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File 124994004197.png - (1.52KB , 850x567 , 1.png )
26933 No. 26933 ID: 6136db

It hurts...

So cold...
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No. 26935 ID: 6136db

Where am I?
Rose, where are you?
Why is it so cold?
No. 26940 ID: 6136db
File 124994014831.png - (3.89KB , 850x567 , 2.png )

Why can't I see?
Why does it hurt so much?
No. 26943 ID: 6136db
File 12499401896.png - (8.44KB , 850x567 , 3.png )

>Do you want to die?

I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.
Please, don't let me die.
No. 26945 ID: f95743

Can't answer those questions quite yet. But something's happening. Look up.
No. 26947 ID: 6136db
File 124994032824.png - (14.58KB , 850x567 , 4.png )

>As you wish.
No. 26949 ID: 6136db
File 124994037777.png - (12.36KB , 850x567 , 6.png )

>There you go. All better now.
No. 26952 ID: 9a71e2

Try not to sparkle.
No. 26955 ID: 6136db

What? Who are you?
My eyes are open, but it's dark. I can't see anything.

I'm looking up. I think I'm lying down.
No. 26957 ID: 45afb1

This seems familiar...
No. 26958 ID: f95743

Stand up. There you go. What's your name?
No. 26959 ID: 6faa8c

Reach out with one hand. Keep those eyes open and let them adjust.
No. 26962 ID: 6136db

There's something hard directly above me. It feels like wood I guess.
I'll try to adjust my eyes.
No. 26963 ID: 9a71e2

Try the sides.
I have a sneaking suspicion...
No. 26964 ID: 6faa8c

Push against it with all your might. Don't panic, we may have been buried alive.
No. 26965 ID: f95743

Oh for fuck's sake, it's a GODDAMN BOX. Try pushing the wooden lid open.
No. 26967 ID: 6136db

There are wooden walls on both sides, quite close to my shoulders. Fine cloth (silk maybe?) is covering the wood.
No. 26969 ID: 9a71e2

Feel teeth.
No. 26970 ID: 6faa8c

>fine silk

Yeah, buried alive. At least it's a nice coffin!
No. 26971 ID: 6136db
File 124994111221.png - (159.12KB , 850x567 , 7.png )

No. 26974 ID: 6136db
File 124994116861.png - (147.45KB , 850x567 , 8.png )

*The lid opens with relative ease.*
No. 26976 ID: f95743

Get out of the box before someone closes the lid and welds it shut. Goddamn pubbies.
No. 26978 ID: 4b96a7


Get out before Richter Belmont comes a' knockin'.
No. 26980 ID: 6136db
File 124994161224.png - (152.66KB , 850x567 , 9.png )

They feel fine to me.

Weld? Isn't that German for forest? No wait, I think that was Wald.

No. 26981 ID: 6c80cf


Sorry. Your inner voices are making in-jokes. *Rimshot*

Check what you've got on you and what you remember.
No. 26982 ID: 4b96a7


What year is this?

(No welding?)
No. 26984 ID: 9a71e2

Who are you?
No. 26987 ID: 6136db

Year of our Lord, 1850.

Uhh, who exactly are you guys?
My name is Rafail Szekely. I'm the baron's eldest son.
I... don't really remember what I'm doing here.
*examines his clothing* I don't seem to be carrying anything besides these clothes.
No. 26989 ID: 9a71e2

The Baron?
Where are you countrywise?
Also, any idea why you'd end up in a box?
No. 26999 ID: 6136db
File 124994235972.png - (157.28KB , 850x567 , 10.png )

Wallachia, of course.
Are you hiding somewhere? I can't see you.

And no, I have no idea how I got here. It looks like a coffin, though.
No. 27005 ID: 9a71e2

Tell me...
Do you like sunlight much?
What about insanity?
Because I think you're about to get too much of one and not nearly enough of the other.
No. 27015 ID: 6136db

I don't mind sunlight. It's better for reading than candlelight for sure.
Uhh. I hear that one of the villagers got hit in the head during the war, and he went crazy afterwards. I don't think I'd like being insane.
No. 27039 ID: 9a71e2

What time is it?
You might want to open the door carefully, though.
Just... sayin'.
No. 27042 ID: 2b64e1

Is that sunlight or moonlight shining on you?
No. 27049 ID: 6136db
File 124994408676.png - (159.06KB , 850x567 , 11.png )

Moonlight I think.
And that would make it... sometime in the small hours. Maybe three hours to sunrise?

Strange. I don't feel a bit sleepy.
*stands up*
Whoa. Admittedly a little woozy. I feel really weak, like I haven't eaten in a week.
No. 27052 ID: 9a71e2

So what are you hungry for?
Maybe desserts?
Or steak?
No. 27065 ID: 6136db
File 124994475931.png - (159.86KB , 850x567 , 12.png )

I... don't really feel hungry.
Just weak.
You know, my stomach really hurts.
No. 27076 ID: 6136db
File 124994514917.png - (130.39KB , 850x567 , pause1.png )

No. 27431 ID: 6136db
File 124997216213.png - (95.85KB , 850x567 , 13-stabbed B.png )

Oh shit.
Oh shit.
No. 27433 ID: 6136db
File 124997226134.png - (265.16KB , 850x567 , fb1.png )

No. 27434 ID: 6136db
File 124997231737.png - (261.48KB , 850x567 , fb2.png )

>Is he dead?
No. 27435 ID: 6136db
File 124997236981.png - (263.07KB , 850x567 , fb3.png )

>Yeah. Let's get out of here before someone comes.
No. 27439 ID: 6136db
File 124997248135.png - (246.60KB , 850x567 , fb4.png )

> So when're we gettin paid?
> Just relax, pal.
> ...
No. 27442 ID: 6136db
File 124997259166.png - (158.22KB , 850x567 , 14.png )

Oh God.
Am I dead?
I can't be dead
What's going on?
What should I do?
I need to get home.
No. 27449 ID: 9a71e2

Well, have a look outside.
Is it anywhere you recognise?
No. 27450 ID: 119488
File 124997297938.png - (72.28KB , 332x461 , Richterrr.png )

So you say you're dead huh?
No. 27461 ID: 9a71e2

Look, break it to him gently, aight?
He's not going to believe us without evidence anyway.
So no using the V-word.
No. 27478 ID: 5ba271

>I need to get home.


No no no.

There are many stories of the living dead killing their family as one of the first things they do. If you care about your family at all, I would suggest against going to their home. Meeting a family member elsewhere would at worst get two people killed, so if you really need to see someone, try to approach them alone.

Unless you think your family's a bunch of pricks and don't mind killing them all during a glorious rise to power, I mean. Familial flesh is usually a good source of invigoration, according to the tales.
No. 27484 ID: 6136db
File 124997614778.png - (163.36KB , 850x567 , 15.png )

I need to pull myself together.
Obviously there has been some kind of mistake. I was just wounded and they buried me thinking I was dead. Yeah that's it. I have to sort this out.

