 033.png )

>"No! My body is my own!"
No. 310250 ID: 950529
File 130747456134.png - (115.74KB , 800x600 , 034.png )

>Nicole: "What? You already put the dress on yourself."
>Rocco: "But now you're taking pictures!"
>Nicole: "Duh, this is for the registration. Act more casual!"
>Rocco: "I can't! ..S-stop taking pictures!"
>Nicole: "Listen.."
No. 310256 ID: 41efc9
File 130747477019.gif - (0.99MB , 280x170 , gtfo6.gif )


I have an animated pic here just for you.
No. 310259 ID: 950529
File 130747487959.png - (95.67KB , 800x600 , 035.png )

>Nicole: "The Kathrine Beaton Maidens Academy is the most prestigious private academy around these part. That place is a fortress. You can't even visit it, so don't assume I can just tell the administration director to smudge up your profile. If you want to go through with this, you will have to play an active part in it. First of all, get your act together. You're adorable but don't look like a girl at all. Next.. They will check the profile of your current school. You should come up with a reason that profile is incorrect, and why you should actually be in Beaton. You already have your sister in there, so you can use that. Try to find more useful information you can use like that. Your grade average is eighty percent, right?"
>Rocco: "It's sixtyseven.."
>Nicole: "..Okay, find a cover up for that too. I'll go make some phonecalls. Let me know when you want to take more photos."
No. 310260 ID: 44636f

just hold a super casual pose, start asking for anything dirtier THEN you tell her no.
No. 310269 ID: 950529
File 130747514735.png - (103.86KB , 800x600 , 036.png )

Well.. I better get started.
I have to learn how to act like a girl, and find information which I can use to make my application more legit... which includes cover up my grades.

So far the only useful fact is my twin sister being in Beaton already.
No. 310273 ID: 44636f

you loot around the room yet? maybe you can find some stuff?
No. 310274 ID: 41efc9

try to think of teachers who'll give you better grades in exchange for sexual favors.

...you have a mother, right? go ask her on how to be a woman. I'm sure she'll understand.
No. 310280 ID: 835a2d

Well, uh... people watch. Go to town, watch ladies. :V
No. 310286 ID: f5fe2f

>You're adorable

notice that, and be appropriately pleased.
No. 310289 ID: e3f578

to become a lady, you must get close to ladies.
That means you must go clubbing and get freaky with a few of them. Then realize that ladies can be a bit boyish and you only really have to dress and say your a lady to be a lady.

Best way to cover shit up is a hacker. Pay the local hacker at your current school a visit, bribe him with your sister's weed that she left behind. That bag in the undie drawer remember? It's okay you live in a cartoonish stereotypical world, I'm sure you got a genius in your school that could fuck your school's system like a boss.
No. 310291 ID: 41efc9


...what? no. if you find weed, smoke it yourself. preferably with Nicole. if you're so keen on giving it away, give it to me instead.
No. 310295 ID: f1f479

What are you on? That was no weed, it was the uniform.
No. 310297 ID: 950529
File 130747766222.png - (99.19KB , 800x600 , 037.png )

Well.. I guess being adorable is a good start!
I'm not sure if I want to tell my mom about this plan to become a girl, though.
..Though actually, I remember years ago I was very insecure about being a boy. I thought it was so odd that eventhough me and Ricci are exactly the same, I was a boy and she was a girl.
Then my mom told me something reassuring that made it okay.. I don't remember what it was, though.

I go through all my stuff. There's a bunch of books, old toys.. Oh, there's my old school reportcards too.. Strange, there's much less than I thought there would be.

If I have to spend time with ladies to learn to be a lady, I'd rather not go outside right away.. I may have some cousins that could help, though.

Hacking would be a quick fix for my grades, but I don't know any hackers!
No. 310308 ID: e3f578

I thought it was a small bag, not a bag containing the uniform.
Just go to the nerdiest looking kid you know, he either is a hacker or has contacts. Just use standard money to bribe 'em with then.
No. 310309 ID: 44636f

think sis took some of your stuff. which would add another tally into the 'secretly loves you' pool.
No. 310315 ID: e10f55

An even quicker fix for your grades would be to work harder.
Well, not so much quicker as it would be permanent.
Also, don't you think this is going a little too far? Are you really willing to go this far just to see your sister a little longer?

Are you going to follow her to college too? What will you do when your paths diverge so completely?
No. 310316 ID: 41efc9


go through your sister's stuff now.
No. 310325 ID: 543375

And give us a little fanservice!
No. 310330 ID: 950529
File 130748061176.png - (100.96KB , 800x600 , 038.png )

Yeah, she took the photos from my wall..
I know we will have to separate eventually, perhaps even as soon as college, but thats even more reason I want to spend these last years together.

I go through Riccis things. She took most with her. All her Axepower comics and toys.. There's not much but old things. Her reportcards are here too.. Oh, there's a lot more. Now I remember why I'm used to seeing so many.
Ricci always participated in the advanced projects for higher grades. Sometimes she even did two at a time.
I remember a few years back my grade suddenly jumped up because I got credit for one of the projects. It turned out a teacher saw Ricci come in twice, and I guess he assumed since we're twins one of them was me.
No. 310333 ID: 35e1a0

oh ho, how good are you at forging? could change her name to yours and stuff.
No. 310335 ID: 1854db

Can't you just impersonate your sister?
No. 310340 ID: 41efc9


she's going to be in that school, too, so no.

forging seems to be an ingenious idea though. let's ask Nicole if she knows anyone who would help us with that in exchange for sexual favours.
No. 310341 ID: 41efc9

also, check the writings on the back of that paper Ricci was fanficing on, I bet there's something written about her neverending lust for you in there.
No. 310358 ID: 950529
File 130748513864.png - (102.66KB , 800x600 , 040.png )

Wha..? They have my average grade, which means they already have all the reportcards and related grades. These are just prints.

The papers she was writing on aren't here. She must have taken them with her.

I feel like I'm overlooking a dozen useful things.. I guess I'm having trouble focusing.
Maybe Nicole will do everything for me if I can do something for her in return.
No. 310362 ID: 41efc9


I suggest sexual favours for Nicole.
No. 310365 ID: 40cb26

The best favor to offer is an open ended one. You'll do anything. She shouldn't abuse that... too much.
No. 310370 ID: f7ae22

Make sure to intensely stare directly into her eyes, and make sure to not ever lose eye contact or blink while you're asking and waiting for a response.
No. 310373 ID: 35e1a0

oh no, keep searching. look under her bed, and between the box-spring and mattress.
No. 310376 ID: 835a2d

No. 310378 ID: 950529
File 130748837078.png - (145.25KB , 800x600 , 041.png )

..Anything..? I mean, that's a bit...
But then again.. I can't do this by myself.

I head downstairs and find Nicole at the dining table.
>Rocco: "Nick! I.."
>Nicole: "Yo! You got anything yet?"
>Rocco: "I.. I can't do it! I can't think of anything.. I.. Please take care of it- I- If you can arrange everything for me, I will.. I will do anything for you. Anything!"
>Nicole: "..You know, offering that doesn't hold much value if you can't do anything."
I maintain eyecontact with her. I try to kind of communicate my desperation with the intensity of my stare.
A soft red glow slowly grows on Nicole's cheeks.
>Nicole: "O-okay, stop, stop that."
>Rocco: "Huh?"
>Nicole: "Just.. Okay, listen, how about you say that to the people over at Beaton? 'Hello, I am utterly incompetent but I make up for it in tenacity.' then use your cuteness like that."
>Rocco: "What?"
No. 310380 ID: 835a2d

She's saying you need a way in - Namely, you need your grades to suddenly look better.
No. 310381 ID: f1f479

Holy shit! Does every cousin or sibling he knows that is about his age lust after him!?
No. 310386 ID: 980ade


Maybe all of his cousins are girls? And it sounds like they hang out a lot... and most of us kinda went with the twincest quest idea... sooo you know. The audience gets what it wants?
No. 310389 ID: 41efc9


she called you cute again, dawg. you know what that means, right?


oh God, it's a harem family.


No. 310394 ID: 980ade


And she wants you tu use your cuteness.

There are only a few ways you can do something like that using it. But I won't go into details. Cause that shit is wrong dawg.

Also: If the others suggest something dumb remember to record everything. At least the sound. And then blackmail, blackmail everywhere.
No. 310396 ID: 40cb26

Ok so... if looking cute is your strength, well then maybe you can use that here and now. Maybe your cousin can take some pictures of you being cute.

Or maybe you have something else of value, or a favor you can do for her. Maybe there is one of her friends at Brenton that you can do something for on her behalf?
No. 310398 ID: 950529
File 130749101189.png - (139.72KB , 800x600 , 042.png )

What?! My cousin is in love with me too?
But I've never really spend time with her before, and she's like.. ten years older.
So when she calls me cute, she means like.. attractive cute..?

>Rocco: "Y-you mean I should seduce the staff?"
>Nicole: "Oh wow. Okay, I'm going call someone."
beep beep boop
>Nicole: "Hey, it's Nick. Yeah. He just came up to me, saying he'll do anything if I can take care of it, because he can't do it. Then he looks at me like a beaten puppy. No, he was completely serious. Real intense about it too. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Yeah- But get this, right- I tell him to be cute to you instead, and he goes 'Do I have to seduce the staff?!'! Exactly! I was reminded of that too. Alright. ..uh huh... That's good. Yeah, like 'Prior records incorrect due to student experiencing difficulty understanding social interaction.'.. Too harsh? That's good too. No, you should see him when he's like 'I'll do anything!'. It's adorable. Ha, exactly. I think with how hard he's trying they won't mind. Okay. When do you- Oh, cool. Alright, see you then."
No. 310399 ID: 252e1b
File 130749116513.jpg - (68.32KB , 384x494 , you-gonna-get-raped.jpg )

No. 310400 ID: f5fe2f

You need to seduce teachers, obviously.

No. 310405 ID: 40cb26

Ok for the record, we didn't say that.

You question now is "...What the hell did I just get into?" I'm not sure it'll make it easier though.
No. 310407 ID: 835a2d

Rapidly getting suspicious, but no backing out until your life is in danger!
No. 310410 ID: 07416a

Smells like a set-up.
No. 310412 ID: 980ade

Yeah, probably.

Or something equally not nice.

(And we didn't mention seducing the staff. Silly boy :P)

Now this will be interesting :D Just remember that your well-being IS more important than the need to see your sis. So remember to back out if it goes too crazy for you.
No. 310413 ID: 950529
File 130749281238.png - (140.27KB , 800x600 , 043.png )

No way... right?

>Rocco: "Uhm.. Wh-what did I just get into?"
>Nicole: "Congratulations, you're getting into Beaton by being an endearing idiot."
>Rocco: "What? Wh.. What's going to happen?"
>Nicole: "We're just going to write your low grades and being registered as a male off to your incompetence, but you still belong in Beaton because of your incredible dedication. Then you can just be your adorably awkward self to back it up."
>Rocco: "Huh? Really?"

No. 310415 ID: 835a2d

That's some crazy as fuck connections!
No. 310416 ID: 41efc9


hug Nicole.
No. 310417 ID: f1f479

No. 310418 ID: 980ade


It might seem nice right now.

But trust us, this kind of thing tend to turn into a bad thing. Like murder/rape/suicide/learning that you were wrong/other.

Nah, I'm just joking. Mostly it turns into an incredibly funny adventure (For us. For you it's probably pretty annoying) with a harem of girls.

Because there is that tendency that when people crossdress they suddenly become attractive to people in weird ways. And you'll be the only boy in a school of girls(or maybe not the only one?).

It seems your cousin is such a prankster because it sounds like she did something of a similar routine already. And she totally knows how much laugh she is going to get out of it.

Suddenly I'm thinking of "The game" with M. Douglas... you know, like in the end it will turn out to be something planned by the family and their friends... I don't know why I got that feeling.
No. 310419 ID: 980ade

But hug her anyway cause she is a bro. And she did a cool thing for you.
No. 310421 ID: 41efc9


you mean sis. he's gonna be a full-time girl from soon on, remember?
No. 310423 ID: 980ade


Man, I keep forgetting about details like that... Gotta be more concentrated on it ;P

See, that is why I don't like being in this orb with you. You always point out my mistakes :(
No. 310427 ID: e3f578

The slang term for bro and be passed to those of the female gender. Being a Bro is an ideal, not merely a noun. It is about friendship, not indication. A vague concept. And to be honost Sis does not roll of the tongue and is more reminiscent of siblinghood than Bro is to it. Bro signifies brotherhood. A tight bond between two or more individuals not necessarily siblings.

Women may dislike being called Bro and Dude but fuck those bitches, they don't understand slang and culture right. And culture is far more important that the significance of grammar and strict occupancy to language rules.

I suggest ask if there's anything that you can do for her. You know you don't have to but your damn pride won't let you have Bro's do shit for you pro bono.
No. 310428 ID: 98a70a


...fine, but let's not have Rocco address his future schoolmates as dudes and insist on regularly brofisting them.

though it's okay if he just plain fists them, heh heh heh.
No. 310430 ID: 950529
File 130749751974.png - (110.22KB , 800x600 , 044.png )

>Rocco: "Thank you!"
I give her a hug. She kind of shrugs in response.
>Nicole: "Nah.. I'm worried you'll die without Ricci. Go pack your bag. We'll go there as soon as you're ready.
>Rocco: "So soon? Uh- Okay!"
No. 310431 ID: 35e1a0

hmmm, what clothes do you have that a girl could be seen wearing?
No. 310432 ID: 950529
File 130749769189.png - (109.82KB , 800x600 , 045.png )

And I should thank you too.
I'm.. Yeah, I'm pretty sure things wouldn't have turned out like this without. I never thought I'd be able to go there so soon..
...Though.. being written off as an idiot..
I.. I mean.. I won't complain. This was certainly the easiest way. I'm just- you know- just worried being known as incompetent will have unforeseen consequences.
No. 310434 ID: 950529
File 130749774225.png - (87.75KB , 800x600 , 046.png )

But.. I guess we'll deal with those when they pop up.
No. 310440 ID: 5c0446

you'll find pretending to be an idiot will be increasingly difficult. infact it will take some skill. stay on your toes.
No. 310444 ID: 6868bc

Hey! We'll tell you what to say. We know EXACTLY how to make someone seem like a socially-inept moron, don't you worry!
No. 310456 ID: d4f98d

Who the hell is your cousin and what kind of connections does she HAVE?

