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File 130154588297.png - (30.94KB , 800x600 , title.png )
292033 No. 292033 ID: 3392ab

Some people work at a well-paying, stable job to earn their living. After work, they have a loving wife with kids to go home to in their quaint house settled in a small, remote village. They live that way until the day they die, perfectly content and at peace.

Others, one the other hand, decide on a more exciting life.
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No. 292034 ID: 3392ab
File 130154591877.gif - (250.62KB , 800x600 , 001.gif )

And this is one such person.

Wandering from town to town, he gathers information about nearby, unpillaged dungeons where, with enough luck, he can earn a handsome amount of cash to keep himself on his feet. Equipped with nothing but his sword and the armour on his back, he dives alone into the unknown and fights off the monsters dwelling in the dungeon until he finds his ultimate reward. It's a risky business, but the thrill and bounty more than make up for it.

Most divers have a way of letting others know who pillaged the dungeon they're in. Sometimes it's as simple as a small insignia; other times they paint a mural with the blood of their enemies. This guy here? He likes to carve his name after all is said and done. Indeed, after using his sword to do the talking for him in what often feels like an endless battle, he uses it one last time to say these two words...

No. 292036 ID: 653ea0

Mushroom Head.
No. 292037 ID: f157b7

Alan Pearson.
No. 292038 ID: e02378

Jack Abrams
No. 292042 ID: 70d9eb

Little Mac
No. 292043 ID: 3416ec

Trent Sprintblonde
No. 292044 ID: 5c87e0

pewter parkour
No. 292045 ID: d677cc

Kageto Kinoshita.
No. 292046 ID: 1854db

Jacques DeSinge.
No. 292047 ID: 5c87e0

well, you could always carve "gary was here, greenie is a loser!"
No. 292049 ID: 8c0848

Stab Rockfight
No. 292053 ID: 571df1

Earthen toned clothes.
Blonde hair.
Steel toed boots.

Earthblonde Steeltoe McWhitey
No. 292059 ID: 9dd0ec

No. 292065 ID: 3392ab
File 130154898255.gif - (69.49KB , 946x705 , 002.gif )

>He uses it one last time to say these two words...:

"Allan Sprintblonde." A little tacky, perhaps, but there's not much anyone can do about their name.

At any rate, Allan has ventured forth into the dense forests of Coillte in search of a well-storied dungeon near a small village. The townsfolk were, ah, less than informative on the subject, and would often shy themselves away upon its mention. Even so, Allan managed to gather up enough information to find it's general location.

"The Dungeon Domhain," shortened down to just "Domhain" by most of the villagers, is his destination. It has a number of floors, each descending deeper and deeper into the earth, which have unique and, as some residents put it, settling designs.

But how difficult could Domhain really be? It's been known for over twenty years, so surely it's almost been cleared by now. Allan takes it as a challenge, if anything.
No. 292066 ID: 3416ec

Collect apples, or whatever fruit is on the trees. Inventory pack-rats ahoy!
No. 292067 ID: 3392ab
File 130154917746.png - (39.64KB , 990x710 , 003.png )

But that's enough pointless and vague backstory. Allan currently finds himself at a clearing in the woods, the dirt trail beneath his feet surrendering to the surrounding grass. A massive cliff face stands before him with an opening no taller than himself facing outward. The musty smell of sweat and dirt practically forms an aura around it. Allan figures this is the place...

Head on in? Or examine the area a little more?
No. 292068 ID: e02378

dodge the falling leaf!
No. 292069 ID: 571df1


Watch out, that leaf might turn you into a raccoon.
No. 292070 ID: 3416ec

I'm still going with collecting the local fruit. Never know when you're going to need a pick-me-up.
No. 292071 ID: e02378

ack, sorry. should probably put [cutscene] in the topic or something so we know not to post. also is the first image supposed to be animated? it doesn't if it is supposed to.
No. 292072 ID: 99f528

Take apple, go in
No. 292077 ID: f157b7

Take all the apples.

No. 292079 ID: 1854db

Get killed by falling apple and explode into a giant fountain of blood.
No. 292092 ID: 3392ab
File 130155438936.png - (44.26KB , 942x706 , 004.png )

The apples are huge and look delicious! Which is good, Allan thinks, since he'll no doubt be eating these later. Allan takes three off of the trees and stores them away for later feasting.

This sounds like a terrible way to start off! It would be a disgrace to call yourself the guy and be killed by a measly apple. And who doesn't want to be the guy?
No. 292093 ID: 3392ab
File 130155439411.png - (38.60KB , 939x695 , 005.png )

Allan enters the cave.

A sheet of wood with a door in the center acts as the "official" entrance to Domhain. It's a wonder that the door doesn't come right off its hinges when Allen enters the room. A long creak echoes through the room.

Shutting the door behind him, Allen examines the chamber. He immediately notices the small table in the center of the room. Judging by its condition, it's a new addition to the room. Well, new-er, at least. It's covered in dust, so its no doubt been a while since someone was last here. On it rests a book and a plate with half a loaf of bread on it. Two rats are scurrying beneath the table, trying to look for a way up.

On the back wall hangs a lit candle which illuminates the room and gives off a small amount of heat. The same wall curiously changes from a rough, bumpy cave wall to a smooth, polished wall. The smooth section has a small door-like contraption at the bottom of it with a hole just in front of it.

Opposite of Allan is the door to the next room.

It's nice and cool in here compared to outside, but everything feels all damp and heavy. A familiar atmosphere for Allan, but not exactly a welcome one.

There are quite a few things in this room. Allan can examine some of them, or he can just hurry on to the next room and try to get this over with as soon as possible.
No. 292094 ID: 571df1


There is a flower and A FLOATING LEAF OUT THERE.

No. 292096 ID: 3416ec

Read that book!

Also, take pity and throw the rats some bread crumbs.
No. 292097 ID: e02378

yes helping rats has all kinds of benefits. and grab that not without putting anything over the circle on the floor.
No. 292099 ID: e3f578

Befriend rats, feed them their desires.
No. 292100 ID: f88f02

hug rats, read note
No. 292101 ID: cf244d

First things first:
The poor rats are hungry. Give them the bread.

Then, read the book, and read the note over on the wall (don't step on the square in front of it)
No. 292104 ID: 1854db

May as well toss the horribly stale bread onto the floor for the rats. Also check out the book.
No. 292105 ID: f157b7

Pull the door off its hinges and make it into some torches.
No. 292131 ID: c71597

Examine the room, see what the book is about, read the note and check how old the bread is.
No. 292133 ID: 2563d4

Sign the guestbook.
Also read the note. Maybe that's some kind of rat-door thing
No. 292374 ID: 3392ab
File 130162547402.gif - (458.62KB , 800x600 , 006.gif )

Allan steps over to the desk and picks up the book. Taking a seat on the (hopefully) sturdy table, he starts to pick away at the bread to feed to the rats. The bread is still fairly fresh.

The cover of the book looks like it was covered in a thick layer of dust, but it was recently all brushed off. The pages are really brittle and torn, showing how old this book really is. It's aptly labeled "Domhain" in black ink.
No. 292375 ID: 3392ab
File 130162548543.png - (33.98KB , 962x729 , 008.png )

Allan flips open the book and starts to read. It's not a guest book at all! More like... a guide, by the looks of it. The table of contents only mentions three things: A preface, located on the next page; A map, appearing a page after that; and a section vaguely labeled "Notes."

Allan can read any part of this book at anytime, just say the word!
No. 292377 ID: 3392ab
File 130162549523.png - (38.00KB , 978x731 , 007.png )

Allan shuts the book and stands up, an audible creak coming from the table. Wiping some of the dust from his behind, he stashes the notebook in his pocket and walks over to the far wall.

The blue-and-gold door rests at the bottom of the wall. It has an arrow pattern pointing down towards the hole (not pressure plate) in front of it. The edges of the gate is covered in a thick layer of dust, yet most of the filth was recently wiped off.

A note is nailed above it. It reads "Sacrifice or Offer," whatever that means.
No. 292378 ID: 081e71

Bleed into the hole. Not too much, but enough to be respectful. Read the notes.
No. 292380 ID: e02378

should be in order. go to the first page of notes. maybe it tells you more about it? also not that part of the wall is perfectly smooth while the rest isn't. it's probably a secret door that opens if you put the right thing in the hole.
No. 292382 ID: 1854db

Before we do anything, check the preface. Then the notes.
No. 292384 ID: 897302

No really, read the introduction.
No. 292424 ID: 3392ab
File 130162924198.png - (45.68KB , 964x723 , 009.png )

Allan reopens the book.

Domhain is a dungeon found in the dense Coillte forests... Well, if you're reading this, you no doubt know all that already. I'll skip the pleasantries and get right into the important stuff. Oh, also, this preface was written in 537. It doesn't matter how long it has been since then at the time you're reading this, I can guarantee you this dungeon hasn't been cleared. No, not even the first floor.

I've dived here multiple times before, each time having to retreat at similar places. Sometimes the people I recruit with me can't make it through the second floor, while others get lost in the ritual. You might be thinking "Why can't you just continue from where you left off?" and I don't really know. Each time I enter this dungeon everything is... Reset.

I'm not sure how it happens, but the monsters return, the room layouts change back to their original form, etc. Anything that was not part of the dungeon's original plan will disappear as well, save for what's in this room. It's frustrating, to say the least.

I don't know the exact times it resets, but it can happen while you're still in here. There is a Lamia on the second floor and, if you take too long on the fourth and attempt to escape, the blood will be gone, the traps will be reset and the three doors will all be shut. More importantly, her corpse will be as lively as ever.

I'm running out of room and I've already drawn the map on the next page, so I guess this is the end of the preface. I'll be keeping notes in the back of the book, though I can't guarantee their neatness. Keep your wits about you. Domhain is a strange place.

Good luck.


The book's unsigned. The current year is 559, so this preface was written 22 years ago. The author's vague about a few things which kinda confuses Allan, like "the ritual," and "the three doors will all be shut."

Allan skips ahead a few pages and starts reading the notes. It's a messy compilation of random scribblings about who knows what. Largely written on the second page is "KILL THE MAN IN THE BLUE HAT BEFORE HE KILLS YOU." You see, it's tips like these that everyone should know about!

There's a note in the bottom lefthand corner that reads "Offer her Venom, his Eyes, it's Earrings. (in order!)." Allan assumes that it's referring to the hole in the ground in front of him, so there's no need for any weird blood pacts to be made!
No. 292432 ID: e02378

the man in the blue hat probably acts friendly to catch you off your guard THEN when you think he is nice he kills you. get a look at the map then go to the right. when we find all three offerings is when we probably come back here.
No. 292433 ID: 081e71

Offer her blood anyways. Remember, this man FAILED.
No. 292436 ID: e02378

he didn't fail. he just never finished before he got too old. he is probably still alive. most likely putting anything else in the thing results in a trap springing.
No. 292440 ID: 1854db

Yep. Check the map.

If this room is stable consider bringing puzzle pieces up here, then letting the dungeon reset, and grabbing the puzzle pieces to quickly run through and solve the puzzles, giving you extra time to do new stuff.
No. 292453 ID: 5c87e0

goddamit. you guys are so dense.

drop a apple on the hole.
No. 292462 ID: 1d35a3

Well, at least you don't have to worry about losing the key to the boss room down a drain and having to give up on the whole dungeon.
Maybe a strategy would be to do the first couple of levels over and over until it becomes muscle memory?
No. 292483 ID: e3f578

"Offer her venom..." I'm sure the door is gender neutral, but lets go ahead into the next room and hope we find some venom just in case whatever takes the offering is female.
No. 292485 ID: 1854db

Pretty sure the venom in question is the lamia's.
No. 292486 ID: 903f16

For some strange reason I think the bread may be important. It strikes me as odd that it looks so fresh and mold free when the room around it looks like it hasn't been touched in a while. I'm guessing that it may be what we need to offer to the box or perhaps we need to use it to lure one of the rats into the hole as the sacrifice.
No. 292487 ID: e02378

don't need to kill a snake to get it's venom.
No. 292514 ID: 2563d4

I am loving the little animations in this.

Investigate door deeper into dungeon.
No. 292518 ID: c71597

Lure in one of the rats with the bread. Then cut off its head over the hole and toss in the corpse. Lets see what happens.

Also, it would appear that someone else used this room recently, since the bread is still fresh.
No. 292559 ID: 07416a

We do not kill ratfriends.
No. 292566 ID: c71597

Yes we do.
No. 292594 ID: 1854db

We already know what the hole is for, guys. No need for potentially deadly experimentation.
No. 292615 ID: 3392ab
File 130169104193.png - (51.51KB , 1162x851 , 010.png )

Allen flips to the next page. A rather crudely drawn map is scrawled up and down the page. Small diagrams surrounded by a square/circle seem to represent a room. The left hand page contains 5 floors, each with 2 or so rooms. The right hand page leads to something more... interesting? Probably confusing.

>No need for potentially deadly experimentation.

Allan agrees with this guy! Allan doesn't want an injury before he even gets two rooms in!

>Dungeon mechanic exploitation plans

Allan was thinking the same thing. It seems like this room is going to be used as a main base/storage.

>It would appear that someone else used this room recently, since the bread is still fresh.

With the recently wiped book/gate adding to this, Allan suddenly gets the feeling he isn't alone.
No. 292623 ID: e02378

they would be another delver if they are. if that's ALL the pages in the book then may as well put it back down on the table so it doesn't get destroyed in a reset. grab the rats then go to the right.
No. 292626 ID: 3416ec


Welp, let's get this show on the road! Advance right!
No. 292644 ID: 1854db

Let's see what the next room is like.
No. 292677 ID: a6444a

Well, the rats have had a light snack. Go ahead and leave one of the apples behind for them, too. It'll be easier to replace the apples than the bread.

The next room doesn't look like it has anything important, if I'm reading the map correctly, but let's take a peek inside. It would be rather foolish to walk into a pit trap or a pitch dark room without looking.
No. 292680 ID: 3392ab
File 130169751245.png - (45.38KB , 990x728 , 010.png )

>If those are ALL the pages in the book then might as well put it back down on the table

There are still a few miscellaneous pages that might need to be referred back to, so Allan decides to hold onto the book for now. It's not like it's going to weigh him down, or anything!

Allan proceeds into the next room. It's similar to the last one, only marginally smaller. Otherwise, there's not a whole lot to see in here, much like the map suggested.
No. 292686 ID: 1854db

Strange, what's that oddly-colored rock? If it's just a rock, I guess we can continue on.
No. 292691 ID: 07416a

Put out the candle.
No. 292695 ID: a6444a

Can you tell what the two whitish rocks in the middle of the room are? There is clearly a skeleton under the candle, but I'm not sure that the objects in the middle of the room are bone.
No. 292709 ID: 8c73c8

kick the weird bulging rock.
No. 292723 ID: 3392ab
File 130170128344.png - (35.31KB , 924x700 , 011.png )

Allan douses the flame, darkening the room.

Allan picks up the two white things. They're... petals. Flower petals. White ones. They smell nice, however Allan isn't much florist and can't tell what kind they are. Probably isn't important, but, still, Allan wonders what they're doing in a place like this.

The other gray things on the floor are, indeed, bones. They look decomposed, which goes against the notebook's preface now that Allan thinks about it. Unless they're just always there. A fairly large animal skull rests with the bones.
No. 292724 ID: 3392ab
File 130170129108.png - (42.78KB , 935x687 , 012.png )

A loud, rough cry comes from the next room over.
No. 292727 ID: 8c73c8

investigate cry!
No. 292732 ID: a6444a

Add petals to pockets.
Onward, to the next room!