Actually, I think I know where this is. It's the old family tomb. I haven't been here since... mother.

No, I've read that if a person is sick their pulse can go so low that someone might mistake them for dead.

Huh? V-word?

Are you crazy? I'm not dead.
And I have no intention of hurting my family, even if my brothers are jerks sometimes.

Oh god. Rose. She thinks I'm dead.
No. 27485 ID: 5ba271

Are you breathing? Manually?
No. 27486 ID: 119488

She's about to get married to your rival you better hurry up there champ.
No. 27495 ID: 6136db
File 124997729369.png - (163.41KB , 850x567 , 16.png )

She's my sister. And she's not getting married to anyone. At least not for a few years.

I'm breathing. What did you expect?
No. 27514 ID: 6136db
File 124998056299.png - (164.11KB , 850x567 , 17.png )

Fine. I guess we got off on the wrong foot. I'm not feeling to good, I apologize.

So, voices in my head, what do you want to know?

My father is Bartholomeus Szekely, the baron of these lands. He's a... great man.
I have two brothers, Dederich and Jal, and a sister, Rose.
Our mother is... no longer with us.

And apparently they buried me.
Any ideas on what I should do?
No. 27516 ID: f95743

Go outside. Let's take a look around. Discreetly if possible. We don't want to alarm people thinking that we are dead, do we?
No. 27519 ID: 6136db
File 124998189683.png - (165.98KB , 850x567 , 18.png )

Yeah. This funeral attire and my pale skin might give someone a right scare.

Anyway, it doesn't look like anyone's around.
No. 27522 ID: f95743

A thought occurs. Whoever tried to have you killed will now be thinking you are dead. You have the element of surprise for when you take your revenge for those seeking to deny you your inheritance.

Who would benefit most from the heir's death?
No. 27525 ID: 5ba271

Is that blob with the lights an angry mob?
No. 27526 ID: 6136db
File 124998329865.png - (160.35KB , 850x567 , 19.png )

>Who would benefit most from the heir's death?
I hadn't thought of that.
Well, Dederich would be next in line to be baron I guess. I can't imagine him wanting me dead, though. And even if he did he wouldn't stoop to hiring thugs.


He's always been ambitious though.

>A thought occurs. Whoever tried to have you killed will now be thinking you are dead. You have the element of surprise for when you take your revenge for those seeking to deny you your inheritance.
You're right. I should use this. But how? I'm not that good with this stuff.

It sure is a cold night. *shivers*
No. 27527 ID: 6136db
File 124998383439.png - (163.27KB , 850x567 , 20.png )

No, that's just the town.
Looks kind of pretty from up here.
No. 27528 ID: f95743

First of all: we probably don't have any money. We should probably get some less creepy clothes. Going home right now might be bad.

You might have to steal some clothes.
No. 27533 ID: 6136db
File 124998554367.png - (164.14KB , 850x567 , 21.png )

Steal clothes? Like a petty vagabond?
Yeah I guess I don't have a choice. These sort of stick out. Actually they'd pass for formal attire, if I had a coat or a jacket. Maybe a cloak.

Let's see... There's a woodcutters hut nearby, and there's my family's hunting lodge a bit further. Or I could just go straight to town. What do you think?
No. 27535 ID: f95743

Hunting lodge, maybe. How often is it in use?
No. 27536 ID: 6136db
File 124998691114.png - (160.44KB , 850x567 , 22.png )

It's a couple of miles that way.
Father hasn't been using it recently, so I guess it's empty.
Should I go there? ... I think they have spare clothing in there too.
No. 27539 ID: fdc826


I'd go with the hunting lodge, unless it's occupied. If that's the case, head to the woodcutter's hut.

Between here and your destination, try to find a puddle, a mirror, or anything decently reflective. You know, to check for any sort of facial damage.
No. 27541 ID: fdc826


Oh, and check your pockets for a crystal ball. It should be slightly larger than a snowglobe.
No. 27543 ID: 6136db
File 124998806255.png - (163.06KB , 850x567 , 23.png )

The lodge it is.
I don't really like the place myself, but it'll do.

A mirror? Well, there's nothing like that along the way but I think there's a mirror in the lodge.

*checks pockets*
I have nothing like that on me.
No. 27549 ID: fdc826


Well then, head for the lodge.

Try to avoid any popular roads, so nobody spots you. If you have to, just stay a good 20 feet in the woods, and try to be inconspicuous.

By the way, this particular voice in your head hasn't slept in a while, so try to get another voice's input if I say something particularly moronic.
No. 27552 ID: 6136db
File 124999092789.png - (278.13KB , 850x567 , 24 lodge.png )

I'll try to keep out of sight, but I don't think anyone else is out this late.
And uhh, I'll try not to listen too much to you then.
(If I ever tell anyone about this, I'd be in madhouse.)

So, we're here.
The stables are on the other side. There's also a small toolshed next to the stables.


I don't think I have the key. How do I get in?
No. 27556 ID: fdc826


First, make sure nobody's in there. Don't want to be caught breaking in.

Then, just go check out the tool shed, I guess.
No. 27561 ID: 6136db
File 124999247089.png - (278.29KB , 850x567 , 25.png )

>First, make sure nobody's in there. Don't want to be caught breaking in.
Looks empty all right.
No. 27562 ID: 6136db
File 124999324431.png - (93.56KB , 850x567 , 26.png )

I like this place even less when it's dark.
No. 27569 ID: 6136db
File 124999466665.png - (93.33KB , 850x567 , 28.png )

Now let's see here...
Some carpenters tool, I think that's used to shoe horses... Is that a fletcher's kit?
I don't know how to use any of that stuff.

No. 27570 ID: 6136db
File 124999471178.png - (91.40KB , 850x567 , 27.png )

Now this, this I know how to use.
No. 27571 ID: 35cea2

Keep that handy, and go check the house.
No. 27574 ID: fdc826


This, but try not to wave that thing around too much. We already look fairly terrifying.
No. 27575 ID: 35cea2


What I mean is just enter through the front door and see what's inside. Maybe if there are some chests or cabinets or stuff you could search through those.
No. 27577 ID: 6136db
File 124999658611.png - (280.55KB , 850x567 , 29.png )

Fine. I'll go in the front door. I think it'll be locked, we had a break-in last year. Father was so angry tha-
No. 27578 ID: 35cea2

Hide in the tool shed! Preferably somewhere that you wouldn't be noticed should someone decide to enter the tool shed, like under some equipment.
No. 27579 ID: 6136db
File 124999721526.png - (89.65KB , 850x567 , 30.png )

No. 27580 ID: 6136db
File 124999736797.png - (86.97KB , 850x567 , 31.png )

Damn, it won't shut!
*pulls harder, but the crack won't shut*
Oh well, at least I get to see what's going on.
No. 27584 ID: 6136db
File 12499994606.png - (83.61KB , 850x567 , cut1.png )

>... dammit, it's locked.
>... toldja. Let's go around back, eh?
No. 27585 ID: 6136db
File 124999950997.png - (82.25KB , 850x567 , cut2.png )

> It's clear.
> Try the back door.
No. 27586 ID: 6136db
File 124999979091.png - (81.59KB , 850x567 , cut3.png )

> Pox. It's locked too.
> I'll mill the glaze for ya.
*Sound of breaking glass*
> Ah bum-soddin Christ, I nicked meself.
> Shit. Bad?
> Naw, I'll be fine. C'mon, we ain't got all night.
No. 27587 ID: 6136db
File 124999989850.png - (84.87KB , 850x567 , cut4.png )

>Sonuva-bitch. Whorin baron lockin doors to his bloody outhouse.