Also, tell her shes rockin the "short hair, cap" look.
No. 310458 ID: d1773e

blackmail here we go!
No. 310459 ID: 223884

Hm, I'm actually somewhat scared of those "consequences".

I'm sure this is going to give us some greif, but we're the Goddamn ORB OF INFINITE PSYCHE!


Besides, problems are bound to happen, no matter what path we took. Honestly, this might be the simplest path. It's much easier to look a bit below the standard than it is to look and sound like genius.

Be very thankful to your parents that their genes made you adorable.
No. 310460 ID: 40cb26

Focus more on being awkward and scatterbrained eccentric and random things like that. You don't need to be hurr durr stupid all the time, or ever.
No. 310528 ID: 5b95eb

Don't focus too hard on being an idiot. Focus on being determined.

Also, when you're there, work. A sub 70 average? That's ridiculous!
No. 310544 ID: 543375

Passing yourself off as a girl is going to be difficult as it is.

Being teased about having a flat chest an not wearing makeup is going to make your life hell. Start practicing a more thorough disguise.
No. 310547 ID: 40cb26

>not wearing makeup
Who says he isn't?

Also, padded bras.
No. 310552 ID: 98a70a


yeah, if he's gonna pass as his twin's twin, he's gonna need the same chest size.
No. 310590 ID: 950529
File 130756057442.png - (91.24KB , 800x600 , 047.png )

That's right, Nicole told me to be my awkward self. She probably means I already am socially inept.. Oh, 'eccentric' is a much nicer word.
I'll still need to study hard and not come across as uneducated. Yeah, I'll need to prove I am capable of an average grade of at least 80%..

Ah, you're right.. If people expect me to be a bit odd I don't have to worry about acting lady-like and wearing make up and stuff, but.. I should do something about my chestsize.
A padded bra would be great, but I don't have the chance to go shopping now. How could I pad my chest right now?

Nicole is waiting for me. Is there anything besides padding my chest that I have to do before leaving, or anything specific I should pack?
No. 310592 ID: 35e1a0

pad with balled up toilet paper. and write a note that you are chasing after ricci so mom doesn't flip when she finds you gone. you'll call later.
No. 310593 ID: 788dee

>Is there anything besides padding my chest that I have to do before leaving
Yes. Acknowledge and accept that you will be suffering a lot just for the entertainment of others and will probably experience an inappropriate erection at the worst of times.

And perhaps your cousin. You know, for good luck and XP.
No. 310595 ID: 6dcbfa

Notes are stupid, go say goodbye to her in person
No. 310601 ID: 40cb26

He's... going to have to tuck it in. Regularly and securely. You know what I mean.

I'd say to put on some makeup, but that might be more suspicious if you aren't any good at using it. But grab some anyway.
No. 310610 ID: 950529
File 130756368383.png - (110.72KB , 800x600 , 048.png )

Just toilet paper will do for padding? This shirt is pretty tight except in the chest area, so I guess it can hold it.

So.. Do I say goodbye to my mom in person, or do I leave a note?

Tuck in? Uh.. Oh, you mean my genitals? ..Hmm..
No. 310615 ID: 950529
File 130756384769.png - (111.03KB , 800x600 , 049.png )

..Oh.. Oh!
I just realized I have to wear this in front of crowds of other people! Oh geez!
Oh no, I don't think- I don't-
That's way too emberassing!
Wh- I look so much like Ricci. I'm not cute myself, I'm just Ricci's identical twin.. But-
But I'm still a man! No, I can't-
Why was I born a boy? If I was a girl this would be so much easier!
No. 310620 ID: 788dee

>Why was I born a boy? If I was a girl this would be so much easier!
You need to be more genre-savvy if you hope to survive this. See, if you were a girl, Ricci would be a boy. AND THIS SAME THING WOULD HAPPEN ANYWAY, YOU'D BE DRESSING UP AS A GUY AND INFILTRATING AN ALL-BOYS SCHOOL. Also possibly more rape.
No. 310622 ID: 40cb26

Yeah you're really going to miss being the big macho man on campus and around town with all the ladies fawning over you and your burly physique.


You are missing out on nothing. And just looking at you I can say for certain that half the time people thought you were a girl anyway. Hell you'll probably have a better chance at getting some action like this.

Anyways I say go do it in person. You hardly even have to explain. Think about this: if she is going to have a problem with it she can put a stop to it with just a phone call or two. You have a better chance of getting her blessing now than leaving a note and hoping for the best.
No. 310623 ID: 35e1a0

yeah we are big on destiny. besides, if you were her sister then the way she feels could be different so you wouldn't even be trying this anyway.
No. 310627 ID: 15b51b

>No, I can't-
So don't. They're probably going to find out due to looking at your records and shit. They probably don't just go "hmm, you have no record under this name but you're wearing a dress so this is legit."
No. 310630 ID: d4f98d

Pretty much. This at least has a lesser chance for UNFATHOMABLY BAD END. So count the small blessings.
No. 310633 ID: 950529
File 130756533051.png - (95.71KB , 800x600 , 050.png )

Yeah! None of this would have happened if I was a girl. You don't understand- Identical twins are always the same gender! But destiny decided to give me the Y chromosome in addition to the X's.
It's not that I want to be a girl, it's just- This always makes things so much more difficult.

Okay, I'll go see my mom.
No. 310635 ID: d4f98d

Oh...oh wow...

There's apparently a bit more to this whole thing then you let on...so, lets just focus on getting you what you want at the moment, ya?
No. 310644 ID: 950529
File 130756586639.png - (113.96KB , 800x600 , 051.png )

Yeah, okay.

Well, here is my mom. She is making decorative bread again..
What should I say?
No. 310647 ID: 35e1a0

uhh, flopping on the bed like that crushed you paper boobs.
anyway cough and when mom looks at you tell her what is going on.
No. 310648 ID: 6dcbfa

.... on second though let's not talk to her. She might try to keep you here.
Sneak back while she's not looking and go with the note plan
No. 310649 ID: 0d7a83

uhhhh it might not be the best idea to talk to her looking like that...
No. 310653 ID: 40cb26

"Hey mom, we... need to talk."

Too late now! Let's just get on with it.

Nah, it'll just make the explanation easier.
No. 310659 ID: 950529
File 130756787107.png - (118.35KB , 800x600 , 052.png )

Oh! Uh- I quickly fix my padding.


She doesn't respond.

>Rocco: "Mom, we need to talk.."
>"Yes, darling?"
>Rocco: "Uh.. I'm going to Beaton as well."

She goes quiet for a moment.
No. 310661 ID: 950529
File 130756789107.png - (114.40KB , 800x600 , 053.png )

>"Would you like to go to a private academy as well? I thought you didn't like studying."
>Rocco: "No, I- I'm going to Beaton. Right now.. I'm going to work really hard, and- ...and I'm going to pretend to be a girl."
>"..Wh.. Darling, you don't have to do that, we can get you to a boys school."
>Rocco: "No! I- I mean- I'm doing this because I want to be with Ricci. I- I took her for granted and didn't listen to her as well as I should have... So.. I want to be at Beaton with her."
>"..You're going through all this trouble so you can take care of your sister?"
No. 310665 ID: 98a70a


you mean the rapist face or the dress or the toilet paper sticking out of her shirt?

also, does that mean that you have two X genes in addition to your Y? oh wow.
No. 310669 ID: 6dcbfa

just tell her the truth
No. 310677 ID: 98a70a


...don't tell mom that you want to bone your sister.
No. 310679 ID: 788dee

>also, does that mean that you have two X genes in addition to your Y?
That, or it's just a display of his poor track record at learning him them schools.
No. 310683 ID: f5fe2f

One in 650 guys, not really that rare. Not a huge deal as far as chromosomal abnormalities go, though.
No. 310685 ID: 40cb26

That, and for yourself. No matter what what you relationship is or will be you feel incomplete without her, right? Also tell her you really need her blessing and support. And maybe some fashion tips.
No. 310686 ID: e3f578

"Damn straight, Ma'am. I thought getting up to wild hijinks in the name of friendship and siblinghood would serve to create awesome mammar- memories."
No. 310690 ID: d4f98d

>No! I- I mean- I'm doing this because I want to be with Ricci. I- I took her for granted and didn't listen to her as well as I should have... So.. I want to be at Beaton with her."

BRILLIANT. Using the feeling of guilt on your part to create an endearing raison d'etre for this whole situation!

Ahaha, my friend, you are a genius at manipulation and cover. Are you certain you aren't interested in ruling the world?
No. 310694 ID: 950529
File 130757016440.png - (121.51KB , 800x600 , 054.png )

>Rocco: "I.. Yes. And I.. I just- I guess selfishly want to be with her as well. I don't want to separated from her yet, especially now. I- I will follow her to the end of the world!"

She turns and smiles at me.
>"You know... when you two were really little, one time Ricci gave me a hug and thanked me out of nowhere. I asked her why she was thanking me. And, without skipping a beat, she answered, 'When I was still a fairy inside of you, you asked me what would make my life a happy one. And I asked for a prince.'. Perhaps there's more truth in that than I thought.."
Born from a wish..
>"Good luck, darling. Be happy together."
>Rocco: "Th- Thank you!"
No. 310698 ID: 98a70a


it says that'll make him lanky, younger-looking, pencil-dicked and bad at planning.

just as planned.
No. 310701 ID: 950529
File 130757101737.png - (182.65KB , 800x600 , 055.png )

Having received my mother's blessing, I'm ready to go. And hearing that story.. Even- even if Ricci doesn't remember it either, it has strengthened my resolve.

I let Nicole know I'm ready, and soon we're in her car. The sound system loudly plays an endless mix of dubstep.
No. 310708 ID: 788dee

>The sound system loudly plays an endless mix of dubstep.
No. 310712 ID: 98a70a


fuck you, dubstep is a pretty cool guy.

ogle the ladies outside as you pass by.
No. 310714 ID: 35e1a0

just try to stay calm and think about what you are going to say when you see her.
No. 310716 ID: 6868bc

Hmm. What country you live in, Rocco? Driver's side's on the right, you're english-speaking... UK?
No. 310717 ID: 5c0446

ask Nicole what she does for a living and how she can have all these contacts.
No. 310719 ID: b2997a

UK huh... February 21st, 2010... does your mam play the lottery?

No. 310733 ID: 950529
File 130757495927.png - (186.66KB , 800x600 , 056.png )

Woah, you are able to see into the future? Hmm, well, I don't think I should abuse that, unless it's an emergency.

It would be rude to slap Nicole or turn off her music. It's her car, and she's helping me.

I'll make some small talk to break the silence.
>Rocco: "Hey- Uhm- How come you have so many contacts? That you can help me like you are.."
>Nicole: "It comes with the job. Gotta do a lot of favors so you can ask for more favors in return."
>Rocco: "Really? What is your job?"
>Nicole: "Oh, you don't even know? I'm a private eye. Here's my card."
No. 310734 ID: 950529
File 130757509435.png - (97.18KB , 800x600 , 057.png )

>Rocco: "What does 'freelance negotiator' mean?"
>Nicole: "It means that if you got someone bothering you but you can't go to the cops because you don't have a license to sell alchohol, your pet is blacklisted, or you don't want people to know you're a flaming homosexual, you call me and I'll go 'convince' the offending party to quit it."
No. 310738 ID: 40cb26

Your cousin is awesome so let her know in no uncertain terms. Also, never ever piss her off.
No. 310757 ID: d3ccca

Hey, you guys...
Private Nick... the Private Dick
No. 310758 ID: 950529
File 130757839750.png - (184.17KB , 800x600 , 058.png )

>Rocco: "That's awesome. You're awesome, Nicole!"
>Nicole: "I know, but thanks for reminding me."
No. 310763 ID: 950529
File 130757891005.png - (129.69KB , 800x600 , 059.png )

The drive continues for at least another hour.

I try to imagine seeing Ricci again, and what I'll say to her. I can't really think of anything.. I think- I think I'll just hug her.

I'm pulled out of my thoughts when we suddenly stop at a gate. Nicole notices my surprised expression as I look around.
>Nicole: "Almost there."
She leans out of the window to press a button on the intercom next to us. Soon a voice crackles through.

>"Name and business, please."
>Nicole: "Nicole Cooke, I have a transfer student with me. The administration director is expecting us."
>"Just a moment. .... .... Continue along the road, go into the round about and take the fourth exit. You will see a sign that says 'Administration'. Please park on the designated 'visitor' parking spots. One of our employees will escort you to the administration directors office."
>Nicole: "Got it, thank you."

The massive barred gate begins to roll out of our way.
No. 310765 ID: 40cb26

Before heading on into this place ask her who here actually knows the truth of your situation? That might be damn important info if shit hits the fan, or if you just need someone to confide in.
No. 310766 ID: 6868bc

Just relax! How old're you, Rocco? Has your voice cracked, yet?

Try and speak softly, in any case. Shy and quiet. People'll notice any difference less than if you try and do a falsetto, or just speak normally.

We've got your back, if anything happens. You're in capable hands! Or your neck is in a capable necklace, if you prefer.
No. 310776 ID: d3dfb8

Holy shit that place is big! Keep your cool bro, you can do this.
No. 310781 ID: e3f578

What? Come on you didn't ask anything else that's interesting about being a private eye? How did she get all those contacts and stuff? Come on man, that would be a bitchin' job to grow up to. You barely do jack shit just photograph adulterers and call up other people to get a lot of info.
You never even get into much life-threatening situations that action-movies would suggest.
Promise us we fix that when we fix your situation up you throw us her way.
No. 310787 ID: 5b95eb

Ask if she has a fedora, trench coat, gun, and let's say... bourbon, in her office.
No. 310788 ID: 35e1a0

for levity ask if her gun ever turned into a key.
No. 310789 ID: 950529
File 130758226967.png - (191.70KB , 800x600 , 060.png )

>Rocco: "So, uhm- Who here knows the truth? If- I mean.."
>Nicole: "Ah, uh, Robin, the administration director, is a good friend of mine. She's covering up your background. And the school doctor of course, Bianca. Just a heads up, though, Bianca has been lobbying to make Beaton a mixed gender school, so she may have her own agenda. I might be around too. Beaton's main insurance company hired me to keep an eye on the construction of the new college section, all the way on the edge of the school grounds. Those are the adults you can turn to, but I can't help you with the students. You'll have to make friends on your own."
>Rocco: "That's okay. Thank you again."
>Nicole: "No problem, I'll just call on you when I'm ever in need of help."