How can we see what's in this room, anyways, with the light out?
No. 292741 ID: 476456

OH boy they're having an orgy!

..wait no thats...nevermind.
No. 292784 ID: 283fa9

Hahahaha, I read it as 'ORGY' as well.

I would either DRAW YOUR SWORD or somehow PREPARE YOUR SWORD TO BE DRAWN before investigating. Just in case something really nasty is on the other side.
No. 292791 ID: 3392ab
File 130170661247.png - (54.80KB , 1062x714 , 013.png )

Allan throws the petals into his pockets and walks into the next room, his hand firmly around the hilt of his blade.

The room is large with a variety of things in it. There are a few barrels along the walls with some makeshift huts further in. Lanterns with candles in them hang down from the ceiling. In the middle of the room lay a man, slowly backing away with a large, brown ratman following close behind him.

The man on the floor turns his head back a bit as Allan enters. Coughing, he asks Allan for some assistance.
No. 292792 ID: 1854db

Lend him some. Slay that giant rat.
No. 292794 ID: 8c73c8

show the ratman your stabs
No. 292806 ID: a6444a

Unless you think you can take the ratman on your own, I would suggest dragging the guy into the last room. Ambushing the ratman from the doorway or at least using the cover will help your chances.

I'm not sure how good you are with that sword, though.
No. 292828 ID: cc04a7

You show him who is KING RAAAT
No. 292831 ID: 8c73c8

good tactic.
No. 292969 ID: fa517c

You notice a severed rat foot by the barrels with a blood trail leading in the direction the rat is coming from.
Realizing that the rat is defending another of it's kind or after vengeance you kill the wounded man yourself.
After all who needs the competition and you'd rather have the rat-man for a friend
No. 292972 ID: 8c73c8

wait... shit, you're right. need to back off and see who is the aggressor. if the guy attacked first then of course the rat is gonna try to kill him.
No. 292982 ID: 1854db

...it's a dungeon. There are monsters in the dungeon which attack you. So you kill the monsters.
No. 292997 ID: 51ef6f

im gonna go for the longshot here

say "hi, why is everyone attacking each other?"
No. 292999 ID: 8c73c8

is it a monster? it is wearing clothes and seems to be defending another of it's kind.
No. 293029 ID: 653ea0

This is why you don't feed rats.
No. 293036 ID: fa517c

no, this is why you feed rats, because if you don't their big brother will come after you with a spear.
No. 293079 ID: c71597

Lend assistance and kill the rat creature.
No. 293080 ID: 8c73c8

take out your sword but only use it to block an attack and demand a time out and explanation.
No. 293081 ID: 3416ec

Show no mercy! Kill it dead!
No. 293110 ID: a41aaf

>man in blue
No. 293114 ID: 2563d4

>blue hat
This guy's headgear is brown.
No. 293231 ID: 3392ab
File 130177808257.gif - (827.57KB , 800x600 , 014.gif )

Allan draws his blade from its sheath. He leaps forwards, raising it high above his head, and with one last jump he brings it down upon the ratman.

The ratman parries! It raises its spear up to meet with Allan's sword and pushes him back.
No. 293232 ID: 3392ab
File 130177809629.png - (40.56KB , 1050x700 , 015.png )

Allan is pushed back, but keeps his cool. He sticks the landing, sliding back towards the other man. Staggering a bit, the injured man starts to get up.

The ratman's spear snaps in two from the previous blow! The ratman is stunned momentarily.
No. 293233 ID: 8c73c8

okay NOW ask what the hell is going on. but stay on your guard. against both the ratman and the other guy.
No. 293234 ID: cc04a7

(We continuously are humbled by your animation skills)

Nah man, the rat guy's clearly a monster while the other human is clearly a bro, by virtue of species analysis. Clearly you ought disembowel the rat man while he's stunned from your previous attack.
No. 293235 ID: 3416ec

Tell the injured man to ready his throwing arm.

Then attack the ratman from the right, so Injured Man can chuck some knives at the ratman.
No. 293236 ID: 8c73c8

oh so you are all speciest. just because he is a ratman he is automatically evil.
No. 293237 ID: 3416ec

Hhhnnnggghhh! Animation... so... delicious...
No. 293239 ID: 2ab266

look at its eyes, it is clearly evil. kill the evil rat monster and find out what happened later.
No. 293240 ID: e973f4

Shout... something at the ratman, on the off chance it can actually understand what you're saying. But I'm not expecting much.
No. 293241 ID: 8c73c8

>"okay, what is going on here?"
No. 293242 ID: 1854db

Keep in mind this other dude might not be a team player. Don't let yourself get stabbed in the back.

Ask the injured man what happened before you got here.
No. 293243 ID: cb45f0

No. 293245 ID: 1854db

Alright let's put this to bed.

Allan: Are ratmen like this ever NOT evil? Have you heard of monstrous races being peaceful?

Also if this winds up going into more combat, >>293235
I agree with a pincer attack. This guy might not be able to throw knives so just suggest a pincer attack and let him do whatever.
No. 293249 ID: 3392ab
File 130178090467.png - (41.62KB , 1013x716 , 016.png )

The ratman turns around to search for the weapon end of his broken spear. Allen tries talking to it. It cocks its head around quickly and shrieks back at him, then continues to search for his weapon.

Allan helps the man to his feet and asks what started all this.

Coughing, the man replies, "Does it really matter? Are you honestly thinking of allying yourself with that mindless beast instead of helping me?"
No. 293250 ID: 3416ec

No. 293251 ID: c71597

Press your advantage and the attack. Tell injured dude that you will slash high and he can stab low. You go from the right and he goes from the left.
No. 293252 ID: cc04a7

The man has a point. He's human and you're human. That thing clearly isn't human. Furthermore, it's clearly disgusting (unless you're in to that sort of thing). Are you really going to turn your back on a fellow human in order to appease your secret rat fetish?
No. 293255 ID: 8c73c8

"well, it is wearing clothes so i highly doubt it's mindless. i mean, if you are a giant rat and a guy runs up and tries to stab you i think you would stab back."
the rat's spear is a rather useless weapon right now. and going after it means it is probably desperate.
No. 293256 ID: 2ab266

Who cares if the monster has clothes or not? Help the one you can actually communicate with and kill the rat quickly, before it can rearm itself.
No. 293261 ID: 1854db

Nah. Kill it.
No. 293264 ID: 8c73c8

fine, just make sure it doesn't know you killed it. try to make sure it thinks the other guy is the cause of it's death.
No. 293316 ID: 3392ab
File 130178956111.gif - (827.18KB , 800x600 , 021.gif )

Allan and the man set out to slay the ratman. The injured guy grabs one of his daggers and expertly throws it at the ratman's back. Allan rushes quickly after it, preparing to make follow up attack.

The ratman bends down to pick up his weapon, when...
No. 293317 ID: 3392ab
File 130178956985.png - (28.11KB , 942x523 , 017.png )

The dagger connects! It's lodged deep in the ratman's skin. The enemy let's out a sharp cry and arcs backward, screaming.
No. 293319 ID: 3392ab
File 130178962930.png - (24.01KB , 725x603 , 018.png )

The ratman flails about, reaching for the dagger still lodged firmly in his back. It squeals in torment and is blinded by pain.

So blinded, in fact, that it doesn't see Allan run up behind him.
No. 293320 ID: 3392ab
File 130178963911.png - (32.83KB , 740x636 , 019.png )

With an upward slash, Allan cuts the ratman's back, blood trailing on his sword. The ratman staggers, inhaling deeply, gasping for enough air to let out another cry.
No. 293321 ID: 3392ab
File 130178965715.png - (23.29KB , 1036x632 , 020.png )

It gives up on its air-finding endeavor and slumps to the ground, shaking. Its eyes dart around frantically, searching for nothing in particular.

The room is dead silent.
No. 293322 ID: 3416ec


Collect necessary XP, and devote full attention to the injured man.
No. 293323 ID: 2ab266

Ask how the other guy is doing, what the hell happened, &c. &c.
No. 293324 ID: 8c73c8

explain you wanted to knwo what happened becasue having to fight a giant rat every time you come here is gonna get annoying real fast. figure out how to get past without killing it and the journey will be a lot easier.
No. 293328 ID: 1854db

Well, if it WAS peaceful, you can take solace in the fact that it'll be back when the dungeon resets.

Look around for a second at the rest of the room.
No. 293329 ID: cc04a7

I feel horrible now...
No. 293335 ID: 0b01fb

Well. Take the knife thing out and give it back to it's rightful owner, and then greet the boy.
No. 293367 ID: 8c73c8

don't give him back his knife. ask him again what was going on. now that the rat is gone he can't evade the question.
No. 293375 ID: 3392ab
File 130179698475.png - (38.56KB , 916x689 , 022.png )

Allan slides the knife out of the ratman's body. It squirms and wheezes as he does so. Then, Allan asks if the man's alright.

Wiping the blood from his cheek, the man shrugs. He tells Allan it's nothing serious, just a cut on his face and his leg. "Man, was I ever lucky that you came when you did," he laughs. "Otherwise, I'd definitely been a goner, I kid you not." He points to Allan's sword. "You're pretty good with that thing, y'know."

Allan asks what happened before he showed up. The man explains how he sneaked into the dungeon to explore and to see if he could clear it. He noticed the half of a loaf of bread at the entrance and figured that someone was already here. So, he headed on towards the next room. To his surprise, not even the third room had been cleared; two ratmen were still alive in there. The ratmen noticed him from their huts and came out with spears, talking gibberish. He drew his daggers and took an offensive stance, and they attacked.

He managed to maneuver around them easily and disabled one by lopping off its foot. That one was easy to take care of, he says, but then the second one struck him from behind.

...And that's when Allan walked in.

Allan nods in understading. The man reaches into his pocket to pull out a small bandage and starts patching up his cheek. "You here to clear the dungeon too?" He asks. Allan nods. "Then I guess we have similar goals. We'd better team up, yeah? With the two of us, this thing'll be a piece of case, even with my injured leg." He motions toward the dagger Allan's carrying. "though I'm gonna need that back, yeah?"
No. 293376 ID: 2ab266

He doesn't strike me as one to share loot, but you never know, and there is a lot of dungeon left to go. Give him his weapon back but keep him at arm's length for now.
No. 293377 ID: 1854db

Hand him the dagger back hilt-first.

...wait a second the ratman's still alive. Put it out of its misery.
No. 293379 ID: ccbbf3

This guy cannot be trusted. Align our selves to the Rats, kill the man and use his blood to revive the slain Ratmen.

You know Necromancy, right?
No. 293380 ID: 8c73c8

from what he says the rats were telling him to stay away and he got out his weapons so they attacked to keep him from attacking. and the little rats are coming back. the little rats may be their children. this guy seems to of not bothered reading the book.
No. 293383 ID: 8c73c8

hmmm... tell him to go on ahead, you want to check some stuff here. then when he leaves get near the rat and tell him how you didn't mean for this to happen but if he remembers this then you want to cut him a deal, you leave him alone and he leaves you alone and you both go on your merry way.
No. 293393 ID: 1854db

Don't do any of that.

This is what I think happened: They wanted to claim the dungeon as their lair, and came out with weapons to threaten him because he was 'trespassing' so he drew his and they attacked. THEY ATTACKED FIRST, WITH LETHAL FORCE. Fighting and killing them is justified, even if it's not nice.

Also the tiny rats being ratman kids is ridiculous. Ratmen do not work that way.
No. 293436 ID: 6868bc

Return that dagger, and ask the fella his name.

(Edward, maybe? He looks like he could be an Edward. Or a Remy.)
No. 293437 ID: 9bacb6


How do you know they attacked first? You a traitor to the rat people?
No. 293453 ID: c71597

Give back dagger and accept offer to team up. He can disable traps by walking into the or something.

Who gives a fuck? Kill them all and let whatever diety holds reign here sort out the rest.
No. 293456 ID: 8c73c8

because they aren't going to STAY dead. everything here will come back to life. so killing things is only a temporary solution.
No. 293457 ID: c71597

So? That means we kill it again, and then again, and a few more times until we're done here. Don't really see any sort of problem with that.
No. 293458 ID: 8c73c8

what if we get wounded deeper in and the rat is back and attacks us but we can't fight well because of the wound? long term plans require allies everywhere. not with the first guy that asks.
No. 293459 ID: c71597

Then we adapt to the new circumstances. And the ratmen does not seem to be native to this place. The picture for the first floor monster does not match a ratman. They might just have killed what was living here and set up shop of their own. Now that they're dead the reset should bring back what was here originally.

And the reset is triggered when we exit the dungeon and then come back in. Whatever is in this room, if it's ratmen or something else, won't be ther when we're leaving. Because the reset is triggered when we exit this place.

But if new ratmen have wandered in, and we can't fight them, then I guess we would have to sneak past. Or lure them deeper in, slip away from them and then sneak past. Or trust our somewhat shifty looking ally to help a bit.
No. 293460 ID: 8c73c8

uhhh... reread the book. the guy says he killed the lamia, got down to floor 4 and then on his way back up the lamia was alive again. the resets can happen any time.
No. 293462 ID: c71597

And before that he says that it resets every time he exits and enters. So the Lamia might be a special case.
No. 293588 ID: 748835

Return the dagger hilt-first, and ask the man his name. We're already allied with him, so to speak, so it would be foolish to not accept his help.

Whether or not the ratmen were peaceful, they certainly aren't now. One is missing a foot and the other is dead. I highly doubt any new ones we meet will be friendly from this point on.

Once you've introduced yourselves, take a look around the room. With one foot missing, there must be a blood trail somewhere.
No. 293665 ID: 3392ab
File 130188306028.gif - (522.81KB , 800x600 , 023.gif )

Allan steps over and hands him back his weapon. "Thanks, man," he says, smiling. "I'm pretty useless without both, I kid you not." He finishes bandaging his cheek and wipes his daggers clean with the ratman's shirt.

Allan agrees that they should team up. The man smiles and nods, saying that it's for the best. "You got a name, man?" He asks. Allan tells the man his name and that he's a wandering dungeon diver. The man introduces himself as Remy Crump, a wandering 'treasure hunter' (Allan assumes that's just a fancy way of saying he's a petty thief).

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, man," Remy laughs. "Let's be sure to split the loot 50/50, alright? I mean, I'm not the stingy kind or anything, but I'll get pretty steamed up if you end up scammin' me here. I kid you not." Allan nods.

Where to now?
No. 293671 ID: 2ab266

Ask if he read the map, knows that things reset and so on and so forth. Just make sure you two are on the same page here.
No. 293673 ID: 8c73c8

asks what he knows about this place and compare info.
No. 293680 ID: 1854db

50/50 sounds fine, so long as he carries his weight. If we have to do most of the work that wouldn't be fair. Ask him what kind of skills he has.

Note: trusting a thief is a risky proposition... We should never get into a situation where he can stab us in the back and take everything. Also note that he already told us that he's a bit rubbish if he's only got one knife. We can use that to our advantage if he tries to turn against us.
No. 293692 ID: 3392ab
File 130188636405.png - (39.48KB , 970x709 , 024.png )

>Ask him what he knows
Remy says he doesn't know a whole lot. He knew it's location and what the local rumours were, but other He flipped through the book and said it was too wordy for his liking. He says that he understood the map pretty well, though.

Allan goes on to explain how the dungeon 'resets' every now and then at random. All of the rooms, monsters, etc. will all go back to how they originally were. That is, all of the rooms but the first one. Remy says he's a little confused-- how's that possible? Allan shrugs.

They go back to the map. According to it, this was the last room on the floor before a staircase.