Is that... blood?
No. 27588 ID: 6136db
File 124999998532.png - (89.53KB , 850x567 , cut5.png )

>Git in 'ere. You gotta see this crap.
>Ye ye I'm comin.

I don't feel too good.
I feel strange.
No. 27589 ID: 6136db
File 125000003065.png - (130.17KB , 850x567 , cut6.png )

Head... pounding...
Can't... Think...

Help me.
No. 27590 ID: f95743

You have the element of surprise. There are two criminals who dare break into your family's property.

The axe's weight is comforting in your hands. You know what must be done.
No. 27591 ID: fdc826


Well, that was predictable. If those two are just some homeless/thieving idiots who won't be missed, then it wouldn't hurt anything to give in to the vampire bloodlust. People think you're dead though, so no witnesses.
No. 27596 ID: 6194e1

Don't attack them unless they decide to fight the crazy man with the axe, just make them run.
No. 27597 ID: 6136db
File 12500018591.png - (94.28KB , 850x567 , 32.png )

*Fixed stare*
No. 27600 ID: f95743

No. Leaving them alive will result in witnesses. I doubt anyone will miss them, the filthy brigands that they are. Slaying them and disposing of the bodies will have to suffice.
No. 27601 ID: fdc826


I like where this is going.

Proceed with hobo murder.
No. 27602 ID: 6136db
File 125000275376.png - (94.01KB , 850x567 , 33.png )


>*muffled* Hey did ya hear somethin?
No. 27604 ID: f95743

No, you see, you're doing it wrong. Firm grip with both hands.

...oh shit.
No. 27607 ID: f95743

Okay, would you kindly take your eyes off the bloodstain, get the axe and go kill the intruders? Please? You can stare at all the blood you want to afterwards, but...oh hell, this is not going anywhere.
No. 27608 ID: 6136db
File 125000375110.png - (94.92KB , 850x567 , 34.png )

So... pretty.
It smells... wonderful...
No. 27609 ID: fdc826


That blood looks delicious, right? Well, if you'll pick that axe up, you'll find two large, fleshy sacs chock full of the stuff just inside that window!

...c'mon, vampire-hobo-axe-murder...
No. 27615 ID: 6136db
File 125000534265.png - (78.54KB , 850x567 , 35.png )

So... warm...

I feel so cold.
No. 27616 ID: 4b96a7


Hmm, quite a predicament. Well I'm sure murdering the roustabouts will satisfy both of us, so grab that weapon and practice a few swings.
No. 27617 ID: fdc826


He doesn't seem to be listening at the moment.

I'd be happy with an old-fashioned, bare-handed vampire mauling though, so either way, I don't care.
No. 27618 ID: bffa2a


*lick lick lick* *sluuurp*
No. 27619 ID: f95743

No. You must remain in control. You have work to do before you can enjoy the warmth. Focus, Rafail.

Follow the burglars, end their lives. Don't bother with the axe, there will be weapons inside. It is, after all, a hunting lodge.
No. 27620 ID: fdc826

>...there will be weapons inside.

You know, that's a good point.

Rafail, try to focus here. Even as a vampire, those guys might be able to wound, or even kill you if they get their hands on a few weapons. Grab that axe, and observe the two bastards through the window. If you think you can take 'em, then, by all means, do so. If not, try to sneak away quietly.
No. 27621 ID: 6136db
File 125000710092.png - (95.04KB , 850x567 , 36.png )



>Yeah, it came from out back.
>Well go an' check it out ye daft git.
No. 27623 ID: 4b96a7


Get a grip or you're going to wind up dead, again.

Grab that axe and stand to the side of the door they'll come out of, swing axe horizontally at neck height when one comes out.
No. 27624 ID: 9a71e2

Look, ignore them.
Pay attention to the brigands possibly about to kill you now.
Deal with the blood at some other point.
No. 27625 ID: 6136db
File 125000807393.png - (97.21KB , 850x567 , 37.png )

You got it.
Sounds like a plan.

>*muffled* always me. Pox on ye.
>Shut tha' hole or I shuts it for ye.
No. 27626 ID: 6136db
File 125000918312.png - (106.08KB , 850x567 , 38.png )

Ok, steady now.
*tightens grip on handle*

>Can't hear anythin now. Ye sure ye heard somethin?
>Yes I'm sure. Quit stallin.
>Fine, fine. Keep yer socks on.
No. 27633 ID: 4b96a7


Steady, steady, breathe quietly but regularly, remember, the neck, even if it isn't instant decapitation they'll be too busy clawing at their bleeding neck to bother you.
No. 27636 ID: 6136db
File 125001060455.png - (108.81KB , 850x567 , 39.png )

>Look, it ain't nothin. See?

*door creaks open, and Rafail springs into motion*
No. 27640 ID: 6136db
File 125001129849.png - (110.46KB , 850x567 , 40.png )

*The burglar blinks in surprise*
No. 27641 ID: 6136db
File 125001137689.png - (113.52KB , 850x567 , 41.png )

*The strike connects, tearing through soft tissue with ease. The axe is sharp.*

> Oi! Wha's goin on out there?
No. 27642 ID: 4b96a7


Grab the body and pull it outside out of sight of the other guy, start coughing loudly and use the guys corpse as a meatshield, throw it at the other guy when he comes out to investigate.
No. 27675 ID: bde1b8

This is a good plan.
No. 27682 ID: fdc826


Yea, verily.
No. 27684 ID: 6136db
File 125001523415.png - (131.26KB , 850x567 , 42.png )

I think he saw me.
No. 27685 ID: 4b96a7


Umm...How about a bum rush? Throw/use body as a shield and charge the other guy with your axe?
No. 27686 ID: fdc826


Either way, toss lifeless corpse at the other one, then start hackin' and whackin' and smackin' at that meat.

Just as long as you don't let him escape.
No. 27688 ID: 6136db
File 125001560765.png - (135.22KB , 850x567 , 43.png )

Throw him? I can barely hold him up.

*The sound of breaking glass echoes from inside the house*
No. 27694 ID: fdc826


Aww, fuck.

Might as well start running after the bastard. Hopefully he's kind of a fatass.
No. 27697 ID: f95743

I think he's making a run for it through another window.

Unless there's a lot of glass cabinets which hold weapons.
No. 27703 ID: 6136db
File 125001599771.png - (134.40KB , 850x567 , 44.png )

That sounded like the front window all right.