Thank you as well. I don't think I can do this without you to back me up- Oh..
Oh goodness, you just made me realize again that I have to pretend I'm a girl. I keep forgetting about that! This dress feels more comfortable than it should..
I'm sixteen- I think my voice cracked years ago, but.. it's not much different than that of Ricci.
Yeah, I'll still just.. just act shy. Speak as little and quietly as possible..
Oh boy.. oooh boy.. okay..
No. 310790 ID: 950529
File 130758229167.png - (101.55KB , 800x600 , 061.png )

I'll push through!
No. 310795 ID: 0d095c

Wait a second. Why the HELL would a school need a "Freelance Negotiator" to keep an eye on a construction site?

...I sense something fishy. Congrats, this orb is ALREADY uncovering weird global conspiracies and armies of darkness!
No. 310837 ID: 9a34be

Just remember that if it looks like you're going to get outed as a guy, there are always fallback points before outright admitting it. Like your chest size: If something happens and someone sees you barechested, you can just throw out a torrent of "It's not my fault I'm flat!" and pretend to have a complex about it, which will retroactively explain your dislike of being seen in the showers which will almost certainly be an issue unless the dorms have private showers.

Also, yeah, make sure you pay attention in politics discussions, because I'm giving it between a month and a year before you get swept up in some huge conspiracy/scandal, gender-related or not
No. 310880 ID: a41aaf

You think? The sign in front of the school, and the entry directions, are more akin to a high-security facility than a place of education.
No. 310894 ID: 950529
File 130763081416.png - (154.35KB , 800x600 , 062.png )

Beaton does look extraordinarily large, and the security measures are intimidating.. Should I be worried? Even worried enough to- uh- ..search for clues? Though I'm just a highschool student..

After a little while, we find our way to administration building, and a short walk later to the administration directors office.
She's on the phone but gestures us to come in. Nicole secures the door behind us.

>"...That's right. ...Yes, ma'am. I will upload my full report when it's done, but I thought it would be best if I inform you right away. Yes, it all checks out. The incorrect information is likely to blame on their system, they must not have the resources to deal with the special needs of students. .... Yes, of course. She's actually arriving right now. ... Yes.... Hm-hm.... Okay, shall I- ... ... No, ma'am. ... ... I will send her to your office as soon as all administrative procedures have been finished. ... Yes, it won't take long. ..Of course. It will be done by tonight. .. Thank you, you too, ma'am."

She disconnects the call and looks me over.
>"So is this the big hero? No way, you look too much like a girl. Nicole, are you having a laugh at my expense?"
>Nicole: "I wouldn't be laughing if my entire family had been lying to me for sixteen years!"
>"Haha.. Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Rocco. I'm Robin."
No. 310895 ID: 0d095c

Oh god, please tell me this isn't one of those schools for Mutants and Superheroes. I jut couldn't take it....

But yes, be afraid, be VERY AFRAID. It'll help your natural air of incompetence.
No. 310896 ID: 5c0446

get yer game face on! let her know you are fully prepared for this!
No. 310897 ID: 950529
File 130763465678.png - (151.77KB , 800x600 , 063.png )

Supermutants don't exist as far as I know. Well, I certainly hope they don't exist, or- or I'll cry! Whatever the reason is that Beaton is so well protected probably isn't supernatural. ...Right?

Right, I'll let her know I'm as prepared as I can be!
>Rocco: "Thank you, ma'am. I will work hard to make the best of my time here, and have many valuable experiences."
>Robin: "Haha.. I bet. One teenage boy surrounded by girls- That's a lot of experiences to be had!"
>Nicole: "Heh!"
>Rocco: "Wha- No- I-"
No. 310902 ID: 543375

You're sister should probably have some sort of heads up. She might not react well to find her brother has suddenly put on a dress and joined an all girls school.
No. 310903 ID: 00d3d5

Change the subject!
Ask what kinds of Special Needs care the school provides.
No. 310912 ID: 950529
File 130764146278.png - (149.55KB , 800x600 , 064.png )

>Rocco: "No- I'm- I'm here just for my sister! C-can we let her know I'm here?"
>Nicole: "Good idea."
>Robin: "Oh, I can send her an email, but- Honestly? No one really checks their schools email accounts. Though she might, since she's new."
She takes her laptop off standby and gets to work on it. I try to follow what she's doing, but the speed and the small fontsize throw me off.
I wait a moment before asking my next question.
>Rocco: "What kind of special needs care does the school provide?"
>Robin: "Mostly personal guidance where necessary, to make sure no bright minds get overlooked. We have a staff of professional mentors, who also run group modules to adress things like low self-esteem. In addition the student council has set up an 'Elder Sister' program, where junior students are matched with seniors."
>Nicole: "Nice, sounds like you'll have more than enough help. As long as you don't get exposed, of course."
>Robin: "Yep. And you'll be watched, at least until you finish one of the modules to prove your 'social handicap' has been dealt with."
>Rocco: "S.. So is this good, or bad?"
>Robin: "That will depend on your acting skills."
No. 310915 ID: 00d3d5

Ask what she means by that. Also, what she's talking about with social handicaps.
No. 310923 ID: 543375

Also Uniforms and Dorms. (Hopefully you'll get your own room.)
No. 310937 ID: 4e2b45

What about the curriculum? There are no changing rooms to worry about are there?

The early scrutiny might actually be good as it'll teach you to be on your guard.

Are there any measures you can pull if you are discovered? Like claiming that the faculty recognizes you as being a transgender person?

More importantly is there anyone other than your sister here from your old school(s) that might know Ricci had a twin brother?
No. 310958 ID: 950529
File 130764653379.png - (157.72KB , 800x600 , 065.png )

>Rocco: "Huh? What do you mean?"
>Robin: "Well, a lot of attention can be helpful, but not if you can't hide that you're a boy."
>Rocco: "Oh, right. What do you mean with my social handicap?"
>Robin: "..The very reason you're to attend, remember? We used social handicap as the reason you were previously registered as a male and your score is below eighty percent. You better not forget that again!"
>Rocco: "Oh, I knew that! Just making sure, s-sorry."
>Robin: "You're making me a bit nervous that you'll just expose yourself and us the moment you step out of my office."
>Rocco: "I- I won't, I promise. Sorry."
>Robin: "Alright then."

>Rocco: "Uh- What about my uniform? And dorms?"
>Robin: "Oh right, good you remind me. Here's your uniform. It's probably too big, but you can get a new one later. Be sure to put it on before leaving this building. As for your dorm.. I'm going to give you a temporary keycard until your longterm room has been arranged. Uh, let's see- There's three dorms, each focusing on different shared interests. There's arts and culture, sports and exercise, and, uh- academics. Your sister is in arts and culture, but you probably won't be able to share a room with her. Which shall I put you in?"
No. 310960 ID: 835a2d

Academics, to improve yoself.
No. 310963 ID: e616f9

sports? out of the fucking question.

I'd say go to arts&culture to be close enough to Ricci, and because arts are interesting and the other one is probably full of nerds.
No. 310969 ID: 40cb26

Sports is right out, academics conflicts *heavily* with the whole persona you're trying to develop here. You aren't geeky enough anyway.

Arts and culture it is!
No. 310974 ID: 07416a

Yes. Academics are a good idea.
No. 310976 ID: 07416a

Academics would lead to the least chance of discovery. The reason why your grades were bad before? You were too smart and bored and never applied yourself. Now in a challenging environment with better teachers, your grades will improve! May even be true.

Also, ask Robin why she's doing this.
No. 310978 ID: 35e1a0

arts cause what the others said.
No. 310981 ID: 07416a

Academics would lead to the least chance of discovery. The reason why your grades were bad before? You were too smart and bored and never applied yourself. Now in a challenging environment with better teachers, your grades will improve! May even be true.

Also, ask Robin why she's doing this.
No. 310988 ID: b7d8d0

Academics! Give her some space, ma- girl. Don't hafta stalk her THAT hard
No. 311003 ID: 950529
File 130765127563.png - (161.69KB , 800x600 , 066.png )

Yeah, that's true.. The other students in academics will probably help me get my grades up better than the other dorms.. on the other hand, I don't really like studying, so I'll find the least people with the same interests.
I better go with arts and culture. You're right, it'll let me see Ricci more too. Maybe it'll be like living in the same house, but having our own rooms?

>Rocco: "I'd like to stay in the arts and culture one."
>Robin: "Alright, I'll let them know. Here's your keycard. I'll summon you when your personal keycard is finished."
>Rocco: "Thank you. Uh- I also wanted to know about the curriculum."
>Robin: "Right, let's see..."
She browses some files on her laptop while she answers.
>Robin: "You have the basic set of English, Math, General Physics, Culture, Society, aaand Physical Education.. Then there's extended classes and projects for additional grades, like Advanced Math, Economic Society, Theology, Martial Arts, Military Strategy, Robotics.. Lots, really. Your final score needs to be one hundred and twenty percent."
>Rocco: "Wh- That's not possible, how can I have more than one hundred percent?"
>Robin: "Not literally, it's how our grading system works. It let's you focus on what you're good at, even if that's being a jaqueline-of-all-trades. It's probably a good idea to apply for the Elder Sister program, and study together to get you started."
>Rocco: "Okay, uhm- I think I get it.. Thank you."
>Robin: "Don't worry, it's not expected of you to get the hang of it right away. As long as you show you are talented and smart enough, the rules will take a step back. That's Beaton's philosophy, but the headmistress can sell that better than I can. Speaking of which, you should go see her soon. Do you have any more questions?"
>Rocco: "Well, uh.. Why- Why are you doing? Helping me?"
Robin leans back and a mischievous smile appears on her face.
>Robin: "Because I'm bored~♥"
>Nicole: "Ha! That's Robin for ya."
>Rocco: "Oh.. I- So you- You're not really looking out for me?"
>Robin: "I can't say. Boredom is a fickle mistress."
>Nicole: "Ha ha ha- I'd say she's kidding, but knowing her this is probably exactly why she got this job."
>Robin: "I may not have a say in things, but from this office I have access to pretty much everything. It's perfect for pulling off schemes like this."
>Rocco: "I.. I see."
>Robin: "Well, if that's all you should get going."
No. 311004 ID: 0d095c


Instead, worry about how this place has more security than the Queen's unmentionable drawer. FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THIS PLACE.
No. 311006 ID: 3416ec

Military Strategy.

Then you'll get to read Sun Tzu.
No. 311009 ID: 40cb26

Promise her you'll keep things... uh... interesting! I think that's best to say. It'll keep her rooting for ya. And I mean really you can't not be. At least not with us around.

>Martial Arts, Military Strategy, Robotics
Haha what? This place is radical. I don't know what all your crazier interests are but I think you'll find an outlet for them here.

Just what are your dreams, Ms. Dude?
No. 311010 ID: ac87ed

Robotics. Military Strategy.

Take over the world and rule it with your sister.
No. 311011 ID: 35e1a0

hey, you want to learn kung-fu right? Martial Arts is that and more.
No. 311017 ID: 07416a

Economic society. Then you'll get to read Sun Tzu!
No. 311018 ID: 5f55fe

martial arts is a bad idea, depending on the style. If there's any kind of grappling, it's off limits for you. It would be too easy for someone to grab your junk during a throw or something.

If you are going to do any Phys Ed, required or otherwise, it is the utmost priority that you try to avoid activities that could reveal yourself. Running probably isn't that bad, or any non-contact sport. We're going to have to tackle the issue of showers though... assuming group showers. We may have to chock it off to shyness.

So just another reason to make sure you keep a socially withdrawn persona. You can be social, just cautiously.

As for extra classes you can take. Unless it's necessary to immediately sign up, you might want to stick with just the required courses. At least until you are comfortable enough that you can handle them.
No. 311019 ID: 788dee

Military strategy can be applied in the business world. Hell, to a degree, it can be applied in anything. It's leadership, logistics and dynamic approach.

You should take it at the very least.
No. 311032 ID: f5fe2f

Economic Society sounds like a good thing to know.
Martial arts is too, and it's something where a single class of it will put you way above the general population, so definitely worth it.
Robotics is all well and good, but I'd imagine you need some metal working and computer programming classes before it really becomes something that conveys useful skills. Military strategy could be useful, but you don't happen to have a military at the moment, and there are other semesters in the future.

She can read on her own time in addition to school reading. And Art of War is a popular book in economics, too.
No. 311034 ID: 950529
File 130765446145.png - (96.71KB , 800x600 , 067.png )

Come on, she obviously listing those extended classes as examples. Six isn't exactly a lot..
Ah- That's a good idea, sticking to the basic classes for now and taking the extra classes when I find out what is enjoyable and doable for me.
As for what I want.. Uh.. Well, I haven't really thought about the future yet. I thought I'd have a few years before I'd have to decide.. But not in Beaton apparently. It is pretty intimidating that robotics and military strategy are already taught in high school here. Maybe that's part of the Beaton philosophy too?

>Rocco: "Yeah, uh, okay. Where should I change? And where do I go?"
>Robin: "You can change in one of the toilets here. As for where you should go.. Why don't you ask some of the students where the headmistress' office is?"
>Rocco: "A-alright... Okay, uhm- I- I'll make sure I will continue to be interesting!"
>Robin: "I look forward to it."
>Rocco: "Th- Thank you, and thank you again too, Nick."
>Nicole: "See ya, cousin. Good luck!"

I head out into the hallway, and enter the first bathroom I see. It's rather spacious and relatively clean. I can easily change here.