Allan asks about Remy's skills. Remy says that he's pretty good with his daggers, obviously. Throwing and slashing are his specialties, but blocking with such short blades can be fairly challenging. He also mentions that he's quick on his feet. "No one ever here's me comin'-- my steps are pin-drop silent, man. I kid you not."
No. 293699 ID: 8c73c8

ask him to go scout ahead with his sneaking and you will check out these barrels.
then when he is gone talk to the rat man, tell him it wasn't personal and you hope that he wont hold it against you if he remembers this after he revives.
No. 293700 ID: 07416a

Behead the ratman- his eye moved- then drag him into the safe room.
No. 293701 ID: ffd999

When he touched you, he stole your gold. Kill Remy.

Kill him.
No. 293712 ID: 2fab91

What inventory do we have, anyways?

Also, in regards to an earlier comment: It is entirely possible that Remy is part of the dungeon as well. Just food for thought.

First order of priority is checking this place. I'd like to know what's behind those barrels, and we need to wander off-screen to the right to follow the bloody footprints. I'm also curious as to what's up with the rats and the ratman - the rats certainly choose an unusual time to pay a visit.

Have Remy check behind the barrels, while you keep an eye on the ratfolks. The both of you can head to the right after that. There's not much sense mutilating the corpse, but I'm not keen on just letting it sit unobserved right now.
No. 293717 ID: 8c73c8

why? i am pretty sure this room reseting would make a new ratman out of magic if we remove this one to the first room. my idea let's us try to salvage a possible free pass out of the rat-men. so we can pass through without combat.
No. 293718 ID: 07416a

So that we can have a pile of ratman corpses? Maybe he won't reset? SCIENCE!?
No. 293753 ID: cc04a7

Hey Allan, where'd you get your Black Blade of Blaackness?
No. 293812 ID: 3392ab
File 130194448923.png - (26.85KB , 943x654 , 025.png )

Allan had no gold with him to begin with! He was hoping he'd earn some while in Domhain.

Allan inspects the ratman. The two rats from the other room have gathered around it. It's still alive, just barely. It wheezes in and out between shallow squeaks to the other rats.

Allan is confused! Is he finishing off the ratman or not?
No. 293816 ID: c71597

Yes he's finishing it off.
No. 293819 ID: 8c73c8

dammit, i am not opposed to finishing it off. just want to tell it that we didn't want to do this and we are sorry it came to this. in private. so send Remy on ahead so he doesn't get the idea you are soft and talk to the rat man.
No. 293833 ID: 1854db

Yes, finish off the ratman so we can move on and stop standing around feeling bad about killing a hostile creature that may or may not have been intelligent. Also it would be showing mercy. It's just slowly dying now.

I really doubt the little rats are its kids. Could be pets though. In fact that's very likely.
No. 293835 ID: f5e4b4

You know, apologizing to a dead man is kind of pointless, going "sorry bro for the stabs" is kind of ridiculous.

Just end his misery and carry on.
No. 293857 ID: 3392ab
File 130195216741.png - (39.51KB , 1237x429 , 026.png )

Allan stabs the ratman one last time. It tenses up, but then slowly calms down as the life fades from its eyes.

"Ah, was the thing still alive?" Remy says, looking over. Allan nods. "Well, that settles that, man."

>Rest of the map
No. 293859 ID: 3416ec

Investigate the contents of the hut.

Or yurt.

Whatever it is.

Tell Remy to at least announce what he finds before stealing it.
No. 293860 ID: 8c73c8

yeah the rats are totes part of this place. hut would never of been able to be built to that size with those resets. inspect giant skull. perhaps something is inside it?
No. 293889 ID: 1854db

That's a really fucking big rat skull. Also approach the second ratman cautiously. That one could be alive still too.
No. 293898 ID: 2fab91

Examine barrels.
Examine hut.
Examine second ratman corpse.
In that order.

I don't like the look of that skull. Most likely the ratman just crawled over there to die, but I don't trust it not to be a trap of some sort.
No. 293957 ID: 3392ab
File 130197121375.png - (44.62KB , 970x703 , 027.png )

Allan tells Remy that he doesn't mind him taking anything, he should just let Allan know first in case they need it. Remy laughs. "Yeah, yeah, sure thing, man. You can trust me, I kid you not."

Remy takes a look inside the barrels. One has water, the other is filled with various bough, presumably for the hut. Allan thinks that's kinda weird considering how the place resets regardless. Remy takes a sip of the water haphazardly. He says it tastes fine, if not a little woody due to its container.

Allan goes over to inspect the hut. It's not very large and looks fairly rickety, almost as if a stray gust of wind could take it down. Poking his head inside, he sees what he hesitates to call a bed and a small crate.
No. 293958 ID: 8c73c8

open crate.
No. 293960 ID: 3416ec

Open up that crate!
No. 293963 ID: e3f578

These ratmen may be cursed to live out their reseted days from all the way back when this whole reset thing started. Almost like Groundhog Day. I suppose it's the only explanation why they wouldn't set up their home in the first room, after a set amount of time they just return anyway.

Open crate, investigate hay bed for goodies too.
No. 293975 ID: 2fab91

'Open crate, investigate bedding' sounds like a good idea.
No. 294009 ID: c71597

Open that crate and search the crap out of it.
No. 294021 ID: cc04a7

One day.. we shall make penance for the death of the rat men...
No. 294024 ID: 60477c

you mean when we catch an STD from a local whore after telling this story in the tavern? that's going to happen anyway.
No. 294204 ID: 3392ab
File 130205039347.png - (64.64KB , 930x706 , 028.png )

Allan lifts up the lid.

Looking inside, it appears the crate's bottom has been removed and it now just serves as a hiding place! The hole descends deep into the ground. It's hard to tell where it ends exactly, but Allan can see a small object at the bottom.
No. 294205 ID: 8c73c8

is it small or just far away? drop one an apple.
No. 294206 ID: 1854db

What's with those four panels on the sides of the shaft? It looks like it might close or something if you enter it, trapping you in there.

Do not just jump in, that would be dumb. Tap the odd panels with the non-sharp half of the broken spear.
No. 294210 ID: 3392ab
File 130205417149.png - (52.13KB , 799x605 , 029.png )

Allan takes the broken spear from outside and nudges at the weird rectangles. Nothing happens. Allan wouldn't be able to fit in there, anyway! He's far too big.

Allan is fairly sure it's just small. He drops and apple in, just in case. It takes less than a second to hit the bottom, so it can't be more than a metre and a half deep.

"What's up?" Remy asks, poking his head into the hut. "You find something, man?"
No. 294211 ID: 60c493

Let's hang onto the apples and use the broken spear. One end can tap the unusual panels inside the "box", and if that doesn't get a response, drop it inside. Let's see if there is a nasty trap in there, along with how far down it is.
No. 294212 ID: 60c493

Or nevermind, as I am... how did I end up TWO MINUTES late?

Well, let Remy know what's down there, and see if he has any idea how to get it out.
No. 294214 ID: 8c73c8

use sword and pinch it between the flat of the blade and the wall. then drag it upward.
No. 294235 ID: 1854db

Tell him there's a thing down there and you want to get it out without sticking your arm fully into what looks like a trap.
No. 294336 ID: 9da1d2

Why don't you cut off one of those hanging lanterns and lower it down to give you a better idea of what's down there?
No. 294530 ID: 3392ab
File 130214122134.gif - (897.82KB , 800x600 , 030.gif )

Allan tells Remy that there's something shiny down a hole. Confused at the crate facade, he takes a look himself. Allan winces, expecting a trap as Remy throws his arm in to try and reach the red object. Thankfully, nothing happens-- Remy was nowhere near reaching it anyhow.

Allan asks if Remy can go get one of the lanterns from outside so they can get a better look at what's down there. Remy nods and comes back with one moments later, a decent sized rope attached to its end. Allan sends it down...

The bottom of the hole suddenly turns a brilliant orange as the objects are illuminated. The apple is obviously still down there, along with a small glass bottle filled with a red liquid (either that or the glass is red, Allan figures).
No. 294533 ID: 3416ec



We must fish it out of that hole somehow.
No. 294540 ID: 1854db

So, no hope of getting that without jumping down.

On the other hand we could just dump the barrel of water into it, causing the potion to float to the top.
No. 294563 ID: 3416ec


This is a fantastic idea. Do this!
No. 294586 ID: 3392ab
File 130214662802.gif - (70.32KB , 800x600 , 031.gif )

>Fill it with water
Allan gets some help from Remy to roll the barrel filled with water into the hut. Remy cuts open a small hole on the side and they quickly shove it on top of the hole. The hole quickly fills with water with the two objects floating peacefully on the surface.
No. 294587 ID: 3416ec


Sweet deal! Collect the apple and examine the Strange Potion.
No. 294589 ID: 2ab266

Yes, collect your apple and the mysterious red vial. Inspect the liquid when you bring it up, see if you can make heads or tails of it.
No. 294590 ID: e3f578

brofist for excellent teamwork
No. 294675 ID: 6868bc

Search the bedding for additional items. Plenty of people hide stuff under their mattress!
No. 294733 ID: f89bf2

This can include fleas, too.
Although I don't object to searching the mattress.
No. 294825 ID: 3392ab
File 130222300777.png - (36.36KB , 938x689 , 032.png )

Allan reclaims his apple, albeit horribly bruised at this point, and picks up the vial as well, closing the crate afterward. He examines the liquid in the bottle. It's red and, uh... see-through? Allan can't really make heads or tails of it. The case it's in makes it look like some kind of perfume, so Allan opens it up.
No. 294826 ID: 3392ab
File 130222301253.png - (62.56KB , 947x707 , 033.png )

He takes a whiff and-- Augh! It's absolutely rancid! Allan can barely handle its scent as it escapes from the bottle. He squeezes his nose in an attempt to stop the odour from reaching his nostrils, but to no avail. The rotten fruit-blended-together-with-decaying-meat-like smell causes his eyes to water, forcing him to close it. The smell lingers, so Allan decides to take a look through the bough bedding for anything of interest and a fresh pine scent.
No. 294827 ID: 3392ab
File 130222301954.png - (52.94KB , 955x665 , 034.png )

Allan picks up the whole bed and shakes it down.
No. 294836 ID: 1854db

What's that what's that? Some sort of yellow bracelet?
No. 294841 ID: 8c73c8

a thing! also the bottle could be used like a stink bomb. splash it on an enemies face and they will freak out.
No. 294843 ID: f88f02

A very handy scent bomb. Imagine if you had excellent smelling capabilities and someone lobbed that at you! Man, your tracking ability would be shot to hell.
No. 294851 ID: e3f578

or a health potion. They're notoriously red and medicine will often taste bad, sting, or stink. In other words, applying medicine is often a horrible experience one way or another. Even chew tablets taste horrible.

Have you ever drank a health potion before Allan? Maybe remy knows what the hell it is. But, medicine or not, definitely a make-shift stink bomb if it being stinky is a side effect.
No. 294852 ID: 07416a

My experience in dungeon crawling says DRINK IT TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS. But then again, you die a whole lot in stone soup.
No. 294860 ID: 6930ef

> Stone Soup
Don't know why people are all up in that game recently. NetHack is still superior.

Speaking of, find a shop so we can price-identify it.
No. 294891 ID: 3392ab
File 130223113132.png - (44.13KB , 941x704 , 035.png )

Allan just hopes he isn't in range when he uses it.

>Price identify it at a shop.
Allan has no intention of leaving yet! He's completed all his previous dungeons in one run, and this dungeon will not be the one to break his streak!


Allan's had a few health potions in the past, but he was young and confused! He was peer-pressured into it, honest!

But, no, this isn't like any health potion Allan's ever seen. He supposes the pigment of the liquid is similar, but the smell? Eugh. Maybe it's just really potent, or something.

Gack, just thinking about it makes Allan's skin crawl. Besides, if it's something helpful then it'd be a waste to use it now!

Allan picks up the thing that fell out of the bed. It's not a bracelet at all, it's a slip of paper. A crudely drawn image of a man holding a staff is on it. There are musical notes beside him too. Flipping it over, Allan notices some writing.


...Whatever that means.
No. 294895 ID: 07416a

Sing the notes.
No. 294899 ID: 8c73c8

it's the clue for the lamia, give her something or kill her, i can think of a few things to give~
No. 294908 ID: cc04a7

blue haaat...
No. 294929 ID: e3f578

"Offer her Venom, his eyes, her earrings" I'm guessing when the book refers to eyes, it's the blue man's eyes.
No. 294931 ID: 1854db

The man in the blue hat. Gotta kill that guy quick, apparently.

Alright we're done in the hut, check out the other dead rat and the skull it's next to.
No. 294937 ID: e3f578

Oh wait, the red stuff might be the venom was talking about too. Remy is a thief-rogue type of guy, maybe he knows his way around poisons and can confirm the concoction to be a venom or not!
No. 294944 ID: 676156

How much you guys wanna bet that Remy is a part of the dungeon and respawns every so often in the same situation in that same room?
No. 295048 ID: 7fcfb9

While I am sure the substance is quite toxic, I doubt it's any form of venom. Smelling strongly of rotten meat and apples would be enough to chase off most without venomous properities, unless it is supposed to attract flies.

How strange. I would think it's more likely in relation to the "her earrings" than the Lamia's venom. Not that I would be opposed to avoiding a potentially dangerous Lamia encounter, but just stating which is more likely.

It sounds like the red potion is the item to offer, as well. Perhaps it would be best to simply attempt an offer of the red potion for "her venom" and "her earrings", to see if either accepts? If we're get into a fight anyways, taking the time to ask shouldn't hurt.

Anyways, we want to check the ratman and skull outside the hut. And yes, pay attention as leaving the hut. I don't want to be ambushed this early in the game.
No. 295050 ID: 8c73c8

the poem says 'her venom, his eyes, IT'S earrings'. not her earrings. wording is important.
No. 295052 ID: e3f578

yeah I fucked that up. My bad.
Though "it's" means "it is" so like... the venom and eyes are earrings or something?
No. 295055 ID: 8c73c8

no, "it's" in the possession sense. it owns earrings. so the earrings are it's. like "jackson's car" it doesn't mean "jackson is car"
No. 295072 ID: 676156

Learn to grammar. "It's" is a special case. It is a contraction for "it is." "Its" is possessive.
No. 295074 ID: 8c73c8

i have never heard of that. and maybe the author hasn't ether.
No. 295088 ID: 3392ab

This guy's right, I just goofed when posting that.

...Twice, I guess. I must have not been thinking straight, but it should be "its," as in "the thing belonging to it."

my bad yo
No. 295193 ID: e091f3
File 130233856662.png - (46.85KB , 955x640 , 036.png )

>Remy is part of the dungeon
Allan supposes that it's possible, but there's no way to be sure. Unless he killed him.


...Allan decides to think about something else.

>Ask Remy about the vial
Allan inquires about the red liquid. Remy snatches it out of Allan's hands, examining it. He opens it, then closes it just as fast, turning his head in disgust.

"Dunno," Remy says, handing it back to Allan. "Doubt it's a poison, though. But, with a smell like that, it could definitely be a substitute, I kid you not." Allan takes it back and stuffs it in his pocket.

>Examine the skull
It's huge! Outdoing him in both height and width, Allan perishes the thought of encountering this behemoth while it was still living. Leaning on it is a deceased ratman. It's got a stab wound in its chest and is missing a foot.

Poking his head inside the skull, Allan looks or anything of interest. Despite his efforts, however, there's nothing but a whole lot of bone.
No. 295194 ID: 8c73c8

according to the map downstairs is something involving apples. ask remy to take the lead with his sneaking, but to come back and tell you if he sees a monster so you can figure out a plan to take it down.
No. 295195 ID: 1854db

Next is apple room. Open that thar door.