Sounds good.
No. 27721 ID: 6136db
File 125001660797.png - (135.67KB , 850x567 , 45.png )

Come out, come out, where-ever you are~
No. 27732 ID: 4b96a7


Get after him, but be wary of any ambush he might be setting up.
No. 27761 ID: 6136db
File 125001906322.png - (163.09KB , 850x567 , 46.png )

I don't see a sign of him. The window's broken, so I guess he jumped through it.
No. 27763 ID: f95743

Damn. Now we have a survivor who saw us partially decapitate someone with an axe. Can you still catch him if you jump through the window after him and run him down like the DOG he is?
No. 27768 ID: 6136db
File 125001996214.png - (161.48KB , 850x567 , 47.png )

I'll see if I can spot him.
No. 27771 ID: 6136db
File 125002017636.png - (155.95KB , 850x567 , 48.png )

I can't see him.

Hey, why is the chair outside?
No. 27775 ID: f95743

Fucker's behind you. The chair was a distraction. Turn around, rip and tear.
No. 27800 ID: 6136db
File 125002180848.png - (162.93KB , 850x567 , 49.png )

Oh hells.
Now what?
No. 27802 ID: 6c80cf


Throw the axe. Follow it up with a kick to the nuts, he'll probably dodge.
No. 27803 ID: f95743

Is he armed?
No. 27822 ID: 6136db
File 12500239886.png - (170.42KB , 850x567 , 50.png )

*The burglar leers at me cautiously now that I've noticed him*
>Ey, ye are a sly one ain'tcha? I ain't so easy to knock down than me pal. So be nice an easy now, y'hear?

Should I say something?
No. 27828 ID: ed8d8a

"I smote your friend's head from his shoulders 'er he had time to blink. He did not suffer. You wish to suffer then? Very well."

No. 27838 ID: 484e70

Is that grey thing a bearskin or something under him? He's standing over it. Pull it and robber fells down.
No. 27847 ID: 98dab8

That's a damn fine line. I would recomend using it.
No. 27869 ID: 6136db
File 12500266534.png - (155.67KB , 850x567 , 51.png )

*Rafail makes a quick dash for the bearskin, but the burglar sees it coming. He jumps further, towards the back door.*
>Ha! Don't think ye can git me with tha' kinda tricks, sonny boy. I ain't dumb.

"I cut your friend's head off 'fore he had time to blink. He did not suffer. You wish to suffer then? Very well."

>*eyes narrow* Now don't try act tough with me, sonny boy. That lad was a bloody fool. Killin 'im ain't impressin me.
>Now ye stand there nice an quiet-like, an I is walkin out the back door, an' we never be crossin paths again. Don' move a muscle, sonny jim, or I'll gut yer.
No. 27873 ID: fdc826


I can't decide whether we should get pissed and dismember him, or let him go. Of course, there's always the chance he's not bluffing, and could actually take us in a fight. Then again, as a vampire, he's probably fucked if he tries anything.

Decisions, decisions.
No. 27874 ID: 98dab8

Let him go.
No. 27879 ID: 6136db
File 125002787194.png - (157.03KB , 850x567 , 52possible.png )

You're probably right. I'm not a good fighter. Or anything else for that matter. Maybe father was right.

>*mocking leer* Ha! Tha's right sonny boy. Just sit there nice an tight.
>Ye wealthy son-o-a-whores be all the same. Cowards all o ye.
No. 27883 ID: 6136db
File 125002825835.png - (140.21KB , 850x567 , 53A.png )

"What did you just say to me?"


"You heard me."

>*With anger* I called ye a motherfuckin son of a whore, ye li'l bitch. Ye deaf as well as stupid?
No. 27886 ID: 6136db
File 125002832719.png - (104.94KB , 850x567 , 53possibleB.png )

"Nobody talks of mother like that."

No. 28500 ID: 6136db
File 125008945141.png - (16.68KB , 850x567 , Chapter1start.png )

Ugh... My head.

What happened last night?
No. 28502 ID: 6136db
File 12500895416.png - (171.94KB , 850x567 , 54.png )

Oh. I'm back in this stupid coffin.

Voices, are you there?
No. 28504 ID: f95743

Yes. Jesus CHRIST that was unsettling. One minute that guy called your mother a...lady of the night. Then you flipped out completely and we lost contact.

Get up and we'll have a look at you. Hope you managed to get some new clothes at least, although I highly doubt it, considering...well...just get out of the box, okay?
No. 28513 ID: 6136db
File 125009141544.png - (176.81KB , 850x567 , 55.png )

I don't really remember much. It's all sort of... hazy.

*opens the lid*
Oh man that's bright.
No. 28518 ID: 6136db
File 125009226940.png - (181.18KB , 850x567 , 56.png )

Hmm. Looks like I did bring some stuff with me.

Let's see.
Some sort of a coat, I think.
And... what's that?

(You get to choose what he had the good sense to bring)
No. 28526 ID: d5b2d6

A cyanide pill
No. 28556 ID: bffa2a


The thieves dagger.


Somebody's having a nervous breakdown...
No. 28568 ID: 98dab8

The axe.
No. 28584 ID: 6292a8

A whip.
No. 28585 ID: ed8d8a

the bearskin rug
No. 28587 ID: 2cbe3e


A crowbar
No. 28589 ID: 5ba271

The remains of the thieves.
No. 28593 ID: 6136db
File 125010661670.png - (176.82KB , 850x567 , 56b.png )

Well, this cloak is a little big for me, but I think I'll manage not to stumble.

... I seem to recall it being stuck in something. Wouldn't budge.

I don't think we had any whips at the lodge.

No way. I hate that thing. I used to have nightmares about it coming alive.

The knife? Yeah I think I brought that one.

No. 28595 ID: 6136db
File 125010678139.png - (179.17KB , 850x567 , 57.png )

Let's see now...
knife, knife...
No. 28596 ID: 6136db
File 125010685676.png - (181.31KB , 850x567 , 58.png )

I got the knife...

No. 28597 ID: 6136db

And cutscene over. *sigh*
No. 28601 ID: ed8d8a

mmm, delicious blood. Are you hungry?
No. 28607 ID: 6136db
File 125010821895.png - (179.52KB , 850x567 , 59.png )

Look, this... thing doesn't look a bit appetizing.
It's a human hand.
(Rafail doesn't seem interested in cold snacks)

I still feel weak though.

So, we need a plan for today.
I really want to find out who tried to kill me and why. Should I go ask around town? Maybe someone's seen a guy with a scar over his eye.
No. 28616 ID: f95743

Hmm. Good idea. There's not that many people around with a scar over their right eye, right?

Coat and cloak should keep you from creeping people out more than they are usually creeped out by a guy in a cloak asking questions.
No. 28619 ID: ed8d8a

more to the point, it should hide your identity so as to preserve the illusion that you are in fact, dead. Element of surprise, remember?
No. 28632 ID: 6136db
File 125011041683.png - (184.41KB , 850x567 , 60.png )

Yeah that's a good point.