Yeah.. How am I going to get around Physical Education? I would like to learn martial arts or something, but- yeah.. I'll need to find a way to be excused from it, and a way to make up for the missing grade.
No. 311038 ID: 35e1a0

oh wait, LOCK THE DOOR. someone walking in with you half dressed would be bad.
No. 311040 ID: 07416a

Also acquire more interesting underwear. With underwear like that when someone walks in on ya they're gonna be like EWWW BOY! You gotta ENTICE them, dude.
No. 311043 ID: 6868bc

Okay. Gym. First time out, they probably won't have an outfit ready and waiting for you, so no need to worry about changing. The nurse is in on the scheme, so that's helpful. Just... collapse, midway through the exercise, panting for breath. They'll take you to the nurse, you can get her to excuse you from P.E. on the grounds of asthma or something like that. Easy!
No. 311049 ID: f5fe2f

You don't really need a PE exemption if you can wrangle a private changing/showering situation. Since the nurse is in on things, it shouldn't be too hard to get her to attest that you have nudity anxiety, or something along those lines. Since it's a live-in school, just doing that in your dorm should be a reasonable proposition.
No. 311053 ID: 950529
File 130765587002.png - (119.82KB , 800x600 , 068.png )

Actually, yeah.. If they don't have a PE uniform for me, can't I just use that to excuse myself from participating? Oh- But someone may have something I could borrow.. Alright- First PE class I'll feign illness so I can go talk to the school nurse.

I have the door locked, don't worry. It's a toilet after all!

About more feminine underwear... I- Uh-
Yeah, Robin thought of that too.. Uhm..
Sh-should I? It's a bit big, though..
Uh- If you're serious, I should- uh- find somewhere- Maybe there's a shop on campus?
Uh- So, right now? Or..
No. 311054 ID: 6868bc

Nudity anxiety would be good... but really, a bit suspicious. You're already entering the school under unusual circumstances, and now nobody can see you nude? Somebody might connect the dots and suspect something's up.

We want to keep your profile as low as possible. The less attention you get, the less likely it is that someone will figure you out.
No. 311057 ID: f5fe2f

Well, she's officially got a social handicap. People will perceive her as pretty fucked up anyway. Nudity anxiety is just a drop in the bucket at this point. Really, we're free to use any form of social handicap that we please, as long as we're consistent in our story and behavior.
No. 311058 ID: 6868bc

Try the bra on, see how it fits. You'll need to get used to working the clasp of a bra anyway. It might come up. See also: get into the habit of leaving the toilet seat DOWN. Sit when you use the restroom, always. Close attention to detail will win the day. Can you guys think of anything else?

And, hm... fancier panties can wait, at least til you get settled. You did say your sister wore about the same thing! As long as no one gets a close look, boyshorts shouldn't give you away -immediately-.

...As long as you aren't getting turned on, you perv.
No. 311063 ID: 35e1a0

would help keep the tissue paper in place, put it on and stuff it until you are your sister's size.
No. 311151 ID: e616f9


her classmates aren't going to know it, and since this is a private school, the teachers and stuff are pretty much bound to treat him understandingly.


stuff that bra if it's unpadded. you can do the shopping thing later- for now you should go get settled in immediately. you want to keep up a facade of enthusiasm and determination after all.
No. 311190 ID: 950529
File 130766552911.png - (106.27KB , 800x600 , 069.png )

Uh- Hm.. I'm a bit worried that claiming to have nudity anxiety as part of my fictional social disorder might result in- uh- well, the kind of therapy that will be- uhm- troublesome... and yeah, not being seen nude with already suspicious circumstances make it less than ideal.
However, I also can't keep up pretending I'm sick forever.
I'll need a longterm low profile solution.

The bra is a bit big, but maybe it will fit better once I have stuffed it with toilet paper.
N- No, of course this isn't turning me on. It- It's making me more uncomfortable than excited.

R- Right, I'll hurry. I should get to the headmistress quickly to show my enthusiasm.
No. 311215 ID: 9a34be

You seem to be forgetting something important:
You have a twin.

If she's willing to help, and you can schedule things so you have PE while she has a break, you might be able to convince her to stand in for you. You'll probably have to do something for her in return, but it could work.
No. 311220 ID: 6868bc

Right, Ricci... she doesn't know you're here yet. You'll need to meet her soon, and keep her from freaking out where anyone can see. Have her called to the nurse's office, or someplace else that's in on the secret, and hopefully contain her outburst of "HOLY SHIT CROSSDRESSING TWIN BROTHER" to someplace where you can explain and it won't fuck you over.

Face like yours, you can get away with anything. You got in here, right?
No. 311221 ID: 40cb26

You know what, just go talk to Bianca. If there is anyone who can help you get around this issue, it's her. It's not like it wouldn't occur to her!
No. 311248 ID: e616f9
File 130766768068.png - (290.97KB , 459x471 , brownie.png )


brilliant. have a brownie.
No. 311261 ID: 950529
File 130766877479.png - (107.94KB , 800x600 , 070.png )

Oooh! Yeah, we are pretty much identical. Ricci can stand in any time I have to be naked, and all suspicions will be washed away. In return, I can double for her when she doesn't want to go somewhere.
What a good idea!

I think if Ricci sees me she'll be smart enough not to exclaim I'm a boy. I do want to see her soon though..

Heading for the school doctor to talk to her as soon as possible is also a good idea. Hopefully I can go there right after seeing the headmistress.

No. 311262 ID: 950529
File 130766880873.png - (120.46KB , 800x600 , 071.png )

..I actually look pretty cute ♥
No. 311263 ID: 0d095c

And now you're lusting after yourself. I TOLD YOU ABOUT ORBS BRO.
No. 311265 ID: 835a2d

WHatever you do, don't get a boner. IT WILL BETRAY YOU
No. 311267 ID: e3f578

Glasses for distinction bro.
It'll confuse everyone who's who if your persona is usually associated with wearing glasses.
No. 311281 ID: 5b95eb

Yes, you do, but focus on business.
No. 311286 ID: 1be29c

Delicious trap is delicious, you must fall for him~

Time to head out, then.
No. 311300 ID: 950529
File 130767402892.png - (122.25KB , 800x600 , 072.png )

..Oh! Wh-what am I saying?!
I should get going.
No. 311301 ID: 950529
File 130767407425.png - (132.39KB , 800x600 , 073.png )

This is it..
My first steps into the land of women.
No. 311307 ID: 07416a

Remember: If discovered you are a pre-op tranny. You're really a girl, you're just trapped in a mans body.
No. 311311 ID: 40cb26

Relax it's not like you weren't around girls before. Act natural.

Well we need some kind of idea where to go for the headmistress. Unless there is a schoolgrounds map or something you might have to ask around. Or it just might be a visually obvious main building. Look around first, get comfortable walking around here and if you really have no idea then ask for help.

Let's... lets call that Plan X. Play Y will be setting that appointment, and Plan Z is going through with it.

Really though we will just try to avoid the lot of it, ok?
No. 311312 ID: e3f578

Women aren't alien you dumbass. They're like men only with different anatomy and slightly different cultural differences.
No. 311353 ID: 543375

You're kind of jumping into it suddenly, but perhaps a permanent change wouldn't be so bad for you. Hell, magic orb with voices in it? Maybe something magical can help you.
No. 311369 ID: e616f9

concentrate less on being surrounded by women and more on being surrounded by, y'know, just people. and ask someone if you need directions to the director.
No. 311391 ID: 6868bc

I want you to get into a certain mindset. Stop thinking of yourself as a guy at all. Think of yourself as a girl. Make the answer to "Are you a girl?" "Yes," instantly, in your mind. No doubt, no hesitation.

You are, indeed, in the land of women. So you must be a woman for as long as you're here. There's no room for pride or mistakes. You knew what you were getting into, and you're still here. Be serious about it.
No. 311406 ID: 543375

Make some fiends, and be careful. Your adorableness could cause you to become a target for bullying.
No. 311422 ID: 5b95eb

They're definitely aliens, so follow the same guidelines, viz, don't let them stick anything up your butt.

Also, don't listen to us voices too closely. We're a bit... off, as I'm sure you've already noticed.
No. 311423 ID: 788dee

>Also, don't listen to us voices too closely. We're a bit... off, as I'm sure you've already noticed.
Hey, I haven't even talked about rape yet!
No. 311424 ID: e616f9


you're kidding, right? I've never ever been this helpful before.
No. 311469 ID: 81f32a


You're a guy!?

All this time I saw this on the homepage, I thought the main was a girl.

What's up with that girly outlook?
No. 311470 ID: 81f32a

And I don't mean your recent transvestism,
you looked like a girly girl from the beginning.
No. 311471 ID: 788dee

>All this time I saw this on the homepage
What the duckflipping fuckdamn does this even mean?

Secondly, you're supposed to actually follow a quest, not just glance at the last post briefly and then choke on all the dicks you can find within the next 15 minutes.
No. 311494 ID: 3392ab

I thought the exact same thing at first. I mean, I know that his name is Rocco and everything, but I could have sworn it was a pair of twin sisters...
No. 311501 ID: 950529
File 130773398198.png - (133.86KB , 800x600 , 074.png )




I'm a girl. I'm a girl. I can relax, I'm a girl.
Am I a girl? Yes.
Right, I'll be careful. I'll just-
I mean-
If I make some friends, I- I can imitate them, and they can keep me safe from bullies and the aliens won't put things in my butt. I mean- The girls won't.

I am boy.
No. 311504 ID: 950529
File 130773416620.png - (170.02KB , 800x600 , 075.png )

I hope my name isn't too masculine..
I don't see any maps here. I'm in a small courtyard-ish place, with a large bronze statue in the middle, surrounded by buildings. They all look equally imposing..
I should ask someone- It'll be- Uh- First encounter.

There's two girls talking thoughtfully underneath a tree. At the base of the statue sits a lone person reading intently. On the other side about a dozen girls in tracksuits are doing some sort of exercise.
Which should I approach?
No. 311505 ID: 35e1a0

reading person. tap them on the shoulder and say "excuse me, i'm new here and i am wondering where the headmistress's office is.
No. 311507 ID: 788dee

No. 311510 ID: 0d095c

No. 311536 ID: 5c0446

when you ask the reader say "sorry to interrupt" usually readers especially intense ones wont actually look away from the book when questioned.
No. 311540 ID: 950529
File 130773768261.png - (158.65KB , 800x600 , 076.png )

I'm not! I'm not looking up the statue's dress!
I'm not looking!!
No. 311541 ID: 950529
File 130773787257.png - (104.97KB , 800x600 , 077.png )

..Oh. The dress is solid..

The plague reads..
Katherine Beaton
"The trademark slump"
by alumnus Samantha Montagh

No. 311543 ID: 0d095c

....What does that even...?

Whatever. Just talk to book girl. Before we try to think that plaque through.
No. 311549 ID: 81f32a

>What the duckflipping fuckdamn does this even mean?

That means I have no damn interest in following this quest and every time I saw it on the homepage he looked like a girl, in EVERY GOD DAMN UPDATE.

Then I opened the thread to skip over it and realized that he is a guy.

Fuck, do you think people have time and interest to follow every damn quest?

Seriously, Rocco, get some distinguishing male features after you spy adventure.
No. 311555 ID: 35e1a0

uhhh, looking like a girl is the POINT.

anyway to book learnin girl.
No. 311556 ID: 5c0446

you may want to ask bookworm about the "trademark slump" if she seems amicable.
No. 311559 ID: 5f55fe

Don't worry about that voice Rocco. That one is just a little nuts. We get those sometimes. Just ignore it. Most of us are sane enough.

Calm down a bit. Take a deep breath. If you're still shaky, sit down for a bit. (If you do make sure you try to sit like a girl. You're wearing a skirt)

Once you're calm, you can approach someone for directions. The one's exercising are probably a bad choice, but anyone else is fine.
No. 311561 ID: 950529
File 130774153668.png - (154.02KB , 800x600 , 078.png )

I don't know- I guess the school's founder was a bit of a weirdo..

Okay.. Phew, okay.
I'm- Okay, let me just take a moment.

Right.. I walk up to the person reading, then stand around a bit as I work up the courage to say something.
>Rocco: "Uhm.."
I clear my throat.
>Rocco: "Uhm- Uh- Hello- I mean, uh- E-excuse me..?"
The reader very slowly looks up from the book.
No. 311562 ID: 386b0b

No. 311566 ID: e3f578

Whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a fucking goddamn minute
Katherine Beaton, as in Kate Beaton?
Mind Blown.
"Yo, my fellow motherfucking gangsta bitch, where be the damn arts n cultures dorm"
No. 311567 ID: 5c0446

get the directions you need and before you go tell her she needs to find a bigger book.
No. 311568 ID: 0d095c

Try and see what she's REALLY reading. She's blushing, so whatever's in that little black book must be pretty great. That, or Yaoi.
No. 311570 ID: 35e1a0

she has another book in there. anyway "i'm new here, do you know where the headmistress's office is?"
No. 311571 ID: 980ade

Say what you were supposed to.

You know,"I'm new, where is the headmistress and arts&culture?".
No. 311572 ID: 980ade

Also you might tell (whisper?) her to get a bigger book or read things like that in private.
No. 311578 ID: 5b95eb

It's not necessarily porn guys. It might just be comics or a normal book that's more interesting than The Art of War, which I'm sure is required reading for the Military Strategy course. I wouldn't bring it up.

Do this
No. 311585 ID: 40cb26

You're new and need some help, ask which way is the headmistresses office. Keep it simple. Be just a bit awkward, no need to make an act. Natural nervousness will see you through.
No. 311586 ID: 950529
File 130774487781.png - (159.21KB , 800x600 , 079.png )

Hmmnn, I can't really see what the book inside of The Art of War is.. at least not without getting awkwardly close. I'd rather not comment on it until I know what it is- This is already a tensed encounter as it is.

>Rocco: "Uh- New here- I mean, I'm new here. Uhm- Do you- The, uhm.. Do you know- Could you point me to the headmistress' office? A-and the arts and culture dorm?"
The reader nods while I talk, then slowly looks to her right and gestures to the building next to the one I left.
>"Th-that's where the headmistress is.. The rest of the staff to.. Her office is s-second floor, with the double doors.. The dorms are on the other side of the campus, a-also that way. Uh.. Welcome to Beaton.."
No. 311587 ID: 40cb26

Well thank her just as awkwardly, but put a genuine smile there. Could be someone you can call a friend some day.

I'd say exchange names, but lets hold off on that for a bit. You need to be absolutely sure you can't change it first. If you are stuck with Rocco I say pronounce it ro-sho like it's italian or something. Then you use Rose for regular use.
No. 311592 ID: 5b95eb

Thank her, exchange names, tell her your friends call you Rocco.