Also I think the symbol for this room is a giant rat skull, suggesting the ratmen are part of the dungeon.
No. 295199 ID: 66d965

Onward! Open the door, and progress down the stairs. I think we're done here.

It might be a good idea for Remy to scout the next room, just to see if anything is ready to ambush us, but we don't need to stay more than a step or two behind.
No. 295218 ID: e091f3
File 130236489129.png - (31.22KB , 818x635 , 037.png )

Onward, to the apple room!

...Or perhaps not. Instead, they're lead to a spiraling staircase. Remy scouts on ahead a little, looking for any sort of traps. However, the room is completely barren! There's practically nothing in here aside from the candle against the wall.
No. 295219 ID: e091f3
File 130236490642.png - (23.59KB , 792x614 , 038.png )

They creep down the stairwell, Remy in front to scout for dangers. At the bottom of the stairs is a room identical to the one they just came from, candle and all.

As they approach the bottom of the stairs a pair of voices is heard.
No. 295220 ID: b854d5

Kick that rock, it's been drawn for a reason.
No. 295221 ID: 8c73c8

listen and peek into the next room.
No. 295225 ID: 66d965
File 130236822765.jpg - (35.74KB , 132x120 , deckard-cain2.jpg )

Stay awhile and listen.

Also, going after the rock when someone might notice the movement is not recommended. Determine what's going on in the next room first.
No. 295227 ID: e091f3
File 130236893513.png - (28.92KB , 835x622 , 039.png )

Remy and Allan poke their heads in to see what the commotion is about.

Two people are chatting in the next room. One is a short, blond woman dressed in thick robes. Strapped on her back is a leather quiver, and in her hand... A bouquet?

The other person is a large, armour-clad man. He's very well equipped; a large sword and shield, two matching shoulder plates and a helmet that protects (and conceals) all of his face.

They seem to be in some sort of predicament. Hand on her hip, the short woman sighs. "This is so weird, I swear this is how I did it before!"
No. 295228 ID: 8c73c8

don't get any closer, greet them from there and ask what the trouble is.
No. 295229 ID: cc04a7

Flirt without a mouth
No. 295230 ID: b854d5

Pick up the rock, toss it onto the ground next to the woman, and have a 'love at first sight' sequence.

Make sure it's animated.
No. 295232 ID: 8c73c8

what? no, it's obvious her and armor guy are together, and besides allan is after snake-tits.
No. 295247 ID: 676156

Say, "Hello."
No. 295257 ID: 19d681

(D-Demon's Souls?)

Introduce yourself with a simple, "Hail, fellows." If the heavily armored fellow has blue or red etherial eyes, prepare to run back up the stairs.
No. 295260 ID: 1854db

Ask how long they've been here.

It's kinda weird that we're running into people right after a non-cleared room.
No. 295265 ID: e091f3
File 130237903153.gif - (538.81KB , 800x600 , 040.gif )

Allan makes their presence known with a simple greeting. The two strangers turn around in unison.

"Ohh, it looks like we have company," says the girl, smiling. The large man in the armour says nothing, but takes a defensive stance. Allan introduces himself and Remy does the same, trying to appear less threatening.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you both," the woman says, nodding. "My name is Rose, and this is Kushal. He, uh, doesn't say much." She giggles and Kushal eases up, taking a more casual stance.

"What's a little lady like you doin' in a place like this?" Remy asks, sizing her up. "You could get hurt or something; this is a dangerous place, man, I kid you not."

"Hey!" Rose shouts. "Just who are you calling a 'little lady?' I'm probably older than you, and I can definitely carry my own weight!" She motions towards Kushal. "And if anything goes wrong, Kushal's got my back. That's what I hired him for!"

Allan can't see anything glowing in Kushal's helmet-- in fact, he can't see anything at all! The eye-holes are extremely narrow.

Allan asks how long they've been in Domhain for. He mentions that they just passed an uncleared room with a few ratmen so he finds it strange that they're already here.

"The ratmen?" Rose repeats. "Oh, no, they're harmless. We just had to move that giant skull away from the door, is all. But, uh, I dunno, we've been here for an hour or two, I think."

Allan asks what the problem is. Rose explains that she's having a hard time with this room. She says she's done it thrice before, but this time around Rose doesn't get it at all!
No. 295269 ID: 8c73c8

ask to give it a try yourself. and do the puzzle like a boss. also ask about the lamia, does she attack instantly or give you a riddle or something?
No. 295270 ID: 07416a

No. 295271 ID: 19d681


Yeah, offer to do try your hand at the puzzle and consult the book if it comes off as confusing. Also; considering this is her third time, Rose is probably more seasoned at this particular dungeon than anyone else. Pick her brain a bit about certain foes, confirm the book facts, stuff like that.
No. 295273 ID: 66d965

Complement the fellow adventures of their smooth breathing animation. It looks like they're here from outside the dungeon as well, and have been through this section before.

Mention that this is your first time here, so you're unfamiliar with the details of the rooms. They'll find out pretty quickly anyways, so you might as well be foward about it. Then ask: What is the normal solution, and what is wrong this time?
No. 295276 ID: 2ab266

Yeah, ask what they did before and what is new now. Also ask how far they have made it into the dungeon.

Do you still have the book?
No. 295305 ID: 3416ec

No. 295315 ID: 1854db

The ratmen were harmless? Look at Remy accusingly.

Ask how it's different this time, and how it was solved before.
No. 295317 ID: c71597

Check what puzzle they're having a problem with and then consult the book. Don't bother looking accusingly at Remy for the whole ratmen deal. They're dead anyway.
No. 296199 ID: 3392ab
File 130266680244.png - (45.17KB , 918x720 , 040.png )

Rose explains the puzzle.

There are three apples - or, with the one's Allan's brought that are still in tact, five. Each of them differ in weight. Normally, people would find seeds when cutting open an apple, but in this case they'll find a key. Only in one, though! The rest have a sort of explosive device in the centre, so cutting into the wrong one could get... Messy.

Allan's bag suddenly feels heavier.
No. 296200 ID: 3392ab
File 130266682767.png - (41.56KB , 942x701 , 041.png )

He takes out his unbruised apples and examines them. They each have a number printed on them. Rose takes out one of her apples to show off as well.

"I'm not sure when they get there," Rose laughs, "But they've always found a way from my experiences!" She places her three apples on the ground and Allan does the same with his. They place them in numerical order: one, two, three, four, and then five.
No. 296202 ID: 3392ab
File 130266691777.png - (32.61KB , 897x702 , 042.png )

From the door comes a slip of paper. Allan picks it up and reads it aloud.


NUMBER 4 weighs less than NUMBER 3
NUMBER 3 weighs more than NUMBER 2
NUMBER 1 weighs less than NUMBER 5
NUMBER 3 weighs less than NUMBER 1

"That's it?" Remy scoffs. "Seems pretty easy to me."

"Yeah?" Rose shrugs. "Well, then, you solve it!" Remy shys away, dispelling his false grandeur. Rose squats starts to draw something in the dirt. "The last guy I brought in here was a really math-whiz. A mage, too, if you'd believe it. He made all these fancy graphs and organized the data and whatnot..." She trails off and rubs out the diagram she was making in the dirt. "I didn't get it at all! Ha ha, I'm just not that bright, I suppose!"

Allan examines the sheet of paper again. He agrees with Remy, it's really quite simple...
No. 296204 ID: 07416a

It's number 3.
Number 4 is the lightest. Number two is the second lightest. Number three is in the middle. Number 1 is second heaviest and number five is heaviest.


Check the rules, this sequence fits.
No. 296206 ID: 00d3d5

3, but you could have solved it by throwing them at a wall from behind cover.
Speaking of which, carry them with you and throw them at puzzles you don't want to solve and/or monsters you don't want to fight.

Oh, you also could have just checked their weights yourself. Dumping them in the water and seeing how high they float, for example.
No. 296208 ID: e3f578

Complain that this doesn't need graphs at all! Organized data maybe a little, but you just need a stupid list. It's just a dumb logic puzzle.
No. 296209 ID: 1854db

Yep, that's right.
No. 296397 ID: 9b5a86

I agree, the answer is #3.

We know that both #1 and #5 are heavier than #3. #2 and #4 are both lighter. Thus, #3 is the third heaviest (along with the third lightest).

Since #2 is the fourth heaviest, we can also determine that #4 is the fifth heaviest (or lightest). #5 is the heaviest, #1 the second heaviest.

Saving the extra apples for ammunition sounds like a good idea.

The water-in-bucket wouldn't have worked, though. You would have only determined two things: which ones were buoyant and which ones were not. There isn't an easy way to determine weight like that if the object is much denser or much less dense than water - they'd just sink or float the same.
No. 296418 ID: 00d3d5

Not quite!
You see, buoyant objects displace an amount of water equal to their mass. That means that objects of similar volume will float higher or lower depending on how much they weigh. As such, you can determine how much each apple weighs by:
Seeing how high up the water line is on each one.
Seeing how much the water in the container rises for each one.
Filling a container to the brim and measuring how much overflow each causes.
And so on.

For objects of similar volume that don't float you can determine their relative masses by comparing what at what depth each one hits equilibrium, or the rate of descent, or etc...

With some string and a smooth pole, or a balanced fulcrum, you could also compare the apples against each other to determine their relative masses.
No. 296478 ID: 9b5a86

Ah, good point. I did not realize a buoyant object displaced an amount of water equal to its weight! (Logically though, a sunken object displaces an amount of water equal to its volume, which is what happens.) You learn something new every day.

Then again, we are not working in a labrotory with exact scientific apparatuses. It would be rather hard to tell the minor differences in something as small as a bucket by eye. We could certainly do it with a measuring stick and something to mark off the height of the water, but I don't think we have any of those three object anyways.

Actually, what do we have on us?

I doubt we could find a bucket deep enough to test relevant equilibrium depths. That would need to be an apple of very specific density or a very tall bucket. I'm not too sure that rate of descent matters with density - it doesn't in displacing air during a fall.

Perhaps we are overthinking this, though, given that we already have the answer anyways. And are low on buckets. :p
No. 296500 ID: 00d3d5

>I'm not too sure that rate of descent matters with density - it doesn't in displacing air during a fall.
Ah, but it does! It's simply less noticeable in air due to the low density of the medium. However you'll find that water, being very close to 1000 times denser, does a much better job of keeping terminal velocities low.
No. 296501 ID: 2563d4

Stop fucking showing off that you manged to pay attention in school and either shut up or find a dis thread. None of these posts are novel suggestions.
No. 296790 ID: 3392ab
File 130283584493.png - (35.29KB , 883x694 , 043.png )

Allan agrees! It's really just basic math. Some people have a hard time visualizing it in their head, but it's no problem at all for Allan.

>Number 3
Allan's confident that the key's hidden in the third apple. He digs his thumbs into it, drawing sweetly scented juice from its interior. Allan can see Rose and Remy flinch as he rips it in half, exposing a palm-sized, teal-coloured stone coin. It looks like it could fit easily into the hole on the door.

>Save apples for ammunition
Allan was thinking the same thing! If they can't eat them, then at least they can be used for something more violent.

All this technical mumbo-jumbo doesn't interest Allan at all! Not anymore, at least. The bucket method may have worked, but it would have taken so much longer! Good work on the initiative, though, Allan supposes.

Allan brings the coin to the door and inserts it. It twists and turns and the ground starts to shake as the door slowly ascends into the ceiling. The party enters the newly-opened room...
No. 296791 ID: 3392ab
File 130283586013.png - (57.15KB , 1011x707 , 044.png )

The room is a cross between a nice change of scenery and an eyesore. A large, hastily done mural is scrawled up and down the far wall depicting the image of, uh... The lamia, probably? It's a little hard to tell, but the start more-or-less looks like a a blonde human while the other half looks rather snake-like. Allan's unsure of what the black markings in the middle are supposed to symbolize.

Aside from the colourful wall, the room is decorated with four similar looking barrels in the corner of the room.
No. 296792 ID: 3416ec

Examine those barrels, and check how fresh the paint is.
No. 296793 ID: cc04a7

Check out what those plant things are on the ground too. They look delicious.
No. 296795 ID: 8c73c8

ask Rose what she knows, she has been in here before, supposedly.
No. 296801 ID: f88f02

Ask prince ostrava of boletaria Kushal is he knows anything about Lamias. In fact, ask everyone, including yourself!

Those black lines could be weak points, or places where the venom sacs are which would make no sense because then delivery would be hella innefficient which would thus be the best place to strike to gather venom.
No. 296805 ID: a4c7ac

It looks like the green things on the floor are pine branches, used to paint the mural.

Go ahead and ask the others what they know about this room. According to the map in the book, this /should/ be the lamia room. Or it seems to be. There was also three doors on the map, yet four barrels - a clue?

I think we might be using that red potion soon.
No. 296807 ID: 00d3d5

Seduce the Lamia mural. It's practice for when the Lamia shows up.
No. 297036 ID: 3392ab
File 130291565014.png - (57.77KB , 1019x715 , 045.png )

>Check the barrels
The barrels have small amounts of paint in them. One has yellow, another has blue, a third has black while the last has pink-coloured paint. The outsides of the barrels have some paint on them too, but Allan assumes that was by accident, though.

>How fresh is the paint?
Parts of it are still wet, like the blue on the tail and the three black shapes. The paints in the barrels haven't gone stale yet, either.

The things on the ground are indeed pine branches. They're covered in paint. Makeshift paintbrushes, perhaps?

Allan asks Rose if she remembers anything in regards to this room. "Well, I don't remember the wall looking quite like this, last time... Maybe she redecorated?" She shrugs, unsure of what else to say. "There are a few doors in the next room, with some fancy mechanisms... I dunno, everyone would usually just tell me to wait here so I wouldn't get hurt."

While on the subject of what to expect, Allan asks Kushal if he knows anything about lamias. Kushal nods.


Allan asks what he knows about them. Kushal points to the mural on the wall. In a shallow tone, he says, "They're snakes." His voice echoes in his helmet. Allan gets the feeling he isn't going to get anything else out of him.

He turns to Remy, who shrugs. "Yee, that's what I was gonna say, I kid you not." Remy adds onto the thought saying that they have pointy teeth-- most of the time, at least. They also have some kinda poison-- most of the time, at least.
No. 297038 ID: 07416a

Ask him if he's kidding about that last bit.
No. 297040 ID: 3416ec

Welp, advance left and examine these mechanical devices.
No. 297042 ID: 56eb06

how well can they be talked to?

we have to think she has been here fighting for god knows how long. she is either insane with bloodlust or paranoid with backstabbings.
No. 297057 ID: 1854db

Well if she usually stays behind then... wait, how IS she carrying her own weight? She hasn't described her skills. If she's not any good in a fight then yeah she should stay behind while we do... whatever in the next room.
No. 297066 ID: 8c73c8

PEEK into the next room.
No. 297100 ID: 8ac290

Take a barrel of black paint up to the top room. Also, find that painting of the blue hat man, cut out the eyes, and burn the rest.
Also, Remy is the curiosity shopkeeper?
No. 297102 ID: 8ac290

...Also, check the black splotches for secret passages. >.>
No. 297122 ID: a41aaf

What's painted on the inside of the door?
No. 297246 ID: 799b3d

Indeed, check what is painted on the door you just entered through.

I will admit to being a bit stumped. Why paint a lamia on the wall? Check behind the barrels, as they were apparently used to store paint but could be blocking the view of something important.

Shall we try wiping the black paint off the walls with one of the pine brushes?
No. 297661 ID: 3392ab
File 130318352587.gif - (659.63KB , 1400x700 , 46.gif )

Allan starts to wonder the same thing. What's the point of having her tag along? Curiosity building, he asks if she can fight at all, or if she has any kind of special skill(s).