So how do I look?
... I think I'm still a bit recognizeable. Any ideas on that?

Also, where should I begin my search?
I'm fairly certain that the two thugs who jumped me were not from the village. They didn't look Russian, and they spoke Wallachian, so they're from around here. Maybe Transilvanian or Moldavian, I don't know.
No. 28639 ID: 9a71e2

The local tavern, or crash a party if any are happening.
No. 28673 ID: 6136db
File 125011316919.png - (179.42KB , 850x567 , 61.png )

All right, a tavern it is... The inn in town or the roadhouse near the...
*pushes open the door*
No. 28675 ID: 6136db
File 125011321679.png - (188.87KB , 850x567 , 62.png )

No. 28706 ID: 6136db
File 125011520591.png - (184.92KB , 850x567 , 63.png )

Uh. Yeah.

I'll head to the tavern near the crossroad.
It's called the Nine Hunter Inn.

No, I don't know why.
No. 28727 ID: bffa2a

Oh, sorry there. Spaced out waiting for you to turn to dust. Roadhouse is fine, not likely place to hold the upper class who would regonize you.
No. 28732 ID: 6136db
File 125011706881.png - (219.46KB , 850x567 , 64.png )

Dust? Why would I turn to dust?

That's the roadhouse. How should I approach this? I don't think it's very common for anyone to arrive this late, but it happens. I doubt anyone there would recognize me outright, but I don't really know how to act in there. Will you... uh... assist me?
No. 28740 ID: bffa2a

Lie that we got mugged but managed escape with our lives. Explanation for late arrival, lack of money and why we are looking for information about scar eyed man.
No. 28792 ID: 6136db
File 125012497420.png - (208.30KB , 850x567 , 65.png )

That... is actually a very good idea.
I'll do that.

*Enters the inn*

>Znrk.... Oh! Dozed off there for a bit, guv. Terribly sorry. Welcome to the Nine Hunter Inn! Would you like a bite to eat and somewhere to lay down your head, eh?

"Could you help me? I was robbed and barely escaped with my life. They took my horse and all my things."

>Oh but that's terrible, guv. Are you all right? You're looking a little pale.

"I'm, uhh, freezing to death. I've walked a long way, please sir."

>Wait a moment, guv, I'll go and wake Lucia up, she'll fix you right up.

"Oh thank you sir."

>Oh it's not trouble, guv. Just doing my Christian duty.

*The innkeeper rises to his feet and makes for the servant's quarters*
No. 28795 ID: 6136db
File 125012559841.png - (193.31KB , 850x567 , 66.png )

Great, he's gone.

So now what?

*looks around*
I can see one guy sleeping against the table there, and there's someone sitting near the fireplace. Otherwise this room seems pretty deserted.

Hmm. Looks like the quest register is on the counter.
No. 28796 ID: 6136db
File 125012586130.png - (166.35KB , 850x567 , pause2.png )

(Sleep. 4AM here.
Also, typo on the previous post, I meant guest, not quest)
No. 28803 ID: 5ba271

>*Enters the inn*
>*looks around*
Goddammit, we can see that from the image. There's no reason to state it.
No. 28805 ID: 6136db

I'm using it as a device to sequence stuff that happens in the same post.
Example, stuff written before *enters the inn* happens before Rafail does so.
If that is distracting, I can stop doing that.
No. 28810 ID: bffa2a


We don't yet know what scar man is called but have a quick look at register to make sure no former aquintances are here to blow our cover. Wait for innkeeper to ask him about it.
No. 28869 ID: ed8d8a

listen not to the dissenter. A couple extra words never hurt anyone. Still if you are looking to keep everyone happy (and improve your storytelling at the same time) you could try to describe your actions in a way that gives new information, or just work the action into your description to avoid clunky emotes in first person narrative. Fer instance:

>The door of the inn opens smoothly on well oiled hinges.
> A quick scan of the room reveals one guy sleeping against the table there, and someone sitting near the fireplace.
No. 28962 ID: 6136db
File 125015607158.png - (196.88KB , 850x567 , 67.png )

Hmm. Let's see here. I don't recognize any of today's names, but it looks like the inn is pretty much full.
Hey, why is Yousef's name here? He hardly ever leaves the mansion these days. That's, what, three days ago? And he paid for two rooms and a bottle of rum? That's... unlike him.

>Rafail starts a bit as he hears a door close.
I think someone's coming.
No. 28963 ID: 6136db
File 125015701732.png - (209.08KB , 850x567 , 68.png )

>Rafail jumps back away from the register as two sets of footsteps descend the stairs.
No. 28974 ID: 6136db
File 125016016817.png - (222.03KB , 850x567 , 69.png )

>"Oh you poor dear, come with me to the kitchen and we'll get you a bite to eat. What's your name?"

Uhh, what should I say?
No. 28982 ID: 5ba271

Alexander's a common name in the region, right?
No. 28996 ID: 6136db
File 125017239654.png - (221.66KB , 850x567 , 70.png )

>"Nice to meet you, Alexander. I'm Lucia. You must've been through a lot. Come, you can tell me all about it in the kitchen."

Now why the hell was Yousef here?
No. 28997 ID: f95743

Who's Yousef? A relative? Servant? Friend? Enemy?
No. 28998 ID: 6136db

Yousef has been our family's butler for... forever I guess. I think he started when grandfather was still Baron. Long before I was born.
No. 29002 ID: bffa2a

Describe your attackers and see if she knows anybody like that. Tell you were meant to meet an aquintance but you are terribly late for the meeting. Yousef is his name, would he have been here with company?
No. 29029 ID: 6136db
File 125018599984.png - (200.94KB , 850x567 , 71.png )

>Lucia guides Rafail past the counter to the kitchen. "There, take a seat, and I'll see what I can find."

"Thank you, good miss. I was riding along the road in the evening, when these two ruffians ambushed me. They'd rigged a rope across the road and I couldn't see it in the gloom until I was unhorsed. They were on me before I could get on my feet."
>"That's terrible! How did you escape?"

I'll use that once I get the chance, but what should I tell her?
No. 29080 ID: bffa2a


By throwing dirt in their eyes when their intentions became clear and madly dashing off the road into the forest. Abandoning our horse, possessions and any sense of time in the process. Frankly it was a miracle we found our way back to the road and the correct inn after our directioneless travel in the forest.

No, we are not heroic.
No. 29387 ID: a3b36a

Tell the truth. You don't remember. It's all very fuzzy.
No. 29487 ID: 6136db
File 12502837557.png - (233.28KB , 850x567 , 72.png )

"I don't remember too much of it. I remember throwing sand at their eyes and running, but it's all hazy."
> "It must've been terrible. You're very brave to have survived, I think most would've been frozen in fright. Here, I've got you some bread and ham. I could heat up some wine for you if you want?"
"I'm fine thank you. You're very kind."
I don't think I'll be able to eat this stuff. Should I try to make smalltalk?
No. 29488 ID: 5eea01

>>I don't think I'll be able to eat this stuff.