That way if you do have to go by a pseudonym, as >>311587 suggests, it's easily explained away as a nickname. And if you don't, that works too. I suggest not using one. Or just use whatever's going to be on your personal keycard. That might double as your student ID.
No. 311613 ID: 6868bc

Or somethin' like "Roxanne". Easier to cover up if you slip and say your real name, or you could pass Rocco off as a nickname.
No. 311621 ID: 950529
File 130775166591.png - (99.77KB , 800x600 , 080.png )

>Rocco: "Oh- Uhm- Thank you. M-my name is Rosho, but- uhm- p-please call me Rose!"

I give the best smile I can manage.
No. 311622 ID: 950529
File 130775167045.png - (181.90KB , 800x600 , 081.png )

>"Uh- ..I- I'm Dana.."
>Rocco: "G-good to- uh- meet you, Dana. Uhm- I'll- We'll- Hopefully we'll see eachother again around campus. S- uh- see ya."
>Dana: "S-see ya."

Ah, that wasn't too bad.. I think.. And I don't think she had any suspicions.. I must really look like a girl.
Heehee.. It feels kind of nice~
No. 311624 ID: 35e1a0

you are the most accidental smooth operator ever. dana seems to have the hots for you or something now.
No. 311626 ID: 40cb26

That girl is blushing furiously. Well done! I mean, I don't think you were really flirting but you sure gave a good impression. Plus she's real shy so a little attention goes a long way.

Good thing about people like that is they can make the most loyal of friends if you treat them right. The bad part is being clingy. So uh... just be careful, ok?
No. 311645 ID: 543375

Congratulations. You are not only a chick magnet; You are a lesbian magnet. And apparently you have the option in this school to wear trousers.
No. 311646 ID: 950529
File 130775481221.png - (117.82KB , 800x600 , 082.png )

Wha- No, why would she suddenly be attracted to me? We only spoke for a minute.. Hmm, I think we can be friends though. I'll follow your advice of making friends by simply being friendly to everyone.

I make my way through the building, up some stairs, and down a hallway, where I find the described double doors.
It's quiet, but a single student is standing next to my destination... She looks pretty serious. What should I do?
No. 311648 ID: 0d095c

Ummmmmm... This may be a bad time to mention this, but something might be on your back. Maybe. Otherwise you are apparently the single most attractive individual on the planet. Somehow.
No. 311649 ID: 35e1a0

say "excuse me, i'm a new student and was told to come meet the headmistress."
No. 311661 ID: 5c0446

yes quick body check then a quiet introduction.
No. 311662 ID: 950529
File 130775615549.png - (138.15KB , 800x600 , 083.png )

I slowly approach the student, trying to estimate if she will step out of the way or talk to me. She nods at me in greeting.
I nod back.
>Rocco: "Uhm-"
>Rocco: "I- uh- I'm a new student, and I was- uh- told to see the headmistress.."
She abruptly extends her hand.
>"I am Rachel, the student council president. You must be Rosho. Do you mind if I listen along with you and the headmistress?"
No. 311665 ID: 35e1a0

shake her hand and tell her you don't mind.
No. 311668 ID: 0d095c

Uhhhhh, I thought you signed up as Rocco. Didn't you only just use Rosho outside?

That tears it. They're robot-alien-cyborg-kobold-ghost-slavers!

Keep up the facade. Let NOTHING seem out of place.

Am I the only one who notices that Rachel's weird similarity to Raital?
No. 311670 ID: 40cb26

Hmm... I don't think you want to upset her by just saying "no". But of course yes might be a problem if she doesn't already know or shouldn't be trusted. Say something like "I don't mind, if she says ok? Did she say what did she say about me is something wrong?" and of course stutter and misspeak as appropriate, and end it a little fearful. Remember, you are supposed to have a problem with people sometimes.

...Come to think, how did she know your "new" name? The one you didn't utter until minutes ago? Curious.
No. 311680 ID: 950529
File 130775784464.png - (139.44KB , 800x600 , 084.png )

Uh- Oh- Yeah, uhm..

>Rocco: "Uh- Uhm.. I- I don't mind, if it's o-okay with her. Is there- I mean- Uh- Is- Did she say there's something wrong?"
>Rachel: "Nothing is wrong. As the student council president I like to get to know transfer students. Depending on what you want to do, we may not see much of each other later on."
>Rocco: "Oh.. Well- uh- That- uh- No problem then. Uh-"
>Rachel: "Is there something else?"
>Rocco: "W-well, I was just thinking- uh- You pronounced my name correctly right away. How did you- uh-"
>Rachel: "Your sisters name is Rishi, so I assumed your name is pronounced similarly."
>Rocco: "Oh- oh! I see."
>Rachel: "We should see the headmistress. We can speak again after."
No. 311688 ID: 35e1a0

"okay" and then head on in.
No. 311689 ID: 0d095c

She's lying. Trust a person only as far as you can throw their giant sprawling complex.

Go see the headmistress. Don't worry. We're here to provide moral support if you get mind-raped, soul-raped, or actually-raped. We kick as in other people's minds.
No. 311692 ID: 40cb26

Huh, is that how your sisters name usually sounds?

Don't worry too much about her being in there, most of what you have to discuss isn't about your gender. And what is can either be said later, or she can excuse the class president to speak with you privately. It does put a damper on shenanigans though, since we can't plot around her if she is a potential problem.
No. 311700 ID: 6868bc

Oooh. I like her eyes! So intense.

People with eyes like that are -very- good lovers, y'know, Rosho. We've seen it before.
No. 311710 ID: 950529
File 130776090057.png - (137.88KB , 800x600 , 085.png )

My sisters name is indeed pronounced similar to Rishi. Perhaps she has spoken with my sister before.
Could she really be on to me so quickly? I- Her eyes are intense, but.. This is the first time we meet!

I nod, and we head through the double doors together.

>Rachel: "This is Rosho, the transfer student."
>"Ah yes. Good to see you, Rosho. I'm miss Cavalier. Have a seat.. It was unfortunate that you were unable to transfer here together with your sister. I'm sure you know the details as well as me- However, you don't need to worry about such things any more. Here we will make sure there are no misunderstandings. Tell me, how much do you understand of the Beaton philosophy?"
No. 311713 ID: 35e1a0

not much, i mostly heard second hand information from my sister, but i am willing to do my best!
No. 311716 ID: 543375

That picture... Beaton... So familiar....

Hark! A Vagrant!!
No. 311720 ID: 40cb26

Speaking very generally I see. Then our friend here is not in the know. So stay in character and watch your words.

We don't really know the underlying philosophy, but between the special assistance and the really advanced classes it seems to be one based on helping girls reach their full potential. Say as much, simpler and awkwardly of course.
No. 311721 ID: 6868bc

Nervous stuttering time go!
No. 311730 ID: 950529
File 130776336629.png - (131.67KB , 800x600 , 086.png )

>Rocco: "Uh- Uhm! To-"
>Ms Cavalier: "Calm down, it's okay."
>Rocco: "..T-to help us reach our full potential?"
>Ms Cavalier: "That's right! We know how easily good ideas can be lost behind soft voices, or bright minds made useless by lack of knowledge. Here at Beaton, we will give you all the means to overcome those hurdles. It was very good of you to let yourself be heard when your sister transferred here with out you. Now you should use that same courage to apply for help with feeling more confident all the time."
No. 311734 ID: 35e1a0

"i-i'll try my best!"
No. 311745 ID: 5b95eb

No. 311746 ID: 543375

Don't forget to fidget and blush.
No. 311748 ID: 5f55fe

Do we even need to tell him that? He's got that down pat.

Anyway, maybe you could thank her. Crack a shy smile. Just to show you appreciate all the help being offered. Up to you.
No. 311749 ID: 950529
File 130776499938.png - (139.24KB , 800x600 , 087.png )

>Rocco: "I- I'll do my best!"
>Ms Cavalier: "That is good to hear. For now, we'll keep a close eye on you. Specifically, Rachel, as the student council president, will keep track of you personally."
>Rachel: "Yes."
>Ms Cavalier: "She'll help you with social situations, and what she can't help you with, she'll direct you to the person who can."
>Rachel: "Yes."
No. 311750 ID: 5b95eb

No. 311758 ID: 40cb26

...This intense and imposing girl is going to be the one on your ass, and she isn't aware of the fact of the matter. This isn't to your advantage.

We need to figure out quickly just exactly what your hangups are. We need a problem to be worked on, and it needs to be consistent. Maybe paralyzed in uncertain situations, followed by a bit of a freakout? Nothing major but saying or doing something that doesn't make sense is a good fit. We can work that into how you talk too. Remember if you aren't sure what to do, act very unsure what to do or freeze up all together.

"S-so... what do I do now?" is what you want to say here.
No. 311759 ID: 543375

You go to the Doctor's office. Duh.
No. 311760 ID: 40cb26

Aye, but she should draw a blank on that for a moment.
No. 311762 ID: 950529
File 130776689134.png - (142.78KB , 800x600 , 088.png )

Yes- Uh- R-right, I have to be consistent in my behaviour.. I- uh- I am very nervous all the time, though. And- Well- I'll just trust you to keep track of what my fictional disorder is.

>Rocco: "So- uh, wh-what do I do now?"
>Ms Cavalier: "Now you get to settle in for the day. Tomorrow you'll be going to class again!"
>Rachel: "Just follow me."
Rachel gently puts her hand on my shoulder and guides me out of the chair.
I quickly look back before leaving to show a shy smile.
>Rocco: "Uh- Uhm- Thank you.. f-for everything.."
Miss Cavalier nods and smiles back.
No. 311769 ID: 07416a

Naw, just act natural. She'll be able to spot a fake.
No. 311771 ID: 40cb26

Remember social anxiety, or really any kind of anxiety, is a matter of being overwhelmed. Too many people, situations where you don't know what's going on or how to act, or just too much information to process go from being difficult situations to nearly impossible ones.

Now when you step out of the building, look around. Glance at the people around you like you were worried what each one of them thought of you. Don't make a big act of it just be distracted and tense for a moment.
No. 311773 ID: 543375

Darling, nerve wracking adorableness may be a boon.
No. 311784 ID: 950529
File 130776943910.png - (123.48KB , 800x600 , 089.png )

Okay.. So- uh.. We're going with social anxiety? And.. somehow make it cute so people will like me instead of just get weirded out? Well.. It sounds good. I hope I can pull it off.

Rachel leads me out of the office and down a few hallways.
>Rachel: "So, as you have just heard, you are my responsibility. I will help you whenever you find yourself in trouble. Let me know when that is, just in case I don't pick up on it myself. This responsibility goes to your teacher during class, and to your dormhead after curfew. So, to optimize our time and productivity together, I will make you the school council vice-president."
No. 311786 ID: e95c11

Oh! Um. Okay. That's kind of a big jump, considering you've only just arrived, but you certainly shouldn't complain about the opportunity. Uh. Does that come with any particular responsibilities? You should know what you're getting into beforehand.
No. 311788 ID: 5c0446

good job. now you'll be able to meet everyone and have them visit you at all hours of the day and be used as a shining example to everyone else.
No. 311789 ID: 0d7a83

No. 311791 ID: 5f55fe

Hmm... that sucks. Well I don't think you'll be able to argue the position. I mean, she's just trying to help your social problem, so if you try to back out of it, she'll just push you back in. All in the name of 'helping' you.

Whatever, accept it for now. We'll just have to deal with it.
No. 311793 ID: d4f98d

I'm leery of this chick, but that notwithstanding, don't be TOO accepting of this. Being made Vice-President of the Student council SOUNDS like a position with responsibilities, so it should fluster you slightly. Cautiously accept, however. "You don't want to disappoint on your first day, after all"
No. 311795 ID: 35e1a0

accept but be scared at the responsibility.
No. 311797 ID: 40cb26

Doesn't have to be textbook social anxiety, but that is one thing that'll set it off. It'll probably help to be a bit less predictable and eccentric.

Suddenly being told you are a vice president is something that could set it off. Maybe say something a bit like: "Huh?!? How can I why are you- what can I do- don't know-" Well you get the idea. Say it more naturally for you.
No. 311798 ID: d4f98d

I'm not sure if confusion is the way to go here, though. Inquire in your typical manner as to whether or not you'd be replacing someone in the position (Doesn't she already have an acting vice-presidential representative?). Someone with severe social anxiety would be terrified of conflicts.
No. 311800 ID: 543375

My money is on her to be the first to take a pass at you.
No. 311801 ID: 397564
File 130777223665.png - (132.37KB , 181x434 , keima.png )

Wow. She's pretty straight to the point! Talk about being cut-throat by providing you this position! You know, I think she's been put to babysit you for the simple reason that she doesn't think on another person's behalf. This is just an assumption but as much as she's helping you get out of your "shell," you're also helping her to be more empathic.

I could be wrong of course.

Anyway, I'll follow this psyche's >>311797 advice in the mean time. It'll broaden our paths.
No. 311803 ID: e3f578

Shouldn't vice president go to someone who's proven they can handle responsibility? That's a big position to give to a new kid just to up efficiency of touring 'em around the place. You could just fetch the donuts.

What does a student council do anyway? All I know is that they throw stupid animesqe little events most students won't care about and run elections.
No. 311805 ID: 5b95eb

Aren't student council members voted in? Buggered if I know.

Say that you're honored, not sure if you can handle it/the best one for the position, but that you'll try your best.
No. 311806 ID: 950529
File 130777413124.png - (143.81KB , 800x600 , 090.png )

Uh- Wha- Huh- Why- Huh?!
So she's doing this because- ..because why? To help me? To help herself?
Why- wh-

>Rocco: "Wh-wh- What?! But- I- Huh?! I only just arrived! Shouldn't the vice presidency go to someone more reliable?! Where is the elected vice president?"
>Rachel: "She moved abroad last month. We have been without a vice president since, because nobody is interested."
>Rocco: "But- Uh- Wh-what will be my responsibilities?"
>Rachel: "Be present in this office, or at my side at all available hours. Assist me with anything."
>Rocco: "I- But- Wait, I-"
She stops at a door and opens it.
>Rachel: "This is Rosho, our new vice president."
No. 311807 ID: 950529
File 130777413663.png - (162.99KB , 800x600 , 091.png )

>Rachel: "Rosho, these are Krystal and Taisha, the councils secretary and treasurer, respectively."
>Krystal: "Oohoo! Hello!"
No. 311809 ID: d4f98d

This is getting good, don't you think so, Rocco?
No. 311812 ID: ac87ed

Ask Rachel if she has any siblings.
No. 311813 ID: 5b95eb

Well, say hello.
No. 311814 ID: 35e1a0

Krystal looks like she cheats at games. be careful to never bet anything with her.
No. 311815 ID: 223884

Mmmmm, I'm liking the the flustered Tasha quite a bit.