"Hey!" Rose shouts. "Don't even think about just leaving me back here while you manly men do everything! I said it before and I say it again: I can handle myself!"

"Then what's with the armour-guy?" Remy asks with a mocking tone.

Rose sighs. "Well, that's why I brought only Kushal this time; that way, I'd have to help out! And that's not gonna change now that you two've showed up."

Allan tries to pacify the situation, getting back to the question he original asked. Rose smirks a little, turning her body away. She counts quietly to herself before she jumps up. Her arm extends out fully and the rest of her hair flies out from her cloak. A bouquet of flowers shoots out from behind Rose as she makes accompanying sound effects, swiftly catching it as it falls to the ground. Kushal tenses and brings his hand to his blade as the flowers come out of nowhere.

"Tadaa!" She exclaims, giddy with excitement.

"And what's that supposed to do?" Remy says, unamused. "Unless you can summon up a bunch of knives with that you still ain't gonna be much help, little lady." Allan agrees that it wasn't much of a spectacle, and that it has little-to-no practical use, but he decides to keep his comments to himself.

"Oh, have a heart!" Rose sighs, fixing her hair. "It's just a simple trick." Kushal eases up, reassuming his casual position. "You should see my brother-- now there's a illusionist!"

For the third time, Allan asks if she knows how to fight. She nods, saying that the quiver on her back isn't just for show. Rose has a simple, lightweight crossbow and she's pretty good with it. Or so she says.
No. 297663 ID: 3392ab
File 130318356050.png - (65.26KB , 1111x731 , 047.png )

Allan inspects the door he and the party just came through. Carved on it is an insignia not unlike the one Allan's got on his armour. Another snake-woman is crudely painted on the inside of the logo.

>Why paint a lamia on the wall?
Allan assumes that the mural is related to this series of rooms' inhabitant. It's just mild speculation, though.

>Inspect the black markings.
Allan grabs the similarly coloured pine brush and rubs it up and down, looking for some kind of secret passage way. He doesn't find anything! A bit of a disappointment, perhaps, but he wasn't really expecting things to be that easy anyway.
No. 297669 ID: 8c73c8

okay then, peek into the next room.
No. 297677 ID: 3416ec

Oh, Rose~

Er uh ah anyways. Advance to the next room.

Also, aren't crossbows siege weapons? You'd thing for a traveling duo a regular longbow would be more useful.
No. 297680 ID: 07416a

whyisthisgifsoappealing. Anyways, either she's a useless lump who come with a useful lump or she's also useful. Either way, you gain. Except for the splitting the treasure part... The small possibility that you'll get laid at the end of this and the probability that one or more of them will die while traversing this dungeon makes up for that.
No. 297682 ID: 3416ec


Think. I meant think.

Think for a traveling duo.
No. 297683 ID: a5dbe5


Crossbows are more portable, can penetrate more, are easier to use, and are much more accurate, for the most part. Only downside is the reload.
No. 297697 ID: 07416a

Much, MUCH easier to use.
No. 297699 ID: 1854db

Okay then, onwards.
No. 297774 ID: 9a91b9

If there's nothing behind those barrels then move on I guess.
No. 297817 ID: 3392ab
File 130326032664.png - (53.56KB , 1304x731 , 048.png )

After checking behind the barrels and finding nothing, Allan motions the group to enter the next room. It's bigger than the last, resembling a hallway. There are three doors; one consisting of simple shades of brown with the other two being more of a strain on the eyes. At the far end of the room is some kind of contraption Allan can only assume is another puzzle.
No. 297818 ID: 3392ab
File 130326036595.png - (53.73KB , 972x850 , 049.png )

The apparatus is carved neatly into the wall, covered by a thin layer of glass. Three colours are at the very top of the contraption: yellow, red and blue. From these colours come a series of grooves twisting and turning between each other. The tubes eventually lead to three different rectangular symbols. Allan's not sure what exactly they mean.

Below the shapes are what appear to be the controls. There are three buttons: one that has a red and yellow dot, a second with a yellow and blue dot, and a last with an arrow pointing downwards carved onto it.

Rose comes next to Allan and explains a little more to him. "This one seemed easy, even for me! Two streams of paint come from behind their respective colour and pour down the tubes. From what I remember, the paint streams pause at each of the black lines. I can recall one of my previous groups counting each section as a 'one,' which made it easy to direct the paints! The white lines, on the other hand, signify a sort of cross-road for the paint trail. When they reach one, the paint can go any which-way you want-- aside from up, of course!

"Understand? Then, have at it! If you have any questions, or if what I said didn't make much sense, feel free to ask me anything!"

Remy pipes up. "Why's he get to do it? Seems easy enough for any of us to do, man."

"Well, would you like to try it?" Asks Rose with a hint of impatience. Remy mumbles something and turns away, showing his disinterest. Kushal seems indifferent to the whole matter-- or so Allan thinks. It's hard to tell, really, but Allan gets the feeling Kushal's not big on puzzles.
No. 297819 ID: 1854db

Are we allowed to add and remove white and black lines anywhere? Does the paint only mix if two colors meet at the same time?
No. 297821 ID: 3392ab
File 130326157314.png - (51.53KB , 884x831 , 050.png )

Allan asks a few questions of clarification. Rose says that he can try adding in some lines, but he'd have to break the glass first. She's not entirely sure if it would change anything.

Rose is also unsure about the colour mixing. She was only able to observe what went down in the puzzle from a distance, and grew bored of it after a short while anyway. Maybe Allan should try it and find out.

In all honesty, Allan's not even sure what he's supposed to be trying to accomplish! Is this going to open a door, or something? What does it matter which colours go where? The puzzle isn't that complicated, but if he wants test an idea there's no harm in experimenting.
No. 297822 ID: 1854db

Alright let's see how the paint mixes and splits. Push the down arrow button.
No. 297828 ID: cc04a7

Hold on, it's rather obvious, I believe. We're trying to get a final match of any of the three doors in the room. The final chambers in which two colors will mix each coorespond to one part of the door: the background, the circles, and the central part.

However, with the three primary colors we have, we should be able to create enough combinations to open two of the three doors. The tanned one cannot be created.

For door number one we want a background of Green (Blue and Yellow), a Center of Blue (no mix), and the circles of Orange (Yellow and Red)

For door number two we want a background of Purple (Red and Blue) and a Center (and circles) of Green (Blue and Yellow)

However, with the two buttons on the bottom being Red&Yellow (Orange) and Yellow&Blue (Green), I figure we can only really make a plate replicating Door One.

Unless I'm getting something major wrong
No. 297830 ID: 8c73c8

what about using the paints in the last room to cheat and paint the plates manually?
No. 297834 ID: 46c430

I think the 'Tan' one can be made by keeping the 'tan' parts blank of paint.
No. 297836 ID: 3392ab
File 130326806184.gif - (14.45KB , 800x600 , 051.gif )

Allan pushes the button with the down arrow. The sound of machinery can be heard from behind the wall. Allan, anticipating a rush of paint to come down from the top, is disappointed when nothing happens.

"Well, that's a little weird..." Rose says, confused as well. "Maybe that button's for something else?" She shrugs, showing her true usefulness.

Allan contemplates this. It seems like a viable option; he just hopes it doesn't mess anything up.

That makes sense, Allan thinks. So that would mean-- yeah, the first door requires orange in the first slot, blue in the second and green in the last. Allan thinks that all but the tan door are able to be opened somehow, surely there's a way.

"Maybe them two buttons makes the paint come down," Remy says, peeking over Allan's shoulder. "I mean, what else's gonna do it if not the arrow, man?"
No. 297841 ID: 1854db

I guess the arrow is what you push to open a door.

...though tan matches the door, and the lack of color is tan... I suspect that there are only 3 combinations of colors, and we need to find the third one then paint the third door in order to open it. Or maybe you can push the two color-buttons at different timings while the color trickles down to get things the way you want it... and we can paint the door multiple solutions.

So anyway, push the left button. That will get orange down to the bottom first... push the right button 1 'stage' after the left button, and direct the yellow to flow in both directions for its first split. The blue should hit the bottom just as the yellow does, resulting in green. So that's orange, then green...

Alternatively, if the resulting late yellow from hitting the right button forces another part of the door to be colored... Wait, I think we can push the arrow button the instant we have all the right colors to 'lock' them in.
No. 297843 ID: 1854db

Uh, clearer directions, and I forgot to say how to get blue: push left button, let paint flow to first 'stage', push right button and direct first yellow to flow in both directions, wait 1 stage and direct second yellow flow to head only downwards, and push the right button again. Direct the orange to the left, the yellow immediately after the orange is next so direct that down or left (doesn't matter). Once the green arrives direct it to the right. At this point you'll get another yellow I think, send that down, and the blue that follows should be sent down as well, at which point push the arrow button.
No. 297848 ID: 3392ab
File 130327098077.gif - (14.71KB , 800x600 , 052.gif )

All these directions are confusing for Allan! Maybe it would be better to start off step-by-step, saving the more complex plans for when he gets used to it.

He starts it off by hitting the left button, as instructed. Then, from both the red and yellow dots come a stream of paint. There's a pause at the first line before they continue on. The red stops again at the next line while the yellow freezes prematurely at the the first set of white lines.

The red appears to be waiting on a direction to be chosen. Which way will Allan direct the yellow paint?
No. 297854 ID: cc04a7

Direct the yellow to the right to hit the red; we'll do the orange dots first
No. 297870 ID: 8c73c8

yes, direct it rightwards.
No. 297898 ID: 676156

What if we paint the tan door itself using a combination of colors that would be easy to solve in this puzzle?
No. 297921 ID: 8ac290

Before we do any more with the paints, check the tan door to see if it can be opened now!

Hey, you never know.
No. 297927 ID: 28e94e

Step-by-step instructions:

>Push left button
>Let paint flow to first 'stage'
>Push right button
>Direct first yellow to flow in both directions
>Wait 1 stage
>Direct second yellow flow to head only downwards
>Push the right button again
>Direct the orange to the left
>The yellow immediately after the orange is next so direct that down or left (doesn't matter)
>Once the green arrives direct it to the right
>At this point you should get another yellow, send that down
>The blue that follows should be sent down as well

>At this point push the arrow button.

You were supposed to have pushed the right button one step ago. We'll have to reset it somehow.
No. 297934 ID: f4eed5

Yeah, direct the yellow right, and then direct the mixed paint left at the second junction.

For the second combination, it the second button. Then direct the yellow right at the first junction, then direct both colors down at the second junction. The blue should overwrite the yellow. If the paints mix after meeting in the end box, try again but direct the left right at the second junction and the blue down.

For the third combination... well, unless the paints can mix in the box, I think the gods must have miscounted the sections, because there's no way to get the yellow and blue to meet.
No. 297943 ID: a41aaf

Maybe the arrow is to flush the system, resetting it (after the colours reach the bottom, presumably) as well as to open whatever colour combination door is mixed.
No. 297968 ID: 3392ab
File 130334517348.gif - (20.51KB , 800x600 , 053.gif )

It seems like a solid plan, but the yellow can't flow both ways! It's either downward or...

The yellow paint works its way right and collides with the red, making an orange colour as they swirl together. Allan sends them downwards and to the left. The two circles are filled with the orange paint.
No. 297969 ID: 3392ab
File 130334525597.gif - (28.02KB , 800x600 , 054.gif )

Allan hits the second button. A blue stream comes from its respective colour and another yellow drops down as well. Allan, unsure of how to mix them, sends them both down the middle. He hopes for the blue to overthrow the yellow, but when they meet at the bottom...

A green is created!
No. 297972 ID: 8c73c8

hmmmm.... push arrow then push both color buttons at the same time. have the yellow go right and make the orange again, then have the blue go to the middle. then hit the right button and direct the colors to mix in the last one for green.
No. 297977 ID: f4eed5

Oh, so they just mix in there, eh? That's troublesome, but might make it possible to form the second door. Before you hit the arrow button, hit the second button again and direct the yellow paint into the middle slot and the blue into the left one, just to see if yellow and green make light green or if it stays green.
No. 297983 ID: 3392ab
File 130335389104.png - (21.15KB , 781x602 , 057.png )

Allan hits the second button again, sending down another blue and yellow stream of paint. He directs the yellow straight down into to green and the blue over to the orange. The green wavers for a moment as it accepts the yellow paint, but remains green. The blue paint changes the orange to a dirty brown colour.

Allan assumes that secondary colours have priority over primary colours. Within reason, of course. If he drops one or two more yellows into the green, it would no doubt change hue.
No. 297984 ID: 3392ab
File 130335389828.gif - (15.43KB , 800x600 , 055.gif )

Allan hits the arrow switch. The same mechanical noise from before is heard, and the paints are dumped out.

Allan presses both buttons at the same time. A yellow, red and blue stream descends from the ceiling. Following the directions carefully, he makes an orange with the yellow and red and directs it to its rightful place. He sends the blue down the middle.

He presses the second button again and just makes sure both the yellow and blue make it to the far right section. Once there, they combine to make green.
No. 297985 ID: 3392ab
File 130335390930.png - (42.34KB , 965x707 , 058.png )

The door adjacent to the puzzle slides down into the ground, revealing another room.
No. 297986 ID: 1854db

Yaaaay! Let's go in.
No. 297987 ID: a5dbe5

Maybe we should put the flowers away?
No. 297993 ID: 8c73c8

examine next room.
No. 297998 ID: f4eed5

I'm inclined to take a moment to open the second door to see if there's something potentially useful behind it, now that we know an extra yellow won't affect the greens. Either way, we should ask Rose what she knows about the next room before we go into it, since it probably has the Lamia in it.
No. 298000 ID: 07416a

You would deprive her of her only weapon?
No. 298005 ID: 3416ec


-Put- then away, not -throw- them away. Silly.
No. 298102 ID: e1853d

Let's wake up Remy before going anywhere.
No. 299502 ID: 3392ab
File 130386821828.png - (52.86KB , 1116x836 , 059.png )

Remy is wide awake! Though it does seem like he was dozing off for a little while there.

Allan asks Rose what's behind the door. She shrugs. She reminds Allan that she wasn't involved much in her past dives of Domhain. She apologizes for not being of much help!

Allan reminds Rose to, uh, 'sheath' her bouquet. She thanks him, "I wouldn't want it to lose any more petals!" Rose lets it slide back up her sleeve, and from there it disappears to who-knows-where.

Also, Rose still has her crossbow! It would be silly to enter a dungeon armed with nothing but an arranged set of flowers.

The party enter the next room, Kushal first with the rest not far behind in his shadow.

There's a wall near the entrance which acts as a sort of 'cover' to hide behind. Peeking over it, Kushal examines the room. It's fairly bare-- a candle on the wall and an intricate circle on the floor below it. The room's ceiling slants downward at a steep angle, evening out towards the far end of the room. Some manner of monster lay, covered in bough, under the narrowest section of ceiling. A small brown door can be seen just passed him.
No. 299503 ID: 5caf28

careful, the circle may be a magic trap. can rose tell if it's magic? if not then grab the thing and drag it over into the open and surround it, then wake it up. you outnumber it 4 to one, it would be crazy to not surrender. kushal should have his sword ready in case it is just mean.
No. 299508 ID: 7aedd2

While I'm all for waking him up with a sword to his throat,let's not kill him unless necessary and only after we're gotten information out of him.
No. 299519 ID: 1854db

I bet the circle shrinks anyone who walks on it. So you'd have to sneak around the sleeping monster and open the doors.