Why not? Eh, at least pretend to nibble at it, you might otherwise seem unappreciative. Make some small talk and try to find out about Yousef.
No. 29492 ID: bffa2a


>I never drink... wine.

Okay, smalltalk won't save your butt. Mayby it's time to make a case for bringing the perpetrators to justice. Questions above and tell that something about the robbery seemed off. They seemed more intrested in your life than posessions and now you fear for your aquintace Yousef. Mayby he's fallen for the wrong kind of crowd but you can't think of anything. Too worried to eat.
No. 29759 ID: 6136db
File 125034252073.png - (242.05KB , 850x567 , 73.png )

I'll try to hold some of it down.

"I'm sorry, I seem to be too wound up to eat. I think the thugs were after my life, not my purse."
>"Oh my. What makes you say that?"
"Just a feeling I got. Say, one of the thugs had a distinct scar over his right eye. Have you seen anyone like that around?"
>"... We had a guest like that a few days ago. You don't think that he-"

"I think he might. Tell me, who was he with?"
>"Oh, he was with another shady fellow. This elderly gentleman paid for their stay, so we didn't take down their names. For the register, you see."
"Have you seen them before?"
>"No, I don't think so. We have so many visitors. He wasn't a very nice man though."
No. 29806 ID: 6136db
File 125035968232.png - (265.98KB , 850x567 , 74.png )

>"So what are you going to do?"
"I'm going to find them, and get some justice."
>"That's very brave, Alexander. You seem like a very courageous man. I like that"

She's, ah, getting a little close... Any advice would be appreciated. I'm not... used to this sort of thing.
No. 29847 ID: 98dab8

>This elderly gentleman paid for their stay
The butler? How strange...

>I'm not... used to this sort of thing.
Well, you could always try being more direct than her. Kiss her. And say thanks for listening to you, no need not to be polite.
No. 29862 ID: bffa2a


>Tear out her throat.

Forgetting that you're a little pale, cold to the touch? You're not really hungry anymore are you. Was that elderly gentleman Yousef, we might have to speak with him but he knows who you are. Excuse yourself politely if the killer was with Yousuf you must warn him immeadetly. Thank her for the kindness she has shown.

>Drink it all.
No. 30257 ID: 6136db
File 125042099466.gif - (154.13KB , 850x567 , 75.gif )

"Thank you for listening to me. Did you know who paid their tabs? I think I should have a word with him."
>"Oh I didn't know the gentleman. He left on foot though, so he must live in Szekel."

I'm feeling a little... strange.

I moved a bit to kiss her (my God what's wrong with me? I'm not Jal), but she pushed me away playfully. She didn't seem to mind, though.
>"Oh my, you must be freezing. Come on, let's find you somewhere to sleep."
No. 30267 ID: 6136db
File 125043050655.png - (123.43KB , 850x567 , 76.png )

I feel so cold, and she is so warm... I'm feeling... hungry.

>"It's too bad that the inn is full. I'll have to make a bed for you in the attic. It's no place for such a handsome gentleman to sleep in."
Head... pounding...
No. 30269 ID: 6136db
File 125043066078.png - (123.39KB , 850x567 , 77.png )

>"Or you could sleep in my room, if you want."
Did... did she just touch my behind?
No. 30271 ID: 5eea01

She totally did. This presents a little bit of a problem. If you agree to spend the night with her, things might get out of hand and you're still in the middle of an investigation.

...on the other hand, you ARE quite hungry.
No. 30288 ID: 1f5d37

Leave immediately unless you want to become a killer.
No. 30289 ID: bffa2a


Well, she is quite pretty. I suppose it would do no harm and could be quite intresting. Smells good.

You'll be the death of her.
No. 30328 ID: 6136db
File 125044954756.png - (120.79KB , 850x567 , 78.png )

I already am. And I know that should bother me but...
I... just...
I... I never understood what Jal saw in this.

"I... I'd like that."
>*smiling deviously* "It's this way, dear."
No. 30335 ID: 6136db
File 125045111265.gif - (95.01KB , 850x567 , 79.gif )

No. 30336 ID: 6136db
File 12504512357.png - (221.01KB , 850x567 , 80.png )

> End of Chapter 1
No. 30344 ID: 01383e

goddamnit vampire man, don't drain her entirely. just bring her back, tie her up, and drain nightly.
No. 30345 ID: 98dab8

Or just drain her partly now and let her go about her business come morning. Most girls like biting; with luck she won't be one of those ones that get freaked out by it, and we'll be able to make this a fairly regular thing.
No. 30349 ID: 6136db
File 125045255672.png - (58.43KB , 336x336 , 81.png )

Too late guise
No. 30353 ID: 01383e

curse you vampire!

You aren't nearly aware enough of genre tropes!
No. 30439 ID: 6136db
File 125045880117.png - (78.74KB , 850x567 , 82.png )

I drank and I drank.
I drank it all.
I drained her dry.

With each drop I could feel her life flow into me, filling me.
I as strong as I've ever felt. More than that. I feel stronger than I ever would have imagined.

> Why is it so dark?

That woman. I can hear her thoughts. I feel her echoing inside me.

> What did you do to me?

Make her stop.

> Why did you hurt me?

No. 30469 ID: bffa2a


Why did you kill her you monster. God will punish you, god will make you suffer for your sins. This is your penance, you will hear her laments forever. Murderer.

>Prey. They're all just prey. Hungry. Why should you justify anything. Does the man feel remorse for the cow it just ate.
No. 30474 ID: 3bc1f6

She's a friend. You hurt her, because you love her. She will understand. When more follow.
No. 30480 ID: 5eea01

Now, now. We all knew this would happen. And I do welcome the company.
Another voice joins the chorus, as it were.
No. 30482 ID: 98dab8

Just answer her questions. If she starts bitching too much, tell her to shut the fuck up.
No. 30499 ID: 6136db
File 125046456856.png - (42.14KB , 850x567 , 83.png )

I understand.

You're dead. Now shut up.
That did it. Would you please handle these in the future, voices?

I don't think Yousef is the one behind my... death. It's more likely someone had him hire those thugs. The question is, who?
No. 30500 ID: 6136db
File 125046465145.png - (58.28KB , 850x567 , Chapter2start.png )

Perhaps it's time to go visit the family.
After all, the night is still young.
No. 30504 ID: bffa2a


He will tell you that when you're playing with his intestines. All in good time. Oh, rip off her head while you're at it. Do we really want her to wake up like we did? In fact I hope you did the same to the one who's arm we took. Wouldn't want to meet him looking for his appendage. Awkward.
No. 30529 ID: 1e805f
File 125047182137.jpg - (93.22KB , 500x500 , richter.jpg )

I hope you got some Medusa heads lyin around otherwise, you are pretty fucked
No. 30534 ID: 01383e

dude, you went after DRACULA. the BIGGEST VAMPIRE. for YEARS.

he's probably some lesser vampire that's safe, because you're off hunting the biggest game.
No. 30675 ID: 15b56e
File 125052147286.jpg - (34.50KB , 225x350 , leeron.jpg )

Oh you.
No. 30709 ID: e2020c

Think about Rose for a moment, not with shame or guilt for the past events

Neither with worry for just loosing her out of sight, but with some kind of rage, desperation, hurt and no remorse. Think about her fate your mind filled up with determination or lust.
No. 31219 ID: 6136db
File 125061222149.png - (202.03KB , 850x567 , 84.png )

I don't think I cut off her head. Should I go back and do that?