Krystal looks mischevious, but relatively harmless.

more adorable shyness, I must have!
No. 311819 ID: ba573c


Don't just stand there! Introduce yourself!
No. 311823 ID: 544dd4

Who are you, why
are you not you?
know, blood knows blood
evermore in sleeping?
Undone, uncompleted, unwitting
pray then for dawn, and with the daw-
No. 311826 ID: 223884


Am I the only one who doesn't understand what the hell this is about?
No. 311829 ID: 5b95eb

You're not alone. Just ignore him. You too, Rocco.
No. 311837 ID: 543375

I am suddenly fascinated with the shy girl. Make friends with her quick. Be careful though, she might be the type to fall in love, fast.
No. 311840 ID: 67bfa6

This... this is amazing. Thank you Reaver. I don't know what to say. I'm not much one to keep responding to quests, I mostly just watch and read. But god damn. This feels pleasantly nostalgic. Keep up the good work.

Good luck Rocco.
No. 311841 ID: 6868bc

Challenge Krystal to... The Oldest Game! Trust me, it will be great.
No. 311847 ID: f6f3f2


I totally worked it out: Just grow a beard and keep wearing that bra and you should be fine.
No. 311850 ID: 5b95eb

Ok, ok, that's enough silly/mudy references. Focus!
No. 311851 ID: 6868bc

Right, right! Uh, greetings. Go give them. Get a little acquainted. If they ask any questions you don't know how to answer, stammer/answer how you think your sister would answer.
No. 311897 ID: db75c7

watch out for hugs, or they'll figure out that your boobs are made of toilet paper.
No. 311913 ID: 950529
File 130781712927.png - (166.53KB , 800x600 , 092.png )

Huh- Wha- She cheats? How do you- Huh? Ignore? I-
Uh- Okay, I- uh.. I can.. I think- Y-yeah. Right- Right!

>Rocco: "Uhm- H-hello. I'm- Yeah- I- uh- I just transferred here- Uhm- I'll do my best to be a valuable member of the council."
>Krystal: "Wow, I never heard of someone transferring right in the middle of the schoolyear. Though if you didn't we wouldn't have met! This year I'll definitely graduate."
>Taisha: "Y-you should stop drawing genitals on your tests.."
>Krystal: "Oh! Hey! Did you transfer from a coed school? Yeah yeah? Did you ever... see a boy naked? Did you see his penis?"
>Taisha: "Ah! Th-that kind of question.."
>Rachel: "Wait."
No. 311914 ID: 950529
File 130781715224.png - (159.70KB , 800x600 , 093.png )

>Rachel: "I'm interested as well."

No. 311919 ID: 07416a

No. 311920 ID: 40cb26

Uh, ah... hmm... this would be a good time to be paralyzed with nervousness. Stammer out a bit or basically a negative response then freeze up.
No. 311921 ID: 835a2d

Stammer adorably, make them think you saw something, but have trouble spitting it out.
No. 311922 ID: db75c7

say yes, and that it was truly a glorious sight.
No. 311923 ID: 5b95eb

Stammer, back up. Stammer some more. Yes, no, maybe, yes, at a pool, completely on accident.
No. 311924 ID: 229a38

Yes Rocco you have definitely seen a penis.
No. 311925 ID: 234c26

Welp, that's certainly setting the stage for a truly awkward future relationship.

Stammer and blush and mumble something about not really wanting to talk about that kind of thing with people that you met within the last thirty seconds.
No. 311926 ID: 5b95eb

Alternatively, Combat Operandi: STAMMERING BLUSHPLOSION
No. 311927 ID: 6e0bdb

I think you'll get more attention to yourself if you said yes or implied that you have. You'll get some "street cred," but is it really worth it?
No. 311929 ID: 4183c9

Say "yes". This plan will not backfire ever. They will not, for example, continue the line of interrogation to YOUR PROFESSIONAL COCKSUCKING TECHNIQUES.
No. 311930 ID: 0d095c

No. 311934 ID: 6e0bdb

I agree with that sentiment, but they are in an all-girls school. I can't blame for being so adorably curious!

Then you'll get gossiped about on how much of a slut you are! Woman are evil backstabbing creatures when they're among B4F in privacy!
No. 311935 ID: 1963d1

Oh boy. ALL THREE OF THEM? This is going to be quite the school year.

Incidentally, you really should ask them if they have siblings. Especially Rachel.
No. 311942 ID: 6e0bdb

I'm sensing that Taisha might be sis (bro) potential. Who else has that gut feeling?
No. 311948 ID: 950529
File 130782181358.png - (189.90KB , 800x600 , 094.png )

>Rocco: "Wh- I- No- Yes- There was- He- I- It was-"

I don't have to flail about on purpose, it happens naturally! I- Yeah, what is with such a question? Is- Are- I have seen a penis, but- I mean- My penis-
Is- Are girls usually like this? But- Ricci never-

They're all listening intently. Is this really a taste of things to come?! But you only warned me about Krystal!

>Rocco: "The pool- It- And- Accident- It wasn't- He didn't- I saw- I mean-"
No. 311949 ID: 950529
File 130782181818.png - (134.30KB , 800x600 , 095.png )

Suddenly Rachel gently grabs my flailing hand. Her touch is warm and comforting.

>Rachel: "It's okay. Take a deep breath."
I do so.
>Rachel: "You are saying that you saw the boy's penis by accident, after he lost his swimshorts in the pool?"
I nod.
>Rachel: "Okay. Now try to remember- Did it look like in the pictures?"
No. 311954 ID: d4f98d


Hey Rocco.

They're gonna pass you around like candy. Or a prison bitch. If they find out about you.

Keep your guard up, soldier. Stay strong.
No. 311955 ID: 35e1a0

"W-WHAT PICTURES?!?" start hyper ventilating. if you can make yourself faint then they will take you to the nurse.
No. 311956 ID: 4183c9

Which pictures? This is important, because if you say "yes" to the wrong pictures, it'll come back to rape you in the butt.
No. 311957 ID: d4f98d

>only warned about Krystal

No. 311958 ID: 234c26

I think that "what pictures?" is the appropriate reaction here.

No fainting! If at any point others have access to his unconscious body, they could make his cover.
No. 311959 ID: d9f9ef

Just try to think of how your penis looks and describe that.
No. 311960 ID: d4f98d

Agreed! Hyperventilating risks blacking out.
No. 311961 ID: 234c26

No. He should not be graphically describing male genitalia to his classmates.
No. 311962 ID: 835a2d

Yes, "What pictures?"
No. 311963 ID: 40cb26

You didn't keep looking at it just glanced.

Some words and phrases you may need here: No! / freshman / smaller / cold water / WHAT ARE YOU ASKING ME THIS / what kind of pictures / I DON'T WANT TO SEE / AAGHHHH! And also of course if they try to show you gay porn or something just run the hell away.

Seriously what is with these girls? If they figure out the truth about you being kicked out of school will the the least of your worries.
No. 311964 ID: 1854db

Perhaps she's talking about medical books.
No. 311975 ID: 950529
File 130782400240.png - (160.80KB , 800x600 , 096.png )

Wh- No, I- I don't- I didn't come here to be passed around- I don't- It's kind of sexy, but- No!

>Rocco: "Wh- What pictures? I don't.."
>Rachel: "From the life sciences books."
>Krystal: "And from the internet."
>Taisha: "Wha.. You got pornography from online?"
>Krystal: "Yeah! If you take your laptop to the far corner of the sport fields, you can connect to the college's unprotected wifi setup."
>Rocco: "I- I don't know.. Don't you- uh- I mean- You don't have any siblings you saw when you were little?"
>Rachel: "I don't."
>Krystal: "Nah, he never let me see it. Oh, but Rachel has a boyfriend~"
>Rachel: "Yes, but we agreed to take it slow."
>Krystal: "You say that now, but when you finally get to meet him in the summer.."
>Taisha: "Wait, wh-where exactly did you sit? How much M-B-S?

Phew... I think I'm out of the fire..
No. 311976 ID: d9f9ef

Okay take the conversation off of you, ask Rachel about her boy friend.
No. 311977 ID: 35e1a0

just wait for them to finish talking then say you were also told to check in with the nurse.
No. 311978 ID: d4f98d

Well, at least they're easy to derail.

>>311976 has the right idea.
No. 311980 ID: 234c26

All right, seems like you're safer for now- but keep on your toes. If you're going to succeed here, you'll need to become adept in the fine arts of deflecting suspicion and steering conversations subtly in the directions that you want. You can't give them an opportunity to bring the topic back to your supposed experiences, so be sure to participate in other topics and push the conversation in other directions.
No. 311995 ID: d4f98d

Don't be TOO adamant about it. Social issues and whatnot.
No. 312006 ID: 950529
File 130782707747.png - (175.14KB , 800x600 , 097.png )

Right.. Okay.. So, if- If anything comes my way I get flustered, then in the aftermath I subtly move the conversation away from me.. Okay.
I think I can do that.

>Rocco: "R-really? Where did you meet?"
>Rachel: "Online, during a debating contest for teenagers, about a year ago. We both got to the semi-finals."
>Krystal: "They've been mailing and having sugary phonecalls since I met her!"
>Taisha: "Wh-where are you going to meet?"
>Rachel: "He will join me and my family in our summer cottage."
>Taisha: "His parents a-are okay with that?"
>Rachel: "Yes, our parents have talked with each other as well."
>Taisha: "Ooh..
>Krystal: "Hey hey, show him, show him."
>Rachel: "Okay."

Rachel reaches into her jacket, and takes out her wallet. She opens it to show the photo inside.
No. 312007 ID: 950529
File 130782713680.png - (74.97KB , 800x600 , 098.png )

>Rachel: "His name is Rudy."
>Krystal: "Can you believe she has his picture in her wallet?"
No. 312010 ID: e95c11

Holy crap, he looks like a suave motherfucker.
No. 312011 ID: 5b95eb

"He looks like a nice guy."
No. 312016 ID: 835a2d

Aww, that's so romantic!
No. 312017 ID: 0d095c

FUCK ME WHAT A PAIR OF EYEBROWS. I mean.... What a pleasant looking chap?
No. 312023 ID: 4183c9


Rocco's goal must be now to acquire a suave Brit as a boyfriend to fight the communist menace!
No. 312025 ID: 950529
File 130782906576.png - (175.48KB , 800x600 , 099.png )

Wha- What the heck?! Suave? He looks scary!

>Rocco: "How romantic. He looks like a nice guy."
>Rachel: "He is.."

Taisha gives me a 'I know right?' kind of look. I shrug in return.

>Rachel: "Okay, enough of that. Krystal, did anyone come for me while I was out?"
She folds the wallet and puts it back in her jacket.
>Krystal: "Ah, yeah, two students wanted advice with some things, and the sports dorm is fighting again."
No. 312028 ID: 234c26

Ask what the sports dorm is fighting about, and how often this happens. If you're going to be on the student council, you should probably learn as much as you can about business as usual around here.
No. 312034 ID: 4183c9

Yes! Fight!

Also you just have to grab Rachel's hair by those obvious cat ears. Don't worry, you can think of an excuse after the fact.
No. 312048 ID: 40cb26

Fighting? What kind of fighting?
No. 312049 ID: 950529
File 130783142778.png - (119.13KB , 800x600 , 100.png )

Cat ears? I don't see any.. Or is that innuendo? W-well, it's inappropriate either way!

>Rocco: "Dorm fights? What is that about?"
>Rachel: "Oh, not the entire dorm. The problem is the three champions- They each think they should be dormhead. We can go there now to mediate, then I will also show you to your own dormitory."
No. 312051 ID: 35e1a0

sounds like a plan.
No. 312055 ID: 4183c9

Ask if you can have a cat in the dorms. If yes, get a cat. If no, fight the power and get a cat anyway. Also I have no pro-cat bias or anything really I don't.

Also the fight/dormhead situation is easily solved by a creative outside-the-box competition where winner takes all. You should suggest it pre-emptively so you don't have to waste time thinking about things when you get there.
No. 312058 ID: 9bfeef

No. 312059 ID: 5b95eb

Nah it just kinda sorta looked like that from our angle.
Go down and mediate your ass off.
No. 312066 ID: e95c11

It's her hair. See the way it sticks up? If you look at it from the right angle, it looks like cat ears.
Although if you ask me, the one most likely to have cat ears is... is...
That cheater...

Anyway, ask about pets. Also ask about the dormheads. And pets. Dormheads and pets.

What're the dormheads like? Do they have pets?
No. 312071 ID: db75c7


stop raving like a raving madman, man. he'll get a pet later on; right now we gotta focus on whatever lets us get close to his sister's vagina.
No. 312089 ID: 950529
File 130783558589.png - (141.57KB , 800x600 , 101.png )

Wh- My vagi- I mean- My sister's vagina? I- I thought we were going to convince her there is love outside of- uh- being lovers.. Actually, I still haven't seen Ricci.

Wait, so- No one has cat eats, but I do have to get a cat? Wh- Why? Why do I need a cat? I'll be really busy already..

>Rocco: "That sounds good."
>Rachel: "Okay."
>Krystal: "See ya!"

We exit the office, head down the hallway and leave the building. We cross a large grass field, lined with a road that connects back to the round about.
There's a lot of students outside. Must not be a lot of classes today..

>Rocco: "Uh-"
>Rachel: "Yes?"
>Rocco: "Uhm-"
>Rachel: "Take a deep breath, imagine the sentence, then slowly repeat it out loud."
>Rocco: "... ...Are pets allowed in the dorms?"
>Rachel: "No. Some of the students are allergic. We do have some animals in the gardens."
>Rocco: "Oh.. Where are the gardens?"
>Rachel: "Close to the dorms- Ah, I will get you a map when we get back to the council office."
>Rocco: "Thank you."
>Rachel: "Do you like animals?"
>Rocco: "Y-yeah, I- uhm-"
>Rachel: "Shh.."
>Rocco: "... Yes, I do. How about you?"
>Rachel: "I do, I love animals."