Alternatively Rose could just shoot it...
No. 299525 ID: 3416ec

Throw your Apple Bomb at the seal.
No. 299526 ID: e3f578

But what if the seal shrinkifies us so we can use the door?
No. 299560 ID: 3416ec


Then we use an Apple Bomb on the door.

Bombs solve all problems!
No. 299602 ID: 2563d4

It's not so small that you couldn't just crawl through it.
No. 299805 ID: f4eed5

Alright, the green and purple door definitely went somewhere else so I'm making a note to open it the next time we pass through that room.

I agree that the seal is most likely magic. Those sorts of things generally require being stepped on to activate, though, so we can just hop across it if necessary. In fact, I suggest hopping across and then carefully moving the sleeping guy onto it.
No. 299829 ID: 07416a

Yeah, but what about the room behind it?
No. 300490 ID: 3392ab
File 130419926851.png - (83.44KB , 965x697 , 060.png )

Allan asks if Rose can detect any magic in the markings on the ground. "Well, I can try," Rose says. "But I'm not too great at the magic-stuffs." She steps ahead of everyone and squats in front of the design. She lifts her hand and tenses up, focusing her gaze on the carving.

A low hum starts up from the markings after a few moments and the grooves emit a dim light. Rose releases her hand and all the effects stop simultaneously, filling the room with an unnatural silence.

"I suppose that means there's some sort of enchantment on it," Rose deduces. "I dunno what it'll do if we activate it, though."
No. 300493 ID: e3f578

Tell her to throw a flower from her bouquet in it.
I really hope it shrinks it.
No. 300496 ID: 1854db

I tell ya it's a shrinking enchantment. Whoever can sneak should try going across it, and seeing what's past the doors. (Remy)
No. 300497 ID: 7aedd2

Well considering when she started messing with it, it started making noise, and when she stopped it stopped... and considering the sleeping guy there... maybe it's an ALARM?
No. 300524 ID: 3416ec

Drip some candle wax onto the sigil. Let's see if we can't turn it off.
No. 300527 ID: 07416a

It's interesting how this dungeon isn't really designed to keep people out. It's designed to challenge you.
No. 300590 ID: 3392ab
File 130426501649.png - (97.44KB , 967x711 , 061.png )

Allan asks if Rose could throw a petal or two onto the seal for a test. She nods and brings the bouquet back out in a less flashy manner than before.

"I suppose losing a few petals is okay," Rose says, her hands plucking at the flowers. She throws two out in front of her.

The markings on the ground begin to glow again and the same humming is heard. As the petals fall further to the ground, the humming gets louder and louder.
No. 300591 ID: 3392ab
File 130426502304.png - (53.26KB , 971x715 , 062.png )

Allan starts to worry about the noise waking up the monster on the other side of the room. The humming abruptly stops and the petals shrink instantaneously. The monster stirs but stays asleep.
No. 300601 ID: 1854db

See? Shrinking. Though... the fact that it makes so much noise worries me.

How about Rose shoots it in the head from here?
No. 300602 ID: 8c73c8

remy just jumps clear over the symbol without touching it and then quickly rolls the monster on to it.
No. 300606 ID: 2ab266

The enchantment is probably 2-way so you can enter the room on the other side and return to your normal size on the way back. There is an easy way to test this. Wake the monster and if, as it comes to eat you, it turns into a giant (given it is your size now) you know it is 2-ways.

Also, if you shoot an arrow at it, the arrow very well may shrink and become an annoyance to the monster, rather than a 1-shot.
No. 300659 ID: 7aedd2

1) Try tossing something over it, seeing if avoiding contact with the rune avoids the enchantment.

2) Have Rose level her crossbow at the sleeping figure just in case it wakes up; Remy may be able to do as much or more damage with thrown knives, but a crossbow leveled at you is more intimidating.

3) Always ask opinions of other party members.
No. 300673 ID: 07416a

Just shoot the monster. If he attacks you across the rune he'll get shrunk and you can just step on him.
No. 300687 ID: 7aedd2

Unless a) The arrow shrinks as it goes across the rune, only serving to wake him up, and b) the monster doesn't GROW instead of shrink
No. 300692 ID: 28e94e

Step 1: Use an apple to destroy the seal
Step 2: Kill the monster
No. 300701 ID: 07416a

If he grows he'll get squished. Be ready to exit the room anyways.
No. 300737 ID: 3416ec


No no no, flip that around:

1. Use the apple bomb to kill the monster
2. Have one person walk across the sigil and open the door.
No. 300831 ID: 902e11

im thinking that we should try to talk with the mosnter. he most likely is trapped by the seal on the floor.

so wake him up with a arrow to his leg. if the arrow doesnt shrink, be ready for a fight in the room that you arrived from.
No. 300852 ID: 3392ab
File 130430704273.png - (45.98KB , 975x692 , 063.png )

Allan tells Rose to put away her bouquet and bring out her crossbow. He whispers the plans to her so the monster doesn't wake up. She tacitly agrees and readies her crossbow at the monster on the other side of the room. She focuses, and fires.

The arrow flies over the seal and shrinks to a fraction of its original size, the seal repeating its usual light-show. The arrow stays true to its target and embeds itself into the enemy's skull. The blow doesn't look very fatal at all.

Even so, the monster jumps up from his sleep with a yelp, banging his head on the low ceiling. Confused and dizzied, he scrambles to examine both of his newly made wounds and find his attacker. He gathers himself and looks towards the party.

"Oh," it says after a moment of silence. "Oops."
No. 300854 ID: 7aedd2

No. 300856 ID: 3416ec


Hookay, fine. Keep that apple bomb handy.

"I say there! What manner of beast are you?"
No. 300858 ID: 1854db

No. 300859 ID: 07416a

Oops? Say hello.
No. 300860 ID: 8c73c8

okay, now that it sees you have swords with good reach it should be somewhat open to talking.
No. 302625 ID: 3392ab
File 130490643214.png - (28.92KB , 866x629 , 064.png )

"Oops?" Remy repeats. "What's that supposed to mean, man?"

"Well, uhh..." It starts with a raspy voice. "I guess I should have, uh, not let you get the jump on me, or something. Uhh..." He trails off, taking the arrow out of his head. A thick, black liquid follows it.

"So, uh..." It says. "I think I left my dagger, or whatever, in the other room...?" He glances at the door behind him, then at the group and back at the door. "Uhhhh."
No. 302627 ID: 7aedd2

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm at a complete loss about what to do with this guy. If we approach him, we'll shrink and he can squash us. If he comes at us, presumably he'll grow and he can squash us (assuming it works depending on which direction one is passing, and by the slope of the roof I'd say it's a fair assumption). But unless we use something that isn't size-oriented, like magic or some junk like that, I don't see us getting by him safely.
No. 302629 ID: 3416ec

We seem to be at an impasse.

He doesn't have a weapon, and is therefore relatively undangerous.

However, the minute we cross the threshold of the seal we become minutely smaller and weaker than him. He can't cross the seal because the seal might enlarge him and collapse the chamber.

So uh... ask him what his deal is.
No. 302654 ID: 07416a

Ask him about the puzzles and stuff. Also, what's it like being killed and revived over and over?
No. 302658 ID: f4eed5

Well, this guy can speak the same language as us and he isn't on any of the warnings, so... ask him what he's doing down here?
No. 302679 ID: 3392ab
File 130491270461.png - (47.16KB , 1047x671 , 065.png )

Allan asks what it's like to be killed over and over again. "Uh, it's alright, I guess," it says, flicking the shrunken arrow onto the ground. "I dunno, at first it hurts cuz, you know, I'm getting stabbed and whatever, but once I pass out I just kinda wake up in the other room." It's speech is taken over by a yawn yet it tries to talk over the sensation anyway. "But, I'm always sooo sleepy. I usually just take my dagger and go to sleep right here."

Allan asks what it's supposed to be doing here anyway. Through a series of 'ums,' 'uhs' and yawns, it explains that it should be 'guarding this room.' So much for that, though.

"Are you guys here to clear the dungeon, or something?" It asks.

Remy nods. "What else'd we be doing here, man?"

"I guess that makes sense." It repeats Remy's gesture in understanding. "Well, I dunno, I guess I could let you guys through here, or whatever, since I have to go back and get my weapon anyway."
No. 302694 ID: 7aedd2

This guy seems to be pretty dumb but not malevolent. Ask it about the two ratmen from before. And ask it if it'd mind if you chopped its head off, since it'd only hurt for an instant and it'd save y'all a lot of trouble of wondering whether or not he's gonna cause any trouble later on. And, I guess it'd fulfill his contract insofar as him fighting any intruders to the death, or whatever. Speaking of which, ask him about that. Did he sign up or volunteer to be a respawning monster in an elaborate dungeon, or was he created along with the dungeon and is nothing more than a small sentient part of it?
No. 302697 ID: 07416a

Yes. All of this.
No. 302721 ID: e3f578

What's the pay like? Are there fringe benefits?
No. 302966 ID: f0e3ae

Well... killing him might not be necessary, but we shouldn't let him kill us. if going through the circle makes him grow he will squish against the ceiling.

I suggest we just make friends.
No. 302967 ID: f0e3ae

Well... killing him might not be necessary, but we shouldn't let him kill us. if going through the circle makes him grow he will squish against the ceiling.

I suggest we just make friends.

Also, ask girl to explain why the petals are important, and if she wants those two petals you found (and pocketed) earlier back
No. 303036 ID: 3392ab
File 130506246565.png - (48.34KB , 1032x716 , 066.png )

Allan's not exactly sure what ask about the ratmen. He starts off casually, asking if the monster knew them at all. it says that it doesn't really get out much, so, no, it doesn't know them very well. The monster's acquainted with the two of them, but there's a bit of a language barrier. They usually just keep to themselves, anyway, even when the inhabitants of the dungeon 'group up.'

Allan asks the monster about how it ended up in the dungeon-- was it hired, did it volunteer, or summoned? The monster explains that it volunteered, more or less. It didn't have anything better to do, and the owner of the Domhain was apparently very persuasive.

Allan asks if the pay's any good. "Ehehe, funny, funny," chuckles the monster. "Well, pseudo-immortality is a pretty good, uh, benefit, I think. I just wish I wasn't copied when I was so tired. Ohh well."

Allan asks about just slaying the monster to save them some time. The monster wavers, unsure of how to respond. "Uhh... I dunno... I'd rather not die yet, I guess. Umm."

"Come on, man," Remy butts in. "It'd only hurt for a second. I'd be able to do it from here if it weren't for this magic-thing, I kid you not."

The monster starts sweating as it exchanges glances with each of the party members. "Um, haha, yeah, probably." It inches towards the door. "But, uh, you guys just want to pass through here, right? That's fine, and whatever, really. I won't stop you or anything so there's no need for combat, right? Haha, um, yeah."
No. 303037 ID: 8c73c8

hmmm... use sword to scratch the edge of the circle.
No. 303048 ID: 6e44d2

He's gonna let us pass. No need to fight him.
No. 303051 ID: 7aedd2

I still say bargain with him to let you kill him. It SOUNDS terrible but considering that if he lets you through he'll be neglecting his duties and might get fired from his job (or even worse, punished by someone powerful enough to make him psuedo-immortal), it might be in his best interests to do this.
No. 303080 ID: 28e94e

Destroy the sigil. Try not to get shrunk in the process.
No. 303142 ID: f4eed5

The ratmen seem content to just let people through if they don't threaten them, so I don't see why Mr. Blue Guy would be punished. Although, he probably shouldn't have signed up if he doesn't want dungeon crawlers to kill him.

Ask if he knows what the reward for completing the dungeon is, and offer to let him join the party if he's getting bored of the dungeon life.
No. 303163 ID: f0e3ae

We don't need to kill him, just have him cross the thing and we tie him up.

And tell him that you trust him, but worry that whomever had the power to make him pseudo immortal also had the power to put restrictions on his mind forcing him to attack...

Alternatively, he could go in the other room, and 3 of you can walk past the circle (shrinking) into the other room while one stays full size and guards it against him returning.
No. 303224 ID: 42fb35

he is either buying time or actualy trying to make you step on the circle.

ask him if theres a way to return the shrinked objects back to normal.
No. 303242 ID: f0e3ae

or maybe he just doesn't want you to kill him out of paranoia and is perfectly willing to let you through unharmed.
No. 304863 ID: 3392ab
File 130566922112.png - (29.34KB , 875x540 , 067.png )

Allan asks if there's a way to return the shrunken objects back to normal. The monster nods, explaining that the object would just have to cross over it again. The blue-skinned creature goes on to say that the magic is two sided-- you can cross it going either direction and all you'll do is shrink. Unless you've already been affected, that is.
No. 304864 ID: 3392ab
File 130566922925.png - (48.37KB , 1048x698 , 068.png )

Allan scratches his sword over the markings. It glows and hums lightly. Not much else happens.

Allan asks if the monster knows anything about Domhain-- specifically about the reward at the end. It shrugs. "Uh, geez, I don't think anyone on these levels really know. Maybe someone from, um, below knows?"

Allan attempts to recruit the monster, but to no avail. "Well, if you guys die by yourself then, uh, you're just never heard of again and everyone's just gonna forget about you, right? But if you guys die with me helping you, then everyone's going to, uh, pick on me for being a traitor and whatnot. And no one else has cleared Domhain, so, uh... Yeah, it's just too risky."

Allan, growing a tad weary, tries to bargain for the monster's life again, bringing up the hypothetical punishments that could befall him. The monster ums, trying to come up with a rebuttal as it rubs its head. "Yeah... I dunno..."

Allan asks if it wouldn't mind being tied up, at least? The monster hesitates, thinking about it. "Uhh... Well, OK. Do you have any rope, or what?"
No. 304868 ID: 35e1a0

we got rope? if so then have him come over so he shrinks and then tie him up and put him in the paint room.
No. 304886 ID: 7aedd2

Yeah I'm getting tired with reasoning with this guy. There's still the likelihood that he'll grow once he passes over the seal (though also it's likely that he's only as large as the ceiling is), but I'm thinking we should kill him now, regardless of his consent. He's just being unreasonable.
No. 304902 ID: 1854db

...oh wait I forgot that he offered to let us simply pass. We could just do that, but be careful about it so he can't just ambush us.

Argh, there's no clear choice here is there? Confer with the others out of earshot, ask what they want to do- try to just walk past like he said, or attack first?
No. 304916 ID: 31f32d

>Yeah I'm getting tired with reasoning with this guy.
Reasonong? he just offered us to pass... pass but have someone stay and watch him, go in the other room, and even tie him up... the only thing he is opposed is having him turn to our side and us killing him of out sheer paranoia and cruelty... I would say that he has been reasonable while we are only now discovering reason.

btw, he will HAVE to cross to our side which will shrink him so he will be tiny. So we need very small rope... or we can maybe just seal him in a box with breating holes.
No. 304924 ID: 1854db

...oh! Then ask him to cross over. He will shrink and then we can have someone hold him while we do our stuff in the other room. Simple!
No. 304928 ID: 7aedd2

You're assuming he's at his 'Normal' size now. I'm willing to bet that he's already crossed over to his sleeping corner, there, and is thus ALREADY 'shrunk', meaning his natural state will re-emerge once he re-crosses the rune, and you'll see that he's naturally large. Even down there.
No. 304937 ID: 1854db

Considering the amount of shrinking going on he wouldn't be able to fit in the room after growing.
No. 304944 ID: 3392ab
File 130569132465.png - (52.62KB , 940x761 , 069.png )

Allan doesn't have any rope on him. All he had on him when he entered Domhain was his armour and weapon, remember? There might be rope elsewhere in the dungeon, though.