Uh, how is that supposed to make sense?

Anyway, the mansion is on the other side of the town and... oh damn, I forgot they lock the gates at night. Hmm, at least the night watch seems to have dozed off.

Now what?
No. 31242 ID: bffa2a


Hahahaha, well since you did not just consider yourself exposed or possibly having a terrible nemesis in future. I'll leave the decision up to you.

Find an alley where you can climb over the wall.
No. 31248 ID: 6136db
File 125062072341.png - (202.86KB , 850x567 , 85.png )

You know, I think I would remember making her drink my blood.

But that climbing thing is a good enough idea. The wall isn't in perfect condition so it should be easy enough. I'll head west, since that's the less reputable part of town and has far more alleys than it should.
No. 31264 ID: bffa2a


Never know what type you are, there's like a hundred of your kind. One's heart you have to fry on a skillet and hold it there with a knife. Now I'm hungry.
No. 31270 ID: 01383e

Mess with the guard first.

Move all the stuff around while he's asleep, or something.
No. 31279 ID: 6136db
File 125062450118.png - (203.03KB , 850x567 , 86.png )

You'll have to tell me about that later. Right now I'm as clueless as you.

Hmm. It... wouldn't hurt, I suppose.
No. 31287 ID: 6136db
File 125062597259.png - (198.04KB , 850x567 , 87.png )

Lets see now. How should he be punished for sleeping on duty?
No. 31297 ID: bffa2a


Shape his hair to be like horns, draw mud stache, tie bootlaces together, hide his weapon away, set his booth on fire, watch in glee. I don't know, I didin't think this so I have no good suggestions.
No. 31302 ID: 98dab8

dip his hand in warm water!
No. 31306 ID: 98dab8

put his hand in warm water!
No. 31310 ID: 01383e

steal the sign!
No. 31326 ID: 6136db
File 125062918885.gif - (159.24KB , 850x567 , 88.gif )

That thing is dug in deep. I'd need a shovel.

Again, I don't have warm water, or any water. I'd have to fetch some from the town.

First off, that's a hat, not his hair. I'll just move the hat. And there's no mud around, just dry dirt and grass.
Ok, hiding the rifle (one of those English ones that father bought a few years back).
I'll tie his bootlaces tog-
No. 31327 ID: 01383e

did you finish?

if so, get away. laugh.
No. 31328 ID: bffa2a


Run away in crab like gait and shout woopwoopwoop. Mayby you should come back tomorrow.
No. 31334 ID: f98e0b

You hid his gun, right?
Let's see, unarmed mortal or vampire? Who'd win in a fight?
No. 31335 ID: bffa2a


Not fighting anyone in open streets or killing them just because we wanted to do a prank.
No. 31337 ID: 01383e

yeah, we're just runnin' off. go as fast as you can around to the other side of the facility, and climb up. he won't know what happened
No. 31360 ID: 6136db
File 125063589421.png - (204.73KB , 850x567 , 89.png )

>"Huh I isn't sleepink I swear! I was only restink eyes. Please don't be puttink me back in latr-"
>"Oh, it's you", he said with a mighty jawn. "Добрый вечер, boyarovich. What are you doing out so late?"

He's barely awake. I doubt he'll remember any of this tomorrow. Or five minutes from now.

Run away? You sure? He doesn't seem that threatening to me.

Yeah I'm pretty sure I could take him, but
I'd rather not have it come to that.
No. 31363 ID: bffa2a


Hepetetete- Scorchio! Would he kindly let us trough please were in a bit of hurry. Yosef, official business really boring, go to sleep.
No. 31493 ID: 6136db
File 125067236253.png - (193.19KB , 850x567 , 90.png )

"Would you kindly open the gate? Official business. In a hurry."
>"Da da, am openink." YAWN "Is shame you is missink the funeral. Was very lovely. The boyar even brought in a catholic priest for it."

Great, he's digging out the keys.
No. 31522 ID: 01383e


Also, running away is an ESSENTIAL part of the prankster's gambit, and adds to the comedic value. While you're running, you can laugh harder.
No. 31537 ID: 6136db
File 12507004253.png - (156.39KB , 850x567 , 91.png )

Ah. Szekel. Looks like the mist is rising.
The mansion is pretty much on the opposite side from here. Should I go straight through the center or circle around the west side? It's a longer route but I'm less likely to run into people there.
No. 31540 ID: bffa2a


You're supposed to be dead and they can't all be as sleepy as the guard. Circle around.
No. 32013 ID: 484e70

Why don't you try if you have powers turning into a bat? Flying over city would be easy way to avoid bypassers. Maybe it works if you concentrate hard enough?
No. 32027 ID: 6136db
File 125079519623.png - (225.79KB , 850x567 , 92.png )

Right. I'll take the long way.

Concentrate hard enough on the what now? You'll have to give me a bit more than that to go on. Besides, I don't think the street is the best place to experiment. Should I find somewhere secluded to try it out?

Hmm. The light's gone out. Must be the damp.
No. 32033 ID: bffa2a


There haven't been any problems with thieves in the inner court have there? They like dark alleyways. Walk on but try to be aware of your surroundings.
No. 32437 ID: 6136db
File 125086199884.png - (243.27KB , 850x567 , 93.png )

Inner court? We're just inside the town.
I've heard that there is the occasional burglary or mugging. Especially here in the west side. I'm sure it's nothing serious.
No. 32438 ID: bffa2a


Oh sorry, it's just how these things are usually laid out. Lots of hovels and taverns for the proletariat on the outskirts of town. Inner city that houses the upper middle class is the one walled off and then there's the aristocracy behind another wall or just their mansion walls. I guess this is a town that's seen a lot of action. I'm not distracting you am I? Keep aware.
No. 32439 ID: 15b56e

There's a man in the alley to your left. He's probably trying to mug you.
No. 32445 ID: 6136db
File 125086460128.png - (245.83KB , 850x567 , 94.png )

Ah, the proletariat. Marx has some nice ideas I guess, but I don't think they'll catch on. The -48 revolutions didn't fare too well.

But yeah, the wall goes around most of the town. Only some of the factory storehouses are outside. I suppose the town has seen it's share of "action" even if we're not all that close to the Ottoman border.

And no, you're not distr-
>"'ello there guv, got a light?"
Oh no.
No. 32447 ID: 15b56e

Tell him that backing off would be a wise decision if he values his life.
No. 32448 ID: 448a65


"No, and I haven't got any money either, so unless you want an unnecessary fight on your hands.."
No. 32450 ID: 6136db
File 125086772444.png - (102.97KB , 850x567 , 95.png )

"No, and I don't have any money either, so backing off might be best thing to do now. If you value your life."
>"E-ey, guv, don't get all riled up now."
No. 32456 ID: 448a65


Well, how about you put that nasty looking blade away and we speak to each other all civilised, like.