Ah- Uhm.. H-how am I going to suggest that competition plan to end the dorm fights now? I mean- Should I just break the topic? Or continue making small talk for now?
No. 312090 ID: 234c26

Ask how fights like this are normally resolved, and who the champions are. The competition plan may or may not actually be an effective method of resolution- it's dependent upon all three people accepting the result rather than just waiting a week or two and then going back to fighting over who should really be boss. You need more information before you can really consider making a serious suggestion.
No. 312091 ID: d4f98d

It'll be good to get a decent handle on what the troublemakers are like before we commit to anything concrete, Rocco. Light smalltalk will do for now. Ask about Rachel and your Co-Council members in the meantime: Krystal seemed pretty energetic, and Taisha was about as nervous as you.

As long as they're talking, you don't have too!
No. 312092 ID: d9f9ef

Tell Rachel her hair looks like she has cat ears and poke one of her hair tufts
No. 312095 ID: 40cb26

She's going to keep worrying about your issues, which makes me worry about it. She's already taking steps to help you get over your issues, I think you need a more believable reasoning behind your issues. Lets see what facts we have to fit, ask her if she knows much about your sister.
No. 312097 ID: 4183c9


Having a cat would be a great excuse for many things. In a bad spot, need to get out fast? "I'm sorry, I have to feed the cat". Being raped? "I'm sorry, I have to clean the cat's toilet so it doesn't piss on everything."
And it would match and reinforce your social whatever thing.

Also just fucking break in the fightfightcompetition plan. Just pretend you just came up with it almost without realizing it yourself.

Also also on second thought try to avoid physical contact. It might lead to LESBIAN LUST and that's when you cover is blown. Maybe your PONOS too but we can't count on that. So no hair-touching or anything.
No. 312098 ID: e95c11

You forgot what it is we said we do, didn't you?
You're part of a story now, friend, and this is definitely a romance. If you don't want to end hooked up with your sister, you'd better start looking at the other girls and seeing what catches your eye.

Rachel's kindof cute, but something tells me she'd get really possessive.
Krystal's fun, but no good for your sanity. You'll end up playing a forever game of cat and mouse, and she cheats.
I don't really know much about Taisha.
Dana seemed nice.

Ask about the Dormheads. Who are they? What're they like?
No. 312102 ID: 4183c9

Oh fuck, try to get Rachel to assist you in getting special permit to have a cat. You can claim it's a doctor's recommendation. To combat depression and stress.
And if you can arrange it "illegally" with Rachel, it could be an ace up your sleeve.
No. 312107 ID: 07416a

...There are three of them. This is very simple. Set up a council. Each of the three has a vote and majority wins.
No. 312108 ID: 35e1a0

they all vote for themselves. no one wins.
No. 312111 ID: 40cb26

How about if they can have equal rank, but over a different aspect? Then they can be in change of some things, and when they need to agree on something they can take a vote and if they agree or get 2-1 either way, that's what stands.
No. 312112 ID: 07416a

They're not voting themselves dictator. This is on specific issues.
No. 312115 ID: fdab7a

Don't obsess too much about the cat thing. You don't want to stick out much more than you already do. It might be good to check out the gardens later, though.

Do ask about those champions, though. What are they champions of, and what's being dorm head mean that it's making them fight over it?
No. 312120 ID: 4183c9

>Don't obsess too much about the cat thing.
WRONG. Cat is like +5 to all stats and -10 to failure.
No. 312122 ID: 950529
File 130783984985.png - (108.65KB , 800x600 , 102.png )

I- What- Okay, I'll have to look into taking care of the animals in the garden, if having that responsibility will be helpful..

So- Wait, do I have to get closer to one of the girls to avoid incest, or- uh- not.. get.. any sort of intimacy with the girls, because lesbianism will expose me? I- You're just confusing me now!

Right- Okay, I'll leave asking about the- the- I'll- When we get to the dorm- but before we enter- I will ask about the three contestants and come up with some suggestions.

So- Now smalltalk, because friends are important, right..? And maybe I can get her to ease off on trying to help me..

>Rocco: "Actually, the reason I thought of pets was- uh- your hair- uhm- Sometimes it looks like you h-have cat ears.."
>Rachel: "Oh, I know what you mean."
She turns her head down and begins styling her hair.
>Rocco: "But- I mean- It looked good though."
Rachel: "Thank you."
She doesn't stop.

We keep walking, but she's silent, busy with her hair.
I guess I might as well start asking about the dorm fights..
>Rocco: "So, uh.. The potential dormheads. What has been done to keep them from fighting?"
>Rachel: "We tried to make them form a council of three, but they would oppose each other just for the sake of it. We thought about a contest to win the title, but their strengths lie in different domains. Martial arts, athletics, and ballsports."
>Rocco: "Oh.. Wh- uh- Why do they want to be dormhead so badly?"
>Rachel: "Bloated egos. They each think the sports they represent are superior."
>Rocco: "But- That wouldn't make them very good dormheads."
>Rachel: "Of course. But the other students interested in sports look up to them. Long is even developing her own fighting style which already has a small following."
>Rocco: "Oh.."
No. 312129 ID: 835a2d


And a vote would end in a tie, I assume?

Hmmmm Hmmmm hmmm.

Maybe we should get a third party to be the head - make them realize if they all fight over the cake, they'll drop and ruin it sooner or later.
No. 312130 ID: e3f578

You should tell 'em to play video games since they would all suck pretty equally at them. Most matchmaking kills gets the stupid head thing.

Or just draw some damn straws.
No. 312132 ID: 234c26

I would agree with that suggestion except that it would be hellish for whomever was put in charge, and the way that Rocco's day has been going, he'd be the one drafted into the job.
No. 312133 ID: d4f98d

Seriously, a workable plan isn't likely to be made without seeing these girls in person.
No. 312135 ID: 6e0bdb

Hmm... Instead of them competing with one another how about if they swapped positions temporary? You can't see the other point of view if you're firmly standing on your own after all. Maybe they'll cooperate once they've experienced their rival's sport.
No. 312142 ID: e95c11

... you know... I forgot how cute she was.

... but don't fall for that! She'll end up derailing the entire mission. Is that what you want? Your dreams lost forever in favor of endless fucking?!



No. 312144 ID: 35e1a0

yes, whoever can manage the OTHER person's jobs the best wins.
No. 312146 ID: 950529
File 130784165481.png - (129.25KB , 800x600 , 103.png )

Dead kittens?
Old nuns?
Really old nuns?!
Okay, right!

>Rocco: "What if we have them switch positions for a while, so they can experience each others spo--"

No. 312148 ID: 35e1a0

No. 312149 ID: 739538

Heart attack. NOW
No. 312150 ID: 234c26

My god. That's horrifying.

Not what she looks like, the fact that she obviously knows about and has deliberately cultivated the look for use on a whim.
No. 312151 ID: 0d095c



No. 312153 ID: 07416a

Sloppy makeouts are required.
No. 312154 ID: d4f98d

What if their experiences only serve to cement their current vie- >>312146


No. 312155 ID: 44766a

Hug the hell out of her.
No. 312156 ID: d4f98d

Ooooookay. Surprise aside, she's trying to get you to smile/entertain. Thats nice of her, she takes her duties to heart. Thats a good trait in a leader.
No. 312157 ID: db75c7
File 130784264668.jpg - (16.02KB , 393x491 , whoaneo.jpg )

No. 312159 ID: db75c7

also, make sure she knows how awesome this makes her.
No. 312163 ID: e95c11


I command you to nosebleed.
No. 312164 ID: 6e0bdb

Then that just means they're unsuitable for the position.
No. 312165 ID: 234c26

NO HUGS. Remember that Rocco has no tits and that will be recognized the moment that he presses up against anyone- his disguise isn't good enough to hold up to significant physical contact!

Yeah, that's true. Tell her it's awesome and ask how long it took her to make that look so good.
No. 312167 ID: 44766a

Ok remove my vote for hugs.
No. 312169 ID: db75c7


shit, I just realized that we effectively trapped ourselves into a quest with no hugs.
No. 312172 ID: 5f55fe

Buying a legit padded bra would remedy that situation I think, but we can worry about that later. For now, DAAAAWWWWWWW!!! SO CUTE!!! OUR ONE TRUE WEAKNESS!!!
No. 312177 ID: 0d095c

"No hugs"


No hugs... Make sure you suggest they swap positions...
No. 312178 ID: d4f98d

I would argue that thats already the case given that they're willing to split votes just for the sake of being contrary, as opposed to whats best for their organizations. Alas, they have the popular vote, so short of making them look like idiots...

No. 312181 ID: ac87ed

Put as sparkle in your eye and star drooling.

Cos that shit is so damn cute.
No. 312183 ID: 6e0bdb

That may not be the case. My assumption is that their egos are narrowing down their points of view. My suggestion might broaden that view, but it could very well narrow it down further. If the latter is the case, then they don't possess the maturity required to be a dormhead.
No. 312187 ID: 223884
File 130784447169.jpg - (54.17KB , 512x512 , e06e363f84098818319e5129f473f0e9.jpg )

Yeah, agreeing with the dudes recommending a padded bra as soon as pos->>312146 HNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!
No. 312190 ID: 950529
File 130784470488.png - (142.66KB , 800x600 , 104.png )




Wh- What the hell- heck!

Okay, no hugs- I-

>Rachel: "Not funny?"
No- Wait-
>Rocco: "Cu- Cool- Cool! Th-that's awesome!"
>Rachel: "Thank you."
>Rocco: "Did- I- You-"
She huffs in a way that resembles chuckling and gestures me to keep walking. I realize I didn't notice I stopped.
>Rachel: "Come on."
>Rocco: "Ah- uh- Did you- Did you style that on purpose? Like that, I mean."
>Rachel: "I woke up with it one day. I thought it was appropriate to your observation."
>Rocco: "It's very cute!"
>Rachel: "Thank you. Having them try out each others sports is a good idea. Hopefully they will learn to respect each other that way."
>Rocco: "Oh- I mean- Yeah! Yes."
No. 312193 ID: 835a2d

No. 312202 ID: e9ab30

As far as the dorm thing goes, I'm going to have to agree with >>312130 on this one. If they do a video-game challenge, they'll be on an equal playing field. Also, this gives Rocco the chance to enter and win the competition himself, because, you know, he's a boy, and boys are automatically better than girls at video games.
No. 312225 ID: 543375

Don't forget to go to the Doctor's office ASAP.
No. 312230 ID: 950529
File 130785349545.png - (142.06KB , 800x600 , 105.png )

Wh- No- Making them play videogames wouldn't be fair at all- Then it'd just come down to luck! Then we may as well roll some dice and get it over with.

Oh- Right, I have to get to the doctor! I- I mean- don't know when I'll get a chance though..

We arrive at the dorm quickly. Inside a student immediately recognizes Rachel.
>"Oh, president! I will get them right away!"
>Rachel: "Thank you."
No. 312231 ID: 950529
File 130785372572.png - (180.80KB , 800x600 , 106.png )

We hear some commotion and yelling through out the dorm. When it goes quiet again, three girls show themselves in the hallway.
They look at us defyingly- It- They're pretty intimidating..

The last one to arrive sighs and looks us over.
>"Yeah, council thing? Didn't work."
No. 312233 ID: ac87ed

Well, there's been a change of plans. You're now going to play each other's sports.
No. 312240 ID: 6e0bdb

They look like warlords in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms period...
No. 312242 ID: 234c26

Let Rachel take the lead here. She's the one with the authority and familiarity with the situation; you're the one with the supposed socialization problem. You hang back while she deals with it, at least at first.
No. 312243 ID: 07416a

Have you thought about diving the role? Ask them which part of the leadership role they want? Do they just want a big hat or to decide on decor or what?
No. 312247 ID: 6868bc

Well, the point of being a dorm leader is organization and leadership. So how 'bout this: They have to recruit and arrange willing volunteers and manage them, as a team, in a sort of... sports triathlon, covering all the different activities. And they themselves are not allowed to participate! Only coach.

Being a good leader doesn't have much to do with athletic ability. Maybe this'd work?
No. 312268 ID: 9a34be

The only problem with that is that the losers can chalk it down to the differences in their representatives, rather than- hmm, or maybe not. Doing so would be to say/admit their star player was worse than the others. Still, I don't think that's a good way to determine leadership.
No. 312269 ID: 9a34be

Disregard the part about star players, misread the post. yeah, differences in players would be blamed, rather than coaching skill.
No. 312293 ID: 5b95eb

Let Rachael take the lead here. She's done this before, and is bound to have some better ideas than this ol' ball o' bad ideas. only pipe up if prompted, or she suggests something phenomenally bad, which I don't think she will.
No. 312306 ID: a41aaf

Mention that if they can't work together as dorm head, and can't decide who among them should be dorm head, then maybe they should get together to train a new dorm head themselves.
No. 312322 ID: 543375
File 130788011127.png - (181.98KB , 320x240 , vlcsnap-2010-01-02-21h57m35s11.png )

There is only one solution....
No. 312334 ID: abbae7

just let Rait- uhh, Rachel do her thing.
No. 312378 ID: 3416ec


No. 312435 ID: cc6735

>Rachel's Ideas

But none of them have worked so far. I say we make suggestions, but we let Rachel do all the talking.
No. 312463 ID: 950529
File 130791911287.png - (146.11KB , 800x600 , 107.png )

Yeah- uh- Didn't she just say making them compete in eachothers sport was a good idea? Why- I mean- Why would I suddenly change that, or start talking about other things?
Y-yeah, it- it's probably better if I let Rachel do the talking. I'll chime in if I can.

>Rachel: "We know. Since you can not work together only one of you can be dormhead. The council has decided to select who of you it will be by having you switch sports, and see who will perform the best."
>Rachel: "Every day for six days, each of you will take turns training the other two in your familiar sport. The trainees are expected to actively participate."
>"Fuck that! I haven't trained my whole life to bumble around playing games!"
>"Fuck you, you wouldn't even be able to understand the rules!"
>Rocco: "Ah- Uh- It's- It's not about- We want to see how well you- uh- can listen as well as instruct- Your leadership abilities--"
>"What?! Why the hell would I have to prove that to you bunch of deskmonkeys?!"
>"You think we got time to play marionette for you all day?!"
No. 312464 ID: 950529
File 130791912030.png - (232.03KB , 800x600 , 108.png )

>Rachel: "ENOUGH! Look around you. These girls all look up to you- Prove to them that you are able to handle the responsibilities that come with the position."
>"..uh.. ..alright.."
The last one silently nods.