Hmm, Allan's unsure of what to do. It seems like something really simple yet he just can't make up his mind, he supposes.

Rose says that there's no need in killing it. It's helpless and defenseless and probably wouldn't put up much of a fight either way. She wants to spare it, by tying it up or otherwise.

Remy says that they're all wasting their time! He just wants to kill the monster and be done with it-- it'd probably back stab them eventually, anyway. They've spent enough time fidgeting with puzzles and talking with mindless beasts. He could just slide past the sigil, knife it in the head and move on. Even one of the apple bombs would work, although it might get a bit messy.

Kushal is indifferent on the matter. Or so Allan assumes. He doesn't say anything on the topic, but rather keeps watch of the monster.
No. 304946 ID: 88bbef

heres a suggestion nobody would ever think of.

lets go back to the other room and try any other door.

im not liking how his room is trapped. he is too confident or too apathetic to be a actual danger. he still has a card on his sleeve, and i belive that the other way in is that card.
No. 304949 ID: 35e1a0

remind remy that if he crosses the sigil he will be shrunk and his weapon will be far less effective. ask him to roll that barrel over. even if it shrinks it may have a thing it it that works when shrunk.
No. 304950 ID: 7aedd2

While Rose is certainly the more likeable and, perhaps, ultimately better person, she really can't take the higher road here... She tried to shoot a sleeping dude in the head with a crossbow! In Remy's case, I doubt the magic is as easily avoidable as he might think. Just because the sigil is of a certain size doesn't mean its limits are contained by it... After all, the crossbow bolt above the rune shrunk, so why assume ANYTHING about it? Tell Mr Blue you'll take him 'into custody'... When he walks over the rune, if he gets smaller well then he's easy to deal with. If he gets bigger you can stab him before he has a chance to adjust to the sudden size difference.
No. 304998 ID: 1854db

Request that the monster step over the sigil so someone can hold him in his shrunken form until we're done. If he refuses then we have no choice but to fight.
No. 305001 ID: 31f32d

I actually considered this before you said so... the obvious flaw with it is that it doesn't help us, at all. We need to get through all the puzzles, it merely delays solving this one.

I just love rose, remy... I don't trust remy.
No. 306758 ID: 3392ab
File 130637776363.png - (36.79KB , 839x646 , 070.png )

Allan tells the monster to cross the markings so they can take him into custody. It nods, and stands up, taking the branches with him as a crude attempt at decency.

"Alright," it says, stepping onto the sigil. "But you better promise not to, uh, kill me, or anything." The markings begin to glow again, a show that has become fairly routine at this point, and the monster shrinks considerably.

"So, uh, now what?" It says, shrugging its shoulders.
No. 306759 ID: 35e1a0

knock the black paint barrel over to empty it then place him in it. and put is back upright.
No. 306765 ID: 3416ec


Rose should keep an eye on mini-monster while one of you investigates the next room.
No. 306766 ID: f0e3ae

No. 306815 ID: 1854db

Rose stays behind, sure. She was the most supportive of not killing him. So she can like, put him in her pocket or something. Or just sortof have him sit in the corner and aim the crossbow at him so he doesn't move.
No. 306864 ID: a41aaf

He could still climb out. Instead, upend it over him (after emptying it). Suggest it would be a nice dark place to take a nap in.
No. 306877 ID: 7aedd2

Wow... how the heck was he supposed to be any kind of threat to you if leaving his sleeping cubby would cause him to shrink? Anyway, I'm opposed to splitting up the group. Putting him in a bag or pocket is fine, or leaving him in a barrel or something, but I don't see any need for someone to sit back and babysit.
No. 306948 ID: f0e3ae

he shrunk because he cross the magic circle... He did that as a show of good faith.
If he hadn't crossed it and we have then his fists would be as large as one of us. WHEN we cross the magic circle we will shrink to his current size
No. 306962 ID: 6e44d2

Leave Rose behind to babysit him, the rest of us can go forward. If anyone objects to that, then we can put him inside one of the barrels like everyone else is suggesting. I don't think he'd bother trying to get out. We should make sure to release him after we're done with this part of the dungeon, too.
No. 307016 ID: 3392ab
File 130646207627.png - (31.45KB , 909x675 , 071.png )

Allan picks up the small monster and brings it to Rose, asking her to keep watch of it while the rest of the party continues on. She cups her hands and the monster hops out of Allan's grasp.

She stares at the monster and sighs. "Augh, are you kidding me?"

"We kid you not," Remy says with a shrug.

"I have to babysit? Geez, I hope the rest of the dungeon won't be this exciting. I just bought this new crossbow and..."

"Just the way it goes sometimes, man."

"Nah, I don't really mind. I'll just meet up with you guys later. I'll see if I can get any information out of him until then, I suppose."
No. 307017 ID: 3392ab
File 130646208428.png - (45.00KB , 1031x694 , 072.png )

Now, then, with that out of the way... What next?
No. 307018 ID: 35e1a0

all dudes cross together. first task is to knock over and roll the barrel across. have rose move out the way so if it gets huge she isn't smushed. if it get's smaller then leave it alone untilyou can come back. then open the door, kushal in front.
No. 307019 ID: 7aedd2

Well we haven't gotten PROOF yet that the shrinkage is as reversable as the dude promised us, and while I don't exactly doubt him, I'm more curious at the moment about what's behind the other two color-coated doors. I recommend we solve them and explore that side first
No. 307047 ID: 252e1b

Wait wait wait, hold the phone.

Why's the little monster naked?

And how did he get on the other side of the shrinking sigil in the first place?
No. 307048 ID: 35e1a0

weren't you listening? when everything was set to re-spawn that was his spawn point. also he is a monster, they aren't exactly famous for clothes making skill.
No. 307053 ID: 252e1b


He just said he wakes up "in the other room." Wherever that is.
No. 311319 ID: 3392ab
File 130767663598.png - (30.04KB , 969x632 , 076.png )

>Why's the little monster naked?
Just gotta work with what you got sometimes. Obviously, the monster doesn't have much to work with, cloth-wise.

Where ever that is indeed. Allan was under the impression that it was the next room over, though.

Everyone crosses the sigil. The markings repeat their hummings as Allan, Kushal, and Remy shrink to a fraction of their size. After getting their bearings on their new stature, Allan tries to lead the other two in knocking over the barrel.

It won't budge! It must be full of... something heavy. "Do you guys needs help?" Rose calls. "I dunno what I can do to help, but just say the word!" Allan supposes that Rose is going to have to hang on to the monster herself for now.
No. 311329 ID: 252e1b

Just have her put the monster in her pocket and then come on over, she can help directly that way.
No. 311330 ID: 35e1a0

uhhh. then her pants would explode as the monster went back to normal size.

anyway, just open that door and be ready to fight a whatever.
No. 311331 ID: 07416a

Use leverage! But be careful not to snap your sword if you reaaaallly can't budge it.
No. 311334 ID: 1854db

No you fool! The monster will grow and burst out of her pocket!

Just say "nevermind". There's no way we're gonna get that barrel tipped over without a grappling hook. It looks sealed anyway (and probably not an important item, let's stop fucking with it).

Enter the next room!
No. 311339 ID: 252e1b


But the monster would be shielded by her pocket, so it wouldn't grow. It'd just shrink down again.
No. 311351 ID: 7aedd2

If they really want to do the whole knocking-over-the-barrel thing and we've got a monster handy that'd be big at the same time that the rest of y'all are small... swap sides. Everyone get on the right (of our camera) and then let the small monster go left, grow up, knock the barrel over, then shrink again and go with Rose.
No. 311352 ID: 1854db

To save time, we can do that on the way out.
No. 311364 ID: d8d42e

or we could use one of the barrels in the mural room... >.>
No. 311371 ID: 7aedd2

Heck I'm not even sure why they're trying to knock over the barrel, let alone proceed in this room where after we progress we'll be at a disadvantage, being small... I was just offering an easy solution for what the troupe was failing at. I really reccommend looking at the other two color-puzzle rooms first
No. 312449 ID: 3392ab
File 130791759751.png - (26.84KB , 834x646 , 073.png )

Allan is fairly sure that the monster would just grow back to normal size while she shrinks. What would make you think her pocket would negate that?

Allan tries using his sword to lift it, but drops the idea entirely when he feels his sword start to bend. He likes his swords straight and to the point!

Allan tells Rose that if she can find some way to trap the monster somewhere then she can come on over, but for now the rest of the party is going on without her. "Sure thing," she nods.

Kushal, Remy, and Allan ready themselves for whatever's in the next room and open the doors.
No. 312450 ID: 3392ab
File 130791760854.png - (33.54KB , 917x651 , 074.png )

Kushal peeks his head in first to look for any dangers. There's no one in sight, so he motions for the rest of the group to head on in.

The room's huge!
No. 312451 ID: 3392ab
File 130791762093.png - (28.99KB , 739x661 , 075.png )

Relatively speaking, of course. It's actually one of the smaller rooms they've come across. There's a door on the opposite side of the room, but Allan doubts they'll be able to open it with their current size.
No. 312454 ID: 35e1a0

check if those are paintings or things disguised as paintings. then check out the mouse hole.
No. 312458 ID: f4eed5

Alright, there's a hole to the next room next to the door, a passage of some sort above the little doors that we might be able to get in here through if we go back, and a couple things painted on the walls with eyes that are creepily staring down at you. Also of note are that the lamia section has three doors, and that we have yet to see the lamia, which means she's probably in the next room.

I say we carefully move through the little hole to see what's in the next room, and run like a giant snake is trying to eat us if she's there.
No. 312493 ID: 28e94e

Ignore the obvious trap, check the other sides of the room for any hidden exits. The bookcase and the alcove above the entrance are good starting points.
No. 312649 ID: 7aedd2

Oh god this cannot be good.
No. 312811 ID: 7bfeb5

Attempt to climb up to that chute behind you. Failing that, just look through the hole.
No. 312896 ID: 1854db

I expect another shrink/grow device in the next room.
No. 313714 ID: 3392ab
File 130819308582.png - (28.69KB , 744x654 , 077.png )

It's not so high up that the party can't reach the chute, but someone would have to stand on the other's shoulders.

They're paintings. The paint looks fresh too...

There's a small amount of space between the bookcase and the wall that Allan and Remy could probably squeeze through. Kushal, though? Probably not.

A quiet buzzing starts to become audible. It sounds like whispering coming from the other side of the room-- maybe from the hole?
No. 313715 ID: 35e1a0

remy climb kushal to check the chute. Allan check the whispering from the mouse-hole.
No. 313745 ID: 1854db

Get in ye hole.
No. 313872 ID: 28e94e

Look down the hole from where you stand. Do not get any closer than the edge of the bookshelf.
No. 313874 ID: f4eed5

No. 314000 ID: 7bfeb5

Try to see what's at the top of the chute.

Also seconding the "look through the hole, but don't get too close".
No. 314060 ID: 3392ab
File 130827539803.png - (28.87KB , 749x662 , 078.png )

Kushal positions himself beneath the chute and Remy climbs atop his shoulders. From there, he hoists himself up onto the ledge. "Alright, I'll investigate up here. I'll just give you guys a shout if I find something, man." Allan nods and Remy turns around to climb the chute alone.
No. 314061 ID: 3392ab
File 130827540804.png - (30.70KB , 904x680 , 079.png )

Allan proceeds towards the hole with caution, making sure to keep the better-equipped Kushal ahead of him. As they approach the hole the voices become louder and more audible. A hard and long-winded voice dominates a conversation with a softer voice chiming in with insincere 'yeahs' and 'looks goods.'

Glancing into the tunnel shows that no one's actually in the hole. The voices are probably coming from the next room over, which can be seen on the other side of the crevice.
No. 314065 ID: 35e1a0

go through the tunnel a bit until you can hear what is being said easier.
No. 314075 ID: 1854db

No. 314092 ID: 7aedd2

Have the armored one stay back as you alone go to peek through, as even micro-sized his armor might make too much noise.
No. 314138 ID: 3392ab
File 130828760514.png - (38.30KB , 919x673 , 080.png )

Allan steps into the tunnel a little, motioning for Kushal to keep his distance. From where Allan is, it would be hard to not overhear the conversation. The conversation between the... uh...
No. 314139 ID: 3392ab
File 130828761837.png - (39.65KB , 943x680 , 081.png )

...Lamia and her unwilling companion.
No. 314140 ID: 3392ab
File 130828768017.gif - (1.38MB , 800x600 , 083.gif )

A leafy branch is lifted from the wall, dripping with paint. With a blue monster not unlike the one encountered in the previous room sitting uncomfortably on her tail, the half-woman-half-snake beast slithers back to examine her work.

"There, look at that!" She says forcefully, partially to the monster and partially to the air. "I'd say that this one's coming along very nicely, wouldn't you say so?"

"Yeah, looks good," says the monster, trying to hide his boredom. "Just like the rest of them, I'd say." She dips the branch into a barrel of blue paint and slathers it against the wall, extending her design. "This shall be it, I think," the lamia says, keeping her eyes focused on her painting. "A mural to end all murals!" She laughs excitedly and whips more paint onto the wall.
No. 314141 ID: 3392ab
File 130828774467.png - (40.63KB , 985x656 , 084.png )

She'd be pretty, Allan thinks, were it not for the bottom half. It's strange to him, actually-- if one were to just cover her snake bits from view than she'd look like a normal woman, more or less. The change is abrupt and almost makeshift, as if the two were just slapped together.

Allan watches from the hole as she toils. The mural she's working on resembles the one from the first room, although slightly larger and twice as messy. The lamia probably has the same amount of paint on her as the wall!
No. 314142 ID: e3f578

this is the part where we slowly back away comically.
No. 314143 ID: 7a3d5e

too bad you are too bitesized to be anything but a snack if she noticed you huh? Can't even talk to her without risking getting ate.

Is there another handy mousehole around here somewhere? If not, its probably time to figure out how to get here while not fun-sized.
No. 314144 ID: 35e1a0

be ready to book it but yell "HEY THAT LOOKS REALLY GOOD!"
No. 314145 ID: f4eed5

Well, this is interesting. We might be able to get by without killing her if we compliment her on her artistic abilities. In the meantime, let's go back before she randomly decides to face this way.
No. 314147 ID: 252e1b

You know, a brush made of hair would let her achieve much finer details.
No. 314150 ID: 7aedd2

We can't fight her short, so look for other entrances/exits to this room.
No. 314195 ID: 1854db

Remain quiet. Look around the room to see what's in it and if there are any other doors or whatever.
No. 314210 ID: 1fe10a

is that the blue man?

maybe hes dangerous because he can use the lamia?
No. 314332 ID: 7bfeb5

It's "the man in the blue hat", so no.

I suggest NOT attracting the lamia's attention.
No. 316146 ID: 3392ab
File 130870962055.png - (37.98KB , 1051x808 , 085.png )

Elsewhere, in another room, a small, blond-haired girl stands all alone as her newly made companions perilously explore Domhain. In her arms rests a blue monster, significantly smaller than she and bare naked. She has been given the task of keeping watch over the monster, or finding someway to contain him as they all explore.
No. 316149 ID: 35e1a0

well, nothing in here that will work. let's explore.
No. 316151 ID: 1854db

Are those alcoves up on that wall near the entrance?
No. 316154 ID: fb10df


Honestly, though, I'm half tempted to have her go back to the previous room and open some of those doors. There's nothing to be done here, after all. However, there's certainly the possibility that there's some threat behind one or both of the doors and that Ms Rose might not handle it well on her own. Does she have anything in her inventory that might be interesting? Else I'm thinking go back a ways to the first room with the paint and throw the blue man in the barrel or something so she can be free to follow the men.
No. 316157 ID: f4eed5

Let's go back a room and open the purple and green door. If you run into trouble, you can throw your prisoner at it as a distraction.