If you do, I won't be tempted to shoot you with this pistol I have concealed under my robe. (bluff)
No. 32457 ID: 0d5afc
File 125086991923.png - (6.91KB , 351x262 , Troooooool.png )

Lookin' good mang
No. 32464 ID: 01383e

"no need to get all riled up"

You know, you're right. gimme some of what you're smokin', and we'll go find a light

+1 intoxicated bandit servant?
No. 32468 ID: bffa2a


Ready your own knife under that dashing cape. "Nice teeth." I hope this one has both of it's arms. Awkward I tell you.
No. 32474 ID: 6136db
File 125088190411.png - (273.70KB , 850x567 , 96.png )

"Well, how about you put that nasty looking blade away and we speak to each other all civilised, like."
Heh, he looks a little disturbed at my reaction. I guess this isn't how things usually go.
>"Ey easy now there guv. It's a nice night and were all mates ere, aight?"

I've had my hand on it since that guy showed up.

"Do you a cigarette on you?"
"Pass me one."
No. 32476 ID: 15b56e

Another one approaches. Behind you, near the fence. Associates? Regardless, prepare to retaliate with extreme vengeance.
No. 32478 ID: bffa2a


Another one behind you, ignore it for a moment. Lean in for the cigarette and slash his throat out, we need to even the odds quickly. They may be common thugs but they still are dangerous.
No. 32479 ID: 01383e

yes, and use extreme friendliness to buy more time to prepare. Ask for directions!
No. 32491 ID: 6136db
File 12508981234.gif - (748.72KB , 850x567 , 97.gif )

"You know what's the quickest route to hell?" I asked as I reached for the cigarette.
"Through me."
No. 32494 ID: 01383e


you hungry enough to go for the other one, or are you just gonna kill it?
No. 32497 ID: bffa2a


I stand corrected, you're in no danger at all. Apparently you're one of the more dangerous subtypes, if only it was more easy to find out what type. And did you just swipe that mans head off with your bare hands? Oops, no witnesses, do as you please to the second one. Just be fast before the neighborhood starts to take intrest. Shame about the condition we are leaving our victims so far. If someone in this town has the brains and the knowledge they are going to put the clues together.
No. 36221 ID: 6136db
File 125165517043.png - (293.88KB , 567x850 , 98.png )

Hmm. I just fed on Lucia, so I'm not really hungry. I could, I guess, but he's not really all that appetizing.

Oh. You're probably right. I should be more discreet in the future.

Heh, the little worm is too scared to even scream. You think I should kill him?
No. 36222 ID: 01383e

I say you kidnap him, get him drunk, take his pants, and dump him outside of the bar, unconscious.

it's even BETTER than no witnesses!
No. 36227 ID: 007a2e


Grab him and hoist him up face to face, ask him "Now...About that light..."

Kill, loot, rinse, repeat. Petty criminals get no sympathy from you!
No. 36229 ID: bffa2a


You want a sniveling coward for a human servant? I guess you could scare him to service but those types have a bad habit of growing a spine in the most inopportune moments. There certainly are some positives. Ask it's name and if it wants to live?
No. 36236 ID: 789c25

... I would have just killed him, but that's a great idea.

Politely invite him to come have a drink with you.
No. 36238 ID: bffa2a


Let's make him hide the body of his friend first. We can play with our toy after and see if it's useful.
No. 36239 ID: 961ddb

Add opium to the mix if you can, too!
No. 36898 ID: 6136db
File 125183631725.png - (237.10KB , 850x567 , 99.png )

>"Oh god oh god, please don't kill me, I didn' mean anythin I swear! Kind sir, keep away, AAH!"


Yeah I guess hiding the body is job number one.
"Do you have a name, worm?"
>"B-Boyd, sir. I-"
"Do you want to die here?"
>"N-no sir, please don'-"
"You're working for me now. Cross me an I'll hang you by your own entrails, y'hear?"
>"Y-yes sir. I wouldn' do somethin like tha, honest."
"Good. You'll start by hiding that body over there. And after that... we're going to have a drink."

I sound... just like father.


I could get used to this.

I'll keep these in mind, in case he turns out unreliable. Did I do all right? You think he'll cause me trouble?
No. 36910 ID: bffa2a


Of course he will, it will be just as easy for our enemies to scare him to cooperate as it was for us. But lacking a subject devoted to us out of adoration and loyalty it will have to do. Keep him scared enough not to even think of talking about your existence and make small promises of power if he performs his duties admirably. If he turns out to be an idiot he's worth nothing, dispose.
No. 41976 ID: e2020c

Most people have a tedency to cause trouble. This tedency grows in nerve breaking situations. Those who don't cause trouble either can't or have guts and smarts. Use him once and dispose, unless he shows unnatural capabilities.
No. 52456 ID: 18212a
File 125408081760.png - (220.26KB , 850x850 , 100.png )

"You did well."
>"T-thanks boss. And t-thanks for the drink."
"What's the matter? You haven't touched it. Is it not to your liking?"
>"I-it's not that. What'cha gonna do to me boss?"
Yes. What to do with him.
Turns out he's not a complete idiot. He disposed of the corpse quite admirably.
Oh and this is Hog's Head. The local bottle 'n tap. The dead feller had a few coins on him, so this drink's on him.

>"I mean, are you gonna kill me too?"

No. 52458 ID: f98e0b

Vampire spaaaawn
No. 52498 ID: 18212a
File 125408383614.png - (220.54KB , 850x850 , 101.png )

So you think I should turn him into a vampire?
I wonder...

I'll have to think on this a bit more.
Did I ever tell you about my family?
No. 53563 ID: 18212a
File 125425920044.png - (190.43KB , 850x850 , 102.png )

Ah, the family.
Here's a picture.

On the left there is Dederich. He's the second oldest. The favorite son. He's the captain of the guard nowadays. Must make father so proud. Bah.
He's a barely literate idiot who just swings swords around all day. But hey, someone has to fulfill expectations.

On the right is Jal. He's not quite as bad as Dederich, but, well... he is a little too much into his cups. And women.
Oh all right, he's a lecherous drunkard. He's not too discriminate either.

That's father, in the center. Bartholomeus Szekely. I never did live up to his expectations, preferring books and quiet study to hunting and war and other "duties of men". He... well.

Right there near the bottom is Rose. She's six now.

>"You are, aren't you?"
>"You are gonna kill me."
"Oh hush. Nobody's killing you. Not yet anyway."
No. 53583 ID: bffa2a

We might need some eyes for daytime. He fits the bill. If he proves loyal we can give him power eventually but now his worth lies in his mortality. If only he could keep his big gob shut and stay smart.

>Offer job in exchange for life. Big prizes follow.
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