Rachel let's out a sigh of relief, but it's so controlled I'm sure only I notice it.
>Rachel: "You will start tomorrow. Long will act as trainer first. The day after Liberty. The day after that, Veronica. Repeat once more after that, and six days will have passed. Do your best."
The crowd of girls watching us disperses with excited and concerned whispers, while two champions wander off mumbling. The last champions remains, seated on the stairway, still looking at us.

Rachel turns slightly, ready to leave.
No. 312467 ID: 234c26

Stick to Rachel's heels. She almost lost control of the situation there, and she's a hell of a lot better at this than you are. Don't go throwing wrenches in the works; instead follow her out of there and then say something like "Are they always like that?"

You could get away with a polite nod of farewell to the champion that's still there as you leave, though.
No. 312469 ID: d4f98d

Who's the one that doesn't talk? If nothing else, she managed to refrain from Whining like a colossal child, so I'm currently favouring her. Ask Rachel.
No. 312476 ID: 40cb26

Hmm, that last one... was she also yelling along with the other two? It seems like she might be a bit more reasonable than the others. I wonder if she wants to say something? I don't think you need to stop and make a conversation with her, but look at her and linger a moment and she might have something to say. Go ahead and leave if she doesn't.

When you're away from that gaggle, ask what each of the girls story is.
No. 312477 ID: 0674ad

I believe they were all being reasonable. The other two weren't expecting this and cried out foul. Depending upon the amount of resent towards on another, I believe they'll learn their differences through participating. If not then this is a good way to let that frustration and resentment out against one another.
No. 312479 ID: d4f98d

It wasn't that they weren't reasonable. Its that they devolved into whining and total disrespect, not only to each other (and by extension, all members of the opposing activities) but to the ones trying to actively fix this situation.

Personally, I'd say that no matter what, if they can't respect the interests of those they'll be representing as Dormheads, then they absolutely cannot be allowed to become such.
No. 312486 ID: 07416a

Go introduce yourself to karate girl. She seems reasonable.
No. 312490 ID: 543375

Nah, trouser girl from the statute. Or long haired stutter girl.
No. 312492 ID: 07416a

Um, what? Neither of them are here.
No. 312498 ID: 4b4c5e

nah, just say good luck to whoever's left if you must and get the hell out of dodge. you have social anxiety, remember?
No. 312499 ID: 950529
File 130792473679.png - (92.00KB , 800x600 , 109.png )

Well, I suppose not yelling is more reasonable.. But she didn't say anything at all, or even reacted.
I nod at her, and wait a bit. She doesn't respond.. Just- Just kind- She's just staring.
I'm getting goosebumps, I'll just- I turn to walk with Rachel.
We exit the dorm, and take a left to follow the path.
No. 312500 ID: 950529
File 130792474216.png - (142.05KB , 800x600 , 110.png )

>Rocco: "Uh- What was- That girl on the stairs, she was very quiet."
>Rachel: "Veronica, yes. Ironically, this conflict is an improvement for her. She used to think she was too good for the other students, and simply ignored everyone. For a while, all she did was train on her own. The guidance councillors have been working with her, though, and she has warmed up a little bit. Fighting to become the dormhead is the most social she's ever been. Hopefully your plan will help her further."
>Rocco: "Oh.. What about the other two?"
>Rachel: "Long's family owns several 'dojo', but she is bitter that they are run as a commercial business. She is dedicated to martial arts being a way of life- Sadly, the result is that she looks down on those who live differently. Liberty is the most social, as she plays a lot of teamsports- She's also the most competitive, and quick to discard others if they don't hold up to her standards."
>Rocco: "Who do you think who will- uh- who has the best chance at winning?"
>Rachel: "I hope that they will learn to respect each other and agree to let another student become dormhead."
No. 312504 ID: 6868bc

Does she have anyone in mind?
No. 312514 ID: 07416a

Veronica knows your secret. You must seduce her with your dark powers as soon as possible.
No. 312516 ID: d4f98d

Don't worry about that. If anyone finds out your secret, just get us into their hands and we'll strip their mind from their body. Newcomers are always welcome.

...that was a joke.

So anyways, DOES she have someone else in mind?
No. 312519 ID: 0d7a83
File 130792736984.jpg - (15.21KB , 390x469 , rocklee4hs.jpg )

Ask if long's last name is Lee. DO IT.
No. 312522 ID: 950529
File 130792830193.png - (199.54KB , 800x600 , 111.png )

Wh- How could Veronica know already? We didn't even talk.. How can I make sure? Do you think she'll blackmail me..? It- It didn't look like she was going to tell anyone..

Why do I need Long's last name? Do you need people's full name to- uh- Cast a spell? Read their mind? I'll ask, but please don't do anything harmful.
First, I'll ask if she has anyone in mind, though.

>Rocco: "Do you have any one in mind?"
>Rachel: "No. I assume one of the students interested in coaching will volunteer."
>Rocco: "Oh.. What is Long's family name? Maybe I know one of the dojo."
>Rachel: "Her family name is Wang, but I believe the dojo company is called Emperor."

She stops in front of a building that resembles the sports dorm.
>Rachel: "You have chosen the same dorm as your sister, right?"
>Rocco: "Oh- uh- y-yeah."
She nods and enters.

It's rather quiet, but as soon as Rachel's footsteps sound through the hall, a graceful figure comes dancing towards us.
>"Madame Presidente, you look stunning as always."
She grabs Rachel's hand and kisses it.
>"To what do I owe this pleasure?"
>Rachel: "I am here with the new transferstudent. She has chosen to stay in this dormitory."
No. 312524 ID: 0674ad

She certainly acts like a gentleman--err... gentlewoman?
No. 312526 ID: 0d095c

See that Rocco? THAT is what you are up against. You're going to need a LOT more practice idiotically blabbering if you want to seduce EVERYONE by mistake with sharp dames like these around.
No. 312529 ID: d4f98d

Meet your dorm head.

She will be hitting on you for the duration of your stay here.

Enjoy the awkward.
No. 312530 ID: 234c26

Well, that's surreal as all hell.

Arm stammers and ready blushes for launch. I suspect you'll need them both before this sequence is over.
No. 312531 ID: 07416a

Accidentally call her Donna Juan.
No. 312532 ID: 40cb26

Try not to be too distracted by her fine looks and well presented cleavage.
No. 312534 ID: 0674ad

Just hope and pray she isn't the graspy type. By the looks of it, she somewhat is but I'd say it's a little to early to make that assumption.
No. 312535 ID: 0d7a83

>What is Long's family name?
>Her family name is Wang.
No. 312543 ID: 5b95eb

>Do you need people's full name to- uh- Cast a spell? Read their mind?

Nah, we're just curious. This ol' ball isn't completely focused all the time. Don't let us distract you too much.

>Long Wang
hee hee hee
No. 312544 ID: 56b42d

We already have a Long Wang on another quest.

Hm... Maybe they are siblings?
No. 312545 ID: 234c26

Honestly, guys... cut that out. A name is just a name.
No. 312549 ID: 35e1a0

other voice was messing with you about Veronica. she doesn't know anything.
No. 312553 ID: 950529
File 130793362222.png - (159.95KB , 800x600 , 112.png )

Ah- Wha- What-
Huh- Graspy type?
Hitting on me?
Cl- cleavage?!
Wh- Should- I- I have to be more seductive? What-

>"Oh ho, ma cheri~ What is the name of this beauty?"
>Rocco: "Eh- Wha- I- You-"
>Rachel: "Her name is Rosho. She's Ricci's twinsister."
>"Yes, I see. Oh, how does destiny favor me, blessing me with twice the angel in such a short time. Rosho.. Rosho~ Like the breath of a sirena does your name touch my heart."
>Rocco: "... .. geh- ..."
>"Milady, as the master of Villa d'Amour, it is my responsibility to offer you shelter until you have found permanent residence. Would you bless me with the honor of staying in my room?"
No. 312555 ID: 543375

Hmm... Not a dyke.
No. 312556 ID: 234c26

"I- uh- should probablygetbacktoyouonthat!"

I really don't think you want to live with someone this ridiculously flamboyant. You preferably would find someone even more cripplingly shy than you're pretending to be.
No. 312558 ID: 9bfeef

No. 312559 ID: 543375

My gaydar isn't picking anything here guys. I think she's a dud.
No. 312560 ID: d4f98d

Overly touchy type confirmed.

Squeak, stammer, and hug yourself like you're scared. Rachel should come forward and help you out, explaining your 'social anxiety'.
No. 312561 ID: 9a34be

Whoa, hey, calm down. Geeze, take us slightly less seriously sometimes, you're going to make us give you a heart attack when something genuinely stressful happens at this rate.

This could be an issue though. She's an artsy type, so saying yes could later lead to her attempting to draw you nude, which would be problematic.

It'd probably be safer to thank her, but ask if you could stay with your sister instead, if she doesn't have a roommate. She probably does, but it's worth a shot. If not, we'll just have to pre-make an excuse for when she whips out the art supplies.
No. 312563 ID: d4f98d

Naw, not the sis. Give her SOME space. Besides, exposure to another student should be more interesting, non?
No. 312564 ID: 40cb26

That is a horribly bad idea. Of course it would be endlessly entertaining, but your odds of being discovered and then molested are approximately 150% Try to turn her down, say you don't want to impose on anyone.

>Villa d'Amour
If this is accurate at all, you're screwed no matter where you stay. You're gonna get pegged a half a dozen times before the week is done. Shoulda went with the nerds.
No. 312568 ID: 0674ad

She does possess good manners; I don't believe she'll do anything inappropriate to you. Otherwise Rachel wouldn't take take... say, she never did introduce herself; how rude!
No. 312570 ID: 543375

What country are you from? In?
No. 312576 ID: 40cb26

Even if she is actually as straight as an arrow, there is still the matter that her touchy feely ways are going to expose our friends crossdressing.
No. 312583 ID: 950529
File 130793861155.png - (178.82KB , 800x600 , 113.png )

No- No! I don't want to get touchyfeely'd! Or pegged!

>Rocco: "But- Wait- I- Thank you, but- Can- Can I stay with m-my sister?"
>"Alas, your sister already rooms with another and fire safety protocol says only two per room.. If it wasn't, ma cherie, I would let both you and your sisters grace my satin sheets.."
>Rocco: "But- I don't- I don't want- I- Wait-"
No. 312584 ID: 950529
File 130793861693.png - (215.51KB , 800x600 , 114.png )

>Rachel: "Stop it, you're scaring her."
>"Kyyaaaa~ ♥ Madame Presidente, so chivalrous! That's why all the girls love you~"
>Rachel: "Everyone likes you too, Laura, but you need to pay attention. Are there no free rooms?"
>Laura: "Alas, not at the moment..."
No. 312587 ID: 234c26

"Oh god, I'll stay anywhere less traumatizing than with her!"
No. 312589 ID: d4f98d

My god, I know the whole point is pretending your a girl, but you're a little unnervingly good at it.

Like, Im not even sure your doing it on purpose.

Also, jesus, this chick is stacked. Well, no need to be rude. Just ask for a little space, then the whole rooming thing won't be a problem.
No. 312593 ID: 9a34be

God, it's like you've just been teleported into Strawberry Panic or something. "Straight as an arrow" just got thrown out the window for most of the school.

You doin' alright there Rocco? You're looking genuinely terrorized over there.
No. 312594 ID: 56b42d

Oh, come on! This girl is awesome!
No. 312597 ID: 40cb26

Well now... ask if there are any students your own age who have room for a bunkmate. Hopefully you can get a writer or something and not a drama queen.
No. 312601 ID: d4f98d

Just think of it as prison. With so little male contact, they're starved for certain kinds of attention and find it however they must.

...OH, um, actually, DON'T think of it like prison. I forgot you said you didn't want to be passed around.
No. 312635 ID: 950529
File 130794360802.png - (148.93KB , 800x600 , 115.png )

Well- Yeah, of- of course I'm scared! Oh no, don't bring up the being passed around thing again- It- I mean- If I get caught, I will be in trouble with the school and Nicole, but- but now I'll also get raped repeatedly because- because these girls are- are-
It- It's a very good thing I come across as a girl so naturally-!!

O- Okay...

>Rocco: "C- Can- Is there.. Can I-"
>Rachel: "Shh..
Rachel's touch is gentle and comforting.
Rocco: "...Aren't there a-any rooms with- with- who need a second person?"
>Laura: "Oui oui, there is! It's mine~ ♥"
>Rocco: "I just- Can you- Is it- Please- I-"
>Rachel: "Calm down. Laura isn't serious. She just enjoys being dramatic- She's actually very kind and responsible. But, if you really feel uncomfortable you can come stay with me for now. I have my own room in the academics dormitory."
>Laura: "A duel! For the maiden's hand- engh! "
>Rachel: "What do you think?"
No. 312637 ID: 835a2d

Sure, why the hell not.
No. 312641 ID: 40cb26

I say go for it. As nice as drama boobs over here might be she is still a greater threat to your being exposed than our friend here. You're stuck with her so much anyway, and it's a good opportunity to see the academics wing.

Only thing though... do you want to try and see Ricci here first? I can't think of a good, non-awkward time or situation to meet her so you might as well get it out of the way.
No. 312642 ID: d4f98d

Err...Your call, man. Rachel's got a good enough head on her shoulder's that I'd trust her judgement if she says you can trust this Laura to be chill. If you wanna room with Rachel though, it sounds like it's bound to be temporary, so bear that impending adjustment in mind.
No. 312646 ID: 1854db

I kinda like Laura.
No. 312648 ID: 234c26

Rachel is quite savvy, but far less threatening to your cover in the short term than Laura, I suspect. (Long term, she'll likely catch on eventually.) And since you have to hang out with her all the time anyway...

Just until a space with someone less crazy opens up.

You need to be aware that word will now quickly spread to Ricci that you're here. That means that you should either see her or leave her a note before you leave here. I would recommend that you leave us