Talk to the blue guy, too. See if you can find out any details about the other things that live here. Get his name while you're at it, I'd like something to call him other than blue guy.
No. 316160 ID: 3392ab
File 130871244964.png - (24.61KB , 799x654 , 086.png )

They are alcoves! Rose's height makes it difficult to see where they lead, though she assumes it's just the next room over. She might be able to send the little monster to investigate, but who knows what it might do instead (like escape, maybe)!
No. 316161 ID: 35e1a0

drat. may as well fiddle around with the paint machine for a while then.
No. 316162 ID: 3392ab
File 130871261366.png - (37.86KB , 1203x676 , 087.png )

Well, sure! It's not like Rose has anything better to do, and a container isn't going to find itself! She walks back to the room with the three doors. They're still closed shut.

The room is... eerily empty. Without anyone else here, it's a pretty lonely room! Even the decorative doors are dull. The silence is deafening.

Rose decides to strike up some conversation to liven up the room, somewhat. "Uh, so, hey!" She says to the monster. "I guess you probably have a name, right? It'd be weird if I just called you "naked blue monster," I think."

"Well, uh, yeah, I do have a name, I guess," it says. "You can call me Beag. You're, uh, you're Rose, right?"

"Oh! Yes, I am!" Rose nods. "Did you over hear it in the other room, or...?"

"No, you, uh, you've come through here a lot, haven't you? But, um, you're with different people each time, or something. Right?"

Rose nods again. "I guess I do come here a lot, don't I? But I usually just tag along behind everyone else."

"Mm, yeah, that's true..."

"Anyhow, it's nice to finally be acquainted with you, Beag!"

"Yeah, you too, I guess." The conversation ends awkwardly with neither of them left with anything to say.
No. 316166 ID: e3f578

so the immortality-groundhog day thing is really working out for you? What about missing friends, friends if you know what I mean, beer and stuff?

and do we really give a shit if he escapes? We're only holding him captive because we didn't feel like killing him and he isn't explicitly hostile. Maybe he has his stash of beer or something in the dungeon he gets to drink infinitive times thanks to the restoration of the dungeon. He might share some with you if you let him go and get it. It'll probably be the first in a long time he managed to get ahold of it thanks to adventurers killing him before he manages to wake up.
No. 316170 ID: fb10df

Just how many times HAVE you been in this dungeon, Rose...?
No. 316173 ID: 00d3d5

"You remember everything when you reset? Huh. Well, that makes it a lot sweeter a deal. Except for the repeatedly dying part, remembering that must suck.
So, are you allowed to go outside the dungeon to visit places? Or are you stuck inside here forever? I'd like to buy you a beer once we're done here, but that might be kinda impractical."
No. 316178 ID: 9a34be

You know, you should probably remain on this side of the doors. If the dungeon resets, there's no guarantee that there's a way to open the doors from the other side. Just sayin'
No. 316179 ID: 1854db

Rose: Review what you've learned in previous journeys into the dungeon.

Also hmm... there weren't any containers earlier in the dungeon aside from the paint barrels. We could probably take palm fronds off the brushes and tie him up with that but I dunno if that's really secure.

Saying you want to share a beer with a dungeon denizen is a little too friendly, I think...?
No. 316190 ID: 3392ab
File 130871878840.png - (25.86KB , 829x638 , 088.png )

"So, you get revived every now and then?" Rose asks. "What's up with that? Don't you miss your friends and family and whatnot?"

"I guess," Beag shrugs. "Most of the, uh, people I knew on the outside joined Domhain with me so I see them fairly regularly..."

"And food? What do you do about all that?" Beag explains that, much like his sleepiness, their hunger levels are reset too. One or two of the 'monsters' living here have the misfortune of being reset while fairly hungry, so they usually just chill in the food stores (which is also reset, conveniently).

"You remember everything when you reset? Well, that makes it a lot sweeter a deal! Except for the repeatedly dying part, remembering that must suck." Rose pauses, awaiting a reaction that never comes. She continues on. "So, are you allowed to go outside the dungeon to visit places? Or are you stuck inside here forever?"

"Oh, yeah, totally," Beag nods. "We can leave whenever we want, I guess. It's just we can't stay outside. When the dungeon resets, we'll wind up back here, so no one really bothers with the outside anymore." To be so close to freedom yet so far seems almost cruel, Rose thinks. But they chose to be here, didn't they? It's only fair!

Rose remembers bits and pieces. The only time she really got a full hands-on experience in Domhain was during her first run through-- every other time she's been more-or-less left behind. She's passed this floor and the next, but she's always had to stopped on the fourth floor. It's strange, but that level has a grand old forest in it.

Rose has to think about it for a moment. How many times? Seven or eight, she believes. She first dived here a year or so ago.
No. 316192 ID: 35e1a0

ask about the lamia, she is supposedly really dangerous, or does everyone just go "ahhh a monster" and rush her?
No. 316196 ID: 07416a

Geeze, I feel really bad about keeping Rose back now...
No. 316204 ID: 3416ec

"So how does one... undo dungeon resetting?"
No. 316206 ID: fb10df

How old is the dungeon again? And why does Rose tend to get left behind?
No. 316224 ID: 00d3d5

You may technically be left behind now, but you really didn't want to be six inches tall anyway. Besides, you're learning SO MUCH right now!

"If you can leave, then how about we all go for drinks after this?
Out of curiosity, since the dungeon just resets what's to keep the creatures here from not bothering to fight adventurers? Is it just because adventurers love to make with the hurting, or is there some kind of punishment involved?

Do items adventurers remove from the dungeon reset too?
Is there a way to stop the resetting, either as a whole or on specific objects and people?"
No. 316226 ID: 3392ab
File 130872564957.png - (26.16KB , 826x658 , 089.png )

Rose doesn't know how old the dungeon is. That book at the start of Domhain was written a while ago, apparently. The monster says it doesn't know either.

Rose is usually left behind because she is a woman and presumably weak! Which she supposes is true, since she needed to bring along other people to help her. Even if she were to bring a weapon like she did this time, she'd still definitely need help!

"So, is there anyway to break the spell? Y'know, so you can go free?" Rose asks, not sure where she's trying to lead the conversation.

Beag nods. "Yeah, uh, if Domhain is cleared then we're free, I think. Something like that."

"That's it? Once someone reaches the end, you're all free?"

"Yeah, I guess. I dunno, you make it sound like a good thing, but a lot of the people here don't really want to leave..."

Rose asks about the lamia and what her deal is. Is she really all the maleficent?

"Oh, yeah, she's pretty batshit," Beag laughs. "She's one of the people that doesn't want to leave. All she does is paint and paint and paint with Glaisne-- who, uh, is a friend of mine, I guess."

Anyhow, Rose supposes that that's enough idle chatter-- she has matters to attend to! Is she going to fiddle with this contraption, or is she going to stuff Beag in a barrel for now?
No. 316235 ID: f4eed5

Needing help with this place doesn't really mean you're weak. This place just has strong enemies. If it didn't, then someone would have finished it by now. You could put some effort into helping out with the puzzles and planning, though. Even if you haven't seen combat in here yet, you should still have a decent idea of what to do in rooms like this one, and knowing what is or might be in the following rooms can be the difference between success and failure.

Go over to the paint machine and hit the down arrow button. The door to the shrinking room will probably close at that point but that's alright. Then hit the blue and green button and move both paints into the left box. Hit that button again and move both paints into the middle box. Then hit both the red and yellow and the yellow and blue buttons at the same time and send the yellow paint down both times to the middle box and move the red and blue paint into the right box.
No. 316350 ID: 7aedd2

I'm against opening any more doors that we don't know what's in. There could be a minotaur or something just waiting to get its axe on, if you know what I mean. Instead, go politely find a nice place to cage your blue friend and then go catch up with the guys, possibly in a way that's both humorous and ruinous to their plans (i.e. running up to them and yelling 'HEY GUYS WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!' when they're in the middle of a sneaky bit)
No. 316409 ID: 5b95eb

Ask for the Lamia's name.
No. 316630 ID: 7bfeb5

But if we find the door that has the top end of the chute, then we can smoosh them! And that sounds fun.
No. 346432 ID: 3392ab
File 131544550908.png - (26.67KB , 897x628 , 090.png )

Rose contemplates the idea of locking up Beag again. There still might be some information she can get from him, but he is keeping her from joining the rest of the group. Decisions, decisions! Which way can Rose be more helpful?

The lamia goes by the name 'Divya.' Rose has been through here enough times to learn that much, at least! Their conversations were brief, usually occurring during the lamia's final moments (final in the sense that she's dead until they reset, of course).

Rose kneels down before the contraption and pushes in the button in question. The paints quickly drain themselves and the door closes along with them. She has to work through it in her head for a moment, but the solution to opening the second door becomes obvious. The paints travel down their chutes until they all reach their final destination. The door opens in the same fashion as that first.
No. 346433 ID: 3392ab
File 131544553682.png - (32.49KB , 907x682 , 091.png )

"Well!" Rose exclaims. "That wasn't so hard, now was it?" Beag tacitly agrees. Is Rose going to head in or find a place to lock up her partner?
No. 346436 ID: 3416ec


He seems pretty chill, I'd hold off on locking him up for now.

Just poke your head inside and examine the room.
No. 346458 ID: 3392ab
File 131545093432.png - (46.76KB , 974x695 , 092.png )

Rose enters the new room. It's fairly large yet completely bare! The most noticeable piece of furniture is a wooden slab resting against a wall with another painting on it.
No. 346462 ID: 35e1a0

looks like it came from the roof. i highly recommend you don't go too far. don't want to get attacked. check the top left door.
No. 346463 ID: 895fe6

Inspect the painting, and the slab. Was it just used to mix paints, or is there something underneath? Also, see if you can toss your little friend onto the ceiling-door to look around.
No. 346464 ID: cfa804

Divya is best painter
No. 346467 ID: d97c6d

Remy should be coming through the passageway in the ceiling before long, so we could just wait for him to- hey! I think that bookcase in the room the guys are in is hiding a doorway! Go through the door on the left and investigate.
No. 346870 ID: 6e44d2

The slab fell from that hole in the ceiling. I'm worried that those doors may lead to where the lamia is now. I'd go back and try the third door, were I you.
No. 347454 ID: 116e19
File 131571209260.png - (44.53KB , 948x707 , 093.png )

Treading carefully, Rose walks over to examine the mural on the wall. It's similar to the one Rose saw in the first room, just a lot messier-- as if it was rushed. The paint is still wet and, running her finger over the wood, she finds that the paint on the slab is too.

It does look like the wooden plank came from the ceiling! And looking into the hole reveals a small, box-like room. Rose can't see anything inside, though.
No. 347457 ID: cfa804

Hmmm you could throw your little friend in there but i'm not sure we can trust him, plus you'd literally be tossing a dude up a distance several times his height. So let's just peek into the room on your left, the one closest to the room we were in before. Oh dear, did you ever think, Rose, that since you've closed the other door from the paint-puzzle, that your friends are now locked inside and can't get out, even if they're being chased by monsters about to eat their poor little heads? D:
No. 347463 ID: 1854db

You've got paint on your shoes now. You'll be tracking it around... This means anyone who enters this room will know you were here and where you went. So put some tracks down that lead to every door. That way nobody will know which way you went.
No. 363071 ID: 3392ab
File 132018717925.png - (51.28KB , 980x745 , 094.png )

Rose stands up and checks the bottom of her shoes. She curses under her breath-- they're wet with paint. She thinks for a moment then decides upon a clever plan involving a bunch of different footprints leading in a bunch of different directions. She steps in and out of each room until the paint on her shoes dries up and comes off.

>Oh dear, did you ever think, Rose, that since you've closed the other door from the paint-puzzle, that your friends are now locked inside and can't get out, even if they're being chased by monsters about to eat their poor little heads? D:

She wasn't thinking about that when she closed the door, but she's thinking about it now! Should she go back? No, probably not. It's either she locks them in and explores too or she waits quietly in the shrinking room and Rose would rather be exploring!
No. 363074 ID: 35e1a0

fine, bottom left room.
No. 363085 ID: 1854db

No. 363126 ID: 3392ab
File 132019611886.png - (22.18KB , 781x594 , 095.png )

Rose enters through the bottom-left doorway into a much smaller room. There's a fairly new-looking wooden bookcase in the wall. It doesn't have many books in it, but they're all nice and well kept. On the opposite wall is some writing.
No. 363128 ID: 1854db

What's with the slot in the floor? A trap? You could check out the books, if it's safe to cross that slot at all. Test it with something, I guess.
No. 363133 ID: e79d6a


Examine that floor slot carefully.

Methinks this room has traps.
No. 363182 ID: 35e1a0

cast summon flowers and use them to set off the traps.
No. 363196 ID: 210977

ask domhain to check out the little hole on the far wall.
No. 363197 ID: 210977


also, examine the writing.
No. 363205 ID: 0ef5d9

it that a paintbrush in a pot, or Beag's tiny guitar?
No. 363419 ID: 3392ab
File 132034421038.png - (21.02KB , 788x627 , 096.png )

Rose stops herself in front of the hole in the floor. It's narrow and doesn't go very far down. Actually, it looks as if it continues underneath the floor.

To check for traps, Rose brings out her flowers. She's hesitant to lose any more petals, but better safe than sorry! She drops them into the slot.

She waits a moment, but nothing happens. It's safe.
No. 363420 ID: 3392ab
File 132034422257.png - (21.39KB , 803x579 , 097.png )

Rose examines the writing on the wall. It reads:

Just don't hurt yourself, hon.

The lines are written in two completely different styles. It's as if someone was using this to communicate.

Funny, but no, it's just an ink well with a brush inside of it. It's about half-full.
No. 363468 ID: e79d6a


If it's safe to do so, poke your head into that opening and investigate further.
No. 363470 ID: 1854db

That opening is much too small. You'd have to send someone smaller through, and we don't really have anyone small enough that we can trust. You could ask our captive if he knows about the layout of the dungeon though, and where all these small openings lead. (Did we already ask that? It's been a while)

Meanwhile check out the books.
No. 363473 ID: 78b9fc


Try writing "who r u?" on the wall. Use 'r' and 'u' to conserve ink.
No. 363483 ID: 3392ab
File 132037091209.gif - (48.34KB , 800x600 , 098.gif )

If you mean the hole in the floor, it's way too narrow for Rose to poke her head into! All she can see is that it continues down further under the room.

Rose asks Beag about where the holes in this room lead to.

"Uh, the one on the floor is just a smaller room under this one, I guess. Spiders and whatever are usually hanging about down there." He points across the room. "That one is just an opening to the next room. Uh, not sure why it's there, but people usually do some snooping with it, or whatever."

"Snoop on what?" Asks Rose.

"Divya." Beag answers bluntly.

Rose picks up the brush from the inkwell and writes a shortened down form of "Who are you?" on the wall. She jumps when her question is promptly answered.

"Who are you?"
No. 363485 ID: a2fa74

No. 363486 ID: e79d6a


"Rose. Are you a magic wall?"
No. 363501 ID: 1854db

Just answer "Rose".
No. 363558 ID: 1444d5

So, the dungeon re-sets, but time runs simultaneously for each reset from the viewpoint of the dungeon itself (but not it's inhabitants, transient or permanent, for whom it is linear)? That's going to give me a headache.
Rose: you're talking to someone standing in the same place as you, in either a past or future re-set of the dungeon.
Though it could also be some kind of magical talking wall I guess, that sort of thing also might happen.
No. 363559 ID: 210977


"i'm rose. who r u?"
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